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t lullctin.
JOXH K. OBKKX.T, Editor.
i-Mcemri'i. ruMKRAi. jtotick.
The'edltor of tlic Memphis Appeal re
ceived the following rliccrful funeral
notice, by telegraph, ndvr the MlssMppI
election: "Tho opponents or tlio Kadi
ral parly of I'anoln comity nrc roecl
fully Invited to attend Its funeral nt ten
o'clock till (Wednesday) morning, l'ro
owi'lon to start Irom Fort Welle r.
Funeral services by 0. Hall. Jr."
A Memphis, Tenn., mcrcliant, named
J. M. Goodbar, was shot Inst Tuesday
night by .T. M. Omborg. teller In the
Union and Planters' Hank. They met
In nn unfrequented portion of the city
Goodbnr playfully flourished n cane
around the person of the bank teller, who,
mistaking him for a roliln-r, drew a pistol
mul llreil, Hie ball entering Ooodhar'.'
fuoe, Intllctluff a painful, but not ictloii
wound, lloth were etumicli frlctul..
New York has probably gonu Demo
cratic by 8,000 majority. In the Senate
will be twenty-two Kepublleans to tw el ve
Democrats over a two-third inajorlly
The Assembly elands, .eveiity-two He
tiubllcans to llfty-slx I)cmocriUa Ko-
publican majority of sixteen. Wl-oon
sin is In doubt. 'Democrat!! claim that
their whole ticket is elected Taylor's
majority being small, and that of the
other condldates larger, lloth parties
claim the Assembly. AUhonli
there U mueli doubt n to
the result;, the republicans
ay that I.udingtoii I- elected by about
:i,000 majority. Hctum fiom remote
towna arc reputed unfavorable to the I'o-
publtcan parly. The popular bcllid" s
that I.udingtoii Is elected by a majority
of 1,000, but that the rcitof the Republi
can ticket has Miflcred defeat. The com
plexion ot the Legislature cannot be de
termined. Tilt: iiay or junif.i:i:.
Mississippi, since the war, ha- seen
many gloomy day. The people had be
come soured in disposition, and saw their
property, owing to State misrule and
robbery, melt away to nothing. All be
hind them was a picture of humiliation
and desolation, and all lielorc them, judg
ing trom the past, presented no encour
aging prospects. Discarding inertness
anil useless lamentations they organized
In political bauds, and made the air vocal
with the voices of their best orator?, and
to-day they stand unlnimmcled ami lice
to direct their State whither they feel dis
posed. When the news of the giant vie
tory reached Sardis, it Is reported
that the scene beggard dscription.
The people, constantly receiving
tidings of victory, wcic wrought up to a
frenzy of excitement. A special dispatch
to the Memphis Avalanche gives : faint
description of tho scene at Sardis :
"Staid and sober old men yelled and
shouted through the streets. There was
a general baud-shaking and throwing of
iiatsiuto me air. u i.ir surpasses any
camp meeting at a red hot heat. Jion
llres now light up the town, whllo the
neavv Dooming oi guns aro Heard in vari
ous directions throughout tho country,
heralding the glad tidings of one of Hie
greatest and most glorious victories that
ever came to an oppressed and down
trodden people. Large number of colored
men voted with the whites. Crand and
imposing ceremonies here to-day on the
occasion ol the burial of the Itadieal
party. A hearse drawn bv tour horses.
with a collin Inscribed 'lladleal Party,"
followed by an elllgy swung from a gal
lows and a long procession on foot, vehi
cles and mounted, followed the remains
to the grave, where It was buried with
imposing cenuioiiles."
Those who have lived in a Southern
State cursed by Radical rule, and seen It
suddenly redeemed through the bponta
ntous action of the people, can only ap
preciate uio joy mac iineii mo hearts 0
the people orbardls, and caused old men
to shout through the streets like boys.
When Southern Illinois wa in the pos
session of kuklux and assassins, and
men were shot from the bush and In their
parlors, Hevcrldgo failed to see the ne
cessity Tor executive Interference until
driven to it by the clamors of the people.
What was the Christian governor's
latest ofllclal act ? The lolluwlng will
explain :
Chicago, I i.i, Nov. 1.
Col. C. A McCurK, Coimiianillns riit licyl.
Stit In view ot a couimuiile.itui . .
sented me by a committee appointed bv
the merchants and business men of '.lifs
city. Independent of politics and political
parties (a copy of which Is furnished
herewith), you will assemble tho First
Iteglment at their armory, on Lake
street, at 11 o'clock a. m., 2d Inst., to re
main on duly until 8 o'clock p. in., miles,
sooner relieved.
hni.N L. ItKvmsnxii:,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief.
The governor allude to a com
munication. That document was
signed by George Armour, chairman,
and John (5. hhortall, secretarj , of a
committee openly opposed to the election
ot the regular Democratlu ticket in Cook
county. It 1 tald that Jleverldgo called
upon the 'mayor ot Chicago and asked
that gentleman It hu required any assist
anccto protect, the. ImUui boxes. The
mayor told him bo needed no aid, as all
saloons weuld be closed, and that be timi
six hundred policemen ready for active
service, JotwItlutaiullng this inforin.v
uon, llevcrldge put a regiment ( . d
wen on duty. Hy doing this act he only
MiUted In Inflaming the mind of the pub
Ho; mid became a bloody riot did not
wku imw, ii wai, not owlnc to u lack ol
effort on the part of Uie governor to in
cite u. ins presence was needed in It'll.
llamson comity during her ,iark days,
und at a time when SprliigtW C01ll,i
tiavA ftn.itY.il tilni. flllt .w.it.t- . .
were Involved there, and the governor of
too great tutc ot Illinois nan to he driven
19 mi uuiy uy mo serious tone of tour.
uuls outside ot the State, and tlio.o in
State wat were not alrald to speak. y
liare very fair minded and Just gover
nor I Wt hvo n governor who does not.
forget lilt parly!
roy.ii. viMTORH.
From n soml-ollleial source the Ameri
can people have gained the Information
that the Crown Prince of Germany,
Frederick William N'lcliola, Charles,
will visit the l ulled States during the
Centennial. He will be accompanied by
his son, a youth sixteen years ol age,
named Prince Frederick William Victor
Albert, a grandson of oticcn Victoria.
The Crown Prince l the only son of the
present Kmpcror of Germany, and heir to
the Imperial throne, lie Is forty-four
years ol ngc, a general Held marshal In
the German nrmy. nud was n famous
commander during the wars with Austria
and France. The ndvanccd ace
of the Kmpcror he being seventy-
eight, may Interfere with the
Crown Prince's trip to America. It
he docs come, the American people will
give him a welcome that will send n thrill
of pleasure through the heart of tho old
Kmpcror In the ratherlnnd. Thousand
of Germans, from every portion of the
Fnlled States will Hock to Philadelphia
to greet their royal kuitnian, who ha" dis
tinguished himself as n soldier, and won
the admiration ol his countrymen as a
statesman, Tho l ulled States owes
much to the German character for the
stability of her government,
and her clti.cus will be. en
thuslastlu in their gicctiug of thu
heir to the strongest throne In the world
protected by u people whoe steadfast
courage, honcMy, ami devotion (o princi
ple, cannot ho surpassed ly the citizens
of any nation on the globe. The Kmpc
ror ol llrazil lias also announced his de
termination to visit the Centennial, and
lor that purpose a leave of absence has
been granted him by his legislature.
Sweden's King will, peihap', send his
on, the Crown Prince, to thu Culled
States during thu great event. This
young gentleman, Prince OiearliiMaTiis
Adolphus, Is seventeen years old. He
Ides I hoe representatives of roval fami
lies, it Is believed that the son of the late
Kmpcror Napoleon will also yl-ll Phila
delphia during the Centennial.
A large and navigable rher has been
discovered in .Vow Guinea.
The .Vow Vork Gropiic calls Saukey
a "soiig-blnl," and .Moody a "bird of
The freedom and independence ol
Cuba ought to be lnsKfsd upon by our
--Tlii! new cotton factory at i.iuitman,
Georgia, is paying forty per cent, on the
cost of the mill.
Garfield, of Ohio, is out in favor of
a repeal of the law Increasing the post
age on newspapers.
Ex-Governor Vance, of North Caro
lina, is lecturing hi Memphis. His sub
Jet is "The Scattered Nation."
Ex-Governor Walker, of Virginia, is
spoken of as a candidate for speaker of
the house of representatives. Next.
There is no foundation for the f tatc
nient that Spain has ordered tho equity
incut of live men ot war .for Cuban
lexashas recovered $.'100,000 rcal-
alied from the sale ol indemnity hoods
sent to Kugland in 1SG2 for fhv ntirehaso
of arms and suppiiei-.
'The venerable -Italian patriot, Gari-
baldl, is urging the Her.i-govlan insur
gents, and the oppressed of eastern
Europe to rise ami drlyc the Turks into
Asia. Correct.
V special from Alexandria, Egypt.
reports that the Inhabitants ot Kaka, on
the White Nile, have revolted and dc
leated the Egyptian troop-, killing one
hundred. Reinforcements liaie been
'The night before the election in
JIlssIs-IppI an attempt to lire the beauti
ful little city ot Columbus was made. It
was llred at fourteen diller'out. points. A
cotton shed and stable were destroyed.
Four of the Incendiaries, negroes, were
killed by thu citizens.
-John. I. Lucas, ol llellevllle, Illinois,
lifted, on a pair of scales, 2,700 pounds.
This incredible feat he accomplished by
aid of a stout belt and shoulder straps,
with Iron rods attached
work of the scales, securely connected
wltlf the harness.
Dorregaray has not been ihotycl, but
heandSaballs (who has Jiiit been cap.
Hired) are lo be court-martialed, and
then, il they do not make good their es
cape, they both will sillier death lor the
mishaps of the Catalonia campaign.
Gen. Grant's old Vicksbiirg marc,
which sold for llfty dollars at the recent
sale of his stock, was stolen from the pur
chaser, .Mr. Hatch, a few nights ago. Do
ble&Co., of Philadelphia, wanted to
buy her fiir exhibition at thu Centen
nial. I. If I erkliii lias engagements lo de
liver his new lecture, "Tho Pekln Fam
ine," before the following Illinois lecture
associations in November : .Mattoon.Mh;
Olncy. 10th; IteariUtown, 11th; Lanark,
12th; Galva, l.'lth; Toiiica, 1Mb; .Mason
City, loth; Champaign, 17th.
Voung Alfonso Is going to take com
mand of the Army of the North in person
in Navarre. Thu CarlKt strouejioid. E.
tcll.i, it in that province, and it will bo
inteicsllng lo observe whether the king
will attack II. Many AlfousUl generals
have looked at it and then turned awav.
'Two SI. Louis attorneys, Duncan and
loues, assaulted a JHsnnkh reporter
named Smythe. 'They gave him a ter
rible beating, believing lie was the author
ot an obnoxious article leveled at one ol
ne nun lor getting drunk and being
hauled to tho pollco station in a hand-
Augustus S. Gavlord. of
City, Mich., has been tendered, nud
has accepted, thu appointment of Assist-
am Auorney-ueneral for ilm int.,.i.
department, vice Win. II. Smith. r-
slgued. Mr. Gaylord is u lawyer of ex
tenslvo practice, but has not horetoforo
been In public life.
Tho VourUr-Juumul says: "Gover
nor Bcverldge, of Illinois, who had n del-
icucy about calling out tho Statu mllltb
to capture tho Williamson county Ku
"mowed no hesitancy in ordering
legiiiieui in Chicago on election
day for the purpose ol earrjlng Ibc elec
tion in favor of lil own party. '
Deecher attended Moody's revival
meeting nt tho Brooklyn rink, lor the
llrst. time on Monday night. '1 he
ers tiled to get him up to the platform,
but he took n very ohcuru back seat and
appeared very humble.
The ult of Mrs. Myra Clark Galne
vs. Caleb Cushlng, pending In thu -peelal
term many months, In Washington, has
been referred to the general term, to be
lienrd by nil tho Judges. The stilt N for
an Injunction to restrain Minister Cush
lng Irom interfering with certain claims
that he contends to have been cither hi
whole or part transferred to him In sat
isfaction of services us eoiinsel of .Mrs.
T. W.Mc.Veely.ol I'arnilngton, ICy.,
while .sitting nt a table In thedinlngrooin
of the Planters' Hotel, Paduenh, Monday
evening, suddenly drcwa pistol and llred
at Marshal Geary, who sal at another ta
ble with Ids wife. The concussion put
out six lamp-lights in the room. Alter
llrlng tho shot McNccly did not attempt
to escape. Fortunately Geary was not
Injured. McNYcly assigned no reason
for thu net.
Thu free-delivery ystein is now in
operation in eighty-seven cities, and thu
tolal cost of the service has been SLSl,
Itll !i'.l. lntbe-u cities the local mall
matter exceeded the total expense oi
the system by $77,'tll 09. This h re
markable from tho fact that the expense
has always hitherto been way ahead of
the receipts, going so far behind In
as 11)1,211 7.). The free delivery
system may liu set down as a success.
- Some excitement was caused in
Memphis the other day by Ed. Shaw, the
colored wh:irlinater, going to Hob
Church's saloon and threatening to cut
Iho throat, and scalp Mr. Voungcr, a col
ored speaker from St. Louis, for stump
ing Mississippi dining thu latu oanva
! lor the Conservatives, lounger ap
pealed to the chief of police for protec
tion, and that olllccr scut somu men to
protect him, but Younger, fearing Shaw
would Incite oilier negroes lo murder
him, changed hi- lodgings.
The will of Isaac II. Singer, inventor
of thu Singer Sewing Machine, I- being
contested before a Surrogate's court hi
New York. From tho testimony, it ap
pear that Singer had live wives, and a
progeny on both sides of the Atlantic, so
nunierous lliat he himself was perhaps
ignorant of their exacl number. Ho
managed, however, to leave them all for
tunes, ranging In amount from .00 lo
?1,7."0,000 hi- pi operty aggregating Hie
neat sum oi $10,000,000.
The Memphl.- AcnUmehe ol Novem
ber Itli, says: "More than half n mil
lion of dollars has been realized and dis
tributed among and by the merchants of
this city for cotton sold (luting the tin co
days ending lasl evening. The .-ales of
yesterday were onu hundred bales more
than on any previous day four thousand
three hundred bales being tho largest be-
lore reported. At the present rate of
distribution, currency ought to circulate
in plentiful supply hereabouts ere many
more weeks pass by."
An Interesting experiment is being
made in (ho shipment ot (wo nests of
humble bees, which have ju-t left Plym
outh, In England, for Canterbury, New
Zealand. Tho principal object alined at
in the introduction ot these insects into
the antipodes is the fertilization of the
common clover, tho pollen of which the
common bee Is generally unable to col
lect, while thu "liumblu bee," having a
larger proboscis and being much stronger,
Is able to reach sutllciently deep into the
llowcr to collect the fertilizing dust. It
is hoped that hy thi means thu plant
will be more generally fertilized, and Its
cultivation largely extended in the
All IiiiHiimi
Former kiiilelirt
til 1 1 tire n.
Indianapolis, Ini., November -L 'The
Kokomo Tribune publishes the following,
in an extra this atlernnou : Onu of the
most horrible, cold-blooded, startling
murders that ever liumiuned In the Statu
was perpetrated last night, near Green-
town, Howard county. Tim coroner was
notified of thu allalr about 2 o'clock this
morning, anil Is now present, holding it n
'1 1 1 1 : I'AIIIICL'I.AIIS
of thu affair are as yet very meager, but
as near as wo can learn are as follows :
David I.oblnsou camo to town yester
day and bought a iietvsuit of clothes and
a revolver, liu went home, showed the
purchase to his lamlly, and cat his sup
per. His brother and another man were
at his house, and Kohiusou seemed to
want them to leave, ami linally per.-uaded
them lo go to church, liohhisou was In
good humor, and appeared perfectly
sane. Some time after thu men had left,
Kohiiison remarked to his wife that it
would have been well If llttlo Dan., his
sou, bad died two weeks ago, and said he
had attempted to kill the child. He then
drew hi-revolver and llred at a second
koii, who was lying In bed, and then
turned and shot at his wife.
I r.lll!ll li:i AND CltA.UD
witli Iriglit, Mrs. Itobiiisou ran out of
Ihu house, and thooldest boy, eight years
ol ago, started to follow, l'obiiisou shot
him in the face, but the ball glanced and
failed to hurt lihii badly. The fatlierthen
struck him on thu back of the head with
a chair and mudoa bail wound , but the
-on succeeded In getting out of thu door
witli bis mother. Itohlnsoii then delib
erately look a razor Irom a box near
him, and approached his little girl, his
only daughter, who was lying In bed,
ami, sciziug her, cut Iter throat from
car to ear. Ho followed this murder
up by taking thu lilo of Ihu sou whom
hu had llrst shot In lied In thu samu
room. Itohlusou then lumped on his
borne, and up to the Hum of tills writing,
has not been hunted down.
i. Air.it.
This moriihiga horse was found hitched
at Unijunction, with no claliuer. Itohlu
sou got on to one of thu night freight
trains on thu L.P.&U. railroad, unknown
to any ouo In Kokomo, and the dead
body ol a man was found within ouo mile
of Jackson's Station at seven o'clock
this morning, by the coroner's son, of
Tipton county, and lilentllled by W. W.
Ilarncs.ol Kokomo, who went to Tipton
on the freight train this morning, as that
of David Itoblnson. who committed tho
terrible deed hist night. U Is unknown
how ho met death, but It Is suppo-ed ho
either fell oft1 or jumped olf tiiu freight
car, ami inel instant death. His remains
wcro brought to ICokomo by the noon
freight train to day.
lIoi'M-.TIllcvll)t( 11,'itllrcil t It KclrillT.
Dt (Jroi.v, li,i. Nuveinber l. Horse
thieving srems to be all Hie rage In this
vicinity nt present. Last Filday lour I
men came here, reglstcilng nt the St.
Nicholas Hotel as F, .Smith, Mahlon Car
man, W. 11. II, Lee. and C. Sklllmaii,
claiming to ball from Chicago, and lo be In
the commission business. Willi them
they had Iwo livery rigs one' a light
buggy, with two gray mares: the other,
a sulky, with a brown male, which they
said they had borrowed of J. II. Erwlu,
ol Tucola. HI., for two week". They
nlo borrotved of Ward Broth
ers, ol this city, another rig, hay horso
and top buggy, promising to
return in two or three dav.
They left, nud have not returned n
yet. Ward Bros, telegraphed to l.rwlu
yetenlav. nklmr II I hev had returned
there yet. but received a negative answer.
They then telegraphed for Krwln to eoine
down, which he did, arriving here to-day.
ani uros. am .nr. rcrw n are now nun -
lug up (heir teams, which undoubtedly
have been stolen. No clew lo thefr
wheivabouts has yet been obtained,
Postal cat ds have been sent out and lib
eral rewards tillered for their capture.
They aro thought to be blacklegs from
- r - -
A IV I'ltct- ill t!i Ill-K.i V ol Mr
Ui't;;lii'K:iii. Lorisviu.r,. ICv., November I. The
Louisville Catholic Advwtle of to (lay con
talus the following: "It has been our for
tune to be acquainted years back with u
man who is likely to become notorious
as a second Morgan, an IiMi one this
time. Thomas J. MeGeoghegan was
once a resident of Louisville, and mav be
thus described: An alumnus of All Hal
lows College, Dublin ; at present about
forty year of age. He Is tolciablv
well educated. affect lug obiles
and poetry for weekly papers.
Ho was at one I line in our olllee lo seek a
situation, and through thu Instrumen
tality of a friend, we lound one lor him
In Shelbyvllle, ivy. This project was,
however, delealed by thu ardor of Mr.
MeGeoghegan. who, on the evening lie
arrived hi shelbyvllle, was invited by an
assembly of Irl-hmeii lo nddrc-s tiiein,
in default of it clergy man who had prom-l-ed
and dl-appoluted. The addics.s was
tolerably well rendered, hut the subject
cho-cii wa- in execrable taste; in
fact, if was a tirade- of abu-e. un
supnoiied by an array of facts,
ol the Maoii.-, and was calculated to in I
tide and excite, and do no further good
or harm. We could not help regarding
Mr. MeGeoghegan a nio-t -adfy lack
ing in ili-cretioii in thus opening up ihN
fretted subject before a mixed audience,
and the result proved the gentleman not
only lacking in di-eielion, but hi valor
id-o. Next day a note awaited him with
the slgnilleant signature ol a skull mid
cross.bones, uotilyhig him to leave town.
The patriot brave meekly compiled with
tin; polite request, and left Shelbyvllle
without dwelling on the order of his "o-
lug." m
iiic.'ski.m. i nu,,i,.,..
IVIct-IiurB IIitjM.)
The following olllclal notice of the kill
ing of Tobias Burke, one of the soldiers
stationed here, was sent toSherill DaVol
ye-terday :
lli;Ai(iisn:i:s. I". S. Tnoors.
ViiK-hrwi, Miss.. Nov. 1, IS73.
To llic -licrin of Wmifu to. , .Mlsj.
Sin : I have the honor to report, that
on the night of theliOtli ult.. an allrav
occurred hi the barracks occupied by thfs
command, between Henry L. Johnson
and Tobias lluike, both members of Com
pany A. lllih Infantry, resulting In the
wounding ol Burke in two olaccs, from
pi-tol shots llred by said Johnson, mid
from tho cllects or which wounds the
aid Burke died lit about C.venty-llve
Von are hereby notllled that the said
Johnson Is held in coiilineiuciit by the
military authorities, subject to the requl
slliou of the civil authorities i0r uial
iiioii the charge of murder.
Thu following named men of Company
A, thirteenth Infantry, wcro witnes-es to
the act of shooting charged ugalu-t John
son, to-wit : lieorgu 1,'ooko, . J.Daly
and Davis A. Curtis.
Very respectfully.
It. A. To'hur.Y.
Ciipt. Bltli Inft. Commanding Post.
.2Nsltii lleilerim-d.
Viclisbnra IliniM.J
Our special telegrams, Irom all parts
of the State, leave u- no room to doubt
thitt the State has -foiie largely Demo
cratic. Iloth branches of thu I.cjrMa
tnre iire l)cnioer:itlc : Hemingway is
elected Statu Trea.urer ; Lamar, W'ells,
Money, Singleton and lluoker uru
elected, almost beyond doubt, to Con
gress ; and Seal (.coins to Maud a very
fair chalice of having overcome the Ire
nicudoiH majority against 1 1 1 tit hi thu
Sixth District. Tills news fcciiis almo-t
too good to he true, yet tho facts and lig
ure.s htaro us In the taee. This U Indeed
It means the beginning of a new era.
It means progress and peace. It means
that tho people, through tiiu Democratic
party, thoroughly reorganized and dis
ciplined, are again invincible, and that
uiongrcllsm, fraud and negro rule, as far
as this State is concerned, nro things of
thu past. Itight manfully have wu con
tended for the ''lotions results nehhiviiih 0'
now let us show Iho country that wu aru fc
worthy of them by tho cxereisu of for- '
bear.iuco and trim statesmanship. Hut
while wo do thN, wu nin-t not forget to I,'
keep tip, Micicdly guard anil discipline, h.
the grand old party that on yesterday if.
presented to her .Ktcr., .Mississippi lie- ;i
(Icctucd !
MolH'IMlll" .Ilii Usllll.
UrooUjii 'llniiM
The iiiivciliug of thu slatuu ol'Slonc
wali .lackiou, which took place at ICich
inond uuiid a scene ol' wild ciithusiain.
was a very remarkable event. It would)
he dilllciill, probably luipos-ihle, to liud
a parallel for it in thu hl-tory of nations.
Only ten years idler n bitter .mid bloody
rebellion, hi w hich a mighty section of a i'l
great country toiignt itesierateiy against
that country'.s Hie, a statue Is elected,
almo-t under the siiadow of thu nation's
capltol, to do iii-ting honor to a leader of
lh:ll tl'iillloliiliiii iiiirlLliiif. It la ti'ini
that Stonewall .lack7n's ehiitiicter
Hat nun uiiii niigui wen coni-k.
maud iiiliulr:itloii. A genius in war, abli
1!.... 1.. .1... , ,.. .1... . 1 7
nun in uiu nav, aiiero in inu severerii
times of wulthiir under defeat, at nll?
limes a man. "eneroiis of heart. stroiiL'd-
of mind, uoblt) of soul. II Is easy to iin-l0
derstauil how hu lias elicited the adora
tion of his own peculiar people, and how
he has compelled tho repcet of the
world. Hut that on American soil a
statuu should he erected to him itsihii'
herool the strugglu against the nation's 1
integrity, l certainly an historical mar-1
vol. Consider how Knglaud has treated
her Cioniwcll, Ills grave was desecrated, '
Ids mouldering hotly hanged, upon the'
restoration of thu monarchy, and nnlv
about twcnfv.i!
r two"
ho ce-L
centuries ol healing time, tho propo
iion io give linn a ptiieo iiniong thu
leiiiitles wlio-o portrallH wcro to
Wiirmly oiipo-ed and rejected. Iniagluefe
thu erection ol statues In Paris to thai,
leaders of 'o,t causes !" Wu doubt, In,
deed, if ducli an event as was yesterday
witnessed at Iticbiuond could have beeni
i;ossho any whuro hut in the Cnltcdi,
Slates, nd wo Mmv congratiilalo otir-l
selves upon li. Wo aro so free Irom the
...v. nt, lllllM' Ol I ill II.Mlirill aH
ooikis oi tradllloual aiitlioilly, that wn
can safely and wu do frankly and with
out thought of ulterior consequences
recognize genuine worth wherever It up.
pears, separating It from tho accidents of
clrciiimtaiico, and regardlny only the
Drunkenness Cur-oil !
Without Inromenlfliec, at nar Immc A III i
ibite M-nt flit-1 j nn HiMirs on tiri-lpt of one
1 ot 1 i-i j- Aitibc,
Munngcr St. bouts I mltvl-i !
onii-o-llll (llltrMrcW.t.t boul-i.
10-1 -If.
Opium or Morphine Enters !
Ciinil without imiIii or Inconvenience, nt mir
lininu hi 1ulny. Alisllrlncs for lift thru1 u-ok-'
ti'i'ittitit-nl miiI rin to nny nilhess on iu-eltif
ll h dollars. Mud-amount nn-il dolly.
..Miva. V. II.Hi nilAltll, M It
M:iiiKir St. I.ouis liiibriatu It. jj-H-.il.
Ollici 1111 UllwMicct, SI l.ouf .
Obstacles to Marriage
Happy relief for young men from the
ell'eel of Errors and Abuses In early life.
Manhood re-lored. Impediments!) Mm
t iage removed. New method of treat
ment. New and remarkable reim die-.
Books and Circulars sent free. In sealed
envelop! st. Address Howard Associa
tion, Ell N. Ninth street, Philadelphia,
Pa. an Institution having it high repu
tation lor honorable conduct and prole
slonal .-kill. !s-J.ikVw;!io
Live Agents Wanted
'To sell Dr. Chase's I'cclpes ; or Infor
mation for livery body, In every county
In Ihu Culled Stales and Canada. I'n
largei I by tho publisher to OH pages. It
contains over 'JOOil household recipes, and
1- suited lo all classes mid conditions of
society. A wonderful hook and a house
hold neccs-ity. It sells at sight. Gnat
e-t inducements ever ottered to book
agents. Pninple copies sent by mail.
Postpaid, for $2. Inclusive territory
given. Agents more than double their
money. Address Dr. Chase's Steam
Printing House, Ann Alitor, Michigan.
lor Kent oe l.ense.
Il Is the ile.-liv of Mr. lidmtiud llmi'iier
to sell or lease the Planters' IIoim f ir
onu year. This Is one of the bc-t pa. log
e.-tabll-hiuenl.s III Cairo, and Is furnished
with the llhi-t ami best neccoinniuiJa
llons. Tor terms, npply to lidinuiel
llnenier, at the Planters' House, Cairo,
Illinois. 1,1-J-lw
Itenil ! Until :
Look at these prices, offend hy O. Hay
thorn A Co., for 10 duys, Wr. n; .n m i.
i.is :
Boy.- new .-hie Alexis ties ;
" Good Winter Boots
' Cu-tom-made Call Boots....
Youths' Clood (.'air Boots
.Men's Cii-tom-madet'nlf BooN...
.'100 cases Boots and Shoes at a-totiish-1
Ingly low in ices whol.-sale mid letall. 1
U. IIavtiioiin Si Co.,
uu v oiuuiereiai . venue,
lO-lif-lOt. Cairo, lllinob.
'oillircs-eil YctlM.
Wo have now tho agency for this j cast,
the bc-t in use, made by Tauzky A Co..
which wu shall receive Iresh dally by ex
press, wholesale and retail, at New Yoik
Store. 10-'iC-10t.
I heicby notify thu hu-Inws inen ol'
this city, and public at larc, thai I
not be responsible lor any dehtu eon
tracted in my name, unless made by me
per-nnally. Jin,. As.vn: Cvxk.
I'or Itcnl.
New cottage, (! rooms, corner S( veeih
and Walnut streets, occupied at pn ,
cut by .Mr. Winter. Will he vacant on j
Monday, Nov. 1. ltent S-'J per month. ,
Apply on Suveifth, second door fnuu '
above house. lO-IlU-tf 1
.. ...r.l ..f...- if. rr -
t h
TliltM : t
Harper's ltazar, one ycar....?l 00
Kour dollars Inehiilcs prepajmeut ol '
S. iiohtago by the imblNhers.
bubscslptloPH to Ilarjer's Magnrh
Weekly, imd Hazar. to one address For o
year, $10 00; or two of Harper's l'erioi,
c its, to onu adilreos fur one year, 37JC
j-tstago Iruu. i
An tixtra cojiy of either the M.ic.izln
Weekly, or lluzar will in, sin,iilli..r ,.r,,i
5 (hi 1 i
lor every club of live subscribers at t . ""'"
each, In nno renillt.mce ; or, six t opic if,
e:'0 00 without exira copy ; jioitnco tree'r
Hack numbers ran Un , i I... i .i ...
The seon vohunns of Harper's Itaz.ir. (
tho years IMS. '!, '70, '71. '7'J, '73, '71, el
cuntly hound In green morocco cloth, w
be sent hy oxpre;P, fivight j rciiahl, t
?i 00 each.
ESTNuwspapcrH aro not to copy thl a
yortl.-enient without thu exprt.-i oitltrs .
Harper .tllrotlier-.
AddniBhHAKl'Klt.'i ISItOTIlIIIts, N. y.
"L'lllll(HHlllllllllV till' IMSI SIISlllilK!
work ollliii Ulint iii I lit- WkiM."
Tho over Increasing circulation ol ih
oxcellcnt monthly proven its continue
adaption to iionul.ir dnslrnu
deed, lien wo think Into how many horn
It tienotratcs every month, wo must eo
ruii-i ii.iaunu in inu ciuicatori as well i
entertaiiicri.oftlio public mind, for Its a
iiopuiaritv ims nccn won l.v nr. .,, t ,
btupid rejudlees cr depraved tast. s. l.'oi
ton (llolie. 1
The chat actor which this Mairassino pni
se-re-JlDrviirinty.entcrprl.r.artlitlewi altt
and literary eulturu tln.t hits l:cpt race witf
Itit liasnotIedtliullmu.s, nhould eaii-m I
conductor toicgaidil with hi-tltlablo cole
Placcijcy. ItsUo onlities tlicni to a urea1
claim upon thu puhlle gratitude. Th
Jlarulnu has done jjood and not evil al
tho days ol It-, life. llrooKlyn L'aflc. 1
TKltMS :
1'ostago IVco to suhscrltirrs
In the Uullci
Harper's Magazine, ono year ...81 00
oi uo neiutics prepayment of U. S. poit
agu hy tlio publUhois. ,
,;,t:r,l'l"Il"s Harper's .MnKnaIno
weekly, orllazar. to onu uiiiim.d ivm.
year, (f 10 00; or two of llarpei'h porlodl
calf, to ono address for onu itm. at nn'
postngofrce. ' ' v" -
Atu-xtra copy ol either the .Miigasino,
uokly or llaz ir will lm .iiiinii.wi m.n. i..7
nvrrv rlnli nfilra ti.l.t.... li. ... .r,,,, I
r ' 'f , iiiivi. hi fj't uu uiusii
111 One rclllll t'llii p! or ul v f.nnliu i,,,. a.m in,
Without extra ennv! iin.tin'ii irun li
Hack nillllbcl'3 can lm n lln.l nt .,.,(
Him.. ,
. coiniilrto set of Harper's Mne.izlim!
t-. uuiiiiH irtim iu viiuiinrH. in ni-.'it i-int
illlillHL'. will hu sent bv evm-nM4- t'l'Dti.lit .i
tile oxpcu-o of niirelnmr. for S-! .- ..n
voliuno. Slnglo volumes, hy mall, poMpald
:l 00. Cloth eases, for binding, f.S cents
u iiiiill. 'iii.i:iiu,
USTNowMiapers are not to copy this ml
vortlscmont without the expru-s ordtn oi
Harnor & Ilrolhers. '
Address HAUI'Hlt.t IIHOTHI2II8, N Yj
Feather lusters!
sitdlil ill jf
Washington Avenue, or the Levee.
Feather Dusters are indispensible
articles a home, in the store, in the
shop and in the offtce. Every good
Housekeeper knows their value,
and will not be without one. We
are Belling them CH33 AP to suit the
Call and examine, whether you
tvish to purchase or not.
JL$ ia$n daj Csjj? iHs
Jtirm has just brought
an Imiiiense Stock of
Fa I
Rockwell's Old Stand,
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
St. Louis Tranufcr
,. Till nri iP.rn lni- Wnni nnr Dmi
tho liOWOHt C.iHli Prioo. OPFICK
IjOUis Nnrrow Gauao Depot.
TjIS'X" OIP 275Fl.XCJZi:&.
W'od, ! faet, porcont . J3 60.
wood, sawod, nor cord 54 &0.
Wootl, nuwi-U ami aplit,i)6r co'. il OO
Coal, cm load, Per Uui ... til 00
Coal, cur load, mnitldton - U 80.
Coal, car load, ono-hnlf ton ... ii OO.
.,'.'m.Y orders nt'F. K. mcokfluth'n.OS
and Coinraercinl Avaiiuo,
Orders Solteltoil
Z Ml
I . . . 7SJ
K ferns
r. i J Afi
3 "S.lt'
w v tU3! HQ 9 CM3jA5iHfl mm NiMiV
& a & jf ski s
'rfta tj mtr
1 i if .
rem w mm
tSTt lt it VV M J
124 Coininercial Ave.
Cairo, Illinois.
i Coal
Coinnnnv in aw nronnrod to
Delivered to imw n.-n- nf ihnriilv. t.
AND YARD ut tho Oniro & St.
OUo I.nvnu. at tho Cryntal Saloon.
and nt tho Company's Ulilco.
and Promptly Fillod.
- u w;raiHai'
5 h YEAR.

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