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Moan aooottM
Knights of PjriktM, meet every Frl
tUynlfBt shlf-t aevcii, in (Mil
Chaneetlor Commander.
lew, aftteM Terr Thursday night
t iitsr nan mis in their riuon
CotaSMTClal tniM, between alsth and Set etitu
i rr w , i , i muni n. v.
1A1B0 KNUAMFMKMT. 1. 0. O. P., mll
JIM Wd-Kfllow' Hall safee rat and third
itcsoay in emr dim, st Bsar-piuii set?.
Jao. II. OmsiiI.Y, C. X.
Until mnilnr communications In Ma
XJTsonla Hull, corner Coratoertlal nTrouo
'anl Ktrhtli Mreet, ou Uie second and
O'jnn mobust sn inoniu.
rttriralU Olaee."
TliU Is a now style of picture now be
lug produced by Win. Winter, tlie artist,
ol this city. These pictures nrc creating
much interest In nil tho principal Eastern
nnd Western cities, being altogether new,
They tiro unlike photographs, being
raised and beautifully enameled over the
enUro. surface, soa In tone, but distinct In
tho liehts nnd shades. No ono who sees
them falls tondmlro them, or to give the
artist an order. We have been shown a
number of pictures of well-known ladles
and gentlemen of the city, and havo no
hesitation In pronouncing them perfectly
splendid. We would therefore ndvise all
who take Interest In such matter or de-
fate u ii, to caJl upon Mr. Winter at
hit pMtry'Kml smnmlae hU work la this
fieir branch of the shadow-eapturing w
Fr Hal.
ThcHelaiBnlro Saloon, with ten-pin
alley, shooting gallery, nnd all fixture
pertaining to tho establishment. For
ten of tale, apply to
10-aC-tf Mm. Axxik Coynk.
C Uterus OmmsmI;
Persona having cisterns needing pump-
Ins; out and repairing can havft It done
liroraptly and at price to suit tlio times,
. by ealUnf on J. S. Hawkins, Ctoss street.
' J Mrff ama ami pump employed all the
tltaqfoftlwpurpo.se; tMG-tf.
, ;
New Mel Market.
Jaeeb'Walters and Chris Anlhus, two
ot ur well-known butchers' havu hssoi
elated together and under tho linn name
of Jacob Waiter & Co., llavo opened a
meat inarket oh the north side of Eighth
stmt, In Phil Howards old stand. This
will be a. first-class market In every re
spect; as.thc names of the proprietor
guarantee a Market nllcre tltc choicest
ol Cut meat, steaks, roasts of bcaf, mut
tM, fjprk and venison ; together with
sausage, bacon, etc., wUl b? aijrVed out
to customers In a neat; aswfisfactory
aoaascr. All their bid friendor new sc
qaaintances are Invited to call and sec
them." 10-30-tf
everybody to know tbst the place to get
A smooth hac,
A Rood shampoo,
A faihlonable hair-cut,
Or anjlhtne; In ttmt Use,
1 at tba Grand Ccntjui. Uakbek
SHor, corner Eighth and Commercial.
9-8-tf J. 0K0IK7B STEtMUOL'SI.
Knitted Jackets.
We receivel this morning n new supply
of Ladles' and Mlses' knlttted jackets
with and without sleeves ; also a Hue lot
of children's bonnet?, which we offer nt
great Inducement.
Ucanitox fc Wkil,
142 and 111 Commercial Avenue.
A.Ualley has removed to his now
storeroom, 113 Commercial avenue, op
posite Winter's BIocU, nnd next door to
the Arab englno hou?c, where lie. Will be
pleased to see all lils old customers and
aa many new ones. 0-30-tf
Matte of Rrnnvnl.
C. Koch lias removed his boot and
shoo shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (one block below),
No. 00 Commercial nvenue, '.between
Ftftlt and Sixth streets, where he will
keep tiro best home made and St. l.oul
eitstour mado boots and shoes, made of
tho best material ; good workmanship
and in tho latest style". All orders
promptly attended to. . U-St-tl.
A No.'l Lwimdry.
It U now conceded that Mrs. Coleman,
the Uundreu, Ho. li Fourth street, be
tween Washington A Commcrcitl avenues,
has ono of tUo I) tut conducted laundry i .
tabllnhucnU in the city, and landlords ot
hotels and boardlug boutes m III tlnd It to
their advantage to call upon her.
Her prices aro as lollows: Hotel and
boardlng-koueo washing, "ft cents per
dozen. Fot piece work prices are
aa tollowit Single shirt and col
tar, 10c; per dozen 80c; socks Sc; two col
lars, Be; two handkerchiefs, 5c; vests 'JOc;
tad all gentlemen's wear, Wc, per
dozen.' Ladles' dresses, S5 to COc;
tklrttlO to 30c; drawers 10 to 16c; two
pair hose 6c; two collars & to 10c. For la
dles' plain clothos J1 00 per dozen; (or la
dles fine clothes, $1 25 per dozen; dono
drsmptly, and promptly delivered. 1'a
tronago solicited, H-3Mm
A rise Ntoek.
Wm. Elders duslrcAo Inform his pat
rons and the public generally, that he has
now on hand a large stock of French and
German, Calf, .Klpund Morocco, and Is
prepared to manufacture, tor sioro and
ollico wear, tho finest of Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Boots; and for farmers,
draymen and out-door wear generally, hU
French Kip stands above anything oyer
offered in this market. Ills Lasts aro of
tho latest styles, and ho can guarantee a
lit audsatisfatlon to all Ids patrons.
Mr XX Amber and White mg stock
envelopes at tho Hulietin office, printer!
93 60 and $4 00 per M.
r j -
it for ! po,
A No.;l sacond-hand, Seven octnvo'
piano, aa Rood as ue.v,, manufactured by
ilallei & Davis, it offored (or aalo ut n
bargain. Apply to
BuUetlu Oiilce.
Walder's Clothing
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoos.
1KB. WALDER U receiving- dally a
J. Iar-n and splendid atoek of cooda,
lie la rciolved to fflvo the very best
roods for tba very lowest price. Call
an ri aim far nliralve.
Corner Sixth Stroet ad Ohio
mtes er AnVKRTiaixu.
CJ-AH I'llls tor wlrertiriu, aiv dur and )f
Tranilntit adrf rtUinR will lie IincrtH nt lli
rate of II 0 r Kjuarf fur tlw fint Inxrllon
and SO ctnlJ for facli iHfiurjut out, A liberal
llKount will be made on tuudlng anuulaplar
Cturcb, Society, ltatlvaland Supir notices
will only be Inserted a aUrrtlinei)U.
ror liwertlDf Funeral notice II (O. Notice of
meeting of societies or secret ordert V) cent for
each Insertion.
Ho advertisement will be rcceireil at let tlian
0 cents.
L.OCA1 Bualneas Notices, of
ten lines or more. Inserted
in the Bulletin as fellow :
On Insertion per line a Cents.
Two lnaerUoai pr lma 7 Cents.
Three Insertions per line Cents.
Six lnseitlona per Una 15 Cents.
Two weeks per line .25 Cents.
One moolb por'llne ... 3 J Cants.
Mo Reduction will bo made la abovo
I.ornl Wlber Itcpori..
Caiho III., Not I), U7J.
J Tur..
Vil. VTrATii.
7 a.m.
it 'a My.
13 I CI'dy.
e Mr'n.
11 "
J p.m.
lUlnfil 1 .01 lnch.
tereant. Signal Aertlce, V. a A.
Ucneral llenia.
Col. Taylor has returned lroin St.
Col. WatkliH, of Mound Clfy, was in
Cairo yesterday.
-The rain ha again mado the streets
very muddy and dl-agrccable.
It wa very dull in the police courts
-Ilemeinber Mrs. Granger's lecture.
on Tuesday evening.
Mr. Gcorrre B. rlckclt, ol Meniphl?,
Isatlhe.St. Charles.
W. II. Turner, of Philadelphia, was
at the St. Charle yesterday.
Mr. Kd. llesion, formerly of Cairo,
and late of til. LouK Is in the city.
The Shakespearian Clubol the Kldgc
will meet at the residence of Mr. Taylor,
to-morrow night.
A slight shock of an earthquake was
felt In tlds city about fi o'clock yesterday
Durkhclmer Wurst Market don't
forget it at John Scheel's. thh evening
at I o'clock.
The saloon? of this city, with the ex
ception ot ono or two, have nil aban
doned the free lunch business.
Kcmember the ball nt Hiirger'rf old
stand to-morrow evening. It is going to
be a pleasant affair.
Mr. Hen Fm.ler.ot Cincinnati, Ohio,
one of the oldest pilots on the Ohio rivfr,
was In the city yesterday.
Mr. Georgo W, Corlls. of Metropolis,
lias returned from his Southern tour, ami
was in Cairo yesterday.
The "Two Orphans" theater troupe,
now playing in Peoria, will come to Cairo,
we are told.
N Aldermen HallidaY, Wright, Ncllls
and Parker havo returned from their trip
to St. Louis.
The llev. Mr. Gilbert will lecture be
foro tho Library Association ou the
twenty-third of tills month.
MNs C. li. Matson, of Cincinnati,
Ohio, Is in the city visiting her sister,
Mrs. Tom Winter, at the St. Charles.
The Itev. Mr. Gilliam will preach at
the Methodist church, corner Eighth
nnd Walnut streets, tills morning and
Rev. Frank Gilbert, of Missouri,
brother ot tho Ituv. Charles A. Gilbert,
rector of tho Chinch ot the Redeemer, is
In the city.
If you want to enjoy a pleasant even
ing, in good company, so to the dance
to-morrow evening ut Burger's old
Joo Davidson, formerly of Cairo, and
at present proprietor of tho European
restaurant, of Poplar Bluffr, Missouri,
was in town yesterday.
20,000 note head's, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 renins statements,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper Just
received and for salu at tho Uui.lhtin
It Is tho, opinion of Mr. Thompson,
the gentleman who 'is Instructing the
jTy,tyc Llioray CM pf ladlea and gen
tlem'etrwno nre to appear lu tho play,
will mld $ grand huoocss of it. Thump
ton Is an actor oftUQ,mean ability,
Wo aro In receipt of the nenv nnd pop
ular song entitled Oliver Gray," pub
llshed by- 8. Turney, Broekvllle, Out.
Price 30 ets. Sample cony' sent to any
address on receipt of 10 cents by the pub
lisher, ,
Tho noted' Chicago lentiii-. vim.
f$u!(! uj.l,TM ftOjlrfsa at the. Lib
eral Rellrious hall thUetwsm Tlw an.
dlcnco will do olfowcd'td T ielcct Uo sub.
I Jcct upon which she will speak on both
Miss Emma F.tlierldge, daughter of
-Rinerson Kthcrldga, of Memphis, the
great Tennessee orator nndcx-tnembcr of
Congress, ts at the St. Charles Hotel.
Mayor Winter did not return to Cairo
with the other members ol tho committee
who went to St. LonifMo consult with
General Simpson. He will remain in tho
Future Great several days.
Services at tho Presbyterian church,
Eighth street, between Washington ave
nue and Walnut street, will be condtictid
by the Itev. B. V. George, this morning
aud evening.
Wc called the new cornet band In
yesterday's paper the "Liberty," when
wo should havo styled It the "Cairo Na
tional Cornet Band." Anyhow, It Isn
good band, for ono so new.
Mrs. Granger will lecture before the
Library Association on Tuesday even
ing. The subject of her lecture will be
''Centennial Work.' She should bu
greeted, as she undoubtedly will be, with
a large audience.
Mr. C. K, Morris, formerly ol this
city nnd a brother ol our esteemed fellow
citizen, W. H.Morris, will bu married In
Grace church, Chicago, on next Thursday
evening, to Miss Ida Malllcr Scrauton, ot
that city.
A mid dog mado hi) appearance on
the levee yesterday morning, and created
riulte astir. He was followed as far as
tho New York storu by Jesse MahaOjr,
who, at this point, sent him to his last
home, with the aid of a load of buckshot.
The Itev. Charles A. Gilbert, agisted
by his brother, Itev. Frank Gilbert, of
Missouri, will conduct services as usual,
this morning and evening, it the Church
of the Redeemer, Fourteenth street, be
tween WaOilnglgn avenue and Walnut
We were in error In stating that fcv-
ernl young men were going to jiive a fair
to-morrow evening at Burger's old stand,
for the benefit of the Catholic church. It
will bo a dance, aud not n fair, aud will
be In no way connected with the church.
Tho committee who went to St.
Louis to interview General Simpson,
will, In compliance with n request made
by the general, prepare a statement set
ting lorth the tacts as repre"iitcd to him,
which will be presented to the Council.
William Glenn was up before Judge
Bird yesterday morning, charged by Olll-
cerLallue, who arrested him, with being
drunk. He was lined two dollars and
costs and sent to the calaboose for three
days, as he had no money.
Dan Hartiuan will open his mam
moth queenswure store, on Sixth street,
between the avenues, on Monday or
Tuesday, when lie will ofl'er to the citi
zens of Cairo one of the largest and best
selected stocks of goods in the queens
ware line ever brought to Cairo.
Mr. Charles Hardy has engaged the
room over Whltlock's store, instead of
Liberal Religious hall, where he will give
lessons In dancing, commencing Monday
night, November 15. Gentlemen's class,
Mondays and Thursdays, nt 8 o'eliK-k
p.m. Children's class on SatUidays at 2
p. m.. commencing November 20th.
11-1 l-3t
Billy F seman, the banjo player with
Madame Blanche's troupe, is, without
doubt, ono ol those rare geniuses whose
great talent Is dllllcult to appreciate.
Billy is a M-If-inadc man, and tvill one
day loom up in brilliancy and splendor,
it some unforseen misfortune does not
overtake him, and blast his bright pros
pects. Thompson, the gentleman who is
training the members of the Taylor Lit
erary Society for their theatrical enter
tainment, which is to take place at the
Aihcueum soon, helped the Madame
Blanche troupe out ou Friday evening,
and It is the opinion of all who witnessed
the performance that he was by far the
best artiste the troupe had.
t&Tt on hxlk ATtSt
j(-105i Commercial Avenue, Cairo.-
The Anna l';iio publishes the fol
lowing compliment to our fel low-townsman,
Jewett Wilcox : "Quite a delega
tion of the youth aud beauty of our city
went to Cairo last Friday, in response to
invitations to attend the Iimt ball of the
season, at the St. Charles hotel. All
agree that Captain Wilcox is a host, and
that his corps of servants is one ot the
best trained in tho West."
Yesterday morning about nine
o'clock, a German named Rudolph Hcm
mer, residing some where in Vuiaski
county, was badly hurt by being kicked
by a horse. He came to town and un
hitched his tcaui-for the purpose of feed
ing them. When lie returned to hitch
them up, ho walked behind o'io ot tho
animals and tho beast kn.ked him
in tho stomach, Injuring him pretty
badly. He was placed In hi- wngnn aud
driven home by a darkey wiio came to
town with hlin.
Mrs. Colby, accompnnied by Mrs.
Ollyc Smith, has arrived m the city and
will lecture In the Liberal Religious Hall
to-day at 11 o'clock, a. m. nnd at 7 o'clock
p. m. Tho audience will be allowed to
select the subject for either or both lec
tures. Mrs. Olive Smith will tayor the
audience with appropriate Mings, accom
panied by the guitar, at tho opening nnd
closing of each lecture. Tlio mornliur
lecture will bo free; 25 cents will bu
charged to tlio evening lecture.
Billy freeman, Madamo Blanche's
banjo player, met with a very llatterlug'
reception from our people, on Friday
evening. Amid the laughter that Billy
provoked, could bo heard from all parts
ot tho house sneli marked ussertlous of
approval us "Oh, give us a rust," "Shoot
the man," "Cheuso it, will you," "Oh,
carry him out," and many other encour
aging remarks ot this kind ; and when
tho audience cheered Billy on his second
appearance, nnd lie said lu a slde-spllttiu'g
way, "Well, If you don't liko It I cau go
out," a heartless man lu the rear enil of
the houso yelled out. "If n l ri pity
yon camu lu." This was too much for
even Billy, who, notwithstanding hn Iiib
more genuine cheek thatt sny mau wo
ever saw, got up and left the sttgo in
An unknown man was killed near
the trestle work on the Illinois Central
railroad, yesterday afternoon, by tho
passenger train that arrives in the city at
half-past two o'clock. Ha was picked up
and brought to tho passenger depot,
where an Inquest was held on the body
about four o'clock. When killed, tho
man had on a tattered pair ol brown
Jeans breeches, a black box coat, blue
shirt nnd slouched lint. He was about
five feet eight inches high, with light
hair, mustache and goatee, and light,
trcckled complexion, and Is supposed to
have been about twenty-eight yeais of
--From n reliable source, we learn that
the Interview of Mayor Winter, Alder
men llalllday, Wright aud Ncllls, witli
General Simpson, lu regard to our levee,
was highly satisfactory. The commit
tee represented the condition of
tho river to General Simp
son, and asked him If he could do
some temporary work here. After fully
contemplating the facts, General Simpson
replied that he recognized tho state ot
aflalrs perfectly, and that lie would do
all In lils power. He nlso said that If
the survey now being made demonstrated
the fact that work could bo done
cflcctually at present, and If the work
now being carried on nt Devil's lalaud
was in such a condition that it could be
left during the winter without doing' in
jury to it, he would transfer a portion
of his force here to do the work ns soon
as possible, and that he would get the
rock to be used lu doing the work from
the quarries nt Cape Glradeau.
The performance given by the
Madame Blanche troupe nt the Athe
neuiii, on Fridsy evening was in some
respects, very good, and In others, very
Inferior. The statuary and tableau part
of the show was very acceptable to the
audience present, and In every instance
elicited loud applause. The play of the
"Fellow that Looks Like Me." waa very
tame, and the audience showed evident
signs of relief when the curtain
went down. Theu came the
great Billy Freeman, with his
bino. Billy came forward whistling.
and he was received with stamping of
feet and clapping of band?. If Billy had
only bad sensc-cnough to have kept on
whistling, and not attempted to pick the
banjo nnd sing the "Elephant Show," he
would have proved a success. The people
looked to him for something good, but
ere he had gone through with one verse
of his song, it was very evident that lie
was a bf fraud, and not only the boys in
the gallery, but tin solid nn u Wlow sug
gested to Billy that wuik would be
plenty on the new leve In u Ictv days.
Miss Wesner's fancy dance would have
proven very acceptable, bad the orches
tra given her u fair chance. I'hey, how
ever, played one tune, while Miss Westier
danced to another, which was rather out
of the usual line of such performances,
but nevertheless teemed to please those
hi front, as she was called to the foot
lights again and loudly applauded on
leaving the stage the second time. Mr.
Oliver's character song, "Junius Brown
the Tragedian,1' was very good; for ids
other performances lie Is, in the opinion
of Cairo critics, entitled to but little
praise. Mr. Thompson, late ot the May
FIsk troupe, Is deserving of credit,
though the characters in which
he appeared aro somewhat, we
would think, out of his line. Madame
Blanche's vocal powers are passably
good ; she ulsj, there is but little doubt,
would haye executed her songs much bet
ter had her acqu.ilntiinco with the or.
chestra been longer. Her ability ns an
actress Is on a par with most traveling
performers. Professor Benford divested
blin-eirot fifty icet of inch rope, tangled
about lilm by two sea-faring men, with
but little difUculty. It is our opinion,
however, that the great Billy's failure to
please proved very disastrous to tliu
other members of the troupe, as a spirit
ot timidity seemed to hover around each
of the other performers after he had left
the stage amid tho derision of the entire
Fn li era I Xotlcr.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Isidore
Gordon will take place this afternoon ut
2 o'clock. The remains will be taken
from' the residence of Dr. Gordon, on
Washington avenue, to St. Patrick's
church, comer Ninth street and Wash
ington avenue, where service will be
held, nml from thence to the train at foot
of Eighth street. Friends aud acquaint
ances are Invited to attend. The remains
will bo Interred in tho Catholic cemetery
nt Villa Ridge.
County coubt.
Nwsenibcr Term Nlvtli Day Judge
Ill-out I'l'i'nldlutr.
Ill the matter of the estnto of Joseph
E. Kendall, deceased, the report of the
administrator was approved, the
estatu declared insolvent, and the admin
istrator discharged.
for Ren I.
A house, with ten rooms, out-houses,
etc., and ten lots. IIoiimj Is known us tho
Orphan Asylum Building." Apply to
11-14-3C Wood ItirrE.NuousK.
Attention, Nlr Hnliclils.
Cairo Commaudcry, No. 13 K. T., will
meet lu regular eontlavo at the Asylum,
Monday evening, Nov. loth, at 7 J o'clock.
Visiting Sir Knights aro cordially Invi
ted. C. W. Punning, K. c.
Attest F. Koiis.Mi:vi:n, Recorder.
A Good I'laco to Ituy .
A. Halley's now store Is ovrtnlnly ono
of tlio best arranged of Hih kind to bo
found In the city, aud what It better, ho
has so arranged his price that many are
taking advantage of tin' opportunity of.
fered to buy stoves, tlnw are, etc., cheaper
than ever known in Cairo. Call on Hal
ley, 115 Commercial avenue, next door to
tlio Arab engine house. V-W-tf.
A Fine I'rrsent.
Picttireequu America, lull gilt morocco
binding, for sale at a bargain at tho Bul
letin bindery. J. C. Uvgls,
Once mote Belche
Is Once More in the Field to tell all Clothing Buyen that they
are still buying
"Slop Shop" Goods at Exorbitant Prices.
We keep Goods made in the best Manner and of the Best Style,
No goods that smell of powder of the war of 1812 ; goods wall nuui
and aponged, only for sale fits guaranteed, as we are already known for
such. Others fight competition of that kind with "shoddy" goods, made
by second-hand dealers, jveep your eyes open. Listen to no stories that
sound like "soft soap," as it's a very poor merchant that cannot deltoid
his own business. .
i A ASi?1 is .katwe Mkto jaftka customoM out of you all. Wo don't ask you pitmn. au.4 w-w
irig fWend"or,old Cjlrottjf ( wo hare been knows hore lol thoaomanyycara)-butto -we youth
in tho city, at prices to suit U. Wo
LttUr List.
List of letters reinainlnic uncalled for
In the Pot Ollico at Cairo. Alexander
County, Illinois, .Saturday, Nov. 13th,
Ranifiter Sirs. H. S., Corcoran Mary,
Johnson Mnndy, Johnson Mary, Moore
Ithody, Martin Maria, Kamsey Arena,
llandall Mrs. E., Robinson S. C, Spencer
Mrs. K. T., Smith Mary, Wilson Lizzie.
Armstrong Chas., Blackford B. P.,
Ilrashear J. T., Bufllngton J. L., Bates
Marshall, Brown Reuben, Back Samuel,
Covey Frank, Counts Henry, Clay
Henry, Coll J. P., Clark J. P., Carroll
Jas., Claucey John, 5, Constant Thomas,
Caffrcy P. (., Dayls F.,Dayls J. B Ech-
enoz Phelix, Fine J. D., Foley John T,
Foert Peter, Green Albert, Greenwood
G. C, Green R. B., Green S. A., llof
Geo., Hall G. A., Ilussey John, Had
dox I,. L., Halo Robert S.,
Howe Blllcy, Jorriss Charley, Job Andy,
Kilgore, J.H., Levy Aron, Lewis J. T.,
Lincoln L., Mullen E., Miller Jacob,
Murphy Patrick, Methane Peter,
Maybeo S. A., Myers W.
W.t Norton C. 8., Nelson C.
A., Phillips Charles, Phillips C. II.,
Repp F. K.,Ranny R.T., Ranncy W. 'J'.,
StcadmanB., Spires Charles, Slack Dike',
Sutton Georgo, Sauncr Frederick,
Stiirdcyaut Geo. W., Shcan E., Shalrty
G., Showks J. J., Wood & Bro., Whit
tlesey Ed., Weaver W. P., Wisdou Henry,
Wheeler Jamc3, Wilks John, Warren
Joseph, Whlmsey Mr.
Persons calling for tho above letters
will please say "advertised."
Gko. W. McKeaio, P. M.
Mew York Ntsre.
Jii't received
New Sugar Cured Hams,
New Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon,
New Sugar Cured Shoulders,
New Rock Candy Drip Syrup.
K.&O. Self-rising Buckwheat Flour,
best article in use try it,
New Dried .Corn, etc.,
Mince Meat,
Apple Butter,
Quince Butter,
Peach Butter,
New Raisins,
N,ew Prunes,
Also New Orleans sugar and syrup.
We offer the ubove gooiU nt bottom tig
tires. Cius. O. Patiek & Co.
3-Coinpraseil Ymsf.-C3
Only agency 'In town for Tatiszky
yeast best In use wholesale and retail.
Received fresh dally by New York Store.
ll-23-10t. .
OJfi.ftlntlon Notice.
The linn of Parker & Cunningham is
tills day dissolved by mutual consent.
Either party Is authorized to use the
name ot the firm in fccttlemcnt of old
accounts. Dvas T. Paiikeu.
R. 11. Cunningham.
Dyas T. Parker & Co. will still con
tinue the business as successors to tho
old tlrm. Oiilce, 77 Ohio Levee ; ware
house, Twenty-eighth street and Ohio
Cairo, HI., Nov. C, lST.. 1 1-0-tf
Compressed Yenst Notice.
I havo this day heeured tho sole agency
for tho sale of Gafl, Flelchtuan &
Company's compressed yeast, either
wholeselo or retail. Dealers can
bu Rupplicd at any and all
times by calling on mo. This Is tho only
yeast of the kind lu market that Is gen
uine. W. L. Bristol, 32 Eightlt street.
Cairo, Ills., Oct. 33, 1875. 10-28-lm.
A Man Hun over
To Cowperthwnlt & Phillips to try thoso
Gold Buckle cigars.
Wsuteil-WnKOM Makers.
Four good wagon makers can find em
ployment by inquiring at tlio Gamble
Manufactory, Cairo, 111. U-l'Mt.
At Auction.
Parker & Axley, auctioneers, will ofler
for sale, below llie.fcrry., landing, Mon
day, November 16th, at 3 p. m.,ouo keel
bottom boat, suitable for family or store.
Sale posltivo and without reserve.
ll-lSKIt 0. 8. Dklav, Auctioneer.
Pre seii I.
Dou't.forgct fo get your, present of 0
yards tf the bef t cnllcoa before going1
elsewhere, nt Heilbron A WcU's.
lMcsNre,N smrlia.' r'
' At the BulIxtui bludcry ntfrabers,
bound fafwo''Y61uiB, full gilt nor.
rocoej-cott 144 ; for uie at $40.
Forth it Firey
to mina znmz
mako war on high pricos. As
rarnbalser, Tne Clotnior.
Port List.
Steamer .Tint Fisk. Paducab.
Fannie Tatum, St. Louis.
" Cherokee, New Orleans.
" City Chester, St. Louis.
14 C. V. Kount7!, St. Louis.
" Mary Houston, N. 0.
11 Arlington, Cincinnati.
Tow boat Future City, St. Louis.
" A. J. Baker, Oalo.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducab.
" Fannie Tatum, Vlcksburg.
" Cherokee, St. Louis.
" City Chester, Memphis.
C. V. Kountz, N. O.
" Mary Houston, Cincinnati.
" Arlington, New Orleans.
Tow-boat A. J. Baker, St. Francis river.
The river last evening was 0 feet 1
15 inches on the gauge, having risen 22
1-5 inches during the previous 21 hours.
A very heavy rain fell during tlio af
ternoon yesterday with promise of con
tinuing all night, and at dark the wind
was blowing very cold from the North.
Business lair.
The advauco of tho coal fleet will
soon be here.
Tiie Cherokee had an Item ol 1,500
packages of sugar for St. Lous.
The Mary Houston had a good trip
for the Ohio. "v
Tho Arlington, well laden, added
some stock lien'..
1000 shecta of bristol board Just re
ceived at Um Bulletin ofUce, and tor
sale to tho trade.
The motto of Hellbron & Well Is
"Quick mles and small profits."
Look at the splendid suit for six dol
lars you can get at Hellbron & Well's,
li'l mid 144 Commercial avenue.
Thoso who need winter boots should
call ou R. Jones, Commercial avenue.
HU stock ot French aud Domestic calf
skins is the bV.st In tho market.
We have just received a full lino of
children's cloaks ami bonnets ; also
ladles' cloaks and skirts at lower prices
than ever. HaiLiuto.v & Wkil.
R. Jones, tho Commercial nvenue
boot-maker, can furnish you with the
best pair of boots to be found In tho city.
The best and cheapest huts can bo
found at Hellbron & Well's.
City of Cairo,
colored and varnished, for nlo at half
price ($2.50) at the Bulletin olllec.
Wo aro offering a full Hue of Jeass nt
cost price. Hkh.uuon & Weil.
For cork-soled boots or shoes, go to
R. Jones, tho Commercial avenue boot
and shoe maker. He Is u llrst-elass work
man nnd never falls to please.
Exchange for sale ou all the princi
pal cities of Europe at Enterprise Savings
Bank. 11-12-lm.
. All styles of goods marked down to
suit tho times at Hellbron & Well's.
Fine, neat aud stylish box-toed
stitched boots and shoes aro made
specialties by R. Jones, tho Commercial
avenue boot and shoo manufacturer.
Give him a call.
Hellbron & Well havo reduced their
men's and boys1 overcoats to astonish
ingly low prices.
Tho best ono dollar Kid Gloves found
in this country can bo bought ut Hell
bron & Weil's, 143, aud 144 Commercial
Just received, another lot of those
calico remnants at 6 cents a yard, at Hell
bron & Well's.
A series of lectures under tho auspi
ces of the members of tho Library Asso
ciation for the establishment of a public
library In Cairo, will bo held alter
nately at tho Presbyterian, Methodist and
ChrUUln churches. Tho fol.owlng la
dles and gentlemen have kindly con
sciited to lecture, commencing!
Nov. 10, Dr. H. Wardner.
" 23, Rev. Chas, A. Gilbert.
" 20, Dr. Wra. H. Smith. !
Dee. 6, Miss Kate Tbbpob.,
13, lion. 1 ri.x. urrcu.
" 21,Mrs.G. O. Alvoul.. c
C.O. E, Goss, Sec'y.
By orderb'f Executive Committee.,
In waterproof, all colors we give ex
tra luiiteJBeet blakwtW oenta
a yard. ' jHeilroj Wttt. 4
Flame and brlnfi
LYHCm it MOWLirt
! Real Estate Column
Several good Farms and 3,000 acres of
unimproved Lands in Alexander county.
Winter's Block" and "Winter's
A large number of delrab) Res),
deuces, and excellent vacant Lots, sal ta
ble for business houses and residences.
-Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stllwell.
Business house on Levee, near Sixth'
street, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man & Co.
Winter's Bloek- suitable for Hotel,
Ofllces or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4. 7, 8 and 0. in
Winter's Row, 6 rooms each, for 810 per
No. 10 (conier), $12 507 rooms;
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 4 rooms $10 a month.
Store room in "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Halley.
Store room lately occupied by Howe
Sewing Machine Co., on Conmrcial
nvenue, near Ninth street.
Two small Houses west of Twenty
secoud street, near Pine, (4 each, per
Dwelling house on Twelfth, near
Walnut, 6 rooms, for $13 ner month.
Store room on Levee, above Elfhth
street $20 per month.
V number of Lots on Levee, above
Twelfth street, outside fire limits. Also
a large number of other Lots in different
Lands, in tracts to suit, near Cairo.
Drunkennets Curtdl
Without Jnconrenlrnre, at roar home. Auti
dotr stnt fre tv any addaat on Tterjpt (, on
dollar. AililrtM. v
W.ll. UUBDARD, H. D,
Maoagtr 5.:loU" Iathrlsst ssfliV
Office-UU Olive Strert, St. LottU." ' .
km -tr.
Opium op MorphJftw 1
cured without pain or InooaTealeaoe.atroiir
home In lodnyt. MediciuM for first three wetka'
treatment acot Ave to any address' on receiptor
lire dollars, Stae amouut,tued Uailr.
A.ldresj. K.JI. BUBBARD, M. D.
Manager St. EmiU inebriate Hospital.
Ofllce-llll OlheSlrwl, Si. Lfliili.
Obstacles to Mftfritf.
Happy relief for young men from tho
effect of Errors nnd Abuses In early life.
jiuuiioiw reiioreu.- impediments to Mar
riage removed. New mqthod of treat
ment. New and remarkable remedies.
Books and Circulars sent free, te waled
envelopes. Address Howard, 'Assock
tlou, 410 N. Ninth street, Philadelphia,
Pa. an institution having a high repu
tation for honorable conduct ami profes
sional skill. ft-24-d&w3m
BatrifTs Sale.
B1 virtue of flocertula executioua toincdi
reeled hy the clerk of the circuit court of Al
exander county, In the Mate of Illinois, tn favor
on. liar im ii raiirani William Woir, aiiuof
11. ,o. I'atltr l.'Q. , and aualnit Jum Carroll,
I lue lev led upon the following iteaerlbal pros
city, in tlio ftrat U'ldlllon to the city of Cairo,
county of Alexander and Hiateof Dllaole, to
wit: Lot numbered one (l) In bloek uaMad
twenty-cUrhtWI.M the property of HmssM
Jumea Carroll, which 1 ahall osVrst pssHaaals
at the south-wesi door of the court huiue m law
city of Cairo, In the county of Alexander a
ataleof Miuola.ou the third day or UecfMfcer,
A U. IS7S, helwren the hours of nine o'clock,
a nt., and aunet of Midday, for caih, totalis
ty said Kxecutlon. ALEX. II. 1HVIN,
Sheriff of Alexander County, Illinois.
Cairo, Illinois, Nounibcr II, U,
TMVORCKB lasallr obtained for IneoBsatl-
JLbllily, ete i realdeooe wsst)iiirti.ts.af-
ter decieo, Addrcas l. U bos 1097, Uil
37, Cbiouo
unnoia.. - 7f A
'liiuilit Mi
statist). VPS
10-14 aiy

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