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I 1 111 llll Mil !!
.WOK M. OBKRI.Y, Editor.
JfNrt .f Mil UTTT- . -' "
Tlie tWf4AimKr Mr) ..(,:, M,"
for illrHiillti)(4lM!tfvi.Tiii)H'iitl mii" com
Jury U cnniiKvl,ol ntcit from the rural
J$$&& VAQ -fti-fro ,IJ
l ol. Urnnro II. Itt'lioinr, a nrn-Miunii
iwjttoi nr.'iKmi", wi ii "j
.Jtomkr iiiuriilHr,? IJvviirhowln Knit-
tlrhnro, Vf lilnJntberheliutrlilfl' Justice
of that Stnlc. At ontt tlinp hi' wn ndju-l.nit-jpncnil
of YrrmontvantUlurlntf the
wtr rommijiilftL u 'criuont cavalry
In ISfw lie Went to t;: Louis' uml inxn:rtl
in the practice ol the bnv, and nl the time
of liU uVath w n mcuilx-r of the law
ofJCcllogK 4 tloltW.Lflle leave' ti
w Iff uml tl.itiglitiT, win) aru with tVU-mlf
In tin' Knit. 11
Since the arrest uu'rt coiillnouiiMit
a, lc Irontlcr lof-aflalrj In thai
KluiVc'iiot lintirovAnirlfii) ct.
Tho fmloril grand Jury. In Its report,
ay tlmt rrwi.rowiiVvillnrto the IVctM
ilvrr, a dWtttniv of tlx htimlrl nilk'.,
and back to the Nui-tvo liver,
the Anicricjin Iiavn Imimi orilinnl to
IVftvc.lheR riuiprfiy .Mexican .rahier.
stolen annually and driven Into Mexico,
onii'lal of the govern mont have Ikh-ii'
rnhhvtl ami luurriervtl, uml llic itrw:lrn
tora.nf Uieac CTlmtvJwY., iTiHiTni n-
i he (oi.uxei. i.m thk rrvim-
ColonelXtortv wliti need to the penl-
fntltry, va ilcllered to the u;tnli;n of
the Mlmtrl prison on the l."th lut. lv
wai made to don a Mill ol 'Mrlpetlelotlnj.s
iilituiiiiMlately:irlgnnluiliiec In Hit
eell with "MrhtllFoManiFnolleiihiitn
me.-. While putting oighe prWun u.il
form he "aid that trlpr Were liishlon-
ablr, whether letijjtlivvl-i; or ernvl;c,
that It all ii matter ol t.ttt
Hi; colonel can irt irnitillvd! in
o:io particular lie ha given totfie pio-'
pie ol the I ultcd Mate a farewell p.-ceh
tliati erealln' con-lderwhle newspaper
eoinment. It vvau't waited, hy any
inean-, and Ufnr ttlieiltl M'SnfJol (iruitf
lue'ne ur Alexander u. Metinenj or
Wc publish n 'veryhlrrcjtlug letter
from San .yitouio,-'lVus. written hy a
young gentleman of this city. When it
l reiuembeivd that San Antoiilo, niar
the headwaters of thu river of that nanie,
U about oiia hundred ami forty yean- nld,
and retain many of -thc"in'a('wf that
dUtant icilotl, Jn the hapu.of iu.streets.
arid llieVnahancs of U building, till
letter will he irenrt with lutcreM. Itclyw
l',,!JSi!?A w',,iJ'WJHOSM ofwge covering
them, are the ritlrus.ol 3hc tild Catholic
iiilsslons. Two hundred yea la ago i iico
place ol wonjfiip- and refuge were
ntv-'t". ju" me are ."iieni ami ueo-
Ute grey stone, vlni'-covcied walls, and
misloii bells, and to llicdevout Me.xivan
are iurrpundedliy aujtyiospln re wclril
and snpcfimtiiral.
One of Sprlnglleld's lo.t tailors
elojied with a foirmle vet maker, who
was iliujoseJor of.$J0() liTcashrfHiH
name Is Henry Schulu.jtnd he left to the
charities ot SpringtlelU' population a
wile and tlircc children. Henry xvlll ns-,
slst the vest maker to spend her $200 aud
then return to the bosom, ofjibjjmily a
wiser and a Jiciterjjn,ud'lii ihecouro
of six mouths be tolerated.by his oldiclr
elto of friends. The Vest muker vlll
w ell, the Khe tyf.lUijifiBpiy lio -kicked
HroinidbrUuroauo'jJlo until she Mekh
Hhomeu a hon-e of prostitution, and
inen-oy ikcoiiic a regular contributor to
munk-ljiautid . coquty treacurie
Henry wllJu attcr.ycaH.Uill of Ills little
trip as a good Joke, and laugh at It, and
U'o.illediKjjllyqld,riiW and the vest
maker will revert (to it as, iter life trag
edy, and he called a bad woman iinlil all
end In a dote ol l'rus,ic acid or gallop
ing consumption,- This eloping business
is all one tided, und should ha. equalized
by Ihe.lavvi of thu laud, so a to set an ex
ample to the- laws of lociely. -t -
Z -
tiik r.ts)iiio.Aiu.r..i(iiiT.
In UieSouthenicltle o'f Louisville and
ilemphls.Friday night has been observed,
since ante friltwH "ilays, at a fashionable
time fur the elite to vjslt tlio Iheater. It
Is a custom that cannot be changed, al
though theatrical managers in both eltlr
have quietly attempted, at various time,
to put a stop to It by producing Interior
plays, and by other means known to
Mirewd manager.. But of no avail, the
wine people, eUd the same, with th
samo opera glares, and In thu same
seats, with the juiu awul starty wereal-
on nanii; on lrld.iy nights.
It becanwr nUbtioVre 0 nci0i,
managers and ,;ir( ( jp
remain ,o jiuti) liC thealer hi thoe two
cities close their doors and skip It en
1lrt.li' L'a,h. ....
. vimim j i,. Hcior or ac
treiswho' sccui.d Friday night for u
btnellt at the end of thu isea.on. ",lM.-k
.Sheppanl," presented on a Friday ulght,
with iidJocr talent, would pay better
than "Hamlet," Uellneutl by a popular
tar. rm-lvhfg Mippprt from professional
ix-opleofknowii K'liutatloii as drainallc
artlsu. I'hu Krlday night HemUIguoro all
other night,, jjoueraiiy, allj KcllIus ,
to empty ll:w. ,,v,. lllg,tUI,() .
"Another Danloome it, Ju.gmeul.'t
is the way tho State Jur,nl puts It n
IH-akhig of our old Icllc-eltlwii, Dw,.
Miiiiii, sjstio UVoaf Jotkl bl country to
such MuHtfira iwdjMry of hi,
ieen iiafliiittMMllihu wlthttslmllviihul
attention; tVo-liotie tlmt" r:kuuii it,...
will view himself ol tlw chart c now
ayalust n we il wayV wwld.
civil iiloiiel Urn u Inn- paiiloi mi id mi
Iioiii man. e havu tii I j i . eolonel
make n'M hlvw hi llielr lxini. hy hN
fervid and iinllrlii'' I'loipieiur. uml
eiiiuiot it all'. for a tuoinent. that
licl H ill would Miiop to dike that
Moused to the Mar iandhrMief,
i . i . . 1 1 . I.. . . .v. v
mm mi- if(Hiue ni nii.Tiy. nun lay nun
law that hat Jut .oiitenee d anolhfr colo
nel tolhepenlleutl.iry lorn term ofyniM.
We a I way did resnert n reh.l "un.
''.'""rit .thiefs. leellnir sorrr for'
. . . r I . t . . S " -----
tho funner, uml deleMliiL' the lum.r.
truly loyal man
could not MiriflV Mal tiiat whfch hMnntfeil
to the people. And L'oloul IIjii ha
iK-en loyal, louiMoiied In hW profesMon
oi ieally tojitc tug, and ndeVoutelittrch-
mill, 'j ncn' M soiiip tnistakc ahotit that
whisky matter, and Colonel D.iu will
show, coiiclush.-ely-, that thu f 2,WK), and
other small miiiis, etc.', etc., Went Into
nuothcr ni.tuN poeliet.
r.xiT norrxtw.
At a late hour on last Friday night, the
tuiulMcra iipnointed to trv the llev. II. O.
llonman. of (iulnev. on charge of im-
juorallty iinlerted by meiuhet of, liU
i.iii u, .ciiuiii im-ir iaiiur. si ui'y ae-
..i.M Z.1 .1. I.I .. '
(pillli d Motlnian on all charge. When
the verdict wa aniitilnKvd llonman
aro-eiiiid ald:"l.et us pray J'" The
flit Ire party Iheu dropped on their kncen.
wlieiij Jlomnaii:: VhoTMolt eXcOtVlvel
nappy over tile re-ttlt ol thejrial, pro
ceode J with n ri ryYeelliig-' prayer, wlileli
moved all the niluNtri-- to tear". We
regret that y liave to part with Hon"-
-...j .iliM, ." '..V-"., -
man. iu ur.i nui av.i liailliar. 01
l'enueec, who w.t sitP'-uJi'd fi.r In-
dUi r.tions. Now Hollmai'i. who stirred
"''A' 'y'Hi,1'? ,lL'? iv'len he Interfered
with the affiiff cir "tin; general, ' steps
down and our. But woiitc-.eonsoled with
Hie knowledge that wc are yet the pos
se spy of ';old piety liluiMilt,'' Henry
Wafd Beeclie1!-; ir hi., conscience doe
not coHMiiu6,1iluT),we may have the
pleasure of writing -about'hltu iind his
crowning act fur at least another year.
Although lloilumu has. bvvii luL loose
upon society, suiiicletil - testimony wa
educed In fliuw that ho stepped atido
fnnn his rcllnrd and holytial'llng to dally
wlili things "of a worldfy' nature. IIU
act? might have boon Intended ih playful,
and his ulUhlon to, ihe omllon ,ot the
f from Immortal, whih! talking to un
other ui'iu's wife, all light; but then he
U n inliiUter, tunl people would talk ; and
'the general' found mil, among other
thing-, about the "t and when HolV-
inan. it. III- religious jrcal, told what he
knew about "(liorllc'li,, rrenth
that's hi, name weul tor llollman in
such u Ii ightful manner a to put Hie rev-
vn'iiH iiiiiiinuir on i nc ueieii'e. in tnu
Inture llullmau, wllli Ihcsad experiences
ol'tlie past eonstaiitly beforp him, will lie
a little patticiilar how ho leaves thf "f
out ofinimorlnl vhllc calling lo lake tea
-hanas claim- a population ol .MM..
l.!i, exclusive of ,lx frontier counlii-,
which .ire eslhnatcsl - af nboiif 5,0Xi
( Irniin-s of the Chicago banks Iat
wick, 20,103, 102 Cfi, being sl.aiJ.STO 50
In excess of Kioto of. thq corrcipondlng
vek'oflasfyear. V ,
-A-woniau of4 .had repute, ugcd'tlilecn
ytiars, named l.llly Crooks, suicided in a
house of lll-la In Atchison, on the
night of the 1 Itli.
itilm:y Htflii: "AVJurydf lliis
county ha, decided that tho IIVn'.. bv
trying itsell, can, In thu coiir-u of II vo or
tlx uloiith. daniage a man's character to
the extent of $23,?"
Buhl, Hie financier whom tho Madrid
government has sent to i !uba to see what
ho can do jih tho tangled tlnanees of
me -r.ver r.altlilul,.lsle," Is to rect ve a
Salary ot $:W,000 gold.
Thu people of the eatcrn n u t of
Viianw county, who are opposed to con-
nulling mo county e.ir at (ulucy, but
wiio were defeated in Hut late attempt to
remove it to Coatshurg, now propose to
divide the county.
The Philadelphia authorities being
unable, by the terms ot Stephen Olrard's
will, to run a Mrcet, which Is very much
needed, across tho ground of (ilranl
College, have, conceived the brilliant idea
of constructing a tunnel under the col
lego campus.
Wo advl-d all the tramps now in
Cairo to go to Commerce, Mo. The
DUpatch of that place says : "Tramps
don't hot her ;ommerei!. True, they
conic In often, but are ottered work in
.,... ... - f . . ...
iwu minutes nun tiivro is no excue lor
their annoying any one. One hundred
men can get employment here."
Kxtensive preparations are hcinjr
made for the Texas TacHlo railroad con
vention, which meels In .Memphis on Iho
lUlh Inst. Most of the Southern States
and several ol the Western mien li!ivi
appointed delegate, and Indication are
thai tho convention will he well attended
from all section Intere-ted in that road.
Thu BritUh miulMcf to China, Mr.
Wade, has Im-c-ii knighted for bull lug
the Celestials mm :l piihlleatlou of the
treaty with Knjrland, obtaining the ttriitn.
Iseol l.l-lIuiig.Changthat tho mandarins
shall show pioier tesiieot in the luture to
hngllshnien, and getting u hall nledue
that the murderer of Margaray iliali bo
given up (o pimbluuciil.
Tin.- Chicago TVmm says ihatCicneial
Logiip doesn't Maud well In Washington.
it uio u pon i trustworthy. It U luti
mated th.tt some of.tho.e rlclics .which
hae niado. General .lohu a milliimalre
out of a $:i,(SK) salary diirlnir thu last ten
year, arc ilot .wholly dUcoimectcd from
crookcd( reyeiiius returns. 'j'K, Timet
ak, howl it Johns Win re did von
strllfo your big boiianra? Whhkv. or
votes, or both f
-The trial Frank Jl, Wilkle.ot the
UMw&fy'X'i jnA 1'fttrleK Flynu. ot
uoc.Moruv.li., lor alleged conspiracy
gainst MiM.VHco Karly, ol Boektonl,
win lake place In 1 cbruary, In the
county circuit court. Since .leltlriu
l4vl. was asked Idslmid U-ick' fioui tho
v1tv M tlut Invests JbQkford, Knit,
A truly loyal inan. wlio loved hi" couulrv
pl'.cu lit had a uitiiiliit of eiiUMes of ,i
Hiaiuatle characipr io dUtlui'iiUh It linni
It-" qnlelJnelxhlmi.V ...
-IViif Ilia otnteiHikiiMiitic.U-r vol
'.sulleutTiu- t.iit:5.thy-,,3.
idwlorrfiM Jentlemnn, Avllli aStlefce.
;did-llkv iniixlachij and u diiiiL'eiims
!. im iH Mraiiu
an arrow, ami tn ah wen, wmi an
apparei'tly iKipilred Southern aeei nl. Ho
look lUe a llncly.uiouuted ii vnlver.
hanuie's ami atlrnetlVe Uhcii not
warn leu up uml in action, inn nnrn
nroused and hrouitht Into idaj,. danger
tmrSmrtohpuvoHed.'' ' V
-'j'he Parrot river, up rthlehj'u tldil
wave ten feet hljfli rollei) Itself 'on SiOur
day, l. a small ilverruuniiif( iiitihs Som
erset. hire, Kui.iiid. and euiplyinj; Into
llrlttol eliaunel. Hrldewater. where
the mot damau nemx to hau heen
dune. U xllllatedat tile inoiith ol'tlie I Ivor.
It population j twlveor llltceii thou
sand, and lt tnrclyn Tl.rnd(! In principally
wlththu United Stn(es Canada and the
e.t Indie. t It U connected with Taun
toniy. canal and with Kxetcr hy rail.
The wavo,wept,a iiiiuiherol Ve.silfroin
llielr iiiourliiniHlJiiirit through the
Uf VIhIU Sun Aiilonlit -A tluiidit Ulil
Tina l lir OliMinilrr nntl .tliiiiiiii
W(iki 'rrnliit-ltentp'.iilicr Ilia At-Hiu-t:il
Fcrliliia,,. llHw-Vniitire
Frnnd; ' v
" If'ormpoiiili-nrp nl" I f tliillt-lin
r tils Antonio, 'IV.s , X)y. I a. '7."i.
The ncnsatloiM of one vUltlug this
ipteer old towp lor Hie llrst time :ii n
somewhat peculiar ; you mtui to h ive
stepped backward ahotit a hundred year-.
or Imagine yourself In.soiiu incdiieval
huropean city. How the lt ever came
to be chosen lor uelty Is u mytcry. situ- i
'd as It Is in a low randv yallev ur -
nuded on alls.deby mountains: It I
tolerably hot and ilitUy during the Ion-
intolerably h
dry summer Incident to ihU climate. The
street are very narrow, some Of lliem
being not over ten Icet in width, while
the pavement. do not admit of more than
two iHioplu walking abrcat. Were it not
for the irrigating ,trcaius wkieh aru led
all through the town trom the San An
tonio liver, vegetation would be an im-
possibility.' but1 stimulated and kept alive
by tills pure stream, the .-ourcc of which
i a few miles from Sail Antonio,
nil kind of plants grow luxuriantly,
oleanders and iniino-aj. which are grown
with MMiiuch trouble Nuil'i. lien- alt iln
the -i.u of rc-pectable trees, wliilu inaiiy
varieties of lloweilug cactu iiboitnd, ami
pfcople make garden twice a year jpnng
and fall.
Out of a population" of -iiiiie -.'D.ikki
there arc not over .'1,00') Amcriciu-, llic
rest of the icshteiils being Spaniard.
Germans, aud (irenci s (Mexicans), with
u sprinkling of Italian, ami you will
hear Spanish spoken ottener than Ku
Kllsh. Tim siglits of the town are the
wagon trains whicli leave here loaded
with proMslous and trader' good for
the mine in Mexico, and return will)
load bullion which I- shipped to St.
I.ouis, and which Is rich enough In silver
to pay for transportation 2) miles by
wagon ami ,.0 by rail, and leave
a prollt for Iho Mueller. They hitch from
twelve to twenty mule, each a big us
a Newfoundland dog, to a huge, two
wheeled Mexican cart, and tho yells ol
tho drivers arc something startling, being
a cross between u steamboat whistle ami
n Comanche Indian's yell. The costumes
atleetcd by the drivers and ranutrot arc
picturesque in the extreme and are apt to
make a nervous por-ou shudder. Their
high toppod.boots,eaeli with a bright gilt
tar in front at tho top, uml an Immense
pair of spurs on tho heels, with rowel the
sl.e of u silver dollar; small bells are
attached to the spurs and jingle music
ally at every step ; a pair of Jeans pant
invariably stulled into the boot legs, and
Routined at tho waist by a belt, In which
Is conspicuously displayed a brace, of
Smith A Wes-oh" navy l.e, and gener
ally u large knllo ; many of them wear In
lieu ot a coat a taulastlcally embroidered
blue hunting shirt, the head surmounted
with tho traditional broad-brimmed white
tumlira-o, around which runs a black ami
gilt cord, witli taels, or snaki-Vs head,
on tho end, completes the costume; but
the railroad is fast approaching San An
tonio, and with it will come the usual
Influx of "damned Yankee Sludcbaker
wagons," as they call them, when the
r(ijin with his two-wheeled cart will
follow "I,o," the poor Indian, toward
tho sotting sun.
Hero Is situated thu tamous Alamo mis
sion, around which clings more of his
torical Interest and rouiaucti than anv
building in Texas. It is an old Spanl'h
mission, built over a hundred years ago
entirely ol stdnu and very massive.
Hero it was that a little baud of devoted
men, numbering only one hundred and
thirty, commanded hy Travis and tie-
fended by Mich dauntless spirits as Davy
Crocket, Bowie, etc., in KM, during thu
war lor lexiiu Independence, held at bay,
lor eight days, the whole Mexican armyi
numbering ome 5000. unilerSanta Anna,
until Dually starved out they made a tlabh
for liberty uml perished to the lat man
hi liideavorlng to escape. It Is said that
Crockett single handed slew tight of tho
loe, when ho was pierced by a miukct
ball which let out UU hravo llic. Other
tales are told of I he bravery displayed by
members' of the baud, not one
of whom proved recreant. Fear
lully were they itvenged by the infuri
ated Texaus who luetl n llielr rallying
cry at tuo iitieipionl hattto of
hau Jacinto "Beineinber tho Alamo,"
and whom It i related they gavo
no ipiarter to tho beaten Mexican, who
plead in vain for llielr lives in broken
Kngllsh-"Mo No Alamo," The people
arc proud of lid, old building, and they
have a right to be ; but thu modes they
take lo perpetuatu thu memory of deeds
done here sometimes border on the hull
crous, for iiiMiuico, (hey have an Alamo
rlilu coiupauy, which Is well enough,
but when they go to miming hotels,
gin mills and dauco houses. "Thu Al.
mo," udferliiilimtoly, it u a wonder
the troubled spirit id old ani IIoumoii
don't aiieaml prntc-t :igalnl lt,v
,A0lhiug delight a tlinriiui'll Te.xun
than to
repnt thrtt you hnra lidarit
lestvnded tniin oiiejof Jfio'
he was di
fiM liei'ofi.
nej' iciui jirctiy loiigu-siory uerc on
'fMiis,ilie .alleged , great American
humorist. He arrived In San Antotilo
about n mouth ago. and alter stopping t
the best hotel in the city lor n week, he
volunteered tu dullw r a lei-lure for the
beuellt o Im Kpl-copal congregation,
which U endeavoriiii: to raNe money for
theeteetloti ni' a chapel. Ills oiler was
ghdiy accepted, a couunitteci appointed
who proceeded to bill the town, rent a
hall and make other iieec"ary arrange-
'"'its. TI vtntl'id e.venlng. .came.
at lift, und Mrv I'erklns. resplendent
In 'eiilng costume driveled hi) dreary
platitudes and stale bike to n "lieggarly
army of empty beut'ln."-," or to peak In
ineati leal parlance, lo a twelve dollar
house. The next day ho ha for thu
Not lb, nfter Hist Informing Hie proprie
tor of the hotel that the lecture com
mittee would settlels iltllu bill, which
they did, mid Hud themselves some tlftv
dollars out of pocket hy having ac
cepted the disinterested (?) offer of Mr.
KM IVrklu. The people say, if you have
any leal UrM-clar. deiid-benlo im vAlir
war, Hiey would like to see one, hni for
the sake of humanity not to turn loon;
upon them any more Imbeciles wilh a
penchant. lor lecturing.
I he weather N 'till very warm, and It
souiuN fjucer (o near ol oiiow and leu In
the North. .I mpkii.
Iih.V r llectriiinlluii.
Wahimiihn'. Novciulier 1. Secretary
BiiMow ghes niiiicii that the followin-'
."20 bond ot 'in will be paid on and alter
I-ebruaiy I ft, 1S7U, ::ml lnteret will eeae
on that dav :
Coupon bond $.Vi. No...WH to r.7r2.
1 i,0!' ji'oulv; 100. .o.J7.ail to 27.017.'
2.si, both Inclusive $7.1 10,!lii. c".
lerctl lionils jsii). .No. :t,l to .V.v i..h,
iichislii; $l(X), No. 2.101 to JUKI, both
Inclusive; $.M)0. No. l.COl to '.Mr.il. both
Inclii-lve; Til.iss). No.h.lJfilto lu.MW. both
inclusive: S5.U00. No.J.lOO loU.SJl. holh
Inclusive: $10,000, So. O.(XK) to lO.lfio.
Total. $1-J,7hr,:i."s).
Of the amount outstanding, embraced
In the number as above. S7.-1 lO.HOO are
coupon bond, mid $5,:J5IU50 are ivls
lered bonds. "
The sccielary aUo gives notice that tho
following bonds of lsQ4 and 1MI5 lor ac
count ol sinking funds will he paid on
anil alter February 15, 1870, and In
tercut will cejn on thiit tlay.
Ilonds of i.ets of dune 00. ISO I, uml
March I!. Ifi(t3. a follows:
Act of .luiii!::ufjs(ii. ifgtttcd bond
-50. No. 520 to 5tj. hoih Inclusive:
.I00. .Vo. :: .Vil tn :ti:r.- i,,.n. i....t,. ,i
jWHi No. 2,151 to 2,201. both hielulve ;
f .w. .mi. to.niio io ll.aiu. Iiotli iiiehl
slve ; $.).(KKI. No. t.h25 to i!.S7ti, both In
elusive; $10,000. No. 10.157 to 10,111,
both IiiuIii-Ito. Total, ;i.02l.0U).
Act of March I, lMi5.M. and N. coupon
bomU-50, No. 1 Io550, hoih Inclusive;
ilOO. No. 1 toS50. both liieliislvo : $500,
No. 1 to 5(H). both lnelillvu: $11,000, N'o.
(sTO "'!'"00' UlU l"cl"'Ivt To,al' SI, 175,-
Begl-tcred boutl-S5.lssi. So. 1 to 011,
both Imi'IikIi-x ' I . t . I wi-jwii,iii
Of Iho aiiioimt outstanding emhraeetl
In the number. as aluive. $l.-75,-l(i(l are
(.upon bonds, mid .'t,32,,(i(i nro H
len d bond.
The bonds embraced hi this call will
be paid at any titnu nrevious tn their mi.
turity, iiiioii Divecntntiou. with inr. rnst m
date of Mich payment, at the treasury of
the Culled States. Washlm-ton. Ill' ill" till!
olllee of the a!tant treaiiier of tlie
United States, New York.
A Blirlllot Aui:elin(-l In M onlrenl.
-Mo.vriiK.u,, Xoveniber 1.1. 'I'o-Uay Mr.
Doutre went to the proprietors of tho
evening papers uml ohtulnetl a promise
Ironi thcin not to piibliMi anything to
day relating to the preparations lor Gnl
hord's funeral, which take- pluce to-morrow
nt noon, air. Dotitre tears that II
Hie preparallons art! publMied before
hand tlie rioters will take steps to harass
the procession, andeatio bloodshed. Air.
Dotitre this forenoon formally entered a
writ In the .Supreme Court" culling on
any one of the Judges of the Superior
Court to isue an order for
the funeral. It lias been deciitetl urn m
ue a sarcophagi!", ami the body will he
buried in u wooden eolllii. The Coninils
sioner ot the Dominion Police has ordered
out military to the number ot DOS men.
All this loreo will In rcitilretl, as some
.,00(i people are expected at thecemutry;
mid though Ibe troop have received or
ders to keep all persons out of the
grounds who have no business lnlde, thu
order cannot bit enforced to thu letter.
Alernbers of thelnslitutcCaiiadleniie will
go up heavily armed.. The feeling o tlie
people Is anxious and uneasy. No notice
was taken of tho matter In any of the
Honian Catholic eliurclie yeteruay.
Drunkenness Cured !
Without Inconvenience, at jour home, Antl
ilote kvnt free to tiny inMresj 1111 receipt at 0110
ilollar .Vililre.
K- II. IltJIllSAUl), M II.
MunaserSt. I.ouU Inelirlate Iloupm.
Ollln llll (HlveStlcet, !i I,nls.
10-1 -tr.
Opium or Morphine Eaters !
Oircil without jialn or Inconvenience, atvour
liomnln lOilaya. .Mealchtis lor llit Hire weekn'
litalinenl hcnt freelo any luldri.ti 011 receiptor
Itveilollurs. Slate amount itscil ilallv.
AiMreii., V. ), HI IIUAItl), Al, I),
.Manup't-M. I.oulit liielirlale llotpltal,
lillli 1 Mil Olive Marl, ft. I.mil.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Unppy reik i for young men from tho
C'llei tol Krrorsaiid Abe In early life.
Manhood restored. Impediments to Mar
riage removed. New method or treat
ment. New iiml remarkable reinedie..
Honk, and Circulars sent free, In Healed
envelopes. Address llovvurd Assoela
lion, -llll X. xiutli .street, Philadelphia,
Pa.-au Institution having ft high repu
tation lor honorable tonduet mid nroies
"l lll. 8-21-dtiw:im
Live Agents Wanted
To sell j),. Cha'bKeclpes; orlnfnr
uiatlou lor Kverybotly, in every county
In tho I'nlted Btate& aud Cunadas. Kn
largcd by the publisher lo WS pages. It
eontains over '.'ooo household recipes, and
h ulted to uhM und conditions or
eociety. A wonderful book und u house,
hold Heredity. It elU ut sight. Ureut
cst'liuhucments ever ottered to book
H"'1."'", . ""l'lu foiilen Knit by mail.
Postpaid, lor Kxehwlvu territory
given. Agents mom than double their
niiiiiey., Ailtlres-i Dr. Clinu'8 team
1 r lion-.., Ann Arbor, Michigan.
For Sale.
, .TMIer plated No. u WUmu,1Iiu tK,
SeUltie Machine. ImnlJ(plino) tUMl
viiliiiMl ntfcci. VlirbofSf.I(1at.iit2n dlA',
lOrtnl, oii.fcooil termft iiiirt orderJjd ilrMSJt;
k Ccflorccluml ,moiiuted,Jlapgol tho
ell Vol Ciiho al S2 50 each (hall price.)
A Xo.ti WlTson Shuttle Sewing M.i
l lllno Valued tit Will Ik. old al Sift
dhonutit; 0,11(11 ordered (llrV( front' i)ie
-A $yi) Ueniliiglon Sewing .Machine
$;t(oa forfi'ih.f Snltahhlon talior or
koJ Jntf khov miiiiifaeturer. J I 1
- "I'ictuivMpie America" -IS number
bound in 2 volumes, full gilt Morocco;
prlei'. JvlU.
A sti le K," "(Jloiigh, Warren A.
Co.'s" I'arlor Organ, right from'llle, fac
tory at Detroit. I.lst price, jy;(N. Will
be sold for $200. ,r
For any of the above articles, a pply n
the Iti'u.Ki in ollic;. K. A. Hiiu.vkt i .
rjlllK ItUt.t.CTIS' U'it1t,irilTi;i every mnri.liM
(except Monilay) li. tlie llullctln Hull. Unit, '.cur
tier Wnfliiuptuii avenue anil Twelfth trrt,
Tub IICLHTis Ii servtsl to clly mLncrllitMby
latthful CiirrlerSHtTuenly-t'lve CcnU a WhA,
Mi;lite wifkly. tlyMall, (In ujiice), l6ier
anniimi tlx innnlln, lhree inonttis, h one
lUlllltll, l fl.
l'lililUVM every Ttuirwtiiy momlngut tl'z;
jic: annum, iitmriiility In aihuniw. 'J he Htug
on tli Weekly will lie irial. tit II1I4 cillrr, to
tlmt suliscriliers will oMalti pir a tibxritptloti
tie uf l n yenr.
Uu.lue.so Cuttla, er annum
Onv ture, one inertlon ,
One square, two insertlnns
One iiuirt, one wtsk,
Ontvijuuiv, two weeLs
Onjj xU4le, tlmr wceki, -....
One utile, one inonlli,
..Hi (l
.. , W
.. IJ)
.. J Ul
.. a Uj
.. 4 un
.. n i!
Our iwunre, nne instrlinn,,..
Kagh Miue.ii:i-ut liiserllou,...
. ! Kl
I3Onc Incli l a riiarr.
CJ"Tu lvtfillaraJveilJsero Wenm-r iim rlur In
dticements, Ijotlt a to run- ol tliaiKt- unit man
ner of itllnylnjr llielr fatnin.
Communication upon aubjecta of Ken
oral interest to tho public solicited.
EJ-All lltislnvi letters RholiM I ailitrcsri".) 10 I
S'nlro Iltillvlhi Couipniir.
'r Special attenlion Klten lo t.ollrolion or
Kent anil Mile or Itenl l.-lutt:.-
Avenue, Cairo, Illinois,
li1in.y Meiriuit St.vlr. wh Valuable Ijn-
rri. L'.rii r.,.".,c!!!? ' Hrve I'caiitKiti ftoio.noiii,
I hit O.NKTIIoUiAMi OriranUti mid .Mn,li
claiih iii(lor.rthPM-Oriiti4iinil lecoitiinenil Ihem
Hi SIrK lly Kirol-eTiis! In Tour, lleelmin.
anil Durability. Waliunletl lite vearn. bei
lur jilre liK.
'-'il-wlt yulitey, Illinois.
For Every County In ILLINOIS and
To cell 11 '.' rent llrt-rla nrliule in the liiorm
line, ot ilillv coiiMiniiiiiiii Klicrrwr Intro
liicisl a ttenleel uml riiianent cit.lt luislneit
exclinlve control i;ler lor earli county 1 am
one ol cnerpy ean 111al.it $-.,' a Jear, llncluse
ntanii tor iaiiiile. Aililies,
Jl l.i:.S Hl.v.VK, .Vi DimLorn t . ChlcaKo.
Il'hioli IMl-wlvv.
Atfi'iiU Wiinleil Inr our .e Hook,
About, the llliinau .system, the llabiu of SI en
ami VVoiiieu. our hoefal llctalloiia uml .Nature.
elllblfliiliK .MKDlt.AI. UIM.MO.V M-J.N.-sK (or
every one. l.'nxIMi ami tJerman ciIIUoiih. Oul
tltHeiitiiely trie, everything fluiiMieil. Adilitnt
tor lull ilecriitlva circular ami extra teirns,
II 11. N.V1T A CO., SI. ,oit lo.
ln-14- l, '
EherifTi Sale.
vltluiuiriltoc.rlaln cxeailiotui louieill
reeleil li tin- cirri; of the circuit court of Al
exander county, ill thcMatrol'lllliioln, in favor
nrcharleiio 1'aller ami Willlani Wolf, linn ol
l-. O. I'atler A to. , ami iumIiihI .lames Carroll,
I liavii lerleil iijion the folloTiliK'itct;rllieliroii.
rrly, In Hie llrt aililillou to lite cltv of t.alto,
county of AleMiiiiler and htaleof llllnoU, to
wit; hot niunliereilouc (I) in block iminbcicit
lenl)-eiKhl Vie), u the iirnM-ity ofthenalil
lame Cat roll, ttlilcli I xhall oner at )aiilie. fall
al tin; K.tilti-w rl iloor ur the court house In the
city of Cairo, In tlie county of Alexander nml
.Stale ol lilluiii,on1ln- llilnlilay of llecemlier,
A l. IriTft, lxtw."ii tho hoiua nrnlneo'clock,
II lit., and aunort of eald dav, for ea.h, tuMtU
fy nahl l-xecullon. AI.KX It UtVl.N,
. hhn-iirof Alexander County . lllliitil.i,
falro. IlllnoU, Novunbcr 11, lefi.
D VOItCKS IcKiilly obtained lor Incompati
bility, etc.; lesldcnce liniiec'iiavyi feu lif
ter ilcciee. Addli' I. O box lfl'17, I'lilcaKo,
llllnolf. t-n-IJi.
tVntrally LwaW, Elrgantly Furnished,
The OomrueroiiU Hotel of tho City,
ead! Red!
m ff
Huvo Reduced uSeir.aimiVystock
1 I'll
111 niieneer iieinre niieici
.i i..:ie j oil ran x 11 Kml I11SIV JjZW&l'l
M HEH'iAND 807S' 07E&60AT! WS CAT! Bs'lUIinteomLIIIES,
also in PURNisniiifG,a6bb8 1
Jit"''rJ,ry-(ioo(l. l)ri.iirlnieritwtlUtJye i. 1,"
Tniverylio.y ulio liuy In Hie iiinniiut oT mxtn tlollnnt.
. .
142 & 144 Comiuercial Avenue.
II ll-ltv
- ON
Washington Avenue, or ths Levee-
Feather Busters are indispensible
articles at home, in the store, in the
shop and in the office. Every good
Housekeeper knows their value,
oeutug irJMcuA
Call and examine. - whether ttaii
wisn to purcnase or not
j Ifi THE TLACE. r , f
OAIHO, TliliOfpiS. ; flft
C 8;E.Coi&0ST , 1
kl PAER MQlJSB, nVilOQ i Aj
. 'A f . .i. . -
Importer .and Wholesale Dealer In
Wines and Liquors,
Koops a full stock of
HLoxxtxxolK.y Bourbon,
Monougaheia, Eye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A
In both their Stores, Conaiatlng
aikd COTiiiZirGr.
' "'i1! '?" Scluliillei,tioii Iscalliiltnotirf Iblliiiar ll.iiti.tn..,.,
vaciar tu Bulb bile
1 S jJ

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