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WUmMum MsAHw mm tavjr .
MMT Jk,MLY, adltov.
It l m1I llMt Dwi t'irioi has made
overture of K.15C lo thn Alfonslst ov
rntiicni in oiMiii, ami mat Mauriu
..ish MttsY.tr If.. ' ' J
rcrr..iftiAf. ArranpKiATiex.
'fa IrjriKliitiini of Arkansas lit pawd
a bill approprUtliH.llS.OOO fur thu On
triinUI. The vote stood aevttilv lo si'vin.
People of Illinois ttlr youralvt anil M
iit I11 maUujr lliu Ceiitciinlnl a thing to
be rcincutlicrrd liiimlrx-tl yrnrs,
S. f. I'lioriw tr.tlhYd. In tliu whisky
trial l i it. I1011I1, tlut Joyce told I1I111 lie
w.t taking-Cant of B iWoook. Avery and
other olllchils at Washington, uud tunned
Dlstrlet-.lttoriify Patrick. Mai thai NVw
oin'i. Gen. MoDintld M.i. O tint her.
Fit amy. Con. M;iulri! 11 ml Win. McKru
as pirtlf liiTi'iwIvlnir money.
Jn, S. Fi'.nijr testinVd tlut U'g me had
tol.l liIu- that minify wa 0 dlrcled (or
h!m'ir, MoD.indd.Joyw. Ford, MiKtr,
Avt-ry mul tore-kerMTs ami caujri-r.
Witness p.ill tit Juvcu llin niiMiry
1m colli-clvd. II ml several con.
vera.it lout last year with McDonald In
reference to tliU matter. At one lime
Jnyo. re,,( to dim a portion of a h-tler
which Is based on rod incidents in the
life of a dlstliijwijiied Ilvlnjr sclfhtlst. Iia
anoru many admirers by this, Iter latest
.fruit. Carniela' U nn exquisite poem
by hut ma Lax.iriM. "Betrayal" It
h thin ix-cluieii of an American poem
Sidney j.milt'r. lo whoni we nru In
1.... ......i. ...1
ihiu irint.iuilig, C
lor fever! very
leal Kdiicdlnn In thu Unl til Mates." hr 1
. y, irtAu, or., m. u.. is an
bio nrtlele 011 x suhject of deepest
Importance to the whole comtnitnltv.
The author conlmsis Hi..
leal education, enforced mid rejruMed by
law In moat clvlllied countries, win. it.
..total tlCiflMt tlfj.ll. HMMaiilLMia
&U.ie gCM-rally 'lawJtatidlBjf iSftlapT
protiloti In jXiiifrlcfcf miiI prii:
ti-Htbkt rttnedl. jfi t'lllfk''lsttrirarm
les" U a chkrm
injriind lnfeiiloutor.v,lyo.P. Lnthron
l lie next to call our attention U a nhort
but interenthiff paH;r by tUmh n. Wlitrr.
nililtd llallaih mid Uardn of the
UkMliic." "The Atoiiement of fiun
U11111U1." the w rlal ol tliU iluinizltif. In-
un-nu't In Inlrrvar. "A Nltfht or Adveii.
tiire-," ly Fnzedwnrd Hull, l a verv In-
t r.llii)fi!eacrl)llrrtlele on Iravel In
Imllii. tins writer having iiaooed foine
yeura In that country In an olllelal ejtiiae.
liy. In thl ilmnber are Mtenil other
artlcli Haml Htorlej. our paee ullowluir
mention of two of thfin, "Mii Wlllard'a
Two lUni,'.'' by Sherwoml Homier, and
JllI,u'y II. lloopcrV-lIousekeepliiic In
P.irU." the I'oriiitT a very otrlktuif tory.
the latter, settle tide Mijfjfeiitx. auotlnrof
thoe pleaellt.lfopy Hrtlcles from the
i.nrtlit jrraoef.il Am vloi'i ctra--
tmrporilnf to e.ine fnnn UVIiliilon. ' l'""';;rr". Hoi.j.er. -Our Moiilhly
auiioiiuciujr' the omulnj of jroveriimeiit . 0"",'i,' co,""l",' vrlelvol otiort artl
a 'en, and Fiumv warned thi dlilll?M ' " ,,,t' r,,t w,,,,,' "u "'Herulnn. ol
to ".tralxliteii nil." Was told bv Mc- . " '"hr.iee the UMial revlewf of,
Dmild that .lierlnjf partle other than
hl.mell were Sleru.-. McKec, Joyce,
-wc.ituh, Patrick and tho toro-ktepers
aud tfaiitfers. 'la April, 187., had
a conversation with MoDjn.tld about
raising 5,tW0 to lake to Washington,
which sum, by arrangement, he had
thrown over'thi) tramoin of McDonald's
d jjrat the Pl iiiteri' II mc. Wan pres
ent one whim M :lv ;o c.une Into MeUon
aid 'a nllLv. and Joyce handed him 8180
of the m iiiey which had just been (II
Yided. MuD.iuald had tuaUted in the
d.trlhiiiloii of the uludi. Witness real
1.mI $10,000 or more from hU coiineetlon
with the ring.
"flt-ft-M i.r.fi.K axo i-oi-r."
There appeared In our eohimn ye.ter
copied from the State HegUttr, an
artlele head.d : "Republican Pucallty;
Munn, l.lnejjar add Pojw."
It U well kunwu to mott of onr rend
r. that . Ih timid paM, We have touOhitl
these men with tiiit gentle hand; but
that Ha in a time ot great )iolltleal ex
citement ; nml. although we have not,
flnce then, bi'eu convinced that what
we charged upon Mr. Muun wni untrue,
or filial the charpneM we atirlbiiled to
Mr. Po the Joe IJngtoek lynefs of
...... I. .
lu.n. j(i'iuieiiiuii wai not merlUd. we
bad, In joint way. come to the conehiidon
that Mr. J.inrgar was not a very bad fel
low alter all. Wit-n we got to know
Llnegar well, we etlmattd him more
highly than we had dono before, and
were led 10 believe, that Into what
eer miMonnms 110 had lallen. hU
stuinlillng hwl been unintentional that
He had not walked forward Into cyll
way, and that he wa. In ko Mm for nil
to all, a man of honest impulse, of good
oean ami ncrllng patriotism. Wo- till
o U'lleie. and therefore do not give en
si rscmciit to the broad liinii and direct
cli irges made by tin- It3Utcr.R paper
that ought to know by iliii time that
charges of diihouesty. even when there
eeiu to Iw good ground lor them,
should be made with great cHUbathat
such charge often work Injiutlee to ns
honciit gentlemen even as thoe of the
S. ringlk-ld newspapers.
Mr. Llnegar denies that lie ever re
ceived for .Mr. Muun. or miybodv vm.
91 000 of "crooked whUky" motley, or
even on cent. :m, ,e ,i,.,., n,.,t u,H w
ters iiublUlnil anil sIvhh.1 u it...
ton." were ever writ leu by that imtmui.
nd he deeNren Hut the charges In tlune
letters ugaliiM I1I111 are fitlM liooiN.
desire then fore to say. Hint public oplu
Ion ought ti. b-siisiieinl.il until ibe luct.
are ascertained. It I t fair lo bang a
man ami then try Mm r murder.
Of course, public opinion Miould be
iispeuiird aUo in the cae of Muun. but
there ts reaou to b-lleve the late Super
yi.or may not come out wlih clean
hand. A public M-rvanl. who. within a
few years la-cotues wealthy upon a salary
that diK-s not justliy mm-li exiruvagauee.
med to explain hU suspicious wealth.
Mr. yimu n very p(Kir man when In- be.
gn to hold offl : a few years wg... Is now
wealthy, and he did not make his money
by hU profelou, his salary or honest hi
vestments. How did he rnako It? He
iu iy be honest, and be may not have
touched the, money of the crooked whisky
ring, but how did he become so wealthy
then, within n few years, that ho l justi
fled iu making his wealth the ouliject, ol
boaitful convention ?
new books. Thu f fauuarv uuuib r wlil
begin the new volme of this magazine,
which will be commended to our readers
at one of the most attractive published.
1-irviMrttTrM sajkUAzixr.
The UeeemlMT Usun closes thu six
let-nth volume ol this excellent magazine
The nutnher lu f, ir.. iu ...
. " "twiia Willi u
iianosomeiy mutrate article on "l'i
1 no 1 11 iiiies. 1 ne second of a series on
this Interesting river, by Edward C.
Bruce, 1 he principal nliices flint nr
crllM-d In this part are. Uichmoml audits
orronuuings, iniclteiibam. and Wim
Melon Ooiuinon. Sahara" Is theMig.
ffeative title oraimtber Illustrated artlele,
wnicn at the present timu
It ot peculiar Interest, from the
fact that thu liferent proj-cts
now on unn rr 'Herniating cnmmuulca
lion across the great I)eert render thl
description of the oatet and sandv wastes
and of the iwopla that inhabit them, verv
aeaasMiable. Frances Anne Kemble adds
greatly to list Interest of ihis number by
lr "Note SMI the Characters oftjueeu
KatlserliM aud Cardinal WoUey In Shake,
pestrr'a iltwy' VIII.," thu scenes ol
wMch the wrlttr hat ol tea illiutraiHl
by Us MMfle of her vokw tuid geidu.
"ft Qmndf" U concluded
K tMf, mmktr, fsurak Winter Kl.
4 IV ' "
Mr. Vf. O. Cheeuey, practical miner
alogist and asaayer, has written 11 very in
teresting letter to tlut Austin (TexaO
Statesman, iu reference to the mineral re
source ot Western 'TcXMf. Over one
year ngo Mr. Cheeuey . whom vve know
personally, lelt Tennessee for the b irder
countio lo pnwpect In Hit: regions op
crated many years ago by gold hinders
from Mexico. "It visited San S.iba.
f.lauo and surrounding counties, where,
hi former times, considerable mining had
been carried on, ai there are still visible
the remains ol old mining shafts, and
rude furnaces wjierc smelting had been
done. He says: "Of the old mining
slmlts or pits, there have been some lllty
reiortcd, principally In the counties or
Hell. San Sab 1, Menard, Mason, nnblu
and Llano. I also Ihlnk that n fair silver
lead must have been obtained in Unmet,
vtiuiamsoii and .Milam counties, for thu
remains of old furnaces still ex-
bt there, ami In two Instances
considerable tllver has been loiiml
in the slags left about them. Tho most
of Ihis mining must have been done while
Mexico was yet a province ot Spain, aud
proiwltly conducted by experience d Sp.m
lli aud Mexican miners. S 1 far as 1 have
examined any unmistakably old work.
I hey invariably give evidence of thorough
piucllcal knowledge. They may luvc
Known very little of mineralogy or geol
ogy as learned from the books, but what
wa of more value to them, they aocm lo
have well understood Ihodo outward, ex
ternal or surface Indications which to
surely Indicate to tho practiced eye
of lliemiueriheslteof mineral deooslts."
Mr. Cheeney has at varloiu times.
wnhed tcale gold from several place. In
Llano, and conclusive evidence has Itcen
iven by ieoplc living iu that count v. i f
tho exUlence of irold. In 18i U'llf.ll
Iturblile was emperor of Mexico, he re
celved a letter from one of his suhleets
which said : " About forty leagues,
more or lets, from the city of San Auto-
nlo do Hexnr. there are risk gild and ill.
ver mines, which, owliv; to tho occupa
tion 01 mat rciriou by host u lndluiw
have not been explored." Tho iuyes
tljratlims then undo by tho
Mexican government were, owing to In
ternal troubles iu the empire, abandoned ;
ami since that time, until recently, tlm
mining region has attracted bin littie at
tention. In Mr. Cheeuey' letter he ues
tho following language deseilptive if
Western Texas and Llano county : "Hut
ot all other countries Western Texa may
be said to Ih- the home id' the honey heo
and I nny add. Ibe land or milk 1111, 1
ho ) Tor the cow roams upon every
hill and through very plain nud valley,
and the honey bit l every where In the
hollow trees and In the caves or the
niek. Kwry resident may keep from
llfiy to two hundred Mauds or bee,
aud they will do well and make an
abuudaiico of honey. In the . springtime
the country It odorous witli numberless
flowering plants, thrubt and ttees,
nud through nil tho long summer and
fall, uud on many warm days In winter
tho honey bee may bo Hen gathering In
hi store of hom y. During the summer
and early fall mouths 'H honev dew'
in o,uently fall-, at which lime one may
v ' we g-wicringthe honey from the
Uives or tree, nud shrubs. Inytrad
llie flowers. I searnde lu.M..v...l il.U
until I actually tamd the drons iiendant
upon the leaves anil touud them deeluedlv
et. Last fail I knew Mr. WlUon. Iiv
lg on Cole creek, lo lake thirty pounds
ot honey irmu a box on thu top ofuhlye.
and in three weeks ho ro'ibcd It again,
iludliur it completely tilled with as lino
honey tu I ever saw or tatted.'1
months agr, (old Lys Grant that Adel
Ames had driven twenty thousand white
HepuljM&ii,from that party Iu Mls.-lv
sio5ilciyw14rty th'ousMd MtajoHty.
MortsM. wliti Is aut Ihroit.'llaf.iiaktes
Ma paisrr alndlttlapo)bM7.UaC Iriinl.
datlon w-cured air honest victory."
'Hmn Oiilumlws ( SU's.) Democrat tny
mat "Hit llie l),;mocraU have a two-third
majority In the S. Hate, Ames' Imiieach-
loeut and conviction are amonir the uos
AS 110 A3 A MAN' HAND.
Thtr rttMtst wlifeti Miara in Uh
MADnih, Norembrr 17. Tho fact that
Don Carlos n is sunt a letter 10 the king
has created a gn sit seuaatloii hero nud Is
variously oouiiiieiited upon by the news
papcis. f j
Hkndayk, Nov. 17; Intelltgetitje from
a Cariisl souroi! Mnserta tint the letter
iou Carlos recently wrotti the king did
not make any proposals loramiiig ement.
but ; offered to agree ton truco should
Cuba tlifncullieii eoll-e W ir beiuceti ispalu
and tin- L'uitctl State. l,i that case, Don
Carlo.-, while leaerviug Ids rlghu 10 the
throne of Spain.' 'tiered to anile his
forces with those of King Al
fonso to defend tho luteg
tlty of the Spai.lh territory.
Mapiiid, Nov. 17. The (.W.ifa. the
mliiMi rial organ, xiate. in ul Mfnce to
tlii- reporteil l-ileroi Don Carlo" to King
AII'.iiimi: Web-llivo Don Carlos Is
inure uncompromising than 'uuy ot Ids
iwrilsiaiia.;" 'lint Cronist iif,o aj-a'
"e are near the beginning Ol the end.
J flit War Will In- Mteidlle I.tiiiIiiii,..(I
either lie niiIiimUjiIiiii or 1I1 ii'..i'irli..lm.
Itiif r tliu trYilftti.' I Iih rWrttpunUn.
c4inys: L'liat the preteu-liiiis of i)n
Carlos are exaggerated and iuadmlss
able. The Loyal urmv In tin;
Held will be three hundred tliousantl
strong by the Hint or Decemlier. The
7Vm;n hails the nctlon of Don Curing in
tlm barbing, r of p -uc . The 'Cronista
says that Culderon Collantes, the picfent
minister of junior, will be appointed a.n-ha-ftiidor
lo the Vatican.
KO.N CAItl.09' AtlV'tCK TO Ttttv KINO.
I'Attis. Nov. 17. I'hi! eveniuir pifiers
of lid city pu'jll.h the levtofa letter
written by Don Carlos to King Alfonso.
I lie attitude or IVeddeiit (ir.nit. tin let
ter says. Is 14 prelude to war between
Spain nml llie United Stales If vou do not
recognize Hie independence "ol' Cub.i.
The nvolutiou winch you represent is
responsible or Hi- paricidal rebllion.
Had I reigned It would mil have occurred,
at eat not lime gained strength.
Now. however, the iulegrliv on he coun
try is at slake and all her children me
hound to defend It. Should war lireuk
out I olf'er you a truce a long as the con-
test lasts lint maintain mv rights to the
crown as I retain Ibe conviction that
I slmlUono day wear it. I cannot send
mv loytl volunteers to Cuba, but ( .will
di fend them provinces nud the Cima'i
brlan ctHt. and will send out privateers
which will pursue the merchant ships of
our enemies and erl.iis eli i'e them into
their own harbors. If you accept thu
truce let ns appoint representatives to
seme me conditions ir vou rctl'e U10
world will be thf witness that Catholic
Spain has nobly done her dutv.
regard to Hie changes of the Mississippi
at this point Iu the past ten year, liu
wlUH to recommend to Ucu. SiuUJson
."'';st is highly necessary that work
shotlW.be ilonu ut Ihis point humedlsHely,
Hot my for Ilia Interest bt Cako. but lor.
and m the Interest of imMiuu-im and Iitv4
'jWfef' unlets; aHeedlljr clonftkt
wwiilil be grenlly Increased to tint
govsyiMfietit by delay, ,1'our coiumltfi e
woMftl further n port1 that'lnembrlals u e
b lug prepared to present lo Uen. Mmp
ou the lads In the ca-e. one with the sig
natures of tin- iniivoralidOi lliielliiii.n mul
thu citizens if Cairo, lists oilier by cap
tains nml pilots navigating tho Missla
slppl river; vie would nNo reoomineml
that your honorable body iu their olllelal
capacity uuthoilze tie lira wing up 1 X a
proper liieluorial, to bo slinied b Ibe
mayor, clerk ami ciuueihiieu. to be for.
Warded to 1). I' Itowliiml. V.
ueut 01 cIiniiiIht of ciiiiiiienv or the ehy
of St. Louis, asking tliem to uitile wlta
us. In m rceouuuenihilloii. in which the
facts iu Hie caxc shall be staled, iitid of
the lietvssllv of Inimnllule Mnlioii lie lln.
general goverumenl, I lie saute to b- pn-M-uted
lo Ueu. Simpson, so lhat thev can
ha I'orWKril.-ll In llindlllllirera Ml 1V...1..
Iilgloil with (Jell. .Sllllpson's reports, so
that at an early day alter the nieetlnir ol
congress, a siilllcleiit tpeclul approprla-
.li i-hii ih- iiiineu mr 10 11111KO ine IK'l
llianeltt linoroveineiits lieeessiirv I
turn the channel of the river to I'm urljfl
ual position. 1 hereby protecting the banks
Iroiu further ali.'asi,i I1111I1 011 the Mis
souri mid llllniil. shores, mul 'tnoii. lilts 11
certain protection to Cairo mr all time to
All of which we respectfully ubinlt.
Hkniiv ixtkk, Mayor;
W. r. WitioiiT, '
(!. V. NKI.I.H.
c 1 . w- Iai.mhay.
Special Conim ttce ol" i:.iri-r,.,i, .vitv.
Gen. Simpaoii.
gieaf, rcpulslve-lonklng pills, the v ry
appearance of width Is sufficient to 'Miru
one's atswaach." Had Macbeth ever taken
Dr. Pleroe's fleasaut PiM&itlvtj pellets
,1m would Hot have uttered UKso ofsl.s or
owiteiiipr, ft Is rcslly nirsMnr.
wSjii one la Ml. to Hud llwtal(tito.sl(a
OBWetrPaHsW tin larger 1 hail a tnint of
mustard, will as promptly produce the
deslrsl eaTect aa a dose of great, nauaeat
lug pills. These littie Pellets, unllku
other calhitrtlcs. nre really nature's
P lysle. They do not debilitate, but lone
a 1 1 Invigorate the system. No family
NioiUd Iw without Dr. PlereVs Pleasant
Purgative Pellets.
Camo, III.. Tihjksday Kvhxina. 1
November IH. 1875. (
The w eal her hat bin cold, dark and 1
gloomy all of the past week, until Ihis
allernooii, when It moderated a little and
a slow tnlu set Iu that will possibly last
tlir ugh the night.
ituslues has been slow In nil Its
branches. Flour dealers complain of the
large ipirtiitities of damaged flour lhat Is
on h ind and lhat cannot be. dUposcd of
1 1 (hi market. They advise millers to be
c ireful in Iheiridiipiiicutsns miMy stocks
sent here will only result 111 dlssatl-fac-tioii
all around, and a loss to (he shipper.
Corn aud oala am very dull ; stin ks arc
limited, hut then' Is 110 demand; the
same may be said ol bruit and meal.
Hay Is Hat ; no demand at all for low
FIVE OE ggmB !
Kmoixkkii Owick. If. S. .n.iv.
Sr. Louis, Mil. Nov. II. lw,.
II Winter, .I.iyur ut the Oil or !.
EnirOMI.vi, !BTBV
-Extra mm arc now being employed
oil the United States steamer Marlon, at
(he Portsmouth navy yard, getting her
ii'iidy for sea,
Kuough news im been received at
Montgomery, Alabama, to warrant the
statement that the new constitution has
been rutllK-d by a 1 irgo m.ijority,
It Is all a Mistake about CtB, Par
well, of Chichi, bcliig 111 any way c'ni
iiectcdwlth tuti wltlsky fraud, but His
nut all a mistake about McDiiiald aud
other Iu that stack of thu wood being
lmpllC4tod in It
-iUaMoinplUi dffttJi llMa, two
Vpeelal Meeting Thereof.
Cot'NCILCll.lMIIEIt. 1
Cvtno. III.. Nov. IU, 1n7. (
Present His Honor Mayor Winter; and
Aldermen Halliday, Lancaster, Nellis,
Parker. Paller, Kiltenhotue. Snip. This
tlewood, Wright ami Voetim 10.
Hit Honor stated that the object of the
meeting was tor the transaction of gen
eral business.
The special committee appointed to
visit St. Louis to consult with General
Simpson with reference to the proHscd
solicitation ol government aid tor tho
protection of the oily Iroiu the encroach
ment of thu waters of iliu .Mississippi
river, made the following report; and.
on motion of Alderman ItiiteuhouH, the
report was rt celved and thu cubject mat
ter therein concurred Iu:
Tu the vJity C Miull of llie city of Cairo :
Ck.ntlkmkx : t he special cotuiuilteo
appointed oy your body to visit St. Louis
to conicr with General aitupou m ivgurd
lo the olitiiuciioio uud removal 01 nnio
iu the MtiAiipi river, uud H10 proti c
tion ot iu bauk. extending trom H10
mouth ot thu Uino up to Hie toot or Dick
ey ' Uland. Is'g leavo to lu.ikulho follow
ing report, to-wit :
Uu receipt of a telegram from General
Simpson, 111 which hu slated he would
lileeUhu commiliee oil i bilr-day, Nov.
lllh. at Ins oiltoe. In Si. Louis, wo 11
jiiind lliiiher iinui.tliaiely. arriving on
1'hur-day uioriiiiig. hi 11 o'clock, a. 111.
Wc, together with u rejiresenlatlve ot'ihu
Cairo City Trustee, aud the Cairo 6; St.
Louis railroad company, together with
our Coiigresman.iic.! Hon. W. A. II irt-
II. Hllll Hon. F. K. AlliriL'llt. iiieiulwr ol'
ilieStaic Legiduturc. caiied upon General
Suiliou, who rtivivcdils Willi the great
est ol pleuMirc ami kindness. Ilienhig to
o ir wa its a id desires carefully, thereby
snowing himx-lf worthy of the high and
iiiilioriaui on. mini ne not is, miring us
now to aci 111 the matter under 1 ohm. Or
ation : eiicoiiraging us by protnlrilig all
I nit laid iu h. power ohould he done 1 r
ouriiroiectloti, and could 1 he govt t uuieut
work at Devil' l-laud bu left with per
fect safety, that he would atleud to the
Interests 01 tin; Mi-uslpplvall.iy between
Dickey Island ami the mouth of the Ohio
nyer immediately. As regaid- hisprniii
ises, they are vctilled by his cnrrep')iid
ettco willi thu Mayor, which is attached'
to and iiiadiMi pait of this report. Wo
would lurtlier report that a portion of tlm
delegation callt d upon Mayor Hritioti,
who, alter hearing lint object ol our visit,
sympathized with us in our undertaking.
proiuihingciNupcrailon with u. suggest
ing lhat we bring thu matter h.-loro Hid
CliimlsTol Commerce a they were an
uilcrcMed party as well as the tily ol
Cairo, and solicit Hi iriiid. which we did
by llilng 011 :iinngH. wfiero we wen
lnirodu.t.11 iu i. p. Uowlaud. Ko . Pres.
(dent oI'iIim It .ir, I id' Trade. U'loie whom
we laid the facts of the condition of the
river, nud the ilctruciiou of
ii. 1 intuita vii I'Ulll fclllct 0
the- river. mid what was nee.
e.sary for Ihelr protection aud
(or the interest of navlgaliou. Mr.
It'iwland reimirked lhat ho would do all
that laid In his power to aid the enter
iirjs. , by ealllng a meeting of the Chm.
her off oinnieree uud laying thu matter
ta-for.. them. We also called upon Capt.
So idd-r and other prominent steamboat
gentlemen n intere.t, also a utnulN r of
proiulnent liu.lne men, an all evinced
a willingness to assist In" gelling ihH m!
. in. im 11 ooiiu uiai were needed, and
till. I H..U..I. ... I.. . -
m -.in. nut oiuy 10 steamlio.it
dlimili i
Silt I have lite honor toenelos..
,tl I. .11.... ... ..... t - 1.. . . .
Til l-i" oi iireiiiHin?, 1 , ft, i titrie
anil I. D. Mclvown. 00 IU- snlj ct mat
leroflheieiialrsofthn bank ol tho Mis-sl-slppl
river at Cairo, required at this
time. cry respectfully,
T. II. Hiiir.sON.
Colonel of Kugineeir, U. S. A.
Evnis'KKit Dftick. U. S. AnMV.1
Sr. Loch. Mo.. Nov. II. I87."i.
' mJi tlV..,'C,,,r K"1 ' AiiI,"J"Kuxl..r.ijHlr,
'" '-( desire you to ascertain as soon
a possible, by your survev. if anvihiug.
ami what, cm be done Imiuediatelv to
arret Hie evil or the caving or the banks
Cairo, by tin: eiicroae.hments or the
.Mlsbslppl river, and bo enabled to rc
p irt lo me early next Week, when 1 ex
pect 10 vi.lt your party nud receive your
report. Ite.peetrully.
(Signed) .1. . StMfsftM.
Colonel of Engineers, U.S. A.
A true copy.
J. H. StMi'so.v,
Colonel of Engineers.
Enoinker Oitick. V. S. Arm v.
Sr. Louts, Mo.. Nov. 11. Is75.
D. M. rurrle. l. , Asstslaut hiiRlnwr, Cspe
tiiniril-nu, .tut; 1
Sir: As annlleallon Inn I 111..11 iimili.
nir ine assistance ot the general govern
ment iu the protect Ion of Hie cltvol
Cairo, trom the erosion or Hie Mississippi
river. I am Inclined to rvor such assis
tance It it can In- given without Linger
ing the works iu progre-s at Devil's in
land. I therefore its you to consider tin
question whether the work ut that local
liy t an lie surely lelt until further appro
piiiitloii art made, with n view ot work
ing at Cairo after Hie 1st of December, or
iiiereaooius. 1 Xecr to be at CaNt
Girardeau early next k. ami would
like you to be able to give me an answer
at that time. Very reMieetlullv.
J. II.SiMcjo.v.
Colonel of Engineers, U. S. A.
His Ho.ior presented the billowing let.
fer; nlo it communication and nomina
tions iu conformance therewith, which,
upon motion of Alderman Halliday. was
received, nominations continued, uud llie
cleik instructed to notify tin: delegates,
uud lliu mayor instructed to give dele
gates proper credent lali:
St. Louts, October C, 1875.
Jlaynr of ( airo Illinois:
grades, and very little Inquiry tor choice
limoihy. Hotter l plenty ami quirt.
Chfckeiis and turkeys ovcrslwckcd and
.I..II t' - I I.. .! .
inn. J'itgi mr nvurei- nil III NCIIVC lie.
maud. Choice apples Uud ready sale.
Vegetables ol all kinds are plenty and
atjrOur friends should bear In mind
ihut the prices here given are usually for
sales f rom llrst hands in rouud lots. In
tilling orders nnd for broken lots it Is nee
eisary to charge un r.dvunce over these
tiiocks are largo and the demand lim
ited. Prices uru weak ami unsettled. We
note sales of 200 barrels. $1 607 ; 400
barrels. 3 7.'jl oO ; 000 barrels city. $4,
50(2)7 2D; 100 barrel 011 older.-, $1 757,-
There Is scarcely any Inquiry for
c'loice timothy and 110 demand ut all tor
low grades. The market is largely tiver
stocked. Sale weru 2 caia onllnary
mixt tl delivered. $12 ; 2 cars good mixed
delivered, $12; I car good mixed deliv
ered, $i:i.
Kecclptsare small and stocks light
1 uere is mi inquiry except lor a lew
fan choice new white, of which therein
none arriving. Wu note a sale of 1 car
mixed iu second hand sacks delivered
02 cents ; 2 cars ndx. d iu cucks delivered,
00 cents.
llie market is well supplied with all
kinds and very little demand lor ativ-
thing. We nolo sales of 3 cars, by sam
ple, in bulk 00 track. 32 cents : 1 car
cliotco Northern iu mck delivered, 30
Two StorML V4. nviif
jjevee, ana Washington Ave.
all stj.
9 ltrtt&) ksfsHt
Bead! Bead ! Read!
that '
uiTcrcsr. nud business men of St. Louis
iM",,,;,l0M "''.""v river banks or
l llnoisand Missouri, hut to tint eltv of
wJiavshadauluteryuw with dipt. J
U. McKowti. attittaut enirlneer of the
urvy of the Mississippi river b. twe"ii
the mottihi of (he Illinois and Ohio rlveri.
who we fimud to bo much ot n gi ntl
taeu, willing to gbtaiaaoy lulorwUu U4
Dkak Sin It Is tn.itie our pleasant duty
by the Executive Coimulllee, who..' ail-div-s
is eucio-eil, to cordially Invite vou
toaliemltliu N.itiotul Itailroad conven
tion, to be held iu Si. Louis on the 23d ol
November, lo lake nctlon iu fuoroi a
Southwest Pacillc railroad ; nl.-o to re
qu nl lhat y.ut aisiioiiit one or more dele
gates from yourcny. Hoping lur u fsvor-
auic resioiic, leiliaili,
Very le-pecttully yours.
Chalriuan Etccutivu couiuuiiee.
I. L. Nary, Sccrciiuy.
Cairo. Im, . Nov. 10. 1S75.
To the City Cuii.ic I ofti City ut'Coru :
Uf..n.KJtt;. Having rcc-iw-d from
Jus. V. Uioudllcjol. cha riiiao Kx.cinhe
comiiiiiieeoftlieNation.il Railroad con
vention, 10 ue held In St. Loui.. Nov. 23.
lite attached, letter and address to
people of Hie Unlled Slate-, and feeling
and knowing it is to ih 1 mlr.iu age. 11 u
only to Cairo, hut to the witole portion
ot'-oiiiheni Illinois, that tliU portion ot
the Stale should bo repn suited at this
I then fore appoint, wltli the fonsent
of the city council, the following gei.lli
incn as delegalcs to n prc-cnt Ibe ciiv of
Ca!r,alsil, cnivendo 1, to hi held iu
the city ul St. L ulls. N v. ii, ld7X to
wit: W. P. Ilnlii.lay. lio.tii Miliel.D.
T. Llnegar, .lewett Wi cox uud John 11.
0!erly. Vours rc-pc.:iinliy.
Hlmiv WiNTKit, Miivor.
The Levee Couiiuitie iiih-Jh the lollow.
lug report.wlilcli, on motion ot Alderman
Halliday, was received aud the iiio llll
catious of bid approved :
At a meeting of the Levee Committee
this p. m Hit! hi of Roherl II igui'll was
so amended as to read. 1 1 cents per cubic
yard, paj able Iu cash ami lite t-peclllea-lions
mi changed us lo make, the bvrme
ol Hie prnHied levet! Vt feet Instead of BO"
Ii. t. all which was ugn ed upon both by
your commute and the contractor, Mr.
ll iguell. W.'P. WhtoiiT,
Wooi RirrKMiousK,
Gkukot. Voouji,
C. Laxcahtkk,
Contract of Robert Hagne'll. contractor
ol" new levee, was read. and. nil motion of
Alderman Thtsllewood, thu blank filled
iu ut $1,000.
Alderman Wright moved the, contract
bu approved, nnd lliu proper oflluers in
atrueted to excrute said contract. Cui.
rledbyihi, rollowlngvole:
Aye Haiihiuy, Lancaster. Nellis, Par
ker, Patl. r. Rlitenhouw, Saiip, ThUlle
wood. Wright an, Vocuin-10.
Nays 0.
On nioiinti ol Alderman Lancaster,
council adjourned.
W. F. Axlkv. City Clerk.
Ptiyale to Hi"
..one or II."
Dol I'll
W e do tint In the lent leel llkohlamlng
Macbeth for this expression of dl.gutt t
Jilt rather Inclined to tytnps.
thiie with him. Even now-a days nio.
WUip cathanict oflitvd V) tbii public r
There is very little demand lor any
thing. Country steamdrletl i. plenty and
Hat. Wc imtt! ales of 100 barrels conn ry
steam dried delivered. 2 45 ; AO barrels
coinilry steam dried deliver, d, $2 43 ;M
banels city steam dried delivered, $2 B3.
Plenty aud dull, decribes the pivfent
condition of this branch of the maikct.
Wc uotu salt of 100 sacks deliverti',
iu; luu acks deli vend. $14.
Slocks of choice arc all told out; me
dium a. id common butter i plenty
and quiet. Prices rule steady. Sale
wi re truckages Soul hern Illinol23(?2St :
8 iackage ehoicu Northern 205i;2so ; Id
packages cooking 18 20c; 3JJ o iuuds.
elioictt Northern 2o ; loo pounds Ntirth
ern roll 27c; 50 poiiiuls choice S nitiiern
Illinois roll 23c; 300 iiouud Nonhn..
roll 20c; 300 pounds choice Nonhirii
packul 2Cc: 10 palls Mint In ru Illinois
choice 25t:; o pail Southern Illinois
choice 23c.
The maikct 1 bare uud demand active.
Arrivals are not enough tor the home
trade. Sales were 4JJ djeti freh2((at
22 ; BOO dozen fresh 22c.
Tho market is glutted with young
chiekemi for which there is no demand. I
old Ileus are scarce. We note sales of 50
doz.11 mixed. $2(S)B0; 10 dozen hens,
$33 23 ; 3 coops vol Of, $2,
Over-locked and dull. We note sale of
20 dozen mixed, $710.
Choice are scarce and 111 fair demaiir :
common uud mixed plenly aud dull. We 1
note miles of. ".0 barrels Ikn Davis, S3fA 1
3 10; 60 barrels Wine Sans. S2S.2 ir,: -m
barrels $3;iB0.
Very little doing, stocks are large.
Sales reported were 100 barrelt Norih. ru
peiichblow potatoes delivered. l B0 ; I
carpeachblow potutiM's in bulk on truck,
40 cents i 2.UO0 heads ol cabbage, Scent.". ;
123 1loz.11 ci Icry. 6000 cents.
I'llO seu O I is hilt 1 II V a lvaiiCi.il onninrh
for dressed meat yel, but somu btuiiiiss
has already been ilotie. as uiav be seen iu
our r. put of sal. of BOO pounds mutton,
..; 1000 pounds (h ad hogs, 7(i)H; I dozen
dead vi al, 007c; 2000 pound beef, 4g,0.
file tenson has not vt oneued. and re.
ceipt arc sm ill. Present quotations are :
Quails S 2B1 50 dozen ; rabbits. $1 23
((jl BOd izii; prairin chickens, $tijX flu;
deer, 6lo 5 wild dick. 1 80.
Have Bcriuccd their Entire 8toc k in bothrtkeUjfltswtjtJij rtnwhtltii
To . . Won Ccrrd g .ur aa Hn-.lav.at,
u mi and m mmm m m n 3:at w tm n jjaiiiib,
In our nr7Goo3 Dfpartmfiit wt ntlllfivt -
Tn tterj-bodr whn lm s to th mnint cf mtcb dptUrs.
0"Ghr uiatrUlaJwewilleouyIni')nu thai auait what w say 9
142 & 144 Commercial Avenue.
It I - w
. ,
Batrlft lalt.
BYvlrtiir nfavecrrtuln executions tnmitl
licttil l.v the cltlk nt Ihv eirrllll niurt i.f AI.
txsii.ltrciiiict)-, iu tli Ht.lsol lllniul.. In 1st or
in imiirj 1, ntueraiei wiiiium ti nir. orm nl
'U. I'aller 1 u , ilaadiitl Jsniei i'srrull,
I h r let nil uikju llie liilluwii Kilewrlliediiruu.
vrly, 111 llie Ural itdiiuluo nlm eityur laliu,
lou.ily. or Alexsiider ami Mute of Ilhuuis, tu
win lit minturiviliiiie f ) Iu blink nuiubtinl
I wriilv-f nrhl I HI. ut Ilia nniiifrlv ufthoinil
Jiuuei. 1 srroll, wlilcli I snail oaVrst iuiilosl
nt iu Hou'b'Wr' tlnurorili curt linus in itir
c.tvortlru. In llir county of .Wrxui.lrr anit
Ruueori iiiiuts, on in mini usy or Heiimur,
II. I7A. lM.ttSM.11 1 ha hour, of uliin.'rlufk:
a ra... and suuwt of said Uav. for rauh. to sstuw
rysaiar.ateution. ai.kx ji ikvi.s.
. aiwriBai iin.ifr LouuiT, 1 uneit.
Ctlro.lblMUt MaTtabtt . W.
HKiita. .
1 i
tknabe PrnmMi
js j
c s.B.coRsnNROEST
It: v u T! - t
( Imfortir antl Whtlsttle Dsakr In
Wines an d Liquors,
Keepi full atok of
SLexxtvLolcy Bourbon,
Monongahola,Rye and Robinson County
' RBIlffK,
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.

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