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A 'Mi
St kalf-pal T, U.OM-
r; fChaacaUor Ciiwate,
- - - wtt t.
"",""' " aafaaaWJaani aaaaaaaaa----. ""i 1 1 : i . . .
I " M3 aaaaaaaaajaai aa-
ry. TbtiwUr BtJrM
hi l--
I IBelr hall c
J. MKI, N. U.
O. O. V.. mil
Ik lrtad third
CAIKO LODtiK. MO. SS7, A.. a A. at.
t noidraniar aaamuataalai la Ma
. toale Bin, aornar dwmiuhl area
Willi klrhlk atraat. on Mia aaaand ajiil
m Mdav ofaMh month ,
Walder's Clothing
Hata, Caps, Boots, Shoos.
rrtratu ."
This is a m style of picture now be
lag- produced by Win. Winter, the artist,
at this elty. These plcturei are creating
itch Interest In all the principal Eastern
and Western dtles, being altogether new.
Iliey arc unlike photographs, bring
ratted and beautifully enameled over the
atttlre surface, soft In tone, bui distinct In
lb lights and shades. No one who sees
the falls to admire then), or to (rive the
artist aa order. We have been shown a
saber of picture of well-known ladles
ad geatleasea of the eity, and have no
hesitation la prouounetaf thein perfectly
splendid. We would therclore advise all
who take interest in such matter or de
sire pictures, to call upon Mr. Winter at
Ma jaMsry a4 txasalae Ms work la this
Mw branch of the swadew-captwrlnf art,
walohi ia recelvm- dally a
iarir aaa apienaia etooM or ooa.
... mm liiwnuon wa
Ma ia raaolvad ta a-lva th .
e-ooda for the rr loweat price. Call
and aaa for yourMlve.
Caraer liztk Street astA Okie
The Dtafco Saloon, with tea-pin
May, sSiaHag'gallery, and all Ixture
i sttaiafcig to tt estaWsbaient. For
. terns efstfe, apply to '
' iUt Mm. Amm Cotki.
atm mr ABtvrsiTtisiivu.
CFAU bill fur advertUlM. an diM and nav-
able im aOTAaca.
Transient' advertising will be inserted at tlie
rate of 1 W r w)uare for the Int Insertion
and 40 cate for each ubxequent one. A liberal
dteeount will be nude on standing anddlnplay
Church, Hoeletr, reetlnl and Supper aotlces
Will onljr be Iniertrd u adrtrtloeiaenta.
For Ineertlna KUnrral notice SI "0, Notice of
raectlna: ofsoeietlre or secret orders W raU for
eaca mention.
Mo adrertleement will be received at leo than
bivalves. On each Sunday afternoon he
wUl spread a sussptnous' lunch hnd will
contlnae the same until further notice.
On next Sunday lie will treat lib patrons
to kartoffel pfannenkuchen, (potato pan
cakes), with cranberry nuw, and he
extends a cordial Invitation toatl to come
and partake of the same. 11-lG-tf
At the close of the lecture on lmt
Tuesday evening, Mr. Dr. Warduer un
nounced thut the I idles, whose names ap
. . . t a. . . .
pean-a uciow. iiniic in a cull for a meet
ing of the ladies of Culroon next Mon
uay cvening-not V ttlnesdny tiWiiiiig-to
tnke Into consideration ways mid mean
of Interesting the ladies of Cairo on Cen
tcnnlal work. A general Invitation Is ex
tended to nil: Mrs. W. 1. Hallldar
Mrs. Itosenwatcr ; Mrs. Ford: Mrs. Will
Wright ; Mrs. H. I. Wheeler; Mrs- Kors-
tneycr; Mrs. Uanny; Mm. Antrim: Mrs
Ur. Smith; Mrs. Dr. Warduer; Mrs. Ella
u ranger.
set of cameos, brooch
aftniag of Mr. WalUn W. Wright
iss Mattl Williamson.
Deaerlpllon of the
tSrsoan having sis tarna aeebig punp
taa;kane1 rraairlwg can have tt doael
proaaptly and at prieea to suit tti' tiea,
ISlsntin Hawkins; Crota street.
;;lsjw'aM,aspMeiuployedall the
tjjjwMaf Mi.arisaey r ' S-iS-tf.
l'! r u fcwssMiiriiWr .
ir& Watten'Md0krWAiHius, two
iotrdur well-known 4hu'tafcera have asio
vatas1 UfHW and u'adcr the llrm Bantu
ofiaeob Watu rs 'tt Co., have oetied u
' iiieatMrbat ea the north Mld or Ughth
attMtia PbU Mbwanis 4drstahd. Thin
,wlll be a Srst-clas Market In every re
m sawett-as tlas tiaaaea ol the proprietors
' igWaee a saarkel whem the dioicest
ol cut ineats, steaks, roasts of bear, untt
tan, pork Md vealsnn ; tether with
saatajte, baeen, etc., will be served out
Weildlngs are always Ititcrestlnir event.
and are doubly so In a commit.
nity where the candidates tot matrimony
are known to nlmott every one, respected
by their acquaintances, and beloved by
their friend. This U one reasou why the
intended marriage of Mr. W. W. Wright
nnu iii.n Joattiu aiuson cn-atl
more than usually pleasant excitement In
the social circles of Cairo for the last tew
weeks. The invitations, to the number
or three hundred and ninety, were
UMied about leu days ago. Those re
ceiving them very generally responded
notwithstanding the dull, cold rain which
fell the greater part of the afternoon
and at the hour of nine, that appointed
lor the ceremony, the Methodist church
was tilled witn people awaiting with in-
75. terest the aparaiic of the bridal party.
I The gentlemen who acted as ushers were
Local Bualnaaa Mnt(r n
ten line or mora. Inserted
On lnsartlon pr lis a Oants.
Twa lcsartionapar lima 7 Genu.
Thraa Uirtton par lis 10 onu.
lx Inanrtiona par Una in rnts.
Jwo waakapar line .85 OaaU
Oaa aaontA par 11a ,.86 Cent.
Mo Stoduotloa will be aaad la a bore
H ..
I p.m.
I.ocnl We-alher It-pert.
Cio III., Not isrisTi
I Wi-p I Vsl. i'Wkatii
IUr. I Tun.
i t I
. IS
I liUljr,
fergrant. Signal srrrlce, U. S A.
tto eswtomers iu a acat and satisfactory
niaaasr. AH their eM Meads or aew so
gualntanecs are InvHeel- to call and see
Everybody to knoa that ibe place to get
A-snoetb sha.
A good hampoo,
A fanhlonabl halr-eut,
Or an) taint la that Uac,
I at th aRAsn CasTRAL Barbek.
rilop, corner Eighth and Commercial.
S-a-U J. Gkorob Ktiiniiousi.
A. Hallry has removed to his new
storeroom, 113 Commercial avenue, op
posite Winter's Ulock, nnd next door to
the Arab engine houc, where I in will be
pleased to see all his old customers nnd
as many new ones. D-:!0-tf
Cndcrweart I'nderwrart
Ladies' and chlldrens' underware, me
rino as well as muslin can be found
cheaper and better at Ueilbron & Well's
than any where In the city. A good me
rino underahlrt and drawers for boys
oly 90 cents; a good merino vest and
pants, for ladies, only $1,
v Katie r Steaaaval
C. Koch has removed his boot And
shoe shop from the old stand to his
newbrick building (one block below),
So. N Commercial avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth streets, where lie will
keep at he best home made and St. Loul
custom made boots and shoes, made of
the best material ; good workmanship
and ia the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. 0-23-tf.
A So. 1 lAMuialrjr.
It IsnowcoaceUad that Mrs. Coleman,
th WuDdress, He. II Fourth street, be
tween W-tihlngttn ft ComiuercUl avenues,
oaa one or toe best conducted laundry i s
tabllibmenU.m the city, and landlords ol
hotals and boarding Louies will tlnd It to
their advantage to call upnn her.
llr price are as follows: Hotel and
boarding-bouse washing, 75 cents per
detea. Fot piece work prices are
aa follows: Single tblrt and col
lar, Mq per doses 80c; sock- Be; two col
lars, a; two handkerchiefs, fie; vasts 10c;
sad all geaUessea't wear, 8Qc. per
dosea: Ladles' dresses, V to 50c;
skirts 10 to JOoj drawrs 10 to 15c; two
p air heM ie; two eetlars ft to 10c. For la
dles' plala clothes fl OA per desen; for la
dles flee elothss, $1 K per dosen; done
dremptly, and promptlv delivered, Fa.
tronage solicited. SOt-lm
A Viae Mfeek.
Wm. Ehlera desires to Inform his pat
rons and the public generally, that lie has
now on hand a large stock of French and
German Calf, Kip and Morocco, and U
prepared to manufacture, for store and
office wear, the finest of Morocco or Calf
Skin Shoes or Boots; and for farmers,
draymen and out-door wear generally, his
French Kip stands above anything uver
oncrcd in this market. Ills Lasts are of 1
the latest styles, and he can guarantee a
nt and saturation to all his patrotis.
ftsTXX Amber and White rag stock
envelopcaatthoBuiiBTiN office, prlntei3.
9:1 so and 4 oo, par M.
Fa aaie-Pfaao.
A so. 1 second-hand, seven octave
plane, as good as new, manufactured by
llallet 9, Davis, Is offered lor sale at a
bargain. Apply, to -
j . JSiAJtnuntTT,
hWWm. Bulletin 0008,
(Jencral lleiua.
Thos. II. Uagnell of tjt. Louis, hangs
out at the St. Charles.
H. F. Bowman, New; York city, was
registered at the St. Charles vesterday.
Mr. Joe Courlway, Charleston's
popular hotel keeper, was in town yester
day. J. C. McCIaln, agent at Allendale for
the Cairo & Vlncennes railroad, U iu the
lie 2:ir p. m. train on the Mifs!
sipl Central was two and a half hours
late yesterday.
Geo. F. Dihern, a prominent iron
manufacturer of Pittsburg, was iu the
city yeoterday.
.J. Kudil, of Indianapolis, Indi
ana, took his meals at the St. Charles
hotel yesterday.
Mr. C. W. Green, an old-time com
mission merchant in this city, but of late
years doing business In Peoria, Is in the
Font Ilngcy was in town yesterday,
shaking hands with ills manv friends and
having a good time generally. He "put
up" ut the St. Charles.
A Joint entertainment of the Clayto
nlau nnd Websteriau Societies will take
place this afternoon at the High School.
Tho public are Invited to attend.
Dean, the well-known and popular
clerk at the 8t. Charles, has returned
from 8t'. Louis, and may be found on
duty in his old quarters.
For meu's and boys' underwear, also
men's and boys' hati and cans, Ueil
bron & Well's is the cheapest place in the
city. A good merino suit for 75 cents.
20,000 note heads, 30,000 envelopes.
20,000 letter head, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads CarlUIu paper Jim
received and for sale at the Bullktin
Just received another new supply of
those cheap boys' clothing and overcoats.
As this is a leading article with us, we
mean to undersell the cheapest In the
cl ' Hkiliikon Jb Wwr..
--Delegates to tho Railroad Conven
tion to beheld In St. Louis on the 23d,
will bo provided with hulf-falr tickets to
and from St. Louis. The delegates from
Cairo are Capt. W. P. Halliday. Koswell
Miller, D.T. Linegar, Jcwett Wilcox and
Joiin ii. Obcrly.
Madame Bursha, tho celebrated for.
tunc teller of New York city, lias taken
parlors nt tho Grand Central Hotel, and
will remain one week, commencing Wed
nesday, November. 17th. Ladies COc ;
gents $1. Hours from 1 p ,m. till ft p, m .
.John O'Brien, a son of Erin, yester
day tilled his hide with nn' over quan
tity of liquid lightning, became noisy,
was captured by olllcer La Hue, and
lined two dollars and the usual "dressing"
by Squlro Bird. Having squandered all
his change for whisky, O'Brien was sent
to the culaboosu for three days.
Sixth street, between Commercial
avenue and Levee street, presents'tbu ap
peerage ofa place for the deposition ot
all sorts of 'garbage. It is beyond quib
ble the filthiest street in town. The
street inspector, or whosever duty it may
be to attend to such' matters, shoiild'cast
hlseagla-ci'ttlu that direction,-and then
act ncoordlngly.
-A. Jneckcl, of the Thallan saloon,
opposite the Bullktin office, Is now pre-
Messrs James B. Phlllis, John Alsthorpe,
j.ouis u. bcliuckers, all of Cairo, and
Jlr. rontslne Uagey or St. Louis. It Is
11 - . a
ucruiess to say mat they per
formed tneir duty In an unexceptionable
manner. The people were doomed to no
tedious waiting; promptly at the hour,
the bride and groom, with brides
maid and groomsmen, and the near rel
atives or Mr. Wright and Miss
Williamson, arrived at the church and
while the or-'au played the Weddlno-
March, proceeded immediately to the al
tar. Tim IIIUDAt. P.r.TY.
Beside Miss Willlaiu-m stood Mist
Mollie Webb. Ilrst bridesmaid; Mi.-s
Dora Carter of Mound Cily, hecond
bridesmaid, and Miss Clam Wright or
Memphis, third bridesmaid. Beid- Mr.
Wright stood Mr. Marlon Wriht ot St.
Jotins, Ilrst groomsman ; Mr. W. H.
Powell or Madison, Indiana, second
groomonan.aud Midshlpniau Sharp Car
ter or the L. b. avy, third groomsman.
Rev. Mr. Gilliam ot tho Methodist
church, naid the words which bound Mr.
Wright and MU Williamson In niatri
moiilal ties. The cernnony was short
but effective and affecting.
The descYip'.lon of a wedding, minus
a description or the bride's dress, would
bu as uninteresting to the majority ot
reader., as the play or Hamlet with the
part or Melancholy Dane omitted. There
lore, the wedding dress : The material is
cllk, orthe shade known as mooii-on-the-lako;
the trimmings are ot the material
and are knife pleatlng.sliirrlngs. bows.aud
point applique luou in neck and sleeve;.
The trained skirt lias no over?kirt, and
the trimmings are disposed iu the mo
effective manner ; under the long veil
of illusion, reaching to the hem or the
dress, the silk had a pearl v, gllsteulngap-
pearance, due partly to Its own exquhlie
hue and partly to tho beauti
fying and softening effect or the gas
light. An orange flower wreath, orange
flower Jewelry, lace haudkerchiel, while
gloves and elegant fan completed tho de
tails ol tho dress a dress worn by as
happy, as amiable and as lovely a bride
as the most fastidious observer would
care to see. The bridesmaids wore Paris
muslin dresses, white silk bodices and
white flowers,
Once more Belches Forth its Firey Flame and brings
Is Once More in the Field to teg tUl Clothing Buyers that they
"Slop Shop" Goods at Exorbitant Prices.
We keep Goods made in the best Manner and of the Best Style
NO OOd8 that small of ntworinv rf V,A mid . ,
.r,...-u; andsponeed, only for eae-flteCTaVantled as we are aileSdJ EXESi
oiinri uirnumlx- ' . i; t jruuA "pea. xjisieii io no stories that
a Very poor merchant caimot dlfend
rings groom; soup-ladle, berry-Spoon
and gravy-spoon-Mr. Powell, wcond
groomsman ; toilet set, eight pieces, gilt
band, French china Mrs. W. P. Halli
day; mataud pln-cuslilou, satin and lace
easbnslder-d M4ss Clara Wright; ele
gantly fr.mfd,motto "As for mo and
my house, wo will serve the Lord" Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Barclay; sett of malls
and photograph receiver Miss Musa
Green j syrup can. silver Mr. and Mrs.
McPherson; rait cruet, silver Miss Eukle
Burnam, of Louisville. iCy. ; tinsel
wreath Mrs. Burnam, on. uisville.Ky.;
butter stand, silver -.M- moi Xealy, of
St. Johns; eake-baet, sllvi-r Mr. and
Mrs. J. 0. Griffith ; catl-h- II. llvcr-Mis
Emma Green ; drinking gjblet, silver
Augustus Williamson; pair or fruit
knives Mr. and Mrs. ltlolurd Wood;
perfume stand, silver and cut glass Mrs.
America Wilcox, Anna, III.; pickle stand
and fork, silver and cut glass Mr. Julia
Taylor; fruit stand with plates Mrs. C.
C. Goss ; card receiver, bronze and cut
glass Dr. and Mrs. Dunning; wax cross
in case Mrs. h. C. Ford; pln-cushlon
and set
gloves and handsome neck-tic Mr. Wll
Ham Ford ; solid silver tcasnoons from
the bride's sister, llattlc : china tea set-
Mr. Marlon Wright ; sllvr napkin rlugs
.Mrs. . r. Wright; an elegant silver
spoon-nolUer irs. W. B. Wright, of
Memphis ; valuable sliver cake-stand.
lined with gold from mother of the
groom; silver lined glass fruit-stand
Mr. John Haynes ; a silver spoon-holder.
nueu witn gold Mr. and Mrs. Glllmm
pair Bohemian vases Mrs. Sam William
son ; syrup can, sliver Mr. Walter Hv.
slop ; silver sugar spoon Mrs. Henry
Halliday; handsome waiter and goblets,
silver Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Safford and
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Candee ; beautiful
wax cross with globe and stand Miss
Dora Carter, second bridesmaid ; a work
basket containing head ot cabbage and
Mill potatoes marked -'with care" Mrs.
almighty dollar.. The tlmo for' vlyiL foMTdihiSTa0 thfmAn??8.-but to aave youth.
womakow7tronhfehririer.il. a.t77.-i uwisqiK
; J .j, a lav uuin iwi
in the city, at prices to suit all.
lit) :
mako war on high prices.
Port l.lat.
W. L. Bristol ; a handsome largo bible
Miss Williamson's Sabbath schoool
class; sllTcr sngar sifter Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Elliott ; silver Jewel
case, blue satin lined Mrs. Charles Gal
lagher; solid silver card case Mr. James
Barclay; set of gold band cups and sau
cers with beautiful mottos Miss Mollie
Webb, tlrst bridesmaid; solid silver pie
nite S. Carter, U. S. Navy, third
Xevrmber Terra-Tenth Day Juclar
Bruaa, Pr-aldlug .
At ten o'clock, the reception, given by
ti a , ....... .
Jir. ami .urs. u. u. iiiiauisoii, the pa
rents of the bride, to Mr. and Mrs
n right, Uegau. 'Ihese two stood iu tlm
large family sluing room, and
for two hours received tho warm con-
graiulatious of over two hundred friends
and acquaintances'
On au arch arranged behind the plnco
selected for the bride and groom to stand
wiuie receiving the congratulations of
the guests, were the words "God bless
our union" wrought In green and white
(lowers. The other ilorul deco.atlons in
this room were beautim! throughout.
The tables were elegantly arranged
and elicited warm praise, both for their
handsome appearance and beautiful tloral
decorations and for the bountiful supply of
refreshments with which they were la
den, The bill of lare was splendid and
the guests did full Justice to this part ot
the wedding entertainment.
The bride's table was set In tho dining
room ; on oue end was the bride's cake,
au effort of tho confectioner', art which
surpassed In beauty anything ot the kind
ever seea In Cairo ; on it appeared the
ilguro of a brldu iu full bridal array ;
the groom's cake, only less handsome
than the bride's, was ou the other eud of
the table.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright took tho morning
train on the Mississippi Central railroad
for Memphis, where tlmy will spend a
week visiting the family and friends of
Mr. Wright. They carry with them the
heartiest wishes or a host of Irieuds for a
happy aud prosperous married life.
Beloy wo glvo a list of the wedding
In the matter of the guardianship or the
minor heirs ofS. B. Childers, deceased :
port tiled but not approved, the guar
dian being ruled to file receipts.
Ia the matter of the guardianship of
the minor heirs ot Isaac Denton, de
ceased; report approved and ordered
Iu the matter of tho guardianship of
the minor heirs of Michael Lazare, de
ceased; citation to report; continued to
next term.
In the matter ol the guardianship of
the minor heirs of Henry W. Tavlor, de
ceased ; repoit tiled but not approved.
In the matter of the guardianship or
the minor lieir. or John Weaver de
de.ved ; report not approved.
In the matter of the estate or Louis
Nagano, deceased ; petition to sell real
estate; continued for service.
In the matter or the estate or
Michael Lazare, deceaed ; rule to sell
real estate ; continued ti next term.
In the matter of the ru. -.lhnship or
tlm minor heir or H i 'rhmpon, de
ceased. Heport appmvtil ,u,i ordered
In the matter of the ctate or Alliert
Zieslg, deceased, Beport approved and
ordered recorded.
In the matter or the estate or George
W . hrwln, deceased ; report ot admin
istrator, ile bonu non approved and or
dered recorded.
11. vtarducr vs. estate ofLouls Jor-
genson deceased , assumpset ; Judgment
against said estate tor 101 70 ; II. Ward
uer, administrator, de bonis non ot the es
tate or Albert Ziesig, deceased, vs. the
estate ol L. Jorgenscn, deceased; ar
sumpjet; Judgement for $200.
Iu the matter or the estate or Louis
Jorgensen, deceased ; the court ordered
that the claims or J. T. Iteniiio $S4 BO,
and M. Foss, $0. be allowed as tlrt-class
claims and or Frank Heuly $14 35 be al
lowed as thirdclass claim all said claims
having been heretofore allowedasseventh
class claim;.
Iu the matter of the guardianship ot
of the minor heirs or Allen II. MeCrlte,
deceased; new bond or guardian filed
and approved.
Chill Cared.
Calico remnants atO cents a yard.
Hkilbkon fc Wkil.
142 and 144 Commercial Avenue.
A small memorandum book on tho
cars of the Mississippi Central railroad,
between Arlington, Kentucky, and
Cairo, III, Had name stumicd ou ouo
side. Any one returning the same to
the Arlington Hotel will bo liberally
rewarded. T. W. Stkkli.vu,
Nov. 18, 1875. 2t
1'ur I far t
We are now prepared to offer great
bargains In ladles' and cliildreua' furs of
all styles. Children's sets, muffs and
boa, at only $1 a set.
Steamer Jim Fisk. Paducah.
" J. D. Parker, Memphis.
" St. Joseph, Memphis.
" City of Vlcksburg, St. LouN.
" Capitol City, Vlcksburg.
" Big Foot, Cincinnati.
" T. F. Eckert. Dog Tooth.
Transfer NS. Miimson, Columbus.
Tow-boat James Gilmore, Pittsburg.
John Gilmore, Pittsburg.
" Ed. Hobbs, St. Louis.
" Waverly, Ponieroy.
Steamer Jim Flsk. 1'aducah.
J. D. Parker, Cincinnati.
" St. Joseph. St. Louis.
City ot Vlcksburg. Vlcksburg.
Uapltol CJity, St. Louis.
" Big Foot, New Orleans.
Transfer N. S. Munsou, St. Louis.
Tow-lwat Ed. Hobbs, Pittsburg.
" Waverly, New Orleans.
The river last evening was 14 feet 0
Inches ou the gauge, having risen six
Inches during the previous '-'4 hours.
A light rain fell last evtnlug aud the
night proved moderately cold.
W'aii narAMTUKNT Itivrn UaroHT, i
Nov. is. Is74 i
"""'nt VP or HkmS
ClothlMff! Clothing! j
It pays to traduat Ueilbron & Well, as
they have marked all their goods down Be
to suit the times, and have nl wavs a larire .'
nnd well selected stock of clothing. We 'i'o every sausage manufacturer ff
Invito every one to call ou us bjforc go- t,alro tllIs challenge is submitted on Aw
Ing elsewhere. A good caslnet suit Tor , following grounds : That the differ!
$0, at
Hkimiron & Wkil.
Real Estate Column
Cairo . ...
I oiilaville ....
N'Hxhrtlle ....
8t. uia
. jamrx W atson-,
Serzeant, Signal Sarrlc, U. S. A.
Wo will pay no bills contracted by any
employe or Tuk Bulletin, unless the
same is made on a written order dgned
by the president or secretary of tho com
pany, aud we will accept no orders given
oj- an employe oi tnc company, for any
purpose whatsoever.
Cairo Bulletin' Company.
November II), 1875. tf
New York Ntore.
Just received
New Sugar Cured Hams,
New Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon,
New Sugar Cured .Shoulders,
New Bock Candy Drip Syrup.
K.AO. Self-risiag Buckwheat Flour,
best article iu use try It, , ,
New Dried Corn, etc.,
Mince Meat,
Apple Butter,
Quince Butter,
Peach Butler,
New ltaislns,
New Prunes,
Also New Orleans sugar nnd syrup.
We offer the above goods at bottom llg-
ures. Chas. O. Patikii A Co.
Corset ! Corset t
Ueilbron & Well have always on hand
the best and largest stock ot Corsets In
the city. A good corset, grey or white at
iu cents.
Several good Farms and 3,000 acres of
unimproved Lands ii
"Winter's Block
A large iiuiiiImtoI desirable Besi
dences aud excellent vacant Lots, suita
ble for business houes and residences.
Business liouc ou Levee, lately oc
cupied by ruiinlngliani & Stilwell.
Business house on Levee, near Sixth
street, lately occupied by Cross. Cole
man A Co.
Winter's Block--suitable for Hotel.
OthVes or Business rooms chenn.
Tenements numbered 4. 7, 8 and 0. In
Winter's Bow, 5 rooms each, for $10 iht
No. 10 (corner). $12 507 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 4 rooms 310 n month.
Store room in -Pilot House," lately
occupied Uy A. Hallcy.
Storeroom lately occupied by Howe
Sewing Machine Co., ou Commercial
avenue, near Ninth street.
Two small Houses west of Twenty
second street, near Pine, $4 each per,
Dwelling hoiiho on Twelfth, near
Walnut, 0 rooms, for $12 per month.
Store room om Levee, above Kighth
I street $20 per mouth.
i tV number ol Lots 011 Levee; above
1 wemii street, ouUide tire limits. Also
a largo number of other Lota In dlflereut
Lauds, iu tracta to suit, near Cairo.
(varieties of sausage manufactured: Wf
, Koehler A Bro. arc superior to any otkar
1 Cairo manufacture. The decision of tha
matter will be IeB to n competent cosa
mlttce, at Scluel's hall on Sunday, Not.
We make this offer In yood faith, Oel
Ing confident that better sausage thaa
that made bv Koehler A Mm. I,n.
-T-.v- aa7 MWV
m j Ul'lVWaLIWUl a 1 .
Alexander county. I "'I'1 c,ai',!ot l)r(Klu n Cairo or
k" and "Winter's J ,1,01"teof ""r01' L.
ll-loMt h red. Koehler A Bko.
Witerroors iukI rlnunul.
We offer nt reduced rates, bet black
waterproof, at 00 cents.
Hmlmio.y A Wkil.
Col. Law, of Pulaski, Pulaski county.
desires to take ten or a dozen horses to
winter at Ills farm. Good stabling aud
pasture, at low rates. For reference ap
ply to J. H. Melcalf, Cflro, III.
pareu to serve up, on short notice, fresh gilts which were displayed 011 tho piano
oysters In any style that may bo desired, for the -Inspection of tho guestr, -They.
Haying a .neat. Usty and.qiuerooasj H0 were all beautiful aud appropriate, and
hotter pUre In the city can be found many or thetn elegant and costly ;
wbCKOM MQ go atid enjoj liHj of the aUrcr CMtor-Mr, aud Mrs, William.
Attention! Blfr.
Wo have four dozen Imitation Ebony
Sjrague Cuu-Upeurrs, taken for adver
tising, which we will sell at two dollars
per dozen. Inquire at Bulletin office.
Mllliaery t Millinery I
Tho largest and bes't selected stock or
Millinery can be found at Hellbron A
VVeH'sat greatly reduced prices, consist
ing of flue tlowcrs, wings, feathers, velvet,
.valour and ornaments, Special attention
1 called to our Hue of Ostrich Faathers In
all colon, from $1 to $7, the largest in
tha market,
Cloak I Cloak!
Everybody should call on Hellbron A
Weil aud examine thclrfall stock of ladies
and men's cloaks. Just received from
Now York, before going oUewhere. As
we make a specialty or theso goods, wo
an offer at an Inducement.
Hrildro.v A "iVr.iL.
An Improved farm of forty acres, fif
teen miles from Cairo, near Caledonia,
III., will be sold or exchanged for a houso
and lot In Cairo, Address,
' John It. Pidoeo.v,
lM8:3t Caledonia, Pulaski county, III.
Rverythlni; for Children t '
Hellbron A Well can do butter In the
lino of children's dresses, christening
robes, zephyr bonnets and caps, incriuQ
French bonnets and caps, coney bonnets
and caps ; alsj a lull and complete llin' of
children's mcrlno aud waterproof cloaks
than any one euo this, side of iChieswu : " ,
and by examining these goods,, wa ,con-1 A round goloT cat-ring. wl(li aeadaeta.
vluco you tint we mean what we say, as t with garnet and pearls. Tho liiid
our motto is small profit and quIcV Mies. , will bo liberally rewarded by learlog tlu
Ueilbron ft Weil, fame at tho Bvuitin oWce. 3t
TWI t " . . ...
iuw Mieeis 01 nnsioi noaru ttHt re
ceived at Ihe Bulletin otllce, and tor
sale to the trade.
The motto of Ueilbron A Well Is
"Quick sales and small proilts."
1.00K at the splendid suit forslx dol
lars you can get at Hellbron A Well's,
1 12 and 144 Commercial avenue.
We have just received a full line or
children's cloaks and bonnets ; also
ladies' cloaks and skirts at lower prices
than ever. Hkiluko.n & Weil.
The best hud cheapest hats can lie
found nt Hellbron & Weil's.
or THE
City of Cairo,
colored aud varnished, for sale at halt
price ($2.50) at the Bulletin olllee.
Exchnngo for salo on nil tho princi
pal cities of Europe nt Enterprise Savings
name. 11.12-lm.
A scries of lectures under tho auspU
ces of tho members of tlm Library Asso
ciation for the establishment of a public
library in' Cairo, will bo held alter
nately at the Presbyterian, Methodist and
ChrUtuln churches. The foliowiug la
1 dies ntiil geutlPiuen have kindly con
seuted to lecture, commencing:
Nov. 10, Dr. II. Warduer.
" 2:i, Bev. Chas. A. Gilbert.
" 20. Dr. Win. It. Smith.
Dec. 6, Miss Kato Thompson.
" IS.Hon. Wm. II. Green.
" 21, Mrs. G. G. Alvord.
C. C. E. Goss, Scc'y.
By order of Executive Committee.
A Hmn stun ttver
To Cowpertjfwalt A Phillips to try those
Gold Bucklo cigars.
Barclay Brothers, at 74 Ohio levee, are
wholesale agents for Ihe celebrated ElauM
Oil. For cler light and absolute siaV.
it Is the best oil In Ihe world. Itlsalsf
for sale at retail by all druggists.
Pur Male.
A two-light ornamented gas chandaller,
will' globes. Apply to E. A. BfasKtr.
Don't forget to get your present or 10
yards or the bi s t calicos hefote going
elsewhere, at Hellbron & Well's.
Cniunrraaert I viiat .otlre.
I have this day secured tho sole ngeney
lor me sale or Uatt. Flelsehman A
Coinpany'6 compressed yenst, either
wholcselo or retnil. Dealers can
bo supplied at any aud nil
times by calling on me. This Is the only
yratt of the klinl in market that Is gen
uine. W. L. Bristol. U2 Eighth Mtvot.
Cairo. UN.. Oct. 2.I. IS75. 10-26-lm.
.4 od rlneo In Buy.
A. Halley'n new store Is certainly hum
ofthelH-st arrnngrd or the kind 'tube
found iu the cily, and what is Mter, Im
has so arranged his prices that many am
taking advantage of the opportunity of
fered to buy stoves, tinware, etc., cheaper
than ever known iu Cairo. Call on Hal
ley, 118 Commercial avenue, next door to
the Arab enginu house. 0-30-tf.
S3-Cmitre T-aat.-Ca
Only agency iu town for Tauszky
yeast best in use wholesale and retail.
Received fresh dally by New YorkStors.
C.iructrd dally br K. M; 8learns. comrall,m
"i".TeU !J,'cre"r3r ot ,h 'ro Uoril f
Flour, according to jnule ti oo 00
Com, mlxrtl, sacked ,,,., - tu-
Corn, while, sacked Ma
O.ita, niurd M j-
Bran, ,r ton tu 00
Jlfnl, tf.im tlrlnl , a w
Iliiller, cliulce Northern 272S
Butter, cholca SouiUern llllnol SlfeSSa
tgga jr.l0n ";ta
Clilckvns. tier ilcizrn.. o tai ut
Tnrkrys, cr dozen ,',7 ongUO 00
.tpiiica, enoirc, T uarrti .. 3 IW3 ss
Aplilcs, common, r barrel a 00
HotutoM, )r banvl I ID
Oolons, uer barrel 1 oa
rreonll arsaS!
The lust chance to get your calico dress
gralh by. buyiiig,$7 worth of dry goods
at ilcllbrou ft tVeil's;
WU1b proauoea for ttw fint tirt In thUf.lty
calltd la
Willi orWoal scenery, painted
llils jleo by Otvid A. Strons, i
imcUIt fj
tStvr Vurk.
70 ama secant.
a-lttservcdsesUatWr.lUrUinn'e wilhoiH
extra chnrKC ll-is-it.
Fashionable Barbtr "
SHweea Wi
aad Onasnrclal
rttVOaCKS kwUi oblalirait far hhmp.
A-'DUIIy, eta i mMcnce unnwcuaryi (n f.
l!.r, !.' Adttras V. O box 10.7Caleaf.
tUlaofa, y ll-o-in.
u a'limM. . iltM
Si, Jopb, .Uv.

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