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Mitttar Crr Vngc.
RAIL ftM.IXft.
pnqof Iho greatest tenia of rail rolling
ever accomplished occurred In the Jollct
Iron and Meet works last Monday night
and Tuesday. In seventeen hours nnd
twcnty-flrc minutci tlm works turned
out 1,207 rails. Men well vcrfed in (lie
Iron business consider this extraordinary
KOMixr.vr :axiiati:s.
The protninent candidate now before
the people ol the United States lor tlm
Fe.ikerlilp of tlm House, nrc Messrs.
Kerr and llolman, .Indiana; Cox and
Wood, New York; Snylor and Payne,
Ohio; Itandall, Pennsylvania; Lamar,
Mississippi, and Walker, Virginia.
Tlm chief engineers of city lire depart
ments oflllinols met at IJIoonilngton last
Wednesday and decided to form n per
manent association. Their election le
sullcd ns follows : M. Ilcnner, of Chi
cago, president ; H. P. Christie, or Deca
tur, secretary, and M. X. Ch-.i'e, treas
urer. The next convention will 1ms held
In Decatur, when the representation will
be full, and the proceedings of great In
tcrest to llrenicn of tho State.
KnvTfiKRjr PA'i'it; r. Ti:.vno..
The Southern P.icille railroad conven
tion convened in the Greenlaw Opera
House, Memphis, on Friday. The peo
ple of the South demand n Southern route
to the Pacific seaboard, to be controlled
by resident .Southern men, and directly
in the interest of tin- South. What suc
cess the will have Is now locked up in
thc.futurc ; btiuholr eye are open to the
fact that a way to the shores of the Pa
cific, unobstructed by snows, will direct
the vast commerce or that ocean Into their
midst lor distribution to all parts or the
United States.
1 I. lluu AT.
The Qulncy Ihratd throws the fallow
liif caustic Shell Into tho J?eptibllcan
camp, in tiic way ot a Joke, ft will not
be laughed at by members or that honest
party: "Tho Springfield Journal says
that Republicans 'intend to hold their
own in IS7GV The trouble with numcr
ous Kcpiiblican leaders Is that they have
been holding more than their own,
McDonald, Joyce, McKee. Avery and
BabcoeV, for Instance. It is very prob.
able that when the trials are through, the
penitentiary will 'hold Its own." ' That
Is better than a whole column ot abuse.
So pendstent were the eflorts ot the
Memphis people to witness the presenta
tion of "The Two Orphans" by the
Furbih Fifth Avenue Combination, that
Mr. IJrooV, the manager, of the Mem
phis Tlwater, ordered the orchestra to va
cate their stats before Ihe lootlighu, and
removed them back ofthc scenes. "The
Two Orphans" has canght the publli
fancy, and w ill be so thoroughlv plaved.
adl oyer the country, that one more year
ni consign It to the very respectable ob-
Jirioa tiiaruirouds "The Duke's Motto"
wid other playj that elleneiced and tub
ided like wine exposed to air.
Ilev. Collini, a McthoJist clergyman of
PriawrilJe, Peoria coanty, JH., aiks the
Peorii Circuit Court for a divorce from
Mrs. Collins, teeming her of adultery
with a man named 13. D. Percy. Last
Summer Collins wai tried by the church
on si cliirge or adultery with a Miss Marv
Travis, Percy belag bis cblcf tccaser and
aost ersbteat ?rtecutor. Tlie Investi
gations led to tbe wjquittid of Collins.
His wife baviag coEietsed to a violation
of tbe marriage rows, it is reiwmnble to
EuppOH: tliai the divorce will be granted,
tad tbit Mr. Collins will, ts it u? ual in
sucbta, loaiJdereda "bad crowd"'
tiid Jorw.fl to run down rapidly lu the
moral wade unit rescued and white-
tkbed by a marriage with Percv.
ojrr or kestickt' sunn.
W'nx. A, Bonloa, of Louuvilie, clerk
iod bootktp-r the firm of Joseph
Mitchell & Co., boiler-mki-ri, recentJv
MvtivA to tbe amount of S5.W). Some
years ago Le wu, engaged by one of the
Memphis, Twin., ga, companies as
bookkeeper, was a vhltor in good families,
wore pak-nt-ltather boou, parted Ids
hair properly, and was considered a
"wint-opener" among the lat people.
He delimited there to the tune ot about
il,500, which amount his mother settled
U save her ou from ditgrace. After
defaidtlng In Memphis he returned to
Louisville, and a few days ago wo saw It
announced In a newspaper ot that city
that he had married one or the most noto
rious prostitutes of the South.Mlss Maggie
William j. From this little record It "will
be seen that bad blood will tell, and that
Borden has not been slow In Helming
down caul out.
1 he pending trial of McDonald Is pro
uuemg material from with a first-class
duel may result. William Hyde, in rc-
io an cunoriai paragraph in the
nv. umis i,m( asking him to rise and
ftVlllfllfi lila khIaiI... ...til
..ukmuuui wun egrue, one or
mo -crooKeu wnisky" ballet, replleg i
me muowing lorclble manuer : "Sinr i
have had frequent occasions, as n Journal
1st, to characterize Mr. Stllson Hutchlns.
tho author ot the foregoing, an arrant
ueuugogue lu politics, and a nun utterly
devoid of principle, a proved black-
laimr, a uuown perjurer and
. uiunou. scoundrel, It docs
no. .urpriw me w una him stralnln" to
.v "- "gma to my name
When a candidate for otllce, it has deveN
oped upon we, with others, to look Into
Ills claims and denounce him as unwor
thy. An an editor, and citizen he deserves
llenoe only. For royaelf, 1 care i.oth.
lug for Hie Insinuations conveyed lu the
lorefolsjr extracts ; but In order to shut
the )! my SMtKb.t If this language does
not cU W W litervlew lu Wiuuebao
county then we are satisfied that the days
ot Southern chivalry lire at an end.
"Hutch," ni ho la iatnlllarly called, lias
been making; himself rather obnoxious
to many citizens ot St. Louis, but. this
outburst of Hyde's Is proof that ho'llrcd
his last petard In tho wronr direction,
and that it bit a Tartar.
Till. M'no.VAM) Tit I Al.
Nothing of special Interest was elicited
In iho'McDoimld trial on Friday. Among
tlm witnesses examined was General
Sherman, who testified shat he knew Mc
Donald since 1S01, nnd was acquainted
with many who told him that thev knew
liitn. Ills knowledge or hlni was ns ma
jor or the Eighth Missouri, iltirlitir the
war. The general believed the major'
reputation was good ; but that he had
seen but little ot him since the eloso
or the war. General Sheiman
was examtned lit defense r
the nceiKed, as the prosecution closed
during tho forenoon.
ThuSt. Louis liepitblkan, referring to
tho trial, says: "There arosome ugly ru
mors alloat relative to the status ol nnu
or more member or tho jury, it being
suspected that there has been somo tam
pering with them ; but these rumor- can
not, as yet, bo traced to an authentic
Fourcc. McDonald seemed in unusually
good spirits ycterday,nnd in ring circles
there was an appearance of confidence
that there would be a 'hung' Jury."
i:nir(iti.si. yoii:t.
C. t'. Stocks Is the new deputy post
master nt Cnrbondale.
Quite an unusual number of cacs of
sickness have developed In DuQiioiu re
Pease, the Vlckbuig pn"tinnter, has
not been removed. For the present he
will be In peace.
The board ol County CommU'Ioiiers
of Jackon county will convene nt Mur
pbysboro on the first Monday In Decem
-S. P. Pounds, President ot the 1111
nols Press Association, Is tiylng to nr-
rangc for mi excursion to Europe next
A lawsuit is in progress in Pono
county, involving fifty cents. The wit
ness fees now amount to seventy dollars,
and tiil the contestants are not tired.
Last May John A. Joyce lectured In
Milwaukee on "What 1 Know About Col
lecting tho Itovenuo.' And now ho Is
asked to tell us what lie knows about
stealing It.
The man Itrowu who shot anil killed
iMderman Lang at Champaign, on the
23d of September last, has had hU trial,
and was sentenced to fourteen vears in
tho penitentiary.
The Sunlhtrn Ittinolsan : "All quiet
In Williamson county but the war of the
editor?, and that rages with undimin
ished virulence. When the time for tlte
shedding of blood comes, we tuggest
that they go at it ten pace apart, peg
ging awls in hand."'
Dell Irvhi's name stands at the head
ot the first column of the Southern Illi-
nouai as editor, lie and Hobarts w ill
keep the two Jackson county villages In a
lively state. Hell gets up a spicy and
readable paper, but in the last number
he overlooked a number of fyogr.iphicaJ
The Joncsboro G'anit : "Tho M. E.
Conference of the Cairo district was in
session nt this placelhls week. It brought
together a large number of well dres-ed
gentlemen, and our street? were enlivened
by their neat clerical coaU and white
neck ties. The conference satl-factorllv
finished Its business, and the ministers
have returned to their homes."
The Duquoln Tribune : "Just as wc
expected. L'obarts of the Illimitan. saw
that item in the Marion J'rett, about the
young ladieor Carbondale, and before
his ire subtided, grabbed up his lead pen
cil and just lltendlv pecb-d tbe J'rett
man. Good for Joe. Staud up for vour
town, her girl, her boys and all honor
able citizen!. For ll vou don't, wbo
Tbe Courier-Journal: "At a ball in
li&ltimore not long ago a pistol drojjed
from the pocket of a young man, and the
young lady witli whom lie was dancing
was shot In the leg. Of course you
couldn't ak young men to leave their
piitols at home when they go Ui balls,
aud it young ladies on such occasions
would wear pantalettes made of stove
pipe there would be no occasion to ask
The Memphis Appeal: "Our navy is
lu so gross a state of Inefficiency, It Is
thought by good Judges that weru ever
Spain to attack us, tiic chances would be
two to one against us. As the chief con
structor suggests In his report, wo ought
to put at least twelve, first-class veeU
on the stocks, and, we will add, call Into
service all the cx-Confederato naval of
ficers, from Admiral Semuies down to
the lowest grade middy. Fitted lu that
style we might bo equal to Old England
hem-lfon the seas.
The Carlluvlllo Democrat : "Wanted
the whereabouts or one Itobert Airord,
laie ot tins city. It appears that itobert
borrowed a wagon on Saturday after
noon, ot Anderson & Thomas, to haul
some wood, and that lntead of return
lug It. he loaded Into It alter dark that
evening his worldly goods, and h aving
his wife ami children here, 'lit out' for
parts at present unknown. Tho family
lett on tho early train Tuesday for St.
i-onii, and tho evening train brought
back a daughter to this place. lJut An
derson wanU to get track ot that wagon,
It may Interest a community that
was for many mouths unwillingly satur
ated wun I no scandalous outgrowths of
riyniouiu church to learn somcthlii"
about Mr. II. W. Ueecher's conception
of obscenity. He has appealed to the
postmaster general to protect him from
such obscene postal card missives its the
"Tlm Cltjr of CluiicliOKimcf Hood hem
nut OgiV mnrnl law It did not n-ui
wi m nwiicr, iiiniirrnriiijr.
rnji Tiriiie nii.l vice tofrilii-r did llingi
It nourl'litd iio uml irrttitly did kiow,
nri iVwn In I he d.ut dc"iiili d lull loY
'M.neiujoii, hodoiii und Cuiuarr.ili,"
Surihtrn lllmmun : "The Cairo JJul.
I Minis out -wills a big "un" in fnor or
j Hendricks, of Iudlana, for the liextPrcs
( ldenl,io that womny count upon that
popular orator ns being fairly brotigllt.to
the front as .the Democratic candtdato for
the West nnd South. Tho four magnifi
cent tabular statements it rurntsbes of
the probable electoral voto of tho differ
ent Stales look very well In print, espec
ially to Democratic eye.-but then thcro
Is Just such u thing ns counting tho
chickens before they mo hatched. What
about tlm recent 'tidal wave' that swept
wlthfMich fury against, the Democracy,
and carried down tho hopes. of thought
ful Democrats lu Its 'hell of waters."'
The Macoupin Knguirtf s "On Fri
day evening last as Mr. Chas. Vamlevcn
ter was coming to Iho nquare he policed
n man lying on tho steps or tho Presby
terian church. Ho tried to arouo him
iiiul railed, but discovered n chloroform
bottle, with u small amount of tho drug
still In. The alarm was given nnd tho
man taken to the resilience or Dr. 1 lank
Ins and restorathes applied. It was soon
discovered, also, tlint tho man had conic
from the South on the morning passenger
train mid that hlswlfi) waiat thu depot.
She was sent for nnd was soon at his bed
side. The namo of the m in Is Henry
Claik, and bin residence Is Grand KapliN,
.Mien., where he formerly worked at his
trade gas fitting."
Tho Idianapolls Journnl : "The na
turo ot tho connection of Mr. MclCee, or
tlm aoOcVevicemt, with tho Sr. LouN
whisky ring 1 xalil to bu as follows : At
the time the ring was funned, the collec
tor of Internal rovenuo at St. Loul-was
Mr. Ford, n.inau whom tho di-tlller.s and
corrupt olll. Ials did not dare to approach
with Improper proposals. McKee was
on very intimate terms with Mr. Ford
and h id great iuilitciicc with him. lie
finally undertook to remove his oppoI-
tlou to tlielr scheme, which ho did by
representing that a largo campaign film!
was needed nt Washington and that the
president and other prominent mem
bers of the ltepulillcau party demanded
that It be ral-ed. No such call lor money
had been made, and the ring having do-
o.iueiieu tiic collector, pocketed the pro
lie Ktdet " 1'llclilii-" I'.inlfN-Jliis
llcen In Hie ltel J.iiiidw inn tlunii'd
lor Holil Itney Mcserlplhtii i 'IVvns
l oiioliik--How lite OIil .Mini Tended
a .Spin lueil Horse-V JimnII Hoy
IlillM Itiiiiej-.
(tonvrpondrnceiiftlie Hulk tin )
Sax Antonio, Tex,. Xov. 17, IS".".
If you have never tried to ride a Texas
mustang, you nro probably not full v
prcparcd to appreciate Mark Twain's
excellent story of hit. experience with a
"genuine Mexican plug." I have ridden
liundreilsot them, and If there Is one in
the State free from tho vice of "bucking,"
have tailed to find him. I have used
ill sorts of means to break them of thi
fault, but without success. Strapping
them up until their hind feet almost
fall to touch tho ground does no good,
nnd I b.ivo ridden one coiiataiil v
for u month, averaging thirty-live nines
per day with only nicsquite gra to
feed upon, nnd at the lat mount he tried
to buck with as much vim, but noto mic-ees.-lully,
n at the first; they teem a liv
ing, bucking verification of the old adage,
"What i bred In thu bone must come out
of the flesh." They do not seem to have
taken warning by the camels Introduced
into the State by JclVerson Davis, when he
was secretary of war; they bunked so
successfully In Noah's time that they
have never liecn able to get their backs
down since, if bucking was their only
vice It would not bo so bad, as one gets
used to that after awhile, and
comes to consider it as an excellent prc-
ventitive of dyi-pepsia, but many of them
have an uncomfortable habit of inaklngu
side leap of from six to twenty feet wheu-
iry iu iiioiuil ineni WHICH is a
trifle embarrassing ton novice. "With all
their faults I love them still," and for real
hard work, such a traveling long dis
tances, and carrying a rider, with nothing
to tubsht upon biitgra?'', they are unri
valled. Their energy and courage are sur
prising, their will indomitable, and they
will come up bucking mid ready for bus
iness after u trip that would have utterly
Used up one of your famous Ken
tucky blue grass thoroughbreds.
These conclusions are reached, altera
long study of mustang nature, strength
ened by observations taken during a re
cent trip of six weeks duration through
the border counties, tempted by reports
of "gold yallcr gold" having been
found In Mason aud Llano counties.
Vour correspondent joined foilunes with
a young Cluclnnatlau, and having pro
vlded ourselves with nu "outfit" every
thing is mi outfit here, from n pair of
saddle-bags to a caravan of twenty
wagons which consisted of nu eighteen
dollar mushing, .i blanket, a lailat,
and a pair of saddlebags for each,
containing somn bacon and er.ie.keni for
emergencies, we sallied forth like verita
ble Argonauts In .search ol thu golden
fleece. Wo are rich now rich lu experi
ence nnd health, for singular as it may
seem, tho fact remains that I gained
twelve pounds in weight, although I
was lu tho saddle uu average of eight
hours per day lor nearly u month. As
for gold, wo did not win any except
golden opinions from tho rnncheroi or
farmers with whom we stopped as chaiico
ofi'eicd. The farmers of Texas are an
original set, and their manner of
farming may bu ald to be Inlque; for In
stance, during our nip it was u common
occureneo to meet one of them at ten or
eleven o'clock In tlm morning uS wo plod
ded along, and ho Invariably asked us
whether wo hud seen a horse with bar
ucss murks on him, and n heait or the
mystic figures"; up" branded on his
shoulder. Now that fanner had used that
hor.so In plowing his corn during the
previous day, and at night turned him
out to skirmish for his supper, mid was
spending tho butter part of tho next day
lu hunting hhn, lu order to resume oper
ntlons. As for plowing, buoIi a
thing as a two-horso plow Is
never seen, and a subsoil plow would bo
as great a mystery to them us u reaper or
grahfdrill. Tin y usually hitch n pony
or mule witli rop. 3 to it single shovel
plow' nnd with thU lliey "skin", the
ground nnd plant their Corn one gralu to
tlm hill. Tho next season they" will prob
ably plant their crop lu the furrow of the
last season and cover It by turning Into
the furrow tho rldgo upon which the last
year's crop grow. The amount they raise
with such primitive utensils Is surprHng,
and would gl.uhl. n the heart of mi ordi
nary fanner, bit toward tho
close of the senou, when
the fruition of his hopes is nt hand,
your Texan seems to loe tho "git .,p
and git" with which he started out In the
spring, nnd so only gathers about hall or
his crop ay enough for Corn-bread lor
himself mid family dining the winter.
For the rest ho can kilfa deer now and
then, which will not poII If hung in the
open ulr, and the skin or which ho can
trade for tobacco, smiil (for the notnen),
whisky nnd other necessaries, riding
thirty or forty milM to efiVct the barter
aud thinking nothing ol It. We stopped
one night with one of these 'gcnlii'.e.s
who had pitched his cabin on the
banks or tho Colorado river. Ills ostensi
ble business is running it ferry boat, but
os the river is Ibrd.ible eleven moiitlis lu
tho year, timU nobody ever wanted to
cross during iho twelllh.lt. may bs Im
agined he has plenty of time at his dl
poal, which ho divides between hunting
"beo trees," ;nid cutting cedar po.tiind I
hauling1 (hem to Loyal viillcy, tucnlv I
miles ditnnr, where he obtains tioum
of tttvnty-llvo cents each for them. lint
his principal occupation Is bee hunting,
which he has followed ki lomr nnd per
sistently that his head its upon
his bhoulilets Inclined at an
angle of about thirty degrees
ward his right Mioutdcr, cau'-cd by look
ing so often at the tops of the tail gum
trees, and his eyes have nu eager, wistful
look. When the old mini le.irmd 1 was
from Cairo he Insisted iipoiiourKtopplug
with him a few day, which kind Invita
tion we gladly accepted, iw we, as well
is our hor.se, were somewhat jaded.
During the evening ho entertained us
with n story of how he. had traded off nu
old spavined lior.-o for a good mule
in the vicinity of Cairo, when he pn!
there on his way to Texas from Tennes
see, some twenty-Jive yeais ago. Dur
ing our stay ha repented this
yarn ten separate nnd distinct times, al
ways winding up with, "I reckon that j
a.s mo ie.i iraue i over made. ' If ho
had any more spavined horses which ho
hoped to put upon nnother gullelcs
Calrolte, ho did not produce them. Wo
spread our blankets under a tree that
night and were lulled to sleep by the
river swiftly rushing over its gravelly
bed, and awoke In the morning with the
appetite ot wolves; fancy our disgust
when called to breakfast to find tho board
spread with soggy coinbiead, wild honey
and bacon lloatlng in grease, and so r.ink
that we could not eat 11. During the re-
iii.uiiuui in uur stay we occupied our
time in fishing, In order to obtain
something more palatable than the bacon
mid were very successful. The old man
insisted upon chopping open a "bee gum"
for us, which Is a section of a hollow
gum tree about lour fee t long stood on
end with the top covered ; n hole Is then
bored into the "gum," a swarm of wild
bees introduced, aud when honey is
wanted, tiny split open the hive where
they find It for the taking, it is not to
good as tame honey if I may be allowed
the expression ; It has n .stiong taste, and
is very colicky. I was considerably
alarmed to hoe a boy about twelve
years old iat at least ten
pounds of It out of a horse-bucket at one
sitting, hut he wa apparently all right
when wo Jelt, to I presume- that was not
an unusual leaf for Mm. If there was
any milk to be had here this land might
readily fill the scriptural description
"flowing with mlllc and honey," and,
although Texas Is the greatest cattle
growing State in tho Union, milk h sel
dom kcii. I have u-ed condensed mill;,
put up in tho Genc-eo valley, New Vork,
at tho table of a man who counted his
cattle by the ten thousand. After n slay
of two days, declining his urgent lnylii.
tlon to remain longer and go beo hunting,
wo bade our generous host (he gave us
tho best ho had) good l,y,., !lm a8 wo
slowly ascended the foothills of the
mountains wo seemed to hear his voice
wafted toward us on the morning breeze,
"I reckon that was the best trade I ever
utaat. Jahi-uk.
'lmWt Rhv niseovi rcil ami
lied liy Ills l ucl,..
ISpeclal to tbe Uilcago Times.
I'liii.Aiu-.M'iiiA. Xovcmber 18. Infor
nmtlou reached this cltv u few days nn,
from Connecticut, that u woman had
been traveling through K-veral vlllacH
ot that State with a Ifttlo boy resemblfii"
strongly Charlie lloss. Thu fact was
conimiiulcaleil to .Mr. itoss, aud a photo
graph asked lor. Tho picture was icut to
1 liomaston, Conn., where tho woman was
stopping, and It Is xald the boy corres
ponds In lentures very strongly to thotu In
thu photograph. Tho woman mid the
boy are now In Tliomastoii, and will bo
closely watched until tho question Is def
initely settled, uu last night, Joseph
hoss a brother or tho lost hov'u lather,
and Captain Uelns of tho police force,
convoyed the following dispatch to Chris.
Ian K. Jfois Oermantown, at his res
Ideneo :
TiiiiMAS'iox, Conn., Xov. 17 ClirJs-
... 7 ii. !?.' , 1,avu louml ,Q Ionian
and child. I In s your boy beyond doubt.
i.ecelvcd your dispatch or to-day. Can
not iirrekt tho woman without author
ay from tho governor of tho Slate.
m . A. 1'. lUr.N.scLi,.
Mr. 1,08 and Mr. Bunnell have been
n couiinunlcatlon for a week past, and It
evident that this clew Is regarded as
elng more hopeful than nny which
IJ)ri'" Captain Jins
?!: i 'i011 ,,llis rnhig, tlint tho clow
as be ng Investigated very closely, and
that tho unction would probably bo
i?m ,l.!,llR'1 '.''"'."K 'y- '"lonna
lion was receiviMl on thin evening from
I mnastoi, tlnst the Sheriff ot that place
ad received authority to arrest tho wo
nan, hut on going nrl(.r ).,. )m( ,,u.
" U'wired with tho child. Tho Sherlll.
ii.. '.' . "'imiiuiii mat lie win sliced-
OM'iiako her and cecum tlm ehlM
nmiilu i. i ... mix .ui, j.iiiuil'll
piOlllifo tO teU'irran h to Sir. Ifosa mi in.
oo i no s inp ir i i .. n ii
nioirow. Tho llosi linniiv. mu'i ,t.
Ul yJ-'Jnv-LHi-.'i..Lwjif.i.v.Li mmjummij
jnlereilcd in tho lost ( lilld, nro very anx
ious to hear further from Thomiision. ns
there h soiinj probability that Charley
llos.s has beeh found. , '
'I lie- .'ii'iiiplilM 4'iiiivetilioii Or.rnnlr.eil
mid in Worn.
Mi;.mi-hm, November 10. The Texas
Pacific tlallroad Convention met at the
Opera-house at ll;0 this morning, nutl
was called to order by Frank Davis,
chairman of the Kxocuilvo Committee,
lie nominated Hon. J. W. Clapp, of
Memphis, for temporary chairman, who
mounted tho rostrum, delivered an ml
dresK of welcome, and entered Into the
merits of Memphis us one of tin1 termi
nating points of iho Southern Pacific
railroad, showing the advantages po
scssed by ii road on the thirty-second par
allel over the N'orlherii Pacific.
Juine.s II. Sullivan, of Vlekbtirg, was
selecled as temporary Secretary, ami the
following Committee on Credentials win
unpointed : Captain James S. Wise, Ohio:
Colonel W. C. Pnlkncr. Millpp ; Col
onel Mo.-cs While and T.J . Latham, of
Kx-Judge McClurc, orAikuusus, being
called, took the stand and read u lengiln
essay on the Southern Pacific nutl other
.A committee on pirinanenf ormmlzn-
il'iiwus then nppob t il, win rcor.ul
the follow lug organl. ition : I'i r p rimi
neiii. Chairman. Kx-Gowi nor Mciiollln,
of Kentucky : Viei-Prosld' iils. IIoii.Gu--tuvus
A. Henry. Clarkvllle, Teun.; Jim.
II. Croler. Knoxvllle, Teun.; Ilv-Judgc
John W.MeCluro, Arkan-.is: Hun. S.S.
Utvls. Chielnuntl : Colonel W. S. Haven,
Loiil-Iaiia: P. It. Vim Frank. Mo.: Hon.
JolinG. Mcncluiml, Alabama; Secreta
ries, -James IL. Sullivan, MM!pp. Jim.
a. vt iihuiiw, Tennessee; A. J. Mitrpl
ill ittWJSil-.
Tlm report or the committee
iltiopieil Willi .'IppIUU'l'.
Governor Mutiofilu was cwutedto
the stage, ami said for tho present h"
would Minply return thanks lor tlm
honor eonlei red upon Mm, and w ould
address Ihe convention alter reees.
a coinuilttee on ltesoIuton. w,m (hen
appouiieti, and Hie report of Commllte
on i rc'ieiiimis read, showing full
gauons irom Arkaii'.i. Tmictt
sippl and Ciuciniiiiti. and partial delega
nous irom Louisiana, South Carolina,
.Missouri und Alabama.
. .
' lilevln;,- Jr.'
ilH.M H.
. CAi.vi.sroN, Tkxh, Xov. Tho rob
lowing has Just been received from San
Antonio, Texas
The following telegram was received
at headquarter- yeeteulay trom Kort
Itrowu ;
Itandletl itruck ycMertlav, back I.os
Cuevos. a trail or y.".0 stolen cattle; lio
followed to the Itlo (ir.mdo erolit".nud
the thieves were found on the .Mexican
side hauling them out. A demand
was made by him on . tho
.Mexican authorities to surrender
me eauie aim tmevc-. II not Com-
uiisi w un mis morning, he has crowed
into .Mexico to recover them. Major
. i iKK-uui nas iiin- uown to assist mm
with all the available troops from Hln'
gold Harrack. Major Alixandcr ha"
jitst stni toil, with two companies, I'rnni
i,os Ctievoy. I made a demand on Colo
nel ChrMobal for the rendition or the
cattle and the thieve. The line Is work
lug to Kiggold lJun-ieks lids morning.
Signed. Povimt, CommaHdlug.
I A I Kit.
McXally crossed into Mexico this mor
ning, and had n liuht with ioll .Mexieaiif,
i. . Ia'?; . 1 oin" -u'cans wmo
killed. J he United Stales troops arc or
deicd not to cr6?a Into Mexico. McXallv
cominaiHU State troops oulv.
ri It.ii ei.Mt il :il.MiiMli,i,vv ffom
Jore. llitMi-Vve, anil rte"cr l!u
lui'iieil ll.
Xi:w YoitK, Xovember IS. Colonel
Win. .M. Ciro-venor, of St. Loul-, has
written a letter to tho Tribune, hi which
he ays that he never received $1,000 or
any other iun from Colonel Jovce or
any other uiumber of the whlky riii".
In 1ST I he boriowed ?."iOOfroiii Jf.yce,l!7r
which ho gave him his note, which he
expects to pay wild inti u-t. He adds
that Joyce knows that he was constantly
seeking proofs again. r the w hisky ring.
IMi.vsle to mo
.None ol ll,"
nKs; I'll
B tWe do not lu the lenMlecl like blaming
-iiiieoeui ior nils expression ol (Il-gllsl
miiccii. wo are ra.uer uieiineti to .-vnina-
1 1.: .. f.i. ,.t... I... . .
ini.u iui in in. even iinw-niay.s most
ofthc cuthatllcs otleied to (ho public aro
great, repulsive-looking pills tho vei v
appearance of which U -irill lent to "turn
one's stomach." Had .Macbeth over taken
Dr. Pierce's I'Jeaant Purgative Pellets
ho would not have uttered those words of
contempt. It Is really encouraging,
when one Is III, to find that a little, sugar
coated Pellet, no larger than a grain of
mustard, will us promptly produce tho
desired eflect ns u dmo of great, nauseat
ing pllln. Theso lltllo Pellets, unliU
other caihiiiilcs arc really nature'.
phyric. They do not debilitate, but tone
and invigorate iho system. Xo fainllv
riiould bo without Dr. Picrce'.s Pkasaiit
Purgative Pellets.
Kauuigc .Inhei'M "lnl t'n or Slim
To every naungc manufacturer ot
Calio this challengo Is submitted on the
lollowlng grounds: That tho dll.crent
varieties of causago manufactured by
K'oohlcr ,t I!io. aro i-iiperior to any-other
Cairo inaiiufacture. Tho decision of the
matter will bo left to a competent com
mittee, nt fc-cheel's hall on .Sunday, Xov.
Uro make this oiler In good faith, feel
lug conlldnit that better sausage than
that made by Koehler.-i llro. has not
been and cannot bo produced in Cairo or
the Nate of Illinois
ll-lil-tit l'nmi. Kofiiixiufr lino.
Wi'W Yorlc More.
Jiwt received
New Sugar Cured Hums,
New .Sugar Cured JlrcaklaU llacon.
Kcw .Sugar Cured .Shoulders,
Xew Uock Candy Drip Syrup.
Jv.iV O. Self-rUhig liuckwheat
best urtlclo lu u5e try It.
New Dried Corn, etc.,
Mlnco .Meat,
jpplo Hutler,
Quluco Hul ter,
Peach Hid lor,
Xow ltaislne,
.1 s.. . l'w I'l iuios,
Also Xow Oilcans sugar and syrup.
V o oiler tho above goods at bottom tig.
U,'!',S' ,n. u"-w' ' P-vrl,:" Uo.
micrilt'e Cub.
BYvlrliinofllvpci-rtilii cxicullruw to mo ill
ii'cliil l.y ilmck-rU nl'lliuulmilt court ofA.
i-xuiiilcr coiiiitv, In llii-StiitunniliiKils In luvor
?.r Ui,r,fl I'l'tleriui'l Wllllnm w oir, linn nf
i. i). rlk-r.v '., iinil uijiiliHt .Inniei Ijiirroll,
I linn; U-vIeil UioiMliuliillowlni:itcscrllinlirnii'
i i ly, In thu llml inlilltlun lo lliv cltv (if t.iili'i,
-iiuiitj'oi'.i!.Miiiinr ninl Kluteor Illinois, in'
Will Lot iilonlifli'il one (I) III lilnck nutiilmil
Ivci-iily-iiKhl V8), , n tin; liriiix-Hy ofllio wil.l
fiiinuM Cm mil, nlilch I kIuII miv-r nt puiillo tutu
u; the kpuiit-w. Elinor of Um court Iioumi in tl
5i. y, or.-f " n"'i w"'",ly.".l' Altxiiinlii- unit
hliilool Illinois, on Hie llilnl ilnv of liis-cmlier.
A I). luTl, liclwitin Kin Iioum oriilniio'i-loek,
'.! ,nv "p't uu-t-t ol'Milil (tnv, l'nr cuhii, to iii 1
ly iiiM Lmittou. M.V.K II 1 H IN,
, . i t.l.'f'.,'lir,nr .lcTiunler I oiuitv, IIIIiimU.
I iiliii. IllluoU, Nombtr 11, le7V.
j Tp XT TTi
MCTMrfattyianawMnnMirKs iTnniu.1.
hole Agents, Two .Stores, 74 Ohio
Levee, and Washington Ave.
Comer Eighth Street,
7 UM.U iiaisR . - .
riiKead! Bead! Read!
1 rT ii mi r i
Hnvo Reduced their Enliio Stock in both their Storc, ConsistinRof
To ft rak'iicir Ufuie cOV-i-.t In M- nc
wli. w
is hsh's AH3 soys' mmm ws
In our lr)-i;.nl )r ..rinifi w -lill i;i,r ' n ,
To rerj bod trlio i . t nninuut of mti ii dullsi.
II j-i.iif inairiui an.j w,. r.u..tc tint m.nn wh.il vrt tiy
142 8l 2AA Commercial Avenue.
lie D
Importer .nnd Wholesale Doalor in
Koopa n full nt- ck of
Monongalicla, Rye and Robinson County
Real Estate Column i
rou .ali:.
Several good Farms mid 11,000 aci a of
unimproved Lands In Alexander county.
"Winter's IHoel;" nnd "Winter'
A largo number of desirable l.est
denci.", mid excellent vacant I.ols, huIIu
blo for business houses nnd rc-ldeiices.
HuslnesA housu on I.evce, lately
cujiled by Cunningham & Stllwell.
Iliislness houso on I'vee, near f'dxth
btrcct, lately occupied by Crosx, Cole
man ,t Co.
Winter'., lllock-- suitable for Hotel,
Olllcea or Huslnexs rooms clienii.
Teneineiits iiumbercd 4. 7, Sund 0, In
Winter's l!ov, 5 rooms each, for 510 per
Xo, 10 (comer), $12 CO 7 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 1 roouio $10 n month,
Store room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Ilulloy.
Storeroom lately occupied by llowo
Sewing Jliichlno Co., on Commercial
avenue, near Xluth street.
TwoFinall Houses west of Twenty
second street, near Pine, SI each per
Dwelling houso on Twelfth, near
Walnut, 0 rooms, for S12 per month.
Store l ooni on I.ovee, nbovo highlit
street $20 per month.
FOll I.13ASB Olt SA1J3.
number of Lots on I.uveu, above
Twelfth street, outside llro limits, Also
a largo number of other Lots hi illlli.-rcnt
Lands, In tracts to Suit, near Cairo, i
Wn I c rn roofs uml I'IiiiiimiIs.
Wo oiler tit reduced rates, bo3t black
waterproof, ntOO cents.
HuiLunoN & Wi:n.
s . long Filler,
rrrmrrTrr mi iwumm
..I atli M.
-it n .
""!' 'l!d to
I lnui
ir f totliln,.- liriarlfinnl,
5a;t B2 bbatih nm o?. quauties.
& "WEIL'S,
1000 sheets of bil.'tol board ju-t re
ceived at the Hi i.m.hn olilec, and tor
sale to the trade.
or THE
flly r Cairo,
colored and varnished, for sale at half
price (Si.i'O) nt tho Itui.urn.N ollke.
Kxehango for sale on all the princi
pal cities of Kni-opo at Kutcrprls Savings
Haul;. ll-VJ-lm.
A series of lectures under thu auspi
ces of tho tiiPinber.s of thu Library Aso
ciatlon for the eatabllsliincnt of a iiubllo
library. In Cairo, will bo held alter
nately nt tho Presbyterian, .Methodist nnd
Chtiituhi churches. Tho following la
dles and gentlemen havo kindly con
sented to lecture, commencing!
Xov. 10, Dr. II. Wnrdiicr.
" 2:J, ltev. Chas. A. Gilbert.
" 20, Dr. Win. It. Smith.
Dec. 0, Mi's ICato Thompson.
" lll. lion. Win. II. Green.
" 21, -Mrs. G. G. Alvord.
C. C. K. Goss, Sec'y.
Ilv order of Kxecullvo Coiiiinlttcc.
rs IllU IICLLUIIX lllllllllls-
cstulilieliliieiit makes
xpocltitty of llllt llcu'l.
Nolo IIciiln, Lcltor llruds,
Slnlt'ilicnU, Cants, iJle. Look nt these priced.
Small sUo IjIII lu-ailo, nr ln (a 10
.Medium him bill IiuiiU, i-i r tlioiunml a 73
All mi fuurlt-ca poutnl paper, l.'aillala mills,
i-alt-.l tu-ip ('iiu pet- pound lilgln-r lliuu )mpi r
u.dt liy any oilier olllce rulnl lo milcrut tho
mills especially I'm' this iillleu.
8l:llellicilti Cilllyste, perllJVU fi 00
Ultir lU.uli, Cuilyulu, ier l"w SO
Note lli-iuU, I'mlj-hlc, per HW1 3 oo
VlnlttiiKcimls perpuckugu Tfc
llasliies iMiiln, Nu. I 3-ply lii'ltol lmaiil,
peril on 2 W lo 4 on
Uiulncssdrili, No. 1-blaiik, jicrlWW a Ul
Qa.irtei -sheit, lulf uhii-t, ftill-Miett nml IIiitc
Rheetpvalern, uml colored woikhelawbt. IaiuU
' Vam'plilet, Hook WwU uml 1'ilce Mils mmlii
a sjK'fia'ly.

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