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c 3fiiiHWiirM?,i:
UcJiillnif ilnMrr'on l.'vrry I'ltRO.
joint h. oanui.v, JMtvor.
Tiik Into Vlcc-PrcfUlcut must havo felt
very lonesome occasionally in the fSntli
:nl parly, lie was loo honest to steal Wm-K-lCrlcli,
nml leaves belilntl lulu mi rt.v.t
worth only tlyoHiou;ml dollnrs, nil toM.
Tiik work on tlie jcttici at New Or
leans Is irolng rapidly- rro,n
2.M to tlie 2"tli Inst.. rVshrien hundred
foci ol inattrs worl: hud been laid. Tho
second Her Ins been ilnlshod, three, thou
sand, feven hunilreil lost of sheet piling
completed and guide pile for lite dy1c nt
tin- head of Ihe South Pass arc nearly iOI
Hon. HAnxKY G.a Ca'Mtift.n, member
ol I'oimress Irom tho llru Illinois dis
trict, gives notice that hu will, on tho a
scinbllns of the national House ol Keprc
scntatlrct, Introduce a bill restricting the
presidential ollleo to one term for cuvh
lucuiubcnt, and r1t;lrg the salary to
the former figures of twenty-live thou
sand dollars a year.
t'HiKr Jl'stick Waiti;? who 1ia been
urged by friends to allow Ul iranw to Tie
used In connection with the presidency,
refuses to do so. Ho believes the Incum
bent of the chief Justiceship ha no right
to make tho olllcc a stopping stone to any
thing higher, and that tho i--institution
might safely have prohibited a chief jus
tice from being eligible to the presidency.
Air Waito deserves an approving paton
the back for the expression of tluw
it, i:. coi:i:i.r..
We Indorse tho Stale HtgUter when,
speaking of if. E. Goodell, Jq that
paper says : "ThU gentleman luu been
nominated by Mayor Colvln to tlto gfflcc
of city marshal of Chicago. We sin
cerely trust tho common council of that
city will confirm the nppolntment. Mr.
GooiUll Is a gentleman ol flret-clnu OX
ccutUe ability, and would nnk a thor
ough aud URlul olllcer. lite confirma
tion would be a Jut recognition ot wor
thy and good citizeuthlp. besides blng
very gratifying to hl mRiiy friends
throughout the StaU'."
The Chicago papers denounce the pro--
poscd oflort to procure Irom Congress a
little aid for tho Texas l'neitlc railroad,
as a proposed effort to rob the national
treasury a robbery by the side of which
the Credit .WAlier aud tho Whisky lliiifi
would pale. We have always observed
that the Chicago gentlemen who control
papers arc scrupulously honest stealers
from the federal purse. They become In
dignant when a stranger approaches It,
and havo taught themselves to believe
that Chicago only h.n a tight to rob tho
public. Hands off, then, gentlemen ol
the Southern Pacific ; you nro strangers ;
vital you wish to bavu will not, It vou
get It, benefit Chicago, and therefore you
are rascals to ueslrc what you ask for and
will he thieves If you get It .'
(lV.Xi:tl:4 ML'KC.VCK.
The l.mma mine swindle hu been
finally fully exposed. It his been provod,
beyond doubt, that General SeheneU, our
American minister to Ihiglund, lent the
uso of his name to the scheme, i hcheme
which deceit vd many Innocent people,
and which has caused bitter execration
oi Gen. Schcnck and his partners in de
ception by the English public. This
being the case, lladlcal papers,
notably the Chicago TrUunt, call
upon President Grant to recall
General Sehcnek from a position
which he has disgraced. Hut (he Presi
dent will probably not heed tne call of
ids party organs call they ever o loudly.
Itrerpiircs something more than su.
jiected or proven dishonesty lo induce
Grant to remove his offlee holders.
General Sclienck Is tolerably snfu yet.
sor "T. j." nuT "tv. ii."
W. II. Parker, of Metropolis, Is a very
good-looking lellow-gray.halrod, bright
eyed and well whiskered. To look ut
ltlm, one would say, without mueh liesl
tatlon : "He Is one of the good, and with
wings furnished to his order could, with,
out challenge, fiy away and be at rest
with tho saints." Even Hon. 1). W.
Muun, before the shadow ot the whisky
ring fell upon him, and while ho wai 'a
loud uplllter or eloquent prayers in
church and Sunday -school, did not npiwar
io uic nauw eyo mote godly thnn W.
i-arutr, ot iletropolls. 15ul
xarKcr, liKo iiunu, was wek, hut
weak In another way than Minm, for,
ucrcas jiunn took-to whisky and its
rings, Parker took to pork, and got
caught In the act. Being arraigned upon
me cuarge oi porK steal tiir. with a vlo-
ttm onus, a young man by the name of
HottctUT, lie luillgnautly denld tho soft
iinpeachmeut. but wa unable to make
his denial do him any itood. On SaUir,
day a Massac county J my found him auir
lloilotliir guilty of Rre.tiy mill litu
glary, and sentenced them to Uiren w
in the penitentiary.
Mr. Thomas J. J'arJior, of Mctromills,
on a postal card gives us Information ol
tho conviction of his name-sake, und nt
tnarks: "W. II, Parker was never an
editor or a printer iu Metropolis, mid oyly
moved hereabout three years ago, and U
of another family of Parkers than the on,,
relerrcd to Iu one of the Cairo pajters."
wis, n. j.s. Aitfn Tin: c:;.r t:Kt ti,
Mra. 8. J, g,, wilting for tho Cairo
uite, udvUes tho women or Cairo not to
engage In Centennial work. Particularly
does Mrs.rJ. J. h. advise tho women's
rights women of Cairo not to tuko part
in the eflbrls In Hint direction which uro
now taking shape In this city, if u,y
do, Mrs. H. J. S. says they will contro.
vert their own position nnd Umt ol their
sister workers In the battlu of political
freedom for their ox, MU
then Mrs. ,S. J. . proccw'lf o tell ihe
women (hat (hey arc all horn ulaves; 'hat
' i,
i . '!
in. j
Hi; in !!! n i,
i ' mi ! ;. ,; i. ;, ,
I ' ! inor. i i'i'i nT.ii- ii:
I iir world ;i - :i body i f ne;I;
n'.fe; that r.s they en
ol the jxillti.-.l '"nrlln
r.-'it ..u-i: '3 . they
to ii n vi i to Ai
J flic rye i.;
iriln (he
.loy none
ol this
owe It
nothing t evkbi .w H,,. irogrew ol n
t century, tuA , Wr. iU uml soon, lint
' 'ho ladle- oi ( rtlro uppmr to oo going to
I wrk w ith a u i! to drt nvnethlng In the
grunt vc lobnitl n or ;t). mid we fWuMr.
protot ..onies too In! '. Hlavei, an
Mrs. f. .1. H. ny they m e, they appear
to be going ;iheal wtthotUnny trembling
oppn he;iiL-H that they will bo Interfrml
wltli or nvtrnlncd by thetr tyrant bus
tuind or brother or father. Jew tatf
(Sentllts, women' rights' wotm-it nl
anti-women' right women, rlwrtii
women and froe-fellglonUU hnv met lo
gether and cU slipped into the Cciiti ti
nial groove as train rally and niu.ithly a
water ran down hill. It u really cruel
in Mn. 8. .1. 8., I her inimitable slyle,
and in a manner resembling Klon.i'a
aridrees to Hie Honitms. lo rttoh.tl 'the
women of ttf cnitfl niet that they nr
ilave.. &c Thty are flavei of courne,
and the oj)prc; n they hibor under
are McUfcflbMit M-f but Mrs, b. J.
-n. fliottid not U ll them so Just now. Ula
an n.vpendlltiro of time, talent, truth
ami prluter'nlt for uotlilrtg.
ni.vcKn'iwti HxWtifrj
JHackxew 1' Mtigazina tor November,
raprlnted by th Ieoi.fti rt Scot I Publish
ing company, 41 Barclay fitrcct, N. V.,
ha coma promptly to hand. The follow
ing arc the contouts :
The French War Preparation.') in 1C70.
The Dutch ami Uiclrpead ClUes.
The Dilemma. Part VII.
An Unspoken Question.
' A Wanderer's Ix-tter.
Legends and oik-lore of North Wales.
A Song for Galatea.
The Ell-klnsr's Youngest Daughter.
Sundry SubJscU Weatlier.
W lien Mackwood ba no English poli
tics to discuss, it turns to France for
something new and interestfojr, and
this month wc hare an account of the
'French War Preparations in 1S70,"
which really wcro no preparations nt nil.
The miserable condition of the French
army, defouces. etc., are exposed, alter
which a moral to the story is pointed out
in this wife . "And wo English, have w.
nothing to learn trom this woful story ?
Is it sure that none of its twVuigs
apply to ourielvi as well as the
In "The Dutch and their IKw l Cui h,"
wc make a little tour round the bonicrs
of the Zuyikr ."c, noticing the euerjiy
and Industry of the Dutch, th. ir enter
prises that havo been successful, the
growth f sonic of Ihelr cities, and the
decadence of others.
The Wanderer' letter also takes us to
the Continent. It is a good-natured
grumbling epistle, and we hope to hear
often from the same convsp mdeut.
Y oudrous tales are some of those told
In the "legends and Folk-lore of North
Wale." Tho object of the arliclo seems
to be to lend tottrista out of the beaten
Iiatli, and ontlee (hem lo search for tnytlti
and traditions nut set down iu the guide-
Wo begiu to understand what "Tho
Dilemma" really Is, and haurtily wUhnll
parties safely out ot it. As some ol the
characters have made their matrlnioulal
arrangements, and a few olheu have been
killed off, wc may conclude that tliostorv
Ii nearly lluishod. Tlie present part gives
some very life-like description i of cavalry
In huutl-lo-hand conflict.
Tho last article, on "The Weather," U
by no means the least in Interest. 1 1 be
gins wltli an explanation of the difference
between weather and climate, and intro
duces us to Vapor, WIhu, cloud, to the
children of the latter, Italn, J'og. Suow
una llaTi, and to "her Utile broths Dew,"
describing their different dispositions,
mora sand delects.
The periodicals roprlated by (he Leon
ard Hoott Publishing company (it Bar
clay Street, N. Y.) are as follows: The
AeiKfon quarterly, KJtnburgh, Wcttmint
trr, and tiriti-h u.uxrUrlv UeHeu. ami
JllaekwooiiU Magatim. Prlea, frl a year
tor any one, or only 910 for all. and the
l'ostaxu Is prepaid by the PuhHaliera.
Joe .lefl'crsou's youngest child, born
in Chicago on the nljfht of tlto great lire,
died two week ego In London.
Joseph 11. Korc, who escaped from tho
Missouri penitentiary, recently, was serv
ing oul it sentence of tun years for killing
his brother-in-law, Ueaoh.and ult..-tiiDtinir
to kill 1.1 wife.
The Metropolis Timu i "We are told
that the young Isdlesot Ueloonda engage
nine iKiiuuiul, exciting and romantic
exetelieofcoou hunting. They havo
more en'eiprl.'o than our alatropoli
Iris. It we were a coon, we would not
dread death If the hunt of a beautiful girl
was tne hiutu woman.
Tlie ll!ln.,is Bute Journal: "Wc
noticed the following delegates (row this
State in attendance at the late Texas and
Paeltlceon y J
H. Hailey, W. II. rtarjow, 'v. j. carter,
A. A. Glenn, Geo. W. Parker. E. B.
Ibick, W. P. If illhUiy. J2. JUller, Joyph
Gillespie, I' T. Uncgnr.J. Wilcox."
'Ilio Jcseyviiio spcolal to Ihe Chi-
.... ... . . '
Thanltag! vhiir, says 'Nearly all huums of
business were dosed to-day, and uujou
services were held by (bur 1'rotestant so-
eietic at the Tird Presbyterian churoh,
at which Key. Jam. W. StmU, Ihe pan
tor, delivered an able discourse. The
Odd I'ellowi, asbisteil bv th iiMi.
A a magnlfleen UimiH- at . andav
voort's ball for the craft nnd invited
raft nr.il In.lil
? i i Tj J
parcel Utrongb j
aded by the Me-
umwts, aiter wnien tiiey
. . n. ..... ---"-,
the prluclinl trcit, houded
doi-a brass ltu;l,llienoe to the ilethodlst
ohureh. Here Ihe orator of , dy. '
Hon. John II, Oberly, grand masttr of
tbe ordsr of this smnmiuiirMiHi a,,.i
of the
I'aiikj Ui'Mrnv.
they nil n i. 1i
'roitu.i .
.ii,...,.,. !. (yi VVH!'- " N.
i .ii' : 1 1 ... ir 1 i - i' .' 1 ')
' '.i-w . n ii i .-I t. ;V '. '
. he lei i (Hi. ii 1 '.'i'1'-1 lc ''"
nt! ) sJi'npj. fi th - b! iv rhi;;. At i', ".
i i)i.i ililo'i tir.-.i ?le-tr Obcrljr pro-
' ccetkd to ada- r.embljr In a most
tttajb rly d eloiincn t f peeeb of itn honr's
duration, which was lUtotuit to with the
clunesl ultfiitioii. 'Vbc pOnXer added
new !anil to HU alreatly rxlclve rep
ntatlon at beitf among tlo memt Mho
Jarly orators cf ttd country."
tTMbtttMior KcJ'0' t V;re
rcnUlvct Tto Arrival nt
Ilcerwtli.il o lira Hi
1 avion r.i-.U riualiu,
nt o lira .HrrniUu:.
Itftsro. MAi.. Nov. S8, A more tlmu
'S;;utmtli stillness sosraed tu brood over
our ity as the niomtvy broke brigtrt r.od
' otuiittl and nddtd soK'tiiuhy btflltiajf
the Hut nwHwlntf. It Imparted it.- hi
iliwucos to thoumutls wto niOOibled to
u itnesa Hm civmaff of th last sad r'.'es
i iiljout to be p'dd b,. tho benytred com
i-.ioir t.aiiu in ii HueMilstlugaiMieu Son.
It v.: wpechHl lhttho cpetlul train
Usaiing the 1. inniiis olthc dt:eaed vloe-
SrM-ldent xKnild nrrivo nl the ilcpot of tho
io.-i i. tuul Albany road iini:30,aud long
before that liotir the crow.1 In wnithig
inbrltr have In en ruuuben d ty thousands.
A tfctaii ot forty petlec ami clghi mmtnled
mi n l ept order ii, the depot aud in l.m
coin KtraK Iradlnir iVum tin U anh stro.t
entrrnec, allowing no one topahv In or
out but those i"rnilnirUi escort, ffimnls
of boii r mid various dc?tgnateU com
t nine otiioek Col. J, K. Uakr, or
tho fovcrnor's council; Cols. Winner
and Gray, ofthe governor's staff ( Mayor
Cobb nud Aldei ntvn Clark and Stcbbins,
Prcxidunt r.i.'iinliiiun, of the common
coui.vll, aud Couim ilntiii Brackett.
Flynn a nil llou took oarriaxea Irom
tho State house ::va drove to the depot.
Thenrst corps ot cauits. ono hundred
and twenty muskets, tinder command of
litcut. Col. KUmnuds, were in waiting,
dr.iwn up in line on Xlnooln street. At
10:30 tlio train moved Into tho
depot, and the policemen, in dress
uniform, who had been detailed for this
purpose, bmM the casket from the train
to the Bcaclt F.treet ntrar.ee. Captain
II ay oo ck with tils detachment of twelve
marine wiio had recoinpanied the re
mains from Wtohhurton, toother, with
the officer of the Flfi.li Mmylur. J regi
ment, Jtarched on cither si'le of the oas
ket as a guard of honor. V bile the body"
was being borne through the dop.it. a
member of the brigade band played a
so) . dirge upon th" oomnt, this being tlie
0 .ly ntuktc at the depot or on the Hue of
1 :tr.'h.
fin makc'ii ooau- ham..
A'.ong Um lino f march tho utmost
o..r t am nrmni Was shown to tmue
u-a- ,1 l-t the luuneiise throne that lined
the mi,, i Is, while tho solomnltr of th oe-
e,..-i.n mi taenased by the tolling of
1X4;-. wncn eonunuea until me remains
n .! hed tse atate-house and were depos
ited In i
DHlH. tlAiL
Ahlch wvisheavlUr bet simply draped In
Enteiinir Ioiic hail UYon the eiitiv.nco
floor of the building is the presence of
tne tra? omciait ami ouicrs wno stood
uncovircd, the casket was placed upon
the di:4 whrrc it wfll r main until to
morrow when the public funeral services
will t jto place.
JniHedtatclv Col. Wynun of the cov-
ernors staff, under whoso charge the
bodyWAs brought from Washington and
wno witn uoi. t;auDpea accompanied
tbett as they were brought into the hail,
stepped forward saluted tbe commander-in-chief
and made
ol the reinninx to the State authorities.
He said : "Your Excellency : In obe
dience to your orders, we have proceeded
to Was1iluctTO and secured from the na-
tinunl eommiil'C the leinalns ol Yice
Pusldeut WiUon, which wo lave es
corted to olassachuseUsand now deliver
to you."
Governor Gaston replied : "Massachu
setts receives Irom you her Illustrious
dea l. Sho will see to it that he wlio.e
ileail body you have borne to ns, but
whose spirit has gone to a higher service,
shall reotdve honor befitting the great
ofH 1-e which In life ho held. 1 need not
remind j on thai her peopln will ever
treasure with love and respect the many
of lierdistingulahcd statesmen nnd will
not only guard aud protect the body, the
coflln and the grave, but will also vene
rate his name and his fame. Genllunen.
for the pious service which you have so
well aud so tenderly rendered accept tho
thanks of the commonwealth."
Boon after tho governor and his mtlnuo
retired; ami tho doors of tbe hall wcro
!oou after opened to nil of the waiting
throng to enter. All day, until S o'clock
In tho Hvenloar n continuous stream of
peoplo parsed througlit tho building,
and it.is e-ilmated that 30,000 persons
viewed the remains during- the day.
The marines, under Capt. Haycock,
witt reuiaiu rn duty with the body, as a
guard ot honor, until It is deposited In Its
Anal resting place at Natlck.
Fltie Revival of Ihe Arnndal.
Nr.w ;Vouk, Xov. 38. Kev. I). P.ud
dlugtou, of Brooklyn, said yesterday iu
juaard to the propoised nintual eouueil to
m called by Mrs.Moulton and Plymouth
church, llvut no lioluU enulil Iim innnlil.
cred by the coi ii other than those sub
mitted in ino miters missive. If thu
uiinreii iinu -urn. niouuoii coulu agree
upon the raising ol any of the scandal Id
sues Ihe matter would be Imjulred Into
ii uie euuueu.
. ... .
UIBclsl I'rotrll7.
WiiKbi.iNo, Nov. 2S.--Artlelcs of iin
peachmeut against John J. Uurdott,
Honeuirr ui im niaic, were auoDteu mt
nignt uy tlio House ot Uek'gateif, This
enB win now go to uie Beuuw lor trial,
Auicieaoi unueaoumeut asalusl E. A.
Ikmnett, Huuw auditor, will be Voted on
w-morruw. Tlie obarges against the
jtcniioiuen i oiuui in auuoiug the oowers
or uieir oiQuea ami tiervertlug the In,
iiu-iiei- ui iiwie uiuciai iiostiion to their
privnu; interest'.
Auia.w, N. Y. Nov. SS.-'Pho mostor
bulldt-r Ol Now V.ii-W nnnli.l.! k n..
Tildcn Ui examine the construction of tho
uuw oapitoi (mincing, report timt the
manage uieut and mmmer ol eonstructlon
evince a degree or negligence or want of
I'miiiewnu shin io mi eiirmt win., no i
tent w thout nnr.
uuii iu vuu uuiurv oi uieir on ierval ion
..II..I I.. .1. . ....... I
ami mat tne couiinuunue of the work
win involve tlto mvi-y of tearing
down and lcconstiuctliig extensive por.
tlous ol the structure, ut very groat loss
nelijton iiiinr Iu l'lilliiuM,iti.
VlIH.tOKMUIA. NOV. fi8 Tho Mn,i
i 5""' Iuku)' nteetlngs to-day were very
" .' "T. : .ln. . 1i,0"'.", "
""'utoi. ll IIIU uion,
E!1'cr wlnjr was held nnd Iu t
frn.ooii a woman's meeting look
1 service In tho wvenTug wet
Vlllilllr n-.a.i A I ......I. .A . ,
KIHIUI UlUL':illir WtlM I1HISI fltU 111 llm
the at
em for
t . l5Ti 1 1? Mw two
feSffi -l?i WL .ffl
"' 'U for prayers and In thuovinli
A!' young men deiired to be iimei.it fni
'Ill,,, . , .. . .
. ,i. :r , , . 'oiiiinue
t lu lli
' ' i , - i. van ', ii .
Kvan .
I'l.ii i
-nim: ;r.i
i!i i'i d and I,
t -l ' .. leVt lai
i i iv!a iittvo. bee"
. .. Info wlnlciUinli-
I. on l'chti I ' .ick. a native of Bastdfln
r...d"l). Was fonil dei d at hl lodgtllg,
ii! I.oulftvlllc. Satiitdny. with a rone
iirottnditis neck. '
Mary Waters an Insane colored woinnn,
Was uccldeiitly burm-l to dcnlh Iu the
county jail at Leingl'in, Mistottrl, a few
day nj.
A woman Rind fbrtv years, named Wi'-
l.embm Work, was m iesled Saturday, In
BiuTulo, ohnrjgtd with minderliig her
Step-son, aged fotirt-eti. J In lias lnn j
uals.'liiar eliiAn Mi., lil int.. nnd lit hodv I
was round in an oiu tcii on tne prcroises.
In a nude state, except n shirt, A Qbnln
and other weights vur" nttaelied to III
neck. IVoperty belonging to lilm and
reverting to her o n ehii'l hi cflso of his
denth siippoied lo linvc proniptrd tile
Real Estate C&lumn
Buinea liOUw on lsvee. lately
ruple4 by Cntdngliam A 8tiltvlt.
- Boslnes house on Jvec. fletr Sixth
"tfect, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man & Co.
Winter's Movie- suitable for Hotel,
Offices or Business rooms cheap.
Teneiivuts numbered 4, 7, 8 and 0, In
ZX ft' flwM,"rf'",''"f'
No. 10 (pornor). $1U CO-7 rooms.
Cottage on .Sixth street, near Wash
ington uvenue rooms $10 a month.
Store room In "Illot House," lately
occupied Vy A. If alley.
Store lomn lately occupied by Howo
Sewing ilaehiue Ott., on Commercial
avenue, near Ninth atfeet.
Two small llotitaf watt of Twtuty
sreond strwi, near tint, H each per
month. ,.!,.
Dwelling, homo on Twclltli, near
Walnut, 6 rooms.
Storo room on tavee, above Klghtli
tn et 20 per month.
Cottago on Nliietecnlh street, near
Wrsldngton avcnutf; a month.
Dwelling bouse Mi Sixth street and
Jefferson avenue.
Upper lloor of brick building on
Commercial avenue, above Tenth street,
very deskablo.
Rooms In various parts o; llie elty.
1 number of r.oU on Levee, atiovo
Twelfth btrect. otiUida Am limits, a bin
a large .tnmlior of other Ijote in dUlcrwiM
IjOBds, lu iracts to soft, near Cairo.
'i "Ti sr-TT rtTri i ...
9, 1(r , Pn-littit.
r. VttC, Vice itch 't.
n WclU, Ciufaicr
T. 4. Ktrib, Att Cstb'r.
iii mi mi
Cirner Oomaaarelol Are and 6 th Stret,
&J&.TJPZO. XXUXjiat.
r. Rrim. CSira. Wm
P. Sea. culm. M m WoTi
a . siuanaa, l iuro. .
ii . . .i . i . . ..
r. a. onaamaa, et. Utitit,
A UeneT.-tl t!aStklng BomIh:. Done
K5-Ejtchnt Mild atid bouj.'hl Intrnwt imld
111 tllti .ivlricr IlAtuhVttfiM.l i ..ll.., .. l.i
ami ull Ihuiuujb promptly littfailnt to, '
Enterprise Savings
A.M. SArrOUD. l'midcBt.
? 9li.vl,i,Kjt Vie frldanl.
i . uiwiuri pea T sa, i
21 . 11A11CI.AT.
1'ilL'L a. 8cHim,
P. M. Hmriirf.p
it. II. CmiHlXUIUM.
J. 1.
TXTKRE3T paid on ilejmiiu st the rate of tlx
X per cunt pcraiimim. Murch l.i an.) u...iJl
Married "IVomen nud Children may
niuHujr nuu no OHO
oloe can draw it.
.3?a, buslMssday fmmta.m. to S p.m.
.'..ygyjQg. Treaemer.
City National Bank
CAIHO, ILLmoill.
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
,'le lrest.
ss'l cacuiw.
f luu,,,.,,, PrsinBiS '
A. Ji. biurotm
Sltlff' Salt.
J3iU-lli!'f?vVI'! ' VTtttin. ""llons lo n - ,ii
.tv; iu toonii1. t'''rtlte,,'J',vii!r'lrllwti,rop:
wit- rii,i,rc "" iiimoia, to-
hvoi.1, Slut rtlV'iV 0) ln ,'l,'ck "Wui"'!
iWMiSw lkli. 'i I'WIflly 'lllieul.
?l.f rJia-tiuit ilnor of Um .umn hni, i7.
" .l JVf Jiwr of 1 l e .0iri 1, iX 7,'"
11 i Im..u'i..ii ii... i
Subfjcribe for
Loftding .Tournnl ot Southern
The Bulletin
Will sUadfaf Ut oppoto the pyllrle ct th
Bcpubllon party, and re mm to be tram
meled .. the dictation ol r.ny clique la the
Demotmtle rjitfklsalion.
tt btlleve thai tbe Itepubllean party aa
rnaibstl It mission, sod that the iHmo-
crutie party as now orgaa'zed houlu be re
stored to power.
It believes the Radical tyranny that has
frr atreral yai oppress eU the Jontr
shouW be overthrown aud ihe people r ' iu
Koutiam State perrnttfed to coRtro." thei;
ows affair.
it veiuves tost raiiroaii corporation
should be proMMtau by laghfatlve rcaet
menu from cortartmg and nmnttfy dstertm-
haattagln their bmtwew tratmetfen witb
the pnilU.
It retognise lbs otoallty of aH men be
fore the law.
It advocate ires enti8rca tarltt ;or
ivenuo my.
It adroeate resumiitfon ot tpetW pay
neat, anil honest payment of tbe public
It advocates seonowy in Uia admimattfr
Hon ol public affair.
The llullstln will imbllsh all the Iocs- sew
of Oalro, ami a variety of Commerela.', lo
litleal, Foreign oiul General Hew, sod an
daawto please all tastes and Interest ah
reader. v
U a thirty-two column jmpsr, fiirniiheit Ir
ul)soribM lor the law price of
I'osuge prepaiU. It in (ho chmpe p-ipn
in the West, and Is ;i pleasing Klnm.e
VliiternnU lfamlly Companion.
Oannot tail to eee tlio UL-tvaled IniliiBe
mnUotrore(ibyTii9 Uullutla In tl,0 way
ol cheap and wefltublo advortisomeii!. .
Sole Agents, Two Stores, 74- Ohio
Levee, and Washington Ave.
Corner 33iglith Street,
B'jl VSI9i
d19"A A'fti T47
Have Seduced their Entire Stool-
Read! Read! Read!
To a rtenv r Ixoro oSred to Ihli Htj-. S;i tI,
where yon ai. ,.,
8 mum m mmm ws jav? v mv$ nmi vnpum
i also in PTjBwisrrrNG gcodhi
ll) unr t)rj'-tJool Di-jrirtnitDt we Mill ;!ve
To trerjboty mho luyt to Ue iuuoiiuI of Mm dull an.
El-Give usatrliiland wewiltcnTloco)iu tlatwrmcai wh.it wt y.tS
14-2 8l 144 Commercial Avenue.
II H-Ow.
Imporier and Wholesale Dealer in
Win and JAqum??
Koops n full st1 ok of
Monongaliela, K-ye and Kobinson County
M, t IS pi Wr ,
C B.B.corSSn.roE'StA I
kF paer gsB ortiAGQ rL4
3 CTES m! I
nt A ft
KT&l wa t.-a jam
in both their
Stores, Consi..tinKof
ai.i'.it'i.m ii ealkit I
j em Cliittihv t)rj ji r i.
. I -m "-"""" "I I'll,!' lI'l ln. K,
' mi ' . i.i it.-, , i.,r ,.,., to n l(
I " " ' l' " I . I1IIII..U
1 ' I 1 til
OPILY $1.25 A

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