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A.-tfj jl liHV liltllt III lllll..il i.w.n. in O.l.l.
.Kj'Ki.V. lndr)?nltnl Outer r OJil-l..t-4)j
i'Sj,'-l h. iww i.trry 'Unix lav Ijilil
rcti- hlliii(roitrtHPi'ji. In llirirMlini
rsitiitaculal iieiiue, iittmctt MxUi anJ Kirntli
0. I.4Mf. N. U.
unto r.xcAtii'Mii.vr, i, u. o. v., mwu
JJn 1O11M1-J J:il onllir nwt und Oilnl
I ui-suny- In every month, at Lalf-past rvm.
.In. 1. 11, Uhmu.y, 0. r.
cAiitoLoncrr:. no. en, &a. m.
, HoM roKiiliir ronimuntrattons lulls
soulc lliUI, uivnrr UuiiitncTrlul uvinur
Miuil Kfirlith Mri. 1. tin lh? vin,l ciil
Yairtli Moo 'lav ol cicli munlli
A JJhu Ktlti Over
To Cowpcrlhwalto: Phillips to try tlioso
Gold Buckle cigars.
Wntf rproofs mill f'lnnuelfc.
We oiler at reduced rales, tint black
waterproof, nl 00 cent.
Hkii.bhon A Win .
Till- I.uttkl.
All the latest styles of gents' and boys'
hats, nt niiiioni prices, all), Ilailimm's,
corm-r Sixth riiul Commercial avcuuv.
Come and see mc. 12 5-tf
Attention I ItuHlcrn.
Wo Imvc four dozen Imitation Ebony
Sprngim Can-Opcncrs, takrn for adver
tising, which wo will till nt two dollars
per dozen. Inquire at Bulletin otllec.
Tho I'tuce,
Tho place to get tho bct, :hcixjii Mid
larccet assortment of Alapacs it nt I).
Hartman's ilry goods t tort, corner Sixth
stree-t aud Commcietal avenue.
Ite-wli Henil !!
Tiit llnt't assortment of genu' youth'
aiul bfcyf.' cluthin, which we will sell
cheaper than can be bought anywhere In
the city, at Ii. llartmau's, corner of Sixth
street ami Commercial nvcnuo, 12-5-tt
IVIIntiu'i I.erttirn
K. V. Wilson, one ol tlio most cloquout
ijxsilicri of tlio day, will lecture In Lib
eral Hall and jj'ito tctts and reading ot
clinractcr, Sunday morning at 10 o'clocl;,
and at 7:30 o'clock p. in. Go and hoar
foryourtfll. li-Mt
.Clilliiury ! 3IUIIiir.r!
The larcat and bfst clccttd stock ol
Mlllitibiy cin bo found at lledbron A
WfSl'f.it greatly todurcd ju-Iw. ixnIat
iu (f fine florrrB wIiik ffo.'.lhnri', velvet,
vAlour and oi namcnU. Spulal attention
l CHlIr.d to our lino of O'trlelil-'caUiirsln
nil tulori,UoM SI to S7, tho Iar.Mt In
hi market.
Wo will jay no blll conlraotol by any
imploya of Tin: liL'LLi7n.v tinVsj the
atne 1 made on a written older (slnnl
by the president or ncrf tdry of the com
pany, and wc will accept iio onlvr 'tn
by kii finployo of the company, for .1117
purpo.e hal-THr,
C'Aiiio ih i.ixii:,- Uompanv.
NftVfinter 1'J. 1S75. tt
l'.vrrIUIu'f tor ':i(lilru:
Hidlbron & Well can i'o Ix-iu-r In the
line of chllurunV ihvici. obrMriiin?
robe-, zephyr imiiiutji .. i-I cr, un-rinii
Frencli boai.etj uin! cp. cn-y linii"f i
ut A cpn ; aU .1 nl! nud cnmpli f- 'hi. u: '
cblklirii nitrir.o and wjivrprotJ cIomIsk
than any one el thU slitu ol i.'hioHfo ;
und by rxatnlnln; thc "uod-i, we con
vince you Unit wo iniMin what we iy.
our ii tto Is iinidl prorlt uml qnlok sale'.
HnujinoN A Witii..
Itiu Lcrt IIK.D.
A ftrictol lour lecturrk nioyet tn be
Klven under the auspice or the LH-rnry
Association, m iuUotY.4:
Dec. 7th illii Iinto Thotupson :
" Uth-Hoti. W. ll.Crrrn;
" 2UI Mti.U.G. Alvottl;
" iiSth-Ur. llowcu 'alducr
.hiu. lth-I)r. Q. O. 'nrUr.
JIlKt-vlaneoiik Itvnin.
Adrlsn II. .Mullcr, Auctioneer.
Adiiati II. iluller A Son v. Ill tell st
anctiou on Wednesday, December 8th,
875, at l'iiUO o'oloct wt tho Ksclisujfo
rfalei ltooin, Ko. Ill Uroadtrny Saw
York City, for account of whom It may
coucern 10.1 nharej Cairo CIit Property.
Stock-SllXl each. U-2U-7t
Real Estate Column
llti'liiuis house on I.nree, lately
fuplcd by Cunnliifrhnm A Stllwell.
Iiitsliiesj house on l.eveo. near Sixth
ttect, laloly occupied by Cross, Cole
man &. Co.
Winter' lllcicli- suitable for Hotel,
Olllcod or Hnsliies.5 room cheap.
TeneiiienU numbered I, 8 mwl 0, in
Winter's How. 5 rooms each, Cor ?10 per
No. 1U (coiner), $ia 507 roouiij.
Cottnjro on Sixth fctrcct, near Wash
ington avenue I rooms $10 n mouth.
Store room In "l'ilot Hotie," lately
occupied by A. llallcy.
Store room lately occupied by Howe
Sewing .Machine Co., on Commercial
nvonuu, nearMnih Mreet.
IwoMiinll lining west ofTwctity
Feeond streol, near l0) jji each pr
Dwelling hoiue
Walnut, 0 roomii.
"' Twcllth, near
Store room on l.evcc, abovo El-hth
street $20 ior uionlh. "
CpthtKu on h'inetcenth street, iWr
WashluKtou nvcmioiitSS no a month.
Dwelling hoiiro on Sixth Vtri'it and
Jefferson nvcnuo.
-Upper lloor of brlch buliifc.- on
i onimereiui nvcnuo, almvo 'lj JKa-trcot,
very tics irawo.
iiutck J
rrl.M, pi
Jtooin in viu loiis pai'
... " IjStoMtt.
W ' Wmlillii''.-. . 1 ".. . I ."'i'Muu
hoitaataDniggH ,e,ij g, outHidn tire limits. Also
10-H-wljr. yl!Mron.r of other Loth in different
i7v'atl tntcte to fcuir, ncftr Cairo.
. -t
OCTT raws,
Tuesday, December?. 1375.
I.tintl Wentner Mwrf.
Caino Ut... I)w o, tit3.
ti itUs. Tub. Wimu.
"a.m. '.955 J rT"
5 p.m. 15. Ji H
S ' UfUil7
I i ii -
ScnsAnl.i'lKiinlfcetvlct, V a A.
Cairo Eucumpmeut. I. O. O. I'., will
meet UiU I'vtuhig ut seven and a half
i:t ctirnlod TlcKcti l or Htir.
Wo havo two tlckots good lor tho round
trip in the grand excursion toconJuoiTon
th17lh, which wc tIII sell vry low.
Here. Is u chuucii lor a cheap rldo, provi
ded lh" ti'.-ketn aro taken oou.
hw vfir,n null.
Nenjahr's-Jlall zpr UrMllhungder neuen
Turnhallo, am Sylvestorabend, dn
aitcn Des., Ifs73. In plain Un;:ll-Ji
Nnw-Venr'x tiaJl In cotcbrntlon of the
opening of ttio new Turners hall, New-
Your' live, aUtDcMrnber. injr,.
j;ilic-lllt, Attotllfnn 1
on are hereby notified to attend 11
fllwclnl mcctiug of tho compauy on Thurs
day evening, December tlh. Important
biulness will come bofyro tho meotlug.
AllmcmbuMnrc rcrjufttd to bepreJeiii.
I2-7-nt. ). O'JiAir.nM.v, See'y.
Oov. IJevorldgo, hai appointed .Itidg
UroM delrgute from thU end of tl- BtuUi
to attend tlm meeting of th "'atloiml
Hoard of tmnrportntton aud commeroe."
which r. ill hold IU tex-ion In Chicago, on
the li'th, lfith and J7tl jf tho present
nnnt-tiM; ;ou. nl.
'I'he tecoud nr.d laf-t irm ot Mr.
Charles Hardy's danelng aeliool will
commence next'i'hiirf.dar, DecomberOth,
at 8 p. tn.. at the corner of Washington
avenue and Tenth ttrret. Children's
cists will meet on Saturday at 3 p. m.
I'rorapt attendance Urriuoitoi. 12-7-:it
A. Criitnnnlnl I'lelur.".
Jlr. .1. 1'. ICyder, of Clevelund, Ohio,
puWUhor i.i ehromo of Willard's -quaint
humor?, "I'htck,'' "Deaeon .lo'.es," and
"Ouch,' mvj produced nhat he calls hit
'!atct," entitled "I'nlted WoSfaad, Di
vltlcd Wo Fall.' Itls a funny picture
done In lithograph, sulfablo foraiiyjilaw
visited by ?ojlo who wish to laugh.
Its subject is particularly appropriate
to the holidays irnmtdlitely proceeding
or Centennial birth year. The picture
can bo found with all doali-rs generally,
Or will In: forwarded, pon p&Mi, on iv
celpt &f one dollar, xddresed to J. F.
Itjrdor. 237 Superior urccl, CleT.Und,
Sometime durl ig Saturday Light
burcUri -u.i- ti 1 n!rneu lnt Cupt.
uohn U. riiill!' iotf. corner of Tenth
iind LrriHs t.--t. The thieve? were not
a-tp'od fph m: ht-my, however,
fie yiod in 1 tut Lor were uil of h kind
n't frt-lly tnrrli-d swr. I'he goivl '.ir
ried .. w.-c of llttl v,.iuc.
I Ii -tore of HuIt. A; WiUoc, ;iir.ier
of Twelfth imd T.evce streii,wa aUo
hrokvn Into, but, hs at Cupt. l'tiillis', the
thluvea went away almost eiupty-tundtd.
An orsreoar, bulongliijr to r em
ploye of the Itcj.LiiTiv otilce, was. stolen
out of liU room Mintiiiuc dutiug Satur
day. Xo cine to the thief.
I'lllflillHl XutCV.
.Mr. Jiu. Johiiiou, AtUo nttoucUt: tin
rallrond convention at Unltlmoro )tt
week, reiurnd tioui?o;i SMurdi.r alter
iiood. Juuge (illbett, wlio ha been vijit
tng bis sosi, . U. and II. P. Gilbert,
In tills city, left for his home acAlton on
Sunday afternoon.
Owing to a sudden attack of Illa,
liev. Chi.!. A. Gilbert was unable to
conduct services nt tho Church of the
Kedeerner 011 Sunday. At the evening
service lie.v. Prank Uilhert occupied the
Mr. I'snimlngton.ol Pemeroy, Ohio,
father of Mrs, D. T. Parker. Is in tie
II. II. Camlet, left yesterday after
afternoon by the north bnund train. He
trill hf abirnt about one week.
VwJJce Oourl
Unfortunates to the unnibfti; of ftvo
were bsfore his Honor Judge. llro, yes
terday. John KellcTi T. J. liurko and John
King were arretted on charges oi disor
derly conduct. ICellej was Hind ten dol
lars, aud HurUo and King live nnd costs
eacli. The former whs cajitmed by
Chief GossmuiHiid (he tw-aoticrs byOf
llcer Andy Cnln.
l'tetiry Kelleygot drunk and foil Into
the hands of OHIcer Cain, who tool; him
hoforoJndge Hroa, who charged up to
IColloy ljvo and costs. Ilo was sent to tho
calaiiooso fur four days.
H. II. Allen, for tU'';lllng M-lthout
llccme, was tlncd ten Uo . .r,. vhich -together
with tho coHtf, ntr hm account up
to near tlftcen cbllnrj. Allen w (.cut
to the lock-up. Andy Cain mnd- t)io arT
t;iirlJn:n lrniei:t.
As usual. Phil Snup, tho king of Cairo
confectioners, lu comu to tlm trout, rank
with the largct and best stock of toys
and candle ev.'.r brought to tho city.
For two wveks, ho lias been at vork
night nnd day, nrrauging tho presents
and good things whlck have, heen arrlv
li'K daily in Urjo quantities, and he Is
now prepared to tnrnlsh parsut5 with
piescnta and cwectmtaU for their little
ones tiiltatiii, f0r ciihUnas prctentii, nt
tho very lowest prices. His stock of
French and American candles U une
qualled In Southern Illinois, and his
stock of toys Is unusually large, und of
the best mid strongrtt tnnUa. Xo one
slioiild buy before Inspecting UU torc,
where thoy wilt Iw sure to find what they
wt.t. la-sani
Aniiieniuti nml F.uf rrlalnmenli
w. roini.d.TV!iat njirt TVJm ii.
Then; lo bo 11 number of yen Interest
ing miterUiumctiti In this city during
tin: next thirty days.
These will commence witii Mis Thomp
son's Mittrraltinifiil to-ulghtftt tho Athe
neuni. Thi lady, ohv of our beat public
school teachers, was requested to lecture
by the Woman's Library Hoclety. In
stead of doing so, slid conclnded to ar
range 11 little programme of her own, aud
give 'to the patrons of the "Lecture
Cotirf" pk'Ksant surptUo.
Wc shall lliereloro have to-nlgbt a
duet by .YiHJcs PhlllN and Harrell ; reci
tation by Mlia Frank lo Hexford a
select reading, recitation aud es
say by illks Thom;son; u Hcotch song,
'n t'itun', by thirteen little boys nnd
gills; and last, but Tcry truly Indeed not
least, two songs by that mot pleasing
rocblist, Mrs. Laniden.
Who, the 11 j can doubt that .Miss
Thompfou, appreciating the necessities
of the occasion, bus hit npon "Just the
thing," and will havo n crowded liotifr
tui: r.PHCoi'Ai, i.ADiKs.
Or. the 'Jth and 10th in.-.t., tlio ladles of
the Kpl. copal church (ami these have had
inuoh expcilcneo In aucU r.flalrs) will en
terUln otirpuoplo with u Fair and Festl
ral, which tho Sun truly remarks, as It
cefiln e?ery partkular. Thesfl f-nter-
prising ln'Jija will sprc neither Inbomor
expense in making tin Fe.tival nil that
It p9lbly can bo niwle.
Already an lavltatlon ths.t reads as fol
low? a really handsomely printed Invi
tation (done nt the Bcli.kti.v olllce, ot
cotir:e), has heen Inticd:
St. Charles, Hotel,
Friday Eye. Dee. 10. 1ST.'..
lutiuuoa. Ilccrptleu. Vloor JInnscr.
VT.'J.MrG. llobt IllBklp, W.K. Hawkins
C. (.. .Mttwn, Ihoi.Mon.'iii. II . It. Alllbutn,
(i.I.. Cl.y. " .V. W lUckrr.
This mcsiu ft dance, one of the really
onjojable duncts our young folks can
arrange. Xo doubt the budding geniuses
of tha Taylor" will, on this occasion,
twirl their literary toes with tklll aud
This veratlh club, boastfnl at oace of
Its devotion to literary pursuits aud lovo
of fun, will give two minstrel entertain
ments at th AtheneiiKv between Christ
mas and Xow Year's. Kehearsals will bo
commenced In a lew days, aud w have
no tlonbt the programme the club will
give to tho public will be replete witii
good thing? the very best in the min
strel Hue. These amatanrs are not
equaled in the country, and they can,
without much d!iU:aIty, dlicount mauy
of the professionijh.
It tus beru prupocd that n literary
entertainmei.t of the genuine kind be In
dulged In by tills eiub. Wo all know
what it can do is. L way of niimfrelsy
and denoing and batbllUm, but a to
Its lltrraiy qualities we know Terr little.
That its members are "up" iu literalism
wc do not doubt, nnd would like to have
them n.kc a mmilfcjtatloa of thIr qual
ity In th:. direction. We agree with
them, that wc, tho good people of Cairo,
appreciate ;. negro show and circus much
more thau literary exercises, but clubs
like ths Taylor Club should lead us up to
k better taste: at least they should make
the experiment.
aim. up.. WARP.Nan's.
On th 15th lint., ilrs. Dr. Wardnsr, the
hed and front of the Ctntennlal work In
Ejypt, and energetic a the day ii long,
villi indulge In a CrntenuUl tea party,
to which the publlo will be duly In
vited. The party will be at the bouio
of Dr. Warduer, ana ndmlfloii can be
ptocured by payinsnt ot the virr small
uai of twenty-live cent.
This will be tho Jlrst ta party ot the
kind given In Cairo, audit will, without
doubt, be a successful one. Hut low of
our patilotic citizens will negleet to pat
ronize it, and other than patriotic citizens
we do not permit to abide In our city.
On Christmas eve, the colored Odd
Fellows will publicly install their olllcers
in Scheels' hall, Indulge in oratory suita
ble to the occasion, and with their wires
and trlendi enjoy a fuw hours in social
Tho Turncis will dedicate their new
hMl at tho coracr of Tenth and Toplar
streets, on Xe w Year's Eve. There will be
on this occasions Joyful time. Mr. A man
this Jaeckel will deliver nu addrcs In the
Juiitriiago ot "fader laud." He Is a very
ablo public apeakcr, nnd will, no doubt,
acquit hhn?elf with credit. That most
excellent musical society, tho Concordia,
will sing some of their best soug, a line
band will furnish music, tho dancing will
be earrb-d into the srua hours ayant tha
tvral, and the Inner man will bo aupplted
witii the most toothsonio of eatable?, aud
the most palatable of drink.
mi: oni i'ki.lows.
Alexander Lodge of Odd Fellows will in
dulge In nrtchereht aflair 011 the 7th of Jan
uary. 1 he ollleers ol the Lodge, elected
last Thursday night, lll bu publicly
Installed. Hon. (ro. 11. Weudllug will
deliver hifi oration on the "Stone Ezel,"
and :t eplcudld ball and supper will bo
given at tlio St, Charles hotel. Past
Uraud Mtslers Ellis and Sherman, of Chl
creo, and X. C. Xason, K. W. Grand Sec
retary, of Peoria, aro expected to bu pres
ent on tha occasion. The ball will be In
"the highest style ol the urt,"
tho most fashionable and stylish affair
of the hind over given In Cairo; hut,
thu great feature- of the occasion will bo
Mr. Wendllug's oration. We have heard
It praised by very competent judges who
havo listened to it, us 0110 of the very
tlneit piccw of oratory. And we have
no doubt It is, for Mr. Wendling, al
though u young man, has already tukeii
hl pla! among the most gifted orutora
ot our State.
a 1113 WOMA.N'3 C'l.t K LKOTrilEJ.
This course of lee.tures, which has been
very successful, wl.l scou Iw ended. Hon.
1 Win. H. Grwn, Gen. J. UlackUtrn Jones,
Mrs. 0. 0. Alrord, Dr. II. Wardner and
Dr. 0. G. Parker are to lecture yet.
The lust lectnre lu tlio course will be
that o Gen. J. Wackburn Jones, of St.
Louis, svboje subject will bo: "Does
Science Leave 111 Our Faith In the Im
mortality of the Soul?'' The General Is
ona of the most pleaolug of public
speakers, at once eloquent, forcible und
Instructive, and he will not full to win
the applause ot even au audience as hard
to plenv: at the one that will listen to htm
in Cairo. UU subject will be particu
larly Intireitlog to our people, and his
manner of treating it will be original.
While very liberal In his religious Ideas,
he relusts to run after tho
wild anti-God vagaries that
have of late becomo so popular In Cairo,
and he will not hesitate to attack the Dra
perlstus of the day. His Iterances will
be listened to with wouder by many of
our people who have taught themselves
to believe that tho dashing blasphemy
of a Mrs. Colby and tho eloquent outgiv
ing of a rattling WILon arc Just the
thing that Is to say will astonish these
peoplo If they have tho courage and the
liberality to listen to him, of which wc
nrc notassurcd, since our observation has
led us to believe that Liberal Religionists,
while they arc eloquent In denunciation
of Christian prejudice, aro so bigoted or
morally cowatdly that they will not lis
ten when their anti-belief is attacked by
ttraue argument.
"Hri.N. J. R." Atlnckrd tiy "Onlm
nlol" Who TnlKi toiler I.Ike n I. II lln
Stolhor ThoSlmtnin Alt 11) I'rnvPi
Wlutt Mm Attempts to tllipruwi. 11 ml
llon't Earn Her a Irk lei, itnil Ilon't
Anj lhlnjr hut Unbfcle, nnd Prnh
nhly Onlloii Over theTown unil tlm-
l)n, nnd Una Ilillilpa Ulliiril With
t'lironlr t'leimllnomi Who Tnkn Cure
nf Thrinselvr. Ac. In llrleT, "Cvn
trniilnl" In it Cntder, mill tllsca tho
Mniliini n l.lltle ot Her Ottn
Cairo, III., Dec. 0, 1675.
Mn. Eiutok: Mrs. S. J. S., in her
lat letter to the Gaittte, dom that which
a woman of her ability should know bet
ter than to do "bits licrtiofeofrtofplto
her face.'' She triumphantly aMerla that
"women generally (at I understand her),
do not earn a cent; that deny It as they
may, their money all comes out of their
hU'ibauds' pockets." How can she, In
the face of such astatc ot a flairs, demand
fnaf rlchts for vtouien? If they nrc Idle,
uselcfs, empty-handed coasuniers and
no workers, what right have they to a
voice In the affairs of the nation? Would
It not be a perilous thing to place any
power In iuch helpless, Incompetent
liandf It seems to me, that a sure way
to secure success for any cause, Is to get
Mn. S. J. S. to oppose it, So wierd is the
e fleet of Iter arguments, that she Invaria
bly proves thu very thing right, which
she U endeavoring to prove wrong. 1
think we centennial workers owe her a
debt of gratitude for the good she has al
ready doue to our cause.
She says: "Tea parties, etc., are all
well eno'ign in their places, bnt why not
take the cost of the tea, cream, tngar
and cake, and contribute that, and do
away with the useless fuss and worry?"
Xow, If Mrs. S, J. S. were pratlcal wo
man, the woald know that we expect to
mak the cost of these articles repay ns
threefold but Mrt. S. J. S. doesn't know
this. She Is probably occupied In ac
quiring the mastery over tome scituee,
by which she will eveatually not only
tarn her own ulckles but startle tlte
world vIth her brilliancy.
She, and.'a great many other wotaen
like her, who never assist iu auythlug
otitsldt of their own families, who talk po
much of home duties, home pltamrei
and self-culture, should certainly develop
Into mortals of womanly sweetness and
cultivation mortals for the rest of ut to
patteru after. To the eyo of the easuul oh-eerver,-however,
sueh a result Is not al
ways attained by that class of women. 1
wonder how Mrs. S. J. S. always iluds
time lrom tier many home duties to write
such quantities of letters for publication!
Perhaps that Is one way she has of culti
vating herself, at the expense of a eiiflcr-
Ilig public. I'm ufhdd die wastes
almost as mauy ,'preclous hours
In talking and writing about
the Centennial Association as the ladles
who am engaged in that work. She re
minds me of other Indies I know, who
are always wondering how certain other
ladies find time to do so much work for
soclctlts, etc., without neglecting their
families, while those very fault-llndlag
people aro galloping over tlio streets half
their time, shopping, or spending half,
and even whole days, with their acquain
tances, gossiping; and if you have any
deslte to hear tho latest and worst piece
of scandal, you have only to go to one of
these "cultured home women," to get it.
What do fAcir families do while tho
mothers are away gleaning and ventila
ting tho news, and otherwise elovatlng
themselves, ii wonder? Perhaps rAttr
bnhlca never cry ; arc blessed with chronic
cleanliness ; are educated from tha llrst, In
fact, to be Independent nnd takt
care 0 ihtmtclcti, A noble spirit to Im
bue them with truly; but my children are
of the old fashioned kind, who need at
tention and get it, aven though their
mother does perliaps neuicuUour two
a week to Centennial work. The loss of
that hourj prevents me from having time
lo gossip perpetually about tho failures
und shortcomings of others, while at the
same time, the mingling with energetic,
Intelligent women hi such a manner pre;
pares nie iu a measure lorttio tlino which
Is coming, when, through thy efforts of
j net inch wide-awake material as com
poses the Centennial Association, women
will he allowed to vote, Iu spite all of
Mrs. S. J. S's assurance that they do not
save a nlcklc. Ck.vtkxmal.
At Ilinlor'a,
The most beautiful stock of lowelry to
bo found In Southern Illinois, Is now
on exhibltlou aud for talo by Under
Urothors. Thoy arc prepared to furnish
buyers with any artlcla that may ha desir
ed, and warrant satisfaction. They manu
facture to order wntehes, clocks, rlngt,
lockets, imd everything that may bo de
sired, and for protloiency In making fair
work, Uioy stand second to none In tho
country. Gtv thorn h call, and tee for
yonvwlves. ld-Offm.
The Impulsive Ptlnf. Henry W00O,
OnrtcN Another ."Mini, nun Ii .Jiijj
Early yesterday morning, Honry
Wood, a well-known river pilot, and an
other river man, named Hardin Samuels,
began filling themselves with whisky,
and iu n consequence, began quarrelling.
They kept up their quarrel until about 12
o'clock, when the dilllcnlty was brought
to a foens at the eorner of Eighth Street
nnd Ohio levee. It seems that Samuels
had several times attempted lo strike
Wood with a billet of wood, but tailed
each time, aud when .he tried It for the
hist lime Wood drew 11 large pocket-
knife aud Jabbed it into SamtiM's right
breast, near the pli of the arm. Wood
wua arretcd by Sheriff Irvln and Deputy
ShcrltV John Cain, who took the knife
away from him, and put him Into the
lock-up, to await his trial. whHi will
take placo before Judge l!ro? at 10
o'clock this morning. Whim Sbcrlfl
In in attempted to tako lie ,v.-ny
from Wood, he found It In 1 ooket
open and rcadv for use, should lie hv
occasion to ue It, and Wood did not ap
pear to rcllsli the Idea of giving It up.
Samuel' vtoHiid was examined by Dr.
Ilrlpham, aud found to bo light, though
It will proe rather puliiful for .omo
Ill tilftlt. nM t.t tft.- ,.r.w.
l rinires. 11 IX Kiijolnea trom oo
litic Certain Thin;i.
The Trustees ot Iho Cairo City Prop-crty-or
rather, Col. Taylor of tho Trus
teesgave to the Cairo nnd St. Louis
railroad company right ot vny through
tho lauds of thu trust and over tho levee,
and valuable property for depot grotind
and yards near the St. Charles hotel. I'he
consideration for these favors was an
agreemont made by tho company with
the Trustees by which the company
agreed to maintain the Mississippi Ieveo
and protect It ngnlnst erosions by the
currents of the river.
Wh' : the cun cut began lo wash the
levee, Col. Taylor railed the attention of
the railroad olllcers to the tact, nudnkcd
them to stop the cutting process going
on. They promised, but did not. They
permitted the ieveo to be washed away,
coolly removed their rails on lo the lands
of the Trustees without saying: "By
your leave," and then began to deny that
the company had ever made a contract to
protect the levee, nnd to say mysteit
ously: "The Colonel will not disturb u?."'
The Colonel has disturb! them, aud the
managers of the road are beginning to
understand that the have canght a Tar
tar. Yesterday Sheriff A. 11. irvln, as
speelal deputy of Mr. E. H. Hoe, United
States Marshal for this district, fo.rvrd
upon the ofllcert of the road, an order Is
sued by Judge Treat temporarily enjoin
ing the company, It? officer?, dlrec ors,
rnploy, agents, servants and r.ttorncys,
and each of them, from cutting or dig
ging Into or impairing the MlStUilppl
Itveo and Cross levee, or from laying
upou those levecp any rallrosd track, or
from digging Into the soil, or construct
ing or completing fiy embankment or
laying down any railroad ties ortrack
uponany portion of lands not specifically
mentioned and described in the r.yree
ment ot November V2, 187-1, and especially
that portion of had Iucludcd within the
lines newly surveyed aad located by said
company for a new track or tracks. The
application for lojuactlan villi be hanl
on the first Monday of January next.
A I.ltttv
llf.y that Wenlil l.lue to
riu a iu nmiiuiu.
On Sunday morning last, between 1)
aad 10 o'clock, the attention of Mr. and
Mrs. Gladncy was attracted by the cry
ing of a child in the strerts In trout of
their house. Mr. Gladuey lives near tho
corner of Twelfth aud Walnut streets.
On going to .the door Mr. Gladuey
found a little white boy, III clad. wet.
and sullbrlng with cold toddling 11ong
fJie sldetvalk. Ife approached the little
fellow and took him into tiio house,
where ho yet remains, no onu having
called for him, nor has the p-irentu of this
little shaver been fouud. When picked
up by Mr. Gladuey the ehlb on a
sack made of an old white jollon
blanket, a check jacket, stockings thai
may at one time have been white, and
kid shoes.
A description of the child in as follows:
Drown hnlr, black oyes, rosy-cheeked
and very llcshy. He gives his name 11s
Charlie, but beltig unnblo to utter many
words can give no account ol himself.
He seems to bo perfectly at home with
hit new found Iricuds, and well con
From a gentleman living Iu the vicinity,
wc ascertained that a tow days ago a
woman with a child much resembling the
HtUc boy now nt Gladney'.s was seen 111
the neighborhood ; and that she Inquired
very particularly about tho names of Ihe
streets. This ,-ainc woman was seen at
about 10 o'clock Sunday morning going
south 011 Twcllth struct, but the child
was not with her.
The theory Is that the mother, being
poor and vuihWu to obtain employment,
could not suppqrt the child, and ikter-
tnlned to abandon It nt some point whrro
she believed it wonld be taken up and
cared for. TJiM f proliably tlio cornet
theory, ffthellttlo fellow had t rayed
awny from home, or been lost, joiiiu 0110
would havo been found to lay claim to
him long before this. I
What Mr. Gladuey proposes to do with
his charge wo do not know.
Tlwy'w J !
For every description of fhie and beau
tiful Jewelry, of tho very latest patterns
nnd styles, go to Under Drothers, corner
ot Eighth street and Washington iivciiue.
This Urm has Just received one of the
largest aud best stocks ever brought to
Ctlro which they are celling at the very
lowest prices. All will do well to give
them a call befon.1 buying ut other places.
Exchange for salo on till the princi
pal dtlei of Europe at Enterprise Saviugs
Bank. 1M2-Im.
Catno, III., Mo.nh.w Evening, 1
December (1, lS7o.
I'he weather has undergone r change
from what it was for the live days provl
no. It U now clearing up, and to-day
it ! warm and plenuint, though rather
disagreeable underfoot- There It a pros-
peel, nuupvtr, for another change before
long, a there I. sotno lndtcaliom that it
will turn cold. The soft weather has ef
fected tho dre?ed ponltry, and other
drissed meat, but a cold snap will bring
titat nraneu ot Business out nil right
Ihe Hour market Is rather quiet, u;!i
110 demand whatever for unsound, as
thero Is already an overstock of thhklnd.
Choi'- hoy Is Iu jioed dstimnd. while
(hi re l.s no sale for poor gmde. There
Is some tetu.ind for choice white com for
tho miller. Oits aro steady and firm,
with a aintdl shipping d6niand. The
meal market U somewhat weaker, sales
ranging from $2 40 to $2 00. Hran is
quiet, with very little doing, Cahbago In
getting scarce, and moII-) at from 5 to fi
cents. Heavy shipment of butter havo
arrived since our last report, but there Is
no overMock; there ! still a good de
mand fo' ehoico. Some fw lots were
cIumi . vMir -liieod. fgurrs on
rjauminy, otviuj 10 son wcatnrr.
fcWOnrrrieiiU5 siioiibi bear in min-i
that ftin ;iWm Jmre given are lenlnlly for
info from first hands In ronnd lot?. I.n
filling oro'era nnd for brolom lots i: I. wc
cmry to ohnrga an ndrmi"o over those
Dull and unchanged, with hehvy tlocks
and light demand. It will b" unwise fur
Milppcrs to send nnsound g. ados to this
market, m thero nrc no distilleries, nnd
our merchants hnv no use for It. Wo
note sales of :3 bbU, 867 25 ; 200 M
$1 AO; 300 bids. . 2.X&7; 1100 bhl.,
"i IW bbls unsound; $3 2&; .'00
bbls city, io M7 SO; 100 bbls round lot
on track, f-1 75; 100 bbl round lot on
track, $3; 100 bbls medium, St M).
Sales have been light tlnce laslNsiic.
Thero Is a largo stock of common on
hand; choice la In good demaad. Wo note
sales of 1 ear good mixed timothy, $1.1;
1 car load choice timothy delivered, $K
2 car loads delivered, $15.
Thsro Is a'timill stock in ruiirktt. Hales
have been light, aud prices htw in
creased, with some demand lor choice
white for th. miller. We noto sales of
100 sacks I80; lcsriu bulk I3e; 1 car
mixed in tacks delivered '.Sc.
O.Yj ?.
Falrdtmand, 3toc!:i aro light v.ith n
moderate shipping demand, r-rkei are
unchanged. Sales were 2 car by sain
plo hi bulk on track 32c; t car In bulk
on track 33c ; 200 racks -lie ; 1 car wckcj
aud delivered -He.
Dull and weaker. Tho demand cou
tlmi'.s llcht, with few salea. Prices are
abput as last qoutcd. Bales wore '500 bar
rel city steam dried f2 C02 00 ; 300
barrel on orders $a 50; 100 barrels meal,
country steam dried, on track 12 40; 1
ear country steam dried ?2 -JO.
t"ulrt und dull. Quotation!! arc $13 CO
In car load lot.-. YTo note sales of 200
sacks dellvertd 5-15 00; 1 c.nr In sacks de
livered $1C 00.
Gettiug scarce. Salo were l,0o0 heads
5c; 1,000 heads file.
Owing to the soft weather, soiuo small
Jots of choice were cloied out on Satur
day at slightly reduced figures. Tho de
mand for cltoj'o still contlniifs j;ood,
however. Sain were: 100 lbs Southern
Illinois roll, 20c; 200 lbs packed,'.; 200
lbs choice Northern roll, 2c; 500 ll3
choice roll, U7c; '.WO lbs choice roVt.-i'lo;
200 lbs choice packed, 27c; 300 lbs South
crn Illinois, 23&;2jc; 200 lbs cooking, 1!e;
10 tubs roll, 2"c ; 20O lbs choice Northern
roll, LTtS'Wc; 10 tubs ehoico Northern
packed, 2S(30c; 10 buckets Southern
Illinois packed, 2flo; 100 lbs Southern
Illinois roll, 25c; 300 lbs Northern roll,
20c ; 0 tubs Northern packed, 2r,27.
Aro In good demand, with prices ruling
at 25c. Wo noto sales of 000 dozen, 25c ;
200 dozen, 25c.
Aro quoted al from $5(2,8 50. Sales
were: 10 bbls, ?7 50; 10 bbls, 50.
Cjiicki:h The weather has been
rather unfavorable to thl. line
of trade, but the Indications
nro that It will turn cold, rthn It
will eomn out all right ngaln. Sales
were: 1 coop live, J 2 50 5 5 dozen dressed,
$1 202 10 ; 12 dozen live, $22 25.
TcitKCYH-Sevcuty-tlYe pound 'rused,
12 centij; 150 pounds dressed, 10 cents ;
200 pounds dressed, 10 cents.
A 10 In good demand for c'loke ; com
mon are plenty and dull. Sales were :
100 barrels Wliuvnps-, i ; 10 barrels, 12
50 ; 25 barrel, S2 25 ; 50 barrel choice
Dun Davis, ?l; Wo barrels Witicsaps,
!?2 75 ; 100 barrels choice Michigan, $s 50;
30 barrels Whu'saps. 3 ; 15 barrel ften
Davis, $.1 6t)f'(3 7'r, 10 barrels WJnesap?,
52 fi02 75.
Aro dull, very little doing. Wo noto
50 barrels at $2.
do riea Tliciu,
Under BnMbei-3, Jewclera, corner of
Eighth street and Washington avenue,
U ouo of the oldest and most reliable
lutsliKsa tlrms In Southern Illinois. They
have the best ot workmen In their estab
lishment, and manufacturo to order any
thing In their lino with dlepatch and of
the llncst material. Their stock of jew- i
elry Is elegant aiul is one of tho largest
and best ever brought Into lb" State.
It pays to trade at llellbrou ii Well, as
they huvc marked all thtlr goods down
to nilf tho times, and have always ftlarge
and well selected stock of clothing. Vo
Itiylto uyr-ry onu to call on us heforu go
lug nlsjowlicrc. A good caslnet suit for
50, at IIkiliiuon Si Wkil.
Mlorrllnnrniia Itrm.
Astft.j ..1.. fin !.....
I to match, at the Ut-LT.rrri
, oJllce.
- C D. Arte, oner his rf slUence, ou
jtiulh street. ut Mle cheap. Tcri.K
I Sev
! liberal.
11 '2-Lt
-Fresh iinltltitnr, ,hf t oyafrM
tho rtnnfent' House. n'itMi
Lonsdale Muslin r.t eleven cents r
yard at D. Ilartman's. 12-5-tf
For rent Four rooms, eorntr Thlnl
Street and Commercial nventie. Itwiuint
of Win. MoHiilt. 12-1-tt
For the cheapest and beat Blanket.
White aud Grey, go to ILirtraan's.
- rii Alesaniler Connty llnnh ell
"isctinni;(on all (tie prl;ii'inl eltlea or
i.'.irope, nml utteuitn to tho collection,
or tlalrn nnl estates, fipeclntlly In
uei-miiny. ll-i'l.lm.
For nu n's and boys' iindrrwrnr. alsi
men's a,.d boys' hats and cans llell
brou v Well's Is the cheapest place In tint
eiiy. a g joit merino suit fur 75 cents.
rrs!i lliiillntorc nhrll oytlrri nr.
the riHulrf' Itouic. il-.v.tt
.lutt received 1 lothcr new sujiply of
If you want a new and good shirt,
either white, colored or chevlote, less
than they can bo purchased at tho manu
factory, go to Hartman's. 12-5-U
thoe cheap boya' clothing and overcoat".
t thu la a leading artlelo wllh us, wn
mean lo undersell ilm cheapest In thi
CI X' UlilLIlttON A K1L.
Choice New Orleaiu s ugari and syr
ups at the New York Store. 1 3-.V20t
fitly your groceries at the ihw York
Store, cheapest place fu Cairo 12-5-201
rrt-,te l.Mlilmnrn stjotl iiynte.- nt.
tho I'iiutff rh' Elouse I l.'JH-ll
The City Jlnticry
Attention h called to the card of tint
Clly Dakcry, to. be found tn this Usui.
Mr. llcb.'ackjr. tho proprietor, has In
Industry nn.l Mr dealing, established it
lucrative business. IVhen yon wai.t anv
thing in his Hno ghc him a call.
If you want an economical l.Tatlnj?
"tovt! for v.-ood nnd one of the hand-oin
est stoves In the. market, vlth illumina
ted front, buy tlte Improved Evuiln
Star which tool; the bltw ribbon at St
Louis Fair hut October, overall other
onri-lilWlioii. For salebr C. W. lie -
dvrsou, 101 Cu1nmvrcl.1l avenue. Cairo.
Illinois. ll.23.d-Hn
Tlui best black alpaca? from 20 ecnU
to Jl als u black castinipro for 00 epiit-i
F.myiv.H cloth In idl colors for 50 cent.
and the newrst woolen plaids for 3i
cents, can alivnys b found ntllellhron kv.
Well's, 1J2 and 141 Coniuicrclid avenue.
rort :.i(.
Steamer Jim VUl:. Paducah.
Vtk.il. .-.'ik Iti.lln MvMMavIltM'
. t.
I ... I . lt. .1.11 1
iiuur.k uii.Liii;ii, inuiuuikvi.
Yint Shlnkle, Cincinnati.
" Helle St. l.ouls, St. Louis.
" Joe Kinney, Bt. Louis.
" Mary Miller, Cincinnati.
" Belle of Shrcvcport, St. Louis.
" May Lowcrr, St. Louis.
Cons Millar, .Memphis.
Snag-boat John N. Macomb, South.
Tow-boat Etna, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Mary Ann, Louisville.
" Grey llouud, lcland No. l1.
SteAir.rr Jim Flsk, Paducah.
" Arkansas llell, Evansvllle.
" Glencoe, 6t. Louis.
Robt. Mitchell, N. O.
Vial Shlnkle, Meiupbii.
" Belle St. Louii, Vlckibiirg.
Joe Kmuey, St. Limit.
Mary Miller. Memphis.
" Cons Millar, Cincinnati.
Tow-boat Mury Ann, N. O.
" Grey Hound, Otlo.
Tug-boat Geo. W. Wolfe, N. O.
aivi:, ivcATUKn aM ntyixus-s.
Tho river fast erenhig wa 20 feet
7 1-5 inched on the gauge, having fallen
II) 1-5 inches during thu previous forty-
eight hours.
'I'he weather cleared olfla't evening
audit Is probable that wo will be treated
to a spoil o.' clear If not cold weather
Business fair.
OE.sr.BAt. rmvs.
Wharf Master A. 11. Ilurd reports tho
following arrival for the month of No
vember : Number ot steamboats, 183 ;
tow-boats, 70 ; reslstcred barges, "7 ;
total tonnage, hull measurement, 105,3tlL
The Shrcvcport and May Lowrcy re
port matters from fair to middling aU
Liberty nnd Devil's Island. Scant lour
feet is all tho water to bu found, Tho
lice was aground at Devil's Island and
thu barge of the Robert Stmple. nt I lb
trty. It It feared now that the Julhi
will remain at Sheep Island until thi
river raises.
ThcJoo Kinney brought 193 bales
of cotton for the ICust per C. & V. rail
road. The Robert -Mitchell added about
100 tons heie and will (Iff out below.
The AT try Milter added one hundred
tjns nnil hasa good trip for New Or
leans. ThejUiencQC has it good trip for St.
Louis uuil will hare dilllcnlty gettiug up.
Tho tug Oriole Is being repaired by
Wulkor A Ncllls of this city. Sho be
longs to tho St. Bernard Coal company
at Memphis.
The tug Cache la being rebuilt at
Mound City.
The Future City nml barges have
laid up here for the preicitt.
Thorn wcro live arrivals in the uppor
end ot town on Friday und Saturday
nightd and thero was not a wheelhouso in
the tleot that had a name on It.
Quu hundred trumps, trout tha camp
uclow the point, took passage ou thu
Belle St. Louis for the cotton fields, hav
ing bees hired by planter. The police
:iy there are about fifty rooro here to go
forward as soon as thoy can be thlpi 1.
Capt. John Grnuough, of St. Loult,
wai In the city Sunday.
About tho neateit Inyltatlont we have
yet seen are thote lately sent out by tJii
Taylor Literary Club, to (Itclr eutertaln
ment wklok Is to be gW L8t '5 '
Charlca ou Friday ewnlniTi lonr 10.

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