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" 1
ery rife.
GM.Urant is a true friend of tils
Irtemk, and Iwls tidier from crown )o
ok. N'o Joubl lift would lite Asm. IUl
rock to b cleared ol the slisdnw now
rwthtg non him, and it may lie fcc lie
lleveshls right-hand man will have a
better chance of escape from .1 military
oMiniMtoa than from a Jury. How
eTc this may be, no 0110 can doubt tli.it
to has appointed .1 commission to Inves
tigate Grn. llabcock composed or mot
excellent materialof men who will not
let a f ullty man en-ape, even though the
guilty hsati may be the boom friend of
the President. Mens, Sheridan. Hancock
and Terry are the (?ommtslon. ticn.
Hancock and Terry will, If there is
reason to believe Ucu. llabcock guilty of
complicity In the thieving nf the "wiiUky
ring, declare the fact ; and we arc In.
cliucd to believe that Gen. Sheridan will
not, in the face of public opinion, ttatid
between llabcock and the truth.
inw hh var.sj t nr. nvnu with
If tho Sajtetowii. lUsillforv iv. u...-m
Miller, turns Ills tail on the sad whisky
uur, wnut will titans Uin do U'a don't
know, do youf Anil wu run't rroii
Kiiess the result, ulr, ult ; we cn't even
giieM the result.'
6b, this .Sigetown dl-tillur, tho lniio
cent Miller, he may grind a ad grUt In
Ids mill; may even grind I.ogan, an
but wu can't ercu guess the result, ult,
ult; we can't cren guess the result.
Why, the Sagctowii distiller, the inno
cent Miller, may kick up a de'it of a
row ; show much dirty linen fad Uadl
ralsiuuln'; but we can't eten gucfes the
result, ult, ult ; we can't even guess the
Bo, sad Sairetowu distiller O, Innocent
MUlor couse and tell ns your penitent
tale ; but II it hits Dan, nnd a .'tilt big
ger man? Why, we can t een guess
tha result, ult, nit, we can't even gue.s
the result.
It tbeSagetowa distiller, the Innocent
Miller, turns his tall on the sad whlky
crew, what will the ring do? We don't
know, do you? And we can't even gues
the result, ult, ult; wo can't even guess
the result.
The Western raper Trnde, a
journal devoted to the interests of tho pa
per trade 'of the West, says truthfully,
that "the law In regard to newspaper
"postage adopted by the last Congress
"has long since proved It sell not only an
"outrage upon taw publishers suit the
"public generally, but also a failure so
"far as. the expected increase of revenue
"to the government is couosrued." Fol
lowing this assertion is a brief enumera
tion of some of the objections to the law,
but the one that hat the most force, with
us Is aot mentleaed, and that Is, that this
law hai a tendency to crush out of exist
net all small moring dally journals like
the BiiLiKTiN. 'Under the old law wc
could Bail the Uui.lktin after the edi
tion was was worked oft" and it would
reach our subscribes outside tho city
on the lines of railroad centering
here on the morning ol its publication ;
but, under the now law, postage must bo
paid on each day before the paper U
mailed, and this, we cannot do jo Cairo
until thopostofllcc has been opened in
the morning Of the day of Issue. In this
way our paper is delayed in Cairo one
day, and subscriber who obtained tho
paper under the old law in the morning
or day it was Issued cannot now get it
until the next day. In tho large cities a
man Is provided by the postollioe depart
ment to each oflieo from which a mora
lag paper Is Issued, and it is his duty i
weigh ant" stamp the 'edition as soon as
it is printed so that it tan be put into the
mall on the morning of its publication ;
but to a little dally morning paper ofllce
no aaail man I supplied, the postollleo
mtu of the town wherein it I published
cannot rcnaln in the office to receive the
edition of the paper, and tho null men on
the mail cars cannot, under the law in
force, receive the editiou on the mail car.
The consequence is, as we have said, that
the small dally morning Journals cannot
get their editions into the mail until
hours after they could bo got in under
the old law, and thu ihclr ttubrcribcrn
outside of the place In which they arc
published arc compelled to drop oil' or
put up with very stall local and mercan
tile and other news.
The Democrats and other antl-ltadlcals
In this part of tho country desired the
defeat of Mr. lUndall iu his candidacy
for Speaker of tho House of Congress,
because they believed his success wonld
deprive them of the use of the aisl for
midable weapon that can be employes!
against the KeimUUe.ii party next year.
They knew him to be a saiar; kmIiIht,
a high tarlA wan, the apologist or many
of the Jobs of the Washington lobby, an
Inflationist, and the especial favorite of
we very wont elements el the Demo
cratic party, and what was still worse, or
the Radical rlnga that surround the White
Mouse. With thts kuewldg came to
the Democrats or Illinois the belief tbat
Mr. Jtaudall must be kept out of the
speaker's chair, or else the Democracy
must keep Its peace about the corruptions
of the Republican party, and, for consli-
.ya aaae, uticontluue singing the
va ui "tttroria."
Dmocratsoftheadvauced achool
Ib una part ef the country desired the
tUoa otMr.Kerrto the Speaker.hlp,
UoauatUieyUlusvedhls saccess would
Utetheeouatryau assurance tbat the
cut loose from
What bat been called BourbonlsBB-.be-
mm mj untevest ae was under--
wmwm hi lepreaeni trial eitmtnt el the
fsWty, North aad South , tint bas accepted ,
aw apMWswui, weresuiuor ue war be-
And that they were
MOT B. MIUT, Mltor.
not mlstakea we have no doubt events
will prove.
lint, it seems, Intelligent people at the
Kast do not understand that the cause Of
the "new departure" nnd antl-rlnclsni
has been advanced bv the election of
Kerr nnd the defeat or I'.andall. "The
"success of Mr. Kerr," says the New,
ork Hei-ald, "shows that the leaders of
"the Democratic party have learned noth
ing from tho results of the War. That
"they are as still-necked l:i accepting the
"consequences ol that great event as
"Phnroah when he held the people of
llfsm1 mill urnliU Inf Miami iril
This U untrue, as wo havo said." and
events will prove to the Hnntd that the
election ol Mr. hcrr proves the opposite,
or what It averts lit the Sentence wc have
quoted nbove.
"The MicecM of Mr. Kerr," the Herald
says In the same .breath, "is nlo an lin-
'ptttatloii upon a largo part of the Ileum-
"cratic party." This is not true, either ;
but the success or Mr. Kerr i a declara
tion by the Democratic party that the
Democrat who have hern partner with
the Itadlcals in grab!1, lings and lobbies,
will not be permitted to lead the party
any longer Into deleat and Iciinc. If
this declaration Inn a tendency to weaken
the party, wc have Indeed fallen upon
evil tlttie., and in the defeat that may fol
low it wc shall have more pride than we
could yusMmy enjoy la n wtory, the re
sult or compromise with rascality nnd
The Vicksburg Herald copies a para
graph from the Okoloina, Mississippi,
Stale, hi which Gen. 11. "O, Humphreys
Is praised for a brilliant speech made lo
the remna.it of the. Thirteenth Missis
sippi (Confederate) regiment, and says :
'iTIiat'a (tin ttnL'iit. Pill Atm.t i.nt. ami
put Old Honesty In '."
This exclamation, being translated Into
a language understandable at the North,
means: "I,et Ames be Impeached by the
'Democratic House of the'lieneral As-
"sembly of Mississippi, convicted by the
"Senate and ousted from the olllce of
"Governor, and theu put Wen. Hum
"plireys, who was the candidate against
"Ames, into that olllce."
This Is nil verv well. Wc do aot doubt
that Ames ought to be out, but we put
It to the Herald mlldy wouldn't more be
lost to the Democratic party and
Mississippi by tho carrying into effect of
this Impeachment scheme than would be
gained ?
Wc are not unaware of the fart that the
Herald is one ol the fiery journals of the
South one of the "touch nnd gooff" pa
pers. We also know how Very prono
are the politicians of the South, who act
with the Herald, to get up an high stilts
and tower above ordinary humanity ; but
we have a hope that tho Herald may be
enabled, by an cxcrcUc of great self-denial,
to conclude that Gov. Ames may re
main in his "b fllce aud he d d to him. If
the Herald aud its friend h do come to
this conclusion, they will, by their self
denial, by losing an opportunity to
make 11 brilliant political mistake,
kcept out ot tlie hands of the
Radicals t the North a club
that may Injure the auti-JIndicals beyond
reparation next year ; but If tho Herald
and its friends can't come to this conclu
sion, If they 10 act upon impulse and
indulge in the luxury of the impcach
mcntof Ames, "air right." If our Mis
sissippi friends tlou't care for consequen
ces, wc dou't; aud if impeachment
amusement on the part of the Deniocrats
of the State denominated b Yicksburg
llre-eatcrlsin, should result In continued
Itadieal rule in the nation, "all right,"
also. Wo dou't care ; and we will not
iall to forgive our hot-headed friends of
the laud or Lamar, hecau,) wc will not
doubt that they acted not knowing what
they did. Sensible men, with their eves
open, would not, under Hit circumstance
now existing iu the country, carry out
the ftUKCcKUil Amcs-liniieaehnient
scheme ol the Mlvshslfpl ullriu tbe
Vicksburg devotee or the Fiery I'urnacc;
School of .Southern Democracy. Im
peachments for political offenses arc not
often applauded hi this country, even
when circumstances seem to justify them.
The mei) who indulge iu them llnd them
to be eomnthlug else than lu.vuiles to bo
desired, and are always engaged iu de
fense ol Hicli'patiiollcacllon in relation to
them. This in a fact the inipeachcrs of
President .lolniMin will swear to tlio.se
of them who aru still living: and events
will prove this with great force H Hie
Deniocrats of 3IUN-ippi set Ames out
ol his olllce by the Impeaching process.
From the moment the trial commences
the Democratic party will be put upon
the defensive, and all the eloquence of all
our orators aud writers who wag Demo
cratic tongues aud drive Democratic pens
will fail to convince the jxjoplc of the
North that the impeachment was not
prompted by (he malicious spirit of the
men who used to startle the country with
wnai was calleu Hie rebel yell.
rm: sskatok and tiic iokt or
William M. Krurts has been selected 11s
(he orator nnd Henry W, Longfellow as
v.. vnt of the centennial.
Ihu St. l.ou Itemtblkan oMucU to
both. Kvarts is too cold, ana Longfel
low, while lie is the possessor of some
verse-inaklnr ability, has not an atom of
genuine poetic genius. Cold an Kvarts
is, he was the licit of the bad lot from
which the centennial managers coald
make u election; and, while his oration
will undoubtedly fall like a wet blanket
upon the people who will listen to him,
it will be read with pleasure In the eleset
A better selection than Longfellow might
have been easily nado. Holmes
would have produced a better poem than
Longfellow's will be ; but the man who
should have been assigned to the task of
sliming our Centennial hymn is John U,
It ii true Mr. Kvarts li cold, and may
not turtle tbe patrloU In Philadelphia en
the Fourth of July next by any great
burtU ol eloquence, but we have no
doubt he will fill the office of orator with
mest consummate skill,
Occasions produce the eloquence the
ttrimliliran teems to believe will lie neces
sary') inako Centennial oratory the nrll-
cle It kliotrijd be occasion! that mouse
the nlofis, ilio sympathies, (the euto
tionrtjt mti, nndjthcse oecasleis never
conieby Hppomtinejir.-'No orator,
capable of mousing hi nudteueo by
bursts of genuine: cloqiloneo, ran sltdowu
and say to himself coulldeiitly: "Since,
011 .Inly Itli, IST'i, between 2 and I
"o'clock, pot merldhiusI pm expected by
"the world to he j;ruiuLln language mid
"manner, eloquent and pathetic, 1 must,
"in the days nelweeii tlii and the Fourth,
"iiiauuiiiciuru my granueur 01 language
"by elaboration of my thoiighls, and my
"grandeur rof inanfier' by n' schooling
"under Mr. Turveydroji, master of dc
"portmciit. "Jiic eloquence ol the occa
sion I must prepare with great care, and
"by practice manage to get tears into my
"Jaiiiriiage and voice ns well as eye, ready
"lor ti) iit the appointed tuomunt."
The " orator' who would prepare
for his oration in this way,
would fall far short of ever producing
w hat the Jtrjmhlienn calls eloquence. Itut
this Is tho kind ofnii orator the llfimbli
01 a believes might have been obtained
for the Centennial, If the race of genuine
orators had not died out with Clay and
Webster. This we do not believe, and
have no doubt that Mr. Kvarts will do
nil on the occaMou of the Centennial
celebration any man could do that he
will make an address elegant hi diction,
rich In historical facts, philosophic Iu Its
libirtlnii!, mill nut ilevold of rhetorical
... i.iiioni, twiii'ii, iciier 1111, urn more
enduring than the "Mights of cloqneucu"
that obtain their power from nn indes-
crlble something that passes away even
us the found of tho voice
or 11 speaker ringing out this moment
and dying into enduring silence the
Nei.her do we hclicvo that Whiltcr
could produce a bolter poem than Long
fellow's will lie; but wc do not doubt
that Longfellow's will be unworthy of
the occasion. For, If from the genuine
orator wc need not expect tears maim
facturcd for an occasion, or studied elo
quenre that wilt have the ellect of bursts
of feeling created In a moment by 1111 ex
traordinary occasion and poured forth
In language that h uttered because the
tengue cannot refuse to speak It, theie
can be 110 hope whatever 'that the poet
can iitanufiicliire an immortal poem, one
that will glitter, as has been raid, like
a diamond upon the forclinger of all
time. The trim poet cannot sit
down and say to himself: "Tho world
"expects me to sing a great Centennial
"Soug, and I must therefore build the
"lolly rhyme with care ;" and then map
out the song, or build the rhyme, by put
ting down
bat t le,
and so forth. The great songs or tfic
world were Inspirations ; mid the weird
power comes not to him who seeks to
make an appointment with it.
Hut the poem that Longfellow will
produce will be creditable to his head
and heart. Itx words .will bo each In
proper place; Its verges will be scanned
with great carcl'ulnes ; its stanzas will
be marshalled with the skill of a master.
It will have passages of beauty. It will
be, Iu short, a "lofty rhyme." Itut It will
lack the great something who can tell
what? that saturates tho songs that
mankind will never let die; unless, in-
Indccd, in some moment when he does
not expect it, he shall be overshadowed
by the (.'cuius of Song and bring forth,
not with travail but without efl'ortjarcal
poem an outburst ol inspiration.
Scarlitina was fatal to many
(lrcu In St. Louis last week.
Germany has voted $000,000 to the
centennial, bill the crown prince will
not como over to the show.
Kxchangc: There arc no old maids
in Cicen county, Iowa. A chit ot a
thing man led there the other day tit Ihu
ago ol 8.).
Henry I'. Wcsteruiau, president of
Ilio J'ekin alcohol company, has been ar-.
rested for refusing to surrender to gov-'
eminent ollieials the books of the com
pany. Starderniann, a New York murderer,
whoso victim had been his .sweetheart,
lias had 11 respite or three weeks given
him so that the doctors may decide
whether he Is crazy or not.
Postmaster Oeneral .lewcll, being
asked by a lady for u situation iu the
the dead letter olllce, .wrote tho follow
ing witty reply: "Wc have only llfty
seven ladies employed in tills depart
ment, with Hit) exception of 11 few trans
lators and experts, aud nut more than
two changes have oscurcd In that force
for the last six months. None of them
ever marry, or die, or resign. In fact,
tho dead letter division it a sort of
mausoleum of burled allectlon a place
not goyerencd bj natural laws for those
who pass its charmed portals seem to
lose all the motives nnd hopes aud aspira
tions which sway aud govern the deni
zens of tho outer world. 1 regret that it
is so, but so it is."
New York Sun : An apparatus on
purely sclentlllc principles bus been 111
vcuted by 1'roi. VAmrmn, which, on
bvhig attached to n lamp, renders the lat
ter sell-llghtlng and extinguishing, the
apparatus being simple and not liable to
get out ol order, and so Inexpensive In
regard to the. chemicals employed as not
to cost more than would the matches
consumed tu the usual way lor tbat pe
riod. A slight pressure of tho tlugcr on
a key infallibly lights the lamp without
touching globe or chimney ; on the other
hand, squeezing a gutta perchn ball with
hose connection as Instantly extinguishes
it. Like the ordinary student's lamp,
which In general construction the Zim
merman mechanism resemble!', it re
valves aud can be elevated at pleasure :
any kind of oil can be employed.
EscKi-aUK Virkcta rr Male.
We have two ticket! good lor the round
trip in tbe grand excursion to come ofl'on
the 17th, which we will sell very low.
liero is a chance tor a cheap rido, provi
ded the tickets are taken foou.
Meeting of the Fourty-
Fourth Congress,
With Democrats in the Lend
fop tho First Timo in
Fifteen Years.
A Tamo Session of tho Senate.
Tho Doinocratlo Exocutivo Com
mittco Consulting in Ho
Hard to tho National
A Conspiracy Against Forty Al
ready 1)0 volopcd in tho Somite.
The Treasurer Wantt t:U l.OlD.OOU to
Run thv Pruaont Fiscal Your.
Tlie Nriintv.
Wasiiivoioii, Dec. (!. The Senate was
called to order promptly at 12, by Hon.
T. W. Ferry, ol .Michigan, president pro
tern. licv. Dr. Sunderland, chaplain, of
fered prayer, In which he Invoked the
divine blessing 011 the president of the
United States, Congress and upon the
whole nation, and referred to dentin etc
currlng since the Inst session.
Senator Cooper of Tenne.e', pre
sented the credentials of David M. leC,
appointed United States ftrimtor iu
nlace. ol' . Andrew.. -"'.
nnu utt it nttlini in.
Senator Anthony Milmiltled 11 resolu
tion iiruvldiuir tor the aiiiinhitiucut of n
committee ot two senators lo Join such a
commune ns uiigiit tie appointed iy 1 lie
nouse 01 itcprueniaiivcs to inir.rm tne
president that a quorum of the two
houses had assembled, iiml that Congress
was ready to receive any communication
he might be pleased to male. Agreed to,
and the ehiilr appointed Senators An
thony aud Tliiirmnn such committee.
At l'Jilfc p.m. it recess ot' halt nn hour
was taken.
On re-asembling, Senator llontucll
announced the death of lce-l'reldent
WIIou, and said tint at an earlv day
resolutions relating to his life, character
aud public services would be ollered.
Senator Anthony ald It was not prob
able that anv message would be icceivcd
from the flou-e to-day, or If at all, it
would be iit 11 very late hour; he. there
fore thought thu Senate might as well
adjourn. He made a motion to that
ellect, which was agreid to, mid at IS
the Senate adjouned till to-morrow.
The overflow Ainu the llotf-e surged
Into tho galleries f.T thu Senate, and they
were well tilled. The mourning arranged
for the funeral ceremonies of Vice-President
Wllnu remains in place, and his
chair, heavily draped, was placed In rear
of that occupied by the presiding otllcer.
Tln Uoimc.
W.viii.Nno, I). C, Dec. fi. At PJ
o'clock the llonsu was called to order by
Mr. McPliersou, clerk of the lloin-e of
the Forty-third Congre.u, aud thu hall
was cleared of all not entitled to Its
privilege. The attendance of members
was very full, nearly every ?eat being oc
cupied. Mr. McPhcrsou then culled the
names of members by ytates, commenc
ing wllli Maine. In regard to the repre
scutatolu from the Thirty-third district
of New York, the clerk reminded tho
House that the per.-on first elected had
died, and the person elected to fill the va
cancy had presented credentials to pecu
liar iu form that the clerk prelerred to
.inbuilt the question to the House.
i.onsu.VA citKiiK.vriAi.i.
1 11 reference to thu Louisiana delega
tion the clerk said he had read two K'U
of ccrtllleates for the first four districts,
both sets indicating the election ot the
same pcivons ; that ns to tho Fifth dis
trict lie had received two certlllcatc-;, one
signed by Win. Pitt ICellogg, ihowlng
the election of Mr. Morey and the other
hljjncd by ilohu MKuery, showing the
election ol Mr. Spencer, and that as Kel
logg was the de facto govenor, he (the
clerk) had uctcd.un his certlllcatc and nail
enrolled Morey. As to tho Sixth district
Im had only received one 'corlllicato
signed bv Kellogg, and he had acted on
nn: .i!si:.vn:i:.
The clurk announced that ili mem
bers had answered to their names, The
absentees arc Mr. Dobbins, of Ncw.ler
(oy, Mr. Egbert, of Pennsylvania, (who
li.nl returned home this morning on ac
count ol'dcath Iu his lumlly), Mr. Stevens,
of Georgia, aud llr. Oliver, of low.
These, .villi two vacancies irom thu
Thirty-third dUtrlet of New York und
thu Fourth district of Illinois, tnal.u
'J'.rj members of which the Ilou-c is
run ki.uctio.v ron hckaiiKii.
.Mr. Lauiur moved that thu Houm! pro
ceed to thu election ot speaker. Agreed
Mr. Lamar: I put in nomination for
the olllce of speaker or tlie House for thu
Forty-fourth Congress, Michael C.
Kerr, member elect from the Statu of
Mr. Wnccler, of Xow York ; I nomi
nate for thu ame position, .lames i.
Illaine, of the State of Maine.
The clerk asked whether theru were
any other nominations, nnd there being
no response, appointed ns tellers Messrs.
Holmati, Clymcr, Danfortli and Hanks.
1 1IH voti:.
Tho House then voted with the follow
ing result: Wholo number of votes cast
HSU : neccsiury to a choice 111. Michael
C.Kerr received 1711 ; .lames fi. llliilne
received ItW; Alpheiis S. Williams, ol
Mlchliruu. 1 east br Hanks of Massachu
setts; Alex. Campbell, of Illinois. 1 cat
by Mr. Anderson, of Illinois; Win. An
derson, 1.
The elerk appointed Mews. Ilauilall
and ltlalne to escort the speaker elect to
the chair. As -Mr. Kerr was conducted
down the main aisle to the speaker's chair
there was considerable clapping ol hands
011 the Democratic fildc of the House,
SI'KAKr.ll KKIill'it ADDltF.SS.
The speaker In taking his position said :
"Gentlemen of the House of Iteprctonin
livcBt 1 giiuciui io you tor
thu honor which you have conferred upon
mo Iu calling me to this exalted position.
1 profoundly appreciate the. Importance
und delicacy of its duties. 1 shall, doubt
less, many times need your patient indul
gence'. I pray that you wilt grant It and
wltli nothing but kindly feelings to
wards every member of thu llon-e, I
promise in all my otllcial nets that I will
dlvcft iHys.cU to the ulnioU of my ability
of all personal bias and observe complete
fairness and Impartiality towards all and
towards nil the great diversilled interests
of oureoiiutry represented In this House.
TAIilMi tiik u III.
Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania, tis the old
est member ot the House In continuous
service, administered the oath of olllcv to
thu speaker. The oath was then admin
istered by tho speaker to the members,
beginning with thosu from IlicNuw Kug
laud States, who on being called ranged
themselves hi the era In front of the
clerk's desk, and I hero with uplifted
hand, went through their part of the.
ceromony, What is known as the Iron
clad oath was the form administered to 1
the members ircuerally. hut none of the
Southern members being able lo tuku that
oath, tho iiiodllled oath was administered
to them.
Alter the transaction of some unim
portant business, the I louse adjourned.
meets to-morrow, when n strong etl'orl
will bo made to otit Ferry from the
ehiilr mid cause 11 reorganization ot thu
committees. There is muiic excitement
over flic prospect of a disruption of the
It Alt OIT f'Oll CM If Alio.
Urn. llabcock leaves for Chicago
tO'inorrow, to appear before the military
boaid ofiiKpilry iip.otiited to exonerate
him froin whisky frauds,
nn: N.tiiovu, lil.Moci: itic riiMMm 1:1:.
Tin1 national executive committee ol
the Democratic parly, ol which a major
Ity.ls now nt Washington, hold unmeet lug
ywdcrilay lor thu purpose of eoiHideilng
the lime and place of holding the next
national convention. Mr. lticlinrd Sehell
occupied the clialr, nnd .Mr. 1!. D. Hanks
aeleil n secretary. Ail interchange of
view illselo'cd the diet that 11 majority
ol'tho'e present were in favor of holding
thu convention ns early In Ihu M'a-nu as
practicable, and .May was considered
Mono too mjoii lor II. u best Interest of the
party nnd the convenience of all sections
concerned. As to locality, there was'
some little diversity of opinion, that
dually resolved Itself into a choice be
tween St. Louis and Louisville, as the
two inoet available points, there being
but little doubt Hint the Mipcrior claims
of St. I.nllls wilt obtain, when it come- lo
a ilecMvi' vote.
- .3 -
'Ih!mIiiiii'i I'ri'it'lits.
as umi.ii. i'ltii itiii, me lung ol Uiiio
roufcctloiars, has come to the Iroiit rank
with the largest and be-t stink of tojs
and candies ever binught to the city.
Ir two Weekf, ho has been ut wotl,
nlghtflndjlay. srraiiglng..tie.iiri"c!in
mid godd tlnug.s whieli haw been arriv
ing daily hi largo quantities ami he is
now prepared lo luriiKh parents willi
piesi'iits ami Mceliiieali for their Huh
ones "tillable for t'hl'tniis pn-fcnts, at
the wry lowest pi tees Ills stock of
French nnd American candies is urn -quailed
In .Southern Illinois, mnl bis
Stock of lot's Is unu-lliiilv larue. and of
the, li-t and strongest make. No one
should buy before Inspecting his atore,
where they will bo sun; to llnd what they
want. I2-.VI111
Oystor, Fish
(i.Y.MF. PI-TOT!
VI IN I MI-.N III Ot !(.
We will Fell, heieidler, our good at
the following prices, and solicit the pat
lou.ige of the public:
ov.si i:i:s.
Family brands, per can '' (uuls.
Standards, per can -I. cents.
Select, per can M cents.
Select, extra, per can M cents.
Tub oysters, per 100 $1 00
Chicago Trout nnd Wliilo...ll cts. per lb.
Canie, Pan l'l-h. ... 10 mid 11 cts. per tt.
Of nil descriptions constantly 011 hand,
consisting of wild turkey, squirrels and
Family groceries very cltetip for cash.
ti:a a.vii coFrm:
Made a spcculty. Give 11- a trial.'
Cheaper than thu cheapest.
l'J tt.lf. W.m. Wixrmi, .lis.. & Co.
Pianos and Organs,
Of 'World wide- Reputation.
AcknowltnlK'il liy all tcooil Muticluns to ln Ilia
Ixbt I'liuio now iimili-.
Of wlilcli wo havo sol-, over 400 during
twelve years w-U lii'roiniii moruuiiil inori'
liojnilitr UM.-ry Oay.
Sploniliit tmm. I'owcr ami Duniliilily.
Kimball's Orchostral Organ,
A very Ann liislnnnont, mlnptoil (o IiiKtru
mental as well us Vocal nitialc.
Kusy .Montlilyl'ayiiicnlH, at low lljjiirc-i
reaanllen ol l.lst l'rlrcs.
Iu j;ri)it vailcty, Incluilitij; all tin now
Hint jiopular luuctc ol tho day.
Or.lirs from tho Country
ju-ouiptly tilled nml sent
liy mall.
Band Inatrtimonts of nil Kinds
Furnished to Order.
Ol the llest (Jiiultty.
Classical Studios arid Exercises
Of allurailes for l'lano or Voice.
tt3TKvrrjr ilesi-iiptlon of Mimical Mor
ehanillso liiinlxheil to order, promptly and
ut prli i-s lower than ever ottered hefore.
Bend for IlluMratnd Catalogno nnd Trice
l.lst of thc.su beautiful grouped.
All Goods WarranUJ as Roprieaed.
Cairo, Illinois.
A Clear Havana, Long Pillar,
Band Made
ssssssaftveaMBiMnBMr istiu sreiwasn. riwininTin fcirsnasnseiisiia m asi
Sole Agents, Two Stores, 74 Ohio
iGevee, and Washington Ave.
Corner Eighth Street,
- . , ; ;
Read! Read! Read!
Havo Roducod their Entiro Stock inhoib thoir Htoras, ConaiHtingof
Ton ratiM.evrl,i'f(.ri-oflVinl In lliln lir, (.jvht ulti-ntmn l rall, to cur l.luttiliijt K.i.iitiiKi.t,
Wlii-rt- Jdil r.in Kfl a t liravy
In our Hry-Uooili DqKirliiKiit rer Mill sire
Tiirn-r; Ii'mIj who Imjrj tu thu anininit u tuin (l.illars
3j"(.lle ill nit In 1 nml we will rominra yon Unit nt liiMn what we jr -(3
142 8c 144 Commercial Avenue.
li it-cw.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer In
tt Trmrn.Tvr , ivr-f-n is m i isim t i
Wines and Liquors,
Kocpr a full stock of
IS.orxtTxolty Bourbou,
Monongahola, Ryo and Robinson County
Enterprise Savings
A 11 NAKKOIth, 1'r.nlclcnt
s. a. T.wi.oit, vice rj.aia. nt.
W. II Vtil.Ul', Ctc'y iiml Xmuiiirr. .
I'. M, IUiiclat, Ciuh. riAUriiiKii,
K. ,M. .STOunrLKTii, l'Ai-i. 11. him-n,
It. II, Cl-hniniimah, a. l,, iialuhav,
J. Jt. l'liii.Lirj,
ThTEltUST mdd nn lU-nojlts nt till- into nr nix
.i. per rrnt pirnnnnin, Atarcli lt ami Huptpnw
int juiriv! not miuuniwii in luuitil inline-
llaalv to tlie principal nt I lie clrponlH, llirri-liy
Hi.iiiA li Ill uiUHUillllil lllluii-,1.
Mnrriod Womon and Children may
jjujjuHii money uua no ono
oIho oan druw it.
Open every liiHlni-tnilaj- iVonida in. to 3 p.m.
nml Sntiiiil.iy i vi'iitius for tavlnga il.-ioniu onlr
Horn ii to i.'clr.cW.
W. HY8r.OP. Troaimrnr.
V. llnm, PirHlilnit. II W'iUh, Cu-lilt-i-
I', Mill', Vli-e t'ii ,'t. T, .1. Hirlli, AhuI, Cutli'r.
Amn gousty m,
Cornor Cominoiclal Ave. and 8tnatrBt,
OAino, xxjTjs.
K. rtnus, r r. Win. KIukc, fulro.
i'. Niir, culm. Wm. Wiiiii-. t'nii-0.-
A, Sii'iuiLii, Cairo. It. I.. llilliiKley,.'9t. Ixiuls.
K, llintvr, Culm. , II. Utlb, t.'ulin.
y. II. lllilikiuufi.Ht. J.011U,
A tlcnoml iluiililiiK IIiirIiipm Done.
tJ-tvclmnp. Mild ami liiiUKht Interest paid
In tin' Nivhiir Di'purliiH'iit. CiilUctlons madr,
ami all lniiiit-94 prumptly ntteuiUd to,
Administrator's He tics.
1lvrATi: t py, t. Tailor, .Iifcil
J 'J I lie lltiilfrniKI.a a liRTilitrlni-ii iipimhiKit Ail
inliiUutur ui' Mm t-.uidif lljaT J'aikt-r lal
nl' llif county ttt Ali xiinili r nnd Slate iif IllinuU,
Irii M.iil, hnvhy clvi-i in ilk-,, lint liu will hii-pi'H-
U rolf tlier.guiityriiiirl or AIi'VuikIhitiiiiii
ly.at lliHi-iiiut li.iiiii: In Hip cily or i'nirn, lilt
in. In. nl ilii'.iiiniiary form, on il- tlili.t Sliimliiy
ill .IlllllUirV nul, 111 Mllil'll linn-all I.IT0IH linv
liiKi'lnlinsiiKalil culi I cUUi uiu nullll.il ami
uiiii li-il tu iittcnil for tin. inmi.ifn of li:tt ini; Hie
niiiifiiiljii.l.nl. All pcriiint Iiuli'liti-d tonaiitf.
t.ituani niiilf,l to iiiaLu imiMdUlR pavninit
In lln: nuilenluiKil.
lntVd IlilnHnl ilnv nr llcrrinlir. A. I. 1875.
HOIIKIt'l' II, ( I NSINiillAM,
12-n-ilr.ir. Aitmiiiiiliator
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
Y. V. IIAtl.IHAY, rrrslilcnt.
1IKMCY I.. IIAIX11MY, Vice I'mt.
A II. 8AVKOBD. (filler
S. firXAT.I Tavi.oii,
II. I. Hamiiiay,
It. II Cff.WrNfllUM,
Jv. I' Uai.uijia,
11. U, niLMAMtfON-, MTKI-niCK IIlllll.
I, rir.i-iiKr
II. ri.uruiio
Esohango, Coin and United Utatea
Bonda Sought and Hold.
KI'OSITS iw-4ilviH ami a ginnrsl banking
lli-lisacirr Is prepared to tupply all Wbo wUli
Ilirail, takes, Confectionery, ClirUliuu Candy
'lojs, amUII articles In Ills line. KspecUUt-U-nliiMi
iniiil to Icliiffand Ornanicntlaf Cbrlst
inii Hiuf New Yrar'n Cakes He is alto preMt4
i xISi ,m Xy ,,,l,,Pr on notice.

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