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A8CA1.0N I.ODOK, NO. 81,
Knights of I'jrthlaa, rmcUtTtrr Krl
lUr nlKht t hair-past tern, in Odd'
Kcllowa' Hull, Jxo, II. Uomsian,
Minnicllhr Commander.
Iliilrmnd-iit (Inlrr nf Odd-Vfl
' low, units t:nj Thursday night
lit linlf.lHUl ui'tn . In llilr null on
Ojinne rclul avtuitr, between Mlxtli and Seventh
.l.u..a ..... V ,1
S-I11 .M-Killow' llnll uiithc llritkiid third
IihwIj) In emy month, at hulr-patt sewn.
J.io. II. OukiiLr, U. 1.
1nr Hold rreubir communications in aia
Xicilii Hall, comer Commercial avmut
' - m..i histiin tinvl, ou we acconu anu
I'urui niouuav bream monin.
Attorney at Iinw.
orriCK: Atmldrnrx on Ninth Htrt, I'
twstn Washlnxfon atrnm-anil Walnut M
-I i ui - . 1 1 -
ItKtUDKSCKi So, 11 1 hlrttenlti itrfrt, I
twscn Washington atrnue and Walnut tnt.
OrriCKi North aide of Klxhth strut I,
twecn Comiirnlal ami Washington attniif.
Cornrr Ninth and Wulnul
OITICE Corner ttlxtli ilml and Ohio Iz-nt
OrKICE IIOUKS Kmmfia.rii. Urn , and
Ior Nnlr.
Au aluioit new jiarlor coal stove for
ale cheap at Malhu A Phi's commls
.Inn Iioiiit. 12-D-ftt.
Till- ltlral.
AH the latest styles of "cult' ami boys'
hats, at ruinous jiriccs, At 1 1, llai liiinn
corner Sixth mid Commercial nteiuic
Come and 'eu uio. 12-5-tf
Keut! niMi::
The llnestasoitmcntof gents," youth'
and boys' clothing, which vc will sell
cheaper than can be bought anywhere In
the city, nt D. Hartman's, corner of Sixth
street and Commercial avenue, 12-5-tf
Altriitliiu '. Jrnler.
Wi: have lour dozen Imitation Ebony
Kprague Can-Ojcncrs, taken for adver
tising, which we will sell at two dollars
iwr doen. Inquire at liiilielin oil la'.
The I'lnrv.
The place to get thw Im.I, cheape-t and
largest assortment of AlnjiHcis It at I).
Hartman's dry goods story, corner Sixth
street and Commercial avenue.
I'.xruraloii Ticket I'nr fmlr.
Wc have two tickets good lor the round
trip in the grand cxcur-lou tocoineoH'ou
the 17th, which we will ell very low.
Here 1. a ehaiii'i' lor a cheap tide, proti
di'd the tteLetn are taken soon.
Col. K..M. Lowe, ot Pnla'ki, I'ul.vkl
county, de.-ir-s to take ten or a dozen
hores to winter at his farm. Ciood ta
LlhiK and p.iMure, at low rates. I'or ref
erence apply to .1. U. Meteall", Cairo, III
iiiol. 12-t-'Jw.
Tciii-'h Unll.
.VeiiJ:ilir'.-llall ur F.roeHhunder ncucn
riirnhalle. am Sylverlerabeiul, den
illicit Div... 1S75. In plain KimlMi
New-Vear'-. ball in eeh hrallon of the
peiiinj; ol'lhi! new Turners hall, New
Veai'. Kve, 'Mkl Deeembrr, le'.'t.
erjliody to knov, tliat the placo 10 'ul
A mmotli nliaM',
A ).vo 1 1 f'hnuilxxi,
A (uliloimlilc liulr-cti',
1 ht the GltANJ. (jiCNTIUt. IUiuikk
tllop, comer llith and Coinmi-rUI.
DS-K J. (iK'tllllK .'irni.MKivsit.
Hibernian I'ire 'oininny, A tlciilloi..
There will boa "-iieclal meeting of the
lliberiilan lire Company at their hall,
Thurxlay evening, December Hlb. A full
aturjdaueu U rciphMcd, at important
IiihIiilvj will be transacted.
By order ol the company,
l2-7-:il. I. O'lanillMV, Sec'y.
ItlHioliilloii .N'ollee.
The linn oflluleu - WINouls thidar
dl'olved by mutual eon-ent, Samuel 1.'.
VIIon retiring. II. M. Milieu continues
lie biijlnea at So. $ Ohio Levee, and
a.umes all liabilitc of the llrm. All ac
counts due, ami ou In- by ibo llrm will
lc rotllrd by liliu.
Sami-ki, H. Wii.ko.n,
11. M.lll'IXN.
Cairn, Decembers. 167.. U-li-ilt
A I IlinlcrS.
The moil beautiful stock of jewelry to
lie found in Southern Illinois its now
on exhibition and for alo by Under
Hrother. They are prepared to fiinilih
buyen w ith any article that may be desir
ed, and warrant eat i taction, They maun
laeture to order walehc-, clocks, ring's,
lockets, and evcrythlii!: that may be de
sired, and for prollcieney In making fair
work, they stand second to noiio in the
country. Clve llieni a call, and -co for
yonrelvc. IS-.V.'m.
'orlrallH niiiect,"
Thl Is a new style of picture now be
iiiK produced by Win, Winter, the nrtlt,
of this city. These pictures aro creating
much lutercat hi all the principal Knstcrn
and Western el ties, bcln altoucthcr now.
They aro unllku photographs, being
raised and benutlfully ennmeled over the
entire Kiuiace, olt In tone, but dlitinctlu
(he light and Mmdes. No one who fees
them fails to admire them, or to ive the
arllst au order. We have been .shown n
number of picture of well-known Indies
und Kcnllemcii of tho oily, and have no
hesitation in pronouncing them perfectly
splendid. W e would therefore advise all
w ho tHko Interest In such matters or de
'lro picture, to call upon Mr. Winter at
hU gallery and examine his work in this
new branch of the shadow-capturlng art.
Exchange for sale on all the princi
pal cltleaof Europe ut Enterprise Savings
Dank. 11-12-lm.
iltt ulliittn.
katkn or aivi:rtini.(i.
EJ-All btllt tot adreilUInK, ale due and pay
able IN AllVAKCC.
'Irnmlfiit wltfllliiK will Iwlnserleil at Ilia
rate of II l perfqiuire for the Unit Insertion
and W cents for rarh ulicqncii t one. A llbtrul
diicoiint will lw mide on (lauding uu'l display
Church, Hocleljr, Kctlaland upier nolltt
will only tclnicrtcd a ailvcrlUemenOi.
For InierllnK Kuneral nullco l Cu. Notice of
liirling of orlelp or wcirt oidrj 1" cents for
rnch insertion.
No adterllaemrut will be recelttd at k tlian
V) rents.
Local Bualneas Notices, of
ten linen or tnoro, inaeriou
in the Bulletin iiu follow :
One Inaertion per lino 2 Soni''
Twolnaortlonapcrllna 7 Ceut.
Three lnaortioiia por lino 10 Centa.
Six lnaertloni par line 16 Centn.
Two woeke per line - liB Sani"'
No Heductlou will be made in above
I.ocul Wmtlier Itriert.
C'Aino, III,, Dec. , lili.
IIar. Tim. I Wimp. J Vkl.
So twi i .so' I NW I T
wi.iisi ai nw ' to
, a.m.
II "
.irKeant. Signal Senic, 1. f A,
Work on the new cmbmikincnt for the
little railroad lia been postponed for the
preicnt. Col. Taylor did it with that
little injunction.
freaenl! I'reariif!
Don't forget to call at lleilbron A
Well.'' to get your preient of MO yards of
the be-t calico. IMO-tl
Sen York .Hlurc
Sell best fodu crackers at 7 cents per lb
by the box ; al'o very choice inlnce-incat
and apple butler. IS-.Vi.Ut.
t'Hinl,r, ('unity.
Two thousand pounds laney, choice
mixed and loy candy lor t..ile at the New
Vork Store by wholesale anil retail.
'I ruiiUa, 'I mult.
Wc received till week a lull line of all
Mylei and price of good thirty-six Inch,
.Ink covered. ladiei' trunk", omy 5 (X)
at lleilbron Si WeWi. li-10-tf
Jllt llK'lUll.
New liauir, breakfast bacon, buck
wheat llour, cranberries, plum-, ial-eiiJ,
currents, at the New Vork Store.
Mllllnarr ! .Mlllinoi j !
A we Intend to clo-e out our stock of
millinery we ofl'er thee good at half
price ; a good French Iclt iiat at 7.' cents.
IMO-tl Hi:ii.uno.v A Wr.u..
On lit lliirliiian'.,
If yoti want to get a good and clieap
Uucl. or K'id (".love, at New York prices,
be Mire and go to I), llartmati'p, corner
Sixth street and Commercial avenue.
A lot of emigrants Irom Nashville,
pased tlirough the city yesterday on
their way to Dalla. Texiw. 'l iter cut
forward by the St. Louis, Iron .Mountain
mid Southern railroad.
A I'omliiiintiiiii
of event hae occurred during tho past
few days;that;have put us in position to
force at oucy Into c.t-li, irrespective of
value, one of the largest stocks of men
and boys' clothing,
If (he citizens of Cairo will only take
advantage of thK fact they will be
galncii by it. llr.ii.uito.v ,t Wt:n..
1 12 and 1 1 1 Commercial eveiiue. l'J-10-tf
'I lie Cull lily JhII.
dallcr ritgtrald reports twecnty-three
prloucis hi the county Jail. They are a
motley crew, comprising men of every
chadc of color, and of every nationality
lighting men, ringing men, etc.
A. Ilalley lias removed to his new-
store room, 113 Coiumeiclal avenue, -po'itu
Winter's Hlock, and next door to
thu Arab engine liou-e, wheie he will be
tleaed to see all hN old customers nnd
as many new ones. U-HO-tf
I Mi nee.
A grand inaMpieradu ball will be given
by the National Cornet Hand oii.laniiary
17th, IS7H. Tlie bovh Intend to make
this the grandest affair of the season, and
are dctermluctl that It shall eclipve any
thing heretofore given in Cairo. Full
particulars hereafter . ll-KVJt
At the lliwi, NciiTTt.
The exerebci at thu lllfjli School ilil,
tcrnoua will bo ot a more than uiially In-IcrcMln-,'
character. Tim A uVswIII tell
whst they know about the cou-tltullnn of
the United Slitc. Tlo public are lti lied
toaltcnd. I'ho exurc'e will commence
at - it clock.
Ilisienaril Willi.
The County Commissioners having
determined to reoiiomic in county ex
penses, have dispensed with the services
of lanitorat Ihu court hmi-e. The price
paid to Mr. Klchard I'ltaerald for thla
service was tiirce hundred and thtv dol-
lar a year.
Held In llnll
due lluuhea, the colored man arrested
by Deputy Sherlir Shwohan 'on Monday
evening on board the steamer ,11m Flsk,
on charge of horse stealing, was before
Judge llro yesterday for a preliiulmiry
hearing, lie was held in live hundred
dollar hall to await the aellou of the
grand Jury.
'I ue 1'aic iimi l eNiiv.ii.
The fair and festival now in progress
in Thornton's block, under thu eoutrof
t tho ladle of thu church of the Re
deemer, mn proven thus for a meat suc
cess. Tin. attendance last night was very
large.the house i,eij, densely packed dur
ing ihu entire evening. It will bu con
tinued over this evening and all who may
wnut a llnu meal, or those who inay wlsli
to purchase presenhfor their lllttu ones,
should not fall to pay thu fair a visit.
1'nilor Ooiirert,
A unrlor concert under the fiiaiiKc-
iiii'iii of Ibn ladles-of the I'resbyterlaii
ehureli,.wlll be licld at tho residence of
J. 11. ltecd. on Twentieth street, between
Wiiiblnffton avenue n'"1 "'nut street,
on next Thursday iTenlng. The pro
gramme of exercises will be published
Tho Oly Hnkcry.
Attention Is called to the card of the
City llakery, to be found In this Issue.
Mr. Hebsacker. the proprietor, lias by
industry and fair dealing, established n
lucrative business. When you want any
thing in his lino give him a call.
Underwear I Vnderwenr I
Ladles' and chlldrons' uuderware, mo
rino us well as rmiiliu can be found
.heajicraud better at lleilbron & Weil's
than any whore in the city. A good me
rino uiidcr.hlrt and drawers for boys
only 00 cents ; a good merino vest and
pants, for ladles, only $1, IMO-tr
Captain A. M. Hutchinson, of the
Keokuk Northern Line racket company,
was In the city yesterday.
D. I. Coiiklln and wife, of New
Vork, were guests at the St. Charles
hotel yc'tcrday.
C. 11. Woodruff, of theChleago L'iano
and Oman company is In the city.
II. II. Crews, U.S.A., and family,
are In the city visiting at the residence1 of
1. W. Barclay. Mr. Crews is a brother
ijf M i Jlrtrl.,v.
Mr. ('. M. How has returned from
St. Louis.
Captain Heacli, of thu steamer L M.
Norton, was at the St. Charles yesterday.
ClirlHliiius I'rractita.
A usual, Phil Saup, the king of Cairo
confectioners, has come to the trout rank
with the largct nnd best stock of toys
and candies ever brought to the city.
For two weeks, he has been at work
night and day, arranging the presents
and good things which have been arriv
ing dally In large quantities, and he is
now prepared to furnish parents with
preents and sweetmeat- for their little
once suitable for CllUtmas presents, at
the vcrv lowest price. His stock of
French and American candles i unc-
(jualk-d in Southern Illinois, and his
stock of toys Is unusually large, and of
tho liest and strongest make. No one
should buy before lu-pcctitig his store,
where they w 111 be sure to Ilml what they
want. 12-5-1 in
The County Conitninklmirr.
The County Commiisioucrs met in reg
ular Fcssiou on Monday morning, and
have met regularly every day since.
The llrst busbies transacted was the
election of a chairman. Commissioner
Tho. Wilson was chosen to preside for
the ensuing year.
The bond of John 1'. Ilely, treasurer
elect, was presented aud approved, and
Mr. Ilely duly Installed as treasurer. Mr.
Ilely's bondsmen are among the best and
limit Mib-tauti.il business men of the
Almost tlie entire time of the board so
far has been taken up In the consideration
of claims agahiit the county, and His not
likely that they will get through with
tho business before them belore Monday
or Tuesday.
The SffH l.eiec.
Work on the new levee is being pushed
ahead ( lnt as the unfavorable condition
of the weather will permit. Yesterday
there wa lifty teams at 'ork, auel the
amount ol labor accomplished was as
much as In any two previous days
since the work was commenced.
The contractor and liU assistants
neon to be go-ahead men, and
plucky. Whether it rains or snows,
whether the ground is in condition or out
of condition It Is all the samu to them.
They wnik anyhow, and make no fuss
about It. We are glan vuy we the kind
ot men they are, and hope they mill Ikj
able to complete tlie new levee within tlie
tlmu agreed upon 111 tlie contract. We
have believed, ami Mil! believe, that a
larger force of tcauii cliuukl be put to
work on the Irvee in order to Insure its
completion within thu timo specified in
tho contract, lint we are not a levee
builder, and maybe we don't know as
much about what it takes to do such
work as thoo who have had experience
in the business. It is to be presumed (Vat
Mj. Hagnell knows hi- business, and we
guess lie docs ; aud in this hope wu shall
rest content told levees at large, and the
new levee in particular, takn care, of
A tioud lniKtrnled lnier,
Frank Leslie, at Ids mammoth publish
lug house, .":i7 Pearl street. New York,
Issues seventeen beautifully illustrated
newspapern aud mairazincs. Mr. Leslie
was tho llrst In the United States to un
dertake thu publication of a weekly Illus
trated newspaper, and to him belongs
the lienor of being the publiher of "the
oldest illustrated newspaper hi America."
The person who secures thu agency for
thesu publications lor this vicinity, and
will give our citi.ens au opportunity of
inspecting the several Issues and copies
of the eight magnlllccnt chromos, tho
choice from which Is given with a sub
scription to cither of the Illustrated week
lies, will have a huudsomo and prolltable
business. '1 iiese paiei. arc well known,
aud sell readily for 10 to 15 cents on news
stands, aud aro now llrst oIK'rcd through
agents to annii'.i siib:cribors, with a val
uable chromo which to all lovers ol art,
is alone worth more than the subscription
price, An annual subscriber to thu illus
trated newspaper receives during the
year over 8112 newspaper pages. Folded
to the si.c of a large octavo book, the
subscriber would have 3,228 pages, equal
to seven octavo books of ordinary sl.e
say -4D0 pages each, ami one-half of thesu'
pages would contain Hue engravings, and
for tho centennial year will make tho
most accurate ami valuable illiisliatcd
history of thu National Jubilee pub
lished. o advise our readers, alter they
have subscribed to the lli'i.i,i:u., to se
cure onu of Frank Leslie's Illustrated pc
rlodlcals, und witli it the beautiful
If you have a horso you ure hoi tiling
now and who that can tparc his horse Is
using him now)1 send the beat to Col.
t.mtp. at IbitaaVI Station. tin bn
Into the liorae-bWdlng business, has made
complete arrangements to give Ids boarders
the best tho market affords and charges
only a song for his labor and feed ; and what
is more, lbs Colonel slng the song him
self. oit i!ii Ki:s!
.Mr. James Biggs, tlie local passenger
agent of the Cairo and Vlnccnnes rail
road, whistles oil" brakes tills morulng,
and oilers nn nll-dayllght trip to Evans
ville, Louisville and Cincinnati. Leave
Cairo by tho C. & V. in the morning, aud
you arc at Cincinnati before bed time
"Presto! Quick, change and begone!"
Ily this route sleeping car fare Is saved,
and tho lutolcrable nuisance of the porter
blacking your clean polished boots and
charging you a quarter lor the Job.
sr.vNin.so my ins ritiF.Ni.
Col. Geo. W. Mclvealg, thu postmaster
ot Cairo, was In St. Louis on Monday and
Tuesday, for tho purpose, no doubt, of
helping Hon. D. Vt . Mumi out ot tho
sour mali dilllcultles he Is now In. This
is rigid. The Colonel owes his place to
D. W., who actually sacrificed the gen
tie and pliant, Hon. Isaac Clem
cnts, that the Colonel might retain his
place. D. W. did this, no doubt, for a
patriotic purpose, and Col. MclCcaig
slivuld not now neglect to stand by bl
friend with patriotic devotion. And he
will not. It coi. Mao lino mio ...
more strongly developed than another it
is bis proclivity to stand by his friends and
get into the board of election judges lu
the South Cairo priciiict. It therefore
follows that our postmaster will stand
by our late fcllow-clll.eii, the lamented
Mumi. Why not?
Wo don't think much of boys anyway,
and therefore have rcfii'cd to have any lu
our fiinlly Of this fact we arc very proud
'nee .Ml-s Thompson's cntcrtalument,at;the
Ataeneum, on 'lursday ni'lit, for on tint
occislon the boys present d'stinillslieil
themselves by the grot disturbance they
male Af.cr every cxerjc, they cat called
and whistled with most remarkable energy.
Their whlstlln; was actual' superb ill its
waywas ns loud and boisterous as the
whistle of a hundred little steam tug-. Wc
may be asked why the whistle ofbjyj
tlouM not be holj-'.crou". If we should be,
we shall maintain a lilKhlllcd Wc
disdain to reply to such impertinent enqui
ries; and we now su'ctt that romu plan
be devised by which the whistle of eaeh
boy be cut oifbefore he Is hereafter admit
ted lHto uty public hall lu Cairo. This may
be done effectually by culling oil' the head
elo-e to the shoulders.
A No. I l.nnndry.
It is now concedod that Mrs. Coleman,
ihe liundresi, Nc. 11 Fourth street, be
tween Wahintin A Commercial avenues,
has one of the best conducted laundry es
tablishments hi tho city, and landlords ot
hotels and boarding houses nlll tlnd It to
their dvantAifo to call upon her.
Her prices are as follows : Hotel and
bonrdlu-baute washing, 75 cents per
dozen. I'oi pleco work prices are
as follow: Single shirt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen 80c; socks &c; two col
lars, Ac; two handkerchiefs, 6c; vests 20c;
i&d all Kcntlemcn'i wear, bOc per
dozen. Ladies' dresses, 25 to &0c;
ikirts 10 to 20c; drawers 10 to 15c; two
alr hose 5c; two collars 5 to inc. For la
dies' plain clothes SI 00 per dozen; for la
dles lino clothes, 81 25 per dozen; done
dramptly, and promptly delivered. Pa
troupe solicited. S-UI-lm
.Slisrellmic on Item,
Assorted colors Cranlte Paper with
Envelopes to match, at the lli'i.ix'i is
olllce. tf
We have marked all our goods down
to rock bottom price, and offer tills
week greater inducements than ever In
both of our stores, and Invite tlie public
not to let this chance goby, and buy all
your Christmas presents at
n-10-if. Heii.iiro." A- Wkil.
C. D. Al ter oflers his resilience, on
HvnUi street, for sale cheap. Terms
liberal. 11 24-20t.
Shawls and skirts, we sell at reduced
rates. A double broclie shawl only $7.
12-10-tf. llKii.nno.v & Wkil.
I'reall llllllimora mIikIi oyairra Ml
the l'liuitera' Hoiiae. ll-'JM-lt
LonsdalcMuslin at eleven cents per
yard at D. Hartman's. 12-5-tf,
For the cheapest and best Jilankets,
White and Grey, go to Ilurtinnu's.
The Alexniider County ItiinU aella
cvchniiKonii nil the iiriiicliml elite of
tUii'iipe, mid nlleuiln tit the collection
of elnlnn mid catateM, csprclnllly in
Mcriiiuiiy. 11-21-1 in.
Ladles furnishing iroods, wc.keep tlie
finest variety ever brought to this city,
well made and low priced.
12-10-tf. Hr.ii.imos t Wkil.
For men's aud boys' underwear, alio
men's and boys' hats and cans, lleil
bron it Weil's Is tiie cheapest place lu the
city. A good merino suit for 75 cents.
I'retli liillfimorc inlu'11 oyntei'f. Ml
lliel'limteis' lloiiNf. Il-lis.ll
Heaver cloaks anil knit jackets
lu this lino wo carry the bet nnd largest
stock In tlie city, at greatly reduced
prices. IlKiLiutox A Wkil.
If you want n nuw and good shirt,
cither while, colored or eheviote, less
than 1 1 icy can bo purchased at the manu
factory, g t llnttuuui'ij. 12-5-tf
Just received another new supply of
thoe cheap boys' clothlngaiid overcoats.
As this Is a leading article with us, we
mean to undersell Ihu cheapest in tlie
el y. lliiii.iiiioN ,fc Wi:ii
Choice New Orleans sugars imd sy
ups at the New York Store. 12-5-20t
U ramies ovation ever yet seen on
children's Merino bonnets and caps, fur
bonnets and fur caps, children's cloaks
and sacks, Infants' robes ami lufaats'
casslmere shawls, und everything else lu
this line ut very low prices' nt lleilbron it
Well's. 12-10-tt
II you want mi economical heating
stovo fur wood and one of the handsom
est stoves lu tho market, with Illumina
ted fronl, buy thu Improved Evening
Star which took the bluu ribbon at St.
Louis Fair last October, over all others
on exhibition. For sale by C. W. Hen
derson, 101 Commercial avenue, Cairo,
Illinois, ll-2-d-lm
ditto, III., Thuiisday Kvknino, 1
December !, Ifc75. J
Again we have a change to report in
the weather ; snow began falling on
Wednesday morning about two o'clock,
and coutlnued to come down very slowly
until Wednesday noon, when It stopped,
To-day It Is clear and cold, with n fair
prospect Jur u still colder day to-inor-
Hiulness has been rather quiet
with our merchants since our last
Ismio. Tho salt., of llour have been small.
1 he market Is pretty well supplied, but
there is a fair demand lor fancy or extra
grades; musty wheat turner Is entirely
without call, and shippers will act un
wisely to send any to this market. Strictly
choice hay Is lu fair demand, while com
inon Is plenty and finds no sale. There
is still a good demand for white corn tor
milling purpo'es, and good dry corn llnds
ready sale lor shipping. Oats are lu fair
demand, though the supply on hand is
equal to the call. Meal is quUtand wcjk.
Choice Northern roll butter llnds ready
sale at prices quoted ; packed Is rather
dull.but prices arc well maintained. Eggs
arc quiet at 25 cents. The change lu the
weather has made the demand fordre-sed
poultry good. Choice apples are In good
demand, and will command $1 50 per
barrel. Potatoes arc llrm. but the do
maud for them Is light. Other branche
of the market remains about ns quoted
in our last luc.
ftajf'Our friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given arc Usually for
talcs from first hands In round lots. I:
illliug orders and for broken lots It is uec
essary lo charge an advance over these
The market Is pretty well supplied
and tlie demand is nominal, though there
Is a fair call for extra grades. Thu mer
chants aro still desirous of Impressing
upon the minds of shippers the fact that
no musty wheat llour should ho con
signed to this market, as (here Is no sale
for It here. We note sales of 1100 bbls on
orders, $5,7 25; 200 bbls, $ I 50.7; 500
bbls. SI :!57; 200 .bbls, $f0 50; fioo
bbls, S5&7 50; 100 bbls, $Jg,7.
Hay is quiet; there is a fair call for
strictly choice, while common Is plenty
and llnds no sale. Sales reported were 2
cars choice timothy, $17; 1 car lied Top,
$12; II car, mixed, iiagill; 1 car (Jilt
Edge Timothy, $15; 2 cars choice tim
othy, $15.
There 1 .still a good demand for white
corn at thu mills, and jrood dry corn
would sell rapidly for shlppiug purposes.
Sales since our last report were 100 sack
mixed, 50c ; 1 car mixed in sacks, 15c.
This branch of the market is quiet.
The supply on li.ind it equal to the call,
but there I still a fair demand. Sales were
3 cars by sample in bulk, :t:!c ; :,00 .-acka
t0i:te; 1 car mixed in bulk on track,
30 ccuts.;
Not much doing. The market Is quiet
and weak. Sales were 200 barrels city
meal, steam dried on orders $2 5(1 ; 200
barrels city steam dried $2 50; 1 car
country steam dried $2 115.
(fillet and dull. Sales were 1 car corn
bran (We per 100 pounds :2iKi acl. SOj.
Choice roll is lu fair demand at prices
quoted below; packed is rather dull,
but juices are very well maintained.
Sales reported were 10 puckets Southern
Illinois, 25c; S furkius Northern 2Sc; 200
pounds choice Northern packed, 2Sc ; ,'100
pounds Northern roll, 2Sc ; 10(1 pounds
Southern Illidoli roll, 25c; I! bucket
Southern Illinois packed, 2:i25e; 1,000
pounds choice Northern roll, 27o; 100
pounds choice Northern roll, 2Gc ; 200
pounds Soatheru Illinois in palls, 22c;
:U)0 pounds cooking, ISc ; t tubs North
ern, 27c ; 0 packages Northern, 23c.
Eggs are quiet and moving along
slowly, with prices about the sanio us
last quoted. We note sale of ,'J cases at
25 cents.
The change in the weather has mado
the demand for dressed poultry much bet
ter. There Is also a good demand for
old hens nt $:!, while Ihcie is no call for
young chickens. Turkey gobblers will
find sale ut $1112 per do.cu, while
mixed turkeys will sell at SOIO. Sales
were 12 do.en live, ?S; 200 lb dressed
10c; 100 lbs dressed, 11c.
Ciiickkns 1 coop young, ?2; 1 coop
old liens, $2 50.
Apples are in fair demand ; Choico will
find ready sale at $ I 50. Sales reported
werolOO bbls choice Michigan. $1 50
1 75; 50 bbls aborted, $2l 50; 10 bbls
Winesajis, $11.
Firm, but thcru Is a light demand.
Sale were 50 barrels Pcachblowsjd 50;
5'J barrels $1 75.
We notu sales of 10 barrels $$(Ti,u,
There i a light demand for this article.
We note tale ot 25 barrels $2.
There Is no demand, us tho market Is
overstocked. Sales were : 50 do., l5o;
20 do., l.'u ; 50 do., 50c.
llogs arc In demand. Sales wcic: 10
drctseil, 7Gi,7i'ta ;
llccves also are in demand, tf.iles were:
2 beeves, .-Jcts, round.
We note sale of 7000 pounds dry salt
shoulders, 75c; 0000 pounds dry salt
sldec, lOjc
lluy your Oulck Yeast at Now York
Store, received lash daily ut wholesale
and retail. 12-5-201
For. boys' clothing, boys' underwear,
und hoys' hats at Hcllbiou & Wei).
Wnterprnofe -Mll rie,.
We oiler at ml no ed rates, best black
waterproof, nt !K) cents.
JIkii.uko.v Ai Wkil.
Vum I Fur !
We nre now prepared to offer sjreat
bargains in hulles' and chlldrons' furs ol
all styles. Children's sets, muffs ami
boa, at only $1 a set.
12-10-tf. Huilhuo.n A Wkil.
Tor the Weekly llullelln.
Persons wishing advertisements or lo
cal notices inserted In tho Weekly Rri.t.v:
ns, should hand In thu copy by Tues
day noon, cf each week.
'Ihe l.crlurei.
A scries of four lectures nre vet to be
given under tho auspices of thu Library
Association, as ioiiows:
Dec. nth-lion. W. II. Orecii:
" 21t-Mr.G.U. Alvord;
" 23lh-Dr. llornco Warducr ;
Jan. lth-Dr. G. G. Parker.
The'te tint II.
For every description of line and beau
tiful Jewelry, of thu very latest patterns
and styles, go to Under Brothers, corner
01 hlgbtli street and Washington avenue.
Tills llrm ha Jut received one of the
largest and best stocks ever brought to
Cairo which they aro selling at the very
lowest prices. All will do well to give
them ncall before buying ut other places.
A Uond IMaee to lluy.
A. Ilalley a new Slum t wlnl v one
of tho best arranged of tho kind Jo be
found In the city, and what Is belter, lie
uas so arrangeu ms juices mat manv are
taking advantage of the opportunity of
fered to buy stove", tinwnre,otc.,cheaor
than ever known lu Cairo. Call on Hal
ley, 115 Commeiclal avenue, next door to
the Arab engine bouse. 0-IIO-tf.
Molten of Itenionl.
C. Koch has icmovcd Ids boot nnd
shoe shoi) from thu old stand to his
new brick building (one block Mow)
No. IK) Commercial avenue, between
Fiftli and Sixth streets, where he will
keep thu best home maile and St. J.otii
custom mado boots and shoes, made of
the best material ; good workmanshlj)
and in tho latest styles. All orders
liroinjitly attended to. J-2;l-tf.
Oit Sev '1 hem.
Under Jirothcrs, jewelers, corner of
Clglith street and Washington avenue,
is one of thu oldest and most reliable
bulncss llrms in Southern Illinois. They
ivc thu best ot workmen in their estab
hmcnt, aud manufacture to order any
thing in their line with disjiatch and of
the llnest material. Their stock of jew
elry is elegant and is one of thu largest
anil lict ever brought into the fctato.
12-5-1 in
A Ill TIiIhj.-.
The Revolution as u bae burning
stove for bituminous coal, needs no pull
ing from the subscriber and it never pulls
smoke) itself. For durability, economy
ml beauty it cannot becxcolled. ('all at
my store wlieie 1 have one hi constant
use and I shall be hapjiy to explain its
good working qualities, and I will also
ake pleasure In referring to many par
ties who have It lu use, and who pro
nounce It superior to any stosc they have
ever used. C. W. HuNltl'.U'-ON.
171 Commercial avenue. Cairo, 111.
I'll ft 1. 1st.
Steamer .11 111 Fik. Paducah.
' N hie Peck. St. I.oub.
" IMejvI'le, NashAlllc.
" O. V. ircunl, Now Oilejii".
" l.nu'svllle, Cincinnati.
" Kll'le Silver, New Oilcans.
" Julia, St. l.oul..
TnW-ho.it Al l.. New Orleai.s.
" Fred Wl'son. Plnburg.
" Warner, Cinclnnall. '
" Polrcl, St. Louis. . .
" Active, Pltlsburg.
Slvamer Jim Flsk, Paducah.
Nelllo Peek, ViU,mrs.
" i:ul vll'.o, Nashville.
" C. V. Koun'y, i t. Louts.
' Lou!sille, Now Orleans.
" iiuilo Sib er, Cincinnati.
" Julia, Vlcksburg.
Tow-boat Ark, l.nu'Mllle.
Fred Wilsou, Nuw Urlc'iii-,
' Warner, Nuw Orleani,
Active, New Orleans.
Mi:ig-l)irit,lin, , Macomb, Ohio river.
The river at dAt k was 13fect:iU-5 hiclies
on tho gauge, liavlni; fallen I -I-5 inches
during the previous 21 Imuis.
Tho weather N cDarand mild,
liuslno-s lair.
llll.S'KUAI. Minis.
Tlicro Is a tilght il-ii In the rlvor :, St.
LouI which Is easing tn:ilt?rs up a little on
tho vailous crossing-.
Tho Eieyiillc brought a very lair trlji
from Nashville. Cajit. HdiyStrons or Iho
Shippers Own, c.inio down 011. Iho IMdy
vlllo to look for a house In ttih elly. He
will bring his lamily hcio on tlie next trip
efjthe Kdilyvillo ami estab l-h his rcihicueo
lu this el'y.
C:i t. I.ltturel and c.-ew of tho Laurel
huNuhyr.ill lor l.ou'svillo this morning.
The Laurel has been lefthi chargeot Walker
itNclll. at tint Cnlro dry dmks, and they
h.ive;ii:vv r to cUarlcrher to any (parlies
wlsh'hc' her sui vices for lornr or hn
iienmls. The Lau clU'M''3i fill tug and
will vou t reason ible tliju 1 s,
The LouIsnIIIu 111 ulo no add.'t'ons hero
aud will leave MompliN wllh all she can
UTlu! Warner and barges wero lather lli'ht
but will no doubt Ibid Height below.
Fred Wlhon and Arllvohavo enal lows.
Thn Al'i-o llrmvn will pass to Memphis
wi-thy wiih ulgh'ceii boats ut coal.
Tho Charles IHo'.mi Is iiriugiiu ii'ieen
barccs ol coal to this cliv and wl'l make
trip to St. l.ouhll ihe ilvcr will penult.
The Siislol-r.ver has n big trip for Cln
the. 'J, 1'17J
nuslmrjr. .,
Nu.lnflllu ..
81, IUiiis...
jamus Watson,
Feryvant, Sltfual Mi-Tlcc, U.8. A.
Oyster, Fish ,
... WIJITKB'M Ht.Ot li.
ii ii V'"' ,lcr-nner, our goods nt
hefollowl,lK-1)rk.u , ,olp, ,
family iiranils, jiercan
Standards, per can, ., "" ',
Select, per can
Select, extra, ftcr can
115 cent'.
15 cents'.
50 cent.
55 cents.
i no oysters, per 100 51 on
Chicago Trout and Whlto...ll cts.
Game, Pan Fish. ... 10 and 12 ct.
per lb.
. per lb.
Ornll descriptions constantly on hand,
consisting of wild turkey, squirrels and
Family groceries very clieap for eah.
Mado a spccalty. Give us n trial.
Cheaper than the cheapest.
I-!Mf. W.M. WtXTKIl,.lK., .fcCo.
1000 sheets of brltol board Just re
ceived at tho IJi'llktin- otucc, and lor
sale to the trade.
of Tin:
:lty or Vnlrn,
colored and vnrnlslinl, for sale at halt
price ($2.50) at the II i.ixtin ofilee.
20,000 note heads, :W,000 envelope,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements-,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper just
received and for sale at the IIi;i.i.i:n.N
eiy-NX Amber and While rag stock
envelojiesatthe Bui.lktix olllce, printeti
j.'J 50 and $-1 00 per M.
lluy your groceries ot the New York
Store, cheapest placo hi Cairo 12-5-20t
Real Estate Column
Ilusliiess house on Levee, lately
iijiied by Cunningham & Stilwell.
Iliisincss. hou-c nn Levee, near Sixth
freer, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man A Co.
Winter's lllock--suitable for Hotel,
Olllccs or Uuslncss rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered -i, 7, S and 0, In
Winter's Row, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 507 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 1 rooms $10 a month.
Store room in "Pilot House," lately
occujiicd by A. Ilalley.
-Storeroom lately occupied by Howe
Sewing Machine Co., 011 Commercial
avenue, near Ninth street.
-Two small IIuuscs west of Twentv
second street, near Pine, $1 eaeu
Walnut, u rooms.
Slovu room on Levee, above Eighth
street $20 per mouth.
Cottage on Nineteenth street, near
Washington avenue at $S 50 a month.
Dwelling' house 011 Sixth street and
Jefferson avenue.
Upper iloor of brick building on
Commercial avenue, above Tenth street,
very desirable.
Rooms in various parts ol the clfy.
- number of Lois on Levee, nbovo
Twelfth street, outride tiro limits. Also
a largo number ot other Lots in dlllercnt
Lands, in tracts to suit, near Cairo.
Drunkenness Cured !
WllUuut Innmvcnltiu-e, ut your home. Autl
tlnte mil free to any uil.lre.is on receipt of une
ihilliii-. Aililivs.
r.it. iii;iui.ii:i), m. i).
Maunder St. l.ouU Inebriate KosjiUI.
Ollhe-Ull DlheStiwt, Si I.uilU.
10-1 sic.
Opium or Morphine Eaters !
Cared illiout iniln or lucoinenlence, nt vour
Ihiimi In lllihiys. .Misllchu'H for llrst three Weoka
lieatinent sent free to any ntlilresii on rteviutnl
live ilolhirn. Stale uniouiit useil Jullv.
AiMivss, l 11. UUIlllAUn, M. D.
.Matuver at. I.oul. Inebrhite IIoaiilal.
llllhi 1111 OllvuStrwt, St. Loitli.
Live Afjonts Wanted
To sell Dr. Chaso's Itccljics j or Infor
mation for Everybody, In every county
lu Iho I'nllcd States and Camillas. En
larged by the publisher tutilS pages. It
contains over 2000 household reel jics, and
suited to all classes and conditions of
society. A wonderful book and si house
hold necessity. It sells at sight, (treat,
est Inducements ever ottered to book
agents. Sample copies scut by mail,
Postjiald, for i?2. Exclusive territory
given. Agents mom than double their
money. Aildress Dr. Chaso's Steam
Printing House, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 9 Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) finish,
valued at iW5. Will bo sold at $20 dis
count, on good terms, mid ordered direct
from the factory.
- Colored and mounted Maps ot tho
cllyof Cairo at 2 50 cadi (halt price.)
A No. 1) Wilson Shuttle Sowing Ma
chine valued at $75. Will bo sold at $15
discount, and ordered direct from tho
A $1)0 Remington Sowing Machine
$30 oft for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot and shoo manufacturer.
A stylo "E," "Clough, Warrou &
Co.'s" Parlor Organ, right from tho fac
tory at Detroit. List price, $300. Will
bo sold foi $200.
Fur any of the above articles, apply
the Kullktim oflico. K. A. Bvhsuti

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