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Attorney at Law.
CArao, if.uxou.
orrtCSi At mldfoca ba Ninth uwt, bs-
U U 1U,
-tixstnja m; xrntt. d;
KKNtOBNCKi No. ITilrt-nUi strati, U
Iwmii WMhlactoa evens and Walaut Hrwt.
OrftCBf Hortli aids of Klahm' atrM tW
twtttt Co-rcUl and Waahlncton trnu.
rj w. nmm, v. .
UNHMSt Cor Blast end Wales
OWrHM: Comer aunt ttratt aaa Ohio lavas.
froMi.N)t.at. - a,
Buy your Quick Yeast at New York
more, received fresh dally at wholesale
aud retail. 12-6-20t
lleataqUMrl i I
Kor boys' clothlug, hoy' underwear,
and boys' hatfi at Hellbf ou A Well.
mh t mm t
We are now prepared to offer great
barf ulna In ladle' and chlldrcas' furs ol
all styles. Children's acts, uiurT and
boa, at only $1 a act.
12-lU-tf. HkILBIIOXA Wr.lL.
Wateraraers and I'lnaaals.
We offer at reduced rates, best black
waterprool, at CO cents.
IlaiuiiioN Wkil.
Mer YarkBtara
Sell best soda crackers at 7 cents perltt
by the box ; also very choice mliice-meat
and apple butter. 12-5-20t.
Caady, SJaadjr.
Two thousand pounds fancy, choice
mixed aad toy candy far sale at Ilia New
York Store by wholesale an retail.
Traaluit Traak.
We received this week a full line of all
styles ami prices of good thlrty-tix Inch,
zlak covered, ladles' trunks, only $6 00
at nellbron & Weil's. 12-10-tf
New haws, breakfast bacon, buck
wheat lour, cranberries, plums, rattens,
currenU, at the New York Store.
The Latest.
All tbc latest styles of gents' and boys'
lists, at ruinous prices, at D. Uartman's,
comer Sixth an Commercial aveaue.
Cone and see me. 12-5-tf
It BwSI!
Tbe aaestaesortaseat of geets'.youths'
and boys' cUtlsta;, which we will sell
cheaper than can be bought anywhere in
the city, at D. Ilartatan's, corner of Sixth
atrvet and Coasmercial avenue, 12-5-tf
Atteastaal Baalrrs.
Wo have fonr doze luiltatiou Ebony
Sprague Can-Openers, taken for adver
tising, which we will sell at two dollars
It dozen. Inquire at Bulletin office.
BJIIIIaarjrl SMIMaerr i
As we intend to clone out our ftock of
uillliuery we offer these good at half
price ; a good Frcueh felt hat at "ti yenlt.
13-I0tt HlilLIIRO.V & Wkil.
The Plaee.
The plate to get the best, chcapet t and
largest assortment of Alapaci U at 1).
Ifartniau's dry goods story, corner .Sixth
street and Commercial avenue.
CoI.E. II. Lowe, of Pulaski, Pula-ki
county, desires to take ten or a dozen
horses to wlutvr at bis farm. Good (.ta
bling and pasture, at low rules. Forrcl
ereuce apply to J. II. Melcalf, Cairo, 111
iuob). 12-0-Jw.
Mw YaarVs Stall.
Ncujahr'a-Ball aur KroetTnuug der neuen
Turahalle, am Hylvosterabend, dsn
31teti De., 1875. in" plain Ktigltsh
New-Year's ball In celebration of the
opeulug of thu new
Turners ball, New-
Year's Kve, 31st December, 1875,
Kveryborfy to know that tits place togci
A smooth steavv
A good kbajupoo't
A raiblonable4 blr5tt '
Or aujtblnK in that line,
U at the UkjiNii CUhtjul )akkr
Siiur, corner Ltglith ami Uominercial;
9 8-tf T. Orokuk Stbinhoumk.
The City Bnherjr.
Attention Is called to the card of the
City Bakery, to be found in this Utile.
Mr. Ilibsacker, the proprietor, bus by
IndiiHtry aud fain dealing, established u
lucrative business. When you want miy
thln in his llno.glve him u call.
At Madar'a.
The mott beautiful stock of Jewelry to
be found In Hauthern Illinois, Is now
on exhibition aud for sale by Under
Brothers. They are prepared to furnish
buyers with any article thai may ba dcUr
ed, and warrant satisfaction. They manu
facture to order watehes. clocks,' rings.
slred, and for pralcioncy in maklug fair
work, they stand second to none Its the
country. Give them a call, and see for
yonrielvM. l3-5-2m.
rartslta 0lae.
This Is a new stylo of picture now be-
mg produced by Win. Wluter, the artist,
of tills city. These pictures are creating
much Interest lu all the principal Eastern
and Western cities, being altogether new.
Tboy are unlike photographs, being
raised and bciuttmlly eiaineled ererthe
entire sirtacc. soft In tone, but distinct In
the lights and shades. No ene wfcVtees
them tails to admire them,- or to. give Uie
ariisi aa uraer, hubho wth hutch a
number of pictures o( well-known ladles
and geaUsWit of tba dty.-aiMl have iio
neuiauou in anwouiiuiHr Muiaiiwraieiiv
liHiiiiiu. wwb m miu iBuiaiuio mmama Kit
, ii.i . tir ...... i.t .ti
who take interest In suek matters or de
sire pictures, to call upon Mr. Winter at
hla arallerv and examine bis' work In. this
uew brasssi of tha shaslow-oapturiBg art;
l.M War .spar..
CAiso, III.', nr, 11,1
ti a.
M Taa.
7 a.m.
II '
wi.niiJi 31
WWI I 37
Srgmil, aigml Service, IT. 8. A,
Kln blocdcr Hund winl selteii futt.
'' vGrand turkey lunch this alternoou at -1
o'clock, at Jaeckel's. 12-12-1 1
i'j, Aad Htlll Aaalher.
fMr. Sim Klttenhouse Is rejoicing In the
lact tlmt'he Is a father. It Is a girl, sev
eral day old. We extend congratula
tion mid sympathy.
Cl ta Martntaa'a, '
Jfyouwautto get a good aud cheap
Uuck or Kid Olove, at New York prices,
be sure and go to D. Hartmau's, corner
Sixth street and Commercial avenue.
At l.lberul Hall.
Iteuiembcr K. V. Wilson's seance and
lecture at Liberal Hall to-night; alto
Su.nlay morning at 11 o'clock, and at 7
In the evening.
l'ollrc Court.
Business was dull in public circles yes
terday. Ordinance breakers were scarce,
and Judges Brosit and Bird were com
pelled to put In their time as best they
could. But wait, Monday Is the day, and
we pity the poor devil that may be
brought up for judgement to-morrow.
A A regular communication of Cairo
vV Lodge No. 237, A. F. and A. M.,
will be held to-morrow (Monday)
evening at 7:30 o'clock. Bualnefs of Im
portance. YUitlng brother cordially lu-
Vlted. B. F. BLiKr, Sec'y.
A.IIalley has removed to his new
store room, 115 Commercial avenue, op
posite Winter's Block, and next door to
the Arab engine bouse, where he will be
pleased to see all his old customers aud
as many new ones. V-JO-tf
Eln bloeder Hund winl M-ltcn tett.
Grand turkey lunch this afternoon at 4
o'clock, at Jaeckel's. 12-1 2-1 1
The Lecture.
A series of four lectures are yet to be
given under tbe auspices of the Library
AMOciullon, at follows:
Dec. Wth-Hon. W. H. Green ;
" 21st Mrs. G.G.Alvord;
28th Dr. Horace Wardner ;
Jan. 4th Dr. G. G. Parker.
At the residence of his daughter, Mrs.
II. Coyne, on Saturday. Decesaler 11th
at half past S o'clock, p. as., Jobu
Coyle, of Villa Hidgc. Funeral services
atSt. Patrick's church this day at half
past 1 o'clock, p.m. The remains will
be taken by train from the foot of Eighth
street to Villa ltlage.
Vaderwaarf Cnderwearl
Ladies' and children' uudenvare, me
rino an Well as mutlin can be found
j)ieax-r and tatter at Hellbrou it Well's
than nuy wherein the city. A good me
rino undershirt aud drawers for boys
enly W cent ; a good merino vct and
pants, for ladies, only 1, 12-10-tf
There will be thu usual Sabbath ser
vices at tbo Methodist church to-day.
All arc invited to attend.
Theltcv. B. Y. George, pastor, will
conduct services at thu Presbyterian
church to-day at the usual hours.
Services at the Church of the Uc
deemcr to day as usual.
A CaaaMantloa
of events have occurred during the past
few Bay tbal;have put us lu position lo
force at ouce Into cash, irrespectivu of
value, one of the largest stock of mcu
nud boys' clothing,
If the citizens of Cairo will only take
advantage of thU fact they will be
galucra by it. Hhilbkon A. Weil.
142 and 111 Coiumerclui eveuue. 12-10-tf
Itend II.
We mean J. Burger's new double column
atlvcrthcinent to Ixi found in this issue of
the Bui.Li:iix. Mr. Burger tells all about
his good, anil when we say that he has
one of the Uri-,t, choicest and best
selected stocks ever brought to Cairo, wu'
keep, within the truth. When out shop
ping give Mr. Burger u call, and sec for
They've lo It.
For every description of fine nud beau
tiful Jewelry, of the very latest patterns
and styles, go to Buder Brothers, corner
ot Eighth street uud Washington avenue.
This llrm has Just received one of the
largest and beet stocks ever brought to
Cairo which they arc selling at the very
lowest prlcos. All will do well to give
them a call before buying ut other places.
Blaaotiillou Notice.
The rirm ofllulcn & Wilson It this day
dissolved by mutual consent, Samuel E.
Wilson retiring. II. M. llulen continues
the business at. No. 88 Ohio Levee, aud
assumes all llabllitcs of the firm. All ac
countable, and owing by the firm will
be settled by him.
Samuki. E. Wilhon,
Cairo, December 8, 1876. 12-0-Gt
SLj -.
A Viae Mtaek.
i ' Wm. Ehlura dvlres to Inform his pat
rons aud tho public generally, that he has
now on hand a large stock of French aud
Gcrmaii Calf. KIp uMJHorocco,, aud U
preyared to nnmufaeturc, tor stow and
offl! weur, tho Illicit of 'Morocco or 'Calt
Skin Shoes or Boots; and for farmers,
draymen and onMloor wear generally, his
Froucli K lp stands aboye anvttilng over
oiered In tills market. Ills Lasts are of
the latest styles, and ho can guarantee a
fit and satlsfatlon to all his patrons.
Mew Year's stva avail
Tho Arab ire company will give a
grand ball and supper at Schscl'a Hall
on New Year's eve. The Arabs never da
anything by halves ; uud, Judging from
the activity of the committee who have
the affair lu charge, Messrs. Lolir, Dezo
nla aud Bh.ke, they are sure of that .inc
ests which has heretofore crowned their !
Marehlldaa MMlcaed.
Judge Marchlldou, of Thebes precinct,
who has been acting In the capacity of
overseer of poor for tho Western district
of the coHHty for some time past, ten
dered Ids resignation at the lata session
of county commissioners, ills reasons
for this step we were unable to ascer
tain, but as the otilco Is ono lit which
there Is little or no pay, we presume the
Judge thinks he can make more money
by attending to lilt own business and al
lowing some one else to take care of
the paor.
The Kait l.crtare.
Next Tuesday night, Dr. Wardner will
deliver thu eighth lecture of the Library
Association course, at the Methodist
church. The doctor fills this appoint
ment by requeM, Judge Green being
called away from the city on business
which could not lie delayed. Dr. Ward
ner's fciibjtct will be "The Physiology of
Thought," nnd will, no doubt, be one of
the moat Interesting of the course. Mrs.
Lantden and Mist fzie, Steele have been
Invited to sing, and Mrs. Dewey will pre-
1 Me at the orgaa.
Black continues to be tlie stylish color,
and many ladles of unquestioned good
taste have adopted It as their standard
wear. There Is no doubt that a good
black silk dress Is the very best Invest
ment that aay lady can make. Any lady
who wishes to make such an Investment
should call at once on J. Burger & Co.,
who have an excellent assortment of
blsck silks which they are offering as low
as the same goods can be bought to-day
la New York city. Ladles are Invited to
call and see for themselves.
The tierataa SVehaal.
We are gratified to learn that the Ger
man school, Fourteenth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut street,
Prof. Apple, principal. U In a flourish
ing condition, and prospering even be
yaud the expectations of those most In
terested In it. Tbe number of scholars
lu attendance Is larger than for sometime
past and constantly increasing. Prof.
Apple and tbe directors are well-pleased
with the prospects of the school, and the
success attending their efforts to estab
lish such au Institution of learning It a
matter of congratulation to them.
Oa the Levee.
Work on tho uew levee was rushed
along yesterday. Sixty-eight teams were
employed during the day, aad tho weather
being line, an extra amount of work was
accomplished. Mr. Baguell, his assist
ant. aud everybody about tbe work was
lu a good humor, and everything went
off nicely aud smoothly. Should the
good weather continue, and we hope it
may, there U no doubt that the first day
af January will see the new levee so tar
advanced as to render an overllow, should
the river take a notion to rise, out of tbe
The WbUky Kins; aad Uraat.
Thu people of Cairo engaged yesterday
In considerable discussion of the late turn
of aflalm in the whisky ring. Some were
loud lu the opinion that since Grant has
concluded to Maud by Babcock, Innocent
or guilty, Munu would .stand a good
chance to escape also. Others expressed
a contrary opinion, but all were alike
agreed that Burger's is the plncc to go to
buy cheap holiday presents, beautiful
scarfs, neck-ties aud ribbons, and the best
ol gloves lor ladles aud children, aud kid
gloves at most temptingly low prlcut.
The Cauatjr Con ailaaloaera.
Tho Board of County Commissioners
adjourned last evening to moet again on
the 4tb day of January.
Before adjournment they passed an or
der limiting the number of days lu I be en
suing year for which the county superin
tendent of school shall be allowed
pay to one hundred.
License to sell Ihjuor lu lest quantities
than one gallon was reduced from one
hundred to sixty dollars per year, all li
cense to expire on the 31st day of De
cember, no matter when tnkeu out ; uud
no license to be Issued lor less than sixty
Ferry license was continued at the old
Tire TelU Hie Truth.
When Tlcc tlrst began to prophecy
about thu weather, he met with consid
erable derision. But he hit the mark
nearly every time and people now know
when to lay lu extra wood,
warmer clothing aud mora bed covering.
And when J. Burger Co. bought their
large and fashionable stock of shawls,
cloaks nud furs, they remembered that
Tice told ut to prepare for bitter cold
weather at Intervals throughout tho sea
son. Burger's shawls, cloaks aud furs
arc marked down to bottom prices, and
ladles who wish to secure bargains in
these articles that may never again pre
sent themselves should call on Burger at
Peraounl HanUon.
Cape. David Iltuer, of Mound City,
was lu town yesterday.
When Capt. W. L. Hambleton uud
Capt. Jim Morris meet, then look out.
They were together yesterday, aud well
those who know these men, know the
Mr. It. Knox and wife, of Chicago,
were registered ut tho St. Charles yes
terday, W. H, McCoiiucll, a promineut iron
merchant ol Pittsburg, was. a guest, it
the St. Chares yesterday.
-J. II, SanUg, Evansvllls ; John D.
Chamberlain, Bedford, Indiana; P. L.
Williams, New York, aud A. M.Stratton,
St. Louis, were at the St. Charles yes
terday, S. P. Wheeler, Esq., who was at
tending court at Vlenua, returned homo
on Friday evening.
A LUtaferaad aad P.llt Jarars far
tha Vaaslat; Tarns af I ha llrealt
Bclow'we give a complete aud correct
Hit of tbe grand and petit Jurors selected
for tbe January tern of tha' circuit court,
which will convene on Moaday'the W
day of January.
.S'omM ttiiro l'reciuet .Jas. S. Barclay,
It. H.Cuauliigham, W. P. Wright, W. O.
Cary, B. II. Wlnam, P. . Schuh, Peter
iorfA Cairo Prteinct. K. A Burnett,
C. W. Heuderson, Wm.llarrell.
Unity I'recinet. John Hodget, Jacob
Ooon hlund Prteintt James Mulcahy,
E. Dickerion.
Santa Fc Precinct. Andrew Nau, W.
Thebti Precinct Martin Brawn, John
Cfrar Creek Precinct John Sams, John
ITatleicwl Preeinet Hufns Miller, Miles
Don Tooth Precinct D. B. Berry.
William Minor, North Cairo ;
Miles Hantlln, Hazlewood ;
J. C. Llghtner, Thebes ;
BeaJ. Dexter, Hazlewood ;
C. D. Arter, South Cairo;
Perry Powers, North Cairo ;
Wm. Wetzell, South Cairo ;
M. P. Fulton, South Cairo :
II. E. Halllday, North Cairo ;
J. C. Stlres, South Cairo ;
Martin O'Mally, North Cairo;
Jas. Matou, South Cairo;
Henry Elliott, North Cairo ;
Fred Eberhart, Goose Island ;
John Holden, Unity;
John II. Poster, Goose Islsnd;
Geo. J. Peterson, Goose Island ;
John L. Brown,,Gooe Island ;
C. M. Osterloh, North Cairo ;
BeuJ. Southard, North Cairo;
B. G.GJlmore, South Cairo;
F. S. Kent, South Cairo ;
John 8. Hacker, South Cairo ;
N. B. Thlstlewood, South Cairo ;
Jessie H Inkle, South Cairo ;
B. P. Thlstlewood, South Cairo;
II. A. Thorues,Soiith Cairo ;
Henry Ellis, South Cairo ;
J. F. Benson, Santa Fe.
Geo. Miller, Unity.
John W. Inby, Unity ;
Wm. SimpsouUnity ;
A. B. Sitton, Clear Creek;
Clinton Burchyelt, Clear Creek;
litt'm. Uandall,Clear:Crcek;
Mr.J.M. Lanadea'a Propoaafl ta Prats,
easetSM cauatx'a Mala.
The following communication and
order of the Couuty Commissioners
explain themselves :
To tlw Honorable County Board of Altiamttr
toumy, iiiiduib;
Gkntlemkn You axe aware that this
county has bad a claim for and on ac
count of swamp lands within her bound
aries, underact of Congress of September
z, lsou. auu acts amendatory thereof,
auu acts of the ueneral Assembly of this
State. One or two attempts have been
made lu the prosecution of this claim, but
nothing was ever accomplished. Judge
Olney entered into a contract with the
county in injO, tlie terms or which crave
him one-third of what he should be able
to recover.
Being in business with Judirc Olney, I
had occasion to examine fully Into the
matters in nuestiou. auu lu tne course oi
Investigation I tpent several days at the
Auditors ouice at bpnngnclu, ami louuii
the .questlous sxceedlagly complicated.
Whatever Judge Olney did, uothlug
seems to have been accomplished In the
way of obtaining money, scrip, or any
thinirelse. 1 make this proposition to your honor-
ame oouy.uiat i win undertake tne pn
ecutlou of the claim, proceed with it with
out unnecessary delay and carry It
through, without auv exDense. cost or
risk whatever to the county, for oue-balf
ol whatever may be recovered.
Yoars truly,
John M. Lansden.
Tho nbove proposition was accepted
by the Commissioners, aud the following
order entered of record :
Be It ordered and resolved that John
M. Lausdcn, of Cairo, Illinois, Is hereby
authorized to settle with thu General
Laud office for all claims due tbe county
of Alexander growing out oftheactsof
Congress referring to swamp lands, ap
proved September 23, 1850 and March 2,
1855, and amendments thereto, including
the claims of the county of Alexander
growing out of the several acts of the
General Assembly of the State of Illi
nois donating the interests of the State
In swamp lands to the counties of the
State ; aud that he bo allowed to retain as
and for hit solo compensation one-halt
of the amount of such claims when settled,
upon tbe express condition that no ex
pense or cost whatever shall be cnarirra
ble to or paid by the said Alexander
ChrUlmitH Vrcaeula
As usual, Phil Saup the king of Cairo
confectioners, Inn come to the front rank
with the largest aud best stock of toys
and caudles ever brought to tho city.
For two weeks, he has been at work
night and day, arranging the presents
aud good things which have been arriv
ing dally In large quantities, and he is
now prepared to furnish parents with
prcseuU aud sweetmeats for their little
one suitable for Cblstmas presents, at
tho very lowest price. Ills stock; of
French and American candies Is une
qualled In Southern Illinois, and his
stock of toys la unusually large, aud of
the best and strongest make. No one
should buy before Inspecting his store,
whore they will bo sure to find what they
want. 13-5-1 m
, At Wlaler'a.
We desire to cull the attcntlou of the
renders of thu Bulletin to the card of
Wm. Wiuter, Jr., to bo found lu this
morning's paper. Mr. Winter receives
fresh every day fresh lake 'ilth, Balti
more oysters, aud the choicest ol game
tho country around-abont affords, lie
has marked prices down to tne lowest
possible figures, which placet tlie use of
theto articles "within the reach of nil."
If you want nnythlug lu his line, give him
a call, Hu also keeps a full aud cholos
stock of family groceries of every de
scription, to which he;invltcs the atten-
ftl.tM tf .inn ..UttfAklfl luillAVltlO'Un Mill. .Illl
.,. w v.,....., ........ n , ,
does, soli cheaper than mott other
dealers. ,
. SJraad ftaeeaaa-Mlaa Jaala rhlllla
tha Mass raatalisr Lady-Tha rratlta
at tha reatlfal, ate.
Thelalr and festival lieM on Thursday
and Friday nights, under tiro auspices of
the ladles of the Episcopal church, was
ono of the most enjoyable, as well as one
of the most profitable events of the kind
that has aver taken place la this city. On
both nights and through both days, the
festival hall was crowded with ladles and
gentlemen, all of whom freely patronized
the Ulnereut stands and tables, aad swell
ad tlm profits of tho affair to nearly four
hundred dollars.
The ladles who had control of the af
fair are highly deserving of credit and
especially docs Mrs. Dr. Dunning, who
labored attidlously for the good of the
event, both night and day, deserve praise
The net profits of the various tables and
standi, and other rcsourses, are as fol
Fruit and candy stand $ 12 G5
Quilt. 52 25
Art Gallery tl 55
Ice cream stand ., 31 65
Ooll table 31 10
Supper table C5 00
Door 13 35
Scales 75
Little Workers 18 00
Fish pond 5 26
Barrel of flour. 25 00
Fancy table 75 00
Total profit f.TW 46
The principal event of tbe entire affair
was tho balloting lor the quilt, manl'ac-
tured by the ladles' Sewing Society, and
presented (o the lady who received the
most votes as the most popular among
tbe people of tbe city, and for which
Mrs. Charles Galllgher nnd Ml?g Josle
Phillis were the candidates.
The struggle between the friends of
Mrs. Galllgher and Miss Phillis was an
imated and very exciting, though very
amuslnir, It being marked by the most
friendly feeling on both sides. It was a
race between the married and unmarried
ladies and gentlemen and the vim and de-
trrmluatlou displayed by the electioneer-
crs would hsve done credit to many of our
noted politicians. After a hard raw,
however, the younger portion of the
community proved too much
for their older adversaries, aud
when the votes were counted each one
of which threw twenty-five cents lato
the treasury fund of the church it was
found that Mias Phillis had carried off the
prize by a majority of one hundred and
nine votes against eighty-nine for Mrs.
Galllgher. The result drew forth many
congratulations to the fair victor from all
present, and she may well feel, as the un
doubtedly docs, highly compllineutcd, lu
wlunlng so beautiful a token .of friend
ship and esteem front so deserving a lady
ront so detenu
aaea tart tents
as her adversary.
Ladles will Mud handsome slippers
to present to their husbands at
12-12-31. O. IlAYTIIOIIS & Co.
Assorted colors Grauite Paper with
Envelopes to match, at the Bulletin
office. tf
We have marked all our good down
to rock bottom prices, and offer this
week greater laducements than ever in
both of our stores, aud invite the public
not to let this chance go by, and buy all
your Christmas preseuts at
12-1CM I'. IIkimihon Weil.
C. D. Arter otters his residence, on
Seventh street, for sale cheap. Terms
liberal. 11 24-20t.
Shawls aud skirts, we sell at nduccd
r.itcs. A double brocbo shawl only $7.
12-10-tf. Hkii.uko.v & Wkil.
rreah ttaltlmara shell ayatera at
tha Planlara' Mease. ll-3K-tl
A full Hue of ladies flue shoes of
the very best quality cau be found only
at 12-12-31 O. IIavtiioiixACo.
LonsdaleMu slin at eleveu cents per
yard at D. Uartman's. 12-5-tf.
For the cheapest and best Blankets,
White and Orey, go to Uartman's.
The Alesaader Cunoly Baak sella
xahanirn aa all tha arlarlstal elslaa af
SSarap. aad attaada ta the collection
ar claims aad aalalea, csaeclallly la
Urrtnany. ll-SS-lai.
Ladies furnishing goods, we.kecp tlie
finest yaricty ever brought to this city,
well made nnd low priced.
12-10-tf. HxiLwtoN Wkil.
For men's and boys' underwear, slso
men's and boys' hats aud caps, Hell
brou &, Well's Is the cheapest place In the
city. A good merino suit for 76 cents.
Children and boys can be supplied
with a nice hat or cap at more reasonable
price at O. Hnythorn & Co., thaif else
where. Try them. 12-12-3t.
Vreeh Baltlnaare shall oyatera at
the Plaaters Haaae. 11-28.11
Beaver cloaks and kuit Jackets
In this line we carry tho best and largest
stock in the city, at greatly reduced
prices. IlaiLunox Wkil.
If you want anew aud good shirt,
cither while, colored or chevlote, lest
than they can be purchased at the maun
factory, go to Hartman'a. 12-5-tf
Just received another uew supply of
those cheap boys' clothing and overcoats.
As this Is a leading article with ut, wo
mean to uudcrtcll the cheapest In the
cl y. Hxiunon A Wkil.
Choice New Orleans tugara and syr
ups at tho New York Store. 12-5-201
Grandes ovasloa ever yet seen on
children's Merino bonnets and
Imnnets anil fur cs.'oWWrsnVe
..... !Lilf.j ..i.,
auu sacaa, . niwai ,n j I
casslmcre thawlt, ana sveryujag aue lu
this line atvery low prices at JIellbrbnr
Well's. 12.10-11
If you want an economical lieatlmr:
slove for woch! and one ef the baudsoiu
eit stoves' In life niarict. witfi.mumfna
ieil, front,. llniJIbelltuprofesl Kveateg
Htar' which took tne' blue ribbon 'at St.
I.011U Fair latt October, over all others
on ex
Another ;6f those ctijoyible sWsiis .M
Liberal IisU.Wb W
iiosday;eVslnffi-Dsesasber IMht Qoei
music will be In atfeudan'ce. ' ' u'
.A. - " - -
iwiyBnF6rb.c;-r. fh
1 .,r.;y.",.;:,.u.'!l.""",' . w.vt.
vi fi o a z h T. . .1 , mm t . I :
ft r
Spak Lottdar thi.'riii
Greatest (lnducr-enti Evtr Offered - " i.tinnu
Kvarykodr ie Invited to Oall aad
Which ICuat Va msdncad
All Dress Goods a-d Silks RuiucMl in PriMt
We are Dstermlnad to Xedaea cmr Steak', aad Prfeaa iMlSM isMka te'anPwaT!
Woolen Goods, If ubias, Scarfs,. Jackets, ata.yjAt a final aasna
Blankets. Flannels, and Doktatte 4 tf rtSTiZlW9
thaugnt of baftr. Oar ef Hosiery, Mritem
Heduced to Lowaat YicurM, and uBBreoodMitea
Bargains in Ladies' aad Childrca'a
Kid Glovea are Oflsred.
-Will ITioo Influeioi7Touf
If so, call oa aa for Ladle' Misses' and cnlre'il tfaderaw, for
Fanoy Goods aultable for Holiday Present, far tttl- ElliV LLI T
Tiea and Scarfs, aad for Bibbcma. -,uuniuJ.i
Sara it bv buvina Ladies'. Childran'a aad Itlaaaa i
at Our Hooae. Xztraordinary Baraaias la
Baperviaors Apolalel far the Enaa-
ibst iar.
The County Commissioners have ap
pointed tbe following overseers of roads
for the ensuing year:
District No. 1 John Hogaa :
2 VIctor Trusell ;
3 O. Greenlee ;
4 Andrew Goathy ;
f Jobu Allan;
0 Phillip Felded ;
7 Andrew 'au; .
8- S. Marchildon;
0 Wm. Slausou ;
10- layid lirown ; .
11- Pcter Miller;
12- J. U. Barnard;
13- Kufus Miller,;
14- W. A.Daly;
15 - It. It. Wilton ;
lG-Levi Clutts ;
17 A. J. Lawless ;
18 Wash Masterson;
19 T. J.McClurc;
20 MUesCaable;
21 John Craig.
The Indies having In charge the laU
festival for the benefit of the KpIcopal
church, desire to hereby return thanks
to their many kind friends for valuable
assistance ; especially do they acknowl
edge themselves under obligation to Mr.
Joseph Smith, the popular furniture
dealer, for tree use of tables and' dial rs ;
Mr. Frank Bobbins,-for the artistic skill
in the art allery 'and; clwwbere ; Mr.1.
Samuel Foster, of lluee, Loomls '& Co.;
for lee donated and valuable assistance
generally ; Messrs. Pink, Wilcox and lly
slop, for aid In procuring cream; Mr.
Christopher Ilauny, for glassware ; Mr,
W. L. Bristol, for queeusware; Mr.
Charles Galaghcr, for barrel ot Hour ; to
thu agcuts aud owners of the ball for its
free use; to Messrs. Pitcher, Phillis,
Schnttcr aud Capt. Irwin Dugau for; fa
vor aud assistance.
Uo Nee Theta.
Under Brothers, jewelers, corner of
Kightli street and Wajihlugtou avenue,
Is one of thu oldest and most reliable
business firms In-Southern Illinois.' They
have the best ot workmen lu their estab
lishment, and manufacture to order any
thing in their Hue with dUpatch and of
the lluest material. Their stock of jew
elry Is elegant and is one of the targost
and beat ever brought Into tho State.
12-6-1 m
Natlea af Heaiaval.
C. Koch has removed his boot aud
shoe shop from the old stand to hit
new brick building (oim block below),
No. 90 Commercial uveuue, between
Fifth and Sixth streets, where ho will
keep the best home made and St. I.oul
custom mado boots and shoes, made of
tho best material ; good workmanship
and lu the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. 0-23-tf.
Parr I4st. ' i
Steamer Jim Ftsk, Puducnh.
" IdlewHd, Evausvillo.
" ViutShlukle, Memphis.
" Coiuinoiiwcahh, N',(0. r
" Fanny TatumMempblt. "'
" Arllngton.'ClnciuimlL '
Tow-boat Atlantic, Cincinnati.
Stwaiucr Jim I'lsk, Paducah.
" Idlewlld, Evuusvllle.
Vnt Shlukle, Ctucluiiatl.
Commonwealth, St. Louis.
Fannie Tatum, St. Louis.
Arlington, N. O.
The river last evening; was 10 feet '1
1-5 Inches ou tho gmige, havlug rlseu 0
Inches during (hu previous 24 hours
7-Tue weather: was cloudy aud clear
by tnrut yetlerdny with occasional split
Butlusss fair. , ,
'OKNkaAL ITKMS. ' 4 -l
II'" Ulcwlld brought a rathenllght
trip yesterday. '
""The Common weiUU Itus, ltweeuJWQ
aud 600 tons of sugar for St. Louis.
, Captain Bob Itlley Iscoramodord of
Mie AucboVl.rue lleWUII .'i ! htVe.Oa.ul
assists Dr. Chit- W. MnMdy durlug leis
ure hours, lu dlsiteiislnx' general lufor-
tne !STJi
itjjju'i at .- r,Ui
let .fAn.iuLvA.t
4nf Bfnaas ,BjsK,li4isShiH
Uorsclf below Memphis.
t a iv
Vaaastaa swill
In tha Matt Thirty
LEAt THAM-EVfr 'tefOflE i
M '
aaaa wmm aaaaiaai,' ,i
aajf 0nm 0 ani!aBaflih
w ssaaif 3BfKtaa
wiBTcaia BLrvl
We will sell, hereafter, our goods at
the followlmr nriccs. ami inll,lt t ml.
ronagcohheiHtWIc;, ,
QYSTWW. 4i.v '
Family brands, per can. .., MeanU.
SUmlards, per ean...F. ..4f'!ets.
Select, per can., CO tents.
Select, extra,' per ew;.......4.VT. eiAf
Tub oysters, per 100. "$1 00 v
" visit. ' v "
Chicago Trout aud Whlte...ll ctt. Bar ft.
Game, Pan Fish. ...10andlSeta. ner n.' " 4
ti lira "
Of nil descriptions constantly on kithd,
consisting of wild turkey, squhTels and
nnociittiKS. i
Family groceries very cheap for cash.
Made a spccalty. Give as a trial.
Cheaper than the cheapest.
KecpectfuHy, r
12-f-tf. Wm. Wi.vrKn,Jn.t4bt;o..
Bt. Blek at a SSUaaaat.
Two little girts walk lag dewn Coat-
merclal aveuue, ou Friday, were engaged
lu an animated conversation "My
mother has a whole box full ef trickles,"
said oue, "that she is going to give to
Santa Claus to pay hlhyfor to.tmU
he Is to bnug " me 'on , Chrlkisas.'' '
t'Pahaw " i.lil Ik am ..
nsly, "My ntattiet ta going to do batter
than that : She Intends to buy si! of as y
presents at lurgeVi: A Yon s. liribigLA'
girl now aud doit.expect StNlckoks (o
bring me preseuts. T Vanl gfoves'imd
haudkerchlefs aad, a", n-bkp and .alee
shoes, and Mr. Burger' li-slmost giving
such things away, and you can aave lots
of money by buying of him."
Real Estate Column .
Bunlnets house on Levee, lately- oc
cupied by Cunningham it Stilwell.,
, Business house on iJeveencar'Slkth
ttreet, lately occupied, bjricrossColor lj
man Co;' "v? .Bi iLli jU
Winter's Block-suitable for Hotel,
otaeet orBusluess roorw cheap. .
Tenements numbered 78and 9, In
Winter's Row, 6 roMwsa iir.SMlper
No. 10 (corner), $12.607 rooms.
-Cottsge ou SlxttfltawlBiir Wash
ington avenue I roonti SsOjsiBPBtb .
fetore room in "Pilot iloute,!' lately VJ
occupied by A Hal ley.
d Store room lateIy;oepd. byawe
Sewing Machine Co., on Coatmsrelal
avenue, near Ninth street. "
Two small Houses west of Twenty-
sfcojid ttreet, nenrPJneeack per
nioiith. T 'aTii a
-Dwelling bouwVu twellth.ear
Walnut, 8 rooms.
'.V-Store room oa Levee above Eighth
street 120 per mouth.
Cottage on Nineteenth ttreet, sear '
Washington avenue at 98 60 a monUi;
Dwelling house on.'WMh street and
Jeflursou avenue. (., ,m .ti ait
i -Upper lloor'of' brick balldiur 'en
.Commercial avenue, above Tentk sweet,
very dcflruble. ' ' '
. Itooms In various parts ot the cky.,
K number of Lots en Levi; above
Twelfth street, outside Dm llmlti. AUa
a largo number of other Lots hi itHerenl
localities. a mi r t n
lands, la tracts to salt, near Catr. ; , j
tf,8-18 r' a
, T . , ,
AT CASrXtt YOST'S. , ' (
JiiMt rcoelred and tar rale one car choise t '
Iowa peachbIows;-,-two ean-Notlnsrsr 1 "
cabbagtrpWHaW"B9tv9eaj3j sagyAS
applet, imvy benus, rteas. ajajs, etc., No.
, ron.Tcn hvncu.
Wand Okto Levee..
t r,.SM.. x-M.-J-a.- U t a.l
and (lea't) laB Wpn-mm-Wvmu
(Mr st,dBi;
asa UjaLdaBJB ttatl BBBaflBBB hfaBk
In Wu . I UAH H(Ul '
9 W Tj-S- ! r J
TVeirs fc) gt yaW.pteaesa at isB J"
tk belt calteO''
laaifl aww-rim tm
.ussasasavt MM
it tri'

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