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tUttl'Kt. T. QtovKR fca ikcllaejj to net
m Metal mwkn w f.wrs
I fTrnarranii BfitW'
Thbcmikm ifcfa lawnroij tuaiAvery
will ftttMW trial, and the opinion in
aad about the Treasury Department In
rfetcu aext tunc,
tbst ratlciMn'i tattier-in-Iaw, Hen. II
CaapMl. minhal of ike Northern ills
trlct of Illlnole. The kwnca warrant, Is
nl by the Ualted States court at St
Louis, was emil by father-in-law
Csssptwll on hHtkMig War's hniband on
This Cliicajro Ercaliif Journal says
tint ex -Senator MwtfMi 'U bitter
partisan Democrat, and the wonder is
tbat.fcdnf wato.ttitoft(tte.a4aH
Ittradon shouia hare ewpwxe lilm.At
all." Mr. I!ewern';tHW neyet bmia
Democrat! lit asVWa a clean ItepubJIcau
record except hs'' tl one '.Instance of
hivtaf wted agatttM the impeachment of
President Jaimec;
The IVne1rgft 'trlfl In Joue.boro
caaae to a eoitotWtM 8 junlay afteruooa.
The JurJeO t'aWrt riom atlr6cl6ck
a.m., an Ialpltfonr hours. The
muHoia' Wteratioaa was a verdict
ol fuUt.:mettyjr Pcn(1crgnst
being ptaMd at tweetjrio'ur yeara lm
prisoaweat la' tbA iealt?ntlarj. The
prtioaet ceatwel tre actice,that they
would eater a moMea ier new irui on
A uw lajjaeadt at the GatcUe who
lru'atttVand we write1 .AilriaeUlr
when we place the correspondent anions;
the male member of the cominuulty
M. U-.ltoiichc GcMtcuntaNueo
tion in aaevr atylei lie docs.net agree
with, HwS. S.'S. thaf women ,arc
"ilaret" aadjaieti "tyraati "hedoesn't
kuow' any jraaua that Jbokata'uch like,
the waia?teMeajfauacraeltg, In this
town," and dlimteelng Viit part of the
niiaiiJon with ttii"slaa1i1mr aaaerUon that
"It's aN e.'ie'latoceeej to tdlj
tae woeassa waa laeyieHtgni vo ,uo. ax.
W. Ukeatoaee.'woaaeawork.and "if they
waakUgai work like Turks ami make
uiiua: wwMwwTiiig uu our extra
tMwxt mr. it will tw a irnrwl llilntr '
Thle sUaklng, dashlotf, out-spoken M.
W. oagat so lie ia. little more explicit.
iTinv uacnuffl in nut unmitim ma.
ct otpB ladlee, engaged in working for
Gtaftatfal; haring told them what
tfatssavio tae,. aau wuai tney
ahewW-e am ahwild go a step farther
and Ml tfce9 hew i 'to do It.
parlor esjterteinmenU aad, the like ? Bhsll
tluy sfliUek'eabeeriniiiaas frosa the gen
tlemen of the city? Shall they start candy
sbops.jiaef MtUlaarytorei and eogaxe l"
tiie coBUalatleei bwfaewf Or shall tiiey
go to work oa.taejtreeta'or try to get a
Job uader Bagnell oa the new levee? And
alter they hare wade the money, shall
each woman pay .her husband or her
fatherVor'iier brother's taxes, or shall
the moaej.be throwa into a genoral.fund
and towed teto the city treasury some-'
thing UkelBM oflHMBd Mtiiuer ia which
M, W,awean UiU hitereaUng aubject?
And VMwaats of Cairo did either the
ene o7'ieWeeerUHi thus "paid' up our
extra taaae aext year' would M. W. ex
plain, JwwVt would be a good HkimtY
If ourwoam adopted any .ef these plans
to "aake"- aaoaey to pay taxea - next
yer, would net their earnings De part of
the vniaass eit ilia ; graenbaok, . circulation
f OistJl'Vthey-'appllod .fhelr
earaioM to mrHtr (lie usee how
would the volume f, the greenback
circulation be affected for -good because
the taxes paaeed thyigjcsai1e,handi
oa their way "to -Ihe treasury T Wc arc
Inclined to the oplalon that JL Ws.no-
tloae WjaMMtoal iOeseiy are' liet quite
toirta biiteb isfrattVKMF.xT.
Tae JonMboro Oasettf ol last Saturday
coutahMd the tellewingedltorial remarks
coaeemlag the Cairo levee:
"Iftfee trusXees oftAeCalro City-lVop-erty
Coapaax:he owaed all tbei Isad
from tta JuucVon of thcOrdoaruTMhjls.
ppl rivers, extendiug up these trcaniH
six Bailee, when they sold city lots
eicreed to keep up tho levees, tho pur-
Cbawr Of tlm nranartv limiM ImM lit.
to kbe cosiiwcl.y Mr. WMlie WI1,
Hard, of our towuf owns rlarge trafctrbl
land upon the Mississippi, in the vicinity
ri ' T& f: bAUMl of tls
river at that point has changed this sea
oa, tatterstriag maUrially with
ala eteasabeat landing, if idl
vMtudeere to fecetve Koveramcnt appro
prUtloae lor the taMMitt . ri.,..v.'.,...
rty, Mr. Wlltard'a V TZiL ?t Z
asgoodaa, tliat of the Calm
etniSJi2fn up the leveeaby
owners or tootle tn lana thtrni,.
had their crena dMtroi.lVi!S0"".ty
the want of a levee noon ths hank at n..
MlaaiHiaibH. ;The ifipresentfi Dewo
Uc - w elected un-
ui.t if of "Irene -fSf"1
AnL OTennet exoensca
of InUrnsl inatoveinesUs bv tk
ment, aha;ifi?tS thaTOi
begin U reform lu this direction. Th"
&9L9!P -Co- ot t., Clair
"nni. ai inn Mt ntHn eA.
HbSS' ;)wlUr.cor
!rkMM' wlu Pfewjthclrclalnis 'as'
baT2n;flCTP?ll0W n ado lor thq
oeaow etlndlvliTual cornoraUom: "''riin
. XZlQ?!' t!? swam.
7 9"',pajJ.Xha alty does not desire
St ala aeaesis nil . . w
rnmrnm Sw. II UCSM MIC for the ill)
ETTT lB UUal.p river at
ww';w"'wUton oMbe Missis
slppi btKaeen Ptckey'A Wand 'atid the
lOHth of lb Okie Is abominable. Navl
tUmt k wlH at ha con
t)otilsnml has been unafe, icnJoreil
by the obstrnctlom, Imrs, sussk, vie,
aud tlic unccrlalnty ol the channel whlrh
U constantly blftlntf.
Tiirougli these oblructloii tho diatft
nel,i turned front it ti.itural oouran mid
by ' wteWlff 'ngalnttt,theJ batiks tt"tlie
riyer nt Cairo and destraylug the levoe,
euekngcrs tlio lives nud the property or
thu people of the city. The t'ullcd StatcV
latfe iuae pct)al Jbgepse lor any per
soaor corporation or municipality to go
lntj the chnnuel ot rlvejrforthjepiirpoge
of Alalia's TaTi LnhroVemVnTi wliSiverV
nl.- t-iX 2 -Til V . ...Lf.-'l.!'
WofilMlSr2!y,:it therufleral
ofcrment to tnakc such improvement ot
mo Mississippi river nt this point m will
luru tlie.cbauhel back Intuits natural buO
By doing this! rtirf'omnicrcu'or'tiio Mia-
sisalppi Valley will be ode red n sale and
aurn pathway alpug llm river here, and
ineoufineiJt oi 'ine wnoie oouuirr tie
Ultis benefitted. It lis I run that sncli ne
Joa as thia.-iea'tbe part otniie gencr.il
government, wonlil iviaovo from our
"via . i
doo'rs a tlircatnnlliir iliiiirmv :nul irli'n In
us incldcntailyrsiicltr a'ecuriiy from the
powerful currents of the Father of Water
as would enable us to build, with conll
ideucfl" of their ability .to protect us, levees
In.place of tliote thnt have lately been
wept down by the stroiig cttirenfs'of-
the fhlllliift channel.
TJte L'mdon'Qiiarterhj facie w, for (to
tobcr, has been republished by the Lton,
ant bcott riiWiiilii Co., It Jiarchty
atniet, X. V. Wo give an abstract 61 ihe
content.-". s.
Article,.!., "ilctuoirjuftf .galutrSlluou."
The author of tHcse;vlumc3 (uiuctecn in
all); was the Hon of the l")uo de Suint-
SinioaV loef of I'Vanc, jijrlio had 7vH
merly becu a page i to Louis .Kill, Thu
meaioirs, siuifar In churacter tu tlieCire-
vlllc Memoirs, extend over a period ol
t weiity-elffbt yearn, lc''intdhir in W,
and are Illlol with anecdotes of tlo court
and times of LoiiiJ XU".
Arlfele II. Hie title "Trout and Tront-
KUhin'," will recommend the second ar
ticle to all fishermen.- Jt descriK's the'
fish, and tells how,, when.' and where to
seek for.tlicia, and glyu; H) any qanta
Uous in pro;e aud poetry. English nud
Ijttin, in illustration of the suliject.
Article UI. ViUiauuBorlasc, bt- Au-
byn, and Pope," contains au intercMinj
account ot life at Hath in the days ot
au Kfisli ; also of P6iu's crotto. al
Twlckeaham. William Borlaisc, the
friend of both Pope aud St. Aubyu, sent
many tniuerals ind. orcj, from tho Cor-
lh ininc, to the former, to bo mod in
the construction of thk "rotto.
Artlcal IV. A terriblo picture of the
extent to which iutemperaucu cxutaMu
England is siren under the head of
"Drink the Vice and the Disease." Leg
islation oa the subject is called for, so
thai the r-ihop aud, puullc liou.es
that tempt the poor tnaybe'suppresed,"
and asytuns provided for, tho, cure of
Article V. "rcelandic Illiutratlous of
EnglUU." l'roia this ii-evlcw two gen
eral couclusloui are gathered: " First
as to the early period of tho Knxlish lan
guage, we may wy tlmt the Ioclntidio
offers a utw instrument tor 'the 6ritic.nl
study of thu Anglo-Saxon- remains."
'Secondly, as to modem J".uglUb, we see
reason to thiuk that it has been partly
shaped by DauUh luf1ueuov., which have
been 'slowly working- their way
forward, while they have been
long eclipsed or suppressed by thu
more prominent and advantageous po
sition af French aud classic models."
Article VI. "The Maules olVPanmure",
is the review of a hlnorv of the families
oftbe Barous aad Karl of Paumurt'.
compiled by the lion. Harry fMaule. iu
17JJ. It contains accouuts of, some curl-
pus customs, and gives a copy ot a mar
riage contract made during-the reign of
Charles. U-Tud,.lrawu pp by jlie b.ride,
T.ay Mary hraklue.
' Article VII. "Ilussiau Proverbs." The
book that contains them nsujt be a curl
esity, but it is enough to turn, ouv's brain
to have thirty thousand at once.
Article VIII. "The Census of Kugland
and Wales,n"ThLS country stands, as
shown by-the census, high in national
prosperity. Our prosperity has been won
by the unceasing efforts, by the iiulllncb
lntr exerUoaVql oar .people. Jt can only
be preserved by maiutalntng a 'high staml
ard of individual character."
Article IX. MTho Conservative Gov
ernment" takes a brlof survey of tiie pro
ceedings of the pat session.
The periodicals reprinted by the Leon
ard 'Scott Publisliitig company (11 Bar
clay street, N. Y.) are. as follows-: Tiie
IaiuIuh (luiirterty, Kdinbur'jh, W'cttmin
sw( and KriUh 'Quarterly It(eteu, and
TJi(uktoood- Magazine. Price, $1 ayrar
for any one, or only $15 for ilJ, and the
poifuc Is prejtald by the publisher -
.tirnernl iloiklp.
-Miss Cracroft, a niece ot Sir John
Franklin, is wrltlug tho lives of lier un
cle and Lady Fraukliu.
Thu i:us:lan Goveriiincitt has Just
purcliabed, for 5!12j,000, tlio celebrated
painting of "Dauac," by Titian.
ii. pi.4J,uU' " u li-Iumplfal inarpli
throiig ns ir.,,,viiu1.,1,l.Il,f in concert
in uic cntftuour, l'arls, next week.
The Cincinnati neonlp lmv .i,.t,i ..
cpmnilttee of fifty to carry out, the pur-
ii., 1 1?P!,l,er uotiattoii , for a
(Jrantl MusicHull.
The Sumner Memnrlnt ( Villi VTllftfli 111
awarding the making of tV statue ot Sen-
moved thu restriction llniltllie'tliu nrtllt
vut auiuiirr in Rir.-'i nomulllnll r.i.
'a sitting ftgurc. r
iir. AuUionv rivnii
6t,ory burlesimiint his own style, nud It Is
10 DO published mpIiuIvH v In ;i.ma
which will ha nbluiuwi llV tnn lllatiiifr..ra
v, mo MuiHumwuh UlllinC ASV1UIU Kir,
.1.. u.- -."-""V."
l u DUilOll
.. Carpenter, tho artist well known as
uic painter or thu celebrated plcturuof
i.uiouiii oigmuM ue r.mancipaaon J'ro
clamalloll,, aija ni-rliap Htlll butter
Knowuasinemena oi Tllton and Moid
ton has a summer residence at Houier,
hear Syracuse; Jf,iYi
Judite Keller ha L'lrrn tn tlm 1l.
brary ortho Georgia In-UUitua valuable
yinwuDii oi hooks, comitru hiif a com
- pavt tnt y
plete set oi (he
Ceniiu reliirns for tlio
years, and a ttl of the re
tl Slatra Connnlssloncr
to J
iltion. M
f MiWenmcii.m U-;iiaea-.ii:Bje
5eenn nn enormous price tor tiie auvnnco
sheet". - a
SWINlij. UttLlfltSj rvr. r ;
Ali1 (live CJnoil Rcnsnn rr iteclluliie
fef Hlff
uctroit, wroto :iu
open letter in the
Timet toj'rof. Bwing, asking lifiu lo be
come an atheist. Prof. Swing's reply
appeared In tho JVwiM of Sunday ; we
publish part ot thc'Jcttcr : r
V. ANDimVa, Detroit, Mich. Your
optn letter lu the Time nppeftrcd.Avhrn I
in the vuildst of.Jiibor.t and confusion
incident to a rcmovul of uty f;ark ot the
Lord" from ono idaco m another; for not
only do shepherds go" with "their 'flock
from one vale to another, but also .the
shepherds of ideas often J migrate us rap
idly is old springs aud old pneture rail.
Furthermore, It is not probsblo that you
expected any lvply, cither soon or late.
Jt Is almost certain that you adopted the
form' of a lottcr 'because In tho eI.tblarv'
stylo w.c can all wrlte,wjtli tnore case nud
with' mora' klndncS'wr severity, i'nex
pectrd though any rejoinder may be, yet
a hrlet otio'U hereby keut to my Ktrauger
friend. It shall contain oulv a.few cen-
crnl statements. Nothing lufithnrt a book
could tl6 Justice tb cither 'thirtjthclstlcTbr
IIjo it-iit'ioiis i-ii ic, or inn ueuair.i n
' 4 '
J. should decline ,vour re.Miectful invi-
tatloi) to become uu1aUielst,.lj?caiiFo that
form oClMHlcf lacomstto xnie-to'lnvolvc
moro ot jQie tplriMif credjjlitj: ' lhau.UJti
volvcd bv a bellet in theism. Instead ot
ouqrlux u" higher rationalism, If on'ers'ji
humbler rclatioiiHllsui, lor a universe 1s-
Ulili" from oloral niatu-r J to me auid'H
Icsi reasonable-'tlin'ti tb6 "ebncc'ntiorl'rif a
world. riSbis? ouL.dr.ali ctcrual niiiid. One
may well avoldathei'inin order lo avoid
credulity. That thu huiilan rate came
from a chemical action Jsydogma as far
removed from logic as any "dogma ol'a
moderate theism. Between t wo dogmat
isms, that of atheism, and that of the Ser
inou.ou IhcMouut,, Uuilhltayeprcfe'f ILi-:
it U wonderful. Mr. iVndroWA. that af
ter you have yourself aguiucd,that tho
imiversedlnie from a matcrhi! basis, yon
hhoultl think men iloiuiatic -whouuie
iripiritual orlgili'bTaII'IIiliigj?,"ann .ihould
leef tlmtifl' ffiwialc least ot, irasoli were.,
spread out before your school. One who
can believe that the. -material an'd spirit
ual phenomena around, ii&icaiuc I'rnin
cterai dust, ought to be willing lor the
rest of us to think pretty much as wc
"please upon all iiiuunns. J
i,ou cannot w;en ciaim . . .miii. no
win tint nil atheist. Ho wait onlv a lion-
believer. lie waited for light; whereas
the dogiuatlu nthcUt ha found It. Siieak
lug of, lU-faUief.,AIr7Mlll sayi in, his
"Finding, thcrrore, no lialt-placc in
deilin, he remained in a i,tatc of jicrjilex
ity, until, doubtle's artermmty struggles,
he vieli'ed to the conviction that, con
cerning .the. origliu ot thiti"s. notlilng.
whilevpr caajtbeknuw'tii lhlslis.. the.
only correct statement ot nu opinion ; for
dogmatic atheism lie looked upon us ab
surd ; as most of thoc whom the world
has eouUlcrKudhitft4 hayo ' olway-S
' If then a poiltive atlieinii is as absurd
a a dogmatic theology by the confession
of Vour own greatest guide, it jnut be
mat von are nui muh" at uic irusc oi
reason, but at turntable ofTdpubt, and
Joy really no tiettcr food than that spread
out before ihe llbcralxlercrv.
'htraiiss and Darwlu ailit Iipxley.in ol-
jectlng to a formulated reliion, do not
espouse a uogmeiic ituieism. ;i noyau de
clare equally agalnit both sy-tems, and
take rejugc in tnc neiiei mat no one can
postulate either dde of tlio nni-stiotf.'
in coining lorwaru wun a dogmatic
itliehm. von no in tnc world oi materil-
ism what Prof. Patton does in the world
of Spirltuali'iii. that is, you come with
nn assurance which the evidence doe not
iustlfv: conic as though thu uulvcr-c
nail toiu you some secret wnicu u wouia
notcoutldo to, Mill aud'-Sti-aiits. lc
iiianuin!' oi ine ueiuousiraiioiis, you
nhotild set nit; au exainnle.
Permit liio.to'lavltei.you: back uTihyT
Hide plain oi ciiaruy. i ne most caienii
thinkers from Plato- to Mill Jiave-toiled
over four theories of the universe, It the
ories thev win be called. First, the sen
,ual. That one,. you jilr, seem to,Jiold,
All tblugs 'came from'that which 'lias
length, breadth, aud thick ue-u, , ScyCpud
eaiue Vlio liSeulMllcJ .XU.UUUTa. U no
matter anywhere. AU is mind and Its
Images, Third carno the swplleal ideii,
that, thu origin and de-tliiv
of . thlncs' unknown'. Here
itanil Mill aud the cicutl.ss, far
away IronryonrMiT AndrcwsT TfiUTfir
came the thelstlc or, religious mctliod,
which asunics a llt.'f Creator, .nil then
his unlverMj obeying ills will, nov, mch
is the evidence or want Of- evidet'iee In
theif four casct, that all poilti'vcness
atnonz intellectual men is impossible.
'Each smiles toward his oppolte and
says, VAftcr all., who kt(owi': J.oii
arc noKiii ajfltuation, r.-Anilrewi : to
Justify you In mylng much about tlic
credulity of Dr. '1 homasand myself. The
poverty ol evidence which you sceuroutid
us alno surrounds you. Mind being the
power thnt now Invent and. execute
nnd love and aspires and hopes nnd tell?,'
and matter belug tilvc walling lor
iuliil to shape it'lnto t-ldjior an engine,
or n palace, or ti statue, or a harji ; I pre
fer to see the world springing-up from
inintl father than from particles ol float
ing air. Au ctct'iiaLCiod i as . probable
as eternal dust,:" J ' . i . U ., ''
1 extend you good withes ami hone
you will coufess'WltinMf.' Mill that relig
ion may perhaps .be (ntc. nud that iiiuu
may perhaps bo Immortal' i : '
David Swi.no.
-. nil ' - ; r.'
(ii V.' Tllitou' TTiui(h lu'roriiii
iik t;iiiieniiiiAii iiiiiiortnut :ou
Term lniVaSKllns;. ...'nCl
tSnuclttl Oirriiioiiili-iuvirtlioSl l.oulTlnii-J 1
SritiN'OFir.i.D, Dee. 11. OovV Bevv
rldgc has received from Oov. Tlldon, of
Xew York, a reiiustt for information us
to tlio coiMiuci, oi me Illinois iwuiien-
tlary, thu number Ol convict?, tho mode
of utall.lug thelrlabor.thu ainount of ex-
peusu uim tucome,-protlt or loss, etc., in
vliiw of obulului:. siiirsrostloniilor,. luir
lirnynmenu InUhiw'Nuw 'York yrliolisT
I'hls penltentlaryhas. .duiliurUio last
year or two, becoiuo imt ouly aelf-sus-
taiiiing, nut a source ot pi olll to the state.
It "contaliiB sonic 1,11k) convicts, thu
irrflt inusK nl vvlinm nn, fiin,.lnt'fwl n...
'der a lease.of.thelr' labor lUstoiiu-cutUng
iiuv-uiuMii. uuu ami niii''oJ mauiii''
and other lndBtries: Coiitiarvufo1 the
usual cxpcrlencii, the work of thcwi- con-
view, especially lu thu boutaiui shoo.ilo-
liarlmcilt. U Ot tlm lilL'lie.,t nu:illtv. mwl
tho contractors ai-e competing profitably
with the work of the vtiry beht niailurau
turori', -
It is uiideratood that tlui,lisouilwi-
iiioriuea jint aiso'uesuons ot tollowliv
thu plan of this Statu and iilnelnl' tbo ln
Mllutlon at .lulferson Cily;,on az-hnllar
'-. ii it iinumui ii ine .iiimiuri peni
tentiary was located near St. Louis it
ports of interna;
would hot quite at Mifcolul ns the till
DoWiUUHmIoii. ,
V Cel. E.Jli ltoe. 1T. S. Jlnrslial, South
,rrii)itill of Illinois, returned from
Vaelagti yesterday, ills olllclal term
evpkt'jle coming weck( and lie ha re
cefv(!(i;ns.?nhinces that he will be re-appointed""'
ndn'.Tfi?Mr-fiIft.r, rotate superinlendcnt
pti publicilaktructioii, will lsue on Mon
day n circular to the counly supcrln
'tendenls. teacher' and educational
rqen of f tho Stattf, urging their
coiierallbd in the organized effort be
ing mudo to have the Illinois educational
in... ...tl.M R. .1... ....-
tciiiilnrcXposltlon, and asking their aid
In hlsltig ii Tuhd ol SHO.dOoroi' thu pur
poiiv . A
'I'lui Jaliiwrr term of Ihe t . H. court to
be held here will haven larger number
of Important criminal ensus lliun ever be
fore. The docket will ineludo a )ar:i!
liutnber of revenue and whisky fraud
cises,jtho Harper dffaliatlon, theSmltti
conspiracy and v'hlsky cases, tho Drl);s
coituterfvlting patoxand many others.
The grand Jury 1ms been drawn, and.
not a member of either that or the petit
jury conii;g front Spiiuirliod or Pekln,
two cities .which funiMi the bulk of
criminal business. I.'av.
KUlrlel Attninpy D.ri r Nlrllicn n Key
Aoio.to Moinrllitii); I'ruuilHinK.
Since tho adjournment of the United
States grand Jury a few days ngo.it U
wild tho district attorney, Col. Dyer, ha
COino into Dois&esnlnu nl' koiiio vrrv lm.
portant itiforinatlon and evidence which
opens up a new lead to .wlibki-fraud,'.
r or l lie nuinoso ol Jmvutsr
luatlon considered mid acted
specuiiy as possibly, Lol. Dyer lias pro-
vlded tor the culling .of another grand
Jury. The Jurors will meet hero on the
third Monday in January. Hitherto in
this district it has been, customary to
have two urand Juries n year. There
have been three empanelled this e.nr.
two of tliciu continuing in .cnion for the
Vl...... ....nl.fn..i.l . t..., ... . I
iiu(i vi:itiuiii(;ii peuuu in M.
The diameter of this new uvldcucu Is
being IwpLcarclully secret, but tho gov
ernment counsel say tho coining c.xpo
sures will fully equal those which have
already been made, but will embrace
,0mo parlies who have thus far escaped.
I'p to ten o'clock last night thro bad
been received from Washington nothing
indicate that Col. .lames O. Broxdhcad
would bo accepted as Kpcclal counsel.
The government counsel here, however,
take tho'view that the acceptance Is a
mere matter of form and that fiucc Col.
Brondhead has declared his willingness
to.gointo tho cases the matter is settled.
llUI).U)ItKAt 8 OOXVIIt.'tA'l IO.V.
I.UcIen Laton said to a Times rc-
porter lu conversation lait night that thu
iii'tnlctlons frtun the authorities In Wah
ington lo Col. Dyer were to select the
beat, legal talent available without regard
to natty considerations. These instruct
ions: had been carried out to tlic letter
l. ..Lit. 1 ...if- f.. .1
qiicEiiou aooiu ivouiiroauucau s appoint
ment belli: confirmed lu Washington.
Col. C. W. Babiock. brother of Gen.
Orvillc K. Babcock, wa lis. the city yes
terday, being on his way to Chicago,
whcrc lic lias been summoned to meet his
brother., Col. Bnbcocl: Is surveyor gen
eral of the Statu of ICan'a?. a resident ol
Lawrence, aud a citizen ot high repute In
that Vicinity. Ho 'ocs to Chicago
to confer with his brother
reflecting tlic charges now pend
Iiiir tirhinst him. In conversation yester
day he expressed hlin'elt'vcry freely as a
linn believer in the general's Innocence,
and did not he-itnto to say that when tho
matter Is fully Investigated ,it will be
found that the general Is not implicated
In 'tlic whisky frauds in any manner
whatever, except so far as Colonel
Joyce may have misused bis personal
friendship for the purpose of loprcsent
lug him us connected witli them, lie be
lieves mat Joyce raicu capital out ot tlio
friendship that fxlttd between P.abcock
and himself to further hl own scltlsli and
unlawful ends, lie did not kuow when
the geueral's trial U to commence licic,
but the colonel, doubtless rellcctlug the
views of his brother, seemed to deslro
that It might tal:c plac as .speedily as
Ovster. Fish
)U , r ' an'p
C.AMi: Dni'OT!
WIWTKH'S iii.oou. t , .
will Tellj' hereafter, our goo'ds "at
the following prices, and solicit the pat
ronage of lio public:
auiijlards. pcr can.
-SeJciJf, icr can ...
Select, extra, per cau...,
35 CCIltJ.
"fiO ccnt.
65 cents.
Tub oysters, per 100.....
; KJSlf. -
Chicago Trout nml While. .11 cl. per lb.
Came, Pan Fisli. ... 10 aud 12 cts.per lb.
' 0 ' ' o.mk .
Of.all descriptions constantly on hand,
conslitlng ot wild, turkey, wfuirrcls and
venison. '
, . finocmiiKM.
i i'amlly groceries very cheap for cub.
Made a spccalty. Give us a jrlal.
Clicnpcr than the cheapest.
12-J-tf. W.M. Wl.Vl K.lt, Jk & Co.
' A No. l LuNndrx.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman,
the lsundress, Mo. 12 Fourth utrcot, be
tween Waihlngtea & Commercial avenues,
has one of the best conducted laundry es
tablishments la the city, and landlords ot
hotels and boarding bouses will find it to
their "advantage "tor call .upon her.
rices are as follows :r Hotel aud
lionrdliig-hoiue WKshlng, AV: cuuts per
doien. Foi plcco work ' prices are
as follows: Single shirt?' and col
lar. 10c; por dozen 80c; socks J5c;two col
lars, fie; two handkerchlofs, 6c; vests ,20c;
aad all gentlemen's wear, 80c. lvet
dozen. ilreci, "7"to BOcj
ik rts lu to -juo-. urawers jo to : joc; two
pair hoo ou: two collars Ii to 10c. ' -For la
dle-' plain clothes 81 00 per dozen; for In
dies tlno clotbos. $1, 20 per dozen: done
ilruinptly, and promntlv delivered. Pa
tronae souciteu,
ClirUlinnw I'receni.
As umiuI, Phil .Suup, H19 klug of Cairo
courectloncrs, has come to tho front rauk
with the largest nnd best slock of oy
and candles ever brought to tlio city.
For two weeks, ho lias'icvu utr vork
night' nud day, arranging jhu present
"I'd gopil'Uilugs which have been arrlv-
iug dally in . large (iiaiitliles, and he is
nuw prciareit to furnish parents with
present and sweetmeats for their little
oucs suitable IfoHTChlslmaa iffcscuts.' at
drench and, Auiertcait vapdlea Is iine-
iiuaiieii in houtiierii Illinois,- aud hi
stock of toj-h Is unusually liirgc," and of
thu hiyt and btiongc't nlako.' No on'h
slipilld buy befoic lnhpeellng )ils KtOlu,
wheietlify will be sure to tlnd svhat they
want. 12-.VI111
Aye,will pay no bills contracted by any
by the prosidenl cir ccrctaty ofUjiclcoiu
pany, tinu wc .win accept no orders given
by nn employe of the company, for any.
purppse whatsoever.
Xovemlier 10, 1875. tl
A (lood Placn lo Hurt
A. llalley's nevf store Is certainly ono
nf the best arranged of tho kind to bo
found in the city, nud what Is better, ho
lias so arranged, his prices that many arc
taking advantage of tiio opportunity of
fered to buy stoves tinware, etc., cheaper
than ever known hi Cairo. . Call, on, Hal
ley, lir Cbnunorclal avenue, next doorto
the Arab euginu house. 'J-UO-tf.
A lllv TM.
Tiie devolution as a baso burning
stove for bltiiinlnous coal, need no pull
lug from the subscriber nn;1 It never pulls
(smoke) ltsclfi For durability, economy
nnd beauty It cannot lie excelled. Call at
my store where 1 have one in constant
use and J shall be happy lo explain its
cood wo'rkltiir dualities, and 1 will idso
take pleasure In referring to many par
tics who have it in use, anil who pro
nounce It nuperlor to any stove they have
ever ued. C. W. HuxiMinsoN.
171 Commercial avenue. Cairo, III,
X-v Vtrnl .Wnrltcl,
Incot) W'ultt rs aud Chrin Authus, two
i iiui'uvill-Kiiowii MUlclicra, 1irw ao
ciatcd together aud under the firm name
of Jacob Wallers & Co., havo opened a
meat market on the north side of Eighth
Mrccr, in Phil Howards old stand. This
will bo a UrM-class market In every re
spect, as the names ol the proprietors
guarantee;! market where the choicest
ol cut meats, steaks, roasts of benf, mut
ton, pork and vcnNoti; together with
-ausagc, bacon, etc., w ill bo served out
lo customers in a neat, and patlrfactory
manner. All their old friend or new ac-
nunliitniicuit nre Invited to call and fee
them. 10-'J0-tf
Itcbt.iiVcr U iiretRiivt to supnlv all wlio mMi
lln-.til. I'aLi44. I !i.tifn.-lliuii-rv.
Til), Utll till III licit in 111 lillU
(.iintinus i.anuv
i:jliul ut-
trillion luM to Idnoiiil Urnaiiivntliik' Ctirlil-
insi uim MrW iiur'i enkei, lie llo pn-un-i
to HirnUli piirtv ruirt on Miort iiotlir.
t'oiioljrninpiits Nolleileif.
KalUtiicliou (itinrniiteeil.
Sam'l X. WXZ.S02T,
Commission Merchant
Cor. Eighth St. nnd Cotntnorclut Ave
Itiltflilmu-e .V Urn li. W. -Miller,
I.. M. Iluwft A lirn
A. Mnrr.li- It ixi. ,
llrrtti A; Wool,
.1. 11. I'hIIIU A fan.
uni'l Wiltun, Sr.,
I.. II. U IKIMltlllU,
IVter Until,
Ajtni .t l'o ,
.i. ii. i:.i,
Cul. MrKral I'. M.,
iiiinlii).'liiini.V Sllhvcll,
ii. ai. itiiirn,
lltnty iiynn.
.itm'I IVmIKtm.
Shortest Hoito
.Ivoltl hleepinir I'ar Kxpeuse.
Vamcaito HundJod Froo.
JAMKutririsi, ruifiiRii- AKmt.
At II ;UlltK.'ll, Oncrel I'mwier Ag't.
II. 1.. MOKIIII.I., .'eorruluiiriiiUnilriit.
2 Ill-pin
W atch.m.lcare
Tiie Oldest uinl ni'jit Itcllrtble lioibc In MiiitlK'in
In cicrr Miilcly, ut (iiuullilnKly lou- ilifurc,
BiilUililc to llir ilincB. C'nll unit i-xuuiliic tlielr
Cor. KiKhlliMI. mill WnNliltib'toii Atc.
WA full slock of .InUu yiiloy'n (.Vlcbntli-d
OolU Dunk 1' en J euiikluiitly kriil un liuml.
llunufaulurcr of
Fashionable Boots and Shoes
laliln;ton nve.t hetweon Ot li uinl 10th bis
A I'll tluiii'Uiilcftt or No Niilt,
lU'JlBkv Amir
a SUV nuwwi umi oar W,
user Drills, aioo a mouIS
UBi m r"i . son.
ki.Ruoa AxrnK, AUftr book
psoye or Tiiu.Bui.t.nTt.s-,. uitlio
Is made on aiwrlltcn order Is Met!
V 11. AUJ-r vVr, Mv
A Clear Havana, Long
, 3 nd rift ada
Sole Agents, Two Stores, 74 Ohio
Levee, and Washington Ave.
Corner Eighth Street,
Read! Read! Read!
Have Reduced their Entire Stock in both their Stores, Cousistlnt of
To a rate ticcr before ofCrrrd In Oils dir. Special alti-titiim Is rallt.1 1. our Clotlilnit Driwrtmrnt,
wlitns jou uut tt ii gixl liuiiy
In our Dry-OooiU )i-jartnii nt wo etlll giro
Toevi-rylhutr wlirt lmyjt to theuiiiouul of enni ilolUn. .
ET5 !lv- n alrlnl anil will cviiivlni-r yinl Uih! w iitwn wliat wc f -4T
142 & 144 Commercial Avenue.
11 ll-tiw.
saT ssWsss. 19 sts WMeassssiaV I IT I a sBaejsy
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Koeps a full otnek of
SLozxtviol&r Bourtoon,
Motiongahela. Ryo and Robinson County
m I
saeasseyfsaaaesssaMM ,
p. t .
nsriira awf-vi
TDY virtue fifth" iirluhi execullnii" tu inr ill
i-ihI liv lliciilerknrilwi-lra'ht'iiiiliil'A
hm,..Ii,itoiiiiiv. In iliostuwiiriiii uim, in nnor
- " . " 1., .a lUlllloi,, 11. .If It.... i
oruharlM.O. l,iiilnol'V,V". 01 M ,"r,,,,?r
1 hst U-vk-il iiponlhiftliiwlnikfi'rlliliriii
iriv. In llm llit lulitllliin In Hie i-lty of l.ulto,
l"iiA"of Jslwawl" anil , Him at llllnoH. to
niti Lot niirnltinloiic- (I) n Mm-k mimliunj
l"vJ tly-lht(fn.'ni tlio iitoinrly nf ttirmlil
.Itirm-it Uiirrnll, wlili-li I Hlinll mii-i-iit ihiIiIIh wilo
at Iho Hulli-'iil iliiiirof tin- miirl Iiimi"''. Hi Hi
c trnfUalrii, In Uic- enunlyof Alinimiilfr'uinl
Huicfif IIIIiioIh, mi Iho nim ilny of IVii-in r,
A. i. i87S,iiti-iivino'iliH-k,a. m ,o( paliiuay,
lor rush, loK.ilUr sulil Exciiliin JV)?.
ShrrllT of AK-xsiiiler i':o'iiiitV; H leiI
Culm. Illri . luvunlifrl". lUT. I'M" 'IM
Ullltf S VI -
, . Adatlalstrator'a
E STATIC of . ,PM T l'il.r. w"f'
Tiie nnilerlir,l liavlnrf 1ni-n iinluUl Art
mlnUlialoroI'lUersUtnol' Kym'i'. 1'nik.irlati
?r "hi I'Sunty of Al.xsmUr imJ Slale or lUUwU.
iIcciiimiI. liDivliy bIvm uollni.llisti liu will ni
uwr Uroru tlic i-ouiily couit of Alrxmiitor "i;
jy.at thv -oiirl Ihiiim. in llic't lly of ,0lri, till
uoU. i llm .Innmiry torni, on llm tlilnt atomlay
tn January n-xt, al wIiMi'IIiiIiihH ih-moii liav
iiK claims iwsliisl M laUt .iirv iiollil.t ami
Hilui'-liil to atlenil for llm iihimi-) of liavliiK tliu
iiiiuu nljuttol. 'Alliwnoua ImUlilrU toauul ci
lute nre iTiulcd lo nwse liiiuii illnle yinenl
to lli imilulflic-U
Daliil this -lid Ut of Dtcunlxrr, A. D. ISi'D.
12-4-ililw AilmlDiitrator
4 i j WuriT
.u 5 v tiiJljVl'4

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