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Xnfeht of PtUUsj, MMti evtry Frl
toy at hatf-t acyin, in Odd
ftllows' Hull. Jan. If. UossmaK,
Chancellor Commander.
imirjfimeni unr 01 ijuu-rn-Mows,
inert! vrv Iharxlay nlidit
I . . . ... 1 L . ! A ... 1 1 ...
Olliunrretol atatiut. Between nlxUi and Hrvcntb
IrrrM. ' U, N. U.
1 A I BO KNCAM I'MKNT, I. O. O. T., Jiinls
ChidiM-fellows Hall on the lint ami tblrd
luteriar In Tfi7 month, at hair-taut seven.
Jno. II. OllKBI.Y, 0. 1.
OAIUOf)DUK.N0.237,A.y. ft A.M.
Hold rrrulnr communication In Ma
,yi'ulu llull, corner Commercial avenue
' 'ami Klxtitfi atnet, on th second Bad
ourth Monday ofntcJi inonlli.
Atte)rxejr t Law.
LtrnCJi At rwldra en Hlatti Street,
T.fj Wajrtlnto aVat aed Walaut w
PH Tftlt'lANM.
KRIinEMCK: No. SI Thlrteeatti itrert, be
twtcn Waehtalton atrnuc and Walnut alrtct.
OrriCK: North aide of Khrhth street be
tween foamTlal and Washington avenue.
W. SraTXXUfeVK. V.
JtKSIDE.NCE: Corner Mntn and Walnut
Or f ICE: Corner Ufxtk ttrrct ami Ohio Leyee
OrriCKnOUIUItrromea.ra. lira., and
A Man Mnai Over
To Cowporthwatt A l'blllip to try those
Gold Ilucklc cigars.
Key your Quick Yeast at New Voile
Store, received Irush daily at wholesale
mid retail. 12-5-20t
Meaataauartere !
For boy' clolliliifr, boys' underwear,
mid boys' bats at licllbioti fc V ell.
run ! Tar i
We are now prepared to offer great
bargains Id ladies' and children' furs ot
all styles. Children's sets, miifls and
boa, at only $la set.
12-10-tf. Ukiluhon A Wkil.
Waterproof eail t'lmtla.
We offer at reduced rates, best black
waterproof, at DO cctit'.
IIbilbiion & Wkil.
New York Store
Sells bett'soda cracker at 7 cents per th
by the box ; also very choice niluce-meat
and apple butter. 1 2-3-20 1.
CasMljr. emmay.
Two thousand pounds fancy, choice
mixed and toy candy far sale at the New
York Store by wholesale and retail.
12-0-201 ,
Tmiika, Trtiake.
We received till week a lull line of all
style and prices of good thirty-six Inch,
zlnk covered, ladhV tiunki, only $." 00
nt Hcllbron &. Well's. 12-10-tf
Jnt rlvel.
New limns, brr.-tkf.uit bacon, buck
wheat flour, cranberries, plums, rai.-ens,
currents, at the New York Store.
1 2-5-20 1.
The Latent.
All (lie latest style of gents' and boys'
hats, at ruinous prices nt l. Hartuiun's,
corner Sixth mid Commercial nveMite.
Come and sec inc. 12-5-lf
Utatl! Keadll
The finest assortment of gent' youth'
and boys' clothing, which wo will sell
cheaper than can he bought anywhere in
the city, at D. nartuiau'a, corner of Sixth
street atid Commercial avenue, 12-5-tf
Alteatlonl Ueitlera.
Wo have loilr ilo.en laailtutloti Khony
Hpraguu Caii-()K!iieri, taken l'ur"Bdvt r
Usiug, which we will sell at two dollar
per dozen. Iiiqulru at Bulletin othYo.
MllliNaryt Mllliuery t
As wu Intend to close out our stock of
millinery ,wc. oiler these uood at half
price; a good French felt hat nt 7." cents.
12-10-11 Hr.ii.UK0N- & W'r.U..
The IMnrc.
The place to ct the best, cheapest and
largest assortment of Alapacas I at 1).
Ilurtnian'a dry goods story, corner Sixth
street and Commercial avenue. r n
12-.itf." ' ' , t, ,
u M'anleil.
Col. E. M. I.owei of -Tula-ld, Pulaski
couuty, ileslres lo tiiku ten orndoeu
hnrhes to winter nt his farm. Good tn
bliiig"iuid paslun:,'at low .rales. For ret
c'rcucc apply to 'J. JVJfetCfllf, Cairo, 111
Inob. ,a . W-U-2W.
. -4- ' Xvw Year'a Hull.
;XvHlabr;if-Ball .urKroeffnuny tier nelien
TuriibaUc, i(in Bylvestcrabcud, den
niten Diz., 1870. In plain KttglU'i
New-Year's ball in celebration of the
opening of the new Turners hall, New
Year's Eyo, aist December, 1873.
3 ' rvaiitcrtw'r
Kverybodjr to knovi that (he placo to get
A smooth shave,
A 1,'ood.sbsmpoo, ,
A fstbionahle hulr-cut,
Or siyhlng la that Mne," -'
laitka GniNP Cbtiial IUiiheii-
suor, eot'ner Eighth and Corumerclal.
D 8-tf j. qeorui BTimnousa.
The (tiy Hakery,
Attention is, callwl to the card of the
City Oakery to be fouud In, this Issue.
Nr. Ijebsacker, the proprietor, has by
Industry nwd Mr dealing, established
lucrative business. When you want any
thing in bis lino give hint, a call.
.The" rM4hlstBle, Color,
Ulack coiitluuei to bo thoVtyllsh color,
and many ladles of "untjueHtloned good
taste have, ndopied It w.tlwlr, staudanl
wcap There. Ii no dqtj,nt 'god
black silk dress Is the very best Invest
meht that any lady can make. Any lady
Who .wishes to make such on Inyestuient
Would' oall at ooo onU. Burger & Co,,
who hareah exeeljeHt a'ortment-of
black silks which tBoy wtv ollerlug at low
as tho samo, goods' can be bought to-day
in New York city. Ladles nro invited to
call and aae for themselves.
hr bulletin.
Loral JuttlnKM
Assorted colon Granite Taper with
Envelopes to match, at the Hi'I.i.kti.v
office. tf
'llicrc was no business worthy of
mention transacted (n the police courts
Ladies will find handsome slippers
to present to thulr husbands at
12-12-3t. O. Haytiiohn & Co.
Col. Ken. L. Wiley, of llakanda,
Jaekion county, was In the city yester
day. Slxty-llvo teams Jerked dirt' on the
new levee yeiterday. Engineer Hely
estimates that three thousand yards of
dirt was moved during the day.
C. I). Arter offers his residence, on
Heventh street, .for sale cheap. Terms
liberal. 11 2l-20t.
Mr. Htratton, of tho firm ofStratton
& Ulrd, left for Chicago this morning on
a business trip.
For the cheapest and best Blankets,
White and Grey, go to 11 art man's.
Mr. W. M. Mcrhcctcrs, of Saul a
Fc precinct, was In the city yesterday,
and paid the Bulletin office a call.
Madam Howard, the celebrated clair
voyant, etc., Is at the Wavcrly House,
and will remain one week. See her card
lit another column.
The city council will meet in regular
session this rvculug. It is said several
very Important propositions will be sub
mitted for the consideration of the coun
Shawls and klrt, we sell at reduced
rates. A double brochc shawl only
12-10-tf. IIeruiio.v & W'ul.
Dr. C. W. Dunning, who last week
went to Lexington, Kentucky, to attend
a sick relative, returned nomc on tnc
early Monday morning's train.
Several car load of gravel, from ovir
the Cairo and Vlnccnne railroad, was
deposited on Commercial avenue below
Sixth street, yesterday.
Freak staltlnsora shell oyatera at
tbe Planter' Mouar. ll-UH-ff
A full Hue of ladies line shoes of
the very best quality can be found only
at 12-12-311 O. IIaytiioiin&Co.
I ,w. Kleb, the Sixth street baker,
publishes hla card lb another column.
Mr. Kleb is an old time Catrolten good
baker, and sells hi goods at llottom
prices. Give him a call.
Freab Hnlllniore aUcll ojratcia al
Ihe IMaatlera' House, 11-JH.II
I.ousdaleMuslin at eleven cents per
yard at D. Hartman's. 12-.Vtf.
Judge Wm. II. Green left this nion;-
ing for liloomington, where he goes to
attend the tntctiug of the State Hoard of
Education, which is to meet there in a
lay or two.
Lynch & Howler, real estate and
muse renting agents, am doing u good
business In their line. It you want to
rent or buy a hotuc, a store-room, or a
farm, giro them a call. Thry can supply
your wants.
-Wc have marked all our goods down
to rock bottom prices, and ofler this
week greator ladncetncnts than ever in
loth of our storus, and Invito the public
not to let thU chance goby, and buy all
your Cliri'tmas pre'ent at
12-10-tf. Ilr.iLiiiio.v i Wkil.
Mr. F. A. Cauda, (superintendent of
the Cairo and St. Louis railroad, Is in the
city. Mayor Winter ha him in charge,
and wherever you see Cauda, you arc
sum to see Winter.
The Alexander Comity Hank ell
rliau-;eati nil the iniitrlriiil ritlea of
Europe, ami iilteuil to the roller tlou
or claim mitl ealalea, eaiieclnlllr lu
Uerinaiiy. 11-at-lai.
Ladles furuishlug gooil.', we'keep the
ilnet yariety ever brought to this city,
well made and low priced.
12-10-tf. IlKiLitnox & Wr.u-.
F. S. Hollnud, an actor whom many
remember as having been quite a favor
ite with many of the thcalcr-golng people
of Cairo some years ago, died suddeuly
at Terra Haute, ludlana, on Sunday
For men's and boys' underwear, abo
men s and boys' iiats and caps, Hcll
bron ik Well's Is the.cheapestplacein the
city. A good merino suit for 75 cents,'
Key. Abbott, a somewhat noted Uiil-
versallst preacher, will, )iold forth at Lib
oral Hall on Thursday evening. The
subject of bis discourse will be "liud vs.
Materialism." Mr. Abbott is represented
to be n very able man and fluent talker.
Children and bovx can be sntmllud
with a nice hat or cap aViuoro reasonablo
price at O. Haythorn & Co., than else-
where. Try them. 12-12-Ut.
Judge llross, who has been commis
sioned by tho governor to represent this
part of the State In the National Hoard
of Transportation and Commerce, which
meets In Chloairo on the ISth. 10th ami
17th, will start for Chicago this alter-
Heaver cloaks and knit jackets
In this line wc carry the best and largest
stock in the, city, at greatly reduced
prices. Hiilukon & Wkil.
On last Friday a negro man attempt
ed to steal one 'of Mr. Sarbili!s, the fif
teenth street dairyman, horses. .The
thief got as far as Mound City with tho
horse- where he was overtaken and
brought back to the city.,
If you want a new and "good shlrtj
either white, colored or cheviote, less
than they can be purchased at the manu
factory, go to Hartinau's.
In Sunday morning's issue lu refer
ring to the ncliou of the county commis
sioners reducing license to sell limior, wu
were nude to say "no license to be Is
sued tor less than sixty rfiyn." Wo in
tended to say and so wrotoit: "no li"ense
to be Issued for Jess than sixty iwfori."
Just revived another new supply o
those cht'op'bo'ysvMbthlnjand overcoats
As this Is n leading artlelu wllh us, we
wean, to undersell the cheapest lu the
cj y. M.kiliiuon "A Wkil,
- Yesterday morning Chief Gossman
arrested u drunken fellow op Poplar,
near Eighteenth street. When arrested
bo was attempting to get Into a yard for
the purpose of begging something to eat.
Had he spent the money bo got drunk on
for bread, there would have been no oc
casion for him to beg.
A Special convocation of Cairo
VChnpter No. 71 to bo held at thu
V Masonic ball (this) Tuesday even
ing Deo. 14, 1875, for work M. X. de
gree. By IhO order ol M. E. & H. I.
C. Hannv, Uec'y.
Choice New Orleans sugars and syr
ups at the Now York Store. 12-5-20t
Work on the new embankment of the
Cairo and Sf. T.ouls narrow-gauge rail
road has not been resumed. The man
agers of the road claim that the injunc
tion restraining them from proceeding
with it, will not amount to much, and
that they will go on with tho work u ilbln
a few days. Wc shall cee what wc shall
Urandcs ovaslon ever yet scon on
children's Merino bonnets and caps, fur
bonnets and fur caps, children's cloaks
and sacks, Infants' robes and infants'
casslmere shawls, and everything else In
this line nt very low prices at Hellbron &
Well's. 12-10-tf
The ladles of the Centennial Assochv
tlon will give a "tea-party" at thercsldence
of Mrs. Dr. Wardner, n Wednesday
(to-morrow) night, the 1Mb of December,
commencing at 8 o'clock. Old time cdl
ble and modem delicacies will tempt
tho ntetlte upon the occasion. Alt arc
cordially invited to attend. Admission
25 cents.
If you want an economical heating
stove for wood and one of the handsom
est stoves in the market, with illumina
ted front, buy the Improved Evening
Star which took the bluo ribbon at St.
Louis Fair last October, over all others
on exhibition. For sale by C. XV. Hen
derson, 191 Commercial avenue, Cairo,
Illinois. 11.2S-d-lm
Some time during Saturday night or
Sunday morning, some enterprising Indi
vidual went through several rooms In the
St. Charles hotel and made quite a haul.
Getting into the room occupied by Mr.
Axtel, superintendent of the Cairo di
vision ot tho Cairo, Arkansas and Texas
railroad, tho thief secured both Mr. and
Mrs. Axtel's watches both gold aud
valuable. So far the thief has escaped
George Torrencc, son of Mr. Smith
Torrcnce, the levee boiler maker, met
with a serious accident on Saturday even
lug. Young Torrenco was employed at
the Vulcan Iron works, aud while doing
some work on a drill press, the screw
broke, aud catching the glove on his
baud before be could free himself, bis
arm was twisted in such a manner as to
break it. Dr. Parker set the broken
"member," and thinks that eventually It
will be as strong as ever again.
Programme for (lie l;ntertaliiuient
nuniiT t,icniD(.
The following is the programme of the
Pjrlor Concert to bu held, at the resi
dence of J. B. ltced, on Twentieth street,
between Washington avenue and Wal
nut .street, on Thursday evening, Decem
ber lCth.
rAiir i.
I Otertuie .........1 lie Anulnira.
t-Solo-lliidle W!iyMiijf(li 'luoul ..Kos
iim rigm.
.1-l'iniio l)u. I MlssoA H.melUnJ I'liillli.
.. Sir. Sdilraluger
-I'lnuo Solo ...Jaell.
il is I-HUra Yocuiu,
Heading - Mr. S 1'. Whteler.
I - Vibe. .The Amateurs.
2 bolo-ll Undo.- .Anlltt
jlrs. Lunsdeii.
l'lano Duct Mtidamei C. Zanders ami II,
1. Ilallitlay.
4 Trio Mra. Ijinmlcn, Mm. bl,u iiuirtr and
Mr bclilesiiiKri-.
I.'onpert to Wgln promptly at H o'clock .
tio to Hnrtiuau'a,
Il'youwautto get a good aud cheap
Buck or Kid Glove, at New York prices,
be sure and go to D. Hartinau's, corner
Sixth street and Commercial avenue.
A.Halley has removed to his new
store. room, 115 Commercial avenue, op
posite Winter's Block, aud next door to
thu Arab engine house, where he will be
pleased to see all his old customers aud
as many new ones. 0-30-tf '
The Lecture.
A series ot four lectures arc yet to be
given under the auspices of tho Library
Association, as lollows:
Dec. Uth Hon. W. 11. Green ;
21st Mrs. 0.0. Alvord;
" 28th Dr. Horace Wardner;
Jan. -ah Dr. G. G. Parker.
A Combination
of events have occurred during the past
tew days that;have put us hi position to
force at oneo into cash, irre.ipectlvo of
value, one of thu largest stocks of men
aud boys' clothing,
If the citizen of Cairo will only take
advantage of this fact they will be
alners bylf. Ukimiuon & Wkil.
142 uud 141 Commercial uvenue. 12-10-tf
A Vine Ntoch.
Wm. Elders desires to Inform his pat
rons uud thu public generally, that he has
now on hand u largo stock of French and
German Calf, Kip aud Morocco, and U
prepared to manufacture, for store ami
ofllco wear, tho tlnest of Morocco or Calf
Skin Shoes or Boots ; uud for farmers,
dray men and out-door wear generally, his
French Kip Mauds above anything ever
offered in this market. Ills Lusts aro of
the latest styles, and he can guarantee a
tit and saturation to all his patrons.
Uo Nee Them.
Buder Brothers, Jewelers, corner of
Eighth street aud Washington avenue,
Is one of tho oldest and most reliable
butluess linns lu Southern Illinois.' They
haye tho best of workmen lu their estab
lishment, and umnufactiiro loonier any
thing lu (heir lino with dispatch and of
the finest material. 'Jhelr stock of jew
dry Is elegant and is one of the targes
aud best ever brought Into llm State. '
flostrnctloM of Corll A Rntrkln'a To
barro Factory at Xeirepeiu,
The tobacco factory ol O. W. Corlls
& Co., jit Metropolis, Massac county,
was destroyed by lire on Sunday night
between eleven and twelve o'clock. The
building and about $90,000 worth of to
bacco and cigars was consumed, not to
exceed $1,000 worth of manufactured
goods belutr saved from the lire.
It is not positively known to
bo so, but the impression prevails that
the fire was the work of an
incendiary. The building, together with
the stock ot manufactured tobacco on
band, was worth from $30,000 to $3.1,000,
with $10,000 insurance on building and
stock. The loss of this establishment is
a heavy blow to Metropolis, and we hope
to hear of the tlnu returning business
again soon. Mr. Curtis l one of the solid
and enterprising men of Southern Illi
nois, and wc regret to bear of his misfor
The Lady or the Tea Parly Throw it
Cup rull or the Beveraite, Keel Hot,
at nra. . s. n.
Caiuo, III., Dec. 13, 1875.
Mu. Epitok: 1 have to begin tills let
tcr by scolding some one of your type
setters, for using the word "save," In
stead of "earn," (as it was written in tny
manuscript), thereby giving Mrs. S. J. S,
a rhnnce fn accuse me of misrepresent'
I am filled with admiration verging
upon consternation, when I witness the
dexterity with which she slips out of tha
tight-fitting robes with which 1 clothed
her last week, and tries to transfer them
to the Centennial Association and your
humble correspondent. It is afeat equal
to any of the ropc-untylng mediums, and
will uo doubt be as much appreciated by
the world. It Is scarcely necessary for
me to assert a fact well known to the
public, that 1 could not have meant tbe
Centennial Association ladies were gos
sips, because their characters are too well
known in Cairo to make It necessary for
me to defend tlicm from such an accusa
tion, or heap such a one upon them my
self. As to my own predilection for gos
siping, it would be tuclcss to deny it, as
all newspaper letter-writers are more or
less altllctcd In that manner.
Mrs. S. J. S. thruita that terrible two
edged question at mc again, "where, If
not out of your husband's pocket, tho
money comes from," etc. I, for one,
shall not attempt to dispute it so far as I
am concerned, and I don't see what rea
sonable objection can be raised to such a
natural state ot affairs. Hut If Mrs. S. J.
S. were as strong an advocate of woman's
rights ns she professes to be, she would
not try to leave the Impression upon the
public mind, that all women get their
nickles from their husbands' pockets. I
could refer her right hero In Cairo to wo
men who sew, teach, wash, iron and even
carry on business Miecessfully, thereby
earning their own living, aud in many
cases supporting or helping to support
their husbands.
In reply to the question, "why, if an
hnntat penny only is to be turned, resort
to such means?'' I can heartily answer
that we think the pennies very honestly
turned Indeed, when wc furnish a nice
Mippcr and a pleasant evening fur tweii-ty-llyu
cents, as we intend doing at our
tea party next Wednesday night.
Finally, Mrs, S. .1. S.;teems to miscon
strue the motives of our society entirely.
Wu have not the least desire to "tie" her
hands on the contrary, we want her to
continue using them as effectively (for
the good of our cause) as she has already
been doing. And if in assisting the Cen
tennial Association, I also anlst the
woman's suffrage cause, then indeed will
my ambition be gratified, for that Is Just
what I want to do. I noticed with pain
that in the latter part of her letter,
licr mlud seemed tu wander. She was
not, could not have been our opponent
lastSpriug, because our assoclatlou did
not then exUt. It was only organized
on tho 2;id ol November, aud thercloro
her statements as to what It did or didn't
do last spring, must necessarily
fall harmless to tha ground.
She closes In u contradictory
spirit of egotism, humility and candor;
ut least it seems to me, to savor of vanity,
to refer to one's self as having "a ready
pen and readier wit ;" aud then again, I
think It an unnecessary piece of candor
to call herself "a mere foam that rises to
tho top of tho highest wave, and whose
greatest ambition is to favor popular
opinion." Now, allhoutrli foam Is u
bountiful and sparkling tiling, 1 really
think Mrs. S. J. S. is too solid to be
likened to It, ami that sho has any desire
to curry favor with the public I can
scarcely believe, Judging from her loiters.
Let me close this long epistle by re.
ferring to an article signed M. W. also in
tills morning's Otizttte. If I were a man,
I would like to wager that M. W. never
has and never will give u dollar towards
making the new levee, and that tho rea
son our association will "never get a cent
out ot him," Is because he lias not got
any to give, aud bis friends will not loan
hltu any. Ckn-tkmmal.
They've slot it.
For every description of lino and beau
tiful Jewelry, of tho very latest patterns
aud styles, go to Kuder Brothers, corucr
ol Klghth sieet and Washington avenue,
This linn has Jttt received ouu of the
largest and best slocks ever brought to
Cairo which they tiro telling at the very
lowest prices. All will do well to give
Ihem n call before buying at other places,
The Whlakj' Hliitf anil tJruut.
The peorjlo ot Cairo engaged yesterday
In considerable discussion of the late turn
of affairs lu the whisky ring. Some were
loud in the opinion that since Grant but
concluded to stand by Babcock, Innocent
or guilty, Mmiii would stand u good
chance to escape also. Others expressed
a contrary opinion, but all were alike
iigrevd that Burger's is thu place to go to
buy cheap holiday presents, beautiful
?earfs,iieck-ilesand ribbons, and the betl
ot gloves for ladles and children, and kid
glove at most temptingly low price.
RerenS Mabeao Coram Cae at
Vlenaa-tbe Chllal Ulven .
to the rather,.
Several day ago we staled that ,an 'In
teresting habeas corpui ens was then, on
trial before Judge Baker lu the Johnson
county circuit court; that a yoifng man
named Hodge and a daughter of Capt,
Alf.,Cutting ware the parties, ami the
contest for possession of a child a little
boy. At thu time the Item referred to
was written w were ignorant of the real
facta lu the case, and in order that we
might not do either party lnjustlcc,.re:
f rained from comment.
Since then, wo haye learned morn about
the matter, and now are able to give our
readers the facts, at we gathered them
from a gentleman who wus in Vi
enna during the progress of tho
iriai, nnu wno nut himself to some
troublo to learn all about It and the hlv
tory of the parties to tho stilt.
In 1872, a young lawyer named Berry
llodgc, and Miss Alice Cutting, a hcatitt
fill and accomplished young lady, (laugh
tcrol Capt. All. Cutting, the well-known
boat builder ut Metropolis, were married
Mr. and Mrs. Hodge lived together for
about a year, or until February 1873,
when n child, a littlu boy, was born to
them. They were, to alt appearance.
Happily mated, and much attached to
each other. If there was ever any cauae
of disagreement or difficulty between
them, no one but themselves was
aware oi it.
Shortly after tho birth of their child,
Mr. llodgo was attacked with hemor
rhage of the lungs, and failing to obtain
relict from borne physicians, he resolved
to go to Colorado, in the hope of regain
ing his health. His wife accompanied
him as far as .this city on his Journey,
and the two spent a day or two together
ncre before lie proceeded on his way
to tho "far WesL" Mrs. Hodge re-
turned to Metropolis, and Mr. Hodge
went to Colorado.
Husband and wife kept up a cor
respondence, and the letters which passed
between them wcro full of expressions of
love, and hope for tho spcedy,rccovery of
the husband.
Mr. Hodges speut six mouths in Colo
rado, at the expiration oi which time,
haying regained his health, and liking
the country, he concluded to locate
there. He wrote to his wife informing
her of his intentions and requesting her
to go to bun. In answer to this requctt
she refused to go unless he should come
to Metropolis after her. In the Spring ot
1874, having been successful in business,
Mr. Hodges came to Metropolis for his
wife, but she declined to go with him.
Bttore comlughchad several times urged
her to go to him, but she steadily re
fused to do so. He also sent money for
the support of the child; but his wife re
turned the moaey to him without mak
ing any explanation of her reasons tor
so doing.
At tbe last term of thu Massac county
circuit court, the wife, Mrs. Hodge, tiled
her bill for divorce. Information of
this action on the part of his wife being
made kuowu to the husband, lie came oa
to defend himself. Arriving at Metrop
olis, Hodges wrote u not to
Ids wife urging her to forget tbe
past, and go with him to his home hi Col
orado. To this note ho never received a
reply. Despairing of ever getting his
wife to go with him to Colorado, Hodge
resolved to take legal steps to get posses
sion of the child. To this end he sued
out a writ of habeas corput for tho cus
tody of the child. The ease was tried be
fore Judge Uakor lu the Johnson county
circuit court last week, and resulted lu
tho father obtaining the custody of the
Our Informant slates that during all
the trial there was uotblug brought out
to show that there had ever been trouble
between the husband and wife ; but on
the contrary, while they lived together,
they were, ut laasi to the
outside world, tbe happiest
when alone together. Their correspond
nice, which was ot a most interesting
character, would lead oue to bollevo they
were ns much attached to one another us
Indeed, tho whole affair seems to beau
Inexplicable mystery, and it is doubted
whether the parties themselves really
kuow the causes leading to their es
trangement. Mrs. Hodge is a most accompliilied
aud beautiful young lady, now ubout
twenty-oue years oi age. Mr. Hodge Is
In his twcnty-lifth year, aud represented
to be a young lawyer of extraordinary
attainments in his profession, and very
Judga W. II. Green, of Cairo, and it.
W. McCartney, of Metropolis, appeared
for Mr. Hodge, and Judge J. 11. Mub
key, of Cairo, aud Judge Allen, of Car
bondulc, for Mrs. Hodge.
'Portrait Glnrea."
'J'lils Is a new stylo of picture now be
ing produced by Win. Winter, the artist,
of tlds city. These pictures are creating
much Interest lu all tho principal Eastern
and Western cities, being altogether new,
They are unlike photographs, being
raised and beautifully enameled over the
entire surlucc, soft iu tone, but distinct in
thu lights and shades. No oue who sees
them falls to admire them, or to give the
artist an order. Wu have been shown a
number of pictures of well-known ladles
and geutlemei) of, tho, Wly, aud tave no
hesitation in pronouncing them perfectly
splendid. Wu would thtrolore advise all
who take Interest In auck natters or de
sire pictures, to call upon Mr, Winter at
hi gallery nnd examine hi work In this
new branch of tha shudott-vaptnrlug art,
At Under'.
The most beautiful stock, or Jewelry to
lie found In tfoutliPri) Illinois, Is now
on exhibition and for sale by Buder
Brothers. They are prepared to furnish
buyer's with any article that may bo dcslr
cd.'and warrant satisfaction. Tboy aaanu
"faoture to order watelios. clocks, rings,
locket's, and everything that may be de
sired, and for prollciency In making fair
work, (hey stand second. to iidnu u the
country. Olrotheniii call.Hndxeo for
youraelve'. 12-5-2m.
Prices SpeaJc Tnaer tsjn wxH
Greatest Inducotrtentf'
Every body
a Invltad to dall.aad
Which Xast ha Reduced
All Dress (foods and Silks Reduced lii-Prictt t-stt
'Shawls, Cloaks and Furs Maffttliray lawn
We aro Determined to X educe our Rtoak, ajadrrieaa wklaoi irlaaa4 ieVaviriiK)
Woolon Qood, KubiM, Bcarfa, Jacket., te-, 'MfiMtce
Blankets. Flannel, and Domestic Goods at MeaaMveV
thought of before. Our Stock of "-t-itt aaaltoiM t . '
Beduced to Lowest Figurea, and unprftoSaau e
Bargains In Ladies' and Chilres
Kid Glove are Offered.
If so, call on ua for Ladies', Misses' and Children's Uncvear for
Fancy Goods suitable for Holiday.iMiaeata, bbSR '
Ties and Scarfs, and for Bibbons. -
lam. it toy uyitu,tdloa'. Children's and M iasee' Parts K4e Ismi
at Our HousOr-XxtMdiaary BsMaiM xT
w eaw aeaaaew sbavaw
Vuderweart Underwear! .
rluo as well as muslin can be found
.heaier and better at Hcllbron & Well's
than any where In tho city. A good me
rino undershirt nnd drawers for boys
nly 00 cents; a good merino vest and
pants, for ladles,, only SI, 12-10-tf
niasoltstlon Mot lee. ,
The firm of Hulen & Wilson is this day
dissolved by mutual consent, Samuel K
Wilson retiring. II. M, Hulen continues
the business at No. 88 Ohio Levee, and
assumes all liabllitcs of the tlrm. All ac
counts due,4ind owing by the tlrm will
he settled by him.
Sami'ki. E. Wii.iox,
II. M.-Hulkk. '
Cairo, December 9, 1875. 12-fl-fit
Notice of Kemoval.t -i
C. Koch lias removed his boot aud
shoo shop from the old,' stand to Ids
new brick building (oiic block below),
No. 90 Commercial avenue, between
ifth aud Sixth streets, where bo will
keep the best homo made and St. Ioul
custom made boots and shoes, made of
thu best material ; good workmanship
aud lu tho latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. 0-23-tf.
Cairo, III.. Monuav' Krkxixn,
December J3. 187.5.
Since our last report we haye been
blessed with the finest kind, of weather,
though tho, streets iu somejtah? of tlic
city are yet very muddy, caused from the
late spattering of snow which visited us.
.Notwithstanding the good weather, busi
ness iu nearly every department has fall
en off, and everything is extremely dull.
Choice family Hour is in fair demand,
though other grades are quiet and dull.
Tim market is tilled with unsound Hour,
which it Is impossible for our merchants
to work oft. There Is a limited supply
ot hay on track, and good mixed is in, de
mand at from $14 to $ir; there Is also u
good call lor cholco, Corn Is very dull,
witli but very little doing. Oats, for
shipping purpose, have a fair call. There
lias been but little demand for meal, and;
receipt have been limited., Bran Is.Very1
quiet. The market has beensuell cleaned
out ot choice Northern roll buttert and
there it a good demand for it at727271c
Kggs are slow; prices still Hold ut Use
9 siow; prices sun nom ui 2ac.
merchants may posslbl vjlrop a,
two uTurder to'compete. wltn ttt.
but our
cent or two
Louis, There has been but few sales o)
poultry reported for this Issue', but there
fs a good demand for both live aud dress
ed turkeys. ' T
4tiTOur lrlends should bear In mind;
that the prices hero given are usually for
aalea from first bands iu round lota, lu
lllllug orders nnd for broken lots it Is ucc-
essary to charge an advance oyer these'
Flour Is Yery qulet and dull : unsound
grades In largo quantities overstock the,
market, and there Is but little chance or,
getting rid ol it. The demand for choice
grades, however; is somewhat better.
Sales reported were 100 barrels XXX
winter, $j ; 1000 barrels on orders, $1
0 25 ; lop barrels choice, $7 f 000 barrels,
$5 2.Va7 CO ; 500 barrels, $ii 60) i7C ;
200 barrels, 1 2rft7; 100 barrels, XXX
spring wheat, $ti 50 ; 200 barrels' 'low
XXX winter, $5 233 60..
Hay Is not plentiful on track ; there l
a good demand for good mixed nt$l llD.;
Tho cull for choice hay Is also good.)
Sales wcro 1 car mixed, $11 ; 2 cars good!
Timothy, 14; I. car choice TlmtliyV$17;
1 car common mixed, $11.
The corn trado is very dull, wllh!
scarcely auvthinir doing; wo nolo tho;
sale of 1 car white In bulk damp 40o ; loq
sacks mixed -J5e ; 1 car new mixed In
bulk 42c.
BThe demaud for oats for shiiipiug pur-.
notes I" good. I urlher than this they
aie quiet, sales wcro 1 car sacked uild de
livered 42o;lcar Southern Illinois In,
bulk H3c ; 1 car Mothem' Inbuilt on trackj
aju; 2 cars while 45c; I car Southern II
linos lu sacks delivered 35d ;i)i cars mlxfld
lu bulk :i:ic ; 2 cars mixed hi1 liulk Hie (
2 cars mixed in bulk Hi c.
Market very quiet; thew-lus ljcen but
little done and liirrlvals have, been very
few. Sates wM W,bUlsStJUu Uj p
Vepurectttiquunvioei twiyisuw rcr
ti rn iwii x-M tv i .v.
Ever OiTerti t "--j ,m
nuiUCH iat,0
Vxatakie far, Tsaaijh'aa, lli.L
In the neat iklrtyj
I flVi t
WW MVeVW WW IS 1 M t 1 f BBTW '
ported Was 1 ar rn'bnu), W.eetais
per hundred Bosndai ' J 3
Tito weatfter for the fesstWr tfado-ii
VeryAvorsWd; awTyjMje a tod
manrl for choice at 272?lc, aa the
market has been well "cTeared out. Sales
reportal immk- Mttmtmv.
em 27c; Q WiaKtfaBBlBSSM rottStftS two
pounds chufcoeKBranieiM8s'276 : 800
nonnda cholea,Ve4ilsrfeWv 15
palls Southern Jlllneia lMpflo;TMck-
age SoBtbera lUIaojs roll tte": MaiamU
Southern pa'eVed JU&l&c packages
Northortf2729c. ,u "a1
Real Estate CoIuj
A-ft.i :
......i.e.! ., .' flJiOA
Business bouse oa Levee, lately C
ipied by Cunnkigham. ifttaireli. r"
Business house on 'LSns.. near Sixth
street, lately occupied eV Crow, Cole-.
man & Co. . - -.t-
-Winter's BlMk-MttteMwete Hoief
Offices or Business faawMtxWt?
Tenements nmnbereiF,,' had t,.ln
Winter's Row, 6 rooraa'e'ac'vfor $10 per
month. if" uc
rso. ju (corner;, roorn.
vvuiiaire oa oiaiu Bareaav ear ni
ilnrn ninni tn KPtliil' Rakei'lt 1
occurirod by A.? rtllcy!I',ta?oo o .
Wr it m r r.
a. eseaiviium vuee. weo whm
avBnud'. 'iiear'NIiitb street. '
a r
Two amall.aoiuesiweat of Tweety- a
second street, Hieer Plie, VackWr
month. , SKE-JCI
Dwelling house ou Tweljtli, near
Walnut, fj rooms.
Store room on Levee, above 'Eighth
street $20 per month.
Cottage ou Nineteenth street, near
Washington avenue at 18 DO a Hionth.
Dwelling house ou Sixth atreet and
Jefferson avenue. , . . .; ..
Upper floor of briek bHMU
Commercial avenue, above' '
VAI-V ,lAellllll1,
Koomi'liiyaJojii parti'bl taecffyi 3
FOll LEA8K okjULK.
A nhniljbr.of .a4tr Ia-abe
Twelfth street, outedellre-rlMK: '' Altb
a largo numlier.of other Iota In dlflereat
lollies. .niRM m.KaifPr
-Lands; IntractttoW.-cWor
v oJiO"ajLtfl
it caspkii rpST'fl.
J ust received and for sale one car choice
Iowa peachbleWiVewe. cars Northern
cabbage, orjtotii a ij$ tpelaj fea ; eae car
apples, uavy beam, peas, eggs, tc.,v No.
,03, Ohio jevec; Cairo, IlllnoU. 1 '
12-ll-dS(-wlt. -a hi j
no, Von ink i-uxcit-j, 1 -A
lrcc lunch will be spread every night
hereafter lrontf to o'clock, at "Our
Saloon." Elmatjnet; .between Com-
merclst 'avenue and eMttelfjeysre, Fred
Hoflitelnzc, proprleter';JUiasiH.thl,
and doti't fail to give Free call. His
Var s alwaya aUekcdJitlW"lir9f
wine and liquors of Qt'Umlimiik po
lite and gcuUeMiMiy foUowt. behind
them to wait upon' jfou. i Give "Our Sa
loon" a enll, ,jt' 'f"11"1 w
rreeeatl Preeeatt! sx.
Don't forget to call, ,'t Hellbron &
Weil's to get your present e 10 yard of
the best eallcii. - ' ' ' 'lVlO-tt
RKW ASf UfHUUimir r w
I Ins uroeniwl the aervlfa of oa ef .tka asigt
soeoawUabaa, t i S(
lu tbe Ui'Drt Waaid It trrras
In Ills line
tlealcmuywncrv. uvt
.IrttH tu .t
ftltaAs aatt mate
t.'-riH0i-i, .... ,,-.""
wayeabT jawia,,oar'.
.ta)mh4MNa 1 4itNs:
jbjo vejavpojav
vel , H iH W'l
i Jt : x

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