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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, December 14, 1875, Image 4

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in. .to mw
MO b.m. to lt .m,
lovou -taa tr hr
(iplMMtlfMIt Gafally.AU.i,.:OUa.'ni,
ii .ii.IiUiih Imim ciiiirtnllr 1-rnt m.
AaeoMSEfiMHtMl daHr(sep t . f J
anaaevt .lliiBa. in.
U......M.u a. in ...........uiit.
ouzo fciMum m. s
Lawae Cairo .. ... ;1& a. m
m sr. locta aid socTHXAiraair xailboad.
isjwla.ri i U(im ttmm juu.oaj.
Arrival at ladJaaapolfj-.. . 4:M p. m.
tu ono Am MiMiMtri'i bailrojlB.
Arrives at Nor Versa-.-.. 6:tt p.m
AsrlTea a ClnstaaaH ; . 9:on
Airlvlsai Loal-vlHe ...... 7: "
terta Mtaaapalia.
SiSB a.sa.
Lmtm LoaivriUa-
9:1! "
irnfa at VIsoaBBca..
Imtm Bvarllla
ArrtTM at earml -ArrtTwatralta
.-00 p.m.
Mstlat aktta oonaactlans to and frem til
yataMtaft aad SoMk, at IoAUuiapaUi and Cln-
rait of Cklw kr nil aad rlvr
am lo im nw iu inuui agaai aau
wasusasn cwsiiii inisuon runt wed-
aav aianNM
frw laaMBallaB MhlfM In ntM and nan.
i.apiiiy .ie g jambs bious,
' fTlcfcetAgnt.
omo ;ir.;;LOTns
s. ft.
On sad after Aag. N, trains will run as fol
owi, Sundays azoqitea, from the corner of
eooad street tad Cosamerdal avenue, Cairo,
laaT Cairo 10:13 A. M.
MurpTborOM..... . 2:11 1. U.
Arrive Beat tt Loots .. . c:li
' J J n aotaasoem.
IaTeKaetSt.IaU 9:30 A.M.
Arrive atanentnio Ui.Tif. M.
Uaare AtaniaTskoroH. lii:ts
arrive Catio '4:00 "
Ceuestiat at 8t. Loots with all trains West
aaa nor. J. b. hinc&ext, Bupt
J. A. WKNTZ. General raieanqer Acent.
EytMvW, Ctjro trrd Memphis
Steaiof Packet Co.,
mmd mil wnjr lnmdinya.
Toe UBrlrilldtde-wUeel etouner
Eb. B. Thomas -Clerk.
WU1 lasre EransTllls for Cairo every MONDAY
and THURSDAY at I o'clock p. to.
Leers. Cairo eTtry TUESDAY and FRIDAY, at
o'clock . m..
Tbs elacset i UW-vtjeel itearner
Wtll lease KTaaavUle tar Cairo ertrr TUE8-
ead FKlDAY at 4 o'clock p. m.
mtj2ZCmi0T!?ry WIUNKSU. Y and 8 AT
PaWrYaiao'eaakp. M.
Te etkjBOt sias- wkeel i learner
ieu Com
Mat. Wiluaks.
liVt "WTi1!?! r Cairo ererv WEDNE5
." AJ UatAIiY at a. tn.
saakes close connections at Cairo
' IVt K. U. for atllnnlntA Kntth mA v..
r-flaViaillearaBle MmU flsnuiwai frTiTLil
1 1 For farMWIafciasallun applr to
S-Tsassliu ln4leria.
in v
BBS a. a, "la.
titaHV Jaaaaaa HnkriJ
0. W. McKCAla, P. M.
eaaaau-at.i.r.uc lam.-KA " r fl
R ik i m aat a . aa.-. Jfewur.
FrJataa. 1 1 SgMa. m gaajay.
rwSSt r- wag a.- aa..- " aueday.
fm(m aaaaaaa.atMV' -..
III Mil II i mViih
Majtafer Us UalUx tH.ua,
Coo oT mmm 9 HtriHt, Kiw York.
Was-aaaa sMMiU m ,.f im. w.
li 1 f.
mqred! purchase me loronw aim
coiiHuci it aa an advocate of Canadian In
'aejscndcnco. winter auartorf. the JitfHnl. say. Tblt
Indicates a mild seaao'n, but tnake.i U'bad
ttr atray etlm feud Bmall boys.
BUM m reckoned to be ninety tunc
cheaper Ikavimnual 'power, eynty
times cheaper than elcctro-motlvo power,
ltd ten tiaiei cheaper tban'horae powei.
Cardinal tymschcr, Prince Arch
bishop of Vienna, died at his nrchlepUco
pai rcridehcS'Nov. 24. Ho wni one of
lh ableat Cardinals and had been spoken
Wis rins LV successor.
:a-ll it compuUd Mint one European of
pure blood (ilea In India out of 37 at
tacked and that one such European is
attacked to "4,000 of the natives of tlm
M. Trosca has been trportlnc to the
Academy of Sciences on n new type of
street locomotlre which has worked In
I'arls In the midst ot ordinary tralllc
under his own examination,
, ,T6 girts Wd,"Work with the GUhs."
Ethel Aren't you gobif to shoot to-day,
uncle f UbcJo Not If you arc, my dear.
Waea I waa younir the men shot tho
birds, and the women stayed at homo to
eok them.
Prloes to tult the Times.
Wltolaaale Figures, but Ko Credit!
Mrs. O. McLEAN,
Ifezt Door to Houpt'n Jowolry
bbtwexv ooxxxrozax. ajud
HATS, Bonnets, Flowers.i, Loc9, lUbbons,
Silks, TrlTrts, Tin, Ruchlngs, Corsets,
KldGlOTet, UOMTJ, WorstoU.
1K Hi Udlea' DroM Reform'
And all the new styles of htlramlni Silks for
Fall and Winter.
tlTbce sorxU will be sold at very 'w fic
nrca. for CASH and CASH ONLY, l-ll-'iitf
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wld Reputation.
Acknowledged by all Rood Musicians to be the
nasi nano now rnaue.
in obsat trmow pia"no.
.Of which we have told over 400 during
inwvo jean posi, uecoioing more anu more
popular every a ay. .
Splendid tone. Power and Durability.
Klmbill't Orohetral Organ,
A very wo laatrument, adapted to lustru-
naniai as wen as vocal music.
Kuy Monthly l'aymcnts, at low figures
regardless of Ltstl'ticcs.
In great variety Including all the new
aad popular mimic ol the day.
Orders from the Country
promptly filled and sent
by mall.
Bud Instalments of all Kinds
KurrJibcd to Order,
itmniH vox viouii, sviruu, xic.
Oi the Best Quality.
Classic tludieg and Exorcises
Of all grades for Hano or Voice.
JTriTery description of Munlcsl Mer
ckaudlse furnished to order, promptly uud
at prices lower than ever offered before.
nd for Til,..,...-.. ...... . .
Li.tofthrbV;utifutvgrou7..: ana r"M
AU 0ofa Wsrruied as XoptaseaUe.
Cairo, niinoU.
white unnifiia.
wine iiniiaiin
I The Moat atemnrkablc Hrmprfy ever
At no time In tlirfliWftri-Virirnn i,o,ii.
clnohas mi artlclo apiwircd , which litis
met with fen-atcr approval rilitl Htfa'ioss
thnii Benson's Caiclne Plaster. Why
.they nro ptvfurrcd to nil other porous
plasters, U owlntf to their Improved, coni
posltloii they net InstAiifaikdilgiy? euro
spct'dlly and clledtitally.
I'hyslclaiiB ami tho general public who
acknowledge the jrreat benefits derived
Irom the uso of the ordinary porous plan
ter, however, maintain that their nctloii
Is not sufficiently prompt, wimlrlnL' time,
patlcnco nud eontliiuous wear to. effect a
cure, llcnson'? Capchio Master .over
comes mis auncuity by occomplbhltig in
n lew hours, that which It takes any
other Piaster as many days.
Although a recent discovery Cnpclno
has been thoroughly tested by physicians,
ond In each Instntieo mm been pronounced
the most remarkable, sate, certain nnd
thoroughly clllcaclous remedy ever dis
covered, Incorporating Cnpcltie In an Improved
Porous Plaster lias been accomplished
after repeated solicitation from tho med
ical fraternity and is now prescribed by
Hum with unprecedented success; es
pecially In Rheumatism, Pleurisy, stub
born Cold., Kidney Complaints, and nil
diseases for which a Porous Plaster has
been used.
Its marvelous lutlueiico over tho circu
lation, and general effect on tho system
Is almost Incredible; irom the moment
of its application to the ntlbctcd part, it
operates with astonishing vluor brings
relief and cures moru cfl'ectually than any
known Plaster, Liniment or Compound.
it is a genuine piiarmacpiitle.il prepara
tlon or the highest order of merit ; Its In
gredients arc entirely vegetable and free
Irom Mineral or Jfetal Jimj. Duo
trJal will convince the most skeptical or
its superiority over tno oruinary j-orons
Plasters. W hen you desire prompt and
inimcdiuio relief, ask vour uritcirit for
Henson's Capclno Plaster. Price, 23
cents. Skaukry & Johnoox.
Wholesale AgenU, .
tfSrllxuci.w IJkos., Agents, Ctro.
Enterprise Savings
A. I). 8AKFOUI), 1'rvjlilwit.
H. S. TAYLOK, Vlcn rresWcnt.
W. HysLOl. Ssc'yanilTrcajunr
Barclay, Ciiak', O.iLiawr.ii,
UTOCHrurm, Ito G. bcneii,
J. 31. I'llILLU'l.
n. ii
INTEREST paid on depoflts at the rate of Mx
percent wr annum, March let and Septem
ber 1st. Interest not wlthilraru Id udilcd Iiuiuq.
d lately to the' principal or the deposit!, therthy
Kivliuc them coiauoimd interest.
Married Women and Children may
juopoBit xaonoy ana no ono
elso can draw it.
Oiwn ertrr builucsadav rroinP.i.ni. to 8 n.m.
and Sutiinlny evenings for savlujfs dejioiits only
Irom 0 to a o'clock.
W. HVSX.OP, Troasurer.
City National Bank
W. V. If AI.T.IIIAY, l'rcshlrnt.
HENRY I.. HAT.UflAY, VIr Treat
A. II. HAFKdltn, Caahler.
WALTER HYdLUl. A'l Ohlir.
U. 1). WlLUAMSOM,. HTKI'IIUN lllnli,
t A. ii, sai roiu)
Exohango, Coin and United Statoa
Konas uougnt ana sold.
DKl'OSITS rrrelved and a feucml bonking
P. Ilro.4, Pmlilent.
i'. Near, vice itos'i.
It. Wells,. Cahhler
T. J, JCcrtli, Asjt. Cttih'r.
mm mi im,
Corner Commercial Avo.anaethBtreot,
OAino, XXjXjS.
V. Vroa, Cairo. Win, Klues, Cairo.
1. Ntff. Cairo. Wm Wnll,.. (ulr,i.
A. Susunka, Cairo. K.U lillllnetlcv. ht.
K, Uudcr, Cairo. 11. Wells, Cairo.
r, ii. iirinkman, t. ixiuls.
A Ueneiul ftnuUlnir Ilualiifsa Iloue.
rt"ExCllAnire An'.ll Hllll lintl-'lit tnl..r,t .vi 1.1
In uie harlngs Ieriiieiit. Collections nuvle,
and all butiness promptly attended to.
Chancery Notice.
Ktale of Illinois, Alexander county sa.
In the circuit court, to tin-.lamury Ii-rm 1S;.
Karah.1 Chum rs. John U. OiUmtt aln-lllll
lor partition.
AJTIllAVIT of tho non-rrsldence of Jsno
(iniiiMrr, 'Jliomss ltobliison.Nar.cr llowen-
ton, Murifsrvt M, UiUllulul, IMmxxu Thoiiutt
and others, uuknown heirs of KHJsh (J. i.lil.in,
(Iootw.!, Imvlnu bwm lllnl in the clerk's olli
of said Alexsnuercouuty i.lrcull court, twtlui U
hereby vlveu to joulhesald .Jane Gjiienere,
Thomas llohuuon, Jancy lloweston, Msrxurel
M Ijllllland, IteU-cca Thomas and olliern. uu
known heirs or Klijah O. Chlmr.. Ueciiil, Mmt
the complainant lllcd tier bill of complaint In
tald rourt, on the chsiicry slu: thereof, oa tlm
l)i day of April, A l. fiTi, and theieiip,n a
smnnions iMuel out of said court, ri'iiirmihlc on
me ru jioiiusy in ine ininin or jitiy i.i xi rolluw
Inif , s Is Tt'iulitil by law, stid Ou.t nt the ssld
May term of ssld court, complainant muhhIkI
her hill making you jarlels UtltiHl.nUllicHto.
.Vow nnles you the isald ih fenibints shall lie ami
appear before I be ojiirl on lliu 1st day of the ixt
term Ihertif, to be holden In anil for said county
on the Itt Monday In .Innuxry next, lo plmd.
aiuwtror deiiiir lo said complainants bill of
complulnti the same anil thrnutirrs nud thinKS
thcieln rhsiveilaud slabtl, will I ti.keu ucon,
fiKteil and u dtcrta (iiUtiiI oKulutt you accord
lnit to the prayer of nulilblll.
.NuretnUcr (vih, A. II. 1IR&.
Craadall A I.lneKsr. solicitors lor complain
aot ll-ao-lteol.wlw.
IstuSUts HlKI
sb) r4ii"
aaB-aaamaasHM O tJ XS.TO
IwtlUSiatai. SIOILK.CQBMn.
punas, suilh, uuNni,,
Barclay Bro's.,
Wholesale Druggists.
I'liblUlual as a warnlna- and lor thu lu-nrUt nt
ourir Neu ana oilier wno ruaer rrom .Nervnii.
thinly, Ijo4 of Manho'l, etc., t.ltlnr his
Uules of Htlf-eure . ullLf ubi
rt'oliiK iniirh till
led fire on ivwilv
KliJijI win exiieiiiie, una nui
lair ajMibtMisId dlrerlnl nnrlnui Ail'lrrm ti
i'llANIKI, IA VKAMI, 1'. O IJ.,x I.Vj, llnik
tyn K. 7.7.1 wie,
-It At ...
r " JU. ...
Tho trustees of tho Cairo City
Property desire to call public attention
to tho merits or their property, compris
ing a considerable portion of tho City of
Cairo, in Alexander County, In tho State
of Illinois, mid laud Immediately ndja
cent, thereto. .
iu .
'1 his city, as Is well known, Is situated at
tho confluence of tho Ohio and Alls isslppl
river, at tho bead jot tmtntonipted naviga
tion on tho Minalislppl, being below ob
structions by Ice in the winter and low
water In summer, and thus has a clear nnd
open rl-cr communication ct all tunes over
the Mississippi and Us tributaries, with all
tho country south, to tho dull ol Mexico
and tho Atlantic Ocean. Cairo has also tho
same character of communication with nil
tho country north over the streams flowing
by It, when thoso streams are not ianavi
gablo hv roasoii ol tec or low wator.
ileloro tlio era of Itatlroads, Cairo had a
commanding polilon as a centre of com
mcrco and navigation. This Importance ol
position sho Kill possesses, but baauow the
additional advantauo of being a great rail
road centre, a uumuor ol tho moot import
ant railroads In tho Valley ol the Mississippi
converging to nnd bating their termini
there. Among these, coming from tho north
arc the great Illinois Central Railroad,
which traverses the cntiro Mate of Illinois
IromjiU extremo northern and nortli-eictcrn
to Its southern limits, and by its connections
extends into all tho great northwottcrn
grain producing State) ; tho Cairo nud Yin
ce unes, extending from Cairo to the City of
Vincenncs. in the State of Indians, where
Its connection afford direct railroad com
munications with all Kattern cities: and
the Cairo it St. Louis llallrond, ntlordlng a
direct railroad communication with the
City ol St. Louis anil all the railroads cen
tering thcro. Thu roads comln-' Irom the
South are the Now Orleans, Jackson and
Great Northern and the Mobile and Ohio
Railroads, which give direct railroad com
munication with Mi citira ol Mobile and
Now Orleans and other Southern Atlantic
eca ports, and by coanpctlng roads with all
the country south of Cairo; and coming
Irom the southwest lithe Cairo, Arkunmi
and Texas Railroad, which sflbrds idinllar
communication with Southern Ml'tourl,
Arkansas ond Texas, nud tho principal cit
ies of tlioso States. This lust-iumed road
will five, also, direct councctlon with the
Texas nnd Tactile Uond when it is com; lo
ted, thus giving direct communication vl!b
the principal port of tho l'acltlc Ocean
These railroads, terminating at Cairo, are
now nil completed nnd In successful opera
tion, those In llllnoli coming into the city
on a hank ol each ol the rivers, Ohio ami
Mississippi, and terminating at their conllu-
ence, ihtu eucireungiuo city, rue Jiony
Springi, Hrownsvllle and Ohio Itlver first 1
road, nnd the- Cairo and Tennessee Itlver
Itallroad, which will both terminate nt
Cairo, arc in coureof coii'tructlon and will
soon he completed, and other railroads both
in Illinois and In States south of tho Ohio
river, which will a'.'o terminate at Cairo,
am projected, anij arrangements mado to
build thrin. The construction of these
will greatly increase tho rdlroad communi
cations of Cairo.
IU central location In tho rcr Valley ol
tho MiHsisblnnl.anil the ureal wtiilth of river
and railroad coinmiiuicatlon, gives to Cairo
unurpa!scii auvaiuaL'es as a ommerciai
point, as It .(lords to her caty and cheap ac
ces to all tho 'rain produclni; districts ot
the North and West, nudfclmllar access to all
the aKrlcultural produce consumers of tho
South, Urn prciciitliiK the bctt location in
the West lor an interchano of the respect
ive northern und southern eouimodltles hod
AS a msniirsrtnrtni. lo.'sllnn llmnnclllnn
Of Cairo Is notlcss imnortaiit. The crude
materials of every deocription, which eon-
uiuiu mo elements oi manuracturcu arti
cles, abound on over; side, iron ore, coal,
of superior quality, and timber of every
character, more than others, being easily
and cboaply accessible, and tho rich agri
cultural reirlon'of the immediate neighbor
hood, as well as tho more remote districts
rendered tributary to It by river nnd rail,
furnlfh supplies oi the necessaries of llfoln
ucli abundance as to rundcr llvlnK except
ionally cheap. When tho manufactured arti
cles are produced, tho facilities for cheap
distribution by river and rail are not
Cairo hat a moral, lntelllncnl. liberal and
enterprising population of about 12,000 has
n superior syhtitm of public schools, which,
wiin outers couiiuctou iy privato unier
prlne, afford unsurpisicd educational ad
vantages Is P'jsnpssciI of well-cstabllshod
cuurcnes oi nearly every iienominauou
has publii and private buildings of a supe
rior character has a climate, which for sa
lubrity and healthful inltucnccs cannot bo
surpassed hai a welt-reirulatcil uud "f-
llclclll milllli lpsi onraiiinu, iv -ii .
PKbied with iras, and other metropolitan ad
vantages, which make H ldKldy dcslrablo
and in reality not to lie excelled us a place
of permanent residence.
l.olsaatl lurid In Calru are now olTertd at
very lowptices, olfoniinK lavoruuio oppor
tunitics to purchase, ami the owuors jire
jent the location to tho public us ollerlnu;
uiirivnieu auvaniaj;cs tor lll succcssiui en
tablibhmeutol coinmi rclsl or manufactur.
lni; enterprises, and thu best locality in the
country lor profitable Investment of capital.
B, Htaatm TAYi.on,
Trustees, etc.
CAino, 114.., May 1st, 1874.
liberal Terras of Er
ehsjajrefor Second-hand
MscBlnes ot oyory d-
ThsBeit Psiternt msde. Bend Sets, for Catalogue.
Aouts Wastid. ' HEW TOBH.
VIM n ilti.v ut Inline,
Agi'iits wanted
wafnil terms, freu.
lit UK A CO
Slaun JDruc Poion.
Modioino Hendered XT aoleas I
Volta's Electro Bolts and Bands
are Indorsed br the most eminent physicians In
tho world forlhocnn!orrhetimatliiii,nciiralRla,
liver cmniilslnt. ilvenetisin. IrMnw illamu.
aches, imlns, nervous ilhonlors, llt, female
complaints, norroiis nnd xeneral tlelilllly, uml
atoninch, kidneys und blood.
tmrtlr.ll!nm rrrt tit
nook wimniii
S a i;tt(
Clnrliinwtl, O.
A U'KKff fflllfttnljw.1 mmm Ami
iVmate nirenls in Uielr locality.
Costs iiothlnir to itt It. fnrtlcnlars
m. r. o. vjckjcky & co..
AtiH-usta, Me,
dlJ tn"9t9fVl''r,'"l,'8,,"'nie. Samtilrs worth
rortlaiid, Maine.
rftOrtrt 8 month lo encrKCtlo men and wo
CDljU U "ii'ticierywlicrr. llu.liw.fl linnor
rw l,lt.. KXlIKI.SIIMl M'K'O COM-
1'AMl, IH Jiu-iiiif.in avenue, i-hlcioto.
J. Il'iivelllirrrvviuny r.iAcinatentidKt'l Hie
COMl'ANY, l'ub's,
agents. El'lllt.MM
ACIINTS walileil to sell
six new Inventions, rewnt
Mnd of great value to everr-
' anoiiy (lirat nroHM lo
CrjlK.MJI IIKIJW .N, i)lCll,
Advertiser's Qazette
A Journal of Information for
Advertisers. Edition 0,000 copies.
Fublifhod wcokly. Torms, $2 por
annum, in ndvnnco.
fivk sri: i.n:v conns
i"OIt !K CTS.
nic Xii, 1 1 I'nrk lluw, New York.
m:o. i. nou r.i.i, a c .
Editor nail IMiM latter.
St. Jo. Medical
"EiticM'tl as a, Stfgge foa (uekny.
THK only jilace w hele a sure cure can be re
Ihilupon. I. ittle lsriiiuiieil In the way of
nurirlHinj;, as n.c repuiailon ortlie timtltutlon
is well known throughout tho West. Coll and
be convinced that Uils U the larsejl ami rtimt
eompktu iiistltulion of the kind in America Tor
the eurcef rful trialment of all Chronic Sexual,
l'rlvati aii'l Venereal Illteatt-sof both sexes.tuch
w. Syphilis, (Piiiorrha-u, (leet, stricture, ilup
ture, Vatlciile Veins, Orchltlt, llulo, Ac. All
urlnurj- and syphilitic o!mercurial aoVctlons ol
the throat, rkfu or bones ure trvalel with tin
paralUUtl ture'ess. Cciionhon cutid In from
ihree to live days. Syphilis cnreil in from live
to ten days Uer t7,yTO caei cuntl, .-mln.il
Wmkiiea,.iwmtatoTrtiiiu, Nlpht Ixiimv, hex
uil Delllity and linpoteni-y, os of bexiuil
Toner, a. tliertitllfelf-uhiiM.n jotilh, m-x-lUil
vxrrsscs in lUJturer jinrK.aud ull llnill
tnenti"') iiiirrlnite, ininnently cured witlxjut
mcri'urr r uny ot'.irr mincrnl poiixiii l'niU ni
a! a ilbt-ince tn'fili ! by lelti-r. JlnUrni.M H'nt
eTerj-w hen. Yotin ni'-il who htvii Kcomo tile
vletimu of olliarj lee-tlut iliuiinil and dv
strucllvchnlilt whii-li riinuiitllv to an lin-
timelVKruto lliniiiiiuils of loiinv in?M ot" tlio
most exallel l.ili iiU and brilliant lntrllei-t, vf ho
nilchtotlienrlschatcvnlninciil littunlU .Seiuites
with Hie thunilerM (if elooiU'iice. or waked to
ecuuicv the llvliiif Ivru-may tall itli full conQ-
Idencc. What u pity Unit uyoiuu man, the Hope
.11 , , l.l'J 1.1. . ....H - '.-,t.r l"lt.'.
I.e snalrhed Zlrom ull pioiris nml mjoy
ments of life by the t'on-niuenr of iluviatinc
from the ruth of ii.-iliireiiml ifi.lulr.-l nir In n cer
tain secret habit, huch K'I.iiii.i muni. Ixfiirr.
coniempiuiiiiK marnni', nnt inai u ci.uim
minu nnn iKiiiy are m mom neei-swry hvjiimiii
to promote connubial liaiipiiitH, Inditil wllhuiit
these the journey through life Utonies aweary
nllirrlniaze. the urnrMct hourlv darkens to the
view, the mlndbcivjinus studnwed with ilitpulr
nud lllleil with tiieluncliollyrellectlons Unit the
happlne? ornnother is blighted lib our own.
To ull errinK youni; men wi: would say, do nut
Kern iu m hecruei in vourri u ami vour ioii umii
Uhass.ipMil Ihe vitnM and Ictl yoiia wreck of
humanity, a cunu to yourself and a burden to
society. If you nro enlnnnliil In Ihesnuruof
stll twllnllon, or Hiiyprlrnte illseasv
Its flii.tTni'tlnri. nnd mmlr nt HI, .1oeli
loerph MHtlrul
r. hit , .....
lliftlllutv lor irvaimem, nun iA.-vume unr more u
human lielnt;.
s. j-i.iires Kiiaranieea or mnncr reiuuaei
VS-All female illlll,uiltli it mill imiKHllinriili In
Marriage trealeil with safely und sucee j,
tryA Kifht medical bookuml secrets for ladles
and L-ents. hent free for two stamps.
Address St. .Joiipli Medical Institute. Francis
nireei, ixriwevn nuconil ami Ihlril, Kt. Jeseph,
.-uuioun. w-ii-u-naw-iy.
"A ruianlrtf l'Iclorlnl Illatorjrof Use
a line" " rao
mikMt suecHsful Fi
cheappet, and
uy a-wper
Iu tun IJulaa
noticks or tux rnicss.
Tho Weeklv is tho ablest and most now
crlul Illustrated periodical published in
this country. Its editorials aro scholarly
and convincing, and carrv much welirht.
Its illustrations of currout events aro lull
nnd iresh. and are lirooared by our bestue
hluiioia. SVIth n circulation ot 150,000, the
Weekly Is read at leant by half a million
Demons, and Its inlluonco aB an organ of
onlnlon is simply trcmeudous. Tuo Week
Iv maintains a positive position, and ex
presses decided vlotvs on political nnd so
cial problems. Louisville Courier-Journal.
Its articles aro moueis oi iiign-ioneu uin
cusslon, and its pictorial Illustrations aro
often corroborative argument of no small
fnrm. N. Y. Examiner and Chronlclo.
Ita papers upon oxlstout questions and Ita
inluiltaijlo carioons nvip 10 uiuuiu tuo uu
llmeiits ot Hie country. Pittsburg Com
mUrC'al T'EHMS !
l'ostsco free to subicrlbers in the United
Itf,rnne'4 AVsnklv. one Veir....W 00
Four dollars Include prepayment of U,
K noatnirn bv Ihn nubllshora.
HubhcriiitlnnH to Harper's Maeazine,
Weekly, and Uazar, to one address lor one
year, 10 00; or, two of Harper's l'crlodl
cats, to ono addfess for ouo year, 97 V
poilugo free.
An extra copy of 'ho Maeazlno, Weekly,
or llaznr will bo supnl'cd urat's for every
club of five subscribers nt $4 00 each, In
one reinutanco; or, six copies ror f M uu,
without e.vra copy; postaRo (reo.
llacU numbers can be supplied nt any time
The annual volumes of Harper's Weekly
In noa cloth blndtiiK, will bo sent by ex
precs. Ino ofoxpcnHo. for 97 00 each. A
uuuipium ret. uuuipiiviu tiuuivuti , viuiij:s,
tent on receipt of c.ihh at tho rto ofS 2ft
porvnlume, freight uttheoxpon o ol tho
57TNewnaii'rs aro not to copy till ad
verlbcmout without tho express orders o(
HaruortV llrothers.
AdireiH HAHI'KIt A IIHOTlIKItfl. N. Y,
HEW BOOK TOR THE 1,000,000
A lirapiuo insiory or ino nerino i.poeji
AliU'llfiin lloriler I.U'o.
IU thrl llluir conllle
of Itixlaud while (oca. ICxclthiu; Adventures
Caiillvlt c. l oruvs. Moula. 1'loiieur women
uud hois, luilisn war-pnlhs, Cnti.p life, und
ninris vuif. 11 , iu ni i.iuiih. I
dtitiVSKO No roniielltloii, Unniinona Miles
Alp-Hi wanteil eierywlieie. CliuularH lice
Ailiiii .. ll il M'( I HllV .v i:u .
Hiujiii( iiiiuiiuiis in miT itnioii wiry rnnne,
inslunlly, Tills art nil ran po-item-, fiiv, by
n'Jl" fi'r.." Vi'l"' lillie wllh.i. ll.tilwi
iiMr, Kifj-pilnn iinii le, Dimmi, lllnln lol.a-
ilfrlt ptr. 1.IMIII.I1III ti.ilil 1.....
VJ-7-lnei.xw r."HleHl , Ht l.oiili, Mo
Ayer's Oathrtio Pills,
For tho relief
and rttro of nil
ilcraiiKomouls. In
the stOiAarh, II V
er, and bowel.
Tlier are n mild
aperient, nnd nn
.excellent purga
,tlve. llalnepiuf
ly vegetable, they
contain nn. mer
cury or mineral
litlmloror. Ullch
Mrlmi tlckncss nnd Mifferinit Is prevented by
their timely usei nnd overy family should
liavo them on hand for their protection. And
relief, when required. Lontf expel lone lias
C roved thotn to lio the aalest, sureitcTAnd
et or all tho Vllt with which the market
abounds, lly their occasional use, Uio blood
Is ptirlllt'iH tlio eorruiitloiis of the system ex
pelled, obstructions removed, and the wholo
machinery of life restored to its healthy activ
ity. Internal organs which become eieKacd
and shireiih aro, cleansed by Autr'f flfti.
nnd itlmulated Into action. .Thus Incipient
disease Is changed Into health, the value of
whlnh chanpx, when reckoned on the vast
miiltltiides who enjoy It, can hardly bo com
puted. Their Miirar-coalhiK makes tlicm
pleaiant to take, and preserves their virtues
unlniiwlreil Tor any lengih ot time, sp that
they nio ever fresh, and perfectly- reliable.
Althnitirh searrhlnR, they aro mild, and opcr
nto without dlitui-bauco lo tho cousUtutiou or
diet or occupation.
lull directions are Riven on the wrapper to
each box.how louc them naYamlly rhytln
and for the following complaints, which these
J'ilfe rapidly euro: ,
For aysiMisli or ludle-stlnpj, T,lat
Iraearsa, Ijanrnnr, nnd low of Appe
tite, they should ho taken moderately to
stlmiilatnlhc ptoinacli, and restore its healthy
tono and fiction. . .
For Liver Coanplnlat and Ita various
svmptom, Hlllaua llwluch?. Sick
flraducbr, Jumidlcr ortiirrrai Htcb
area, miloue S'olle und Miliaria Se
vers, they should be JudlcloiKly talu for
each cni-e, tn correct the illcacd action, or
rrmnve the oli'triictlom which enti'c It.
For Hy-nleTy or JSIurrhoru, but one
mild doo l jinicraltf rcpilroil.
I'or Illi-.'iuimllsn,, Uout, Clrtirrl,
l-MllMtxtlnu ar ihe Henri, ImIu In
Sim Mlilr, Hiscb, and I.olns, they slinnM
Im coTitliilion.lv taken, ns minirvd, tn rlianirn
the difenrcd action of the 1 vMoni. With such
t'h.'iniro thoio cniil.itnt ill.npi'ejir.
lor ISrniiay nud lliop.lrul Nni-ll.
Intra, they rfinuld be taken In larce nnd IVc
tiicut doses to produce thu cflcct of a dratlii
For HnpprrssloH, a Inrpcilun ttmnl.l be
taken, M il produces tho deslrud effect by
As a lllnnrr VIII, Inkooncnrtiro J'llltlo
pnnnolo iHif.U'Mi. And rillove the ttomach.
An ocr.i-lonal foo i limulnlt's the stomach
and iKV.reN.riMdorpii llicnppctiti'.nndlnrlaor.
ales tin' nj.lein. Hence ii i ollt-u ndr.mia.
l'i'on lnir no erloiiH doraiit i.ieiil exlit.
One who fecU lulvrnlily well, ollca lln.l that
n done of lhee J'llte inaki'- lihu feel derld
Hly liettcr, froM tnr-lr ele.inhic and rtno
baling flTti't on tho ihetiro apparatus.
I'iiki'aiieii nr
Dr. 1. C. AYEIt U CO., Practical Cbemlsti,
i.owr.i.t., mass., xr. s. A.
roll stt.K iiVai.i. imi-finiKTs i:vrnvwimr.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
tor Yerer mhn Acue. Intermittent Fo-
er, uniu nvor, amaivnem irever,
Irumb Acue, Jferlodlaei or Buipua s'a-
i vt, wii,,suu uauwu hi his BjiSDOSiona
whiea ortaa rrosa malarloua, msrah, or
BJ" No one reiaody la looJer
called for by the neccsMlks
BTa of the American people than
. a sure and rafe enre for
aHL Fever uatl Arie. uch
M wc are uu w enabled to oner,
T....H .V-. ......
It will eradlento the dlscaic, nnd wlUi atmr-
once, founded on proof, Uiat no harm ran
ariee from Its use In any uuautlty.
That wnlcli protects from or prevents this
disorder mut be of burnetii service In the
communities where It pirvaHi. I'rtreitUon
Is better than core; for the paUent eicapes the
risk which be inunt ruu In violent attacks of
tills baleful diitemper. TliU " Ci'r.i:" exK-U
the miasmatic poison of fever na4 Asae
from tho syitcm, and prevents tho tlevtlo;
tnent of Uio dlscaie, if taken on tho firt
approach of Its premonitory symptoms, A
(Treat superiority of this remedy over nay
ether ever discovered for tho speedy and cer
tain euro of Intcnnlltciits l,that It contains
r Qulnlno or mliicinl; eonenuently II pro-
ilnrci no quinism or other liijmlniii ciTrctn
whatorcrtipon the eoiistllutloii. Hinoo cured
by It aro left as healthy as If they liail never
had tho dlicat t.
Ferer unit Artie Ii not alono tho ton-
(f-cpn-jico of the uihumatlc poltou. A pronl
variety of dleorders arise from Its Irritation,
nrnong which aro Xeuratu-la, Ilheuinw-
lUits, Cant, IleoaeJie, Hllnilnese,
Xoolliacbr, Karache,Cusarrb, .tstti-
sum, I'ulpllistioa, I'nlnfnl Atfctlun
of the M,len, Hysterics, I'aln In U
Rawela, Colic, ParalysU, and rieranire
ment of tho titnriiaeh, nil of vhkh, when
originating in this cause, put on tl.e inter
mittent type, or bocomo periodical. Thl
"Ccuk" expels the polion from the blood,
and consequently cures them all alike, ltrj
on Invalnahlo protoclioii to inunlcraiits and
persons travelling or temporarily rotldinic iu
tho malarious diitrlcts. f taken nccaiinn
ally or dally whllo'oxiioied to the infliction,
that will 1)0 excreted ftom Hie i;stem,.and
cannot accumulate In snflclent qnantlty ts
ripen Into disease. Hence It Is even more
valuable for protection than core; and few
will cviT suffer from Intermittent If they
avail thcmirlvcs of Uio protection this rem
oily nrTorils.
For Mvor Complaints, arlstag flora torpid
ity of the Liver, It Is an excellent remedy,,
atlmulating- tho Liver Inlo healthy activity,
and prndnrlnir many truly remarkable enrea,
where other iimdlclnes fall.
Dr. J. O. AYF.ll Ss CO., Lowell, Haas.,
1'raetUnt and Analytical ChfmUt;
CXOISKTSI, a subfttl
title for the common
orlvri are lMtter than
waier tioaetsi can oe
umii III any room
Splendid for Inralids
bend for circular.
Hatch Brieve,
Agents, US tjlalo 81. , Cblcaft-o.
Iak. anil irt. kpLH
everylhluL- found at a'
nrst-classrancT Oood
or toy store. i-etulC
O. li, for llolllilay
'Slorc. 100 Madison Bt.
Chlcaxo, Rend for descriptive Hits,
iililanied In the Hulled
fltates, Camilla, anil Kil-
rone I terms as ioht an
ihoaeof any other relia
ble hnii'C. Corrcanon-
dence Intlted In llioKng
lUli and foreign laniruaBes, with. Inventors, A t
tirne)S nt I4iw, and other Solicitors, wpt-clally
Willi more wno liaio HSU iiicircuM- rare-a
the hands of other nttorncys. In rejected cine
our fees are reaionable, and no charge is msde
unlive we aie aiin-i j.i'ul.
II you wnmn pat
ent.tendiisamodrl or aki'li-.lli and n
full description of
ay our uiveniion
We will nuke nu
examination nt the patent brllce. and If we think
Il .iif.lallf- will ..ml v., II liilliCI aillllUlVlCC.
nnd iironrcilte vour case. Our tee will be in or-.
dbiaryjaiea, in. . , ,
dlnary caiea, il'i, .
la Orul or willten In inatliisic-
ge t, kx-Co nm aaioneroi rineina, K....'i
levelaiid. Ohio O. II. Ke l ey. K" '!nS " a
National llranfrc. Iulayllle. Ky i Wn 7'
Han'l Ammen, U. 8. N., WiwWnirton. 1. u.
EJ-fceml 9tainp for our "Unlde tor obtaiu
liiK i'atenls," n book of 50 poet-s- . ,
Address ;-l.onl !-'.' aollci
tors of Patents, Waihlmton,
ls-7-d4w-lf; '
1 1 ,! I'JS JJS SA4S- -J"l!
Fashionable Bafbar
XX AITl XX.X3s3am.
Detweon Waahlnuton nnd. Oantmniolnl.
1 1 nnn
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SUlSIBLm at .
all III I I
V If II u
The Gamble Wago n
Wosr lirth-Toarth.i6t ..
Will lllOAl linttllttslV CJIr stiv ml. nrrlimi..
tlmnor llnnmstlr. goOL no matter how lone
stamllnR, on thcrsreoflhaearth. lletnxanln
wanl applloallon It does the work quickly, Shor
oujrhlv and permanently, leuvlnn the syatem
stroll nud hriillhy Write to any prominent
vrsoiiin "ninnKioD viiy, ami yea win warn
ihnt the nboc sbilcnient fs true In every paitlc
National llolel,
AVn.lilwslon. II. C Iluvinhrr 1. liTi.
Meort llrlphenttlncA- lieiilleyi
tienls! I very rheerhilly Male Hint I tiseil Dii
raim's Kheiinulie lteilu.lv with ilfcl.lr.1 la-neCI,
Meinlier of t.'onjjre"!, of (ja,
l'rrMentlat Slanilon,
Messrs llelphemtlne A llentler :
Ocntst lor the rmt seven years my wire his
lKcri n rnit sutler from rlieninatlam, her doctors
tailing io Biie uer reuei, snensel tnrce Iwtlles
llnrallB'S llhetimatiO Itemariv. an.1 a mnaau
cure wa the milt. ' WM. II. t'ROOKi
"faxrentlse Clerk to Presl'lent t.rant. '
Washlnitlon.D.U., Marclil, IS73.
In ll.eaenr twelvehoiirt my iheumatlslil
was Kims, hsvlne taken three doe of llursut's
Itheninallr Hemedy , Mr brother J. II. Cwumi,
ofllcilt'vid, Vh , waaciimlby aalnillarainounl.
Jlemlier ofCou$res of fa.
Price one dollar u Im.uV. ,.r ilt iiollUk r..e
ilollnr. Akk jour ill iiiirl.t for Diimnc'a Itheu-
instlc lleinedy innmKwtnred try
lir.l.l-Hi;.-xtIIK fHIKTI.r.T,
l'tuu(IsMimd Clidnlati,
Waslilnrtoti, IL C.
l ?E3-For slo In Chlraro, . by Van lirhaaek,
ninru.on n iirm, anu I.QIU siniui JI ,1a,
Who'enah- llrilg;l,U
SsXarriage v'rrt?
aM j a I mtrrr, as Us sfexMciartsa
I iniflaa I "' u mtuutaaai
a, , a a, Mlt,t tTMaa. lta Us
I.UM ttaamraals us Basan afjvaratataas, afaHrrtal
U., aiiELtJIlus. Si.
tils U aumCu vara af las LsstnS ss4 slxr
HratAtlaa fcr iam vU m I
M.i UU II If s Inw Ut sttkl W I. k.fi uAa- latS
sal Uf. nl Mi tot MnUail iku IU UM.
It muni UiiiimMi, ss attktar a tSrWIas
Can itwlit li FartA.vt4. as4 kn'4 WknMM.
t.u Iftvarawrasiaaae actStbaajcSailtataaUMJ
fUU. ItKknatimfrUajf aautfWucr lasaiur.
w-virnmiuianni samaf, aata last a, aa
(usUiSai la am aaw wt.
Sanwaaf ai.irra, Mlair frf HCf. Cmu,
XUtmt bt. BalW CU(utrf, (a. tl S-ZUMA
St Leaf, Ma.
Relict to taa AeHts4 aa4 HakrtaaeVs.
Biliri a.tilatuCMaMramaaaas.vtaaTanlaiU
tal!4 lt. Sr mUmi af avail talla,. rrM llr.
iu' aati, aa aauar akat raw euaaaa to af Snto.
lL-a raar aMMllllaa
1.'. . r MaalilM.
IHalaraat VraaaaaT
A Book for the People.
n Bbd sriKi trim. un lb baiiusL
a (Pl'
JsfarrlikrOa ti dutltt utl diaV)ullilrft-
tAr, the XysUrlaa orjitprvdaetlon. Au-!rd
i ih ruy m thtsFios4eaikMulliscUrsary and 0n-
eraiTsy ur evnai in utnnisirs, inciiatjirx aui is-tiaivvi jrrr
Tt, VuercaUn4 CbroLlo Di of UO.Stn, itir
ffacU Of AT)y AbUftMWH thMIU4lSjrUtU kJ4li dale.
inmiutM dfcar stvl linpcUacy (rl .t rviulivr l 12k
mstrfcil tivf t-o rvnlfinpUflng mtrrtsi. hoi a nitre
attack. aUrtrtiMm'nlalHUIitiSfritiiDuisr ntiicti wti
firing tiuuiArvui rra-r piisjni lor mn lot aiwn uw
iic,tisitr cutr(AtMMsvt.4 la ckVi. te-. A I'suu
1 thf alxM Ulswar,
hltiutt in I mil rot 1 tf vstucnt of Spermatorrhaa.
inj baWkti the at-otc orfc, Nnl la stalra rfVi
iivTifi of i um p. aIm a mall Madlaai Treat! ooU-e
sw(l)iftftra.ueaie.10au. XTvdrraa.
MlleWACKCi:. WlftC.
70S Oheatnut at., St. Lou la. Ma.
uin i atra aak sa aaruaUarrbasa.
rsniaal Imh. Sferveua Z)sSsU,.Sknlltr, Im-
SdMies.ftaSiairaaauaaaasMta. MtMaaaraamasaa
ta4r,amsiaas,ena4sl raasra, Irrkasuu.tailaaaiaa,
mittsrl Oaaaaaji'Uaa. Urapatltr br aucUlf aaSaanlAt
, r , laiatlT 1 aJaaraxatarlJM-auatlataaHsar
Oleat. OcaeTrteu. Bu-letare saS ay ptulla (ill ferau)
ssaaki t aiatiLli rs. la i.ra I V list Cruai SJaats, KUaal,
fcoaa, u!a..,Va CAM CUlUAaU.i7a4 tamaassur.
TtaaaaaS st aaCwts nine xr ai aal4 aa Vanlly. Oar
lUnraan ranl.a,as4 talas BTuaam af arraral astlral
(laMalalaa XM asaas aaa a aaaaar af fees
Kfarr Sanaa a f Klk usea. aui cl1.7 Uiaaa Saaleaslal.
laf siantata, skaaM Sara Ills laalr pni ato
1 1 ... . lu. a ..4 .,1. fim tha vlror a
ht h.i inffai i-ni llna ,a Sua Saaliai Saaallfal
tauam. eanfal aaslul asrlaj tail bus t wail trtaSara.
sarlpUaas Sue las Iscl4tf.. or aarl swrlal Ilk. Oaal,
701 Cbaatnnt
Dr. Whittier,
017 St. Ohsrlaa alrati, U. Uula, Ma.
andtfarome tSissna tkaa aay aUtarrsrStoa IsTk
Ilis.BaaBrrbesa, aleeiwlelera. Or.
VDfe ilia.
ehlfls, Herata, ar Reiture, ajH
i wraaarif-ase
- a. . -. I - - - -a
and etvnh I Va av saaraa
throat, skleerisass. are VataaS aa awiliiii
sense i
jacau, aa latast Mlauias sriaaU.lai.iial, rriratolr,
apermstorriMsa, Sexual OeMStj taa tsspet-
eney, ss Us rastit si ttuabaaaia natk, aataal siaaaaaa
la atiUrar ;-arl,arakar aaaal,aa eefca tiajait jaM
SaMIMT, alaawlst sust, fa-aUra aiaa itt, ja l m aajsa
ava,iikTtoslaair,aranila Issaclaualiaaaliajiajaaiiia
at tUu.Tm 1 sassiftovar, at tsarta aWliaf a
taprepeavBaawfcsiraaaiUyaarat. ramkla
a-sts II a tuasTaakal ta vUlt IU at IT traaUMal,
BadielowcaaUHSIkrsipiasserBtaUrMmBtrt. Cm
abia oaatt asraBIMd.etart SasM ailiu II I. tnpXlr'M
oatosaasr.iaa.il. 11 r.K. aaa.laysilSSI.wtr.il.
PsmaMst, to aay aMrats, Hr Twa Stsmps.
l.Tlo.Vr.cii;.,Iaaa5,hasjaasrfrt n
Ytu Ioako5rpp.allal4 arausS oriAssltUfariSr
rSaaJ rea "aaawaaa
tr ra-rtaaias. ii aauaiss ut ereaas
Ature,tlioufatiiaU-re4 la aa axiaaitn
is sar est aaa win fin iia at
tiUtr sltoss, .nolattsi tawni. I
A 'iJ .af aaia'Zra'i curJt
MmIimti sr- AMiAs. atl
I rsi juum mtMtm r .
.1 , ! if
a"aTiT rpi
.STT'1 r aaaaaaaaaxraai
film if itFrMS NOR U WBrsOKHrtT.:
uiiil ClIItK for SKXOAI, DEHILITTUnd Plsof
drr Irom any euiise. Ma ijw' suffbrbw fro in Us
blllly, rend for elrciihiMo , , ......
i. it abb. Km It. WHahtiieinii Nt;.
lKO-d-fod-iw, t'liiVAUU, IU..
am ., lau caaauy aaa aarrpa, bm aaa a e0.llf tr
Mai: tr t, mall. aa taa SlMaaa aMsnasal la sto varu.
0tK . 4 parton. Xa. II Xeris nslia sum, san
VunJ caaaL 8w Laala. Maw
kralaiuTaS fta aSeeii rta.utsay.as4 sim.i.-
T)t, aTuaaOBaloi

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