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Knight of I'TMa. ni iftry Fri
day night at half-past seven, in Odd
rellows' Hall. Jxo.lf Umuman,
Chancellor Cammaniler.
k ltidicnilent Unlcr of O.ld-Krl-KBa
Iowi, inert every Thurolar night
TZ. UuUr-lmiitwven, In Ikclr hall on
UomraafcUl artbue, between NlxttioiK acirenlti
street. CJ. I.amk, N. O.
1AIKO ENCAMPMENT, I. O. O. T.. tnrrla
Oln lOild'Ctllowt' 1UU on Ihc lint and tblri
I iicUy In ema. month, at hair-pant im
. Jlio, II. OnaKLT, C, 1'.
Hold regular communications In Ma
aoulc IU1I. corner Commercial avenue
' 'and Klghth afreet, on the second and
iarth atoadav or each moatu.
li l- ..J. . J..U.i ill. .
irinnrriiririf tniirir-in r-t
!attiracy at Law.
"forriCR! Atrnlitmce on Ninth Street, be
tween Washington avenue ami Walnut t.
IlKHIDKNCK: No, 1 Thirteenth street, be
tween Washington atrnue and Walnut atreet,
Ort'lCKl North aide of Eighth atreet be.
twatn Conuaerclal and Waelilngtm avenue.
w. smnriKo, x. u.
UKHIUKNCR: Corner Ninth and Walnut
orriCK: Comer Sixth atreet and Ohio Levi.
orriCK IIOUIW: rroma.ra. Urn., and
from 1 to 8 p in.
A Mam stun Over
To Cowperthwalt & I'hllllp to try those
Gold Hucklc cigar.
Huyyour Quick Yeast nt New York
Store, received fresh dally at wholesale
and retail. 12-5-201
HraAqunrlm 1
For boy' clothing, boys' undenuar,
ami boys' hats it Hellbton & Wi ll.
Tun ! t'ura !
We arc now prepared to offer great
bargains In ladies' and children' furs ol
all ityle., Children's Kct, tiiufp and
boa, at only $1 a set.
VMO-tf. Hr.iLBROX A Wkii..
Watarnrnota and Flnnnela.
We offer atrcdueed rate, belt black
waterproof, at 'A cent.
Heiluiion & VTv.lL.
Saw York Mtora
Sells brut soda cracker at 7 cents per lb
by the box ; alto very choice mince-meat
and apple butter. 12-0-'J0t.
Candy. Candy.
Two thousand pounds fancy, choice
mixed aud toy candy for sale at the New
York Store by wholesale and retail.
12 C-20t
Trnnba, Trunk.
Wc received thU week a lull line of all
My It and price of good thlrly-,s.lx inch,
7lnk covered, ladies' trtinW., only $3 00
nt Hellbron & Well. U-10-tf
Jnat Berlvrd,
New liami, breakfast bacon, buck
wheat Hour, uranberrie, pliiui, ralscns,
currents, at the New York Store.
Tim l.alrsjf.
All Ihc latent style of Kent and boys'
li.it. at riilnoui prices at I . Hartman's,
roruer Sixth and Commercial avenue,
(.'time and tec me. 12-5-tf
lli-ail! Iteiwl!!
Tins tincst assortment of Kent' youths'
aud boys' clothing, which we will sell
cheaper than can be bought anywhere in
the city, at D. Uartman's, corner ul Sixth
street and Commercial avenue, l'J-o-tf
Atlrutlun ! Itenlrra.
We have lour docn linltullnu Kbony
Sprayuc Can-0eueri, taken fur ndver
Utllijf, wldch we will sell at two dollars
per dozen. Inqulie at Uullellii oOlcc.
Mlllluary ! Millinery i
A we Intend to rJo.e out our &tock of
tuilliuery we oll'er theao cowl at half
price; ft Kod French lelt hat at 75 eenls.
14-IO tt lli-.ii.iiun.v & Vi:it..
The I'lace.
The place to et the bct, elieapei't and
larxeet uatortiucnt of Alapncas U at U.
llartman'a dry good ttory, corner Sixth
street and Commercial avenue.
12-Vtr. S .
Col. E. M. Jajwc, ol l'ulukkl, Pulsfki
(unty, desire to tnkn ten or a do.ou
horse to winter at Ida farm'. Good sta
bling and pasture, at Jow rale. For ref
erence apply to. I. H. Metcnlf, Cairo, III-
inoi. ia-ii-aw.
Xew Yenr'a Itnll.
Ntujalir'i-HalUurKroemitinjtder neuen
Turulialle, am Sylvcsterabeiid, den
:ilten Dez., 1875. In plain Kngllsh
New-Yoar'a ball in celebration of the
opening of the new Turners hall, New-
Year's Eve, 31st Deeember, lMr.
Rverybody to kno that the pltice to got
A smooth shave,
A K00,l shampoo,
A fatblonable hair-cut,
Or anything to that line,
t at th Grand Cnthal Uahbkk
Mior, corner Eighth and Commercial.
B-8-tf J, QKOKOt Stkimoouhk.
no riijr nakrry.
Attention Is railed to the card of the
City Uakary, to bo found In this Issue,
Mr. Hebsaokcr, tho proprietor, has by
Industry and fair dealing, established a
lucrative business. When you want any
thing in his Hue give him u call.
Tne jrasBionuuia ajuiar.
Black continues to be the stylish color,
aud many ladles of ilnmieatloutd good
taste have adopted it a the sfnndanl
wear. Tnera is no uount 'inai a goou
black silk dress Is the very beat Invest
went that any lady ran inako. Any ludy
who wishes to mko such an jiivcstuiu ijt
should call at, once on J. Burger A Co.,
who have an excellent atsoi tnieut of
black allks whloh they are odering ns low
as the sanio goods tutu bo bought to-day
in New York city. Ladles are invited to
call and see for. themselves.
fcal Waavlher Hepart.
Caiho, Hi.., lice II, IW.
I Wajtni,
Servant. Signal Seirlce, V. H, A.
Local Jattlaga-
Police business dull.
Town full of tramps.
Weather pleasant, but cold.
Probate court next Monday.
Work on the now levee rushing.
Meeting of the city council last night.
--Business was quiet on the lcvoo'cs
Oct your Job printing Ht the Bt'i.i.K-
tix olllcc.
Judge llroes left for Chicago yester
day altcrnoon.
For crou.-rlcs ol every kind, go to
Louis II. Myers', 113 Commercial avenue,
Grand lunch at "Our Saloon" to
night. 12-15-tl
Come one, como all, uud cat of the
grand lunch at "Our Saloon" to-night.
12-15-tf Frkii. Howikini.
Assorted colors Granite Paper with
Envelopes to match, at the Un.u: n.N
oilier. tf
He sure and come to the grand lunch
at "Our Saloon to-lilght.
12-15-tt FitKit. Jlonim.vs
Uemembcr the sociable and dance at
Liberal Hall to-night. A ple.vant time
may be anticipated. 12-15-lt
The Taylor Literary Club will ght;
one of their'unrivaUd tnlnitrel perform
ances next week.
.1. U. Craig, of Vienna, Miperln
tendent of water supplies an the Cairo
and Vlncennes railroad, was in the city
Ladies will find haudcoinc (Uppers
to present to thuir husbands at
12-12-Uf. O. Havtiiohx A; Co.
A number ol young ladlts and gen
tlemen went to Mound City hut night
to attend a party at the residence of
.Mr. Carter.
For the cheapest aud best BiankeU,
White and Grey, go to Hartman's.
12-5-tf. jj' -
The Hun says the. two watcher stolen
from the St. Charles hotel on Sunuay
morning have been recovered that they
were found In St. Louis.
Shawls and skirts, w sell at reduced
rate. A double broche shawl only $i.
12-10-tf. liKii.iiito.N- dc Weil.
freau tlaltlniara akell oyalcra al
Ilia Plaulcra' Home,
-Frjnk Leveeder, was beforo Judgo
Bross yesterday on it chargu of being
drunk. He was sent to the calobooee for
four (hive.
A full line of ladies flnu lloes of
the very best quality can be found only
at 12-12-311 6. lU-kiiions'&Co.
t'reah Unlilmora altall o) utera nt
Hi'llnatrn' Jluuiie, ll-Ut-tt
Mr. Edwin Holdoway, of Brown,
Holdoway A Co., publishers, St. Louis
called on u yeterday. Mr. 11. will re
main a few days In the city eanvaing
tor tho American reprint of the Encyclo
pedia Itritannld, now being issued by
the linn of which he is :i member.
I.oiiMlalcMuslin at eleven cents per
yard at I). Hartman's. 12-5-tf.
12-10-if. Hkilkuox 4 Wrii..
Mr. F. A. Cauda, superintendent ol
the Cairo and St. Louis railroad, Is in the
citv. Mayor Winter has him in charge,
and wherever you see Cauda, you are
sure to ce Winter.
Sheriff Irvin, who went to St. Louis
on Sunday night, telegraphed to parties
ii Hit city yesterday that he had recov
ered the watches stolen from the St.
Ch'irles hotel on Sunday morning.
Tha Alaanniler County Hnuk aclla
xalianajr-on nil the prlnrlpnl ritlea of
Europe, nud nttenda to the eulleetlcm
urrlalma nud ealntea, aapcrlnllly In
Ut'rniHiiy. ll-'JI-lm.
At the, meeting of the elty council
last ulght tho proposition of Mr-. Julia
Earl to take two hundred aud fifty dol
lars aud etop all proceeding against the
city, was rejected by tho council. Mrs.
Marl was Injured by falling oil the side
Ladies furnishing goods, we keep the
lluest variety ever brought to this elty,
well made aud low priced.
12-lu-tf. Hkimiko.n & i:u..
A youiitfiuau went into Gnten'aaloon
yesterday, and while thuro nttempled to
"match" a ten dollar bill from n geulle
luau nt the bar. He was arretted and
taken before Judge Bross, who sent him
to Jail under three hundred dollars bond
to await the action of the grand Jury.
For men's and boys' underwear, also
men's anil noys' nais aim caps, neii-
hroti A Well's is the cheapest place In the
city. A good merino suit for 75 cents.
Hr. Wardner lectured at tho Metho
dist church lust night for tho beuellt of
the Ladles' Library Association. There
was a good attendance, and tho Doctor;
lecturu was highly complimented by
those who had tho pleasure oi listening
to II.
Children and boys can bo supplied
with n nice hat or cap at more reusouablo
price nt O. Haytlioru A Co., than else
where. Try them. i2-ia-;it.
A day or two ago Deputy Shoritt
John Cain received a tolegraiu from St.
Louis to look out for a certain negro,
who was wanted there lor stealing a gold
watch. Yesterday when tho steamer
Andy Johnson initlu an appearance, Cain
went aboanl of her and captured Ills
Beaver cloaks and knit Jackets
I u 'this lino we carry tint best ami largest
stocu in ,iiio city, at lrivatly redueetl
prUes. Haii.nuo.v A Wmi..
'1 hii parlor cono it to be yivrii at
ll)e residence of Mr. J. B. JUrd, on
Twentieth street, on Thursday fto-mor
row) evening, will be ono of tim piuas
nntest entertalnmauts of tho kind given
during the season. Tho programme of
ti k I Ilia. I Tun. I Wliili. I Vai..
7 a.m. 30.J.W! 30 W I 4 P'"r
II " .10.1'. 4i tt" I !
Jp.in. li.ist tM C t . "
exercises will be round in another col
tiiuu. -(Jramlea ovaiton ovor yet seen on
children' Merino bonnets and caps, fur
bonnets and fur aps children's cloaks
and sacks, Infants' rolies and Infants'
casslmure shawls and everything else In
this line nt very low prices at Hellbron &
weirs. 12-10-"
- The proposition to reduce liquor
license from two hundred to one hundred
and fitly dollars per annum, was consid
ered iu the city eouncll last night. Thu
proposition to reduce license was de
feated by a vote of four to tbreo, ns fol
lows: Ayes Parker, Pallor uud Haup.
Nays -Halllday, Lancaster, lllttmhoujo
uud Wright.
The ladies of the Centennial Associa
tion will givca "tea-party "at the residence
of Mrs. Dr. Wardner, on Wednesday
(to-moirow) night, the 15lh of Dfccinber,
commencing at 8 o'clock. Old time edi
bles and modern delicacies will tempt
the appetite upon the occasion. All arc
cordially Invited to attend. Admission
25 cants.
The county roads for many mile- be
yond the elty limits nro in a most d
plorablo condition in some places belug
utterly Impaslblc. compiling person
coming to town with teams to hunt out
new nnd round-about roads through the
woods. But tho question Is what is or
nhat can be done to remedy the evil.
If you want an economical heating
store fur wood ami one of tho fiuudeoiu
est stoves iu the inatket, with illumina
ted front, buy the Improved Evening
Star which took the blue ribbon at St.
Louis Fair last October, over all others
on exhibition. For sale by C. W. Hen
derson, 101 Commercial avenue, Cairo,
Illinois. 11-S3k1-1iu
Just received another new supply ol
lhoe cheap boys' clothing and overcoats.
As this Is a trading article with us, we
mean to undersell the cheapest in the
el y. Hkiliikon & Wkii..
Upwards of seventy scrapers were at
work on tho leveo yesterday, and an Im
mense amount of work was accomplished,
The embankment, from the cross levee to
to the old grayo yard ridges a distance
of about one thousand two hundred feet,
will, If the weather continues fair, be
completed by Saturday.
Night sweats arc often the symptoms
of disease to the Pulmonary Organs that
may be curred by Wlshart's Pine Tree
Tar Cordial, which druggists all over the
country admit to be thebcstconsumptlve
remedy they hayc any knowledge ot.
Cures coughs, colds, soro throat, pleu
risy, diptherla, and catarrh !
If you want a new and good shirt'
either white, colored or cbeviotc, less
than they can be purchased at the manu
factory, go to Hartman's. 12-5-tf
The county commissioners having
dispensed with the services or Janitor at
the court house, would it not be a good
idea to spend the money thus saved in re
pairing the public road between the city
limits and the house of Mr. Fry. To
form a correct Idea or just how bad this
road is, it is necessnry to go over it. If
the commWslonor desire to serve their
country, let them consider this matter.
A meeting of prominent Southerners
will bo held some timo soon, at some
placo yet to be designated, to memorial
ize congress for nu appropriation for the
improvement of the Invces of the Missis
sippi river. Mayor Winter having been
requested to appoint three delegates to
tho convention, Maj. Ed. Halllday, Col.
I. B. Hudson and W. XI. Williams were
last night nouiiuHted by the mayor and
I'oullrmcd by the council as such dele
gates. Messrs. O'Calahnn & Hall, of Anna,
HI., regular advertisers In the Bulletin,
arc doing, we arc glad to say, a nourish
ing business. Their specialty is roofing,
gilMerlniC unit liitu roofing, of which
they are doing an immeue amount Ml
over Southern Illinois. Everybody, aud
especially everybody In Cniro, knows
Coo. O'Calahan, tho senior of the linn.
Long may they wave.
Mrs. Dr. Dunning requests us to re
turn the thanks of the managers ol the
tie fair aud festival to the following
tamed ladies aud gentlemen (wlio'e
uatiie wero inadvertantly omiitcu irom
he card published In thc-.Vim) for liber.il
donations on that occasion : Mrs. D. T.
Parker, Mrs. P. A. Taylor, Messrs. A.
,lone, T. Winter, W. Winter ; Misses
Bobbins, A. Halllday, N. Galllgar, E.
Horn, L. llidel, M. Ilarnmii, F. Hexford,
N. Schutter, Mr. Ed. White, uud Mr.
-Col Neal, Mayor or Charleston,caiue
to Cairo on Monday, for thu purpose of
buying several bills of goods. Ho went
o Meyur. thu leveo tobacconist, and
purchased ol hhn twenty-five dollars
worth of Hue cigars, which were put Into
a package, nud dtdlvercd to the Colonel.
Not feeling disposed to lug tho bundle
down to the ferrv-boat. lie called an in
nocent looking colored man, whom ho
paid twenty-llvu ceuts to perforin the task
for him. The negro stalked oil, assuring
tho colonel that ho would do his work
faithfully, but ho failed to get to the right
place and now Neal, who was compelled
to return home, has several men looking
lor tho bucket with the negro.
Frank MacEvoy'a Hlbcrnlcou, tho
only genuine and original MacEvoy's
Hibernicon, will exhibit at the Atheaeum
iu this city on Friday nud Saturday even
ings noxt. Thu Dubuque Evening Xew.i,
referring to this exhibition, says : " This
will be an mitlruly new, original aud
novel entertainment, representing a tour
in Ireland and America, and combining
a now company, scenery, songs, acts and
dances, aud II fly splendid paintings re
presenting all thu principal cities, the
unrivaled lake, mountain and river
scenery, with gorgeous sun and moon
light rll'ects of thu Emerald Islo. These
are executed In tho very highest slylo of
scenic art. Thu music, lecturu nud other
accessories, are or equal excellence with
tho scenes Kiev so bejiilll'ully Illustrate
Thu press, throughout the country, aro
warm In their pralso or this flnu enter
tainment, and we doubt not our cili.ens
will accord It Ihq patronage It so richly
dctcrvi's, t
The following letter, written by a cul
tivated indy of Cobdeii to a ludy of this
city, was penned after having read tho
strlcturns of Mr. S. J. S. on thu ladies
ol the Woman's Centennial Associa
tion: . V1 Coiidln, ll.t.:, Dee. 13, 1875.
M v D:ak Mm. : I sou that oue
ut least of, our friends hi Cairo, Is disposed
to adopt the views ol our mo-t esteemed
trlend, Lucy Stone, on the question of thu
Centennial, For myself I am not Inclined
to her views of Ibis great question.
All advances In tho condition or tho
mattes, have been slowly made. Ilvolu
tlons arc necessarily slow, being the rc
suit of many antecedent conditions, and
the apparent work is frequently but u
small part ot tho real sequence. I was
looking' at a plant In our window the
other day, and noticed that while tho
greater part of the vino was bearing
bright greeu leaves, the end seemed like
a bare, fruitless rod. The florist, In an
swer to my questions .remarked, "It
seems to be the habit of this plant to do
Its work Iu sections, so the lower part
or the vine Is clothed with abundance of
rich verdure, while its extremities arc
bare; but in a short time tho.su little buds
which are now just forming, will expand
into leaves, and then another advance
will be made."
Our Government lira done Its work In
section. Tlio foundation was ears-lully
laid, expressing thu great truths which
had becu slowly evolving through the
struggles or thought with power, during
many centuries; a flower Just opening,
which will one day become perfect fruit.
Now I would not neglect the flower be
cause it is not yet fully ripened fruit. Just
as the declaration of equal rights, for all
men, led by sure steps to the emancipa
tion of tho enslaved claes, and speedily
compelled the extension of the right of
suffrage to the frcedmau, so must It yet
lead to tho extension of tills simple guar
anty of rights to all who arc held re
sponsible to law, and compelled to assist
In defraying the expcncs of government.
Now I ft-ol as sure or tho ultimate conces
sion to our demands, as I do that the
flower will become fruit. So I am pre
pared to rejoice at the glorious opening
or this Century plant or Liberty, and
triit that our part in it may lie worthy
of the place we -arc hoping to have ac
corded us when the fullness of time tliull
Surely, wc are not so Insensible to the
general welfare or our nation, that we
will not "rejoice and bo exceeding glad,"
that so much has resulted or good to hu
manity. And as women, we have much
over which to rejoice, though we have
not yet attained the full recognition tor
which we hope, aud towards which we
earnestly aspire. That the jiersonal
rights ol women liava been so rar ac
knowledged that the femwe ewterte can
acquire nnd hold property in her own
name, and that the advantages of liberal
education are now hers, with all the pro
fessions open to her attainment, is a great
adyauce for one century to witness. We
may also congratulate ourselves that
what Is done for one nation ia rc-actlug
upon others, to that womanhood Is ad
vancing all over the world. Wc must
not forget how fundamental Is tho change
proposed, nor overlook Ihe magnitude of
the work undertaken by tho-e who are
attempting toetalili-h the lact or human
equality before Ihc law, aud In all polit
eal relation.
The establishment of a republican form
of government, which set atitie the old
laws of primogeniture, uud made the chil
dren of a household all equal, was a grand
march in the advancement of human in
terest. In this the rights of womau ns
hnir to intestate property, are equal to
those of man.
Many other points ol interest might be
cited, and especially the experiment made
In one ot our territories, which has been
a conlesseJ avcaa. All the friends of
impartial snllragu iiHHt leel that at no
distant day al! remaining disabilities must
lie swept away, but the Hue of advanie
must be in the order of man's progress,
liucc "wo stand or fall together, dwarfed
or God-like, bond or free."
Therefore, I leel that we may rejoico
with thoso that rejoice, and that without
any feeling or humiliation. We are thank
ful for what Is attained, and will labor
earnestly lor thu accomplishment of our
still advanced hopes. Yours,
II. M. T. C.
I'ortralta alueea."
This Is a nuw style of picture now be
ing produced by Wui. Winter, the artist,
ol this city. These pictures oru creating
much Intel ot iu all tho principal Kasteru
and Western cities, being altogether now.
They are unllku photographs, being
raised and ueauiiiuuy enmneicu over me
utile surlace, soil iu tone, but distinct in
the lights aud shades. No one who sees
them falU to admire them, or to give the
artist an order. Wo have been shown a
number of pictures of well-known ladles
and gi utlemen of tho city, and have no
hesitation in pronouncing them perfectly
splendid. W o would therefore advise all
who take lutereat iu such matters or de
sire pictures, to call upon Mr. Winter at
Ills gallery and nxamiuu his work In this
new iimueu ot tne jjiiauow-capiuring an.
A OimiiI I'liu r lo liuy.
A. Halley's new store Is certainly one
of thu best arranged or thu kind to be
round in thu city, aud what Is better, ho
has so arranged his prices that many aru
taklnir advantage of tint opportunity oj
IWvd to buy stoves, tinware, etc., cheaper
than ever known In Cairo, call on llal
ley, 1 15 Commercial avenue, next doorto
tho Arab engine house. U-JO-tr.
A IIIK Tlllllir.
Tim Huvnluiiou as a base burning
slovo for bituminous coal, ueeils no pull
ing from the subscriber and It never pull
(smoke) Itself. For durability, economy
and beauty it cannot lie excelled. (Jail at
my store v here 1 have ouu In constant
usu aud I shall bo happy to explain its
good working qualities, ami I will also
lake pleasure In referring to many par
ill's ulin Imvn It in use.'uud who pro
nouneo It sniierlor to any stove they lmvu
ever used. C. W. Hknukiison.
174 Commercial uveuuu. Cairo, III.
I'roffrHiniiir for thn Kiiterliilttmcnl
THitraany t;vwnlntf.
The following Is the programme of the
Parlor Concert to bu held, at the resi
dence or J. B. Heed, oil Twentieth atreet,
between Washington itu-iiue am! Wal
nut street, on Thursday evening, Decem
ber 10th.
I Omtiire Die Amateurs,
-Solo-lllrdle Why Slnmlli Thou! ,ltM
Mrs. Wright.
I-I'lnno Duet Misses Ifnrretlnml l'l.lltls.
I Mi. Schlrslngir.
A-I'laiiosiolo - Jaetl.
Jim Laura Yocuin.
Itea.lln Mr. S, 1. Whtdcr.
i-olo-ll tlaclo -
.The Amateurs.
n I'iaiiu Duct Mesdanies C. Huuilers nnd
I.. Ilallnlay,
4 Trio Mrs. Lansden, Mrs. .SchlcaliiKrr nnd
Jlr. f-chleelnjccr. V
Concert to begin promptly at isTolock.
For ajnij
Hudmit's Grits, (llneK7 $1 50
" " (coarse I 50
" Hominy. J 20
New Orleans Suar. 8!i
New OrlcanVilola.ses 03
C. M. llowi:& Biio.,
12-15-tr WW Ohio Levee, Cairo
U to Hnrtiiian'M,
Ifyouwantto get a good and choar
Buck or Kid Glove, at New York prices,
be tare and go to D. Hartman's, corner
Sixtli street and Commercial avenue
A.iiailey nas removed to his new
storeroom, 115 Commercial avenue, op
polite Winter's Block, aud next door to
the Arab engine, house, where ho will be
pleased to see all his old customers and
as mauy new ones. 0-30-tf
The l.vrtitraa.
A series ol four lectures are yet lo be
given under the auspices of thu Library
Association, as follows:
" 21st Mrs. O. O. Alvord ;
" 23th Dr. Horace Wardner ;
Jan. 4th Dr. G. G. Tarker.
Ho Nee Til em.
Buder Brothers, jewelers, corner of
Klghth street and Washington avenue,
Is otic or the olduol uud most reliable
business Arms iu Southurii Illinois. They
have the best ot workmen iu their estab
lishment, aud manufacture to order any
thing In their line with dispatch nud of
the finest material. Their stock or jew
elry Is elegant and Is one or the largest
and best ever brought into the State.
At nudcr'a.
The most beautiful stock of jewelry to
bu found iu Southern Illinois, Is now
on exhibition nnd for sale by Buder
Brothers. They arc prepared lo furnish
buyers with any article that may be desir
ed, aud warrant satisfaction. Tbeymanu
fncture to order watches, clocks, rings,
lockcls.und everything that maybe de
sired, and for proficiency iu making fair
work, they stand second to none iu the
eouutrv. Give them a call, and ten for
vourselves. 12-5-201
Tlicy've tiot It.
For every description of fine nnd beau
tiful jewelry, of the very latest patterns
and styles, go to Buder Brothers, corner
ol Klghth street and Washington avenue.
This firm has just received one of the
largest and best stocks ever brought to
Cairo which they arc telling at the very
lowest prices. All will do well to give
them u call before biivlug at other places.
12-5-1 in
Oyster, Fish
WIMTKU'n Ill.Ot'li.
We will sell, hereafter, our goods at
the following prices, and solicit the pat
ronage of the public:
Family brands, per can 35 vents.
Standards, per van 45 cents.
Select, per can ; 50 ccnli.
Select, extra, per can 55 cent.
Tub oyeters, per 100 $1 00
Chlcairo Trout and Whlte...l 1 cts. per lb.
Game, Fan Fish. ... 10 and 12 cts. per lb.
Of all docriptioiis constantly on hand,
consisting of wild turkey, squirrels aud
Family groceries very cheap lor c.ieh.
ii:a ANncon nn
Made a spccalty. (Jive us a tilal.
Cheaper than the cheapest.
l2-:i.lf. W.M. Wi.Nimt, Jk., & Co.
A No. 1 I.nniidrjr.
It is now conceded that Mr. Coleman,
tho laundress, So, l Fourth sire ot, be
tweuu Waahliutin & Commercial avenues,
has one of tliu bunt conducted lauudry is-
tabltsliutrnts m tho
hotols and hourillut;
city, anil landlords of
bouse Mill llnd It to
their advantago to call
llor prices aru as follow" ;
boardlng-huuse washing, 70
dozen. Fot pleco work
as follow: Single shirt
lar, 10c; por doen 8Ccj socks 5c; two
lars, 5c; two handkerchiefs, 5c; vests
and all gentlemen' wear, WJc,
dozen. Ladles' dresses, 25 to
UWulO to '20c. drawers 10 to loc;
pair nose bu; two collars b to lue. r or la
dies' nlaln clothes ftl 00 per dozen; tor la
dies tlno clothes, it 25 per dozen; don
drawn! ly. and promptly delivered. Fa
tronage solicited
8-3 1-1 in
rhrlatmaa l're"l.
As Usual, Fhll Satip, the king of Cairo
confectioners, hit come to tho front rauk
with thu largest and best stock of toy
and candle ever brought to tho city.
For two weeks-, he lias been at work
night nnd day, arranging the presents
and good things which have been arriv
ing daily in largo quantities, aud he is
now prepared to furnUh parents with
presents and sweetmeat for their little
ones suitablo for Clilslums presents, at
the very lowest prjees. Ill stock of
French and American candle la une
qualled lu Southern Illinois, and his
stock of toys Is unusually large, and of
tho liest aud strongest maku. No ono
should buy before Inspecting his store,
whore they will he suie to llnd what thuy
want. 12-Min
Prices Speak Louder thtn Words f
Greatest Inducements Ever Offered to Cutmtrt
J. BURGER .ft , CO,
Everybody la Invlt.d to Call and Vxamina our Imm.naa Stack of
Which Xuat e Reduced In tho naxt Thirty AayaV ' y
All Dress Goods and Silks Reduced in Price ! '
Clin iai I PIamLb -bbJ aa . i r . .
Wo rvr Dotcrmlned to Redaoa our Stock,
Woolon Goods. Nubian. Scarfs.
ton uoocis, nubias, Scarrs, Jackets, etc., at a Great HaorifloB
Blankets. Flannels, and Domestio dooda' at Yii never
luougm oi ocioro. uur biock oi nosiory, ana uiovcs
Reduced to Lowest Figuros, and unprecedented
Bargains in Ladles' and Children's
Kid Gloves are Offered.
Will Price lufluonop You?
If ho, call on us for Ladies', Missos' and Children's Underwear, for
Fancy Goods suitablo for Holiday Presents, for Silk
Tics and Scarfs, nnd for Bibbons.
Earn it by buying Ladies'. Children's and Minsea' Custom Made. Sko
at Our House Extraordinary Bargains in
To Itent.
Cottage on 13th street, live rooms, good
cistern, etc. Kuijuirc of Dit. Smith.
Underwear ! I'liderwonr t
Ladles' and ehlldreus' under ware, me
rlno as well as muslin can be found
.'hcapcr aud belter at Hellbron it Well's
than any when; iu thu city. A good me
rino undershirt nnd drawers for boys
only 00 cents; a good merino vest and
pants, for ladies, only $1. 12-10-tf
A t'oinblnntlnn
or events have occurred during the past
few days that have put us iu position to
force at once Into cash, irrespective of
value, oue of thu largest stocks of men
and boys' clothing.
ir the citizens or Cairo will only take
advantage or this fact they will be
gainers by It. Hkii.bko.v & Wkii..
1 12 aud 144 Commercial cvuiiue. 12-10-tf
A Fine Ntoek.
Wm. Khlcrs desires to inform ids pat
rons and the public generally, that he has
now on hand a large stock of r rencli and
German Calf, Kip aud Morocco, and is
prepared to manufacture, lor store aud
olllce wear, tho finest of Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Boots ; and for fnrmer,
draymen and out-door wear generally, his
French Kin stands above nnvthluir over
offered lu this market. His Lasts are of
thu latest styles, and he can guarantee a
fit and saturation to all hit patrons.
niaaolnlloii Notice.
The linn of Hulen & WUton t this day
dissolved by mutual consent, Samuel K
Wilson retlrlnir. H. 3f. Iftilrn continues
Ihc business at No. 88 Ohio Levee, and
assumes all linbllltc oftlio firm. All ac
count due, and owing by tho firm wilt
be settled by him.
Samui:i. K. Wii.xo.v,
H. M.llui.i:x.
Cairo, I iceember 8, 1875. 12-b-tit
Notice of llenioviil
C. Koch has removed his boot and
shoe shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (oim block below),
No. SK) Commercial avenue, between
Filth and Sixth streets, where ho will
keep the hot home made nnd St. I.otil
custom madu boots uud shoes, mado ol
tho best material ; good, workmanship
and lu thu latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. li-W-tf.
I'rtl-I .11.
Steamer, Mm Fisk, 1'iiducah.
" St. Joepli, St. Louis.
" Fearless, St. Louis.
11 Clinton, St. Louis.
" Andy Johnson, St. Louis.
' Charles Morgan, Cincinnati.
" Hickory, St. Louis.
City or Alton, New Orleans.
" Llz.Iu Gardner, N. O.
Sttamor Jim Fisk, l'aducali.
" St. Joseph, Memphis.
' John Gilmore, St. Louis,
" Fearless, St. Louis.
" Nuw Bou Accord, Sf. Louis.
" Clinton, Cumberland.
' Andy Johnson, N. ().
" Charles Morgan, N. O.
" Hickory, St. Louis.
nivmt, WKATiiKU ami nt:si.si:ss.
Tho weather yesterday was very
pleasant, and favorable ror business, but
things on thu leveo have not been ex
tremely lively. Tho livers remained
about as tlisy have been ror several daj,
tho Ohio having raised a quarter of tin
Inch, while the MlssUiM","oul on a
stand, with live feet out to St. Louis.
Tho Andy Johnson and barges came
in with her bargen, laid at the wharf sev-
ural hours, aud put out on her Journey.
The Charles Morgan arrived yester
day afternoon with a good trip of passen
gers uud freight, and hit lust night for
New Orleans.
The .1. imos Fisl; camu to the wharf
Willi her usual punctuality, nud put out
on her return trip at 5 o'clock, for Fa
ihicah. Will llai'AHTMliNT. ltm'ttltkiwr,
Dee. II. 187.1.
H- I IS.
' II
Ixjulavlllo ...
HI. I.OMU..J....
- X
I Kraut, Signal trvf, t.S. A.
wiinwTie, uiuaaa ana run MirKM niyUOWn
and Pile win. mcVSiaaAist
Way !
Real Estate Column
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Ciiiiiitnghani fc &fJJwell.
Business house on Levee, near Sixtli
street, lately occupied by Cross, Colo-
man tt Co.
Winter's Block- suitable for Hotel
Olllccs or Business rooms cheap.
Tenemi'iits numbered 4, 7, 8 and t, lu
Winter's How, 5 rooms each, for f 10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 607 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near rFash
Inglon avenue I rooms $10 a month,
Store room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Halloy.
A good farm with good houses, oppo
site Cairo Haws farm cheap.
Two small Houses west of Twenty
second street, near Fine, $4 each per
-Dwelling house on Twelfth, near
Walnut, 6 rooms. .
Store room on Levee, above Eighth
street $20 per month.
fl .ii XT t a . ...al. -a.a. BU .
Washington avenue nt $8 50 a month.
iiivumntr iinuau nn MiTiii uroar a
Jefferson avenue.
Unner floor or brick building'
very desirable.
Booms in various parU ot the cltf
number of Lots on LevetynboVe
Twelfth street, outside fire limits. Alio
a largo number of other Lot In dlflerent
Lands, iu tract to suit, near Cairo,
Just recelveilnud forsaleoue car choice
town pcachblows; two ears Northern
cabbage, onions and potatoes ; one car
tipples, navy beans, peas, eggi, etc., No.
Ohio levee, Cairo, Illinois.
no, rou the l.uxcii.
A free lunch will Lo spread" u very night
hereafter Irom H to U o'clock, at "Our
Saloon.' Klghth street, tietween'Com-
merchl aveiiHu and Ohio Levee. Fred
Hotlheln.e, proprietor. Remember this,
and don't rail to give Fred a rail. Ills
bur fs always ittoulcrd with tins best of
wine and liquors of every kind, with po
lite and ircutleiuanly follow behind
them to wait upoayou. Give "Our Sa
loon" a enll. 13-1 1-1 w
Choice New Orleans sugars and yr
ups at the New York Store. 12-5-20t
rrenvnl! frcseut!
Don't forget to call at Hellbron it
Well's to get your present of 10 yard of
the best calico. . 12-10-U
Friday and Saturday, Detembar 17 and II.
Jack Macavojr.'a'eajaliraltd
Irish Comedy and Specialty Com
pauy lutroilucliiK u 'l'ulf uti-d Company of IrWIi
rjaVOMBb, and
In u lilahly amiulwr and rojral entertainment
m nlayed by them loroiia humlrea eonaeeutUea
iiIk'I'I" at .Si. James theatre, Now Vork,
KvrnlMB Prteasfi
ICt-arnril smU 71 cents,
1,'ein'mliKliilUtlou M casta.
ClilMmi .Meepta.
EJ-lte-ervnt seats on aale 'al Dj atarttaaV
Dry lioods atore. '
Mulluae ajatatrOajr at :..
u'ATitsaa j-K:
Atliilta - " S '
Chll.lreu - 10 oenia.
Mrs. M.
Haa arrival! BjtA aaa baoaaaiat saw '
rooma, WATmXVT atVIW,' ocr-' '
ISlta Will, s
Mia will. a aan aw a aaan awa "wj.
U&Matol aMaWi' Ml 4
U-W-aoH'IW. a
C1HH tells tt, Ittil' auJ lH. ,
blaw tolls aud VatMt Iflts HMana
IHTiiina Jim will rearm ia...wn ayr. jsm,
r afini nnn namm anavsMiT naHTnwi bbbjb Aananr

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