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MaMasf Rfwr Pn.
LT, Bdltor.
Chum O'CoNOR Is still tlTlnjr, and
tber la a tare possibility tint lie iniy
racovar. ,
Taaraaea of Munn ami Babrock will
ta tried la the elrcult court which does
not aet till January 4tk.
on. O. Jt. Baow.wxa, of Quincy , has
rfacitaMto act as special counsel In the
WMtty cum at ot. l.ouis.
Govskxon Bitkriixie Is ttlll In tho
East, and GoTernor Oleun continues to
perform Use duties of the State Exccu
McDexiLB and Xrtty will not be sen
teac4 uatil the trials of all the whisky
eases hare been concludsd. They remain
nnseaUnced so that Usy can be called on
at wltassass, eltlter by taegovernmeat or
deasndasits in tha cases yet to be tried.
A PxiLaDBLraiA reporter who called
en the Methodist clergy there touad then
fssMtrally afraat) to Bishop Haven's nom
laatioc of General Grant for a third term.
Bktop Slaspaon, speaking fer Jrimtelf,
exprestad the opinion that the re-election
of Oesseral Grant weald be a wise meas
ure sa ti part ol the people.
A biuix whirlwind of excitement
waa caused In Indianapolis on Tuesday
by the report tliat the postmaster ol that
ty, who is a brother-in-law of Senator
Marten, had been Indicted fer complicity
in the whisky frauds. Tostraastcr Iloi-
loway, who haa keen lu Washing ton
since the peaing f the session, left
uuaemy en Jtonuay for home.
ne repuanan, from Uie Carbondale
Oitrwrr ol yesterday, a card, alined bv
Col. D. H. Brush, in which he Intonns
"whom It may oeneern,'1 that he it
ready and willing to pay over to the par
ties who elected the arrest and conrie
tionof tlie aasasalnt ol Sisaey, the Aye
hundred dollars reward offered by him i
to auch parties. He refers the question
as to who the parties entitled to the re
ward are, to .1 udge Crawford for decliion
at the special term of the Jackson county
circuit court, to be cesamenced at Mur-
pcyAbaro January 10, 187C.
Aaptdal dispatch to the St. Louis
SfpuUitan tram Springfield says it is
understood that Governor Palmer and
other legal gentlemen of that city hare
racanOy risked Washington for the pur
pose of preparing a compromise in the
eeJebsatei case of Albert Smith. Smith
i chief clerk far John T. Harper, reve-
- vt A3i u. wuu sure man
t uwuti. cmiiD was
indicted for aieang la the dstalcation, but
aUberotth accused hare ever been
tM. It. U uaderstood that Solklter
uon, who was district attorney at the
time af the dft;nn i... i
cepang any cotaproialie.
Centennial exhibition. It Is desired, to
make such a representation as will do
credit to thn advanced educational por
tion held by the State, to raise ten tliou-
sand dollars. No aid has been nsked from
the State Board of Centennial Commis
sioners, and none wilt be asked. A com
mittee, composed of Vres. Edwards ol
Nornial.Unlverslty, J. 11. Gregory, lie
gent af tho Industrial University, mid
State Superintendent Ettcr, suggests to
the county superintendents, teachers,
pupils, and all who are Interested In hav
ing Illinois make a fair educational show-
lug at Philadelphia, several plans by
which funds may bo raised : county su
perintendents are solicited to make vigor
ous appeals to the teachers and pupils
ol their counties and to secure from them
an amount of money that shall be credit
able alike to their liberty and patriotism.
Teachers are urged to contribute ol their
own menus, aud to collect from their
pupils such sums as they are able to
'Jeachera are Invltoil to
make it a personal matter
and asked not to wait too lout on
the superintendent, but to set the mat
ter in motion nt once. School cxlilbl
tlons, a revival ol the spelling schools.
ate. are recommended as means by
which rands may be raised. Superln-
teudent Liter adds to the circular his in
dividual appeal to the comity superin
tendents and teachers to tro to work
quietly and promptly. Space has bcea
secured In the exposition buildings; all
the preparations are being carried for.
ward, but their success depends entirely
upon the manner in which the appeal is
responded to by the triends ol education
in the State.
The Snawneetown Gazdte, ol Sunday
last devotes, considerable space to a men
tion of the aspirants in each party to the
congressional race In the 19th district
next year. Among the Republican can
didates appear the names of Major Bin
ford Wilson, Captain Watson, Judtce
Green, and Gen. Raam ; among the In
dependents, Gen. Anderson, present con
gressman, and Judge E. D. Yeungblood
re spoken of; among the Democrat,
the prominent names are those ol Hon.
. W. Townshend, non. It. p. Htma,
CoLJohnR. Crebs, and Hon. F. M.
joungoioou. oi this last-named
tleman, the Gazette aays :
snen are aa oormlar. anil fr
still poseaea tola abHny as a lawyer and
public debater. Mr. i oungblood's friends
rgeo ui claims one year age, but he
declined la iavor ot Marshall. He Is
mentions also In connection with the
attorney-generalship of our State, a posl-
itled ' m8t ,minentlJ 9ual-
The interests of the Democracy of the
Nineteenth district would be safe la the
hands of Hon. F. M. Voungblood. He
Is a popular gentlemen ; is a man af un
questioned ability, of sound Democratic
Views, aud thoroughly fitted to lead
the party Into the path to victory.
More aud more interesting grows the
story of the whisky rlug frauds. The
St. Louis Republican of vesterdav con
tains a lengthy chapter in which some
startling revelatious concerning the
crooked business are made: Grant's
contldeuce In McDonald; Brlstow'a fruit-
enorteto impress on the President's
mind the conviction of McDonald's guilt:
the failure ot McDonald'! flttpmntsi e let.
tluenceBrlstowby promising tho secre
cy w support him as the
presidential candidate; Mc
Donald's history of the consolidation
OX Uu Qlobt and Demr.
having beeu eaeciw y, ,.Mi 0, crooked
whisky money, aad lor the pui
uniting the discordant elements ot the
Republlcau parly in Missouri ; McDon
ald's confession to Grant and his rcslgna
Uoa ; the arrival ot the dispatches Implica
ting Bahcock ; Col. Dyer's Instructions to
gota Washington and Atty-Gen. Pierre
pant's proposition to him that all the
tettiraoay la regard to Bibcock should
be submitted to Plerreponl, who would
decide whether there were sufllclent
rrouude for an indictment; Brlstow'a
objections to this course and Dyer's re
turn to St. Louis-all this and much more
Ur of the whUky ring-, btato m
luteresUng as any that haye preceded It.
rha Uaehari, educators, and all w.nds
of aducaUon la the Stat of Illinois have
beast addressed, through, circular, upon
th abject of the representation of the
duaaUoul Interests of Illinois at the
The Kev. T. DeWltt Talmare, ot
Brooklyn, preached a sermon on last
Sunday morning in his tabernacle, on
"The Bible in the Public Schools." The
sermon was a Talraagcan effort thor
oughly characteristic of the reverend
Mathersklte who delivered it. Grasping
the Bible which lay on the sacred desk
Before him and prcs&ing It to hi bosom.
he declared his unalterable determina
tion to take it aud keep it in the presence
ot angels and of devils, fie warned his
fors, who had sought to burn his home
and consume his fainlly,that he was not to
be terrified out of his christian course;
he knew the effects of his ser
mons by the commotion they
stirred up in infernal circles and
inlormed his congregation that on
next Sunday, he would begin to preach
fearlessly against public Iniquities; he
would put the plough In up to thu beam,
and rip up that field completely ; no one
should ever take the golden chain of the
Bible from the neck of the public schools;
some one had misconstrued his remarks
on base politicians: there was not a
nobler specimen of man than the chris
tian politician, and not a viler form of
beast than one who is base. "Born in Uie
cesspool of the caucus, and compelled to
crawl on his belly through the slime aud
tilth of political slums, and anxious to
lick the heel of the emigrant beforo he
has had time to wash his feet alter his
arrival in this country, I abhor, 1 ab
hor, I abhor him," reiterated the
Immaculate Mr, Talmage, and
his vigorously exgressed hatred
was greeted with loud applause and
laughter, while a voice from the gallery
shouted "hear, hear."
Host, and contains mora evidences ot
wealth than any In the vicinity of iflpon.
Mm. Col. Joyce lives with Mrs. McDonald.
The Arizona Citizen i&ya that thero
is in that territory a monster named
Sheridan who makes It a business to en
ma men iu g wnn mm to uie mountains
upon the pretence or showing them rich
mines, and it Is seldom that persons so
euticeilare ever heard Ironi afterward.
H is believed that he has lured away and
murdered eight victims within the past
year. Gov. bafford offers $500 reward
for his capturo and conviction.
The Shawueetowii Gazette Indulges
lu a mild growl becauso Shawueetowii Is
not a big city; because "it Is a smalt
and unimportant town with a small pop
uiation tnicKiy sprinkled with tho col
oretlrace;" because one of Its flouring
mius which oagut to uo ;turtiluir out a
hundred barrels of flour a day, Is doing
out little ; because Its foundry Is Idle ;
and lis lurulturc factory, with capsclty
ta employ sevcuty-llvc hand, Is doing
nothiug. '1 he Gazette grumbles, In short,
Because Shawueetowii Is-Shawncetown.
GoIcondaifernW; "Wo understand
that ou eflbrt Is on foot to have Mrs. D.
L. It. Wardner, at Cairo, and Vice-Presi
dent U Oman's State Centennial Awocla
tlon, deliver one or more lectures upon
any subject In this place nt nil early duy.
u c second the motion, tor we are satis
lied that a lady lecturer would inset" with
more success In our place than a man
As Mrs. V ardncr proposed to donate all
over actual exienses to the Centennial
fundol this part of the State, wo trust
that such Interest will be taken by the la
dies of our city as will hasten the deliv
ery of a course of lectures.
are long, now, and wc are at
Mrs. ardaer possesses all the abllltv
necessary to making them entertaining."
Full Text of tie Points at Is
suo Betwcc.i tho United
States end Spain.
Tho Cabinet-Will go to Philadol
pma-Tho committees oi tno
House, etc., etc.
. - -- -
fiinllnl Note.
Wasiiin(1to.v. Dec. U. The following
Is the points at issue between the United
mines nun ppain as iaiea in non-omctai
hut usually well Informed circles: The
Uiultcil states aiks ilrst, that, in tho fu
ture nil American citizens In Cuba ac
cused or vlolatliif tlic law shall be tried
by civil courts, and not by military trib
unal!, with all the rights In such rases
secured by the seventh article of the
treaty of 171)5, and ccond that all sen
tences where American rltlzi-ns huvn
heretofore been tried by military tribu
nals Minll be uunuied. Snaln agrees to
concede the claim of the Ilrst proposition.
ngreeing tuai in titture American cltlcus
accrued of violations of law shall be tried
by the ordinary tribunals with the right
to be heard by counsel, to summon wit
nesses nnd emnlor all other necosiarv
saleguards to the accused, but with the
reservation that nil such trials shall be
according to the law of 1821, which pro
vides for more expeditious proceedings
than those of the civil courts lor common
crimes in times ol peace. She also oilers
ta reverse all sentences passed bv court
martial on American eitlstens w'here It
shall bo satisfactorily shown that auch
sentences were In violation of eitahll&hi-ii
Jntrs. 'J'liln rcplT Is MllJallintCtorv in Hut
United States, which takes the ground
that American citizens, accused ol crimes.
cannot be tried by court martial, but are
entitled to trial by civil tribunals only as
A Cte Havanonr riU.r,
secured by treaty stipulation without wine ami liquors of every kind, with no-
Dissolution Nollre.
The tlrm ofliulcu & Wilson Is this day
dissolved by mutual consent, Samuel E.
Wilson retiring. II. M. Hulcn continues
the business at No. S3 Ohio Levoe, nnd
assumes all llabllltcs of the firm. All ac
counts due, and owing by tho firm will
be settled by him.
Samuki. K. Wilson,
II. M. Hdi k.v.
Cairo, Decembers, 1875. I'J-U-Ot
Thpy'so tint It.
For every description of tine-and beau
tiful Jewelry, of the very latest patterns
and styles, go to Buder Brothers, corner
ol l.lghtli street and N ashlngton avenue.
this linn has just received one ol the
largest and best stocks ever brought to
Cairo which they arc selling nt the very
lowest prices. All will do well to give
mem Hi-uii uciuru iiuyiug at oilier places.
lust received and for talc one car choice
Iowa peachblows ; two cars Northern
rvnttttiwvi. n.tn... - .... I . . a
.nuuuc, uiuuiii mm potatoes ; one car
apples, navy beans, peas, eggs, etc., Xo.
03, Ohio levee, Cairo, Illinois.
livu lunch will be spread every night
Sole Agents, Two Stores, 74 Ohio
n .n.'""" t-svee, and Washington Ave.
niercitl iihiim uu.l oiilo I.crce. 1'rcil
Iloflheliizc, proprietor, itememberthls,
anauon t tail to give Fred n call. III.
bar Is nlways stacked with the best of
Corner Eighth Street,
suredthat Several appointments were under con- to wait upon you. Civu "Our Sa- M. H Hi jMTMI ! Ml Wm HI S I K
it,, .i.nif. slderatlon and several members decided loon"acnll. 12-ll-lw HT SBBBBT aal sllW all afABsIf
With due respect for the sacred oillce
dishonored by such blatant preachers as
Talmage, wo wUh to record our humble
disapprobation of him and his school.
They are a class of pulpit brawlers who,
by taking up such subjects as the Bible
in the public schools, and by treating
them In their peculiar manner, bring dis
grace upon their profession, and by that
influence which even the seltlsh aud igno
rant and egotistical member of the
clergy exert over their flocks, iullaine
the public wlnu without dein?
corresponding good. They do not wound
to beat they open old sores ana by con
stant Irritation, keep them open to the
permanent injury of the bodies social and
politic. There is no law to prevent such
men as Talmage making the question of
the Bible in the public schools ono of pul
pit discussion, neither is there a law to
prevent them making fools of them
selves in its discussion; but the Christian
church would preserve ta Itself much of
that respect which the world feels for it
as one of the civilizing aud educating In
stitutions ol the age, II It would frown
down the Talmage school of preachers.
The Man or Hen Who Arrratetl Mla-
nej'a Murderer Mny .w Uct Their
CarbonilAle Obscrttr of jesttrasy J
morning arthe assassination of Capt. O.
W. Sisner last summer, tho iim!rlim.ii
on his war to his ofllcc. heard flr.it m tii
fiendish deed. He enquired what steps
had been taken towards the ferntlr nut
ana arrest of the perpetrators. Not dis
covering thai any efforts worthy the
name nau oeen maue, or that nnythlng
towards such a consummation
contemplated ny citizens, or the
authorities of the city anil It seeming as
if ttr..tJt, .....I I t 1 .
ii lumuuj unu pauic uau orerpowereu,
or that apathy inexcusable had stricken
the community, and that no mire hail
been or would be raised to vindicate the
nouor oi tue place, or to manifest
proper respect for the murdered citizen,
and a determination that the auu.ins
should be anDrebcndrU and brought to
justice the undersigned, feeling a horror
mat such a si ate ot imngs snouid be per-
mittHi to caw. litre, uncnauensreu and
unrebuked. nubliclv announced that he
wauld oar five hundred dollar, for
tna arrest and conviction of the cu tv
parties. The offer was made in irood
faith, and to protect, as far as 1 was
able, the good name of Carbondale. Not
mat i ieii more inenuiy towards Cap
tain Sisner than I had tawards the Hul.
liners ana other victims of the feud my
relations wun an the a a n were eror
friendly, so far as I know but Mr.
sisney was residing in our rr.tust, and I
lelt It to be a duty to his family, as well
as to ns all, that measures should be
adopted and action taken by this com
munity for the capture aud punMiment
of his slayers. I think some of thsm.
If not all. hare been taken and
convicted. I hold myself In readiness to
pay oyer the reward 1 ollered, to the per
son or persons who made tho arrests, as
soon as the proper parties shall be ascer
tained. And to the end that justice may
be done, I hereby nrono? e to submit tn
the decision of Judge Crawford, at tho
special term of tha Jackson County Cir
cuit Court, to be commenced atMurphys
horo, on the 10th day oi January, 1S70,
the question as to who is the nronpr
party or parties cutltled to said reward.
Iherclore, claimants arc requested thtu
aud there to appear and exhibit evidence
oi tucir right to the sauin.
, , . 1). H. Bitisit.
Carbondale, Dec. 10, 1S75.
The State teacher's association meets
at Bock Island on the 27th Inst.
John Bulllner, it seems, Is not raving
mad at Jollet, but Is half, hearty and
Col. Jackson Grlmshaw, of Quincy,
a leading lawyer ol that city, died on
Tha Golconda fraM says that.a seri
ous form ol threat disease has been pre
vailing to. an alarming extent among
children in that vicinity. Several deaths
from Its eOects have already occurred.
The father of Edward S. Stokes, the
assassin of Flsk, died suddenly Inst Sat
urday. He was brought to the grave, it
IS hlavvi, V, , KrUf ho guffare,i ut tho
failure of his allorts to navu moac pUr
doned. Springfield Journal : Col, It. G. In
gersoll and family arrived at their home,
at Feorla, Thursday night last, from a
European tour of several mouths. Dur
ing his absence Col. Ingersoll visited tha
principal cities of Great Britian aud
Western Europe.
New York Sum The speech of Gen,
Hancock, In moving the adjournment oi
the Military Court of Inquiry, will do
much for his reputation. Its scope Is
broad, its diction elegant, its sentiments
sound. It Is In strlklug contrast with
the spleen and petulance Just exhibited
by Gen. Grant toward Mr. Henderson.
Mrs. Gen, McDonald, wife ol the St.
Louis whisky riag chief, lives at lllpon,
Wisconsin, aad mingles as freely and un
concernedly as ever In society. The Mc
Donald mansion It the largest and cost-
TclrurauiM CondeiiNi-il.
A VIcksbBVcr inecial rennrU nil nulnt
A T -
.fiituui j.ui-iiir.vmi, nu rngiiifor, was
not ami auiea ut nater Valley, Miss.
Monday, by Walter Keddlek, a bar
John Alexander, an cinnlovr of Mnr.
gan's railroad, was run over by an engine
Tesieruayat -ev oilcans, and Instantly
P. eerie has boon re-elected
out of a total vote
president ot the Union League of America
oy a majority oi uu.
Mayor Cobb, of Boston, was re-elected
by about '.'.SOO plurality. The Citizen's
ticket is doubtless successlul in the main
over the Democratic ami Itepublicau
Sherman Thomas, who Is supposed lo
have owned the case of dynnmito which
exploded nt Hirincroaven, Is an Ameri
can. Ho has bi'cii residing for some
mouths ut Strehlen, Saxony.
Tho Jury In the caso ol ivanccn. at
Cleveland, charged with the murder of
his half idiot son by starvation last
sprlug, retired ut 11 o'clock yesterday,
and had not returned a verdict last night.
Adolph Lcvlnger, attorney for the sus
pended German Up-town Savings bank.
New York, has been arrested, charged
with fulling to account for collections to
tho amount of $3,S00.
J. S. Van Valkenburg, editor of tho
Sidney l)emueratt formerly ol the Fre
mont Mcaeiiyer, died at his residence In
Sidney, Ohio, yesterday. Tho deceased
was a member of the last constitutional
convention In Ohio,
Governor Porter, of Tennessee, yest.i-
tlenei.ott tik liiK.rlsnntiit'iir. for lit. Iff.
nlso respited Williams and Frank Scott,
sentenced to be hanged on Christmas
day, until January 7th.
ing man
. M. 11.
In company with the president to visit
Philadelphia on the 17th Inst. It Is
probable that the secretary of the
navy, the postmaster-general and attorney-general
will be present on the occa
The secretary of the Interior now holds
In trust for certain Indians stocks aud
bends, tnu n.ir value of wliloh it uhnut
$6,000,000. He says It seems to him tint
the United States treasurer should be the
custodian of this nroDertr and h thara.
toro sends to Congress a draft or a bill
providing for such custody.
The Secretary of tho Interior scut to
the House of Representatives a draft
of a bill extending tan mtii Min,.
of the Indian appropriation act or 1870 to
all tho Indian agents, sub-agents and
special agents so as to require satisfac
tory bonds of them and making false en
tries In their books a misdemeanor pun
ishable by a lino or $500 or $1,000 at tho
discretion or the court. At present the
law applies to only part or the agents.
n is saiu ta ue the intention ol Speaker
Kerr to annaunce the atanditiir commit
tees, Tuesday, tho 21st Inst., and that on
Ihc xuccccdinir dav th lun li n it id. .wilt
take the usual holiday recess.
A Combination
of events have occurred during the past
few dya;that:have put us In position to
force at oace into cash, irrespective of
value, one of the largest stocks of men
and hoys' clothing,
If the citizens of Cairo will only take
advantage of this fact they will be
gaincis by it. Hni.nno.v A Wkii..
luni.ei in Commercial evenue. 12-10-tf
A Good Place to Buy.
X. Halley's now store Is certainly ono
of the best arranged of the kind to be
found iu the city, and what Is better, ho
lias so arranged his prices that many aro
taking advantage of tho opportunity ol
lered to buy stoves, tinware, etc., cheaper
man ever known in Cairo. Call on Ilnl-
ley, 115 Commercial avenue, next door to
the Arab engine home. O-30-tr.
The VVhlvk.v Kluc iiikI Uriinl.
The peoplo ot Cairo engaged yesterdar
in considerable discussion of tho late turn
of affairs in the whisky ring. Some wore
loud Iu the opinion that tlncc Grant has
concluded to stand by It.ibcock, Innocent
or guilty, Munu would stand a good
chance to escape also. Others expressed
a contrary opinion, but all were alike
agreed that Burger's Is the place to go to
buy cheap holiday presents, bountiful
scarfs, neck-ties and rlMMt unci tho best
ot gloves for ladles and children, and kid
gloves at most temptingly low prices.
A iilir Tiiinir.
J lie Ilovolnliou as a base burning
stove lor bituminous coal, needs no pull
ing from the subscriber and Itnoyer puffs
(suioko) Itself. For durability, economy
aud beauty it cannot be excelled. Call at
my store where I have one In constant
use and I shall bo happy to exnlain Its
food working qualities, and I will also
take pleasure lu referring to many par-
tics who have it In use. anil who nrn.
noiitico It superior to anr sto a they liavo
ever used. C. W. Hksdkkson.
i- commercial avenue. Cairo, 111.
Has )ror.irrl the serf lr of one of the most
In Uie I'nltnl
Slutft. nnd
It I'rviuritl lo
cannot be excelled ,y any
lbo kleb Read! Read! Read!
iror.irril lie tert !. nf e ,i ' V MWVWVfel
HovoEcduccd their Entiro Stock in both thoir fitoran. cAn.i.iina.n
To a rutcu.m before offered in this city, filial attention U calle.1 toonr Clothing
mien-ou can i(ct a Koou heavy ' ...-.,, .,
In our Dry-Uoocts Department wcntillxira
In hU line tlmt
dealer anywhere.
. Mi"" 1 ' ""'lien. Ornamented
i.i . i . ',, " smaeripiion. Etc.
li. u. AMU. Cairo. It. K. AKIir, Clilcajo
L. D. Akin & Co.,
Dualera In
Harness i Saddles,
Whips, Collars, Etc.
iua commercial Avsnue, - - - CAIRO, IIX8.
,rrrr; i 'v'rinfl " '"' itronuK
will nml ji eoiupUiM !!., or aoo-l. from wlildi to
.i., h. iijt,vn. lu-li-Wly
llfboaekfr h prepuml to tupplr all who wl.h
Ilreiil, tnkej, Confectionery, UirlUmiu Cnnily
tentionnnlitto Icinc-nnil Urnatnentlii!- nhrl.t.
maj and New ear's Cakei lie la alo preiiareil
ttl flimluli nnrlw in....... n . i '
t'untlxmiiputa Huilrltctl.
HtlNfnclion Unaranleeil.
Sam'l S. WZZiSOXT,
Commission Merchant
Oor. Eighth St. and Commercial Ave.
V . Itltlenliouneo; Ilro, II. VV. Sillier,
C. M. Hone A llro., A. .Mackle .t Co.,
Faiu'MVIIion, Hr (irten ft Wood,
C. K. Wofidwuid. .1. II. 1-lilllU A Son.
I'eter Cnhl, Cunningham & btilwtll,
Ayersftt'o., II. SI. lliilen,
Col. MrKiis, r. M., ham'I Wulleri.
To eerylK!y who buys to the amount of seven dollars.
EJ-tihe imatrlnland wc will con rlnce you that weinean what weay
142 & 144 Commercial Avenue.
n n-ew.
Importer and Wholesale Doaler in
Wines and Liquors
Koops a full stock of
K.oxxtvi.ols.y IB oTJirlo on ,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
Al lluilar'a.
'i'lic inojit beaiitlfitl stock of jewelry to
be found In Southern Illinois, is now
on exhibition nml lor sale bv Iluder
Hrothors. They aro prepared to furnish
buyers with any article tbat maybe desir
ed, and warrant fatistactlon. They mauu-
faeturc to order watches, clocks, rings,
lockets, and overythlnu' that may be de
blred, and for proficiency hi making fair
work, they stand second to nono iu the
country. Give them a call, aud seo for
ai j,axuigioii, jtentucKy, ayoun
purporting; to be a sou of Jlon
couer, juuga ot the Kentucky Court of
Appeals, endeavored to commit suicide
last night by tnklug laudanum. Tho at
tempt was iiimiecessful and the propect
of his ultimate recovery aro considered
vary good.
The Indianapolis Drang and Supply
company, doing business on South Dele
ware street, mado an assignment lor tho
benefit of their creditors j assets, S120.
000 ; liabilities, $80,000. The failure was
occssloned by their Inability to make col
lections. About 100 men aro throwa out
of employment.
I'or the Weekly nullvlln.
Persons wishing advertisements or lo
cal notices Inserted In tho Weekly IIui.i.k
i in, should hand In tho copy by Tues.
day noon, of each week.
A Finn Nlock.
Win. Killers desires to Inform his pat
rons and the public irnnornllr. nt ho lias
... mnu a largo stock of French and
German Calf, Kip and Morocco, and Is i
prepared to manufacture, lor store and
olHcu wear, the llncst of Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Uoots; aud for farmers,
draymen and out-door wear generally, his
French Kip stands above unythlng ever
uuuromn tnu market, ills Lasts aro of
uio mum Hiyies, nnu no can guaranteo a
in unu wiiismuoii to an ins patrons.
Nullre or UemoTUI.
C. Koch has removed his boot and
shoo shop f.-om tho old stand to his
new brick kulldlng (ono block bolow),
No. W) Cunmerclal uvciiuc, betweon
Fifth aud Sixth streets, where ho will
keep tho lest homo mado and St. Lou!
custom maJu boots aud shoes, mado of
The Oldi-it uml muat Itellulile home m .Soutlic-ni
lock ' ' Cu" ' "l I'l'lr
Cor. ElrhtliHt. nml Waaliinaloii Ave
r&3"n fjill Stock of John Foley's Ci-ltbratt'd
IS'lil.tr vu...uiiu I'IUII IIUUll.
tho best material :
and lu the latest
promptly attcuJwl
good workmanship
styles. All onion
to. 0-23-tf.
.Manufacturer o(
Fashionable Boots and Shoes
a-iblngtou avc., between Oth an, lothBU
A Fit UunrnnteuitorNoNale,
Dtore, mid te kteii
Choice New Orleans sugars aud syr-
up? .U tlio Kew Vork Store. 12-5.20t
m al BTkBiBiTm
everytliliiK found at
llrat-ctaaa Fmiuv Good
MlltiV dooilll
tor toy utore. HenitU.
U. D, for Ilollldav
tooda. STEIN'S Bl
tor. 1M ll.ill.nn HI
ClilcaK". Send for dtsniptlva list.
r i
T bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH ' bbIb bb bbbbbbbB bbbV
IIbBBbV9sBbL MafaBBBW"" mmmL kKmw
BherlfTs Sals.
BY vlrtut of Ihc certain executions to inc ill
rectwl tiy the clerk of tlio circuit court of Al-
cxmider county, In the Htatsnf Illinois, In I'm or
of Charles U. I'utier and William. Wnlr, tlun or
CJ. O. I'atler Co. , aud agalust .fames Carroll,
V. O. I'atler Co. , aud agaiust .lames Carroll,
1 have leTled upon the fullowlDK ilt-itcrlbed prop
erly, In the first addition to the city ot Cairo,
county of Alexander and State of Illinois, to-
wit: Lot niunbervd one (I) iu block numberwl
twentv-eisht (SS). as tUe nroDertv of the said
James Carroll, which 1 ahull offrr nt public iilu
at the south-ast door of tbe court bout in tho
city of Cairo, lu tbe county of Alexander and
State of llliuols, on the slst day of Ilecemtxr,
A. It. 1W8. st eleven o'clock, a. ro.,of sstel day,
for cosli, to satlify said Execution ,
, SUA, II. Ill V 1.-1,
, Shsilff of Alexandsr County, Illinois,
Caho, Ilia, , Dectiabcr lu, 17. l'MO-dtd.
Xli TUB Ul
9 undersigned
ol Ih
I'uiker. ripcpAaed.
Imvlui; been aimnlnled Ad.
le estate nt OyasT. rarkcrlati
mlnlntrator of
of the county of Alexander and Slsle of III InnU.
deceased, hereby vives notice that lis will ap
pear bsforu the county court of Aleiander coun
ty, at Hi court liouso In the city of Cairo, Illi
nois, ntthsJsnuury term, on the thlrdatonday
in January next, nt which lime nil pe.iona hsy
Inir rlabna vjralnst said estate n notintd and
riucsld to attend for the purpose of ImvliiK the
saint adjusted. All persons indebted to said es
tate art requested to make Immediate payment
lo tbeunderalfued.
Dated Ibis 3rd day of December, A. V. 1S7S.
lsi-3-dSir. Admlnistrstos.

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