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kt jullniin.
M4Ih Malta Ki-erjr VHe.
JOMJf M. OlMLY, yito
T ice lectured In l.oiiUvllle on Thurs
day night, on Hie weather.
oomrrcM from this district, voted hi farnr
oftlolmatra 1)111 against subsidies.
Tub senatorial contest in Virginia
hu been decided by Uic election of Mr.
Johnson, srlio i backed by stronx '
serratlYe (lament.
Cari. Sciirn, It U illogrdi Iim ii chronic
dealrc to be In the United States Senate,
and that he has taken up his residence in
New York' City with the hope ol being
able to effect au election as successor to
itoscoc Conkllng, wlioe term expires in
It will be seen by au article in aaotlier
column, from the Cliicnito Timet, Hint
an eltort will be made by the counsel of
Jehu Ballmer, now in the penitentiary
lor complicity in the Williamson county
aasaMinatioas, to get lor liulllitfr a new
Tu Paducaliifrniif calls on ''the true
aud tried Democrats of the country to
rise in their might and rebuke traitors
like the editor of the Conner-Journal.
Reallv. we don't bellerc the "true
and tried Democrats ot the country'1 will
The record ol BUllnjrs, tie .New Or
leans lawyer whom Grant lias selected to
succeed lureU, Is not a favorable one.
He la credited with having penned for
Durell the famous ratdulf,'lit injunction
which Installed KelIor as Governor of
Louisiana. His party Influence in the
State is said to be second only to that of
Casey and Senator West.
Joseph fore, convicted In St. Louis u
year or so ago of felonious assault on his
wife between whom aud himself au Irre
vocable estrangement had taken place,
aud who was sentenced to the peniten
tiary tor a term or ten years, recently es
caped Irom the Missouri State prison. He
had a perilous trip from Jefferson City to
St. Louis, stopping on the way with two
escaped fellow-prlsouers to manufacture,
out of a roll of Jeans, a suit of clothes
apiece to take the place of the striped
suits they wore. Fore Is no w In Mexico,
where he will probably remain, prefer-
rlair lli fMulnm if a ttrmntrt rnimtl-T tA
rnomlntous imprisonment In his own.
other presldcnts'ol the United Stateu,in re
tiring from the presidential office after
their second tenn,has become by universal
concurrence a part of our republican sys
tem of government, aud that any depart
ure Irom this time-honored custom
would be unwise, unpatriotic, aud fraught
with peril to our tree institutions.'
The yeas aud nays were called upou
the question and the vote stood two
huudred and thirty-two ayes and nineteen
nays. The nineteen friends ot Mr. Grant
who were not atrald, iu the face of the
whole country, to declare their allegiance
to him, were Bradley, Michigan; Den
ulson, Vermont; Harrison, colored, Ala
bama; Hoge, South Carolina; Hubble,
Michigan; Hyuiau, North Carolina;
Lynch, colored, Mississippi ; McDougnl,
New York; Nash, Louisiana; Page,
California -.Plalsted, Maine ; Pratt, Iowa;
Slemomi, Arktnsast Htnalls. SoutH o.o
lina ?FeW (JHUIM ve visum , n vitn,
Mississippi; White, Kentucky; Whit.
TION. Ou Wednesday, Keprcseutatlve II oi
lman, of Indiana, Introduced into the
House the following resolution :
Rnolcd, That In the judgment ot this
house, in the present condition of the
affairs of the government, no subsidies
lu money, bonus, public lands, indorse
ments, or pledge of public cmdit should
be granted by congress to associations,
or tor corporations eugaged or proposing
to engage iu public or private enter
prises ; and that all appropriations from
the public treasury ourtit to be limited at
this time to such amouuts as shall be im
peratively demanded by the public ser
The resolution was adopted by a vote
of two hundred and twenty-five yeas to
thirty-three nays. Those members
whose names go on the record as having
voted against the resolution are as
follows : Cabell, Douglass, Harris,
Tucker, Goode, Iluutou and Terry, of
Virginia; Dunuellaud Straight of Minue-
sota ; Hancock, Mills, lteagan, Throck
morton, of Texas ; Darrcll aud Morey,
of UhiUuum; House and Young, of
Tennessee ; Hj.r and Vance, of North
Carolina; YKellaand Stone, ot Mlnourl ;
Dunnell and Strait, of Minnesota ; Par
sens, White and Jones, of Ken
tucky; Lamar, and Wells, of
Mississippi ; Slemous, of Arkansas ; Kel
ley, O'lellland lteilly, of Pennsylvania ;
Yeates. and Smalls, of South Carolina,
and of these gentlemen, twenty-two are
Democrats, and eleven Republicans.
Mr. Grant being mortal, the question
as to who would succeed him iu the pres
idential office la case of his death, is au
Interesting aud not unimportant one,
and baa already caused certalu amount
of speculation among the curious.
Whether, In the event of Grant's death,
the United States would bo without a
president; whether the sucecsswshlp is
veetod In Senator Ferry, ofMlchlgnu, act
lug presldout ot the Senate; whether the
aantle of the executive would fall on the
shoulders of Speaker Kerr are all que
riot which have been propounded lu ill!
fereut quarters. The Washington cor
respondent of the Chicago Tribune
asserts tliut the Democrats Hold
that, If (1 r.i ii I were to die, speaker Kerr
would br J'resltlenf of the United States,
amltliMt Hit coiiclutou litis been arrived
nt by nn examination of the eoii'tlliitlonal
provisions relative to the vlcc prctidcntiul
succession and from tho l ules mid prece
dents laid down In .Icftorsoii's manual.
The constitution declares "Congress may
by law provide for Hie cae of removal,
death, resignation, or Inability both of
the PreMdent and' Vice-President, direct
ing what olllcer shall uct as J'resldent,
and such ofllcer shall act accordingly
until the disability be removed, or a Pres
ident shall be elected."
In 1702, Congress pasted a law to carry
out this provision. Section II" of the
revised statutes reads :
"In case or the removal, death, resigna
tion, or innbllltv of both the President
and Vioc-Prcsldcut of the United States,
the President of the Senate, or, if tliero
is none, then tho speaker of the house
of representatives fur tint lime being
shall act as President until the diialillity
Is removed orn IV'Idcnt isclected."
Jcflersou's manual ot I ho constitu
tion says, "In the Senate, a President jiro
tempore 1 proposed and chosen by ballot."
Acting President Terry was not elected
by ballot, aud on this is hinged the ar
gument that in the event of Gen. Grant's
demise, Speaker Kerr would be his tun
cr'or for the time holu.
Lippliicott's Magazine makes a strong
hid for popular favor during the coming
year by beglnlng In the January num
ber a scries of paper eutltled "The
Century, its Fruits and its 1'esttral,'' and
designed, as the name indicates, as a re
cord ol the Centennial Exhibition while
in progress. The opening paper gives a
spirited .-ketch of the general advance lu
the past hundred years and the chief
inventions and Improvements that have
revolutionized society. After this pre
liminary xuvey the series will be lllus-
traated, and can hardly fail to prove at
tractive as well as serviceable. The third
installment of Mr. Itruce's "Up tho
Thames" furnishes very pleasant read-
lug, and throws fresh Interest
on the historical sites and picturesque
scenery depleted in the line wood-cuts
that accompany the text. Another illus
trated article transports us to India, and
deals in a somewhat novel manner with
Its religious systems and Ideas, always
objects of wonder and Inquiry. Three
other articles in the number call for
special notice: "The House on the
Beach," which is a graphic account of
the signal service aud the benefits it con
fers upon the country, by Mn. Kebecca
Harding Davis ; au auecdotcal paper on
court Hie in France, under
the title of "Gentllhomme and
Gentlemau," by a writer who has
evldeutly a personal knowledge of the
scenes and incidents described ; and a let
tor from Portugal, giving a vivid but ai.
palling picture oi the destitution aud de
moralization that prevail among the
masses of the people. The variety of the
conteuts is well maintained by au enter
taining article on "Old Pluutatlon Lifts In
South Carolina," by ltobert VTlUon ; the
continuation ot Mrs. Lin ton 'a ablu ami
interesting serial, "The Atonement of
Learn Duudas ;" and a story by the ae
ther of lilindpit; "Lady Arthur Klldon's
Dying Letter," which is marked by the
shrewd observation and insight luto char
acter that distinguish this anonymous
writer. A tine poem by Mix. Keinblu,
aud a letter In the "Gossip" describing
the recent performance of the Kreu
tetsehtale at Ober-Auimergau, should not
be overlooked. The whole number Is
blight and readable in a high degree, and
commends this magar.Iue strongly to
those desiring to subscribe to such a peri
odical for the coming year. Four dollars
per minimi. J. B. Llpptncott A Co.,
Publishers, Philadelphia.
-I W'U. M.V.V.YU, wUl I1U i lv.ilr.
I man of tliu House ('onmiltlp nil ftiritiint
i gQ'jJfg
Prof. lJdwIn C. Hewitt has been
chosen temporary president of Normal
University, etVe Edwards reigned.
Though very week from his lato at
tack of rheumatism. Gcu Louau litis
taken hU departure for Washington.
The agricultural report for Novem
ber says that the corn crop of 1S73 was
the largest ever grown in Hie country.
The Paducah AVic names lion. James
G. Keck as the man to succeed Stephen
fcou, of Kentucky, iu thu Tnllcd States
Congressman Bright, of Tennessee,
has Introduced a bill to rcstoio the frank
ing privilege for couKrctMonal leconli
mid public documents.
The holiday recess of Congress will
be for about two weeks, us It is likely that
both houses will adjourn about tho 'JUt
lust, until the 1th of January.
The clerk of the House ot Jlcprcecu
tatlvcs has appointed his uncle, Green
Adams, of Kentucky, chief cleric iu the
place of Clinton Lloyd. Mr. Adams was
a member of the Thh ty-siNth Congress,
and afterward sixth auditor of tho Treas
ury. The salary is $3,000.
The happiest fellow iu Loul.vlllo I a
lunatic who believes himself the general
superintendent of u th.t railroads in the
city. He witnesses the arrival ami de
parture of every train, and believes it to
be duo to his vigilance that they arrive
and leave ou time.
Louisville Ledger i "It may not he
generally known that tho violet, purple,
tulip and other fancy-colored inks mada
from aniline may be entirely ellaced from
all kinds of paper by the application ot
alcohol. The readiness with which tliN
operation may ba performed, and the fact
that the Ink may be altogethui removed,
leaving no trace whatever behind, are
sufllcient reasons for dhcouraglng the
use ot these pretty, but unbusinesslike
substitutes for iron and galls, which latter
is the main ingredient ot the ordinal v
black Ink."
Memphis Avalanehr t The South will
not get a Texas and Pacillc or Southern
railroad, If it relies on National aid from
the present Congress. The IIoue yes
ttulay passed a resolution opposing all
furthi-r aid, As an act ofl'iuther Jtisllcc
to this section of the I nlon, the Hou-e
alwuld now dccltnv, that though the
Mississippi river, from Cairo to the Gulf,
Is uu inland sea, that Inasmuch as the
t'hluii, Central, aud Northern Pacltlc
Hallroads and thu Pacilh; Mall Company
have nb'orbed all the resource of the
OoveiinutMit, no appropriations can be
made for the great Hver until the
N'atloual debt shall have been paid.
Tlie Author of lliw llliiliollriil l.Vi
mile I'lol 'olili"scn ihhI Ulra,
Nkw Your, Dec. 10. Aeeoidlng to
Hitiiiimi illxiuti'lirs Tlinninsen the pas
senger on the Moscl and owner of the
cask of dynamite which caused the ter
rible disaster at Breinerhavcn, has con
fessed his unlit, saying he had accom
plices In New York. The mollvo for
tills diabolical scheme Japuears to have
been to procure cxugerntPiT and fictitious
Insurance, nnd to shmo afterward." witli
otlmra. ThnmniSMi is nulte conscious
mid answers aU u jcstlon, but the bill-
. TL. C . A.t ....... 1.!.
ICW liaVO IIOl ycc UCCII c.mihuivh irum im
From what Is known the barrel nrc-
pared for this shameful work was made
strongly by a Bremen cooper, and par
titioned, one part containing tho dyna
mite and tho other the apparratus for ex
ploding. Ho Intended to place his
hellish machine on the Dciilchland, but
it was not ready In time. '
J lie eer Lcitum nuils: "lu aouer
word we communicate then with cr-
talnilv that the number of victims killed
and wounded amounts to 140. Win. K.
Thomasscu Is the full naiuu. and sinco
Ids attempt at Mitcidc he lifts made a full
ins coK"lo'.
He was horn in New York, married a
New Orleans lady, ami has four chil
dren, the youngest a baby. He lived In
iririmaminnir ine war, ami engageu in
tho business of blocknde-runulng,
whereby ho grew rich. Since 1800 ho
bas res (led here, at l.clPSlc. unit last at
Strcthlen, nenr Dresden. Ho appears to
have lost this money and became embar
rassed. He was twice in America dur
ing thu past summer. '1'hn last lime he
went without knowledge oi his family,
and when he returned he wrote his
banker here that lie had made arnuiL'f-
nienti enabling him to pay his debts iu
December. He was niiriiiy esteemed iv
people in Germany."
Ill house has been searched, but noth
ing found connected with the disaster.
l nomassQii nas niiemnieu suiciue again
by tearing ofl the dressing Irom his
wo u mis.
IIiikme.v. Dec. 10. J hero Is no cbaneo
to-uur in the condition ol u iiomasseu.
lie na-s limy conieaseu ami revcaicu tnc
names of his accomplice:, but the author
Ules will not make known further par
Thomasscn died to-day from the ellecls
of Inlurics Indicted by himself. He states
that Ills true name was
mid that he was a native of Brooklyn
His mro is believed to be about 35 years
He confessed that he was once captain ot
the vessel Old Dominion, aud that he
changed his name to avoid being pree
cuted for ruuninir the blockade during
the civil war in America ; that lie bought
the exolosivo material in tne united
States and had It forwarded to his ad
di-iiii. ind that tho clock work attach
ment was manufactured In Germany and
was set to explode the cbarge iu eight
An Kll'iiil to bo Mnile lor a Xvh
I From llic Chlenxu Tluut of Tlmr'iliiy.l
Monroe Bullluer, brother or John Bui-
liner, the alleged leader of the Jackson
county vendetta, arrived In the city Irom
his home at Carbondalo. on Yes
terday, and put up at the Sher
man house. He was accompan
ied by his attorney, F. K. Albright, E-q.
A lynx-eyed reporter of the Timet recog
nized Mr. milliner s autograph, sought
him out aud proceed to interview him.
He was unite rettcleut. at first, hnviue-
evidently heard of Col. Babcock's
career lu Chicago, and determined
to Immortalize himself bv bclu?
equally contrary and angularly cussed. At
length benerth the beaming and confidence-imparting
smiles ol the reporter,
lie tuuweu out suyicieutiy to give tliu
nutllnciof tb object of bis mission. In
company with Mr, Albrlglit ho Is on liU
way to Jollet to visit Ills brother John,
who, In September last, was sentenced
to serve a term of twenty-live years In
the charitable institution there ' located.
Tho object ot thl.i visit is to pavo tho way
for an application for a revocation of
of sentence and a new trial. .Monroe
Bullluer states that Marshal Crane, wiio
is to be banged Jan. '22 for his complicity
lu litis damnable business, ami who tcs
tltled against John Bullluer at the trial,
has since acknowledged (hut John wut
Innocent of thu blood of Slsuey ami
Siieucc, and that he killed them himself.
He has also confood to having killed
another man in thu South
westprobably In Texas. On
the strength of Crane's conlesIou, the at
torney is quite confident that a new tiial
will be accorded the prisoner. It will be
remembered that John Bulllm-r and a
man named B iker were tried conjointly,
found guilty, aud each was cntouced for
thu amo length of time. Monroe Bull!
iter says that the attorney now sees that
It was a mistake on his part to have per
mitted this, Mid N natUfled that had tliuy
been tried -cparatcly, Baker would have
swung aud Hulllner would have skipped
off free. .Monroe says, furthermore, that
tho Snydcrs and "all thu other fellers
down liiar lioo character Is worth a
cent," Maud ready to sign a petition ask
ing that John may he pardoned. Mews.
Albright aud Hulllner It'll lor Juliet at
o'clock, p.m.
llifj Jo 111 Him Ho.
lu 1&0!), when the announcement; was
made that President Grant Intended to
apiiolut Gcu. John McDonald supervisor
l Internal revenue, the lollowluu letter
was auurcM.'ii to Urn president :
Kammik lliMiiK'tnl' MlSfOl'iu, )
U.sif:u trilK Allnil.SKY'n UtMCK,
I ni.i. JL.Int.i.f .l.,l
Tho Hon. Geo. S. Bout well, Secretary of
thu Treasury, Washington, D. (!.:
Sin : Wo have to-day learned by the
telegrams of our dallv papers that John
McDonald, of HiU 'place, lias been ap
pointed supervisor ol Internal revenue,
mid aligned tor duty to till.- district.
Wo beg leave to assure you that tho
reputation of this man ami his associates
are such that lie call In lug no moral Mip
port to the government in the enforce
ment of the internal icvouue laws, aud
that it is quite certain that hit. qualifica
tions, natural or ai-qultcd, are such as
render the appointment an unlit one to
lie made.
Wo bcllevo that by his being placed In
so Important au oilier, the collection of
the revenue will by retarded, and thu
combinations which havo heretofore ex
isted against the government will be re
established. C. A.Ni'.wniMii, l. S. Marshal.
Sciiunz, 1. S. S.
I). P. Dvkii, M, f.
John W. Nuiii.k, l S. Atl'v.
S'ol. HrondlieiMl'B CemmUelnn,
irom llieMI, tiilil'lineior Klh
111 the tllltlnil Slnln ilUtrlnf
terday morning heforo .ludiro Trent, I)!s-
to AUornoy-clencrAl rlerrcpont, confirm
ii J! "rF""11"1"-111 l" .ames it.
AiiML.au, ns )ceiai nssistant to the
I nltCd Stlltl' nlmi'linV In thn n.ns.ni,.
tlOII Or tllfi tlllnrt.l rnWtlllln An.... flM.
jum lug of this letter approving tho so-
(.-mull supplemented oy a motion ot
Attorney Dyer that Mr. Broadhead, who
WOl III I'fllll't. lu. .Iillv nvnrn ,il,tl,
accordingly done, ami Mr. Broadhead at
uiii: rainn IIUUII IIIL' UIIIICS Ol 1111 OIllCC
The letter ol the attorney general road
as follows :
Dkimiumknt ok JfsricK, 111
H ASiiiNOTo.v, Dec. 13, 1875. j
Illl.V.JlUUin Uiillllillflta Inula
Mo. Sir: Vnn fim Iiam,1iv tii.tiifAil
NtlPPtat llftttatftMf l. tlin 1-tiWn.l Uf.li.. A
torney lor thu Kastern District of Mis
souri, to assist him in the prosecution of
Internal revenue cases.
! or your services In this behalf a rea-
lOllabln cnmiuini'illnn. In hi. .lnlnrit,l
by this department, will be paid to you.
Very, respectfully.
LnwAitn Pir.niiKfONT,
'rclrKmiim 1'oinlctincil,
The Virginia Assembly, In Joint sei
lou, le-iiomlMaletl Johnson aa l'liltpd
States Senator by a strict party vote.
The Jury in the case of Win. Green,
colored, Indicted for the murder ot his
step-brother, Samuel Marshal, at Mans
field, Pa., lu September last, Thursdav
rendered u verdict of murder iu the first
degree. The prisoner was remanded for
The failure of Keen. Pendleton
Co., wholesale druggists, ot Nashville,
T'cnn., is announced ; liabilities. STo.OOO :
assets, unknown. Hard times and the
Impossibility of making collections are
assigned as the cause. This is the first
DUMiiess failure lu Nashville ol any im
portance since the war.
The Little Hock. Pino Bluff and New
Orleans and the Mississippi, Ouachita
and Bed Hlver railroads were sold Thurs
day by a special commissioner, under a
decree of tho I'nlted States district court
it Utile Bock. Tho former brouirlit
$35,000 and the lalter$25,000. The roads
were purchased uy ltoston capitalists who
have churiie of the Little Hock and Fort
Smith railroad, unlch is now lieiuu
pushed to completion. The Little ltock.
Pine Bluff and New Orleans road Is now
completed between Pine Bluff and the
Mississippi river, n distance of 80 miles.
It Is understood the nan between this
city and Pino Bluff whT be completed at
Ueu. Hahi'tirk'N Finally.
I'iuiii the Diilnniur IIcruM.
A dispatch from Washington says Gcu.
Babcock's famllv are iu that cltv. Mrs.
Babcock has with her a sister from Chi
cago, who was intending to niaku her de
but in Washington society thi winter.
Much sympathy l felt for those ladles,
who havo ever slnco the Babcock trouble
kept themselves retired irom society.
Theso two ladies are the daughters of
Hon. B. II. Campbell, formerly of Ga
lena. Mrs. Babcock has had unusal af
fliction (lie past three years, first the
death of a child, then the death of her
mother in 1874, and now the worst of all,
iueuirttce oi ncr nusDanu
Thf I.crtnron.
A scrirs ol four lectures are yet to be
given under the auspices of the Library
Association, as follows:
" 21st Mrs. G.G.AIvord;
" 23th Dr. Horace Warduer ;
Jan. 4th Dr. 0'. G. Parker.
tl In llnrliiiuii'N,
If you want to get a good and cheap
Buck or Kid Glove, at New Yoik prices,
be sum and go to D. Hartinau's, corner
Sixth street and Commercial avenue.
Uu Mt'C Tlifin.
Under Brothers, Jewelers, corner of
Kighth street aud Washington avenue,
is one of thu ohlcH and most reliable
business firms lu Southern Illinois. They
have the best ot workmen iu their estab
lishment, and manufacture to order any
thing iu their line with dispatch and of
the finest material. Their stock of jew
elry is elegant and is one of the largest
and best ever brought Into the State.
12-5-1 iu
A fine Nlock.
Wm. Killers desires to Inform Ids pat
rons and the public generally, ui lie has
now on hand u lurge stook of French and
German Calf, Kip mid Morocco, and is
prepared to manufacture, for store and
olllce wear, the finest of .Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Boots ; and for fanners,
draymen and out-door wear generally, ids
French Kip stands above anything over
ollured in this market. Ills Lasts are of
the latest styles, ami he can guarantee a
lit midsatislutiou to all his patrons.
Al lliiiliir'n.
The most beautiful stock of Jewelry to
be found lu Southern Illinois, Is now
on exhibition and for sale by Under
Brothers. They are prepared to furnish
buyers with any article that maybe desir
ed, and warrant satisfaction. They manu
facture to order watches, clocks, rings,
lockets, and everything that may be de
sired, and for prolicicney hi making fair
work, they stand second to uonu iu the
country. Give flieni u call, and see for
yonix'lve-. 12-,"-2ui.
The IVhiMty Kini; mill, (Jrniit.
The people ot Cairo engaged yesterday
In considerable discussion of tho late turn
of affairs In the whisky ring. Some were
loud iu tho opinion that since Grant has
concluded to stand by Babcock, innocent
or guilty, Munu would stand a good
chance to escape also. Others expressed
a contrary opinion, but all were alike
agreed that Burger's Is tho place to go to
buy cheap holiday presents, beautiful
scarfs, neck-tics und ribbons, and tho best
ol gloves for ladles and children, and kid
gloves at most temptingly low priccf.
A Jin, I Laundry.
II is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman,
the IsiuidrcBj, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween Washington & Commercial avenues,
bas one of tlin best conducted laundry cs
tulillhlimenu m the city, and landlords of
botols uud hoarding buiisos nlll rind it to
their advantage to call upon bur.
Her prices are an lollows : Hotel
lioarding-liuiiio waahing, 70 cents
dozen. Foi piece work prices
an fellows : Silicic shirt and
lar, 10c; per dozen 80u; socka tic; two col
tars, be; two handkerchief)), 5c; vents 20c
and all gentlemen's wear, 8Qc. pey'
Uoztn. Ladles' dresses, 25 to Mk;
klrii 10 to 20c; drawer 10 tq ie. two
pair bete lie; two collars; fi t0 mc. For la
1 l'" J'laln clothes 1 Ofl i,lor dozen; or .
dies Hub clothes, t 'ur ,(m.,i; don.
iminpiiy, anil proitfiiv delivered. I1
tlOIIH(jc solicited
Manulaiturer ol
Fashionable Boots and Shoos
Washington avc., between 0th slid 10th St
CAlltO. U.I.INOlH.
A I'll liiiiruiiU'iil nr No Sinlc.
'11111? lllTTV niTfTLVniV
Llin Dill 11 1 DULlUftim.
rpilK lltll.f.KTIN Is nubllaked every monihiK
(except Monday) hi the lliillctlu llilltdine, cor
ner Washington avenue and Twelnii itrret.
Tim Ui'Ll.kTlM Is served to city HiiWrilxTs hy
f.iltliful rjkiriers utTweiitr-Klve Cvnta a Week,
niyatilt wirkly. lly Mail, (In advitnre) , $IOer
uniiiiini tlx months, SU; llirre tuunUit, $.1; one
innnlli, l '.'.'i.
I'uljlli!ied every i1iurl.iy morning at 1 '.'i
)e: unnuiii, inurlubly In udiance. T lie (imUikv
on the Weekly itIII ! irriuiil at thli office, n
tlint sulincrllwrs will rl,tnhi fur a Kuliscrljdlon
rice ol' l a y,nr.
llualiiewi t'anli, lier annum
One tquiire, one nserllou
One Kunre, tw lusertlom
One squaie, one week,
One eijuarv, two weekt,
One aijtuue, tLree weeks,..
One tqute, unemontli
fcM V)
i 00
, .' 'M
:i M
4 00
r, co
W E K L Y .
One iinre, one hmritiuii, .ll
Kuril nuWijuetit Inberllon W
O"0nc Inch i u x)iiure.
OTTo reKUluraUitrtieeM wrolTertiiKilorln
durementa, both an to rule ol chnr'i and limn
ner of dleplitylnK their favom.
OommnntcaUoue upou ubJoct of tu
eral Intereat to the publlo ollolUd.
IJ-AII niisiuesji'tteniiilioiildljewlitrriiei'd to
t'nlru lliillrlln I'liiiimuiv
'L'nqticntiiniuMy llit hem mi'.laliiril
Hura oi iiiu k I n ii in me n orm."
The ever tucreusinf; circulation ol thin
oxcmmni mommy proves iu coniimieu
saapiiou 10 popular uesires ann nceus. in
deed, when we think Into how many home'
it penetrates every mouth, wo must eon
elder it as one of the educators as well as
entertainers of the public mind, for Its vant
popularity tins been won by no appoal to
stupid rrejudlccs or depiaved tastes. Bos
ton UIODO.
The chaiacter which this Magslnc pos
sesses lor variety, enterprise, ammicweuiui,
and Hterarv culture that has kent Dace with.
if It bas not led the times, should causo Its
conductors to regard it with lustlilablo com
placency. It aUo entitles them tn a nrMi
claim upon O.- i-nue Kratliudo. ho
Mi?iu) uh 'done good und not evil nil
IUC inj B U. II.B II, M. Ll uuni J u
roti; rreo to sulxcrlbcrs In the United
Harper's Magazine, one year..., $ I 00
St 00 IncludcN prepayment of U, ii. pott
age by the publliiheii.
tiubscriptions to Harper's Magazine,
Weekly, or llazar, to onu ad dims for one
year, f 10 00; or two of Harper's periodi
cals, to ono address for one. J ear, i" 00:
postage free.
Au extra e..py ot either the Mat;ai;lue,
Weekly or It.iznr will he supplied irriitN for
ove ry club of live nibocrlberH ut l cn each,
In one reinittutce; or fx copies fi r WOO,
without extra copy; potnge free.
Hack nuniben can be supplied ut nny
A complete net nl llnipci'a .Magazine,
now compiblug 40 vhIiiiuch, In neat eluth
blmllng, will bo sent by expruii, I'rclttlit at
the expense of punhaer, for i") pc r
volume. Single volumes by mall, postpaid,
?.'! 00, Cloth cases, for binding, W? cents,
by mall, pontpnld.
I3?".Nowf)uicrH arc not to copy thin id
vurtlsemeiit without the uxprcn orders of
Harper & brothers.
" l(iiiNllory ul FhhIiIoii, rieimure.
mill IiiNlriii'tiuii."
NoricK.s or hie ritrsH.
The llazar In edited with a contribution
of tact and ttdent that wu seldom tlnd in any
Journal; and tho journnl itself Is the organ
of the great world offashlon. llonton Trav
eler. The llazar commends Itself to every mem
ber ot thu household to thu children by
droll nud pretty pictures, to tho young lu
dies by Its lablilon-plates in endless variety,
to the provident mutton by Its patterns lor
the children's clothes, to paterfamilias by
Its tasteful designs for embroidered slippers
and luxurious dressing gowns, hut tho
reading mattor of the Uazar In uniformly ot
great excellence. Tho paper has acquired
a wldu popularity for tho llreMdo enjoyment
It uUorils.-N. Y. livening Post.
Harper's Uazar, one year.,, .ft 00
Four dollars Includes prepayment of U
ii. pontage by the publishers.
buhscslptloos to Harper's Magazine.
Weekly, and Uazar, to ono address for out
year, 910 00; or two of Harper's Periodi
cals, to one address for one year, 17 00
postage lrce.
An extra copy of cither tho Magazine.
Weekly, or llazar will bo siiDiilicd eratls
for every club of live subscribers at t 00
eacn, in one rettuita.ico ; or, six copies 101
f zu ihj wuiiout exira copy ; postage iree,
Hack numbers can be supplied at any
The seven volumes of Harrier's MaKar.toi
tho years I-08, 'Oil, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, ele
gantly bound iu ere en morocco cloth, wit!
besout by expiess, freight prepaid, tor
$7 00 each.
errN'owsnuriors aro not to conv this ad1
vertlscutcnt without the expreH outers of
Harper iciuoincrs.
AddrotsllAIU'KlM- IIUO'J'HKU, N Y.
A Gloar Havana, Zmkm Filler,
a ana
111 twiiu mi , iiAtrrrxXAZZ-i riirir-..ffeiii mrszrajrKC
Sole Agents, Two Mores, 74 Ohio
Jjevee, ana wasiarngton Ave.
uorner Higmlx Street,
Read! Read! Read!
Havo Reduced thoir Entire Stood: in both tl eu' Store, ConsiatinR of
To a lat ii Vtl' oll'i'il In thu ul . jI ri(iritii:i i cih-'-i ,i our i U i(ia '
v i- ;t ut ,,tI u j.-,'l Mt
IN HEN'S AND 33YS' WMm W2 C,V.!'f 32 3BATJH tom 0?0.iA!?l.S5,
In nur Hrv.li'tr.'U Di-i'irlni- nl m- nilUgiii' -
Toett-Dliudjr wlm lm a Ii ihei ni'.ciut of m'hi lollnr
J3"iiii' H Irml ntid we will , ,,inn , i h Hut iw tn. jn wlmt i iv '
142 & 144 Commercial Avenue.
Jl ll-r,v.
Imporlor and Wholesalo Dealer in
Wines and JJiymwB?
Koopn a full btock of
Monongahela, Rye and Ilobinson County
ii ii n i hi 1 1 iin i 1 1 1 1 1 ii i i u:
I In- (Jldi'il and mot llrll'ililo limi-t- in "imUic ru
In cciv vutli-ly, ut iiitiiitliiiiKly lnw Hkiiiv.
btiltulile to tlic 1 1 nics. Cull mid fiiniiliif llu'lr
ur, l.ltflitti Ml. mill Washington Aw.
ty full Stuck nf .liilm l iilcy'H rili lu-.il"l
liolil Hunk I'm uiiKlulilly knil nil IkiimI,
Cunrclcd dully liy K. M. Hliiii'iji riiiriliilniuii
ineniliunt, bcculiiry nf Hib -"" Hsid ol
Klour, itccoidlnB tn unnk' ii UK.' S t o
t'dru'. inlxiil. kiickid . tva
Com, wlilte, nacUi'd
wuia, iiiiAi-i..,.,,,
limn, wr w i"
Mtui, steam ill i"! w
llutkr, clioli'J-' .Nuriluiii
HtitliT, clioU'iSi)iiiii,.n iiiliuiU aiftS'iu
Ku'Ki iwrdotii , -iin
l.'lilcki'iiii. pit ilurn , ...$1 was Mi
Tufki-ys, )'i ilut'ti 7 '""J In I'll
Appli'i, I'lmliv, k t Irani I ;' '
Ai'Iim, fiiiiimon, jivr Uiui'l 1. wl
rutiitiii.i, per liiii ivl I '"
Dnlor.H, ici Uuritl " ' 111
CTE3 'tglF I
r. UKiU f
' i'ii.i it,..
It nf i
I lr.' I niinl stnt, ,, ,..,,
T V -sr A v-. ft
tin, ti ' .... ,1 ti
ll U"'Tl'
AM KIiiiIih !' 'Hl'i::c', i-;iniiir'ilcil
fiitiiiioA it, an ;i.-si.i jfiiii.ji, in. .
' dlw.
I i" Kif,(iii,. II li. ti. !.!(,, a i.
- ic,iii in
Harness 1 Saddles,
Wliips, Collars, Etc.
103 Commercial Aveuac, - - CAIZiO, ILLS.
Irt'Mi'i. ' TH 'iiHK II Ml'li III' ir ii-iUnlisM'
wdi Hud ii i Jiniili ii-1 uu". I , -;cl 1 1 'in uhli'li t
ill i, ut lioi, !'i iii,i-, i 11 nlv
IUIi5,nliTt iiii'imicil to Mii ph nil win wi ll
Itieiil, i uku, l milioliniu'n J li Imi t u nlv
, '1'iiyi, und nil in-ill''"' I". ' Hi''', t .n;; :diil
li'iilliiiiliuMt" li"'".'? mid Uriviini'tdiiiK ( lir .
tun und J.fW l'"ii' "! He, u iiini'i' iiH
to fiiriiUli )."' 'iill'Mi'ii -li'Ut lmllri,
l IJ-'.'liu
(MinUii'iii lii', MilK-iU'iI.
.Sntlslarimii (.'unriiiili i il
Oommiseion Merchant '
Co.'. UlKhth Ot. und Ooiamorolnl Ave.
V. IllllcnlioiimX lira l. W. Mllli r,
C. M. Iliine.V llrii., A. .Murklii A Oi,,
Slim'. WlKon. hi'.
(linn XSVoinl.
C. II Wiiixlwulil,
I'ltci l hhl,
Aji-i .V. di ,
.1 II. Ilii-I,
ml. MfKcjtif 1' .M.,
,1. II. I'lillIU ,i oii,
II. -M. Iliili'ii,
lli'iii-y "iijitj,
iim'l Wnlterl

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