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ASCA1.0X J.OD0K, .NO. 61.
Knlitlit of t'yllilai, m.ta every Frl
ilny iibtlit nt hiUr-Mt seven, in Odd
I'tllinvn' Hull Jo-1' to:uN,
ClmncUIor Commander.
.M.KXAKULIt I.ODUi:. XO. 2il.
I Iwlutu ...t.i.il fl.t.....l i.i.i.vi.i-
AiWWr lows, mi t id eu-ry 'I Imrwl.iy nllit
My- ut lmlf-utM;M'ii, III (litlr hull on
inn Kuluiiue, lii-l w i en MsUi am) rendu
inn. (;. 1.AJ1K, N. (I.
(Mill) KSI,AMI'MI;nT, I. O. O. r.lnritn
l lilfl- SYiIoWm' Hull mi Hie Hrrft mill tllllil
I,, i jr iii every month, nt lull-pant iri;i
.Hill II. WllltlU.I,
( UliOI.OI.UH. N(I.!U7,A.K. ft A.M.
II'M rivul.ir romimtiilcnllnnA In M.i-
VNrnil -,lfhMl
rr.lr.i r ( omindol.il aVMiiic
i uli-iit. mi I he filt-ri'id mill
.iirtii jmnouv in inn i mount.
Attorney at 1mv.
tAIKO, li.l.fXOIii.
Ol V II K At r.-M.lon-yui Mnlli filri I, Iks-tw.-n
Hi iimetoii nvmiur mid Walnut fi.
l.l.MDKM I. No II Thlrtts-iitli Irrtt, be
im-ii Wa'tilnfitnu avenue ninl Walnut street.
()! Kit K Xonli aide of MlKlilh Street be
Iwnii I onwnrrchl unit Wutlilnulnn avenue.
w. nmimva, at. d.
Itr S'lll.Nl I. Coiner Xlutb Mil Walnut
s'rw 3
UrTK K Corner SUtli sin-eland Ohio Levee.
OKI U. L IOt"!t.t. KromGa m. Mm., and
ft iin 2 to H i iu
Mil Ice.
linvwiiir Oulok Vwt nt Now Vork
Store. H -uvul irosli daily ni wnoie-tnc
ni.dr.'.'. 12-V.Wt
Ynrl. film
-Vli 1 b t soda mucker ut 7 cents per Hi
by t if bo ; also very choice mlnce-mcat
nil' I tipple butter. 12-20t.
I'unil.i, litmly.
'I wo thoustml pounds fhtiey, choice
inixe 1 ami toy cattily for snlo at the Now
N ork .Siore hv wholesale and retail.
12 5-201 m
Jliit r.eclicd.
Ntw lam-, breakfast bacon, buck
wheat il ur, cranberries, pluim, rnlifiM,
iirr.-ti! i, nt the New York Slots.-.
12 ' -
'Hit' i.iiii'i.
All tins 1.H' st styles of gent' and boys'
Ir.'S nt r.nroii priw-, at I. llurlinun'.-,
lorner hix'h anil Ciiiiinivrclal aveiiuo.
( oiiii 'l nt' me. 12-6-lf
Itnni: KpniU!
Tim ll!i(tiiiortiiifiiit uf pints' youth'
nml buys clothing, which w will ell
cheaper th.iu can he bought anywhere in
the cl'y, at D. Ilartmnn's, eonifrof.Slxlli
f'rci't a 1 ( I'liunerclal avenue, I'JhVU
Allciitlon : Ictcr-.
ii . lour ilown lmitiiilonjibony
h'l . 'j , ' . i.-0Mnern, tMken fftr mhr
i ;t,,.', v.luih wo will foil nt two ilollar
It ijj it. Ii.'iuire ut ISnlhttiii ollko.
Thi I'tixri'.
1 1 - 1 ' (' get llw lxt, clifflpa-it nml
i r't t . -ortuient of Alipnens Is nt D.
lKir'nuii liy itooth slury, eornor Sixth
'i ' ,ii. I ninu.'pclul iivcnuf.
I'd. i . M. I.uwf, ol l'ulwkl, I'nlufki
wj i' ,' in- lo take tin urn down
I. P .-, t v int. r at bin fm in. (ioirtl i-ln-I
mi. i. I i tnre, at low rale. Porrel-
n.jce aj i.ly to ). II. Mtftealf, Cairo, ill
li. ' . 12-9-2W.
A. N.ilb'y h.n renioveil to hit new
'tore room, 11" Coinnirrelnl xveuue, op
peltw Winter's Uloel:, antl next Ioor lo
the Ar.i'i -i:gino liou j, where he will lie
pk;i"il in s. t all hlH inl i n-liinur- nml
ns many iii-w ones. t)-30-if
.Vctv V4ni,-4 rinii.
Ni iijiiht V-Hull zur KroellnnngtliT neueii
ruinholli. am Sylvusterabeiul, tlen
.ilteii In.. 17.". In plain I'.nglUh
Ni ,-- carV ball In celehrailon of llu:
opt n'nj.' of llif new Tut in m ball. Now
t..i' live, 'Jlt December, lb".
- 11 .ihiuii Si Weil Inivoi'cihiccil prices
on the lollnwitig mlleli'i-'. for IhU week
only : Illaek alpaca from .() to :i."i eentu ;
all wool l.mprcMi cloths Irom (Ml to l.'i
eentti ; navy blue ami brown water-proul
from Si .'ii' to $1 ; black ea-'flmeie,
firm 1 ')" lo 'Ci ienta : kid cloves from
;?! lo t; ipii i-i.im irom j.i in i.i
cent ; plaid llolil A' lo 'i.'i eenl-, mid
t verythln;' ele hi prun)i tlon. I2-IS-I w
i Kiilnlt t.i knev. Ill ul lllo' plitvu !n 0t
A n " ';i -'i e,
A ood 'i.-iiiifioo,
V la:ir.on.illo h.ilr-etlt,
or . ih.iirf in that lice,
liic 1IAM (.'XT!IAI. llAlllW.I!
j p, cone r Kilith unit t'omni'ivkil.
ii If .1. (liioitiu: STr.ixnor.su.
TSie i'ity Unl.ei y.
Atleiitlon 1 called to the card of the
(. Ily Jlakery, to bu found in IhN lMie.
Mr. IUb'ncker, the proprietor, ha by
ndu.'try ami fair dealing, established a
lucrative tiiL-lncis. n lieu you want any
thing in his lino give him a call.
i.mlics' t'titHluicre VVrnpiiees nun
NVe liave on hand a large and well se
leitdd i-tock of wrapper., suits of the
very best btylc, mid guaranteed emi.il to
any goods In lliu counlry at double tlio
money. No oim dcMtiug to puiehasu
('liiiatin.tspivienls tliouhnall to examlno
our inlees. tall early lo avoid (ho
crowd. Ilnii.iutii.v i'l Wi:n.,
'i'iio l'nstilonnlile Colin-.
lilnck coiillnues to bu the htylisb eolur
And inaiiv ladles of umiiiectloiifil j;im
taste have adopted It as their standard
wear. Tlieio Is no doubt that a good
black idlk dtvss Is the very best hives
incut that any lady can make. Any lady
who wmics lo make such an investment
should cnll at ouee on .1. Ilurgi r A Co.
wlio liavo mi excellent ii'soi Imeiit
black MlkK Vihlwh they are olleilng iin low
ut tlii I'liiuo goods can he bought to-day
In Vow VorK city. Ladles ate iuvllcd lo
call a 1 1 .1 see for them clvcj.
ra'i t..s or aivi:kii.ki.v.
lei-All lililn fur nilvrtlclioCi um 'l lmV-
uMcix aiiva.k.'s
Irunnlnit luhciliiiliiK will Im; Iiii itul at III
rule cr II ') iT((imri' rorllic llrnt lnirll'iu
nml CMi'iit fur each milnniiriit mio. A lllierul
ilHoutil will liotiuulu on slnii'lliift nml ill.-iliy
Clmrcli, Wocluly, t'utiril uml 6ulH-t notice
will only lx: Inserted as mlrertlnuncnta
Tor InecrtliiK Kunrral notice tl eo. Notice ol
nurtliiK' ofnocletleii or necrt t onlen V) teritu fur
acli IhMrllun.
Xo n'heitlf inenl will I recche.1 Btle limn
10 rjjiiU.
Iooal Buoinos Notices, of
-diP" ton linen or morH,I;iBr
I, Ul
jy.t-i i., TinlUitln ub follows:
Olio luaertion pur lino " P"""'
Two insortlonii per lino 7 UnU.
Three InsBrtioim ppr lino 10 Cento.
Olx Insortloui per lino 16 Cents.
Two wsekB por lino 2" S"1!'
Ore month por lino,.. .. ;Jo c?"'";
No Iteductlon will bo roado In ubove
I.nrnl MViitlier Iteport.
i;aiiio, ll.t..i ltc IT, li7f).
inr Hiixu. 'i ne.7 y wiirrrvL. r wkatu
TZi'i. U" I N.,v l rr
Sp.m. J IS ! N le.ii
TaTiKs ivai si in!
Sermnt. Signal fctrlte, II. S. A.
To Kent.
Cottage on Kith street, live room?, good
cistern, etc. Ktiqulrcof Dit. Smith.
I, licit I JnltliiR.'
'I'ho Ilibf nilcon.
Iluyu you plenty of wood ?
Crand' lunch at "Our .Saloon" to
night. l'-M.'-ti
Ycstcnlnv was tlio eoldej't iluy of the
Thi'! Is good weather lor V00d ami
coal dealer-.
The ferry boat Three State? N doing
good hii'ine'S.
Il.nl weather for lltes. People should
he very careful.
There ii no washing ot the banks of
the Mls-lflppl now.
They lm is choice Michigan clunr for
ulu nt the New York Store.
It Is said that a fashionable wedding
ill soon take plane In this city.
Choice New Orleans ttigars and syr
ups at the New York .Store. 12-."i-20t
The afternoon train on the lllinoi-
Central yesterday was an hour late.
Samuel lie'-, jr., and Frank Ilurnelt.
ol Vienna, were In the city yesterday.
For groceries ol every kind, go to
Louis II. .M ver', 111! Commercial avenue.
The Arab lire company will celebrate
New Year's eve. A grand ball and cup
per Is. the programme.
An elegant Hue ol I -idles' and Chll-
ren'a cit'tom bhocii at htttart it Obol-
ton ?. J'-'-ii-Jt
-The Liberal Religion; toople of this
city will give an entertainment of some
kind nt Liberal Hall next week.
Couiu one, come nil, nml cnt of the
t rnml litneti i.t "One Saloon" to-nlglit.
12-15-lf Fkkd. Ilonimxs.
IJoath from the South do not attemiit
to go up the .MI'ilippI. Ihey are
(raid of ice.
-I'ri'.Ii iiitltimuio shell oysters ut
liiu :MHiitec' llnuae. I 1-tiS.tl
Mr. Fdwnrd Mullin, agent at For
mat! lor the Laitv ami vineeuues ran-
oad, wa- In town on Thursday evening.
- Aborted colors ilrnnlte Paper with
Kuvclope.s lo niatcb, at the llii.i.i.riN
olllee. tf
-The MUii-sippl river Is tlghtonitig
ip. Another night or two fitch as iat
night and that stream will bo cto'eil.
I!e sure and come to the grand lunch
at "Our .Saloon to-night.
I'J-l.'i-rf Fiinn. Iloi-iim.NS.
Notwithstanding the bevere eohl of
yesterday, work on the hew levee went
ahead as rapldlv ti pof-ilile under the
There wa? a large attendance at the
thrneiim la't night to greet MnolCyoy's
lllbcrnlcon. The pci formnnce was good,
mil everybody pleased.
Stuart A (iliolson oiler their eutite
clock of I'nderwcar at price- to eloe.
MaeKvoy's lllheriileon will make their
hut appearance in tills city this evening.
flie tiotiiio U a goon one, and deserves to
be well patronized,
lolin MUllvan W!t .irrested ny uillccr
Clmliiey lor liclng drunk, lie was taken
before .lustlci! Jiliil, ubo lined Idiu two
Hid dimming'. .Sullivan pniii nml was
- For the cheapest and bet Illankel
White and Orey, go to llartman'ri.
Lumber for it new sidewalk 011 the
south side of .Sixth street lias been on Die
ground for koine time. Wo understand
the walk will bn built next week
Tile Alexiiinlre County IliuiK ni-II
e.cltnus:iMiii nil the pi'Juci pnl elllen of
liiiKipe. nml nttenils to the enllei lliili
til'etiilnis mill estnli'M, i'iecliilly In
leeniaii.v. ll-"l-lni
Police Maghlrale Illrd returned from
Champaign, where he had gone to attend
a meeting of the board of trustees of the
.State Industrial lu-tlttitc, 011 Thur.stlay
Tholileiidsof the Misses F.IIIott, to
the number of lllteen couple, assembled
at their re.-ldcuco 011 Thursday evonlng,
and had a ery pleasant time of it.
It yon want a new and good shirt
either white, colored or elievlote, less
tlinii they can bu purchased at the man
uliieloiy, go to Ilar.man
Thofo fplemllil mccrfchaiim cigar
holders at Cowpcrthwalt it Phillips are
lusitbu thing lor a Christmas piesenl
niiil'iru selling at half price. Also choice
cigars by tu, jmx Veiy cheap. No. 12iJ
Couunerelal avenue. 12-KI-tf.
.John Collins got tli mil; and fell Into
the hands of Oiilcor llrown, who took
idiu liclori) .Ititlgo Itlru lor tilal. ('olllns
jilcad guilty, was lined two dollats and
appendii.tje;',aiiil falling lo ll((iildate. wa
sent to I he ealahoo.-o for three davs.
Nothing has been heard of the Indi
vidual who robbed Tuber Urns', show
window. He Is undoubtedly an old hand
at tlio business, and may succeed in giv
ing the olliccrs Ibesllp.
If you want 11 new ami tfood sl,lrl
cither while, colored or cuewoic, iesi
than they can bo purchased at lliu lnami
factory, go to Hartinau'i!. 12-C-tl
Lonsdale.Muiliuntelereu emu per
yard at I). Hnrtiiiau'c 12-o-tf.
St. Louis has smau-pox in uvcij
nook and corner. Let Iho Cairo uoaru 01
health tako time by the forelock, and bo
rcadv for It Miould It tome this way.
There Is nothing like being prepared for
au emergency.
-Tre-li Ilnllltiiore Mm II
tUe I'liintcru' fliiuse.
ojnti'r ul
-l.'ev. Chas. (Illham, pastor or the
.Methodist churcli, will be nb-cnt Troui
the city the balance of this week and Sab
bath. However, there will be preaching
mid Iho iitial .Sabbath services at the
'The members of the city council have
determined to get through with the read
Ingof tho lovlscd ordinances as toon as
polble, and to that end have resolved
to meet every night until Hie Job is com
The ladies and Iricnds of the Lpico
pal church arc requested to meet nt the
old store of Mr. .lohn 'Tanner, corner of
Washington avenue ami Eleventh street,
at 0 o'clock to-day, to prepare the Christ-
mass decorations for the clmrcli.
It Chas. A. WU.nniiT, Jiector,
Ladles' and children'- knitted Jackets
with and without sleeves, of all ltnagln
able styles. In this vat and varied slock
none can fail to be suited, as the prices
range. Children's sacks from 00 cents ;
ladies' jacket? from $1 up, to suit your
selves. 12-18-lw Ilr.tumox & Wr.m.
.lames Pcarcc, a white man, was ar
rested yesterdiiy lor stealing a pair ol
shoe at Dan. Harttuan's store. I'earce
was taken before Judge Hlrd, who sent
him to jail to await the sitting of the
county court. Pearce's bail was fixed at
two hundred dollars.
If you want an economical heating
stove for wood and one of the handsom
est stoves iu the market, with illumina
ted front, buy the improved Ereulng
Star which took the blue ribbon at St.
Louis Fair last October, over all other
on exhibition. For sale by C. W. Hen
derson, 191 Commercial avenue, Cairo,
Illinois. 11.2.5-d-lm
For every kind of seasonable goods,
our citizens will do well to call 01s Hell
bron & Weil. 'They nre In receipt regu
larly of every description of goods in
their Hue, and by reference to their local
advcrtl-ements iu this issue, it will be
ecu that all their goods have been
marked down to the very lowest tlgures.
'There is some dispute as to the com
plexion of the thief who robbed Taber
llros'. show window on I hursdar even
ing, some sav 11c wa mac, otners tuai
he wa white. The way to settle tho
matter is to say that he was neither whito
nor black, but a cross between the two, a
The llftmith annual ball of the Hi
bernian lire company will be given at
Scheel's hall on Tuesday evening, De
cember 2Sth. II tht re Is a fire company
In the city deserving of the patronage
and good will of our citizens, It is the
Hibernian'. 'They are alwajs lo be
counted on when their services ate
needed, and always do 5001! and eireclUe
service. It Is to be hoped they will be
liberally p.itronied.
William Iluirr, a colored man, wa
arrested yesterday by Constable Olad-
icy, on a charge of till tapping. Henry
went into Motto's saloon at the corner of
Fourth street and Commercial avenue,
and while the proprietor's back was
turned, "lilted"' the contents of the
monev drawer. Henry was taken belore
Itirtlee Bird, who held him In two htiu-
ilre'l UolUr hall for his appearance at the
next term of the. 'county court. Tallin"
to give bail he was sent to jail.
Au interesting slander ult has been
on trial in the .lohnson county circuit
coutt for several days. Tln trial of Peter
ImvIj, for an attempt to murder, was set
tor vesterdav. On lan lth of .1 ul v Davis
mil a man named Ittock got Into a quar-
icl at Forman, when Davis stabbed Ilrock
with a butcher's knife, indicting what was
it llrct supposed to bo a fatal wound ;
hut llroek dually recovered. Davis was
uricstcd and held to bill In the sum ot
ft 1,000, and was brought to the Alexander
county Jail for safe keeping. Ho was
taken to Vienna early this week.
Frank MaeFvoy's Illbcrnlccn, the
oulv genuine and original Iliber.nicon,
made their first appearance at the Atlie
iieuin iu thi- city lat night, and consul
ting the severe eohl night, were greeted
by a good audience. The entertainment
was new, original and novel, represent
ing a tour through Ireland and the
United States, and combining a now
company, scenery, songs, dances and
acts; and fifty splendid paintings, repre
senting tlio leading cities, ami unrivaled
lake, mountain and river scenery, with
gorgeous sun and moonlight ellects of
the Emerald Isle. These beautiful scenes
arc executed iu tlio most artistic stylo of
tho scenl.' art, and u view of them
alono Is well wortli the prlco of
admission to the entire entertainment.
Tho intt-ie, lectures, etc., are of equal
excellence with the scenes they so beauti
fully Illustrate. Indeed the entertain
ment is one of great Interest, and there Is
much to lie learned by paying strict at
tention tn thu lemaiksof tho lecturer ns
lies explains each and every scono as they
are presented. Tho Hlliernleon will ex
hibit again to-night, which will positively
ho tho last nppearanco here, ami wo ad
vise all who desho to see one of tlio best
eiitcrtaiuuiPiilR ever given In the cily
to go.
, Lease t:pliiiif.
Our lcae expiring tlio 1st of the year,
to sr.vo expeuses wo shall lor the balance
ol ibis month sell our iiuuieuso flock of
incus ami hoy' clothing, Irrespective of
value to get it into Immediate cash. Un
usual bargains may ho expected.
lluiuiuux t Wr.u,
112 mid 1 11 Commercial uvcuc.
12-1 S-lw.
C'lly Council.
I Ailjonrneil MertlnK-1
Council Ciiamiikii,
Cuno, 1 1.1.., Dec. IU, 187.1. ;
J'rcsent His Honor, Mayor Winter
mid Aldermen Halllday, Lancaster, Nel-
Iss, Patler, Hlttenhome and Wrlght-C.
On motion of Ahleiinau Halllday, the
"revised" ordinance was taken from the
table oud put upon Its seotid read
ing. Chapter (I) of orillnnicc (I) was read
nt length.
On motion of Alderman Ncills, section
(20) of chapter (1) win amended o as
lo read on streets drainage and lovcei.
Alderman Nellis moved to amend by
adding the following section, 27 to
chapter 1 : The committee on levee shall
examine and report from time to time
upon the general condition of the levees
around the elty, witli such recommen
dations for action bv the Council as they
deem proper, and shall have charge of
my Improvements or repairs done by
order of the Council 011 any of the levees.
Chapter 2 of ordinance 1 was read at
On motion of Alderman Halllday the
words "superlutendenti of streets."
In section 2, of chapter 2, were trlcken
On motion ol Alderman Wright, Coun
cil adjourned to meet Friday evening
December 17, at 7:30 p.m.
W. F. Axi.ky, Cltv Clerk,
We are offering an elegant line of Fancy
Goods. Hosiery, Gloves, Handkerchiefs,
Ties, Collars, etc., bought expressly for
tho holiday trade, all of which we offer
at lower price- than can be found else
where. Dress goods regardless of cost at
.Stunrt A Gholson's. We nre determined
to close out our slock of dress goods be
lore the opening of the spring trade.
This Is a rare chance to procure a holi
day present. 12-17-2t.
Oyster, Fish
We will sell, hereafter, our goods ut
the following price, and solicit the pat
ronage of the public:
Family brands, per can Il.l tents.
Standards, per can 45 cents.
Select, per can 50 cents.
Select, extra, per can 55 cents.
Tub oysters, per 100 $1 00
Chicago 'Trout and Whlte...l 1 cts. per lb.
Game, Pan Fish. ... 10 and 12 cts. per tb.
. Of all descriptions constantly 011 hand,
cou-Utiug of wild turkey, sqiilrrels and
Family groceries very cheap lor cash.
Made .1 spccalty. Give us a trial.
MR AT 8.
Cheaper than the cheapest.
12-:!-lf. W.m. Winter, Jk., 4 Co.
W. I.. IIBIStTtti.'M.
.lust iccuhed and lor sale a nice variety
ol ediblct, toys, etc., consisting Iu part of
Hams, Prc-cnei,
Dried Beet, Breakfast Bacon,
Butter, Deviled Ham,
Deviled Tongue, Cheese,
Buckwheat Tlotir, Boss Klndlcr,
White Syrup, Queensware.
N. O. Syrup, Glassware,
N. O. Molasses, Wagon,
Cranberries, Carts,
Lemons, Tool Chests,
Cauitud Kaspb's, Preambulators,
" BlackbVs, Cherries,
" Peaches, Tables,
" Salmon, Cribs,
" Lobsters, Bedsteads,
" I'uinpkln, Lounges,
Drkd Raspb's, ttwreaus,
" Blaekb'i, Saws and Bucks,
Pitted Cherries, Wardrobes,
Seedless Raisins, Hatchets,
Loudon Layer Mouth Organs,
Cal. Jellies, Bugles,
Mince Meat. Rubber balls,
Boiled Cider, Tops,
Sweet " Trunks,
Mixed Candies, Etc., Etc.,
Which please examine anil price before
purchasing elsewhere.
12-10 lw. W. L. BitisTOL,
No. 32 Eighth street.
t lirlslmiiH rreNciita.
As usual, Phil Saup, the king of Cairo
confectioners, has come to the trout rank
with the largest and best stock of toys
and caudles ever brought to the elty.
For two weeks, he has been at work
night and day, arranging the presents
antl good things which have been arriv
ing dally in largo quantities, and he Is
now prepared to furnish parents with
presents anil sweetmeats for their little
ones suitable for ChUtmas presents, at
the vcrv lowest prices. Ills stool; of
French ami American candles Is line'
quailed In Southern Illinois, ami his
stock of toys Is unusually large, and of
the nest ami sirougeat make. .o one
should buy belore Inspecting his store,
whuie they will ho sure to fiiid what they
want. rj-o-un
I'nilcrirenr I Ihiitertrrnr I
Tor Nnlc.
Hmluiil's Grits, (line) $4 50
" " (coaro I 00
11 Hominy 1 20
New Orleans Sugar 7J 8A0
New Oilcans Molas-es 50it08
O. M. Hownit Bno.,
12-lfi.ir i:H Ohio Levee, Cairo.
l'oe the Weekly Unlit-tin,
Persons wishing advertisements or lo
cal' notices Inserted In tho Weekly Bm.i.i:
i ix, should hand In Iho ropy by Titcs
day noon, (if each week.
rise Hundred I ndie' l!fivr Clonk
Wo are going to sell them at prices that
Will enable every lady to own a stylish
ami well made garment. A gootl heaver
ulubk Irom $2 50 to $25.
12-18-lw llEii.iiitos- Jk Wkil,
WAtl IIKPARTMKNT ltlVt.ll ItlroRr, (
lcc. 17, llji. I
low watib. ciia50k.
IT, lit, IT. It.
Cairo 1 1 V 1
I'ittabnrK 4 II 3
Cincinnati .. 1 1 i 'I
l-oulstllle 9 7 8
Nashville 11 Ol 11
HI. IllllS 7 1
KvaiisXllli 0 II tl O
Memphis 1 U 0 O
Vlekslnirg it o 3
XewOi leans 1 Hi 1 I
SerKeant, Signal Herrlee, U.S. A.
Part Mat.
Steamer Jim FIsV, Paducali.
" T.T. Hlllman, Nashville.
" Tidal Wav, St. I.oul.
Belle of St. Louis, Vlcksburg.
llclle ot Memphis, St. Louis.
Susie Silver, Cincinnati.
" St. Joseph, Memphis.
" Andy llauni, Memphis.
Steamtr Jim Fltk, 1'aduca.h.
T. T. Hlllman, Nashville.
" Tidal Wave, Vlcksburg.
" Bell of St. Louis, St. Louis.
' Belle of Memphis, Memphis.
" Susie Sliver, New Orleans.
" Andy Ilutini, Cincinnati.
The Ohio river has (alien 1 Inch lu
the last twenty-four hours, and the MU
slssinpl has also declined several Inches
The weather has been much cooler to
day than It has been any time during the
winter, the thermometer standing seven
teen degrees below freezing, with a cold
north wind.
Business shows uo improvement,
The Glencoc now on her way from
St. Louis, and duo here to-night, has all
the freight she could take, and a good
passenger trip.
Tho Robert Setnple departed Irom
St. Louis on Thursday for New Orleans
with a barge ol bulk grain.
The R. W. Dugan, Qulncy and Fan-
le Tatura, the latter loaded to her
guard", left St. Louis on Thursday for
Diver Jno. Guyro tclcrraphs from
Shreveport that the W.J. Behan (recently
raised by him with Dugan's pumps) has
a trip of cotton, and leaves Shreveport
this morning; for New Orlerns drawing;
two feet.
The Susie Silver came la yesterday
morning from Cincinnati with a good
trip. She added about 40 head of stock
and 200 tons here, and left for New Or
leans In the afternoon.
The thermometer stauds 17 degrees
below freezing point yesterday morning
at 10 o'clock;
The Belle of St. Louis, out from St.
Louis, got Into port about 8 o'cleck yes
terday morning, put off 1200 bales of cot
ton here, and started on her journey.
The Belle of Memphis paid us a visit
yesterday morning. She did not add
any freight, however, and left for Mem
Sam Foster mourns over the loss of
a fine thermometer, which some fellow
walked rway with iu broad daylight yes
TheT. 1'. Hlllman, from Nashville,
came into port yesterday, transacted her
business here, and pushed out on her re
turn trip to Nashville.
The City of Alton has dropped down
from above to Halllday it Phillips'
wharlboat, where she will "rceehe for
Now Orleans.
As the Susie Silver eame alongside
the wharfboat yesterday morning, she
struck with such force that three of the
irou stays of the wharfboat weje snapped
into pieces as easily us if they had been
The Vint Shiukie leaves Cincinnati
for Memphis te-day.
Capt. O. P. Shlnkle's new steamer,
Golden Rule, leaves Cincinnati to-day for
New Orleans, which is her first trip.
The Mary Houston left Cincinnati
with n good trip of freight and passeng
ers for New Orleans. She also lia liberal
arrangements at Louisville and other
places above this elty.
Capt. .SI in in J lias laid up the tow-boat
Bee, for the present at St. Louis.
Captain Dngan w ill raise steam on
the Eckert this morning and go up to the
foot of Thirty-fourth street, iu the Mis
sissippi, and bring down Captulu Fred.
Davis' dredge boat and barge Minnie,
which have been wind bound lor the past
three days.
Tlio Idlewild passed South at U
o'clock night before last to enter the
Memphis and Chicot City trade, Captaiu
Grammar iu command and Ed. Thomas
In the ofllco. A party of young folks
enjoyed themselves in dancing for an
hour or two while she laid here taking on
freight. Captain Grammar will return
from Memphis, and Captain Stack Lee
will command the Idlewild in the new
Captain McCord, clerk of the Glen-
coe, eame down from St. Louis by rail
yesterday afternoon and will meet his
boat here.
The Gleucoe Is due hero to-ulght.
She left St. Louis drawiug tour and a half
feet, and Is coming along whooping.
1). II. Sliver, mastor ; J. S. Lelitnar,
chief clerk ; Lon Blake, second clerk ,
George J. Caytou and Theodore Hall,
pilots; JacVWearuer, mate; Oliver Cov
terol and Oliver Bray, engineers ; and
David Welsh, steward, uro the ofllccrs of
the Susie .Sliver.
The St. Joseph arrrived about noon
yesterday from Memphis. She hud
about Sib bales of cotton lor tho Cairo
and Vlnccnncs railroad, which she put
oil at their wharf-boat.
Captain Bob Riley received orders
from St. Louis yesterday alternooii to
lay the St. Joseph up here, ami she Is
now lying near the coal dump, at the
lower part ot I he city.
The Andy Batiin arrived yesterday
morning I'roin Meiupbli with a good trip
and added about twenty-live tons
-Captain Ed. Halllday, of Halllday A
Phillips' wlinrfboat, has In his possession
a twenty-llvo cent shin-plaster with these
Prices Speak Louder than Woi.
Greatest Inducements Ever
Everybody la Invited to Call and
Which Must be Recluoed In
All Dres3 Goods and Silks Reduced
Wa are Determined to Reduce our Stock,
Woolon. Goods, Nubins, Scarfs,
uiankcts. D'lannoiB, ana uomcsuo uuuus at mess never
thought of before. Ouv Stock of Hosiery, and QIotm
Reduced to Lowest Figures, and unprecedented
Bargains in Ladies' and Children's
Kid Gloves are Offorcd.
Will Price 2jrxQ"ULOi3LO o You?
If so, call on us for Ludios', Misses' and Children's Underwear, for
Fancy Goods suitable for Holiday Presents, for Silk
Tics and Scarfs, and for Ribbons.
Earn it by buying Ladles'. Children's and Misses' Custom Mado Shoos
at Our Houso. Extraordinary Bargains in
words written upon Its back
22, '7C. Tho last of $10,000"
II Mrs. C. W. Bradley, wife of Mr.
Chit Bradley, of Halllday & Philips' ,
wharfboat, has gone to Evansvillc to visit I
friends and relative.
The Arkansas Belle, Captain Ben.
Jloward, will be here to-day.
Bo Ttracil Found Itrml.
The New York Herald of the 13th
makes no mention of this, but the Cairo
Bli.lktix does mention the tact that
Hellbron it Well is the cheapest place iu
the city to get your Holiday goods.
Wnterproofa niul Flmiuela.
We offer at redtieed rat3, best blaek
waterproof, ut !X) cent.
Heii.uiiox A Vt Kit..
Notice or Removal.
C. Koch has removed his boot and
shoe shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (one block below),
No. 80 Commercial avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth streets, where ho will
keep tho best home made and St. Loul
custom made boots and shoes, made of
tho best material ; good workmanship
and in the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to.
A tlood Place to Iluy .
A. llalley'a now store is certainly ono
of the best arranged of the kind to be
found iu the city, and what is better, he
has so arranged his prices that many are
taking advantage of the opportunity ol-
fered to buy stoves, tinware, etc., cheaper
than ever known In Cairo. Call on Hal
ley, 115 Commercial avenue, next door to
the Arab engine house. 9-JO-tr.
They've Clot It.
For ovcry description of lino and beau
tiful Jewelry, of the very latest patterns
and styles, go to Butler Brothers, corner
ot Eighth street antl Washington avenue.
This tlrm has just received one ol the
largest and best stocks ever brought to
Cairo which they arc selling at the very
lowest prices. All will do well to give
them a call before buying ut other place?.
12-iVlui .
We will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tun Bui.i.kiix, unless the
same Is made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary or the com
pany, and wo will accept no orders given
by au employe of the company, for any
purpose whatsoever.
Caiiio Bum.ktin Company.
November 10. 1875. tt
no, ron tiik i.t'.vcn.
A free lunch will lw spread every night
hereafter from 0 to 11 o'clock, at "Our
Saloon," Eighth street, between Com
mercial uvenuo and Ohio Levee. Frod
llollhclnze, proprietor. Remember thl,
and don't fall to give Fred a call. Ills
bar Is always stocked with the best of
wine and liquors of every kind, with po
lite and gentlemanly lollows behind
them to wait upon you. Give "Our Sa
loou"acull. 12-11-1 w
For Sale.
A sliver plated No. I) WIUou Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) llul.-h,
valued at f85. Will bo sold at 20 dis
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
from the factory.
(Colored ami mounted -Maps ol thu
city of Cairo at $2 50 each (halt price.)
-A No.!) Wilson Shuttle Sowing Ma
chine valued at S75. Will be sold at Slu
discount, and ortlered direct from the
factory. , ., . ,
A $00 Remington .Sewing Machine
$30 oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot und shoo manufacturer.
A stylo "E," "Clough, Warren it
Co.'s" Parlor Organ, right from the fac
tory at Detroit. List price, $:i00. Will
be sold fot $200.
1000 sheets of hrlstol boanl just re
ceived nt tho Bi'llktin olllee, and lor
sale to tho trade.
City of Cairo,
colored and varnished, for sale nt halt
prlco ($2.50) at tho Bullktin olllee.
20,000 note heads, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper j'18'
received and for salu at tho Bui.i.ktin
sgyXX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at the Bui.i.kiix olllee, printed
$3 50 and $1 00 ver M.
Buy your groceries at tho New York
Store, cheapest place In Cairo 12-.V20t
For any of the ubove articles, npply a
the B01.1.KTIN olllee. E. A. lli-nxurr
Offered to Cuitomert
Kxamlna our Imaianaa Stock ot
the next Thirty Dajre.
in Price 1
Shawls, Cloaks and Furs Marked Way Downl
and Prlcaa will not Ud In our Way 1
Jackets, etc., at a Great Sacrifice.
lNTj wthdow 8 HADES.
Real Estate Column
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stllwell.
Business house on Levee, near Sixth
street, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man it Co.
Winter's Block--suitable for HoU.1
Ofllccs or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7, 8 and 9, In
Winter's Row, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 50 room.
Cottage ou Sixth street, sear Wash
ington avenue I rooms $10 a month.
Store room lu "1'Ilot House," lately
occupied by A. Hallcy.
A good farm with good houses, oppo
site Cairo Haws farm cheap.
Tw o small Houses west of Twenty
second street, near Pine, $i each per
Dwelling house on Twelfth, near
Walnut, 6 rooms.
Store room or Lcvce, above Eighth
street $20 per mouth.
-Cottage on Nineteenth itreet, near
Washington avenue at f 8 50 a month.
Dwelling house on Sixth street and
Jefferson avenue.
linn. ntf .r KmImIt h,ilMla9 111
........... mUawa rnMt. atMA.
Room In various parts ot the elty.
H' l.M. ......... nul..,l. flm lln. I. Alan
a largo number of other lu vUfiercnt
Lands, in tracts to suit, near Cairo.
rpilKliulf if alnlck house, containing four
.1. ruouis, col hit t UUiiilli antl Cuar iui,
i. item,.
1WII.I.-OI1 Sat unlay. Dacamber Is, at lha
hour ol elctvn o'clock a.m., fall at' public
uui'tlon. at the court house, tha followluf ila
acrilietl rtal ntnte, to-wit: Lot numbered nine
t'.i) of the achool lamia of towntUlu saventaaa
tm.somn ranae one m, weai oi ine unru
one (I)
principal mcriilUn, ami coutalninr tan acrati
ul no lot two (i) , block twenty (2
man u
20), cllyor
Lut nine nf Hie aehool lands alnrtdMerlbad U
altnatcdnbont three ralltefrom Um court houaa,
is all cleared ami under eulUvatioa, and la excel
lent land for gardening; purpoeea. Lot two.
block twenty, la eltiialad near tha corner of
Htiiond street and Commercial avenue, and near
the c,wo na Ht.Loula railroad. ...
TKItSIS UF !SAl,K-Ona-haU rash In hand,
(he ba'anra In alz month from day of aala, lo
le secured by proiulaaory note Urawlna sla per
rent. lnteret and aula mortgage upon the pram
ixesaulil. hale ti. lie made aubject to the rigid
of Dower of Mrs. I.uar E. Williams.
Ailniiuiatratornr the Ketatc uf A. Wllllann.
Mrs. M. Howard
II aa arrived and can be aeon at her
rooma, WAVBBLY HOTZL, cor
ner Commercial Avenue and
Sixth Street.
S1IK tells punt, present and future I trite of
law stilts uud gainst tells the name of the
nemona v,
on will marry! she wilt (ire you
rliarts uf lucki she can ulio brinir hack abaeut
friend und raaae speedy marriage; the Madam
hits never licen excelled In her arufeaaluii i and
Ifauttifutton la not Riven no pay 1 required.
Mie will be here for a aliorl time only.
FEE, 50 Cents to 1 Dollar. Ke OeatUmsn.
Friday and Saturday, December IT ead It.
JarkMacevoy't celebrated
Irish Comody and Speoislty Com
Introducing a Talented Company of trliti
In ahUlily ainutliiK nud royal entertainment
as iilayejby them for one hundn-4 consecutive
ultfhtsat St. James theatre, New Turk,
Kvenlua- I'rlraai
Kescrved sent ....7A eeutsT
(ieneral animation - sncentt.
Children....-.. -...- ti cent.
IVf Reserved aeats ou aa'e at .11. llanmaa'
Dry (3ood atom.
Matlaie NMisrslay at a p. aa.
M ATI MBS rail is:
...S6 cent,
"Grent Madioal Bok
niHlSiiruta lor Udlea aad UanU. ul free Sut
wo aluiiiin. Address, j
lo-li-ili) et, iomvlt. Ke.

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