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JJIOA1.0M hOVQK, NO. tl.
Oar klgbt at hair-past seven, id Odd
Fallows' Hall. Jan. H. Uoiimam,
Cbaactllor C'arauiaudtr.
i InilniMidMit llnUr nf (Mil-Kul-
UUMtU1 avcuut, bttwmii ftlith u0 KtmilU
iro, (J, Mill, r. u
. U1K0 KNCAMI'MKNT, I. O. O. r.. mrtta
OlnOtlMllowa' Mall on lh drat and third
meaua lo tvtry month, at half-iawt MTcn.
. Jwo. H. Omehly, U. 1'.
A CAIHOLOMUK, NO. 237, A. t. & A. f
aTVa. Hold rcirular comniuntcatlous in Ma
Kafl ioalo Hall, corner Commercial avenaa
' 'ami KlKhtu atrnt, on the second and
ourw noauar oi racn moniu.
Attoraey at Law.
OVriCR: At residence on Ninth 8trrt, be
t Wtf a 1 1 1 rr n aMMIla At.il U'dlnill SI
1. 1. i --ijarr-
yjqruviAM. . smith, m. d.
lUtllDKNOE: No. 21 Thirteenth street, be
Iwmsi Waafctnjrton aTenne and Walnut utmt
OriTlCR: North aide of Eighth trrt be
tween Commercial and Wmliluirtuu ateuue.
w. Mmmra, . to.
HKSIDENCE; Corner Ninth and Walnut
omCK: Corner Slath street and Ohio Letee.
OFFICE IIOUEfl: From C a.m. 11 iu , and
Crom 2 lo t t.rn.
Buy your Quick Teast at New York
Store, received fresh dally at wholesale
and wUll. 12-6-aOt
air Country.
The father ot all Boss cigars, a seven
Inch Havana filter, for live cent at
Mew fork lor
Sells iMtt od cracker at 7 cent per ft
by the box ; alto very choice mlnce-ine.it
and apple batter. 12-fi-20t.
caadr t'aaaly.
Two thousand poundi faucy, choice
mixed and toy candy for tale at the New
York Store by wholesale and retail.
JhsI Heelvol.
New hanii, breakfast bacon, buck
wheat flour, cranberries, plunu, ralictiJ,
icurreuts. al the New York Store.
Keadi Stood I!
Thu finest assortment of genU' youths
and boys' clothing, which we will tell
cheaper than can he boiif lit anywhere In
tlie city, at D. Uartman's, corner of Sixth
street and Commercial avenue, 12-5-tl
Attention! Battler.
Wo have four dozen Imitation Kbony
Sprague Cun-Oponers, taken for adver
tising, which wc will sell at two dollars
per dozen. Inquire at liullutin office.
Col. E. M. Lowe, ot Pulaski, Pulaski
couutv. desires to take ten or a dozen
horses to winter at his fatui. Good sta
bling and pasture, at Iqw rates. For ref
erence apply to J. II. Mctealt, Cairo, Ill
inois. ItMMiw.
A. Hallry hits removed to his new
store room, 110 Commercial avenue, op
posite Winter's Block, and next door to
the Anil) engine houte, where lid will he
pleased to see all his old customers and
as man- new ones. SMO-tf
Kiw Trar'a Hall.
Neujahr's-Htfll zar Kroeflnungder neuen
'inruhalle, ant Sylvestcrabend, dun
31ten IVz., 1875. In plain Kiijllsli
New-Y'tar'a ball hi cehdiratlon of the
open,- 0r the new Turners hall, New
Year's hve, .-.w,.ml)pr, 1875.
Hellbroii & Well hiivTTu.'dui..! , jec
on the lollowuio; article, for this week
only : ltlack alpaca from 50 to 35 cents ;
all wool Kmpress cloths liom GO to 4'
cents ; navy hlun and brown water-prool
from $1 50 to $1 J.".; Muck ca.nimtre,
from $1 05 to 85 cents ; kid cloves from
$1 50 to $1; felt skirts Irom SI to 75
ccuta; plaids liom 35 to '.'5 cent, and
cverythinir else iu proportion. 1'.'-1S-1 w
Wan tr it
Kveryboily to know that Ibe plaue to ret
A smooth shave,
A good shampoo,
A fashfouuble halr-vut,
Or aii thing la that line,
la at the UKA.NI C'aMTUAI. llAKBKR
Suoi', corner Eighth and Commercial,
V b-tf J. Oaoitua HTKimiouaa.
Real Estate Column
run ltKNT.
Hunlncss house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunuluxhnm & Stllwell.
Business house on Levee, near Sixth
street, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man 4 Co.
Winter's Block--suitable for Hotel
Offices or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7, S and 0, In
Winter's Row, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 607 rooms.
Cottage on sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 4 rooms $10 a month.
Store room hi "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. liullcy.
A good farm with good houses, oppr
site Cairo Haws farm cheap.
Two small Houses west of Twenty
second street, near Pine, $4 each per
Dwelling house on Twclith, near
Walnut, 0 rooms.
Store room on Levee, above Eighth
street $30 per month.
Cottage on Nlnetccuth street, near
Washington aveuuo at $8 50 a mouth.
Dwelling house ou Sixth street mid
Jefferson avenue.
Upper floor of brick building cut
Commercial avenue, above Tenth street,
very desirable.
Rooms Iu various parts ot the city.
Lands, In tracts to suit, near Calrd.
mu iuttittht.
I.ornl Weather Report.
Cairo, III., Uro. W, liii.
Vil. I Wcatii,
! Kn r.
10 I Cloudy.
13 "
J A Ml'. 4 WA'ISWN,
Sergeant, Slirunl Hcntce, U. 3. A.
To Rent.
Cottage on lUtli street, live rooui, good
cittern, eti. Kuquiie of Dii.Smiiii.
I.ornl Jwllliiu-w
Judge llros returned Irom Chicago
on Sunday afternoon.
Grand lunch at "Our Saloon" to
night. 12-15-tl
Col. Taylor has returned Irom New
Choice New Orleans sugars and yr
tips at tho Now York Store. 12-5-201
John S. Cruue, circuit clerk ot John
son county, was In the city on Sunday.
For groceries ot every kind, go to
Louis II. Myers', 113 Commercial nvenae.
Prohale court, Judge F. Ilross pre
siding, convened yesterday morning.
Come one, come all, and eat ot the
grand lunch at "Our Saloon" to-night,
12-15-tf Fiu:d. IIoi'itKi.vs.
Hon. D. T. Llnegar has returned
from Chicago where he spent the greater
part of last week.
Ladles whhtng to purchase under
wear for themselves or children, can get
Just what they want at Burger & Co',
124 Commercial avenue. 12-1'J-lm
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Morris ot
Ulllu, were In the city tor a short time
Oil cloths and carpets, and In fact
everything heart can wish for, canjbe
found by calling ou Burger & Co, 124
Commercial avenue, 12-10-1 in
t'rcsU aialtlnior shell oysters al
la Planters' If una. Il-'ja-tl
-Asortd colors Granite Paper with
Envelopes to match, at the Bi'mxtik
otllce. tf
-Judge I). J. Baker sptnt Sunday last
with his family In Cairo. He returned to
Vienna, where he Is now holding court,
on Monday morning.
-Table linens, napkins, towels and
bed spreads of every kind, and to suit
the wants of every person, can Ik found
In great abundance at Burger & Co's,
121 Commercial avenue. 12-10-1 m
-Be sure nud come to the grand lunch
at "Our Saloon to-night.
12-15-tf Funt). UoiiiKi.NS.
The city council is still struggling
with the revised ordinances, and at tha
present rate will probably get through
reading them about the year nineteen
-For splendid blankets, water-proofs,
cashmeres and Jeaus, call ou Burger, 121
Commercial avenue. 12-19-lm.
-Choice Michigan cider for sale at the
New Yoik store, by thu quart, gallon
and barrel ; aho K. it W. S IJi'lng
Buckwheat Hour, very choice.
10-12-1'J-lOt. C. O. Pat kik t Co.
License paying time Is at hand, as
will be teen by notice published else where
in this Ubue of the Bui.Lirnx . Mer
chants, liquor dealers and teamsters
whose liceniss expire December 31st, are
notilitd that they must be renewed on or
before the fourth day of January, 1S76.
For the cheapest uud best Blankets,
White and Grey, go to Hartmau's.
It was reported yesterday that some
body In the lower part of the city had
been robbed of live hundred dollars. In
vestlgatlon, however, knocked the bot
tom nut of the whole story.
Tliw Aluasilir County Slunk sell
exohauEC on nil lUr rlnrlpnl rlllcs of
Europe, and nlleuils Iu tut- collection
ofrlalina mid .suites, rsprilnllly In
UrriiiHiiy. ll-'JI-lm.
We are requested by the lecture com
mittee to state that Mrs. Schlcslugcr and
Mrs. Wright will sing at the lecture to
night, mid Mls Amu Pitcher will pre
side at thu organ.
The tastes of the uiot fastidious liuly
can be satisfied by calling on Burger &
Co, when they want laces, embroideries,
linen, culls or collars. Their stock Is
superb and complete. 12-19-lm.
Sometime during Sunday uight or
Monday morning, burglars broke Into
Furnbaker's clothing store on Ohio levee,
ynd succeeded In carrying oft a quantity
oi goon, i ney nave not as yet been ap
prehended. -Hosiery, gloves, nubias mid scarfs
Iu great abundance, and ut the very low
est prices, at Burger & Co's ; 124, Com
mercial avenue. 12-1'J-lm.
A very disorderly and boisterous
crowd paraded the streets In the lower
part of the city ou Sunday night, and
several arrests were made. Justice Bird
tried most of the parties yesterday, and
judged them according to their sins.
-A large stock of ladles', misses' and
children's shoes, of thu latest styles and
finest material, and very cheap, tiro on
sale at Burger & Co's, 124 Commerclul
avenue. 12-10-lm.
-A man with a pretty badly battered
head madu his appenrance. at the Wnverly
house Sunday night and "washed up'."
He refused to give any account of him
self, or the mutincr lu which he became
so badly used up.
LousdalcMuslhi at eleven cent s per
yard at D. Hartmau's. 12-5-tf,
fresh lliilllmore aliell oyslem at
llic I'laaters' House. ll-aH-ll
For rlhlo is and tics of every shade
uud quality, and nmlllcis of nil kinds,
you should go to Burger & Co's, 124,
Commercial avenue. They havo just
what you want, and will not fall to pleitso
vou. 12-10-lm
Jim Harris, u colored man and
noted desperado, was Jugged by Sheriff
lrvin yesterday. Harris has made his
brags that "no man could take him."
Sheriff Irvlu took him,, however. Hum
has a habit of taking fellows when they
are wanted.
IIaii. I Tux. Wind.
3).2II I V sh '
'.M I U H
.T'.ISI W 3
Doctor Gilbert preached to a full
house ou Sunday evening, and hU dis
course, the subject of which was "taxa
tion of'church property," was listened to
with marked attention. Mr. Gilbert takes
the ground that all church property ex
cept church edlllccs should be taxed.
Ladles' and children'- knitted Jackets
with uud without sleeves, of alt linaglu,
able styles. In (hit vnit and varied stock
none can fall to he suited, as the prices
range. Children's sacks from 50 cents ;
ladles' Jackets from $1 up, to suit your
selves. 12-18-lw IIkii.iiiiox &, Wr.ii,,
Chas. Wlltlg, Sr., died at his home,
iu Uils city on Sunday, 10th. At the
time of his death, Mr. Yittlg was eev
en ty-four years, one month uud eleven
days old. lie will bu buried from his
residence, ou Washington avenue be
tween Fourth and Filth streetyto-day at
two o'clock
- Mr. Cauda, Snjiirliitundcut of the
Cairo and St. LoulsuafTlroad company,
hor, tiled a bill iu tho circuit court for the
coudeiuuallon of such real estate, belong'
Ing to the Cairo City Property company,
as may he required for building the em
hankuient for their road bod. The mat
ter Is set lor hearing on the llr.it day of
I lie court.
Mr. Burger, the well-known dry
goods merchant, certainly has no reason
to grumble at hi Satrtrdsty's trade. Dur
lug the day ho fold thirteen hand-omc
am) Yinclvo plonks. There Can bono
doubt that Mr. Burger's stock of goods
In this line Is the htrgett and hand
somest ever brought to Cairo. To be
appreciated, they mut be seen. Go see
If you want an economical heating
stove for wood and one of the handsom
est stoves lu the market, with Illumina
ted front, buy the Improved Eveulng
Star which took the blue ribbon at St.
Louis Fair last October, over all others
on exhibition. For sale by C. W. Hen
derson, 191 Commercial avenue, Cairo,
Illinois. ll-2S-d-lm
"What action will the city council take
to prevent the Culro and St. Louis rail
road company from laying their traek on
the new levee," Is a question with which
many of our citizens are wrestling. As
the new levee is not completed yet, and
will not be lor another mouth, It is hard
to tell just what tho council will do; but
we venture to say.that body will be heard
from on the subject when the proper
time comes.
Burger & Co. have on hand oue of
tho largest, mot clegaut and fashion
able stocks ot dress goods, silks aid pop
lins ever brought to Cairo. They hayo
put their prices down to the very lowest
notch, aud buyers will Uud it to their
advantage to give them a call. 12-10-lm
our people than J. Barger, and on his
last trip east, he purchased one of the
most elegant stocks of shawls, cloaks
and furs that could be found. Give him
a call and look at them, whether you buy
or not. 12-10-lm.
A colored man named Loonsrd was
killed by the iiicomlag passenger train ou
the Illinois Central a short distance
above Mounds Junction yesterday.
Leonard was driving his team,
aud did not notice the train
coming until his horses were on the track.
Iu attempting to save his horses Leonard
was thrown between his wagon und thu
train u it paed by. The train was
stopped, when It was touud that the
upper part of Leonard's head was crushed
to a jelly. The body was removed to
Mounds Junction, where an Inquest was
The nio-t acceptable holiday present
to a housekeeper would be a patent flour
chest and bread-table. This ueat article
will hold two hundred pounds of flour,
about seventy-five pounds ot meal, and
the satno amount of Buckwheat or Gra
ham llour; contains two bread-boards, til
In lAace. a rolling-pin holder, a
kneading trough, u yeast box ia i.read
closet, and when closed forms a kitchen
side-board or Ironing table. It stands on
cu'tors, and Is ornamental, Price, deliv
ered, $12. Orders may be left at L. II.
Myers' grocery store, or addressed to
J. PoWKlt Hki.y,
12-19-tf P. O. Box 718.
The Harker-ICuy Kendall contested
election eao was set for trial lu the John
son county circuit court ou Monday
morning. O. A. Uarkur, Esq., und Maj.
A. J. Kuykrudall were opposing candi
dates for county judg. Maj. Kuyken
dall received a msjorlty of one vote. Mr
Marker contests the election ou the
ground that lu Vienna precinct some
sixty parsons not entitled to vote cast
their ballots tor Maj. ICuykendall. The
knowing oucs claim that Mr. Marker
will be successful in the contest.
At no time since the new levee was
commenced has the work progressed so
favorably as at tho present. The fine
weather of the last week has left thu
ground lu splendid condition, aud with
a largely Increased force of laborers and
teams the work has beuu pushed for
ward with wonderful rapidity. Yes
terday upwards of eighty teams were on
the work aud theamount of earth placed
on tho leyee was almot double that of
any other day since the work was com
mence, Iu the absence of Mr. Robert
Bagncll, who Is In Washington, his
brothers Thomas and James have charge
ot the work, nud deserve credit for tho
manner In which thoy managed It.
A celebrated physician ot Cairo. Illi
nois, not unknown hereabouts, was re
cently called to see a patient outot Cairo,
very low witu consumption, u was ap
parent that the sick man was gradually
drawing to his end, aud as he
owed the doctor n "little bill" for profes
sional service, me mcuicino man ueemeu
it prudent to lead the diseased mind to
the consideration of this hill. He
therefore kindly spoko to him of tho
nearness oi ins enu auu uio uecos-uty oi
putting his house lu order for the change.
Tho sick man replied that he wasouceuii
exemplary Cangregatlonallst, but had
uacK-suuucn, i lie doctor remarked tuni
It was not too late to set his house to
rights as tho good book said, that as long
as the lamp holds out to burn, the vil
est shiner might get back, or words
to that effect, aud there wus still
a hope for him. The poor Invalid
cast his eyes heavenward for a moment,
then turulnir to the nhvslelan who had
so -tenderly reminded him of the near
npproacn oi ueatii, reinHiKeu, "I'octor,
will vou Drav with' me i" This tcr
geretl tho professional man ; he wanted
pay and conldnot pry, hut to avoid the
latter, ceased 'to lead his patient to an
further contemplation or his latter
or that "little blll.-i'ac. ton C'ownfw Km.
The Era man dot i not tell the story
correctly. The doc or Is not a "praying
man," and that hi Was "staggered" Is
true ; but ho had g 10 so far that there
was uo other courK for him than to coin
ply with tho dying nan's request. He
knew several Masoi ic prayers, a portion
of the Lttauy, and lone or two prayers
of a certain churth service; by jum
bling them together he managed to get
oil a pretty fair son of a prayer ; and the
patient seemed to pel better from having
listened to It. When the doctor had fin
ished and was abo t to leave the house,
the patient bland f remarked tbat ho
would arrange to ave the doctor's bill
paid It should be 'paid In com." The
doctor has never tence given a patient an
opportunity to alt blm to pray with
him. '
The Seidell Irjvln theatrical combina
tion, ene of t lie beat lu the country, will
commence a three nights' engagement
at the Athencutn lu this city, on Christ
mas night, fsclden Irwin Is no stranger
t the amusement-loving people of Cairo,
aud Indeed a great favorite with many.
They place upon the boards, for the llrst
time In this city, Augusttn Daly's great
hew York sensation, "Big Bonanza,
and that It will draw. an immense kouse,
we are almost sure. The coiumous (uuiu;
Journal, relerring to the play as pre
sented by the Selden Irwin troupe In
that city, says :
Auirustin Daly's New York sensation,
the Big Bonauza, had Its first presenta
tion iu Lttiumuus iai mem oeiore a
larra audience ouo of the most aonrecl-
ative and discriminating that could be
obtained by a close 1 'sift" of the city.
The play bad a great run, and has com
manded the admiration or the theatre-
going public In nearly all the principal
cities and towns, clear across the conti
nent. Columbus Is Indebted to the Sei
dell Irwin combination for assuring It
the production of one of the most noted
of modern plays, and In a style beflttlnr
Its reputation and the reputation ot the
Mr. llarrv Kainlorth takes the nart of
Professor Cadwallader, an eccentric indi
vidual engrossed in scientific pursuits,
who quarrels with Jonathan Cadwalla
der, a rich banker and broker, on the
question as to whether stock speculation
requires a genuine article of brains. To
test the matter, Jonathan sets the profes
sor up In business and precipitates him In
fluanclal aud stock gambling so deep that
the old gentleman soon loses sight ot
"chemical combinations," and the like,
and plunges into Big Bonanza mining
stock with desperation. The transi
tion from a "man of brains" to
a "man of money" gives the
opportunity for the leading vein of
comedy in the play. Mr. Rainforth has
apart which requires idee judgment and
specialquallttcations. He madu a hit In
the character last night, and In thu eyes
of a Columbus audleace clearly confirmed
his right to the high estimation in which
he is held in other places.
The play, taken altogether, was well
rendered, and deserves a good run. The
Big Bonanza will be repeated to-night. It
i a play which those who desire to keep
posted in the best of the late productions
cannot well afford to miss.
Madame Rcutz's female minstrel
troupo will iflvo an r ntfrtainirtpttr at tha
Athencutn, iu this city, on next Friday
evening, December 2tth. Speaking of
this troupe, the Burlington, (Iowa)
Hnekyt says :
"M'dc Rcnt.'s female minstrels in
Union hall. last evening, were greeted by
a crowded house and thu performance
deserved tho liberal pctrouagc it re
ceived." Popularoplnion, socially speakinr, isso
much against anyentertainnsent including
any approach to the genus "cau-cau"
that to sneak well ot a trcupe advertis
ing the Parisian feature as i specialty re
quires more nerve than theaverage news
paper is supposed to possess. We make
the venture lu the present Instance, how
ever, assured that we are enly according
justice to the excellent ccmbluution ot
artistes to which wo now refer. Uullke
tho generality of can-can companies,
Madame Reutz's Is made up of genuine
prolesslonals, possessing more than ever-
urotesslonal ability and being withal,
evidently WlUt.rsi.il In lint nrnnrtotv n
speech aud.'actlou'upon nictw.. lu.
dlcate a consideration for respect of them
selves ami mat uue tneir auditors.
The slngliiff of Jflss Kltte Sheppard,
Mr. Frank Bell, Miss Iinillo Forest, Mr,
Harry Armstrong and Miss Marion Rob
inson (the names are given in programme
order) was all good and well received,
particularly that of Miss Hattle Forest
and Miss Marlou Roblnscn, The La
luonts, Jeunloand Albert, it their trapeze
and posturing acts, were vociferously
aud deservedly applauded. Frank Bell's
senatorial address simply brought down
the house, while the Mister Warner and
Swineburue, in their gracehl velocipede
evolutions, cyinccd much dexterity and
skill. Nor must wc forget to mention
Prof. Thomas Posho's vlolli solo, which
was a gem In its way nud rewarded by
n enthusiastic encore Tin dancing act
was one of tho prettiest we have seen.
and devoid of any approsch to "loud
ness" or vulgarity. Throughout the en
tertainment, the funuylsms of Messrs.
Frank Bell and Harry Armstrong added
greatly to the enjoyment, keeping the
"house" in a constant good humor.
We have, in conclusion, to congratu
late tne managers upon tueir selection oi
agents, who arc emphatically, gentlemen;
and ou the whole, the troupe has suc
ceeded lu making such a name for Itself,
Individually and collectively, in Burllug
ton, as will Insure It a hearty welcon?e
whenever it comes this way again,
Letter tut.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
In the Post Otllco at Cairo, Alexander
county, minute, Saturday, Dec. SOlh,
Adams Ellen, Allen A. it., Bruwn
Annie, Baber A. C, Black M. A., Ben
nett Amanda, Brown S. J., Condon I.,
Clarksou M. Dunn A. E Dlshon Clara,
Fuller Jennie, Gullgher Nettie, Harris
Ella, Hoar Mar', Hodges Harriet, Hester
Ophelia, Harris Maggie, Ktefer J. L.,
Muhoney Helen, McCarthy Mary,
Nawcll Lizzie, Peoples Lizzie, Powel
Mena, Sacket Amanda, Stout N. M., Ste
vens Susan, Savery E., Thouipsoit,lda.
qkntlkmln's list.
Adams Anions, Armstrong C, Blake
Alfred, Brlce Con., Bell F., Baker F. M
Baker J. E., Bedford John, BentleyJ,,
Bedfor It., Bootho R. W. & Co., Bedford
R., Crawford C. T., Carroll James, Cox
J. 1L, Coudon M., Coflee R,, Cullenden
Mr., Darling A. R., Davidson D., Dayey
E., Davis II., Davis R. B., Dlckersou T,
M Darling M. B., Edwards M
Elms It,, Frazcr D. O., Foggy .Toltm
Fredrlcks L., Fields N Goodrich, O. I...
Geolhrie U.S., Gardluer J., Hough, C,
Harbour, Geo., Illrshflcld 11., Humphrey
J., Jones Geo. s., Jacobs Mike,
King J., Krutz Louis, Locll
B., Lyon Ira 2, Messier D. S. 2
McConnell E. A., Matties John, Morrow
J. B., McBrlde J. S., Murphy M. 2,
McNeley M. E., Mead P.,Mluard Win.,
Montgomery William, Moss William
H. 2, Moore W., Nicholas J.,
O'Leary .1., Pillllpa D. 11., Parson E
Roberts A. G.,2 llobersyti J. T., Smith
Wm. T., Stovall C. C, Thorp A. L.,
Traner H., Wright Albart,3 Wheeler C.
P., Wright B., Weiss George, White J.
R., Wharton J., Wallace P. C, Yager
William 2
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say "Advertise."
Georok W. McKeaio, P. M.
Cairo, Iu.., Monday Evesixo,
December 20, 1876.
Since our last Issue we have been al
lowed to taste of n little real winter,
which had the effect to make thu sales of
dressed meats, poultry and eame rather
active. On Friday the weather here
was the coldest ot the season, the ther
mometer showing twenty degrees below
freezing. At present, however, It is
much warmer.
Business In general is dull. Hay Is
ratiier quici, i.. v..f ii,f. Mj ror
mixed, ana very uttie is finding its way
to this place. Choice hay, however, Is
scarce, aud would sell very rapidly.
Corn is also quite, with but little coming
Into the market; there Is but little de
mand, except at the mills, where good
white corn Is wanted for mllllngpurposes.
The sales lu oats for the past few days
have been heavier than for some time
past, and this branch of the market is
much more active, with a good demand.
Meal is quiet, with supply and demand
about equal. Bran Is also very quiet.
Butter Is plenty and quiet. The supply
of eggs Is about all that are needed'
A large lot were sold on Saturday at
21)c which relieved the market, aud they
are now selling at 25c. Poultry Is plenty
and dull.
Our friends should bear In mlud
tbat the prices here given are usually for
sales from first hands in round lots. Iu
tilling orders and for broken lots it is nec
essary to cliarge an advance over theso
Quiet and dull, with Unlit demand
the market belug well supplied. Itisbe!
Hcyed, however, that tho demand will
be much Improved in a few days. Sales
reported were 200 bbls various grades,
$4 20(2,7 25 ; 200 bbls various grades,
$4 25&; 800 bbls various grades, $ I
7 25; 100 bbls low grades, $1 75; 100
bbla low grades, $1 75 ; 100 bbls mcdlam,
$5 50 ; 100 bbls choice family, $i 75 ; 150
bbls XXX winter, $0 75 ; 100 bbls
various grades, $4? 50 ; 500 bbls, S5
7 50.
rhntrn hay ix scarce, and would find
ready sale. There is not much of any
kind coming Into market, which is
rather fortunate, as far as mixed Is con
cerned, as there is but little call for this
kind. Tho only sale noted was 1 car
mixed, 12.
The supply of corn now on hand is
about equal to the demand, though there
are a few cars of white wanted at the
mills. Sales noted were: 2 cars new
white mixed, 43; 2 cars mixed, 43c; 1
car white, 41c; 2 cars white mixed, iu
bulk ou track, 43c ; 5 cars, 45c.
Oats have been pretty active since our
last report, and the demand is very good.
Sales hayo been heavier tliau for several
week's. Those reported were: 3 cars
Southern Illinois, lu bulk on track, 33c ;
2 carl mixed, in bulk on track, 34e -, 1 car
Galena mixed, In bulls. 3c , car choice
white, iu bulk on track, 40c ; 1 car mixed
in sacks, 41c; 2 cars sacked aud deliv
ered, 3io : 3 ears Southern Illinois, 3Sc ;
2 cars choice white In sacks, 45c.
Meal Is quiet with a demand equal to
the supply. Sales reported were 300 bar
rels city steam drld, $3 403 45 ; 1 car
steam dried, $2 30 ; 100 barrels, $2 40.
Bruu Is very quiet. The only salu re
ported was 200 sacks at $15.
Plenty aud quiet. Sales were : 500 lbs
Southern roll, 252Sc; 400 lbs choice
Northern, 23c; 10 tubs strictly choice,
30c; 10 buckets Southern Illinois, 2325c;
300 lbs Northern packed, 25c; 100 lbs
choice Northern roll, 20Jc ; 500 lbs choice
Northern packed, 27c ; 10 buckets South
ern Illluols, 20c.
The supply on band Ii equal to the
demand. A large lot was sold on Friday
at 24c, whlcb relieved the market so that
those on hand sell at 25c, Sales reported
were; 1,000 dozen, 25c; 500 dozen, 2 1
25c ; 500 dozen, 24c.
There Is a good demand for strictly
choice apples, while all other brands arc
very dull. Salei were : 50 barrels choice,
$4 75; 20Uart Ben Davis, $125: 40
barrels Wineaaps, $2 75&3 25 ; 50 barrels
Ben Davis, $4; 150 barrels, $150; 100
barrels choice, BO4 7B.
Poultry of every kind, both live and
dressed, is pleuty and dull. Sales noted
Tl'bkkys 2 dozen live, $11 ; 15 dozen
live SPiil6; 1000 poundi Ureed, 10
Gkkhk 10 dozen dressed, $5.
CmcKKN8-10 dozen live, $22 50 ; 10
dozen choice hens, $3.
Dicks-15 dozen $2 503.
Provisions are about us' last quoteu
Sales were 2000 pounds dried salt rib
sides, 10Je ; 1200 pounds dry shoulders,
8c ; 15 barrels mesa pork, $20 73 per bar
Tha sales of dressed meats were 2000
pounds dre'std beef, l5c round; 1500
Prices Speak Louder than Words
Greatest Inducements Ever Offered to Quttomtrt
Hverybo.ly la Iuvltod to Call and
Which Must be RmlucoJ In the naxt Thirty Day a.
All Dress Goods and Silks Reduced In Price 1
Shawls, Cloaks and Furs Marked Way Down!
We are Duturratued to Reduce our Btock, and Prices will not Stand in our Way t
Woolen Goods, Nub law, Scarfs, Jackets, etc., at Great Saorifloe
Blankota, Flannels, and Domestic Oooda at Tricea nover
thought of before. Our Stook of Hosiery, and Glove
Eoduood to Lowest Figuros, and unprecedented
Bargains in Ladies' and Children's
Kid Olovcs aro Offered.
Will Price Influence You?
If so, call on us for Ladies', Misses' and Children's Underwear, for
Fancy Goods suitnblo for Holiday Presents, for Silk
Tics and Scarfs, and for Ribbons.
acoxra? satis is xftoxTinr zafjxd
Earn it by buyincc Ladies', Children's and Mieses' Custom Made Shoes
at Our Houso. Extraordinary Bargains in
pounds drc;ed hogs CJ(k7Jt j0C0
pounds dressed mutton, ric.
Potatoes are uitlot. Wc note sale
of 60 bbls choice Poach Ulow, $1 73; 25
bbls Northern Poach Mows, 2.
There ure plvntj of onions ou hand to
supply thu demand, which Is rcrr
We note sales ot 10 bbls, ; 10
bbls, 1(12; 10 bbls, $0 5010; 10 bbls,
$10 00.
Tha past weak has hecu favorable for
game dealers. Wu note sales of 25
dozen rabbits, $1 50 ; 50 dozen quail, $1
(u)l 25; 5 dozen grouse, 50; 7 whole
deer, 57c.
Wo uote sale of 500 head cabbage,
(V7'7 npp lintiilrptl.
Waii DarAiiTMEirr. ltivtu Hkpoht, (
Dec. 2. 1S7.V i
rr. is. n. in.
Cairo. IT .I -1 2
rittliurB '-' T -1 n
Cluclnnatl II a I a
lxulJTllte S li
NasliTllle S 0 It
HI. Lcuis 4 T 2
llvlislll.' 0 ii i 'i
MeniphK 1' 1 X
Vlckubunr VI tl 1
XcwUi Irani 11 " "
8rnmit, SlKtial HervUw, V!.H. A.
Port 1.11.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
" Baratavia, Cincinnati.
Fannie Tatum, St. Louis.
" Julia, Vlckuburg.
" John M. Chambers, St. Louis.
" Jas. I). Parker, Memphis.
" Joe Kinney. Viukfbur?.
Steamer Jim Flair, Paducah.
" Mary Ann, Ohio river.
" Baratavia, X. O.
" Alice Urown, Ohio river.
" Fannlo Tatum. Vlcksburi;.
" John M. Chambers, Vlcksburjf.
" Jas. I). Parker, Cincinnati.
" Joe Kinney, St. Louis.
" City of Qulncy, St. Louis.
The Ohio river fell 5-8 of nn inch.
The weather yesterday was pleasant,
though it made a feeble effort to rain last
availing. '
Business is us dull as Usual.
The City ot Qulncy, having laid up
here sluce the 17th, left for New Orleaus
yesterday evening.
-Tho Eddyvllle, from Nashville, ar
rived at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon with
a cargo of Iron and tobacco. She re
turned to Nashville at S o'clock Sunday
The itobert Seiuple, with one barge,
out from St. I. mils, came Iu Sunday
afternoon aud left Suuduy evening for
New Orleans.
The list of Auchor Line Kteamers
ow lying at Culro under the care of
Commodore Robert IC. Iilley, are the
St. Joseph Ste. Geuevleve, Capitol City,
Grand Towr and Vlcksbiirg.
The new government survey boat
Baratavia, passed down for New Orleaus
from Cincinnati last night.
The Alice Brown and tow went up
the Ohio yesterday.
The Julia Is loading here and will
return to Vlcksbiirg to-morrow.
The J. 1). Parker brought up 200
bales ot cotton for the Illinois Central
road. She added about twenty tons
here, anil left ou er Way to Chioln
natl. A telegram from Cuptalu Miller an
nounced that thu Mary nouston would ar
rive at 2 o'clock last night.
The Joo Kinney left for St, Louis last
night about 0:30 o'clock.
The Clinton after laying hero for two
days left for St. Louis last evening.
The Icetiiro ot Mrs. Alvord will be
delivered in the .Methodist church Instead
of the Presbyterian as heretofore an
nounced, Our leaders wilt remember that Mrs.
Alvord will lecture lu the Methodist
church to-night. Wo bespeak for her a
big house.
Sam Foster has disposed of tils In
terest In the Great U-Kopo-In Circus
aud Menagarie, aud will go ou the T. F.
Eckert with Captain trvo Diigun, ns llrst
Captain Jim Morris, has returned
from St. Louts. When Morris It out of
Vxaaalne our Immanaa Stock of
town, Captain Bill Hamilton, Dare
Hlner and the rest of tha boys always
becomes down-hearted.
The fine passenger aud freight
steamer city 0f Alton will leart the
wharf Wcdneaday or 5ew Orleans, which
fact should not be forgotten by parties
waning to go South.
the Bismarck will leave New Or
leans to-day for Memphis, Cairo and St
The new steamer "Carondelet."now
lying at Now Orleans, owned by Captain
incK uove ana others, will leave that city
for St. Louis sometime this wet.
The Mary Miller left New Organic
Friday night, 100 tons of susrarand mo
lassos for the Ohio river.
The Fannie Lewis came In Sunday
morning from St. Louis for Memphis,
with a fair trip.
-The Arkansas Bello arrived on Sun
day afternoon with a light trip from Ev
ansvllln. She left on her return trip at
I o'clock.
Tho Julia came into port yesterday
afternoon with U70 bales of cotton for tha
hast, which she put off at the Cairo and
Vlneemies railroad company's wharf
boat. Shu will turn back to Vlcks-
The Julia will leave thecltv on Wed
iicmIut for Vlcksbnrif. oflerlnr the ver
best accommodations for both freight and
Thu Fannin Tatum cama into nor
yesterday afternoon after laying aarouud
at Liberty lalaud for n good while. She
added llfly tons hero and went on her
Tho John M. Chambers arrived from
St. Louis yesterday alternoon, on her
way to Vieksburjr. Sho passed the Carrie
V. Kounlz at Liberty Island, and reports
the ICuiint. hi a sinking condition and
throwing hor freight overboard.
The Jim Flk came aud went with
her UMial punctuality.
Tho levee was a dry place for news
Nnle or Real Ealnlo.
The undersigned oilers for salu lots No.
12, ill and 14, iu block No. 20, in the city
of Cairo, together with n cottage situ
ated ou said lots, at a low figure. For
further Information, eall at tho residence
ot the undersigned. John Suiikel.
Iu this city on Sunday the 10th Inst,
Charles Wfttfg, sr., at Ilia ageof seventy
four years, one month and eleven days.
The funeral will take place to-day (Tues
day), at 2 o'clock, from his residence on
Washington cveuue. between Fourth and
Fifth streets. All friends of the family
are cordially invited to attend.
Kurauipuit-iil I, O. ). F.
The members of Cairo EncaniDmant
No. Ui are hereby notified that at the
regular ineetlug to-night, the officers
for the ensuing term will be elected.
Also there will be work In the llrst and
second degrees.
It is desired that all the members be
present. Visiters are cordially invited.
h. A Btm.YKrr, Scribe.
To merelian ts, liquor dealers and team.
sters :
All licenses expiring December 31st,
1S75, must be renewed on or before Jan
uary 1st, 1870.
All liquor dealers whose licenses ex
pire December 31st, 1S75, are hereby no
tilled to tilo bond at clerk's office on of
beforo January 4th, 1870, at which tlmo
the city council will take actiou thereon,
W. F. Axley, City Clerk.
A UegitUr convocation of Cairo
'O'Clinptf r No. 01, to be held at the
Masonic hall, tills, Tuesday even
ing, December 21, 1875. Visiting com
panions cordially Invited.
C. Hanky, Sec'y.
.literal Hall,
Oyittv Supper in the Dinimi-Jtoom in Ms
Bulletin Butldmj, Dec. 29th, W5.
As two of thu best looking and most
popular young gentlemen of the city will
servo as floor managers, and four more of
like character ou the reception committee,
aud other arrangements have been nude
for tho most enjoyable parties ot
the kind of llieseasou. Those
that received invitation to
tuesu sociables arc now invited to at
tend tlili party without any further
notice. This Comma.

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