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IV.1 V .
Tub Ilo; txkli. will arcf pi
our jatkaWV poMIc documents.
tWro tnllHla, whicif has beii rc
ovurfMd by Gov. Hovcrlileo, numbers
tkfM tfeousaad, two hundred nrnl tllty-
x men, well armed and equipped.
wrk rem cesnmwM4'
The Now York World enumerates
fltty points which call for Investigation
by ConjrreM this winter. A few of the
most Important of thew are the follow
luc: Tba Union l'aclllc railroad, llulslilug
the rerelatiou? Poland's committer left
The Central Pacific railroad, nrnl Hie
dlvlslen of two hundred and eleven mil
lion dollars among lour men.
The lylnf debt statements of the treas
ury. The fires in llic navy and war depart
niout last winter.
The theft and destruction of public
The. actual use made of the $1,000,000
obtained trout uivn. .- - . - "7
KUOwm UrllllV'nrillls Mfidiiicllt
when he knew that tlicro was no danger
of war.
Tho means whereby Bariums were
dropped as United States financial ngeuts
in London, and the rotten concerns of
Jay Cooke, M'Culloch & Co., and 0"i
Hablcht & Co. substituted.
The number of useless ofiV-di tbc peo
ple have to pay.
The use made bv "'ay Cooke, with Sec
retary iPCullo-'i's permission, of 70,
000,000 or $$0,000,000 of government
Robeson's loans of millions of public
money to Jay Cooke aud M'Culloch to
enable them to set up and maintain a
banking-house in London.
Robeson' sale of $10,000,000 worth
of shins without accounting for the
Belknap's sales or $800,000,000 worth
ol war material without accounting for
the monoy.
Bouttvcll, Spinner ami Uristow's vio
lation ot their oaths of otitic by sup
pressing tbc government's cash ac
counts lor years, which tucket nil treas
ury figurci worthless.
The following editorial is from the last
Issue of the Mayfield Democrat :
"Last Saturday evening the directors
of the Narrow Gansre road met in this
city aud made a stat t In the right dlrec-
11'.. r..ll r .i.i i
UWil. ir v aiw tun ui I'UIIlluCllCU 11UW UI1U
look forward to an early completion of
the road from tills point to Cairo.
Hon. Edward Crosslaud and Major
ojkvs nave oeeu appointed vicc-pivsi'
dents, with full iww.r to get up stock.
luey will commence an active
canvass, and from our knowledge of
Hie men ana viitir ability to necom
pilsii anytltlng uicy undertake, we. fv.el
aaiitnen uia. me work- will go aucaii in a
manner satisfactory to nil concerned, and
we may now consider the building of the
road a fixed fact. We hope the people
along the proposed route will conic for
ward aud encourage Met-rs. Cropland
aud Sykes by subscribing stock. There
are many wayt ol assisting work can bo
done, cross-tics furnished, and other
means used which will forward the en
terprise aud our people bo out very little
Wopreiume the President, Hon. If. A.
.Neale, will do all he can to push the
work along, aud we can see no good rea
son why the road cannot be In running
order from Cairo to Paris, Teun., bv the
first day of January, 1S77.
The success of the tobacco market at
this point will necessitate the building or
this road and do much towards hasten
ing the completion of it. With this
road finished to Cairo we can suiveislully
compete with Paducah or any other
point in the way of transportlun. The
prospects for our city and county have
IlemWn, lr!(tlit us nt. Mil tU.
With a tin! tci oforr uuou the part ot (he
people, both the railroad and tobacco
ruarktt will be a grand success.
Col. Sykes will be in this city this
week.- His vlilt will be in the lutereit
of the Cairo ana" Tennessee river railroad,
and wo hope he will receive such sub
stantial encouragement from our citizens
as hit Labors for the road and the advan
tage Its completion cannot fall to be to
Cairo, entitle him to receive. Col. Sykes
feels very sanguine on the prospects of
the road, ami we hope ho will Infect the
people of this city with some of his en
tuutiasui. A VOICt; rROM MIMIIKNiri-I.
A letter written by 11. Revels, the
colored ex-senator of Mississippi, ad
dresssd to President Graut and recently
published, is a most wholesome rebuke
toSenator Morton and all his follower
In and out of congress. Revels was the
predecessor or Senator Alcorn in the
United States senate and Is now engaged
In tlx tnintstery In Mississippi. He re
view the course or tlte Republican party
in me state; how by worklug on the Ig
norance oi me blacks, the 'unprincipled
nu'wittires who represented that partv
mid who c.vi nothing for the country,
were willlug to voV to ...
tiling, no matter how lum
inous, to secure power to themselves and
perpetuate it." How these adventurers
kept their power l)y inducing the colored
voters, In the all-potent name ot Repub
licanism, to systematically vote for no
toriously corrupt and dishonest candi
dates. "My people are naturally Repub
lican," says Mr. Revels, "but ug they
grow older lu freedom so do they lu wis
dom," and the unconsciousness of his
sarcasm render It none the less pointed.
Mow the corruptions of the Republican
ofHciats finally aroused the whole people,
Including the wlidom-galnliig blacks, to
k determined and united effort, ami
how It became not a contest between par
Um, but a battle between the people aud
s bonk f corrupt, greedy, and thieving
omciaii. now tno bitterness engendered
ttjr lb strife would long since have died
Mwajr if the aamo uupriuclpled jneu,
Jwtyi fouid oil the side opposed to tho
fQfm wu not kept ullve the bitterness
t Um pant by Ineulcatlng leisout of
hatred between flic race lor the sake or
personal aggrandizement, and conclude
his letter M follows :
If the Stato administration had nil-
vnnpiMl nit riot lr mca'itrcs. atniolntml
only honest and competent men to olllce,
and sought to restore confidents bet ween
the race., bloodshed would have been tin-
know u, peare wonm nave prevaiieu,
Federal Interference been unlhoiight of,
and ".harmony, trlcmMiip and innliial
conlldeiico would have taken the place ot
the bayonet. In conclusion, let me say
In you, ami through you to tno great lie
publican parlv or the North, that I deem
ed It mv dutv. In behalt of my people,
that! present Huso lads In order mat
thevaud the white people (their former
otviior.) should not sutler misrepresenta
tions which certain demagogue seem tie
lroiis of encouraging.
Thl letter is worthy the marked con
sideration of Senator Morton and his
coadiutore. It contain the .sentiment
ol n resident of MIsilMippl, who has
a triple claim on the. confidence of the
man who 'Introduced a bill Into the
United States senate to appoint a com
mittee of live to investigate the alleged
frauds In tli Mls.Islitl election. It.
writerls a minister of the gospel, n col
orcd Republican, ntu! is an ex-member of
of the I ultcd States .-enatc. Taken all
In all, Senator Morton may find in it
much food for honest reflection.
KDITOltl tl. .MM I'.H.
- tTrTnP"
i jrjriiun i
Pi'Wnliwc :i hill fnxliur
Tweed is in IIiiv.-miiiu, .... a.ij, mivio
he is safe, tf'cro being no extradition
treaty lucwecu this country nrnl Spain.
. -Oakcy Hall Is not quite new to the
hoards, haying played in New Orleans
for :t year when still quite a young man.
A fearful accident occurred In Stur
geon, Mo., on Christmas day. Mr. Wil
liam Hamilton was accidentally shot by
her brother. The contents of n double
barrelled shot gun, consisting of thirteen
buckshot, entered her body. She now
lies at the point of death.
A Washington letter dated the Aid
lnt., says: "lour days of criticism have
developed the real 'strength of Speaker
Kerr's committee lUt. Despite the com
pliments of friends and the sneers offpes,
hh appointments are exceedingly jiidi
cioii,and for that reason every day hi'
creases the favorable opinion of his work-
It Is more than certain now that the worst
that Is to be said was said the first day.'
Cincinnati Gazette, I'cpublicau
'There is nothing in the situation of the
country to make a cause for exciting re
ligious fanaticism to apolitical crusade;
nothing concerning schools or churches
or the taxation ot church property that
belongs to a national election, nothing
but evil to be gained by dragging In
these questions, and they could not bo
made to divert th public mind from real
Ralph Waldo Kmerson, hi his new
book published last week, says: If a
man lias not firm nerves and has keen
sensibility It is, perhaps, n wise economy
to go to a gol shop and dress himself
Irreproachably. He can then dismiss all
care from hit mind and may easily find
that performance an addition of confi
dence, a loriitieation that turns the scale
in social encounters and allows him to
go gayly into conversation when; else he
had been dry and embarrassed. I am
not Ignorant I have heard with admir
ing submission the experience of the lady
wuo declared 'that the Fcnse of being
Krfeetly well dn?cd gives a feeling ot
Inward tranquility which rellsion is
powerless tt bestow.' "
l.tnillirky Krllc mid llvi- Hi lain
llnrprr'sUniruziiiv fur .Unitary 1
Mr. 1 nun I nf I.Vn,l ,.,, ..i-
tlie querns of Southern society, aud mor
ully, mentally and plilslcally a symmetri
cal lady, was during her girlhood ami
early married life an acquaintance nud
friend ol General William Nelson. The
opening of the war found them lu un an-
iipouai suuallon. blie being a zealous Con
federate lu sentiment, ami lie an active
SOIUIer tor Mi i-ni.ii ri...v ,m.t atKriink-
ot, nowever, wiiuoui uillerMcs, hi Wtu
ihiusi oi mo war, tuougu a good many
sharp passage ol wit paed between
them, she, according to hi exprcs-
mu iiuruscuio"j-, aiwavs " inoiiuiiiif
too many guns for him." On
one occasion there was great ex
citement In the Kentucky capital, grow
ing out of a report that the rebels were
moving hi force near the place. Gen
eral NeUou was in command of the Frank
fort troops, and there was sudden mount
ing and rapid preparation to follow the
eaemy. The streets were filled with
hurrying boldfers and busy teams, and
Mrs. P , then a widow, who hap
pened to be passing, was forced to take
refuge In the vestibule of the laduis' i n.
trance at the principal hotel to avoid the
ruuojosiie ol the crowd. There were
many ladles at the windows, mostly
wives of officers, aud the Union senti
ment was rather strong at that place.
Gcil. Nelson. With Ills stair, rndn nn
Just as Mrs. P secured a safu position,
.wu, .is uu luuiuii iii nun i oi ine door, a
lady at one of the windows addroed
him, tayiug, "Ocucral, bo sure and cap
ture the rebels, and bring us tho head
of Huekuer."
He made no reply to her, but turniii"
to Mrs. P --. said, "Alt, madim",
what do you think ot that?"
She replied nt once, "1 think It u very
proper request, if necessity knows no
law, for I am sure your command need
a head very sadly."
The saiiui lady was on terms ol warm
personal friendship with Mr. Crittenden,
notwithstanding the great dltlereucu in
their ages : ami being so opposite lu po
lltlcid sentiment, it was always a contact
Zn'Xr n?TLX)mMW eaino to-
Mr. Crittenden was speaking with enthu
siasm of the neutrality policy adopted by
me ouiun .urs. l said it was a
cowaidiy resort, when the senator rose to
ins icet una sum : ,
"Madam, this is outrageous, Vou have
no State pride."
"Very true, Mr," said she, "but tun liill
to blushing with State ahame."
An Ignorant woman once said to her :
"Do you knov your people take, our
dead soldiers and boll their bodies to
make soapr
"No, uiadan, 1 iJld not."
"Well they do. Now what do you
think of it?"
"Oh, I think It's a case of concentrated
(if, that's all.
- '
The City linker?.
Attention is called to the card of tlte
City llakcry, to be round in this issue.
Mr. Hebsacker, the proprietor, ha by
Industry and fair dealing, established u
lucrative buslnes. When you want any
thing in his line give hSui a call.
Wli) Ilia I'rrolrtoHt Curiae! Afford t
llnvo Tlil Klnii sjonvlctnl.
tr'ium llic New York 8mi, lcc. i)
The President's Indicted military ,ec
etory suddenly appeared nt Washing
ton, on Wednesday last, with fits coun
sel, for the purpose or exploring the files
of the White House aud lt departments,
n search of material tor his dofeuso nt
the coming trial next month. Habcock
has facilities or information, access to rec
ord, and other advantages, such ns none
of hi confederates who nave been uieii
possessed or could procure.
U rant 8 personal sympauiy nun oiiun
declaration or a belief In Uabcock's Inno
cence nro well-known to everybody at
the capital, aud have been mamlestcd In
a Way to ntlcct olllcial action and opinion.
nils paiiiaiuy lias overmen vneeiiveiy
on the whole lliiit-scrvltig tribe In and
out of olllce. Such an Indecent exhibi
tion on the part ot the chief magistrate
charged with thu falthlul execution of
the laws necessarily provokes criticism.
Supplementing as it does tko swift ap
pointment oi a pacKcu court oi inquiry,
designed to forestall the criminal proceed
liur and to whitewash this corrupt and
disgraced olllcer, the Interference assumes
n serious suape. it is even given out lor
cllect that the President may appear as n
voluntary witness nl the trial.
The whole case of the prosecution, with
the nature and extent of thu oral and
documentary testimony, will be known
in advance bv llabcock and his counsel
To suuply delects in this iuformstlon is
the chief object of their present visit to
nasn CIO I. ILUicuck kne.w... vvr..l-
fiWl'ttfargei against lilm and the proof
to sustain tiiem. l lie president rcquircu
tho secretary of the treasury aud the at
torney-general to lay all the facts bcrore
i in. so mat ue miuiii maue up ii per-
onal ludement. Mliesc facts were all
submitted to Habcock. and upon his ex
planatlon. an Indirect attempt was mane
to prevent thu indictment. Since that ex
periment railed, the etlbrt on hi behalf
liavu been unremitting, and they will not
be relaxed until thu last moment. Aside
from the tics or personal friendship which
might be expected to excue zcai, mere
are much more serlon considerations lu
volved lu the late of this favorltt.
llabcock. above all the other Intimates
of Grant, possesses the utmost secrets of
the White House, lie Knows an about
tbethirdterm urocrammcnud its manage
incut. He is fully Informed In regard to
the relations of me ring cmeis, ironi
Shenhord down to McDonald, with
Urauttof their contributions In various
wavs : and ot the protection which they
received. He. better than any one else,
understands the considerations that con
trolled the prospective policy In the
South, and who were its benlticlaries at
Washington. Since 1SGU lie has had an
Inside view of the administration as dl
rtcted from the White House, and hold:
lu his hands prootstIi.it would crush the
foremost Republican leaders, if given to
the light of day. Familiar with Grant's
infirmities and with his private dealings,
he wields a power over him such as no
oilier ran el.iiin. Xo wonder the nroil
dent and his family, and all the friends
he can command for tills occasion.
are urgently aud actively enlisted to clear
Habcock. l lie y lute House people may
not distrust him, but the secret which
he holds aro dangerous and disturbing to
their peace. If convicted, lie would cer
tainly demand a prompt pardon without
condition-. 1 o grant it, would place the
l'resldcnt in a dilemma more vexation
than the suspicions which fill thu .-it mo-
pliere around the White House. Hence
the necessity ot averting that alternative,
It it be possible.
It Is eay to understand, therefore, why
every door Is opened to llabcock at Wash'
Inirton, and that extraordinary privileges
will be extended to him for roiistructliiL'
a defense. How energetic the prosecu
tion will be lu St. l.oul, with lull knowl
edge of the wishes and sympathies nt the
White House and all its'eonuections, re
mains to be disclosed. The testimony
agaln't llabcock if far more damaging
than that which convicted Averv. We
shall soon see how it will be used.
Aliurlivo -Negotiation ullb Mexico
Hrgurilliiir I lie HaliW iutoTevn.
Wasiiixcion. Dec. IK. From olllcial
correspondence it appears that some time
since juinistcr roster asked permission
ol the Mexican general ror ttie regular
troop or the rulteJ State to follow
raiders acro-s the border when in close
pursuit, or permission to temjiorarily
occupy certain point on tiie Mexican
bli! where they are accustomed to come
across the ir. 'n n-t.iv i.r ii.-
can Secretary l'J Vjrelgii Allalr- wiuut
me fAn.uuvu naii no authority to grant
such iK.nnissiou without the conxut of
comrrce. and that ft would not L uru.
dent to ak such consent as the sentiment
of the country would not approve it.
Minister Koster stated that he was au
thorized to ifive aisarauce that our 'ov-
ernuient had no design of acquiring an
extension of territory, but said that the
acknowledgment of the Mexican goveni-
ineut oi us inability to restrain the law
lessness ot Its own cltleiu would afl'ord
the strongest reason to all advocates of
the acquisition of territority that there
may be In the United States. Mr. Foster
further raid that the citizens of Texas
must be protected, and if protection did
not come from the Mexican government
it must from ours.
The president lias si-rucd the bill for
further extending the time of the dura
tion of tlte court of commissioners on the
Alabama claims to thu -22d of July next.
It is ascertained from reliable source.
that Secretary llrlstow dees notkuow
nouart, oi uinciiinatl, with whom, the
Inlcr-Ocenn charges, ho always stavs
when in that city.
The Winter l'axlilontt.
Polonaise, which were considered en
tirely out of date, are now to be exten
sively worn. They will bo slightly
varied In cut. This stylo of garment re
quires a slcudcr and stylish figure, and
to wear it one must thoroughly under
stand tho art of drcsdug. a-, it docs not
conceal tho defects of the lui iu llku.ib"
r.7! V'dctot at presenr. l' the
polonaise, u v.. very elegant, require
cither a deep band of fur trimming
or rich luu.tmitmtoWu. tJunnonl will be
mado of double cachcmlrc, embroidered
and enriched willi galloon ; they are made
lu various shapes, sometimes forming at
once the apron, waist, and the Venetian
mantle. 'Iheru Is also the largo slguora
mantle, in shawl shape, which Is not
much worn, though very useful, as It I
not a youthlul looking garment for
young ladles. There I also tho small
embroidered paletot ornamented with
passemeiitcjlo and trimmed all over thu
From the variety of shapes, it is evi
dent that tho winter fashions allow the
thu same Independence of dress that has
been accorded for some time past. Suits
and bonnets which are planned by tho
wearer or tho dressmaker, without re
gard to any given fashion, are perfectly
allowable, and. when tastetully arranged,
olteu meet with more, success than those,
copied from models. Ul rumored that
sleeve dlflerlng from thu waist are not
to be as much lu favor as they hayu buen.
IJeml-traln skiits will be woiu in the
street; thta Is much to 4e mini
ted, they possess ng no possible ntnan
tagc lor street wear, and becoming very
Easily tolled It H almost needless to ndd
t nai ior in-door yearlong train skirts are
tho rule. Skirt dim-ring In color" from
tho apron j mid tuniqiies will not be so
much wort an fjrmerly ; the combina
tions of different materials mid shades
arc, however, a yopular, if pot more so,
than over.
Aumonlcrcs wJI contluue.to bo much
worn this wlntcr.as skirts tlglMtaUkawn
over the hips rantot bv made with pock
cts. Ornamental tockt arc exceedingly
useful, especially for ball dresses, in
which case they ate made of llowcrs.
Jeanne d'Arc bets have been adopted
by American ladl.'s. A dog's chain
placed oyer a bliek necklace is much
worn lu France bv Kuirllsh and Ameri
can ladles, but Parisians do not favor It.
Small buttons, is before incut I often.
are firmly Settled iti.ttHMioiiMkwff fash
ion; no other klidfa .employed, mid
many rleirattt snediiieus are to be scou.
These buttous are made ot cold, sliver.
or steei, ami a more elegant kii.n is- ni
liiune penwes mm garnet, tiiesc nmy
serving for evening dresses mado of very
elegant materials.
While Mea Killed by Negroes
Kkw OitMUNrf, Dec. 20. A difficulty
occurred hi Bteetown. opposite this city
I.. ,1.. ....... I.... .. I"...- n.l.llL..
and blacks. It resulted In ono or two ofUSewing Machine, hard (piano) finish,
the latter being rou"lily handled, After
that unlet retimed until about seven
o'clock, when Barney McCabe. John
rtousetti and Jean Rousetti. w hile stand-
hiL' in front of tha bar at Rower's cotlee
house, wailing to lc served, were tired
vAr mstantiv (.'tiled, and the latter
probnbiv mortally wounded. Police
from tfils side crossed the liver and
made some arrests. The lire bells were
rung. Much excitement prevailed on
the Algiers side or the nvor.
Wulrriiroofn and I'lnuiivlit.
We offer at reduced rates, best black
waterproof, at 10 cents.
liKii.iinoN & Vi:ii..
Our t'nuitlry.
The father ot all Ross cigars, a seven
inch Havana filler, for live cents at
12-10-tf CowfllKTHWAIT fc PlllM.H'3.
Tor llic Weekly nulli-tlii.
Persons wishing advertisements or lo
cal notices Inserted In the Weekly Hcm.k
lis, should hand In the copy by Tucs
day noon, of each week.
The LeelurrM.
A scries ot four lectures arc yet lo be
given under the auspices of the Library
Association, as follows:
Dec. 23th Dr. Horace Wardner;
Jan. 4th Dr. G. G. Parker.
Milo of Real ISIule.
The undersigned oilers for sale lots No.
1-.', lit and If, in block No. 20, lu the city
of Cairo, together with a cottage situ
atcd on said lots, at a low figure. For
further information, call at the residuuee
ot the undersigned. John Sciikki..
For HM
Iludniit's Grits, (tine) $4 50
" " (coarse 4 50
" Hominy 4 20
New Orleans Sugar 7 S&i)
New Orleans Molasses 50AC8
C. M. HowK&Uno.,
12-15-tf 134 Ohio Levee, Cairo,
We will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tin: Uullkiin-, unless the
auie Is made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary of tho com
pany, and we will accept no orders given
by an employe of the company, for any
purpo-e Whatsoever,
Caiiio Bri.I.KTl.N
November ID. 187...
Tkey've Uoi ii.
For every description of tine and beau
tirul jewelry, of the very late-t patterns
and styles, go to iiuder iirotlitrs, corner
ot hlghtli street and ashlngton avenue
Tliis firm lias just received one ol the
largest and best stock ever brought to
Cairo which they are telling at tlie very
lowest prices. All will Ho well to uiv
thern a call before buying at other place-,
12-a.i m
mv .....i.u..i.. wor dealers and team
iters :
All licenses expiring December 31st
ltfTS, mutt be renewed on or before Jan
ary 1st, 1S70.
All li'juor deaKrs whose licetiEc ex
pire December 31 t, la75, aro hereby no
tified to file bond at clerk' office on or
before January 4th, 1S7C, at which time
the city council will take action thereon.
W. V. Axi.kv, City Clerk.
Notice or Iteiuuval.
C. Koch has removed his boot and
shoe shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (one block below),
No. 90 Commercial avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth streets, where he will
keep the best homo made and St. Loul
custom made boots and shoes, made of
tho best material
good workmanship
and lu the latest
promptly attended
styles. All orders
to. 9-2:i-tt.
A fine Mock.
Wm. Killers desires to Inform ids pat
rons and the public generally, that he has
now on hand n large stock or French and
German Calf, Kip and Morocco, and is
prepared to manufacture, lor storo and
olllce weur, the finest of Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Hoots ; and for fanners,
draymen aud out-door wear generally, his
French Kip stands above anvtlilnir ever
oll'iTcd in iiii .. is leasts aro of
tno latest styles, and he can giiarnntco a
Itt niidsatisfatlon to all his patrons.
STl'AUT ,fc G1IOI.SON are ollcrlng
for sale, at the lowest figures, a very line
stock of Fancy Goods, such as
Gloves, Handkcrchicls,
Tics, Hosiery,
Collars, etc.
llought expressly for the holiday trade.
They aro also determined to close out
their stock of Diik.ss Goods beforo the
Spring trude opens, and they call atten
tion to this opportunity of purchasing a
lino Holiday Prosout for wife, daughter
or friend, 12-2L'-H
Oyster, Fish
Wo will sell, hereafter, our g
tho following prices, ntid solicit
onnge of thu public:
Famllv. brands, per can :15 cents.
... !l.i cents.
-iii cents.
r.) cents.
,.T f5 con.tsf
Standards, per can h cents
,,r ,.
ILl:, " "
SelccTtOra, pci
Pub oysters, per 100.3. $1 Oil
hlcaito Trout and WMilhJffel cts. per lb.
Game, Pan Pish. ... 10 ni12 cts. per lb.
(1AMK '
Of all descrltitions constantly on hand,
consisting of wild turkey, squirrels and
enisoii. -
Family groceries very cheap lor cash.
Made n spccalty. Give us n trial.
Cheaper than the cheapest.
PJ-II-tf. Wm. Wintkii, Jk., & Co.
For Sale.
A sliver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttlo
Trained nt SS. Will be sold ot !?20 dis-
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
from tlic factory
Colored and mounte
cliluo valued at $75. Will be sold at $15
discount, and ordered direct from the
a yo Kcmingion sewing jiiicumc
$:0 oil ror cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot and shoe maiiiiracturcr.
A stylo "K," "Clough, Warren &
Co,'" Parlor Organ, right from tho fac
tory at Detroit. List price, JIJOO. Will
bo sold for $200.
UlOO sheets or brlstol board just re
ceived at thu Oullktin olllce, and lor
sale to the trade.
lily of Cairo,
colored and varnished, for Fide at hall
price ($2.50) nt tho Bum.ktin office.
20,000 note heads, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper just
received aud for sale at the Uui.i.kti.n
! or any of the above articles, apply a
the Uullktix olllce. E. A. IJuuxkit
A No. 1 Laundry.
It Is now conceded that Mrs, Colctnao,
the laundress, No. Ii Fourth street, be
twecn Washington A Commercial avenues,
has one of tbc bet conducted laundry c
tabllthmeut in tho city, aud landlords ol
boUls and boardim bouses will find it to
their advautaue to call upon her,
Uer prices are as follows: Hotel and
boarding-heuse washing, 75 cent per
dozen. Foi piece- work price are
as follows: Single shirt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen 80c; sock 5c; two co 1
tars, de; two haudkercbicft, 5c; vosts 20c;
tad all gcutlemen's wear, 8Qc. per
dozen. Ladles' dresses, 25 to 50c;
kirti 10 to 20c; drawer 10 to 15c; two
pair hose 5e; two collars 5 to 10c. For la
dles' plain clothe $1 00 per dozen; for la-
die flue clothes, $1 25 per dozen; done
drouiptly. aud iironipllv delivered. Pa-
'trouage solicited. 8-31-lm
At Hudor'a.
The most beautiful stock of iewelry to
be found in Southern Illinois, Is now
on exhibition and for sale by Under
Brothers. They are prepared to furnish
buyer with any article that maybe desir
ed, and warrant satisfaction. They manu
facture to order watches, clock-, rings,
lockets, aud everything that may be de
sired, and for proficiency in making fair
work, they stand second to none lu the
country. Give them a call, and fee for
yonrselves. 12-5-2ui.
For Rent.
The saloon In the Grand Central hotel
will be lor rent -.-" Januaiy
,. '" particulars apply to
Wm. Wetel, Proprietor.
2C-1 2-22-1 Ot
"A coinnlel Pictorial fllntory or Ittn
TlniV' "Th brat, elienpfM, unit
tuoat nurretmrul rmulljr Fniivr
lu Itir I'ulou "
The Weekly is the ablest and most pow
erlul illuKtruted periodical published in
this country. Its editorials are scholarly
and convincing, and carry much wcljrht.
Its Illustration, of current events aro lull
and Iresb, ami are prepared hy our best de
signers. SVitb a circulation ui iW,HX). the
Weekly Is read at least by half a million
persons, and Its Inlluenco as an orimn ol
opinion is simply tremendous. The Week
ly maintains a positive position, and ex
presses decided views on political and so
cial problems. Louisville Courier-Journal.
Its articles are models of high-toned dis
cussion, and Us pictorial Illustrations are
often corroborative arguments of no small
force. N. V. Kxamlner and Chronicle.
Its papers upon existont questions and its
Inlinltablo cartoons help to mould the sen
timents ol the country, Pittsburg Com
mercial. TUUMS :
Postage free to subscribers in tno United
Harper's Wsckly, one yfar....$4 00
Four dollars includes prepayment of U.
S. postage by the publishers.
Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine,
Weekly, and Bazar, to one address ror one
year, 910 00; or, two of Harper's Porlodi
cats, to ono address for oua year, 7 00;
An extra copy of Uio Magazine, Weekly,
or Hazar will be supplied gratis for every
club or live subscribers at $4 00 each, fu
one remittance; or, six copies for 20 00,
without extra copy; postage free.
Hack numbers can be supplied at any time.
The annual volumes of Harper's Weekly,
In noat cloth binding, will be sent by ex
press, freo of expense for 7 00 each. A
complete set, comprising eighteen volumes,
scut on receipt of cash at the rsto of $5 25
per volumo, freight at tho expense ol the
eJTNewspupf rs aro uot to copy this ad
Tertlsemunt without the express orders of
Harper ft Brothers.
Adiress HAItPKit a UltOTH'ift8. N. V
Dealer in Fresh Meats
JUtween Woahtnirtorj
intl Gommarelal
Avenuti, aoji
olmng- Hacny'a.
KK BPS for suit the best Hwf , l'oi k , Mutton
Veal, Lamb, HsUMfo, Ac, ana Is pre
TO tt urn AunlllM In sa aocevUbl liana
nic pat- ""
Fiftoon yeartrrf(b y
a irooil
uoun, ana evu
lirara went uutb
cofillngly. Oold
twn. Why irnii
s p It is owinir, to a
'acture in akflluil lauor nnu uDvnninwt
a rrrimltiin flr'-n of follnu aahumed lo
La Ficcadura,
( I hu maniifjclini by tlic use of tialriiftHl .Mnrlilnerr un rnitbled to mail
Mnl".! ml'llV 'intlli.KlliflruKnitsniiMorliinlly to aiiM.ly tniuker with nuiwrlor 1
. I . - .... ... . ..inn. luinm.i r iMirnn. 11
liar ior cuiv; "c i..v
Thr inniiufiirtiirera rcooirnbilnif tin; f.ict llmt Hie nwlorlly of n"r i.r-fcr hi ; bay ttiflr InriM
U .Maps OI tin. li """LV,,. J..illnlf imliiKleiWnl tie same rule as lUe, i-n. flnv, orn box.. ,,
(lujtprleo.l jriSnlf-i aiiA Kp,BpWTPimtr1.TlfrnrKnttTiGH
10 ."MJWlllg JI.l- 1 nm.r4l uu.l tliciruuriilA. .
Civs thorn a Trial and be Convinced.
Sole Agents, Cairo Ills.
Read! Read! Read!
Have Reduced their Entiro.Stock
To a rate net er Ufurc aOcttd in IM clly. S.(ci:il
wiK'ir yon can Kf i n K"ol nrat y
In mir Hiy-Uoods Ilriuulintnt wcttlllKltc
To rvvrylj who buys to the&inounl of seven dollars.
E3-i;lc us u trial ami w will rontinceyou that we m-an what we tay C!
142 & 144 Commercial Avenue.
I ll-Cw. ,
Importer and Wholesalo Dealer in
Wines and Liquors.
Koops a full stock of
SLoxxtru.ols.3r Bourbon,
Monongahela.Rye and Robinson County
Unquestionably, I tin liat anxlnliipil
work or tho kind lu tlie Worhl."
Tho over lucrcahlnK circulation ol tills
excellent montlily provos Its continued
aduptlon to punil.ir Uvelrt's and iicndx. In
deed, when wu think Into how ninny honied
it penetrates every month, tve must eon
alder It a one oftiiu eilucators as well as
ciitertaluers of the public nilnil, for Its vnt
popularity has heen won by no appeal to
stupid rrejtidlucs or depraved tastes. Ho.-i-tou
The cbaiactcr which this Sluitajsmc pos
soshcs for varlety.entorpri'e.artlhtlu wealth;
and literary culture thnt ha kept pace With,
If It has not led tho times, should cuuso Its
comliiotora to repaid it with Jnstltlublo com
placency. It iiIho entitles them to a great
claim upon tho jmbllu gratitude. Tha
Magazine has douo ood and not ovll all
the dayeol Its life. llrooklyn Euglc.
l'ostaga free to Mibfcurluors in tho United
Harper's Magazine, ono year ...ti 00
$4 00 includes prepayment of U. a. post
age by the publishers.
Hubiurlptions to Harper's Mugaziuc,
Weekly, or Bazar, to ono address for ono
year, 910 CO; or two of Harper's periodi
cals, to ono address for one year, $7 00;
postage free.
An extra copy of cither tho Msgndnc,
Weekly or ltuzar will bu tuppllcd gratis for
every club oflivo subscribers nt t 00 each,
In ono remlttmcc; or six copies lor $20 00,
without extra copy; postage Irco.
Hack numbers cau be supplied at any
time. '
A complete tot of Harper's Mngazlno,
now comprising 4U volumes, In neat cloth
binding, will bo sont by express, freight at
tho expense of purchaser, for $2 25 pi r
volume. Klnglo volumos, by mull, postpaid,
93 00. Cloth caxes, for binding, 58 cents,
by mall, postpaid.
tSTNowspatiors are uot to copy this ad
vertisement without tho express ordor ot
Harper & Brothers.
Addross UAlll'Ult & IIUOTUUHS, N. Y
Fashionable BarAer
XZiklfl XSn-XIaV 18X3X1.,
Between Was&inirton and Oommeroial
a day irasrantead ualng our Wt,
SUl-P mm. Auiw a Drills. aiOO a nionl
SnMm M balJto auod Aienta. augur took
r orina. viov a mom i
a auoa Agenu. augur onoa
JIU Au;r C BU LwuU, lla.
a Ctaar ub you would wish to moles to
During the war Mid went up to 80O
has tronn baek.tmt uimtra twan to Hold
certain wieni, """ or
lauor nrm uovRrniiieiiv .; ., u
call ror a nvo ceni wiKr.
tlie abov ctHbraled
cun irxiuc uor
in both their Stores, Consisting Of
ul tint I'.n t rnllcl lonur Clutliiuc lirttnfnt,
CAH'1 11 BEAT IS mill Q& QUAU7IE3.
i i
"A Iti'iicallory ol t'liabiun,
auil Iiialrurllou.'
The ltuzar Is edited with a contribution
of tact mid talent that we seldom tlnd In any
Journal; slid Iho Journal itself is the organ
of the great world of fashion. Boston Trav
eler. The Bazar commends Itself to every mem
ber of the household to the children by
droll uud pretty pictures, ts young la
dles by its lu-uiou-piaU's In endless variety,
to thu provident matton by Its patterns loc
the children's clothes, to paterfamilias by .
Ita tanteful designs for embroidered slippers '
and luxurious drotslng gowns. But the
reading matter of tho Uazar is uniformly ol
great excellence. The paper has acquired
a wide popularity for tho fireside enjoyment
It allords. N. Y. Evening Tost.
Harper's Bazar,! one year....$l 00
Four dollars Includes prepayment of U
S. postago by the publishers.
aubscstptlons to Harper's Magazine.
Weekly, and Bazar, to ono address for one
year, 910 00; or two of Harper's Ferfodt
cats, to one address for ono year, 7 00;
postago free, I
An extra copy of cither the Magazine,
Weekly, or Bazar will Dn supplied gratia
for every club of llvo subscribers at 14 00
itach, In one remittance ; or, six copies for
920 00 without extra copy s postago free,
Back numbers can be supplied at any
time. . ,
The seven volumes of Harper's i Bazar, for
tho years tfC8, '00, '70, '71, 3, '73. '74, ele
gantly bound In green morocco cloth, will
bosout by express, freight prepaid, for
97 00 each. , , ... .
USTNowspapcrs aro not to copy this ad
vortisouicnt without the express oiders of
Hcbuiu'kcr Is prepared lo supply all who wish'
llreail, Cakes, Conl'ei'lionrry, ChrUtuuu Candy
To.vk.uiiJbII articlrs in his line. Kfpeclsl at
tention jialcl to leinannd Oniamentlng Christ
man umf New Yrar's Cnkos . lie is also prepared
to furnish parly suiiners on short untie.
"Great Medical Book
and Secrets fori Jidlrs aud llculs. Seat tree for'
wo stamim. Aililres.
io-15-diy at. Joupb, Mo,

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