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LT, Kdltor.
r. ..-hnlinj
4 Colon J" " " , V Z
few th o llf dlcJ t)00r'
I'b Chlcuffo TribHMujt that tlie
Democrats la confess wl.h to i rh
tow out of the cabinet. Hut why? Uio
Democrat! I.oro nothing to fear frotu
Briitow. It 1$ the llepubllcnn! who w Isli
to get Hrlstow out of the way. It Is the
Kepubllcana who ran tho whUky riling.
A Ciucaoo newspaper correspondent
ay there are twelve "councils" ol the
O.A. U. In Illinois. "Tho Council at
IVorla was tho llrat organized InlhcStnte,
nnd'lms a much larger membership than
nny other. The wnu wlio played the
most prominent part In the organization
of the councils or Illinois was n elergy
'inau, well known us u religious conlro
vcrsIallM." Avoi.outr.vu.
Tht Chicago Mer-Octan. whoo Wash
ington correipontUnit told some Mispi-
cloui stories about Secretary Hrlstow ami
the whisky rlnir. lias aiioloulzcd edltorl-
vAl to Um Bwrtwyj-'Wwt n wimtiiRhi
editor has Bnt n telejrrnphlo dispatch to
Hrlstow staUiiR that the urliclu mid tliu
comments on It wcro published without
authority from the proper source.
MB. MEtU'lIKst WAhS'T Tlir.H
Mr. Repchor. who has lierolofive
nn honored nnrUclnant In t festivities
of the annual dinner of'.1'! Nw Kugland
Society, was uot pw-ent at tho last one,
it. w,.. tiiTlted. out In "nnticlpMloti of t
ii- tir itteiuiitcil to speak, us he
alwar did, lour ol the eominltteo wer
dctroui ol reselMdlng tho Invitation, one
was Indifferent, and a lriend or i
Hoccher's ultimately gave his assurance
tttut I ho inmiiI tvntor of I'lvillOUth would
ml tin TMNtSMllt-l'
The clergy of theStatc of New .leieoy
will hold a conference w ithin a few weeks
for the purpose of discussing the question
of church taxation. Referring to this
purpose the Qulncy Whig says :
An unmistakably strong feeling against
thp. levviue of taxes on houses dedicated
to divine worship appears to be develop
ing ItMir in many parts oi me country ,
nor Is U likely that those who favor the
taxation of church property would In
sist that tho edifices devoted ulcly to
thi purposes ot divine worship, and
which pay no Income, MimiiIiI he Mihjvet
to taxation.
Tilt iii i.i, for tii k isi nt vi:m i:.m
The following Is tho text of the bill for
the Improvement or the Mississippi river
Introduced luto congress by Hon. Win.
ITartzell oil the 17th of Deceiubor:
lie It enacted by the Scnata and House
oritepresentatlves In Congress assembled,
That thtre be, and Is hereby appropriated,
to he paid out ot any moneys In the
Trtaiury not otherwise appropriated, to
be expended under tho direct Inn of the
Secretary of War, In the Improvement of
tht Mississippi river, and to prevent
ubraiiaa and destruction ot its banks, be
tween tho loot of Dickey's Island and the
mouth of the Ohio river, the sum ol Unco
hundred dollars.
It was proved bctorc a United State
commissioner in I'hiladelphla, last I'll
day, that Mr. Henry C. IJowen, proprle
tor ot the New York tndeptndtut, a lie
publican religious newspaper, had en
tcred Into a contract with tho house of
J. Cooko & Co. to publish editorial ar
ticles In his newspaper advising people to
exchange United States bonds for those
of the Northern Pacific railroad. The
IniUixnient U the Journal through which
Itlsuop Haven promulgates his In forma
tion concerning the purposes ot tho Al
mighty with reference to men who op
pose themselves to"hlui whom God hath
Gen. II. V. noynton one ot the editors
)f the Cincinnati Uazettt has written and
iiblislintl n critical review of Uen. Slier-
man's "Memoirs or tho V ar." Jt is as
serted that noynton compiled his book
irom the actual dispatches and orders on
lllein tho war department ; taking many
'of the rnojt notable passages of Uen.
Sherman's memcirs, he places them,
says tht New Vork Jfernld, "side
by side in successive chapters
with a more amusing result to the
enemies ot the general ot tho army than
hi lrlcnds, for It convicts Sherman of
carelcssnoss In statement, of inNaprehcn
slon of events, and of disparaging without
catife some ol his fellow olllcers." Uen.
Sherman's "Memoirs" may be said to
have Inaugurated the battle of the books,
as It Is uulerstood that thogeurral means
to reply shortly to the many contradic
tions which his book called forth.
The report of tho survey ol lower Cali
fornia, recently Issued by Assistant
Surgeon Streets, describes thu mineral
we;iVUi of tho peninsula as being al
most fabulOM. The "silver-bearing
veliuof'i'ilunfo," two In nwiuliar. nnd
which run in a converuhis direction
North and Uajt, are worked bv a com
lany which are now producing bullion to
he atnonnt of nriy thousand
dollnrt a mouth, ami have sutliclont ore
" risht in the W.s already
opeufl to treble or quad, uple that (.inn.
Htw mixes or the vtholc section tiro
said by the report to bo very rich. The
copper mints which aio located in I'm n.
torla and I'rovldencla are actively worked
and are yielding large quantities of ilcli
ore. Tho Guano Island arc also a konree
of great wealth. They liaye been worked
hyacompunyfor two years who have
up to me present in-piod, rcinovtil ten
uiuuuiiu loua oi me itrtillaT, and It s
itfininiitn ilio, ,i .
tons can li taken out ir.,..
tho atraud, three quarters of a mile Ion
and half a mile wide, will heoxhauUcd.
1U0 island oi han lnrlo conlnlim a rich
mlno ol alabaster, which, If properly
Worked, would yield a largo prollt. Tho
snlt Inoon nl Carmen Island Is so rich
'that the whole earth may be supplied by
It for ages, II, indeed, It is not Inexhaust
ible. It Is n mile and a half In length
and hnlfa mile wide, While Its depth has
not yet been ascertained. This salt de
posit Is no doubt duo to the evaporation
of sea water, for It Is connected with the
ocean, distant from it four hundred yard.,
by three or four underground Mi-camp.
ho rail ((self Is perfectly pure mid beau
tifully eiystalizcii."
LLixoiN t:ni.Mirri:r. awoint-
The following l a summary of the
committee appointments of Illinois mem
bers of the House of lleprosontiitlves of
the I orty-fourtb Congress :
11. U.tiaiillleld (I)oiii,), Chairman Kx reuse
or Drimrlincnlor linllrc, mul cm .Imllclury
-11. II. Itarrltuli (lnn ), J'libHc lliilNlliur.it
(Ante, iilnl.
3 C. II, Fimvi-11 (Itcii ), Mainifucllirus.
a a. iiuriiitirt (Urn l. .unitary .uiaim
Civil Srrrlno Mi-fnrm.
611, 0. llitirlmiil tltrp.), Way and Mi-:tn
MnmitiicliirrM llnnkliic.
0 'I lioiiiH .1 . lli-iutci-aon (Itrp.), ttcvolltlti-
nry i cnnionsi luiutrny iinn tiitiuii.
7 Alex. CuiniilK'll (lint ), Jllmui 1'iiMIo Kx-
nc mlilitres.
8-U. l.. Fort (Iti'p.)
Tenllnriptl Account".
II It. II, Wliitliiiclllcii.l.l'iilillclAticiiililuivtt
iS 1)111 lA'tM'H.
10 lolmU. Itagliy (l)cni ), IVnslon) l:.vii
illlurri nn l'libtlu Hull, lints.
1 1 Sfott Wlkr (I Kin.), ItuuklHp.
11 W. M. irliizrr(l)em ), ( lulniKill i:pfii-
illtiiiri (it Mute I i i i.'il t niL-ii 1 1 loiclj'n
I'.iliHi KiliKvilinii ntiil ltliur.
t;i-A. K. Ktrt enroll (Iml.l, DUtrlct oC Colum-
TJoVi'iiii II. (;:iiiinin (Itcp), I'oitonici'M I'rl-
Villi! 1.11111 l,l:lllll1.
15 .luliil II. Ktlrn (Dciii.J, (Ii.iliiimn Vnr
t la litis.
tr.-W. A. !. Sl'iiWi (Ikiii.), UcvlMuni liuUiin
17' i:.-M(inii(in (Dcin.)t Chnirman Ways
lltlll .MP1U14.
IS - Win, MniUcll (IH'iu,), KxiitiuUliirri In
lica.'iirT Di'iKiitini'iil. ruli'iitn.
l'l W. II. AinliTiiiiii (llttii 1. Azrlciillurt i
I'i'iiilllurcs Interior Hqiuitninit. ,
Charles O'Connor, It Is said, obsti
nately refused to take any of the. medicine
prescribed for lilin by his physicians.
Henry Stilus, n pioneer of Kat Hay
Mich., died the other day. Mr. Stiles Is
nald to have been thu llrst whlto person
born In Cluciunati, Ohio.
The Halthnoio Ua-Mlt thinks Sen
ator Motion will cut no t:ouidcrablc
llguiui'i tho Iteiiublicau National Con
volition .
Thu Hrooklyn Jingle asterts that Mr
Mori Nou will grow on the country, mid
It wants a phi stuck right alter the re
mark by readers and wxcltangcs
Mrs. Kato Snlggs, ol Macotipi
county, has sued Mr. .lohn Itlggs, of th
same county, lor breach ol protnNc. Mr
Snlggs rales the damage to her nllcetion
allilty tliou,tnd dolltirs.
New Orleans Times'. Our cltlcns
will welcome thu Intelligence that Uovcr-
nor Hendricks, of Indiana, has consented
to deliver thu opening address al the
forthcoming Southern Exposition, llxcd
to taku placo In Now Orleans next Keb
rurury. Mr. liaudall's object In offering tlie
rcsulntioti calling upon thu secretary ol
tho treasury for all the corrufpondencu
relating to the whisky frauds, is to lr.tvu
it laid before the Committee on Ways and
Means, In order that Hiero may bo n
thorough Investigation. Ho proposes
that no guilty man shall escape, be lie
Democrat, Liberal or I'epublleau. Mr.
Randall thinks it Important that tills in
formation should go to tho Ways and
Means Committee, so that 11 may bu en
abled to pa-pare legislation to prevent
such lrauds hi the future.
Some ol tho Hrooklyn people havu
been holding an indignant auti-clcvatcd
railway meeting. One of thu orators
is thus repot ted: "They had met to pro
test against tills sacrilege on their homes
He did uot want to see tills pullliu
shrieking, blinking train of abomlnalioi
whisking p.tst his house, with its 'Choo
choo, choo.' The elevated road would
permit passengers to look Into their bed
room windows, so that in tho morning
when they are shaving, and thu lather 1
still on their laces, thu passengers lit a
passing train would sing out, 'Get up,
Jones, and go down tubrcnVfnat.1 "
Sjn-ingficld Jltghter: Harry Hollo
way, who is said to bo "superintendent
ol the postolllco ut Indianapolis," and
who Is a brother of Postmaster Holloway
orthatclty, and brother-in-law to Sou
ator Morton, has been indicted for re
ceivlng $2,000 from one .Mason for secur
ing a contract for repairing mail sacks.
Tills special form of Kepnbllcaii rascality
was pretty fully exposed last summer,
but as thu ring was large and the trail
was found leading to tho Whlto House,
tho Investigations wcro suspended. The
work cf repairing mail sacks was, until
the formation of thu ring, done by sad
dlers al Indianapolis, St. Louis and oilier
places, tho cost being about $100 per
month at each point. Hut when (ho
Ilvpiiblicaus got fairly at work, thu
monthly bills rati up to $2,000 or $:i,000
per inonlli ateaeh po.nt.
The .Most I'opulac of Itrccul ilooliN.
(Xew Turk CbiTMiioiulcni-e of llic Denver Xrnn.)
The blggost thing In tho book trade Is
the sale ot Sankey'i Gospel Songs. The
rush lor iiieni irom an quarters oi thu
1'nllcd States, far and near, is something
unprecedented. Every Sunday-school
ud every prayer-meeting lias them or Is
bound to havu them. Thu publishers,
Messrs. Itlgolow A; Main of this city, In
form me that, slnco thu opening of the
Moody and Sankey campaign -lu Hrook
lyn, October 22 they have sold nearly
tAiO.Ooo wiples of tho honk, and thu de-
maud goes on lucrea-slnf;. Tiu-ro Is
no doubt that by the tlitio the campaign
Is completed according to programmu,
for thu year, tho sale will have amounted
to millions, and the royalty I'uud In thu
hands ot Messrs. Stuart, Dodge & Co.,
,ir benevolent purposes, will ho hun
dreds of thousands. All this royalty
fund was the legitimate properly of
Mctsrs. Moody and Sankey, and no dog
could have wagged his tongue at them
lor putting It in their pockets. Hut they
wero determined that not even malice
should llnd nn argument to blaspheme
thewoik of tho Holy Ghost, from tho
possibility of mixed motives in their
Tlie t'lly lluliery.
Attention is culled to thu card of (ho
City Hakery, to bu found in tills issue.
Mr. Hebsnokcr, iho proprietor, has by
ludiibtry anil fair dealing, established a
lucrative bublncu. When you want any
thing hi his lino give hltii n call.
European Intorvontion In Cuba
Inoompatiblo with iho Mon
roe Doctrine
A Quaiter of a Million Saved by Consol
idating Kovenuo Districts A
Union Limirue Moetinir
WAsniMiroN'. Ufc. 23. Kx-Oov.
Newell, of New lersry, tucsidciit ut tl
National Council of the Union League of
America, has countermanded Ihu meet
ing ordered for I'hiladelphla nu.xt month,
anil convened thesnu-couunitli.ee in .ev
ork, .lauuary l, tit noon.
monkv oitii:tts o.v i:xoi,.Ni).
The nostolllec department has received
cable dlsnatch Irom the HrltMi iiot.l-
inii'tir-general saying "money orders
advised on lists from thu rnitcd States
argely exceed the uiial amount, l'leaso
emit t.'W.OOO on aecouuu" This uu
sualiy largo balance is accounted tor as
the result ol money orders sent for holl-
ay prcfcntH. .CrJ.UUU clerllng had been
emitted belore receipt of the telegram,
and tho balance will bo liquidated in thu
ordinary course ot nuslnciH.
Till: AL'S1ll.I,IAN ,Mill..
I'o'tmaster-Cencrul .lewell has uotllled
he ltiliMi iio-tnl authorities thai from
anil alter thu 1st of .l.uiuarv his dutmt t
iienl will demand navmuut ot the lull
cost of trausportatiug AiMraliaii mails
across tins continent, which are now
transported at an actual lo?s under Ureal
llr ta irs construction ot mo postal
nilon s rciiiiiiemeuts. Ihu matter had
been the subject ol olllelal correstiond-
lien fin- m.ul'lv jmr, mill .llll! llOtttnUS'
er-getieral now makes the demand in the
tope ot bringing it to a prompt condit
coNcmtMNu this ciitniixov.
l ite secretary ot thu treasury has irlven
direction lor tho retirement of Siiil,"ul)
legal lender notes on account of National
liand circulation ustted during December.
I his will leave outstanding legal tenders'.
until runner reduction. siui.sT.'.o,
Thu amount of National bank notes is
sued hlttcu November 1 Is Sl.iiil.UMJ, and
thu total amount Issued since the pasago
ol thu netol .lune 1 1, 187-1, Is 5rJ,7ir ,1)75
Tito amount of legal tender notes deposi
ted ly MUlonai nanus lor me purpow ot
retiring circulation, since .ovoinoor i, is
nn: nuw nuviisi'i: insrmcis.
Thu work ol'conuolidatiiig thu internal
revenue collection districts throughout
lltu country has been completed, nnd thu
number reduced Iroiii'JIKJ lo Kill. 'J'hean
uu.d rjavlng to ihu government bv the
consolidation will lie about $'J."0,(K)0,
nearlv $20H,OflO of which is in salaries
tilono and lite remainder I'm olllcu rent,
stationery, etc. Tim lorco of clerk- has
been exlctilvely reduced, although fully
n inany dutiuiy eoiieciors win ou re
quired iis when thu whole number of dl
tricts was in e.Msiatice.
CtllA AND till! .MllNllOI. Ill IC'I Itt.NK.
It is asicrlcd In prominent circles thai
if, as reported Irom Loudon, there Is the
near advent of Huroncau Intervention in
Cuba, our government would Inform such
powers at might cgtuhliio lor this purpose
that their course would hu highly oll'en-
s-ivu lo thu United States, as it would 1 in
il v a design ot controlling atialrs in loca
tlotis contagious to this country, thereby
injuriously all'cetiug our commercial and
political interests; and for tho reason,
apart liom oilier considerations, thu
United Sttitcs would continue to act in
thu spirit ot the Monroe doctrine.
coi.o.i:i. iux-oVs succ'Ksson.
Theodore M. Shite, now Superintendent
ot the Kaliway iian service, will ue tip
pointed to succeed.oionei Jiangs.
Mention ol' I'l-oiiilnen t 1'Ii-iiih nlilcli
Nii-tiK'iiiK-il YcMvriliiy, mul I'mi-cpu.
liiuo llPlnlliiK lo III use I'rt-i toiisly
l'liii.Ainn.riiu, 1'a., Oec. 2S. The
tlnii of I.eu A; Walker have applied for
tlto Ijcuelll ol the tjauuriinluy law. 1,1a
billtlcs about $100,000.
an ,iitiA.N(ii:.Mi:.vri. uanaha.
Sr. Johns, N. H Dec. 23. A llnal
settlement has been arraucil between
JC. D. Juwcll Jt Co. ami their creditors.
The hitler agree to accept twenty-llvo
cents ou thu dollar cash and ten cents ou
time. Thu turn required to pay this
compromise, $510,000, was ready, but a
difficulty arose lu reference to tlie security
lor tlie time payment. It Is understood
that K. D. Sutton's notes, indorsed by 11.
E. Wilmoro, of rrovidenee, 11. I., and E.
G. Dunn, ol St. Johns, are assessed for
$170,000, payable in installments
lu two or three years.
hat iE.u,t:its r.ui.i:i,
Ni;v Vork. Dec. 23. Clpparly & Col
lins, hat dealers, have made an assign
ment to Hobt. H. C-aidnct- tor tho beaellt
of all their creditors. Their liabilities
are placed at from SlOJ.OOOIo $200,000.
Ni:w Vukk, Deo. 2.S. Judgments
amounting to $12.i,()00, obtained agaiuit
Duncan, Sherman it Co., wero lllcd to
day. Alexander Duncan, to whom was con
veyed sundry pieces of real estate, valued
at $lo0,000at the tlmu of tlie f'ailuro of
Duncan, Shcrtnau x Co., has determined
to nlaee himself ou a looting with the
general creditors of thu linn by re-con-
viying mo inoiierry ansotuieiy lo ex-
Judge Shipinan. the assignee, for thu
bunullt of Iho creditors.
WoKCiivru:. Mass., Dec. 2. Tho sus
pension of .lames A. Smith and G. N.
and .1. A. Smith, woolen manufacturers,
Is auuotiiiced. .liiuics A. Smith ojicratcd
three mills in Cherry Valley, Leicester,
ami one lu this city, and, In connection
with G. X- Siuiili, u mill ut Malbury,
Mass., ami another nt Graultovlll, it. I.
The liabilities aro not known, hut aru va-
louslv reporleil at front :.00,000 toSCt'O.
000. Tim assels aro unknown. The crcdi-
ors tiro mostly ow r oiv, Hoston, Phil-
di'lphlii and orceslcr parlies, who will
ncet ou Thursday lo hear Ilio report of
lie liabilities and assets, which is now
being prepared, '1 hu mills aro still lu
Minimi's Hellenic imhIHoii,
The post-olllco Ilolloways, ot Indian.
apolls, liclug near relatives of Senator
.Mm ton, the NcttttHci apprcciali's the dell-
:ato no. t on 111 wit en i ,u kiiixui oi ine
Hloou.y Klilrt, llnds lilma-lt: "it would
bo asking more than human nature could
ho expected lo yield, to iciptlru of Sena
tor Morton that ho should make uoellbrt
to S'lve those related to him. Vet ho oc
cupies a position beloi'o thu country at
thu present lime, and before Ihl.s commu
nity In paitloular, that lenders interfer
ence upon Ills part very dangerous to
his future lullucuci). lie occupies such
u position Unit either cnuixi ot nctlon
will coiupromlsi) him. .Mr. Morion has
bestowed this, thu highest gilt of Federal
olllce.s at his command, upon his own
household. Ho hasdoun liili against tlie
protest of many of tho best and leading
members of his own nartv. They havu
stood by him lu limes past; they have
battled for Ills promotion : lliov have
yielded to his dictation ; they have be
come subservient to his w Ishrs m long
that ho has at length Ignored tliem. I ney
have, while adhering still to their party,
fbccnlorced intoamicui ami ginouty no-
quiescence in his lull sway. .ov ntai
this disgrace has overtaken him, they
will very carefully watch his movement,
and at Iho proper time they will doubt-
icsssiriKe a mow mat win ureax nis power
and free thciii (rum his domination."
a declining'industry.
ICIea-llrnwIiiff Alintiiloiicil III Norlll
Ciiralliiii-A HesiHi mi nic nnr,
I rom II o Knteljjli W. C.) Xi-ws.l
Tim U'iliniiialcn Journal Dtilillshes a
comparative btatcincnt of tlie rice pro
duction on the Capo l-'e.ir before and
since thu war, and thu eoulrat Is a la-
ini-nlab u one. Tho intiiisiry may. do
said to hayo become extinct. Thu in -
menso tracts orrlcli swamp lantu, cirauieii
at Inllnlto cost, ditched and banked nuti
cleaned, ami cultivated with II
nicety ol a garueii, navu remiu
to nature; liao hecomo a hideous
morass, linpcsablu and Impenetrable.
Diitii-il iivnr lu slltnv Mirfaco tlie while
crane Mauds hi solllary silence, a sentln.d
over the wastf. tlioghoMiy sign oi a tie-
parted prosperity. All is desolation ami
rulu ruin mi complete that it serins im
possible now tint money or laiior shall
ever again revive It. Certainly not with
the labor at bf.iul. A peculiar traluluj:
and a peculiar physical adaptation wcro
neceiary 10 me ciuiivaiiou oi ine ncu
plantations. 'Ihose requisites were ob
tained alter generations of habits and ex-
ner cure. The results ol tlto war dis
persed the negro laborers, inot ol whom
found lltelr wy to llmlngton, or
back Into ihu lilgli lands, where, lor the
nirpoju to which they wcro trained, they
ipcaine utterly tuelem and dcinorallzed.
The cultivation ot rice, tlterolore, on Mm
Cane Fear may be set down a a lost In
dustry. Tho amount ot capital to renew
t ha won; oi reclamation is noi in uiu
reach ol thc'orlginal proprietors, and In
experienced ehterprl! would not venture
upon me lony oi s.ucu an undertaking,
anu tnc piopcr Kind oi lauor is inmost ui-
teriy wanting, it poit)ie mat por
tions or thesu abandoned plantations
may bu utilized as meadows. v ore
member having attention called to such
etib't'pri'rs ou I'agle's Island, oppoiito
wiiuimgion, which was s-atit to prouue
success, A small portioii ol Ihu Island
and some other rlce-llcld lands hi thu vi
cinity weru made available as market
gardens, nut this Is a meager compen
sation lor me wiuc-snreau ruin ol so large
iml nrnlitaljle a liiif inr.vs. 1 lie ricu ol
the Capo Fear has n ncculiar value, and
always brought the highest prices. It
was largely shipped lo South Carolina
for seed, some ol' the planter of that
State itlug North Carolina seed exclu
sively. The total production before tlie
war was about two hundred thousand
bushels or nine million pounds. Now, it
is barelv ten thousand bushels, atid ill-
mliiMiIng, rather than Increasing.
An A ii llll ul Iliilsoite ill Ni-ereliil-J
llritlou's Ollii-e.
1 1 rtii the liilcr-Oaan.
WAhtiiNiiioN. Dec. 27. Nothing has
cicatetl such a seusation hero since the
exposure of tlie whisky ring as tho
Inter Ocean article of Saturday. General
Habcock, Hrl-dow, and others were be
sieged all day by Interviewers, bat both
declined to talk, Habcock denying the
truth ot all the facts relating to him. He
called on HrMow during the day and
talked the matter nvvr with lilni. Uoth
ot them agreed that thu matter had bet
ter be passed over in silence.
All exclthi": affair took place lu Secre
tary Hristow's rooms to-day at tho
treasury. Sam Felkeris hero Irotn Chi
cago, and has offered to tell all hu knows
about the Chicago whisky ring. In
conversation with Bristow, Felker Used
Wilson's nnmu very freely, and said some
very saucy things regarding him. Wil
son resented It, the lie passed, and ink
bottles, paper weights, and oilier missiles
llewauross the secretary's ollico with
dangerous rapidity. Felker stood be
hind the secretary's desk, with ids hand
on his revolver, and kept up a cannonad
ing ol oath, whllu Wilson cantered
around the room in a terrible passion,
sklriiiMihig with great activity,
but avoiding a general wngagc
meiit. It was so ludicrous
that the bystanders had no desire to stop
it. Several newspaper men witnessed
the battle from behind sofas nnd other
screens. Hut the secretary brought his
batteries to bear on the combatants and
silenced lltelr guns. Outsiders wero ex
cluded from the room, explanations and
a reconciliation took place, and Felker
was;dloived to continue ids story, it Is
uot known what ho told, hut there aru
whispers tint he lias confessed to having
been in thu employ of tlie ring and ascer
tained certain lads which he Is willing to
communicate to the government If it is
made to ids advantage.
Tin: iMi'r.NPi.sii srnimi:.
It is stated to thu treasury, without re
serve, that thu mine under tho Chicago
rlag will explode cailyjucxt week, and
many whlled sepulchers will bu shat
tered. The olllclals are not ready to an
uouticc whose property will bu damaged.
Tlie I gmt Tramp on llvronl.
From the Minneapolis Mall,
Kphraini Lincoln, colored, passed
through Moorhead I he other day on his
way to Manitoba. There Is nothing re
markable lu this save that he lias walked
from Louisiana to Virginia, and from
that place to Hostou, through Maine to
Nova Scotia, from there through Canada
to Illinois, Wiacontin, St, I'aitl and Du
luth, overland to Moorhead. ills Jour
ney has been of one year and nine
months' duration, and hu couteiuplaccs
traveling nine months longer, when lie
hopes to bring up In Washington, D. O.
no wa headed lor .Manitoba, and will go
to tho headwaters ot tho Missouri, tlto
Ulack Hills, ami If thu Indians do not
interrupt Ills longevity cast to Wash
ington. Nillii.-llrt, III,
SiT.i.Ndrim.D, III., Dec. 2;!. Tho
olllelal returns of tho recent special elec
tion 111 tho Seventh Judicial lltriet for
Supreme Judge, show lion, T. Lylo
fiicKoy s niaioriiy over lion. II. U. llurd
to lie o,:i:w.
On- 'I'lii'selnv next. .I.-iiiiini-v .1. Mm 1!. S.
Dfsttict and Circuit courts, the Illinois
supremo court and tho Statu board of
Agriculture meet In this city. Tho lat
ter body ut this meeting will arrange tho
premium list for the next Statu fair, and
award th-cwrf 'prcinluiuK.
The Gamble Wagon
Near Tbirth-Fourch Slvoot
7 1 1. . II ' J U III f
Loading Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
Will steadfastly oppose tho policies ot tb
ltenubllcan party, and refuse to bo tram
melled tho dictation ol anycllimo hi the
Democratic organization.
It beileves that the ltcpubllean patty na
fulllllcd ltd mission, and that the Demo
cratic party at now organized should be re
stored to power.
It believes tho Kidlcal tyranny that hat
fer several years oppromed the South
should bo overthrown and tho people ct Uif
Southern States permitted to control their
own atfain.
It believes that railroad corporation
should be prohibited by legislative reacts
totiits from extorting and unjustly discrim
inating in tliolr business transactions with
tho public.
It recognizes the equality ol all men be
fore the law.
It advocates frco commerce tar 1 11 for
revenue only.
It advocates resumption of specie pay
ment, and honest payment or tbo public
It advocates economy in tho administra
tion ot public affair
The llullctln will publish all tho local news
of Cairo, nnd a varlotv of Commercial, Po
litical, Foreign and General Ncts, and en
deavor to please all tastes and interest ah
Is a thirty-two column paper, lurntshcil to
subBcrlbord for the low price of
$1 25 FEB YEAR,
Postage prepalil. It 1b Iho cheapest paper
in tho West, anil is u nlcaslnK Fireside
Victor ami Family Companion.
Cannot fall to ice tho uv.valod Induce
mcntnotlt-rcil by Tho ltulletlu in tbo way
of client) mul nrnlllnlilo mlvortliumentn.
Subscribe lor
I..UL1 .i,; j ...au
kF.'JPJP1 years atro you could not nn uooA
PI VK Cents, and Kveryboly moked them.
Htld Ullrurn wont n irnnrillnirlv. flnld
tliolr own. Why Is. this P It Is owinir, to a oortMn extent, to th advaiuaH i oit iTf
nmniifnctiiio in skilled labor nnd Qoverniuent tax.tmt ton still KreaUr 2t
urert'lculoiis fashion of fuellntfushumed to call for a live csnt ClR-ar. nl"exteM
La Ficcadura,
3 CJoaoLt
Cllicnwnnr.irtnrrn by tlicnr (if ulrnlnl MnrMniT)-nrv rnnMcl to ni.if.p tlimlxivi-ceMirntrd
iML'tirut i-firil llf tWl-l tVftl'W'll lll-r l'l lit ll'KII tll'lll fltllf-l Atntilll'l.lllt(.r ...... . r.ul. ...... f,Hk t
iiiunl iiu.illty, UitHKitliiK Hi' li'iiiti-nU nn "i tunlly ltnjil) iimkrr Willi stussrior 10 cnt
OIkiw fur iiiit') Mi- i!iu-e lu Aiu-oiir lulloim
"Hip iii.iiiufiictiiii-rsm-.iilhiK llifict Unit tin-inijnrlly nrsiiiulPMiirrfcr to buy their CIkum si
my in it! Hum. lune niltiil Hie ll.-iii of luvorliiK Hu; iiinluritr, nnli-jil of tin- iiilnorlfv (u Iihi
lit-ni tlie nili', by fiiuiiitanuKiui iK'iriit inn smui-
ily uimlnllnKii siniclv uki-iiov In it i lly, I
Ily iiiiuliilliif ii siuitk' ii!i-ii'y In ii -lly, I n-j i
uiriiv, nun Kn-ji iii iim.-'i'i .iiij uir c mr,
xiionvs. nun kriMiiitui
ininrs, mill tlieiru'i-nti
Give thorn
a Trial
Sole Agents, Cairo Ills.
- 1 f- . .. J.. . .H.I l . 1.. JJ...JW
Read! Read! Read!
Ilavo Reduced their Entire Stock
To a rate never Uforc ofliwl hi tliN city. Scfiil
u lit re jou run kw u goon Innif
117 KLT3AHD l)n mimi W
In our llry-Uoodi Dspartmcnt wetllllxlu'
To rvrrylicdly who buy to tlicninnimt of tcu-n itoltum.
fj-CJlvf ll J n trial ainl i' will ronvlnce you Hat wi- iiimn nlrnt wcuy
142 & 144 Commercial Avenue.
I l-ow.
Importer and Wholosalo Dcalor in
Wines and Liquors,.
Kcopa a full stock of
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
('iiiiiii-Nlloniilil.v, Ilio tivti hhhIii tcif-il
work ufllii) IiIikI In llm Virll."
koticks ok Tin: riiifss
The ever tncrcusltiK circulation of thii
excellent monthly proven iu contiiiueil
adaption to poimlur UcKlrcs ami needs. In
deed, when wo think into how many homes
It penetrates ovuty month, wo minif con
hhler it iih one or the educator u well an
entertainers of tho public inlntl, forlts vut
popularity bus been won by no iippciil to
stuphl rreJttillceH or ileiinivoiltiMteH, Ho,
ton (ilohe.
Thechuiactor which tlilii Mai'szlnc po
fcccscH rorvarlety.cntorprlse.tii'tlsticwcaltli,
and literary culture Hint hay kept pace with,
If It lias not led the tlmcH, MiouM vmuo it"
coniliictor to rr(;atil It with justlilablo com
placency. It ulio entitle! them to a great
claim upon tho publlo gratitude. Tho
Magazine has dono good anil not evil all
tlie days ot its life. Hrooklyn Eagle.
TKltMS :
l'ostaea rrco to MibsctiUcrH iu the Uclted
Hurper'H Magazine, ono year ...$4 00
St Oi) includes prepayment of U. S. pout
ago by tho ptibllfheiB.
Subscriptions to HarpoHs Magazine,
Weekly, orHazar, to one address for ouo
year, 10 CO; or two of Harper's periodi
cals, to ono addrew for ono year, $7 00;
postage free. ... ,
An extra copy ol either the Magazine,
AVoekly or Uazar will bo supplied gratis for
every club or live subscribers nt $4 CO each,
In ono remittance; or six copies lor $20 00,
without extra copy; postage frep.
Hack numbers can bo supplied at any
time. .
A coranlcto tot of Harper's Magazine,
now comprising 40 volumes, In neat cloth
binding, will bo sent by express, freight at
tho oxpemo of purchaser, for $a i!5 prr
volume. Single volumes, by mall, postpaid,
$;) 00. Cloth cases, for binding, o8 cents,
by mall, postpaid.
jaTNowipapors are not to copy this ad
vertisement without tho express order ot
ilurpur & llrotliers.
Fashionable Barber
oczwbvxjev. xaixaniai n,
Between Washington and Commercial
Avenues. '
fit. Jus Au;r V 8I.Lwuis,Ua,
n Olirar as you would wlh tn amnVn
Durlnif the wr fold "eut Untoaoo
lina in l,nnV !. nl.. JIe"1 UlltO HOO
rutnui llie, mi, llnr. urn lw
- onci nle.ik- il-lr IhmIii.-i-i. kiIiii-,- llielr Iomm mi.l
niriiiv iniilll ll ml Villiu-i- ol lliinnilTf, Uiv von-
And bo Convinced.
in both their Stores, Consisting of
nttrntlnn U uiM lo our Clotlibiy liinrtinrnt,
'A Iti'puhlKir.v ol rimliliiit. 1'lcnmiro
nml IiiHlriirlluii."
The It.'izarfs edited with n contribution
of tnct and tulent that we seldom llnd inany
Jourim1; and the Journal itJ-tilf Is the orgtn
of the great world ot fashion. llotou Tmv
elcr. The llizur t-ouimcnilsiuclf to every mem
ber of tho household to tho children by
droll ami pretty pictures, to tho young la
dles by its fahhlou-plutus iu endless variety,
lo the provident matron by Its patterns for
the children's clothes, to paterfamilias by
Its tasteful ihihlgns for embroidered slippers
and luxurious droning gowns. Hut tho
reading matter or tho liazar Is uniformly ol
L-rcut excellence. Thu nancr his acquired
wiuc popularity loriue nrcMiie cDiovmeiu
it Hllord'
irds. N. Y. livening Tost.
TKltMS :
Harper's liazar,; one ycar....4 00
Four dollars includes prepayment of U
S. iiostuge by tho publishers.
StibscsiptloDs to uarpcrs Aiagazino.
Weekly, mul liazar, to one address for one
yoar, $10 00; or two or Harpers rcnoui
cals, to ono address for one year, 7 00,
postage iree.
An extra copy or cither tho Magazine,
Weekly, or Hazar will lie supplied gratis
ror every club or ilvo subscribers at ft 00
each, lu one remittance ; or, six copies for
&'10 m without oxtra copy ; postagp free,
Hack numbers can be supplied at any
Tho Devon volumes of narpcr's Bazar, for
tho years 108, '(Jt), '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, ele
gantly bound In green morocco cloth, will
bosoat by express, freight prepaid, for
J)7 00 each. , ,
CSTNowspapcrs aro not to copy this ad
vortt.'onicnt without the oxpress oidcrs of
Harper A llrotliers.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between Waehinatoo xai Oomtaerolsl
venues, adjoining? Ksmny's).
KKKI'S for sal the btt Itwf, Perk. Mutton
Vt-ul, IjuiiIi, Huuiwuc, 4c. and Is I'm
imrt u rrvr IhomIIxn In n MWwUtile inDrr
23?GrGat Medical Boole
iiiiilSfcrcln t'nr IjuIIi-h and lii-nU, He nt fm-for
wo Blmiipn. Aildresa,
10-15-dly Ht, Jotqili, Mo,

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