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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 05, 1876, Image 3

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t AUl IfflWl I ill till Kit TA
?'iN-n KldxMs of l')llilu, mKUilcry Krl-
lllciHH' ILlll ". II UlrMMAN,
l.litiiiirllor Cunimuiiilir.
IV IMITI I HI li 'luni i.-rii, ill ,
Al.i:VANI)Kll l.ODdi:. NO, '.''I.
-. Ii.iIij lull lit Onlirii' OiliprVI-
wvniwii. iiiu i cry i nurciuy inpii
"llfff 1U II 'lll-M-l .-,.-n in iiiii nun III!
t iiiiiinrclul limine, livUM i n Hxlli nuO Seiiiilli
llucm. T. .1. Kkiiui, N. (t.
unto r.Nc mi'.mi;nt, i. o. o. k., mio
Win O.lil-IVIIuws' Hall mi Hie II rt iiml Ililnl
I m-n-lav in tvrry i no 11 1 1 1 , in iijiii.m icvin.
Inii.JJU OiikliMT, 11.
CAIItO t.OIKIt:. NO. 1M7, A .P. A A. M
. Until tivnliir coliinilitilc-tllimj In .Ma
- i.. 11.11 .-I..I ... .
mono I ! 1 1 mirn'r iiiiifiirrt 1:11 wvi'lllll-
Mi ll' I IMlitll strut, on lit l- urdtnl unit
mii in .iKinu.iv iii men minim,
fur (he tVcclily lltill.llii.
Persons v I -1 1 1 1 1 r ndvcrli'ciiicnl or lo
cal notice-: hiscrled lutlio Wecl.ly l'i i.i.i;-us-,
.should, Imml lu Hit! copy by Too?,
day noon, cf carl i vccl.
Addition ! Di'llli-ls.
Wi' have four doen Itnlt.itloti Kbony
ypraojto 'aii-OiM'iuT, taken for adver-
1 1 Mil;,', uhich v Will sell III two dollars
per iliii'ii. Iniiiiii' l llullcliu olliee.
Si r Tlii'iii,
Under l'rotlu-r', jowolei.s, corner or
Klj'lilli street ami NVlililKton avenue.
Is nut1 uf tliu oldest iiml most reliable
lilt- lues linns In .Southern Illinois. They
hate tin: best nl uoikiueii In their estab
lishment, and iiianuf.icluic to older any-
filing In their line with tlNpaleli ami of
tho llm-st material. Their "lock ofjuw
chy Is elegant anil is one of the lnriMil
ami Im M ever brought Into llio .Stale.
I J .1-1 III
I. oral .1 ii 1 1 1 iictH-
- Crand lunch at "Our Saloon" to
night. 1'J-liVll
--Ho iiire ami conic to the ".rami lunch
at "Our Saloon to-idht.
I J-lu tf I'm. Ii, UoillUINt,
- For splendid blanket, water-proofs,
ta-liiiH re ami jean, call on Hurler, I .'I
oiniiicrrl.il avT'iiur. r.'-i'J-liii.
( oniu "Hie, come all, ami eat ol Hie
I'laml lunch at "Our Saloon" to-night.
I J-l'i-If FlIKII. lloi'llKI.VH.
-Oil cloth eat pets, and ami lu fact
i-Veiytliliij; heiut can lh for, eailn;
foiiml by calling on llurer A Co, I'JI
Commercial avenue, l-'-lll-lin
Ladies wishing to piircha-s! under
wear for thciii!olve or Children, can yet
ust what" h'-y want at Hurler A; Co,
l-'l Commercial avenue. I'J-HMm
Hosiery, gloves, nubias and scarfs
lu irnat abundance, and nt the ery low
ctpricM, ut Hurler ilCo's; 121, Com
mercial avenue 1 j-IO-lm.
Tiiblo lineiie, naiil.im, tnweU ;iml
lied njiriaiN of every kind, and to suit
the want of every imtmiii, i-au beloiinil
In yreat ubiimlauei: at Hurler ,t CoN,
l'JI Couiiuercial avenue. Ii-1'.i-Iiu
A largi itck oriadieV, iuUe and
ehlldicn's hoe, of the latest tyU' anil
ilnest ni.iterl.il, and xi-ry cheait, are on
-ali! at l!ur;M'r V CoV. I'JI Coiiiniea-lid
iiventiJr' ' lli-lii-lin.
I ;ruiH
I'llty cent-, :.t Wilder' (iallcry.
- The J.i'tn! m thc.ii!(;'t laMMlons lady
( in 1" atl'lliN hy cntllti on Hurler a
'o, when they nt lirfv?, ciubroldcrlo.-,
linen, cnliW or coIlii'V. 'lle lr utocl: U
hll)ieih alid ollli!ele', 12-10-llll.
Kor rllilm1'lld 'Hp-- (d'evry hadi!
and (iial!ty, ;uld luufuVri of all l.Iiidf,
yn should uo to I'lufcr ft Co?, 1JI,
oitinie'rct.'vlia't, Tliey have jiut
uhat you wimtt ''l'd will not tail to )Ieie
Vim. 12-lH.lm
Ilurftrr v Co, have on hand one ul
thu Iatt;.'t. ingt elegant and fashion
able Iooks ol drc j.'ood-, llks mi'I iop
Iin cve.r brought to Cairn. They have
put their lufis down to (hovcry lowest
notch, and buyers will Hud It to their
i.dvanlac to jxlvo tin in a call. 1 WO-lui
Theic N no meieliant hi Cairo who
iimlcitnmln tiimn pulleclly ihe wmit of
our people lliait .1. llurjier, ami on hi
la-l Irip carl, he puiciian'd uuuol the
innSt eleaut KieI;s of thawl.J, cloaks
and fliiv that could be loliud. IShu him
a oall ami loyl. at them, whether you buy
or not. U-lU-lni.
Itjoit want an economical heating
Move for w ood and one of the hamUoui-i-t
slaves In Ihe uialUct, with llluuilua
tcil front, buy the Improved Kvcninj:
Star which took tho blue ribbon at St.
I.ouW Fair laM (Vtohur. over all others
on exhibition. For salt by C. W. Ilcll-dei-iioii,
lit I Commercial avenue. Cairo,
Illinois ll.2S.iMui
'I'ho iuot lujcgpliiblo holiday pn-en
to a housekeeper would be a patent llour
ehet and bread-table. TliU neat iiitiflc
will hold two hundred poumH of Hour,
about M'vcnty-llve iioiinds ol meal, mid
the Mime amount of lSuckwhral or (ira
ham Hour; contalii'i two bread-boardi, al
ways in place, a rolling-pin holder, a
l;ucadiur trough, a yeat box ami a Inead
chisel, and when clixcd lorius a kitchen
falde-hoard or ironing lablc. It stamN on
ealors, and !, oruauienlal. .1'iicc, deliv
ered, 512. Orders may beleltalU.il.
.Myers' jfrocjjry store, or addics..ed to
.1. I'owr.ii Hi;!.1!,
PMll ll J". O. liox 7IS.
Oystor, Fish
l.VTI'.II'M Ill.OCIt.'
U'e will sell, heroalter, our tfooda at
the following prices, and sollelt the pal
lonae of tho public:
OVH-I Hl!rt.
Family InainU, per can M.1 cenlk-.
Standard', per can IS ccnls.
rjulocl, per can HO edits.
Si-lce(, cstra, f cr can M cciiU,
'I'llh ovter.s, per IIIU $1 tM)
'lilcaKo Trout and 'hlte...ll ct?. per lb.
Oame, fan rt-lt. ... 10 ami 15 etc. per lb.
Of all diweripllous eoiHtaully on baud,
coiikMIu of wild luikey, squirrels and,
Family rocuiles very cheap lor ca'li.
ii :. ami corrnii
Made a Fpcculty. Olvous u Irlal.
Cheaper than thu cheapest.
l'-' Iblf. Vm. W'l.vmn. .In.. &'.
kiiil nwup f"r iMiililautlAl i In-iiur, ot w.a yi
li-r 4.1
l'AUU.Oi:, WlulU;U(lHiUui.l, 11H.
,iai i iri'iiMi, ..hi. .
itA'rr.H or ai)vi:ktisi.mi,
E5-AH for utlveilUliitr, urc dur mnl iy-
llllll' I.N AIlVAM K.
'I numlrnl hiIvhIUIiii; Will In- lnx-rlcil ut llm
tale ufll 10 ieriiii.iiu rnrllic Itint lii'vtlluii
lOiil.ViuiiUr.iriuUiniili'eiiiiciitiiiir. liljcral
ilisciiiuil will In' iiuJu on 1:iihIIiik an J illpl.iy
t'liiin-li, Miclily, Frsllrnl nint Stipjicr nntlrai
will only be bitrrtiil M.iilvcrliwiiicutii.
for InsertliiK 1'nnernl hollo- $1 (o. NuIIiphI'
iiKt'tbiK ii f i or Utlrc or Ki'ii'l (inlir WciiiIh for
im li liiicrllun.
S'li ntUfrtlnrinciit will !, rn'cU.il nt If lima
M WIltK.
Local IlunlnoRA Notlcen, of
VJ tfsii HtioH or more, InHurtcU
111 thn llllllntltl iim lallown!
Ono lnssitlon )itr llnu -t Out.
Two Innortioiiapur ltn 7 Cvntn.
Tfirno insoi lionu por llnu 1 0 Cents.
Six luiidrtloiK pur line tr Centu.
Iwo wooka per lino UG Cuntu.
Una liioutli (inr lino 115 Cnute.
No Reduction v111 ho nmit In above
vi;i)Ni:.M)AV. .iam Ait r., is;o.
I.ih'i.I 'U(lier Ilcinrt.
Cili!i, I I.I.., -I.iii. I, lr'' -
iim . i Hah. I '1 im. Wish.
Ll.. I Wi Alll.
7 il. Ill KI.37U I (i I
II .m ii) M t ,
Sii.ru. I KMll i
J:K" rw -.'i'l I
I ii I ( If
U I "
9 I'llll
( lf!lt.
10 I
.IA.MI.'. H'AliiiS.
SffriifiBt. Stjfuat SnOf, II- H. A.
i:rrJliinl.V ('mm.,
I'lio I'ublic Is Invited to thu address ol
I lou. Ceo. 1.'. U'umlliUL'ou Friday iilhl.
:it the Athcneliln Admltilou will bo
In-c, but no one will Im pumilll.il to en
ter who Iw not a ticket. Fiec tickets
will be Hunl-hi'd upon a;ii!lcnticin to
eitb.T Messrs. It. F. l'.lake, ll. II. Itl.vk
or . K. Hawkins.
'I'lic lecliuo ul the Alhuiieuiii cm I'll-
lay nlijht nevt.
To Iti'Hl.
Cottage on lltth t licet, live rooms, f;ood
Wteru, etc. Kmpiiioof On. Sunn.
(lor 'uiilt'3'.
Tbo futher ot all Vum clears, :i veu
Inch Havana tiller, for live cents at
IJ-l'.l-tf CiiWIT.ltlltWAIT X I'llll.l.ll-s.
; Stem- 1 1 .
(Inn.Ceo. 11. Wcmllbljr. who will lee-
tuic at tin; Athciiciiui on l'lid.iy iiiht. Is
one of the must cloipicnt ami aecom-
pll-hed orators In the country.
4 ii i HIT ill' t.tlie Hut CsitTeH.
White finis ami white l;ld gloves an
olni; like hot isikcs off a "riddle, out of
our dry ;ood stores. Cauu", the Odd
Fellow4-' hall on Friday nlht next.
Tin- olllccrs and mvmbvrs of the Delia
"it v I'iro coiiipauv arc rciuieMcd to met
it thier hall on Wednesday evening, .hiu-
uary.lth, ls7(!. liy order of tbo president.
The locturc ol lion. Oeo. It. Weudliu,
on tbo Stone Ivcl, ha been proiioiiuced
hy ooiupptcul judges one of the mo'telc.-
ipif-nt and lliii'liwl addi-i!o over made
In Illinois.
At Savannah, Ueorlu, on tlcS-Sth of
l'ci-cmlicr,; Jlr. II. .Mathu-s. ot con-
immptlou. Mr. .MatluiM w:i a brother
if Mr.. 1. Mailing of l In- Him of
Malbil-n.'C Flit ul this city.
Tickots euii Im procured at McOaiilcy's
h iijj store, Koblila-' Ilaxar, aml.HlC.i
W. liudui's icwclry .store. 1-l-td.
'I lie (iriuiil Jill''.
The grand jury diil a ;ood day's woik
tcrday. The number ot Indletna'iits
ground out was an even dowu. Thu
rrand jur.v will Hud bu.siucs. cuoiij,'!! to
keep l li oi ii employed all thK week', and
probably several days next week.
.uflcc liuiuliCH of tyllilim .
'Micro will he a rcaular meciliij; ol
calon l.odKo K. ot 1'. to-nb'ht. ln-
tallatlou of olllcers and other hupor
aut lm-ine-s will come huforo the lod'e.
("lie iiiemb.;rs tuv all rcipie'-tcil to attend.
l..Vlt. l!y order of the ('. C.
Iiml Hit. l'lctiii-ii ihKcii.
One of tho prisoner. In tho county jail
was yesterday taken to a down town art
gallery whero his photograph was taken
lor tho olllcers. The lellow Is Imprisoned
on a ehariro of burglary, .ami his "phi"'
will doubtless ornament the "roguoa gal
lery" lu more cltle than Calm.
Cveijboilj to kuov, tbut llio pUcc to ct
A MIIOOlll cIihvc,
A ikhI thaiiiiioii,
A ludilon iblu balr-eut,
or an) thliijf la tint Hue,
Ik nt llio I'.liASK Ol:VII!U. llAtilil'.U'
Sllul', curiiei i;i);litli and Ciiiniiieri.'iH),
O-S tt J. Ol'.OIIliK SlKIJlHODHi'.,
'1 lift itlvei-.
The Ohio river Is tcportcd elallonarya1
ICvnn-vllle, while, the Cnmbcrlaud is re
ported falling at Na-h ille. U'o may aoon
look lor a decline heic. However, tho
MI-MsUppl Is reporlcil rising rapidly at
SI. Louis, with au enormous swell in llio
MUsouu above that city.
Kmc of Heal tlsiiiie,
Tlie underelgned oller.s lor Mile Int.- No.
12, 111 and 1 1, in block Ko. 2(1. hi ll ity
ol'Calio, together with si cottago situ
ated on mid lots, at a low ilgurc. For
fuither Inforinallon, call nt the ivMdeiico
ol tho iiiuler.slgui d, .loitx Scmii.i..
12 21.1m
I'ne Sole,
Cholco .Minnesota pot.tlcen alOlccnl.s
per bu-hel; eggs, 2.i cents per wmt
eiirrnuU, 10 cents psr pound ; ami a largo
(Mipply ol froth groceries always on hand
at low pi Ices, Clioleo butler a specialty.
l2-;i(Mf I.. II. Mvr.its,
I't ()- ImhI ronie.
The Filbllc is united to the addrc'i ot
llon..Oco. I!. Wcmlliiigon Friday ulght,
at the Athelieiiiii. Aihul'cion will be
'fee, hut no one will be permitted to Cil
ler who has not ii ticket. Free tickets
will bo furnished upon application to
cither Mcsm. 1!. F. Itlnkc. II. II. lilael;
or W, K, llawkln.
.Men I '1 lili -.es,
N'lck Williams' iifat shop at the cor
ner ol Washington avenue andTwcnlletii
Mrccl, was robbed again on Monday
ulgiiLuud a colilerable iiiantlly of fresh
meat carried away. The llilef or thieves
gollnlo tlie .liop by cuttlirg a panu ol
glas out of one of the (rout whulou.i
and the cutting was done with an old
ra.or, which cicalesthc Iinprcsflou that
the Ihicl is a colored man.
I'ulfee oiirl.
.lohii Williams ami Thomas Cauy wero
arrested hy Olllcer (iladncy on Monday
evening. A colored man nawlug wood
o'l Thirteenth .trcct was ;iiproaciied by
Williams and Ca'ey, and allcr sotne
words the colored man loliud lilmi;lf llat.
on hi back on tho ground, Willi m!. as
ho lilniscll'cxpre'!cd II, having "dlilled
htm onu iindfr the our.'' Wil
liams objected to being arreted,
and ( l.ilti:-y had considerable; dllllcully
in getting him to tin calaboose, .lu-dlcc
llird M'lit both (.'aey and Wlllhiios to the
.lohii Smith, for being drunk, was ar
rested. Me was lined l wo mid the ro-l,
tailing to pay which be was 'cut over I'or
lluoc d.'iyi.
'Unit (iiilvsleil t'.li'clliiu 'ue.
From Mr. .loluiS. Cnuu, ciicull clerk,
and aNo master hi chancery lor Johnson
county, who wa In tho city yesterday,
we learned that the evidence In the Dar.
k'er-Kiivkcudall contented election ca
for the county judgeship of .lohu.sou
county, has nearly all been taken, and
that the argument will be made before
.ludgi! Uuker, hi this eily, within u cry
hort time, probably early next week.
This In a c;ne tin: final of which Jln peo
ple ol'.lohn'oii county are looking' for
ward to with con!derab!e Inlcret iiml
Inijintlencc. It has been on the docket
for more than two years, and though Mr.
Darker has been nnvioti to have, the
matter decided and fettled, the other Md
have succeeded In having the iire con
tinued Irom term to term of court.
IVrsu mil M oiillon.
S. W. Splller of I.ebonaii. Illinois,
Avas lu tho city yesterday.
('apt. W. I.. Hitinblctoii of .Mound
City was in town yesterday.
1. C. Jlooro of Kinmiiiiday, va.
regi-tercd at llio St. ('hatlesyo-terday.
W. !!. I'.rnuell. ol Louisville, Ken
tucky, wiii at the St. Charles yo-lcrday.
Mr. .lohn S. Crittn, circuit clerk of
lobii-oii county, wa In the city on hu
lnos yoterday.
Comuils.-loner Sauder of Clear ( 'reck
precinct is attending circuit couit. lie
Is on the petit Jury.
!. O. Oyer, of Cincinnati, was In the
city yoAtenlay, and occupied rooms at the
St. Charles hotel.
County Counni'-sloiK'r (J. W. s.tm
nioiisls in tlie citv, attending the meet
ing of tin: county coiiiuil$ilouir.s.
Willie Wilcox will Mart this after
noon on his return to Chcilcr, Fa.,
where he has been attending the military
.Mrs. .lames I. emeu of llelloville, Is In
the city vMling her daughter. Mrs. K.
A. Ilurnctt. Slie Is acfomiinnied by Mi.s
Xellio l.cincii.
.John Wood, jr.. sou of ox-Mayor
Wood, Jell by yesterday afternoon's
train ou the Illinois Central railroad for
Champaign, where ho goes to attend tho
Industrial in-tlttitu at that place,
'.rle: llfiiiH.
Iloyt's ficruiau cologne at Bar
clays'. , l-."-lt
A.'calon lodge, K. of I, will tnect
thU ovcniiig.
Tiio city council met hi regular ses
sion l.-i-t night.
Work on tho new lovoo Is progn
hiug favorably.
Trains on the narrow gauge are run
ning regularly now.
Fines collected liy .luilgo llird dining
November, wero S2U.
Iloyt's Cermaii cologne at liarclay
Hi-others'. Kither store. 1-5-1 1
City Trasiner lllake Is busy Issuing
license I'or tho ensuing year.
To-night will be tho co-ing auction
mIo of line pictures hi Thornton's block.
'11 io amount of linos collected by
liidge liio'K dining .November, was
Circular eanU peittnned with Iloyt's
(ieriuau cologne to be had Iree at liar
clay s. 1-.VII
Mr. Hcxfotd. the new propiielor at
the I'laiiter.s' house, has got. hack to tbo
business that fiiltslilnibest. lie was born
for a li6lel keeper.
(ias consumers hotild he on tiio
look-out to-day. A dime saved 1 a dime
mado these hard times.. and parlies liming
gas bills to pay Miould iciiicmber thai
after to-day no discount will he allowed.
Tho maquerado ball to be ylvcu at
Turners' ball on Monday evening, 17th
Inst, under tho management of the Na
tional Cornet baud, will be a line allair.
The committees propose doing all In
their power to make it iht nuiTiiucrado
ball ol thoMM'oii. I-5-II
-About forty elirouio.-: all very
choice and lino suhjeets urc lot which
will be closed out at. auction lo-ulglit,
lu Thorloii's block. They must bo sold.
This will po-itlvely lr the last Kilo. Do
not miss tills hot eliaiici) lo get line
picture ul your iiv n price, 1 fi-lf
'J'o-'i ", li( il.
I 'or nt ry dets'ilptlou of hue and beau
tiful Jewelry, of tho very latest patterns
mnl lyles, go to Under Hi-other., corner
ot KIghlh i reel and U iislilugtoiuiveuuc.
Tills linn h is jilsl received one ol tho
largest and best- Mocks ever brought, to
Cairo which they am filing at llio very
lowest prices, , will do well lo ;Ivo
them a call hefoiP huvingiil other pluees,
Ininnry 'IVi-i.i. A. I). IS70.
Oll'mrs l, .1. I taker. Judge.
K. S. Yocuiii, Circuit Ctcik.
Alex. 11. Irvlu, ShcillV.
Court conli'iieil at 8:110 o'clock yester
day inornhigl
Not mm Ii
biislntrts of hd( rest to Ihe
.' was disposed of ycster.iay,
irt of tho day having been
hearing and delcrmiulng
The ciluilnal docket will
on Monday next, January
general publ
the greater
taken Hp In
motion, et
ho taken iij
101b, and
hie speed.
one through with all posd-
1 Hi: HOCIil'.T.
contains one hundred and
ninty-'lv ea
s, as follows Criminal, 27;
common law, 112. ll
should be ted that tho criminal docket
will bo aiuiiieiited to at least double
the prefeiit inmhcr when the grand jury
shall haei ii-idcrcd the charges aaliisl
the prisoncil now in the (ounty jail, of
which llieiclro thirty-live.
li'iiTir ii lions.
The followpg Is a 11 t of the pelit Jurors
for the lirst wo weeks of Ihe court,
commencing Mondav next, January
C. I). Albr, Alll. Wetel, .M. I'. Fid
ton, J. 0. StlresAis. Mason, It. (i. (ill
more, F. S. KeiilAilm S. Hacker. N. 15.
Thlsllewood, Jes-Allhiklc. II. I. This
llcwood, 11. A. 'I Inns, Henry Fill',
South Cairo preciin-iV Win. Minor, Ferry
Fowci-s, II. I.. Ilalhlay, M. ()' Haley,
Henry Flllott, C. .V. Osterloh, llcnj.
Soiithat'd, North Caii precinct i J. C.
I.Ightner, Thebes pntinct : Miles llait
liue, licnj. Ocler. II iwood precinct;
Fred llcibcrt. John if, Foster, (!co. I.,
l'ctcrton, John I., llruyn, tioo-o Ilaml
ptcciuct; Joint HoMui, Ceo. .Miller,
John. W. 1 1 by, Win. linpon, I'nlty
pieeluet; J. F. lleiis'in, .Santa Fe pre
cinct; A. It. Mttoii, Clinton Kurehyett,
in, Kandall, Clear Crifk precinct.
I.lst of petit jurors for tlietecond two
week'. enuiUKiicing Monday, January
David l.ipe. A. J. lioatly, J. II. Far
kerand l.ou.k Hanby, ot 0ooo Island
precinct ; I'.Micl; Sullivan, Cnity pie
clnct ; French Jones, Santa V'u preeinet ;
O. W. I.'yal. lliui-uckcr. Dog Tnotb
precinct: Anron Hobb', C. A. Miuehll
ilon, Thobcs irceinct ; Miles Cauble, II.
F. 1'iitiiam, J. S.Saekott, llalewood
precinct; S. Hawkins, S. I'. McClure,
W. A. Sanders Clear Creek precinct :
Ami Hodges. Frank Drum, S. F. lieii
nctl, North Cn'ro precinct ; Sam l.'Ilnuu,
Fatrlck Waldc, James Law, W. I,. Ilri.s
lol, J. II. MaDry, J. C. Smith, John II.
Jones, I'hll Snip, II. Walker. L. Mon
tague, A. M. Citn dill', Newton Uice. CJ.
T. Wldtlock. N. L. Wlckwire, . C. IIIU
and. I. L. Kiuncar, Soutli Cairo precinct.
.Unn.'i Ilotcli-l'olcli.
At the meeting of the city council
but night, a cro.-ing was ordered to bo
put down on Coinini.'rcial avenue and
Twentieth .street.
'Mm teport made to the city council
by .Mr. Olioriy regarding his late trip to
Washington, In the intere-t ot the city,
was pre-eitted and read at the meeting of
that body la-t night. Tho report, to
gether with the memorial suggested by
.Mr. Oberly, was adopted by a iinanlmou
Ihe i-.iloou license iiiiestton was
brought before the council again by Ihe
presentation ol tho following petition,
which, as will bo teen, Is ,-igned by
twenty-eight retail dealers, The petition
read as follows :
Caikh. I i.i... January 1. 1S70.
We, the iinder.-lgued. retailers of liquor,
da agree that If tho City Council will tl
our license payable lirst quarter duwn at
S.V1, and Ihe balance payaolo In monthly
Installments to be governed and con
trolled by ordinance, we agree each and
everv one ol us to take out license im-ldo
oftl'Mlays; and unless wo can get this
relli f these hard times, wo will not ho
able and do not Intend to get out wild II-i-iiNc
Mary White,
F. Ilolllieln-,
John Tanner,
Tona Cella.
Wm. Wetzoll,
Win. Callahan,
1. Moekler,
Tim Callalum,
J. K. Lane,
A. Jaeckel,
A. Krause,
O. Harry,
lleorge Lattiier,
il. Ilui'ke.
.olin SHckburgLT,
John Clancy.
Wm. Scott,
Cbas. Feuc.hter,
A. bwoboda,
John Cella,
Wm. McCoriiGtk,
Henry Urieliau,
Louis Herbert,
Frank Oazzola,
Charles Webber,
Louis Bhutan,
James Cirayiicy,
Mie vote being taken, the prayer of the
petitioners was rejected, as follows:
Ayes Lancaster, I'arker, "saup and
Voeiiui I.
Nays-llalllday, Ncllis, Thlsllewood,
lllttcnhousoantl Wilght .".
Almost all of tho dealer- who-e
names urc attached to the aboe petition
wcio present at the meeting, mid when
tlie vote was announced ra evident
signs of disappointment ; and not a few
(ifthcui spoke hi very uncomplimentary
terms of Alderman Fuller, aei-usiug him
ol having "gone hack ou them by
remaining away limn tho meeting.
If Alderman F.ttler bad keen present and
voted as tho saloon keepen believed he
woiid, llm mayor would have had to
em I the deciding v 'to, which would have
been hi lavor of tlie-'aloon keepers. Thus,
by the ah-cnee of Aldennan l'atier I hey
wero (Ideated. Aldeiiniui Puller It! not
the man to sklrk las vote on Ibis or any
other quesiion, ami can undoubtedly give
satisfactory rea-oas for Ids ab-eiico,
And so llm saloon license sbiuds Just
where ll did one ymr ago.
--Oilier Imslnc-s of a routine nature
was disputed ol, and Ihe council ad
jnurncd. .tics. ." i "i-. h, J.S."
"Mrs. (.Viiteiini.il" ghes lo "Mis. S. J.
H." n delightful shaking down this morn
ing, fihodoes II Miilliiigly, but ell'cctu
ally. She miuilfe-ts ri!.,tr.ilued anger, and
lj in tills Irani" of mind perfectly ehariu
lug, And now that the controversy Is
becoming personal ami spicy, why hhoiild
It lie discontinued 'i Wo en)oy It u much,
and do hope It will grow better willieauh
succeeding week, until eyes Hash ami the
fair pens become iw I'm Inns as angry
tigers. II there Is anything wo particu
larly euoy, It Is a dllllcully between lit
erarv ladies who must have the ballot,
Tor liUe.
Hudnut'' (lilts, (line) $1 fid
" " (i(iaie I U
' llomtny t 20
New Orleans Sugar 7 J f !i j
New Orleans Molasses WIXIM
(!. M. IIhwd.v lni
l.'-l.Vir 1111 Ohio Levee, Oiiho.
Wu will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tin: Iti-u.r.ii.v. unless the
same Is made on a written order signed
by Ihe president or secretary of the com
pany, and we will accept no orders given
ly an employe of the company, lor any
pnrpoie whatsoever.
Caiiki Hri.i.r.Tix Comi'anv.
November IK. 1W. tl
.'illcc ol' IteimiMil.
C. Koeh has removed his boot and
shoe shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (one bloc' below),
No. !KI Commercial avenue, between
FHlh and Sixth streets, where he will
keep the W'i home made ami St. I.oui
custom made boots and shoes, made of
the beU mateti.d ; good workmanslilp
and lu the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. 11-2.1-lt.
IHsnlilllluili il I'.irlueralilp.
The parlnershlp heretofore existing
between dailies K. Lane ami F. M. Ward,
dealers lu wood and toal, has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent, F. M.
Ward milling from the business. Parties
Indepled lo the llrm am requested loel
lle with James IC. Lane, who will pay all
claims against tlie llrm.
Ja.mc.s K. Lm:.
F. M. W .inn.
Calm, III., Dee. HI, IS7.1. ;.ti l l-:l(
A I lllulcl N.
The most beautiful stock of icwclry to
be found in Southern Illinois, Is now
on exhibition ami tor sale by Under
llrothers. They are prepared to furnih
buyers with any article that may be desir
ed, and watraut salitfaetlou. They manu
facturu to order watclie, clocks, rings,
lockets, and e cry thing that may be do
slr d. and for proikiency in making fair
work, they stand second to none lu Ihe
country, i iive Ilium a call, and see for
vonuelvcs, li!-.VJui.
Hoteliers' mnl KriiM is i:eliaii'.,'.
Flghtli street, between Washington
ami Conimereial avenues. Louis Ulat
tau, proprietor. tirand luneli every
morning fromfi to 11 o'clock, and every
veiling from !) to 11 o'clock. Will serve
oyster and other soup", roast meats,
eheesp, tripe, and all line edibles that
the marki:t all'ords In season. Always
on hand tin: bt beer, wine, am) liquor,
of all kinds, n be had anywhere. Cour
teous intention paid to nil. Come and
see me. 12-21-Utt
.. S'liic Sloct..
Wm. Fillers dflict to Inform his pat
rons and the public generally, that he has
now on hand a large stoek of k'rcneh and
(.crniaii Calf, Kip ami Morocco, and Is
prepared to manufacture, lor store ami
ollico wear, the Ilnest of .Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Hoots.; and for farmers,
draymen and out-door wear generally, his
French Kip stands above anything ever
ollercd hi this market. Ills Lasts am or
the latent styles, and he can guarantee n
lit andsatl.-latlou to all his patrons.
A KcvoliMlou.
The Fcvolutloii as a Imp burning
stove for bituminous coal, needs no puff
ing from thes.ub-oiibcriiud it nevernulls
(smoke) Itself. For durability, economy
and be.iuty It cannot bo excelled. Call at
my store wheru I have on in con-taut
use ami I shall be happy to explain its
good workhigqilalltles, and I will also
take pleasure hi refei ring to many par
ties who haw it in u-v, and who pio
nouneo it .superior to any Move they have
ever used. C.W. IIi:iii:i:so.v,
171 Commercial avenue, Cairo III.
A So. I l.iiniiilr.v.
It Is now conceded that .Mrs. Colonial
tiio huiiilrci-s. .No. 12 Fourth btrcut, be
tween Washington .1- Commercial avenues,
has one of llm liont conducted laundry es
tablishments in the city, and l.Mnllunls uf
iioteU und boarding boiiso.s vt 111 Iiml it to
thtlr advuntago to call npou her.
Her prices uro as follows; Hotel and
boardlajj-bousu w:olilng, 7.1 cents per
do.en. Foi piece work prices arc
us tolUiw: riinslo sldrt and col
tar, 10c; per dozen !Cc; socks fie; two col
':rs, Be; two lianilkercldcls, fie; vckts 20c;
and all gcntlcinciru wear, bUo, ier
dozen. Ladles' plain calico dresses, 2.1c;
calico (lresos with extra trhuinlng.,.riOo;
white ilrsos,: ?l 2.1c; ladli' undcrware,
line and coarse, $1 (Kl per 7o.eii.
Real Estate Column
- (iood dwelling homo on Walnut, he
twi en Twenty-siennd and Twcnly-tlilrd
- Tenements Nos. 2, '! and -I, on Sev
enth stici t, west of Walnut.
- St ore-room corner Tweulletli and
Poplar streets.
--lllislness hoioo on Levee, lately oc
cupied by cimiihighaui .v Stlluell.
ihislui'ss hoiiso on Levee, uearSilh
lint, lately oeeuplial by Cross, Colo
m.iu A ( o.
Wuitci-' lllock siilbililo for I toll t
OOU'"-' or llnsiims rooms cheap.
-- Tenements lnuiibered ,7, 8 ami !, In
Wlutcr'ii How, 5 rooms cich, for 10 per
nionlh. ,
--No. lo (coruerj, $11 rsl-'Kipni';.
Collage on Sixth stiect, icar, Wash-
luglon avenue- I rooms $10 u tnontli.
- Stoic loom iu "Pilot House," lately
oee.upied hy A. llalley.
-A'good I'arui with good houses, oppo
silo Cairo Haws farm' cheap.
A small House w. c Tw i,t,--ceoinl
siiivt.near Pine, per immlli.
-Dwelling; lions,, on 'I'welllh, jiear
Walntil. (I rooms.
mow room ou i.ece, uiiuvo r.igiuu
street $20 per inoiith. j ,
Dwelling hoiiio ou Sixth, (Jta'ct'iml
Jelleifoii avenue. ''4
Upper tlour of hrlck building on
Conimereial avenue, alnnn Tenth street,
very deilrable.
liooins lu varloiiA pails ol Ihe city.
FOIl LKASF 01t SA1.I'!.
Landii, In tracts to siill, pear (Who.
nivEn news.
Wxn DxrAiinitiiT, Kivxn Kurnvr. ;
Jnn I. loT'i
LOW WAlk.ll. (IliNlit:.
a i
1 7
ii r,
-2 1(1
xa in
ii ii
. j r.
vi i i
HI. thiols
Nim Oili-nm
JAM lift W AI-OS,
Sc'iyraM, Stjetial frrrliv, I .S. A.
Poll Mil.
Steamer Jim I'lsW, Pmhicah.
" Smoky City and tow, N. O.
" Cons Millar, Cliiclunatl.
" Sulc Sliver, New Orleans.
" John A. Wood and low, N. (t,
" lion Moiiut'.ilii, Pillsbiug.
Slcanii r Jim I'lsk, Padiicah.
" Cons Millar, Meinpbls.
" Susie Silver, Cinciuiiatl.
" John A. Wood ami low, Fills,
" Future Clly. St. LouN.
in vmt, Wk-vTiinn a xi) nt'sixiiss.
The weather continues bright and
pleas. int.
Ilii'lucM iiiiproWug slowly.
The ri-e lu the Ohio liver y,lciilay
was 11 Indies, maklng:!l feet IIJ Inches
on the gauge at daik hist night.
Captain Tom Dyer, proprietor of the
( 'aej lllc wliat lboal, was a passenger ou
tlie Susie Sihcr, from New Orleans yc
lerday. The Colorado leltst. Louis for Viek'
burg la-:t evening.
The Future Cityln gone to St.
Louis for the purpose of loading lor New
Oi leans.
-The Iron .Mountain lame Into port
yesterday, and will till out here for Now
The Suic Silver pa'-cd up from New
Oilcans yelcrday with a good flip lor
Louisville and Cincinnati. She added
100 tons hero.
The Cons Millar went down yester
day. She added about 20 tons here.
The new Iron "learner Curondeltt,
built by Captain W. Dick Love and others,
began receivlngat the New Orleans wharf
on Monday, lo leave to-day I'or Cincin
nati and all points ou her way up.
Til" Cherokee left New Orleans yes.
terday evening at A o'clock for the Ohio
The Andy Johnson, Captain David
Asbury, IMward .Morehouse, clerk, wa
to have lelt Si. Louis Iat evening at A
o'clock for New Orleans.
The line steamer (telle nt Shivvcport,
Captain Tom Ilea, Captain Hairy Dohr-
uian, clerk, was to have stinted Irom St.
Loul.s on her Journey lo New h leaus last
evening at A o'clock.
The Henry C. Vaegcr. Captain
Isaac Van Hook, Captain N. 15. Fowler,
cletk, was booked to leave St. LouU yes
terday at A o'clock p.m.
The John A.Wood passed up the
Ohio about 10 o'clock yesterday morning
vlth a Wg tow of barges.
A St. Louis exchange of jesteiday
says tho anticipated il-eln the river at
that point is under full headway, ami up
to A p. in., ou Monday, the rherhad ilseu
2s Inches and was -till going up at tho
close ot their report at the rate ol 1 Inch
per hour.
The J. D. P.iiker is due here ft am
the South to-morrow.
The Coiiiinoiiwevlth U now loading
at Now Orleans, and will leuo lluit port
to-morrow for Cairo and St, Loul-.
The City of Alton lelt. New Orleans
yesterday at A p.m., I'or St. Louis. Cairo
and -Memphis.
Thu Oohlen I .'I lie, Captain O. P.
Shhikle, lelt New Orleans on .Monday at
A o'clock p.m. for tho Ohio river.
The Atlantic and barges, Captain
Davis, was to have lelt New Orleans ou
Monday evening for .Memphis, this port
and S, Louis.
The llobert Mitchell will leave Louis
ville to-day for Naw Orleans.
The Louisville Cuiirii-r-.iiiiirnal says:
"ThoShnpson Horner has gone up Ihe
river with an empty low of barges. She
will meet the Flla with a tow of coal,
swap tows, and return to the South with
It. The Flla will take thu Horner's tow
back to Pittsburg."
The Smoky City passed up lor Louis
ville yesterday Willi a tow of empty
barges. She will meet thu low-boat Dick
Fulton at Louisville, lake her tow of coal
and bring It South. The Fulton will
take the Smoky City's empty tow back to
The New Orleans. 7'i'iri, hi speaking
of tho new Iron steamer CaromUdet, says:
"'Mils inagnlllcent specimen of uiaiine
architecture, ami one of tho wonders of
tho win Id, has been virtually built on
Louisiana soil, her hull beiugthc Monitor
Klcknpoo, ami was built I'or strength and
leslstauce, consequently It Is hard to es
timate "hat u blow It would require by
common river usage to make au Inmrcs.
slou ou It ; it fact, il might rca-oiiahly be
said that II is Impenetrable. It Is 22A feet
long, At feel heuin and IO feet hold. She
lias a licit anil substantial cabin
for tlie crew atone. Shu lias four
boilers 2S leet lull''. -II Inches
diameter, with A dues; her engines are
J I J inches diameter and 7 leet stroke,
ami, Irom experience, we know the in to
ho llr.st class in evciv ie-nect. This boat
has been built by Capt. W. Dick Love,
ner commander, and others, torn regu
lar freighter, and wo can only say. that
to bo appreciated, tint should ho visited.
lor sue is iruiy oi inn iron .ge, mm ner
owners have spaied no expense lo make
her lieiieet In olei c rc-ncel. and wn lionu
that our city aulboritles, in viewed llio
fact that sliii has been built out and nut
at our city, will place her hi tho category
lor nee wnaringe, aiiu now may saiet) .
le-ii-- -nil pro-peilly attend lier and
her owner j.
This I tho way Ihe Loiiivlllo C,m-rUf-Juunml
man talks of Captain Alf.
Stein and his Ihie steamer, tlie Charles
Morgan :
"'Micro Is a va-t ilhlereuea between
being a steamboat captain and a lcani;
llOIlt HlilI. AS llll cvilieiieii mill on.
Stein D both, wo will slate that tho Mor
gan U making money, and Is to-day me
bet managed, host running, best enrr)
luir. and niot popular boat on Hie hut.
This IS owing to tho fact that her owner
and captain Is a hoi an aiid under-
Mauds ids business'. ' ,,,f eerets
ol the .Morgan' success Is her punctual-
I!?' w,,,lc'1 Alf. Stchi fays be will iro 1,
gfa. He docn't .IUap,roh,l S
and sblniiers fur f.,i,.. . s 1 :.::""
before he does go.
i i... ..i.t.n.. ' '
.1. l i'""i- can
..s, v.... ,-,, ,,,, 0 course
III,,,' ,,,, f ..n.tl-... 1. . ... .. -is
from thl..
llllf lllflllj .1. Ulll.. ....... !., .. '
- ...... ,t ..in--, inn- ncniiier or
foul, she i mis on the name schedule. nd
Ibm W1' ' M,L'' "Hiio utetalkl
e . i '"hoats not inak Uig monex .
co ., , -n lie '.'''rV', ,f ,,ont ,'a' l
ii nKuMtiM1 ''oallileii as Alf. Stein
money w bos,, raptah.s think alfheyh'iie
lo do is io .,.nl- cloth. , " Vn 'ci,
lei. Ah. iica iliihi Is one ih,,r ...i ..
goo. boatman Is another, and It Mom
; 'l!n e1",'" I" (he I one"
ami hodyoi such nun as Alf. Stcln. It
Is no use to wish a ,., nI;u ,,,, ,,
and lortuiie, lor he'll hnye aiivhow, It
he live- long enough.
Tor Sale.
-A silver plated No.it Wilson Shuttle
Sewing .Machine, hard (piano) HnMi.
tallied at $.s."i. Will be sold nt .120 ills,
count, on good fernu. and ordered direct
from the factory,
- Colored iiml ununited .Maps nt the
city of Cairo at jjJ AO each (half price.)
A No.!) WiWou Shuttle Sewing Mu
chine valued at j.;,-,. Will Ihj sold at $15
discount,. -mil ordered direct from 'the
--.'$'H) lieuihigtoii Sewing Miiehlne.
.!() oil for cash, .Suilablo for tailor or
boot ami shoe manufacturer.
.s)le !:," "Clu..h, Warren &
Co.'.s" Pallor Organ, light from (ho fac
tory at Detroit. List price, $:I00. Will
be sold for $20(1.
1000 sheets of brlstol board Just re
ceived at tlie llt u.Kri.v otllce, and for
sale to the trade.
Of 111 K
t'lly f Culru, ,
coloivd and varnished, for sale at halt
price (2.G0) at the IIi-m.ktix olliee.
20.01)0 note heads, no.OOO etivclopes,
JO.imh) letter heads, lo reams statements,
20 reams hill lieiuh Carlisle paper just
received and lor sale at the Itri.i.KTiN
For any of the above article, apply a
the ISui.i.r.riN olliee. F,. A. HuitNtrr
It A Mi M I'.t I l'..1l i:'TN.
piil'Oljr nr lla- -oiillt(oti uf Hie Clly X.i
I V liniul I liii i L, ill Cairo, Iii llu- Mali- ol llll
mil, , it lliecln.i-iil'liiiiiiiicss, lli-ncl7tli , IST5,
Nt,iiisttliiillmiiiih i."!.',!-:-! as
I -
ll. hi. I . in (viiiei-iri-iiliitlnii ... si,hi en
( ulicr il,.rk, Iiimils mnl miirlwgps
t 1,312 Jll
.HJ,!mS i
,.; hi
St, silt Ut
j;,:r.-. ai
.Villi i
i,')i: u
i, '.'in ii
i,i,i i.
Ii.lls-I Jll
line iiiiiii a,iiiiMM iimm.' nvi ills ,
llim Irom oIIiit S'.ilhmnl llmiks
Hiii'l'i'Min tu.ili- li.inks nnitlniikcrs
Ceil cliile, ruiiiiluiv mnl IIMinvs
( iinvnt cxin-iiri-s anil ui p.tlil ..
I lus-kj mnl iillnr r.itli in mi '
Illlh til'nllit'i' Niitlmuil luniks
Krui'lllllllll 1-tllTIMH') (ills-Ill. I i II T lltl'kll'S
Suvic (Iiii'IiiiIIiik iiil, I iH-.i-my ti.iU-n)
I 4V.ll -tl'iutrl' llllll-l,
i : 1. 1 ii i i i i iiiiui wiiii i , s. ik-ii-
ler ('. u-i' if lit. ul'riieul.iliiiii)
Pin- fmiii I). . tusi-iiur, ntlii-r titan
-r ci'iit. u- lciiiiliiin limit
..iill:il Hl.n-k laid III -SOsi.uS) oil
.sllllll lu, i.l , TV"" 1,1
(llllll lllllllllillsl lltlllt ,l'n I.i
N'utioiiiil limk iinirs iiiilstmrlinir 4 ,nm to
Inilii liln.nl ili fmills nilywi i chirk '.'ll.sl lS "
Hub to iillin-Nalliiii.il luiik-s ..m J,n..lH
IMicto i-tnteliaiikimiilluinki-rs .i.- 7,''U 4
Tut il SlSt.OI.I 61
M ilonf Illinois, Comity of AlcviiuU-r ) n.
1, A. II. Mllniil, ( .uliler ul' llic iiIiom
imiiinl li.mk, On milniuily swe.ir Hint tin- nlmve
Ktiili-iiii'ut U triit! to tin-be, t nt my kiiuivltilce
iiitit lirlirt. A. 11. .-SM-KIMIII, lililiv
Mili'Cillio-1 mnl snoni In ln-finc ini lliU:i,l
I i nl' .l.iiiiur) , ls;:, 11.11 i. AMiKK,
.Voluiy I'lililln,
( onvrl - Aiict;
II I,. II A I.I.I D A V. )
(i. I. WII.I.IA.M-.O.V. Jllll.iMii
I!. II I I'NMMill.UI,
I'Ji-hI (niirlrrly
.)i:i'(Mtl' iiltt'i- iv-orir.ini.iiiloii of tin Ala
lAiiluIci' Cdiiuly llmik of CmIih, Illinois, U
IIum Ih-c dt'liiuliicss HneiiiliiTHsl, Is;...
1. .1,111 . .in. I ilhcoimis
riiriiltiiti-iiiiil ItMiiiis
Due I'm til olliur liiiiksunil litiiki'iii
( "fin Ii on Ii mil.,
Ue.ll ,-if j Ii-
,6 ill, (MS sil
.',,1)141 i.i
., l.il I.-
i.-.,!i;i i'i
$U,i!C. .-
..-.'.-i,ll IMH
. an.KM lA
II lu
i lAiui.nins.
l.'.iiihil liul. Cfl.'Oi) pilit iii ,
I t'lll . i Id
trinlliii prolllH
llm. ollirr li.ink mnl luiikii-j-..
Wi-, Fii-ilntlii IliMsi, rivdiili-nt.aiiil II. HVIU
I'n-liirr. of tin- iitujMi iili ll its I Imiik, ilo milelunly
ai-.ii-Hull llm iiImiii- Muti'iin-nt is irui-, to llio
liiil ol'oin- knouliTlnv .hhI In lli-r.
,. .. I'. 1IHIISS, PivsMnit
II. i:i.l.S .olili-r.
Hiiti.-cilliiil unit urn to licfoii! mo, llili ,l
il.iy of .lanu. ny, ls;il,
At.Kitnn ( oMistii",
S'lilnrv rulitli-.
IjMFTY Kl.KU.YNT STVI.KS, Willi uliul,lo
J. Iiiiiiiii-iiu-uts Ni-vv mnl llcuiilinil Sd,,
ll(ils. OVKi: i INK TIKJl'SAdt) (Irpintsli
mnl Miuli-lans lmtoriithr DrKimsaiut rrnini
iiifiiil Iiiiui u bliiclly Klrnt-i-lius In 'I im-,
.MwliiliUni unit Unmliillty. Wun-aiitiil iHe
J ears .-.1-1111 fur price lliiu.
(nlney, Illinois.
AMi:n-(lll(ll) CANVAssKKS Mai
mnl Kt-iiuite, lor llio mIi ul Mrs. Krlitiw
KW I A l l.oi I I Alir, I'ANi sells In
every futility, Ailihtu. for clrciil.rainl
lirlrv (ifin.-1'iils. .1. V. MtllOl.soN. KO
So, llr.uliui'ii Ml. , Cliii-.to. It-l.'-W-lt.
iuimmmrAUr t Notice.
litsl'ATr. of Pyns 'I' I'nrkrr, lt-e.its,
Pj 1 liDiiiiilirslirniil I in bit; luvn iiiiiiiiitnl Ait
inliii-t mtiir ii I' llic fsl.il.-nl' lljin'l' I'uiki-r bt
ol' Hie ciiiiiiiy nl' A li'.x.iinli v mnl Mult- ol'lllliinL,
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