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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 06, 1876, Image 2

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IWivllioc Mnll" r.tcry l'n
ckiiIiii- .Hccllne.
l'(llNCIl. '(.'ilAMM.l!, 1
Cairo, Ii.i.., Jan. I, 1870.
rrccnt Ills Honor .Mayor Winter; nml
Aldermen llnllltlny, l.nncoMcr, l'.irkvr,
Illtlciiliou.H-, Saup, 'llilsttcwooil,' NcllH,
Wrijjlit nnd Voeiiht It.
On motion of Alderman lllllihlioust,
tlio readln of thu minutes of tlio Jnt
meeting was dl.'iwtiftd witlinmlthr- min
utes apitroved.
Kciortof IJ. P. Wake, city treasurer
for December, wiw presented and read
and on motion of Alderman Wrhjlit ap
Iteport of F. llro and .1. .1. l?Irl. ;v
lice ma''ltrate. wm itrcicntcd and rend,
nnd cm motion received niil ordered
The Ordinance Committee reported, tlie
follow Iiiet ordinance re?onim?udiii!r the
adoption tltcieof :
AN" OIIDINA.M K fHinn 'lit of o.mnMW
lucul and fading nf in rr'-i
"municipal jresr."
lie it onUlntst by tbc I U5 Mmcil f IW .tr f
(Kcnuv 1- Tl ' n.l frr," mmfnvel in
Section one nr Article tw. i4 ! "maaMi
lal ynr" inenttooe-l In ettoe elcM. -Vruik
lan. of tlie id of iHcorinmloi, ttU hvimrtrr
romninit with the 8rt Ut of Jumrr, ami
end wllh lliclat Uty of UwwW, oi mm r.
The Ordinance commit! ! im
ported tlie follow lnr ordinance :
ANOHDtSAME am srtii i'i Or
dinance No T.
IJV itonlstned by the itjr Omii 1 ( tlx- mIy f
SUCTION I. Hut f-relio MUi.'wu.l U ot r
dluatirc iiumU-fl , ht Miwadtd x t-nail
lollow, vll
stc. II liffvtr ant Itcwc stall I irrwlcd
for any of th ows r V)aeU na4 In
tlie irrccolIn' section, the mipUrtit nrU
nnu for thus-iiu? shtll u Jo tbecit;. tretswrr
the following miui, IVw cttry lty.
Mojon.c.itt urutlK-r tehiule. nwl toiMair;
property, fur liirr, drawn li on,- horsr. it
dollar f for every .Imy. w.ijun. ert nr oOkt
vrhicle uscda lnr, drawn t lw. h-mc- or
nun, fetm loil.it nud Hby Ml'.
Oil motion of AldtTinait llnlliilar 1 la
rules were itretuleii awl th ordinance
placed upon It second muling. On
motion of Alderman NellU, altl onll
nauwj was adopted by tho follow in vote:
Ayes Halliday. I.nnih.r, .Willi, Par
ker, 1'itteiihotfe. Siup, 'rhltlowMd,
rislit and Yoeum !.
Tlie Kinanctt Committee iimde tin' lil
lotviu" Miccial report.
To the .Ma) or and City
Council of tlie city of
Your I'luanee Committee be? le;iye fo
submit the report ol Jfou. .folin Ii.
Oberly, appointed ttiider your lu-lnio-tious
to repre.-cnt thu Interests ol the
city at W.'i-liiiigton In relation toimprovc
metitot MU-i-ippl Ulver between fool
ot Dickeys Island and mouth of Ohio.
We respectfully recommend thu adop
tion of thu Memorial Miggested, anil ihat
tlm Finance Committee bo further in
structed to carry out the other su'go..
tions contained in Mr. Oherly's reiiort.
Tiios. W. IIam-ihay,
Wood I'nu.xiiurM:.
i'iiiauce Committee.
Caiho, III., Dcc.-JU, 1S7.i.
Mr. Tho.. VV. HaltkUy, Cli.iiinnn rinancc
lKAit Jjiu: In compliance. with the re
quest of your committee I proceeded to
tlie city of Washington to ascertain
whether It suuld liu lhlu to ih-ucium
an appropriation by Congress for tlie
purpose ol making certain proposed Im
provements of the Mississippi river at
this place.
Thero U, iu my opinion, no doubt that
Congress will make an appropriation for
the purpose Indicated, It tho eltl.uns In
terested lu its being made w lit take proper
nun prompt &teps to proeuro it. Tho
Hon. William llarl.ell. member
this district, has already Introduced n bill
uuoiiie iioitsuoi llepresetiitlvcs appro
prlatlng SWO.WJ'J for the suggested Im
jirovetnent, a copy ot which bill U liere-
wan enclosed. It has been telerrcd to
the ComiuittteC' on (jiuhui, , ti, m
though Mr. llarl.ell is very earnesthi his
advocacy (if this measure and will do all
possible work to carry It through Con
gress, tliure is no probability that the
committee which has It under advise
uieiii win report, tavorauiy upon it, or
uveu report upon it at all, it tlie City
Council and citizens of Cairo, river men
mid other interested lu thu matter, make
no enori to convince, tlie committee that
tlie n-ked-lor appropriation Is omi that
might, lo tie mane. Thu .Mayor and Citv
Council should thereloix!udoiita"Menid.
rial to Congress," netting; forth thu roa
bons why the appropriation Is aked tor,
and our citizens should meet c;i mastt
aim endorse tuu action ol iiieir represent
auves in tlie city government. .Steps
.-iiuuiu uini uu liiivvn iu iiavo a petition
mi-mu .iiiiiuiiiuiiiiii, uy Mfamiioat cap
tains aim jmois, sent, up Willi tlie nieno-
nai i naye suggesteii
Ucn. J. II. sjitiipton. lu charge of lin-
Iirovenieiiis on me jiissiiipi lie tv. con
the mouth of tlie Ohio and tlio mouth of
the IlllnuK. has alreadv had his nttrntlnn
called to the condition oftlie river at tlii
place, and hai had it survey of it made
uviwreu mo uiouiii oi me Miuo ami tlio
loot of Dicker's Island. I non unticm
ot our citl.ens ho will mako n report to
the governinent. i am satUtled he be
Jicres nn appropriation in Improve the
river us has been suggested Is impera
tively demanded by the interests ol com
merco and tho f?oi'rnicnt, and will so to
port. There can be no doubt that ucha
n-liort from so skillful and estimable an
officer would havo great weight wilh hl
(.uitcrlors, arid be a cojichi'Ivu argument
w ith the Committee on ( 'ominerce of tlio
Houso lu favor ol Mr. Hart.HI's bill. It
Is tliereforo Important that a petition
ouch as I have sugge.teil Bhouid b.s sent
jo (leu, .Simpson without mineccs'.'iry dc-
With tills I enclose a form ot iht. in,.n.
orlal, that, in my oiiinlon, should be
adopted by tho Mayor and Cllv Cnuneil.
nnd endorsed by our citizens.
Please find enclosed 10, thu amount of
tho 9UO given to me to defrav my ex.
eii6e.s while at Washington, 'not iiH-tl
uyme. Kespcbtfully,
., lt , Joil.V II. 0IIKRI.V.
Ii. lhe(,oiit.or tlieUnlkil MtM
,i)U',.?'0Ur,1!";"10rialsls, tho Mayor and
'' J council 01 mo (jlly or Cairo, III).
you-V r-siscH.tI'tM- represent unto
That thero.iiow o.LU ti gtent nceelv
for tho Improvement of tlio MlshMi ml
nvcr ut the city of Cairo, became : 11
, f"v viaiiini inercot, belli;' ol-
niiui.H.u imc. Mitigs aim other ol).
etrticllous, Is. In Ul?M Ji" low water, and
uveu ol gooii tjoailii-c m1(J0w, all llloailt lo
follow and exweillngiy ".langerous to
navigation. "
L. Tho channel Is not well dcilued. and
In continually shilling, to tlm ,' .
lioyanco of nvcr followers mid fii a mini,
ner ularmlntr to the people who live unon
the banks of tlio liver. 1,1
'J'ho curit!iit of I ho river, carrying the
channel with It, has been, during thu putt
year, seltlug upon thu Jllluols sltoie,
wuthluir ttvvay largo (lUantlties of yalit
Hide )Hnduile5troylnjf the Icvevs thht pro-
tect ('alio Iiiiiii inundation In times of
floods In tlio river, tlni' actually cinlnn
Koiln tlie city, pnttliiR IndlvldnaN to
real epene,and spreadliiir tin oiil'Ii tlie
country idarm. I poii tlio Missouri side,
tlio erosions of tlietlvcr arc al.u tloln
lunch iiilfclik't.
Ajjalnst tlie "p.nvei fill forces of the
I Ivor tlit people wlioe piojierl v Mug
detroveil mid liomi- nitually tlireatcned
wlllt 'deutt notion, can do nothing ef
fectual? 41'liey build levees, but the cur
lent of tlio ilver walie the in away : they
dare not, even if they had the moain. go
Into tlie channel of the river, where they
nint j;o to do tho neci'sary work, and
by directing It water out of their
wayward course coiitlne the chan
nel within certain bounds and
thu give to coinmertH! n i-crtain nnd safe
conou up and down the ltvam, and fur-iil-li
Incidentally protection to tli prop
ertv i)l'cJllcii duelling upon the tuuk.
J'il tlie government only can do.
The u'j;etel improvement WiiHild l
made IinuieJiatcly, tor the tollowln wa
ious :
1. It iiiut be iiiade ioner or later by
the government, ami the iviiditiitv
of a sum of money now will n.-nuer uu
necesiiiry the eNiemliiuro of a largtr sum
It will nuke iHTiuAiicttl the levoe
around Cairo, w Inch, ilttrins the late war.
furiilrlied to the sovenmient, witJioHt
the e.H.-nditAtrB of a dollar, a ceiitf r t
naval and mltlto"opertfo,snpdliijr,
even In eaon ot Kivt v1s plaet
for camp. lioidtaW, etc
3. It will n-nder nr iir vahmble
jmilHTly owuetl ho- tf rnvetmwent In
the city"' trw.
A. Ttte jkt1 tt CaJro i the ino-t Im
potlnnt on llx- tt tn-twet"?t New Ur
iwitis amlSt. l.oais t)r rt'eord allowing
that a pwilu numVrr ol johrolifintv and
ollmr wnu-rmiiU onUT ii Unrtiifr uiiy
pi ven jKiriod Uiun ikiKt amy otliet port
on tht mw. lite sr?eKHl improvt-im-nt
h(H neminr tVo jwrt of Cairo, for
ubviiMH ream tUll more rmiortaiit
boih to thcrmtittr jmd the -vrrmintd.
j. 'n" liortkm of the river non whlrh
it i Mijxf 1 Ike tvnrl: ttall be drmc,
rtfiwres lmTwxVTWC!t more lhn xlmnM
any other orrn t atvj rifr In the
t'.. lit; afrimlntral. nMmwwl Mid
wieral biivii,- iwtmv-l.- ot htr portion
ot the valley ft I He Mi-tmH rwaiir
that lh impr-vi-tHr-n! tn te iMa-W- with
out k-ly.
unoikot AMerwuiNelWMlrcn' -
pott received ami rooenrrrd in. and
the memorial tHtd awl the proper
ofliccr authorial to -itrn oM mem
'Hie rruiar revort of the Fitianee
Committee for 1 eubor was ivad. and
on motion of Ahkrman Wright rv-'-ived
and onlerctl dktl.
IViftloii of A. MackK- ,x Co. and other--,
a-5lug that .1 cro-;lg b? built on Ttvcii
tleth -treet and Commercial avenue, was
read, and on motion of Alderman Wright,
tho prayer oftlie petitioner; was granted.
Petition of A. O. Coleman, lu reference
to reduction oil Hcenec, was read uiul on
motion referred to City Attorney.
Petition of !. IC. f.aue, .loliu Tanner
,1 1 ul others, n-kiug the council to make
the liipior liecii'e payable, quartet If , was
presfiiltd .'inil read.
Aldpriiiau .Saup moved to refer the
petition to tlio Ordinance Committee with
instructions to draft an ordinance lu ac
cordance with thu petition. Motion lost
by the following vote:
Ayes .S.iup and Yoeum'.'.
Xay.s-Ilall!day, Lancaster, .Veilis. Pun-,
:;t'r, ititiciihonse, -J iisticwoim ami
Wright r.
Aldennan Halliday moved that action
on the petition lie iiidellullcly po-tpoucd.
Carried by thu following vote:
Ayes Halliday, Nellls, Kittenhoiise,
TliNtlewood mid Wright o.
Nays Lauca-ter, Parker, .Saup and
Yoeum 1.
The following bills were presented and
read, and 011 motion referred to the
Committee' on claim-'.
Henry Winter, mayor salary for
December $ II 0"
Win. Kreiieh Ax ley eleik ralary
for December 7." 00
Ii. I', lllaku treasures salary for
jonn li.Uossiiian.Jlarslial, salary
for December.
75 00
.1. C. I.alltie, A. Cain, lienrv Sar
gent, W. Wooton, Wm. llrovvu
and .Martin O'Maley police con
stables each CO 00
P. Ilross police inagcstrate '.',", ijtj
.I.J. ltird policu inagestrate 25 00
k. 11. juuuiiigiiaiu, rem ol coun
cil chamlier. 00
M. M. Yourd. 100 dray numbers... i 00
lotiti vjianccy. iiieling )flsoner In
city lail for December...:
John Claucey, extra meaU tttr
nlshed prisoners
Cairo City lias Co., gas for street
Cairo City (Jus Co., gas for citv
Jail , '..
Cairo City lias Co., gas for police
Cairo City IS as Co., gas for coun
cil chamber
II. II. lllaclc, commissioner 011
lUibt. lt;iL'iioll, contractor now
12 :t:i
:i.u 00
5 10
10 05
10 10
levee ,
... 1077 !K
Arab l ire Co., quarter allow
ance llougli mid Iteady Pirn Co., quar
ter allowance
Hibernian PIreCo.. quarter al
lowance Delia Cily l'lri Co., quatler al-
Io iltH'l! i i t,iiiitn
I!. Pltzgerald, eoiinly Jailer for
dieting city prisoners
Cairo Ht'M.iniN Co., for license,
book', reccliit hooks Immu
00 00
(10 O)
CO 00
7 W
ami proceedings
Illinois Central I!, I!., for trans
portation lor Maggie llrown to
rit. l.ouls
I.S. Mcd'aheV. luuiber fur si. I...
I 50
..Wi'lks.. -;,s ;i;
N. J ! ice, lumber lor sidewalks -j.Vi SI
Mratlon A ltlrd. nails lor sldi-
Timothy (ioiinan, superintendent'
ot sttcets
Kevore ,v Pitgerald, building
Mdewalds .7. Z
Peter ( onion, 'JJI dayn vvmk 011
sldcvvalkri at $1 50 per day
Jerry Murphy, 'j:t tl.iy work 011
Jaim e i 'ai lei, hauling ().' loads old
lumber toyard
lames Parrel, hauling load's
lumber lo sidewalks
lames 0 Domic), hauling I load",
old lumber
Thomas Xolou, I is'uil i i7V ' Vi'i ii it tVc-ii
man to Jail ,
James lto, l ton coal iorpolicc"
headquarters ,.
Jamea itoss a tons coal for Jui'l'.!.'
sHver ' k"1,lU(J" "'lri'"
I.. 1... m'.! '.'. ''"",","'
.VI i;o
) IK)
;f)l s.'i
ill S7.J
:tl sr i
is i;o
II 70
I '.'O
I Ul
7 00
:i 75
7 50
noun .'iu.miii, j uo.eu snovels... 7 :,u
"'opted :
limited, 'flint the citv clerk Ik nmi l
lerby Suited t"W
ell, nt II next regular ineetimr, a InJ nnd
complete llt of alt permits dolii): bul
ne. within the city. wlme Ikviin have
expired and vv lin have failed to renew tho
Alderman l.ane:t-ter moved tort eon-
sldnr the vote ol lat ineettii!: on the
niliiidlim of the revWd otilinaniH". Car
rled by the following vote?
A ve Halliday. lnoaler, .Will. Par
ker. l!lttenhone, Saup, ThWtlewood and
Na Yoeum 1.
Alderman Satin tnomt to lay Ihe r-
vieil ordinamv on tho table until next
meeting. I.ot bv the follow lug wte :
Avr l-ftiiestiti r. Parker. Sj and
Yoeum 1.
Nay-Halllda.v. NM1I. Ulttculiou'
ThlMlcu okI and Wright Ti.
The original motion nf Alderman Hal
lklav, that chapter I to SO, inclti'ivv of
tlio revlcil onHnfttHv lo fttJoptwl nl
ntnnVml one 1 , wa put talore the
ronneit and the rcvicl cnlmanec adoptcil
bv tho followlr.c vote:
Ayes HallMay, liwefister, Nilli,
Parker. i;ittenhonc, Thltlevoo,1 atxl
Wriglil 7.
Ny$ Saupnml Vnetun 2.
The State mid city Honor bond M the
Hollowing natiied pnrlie were presented
ami tmkI. nnd on tnotlon approvM : A
Susnnka. io K'leb. X. Prouty. Nlcbc-
! .Monca, Jit". Ornnev, Aug. finite.. A
Celln. Pfiiehieir .x SeTimmtr. Poter
The bnnrt of I". D. Uoxforrt forrnnneri
lloeiMf vvn. renij nnd on motion ajv
Onmothuiof Alderinan ttp eonwdl
W. P. AM.trx.Cltv Clerk
Thinas that Connect Him with
the Whiskey Frauds.
. . . . ,
!0 vcicgrapmc messages xjc
I it AAi, llMt'e TfvirntA SMlrttfl1p
txveen Grant's Prirnte Sccrctarj-
and tho St. Louis Hing
Strength of the Incul
patory Evidence.
I h,t.:.i Iimi", omieondtiicc J
sr. Lot 1-, Dec. .'.. "I doubt if p-oplc
ri'.dlv undcrt.iud," said (.111. John It.
Hendirson. the late iieclal coun-el lor
ilii fovcrnii t in the vvhl-kr c.ises,lat
week, talklnir wltli a littl Iarty of
irlenib, "how stnmg this c.t'e I- against
li.tbeock." Acting upon licit. Ilemler
son'y liuiilleil stiire-tion. your corn
poutieiit lias jolnteil together "the case"
airaltist llabcock. It is not ns-crtcd that
this Is all the evidence agaln-t the pri
vate secrctarv, but it embraces shell
evidence as was drawn out iu the
trial of A very, and such a tlie govern
inent counsel have felt at liberty to make
public. Prom the middle of ls7J to the
10th of last May was the harvet time ol
the ring. In" one period of fourteen
months there was turned out lu .St. l.ouls
the enormous quantity of S0O.0OO gallons
of crooked whisky, a clear fraud 011 the
revenue ot 720,000. As to minor details
re-pecting the movements ol revenue
ems ami spies, 111c rms reneu on
Avery, l or more impoitaut crisis the
powerful influence of llabcock was called
up. Times almost Innumerable the ili
tlllcM.md rectifiers weie shown letter"
and telegrams bearing tlie signature- of
liabcock and Avcrv to reassure thcm.lii
Octoder, Itffii. vTtien tnc iWi-vvrVcs were
be uir crowded to their uttno-t. 1 ord. the
collector, died suddenly ol pneumonia, it
was reported, 111 v. nicago. no nail inen
to Cleveland, liad met the president, ami
Had neen onereit tlie sccrctarysiilp ol the
interior. .Joyce, Keenly alive lo the
emergency, telegraphed as follows :
Si I in 1 lei . tS!T:t i:..n 11 r
llabcock'. Executive .Mansion, care of
President (irant : Poor lord is dead;
McDonald Is with thu body. l.eUiienres-
dlcut act cautlouOy on his succcssoishlp.
John' A. Jovt.'i:.
Two days passed, and scarcely were
poor Pord's bones under ground when
Joyce telegraphed again :
.Sr. I.ol'is Oct. 27, 1H7II. (Jen. O. K.
llabcock, hxecittlve Mansion, care of
l're-ldent (irant: J be bond-men prefer
uir man iney nave recouiineuiieii. au
expression from the prc-Idcnt to his
friends here will secure- everything. Let
the president do fur the best. Depend
upon .McDonald and my-ell to .stand bv
his actions to the last.
John- a. Jdvoi:.
1'liu promptitude with which the ring
aetod is evidence euougli of tlie emer
gency. A .-Ingle day later the following
telegram, all but tlie signatures being lu
Joyce's handwriting, was sent.
Sr. l.ocis, Oct. 'J, lS7;i. To ills Kx
ct lleucy L'.S.draut: We have the honor
to recommend Col. Coii-tanthie Magulre
for collector ol Intel nal revenue ol the
l irst district of .Missouri.
C. A. Nkwcomii, John A. Jdvch,
Jons- McDnv.u.i., Wm. I'a i hick,
I he same day II tbcock was posted bv
telegraph as follows:
Sr. I.ot is. (Xf. 2S, 187;i.-i;eu. O. P.
llabcock, Kxeoiillvo .Mansion: See di
spatch sent In Pii-ldent. We mean it.
Mi Jiivck.
Magulre w,i- appointed. Tho ring had
iiiioruiation that Ii" would lie, almost im-
meuiately luit Ihe iiipointmeut was licld
park u seemly period. AH this winter ol
ISil the ring "hooped it up," as thev
were lund ofuxprcsMiig It, and there vvu
not 11 sign ol coining ilki'ler. Toward
spring Dougla.-, wcak-kueed at be.st, de
lermliied to have an liivc-dlgallun. lu
Ids testimony lie said :
I sent Joyce to California in older to
get him mil ol the way while im luve-ti-gatlon
was Muif made. When lie re
ceived Instructions to to California he
tried haid to get I.. Wellington hefoi,.
s ailing Wi'M. lint I .lid not want I1I111
Ibore. as I had my ni-pieionsni h.cii him
and McDonald.
Ou llielllh of Maii'h, I.s7l. Dmiglass
sent l A. ilogi'.irvruiii' agtui llien In
.xeul.'i, .. a lormal i.M'mU.i..,, 1,,
sldooflilsdi-lrlel.lt being tho litTciit ion
mat hn should visit M. l.nnU -ni v.....
Orleans. .Iiivcohadalreaii V Iiei-n i.i-.li I
oitlhhiwthof.Miiich to Calii'irni.i. On
the Kline d,iv. Ihe btb of .M:.i-,.i, n,.,i
Hoge' iustruell were sent. Avcrv
l( legrailied 11s follow-,:
Wasiiimuo.v, .M.u tii p. Is7l -John A.
lov II. I .'tillers' limit,, si I ,.1,1. . ir
sleknt'ss In your f iiully pivveiits you
going Ue,, ;. a. Ili.-eiuav p.tv voit a
blt. "Alu.
Joyce's lauiile hist tlien roii.l.iril ,.r 1,
score or (listlller.s'and iccllllei s iiulll to
entertain rcveium agents. Joyce mil in
an urgeut plea to bn til owed to vUli
Was lllntrlou helhrn Ids iImhh h... r,.,. ,i,
slope, but the Commissioner, Hrm for
once, replied :
March 1). 1S7I. John A. .lovie l',.v...
line A "cut. St. l.ouls: Not
come here. Will write you full fnstme.
tloiis. care ot thu KiiiiervUnr ni si., 1.',.,,,.
clJco. .1. W. Dot!ili.Ah.CoiniiiUi.liiiii.e
",,v,' iiiuuvmeiico goes to snow,
l,'' I''"- March 11, 1671. Col. Win,
i'1 KyW Wa.hlnglon: Start for Sin
Uf': Humly n,,,t' AH iH-rfcet
I Joyce.
loyce.as tiieevldenco goes to show
l.'pon Avery tlie rli. relied for Inlor
luatloii. but lor lull em e they went to
HatH'ock. Three dav later. Just on the
eve of Ids departuti westward, Joyco
sent the follow Inir:
Sr. I.ot ts, March 1 IS7I. (leu. O. II
itaboook. K.xiH-utlvo ManMon, Witslilng
ton : Start for San 1 mdsoo to-morrow
nlL'ht. Make 1 1. lVijrl:l.) tall oil Id
stMiiilal bounds tlm only blacken thu
meiuorv of poor I t and iriemls, ltui
All tho testimony joe to sIiqw that
tho stills ran straight during Joyce ah
sriiiv. In aivordancv with his orders
IKMigla ordered Him and llrooks I10111
one pueo toattoincr. mi notuing wasuis
isiifBsl. In two nioi hi tlovtv was lucl.
In St. Lotus, and foii'd tho ring ripe for
another run. lie wm to vv uinnglon,
deliver1! his Californa report, ami then
tolograpbed :
ISM. t.eii. John
MelVnald, M. Lotu Ihlngs look nil
' Atllisi.ni.s, ...I..
richt hero: let the nieninogo.
J over..
A couple ofdiy- aM'd and Joyce
hiving a little tnoiv tiorougiiiy oouipn'
bpixbsl the sltuatixu ent ihe followiui';
W itnx(;Tvv. July , lf-l. tlfii. John
McU-mi.iIiI. SiitH-rv so, -st. Louis: Mat
ters ar hunkey ; go t lively, and watch
shanvv. .1001;.
In Attctft. t" tostltied .1. J
Rroo-ks. who eeuis t lutv.v lcoti nlnio-t
akwe incorruptible tlie iiotlpatetle lev
time agents, "I rvlved orders from
Commission! r ivu-'ixss to return to
Washington. I m't thou Mr. Chapman,
who hul iut re'iriied front the West,
In eoiijniKtiou villi Mr. Iongliss and
Mr. lbv.rer-. Mr Clinpmau and I talked
over tho wav tM'gs were running hi tho
v oi. ann 1 ' "" ii" " ti n soon
a I could tlu"i "p my bit-iness In the
Uait. ' Howivcii tne ring was posted
the toiiowinxvin .iovco snows ;
s-t. Lot 1-Aug. 5, U7l.-Col. W. O
Avcrv. Trc.'"rr leparttnent. Wn.lilug
ton: Havi ""lends started We-t again
Pind out. mo know.
On tho lib of October Ilrook. wu In
New York waiting tor au order front the
Commissi ner to move westward. I hat
-ttne day he wires carrlvd ilmely warn
lie: ....
w.viito.v, oci. ii JS7I. jo:iii a.
Jovce, S. Louis : lourfrletid Ls iu .New-
York, aiu may visuyou. avkiiv
Joyie. wxious again for the fato of the
still, -etuis ior mure nun s :
sr. Lof -.Oct. L. 1S7I. W.O. Avery,
W:i.hin"ti : (ilvc soiiictliiii'' 11,.. tiveon
inovcuieii'- of Iriiiid-; act urely prompt
The rv'ly was a- follows :
WaiiiM'Hn, Oct. I!", 17L John A.
lovce, I.011I4: t 'at y our house 111
onler. our inctuis 111 visit you.
!.'. .,1 n .
I'mIm for Ihe inter.
po-itlou ot lulliiencc. tud 111 a lew days
tlie loiittwiug, sent iiim uie nceis or a
letter, pa--cd over th'l wires Iroiu Joyce :
,-r. 1.011s, "ci. jj. in i.--tieu. u. k.
liabcock, K.xecutlve Mansion. Wa-lilug-
ton; Have you tailed with W: Ate
tilings right : now . Answer. J
llrooks and llogq began to mature
their plans lor a laidlarly iu December,
ami mere was consequent tiepiuatloii.
1 uc iiniowiusr p.is-eii:
Sr. Lot is. Dee. a. IS7I. (ien. O. P
llabcock. Wifblngtoni Ha Secretary or
l oiiimissiuin r oiiieieiiauv unity nere 1
Wasiiixu.nox, Dh'
lJs7L Col. John
A. Joyce, care of Gcu
loliu .McDunald
Cannot hear that
or Is iitiiir.
11' one has none
O. h. II mt'ot'K
'i'he situaliou was critical, and McDon
ald lell immediately lor v ushlngtou, ar
riving there ihe morning of the 7lh
That day lie went Into Deputy ( ominis
loner l.'oget'.s olllceand t-ald : "Mr. ling
ers, 1 11011 1 want you to tell me any-
iimig, urn 1 wain, to mi vott sometiiiug.
Urooks and Hoge have "started or are
about lo start lor St. Loulj. 1 protest, as
1 nave always protested, against tins tin
just aspermi upon the olllccrs there.'
Urooks am I logo were then gathering
their forces, anil nil the plans were laid
101 iiic nuu 011 ri. 1.0111
word then to drop It
That night McDonald
Im.' :
Hoirers sent
for the present
siciii tne loiiow
WAsiii.xfiio.v, Dee. 7, WL John A.
Joyce, St. l.ouls : Had a long ride with
the president this alieriioou. C. and ii.
are liere. You will hear from me to
morrow. John.
Learning the ellect of his llflu jpeech
to Ilogers, McDonald the day following
got Avery to send tlio following fur
him :
WASitixino.v, Dec. 0, 1S7IJo1iuA.
Joyce, St. Louis: Dead do;. Thegooso
hangs altitudilimi. John.
Just before his tlepartuii lor St. Louis,
McDonald strolled tliroughUogers' olllce.
There was 110 one there, anl he took from
under the blotting pad aorivate letter
from Urooks to iiogers.'u which the
lormcr, recomineiidlng a oange iu the
plan ot the raid, said : "It will be more
prohtablc thus." .Securing the letter,
McDonald passed 011 his way, and came
to St. Louis, leaving llabcock to manage
the rest, in his testimony Dongla.s tald :
"A copy ot the Urooks letter which was
stolen from my olllce was slown to me
by llabcock at the While Hou-e. Hu
Slated tliat It was a copy if a letter
which had passed between two of my
olllccrs and he felt it his duty :o tell 1110 1
was deceived by them. I reau thu letter.
Uabecck nccmcd to think tlie word 'prof,
itabli sugge-ted that some personal ends
were to have been served i.ttlier tliau
public Interest. 1 asked perml-sioii to
how tlie letts-r to Mr. Ihner. 1 iti.ti.
eock agreed that I stiuultl do so. imt
should not tell him who g.uo It to me."
This ended thu plans for a raid for that
time, and llabcock sent the ilt-patch Iden
tified and in Ids hand handwriting:
Wasiii.viuox, Dec. 1S7-I. Gen.
John McDonald. St. Louis I havu sun-
eeded. They will not o. I will write
' , Svi.i'ii.
Alter tills Douglass decided that 11
transfer of supervisors and revenue
agents would alone settle the ring In St.
Lotil. and on tho i7tli of Januarv he
b'lied his order to lake elleel tlie I5th of
Pehruary ; McDonald and Joyce to go to
Philadelphia, and Tiitlou and .Mitchell lo
comotoSt. Louis. Immediately niter
the order had been Issued tlm pie-Mire
was brought to hear upon Douglass:
(ien. John A. Logan pleaded for M111111,
and llabcock for McDonald. Tutton
ha- within tho past few days modestly
taken iiimii lilni-ell thu crctflt ol having
procured the revocation of thu order, and
yet Tutton did not roach Washington
until the -ith o Pabniary, when thu Hug
inlluenci! had been ut work several dava,
and Joyce had sent this:
Si. Louis, Pel). II, LS75 tJtu. O. P.
llabcock, Wellington : Wo have olllclal
knowledgo tint the enemy weakens.
I'iMi things. Hvi.rii.
Douglas did weaken, llabcock saw
him nnd plctnicd tho unpleasant conse
quences it (he order should be counter
manded over Ids head. Logan did the
same. "It soon beentno generally under
stood," tcstlllts Douglass, "that I was
lived In my purpose, as was the Secictary,
aim nicy ici inn alone, Koiu, i presume.
to the White House to ellect
lien- pur-
Tho following quickly
ucspatcucH ten iimri si :
Wasiiimiio.v, pel). (!. 1875. John A.
Joyro, St. Louis: The order directing
vott to report to Supervisor McDonald ut
Philadelphia on the 15th Is suspended.
J. W. Dot'iii.Ass, Commissioner.
Wasiiiniiiox, i'eb. (I, lS75.-Gen.
John McDonald. St. l.ouls: Order
busted forever. D. it Co. mad. Hold
things level.
Add to thu abovu the evidence repealed
by witness alter witness that they weie
luvarlalily told by Joyce that "llabcock
was lu It," mid the public has "thu case"
as It stauds'iiow made up 011 tecuid.
...... mm dim 1 BMii
i.ii'l'T,1' 0'VH IK" von could Bel iirtiroodn Olmtr an you vvoulit wIhIi to mnoko fo
KiyK Cuiitfl.iinil . KveryboJi umohcil them. Dmini: tlm war irola went uVitoilOU
mid Clcni. vyeiit up moorillimlv. Oolit hiix irono bueh, but UlwirS "i! I to hold
thelrutvii. Why Is thliir It Im owlnir, to n cortnln extant, to IIih Qilvitiicnil .-nit UV
manutaamo tn mllo,l li.J.or and aovionmont t,,x 1
uroilwuloiiB f.iHtilon or ft-utiiiK nHhuiuea to call for 11 live cent CIitHt-. rexu"1'
La Picoadua,
Cent' CSigar
(llicmiiiur.ictiUTnl v tlieli'c nrpiMilisI 'Imh.n-o niccii:.l.!..l I i in.l,,- h.-nlwuc ci lilirilcl
Ufirnt.icolr lurrt)-M'iii r nut l.s. tli 111 ullicr .Miiiinhctinrrs run iimlim-u flirar or
ctiulini.ilUv, IIiih liivliiK llislri)iinsiiii oppoi 1 1 t,, siii.pl -m ikcr- with a siiecilor liicinl
li-rlr rtnt-l we plnir iM-nniTiir mtiuiis 11
I he lijlilir.ii leir - Us -wiiiiiu tlie lid that Hi, i.mr.i it i.f sin.. Lew luvA-r t' liny tln-lr ('lnm as
thai' liissl llirni, li.ii'Hi...til 1io i-lam.r liiiiiru-L- tin; tliHj.it ,1 s , ln-lci-1 nl llio liilinnilv a- In,
litru the mlr. i m-II.u,! 11 a milli'l ('ur ol tlio k.hih- tniu lic. ti-n, ll(l . urn Imx
lly a.inllnr'uniirfl! uci.cy in ucitv. Kiev i ..... . uiul, illr Innimvs. risluc lliclr lof ami
ccn-ca. ur..t k q iii Ilic .ii.ilitj el tlu- i li.,i, f.,rtl mutiut u lvniita,f ot lUniilvc, Ihcciii
nimirs, ami llnii nVnl-.
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xctllunt muntlily iirnvi-B Its cuntlnncil
uduiitlon to popular tlolrcs uml m cild. In
iluuil, vvliun wu think Into Imw uiuny Iioiiioh
It iionotrutos uvcry montli, wo must con
blilcr It us oiio ol thu miuuutur ui well us
Diitertiilnorrt of thu public mini, tor Its Viil
populunty has liecn won hy no Appeal to
Htuiild t li'jiullcca or iluuravod tustcs. llos.
ton (J lo In-,
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8ehscn lor variety, entcriirlsr.artlftlovvuultli,
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conductors to rejjurd II with Jtutiliublo torn
placeuvy. ItftUo ontltlcs tlicin to a great
i.iiut niion tuu nil h lo crat tin e. Tho
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tint iliiyp ol Its life. lltooklyn K.i(;lc.
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UQTNowepapors are not to copy this d
verlliiciiicnt without tlio express ordera ol
Harper .V llrothers.
In tho next Thirty Dav-
Shawls, Cloak.3 and Fiir3 Marked Way Down!
nud l'licca will not Stand In our Wuy I
Jnckotc. etc.. at a Great SnGrMr
uuuuu X ruiiUIUH, ior DUJv
und for Itibbons.
T TVT1SI1I n , Tini.rn.'. -
, VI 111 most poMllvcly riiii'imy nitc (il iliciima
tint or iliiiiiu itlc kiiiiI, mi iimtttr how Ions
Muii'llnK. mi tin-llien ut' iliui-iirili. iii lnit nn in
Wiiisl oppllculluii 11 ilm-s the win kiiili-kly, llioi -iiindilv
mid i-rin-iiicntly, IiuvIiik tin- .jtiiii
stliiliKiinil In ultliy Write In any pirimlnunl
periiiii in WiisliiiiKlmi (.'lly, iiinl)iiii will li'.irn
Dial lliculiovestaliiiit'iit Ii true In every p.irtlu
ulnr. ((s-iti:ssi:ii (;i:iniric.Ti:s.
.ViiIIoiiiiI iloli-l,
Wtisliliifitoii, t. C. Ilccciiiher!.', Hi I.
Mi-isrs llilpliciislliiu.X' lieutli-yi
(ii-iits: I vi-ry cliierliilly sliile Unit I nscil llu
liiiig'ii Klitumatla lleiiicily with it.-.-l.lct lieutlll,
A. II.. VI r.l'IIIINS,
MuiiUtrun.'nllKlvsaof (ill.
ricslileutlal Mansion,
VV'nlilii.Klmi. II, c, Aiirli:.'!, i;.-..
Mi'rn Hilpliensiliiu .v- lliiilley:
(Jenls! 1 or tin- past seven ji ar my wife has
been u ttrc.it Duller i rum i luiiiiiai ism, ln-nli.ciniH
l llllni." lu ulvelii-rii-lief, tlieilstsl lliiee Imtlles
IMiraiiK's ttliiuniillo lleiui-ily, and a lu-inuim-ut
cine wiu lliniesiit. WM. It. CIIIIDK,
"IjMViltlie Oleil. lu I'lesiilent tiinnt."
Wimliliiiiui, I). (' , Mm rh ls".",
In Hie space nf lvi Ivu hours my ilii itjinitl.-uu
Wiih Kolie, litiv InK takiii llnie doses oI'Diiiiiiik's
lllii lllii-illc Ifiliicily, ,My luutlier .J. II. Cessna,
ol' I'eiUinil, I'a , uacuicdliviislmiliiriiiiiuuitl.
MeinU r of I'uiiKiess of l'n.
I'lli'ciine ilollur a bottle, nrslx liulllcs fur live
dollars. A si. jour ilinj-'fisl fur IJiiuiuk'h lllieu.
in itli) lliiiiiilv iii'iiiiil.uiiiicil tiy
iii;i.i'Iii,.nmi.m: & itRyn.i.v,
IMliXh'lotH ami C'Ik'IiiIkH,
VV'asliliitflou, D. (J.
Ilfi'1'or Hide iu (.'IiIsjiki liy Van ..cIiilkI;,
Meti-usoii .V lit-lil, unit I. on I bmllli .V. Co,,
W hiili-iuli- Hi iijjxlsln
n day fmarantprd utlnir our Ws,.
Auaer it Drills. IOO niuuin
p.ilj to kuii. AKinU. Aiifur bnok
lue. JIU AujT Cu fid Juuj, Mu.
Loading Journal of Southern
The Bullefin
V lit Meadf-mtly oppose tho policies ol tti
liepubtlein party, nud rifimi to bo trum.
melled tho dlcts-tlouol any clWtuo In the
Dcwocrjtlc orKaulzutlofi.
It be.levrs that the llepubllcin patty ui
fulllllcd its mission, mtl that the Demo
cratic party at now orgatiUcd shoulu I t re-
torcd lo power.
It bellcvt the HullcM trraiuiy that baa
fcr m.'Vtrul years oppressed the South
ihotlld be overthtotvn and the people rt ilje
Southern Stain peimllt,-.! to rotitrot tbeir
own ml alr.
It believer that railroad corporation
tuotild bo iirohlblled by Icfrfstatlve el nila
mints frum cttortiu;: and tiijuty d-crim-lualliifln
their business Iramttllo&l vvltli
Hie public.
It rcco'tile-the equ.vllly ol all men be
fore thu liw.
It advocates Iree cflinv.Tie tsrltl .'n.
tcvrinie only.
It atlvocitos resumption ol speiK ',-ay-ment,
and honest nj mei.t of Ibc public
It advoeitos economy in the adminisliv
Hon cl public allalr"
Tho Itulletln will publish idl the local newi
ol Cairo, and a variety ot Commercial, Po
litical, Kurt lxn ami (Icneral Ncvrs, and en
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ol c.hcuu and uroiltablo advortlaemenlK
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- "rfi rwmMW '-"if - ib(,

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