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No admission fee will l charged to
hear lion. George II. Wemllhig's lecture
at llio Athc ileum to-night. Ou licnr it.
Tickets ran bo pmcnrcil nt McOauley'S
ill tig store, ltobblns' Hazar, ami nt I'.. iV
W. Iluder's icwclry store. 1-l-td
Allt'iitltiti I llriiliTN.
Wo have four doen Imitation Kbony
Sprnguo Ciui-Opeiier', lakc-ii for ndver
Using, which wo will nil nt two dollars
per dozen. ltiiiih'o nt llulletlii olllcu.
Our I'oimlry.
Tlio rather oi nil ikiss cigars, :i toven
Inch Havana filler, for llvo cents at
12-liMf Cowi'iimiiWAir A: liuu.ii-5,
A Kr'.oltllluii,
Thu Itevolutlon ns u li.vo burning
stovu for httiiiiiliious coal, needs no pull
ing from the subscriber and It never pulls
(smoke) itself. For ilnraliillty, economy
anil tieaitty It cannot he excelled. Call at
my store whero I have mm hi constant
nte and I shall he happy to explain lt
"ooil working qualltle, anil I will alto
tiko pleasure In referring to many pan
ties who havu It In use, anil who pro
nounco It superior to any stove they have
evrr ued. O. M . Ii:xii:i:.son.
17 1 Commercial avenue, Cairo III.
J. oral JoIIIiiici
Grand lunch at "Our Saloon" to-
night. l-M.'-u
He sure anil conic to the grand lunch
at "Our Saloon to-night.
12-I.Vtf FltUli. IloKIIKlXS.
For splendid blanket, water-proofs,
ca-hmcrcs and Jeans, call on Hurler, l'.M
Commercial awnue. 12-lb-lm.
Come one, coino all, and eat ol the
grand lunch at "Our Saloon" to-night.
F.'-liVtf l'iti:i. Hoi HKixs.
Oil cloth carpets, and and In fact
everything lieiirt can wish for, caiiho
found by calling on Hurler .V Co, 124
Commercial avenue, 12-lll-lin
Ladles wishing to purchase under
wear for themselves or chlhlreu, can get
Jint what" hey want at Hurgrr & Co's,
121 Commercial avenue. 12-l!Mm
Hosiery, gloves, nubia and scarf;!
In limit abunilauec, Mn ni t1(. Vl.ry jow.
e'.t prices, at Hurler ilCo'i; 121, Com
mercial avenue. IJ.l'J-lm.
Table linens, napkins, towels and
bed spreads of eery kind, and to suit
the wants of every person, can ho found
In great abundance at Hurler & CoV,
121 Commercial avenue. 12-HMm
A large stock of ladles', mls'iV and
children's shoes, of the latest style.-, and
Illicit material, and very cheap, are on
.sale at Hurler il Co'. 1'2 1 Ootumerciii
avenue. l'-'-l'J-lin.
Fitly cents, at Winter'. Gallery.
The tates ofthejuo-t fastidious lady
can bo satl-llcd by calling on Htirger &
Co, when they want law, embroideries
linen, cull's or collar.-. Tln lr stock U
superb and complete. 12-10-1 m.
For ribbons ami tle ol'every shade
and quality, and inuuiers of all kind?,
you should go to Kin der V Co's, 121,
Commercial avenue. They have just
what you want, and will not fail to please
vou. 12-HMm
Hurler A Co. have on hand one of
the largest, nw-t elegant and fu'hlon
able stocks ot dres goods. lll.s and pop
hns ever brought to Cairo. They have
put their prices down to the very lowest
notch, and buyers will llud It to their
ad vantage to giwithcin a call. 12-ltl.lm
There Is no mei chant in Cairo who
understands nunc perfectly the wants of
our people than .1. Hurler, and on his
last trip cast, he piireha-id one ot the
most elegant stocks of shawl", eloaks
and l'ur that could le found. Give him
n rail and look at litem, whether you buy
of not. 12-ltMm.
It you want tin eronuiuleal heating
stove for wood and one ofthti hamNom
eststoves In the niail.et. with Illumina
ted front, buy tho improved Kvenlug
Star which took the blue ribbon at St.
ILouU Fair hut October, overall other'
ouexhjbltlon. For sale by O. W. Hen
derson,' 101 Commercial avenue, Cairo,
Illinois. ll-'JiS-iMiu
Tim mot acceptable holiday pr'e-en
to a housekeeper would bo a patent llour
rliest and bread-table. This neat article
will hold two hundred pound. of Hour,
about seventy-live pounds ot meal, ami
thsamu umoiint of lluckwheat or (Ir.i
ham llour; contains two bread-boards, al
ways In place, a rolllnjf-pln holder, a
kucadlujr trough, a ycaHbox and a bread
clnet, and when closed tonus a kitchen
side-board or Irohlu table. It stands on
eastors, and Is ornamental. 1'rlce, deliv
ered, $12. Orders: may be lett at I., II.
Myers' grocery store, or addrcs-ed to
.1. l'OWKil lli:i,v,
12-10-tt 1. O. llox 718.
1V; Wl 1 V I1. KT IN l!3l V.S I N
Oao ITiglat Only !
Saturday, January 8th, 1876,
'i'ritiiutiaut ict n 1 11 (ca loute to .St. I.oul?) of
Madame Rentzs
UlUkAf OltnilSIAl,
Can Can Dancers
Oa wlilcli occiuiiin will lie iiii'Miiteil the
Omit .Ntw Voik .iiiiiIoii, the
Cahii This cntrrluliiinnit will lis kIm'Ii by
Kiieclal r'UC4(. uml will iusltlwly tiu lurnnu
nlKtil only, as (ho conijmiiy will uKar ntlhu
Olyniilo Theatre, St. Louis, on Muniluy tu-li'
Jdk, January lu,
miui'ciioN or emeus.
AilraUilun, W) and 71 ceuta. ltri.tnU aU
Without x leu chrfc'c at Jlurtuwu'.
iltc Mtltitin.
Fill DAY, .lANl'AUV 7, 1870.
I.ornl Wrntlirr Hrori.
(y'Aino, III., .Inn. H, 1870.
1I.MK. I IUii.
N I 1" I Cl'iir.
(J 0"
II "
: mi
). i",
.lA.MI'A W.Mftd.N,
Si-nrriint, Slnn.il itIcc, U. H. A.
lei'jbiMly Come.
The Public Is Invited lo the addieii ot
lion. Oeo. I!. Wendllujjon Friday nlht,
al Hie Albencum. AiIiiiIskIou will die
free, but no one will be permitted to cu
ter who has not a ticket. Free lltkcls
will he fiirnMifd upon application to
cither Mes-r-. II. F. Illake. II. II. lllack
orV. K. Hankhin.
To Urn I.
Coltae on lllth street, lire room, (jood
cl-leru. etc. Kmpilreof On. .Smiiii.
lll i:il.a l.'iiishlhi and MNs Jen
nie lloiifo, of Metropolis, are vi"itlu at
Judge John II. Mullcpy' hi this city,
So admission fco will bo charged to
hear Hon. (ieor'e 1. U'endllnx's lecture
at the Albencum to-nlht. tin hear it.
;lniril! I.llit- Hot 4.'aK-i.
While fain and white kid gloves are
o!iif like hot cakc oil' a griddle out of
our dry Kooda stoics. Caue, the Odd
Fellow. hall on Friday ni-'ht next.
Circuit om t.
Ill the circuit court yesterday several
prl-oncr.-s were brought iiji and pb-ad
guilty mid were sentenced to the peni
' llr:ir 1 1
lion. Oeo. It. Wendlbi', who will lcc-
t ui i-at the Alheueuui on Friday nlht, I-i
one of Ihe nio-t ehxpient and ai-con,-pllshed
orators hi the country.
A ftfiil I'Miiar.
I he Illustrated Weekly edited by Juiues
P.irtou, is a lite. In-tructlve and aiuu1n
pajicr, and with ll uiagniliecnt ehromo
premiums deseres an extendve patron-ii'-c.
The a"rut will be hi Cairo till next
W, lulling.
Tlie lecture ot lion. Oeo. It. H'endlin,
on the .Stone K.cl, hai been pronounced
by competent Judges one of the moU elc-
jucntaud llulOied addresiC" ever made
lu lllluol'.
All llicTnlli.
Oo where we would yesterday and we
could hear but one tiling talked of. The
levee, the mayor, Ilanfll and the city
council. Men would talk of uothhi
else, and if they knew anything worth
reporting wc could not draw It out of
Wiinil mill Oi.'tl. ,
t It wood by the cord, $J 7."i; I It
wood by Ibe'.half cord, fj 50; lit sawed,
per cord, $1 ."0; I ft wood sawed and
split per cord, 3 00. Coal, per single
ton, ?l w; coal, two ton, ?;l coal,
I or more tons, $'5 M.
1-U-lui. C. W. Wiii:i:i.ki! tv Co.
llueliie'H Itrrrplloii.
Sometime within thenexttwj or three
weeks the medical fraternity of thU city
will jilyo a ivceptioti to their brethren of
the three .Stales, ICentiicky, .Mlr-onrl and
llllnoN. The reception will lako place
at the St. Charh's hotel, and it is expected
that between louity and llfty ini uibers ol
the fratrruity Irom abroad will b pres-
tlier hoi in Twentieth street, ye
teulay inurnin at ":'.i'J o'elock, Fllabeth
MelVvIlt, wife or Peter MeOcvItt. The
fiuieral services will taku place at the
German Catholic eliuivh at 1 o'elock p.m
to-day. A special train will leave the foot
Kihtecnth street alter the services, and
convey the remains to Villa ltid;o fur
Interment. All friends of the family are
Invited tonli''i.d tlie wTvIees.
Xo admls'lnn ice will be chirked to
hear Hon. George It. Wendlln's' lecture
nt the Atheneutu to-uIi:ht. Oo bear It.
Another HnrliiKT IlurKlxr.v.
lldtween lx nud seven o'clock lat
evening, burglars broko Into Mr. C. I!.
Woodward's iron storu on Ohio Lever,
and carried oil' a couple of line revolvers
anil feveral boxes ol cartridges. They
rausaeked tho olllcu of the store, but the
safe belnj,' locked, did not el anything
of reat value. They were discovered
belore Kettlus nway, and a lively chase
ensued, but the thieves made their es
cape. Olllcer Andy Cain raptured a pair
of shoes heloulng to one ol them.
Wnoil nun ('iiiil.
On and alter this date the prices of
wood and coal at my yard, adjoining ihe
Cairo and .St. Louis .Narrow Gauge depot,
will be as' follows :
Four foot wood per cord, $:i 7.") ; four
foot wood per halt cord, S'2; four foot
wood, sawed, per cord, $1 f0 ; four fool
wood, sawed and split, per cord, ; HI;;
.Muddy coal per sluylo ton, SI ; sainu per
two tons, SH 7.V, same per four tons and
upwards, $:J .Ml.
All goods dcllveted.
1-7-1 hi Jas. If. Law:, Piop'r.
i. . o. I' .lllll
The public Iiulallatlou ol'lhu olllccrs of
Alexander lodge, will taku plaeu In the
lodgo room at 2:111) o'clock, p.m. to-day,
utter which tho .W; will be given by tho
Grand I.odgo olllcew. At 7 o'clock tho
lodgo will meet at the lodge mom and
proceed In full regalia to tho Athcucuui,
when tho oration of lltother Georgu It.
Weudllng will bo given. Visiting breth
ren a re cordially invited to meet with us.
Uly order of tho lodge.
0. If. Sl.AC'li,
John, II. Hoiiinsox,
Committee ol Arrnngmncut.
C'l'liiliiiiliil Work,
Mr. Dr. Wardner left the city on
Wednesday afirruooii foru trip through
scxcral counlle.s lu this Klghtccnth eon
grcHslonal district to look alter the Inter
estsorilio Cenlennlal iiiovcment. Mrs.
Wardner will bo ab'ent iiulll Monday
next, when slie will icturii, aecompaulcd
by ,M. Gov. Itcverldge, who will icnd
several days lu tho city, and probably
deliver a lecture on "Centennial work."'
Wc understand efforts are being made to
ecuro tlie Athencuiii for the occasion,
and that besides tho lecture by Mr. Hev
erldgo, a number of ladles of this rliy
hayu volunteered to make tho occasion
the Jniore Interesting by some line musio
vocal and Instrumental.
No adnilbMon Ice will he charged to
hear Hon. George K. Wcndllug's leclure
at the Athcucuui to-night. Go hear It.
Murderer ArrrHril.
On Thursday before Xcw Veai 's day,
Olllccrs Oos'nian and John Cain rceclvcil
a telegram from Ironton, Ohio, ruqtiost
lng thcin to keep a lookout tor a colored
man named John II. I.'oblmon, who had
murdcicd a man named Ulr.im Stewart
at Ironton on Christmas night, and who
was trying to make ids c-eipo to the
South. Having deceived a descrip
tion of llobinsou, tho olllcers
watclied for him. Uoblniou urrlrrd in
tho city by the Vinecnnes train on Fri
day night, December Hist, and as soon as
he stepped out of tho ears was arretted
by Cain and Gos'-man, and lodged In the
county jail. On Wednesday, Mr. X.
Miiiithowcr, elder ol' police ol' Ironton,
arrived in tho city armed with a requisi
tion from the governor of Ohio
for Kobliuon, and left yesterday
on ids return to Ironton, taking Kobln
sou with him. Koblnsou was a saloon
ketpcr, and having a diltlciilty w ith Stew
art, Die murdered man, struck him oa
the head with a brass faucet, fracturing
Ids skull, from tho effect or whlchhc
died In a few days. Koblnsou, the mur
derer, Is a brother of the notorious Sheriff
Itobinson, at Helena, Aikauas, who will
be remembered m the man who got up
tho disturbance between tlie white- and
black at that place a year or two ago.
Nl-'liil SIi'rIIiiK.
C'dt Xl ll. ClIAMIIKU,)
Caiuo, III., Jau.Uth, II a.m., Ih70. j
Called by Aldermen Wright, llltlen-
house ami Xcllis.
Present Alderman Halllday, Lancas
ter, Xellis, Parker, Klttcnliousc, Saup,
Thlstlewood, Wright nud Yocuin U.
On motion of Alderman Klttcnhouse,
Alderman Halliday was appointed to
take the chair.
To hear report ol Levee Committee.
r -f......t,.,n .. .n.i. it... ivii,.. ..i..
fg i vv iuuiiimiri- iii.iuu iiiu iunu lug iv
port, which, on motion of Alderman
Saup, was received and ratllied. nud the
following resolutions adopted, by the
following vote:
Ayes Halllday, Lancaiter, Xellis,
Parker, Itlttenhouse, Saup, Tlilstlewood
Wright and Vocuiu 'J.
To the Mayor anl Clly Ciiuiicll uf the ei'y of
Vour levee commltteu doslrc to repirt
that thev have thought best to
change the allgnmuit and location of
the new levee, and that, they did so
histriietthofiislneer In charge, Mr. Hely,
a-tollows. Say bv continuing tho pro
posed new Ictco on about a dhvet line
from (orner IHtli anil Aluiuerry street
to or about Ihe top powder house ridge,
and then lu a South-easterly direction to
M -s s- iml levee, all ol which ciian;:o we
think lor the best interests ot theelty.
vv. r. man r.
Wood Kirrr.xuocsK,
Oiia'". La.n'Cash:ii,
Or.o. Vocu.M,
V. I'. Xi:i.lis.
Levco Committee.
Jan. (i, 1S70.
JUiohtcl. That such change ol alllgn-
ment and location of ald levee, as re
ported by LcvreCouiiulttce, wai done in
accordance willi the ordinance author
izing the construction of said levee-and
in accordance with the authority confer
red on tho ( oiuinitteo ou i.evoes anil
Clly Kuuhicor, under tho contract and
ncelllcallon for the construction of ,iald
levee, and the said change is hereby ap
proved, ratilled and continued ; and
Jlesotvtil, Fuither, it Is the unanimous
wish of this council that thu contractor,
Koiit. fla''iicll. Lsii nroceeil linineui-
airly with the work on tho new levee
under the Instructions ot the engineer
and Leveu Committee.
Alderman 1 hlstlewood ollercd the fol
lowing preamble and resolution, which
was adopted :
Wiiki:i:a. Thoeii'dueerof the city has
arranged with Colonel Taylor, trustee of
llio Cairo city rropcrty, to proeuro ine
necessary change of location ot Xcw
LereA street to conform with the now
location of tho new levee ;
HetoleeiC, 1 hat llio l.evec coinmitiee
bu instructed lo obtain from said trustee.
at once, the proper Instrument of dedica
tion necessary to conform to eaid change
of location.
On motion, adjourned.
W.t. Fkkntii Axi.r.v, City Clerk.
Xo admission fen will ho charged lo
hear Hon. Oeorgo K. Wendlttig'i lecture
al the Athcucuui to-nluht. Go hear It.
'oi' Nnle.
Choice, Minnesota potatoes al .lO cent
per lmhel; rggs, '.'."i cents per do.en
currauls', 10 cents per pound ; and a large
supply of t're-h groceries always ou hand
it low prices. Choice baiter a specially.
12-aO-tf L. II. Mvmirt.
Mile ir itrul iNiuto,
Thu undersigned oilers lor salu lots Xo,
12, 111 and 1 1, In block Xo. 2(1. in tho city
of Cairo, together with a cottagu situ
ated ou said lots, at a low llgure. For
further Information, call at thu residence
ol the undersigned. John Sciir.in..
u Sec Tlimu.
Under III others;, Jewelers, coi ner of
Highlit street and Washington avenue,
is ouo of llio oldest and most reliable
business linns lu Southern Illinois, They
have tlie best ot workmen In their estab
lishment, and inauiiliicliii'o to order any
thing hi their lino with dispatch and of
thu fluent material. Their slock of Jew
elry Is elegant and Is one of tho largest
aim nest ever nroiignt inio urn rsupe.
'I lir Mu.t iirS irlloii s'i riili's ii Ilia liilr
Wmh in lliu l.i' on Nniiriiilcil
.llriilliiK i l tin- CII)' ;iinicll -l'ln
.Mn urlti'l liril mill Uir I.rvreC'oiii.
itiltlrr ht i ilnlnril .UrclliiK r Hip
Coiiiinltli mill flic Cniilr.'irlur u
Oi'llnlli' I ilcriliiiiilliiu; Arrli'il nt
The l.tilnrrm nrimtmlliii; Ihrlr
I'n.r mill
Bi'liMe lu IW'sitiui' Worli
I'iiIII tin
1 1 llC ) '
il U llh The lly tVII-
inly with Ihe Terms of
the 'nlifr Tim JlHjor'i Arllan
Nr'rcl.v u
IIIcInpiI-IIIh HiMKir llltl
nl .liitfi'iitll.r Yrtilerilii.v.
For yearn lid yeaw tho action ol the
waters of tlii Mississippi nvcr on tho
hanks abovelils city has been a matter
of solicitude iid frequent dWcii'lon with
the cilleni i Cairo. A year or so ago
Ihe cutting ivayofthe banks became
moru serious lau ever, and almost dally
liir'o ipiantli i'S of earth went Into the
rlvtr. and it lV:amc evident that sooner
or iler at Icilt a portion of tho levee
whlcli by conil:tent authority hai liccti
proiionnced tlilbest In the United States
laust also gojnto the river. They w cru
doomid, and ftc thno for tlicm to fall
came even sot.ncr.lhau was expected, lor
Willi the deckle last I'all's rise hi tlie
Ml'tlsslppl atleasij,wo hundred lectin
one place, and oiicAiundred In another
placo was undcrin'u and fell into the
river, and the city is expo-ed to t tic
rreaks of that mot Wachcrous of nil
great streams, the Mi'VsIppI.
so.Mi'.nii.vii hah t nrlnoxi:.
! 'I'lin eltlens A'erc tlinivn Into a narlox.
Ism of exclten.ent, nudlio "levac ipics
Hon" was aU the tallA' Soiiicthlng
had to be done, nud UiAtoo, at once.
There was no .Ime tb loo-t. To attempt
to repair the break In the od leyeo was
considered foil;, for all tlh work that
might be put oi It one day, Vould be lu
the river before the next. In this condlr
Hon of affairs itwa deUrudned to.
Ul'ILD a .vuwi.tvi:r.
lint here a rjtcstlon, and a very Impor
tant one, prcmitrd IMf. Tho city
treasury was enpty, and where was the
money to pay for the couslructlon of a
ncwlevcc tocunefrom? Whefo could
it be borrowiil'f or could t be bor
rowed at all' were questions tint
perplexed and ni..led those In authority.
Hut our eltl.iJftsawtlic necessity for Im
mediate action and a number of the
most cntcrprbng and public spirited
came forward aid advanced tho means to
pay lor the contraction ot tho new levee.
nr. not ri:.
Mr. John P. Hely was appointed en
gineer, and scl:ctcdniid laid out the route
on whlcli the icw levee should be built,
and Col. Taybr on behalf ol the City
Property Conpany, freely dedicated tlie
line selected for levee purposes, and
executed to tie city a deed lor the same.
The lino of lie neiv levee is so well
known that h is unnecessary to say any
tiling about I. here.
for construitiug the levee was awarded
to Mr. llobt. Hague!!, of Cape Girardeau,
nn: vokk was coM3ii:.sc::i),
and though, lu consequence of wutl
weather and a scarcity of teams and la
borers, it moved along very slowly at
first, the committee of the city council,
Mr. Hely, engineer in charge of the
work, and the public generally were sat-I-lled,
and be!leed Mr. lt.iguell was
doing all he could to push tlie work to
conpletion. The work was being done
faithfully aid well, and everything was
'lhat portion of tlie now embinkmcnt
froia the Cco's levco to the graveyard
ridgy was rompleted according to con
tract; ami (that portion of it from Ihe
graveyard Jldge to what is known as
i.iwiiuu inir-w: nnmi:
ahno't coDplctcd according lo the terms
of the contract. Hut here
mi: worn: siorn;i.
And wly? Hccause his honor, the mayor,
who dight to havo tho intcre-t of the diy
it heart, stopped it. Since the llrt sur
vey was;iiiade, a new breake has occur
red In llio old levee nt the foot of Thirty
fourth street, and the levco committee
and Knginecr hely, for the purpose of
keeping Ihe new levee at a greater dis
tance from this new and dangcrouscutln
the old levee, deemed It advlable to
change the lulu of the new levee, and
move It straight to "Powder House
ridge,'' and thence along the top of the
ridge tothcllrst survey,aiid thenif on a
straight line to tho Mississippi leveu.
Another reason, and a good one, for
changing the route was because between
live and six hundred feet more ot levee
ou a direct line to the old MUsisslppl
levee would bu built hi tlie event the city
should desire to extend It, than nu tho
llrst line. The mayor objoctedto tho
change in the levee, hecausu the imw Hue
of levco would lie oyer "prlynto prop
erty," when, In fact, built on cither lino,
the properly over which ft runs belongs
to llio Property Company, and Colonel
Taylor has given hi consent to thu
nu: NKH'.S
of the mayor's action ivas uiadu known
to the peopluof tlie city through his letter
published yesterday morning, and was
not only a matter ol'siirpiisu unil astonish
ment, but created great excitement
among all classes, Tliu subject was a
topic of dNciislon evury where. In
stores, hotels, saloons and everywhere
wo wont, the llrst sounds that struck our
ears was something about the mayor
slopping work' on tho now levee, and in
almost every instance his action lu Hid
mutter was denounced hi thu severest
It was between lour and llvo o'clock on
lU'duced.iy livening when tho mayor
served his "notlco'' on thu contractor.
At thu tluio there was ouo hundred
learns at work on tho levee. Mr. Ikiguell
continued work until thu regular, quit'
Hug hour.
yi:sii:iii'nv jioiixi.Mi
all thu leauiu weroou hand, and up (o
tight o'clock Ihe work went on as
usual, At about that hour Mr. Hag
mil ordered all Ihe drivers to tako their
scrapers, plows, etc., to ouo place, and
iiilormed them Unit no moro work would
lie done until sonm satisfactory nrrangc-
nienl had been made about the matter.
met nt It o'clock, hut his lienor
failed 10 put In an appearance, and
ii was siaicu mat no hail "gone
out of town." Alderman Halllday
was called to tho chair, and thu council
proceeded to business. As to what was
done, and how the members of tho coun
cil regard Hie action of the mayor lu this
inattrr, we rufer the reader to the council
proceedings to bu found hi another col
umn of this morning's UfLi.uri.v.
run i.uvni: ootMim:n ash iiii: co.v
tiiactoii. '
When fho council adjourned
thu levco cominllteu and several
members of the clly council called on
Mr. Hagnell nt his hotel to lay thu mut
ter before him, nud ascertain what he
proposed to Ho. After talking the mat
ter over for sometime, Mr. Hagnell de
clined to give the roininlttce an answer,
hut agreed to meet them again at 2
o'clock ou the works at the new levee.
tup. mi:i:i i.so at i hi: i.kvkk.
At the appointed hour, .Messrs. Wright,
IMItenhouse and Lancaster of tho com
mittee, and Alderman Halllday,
t'apt. W. P. halllday, Lnglncer Hely,
City Attorney Itlack,' and a number of
citizens were on the ground. Mr. H.ig-
nell ami bis brother William, w ere also on
hand. Thcro was also a large nunibtr
or tlie tea nsters and drivers present.
Alter considerable talking It became
evident that .Mr. Hagnell could not be
Induced to'rcsumu work- unless tho levee
committee would come to Ids terms.
which they could not do under the
contract between Mr. Hagnell and the
city. Mr. Hagnell demanded that the
city pay him up for all work done to
date, as one of the conditions on which
lie would resume opt rations. He inado
oilier demands, hut they were very ludef
luate, and no one seemed to fully under
stand them. We suppose Mr. Hagucll
understood them, but no one else seemed
to. Thus the matter stood lor an hour,
and the committee. fellii!r that
they had done all they could
do and keep within the contract
with Mr. Hagnell, and the ordinance
authorizing' the construction of the levee,
withdrew, leaving Mr. Hagnell in the
midst ofa hundred teamsters, all clamor
ous t.)r ihelr pay, and It seemed nothing
short ,f their )(ay lor all work done
would sathfy them.
Tin: n:i:i.isu .wionu tui: i,.uioki:i:.s.
-Thcro was at least a hundred laborers
and teamsters present when Mr. Hagucll
and thu committee met, and
they were very boisterous, and
some or them even belligerent in
their remarks and conduct. They were
particularly severe ou Mayor Winter.
One of them said. -Jack Winter Is lul-n
coward. He Is the cause of all this, but
didn't have the courage to stand up and
light It out." Another said, "yes, ho Is a
d u coward, or he never would have left
Such remarks as, "Pay or no work,"
"We can't Iced our teams and work for
nothing." "Let's haul off what wu put on
the lutce." "U-n the city:-'' "Pay
Hagucll and ho will pay us," olc, etc
It is hard that the men who have
really done Hie work on the new luveo
should bo kept out of their
pay, but the city is responsible to no one
but thu contractor, and has tilled the con
tract with liliu to thu letter. Hu has re
ceived every cent ho Is entitled lo under
his contract, and should ho even now re
sume work thu city will fulfil every con
dition of her contract with him. The
city council Is a unit hi this matter,
and notwithstanding thu mayor's asser
tion that ho will not sign the ccrtlttcMcs,
.Mr. Hague!! will get Ids pay when It Is
due lilui, provided he goes jdiead and
completes thu work according to his con
tract. If he rails to do this, then it Is hard
to tell when he may got pay I'or what hu
h.is already done. .One thing Is certain,
time is precious, and the new leveu must
lie computed . -oou. If Mr. Hagnell does
not complete It, some one. else will.
Thus matters stood at dark last night.
What may transpire lu thu next twenty-
four hours is hard to tell. Wo shall
watch and wait, and keep our readers
tui: MA YOU
could not bu round yesterday, and it was
reported that lie had gone to Vienna
but what his business was there no ouo
could tell. Some of thu men ou the
works stated to a member of thu city
council that Mr. Winter was in the city
it eight o'clock yesterday morning, and
that hu had told some of them not
to go to work tor they would never
,'ct their pay if they did.
We do not know that hlsliouorweiit to
Vicuna; wu don't know that ho didn't
go to Vicuna ; wu don't know that the
men who said they saw htm at S o'clock
yesterday told Hid tiuth ; wu don't know
that they did niitell the truth. We did
not sec thu mayor yesterda', and don't
pictend to know anything about It. Wu
only give reports as wu heard them, for
(hat Is what wo tiro paid for.
U.viuo, In
January 0, IS7U.
Since our last report, wu havu been fa
vored with Ihe most remarkable weather.
For live days It has been dry, warm and
might, nud bu-luess has looked up con
siderably, though thu market Is supplied
with nearly every kind of merchandise.
Flour has been quiet, though thu sales
have been fair, and a better Hmu fur
dealers Is believed to bo close at baud.
There Is an abundance of common and
low grades of hay on hand, but tinder 1-
.- jarce ii:al wu! llud icady sale. Thu re
ceipts of corn h ive been light, but them
1j a supply siilllclent lo satisfy llio de
mand. Oals hayu been pretty active, but
thu supply and demand aru about equal,
and thu receipts have bcu small. Meal
and bran are very quiet, and sales havu
been very light. There Is nu abundnncQ
of Inferior nutter lu tho market, unil
prices havo lalleu. Tim very best will
not bring moro than 25 cents. Thu stock
of eggs Is also uxosslvely large, uud they
have declined. Poultry Is scarce and
meats will also find ale.
JSTOur friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given are usually for
sales from first hands hi round lots. In
lllllng orders and for broken lots It Is nee
essary to charge an advance over thesu
-Market quiet with a good demand for
choice. Sales reported weru: 100 bbls
choice, SO 73; t!00 hbls various grades,
$t7; 100 bbls various grades, $:!! 'jj;
100 bbls, $.-7 25 ; 100 bbls various
grades, SI W0 8.1; '.'(Kl bbls various
grades, $i ,0&5
There Is a large stock of common hay
on tho market, and low grades aru not
wanted. Choice is rather scarce, and
will sell at lroui $1"(2)17. Wu note sales
or 1 car mixed, $1 1 ; HO bales prluiu ou
orders, $10; 1 car choice, $18; 2 cars
cholco mixed, $lu.
Tlie demand Is light, and ;tho recets
have been small. Homo white will llml
salu at the mills at 10c. ' We note the sale
of 1 car mixed in bulk ou truck, :tSc; 'l
car mixed In sacks delivered, ICc.
The oais trade has been rather net Ivc
since our last Usuo. There is a moderate
supply on;iiaud, with a moderate dimand.
I he receipts have been light. Sales noted
were : 1 car aouthern Illinois In sacks,
:19c ; 2 cars mixed lu bulk on track, 31
loo; 1 car cholco mixed, sacked and de
livered, 12c ; 1 car Southern Illinois, U7e ;
l car southern Illinois, Use ; 1 car white
Northern, l.'c: 1 car Southern lu sacks
delivered, 117c.
Meal Is quiet and has declined. Tho
only salu noted was that or 50 bbls at
There lias been nothing done in bran
since our last Issue, and It Is very quiet at
SI". Xo sales weie reported.
The sotck Is excessively large, and is
mostly of an Inferior quality, and otter
ing at from 12 to 20c. Stricty choice
dairy will not bring more than 23c, and
Is extremity dull at tho'o figures. Sales
reported were 2.10 pounds roll 20c; I
buckets 20c; 150 pounds choice roll 2fu;
100 pounds common roll 20u; I packages
.Southern lllluob lS(Vi)20e; 5 packages
Northern 2520c; f packages iO25o ; 100
pound 20c.
There is a big overstock of eggs on thu
market, with only a light local demand.
1 he ruling price is 18c, with Indications
that they will still go down lower. Sales
noted were 100 dozen 17c ; 00 dozen ISo.
Poultry, both lire'.anddressed. Is scat ce,
and there Is a moderate demand for it.
uoou hens win sell lor iow per
dozen. Mixed chickens will bring $2 2u
2 50. W c note the salu of 1 coop mixed,
a i . dozen live, $3.
m.T 1 .. .
uiiunc aiijucs aru m:uvcu mul arc
wanted. Interior aru plenty and dull
at 5l2 f er barrel. e note sales of 00
bbls. damaged, $1 23; to hhl. unnd
medium, $3; 10 bbls medium, 3.
ricutyiu market, with very few sell
Ingat 4d 50 per barrel. Wu note the
sale or 50 bushels at 00 cents per bushel,
Theru Is a good demand for seed potu
toes ol arly varieties. We note tho
salu ol -10 bbls Karly Itose, $1 73; 1(1
bbls damaged, 00o ; 50 bushels at 50 cents
per bushel.
Dressed meats are scarce, and (here Is
some inquiry for thein, the weather hav
ing become moro favorable. JHogs in
good condition will bring 7 cents. Heel'
lu good condition will bring from -I to 5
cents. Xo sales weru reported.
Furs remain dull. Hides are in good
demand nt quotations.
Hums Dry Hint, 13lle, dry salted,
ll12c; green salted, 0OJ; damaged,
i price.
Frits We quote : Western Otter, No.
1. SOfi;. 50 ; Xo 2, HI ; Xo. 3, $1
1 50 ; Xo. I, 25c. Mink No. 1, $1
1 23; No 2, 5075o; Xo. 3, 25e ; No. 4,
lOe. Kaecoon No. 1, C003e ; Xo. 2,
lOu; Xo. 3. 20c; Xo. I, Sc. Fox Gray,
Xo. 1 cased, SI; Xo. 1 open, 73e; Xo.'J,
50(i0u; Xo, 3, 25u; Xo. -I. 10c; lted,
Xo. leased, $1 50; Xo, I open, $1 23.
Skunk-Hlack, S0c$l ; hair striped, 50
OOo; narrow, 3.ju; kittens, lac. Opos
sum S10e. Heaver $1 502. Musk
rat 15c. Hear Xo. 1, $S; Xo. 2, $5 ;
Xo. 3, $23 ; No. I, fiOo.
Di:i:n Ski.ns Quote : Whiter, 2330o ;
fall, 3;t33c.
No admission Ice will bu charged to
hear Hon. George II. Wendllng's lecture
at tho Atlicneum to-night. Go hear it.
A I'liio Ninth.
, Wm. Fillers desires to inform his pat
rons and tho public generally, that hu has
now ou baud a large stock or French and
German Calf, Kip and Morocco, and Is
prepared to manufacture, for storu and
olllcu wear, thu lluest ol' Morocco or Cult
Skin Shoes or Hoots; nud for fanners,
draymen and out-door wear generally, his
I'leiich Kip stands abovu anything ever
ollercd hi this market. His Lasts uru of
thu latest styles, and ho can guarantee
lit and saturation to all his patrons.
4 So. 1 Liuillilry.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
tho laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tweon W uhlii,'toii ,V Commercial avonuos
i. ouo or l!io best eoiiiluctcd laundry e
tabllsluuuuts in tho
city, and landlords ol
liuteli and boardliu
bouses villi llud It to
their advantago to call upon
Her prices aro as follows: Hotel
boardlng-houie washing, 7ft cents
dozen. For piece work price
us follows: Slnglo shirt and
lar. in.", nar dozen 80e; socks Do: two
10 1
lain, Be; two haudkurehlefi, 6ej vests !t0c;
and all gentlemen's wesr, 80t. per
dozen. Ladles' plain calloo dresses, 25e;
calico dresses with extra trimmings, 50c ;
white dresses, $1 23c; ladies' umlcrwuro,
lino and coarse, $1 00 per dozen.
there Is n moderate domain.
Tort I.Ui.
Steamer Jm FUk, p(icnM.
" -'ulla, Vkk.burg.
" t'olorado, St. Lous.
' St. Joseph, St. L,,,
J. D. Parker, Meinphh.
Steamer Jim Flsk, Padueah.
" Julia, St. Louis.
" Alf. Steven., St. Louis.
" Itennuda, Nashville.
Colorado, Vlcksburg.
" St. Joseph, 'Memphis.
" A. J. H.iker, St. Louis.
" D. Parker. Cincinnati.
The Ohio river rose 18 Inches ycslcr
day, notwl.haniHK Ul0 lirt(ct0M
about all the water bad come that was
come. w
Iluslncsson Hie whart wan fair yester
day. ' "
The weather yesterday
though u little cooler.
was lovely,
-The Carrie V. Koiinfz arrived
ew urieans v ednctday at noon.
J. Lawrenco Carter Is Ihe captain of
thu new steamer U. P. Schenck.
The City or Chester, from Memphis
for St. Louis, Is due this evening.
Captain Weaver, formerly or the
steamer l'.lla, -m n passenger ou tho
James 1). Parker yesterday.
Tlie H. S. Turner began receiving
for her return trip Immediately upon Rr.
riving at Xcw Orleans on last Monday.
The Julia, from Vlcksburg, arrived
at midnight Wednesday, and departed
forSt. Louis at 3 o'clock yesterday morn
ing. The St. Joseph, from St. Louis, ar
rived witli a good trip for .Memphis yes
terday, added some freight here, and left
last night.
Thu Jim Fik camu and went as
usual. She will maku her last trip, for a
time, at least, to-morrow. She goes on
Hie docks for repairs.
Thu James D. Parkt-r arrived from
below yesterday with 57 people, In 'the
cabin, ISO bales of cotton, n lot or oil
and sundiles.
The A. J. Hakergot up steam yes-
lrilawi.iil I.. M.....1 .I... ,
nviit iw ..'IU11UU Vll 1II1U gOt II
barge, oflogs, which she tows to St Louis
for LlebUe, Sebragu & Co. orthat city
Thu Colorado, fiom St. Louis for
Vlcksburg, came into port with a good
trip yesterday. Shu added some freight
here and went ou to Vlcksburg.
I he City of Qiilncy, Captain Abe
Hutchinson, went Into Xew Orleans with
i llnu trip from St. LouU, uud began re
ceiving at once, to leave on vestcrdav
The Commonwealth did not leave
Xew Orleaus as It was uunouccd she
would, but in consideration of the excess
ot tonnage in that port for St. Louis, lias
layed over lor several days.
Thu new Iron steamboat Caroudelet,
Captain W. Dick Lovo, Clerk O. W,
Purdy, was booked to leave Xew Or
leans yesterday ror Cairo, Kvansville,
Louisville and Cincinnati.
The Xew Orleans 7'imj of Tuesday
says Joe Anderson, ouu of tho engineers
of the steamer Robert Seinple, died ou
New Year's day at the hotel DIeu, and
was buried on Sunday.
The .Memphis Acalancte of Wednes
day says tko remains of Capt. Lon S.
Greenlee were taken on board of the
steamer John L. I'hoads, at thu mouth
or lted river, on her piesent up trip, and
sro to lie conveyed to his native place,
Pittsburg, for Until Interment.
The light between ihu two dyers
thu Illinois or thu Cheek Line, and thu
Idlcwlld of thu Lee Line in the Mem-
luus nun v-niuiii tuy irauo gels warmer
with the coining or each day, and It is
probable that tho battle will be brouaht
to a focus by a big rice, for a big pile. A
Memphis exchange ol Tuesday says:
'Thousands of the nuxlousssembled on
the blufls yesterday to seo tlie Illinois
and Idlewlld take u tilt down tho river,
but the two clippers are evidently wait
ing till big piles aru put up on the result,
When the public will pei haps be treated
to an exciting race."
The Memphis Amirul of Tuesday
morning gives us the following Interest
ing Items of gossip, which aro thrown to
the breezes about tho wharf of that city,
about steamboats and stcamboatmeu :
"You can licar all sorts of rumorsdown
at tho levee about thu prospective move
ments of boats, etc., uow-u-days. This
chronicler had it poured into ouo ear (but
u went uui hi. inu uiucrj ycsieruay mat
tho Idlcwlld would enter vigourously into
the Memphis ami Vlcksburg trade, In tho
Interest of tho Anchor lino ; that tho Ste.
vivuuiiuvw iiuii uuiiu ueiow, io run lie
tweeu Chicot and Vlcksburg ; that the
brie .iu. imiicu wuritcu liseu 11)10 U
frenzy over a paragraph in the Appial
u few weeks ago) hid withdrawn from
St. Francis river and would enter tho Ar
kansas river trade ; that twoor our brair
packets were going to set aside all busi
ness lor ouu trip and run a fair squaru
race; that Jim Durf had Joined the tem
perance pledge, and was lu communica
tion with Moody and Sanky for tho pur-
iiuau ui iimiijiimiiiig u series ui re
vival meetings on the Memphis whart;
that parties concerned .were not satisfied
wiiii him ri'iuii i in i iiiik ihih'i in nrmrra
tlon In the case ol',thu Illinois tt al. vs.
the Mary Millar: that Captain Nat Green
had actuajfesjlialleiiged tho Idlewlld for
n racu wlwthe G. W. Cheek; that a new
wharf boat would soon bu stationed at the
levco; that thu (ulckstcp would soon
enter onoot'our local trades; that Ar
kansas rlrer was actually rising to aNpU
condition lor the larger packet? ot tUe
lino; that an Investigation golpg
to be niadu into why such
piles of freight me owcu to oc
cupy tho leveu when very foot ot space
Is needed by ste.iiers for discharging;
Hint n cniiiiiimiilio Is on the toots between
n, sun ii nrv and hlllott "5hlto river
llii.s. that Cill'iaiii uriliKwiucr wuinu
take command tit thu Era No. 0 lu fu
ture, thai llvo thousand dollars Is waft
Inn to hu covered on tho result of a test
ofpccd between tho Idlewlld and Illi
nois ; that old Nat Green says tho Cheek
will knock thu tuck oil' tliu winner lu
any raco between any two steamboats
now running tho western waters well,
Hicro'sy no end to llio gossip Hist Is
landed from ouo to another, nil lu confi
dence, you know.
mllKlmlf of a brick houi. containing Aw

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