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Ren.tlus; .Wnllrr mi t'.very Vngr.
JOHN H. oaKHTV, Kdttor.
Coloii-hx' loglrinturo clcelol Al Civil
llOTit Iioujc ot the MUltppl li'UIa
turo clecteil coloiotl door-kccpors. Now,
If Ainc In li'tnlonp, llio Dciuoernls linlil
the winning onnU.
Tun MciiillitsTl;ii, coiiiinintlns
n hanging that took pbco In that clly J ps-
tenlay. says : "Wo hope tin-Job will nut
be botched, hut o.Meiileil with walni'
mi J dispatch." I
lr hi honor, lii"iiiTinliiiIli! Winter,
will jd rip IiIiiitH ofa little oC tins mock
iluho dignify that now (HMliiKulihtshlni,
and throw as much energy into bnlMing
the levee as he did in causing the Cen
tennial hells to "peal forth th ir merry
peals," the city will hoii he out of
Tiikiir stein to Ik- a ilelre on the part
of yoniebody, for mine pcelllo piirpet
toetaltllh the lact that (leticnil Tlintims
Intended to efpoti'e the eaitso of the
South when tn war eoninicneed. That
Is n dead t nhjiH't. They should dieoer
what fervice he rendeied the government
during It time of peill, and render him
the credit due for Midi eorvlrv.
"(iru.Ti llaheoek. No lioni'.-t man ean
reail the lollowlng andeonie to any other
eonclu'lou." That was the Kind of a
dlplay head tho Stair llrgister had over
mi article on the whisky frauds; nnd It
will prove to he .1 very npproprlalu one
!! the court knows hert-elf.
I. AM A It .V03II.VAJ I.l).
Colonel Kamar received the nomina
tion for United State Senator from the 1
Democratic caucus held hy members ot
the JllssUfippi legislature. ;.Ml
the other c.iihIM.iW'3 willuhvw
in his favor. I.amar, If success
cost fill, will carry to Washington with
him the confidence and respect ol the
best people of the State.
AHiii:i) to if
Tito Stale Ueguler a-ks Governor lJeV
eridge to explain whv he pardoned Hill
l'utler, the slayer ol Trice, troin the pen
herniary, l'cycridge. receives censure for
tills act from the niot prominent papers in
the State. A learntd lawyer of Cairo
says that I'.utler was Illegally restrained
of !iU liberty, ami coulil havo lreed lilui
sclf by making the proper application by
law. Perhaps the governor know of
thl, aud acted accordingly.
U It A. XT XS1 sI'.ilN.
If Graut give countenanec and aid to
tlie Cubans he will precipitate a war with
Spain. If he aids Spain In her efforts to
subject tie Cubans be will not havo the
sympathy ot the people of the United
State, nor their support. He demands
that the troubles on the Island shall
cease. Peace cm he had in two ways
cither by as-l-tlng tho patriots, or Spain.
Hy remaining neutral, the war in Cuba
will continue until the silken butchers
from Spain are driven to their ships.
1 ji 1 1 : a c 1 i i i ; vr;o r Ti m i m .
The Memphis Appuxl .-ays that Ames
wjll be impeached by tlie legislature of
Mississippi because the unanimous pub
lic demand it. A popular expansion of
opinion among tho leading Democrats
In the United States would denounce tlie
impeachment of Ames an iinwl-c
and impolitic act. Once Impeached,
convicted, and liU temporary lease of
power cut short, Ames will become a
martyr In the eyes of the Xorthern peo
ple. llU MIOUlll U Vl ulniiv, mill pi-r-
mlttctl to ooze out aud sink to his proper
level. The impeachment will embrace,
besides Ame, Lieutenant. Governor Da
vis and Superintendent of I.ducation
AM'. IIMI.M'TT O.V M'ltdlH.
The spiritualistic feUT never abated in
MtmphI-,Tcnnesce. Some years ago Itev. 1
Samuel Watson, a popular Methodist di
vine, dceerttd his church and became au
avowed spiritualist. Mon-y did not ap
pear to be his object, because ho was eon
sideied wealthy when tlie change
took place. A tour through Lu
ropj seemed only to luten-lly his
belief in spiritual inanllctallons; and
Miortly after bis it-turn ho brought totho
notice of the people of .Memphis a won
der in the shape of it woman who had
been a dweller 111 the dark and dusty
rooms of the old tiayo-o hotel. Her ix
lilbltlons were sueees-ful, and now she I,
th chief MTfornier in tlie airy and fan
tattle ar-nu. Alt", liiirnett, the humorist,
has gone into print anil tells how to de
itroy Watson's Indian god, suggesting
hot guns, an effective we.ipou ol defense
or attack, and which the eltlens of .Mem
phis know how to handle. The follow
lag Is an cutraet Irom hU very lntcrestlm
There is omk exptniuient that 1 would
iiko 10 see inetrriuui Here In yourmld.t,
and it was suggested liy tlnlgreat mate,
riallitte iiiopouiulerol soilal materialitv.
aiurat llalsu-ad, editor of the ;im Immti
t'uMmer'ia.aud that Is llds-to let half a
uii.i-ii ui jour wen-i;nnwn citien, he
appointed u a committee to lincligute
lllld Interview tliu .'real defunct 1,....
Ke.1 Face. Lit the committee lc i,re-
paieu eac.11 Willi a koikI shotgun, and
w ion lieu J acu apiars Htbe Mtld com
iiiltteu "blaze nw-ay," and If theiC 1, not
a "dead lujun" cither In reality or dis-
niiciii) iiimii ior 11 lootluU,
4 111; t-.'VlllMVHVItll 1IU III! IJUIUl, lot U U
spirit it cannot ho touched, and ifthu ar
laiiiimmijug we honestly believe it to
no, muen uecrves tne wholesale pep
1. ci 111. 11 nuum 1, nai f3v 1 no
leriies to HiW It eommlttee cannot bo
railed, let some noble Investigator alter
iriim, um h revolver 111 nam! ami 1
spirit of martyrdom In Ids soul, try this
.1. ii.ii ....... ...ii, vuU I'liurcu cannon
izo mm as 11 ucnciacior a thu rncc. '
Wo will pay 110 bills contracted by any
employe of Tin: JJdi.u.iin, unless the
Mime is inuoe on a wruieu orucr sigutnj
by tho president or secretary ofjtho com
Iwny, and we will acxept no orders givcii
y hu employe of tho company, for any
purpose whatsoever.
. ' Caiiio Hui-lktis CojirAXv.
November IV, 187fi. tt
r.niToiti vi. xorr.N
The Italian expedition for exploring
the lnleilor ot Afilea will Matt tills
month, and he nhsent Ihtio year-.
An liidianapotls crowd would rather
be around when 11 woman faints 011 the
-Ireet than toll-ten to the most powerful
tnlelh cilia! treat.
The Hev. .Mr. Kanom, of Tennecc,
nppointeil liy the AlcthodWt eonleieneeol
Tennessee to Itrall as n tnW'ioiuiry, lias
sailed lor tiiateoiintry.
Itleliard Clratit White roy tlie ex
pression "Tlie gooc liangs nltltiidilum''
is a w ret cluil piece of hypoperdeinont
citreiui and he will probably haw an
eight-page irllrle on tlie subject In Hie
Phe young French ladle do not In
skating lime exchange a won! willi their
partners. When thej fali, however, they
are permilted to mention (he Treneli for
"ouch" in (he pre-ence of a gentleman.
A very prominent paper in the Stale
ays: "The liepiiblle.tn papers ate Mgain
publUhlng slorie ol " riots' and "out
rages" In tlie South, and cpeeially In
Mississippi, lor the purpose of aldin
.Morion's 1 dan for icorgnnlzing h 11 Ih
the South." .
Wilkie Collins is said to le the author
ofthi valuable hint: "N'o other human
tniriilt Is so Instil to the Influence- of
liiefi inaleev as the pur-alt of athletic
spoils. N'o men are so entirely heyoml
the reach of women as (he men whose
live? are paved in the cultivation ol their
own physical stiength."
Miss Clarena Mompha-, one of the
SNtor ol SI. .tOM'ph, ilied In SpriugnVId
on the llr-t of .lanuary. She wa buried
on the third lnt. llln .Mouiphas had
been an Inmate of Ihe sisters' establMi
meiit five years, under the name of
.Mad.im fiuyait. A grand ico,n'cm mas
was -aid at the chapel ot the nuns I'ather
lirady olllciatlng a celebrant ; I'ather
Kyan, deacon ; Father I .eve. ub-dcacout
and Father I'.iwlev. master ol ceremo-
Mn-.iliiS(tni on A'cw Ycnr't lln.v
Scenes nnt Iiieiileiiln itl ltj I'.vceu.
Iit Jtnutliiu The .. 1 1 1 1 : 1 lteei.
lion of the Wuitiri! mill ol'llie I'll
liastieil A Mrimsc nmt (.'iirlnii
From our IltyiiLr l.orrc-ixinilc-nt.l
W.slllMiTON, D.C.. .Ian. 1, 1S7C.
Then1 are three classes ot people to
whom the .invent of New Year's Day Is
a perfect god-send. Theo are the lady
correspondents the moiiitti and milli
ners, and'biir "nice" young men. Every
body know s that the greatw tt of a lady
eorropondcitt I tho description ot inag
nllleent toilettes : tlicre she is at home
and completely at her case and In her
element ; and while the poor male letter
writer hopelessly wrestles with such tech
nical terms n twrmirts, jKliitit, tern ace,
crept th ehint, etc., now and then stum
bling over sijii.ire-cut and dccalUllt cor
sages, the lady correspondent described
all these tilings in an ofl'-haud manner
that must be charming to tlio-o n no tin-1
drrstand their .lA-nMCuuce, but Is little
short of bewildering to bachelors, who
have never had the pleasure (?) of paying
a wile's or daughter's milliner bill J
I fcuppnee it was for this rea-011 that
tlie lady eorreipondeut were so largely
represented at the New Years reception
of the White House. .Mr. Grand, was
there ; so was "Fax" Gienier, and ;.i host
of others ; hut I missed the benevolent
lace ol "Grace Greenwood," who is now
in F.urope. As early as ten o'clock, the
newspaper representatives and corres
pondents iH'gau lo arrlw, and were
ii-hered Into the large ante-room, await
ing tlie opening of ccrcmouhv. A largo
(varii.iMi i, i.Mtn- nimiit two or three
bushel, v.is placed here, at eleven o'clock
It was empty, hut by three o'clock In the
afternoon, when your correspondent lilt,
it was overflowing and cards were scat
tered all over thy green carpet ol tho hall
iftcr we had waited about half an
hour, Secretary Fish, accompanied by
Mrs. Fish, arrived, and was Ushered Into
tlie lied I'oom. A few minutes later.
the postmaster-geiieral'd carriage drove
up, and .Mr. and .Mr--. Jewell, accompan
ied by his daughter Sarah, Joii.ed Mr.
and .Mrs. Fish In the lied l.'oom, which
was set aside lor the reception il the
big bugs;" and they had scarcely en
tered, when the president made his up-
pearanee, wiui .tirs. uniut Hanging on
Id-arm, followed by Colonel and Mr
Fied Graut and Geneial llaheoek. The
president was attired In full evening
diess black necktie and straw-colored
kldi : .Mr. Grant wore a very liaiidgomo
md becoming blue silk, with black lac
overdrew, anil carried 11 very beaulilul
bouquet in her left hand. Her hair was
arranged in pulls nnd adorned with a
l!,imomlioVc Mrs. i'led Grant had
on a pink gro.gr.iiu silk, (one of my lady
friends said it was a "crushed straw
berry" she had on, but I suppose ho re
ferred only to tlie color). looped up with
buds of violets aud inoss ro'es real.
The appearance of tho presidential
party was the signal for tho marine band
to"ttril;e up," which they did. opening
with tlie overture to "Zampa ;" tho plus
ldcutaiid.Mrs. Grant slowly marched Into
thu room, where they, as usual on these
oeci-ion, took their station near tlie ecu
ter of the room, which was handsomely
deeoraU'd Willi large bompicts from the
vtlille House eoiis.ervatorv. Secretarv
1 is 11 was on tho president's led, Mr,
I' red Grant on his right, and General
isaiicoci; lu llio lucu-grouud. Meanwhile
the diplomatic corp-, had arrived, headed
nymr r.uwaru nnd Lady Thornton, and
uieir "uncling imuoruu and quaint
coin 1 costumes imueit largely to tlie lull
nancy 01 tlie scene.
iiieii me real naru woiu commenced
1 he piesident, niter shaking hands with
bis cabinet ollleers, commenced with the
diplomatists, who were Introduced, 01m
uy one, uy neereiary l-ltll. l.aeli one
took 1111 Ids illumed hat add made it dee
bow lis lie passed Mr. and .Mrs, Grant
The Japanese minister, who was aceoui
pamedby his w ile, was attired hi a gorge
ous oriental costume, nnd bowed so dee
(lint lil" two sword (one on each idel,
came near hilling Ihe pre-ldeiiHal mxe.
lie speaks tolcia'dy good Luuli'li. and
pronounced the word "WMi ppy New
Yeay!" very plainly. Not two of Ihe uu
llorniH werc'allkc, but nil were lvp! inl
cut willi gold and sIIut embroidery, and
diamond slars and crosses, the enlgnl:i
of varlou orders glilleml upon every
breast. Ilaron ltlane, Ihe Italian lulul
ler, wa literally covered willi orders
wearing tho broad bine ribbon ol the
lolittn jltrte out hi shoulder, and Ihe
'scarlet band ol Ihe IVimlan Mac ''
round the neck, while hi hreat was
fairly studded with diamond 'tars, crc
eents, and ciocs I heard a litte boot
black wlio, somehow or other, hadgalncd
admlhii, say to Ids companion a Ila
ron niaiie paed : "S.iy.Jack, tliat leller
ougiit to exhibit liliiielf as a window
sign In a jewelry hop !"
After this gllilerhig nvatanche had
iased, the Judges of the Supreme Court,
judges of the court of claims senator,
representatives the coiniiil.sioners or the
District of Columbia, and other oIllcl.iN
conneclcd willi our local govcrniiicnt,
were ushered in, liillic order named, aud
were received by Mr. and" Mrs Grant.
Ponding the departure of Ihe diplomats
Ihe ollhvrs of the army and navy had
arrived, all In regulation "full-div unl
foi m for siMial oevsi.luiis" Willi quil
lets swords, aud eoekc.l hat, complete.
Thcd.iy wa a ery warm one, and iIh
closely buttoned and p.idded lltlllorm
must have been nucoinforlable. As lliey
Hcrcn"einbled Ihere, lo Ihe iiiimler of
several hundred. In Ihe vctibulo. tlie
eirect wa a very line one, ami one that
in. In (his country, only I wllni'-ed In
Wn-hlngton, and then only once a year.
The uniforms 1 specially tho-e ol the
naval ollleers, though ! dresy lhaii
those of theiliplouiats lliat had iirecedid
tlieiil, looked well, and could, hi tlie mat
teroftate at leat, if not In costliness
comjute favorably willi (lice of any for
eign service.
""After these uniformed gentlemen had
lieen duly presciitwl, ami otfercd the
compliments of the seinon lo Mr. ai.d
.Mr. Grant, came the assistant seereta
rle of the departments, the solicitor gen
eral, a!, taut postmaster general, assist
ant attorney. general, and the heads cf
the bureau-. At about a quarter of 1.
the president, whose hand and arm had
teen going like a pump handle without
Intermission since 11 o'clock, began to
look a little tired, and be had 11 few min
utes rest, during which he put on a Irish
pair of glove. Then the "veterans 01
the war of 1S12,M about twenty-live In
number, were ushered In, and these were
loiiowed bv the Mexican veteran of
1SIC; lifter them came a delegation from
tlie Grand Army of the llepubile, aud
then the crowd.
In the"goodold limes.'' refreshments
were furnished at the White House re
ception, but this custom was discon
tinued long ago. Now the public simply
Hies nast the President, shakes him by
the hand and then leaves the mansion by
the way ol thu Fast hootn. Everybody
Is admitted, without regard lo sex, age.
or "previous condition ol servitude,"
and tho African elehieiit i aiwayn very
largely represented. "Full dress" i not
at all requisite, and velvet trains and
rags, are beautifully blended together in
tills promiscuous crowd, among which I
noticed nurses with babies, in their arm-,
comely matrons, decrepit old men and
women, and not a few stylish reprc-en-tatives
of the fu mwle, Eaeh one
claimed the privilege ol a haml-hakc
with tlie ifresldeiit, and some were evi
dently di-po-ed to prolong the Interview,
but were lorced on waul by the crowd
behind. One little fellow of some ten
mmncrs, his shoulders barely reaching
to tlie knee of the pre-ldi'iit, marched
boldly 11 1 , shook hhu by tlie baud and
aid loudly, "How do you do, Mr. 1 'resi
dent; 1 wiili you a Happy Centennial!"
I- or more than an hour thi stream ol hu
manity poured In at one door and out
of the other, ami the president's' right
gloyc very soon began to show symptoms
of having come lu contact with per.plr-
Ing, glowles hands. Thu large crowd
made tlie rooms excessively hot, and 1
can fancy what a relief It iniil liaye been
for Mr. Grant logo up stair., pull oil' Ids
gloves, wash id, hand, and put his arm
lu a sling, alter it wa all over.
Tim receptions at tlie residences of the
cabinet ollleers were very brilliant, but
utieomlorl'ibly crowded. Many, alter
"doing" llii! While House, made Un
round 01 tue calilliel ollleers, am Pre
sented themselves although total stran
gers, lor anot her hand-shake. This is a
ridiculous iiitoui, Imt one thai Is very
generally indulged in here, us the cabinet,
is well as Ihe president. Is considered to
lion soil ol public properly, lo be slated
at and hand-shook, 011 llil. pai tleiiiar oe
casloii, by cwrylmdy .who pleases. Ills
not every day one can shake hands with
a real lie president, and people do it 011
New Year's, I le.ir, not so much as a
maik of rcspict, us bceaii-o it nll'ords
them tlie gratllleallou ol being able to
say that they have done it !
Keeeptlons wcie very general through
out the city, and Centennial headaches
were, I eutiiie to ay, also very general
the follow lug morning, t Hut nl'our young
bloods told me. late lu the evening, that
he had started willi the piesideut and
made sixty-nine call-, and would have
made the seventieth, but lor the fact that
hot-aw distinctly tmo door-knobs on thu
last house, when ln knew there was only
(His which caused him to think that lie
had called enough and h id heller leave
And that (not the two door-kiioiis) re
minds me thai I had better leave oil al-o;
so adieu lor the present. C.w.
Not lee ii r l(eillliill.
(,'. Koch icmovcil his Ixuit 11ml
shim fslitip Iron i tho olil t'tnuil to hl-i
now brick luilhliiitf (olio hlock below),
No, IK) Comuificlul iivcnuc, hetween
nilli mul MXII1 Unit, where ho will
l.ccp thu hc-t homo inuile null ,St. I. mil
ciistdiii iniiiic lioiits mul thins, mailo of
thu he. it iiiiitcriul ; ui"l woikm:iuthlp
imi I In tho hiturt HyUu, All orilcm
promptly iiitcuileil to. '.) 'J;i-ti.
' PUT UP the coin:
Trntiinctloii win ?l!i-.lf.nsi In
Minln If""'.
D'lXllllllC SSllMIl "to KlTOI.l l
A large crowd gaticrcd recently on
Fourth street, In Iront 'f Hie court house,
allraclcd bv the moviig through Ihe
street of one of the id buildings from
John Taylor's lot. ''he building was
about llli) tt vt long. I "I bien mounted
on four wooden tiin k vliecls with a pair
of wagon whirl in rout, to which a
team of six stout ni les were hitched.
Alter many tugs the "I house started,
the driver yelling. the mud fly
ing all over Ihe stilewdk, scattering the
crowd and bcspatleing (Ik Goddess
of Llberlv oil the dele or the court
house. After an lion's time they suc
ceeded In drugging W building about
one hundred and lilt feet. N ilhln a
few liet of the cros-iiij Ironi the recor
der's ollleo to Lvatis" tore thej stuck
fat. owing lo a slight rise in the street
made bv the crosdng. 'Jie driver scouted
himself hoarse, the ln six niulis, floun
dered about In the mul, but not 113 inch
would they budge the Id building, The
crowd Increased, am' bets wcie made
that they would ue start agaiir A
tcanislrr from the roi Weed, with four
muMaiigs iiad sloppl to watch lli-pei-formaiicc
-a smooth-! fed atlilelic vtmug
fellow. He said 11 ldug until, rona-d
perhaps by a spla-l 'i mud, he walked
10 Ihe front wlpiut'hl- flic on hi sleeve
and said: "I aiu'to'ot lit throe .lollars,
but I'll liet ever cut ol it that my four
mutiiaiig will -Jirt that rookery out of
there.'' I here as a deriiw laugh Ironi
Hie crowd, an a hall a doen tukeis-.
"Put up the niuey," said the steaiiiter.
"II I hal mo1' "r knew where to bor
row anv, I'd -ii-' the la-t one ol you."
TheM was taken, .Ifrry Farmer held
lake. the si- mules were taken oil and
Hie lour 11 "tangs hitched mi. Mean
while the in rcl of tht crowd lucrea-ed
nnd lx'L wi ' Cicely nude with big odds
again-1 tin M!nintcr. When icady to
start the c' itelnent Wat at a high pitch,
rhelillle itiMangs beii to their w oik.
but tlie In is" did not iiiive. He started
thin agau; m go. Nothing daunted,
the tteanl.er, In aiHWu- to the eiowd,
w ho wv'eu'ialling I1I111 horn all quarters,
said : 'If. 'ui Shaw was here I'd get the
money a id U't ?."iO that I could start II.
I ain't got Vin wanned i yit." "I'll
tot vou j.'iO.ignlnjt one ot your hores,"
said a well-siiowu livery m.Mi, ' that you
can't pull 1! live loci." "It'a whack."
said the t aiilMer; "put up the colli."
The nioii'' was handed lo .lurry Far
mer, the stakeholder. An'oHiey tug; the
little mustangs seemed lo hump tlieiil
selic. but It wa no iroJ "I'll hot von
another tifty agin that mare's mate you
am't do It." said the Jiwry man, ca
gi rlv. "I'll bet Ihe U-tJhoof of "em on
it. and you may wing lie to one ol the
oak- In Ihe pla.a if theV'an't d it." II v
this time the excitcmejt wa- running
high among; the lonktrs-on, and the
bet were numerous. ' One oflerid lo
bet S10U ho could not do it. and tlie
tinm-ter got a friend teltake the bet lor
him. Those who had .'Itched the team
ter clo-ely now iioticeiRa change In his
lannuer, a ciirlou smiS on hi coiin
lenanee. He walked ui to each horse
successively, tapped iihl 011 tlie rump
witli the butt end ol Ins taeknake, and
ald to each: "Stand 111 there now in
your harness." For thY lirt time he
mounted the near wht 1. y-eled a single
rein, turned h's team oil' Vhaw." swung
Ihciii back "gee," craekedlil whip, gave
a yell, and, as they -tnighteiied, the
unwieldy load rose over Ike obstruction
like an fid hulk over a iwell at sea,
greeted I y a burst of applaiko troin tlie
by.staiidi.. The miistaugj pulled lor
about twi nty-ilvu leet, and, he stopped
them. "You see, boys" sail tho team
ster, as he got down, "Pin with them all
the time and know just whit Ihev can
do. and" willi a child like rinlle "just
wiien to make 'cm n It." A the dropped
the stake- hi his overi.Us poeJcet he said :
"I'd give S.V) out ol that ar slaku If Jim
Shaw had been here to se that team
iti:.i. f:.vr.Ti: aisknt.
Real Estate
t.anJ Acnnta of the Illinois Central nnd
IluilliiKton nnd Uulnc; 11. K.
Mortli Cor. Sixth anil Oalo Levae,
I. 0. I.YHCH.
M. i 110W I.KY.
Houso Agents,
Dolloctors and Convoyancors.
OtfFIOE At the CourtHoiuio
Ipii-ul ulli iilliiii khhi la ( nllirllnii id'
Iteii' inel -jleiil'ltuil l.ntule
STOltKROOM-100 Cominorciftl
Avcinio, uniro, iuinoiH.
11 11 ir.
VAiturrv ktuiii:.
CTew-York Store
in TiiK city.
aoodn Sold Vory Closo.
Jornur 10th Bt. and Commercial Av
Ijl)lt tlm Kumlv r.in, nf Si'iiilnul Wiiikni'DH.
J.1 I.nst M.iiilni.l an, I ull illtunliiH IiioiikIiI
011 liy liullnciHIfiiM or i'X-e. Any DniKKl't
nun uif IUKTMIU'DU,
AiMioa, in. K, llllION A CI.
I 11-lliWJV (jiUCtllUHli, (I
i-ivrl!,Au.y.'"UM '"? 1011. "' Fd a Clear an you would wish to muoha fa
.Y ,."'i!.'',J,m,.1:'v,ir'boa.. w.i... ilthem. Ourlnir the war roHI want unto. 'loo
fiwSn ml'l, ",.V?c!:ol'.n,,. aM '" ifonn back, but CUorii eoni to hold
, .J.HJi: w.,iy J'!..tb.l.r. 11 ' owlnif. to 11 certain .ixtont, to tlm nilvnticod cost of
maiiufiicture In Hklllml lnbor nnd Uovnrniiient tnx.tmt ton mill ifrotr oxtctit, to
re.lIpulou rnshlonof r.Mllnirashumod to call Torn live cent Olftar.
La Ficcadura,
S Cent
tllie Inslliir.ii'liiuis liy Die ic e oT illelitril Miii hlhrrv me I'lmlilnt In le.il.e tlie iiIkhc rrlilirlnl
llg.irnl 11 oosliif lr ly-ren r cent ti- II... i. nllirr .Mmitilii-lini r call .lmlufeii flar lf
1s11i.1l mulll , tlin ultlin: llislruncils mi iimiiiiiill) lini'.li -iiii.L.is with iiicrlir 10 cent
(. Ixnr fur ' Ci iita) e iuee lineeur .il luno n
mmm mmi mi Havana filled cigar for five ceh
I lit- In nindn'tun rsiivniriilriinf tlie f irt Unit Ihe iieiintllr irf.timl.i run ftr lo liuv their Cliram.it
lllav Iki-I IliCin, liiiiemleplisl Hie iil.iu ul UioiIiik
lien Hie III!.- I'l selllin; u siuule ( Ivni-iil tlie name
lit n.iulnlliiK n MliiKlt uk(iii') Hiai-lly. ilwv rnin'enlialv lln-lr tniltiM, iiilnev Itirlr lo--(n aul
1 N.. h.i ., nii.t kvi iii Hie iiiility ul I In- ( li-jr, fur Hie 11111I111I n'lv:iutJgc ul tliemwlTts, tlicron-
ruiliri Him llii'll UK' HI .
Givo tb.om a Trial
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Prices Speak Louder than Words
Greatest Inducements Ever Offered to Customers
Everybody U Invited to Call and
Which Muut tie Itoducvd In tho naxt Thirty Day.
All Dress Goods and Silks Reduced in Price !
Shawls, Cloaks and Furs Marked Way Down!
Wo nro Determined to Reduce our Stock, nnd IMcca will not Stand In our Way !
Woolon Goods, Nubian, Scarfs, Jackets, etc., at a Great Sacrifice
Blankets, Flannels, and Domestic Goods at Prices novor
thouRht of before Our Stock of Hosiery, and Gloves
Reduced to LowcBt Figures, nnd unprecedented L
Bargains in Lading' and Children's
Kid Gloves arJ OfTorcd.
Will Price InQuonco You ?
call on us for Ladies', Misses' and Children's Underwear, for
Fnucy Goods suitablo for
tics ana scans,
Earn it by buyinn Ladies'. Children's nnd MisHoo' Custom Mudo Shoos
at Our Houso. Extraordinary Bargains in
Importer and Wholesale Dealor in
otroruEiicwsr jjstt domestic
Wines and Liquor s,
Koops a full stock of
EC.0zxlruL0ls.3r Bourbon,
Mouongahela, Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Tiiiiielliiinlily. Ilii- hv-i Niiitlnlitctl
Morli r llio klntl In I lie WorM."
'I'liit over lncrc:iHlii iin:iiUtlon ol thin
osi'i'lluiit monthly proven lu eontiimetl
aiuiliou to xMilur iteslri'H itml iicuiIh. In
ileeil, wIikii wo think into how inuny liomv
It luiiiolrattss vuiv inniitli, wn must i-nu-sliliT
It a. onit iil'lliu iMluciitori iik well uh
cntorliiliuTH oriliu iilbilu mini, (or It. Vikt
iMiiiiiliinty lius hi'i.'ii won by no upiioul to
Hlupl'l r ffJtnHfn or ileiruvi!iltiisti!i, Uo.
ton (llohe.
Tint I'liuliictor wlileli tlili M.-inzlne Mis-
hi!s(m lorvftrli!ty.ctiterirlsf,!irtUtlcwcHltli, I
unil llli'mry c.iiiiuru mm nils iiuco wun,
If it liu not led thu tiiiiuN, shoiilil cuiinu Uh
conductor to n-Kuril it with Jiistillnhlu roin.
il:ii:i'liey, Hnho untitli'H tlirm to u (jri'iit
cliilin linoii tliu inililiu Krutiuiilu, TI10
.M:t'4i.iiii) Iiuh ilniiu Kood unil not ovil al!
tlie ilayn ol ItslH'u. Ilrooklyu JCaglo.
rotnnc IVeo to niliscrlbcrH lu tho United
Jlariur' .Ma;uziiif, one year 00
l oil IncliiilcH liriipayincnt of U, H, post
Ki hy llio imlillsliciH.
Kilhscrliition to lliirper'n SlaKiizlun,
Woi-kly, or Ha.nr, to ouo addrcHd for one
your, $10 CO; or two ot llitrjicr'H periodi
cal., to 0110 aihlros Tor ouo year, $7 00;
An uxtra copy ol cither tho MakukIuo,
Woiikly or llnziir will ho kiipiliod L'rutU for
every clnh of live, huliscilhern at l 00 ouch,
in ouo rtinllt'iiicc; or six copies lor I JO 00,
wlllioiit oxtra t'opy; postuo Iron.
Hack imtntierH can lio tnpplled at any
A coinplcto K t of Harper' Mucnztnc,
now cniiiprlrliiK -IU volumes, In neat cloth
I1I111II11K, will ho sunt ty iixproHii, frotulit at
tho expciiie of purchaser, fur 'Hi per
volume. SIiikIo voluincH, hy mall, poslpuld,
t:i (Ml. Clolli cuscd, fur hlndlng, M eelitu,
hy mull, postpulil.
j3r.Newpaiior uro not to copy thin il
vortlseiiii'iit without tho oxprcnx ordtrii ot
llurpor.V llroihcri'.
Addron UAHl'KK A UllUTUElt?, N. Y
Hie iieijorily, llulM I of tlie inlliurilT (ai la
rule n ilr. Iimi. line, or u Ikiv
be Oonviacod.
Vxamluu our Immense Stock of
Holiday Presents, for Silk
ana ior xtiuoons.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Ontwenn Waahlngton and Commercial
Avonuea, ftdjolmntf llanny u.
'I'KKI'S for Kale Hit belt llwf, l'ork, Mutton
LV Vial, IjuiiIi, .SaiinuKV, Ac anil Is pre
pri u rv
u lu an iu:
..' .".' '' ' '''
ItlCSlDICNl.'Ei No. :l Thlrtetnth ttrect, he
twivii WualiliiKtoli avenue und Wulnilt atrci t
Or'KlUK: North dlde of KIkIiIIi "trwt he
tmrn Colunieri'lul unil Waahhilltoiiuvemii.
HKHIDICSCK: Corner Ninth anil Walnu
tree In,
OKClCKl Corner Sixth street and Ohio Levee
OFKICi: IIOUUS: rrumila.m. 12m,, and
rom '.' to H p.m.
Aitmtnutrator 1 Notice
IjWl'ATi: of Dviih T
ill'; 01 DyiiH 1 rarker, neecaseu
iiliileiHlKiied liuvllilt lvu iippnliiliil Ad
.l'l lll! II
niliilslrnliiriil'llu-estuluol' llvunT. I'alki r lad
ritiueouiity nf Alexunder unil Hlale of IlllnoU
iieeeasni, neit ny uiven nonce inai iiewiiuii
iK-ar liefinv Ihe county com I of Aleviuiih r conn
t v. lit lliecoiirl lioii.u In Ihe cllv ol' C'ulio. 1111
iiiiin. at llie.liiullHiy lerlil, on 1 1 if ttilltt Mnuilay
In .1111111111 next, al which llineiill oeriiuiiii liuv-
IiiK I'lalnia uxalnsl Mild 'tutu hit ntitilled mid
lisiicnlel In uttiml Inr Hie purposuoriiavlliK tin
fcuiiieiiilliistetl. All luMHiiii liidehltil to Mild en
title ure ieiUi'Htel tu make Imiueillate pii) incut
in me iiiiueiiKiieii.
Ilaleil till :iiil dv of Ueremher, A. I). IflS
li-3-ihlw. Adiuluiblrutur
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Leading Journal of Southern
The BulleHn
VIIHtoilfastly oppoc tho pollclrs ol thu
ItcpiihtlcAii patty, and rcfutn to he train
moiled .. (ho dlctitlonol aiiyrlhiuo In the
IHmocratfu urbanization.
It hedorra that tho Itrpuhllcan pally ha
fulnlled lt ruisnloi), and that the Demo-
ratlc party as now organized thoulii l c re
stored to power.
It liellcvn tho ltadlcal tyranny that hai
for several yearn oppressed the Coulil
khould he overthrown and tho people r.i 1I11
Southern .States pciuilttcd to control Ihrir
own ull'alrs.
It hellcvei that railroad corporation
uotihl ho prohihited hy IryU'allvc rl ni t
mints from extorting and imjiislly difiritn-
liutlii'' in their hntlne tranisctlont with
tho piddle
It rcco;;ulzon the equality ol all men he-
fore tho law
It advocates free voiiiiaorro Urlfl tor
roveiiuo only.
It adrocntes rcsumpllon ol peik' pay
ment, and honest piymeiit of tho puldlc
It advocate" economy in tho admlnlslia-
tlon ol puhlio nflalrr
Tho Hiillotln will puhlhli till the lorai ncwi
ol Culm, and a varletv ol Coiiuuercla!, i'o-
lltlvat, Korviiiii and (kneral Nows, aud en
deavor to plcujo all tates and Interest l.
le it thirty-two column paper, liirniilied to
suhsorlheis lor tho tow price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
Postage propald. It In Ihn cheapest puyer
in tho West, and In u pleasing Klrcsino
Visitor and Family Coinpunlon,
Cannot tail to tec tho r.'.valed Inilucc
roontri oll'ered hv 'I he lUillctln In the way
ol cheap ami nrolltiihln advertlaementn
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