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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 13, 1876, Image 2

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KrxllHK Waller Kvcry rim.
JOHN H. OBKRI.Y, Ktlltor.
pcrlnl Mrllncr.
Council ( iiamiu-.I!,
CAIKO, I i.i, .Ian. 12, WO. )
I'rwiit Hl Honor Mayor Winter; ami
Aldrmfn HMIUay, LaiiraMer, Nrlli'.
Parker, l'.itler. Illtti'tltioiHe. Saiip, Tlil-
tlewood, Wrhjltt nnd Winn 10.
"To receive report ofLeveot'omnililei'
nud gcueral biiilne.'j."
I.eee oniiiiltteo m.nl. flie follow Inj:
n-ott, ami on motion id Aldernun Hai
ti Jay, w.i received nml upproved :
Ciir.o, III., Jan. 10, 1STH.
To lie Mayor ant fitjr Cnnnril f ih City of
Oenti.kmbx Your comiiilltei' de-Ire
to reiMrt that liia-muteli a l.'obert ll.U'
uell, late rontractor to build Hie iiiopo
cd wu'levt. liavliijr thrown hl roll
tract, kuiI having Tailed to provvnj with
the work w licit so untllleil, we would ret
commend (alter r.trefully conva-M all
tlie Jiirroundlnjr clrcumtancc). that the
contract between the said Uajjiiell ami
the city ot Cairo, lor '.nilldiii'' said levee,
be cancelled upon It Mirtviidet , and that
aettleinent be made with Mr. Hagnel!
upon the terms M l forth in hi propor
tion, a conv oT which i herein in
closed, and" In order to prevent any
and all further complications ami delay
wo wauld further recommend that the
city employ by the day n larn foret' of
team anil men aim proceed wim an
possible dipatch to complete the said
levee under the general direction and
suervllon oT the Levee rommlttee
mid euiflncer In charge. Wo aUo de-Ire,
to Mibtntt a a part of thl report the
plat and dedication ol the new alignment
of said new Levee street, as agrml upon
bv your cotnnilttc.
V. 1". W'inoiiT,
Wood Ktrrr.xiinv-r,
f'HA. hNC.ri:i:,
r. V. Nr.LU-,
ii:o. Yuitm.
I.evce tViiiinillii
The lovce Cniiinilltre al-o made the lol
lowing rejort. and motion of Alder
man llalliday wn received ami tlie clerk
lustructed to have the plat of dedication
recorded :
I'mlerstanding in ivgnrd to work on
new levee, lietnifii l.'obert Magnell and
cltr of Cairo, III.:
f'lrit, Tim xid liagnell to issue older.
upon aid city pavabte to team and la
borer for work done to amount of ?':!.
770.03, which tire In lie aecept'-d and paid
by the city.
.coml, The ald liagnell to .ilgn
contract to the city at once, relieving tin;
city from all further liabilities there
under. Third, Tlie city to enact all ordinance.
ami enactment, mre-nary t nirry into
effect the aliovc, on its part.
Fourth, Thoma Haguell and William
ktajrnell to be employed by the city as
foremen of the work hereafter, at the sum
of $15 per week each.
Fifth, The city to have two of about
W) scr.iperii controlled by s.ild Itagnell
for the twrm of ninety days, at the price
of SI each for aiil ile, and -aid -craperi
to be returned in a- gord order a re
ceived, ordinary wear and Icar exeepled.
Alderman llalliday offered and mmr-d
the. adoption of the following resolution,
which wa adoptel by tli" following1
vote :
Aye. llalliday, I.anc.nler, NVlli-, I'.t
tier, I'arkiir, KitUnliou-e. Saup, ThlMle
wood, Wright and Yocum 10.
Rtsolttd, That the re-loeutiini ot a part
of l.evec street, a reported by the I.ot.-c
Committee, ami in which work ha been
done ami which cliaugo has been made
under the direction of tlie l.uvcc Commit
tee, be, and the same i hereby approved
and confirmed.
Ordinance Committee reported tlie fol
lowing ordinance, and on motion ol Al
derman 1 itutiewood the rule were sus
pended, and the ordinance put upon it
wt'oml reading:
ANOIfM.VA.NCi; nmrnddifr Ordinance Nil.
WntnaAa. Ureter Onlliunce So. Hi. uritv
In lorconatructluii of Hit- new tt, II I, m-vliW-tlltivrriu
thai llir Murk of ImlUllliK -M
tcre liH Iw iloiie lr ronlract, unit
Wiilkkh. 'I In work ul con.tiuctli'.f i 1
lv-c k lit to Kolxrl llitcuell, K'j , uml
r4)iit rot mlnvj lulu with lum by ll"" rily lur
aid ururL, but aiil IUj;iii-II h.Dln rmil work
miller ji rnntractainl llir lib! rnntrui-t list lug
UfinlfiJml rorl'fllt-J by the iioirr aiiiliurllii-
ortherllj, mut It bilni; iwui) that Ihr work
orciiiittnirtliix Uic 1il utv hoillil I
iio,rruld with all iotlbl virur.mnl HmvuM
any furtlitr drlay urroniiliralinii lnm lalliiii
ofrouirai'lur, oroihrri-r. thrirlmr
'.r It onlalnrj by the city inunrll of llit i ll y of
llWK I. 'Ilikt ali Ortlliiaiin- No. Hi U
ahil U brrttiv KOHlurnilint h to inoiilrthal Ihi
Iriualuilrr ut tin- HuiL of i-i.iulrui-lllii: tuM ltirr
iliall kriloitc bv men ami leuin- in ij) iroik,
iihtlrr tlaF uprl t llioii of Ibr rnelnrtr In i liuttfi",
liutunibTtlic 'etii-rul illrittlon of th iiiiilnll
t on Irltf.
On motion of Alderman Tlii-tlewood,
the onllnance wa Hdoptnl by the hdlow
ing vote :
Ayes llalliday, Lancaster, Xelli.
I'arker, l.itler, littenhoue, S.uip, Till
tle.wood, Wright and Ywiun 10.
l'etltlon ol .lewett Wilcox, .lolui (iaic
nnd .lames It. Iine, asking for a rcdui-
tiou of llcene on billiard tables, was pre
cntcd and read, and on motion of Alder-
man Wright referred to the onll
nance committee with Instructions to
draft nn ordinance in compliance tnere-
n motion of Alderman Saup, council
W. fiiKXt.H Axi.uv, city clerk.
Keifiilnr Meeting.
Council Cu.sMiuiit, I
'iuo Ills, Jan. 11, 1K70. f
IVeseiit-llls Honor Mnyor Wlntcrand
Alderman llalliday, I.:mc.atei, Nellh,
I'arker, I'atier, l,.lttnlioiie, S.iup,
11 1.1 .1. , .., .. ...
1 in-iiewoiMi, ngnt and Yiieuiti in.
()u motion I hu reading of tb,. ndnuiiv
orianineeiing was ili.peiiM d wlib, .,IM
A eomtiiunleatlon from IIU Honor,
Msyor WJnter, In reftrencu loeiifon liig
ordinance So. 101, was read and on mo
tion of Aldtriiuiii N'tlll. received nnd
ordered Iliad,
An Orinoco, eleil an ordinandi
lixlugdaleof rommem.iiijf and ending of
IhbllmaUyear and tuuiiklpal year, wn
read a second time by tl. clerk.
Alderman Ualllday m'r,ua t'0 am,.nU
by addliijf after ineorporatlun, ".ilaj lMf,
gin with Jaiutarj' I. I7U, ami UkuV,,.
ler," Mofion carried. -
Alderman Ualllday moved Hi's i,rin.
nance as amended be adopted
by Hie following vote:
Aye,.J,a.llday, lailCBMer. Ne...,
Her, I'rtrker.dtlltenhoiifc, S.uip. Tld-lle-wood,
Wilght and Yocum 10,
Nayj II.
Said oidliianeo a;amcndi'd, mad a
AN (IIIIUNAM'i: lliiiijf dale or eoiiiiiii-n-iiiciil
uml rmliiiK "I U'i' "1ln-.1l Jtoi"biii
"Milllilrl'jl jenr "
Hp it nrdjinrd by ll.c I II I onnell ut llm rily or
l.'ulni :
Snnos I. Ho- "tlaral jear," inriilloi.iil In
Swtlon minif ArllrlrinriS Hint II mnnn-l-
ml )rar" inriitloiK-l In -tiiin rlclil, Amclf
Irn, nrilit art or lm'Oiir-.illoti fliull, liiinu
Willi .ljiiii.it y l-l. I;i;:, uml llmialli-r, t'oiii-iiii'iiii-
t lilt (lit- hrt May of .laiui.ir ami vml
Willi Hit; l.ist dj nt llrtrmlnr, nl cji li nit .
The Committee on Claim to whom
were referred tlielidlow lug bill, ivporlcd
the atno back, leeomliiciidlng pay incut
thereol a follow ;
Hciirv Winter, mayor -alary for
IVeeinber. '. S II Ii7
Win. French Alc clerk al.in
lor lecciilbiT. 7" 11
II. I". Itlake lieaiurei alary tor
llecemlier 'HKl
John ll.Uoniaii,Marhal, -alary
lor December '
.1. C. Inline. A. calu. Henry rjjr-
gelil. W. Woolnii. Win. llrowti
and Martin O'Maley puliee coif
-table each tH)
F. Ilro- ttolliv iitagftr.ite 2" (hi
J.J. liinl polliv ui.igelr.itc - 2 in)
K. II. 'unnlugli.iui. rent ol cuiiii-
cll chauilier. 1' 'HI
M. 31. Voiird. 100 drav iiiunber.... 00
John Clauivy. dieting prioncr-In
cltv iail for I (cetuuiT
lolui Claucev. eMr.t meal lur-
nl-lied prl-oners
Cairo City Oa Co., ga- for street
Cairo City 5a Co., g.i for city
Jail I
aim City Gas Co., ga for police
lieadquarter? H 1'
Cairo City Oa Co.. ga. for coun
cil chamber
II. H. Itlack. comml-loner on
line- I" 10
Hoot. Itagnell, contractor new
level1 lf77
Arab Fire Co.. quarter allow
ance Hough and Heady Fire Co.. quar
ter allowance Co f
Hibernian Fire Co.. quarter al
lowance Hi f"1
Helta Cltv l lm Co., quarter al
lowance H. Fltgerahl. county jailer for
tlletliu: city prisoner 7 .Vi
Cairo III in Co., for lii cn-e.
Iiook. leccipt book-. .Iioud
and pruceedlng M 101 7"i
111111011. Central It. I.'.. for trail--
portatlou tor Ma
-le Itrown to
.st. 1. on is
.1..'. MeUahey. lumber fur -Ide-
walk "
X. I!nf. lumber lor Mdcwall..
Station V Rlnl. nail- for -idc-
Timothy C'oruiau, tiiH'tiuteudciit
ot sttcct- ..
Ik-viim .'I- l'it"uralI. blllldlliL'
I .V)
2. :I7
2.V! ."-I
;:t t'0
m (hi
-Idowald ;! s I
I'cter ( 'onion, 2JJ l.iy work mi
'idewalk- at $1 .VI per day :'l
Jerry Murphy. 2.! day- work on
.(.line- I'.ini'l, hauling C2 loath old
lumber toyard 1 "J
.lame- Fund, hauling .'!! load
lumber to side walk- 11 70
Jatne O. Donucl, hauling I load
old lumber 1
John Fnrgcr.-on, hauling load
fidewidk lumber.
I Kill .McCat thv.:!'. day elcanlng
'I'lionia- Noli in, hauling drunken
man to iail
7 no
. r.i
7 r.o
7 :.o
l.V) 00
Jame l,'o-. I Inn co.il for pollc'.'-
l1caU1111.11 icr
Janici l.'ii-, 2 Ion- coal fur )'
llnn-Uy lii.-., . utmn tiiuaic
-liver ,
Jnhii MeXultv, J dn7cn .-hovel-...
John 1'. Hely. engineer in ehargi;
ol new Icvce
Alderman Ualllday moved the repoit
ol the coiumiltenbe concurred in and Die
bill allowed. .Motion carried by the fol
lowing vote :
Ayes Ualllday, l.ancwter, Nelll.
I'arker, I'atier, ltittenliou'c Saup.Tlil
tlewood and Yocum 0.
Alderman Wright voted 110 011 -Ireet
pay toll only, and because l.i Ids judge
ment there wa a greater force being
employed upon streets than was at all
The Ordinance Committee reported
the following ordinance, rceoiueiiding
the adoption thereof.
AN'UKIllWNli: iimtlHlllijf MTlinii No. II i.f
Orilhiamc N
Ilv It iiiilalmil by the city I'oiu.cll ul' the 1 1 i.l
1 uiriii
Si.iTiox 1. 'I'bit Sn lliiii 1111111I11 II ol'iliill.
uaucu lillllllri 11-I 7 be uiiii'inliil :li In liiid n
IoIIiimis IM
Mil II. Illl'iilf lirmv ahull lie lri.uilnl In
ti ulli-um lui t.uiliir or u.Imk:i Imll.tnl,
iih, iiJKait iii- or lilniiiliulr t iiiic, nr iliiulley
ur kbootliij! Kiilli ry, be liall in; In Un-citv
Irruiuu rlhi-InllnwIiiK .ulii-i.' r iinniilii, Ii
t or a I1IIIU11I ur mul l.iblr in ulbi-r Ijblc- Lrj.i
orusiil lur i liullar m 1 j .-' . 1 , n I ulliii t lm u
liaai Hi' ul lilj.'folilnili' l.lblv. or nlbri lul.li-,
lti uru-iii lm-a hliuil.ir uii..i.i-I'm' .h.ll.ir-;
lnriii.lu Hllrs. or .hodtiui: i-alb-K lin ilollais.
noil mr ui
tlMiliiMUl hull be 11. mill. I to I't-i'lU ibr
liuiitr- w fil l i! tin li billiard, i.oul, baicali'lleor
liUtonboUlalilr, orolbi rtabli'i l.'it or u-i-l I'nr
u ilinllar iiirnr. iin ullry or houliii)r i'lll. i)
I, irt up or Liit 1 uml all nu ll lulilra li.ill I.imiii
iroiiriabily iiiuoIm kiI, un.l Ihr lb ricr llii n 'ir
hall M'eclfy ll"- nmulH-r ol'lhr luble
On motion of Alderman Saup the uile
were suspended and tlie ordliiaiicopl.iccd
upon ils M-cond readingt On motion of
Alderman I'iitciihnu-e said oidlnaiieo
wa adopted by the following vote:
Aye Ualllday, Lancaster, Nelll,
I'arkcrJ'atler. IMttenhoiiH', Snup.Thl-
tlewood, right and Yocum 10,
I'.AIdernian Saup reported, 1111 ordi
nance entitled, an ordinance granting
Cairo X St. Louis railroad Co. riulit of
way id'" new Levee street, and under
the 111 Ic ..out to the Ordinance commit
tee. Alderman I'alier mived the ordinance
be rvlcrred to the Ordinance Committee,
with lustructloin to report Initauter.
The Ordinance Couuuittco then ie.
ported back said ordinance, wlihout any
recommendations, uiklng for luiilier
time. l.ot by the following vote :
Aye Ualllday. I'.ul.er, l.'lllenliuli.e,
Tldstlewoc.il and Wright ...
Nays Lanea-tcr, Nelll., I'alller. .Snip
and Yoeiitu .
Vole being lie Hid mayor voted In the
Tim lollovvlux eiiiiiinnnlcallou from llic
Cairo and St. I.oul- railroad was
read and on motion of Alderman Thistle
wood referred to the Levco Couiiul'.in. ;
Tim oiufwa of the Cairo uml St. I.oul,
railroad company, believing as lliev do
that the new levee as It Is now belli-Von-atructeu
does nut give, iva-onalilo prom
Ise of protection lo llm c ltv Tram over
How. owing to (he faet tlnd It loliu tin.
Mlli.lppl levco nt :i point already in
danger of being swept away by the fall
In in ot the river bank, nud to the fur-
1 ther fact that It is so cotistriieted bv ie:i.
moflUairglesfroin main linn of levee
ol aiding and coulillmllng for reiiiiiiable
protection I'tont uverllow, in beliall
ol wid company, how make to
the minor and common council of the
cilv ol 'Cairo, the following proposition,
to-wll : If tlie city will give to the coin
pan v n fni" right of w ay over the Cro
leseeut the lHtlnt whele the new lev ce
Joins it. and liieuco along tlie new lcce
to the point where It now tingle toward
llie Mi-ilS'lppi levci". and a clear light ot
way from tliat point to the Mi"lippi
lev're upon a tangent, or such other lino
a ..iitl company and cily shall In the 111
lum agree upon, -aid company will elect
during tlii wlntcrand the coming pring
a railroad embankment along Mild ex
tended line to the Mll-lppl lece at
grade ot neivlou-c, and occupy the same
with it- tracks: and if at anv time in the
hllute it 'hall Iweonie neces.irv. ill the
oiiiiiiiiu ot the common cuiuicil ol said
city to enlarge said embankment tor the
I ml her protection of ald city, then 'aid
compaity will do so, to an eMcnt equal to
a1d new levi.'1lKin licing -ountilied in
willing bv sild council within eighteen
month- after receiving -licit uotiit- aid
company to have a cobliniinn right ol
way over ald lescc and c intiaukiuc lit, al
nil lime itolci ilng the new Icvcettoin
il.miagr rtcea -lotied by ovcrilow and
r.ilii". and al no lime digging down 01
ilati'aghig said IcVieand cmluukmeni.
Tlie Cairo mid St. I.oul Kallroad Com
p.niv bv F. i:. ?xni.
luted, January 11. 171!. ,
On motion of Alderman Nelll- Mr.
Scarl and lion. 1). T. I.lnegnr, nttni
ney fot tin" Cairo and St. I.oul ralltoad.
weii' invited to make any remark. they
chooe iu reg-.ird to the proposition tnade
by the Cairo and St. !.nui railroad i-wni-pany
for the right of way on New l.evte
'trect, both of whom poke at nmi
The State and city liquor bond of the
following ti.iiuiil p.irtlc wet," preeiited
and mad. ami on motion, approved :
John Sehi'cl, l I), Hexfonl. Joseph
Feudal. Charh W, lur. I. Fitzgerald.
Jewett Wilcox. John Tanner. Charle
Schocneinycr. Frttl Holhiti. C. O. Fa
tier & Co., Win. T. Scott, ami State bond
ol Fred Scheeler, city iiul of Fred
Scheeler n'lernl back.
Iluniieri bond of I.oul- ll'uv via
cntiil.and on molion approvcil.
On motion council ndj iunieil to meet
Wcihn-lay cvcniiig. January 12th, at
7:".0p. 11. Wit. I'ucxi 11 Ai.i:.
City Clerk.
lino), Hi., 0iiitrlooli. ."
The grim monter. Heath, wa-stiali'i-11
V aiiproacliiug. I could aluio-t kei hi
hot, fiery bivailt upon my lorchead. My
fallhie goddi'-. Hyge'ia. had utterly
de-crlci me. Only now and then would
Morplmu- belrietid me, but on ihi alls
picioii, day, lie had deigned lo mol-teii
my eyelid- with heavenly ambro-ia. ami
I .-Icpt. I .-lepl. ih'Iiohi. i nail :i
dreaui .' I thought tliat I wa- roaming
upon foreign -oil whither my physician
bad .-cut uie to iccovcr my ii.-altli 1 wai
lit 11 great meliopoli one of tlie grand
mart- of tht world, in one of my .sttoll
I chanced to meet a man who had lu hi
hand a liaud-omeiv-bound volume, cu
lillcd ' ' I'hc I'eopV- Comiuoii Scn-o
Medical Advi-er," and who -aid tliat lie
wa-an agent for tlie ..dc of the book.
Tlie little wa .-iteli a novel one that 1
wa- Impelled to glu; the work- a casual
notice. A- I ha-tily glanced ner lt
pages. I oh. ei veil that it contained trcat-l-c-
not coiumoiilv found In 1 1. 1 !.- I
uiu. 11111 1 ii.id'loo many tlmo been
hoaxed by :iiipciiranee, ami I determined
that I would have nothing to do with It.
A voice within lee. liken lailhlul mentor
wbi-pcicd, "Know ihv ojipoitiiuitv; In
tliat book l lliy -nvlimi '." I rH.nn
ica-oiilng wltii myself. Allliongli doubt
ful and ili-lr'jtlii1, yet I put lorth my
hand to take tlie book, and lo! tlie agent
wa-gouc! I was miserable. In niv
simony I awoke, (ireat drop of pci-pira-tiou
were upon my blow. I!y my bed
fide wa- a Irlend who had willed during
my slumber to -ce me. -said my Irlend,
"I have Inoiight with :i biiok, jut
published, which I thoii"ht ml"ht inter-
c.-t you." One glanceta the woik, and I
wa ii!uied that it wa "The Fcople'.
Cooimon Sense .Medical Advi-er." bv
Ur. I!. . Fierce, of liullalo, X. V.
Surely, till- was Hie veritable book which
I had .-een in my dream-. Mv Irlend
loaned me the work,' ami
cvuy day, as my j-ltcnglh per
mitted, I perused Its page. Although
it contained very Interesting ttcatl-e on
liloloiry, Cerebral l'hy,lologv, Human
leinpeiainentJ, Nur-lngof the Sick. etc..
jet, being an invalid, I was mo.-t Inler-o-lcd
lu H10 nibjeet of Di-caes and
llemcdie. I belie'vn that I had a liver
aihctlon, nud yet mini, tliau one medical
attendant had pioiioiliiced mv dUea-c
t.'ou-umidlon. and that I would' fall with
tlie auiimiu leave-, lu that hook I found
my -yuiploiiis i.eifccily purl raved. I
wa 1 hen eiinlidcnt that I had not de
ceived my -ell. I reaoned thus: "Any
man wlio can -o tiullii'iillv depict my
liellng. mid apparently uiu'lii-taiids mv
con-tllutloiinl temleuele, niii-t kuov'v
m i vhni my physical -y.-tem deinaud-.
I Will liu-t iii.v ease willi Ur. Fierce. I
will lake hi. I.,, hi,. n Medical )!iovel v
as hi 1 1 1 x 1 i,l- I lor my ill-ea-e." The
re-ult i. that iiiicr having per-everluglv
lollowcd Id pie-ciihed tteatmeiit.' I
omy again enioyed Hie hle,lugs ol
licallh. Tlicrclntc, I would 'av lo the nl
llleiid, "Know Hiy iippoilunliy." and
lake lr. I'ieice's (iolden .Medical lil-uiv-
l-l2.dAvv.lw-il(!) '
A. .V11. 1 l.aiinnr.v .
It iMioweuneudcd that Mi. Coleiiiati
llic lillllllri . No. li r.iuilli street, be.
iweon Y idiiut in .t C'Jiuiueleial .iv emies,
ac one of llie ii. 1 tiiiiilui'tod lamidrv cs
ttihlhlim.-nt in Hie city, and hmilloiilH nl
iioicii ami noiniing iioti-f. win tint it in
Iholr Bilvaiitago to call upon
Her prices are m Inliows. Hotel
lioardliiK-lioU'O vvahliigf 7.'i cm
dozen, I '01 pine woik prhes
a lollow: hlngli' -Ida and
1.11, iuf, per iiocn h"oi oi'kK ;, two
ars, Be; two linndkciuldifa. fie; vcl aoet
.urn mi ijmiieilll'll wi-nr, NIC. JUT
.-..i ..it ..... it . .
noen. i.utiie, ii;;in e.ilii o die-is, "J.c
eidini diee ulllieli;i llimmiliy;-, .".(le
wlille die-ti, 51 j.ie j liitlle-' niiileniue.
line mill eo.uve, 1 IHI per doei.
I'll AMI l.i NS.
II.MAM It. SMITH, M. 1).
I ! KM 1 1 KM.' H; No al Tlilrl.Tlilli ktin-t, lie
iw.ni Wmliliiirtiui ni time unit Wn In ul t Iuh-i.
omci;. Nmtii hi iu ur kikIuii ini t i.
tMieii Uiii.nit'li.UI liinl WmIiIiii;i,ii.uii,i.p.
Coriirr Miilli ami Wnlnii
OI'riCKi Curt.rr blvlh ktiert mul OIiIoUhi'b.
UKIICK 1IOUIW- KioinUa m, m., tt,
rum -i iu o l in
S3f"Qreat Medical Book
uml .-! In lur Unlu-suiul I. en n. St ill in . fur
I .1 .tiiiliim. ,i.iii'n.,
M'. .liisr.ru mi:hu i.inh'i rrr.-i i:
''l-m, -t liii,i Jlo.
... - - . .
SiiVHma In J.iltti ! I'ltlllit)
AM" -
Oonimission Merchants !
And lirjl.roi
MKAt, UKAK otf.
AgeuHfor LA'LIN iTkaM) t'OWPV.K CO
.Conine TuutU Strut nud Ohio
P. CUlUi,
l-x.tll-nr ,
Plour Morchani
Millers' Agent.
Vi Ml lllto I I V,,'.
T li: if
1: .1 Ann " t Art'
Ali.1 vucral
Oomniission Mcrcjlifiut
No. 7S
Comniissiou Merohan I,
Ami il.jlcr 111
l'orelen ami Dsiueatlc I'nijtJ and Hul '
IN'M'ltAM v.l
lipitirj! '
Insurance Affent
oiiio XjEV'ei:.
Over MiUiu.. t, VhVt.
?yiJ.Si; li.n lii.l-tla.'n ( i,uiiiliiei rine
O-N ft nld
Alii) CA.NDEK,
(.'.in ml
Insurance Agents ,
m fi'urn v vti,,v,
City Nfcticnid liauk KullJlus-, ujj.atrdo.
Tlid Oldtot HtuLlljljuii Akciuiv lu So lit .
srn tuiiiuiu, ii'pruueniiiK' uvr
S05 000 000
Drull III
raiiil, Oils, Viivnihes,
iVnll Pupor, Window Olmn, Win
llOW MllllUuri, &i.
MWHTt nn Imli.l. Il.r iiUliiuliil ill. ai.il, iilni
Al ltOBCl Oil,,
I li'7r.ji X3it3..liaip;.
Ouitior JilnvBiitli Utieut untl Wajliluf
tun Avenuu
Faolilonablo Barber
xx a. -x an .'oiiot-iiarrt.
NoiiniNtni: or khuitii stmwi
atwi-u WaulituKtou uud Commmclul
Adminutrator s Notice.
V"l "v ' t'.irl.ei, i:,f4,i.(i,
.1 U lii'iunliKli'iii,) i.nliit' 1,11'n n,i,iii,,t Ait.
iiiiil-iriltiril'llift lali-,.' lijin'l I'.nl.i'i l.iii.
.r It..- (-nitty iilWlrxiiiiili r liinl stall, ul' llliliul-i,
ilin.i.t,,lii'iiliy itniu,. tlmi ! 111 m,.
M'ar lifftnv lliiti(iuiiiy,.uiii' nf Alfkiuiilfi' r4iuii
ly.ul llii-i'iiiiii linn.,, in Hit- flly of l.'ulin, l.
liui. ut Mm' .liiiiiiaij ti'iiii, on . Uilni Utinitay
ii 'laiiii.iiyiii M.iiiulilfli linifiill i.i-1-ii.in Iml
ItiK -lnliii nuiiisi ;ii cluln mi- ntiililt.l ititit
lflll-ll-t tlliltltlnlloi'lllfl.llip Ol'llllVlllL' III.'
'UlllCllllJll.tltl, Ml p.TrtlllM llllll lilt it III Mllll I
tit- in.. H tiiii'-it'il i !!.,. IniiiKiH.u,. i,m lm ui
lii tin- iiiiiliiiirintl.
Ilnlitl Ihli li. I tljv of )if,'inl.ti', A. II. IsT.'i,
.. ,, IH'lll.lir II. I I .NMMillAM,
' Adiniiilrtintiir
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Botwoon Wiuhinirtoii and Commercial
Avonui-, uiOoluinK JXaiiny'ii.
YS KKI'S l'r mitt. tiTlilTl llwf. I'nik, Mutton
J.. nil, l.ainl, haiuiiKe, An . h'i'l In pie
linvl u fril.iii,lkit in mi Mvi'iitalili' iiimuiii
nnnn 1
m w u
ui'.i niwHs wii.i o. .'lvi. ""'"'''.Vrl11: "ntt in.- win- koi.i wuiiiiiptouoo
III. row" WliHi ililul 1 1 'i Hu.la "'" buck, but C'lirars ttoom to liotil
mil 111 "t"uu I ol llr 1 tnlint1?, ' I"1'1 to 11 c.'it,ilii oxtn.t.lotliuilvrttlee.lcoat or
i" i" l!. nli,.iV riM lax. but tun Htill vtvawr extmit, to
n it. in tiioiirt i.iHiiioiior l.'clliiiiiiiiu,,ii,.,i t u,ti for 11 live cut C'Ikiii.
iamt iitBuSr
I Hi.-llHlliir.i. tun 1-l.v li.. tt'i ..I ..ilf tit.l Vli.liuiii, ,vt, ..mtli.tl., in ,Lr. tl,i.:il..,v.Mi!ilirlli.l
1 im .t 1 1 .. I i.l iHi-iii .mi 1 uml. .lint, ..ii,. r dun.i,-. 1 1 1 .11 11...I1.. ru 1 irfjr el
ni,il ei iUI , lliti.u tin: lltili ui ul it. ii. . 11. in, it t,. tiiiiv at. kr tilt iitrllM lu 1 tut
I I; Ml t. I If til ' Hi I ' .. I ill . ill 1. 1, .ii ,
mm m: mi Havana
( -it i.t 1 I liM'in li.tr til
' ' ' " : m 1 t ' ti.' niii
m-!i 1 m- in 1 . i . id.
11 -ii t nti )t .1
H It .llitt k 1
' ' 11 I ' ' ' I
Civ "kliom a Trial
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Prices Speak Louder than Words
Oroatcst liitlucemcrils Ever Orfcrod lo Customers
);vmyIio.ly in Invited to C ill an
V.'h.ch Ktut bn Kc Jti.ml
All Dress Gootls nntl Silks Reduced in Price !
Shawls, Cloaks and Furs Marked Way Down!
Wa are Eothrmlnod to Reduco our Stock, and Titcos will not Stand lu cmr Wuy !
Woolon GoodH, Irbins, Scavfn, Jnckctc etc., at n Givat Saorifico.
Ulinkot.'), Flannels, and DomcHtic Goods nt Prices novor
thouRht of boforo. Our Slock of IToaiery, nnd Glovea
P.cduced to Lowest ricuroo, nnd unprecedented
Bargains in Ladies' and Children's
Kid Gloves an Offered.
Will Prico XrsJixoiaco You?
so, c nil on its for Ladicn', Misses' r.nd niutdroii's Uiulorwcnr, roe
Fimc.v Goods Buitph'u fot iiotirtuy PresontB, for Kill:
Tics and Scarfs, and for IUbbons.
Knrn it by buyinc Ladies'. Children's and MiKsos' Custom I.Titdo Shoes
at our House, uxtraorcimury Hargaius in
Importer and Wholesale Dcalor in !
Wines a
W CMIk 7VI iMi
Ga Onto LEVEE,
Koci5!i a full stock of
XiC.oxxtut.o3 -y BOUX'lDOU,
Moiiongaliolu.Byc and Itobinson County
l'iiitn--l l.iltitlil ', Hi,' lii'sl ..tiKliilin il
Mini, ul Hit' It i ft it III lltf Utii i.l,"
NOTicun or iiii: I'Ui:hs,
TIio- vur liii'tcii-liin I'ln ntntlon ol Uds
r.vui-llrrit monthly proton Ils i oiitiniKMl
mlaptloii to piiiiilarili'rlri'' nud iii i;ds. In
tlui'tl, wlif ti wn think into how many liotncr,
it nt'iictrutes i'eiy nidiilli, wti niii-t foil-
lilcr It inn; nl tli u I'lliu-uttiM us uell nn
I'tttoiliiltiers of tlio ptllr.li' iiilnd, lorlts v:nt
liopulnrity hits lifeii won hy nn upjieiil to
stupid I rtJtidlccH or depraved tmt.v. Ho--ton
The cliniuctor whlili tills M'azlitB pn
HCiise rorvftrlety.etiterprl-p.uillitli! wealth,
mid llturarv culture Hint lmskiit parii willi,
If it liu-t no't led thu times, lniiilil cuiisu its
conductors to ri''nt.l ll with jiistltiablo i oni.
pl.ii'eni-y. It id.-o ciitillus thi'iii to :i;ii iit
iliiiii upon thu pulille Kriitiiiitii', 'I'Iik
.Magiiglmi lias done kooiI uml not i ll id!
Iliv itiiynoi lisiiii'. iwoni.iyi) i;K"'
l,ot:l:o freo to snlinirlliers In tnc ITi'it. .1
llarpi'l-'N Mft3itllii', (inn yo.ir .,.'U 01
i (ID lin-llltli's picpajinelit tit I. S, pti-l-;ij(i
by tlio pillilMieis.
SlllmeriptlonH In ll.ilp.-i's Maya.lni',
Weekly, or ll.iar, to miii address lur mm
year, sill I'M or two of Harper's paiindU
!!', In oim ttddii'M lor nne J ear, 7 titij
Atiexli'tt cf.iy n( clllinr llm Miii.Mi.lne,,
Weekly or Ilaar will he suiiplltul jirjtN fur
iivery t liili uTIiMi sii!)n rili)irt ul $1 txi eat li,
In om it milt met; or six i oiim lor t'-OM,
without e.Ntta eopy; iiii.t igti ftu".
lliuk iiui'iliL'i'.t inn hu Mipplled ut any
A'onii!i'li. set of Harper's .MukiizIih-,
now uoiiiiiriiintx lo' viiliinies. In neat eloth
bltidlti, will ho ent by uxpioss, frelt'lit at
the (jxiii nn- of iiiiri'lr.iMT. fur
:.i pi i
Mililtnu. .Sliujli) volumes, by mall, t ti jr I jt 1 1 1,
&i 00. Cloth c:it.w, Inrlihiillii;;, f.8 i i titH,
by mull, postpaid.
BjTNevi'fiiaii.irH aru not lo eopy thU ad
vuitlscniNit without the expres-t ordu'a ol
Harper Jt llr.illieiit.
Ad.lrem ItAltl'Ult .1 HltOTIIlMta, U, Y
filled vm, m five mi
if to. 1. t Mi i i! i,n,.,itv . T lii'iW I I" I 'iv ttiflr I 1 It
t tli 1 I 1 1 Iiv.mm 1 1, in 1 im it v , in ti til ll.c liiHH'liU .J - Ii 1,
1 (if 1 . 1. n. lie , i ;i iMk
i it 1 i 1 hi 1 I i mi n lu. 1' ir I , . ;iu 1
I I III' I II 1 1 , II II lilt Ill.l.flllltlflll fl 1 1 I II ( nil.
and 'bo Convinced.
1 ramtnu our Iiumon.:o Hloi'; of
tj tl.o tiixt Thirty Daya
jam M tm mmm
W illmosl p.mllliily .-iti.-aiiy ear.' ofilii mill
: II-in or ill, miKitli' Koiit.iin nuitrr liuw ,mg
' sIiiihIIiik'. on lite I'm fill llii.iitiili. r.iliiiriiii In
I Mill I iipplli-alloii it ttui'H tlii'Wui k (iii Ul y, lliur-
miiriilv "lid u rm.iiii-nlly, li-ailitK lm- n)Mi'ii
nliuiiK I liutllli) Will.. In any prominent
1 )K'iiui In Wii.IiIiikIoii I lly, nn. I i, it will li-in it
lltal lliciilxivt' tiilriiiiiil I- line In I'li i) untie-
' cosiiknskii ci:i:i u ii.'Ai i:s.
Niilloiuil lloli I,
W'li.ltliilon, H.C I'cii inlii'V ;
. in l'l.i inline ,V la iitli-yi
iii'ltlt I iiiy i In, 1 1 1 1 1 v slate tliat I u-iil tin-
laii-f. lllu urn tilt- Kemiily w ilh il, el,l,. I-nun,
A. ii.mi:i-iii:s.
Miiiilier nl'! hiiicim oi'iia,
I'lt'-liti iill it AIiiihIoii,
'.i.iIiIoii, n, i ., Am H 2.1, ie;;..
Miv. li Ililplieliiliiii-.V (lenlleyi
liinl-- I iir tlie p.t.t st'iiii i-ai8 my Mifelii-i
lui n a irn-alsiilli r liom ilii'illiiull.m, lu r. I,, el. .is
lulling I" S'Im- In r It-lit I, i.lien-e.1 ilnve Itolllitf
IMIIIiiill'H lllieiiiii'illi: lli'inislv, inula ,eiln.nii lit
i-lllf nus tin- tcnil. W.l, II. I t:i ll I K ,
"Kvivutlif ('Ink In I'leaiili-nt l.'imil."
' Wj-lilimlon, I). I'., Mait'li:!, s",'i.
Ill llieipaiuof Iwilw Inilllil my lln limillliim
iviln X"iie, hilling tiikin lliueiln-e,i nt' I Mil nn 'h
Itliiiimjlle l.'i-iiuity .M v l.rnlln r .1. II. (V-Hiri,
ol ll'illnitl, I'a , Muaiiiuil liviislinlliiriiinoimt,
Meinlur f lonifleHs nl'l'u.
I'llieone tltillai'ti tiollle, (.I liotc4 ,ir lle
ilull:iu. A.k )oiii'iliuirKlsl lur IIiiiiiiik's Itlteu
in.ille I,', llie.l.v maliul'.i.' Iiniil by
lltll.l'III.Ns'lINi: Alir.NTI.IiV,
I'ni'inls uml Cltui.-its,
iVii-itiit-'ioii, ii,
IIJ'3'Koi" nth' III (.liU'iimi, by an siluml,-,
Mtii'iiniii .1 lli'ld, ami I.oul mnltli.V Co.,
ItiileMilf Uina'isls
xmUiWD LADIESyt,:,
u'i Man, n ,,r i.tiiiilt iitul i in nlur, ol k-iMt .iln.'.
Ur. II, U .r.Mlll, i V.. W.t.li. I.l. Ii.tUiiuis.lU, Ju l.
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Lnatlincr Journal of Southern
M.trt Vl , it It M m
i The Bulletin
Vlll.lrj,(t-ll- tiiiOM' tlii pdlli'ir' ol tti
lltpulilli'Aii tiity. a lut it'liiif to le trtn.
mclK'il ,. Ilio tilt Ulliin ul miy i'lliid In tlie
bvitiofntlo uruilnlltin.
I'. Iivdtvcs that llir ltriiilillvau parly tin
ftillillcd It- nil'-ioii, mid tliat tlie icmo
t rutlc pirty n- Uutv oraii'rtl rliotdu t t rc
tored to poivvr.
I It IicIU'Uj tlie Ktilical trritiny tint In
for sovrnil 'M opprrsMil tlio Montr
sliiiiild lie on rllir.iUTiand tlie people r.t mi
H n ut lit-t ii Sl.iii- iifiinlili'tl lo control liinl
o'.vn utl.tlr.
It lidlrie Hint rallroatl tutpnrattou
t-Umiltl I io proidlillcil li) li-U'ntUi' rr.urti
iiirni- fnn ii extortitiK and iinjii-lly il.-iriui
liutliiK In tlii-ir liiiiliic- trsniat'lloD nltk
tin- pill. He.
It rurnulfi (lie rrtiilltr al all men be
lore Hie laiv
It iJvomilc- Irco cni.it.-crte tarld to:
icvniiiu t.itly.
It ilnp'ite ri'iiiiii("lltiu of 'petit: ;ay.
in mi t , a Hi I linnt:-t payment nl tlio public
It mlMiiMtr. eeot.otii) to tlie aitwiritjO'i
tinn ul . lil-lli.' ullulr
The Hulk tin will (.ill.l Is li tiil tlie lucai cewa
ol I nlio, ami ,i v.itletvol Coiiiuieri'lal, i'o
lllleal, I Virt-lK'ii ami (ieneral Ne , and vc
ileavor tu pljasp -ill tiitf, tml lutcrrst all
I r.iler..
-T II K-
Is a thlrlydw.) iniiimti p.iptr, turtiislieit lo
filliseilher. lor Ihe tow pi Ice ol
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'ost'ii,'!' jiiejiulil, It in llm ilieHpotit pn,)fr
in llm West, ami U u pleasing Kirotide
Visitor unit l-'.nnlly ('oinputidin.
t.'aliliot (fill lo see thu v. 'ivaled induce
ineiilsoUeretl by 'I'hi! Ilidlellu in the way
ol elitmit uml in otIUblu ailverllneiueutii.
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