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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 13, 1876, Image 4

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Off It HoURt-Knwi.7:3pn.m
p.m.; Sunday from 7 to 0 a.m.
to 6:30
wuer o:w a.m. i u.w
A.M. I r.u.
A.M. r.u,
Illinois Central K II
Mis. Central U K
Cairo A Vlnceanes
Cairo. Arkansas A
Trvas II II Illr
Ohio Hirer llouta
Dally c'l Monthly
Mlsa. Itlvcr Itonle
Up, Sun. Til. Krl
Thr)M limit
t'rl.Uy A Saturday
U. W MtKiAto, l". M.
Kutmi Lire Cairo dally .2:00 p. in,
Kinreainrrltciat Calm dally l:"0a. m.
Arearuaiodatlon leave Clrinliilly 2:"0a. m.
Aaeiiruuiodaltiiii arrives daily (except
Sunday) II:"' a. m.
Mall at
Wil& t. m Dally-
NitireM al,
rTeiflit at.,
rrtlxht at...
rraijtbt at..
FnlKft at..
Mail at
Kipreta l
rrshtil a'
rrtlubl a .
Ii-tlght a .
3.Ui. in V
.... ..... :Wa. iu...Kioct Sunday.
, .HWia. lu... "
........... 4:30 p m.- " '
; 7:30, j. m... " "
. 3:11 a III - Ialy
if:30p. iu...Kicejit Sunday,
H:la. m... " Monday.
8: n. ni... " Kunday.
..0;0)i in... " Sunday.
-..-U;CJp. in.. " "
"We Have Oomo to Stay!" ;
rnilK trains of thl roiniutny connect at M
XUul and IUt-I. Uml, villi all other
Unci to the Anrtlt. Il mill Weal.
TiltK saiTTirr.r:
iMrelalro.- - - -.l" 15a. ni.
AriUeafl.LonU - f.p.iu
IiTrKtSUlouU ra
Arrlre at Cairo . S0p.m.
J. I.. HIXCKI.IIY, t.fEfral .iiTiitftiilfnl.
J. A. WKXTZ. I'srral riirr A--nt.
JiillX I'lH.iillT. Ayrr.t
Shortest Rout
Avoid HlecpiriE Car Kspcnar.
Begago HaadUd Fro.
JAUK ItKiliS, l'a.rngrr .fiit.
M. It. (iOiil)IIICII, ncnrnil li.iiKr Ag'U
II. I.. MUUItll.I,, ffiierl AUrluUuilciil.
l.'-li'-1 in.
EmiajHnagh Witioit Chijt!
LeaTea Cairo 4:15 a. m
Arrlrci at arml...-....M........... :M "
ArrlwalVlnccunw..... U:
Arrlvei at Kvanivllle - 4:1 P.M.
Arrives at lnIUnaioli. 4:30 u, m.
VIA OIIIO AXO MUimsiI 1 1 RAli-iiuAu
Arrive! at North Vernon
Arrive at Uiirlnnatl
ArrhUat LouUvllle
CAlltO KXI'lllWit
, 5:U )i. ni.
Leave Inilianaiioll
leaves Cincinnati ,
IMTO lxlllltVlllc .....
Amven at Vlnn'unci)....
Iuves Vlnnnnu
1 ,-a V.inawtll.
,. S::io a.m.
.. 0::m "
,.7:Oi "
. -2:Oii p.m.
,.. ii.ieo "
...11:40 a.m.
Arrive at Canul-
irrlv.. Ml I'-llril
5:01 ii. in.
... u:.u
Making; close ronnectlona to anil from all
points Kut ana North, at lullauiml! aul tin
onnati.aml to anil flom ail lnu Sonih ami
West or Calm by rail ami river.
The Mound City Accommodation rnn Wtd
rif.lir anil SalurdM'.
Min ,
lAve Mound Llty I :ISand f:. p. in.
lion' Ticket Ag't. Oeneral ftup't
rl"or Infurmallon relative to ratea and ciin
neSon., apply to J xffcAx
Cairo U:i5auil :(mp in.
nti:am boats.
Evamville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Faducab, Shawneetdwn, Evanu
villo, IiOuiiTille, Cinoinnati
and all way landlngg.
The iiurivallt'l shle-wheel tleamer
1). U rowt-iH..... - Matter.
It.lllOMAS Link.
Will leave Ktantvllle for Cairo every HON H A
aua iHUUUAY all o'clock p. m.
Uhi Ciiro every '1 UKSUA V and t'UII)A ,ut
ts o'clock p. in.;
Ihe tWitiuit alde-whul eteamcr
llKM HOWAEU..... m
Will m KYftUtWUe fur Cairu tVriy TUK.S'
a uifn I alt V U LIU1 . llt III
Will lea Cairo every WKV)NKSI)A anlb.vr.
UKUAY at li o'clock p. in.
Tbe ele(ant nle-wbeel tleamer
Jomx Qprr Muler
Mat. Willuhim....... Link.
Laavaa KraBivlll fur llro errry WKUNK.-i-
WAV and WA lUltAIIY at 6 p. iu.
Laavat Cairo vvery IllUUrillAVuud MUNDAV
atOp. an.
KMh boat makmi clow connrctlont at Cairo
With arit-cUti i ateaiuert for ht. liiilt, Mem
PW"JNew "leant, and at Kvanivllle Willi
lb K.AC. K. It. foralliolnUNimhand Katt.
UMwltaUie LauUvllle'Mall MeMr.rj
IKMaUOBUie Upper OWo.kIWu nit'ihie
hjMM frelgliU and MUHiiKr to all uit
SJtimMoon Vpj to
J.U. fUlLUPS, "AKeut.
Of M , . u. J.UKAUMKIt,
It Ud Gkocral irnleht A treat,
A Voire from SHrcilcii.
.ImrnVnii ChrmUtu and their Hrodimtitn
aimreeiated by the ',Yir.tiis at tht rflV
hrated Vnieer.utie.t in Sweden. Sir. Sachs.
.Sir, At your reiiiiot, I liavo tested
Hair Vegetable Sicilian Hair Konovver,
In my practice nt the "Sorullinor Hotel."
and c-.m say, It will retore grey lialr to
Its original color. It I entirely harm
less, nnd U a valuable remedy to use in
such eases. I II. Mai.mii k.V,
I'rofes-orof 'hcmltry and Medicine.
Siockiioi.m, July 0, 1SC.3.
Front the highest medienl authority in
Sivtiltn As I have had occasion to co
several persons, who, (nr some time, have
ued Hall's Vegetable .Sicilian llalr Ito
newer, ntul know that It hat restored the
original color of the hair, as well as be
ing cfllclent In removing tins Itching and
(laiulriill'that accompanies tho tailing oil
of the hair, I consider It my duly to ac
knowledge tlie same to Mr. Saeh.
Visrr.xr l.u.siinnuii.
Physlelan-ln-Chlefto the King, and pre
server oi II 1.4 MIC.
Stockholm, .fuly 7, W$.
'Hie III ! I t Iiv prinliiK
V.lahli.litiKiil inaVr.
IK-cIoliy of Hill llt-i.I-..
.Note llraiu, l.i lli r lli-.i'l
lAtrinenls, t nidi, lilo. UxX al li'-sc prli-t'i:
in.ill le hill liiwd., per 1"" i
Miiliiitn ! hill hr.id, r llitnivmil a 75
All on finirlerii pound p:irr, I hiIIIo null,
ruhl tiro cent M-r (Hiiind higher than pjir
uhA hy any other nlth r-iulnl ! onltrjl the
miiS e.-cl:i1lr fur tlii oflirr.
Malenicult, Carlyle, -T li'i ..41 l'i
Utlir llrad, Cailysle. i-r liw - 1 '
Note Ili-ads, Carly1e, r 1" . J m
VIlilnKriil pfrpiK-Lacc - .V
Ilii'lne. ranl, So I 3-ply llil'lnl iHisid.
pr l'...... 4: .' i.i 4 Ki
lliiiiii.-f mrd Xo t tilanl. lrlu'i 3 I"
-IJmrlrr-ihrtl. hllf Om-t. IuIIiIiitI kli.t Ilifi.
sl.ili.itf, andooUiinlwolL IxImvM lui
l'aniphlrt, IW.1. WniL anl I'llrr I.it made
a cci.ur
Pianos and Organs,
Ot World wido Boputation.
Ackiiovrlctge.! hy all good Miialciant to he tlie
lMfei 1'iano now iiiaiit.
Of wlilcb we have nolJ ovor 400 ilurinic
twelve year past, becoming more uiul more
popular every uay.
Splcmlid tone, Tower ami Ihimlnlity.
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A very lino instrument, adapted to Inttru
liulitul an well ni vocal muale.
Kasy .Montlily I'a) iianl", at low tlgnrca
rcKardleia ot I.tat Price.
In great variety, Including all Hip new
and popular imislo ot the day,
Order from the Country
promptly lllloit and neut
by mail,
FltKNCIl HAltl'S, KTC, I.TO.
Band Instruments of all Kinds
t urKisUeil to Order.
OI the ItCht (jiullly.
Classical Studies and Exorcises
Of allkrailri tor Pimm or Voice.
tSTKrerr di'irrlpllou ot Miiklral Mer
chanill.e luniUlied to niilur, promplly and
at prices lower Ihan ever oitrreil lieloie.
Semi for Illustrated Catalogue and Pile
i.it oi lucte ueautiiui Kroiiicn,
All Ooodi Warranted ai Keprun'd.
Cairo. IUinoifl.
TTilm"' KLK"AXT STYI.KH, will! viiliuhle
aii(lliulnan uii,lhn Oiifuiitaiid ivcoin.
niend iheui iw hlilclly l irt l."lis T i, , i.
Mu'hauUiu and I iirul'lUl . wiiniulid li
)ir, SHidmi pihvll.i,. '"" "I
m i ni;y a iioi.mks diuian :o.,
Quiiicy, IlllnoU
W!":,-l JANVA'.SKUS-Mal
nS -'w 'iia'JSy 'J' :'.' r.. n Mo"
m, I'A IK.NT lAhB PAX aell in
etery latnlly. Addiett, for clritilnrniid
o ii 1 , " ' niwiiiMiia. Ml
So, Deal horn hi, Chliiutn, Il-U-Ji.ti.
5.fV rwruitoH ualag our Wan
fgMto aood AroU. au.r bouk
Bn, Jilt Au;.r Cv II, tvuit, Jl
Hulilirr mill 'ntrlnr.
. There I eparcely n lirancli of human
Indictry in whleli India Ittihhcr has not
In fount form found its wny. Although
im:iy hiiuwn mm iimhi, nut lew til I
aware of Its inedlenal virtues and lfiviit
eurativi! properties, rraetieal experl
ment lin nroven tliat It U n naturnl nw.
envolr ol electricity, eontalnln more
than any known siil)tnnre or compound.
Owln-rlo tlil-a tact It lias licen iced wllh
sncce.s In cnrlnj; Ncrvoio complaint
nun i.iuMiinaiiMii mat were iiivuineraiiie
to (trues.
It has also licen tlNcoveiwl that Imll.i
HiiDUer po.e?.es r.ll the properties valii
aide a n .eeillu for Pulmonary coup
plaints and cua- many forms of Con
sumption and I.unKillsc.iff. Combined
with Capelne It U unparnllcled ns a I'aln
Kellever, whether external or Internal.
Nearly all the .Surgeon have adopted
ii mi iiinriiiu in ni jfrcm. neniiiig prop'
I he mint elltetual way of using the
nunc ii iii indium iii a pcnoraieu lii.H.
ter. 'I'hu extensive u.e ol ordinary Per
forated or I'orou I'ia'tcrs is n tetlmonv
toll merit.
I'he only ohicclion eer toitnd witli the
ordinary liuhbcr I'oious Plaster i that
It acts too Mow ly requiring days and
eontlniioii'. wear to relieve .p.iln or (o
ell'ect a cure.
A celebrated phy.-lclan of New Vork,
woo nas long inane tlie medical proper
ties of rubber a sludv. has .uii edcil In
making a great liiiprou'iiicnt iu Porou
riaicis iiy iiuioiiucliiL' Cane ne. wh en
overcome all the loriner obiecllon.
causing tne nailer to do In a few mo
ment or hours, that which It ibriuerlv
rcqircd day or weeks
Capelne l tlie mod valuable liurriMll-
cut ever ued a an external rvinedv. It
operates Willi u.tnuMiliur viyor and iv
lleve pain Iniiiitiliately. It eurathe
properties have lnvonie o famous that
an enterprising linn Iu New i ork. took
It in hand, and bv iirlnirliiir Caiicine
Pla.ter to Ihe attention of phUicMan.
have met . with unptwiHlentcd ucee.
The article I-known a Itcn'on' C.n-
euie riarer. i he price i the amea
tlie ordinary t'orou ilaeter. rnit
Kvery druggi't lia them.
Sntnrn A .Iohxmin. Agi ut. N. V.
15ai:oi.(Y !$i:o., Agent. Cairo. Ill;
12-10.1 m.
M:iiml.ii turrr of
Fashionable Boots and Shoes
U'jibliijtiii avc. Ictitri-n Dili uiiJ KtbSti
CAlltO. tl.l.lNOH.
A I'll tliiuiaiilc.'il ur Xo Stale
rjSIlE lllIl.t.r.TIN It puhll.lie.1 every inornliiK
(except MoiiiUy) Iu the Ilullt-tlii lluildlntf , cor
ner Wanliintilon aiiiiuu iiidTivilflli ulreet.
Tin. IIcllvtis it seneil lu city autitcrihenliy
fiiilhful carriers nt Twenty-File LVnta u Wiek,
piiyahlc wiekly. IlyMull, (iu a.l ranee), 410ir
aniiuiu; tlx mouths, tii; thiee nioiillii, tl one
iiinnlli, tl ::.
I'abllihed every 'Ihurtd.iy nioriiliii; at till
pi" milium, invaiUhly u, ndiunie. 'Ihe postage
on Ihe WV.-V.ly he prepuld .tl 1 1, U oHi.e, to
that ftiilnrrilwrs will ull jIii ir a mhi.-i Ipiion
rli-e ni' 41 a )vJr,
11 A 1 1. v .
Ilillliicn Cardt, pi i aui.imi fM u)
Oue mpuie, one uieillon, , ij
Due iiuie, tiro uitirllont I U)
One tipmie, on,1 H,ik, -j
One eipiaie, Itio ntrka ,V)
OlleaiIUIe, Ihlie MiTka 4 (kj
line nuie, one iiioulli, A no
One tquaie, one inteilioii, II no
Kucli tuhm(iienl liisiillmi,, w
17-Uue iuch ft a tiuare.
l3r"To n (Hilar aduilljcn weuiti tupi i lor In
line, mi nit, hnlh ai lo rate id rlnrfcti on-l man-
in r ol' illtplu) Iiik tin lr lavort.
Ocmmiintcatlona upou aubjucta of tren
oral Intoroat tu tlio publla solicited.
tAII IlKilncis Ulteraiih6iiMheuddresti''i to
4'iilro Hnllellii ('milium)'.
Tho Trustees of tho Cairo City
Proporty deiro to rail Public ntteniion
to the merits oftlielr pmperty, coniinl
lug u considerable porlun of the City of
Cairo, In Alexander Coiiily. lu the Sfatc
of Illinois, and lauiU Ininedlalely ulja
cent thereto.
This city, as Is Weil ktowu, U s'tu.itedit
the coiillileliee of the Olio nud ill.i"ii'ji
river.., at the bead ot mluterili.liilii.nl i
tioii mi tho .Mliiiil')'. bi..'u below uti.
itrui'lloii by ice lu winter mid low
water iu Miuimcr, am! ti nt lu ,i elear and
open river conumiiiititiui at nil tlnn tiCr
the Millppl anil P Iributnrlcs, with all
the cwntrv outli, t Hie lililf ol .Mexico
and the Atlantic I) oan. Cairo hat abrn the
same ebarai'ter oI'Muliillidciilloti xltli all
tlie ooiuilri imtlloiertlie stream- (lowing
by Ii, wlieu llio.i stream, are not Iniuif.
gable bv ieaoii 'I lee or low water.
Uutoretkr era ol llailnikil-, Cairo lud a
eouiiuaiiilio poilllou a a etnlre of com
uierce .mdi-ivitfatloii, Tht Import jucc ol
potitlnu lt 'till poMec, but hut now the
aildltlouil uliantHKC ot being a great rail
road eei.tte", nuiiilier ol the tuo.-t Import
ant railroad-. the Valley ulthc.MU-iiMlppI
coin frying and liatlny tlulr tirniliil
there. Aim 1. ' tin-., i-oiiiliri ti.iiti the luutli
are tho i;reit Hlimil- Centr.il li.ulroail,
which triler-ta Ihe t ntlrc Mule nf llllnoi
Iroiuitt extreme northern and tuntli-e.-tern
to Its Mintlntn llmtls, mill by It-roiiuei lion
uxtfinls in:o all tho great mirthive-itcru
grain producing Slate j the Cairo mid Vln-eennt-,
exiemluiiffroni Cairo to ihe City of
Vineninc. ill Ihe State of Indiana. Khere
Itteoniiri-tloii atlord illrenl railroad eom
uniulcatioiis with all ha-tern ellleit: uml
the Cairo A- St. I.oui Itallroail. artonlinL- a
direct railroad eomuutiicatiou with the
City ol St. Louis and all Hie railroad. cen-
term,' there The ro.nl-cooing Irom the)
South are Ihe New Orleaiv, .lackron and
.1. V.il... I .1... II I ... . '
uri ..(ii iiici ii auu .ur .'louuu uuil U11IO
itallroads, which give dlricl rnllrnad euin
intlulcaMon with ttii cill- it Mobile ami
New Orlean, and othi r Soitliern Atlantic
rea potts, and by i Miinm-lllif roid wllh alt
tne eouniry -ontii oi (.am; ami coining
Irom the MJlltliWett I-the Cairn. Arkati-u.
and Texas liillroiil, whlehli-Uordt -ItnlUr
eoiutuunlcation uith Sonaivru .liollrl,
Arkuiisn and Text-, and Ilk: principal elt
les of thoe State. This Isj-Mialued rosd
vvillgltc.al-o. direct i ouneilioM with Ihe
TeXH-and Pacltie Itoadwhel it I com le
ted, thus L'iIn,' direct eouitnirjieallou wi'h
the principal port ot the Tacllic Ocean
Ihese ralro.ids,teriuluatIni,'t Ctlro, are
now all completed and In Micce.-nil opera
tion, thoe lu tlliool coming inlo the city
mi a hank nl each ot the liver, Ohio and
.Mlt-b)-!ppl. and terminating al their eoiitlu.
enee, Ihu enelreliiig thu iltv. The Holly
Springs, HrowDaville ami Olilo ttlver Itail
roail, and tbe Call ami Tcniier-eo Itlvcr
Itillroad, which will both terminate at
Cairo, ate In course urcniMructlon and will
conn he computed, and other railioadhotli
In llllliotiaiiillli State south of the (ihlo
river, which will a'.o terinlnate al Calm,
urt projected, hiw arrangement made to
uiiiui uieiii. iue i-on.inii lli.il of l ie-e
willureatlv torici-c the i-illroail
t AtioQ Ol Cttlril.
Itfi f-Antral Ini.illnn In 11. i.k.ihI- c.i.... a.
the .MiM.I-,-dppi,auil the ifreatweallhofriver
.11. u lauiuau eouiuiiiiiicaiioii, give to Cairo
untiiriiatseil advantages as a commercial
point, a It affords to her ety and cheap e-
eei-a to nil tin. i-rnlii ni-.iil.i..tii .Hit.-!..... ..,
------ .. 1 -3.. ,' ui-iiijL. in
the North uud West, and rluilliraceea to all
the aurieultural produce con.uiiers of the
South, thus presontliiK the hctt location lu
the Wettloran intcrchmiKcol thu respect
ive northern am! southern coumnilltles nnd
An a maimfactuiliii; location ihe position
of Culrois notles.- Important. J'hu crude
msterials of every description, which eon
tlltute the element of iminufaciircd aril-eli-h,
abound on etery side, Iron ore, coal,
ofuperlor quality, ami timber of every
rhiracter.nioro than others, bcliii? easily
and cheaply acce.lhlc, and the rich iilti
cultural region of the Itumedlaie neighbor
hood, us well us the more remote districts
rendered tributary to It by river and rail,
lurnlsh suppllesoithececestark-sof life In
such abundance us to render lit lug except
lonally cheap. When thonmimfacturedartl
elet aro produced, the facllltl, fur ehean
dlmill.utlon by river and nil are not
Cairo has a nionil, intelllgeiit. llbeul and
e.uterprlaiiig population nr about l'J.bOtl ha.
a superiors) stem ill ptthllu schools, which,
wllh others conducted by prllate enter
prise, ad on I un-urpts-eil edueAtluu.il ad-vantaget-l
p3.c.sod of Well-eMahllnhcd
cliurcbes of nearly every ileuomltiatlon--his
pubhoMiiil prhale biillillngsoru mpc
rlor character-has a climate, which for .a
lubillyaiul hcalihtullnllui-mes cannot he
ilipasf.d-hai a well-regulated and cf
licleiit luunlcipal organization, its street,
lighted wllh n., tud olheritietropolltau ad
vunlages, which m.k,, t hihi, tietlrahle
and lu leality not to hes-fn-Ued as a pin e
nl peruiaurnl tcKlciit.-.
Lots ami laud In Cairo are now oiTril At
very low pilet, mjordlm; law.rat.k oppor
tuiilllesiispurchi,,!, aud the owner pr
.em I the ucjiiohhi the public a oirrin
lllirUkleil aihautat lor Ihe .rieem.riit e'.
tabl abluent ol cumuierrlkl or roiniif.i.fiii.
Illg eillerpiliies.an.lthe betl loejllty ia the
tommy tor pmilUhie ibvesimntAfmirifial
.s. siaathti rr.im,
KfiWIN PaW1,
.I-.II.M., '"',, o,!..j
Cheap Lands
'lliel.illle Unci.-K, Mnlll, lUxWwn) , in
pal;)' Ii .illliiir. ill exei'lilloliuliv ,M,
''ri' mi'"' l,'r1"'' I'liulin.
ni' their liiiniilllivnl n ml, mi either Mdi'tind
ivltliln tueiity miletm I n-lr roml. Adiiiliu'ily
ilitii lrpindml Ion nl turn, Colt ril,
w? .' 1 ",',',!,!,, "'I , li'T yorthcrii ernp!
Vj liileraiire iiilhl, primltliiii; oufilnnr l.ihnr Vnr
Helen tnimtlif. .Poll li rllle hrynnd prmili nl
XiiKra.lioppvr, mi ilioiuhl .im i-l:tl Induce
iiienl lor etiiliifhiiiinl of liiniiil'iclnrlcK. I nr
c irulin.nildii;.s W . II sfit K, tjiml ( ,
inU.loiier, Utile l.'nck, Alknu:is.
ft ii liny nl home.
U u ml term live.
,AV!,.",.WI""'!'1 On'llt
I III I. A t(l., Alijnisln,
C AGENTS VMflTri) m Tl!c
HISTORY oftheU.8.
'Ihe Kienl IliKrcl hi Ihe IhlilliliK liUlnrt ot
our i-f.iiMtM make Mil. ili,.r.ir.i ..ni,,,. i:..i
elerpuli IsIhhI, It cnulnlu. ,,,r Hi line III.
lorii-siieiistniiiiKsiiniitii.ipnjfM, ulli n lillne
eollllt nl the iilinriKirhlti'r urtiitil I ..,ir..i.t .1
a-vlclti-itllon .-end Inr lull ili-n'l llithni mid
-xliiileriiHhi nuit . N'A'I IUNAI, I'l 111.111
i mi i u , i niciiKooriM Inl
Liberal Tcnr.jorEr.
thiiage fot Secoad-h'-.nd
Machines ot every des
Ibelltil rMf-m ma Jo. K.h.lJili.InrC'.l.lojti..
Actri ffum, i'i ivr.w York.
'Vet fniiy il.i,iitul Sin- uih call l uicr
tliinun "
Kiiiiiiv in-iit. priiplu-i inl In i'uIc. in II
tier l,riiilielle llmilt. V.nlili.c li.-i,.l,
III the npt and dcillll nl pll,-r- ,,r Ihi- neM
111, lily (Kil- i hr I'uiiiti- ju-l-l l,i n,,.
Wlul yean liilii.il.e mi-tii-y mi pn- rilll hog.,
urn, pnul -Iiiii. cillnii uh.IhIi.-iimcmMI1i.it.-ihehiliiil..
iih.iiu-.ir laid ilim- inll end
and lin-lKe-reiUr matin. I.ierv laiiurr. lii.iiiu.
.iclni.r li-clliiniii-liiii(r:iiid -.-iil.-il.n -li,.uld
. i r. " "' '' inline, - In
iiiold In- and l- iic..rul .-.rnl t,. anr miiih .
l!',"1!.''1 .r"r.'i, A.ldre.- f-J I f. HI s
.M.ll. I Vlllll.l l.li-i . (, . ( oinily I,
A W'KI.K ir-inti..! I.. In .....I
filinle uiiii.. iu their Inaillty,
Costa lu lliliu- In try II PuilicnUm
rnv. P l VIUiKIIV A l.U .
AiuiKti, Me.
$5 to S20,",'r.'bVa""l""' s'ii.le!.wrlh
YflUK& MP'.,V',"""! bilmiTHi'p.iphii, nud
WW' M tlilil Ml r ..ll. r, on new- lniv. h 1,1.1,
nrelnnilsliliKwiiliniarulnrit. !-a.iry pi m
81'siu monlhniidsle-.i.l.i pinmiitimi. I'.irtu-ulni-llUiUdlirv.
Addreii. X W. 1 m r. It ten l.
tiTi ri:, .lar.r -villi-, Vi.
" pV(.ll(IMAM .UItMtt:.l HAKMIV,
.1. Iliiivi'Uhct miiijv ri'i'lnati-niidirain tlie
loifnii-l aifc Ii .in i,r nni roii ll.i-i cin.i. ,.
iii-t:ilitl.l, lin- ur" nil i t.i p...-e..' in,
mid. r..r J iHiiUj .filter Willi it lniniur
l .Hlde, I p .ptian Urai-le, llmne, Ilim I i Uf
die-, ite. 1 i.,--.i ..,1,1 A ii.i r Uiok il
.l.T;- . . 1 1 . 1 I WI A HiMI'.VNY, IVO ,
l'ltila-l.-l,.,1.i.i ' I -.lnv 1 1 ii '
ri-lll.t.i.lr pli;.-wl.ii,- i,. in,, ,-n,, c.ml- lr
1. lu-lui-.n l.lllle IU..,.iii,. in llietviiy i.r
ii.lieill.IHK, a the It ,iiIjiii, uftht-i,.i.'ut,i,
li w.ll kiinwn throiiKli nit tin- w,-i inan-l
l-i-oiniiic.i thai thwi.ll.,- larmtt nml ,nt.t
i-iiinplt-li-lnUliillnii oriht- tin. I In .lu. ri.:l lor
llu-sun tf 'nil livjtm. nt of all ( limine M-xnnl,
Prltali-aiid V tu.-iml III. (,, of 0tl, rxe.,ueli
:is.yplillls. (i.iiiiirrh.i-.i, i,l-t, iricttiie, ltii
Inic, )nrli-ore elii4. On liitl, Ituho. Ac All
urinary and ayphilltie oOuicmial atTrctlnna ol
the I iruat, tkfn or lntnea lire tiealel Willi un
lurallilfd buccc-. (ioiinrilnia t-uri-1 In froin
time, to iue days. Syphill iiui.l lu rromilte
... uter k, ii,u ra-ra ciiitiI, .-smiii.il
";ej-l'eriiutonliiea, Siclil UMn,ct.
nal llehillty and IiiiHit-ncy, l.ois i.f t-,-.iml
Piivir, ui tl.cic.MiUijf .ilr-ubtl.-clu youth, sr-ILil(-xusesiiiin.iliiri-r
yeart. li lid ull imi.
iiimts to marriage, p, riii.mi-iill cinxl v. Iihoul
iiifniiiv nruiiy other Inineral ix.Ivjii. I'alienle
ut a distance lualetl hy Kin-r. Mwllclm-t sent
eieiyhen- Voiiup mi u uho hau-Ui-ome the
vlcmnesorsiditary i tee-that dn-.iiil and ile
slnictite hiihil Mliirh aiiuii.illy an tips In mi nn-tiinelvgrait-ilioii.ainU
i.r inline imii 1,1 tl.c
Iiiii.tealt(-l tab ills uml Inilllunt iiili-llttt, who
iniihtiitlicrivbehaveenlraiiifil li-tnlnKM-iialt
uith Ihe thiindcrt of eloipiem,-, ,,r waVi-.Un
ecstacy lite Il ing lyre-may call t llli full conn-d.iii-e.
What a pilylh.it a young nun. the iioih
iiriiiteiimilry, diedar Ingofhl, pnii-nM.shtnild
I- siiatrltitl irom all pro.Ki(3 mid emi.t
liivuts ril lile by the eoii-niuvnee ordci latins
li-pin Ihe path of nature and Indulging In n eer
liiiu seen I habit. Mich pei -on mu.i, It-fore
eouH-in.lnlliiK marriage, iciltct tliat n aniiiid
mind nml ImnIj- iin- the most neceswiry n-tiiMli-
to promote connubial liai.plt.i--l, l.,.,,. wlihi.ttt
Ihece the jimrney IhriiiiKh lilt- becnineo intiniy
pllgriuuiKc-, tin-ir...rt.-t houil) darken tu the
leiv, the mind become nlmihiuetl isltlt despair
mid llllul with liieUiichollvielleclliin Unit the
hapj.lneas ot'anolhrr I blighted wllh our oiin.
'lo all en Ing young ini n we would say, do nut
keep (hit M-eiext lo vouuell and rmir llutl until
It lia KipiK-l the vlhilt uml h-ll youu u nek of
inn lauiiy, a ciiri.cioyouriell ami a buiden lo
"O' iety. lr yniluiv enlangle.1 in the tiiuie of
m-II pollution, or iiuypilvatu ili-iase, riteirnm
lit .li. Unction, and apply at .- .In.rph .Mtillcul
lii-liluti-li.r tre.iliiieiil, ami Ixcoineonce inori-u
Iiiiiiihii 1lug,
rj-C1iivs gu.innilu-d or inoney ii-riin.le.1
,,rr"All lelllaleilclllli;ull.l MUM dbuflll-, io
.Marrl.iKelnate.1 wllh saltlyund nieces
1T3-A ifieiil iiuilli-ul booknnd seeitta loi hulli.j
ami L-eins. .-cm lite lor iho slamp
lu ll St . .lo-ei.ll Mnllcal In. 111.. I,, t'r inn.i.
Jtreel. Utrresjn Second and 'I bird, M. Jnseph,
.'ixmjlll, ir.-ll-II...W.V
In Chancery. Master's Sale,
Suite of Illinois, Ak von!, r Coutily ss.
In Ihe Atexaniler Ciuinly Circuit Coin I.
.lane W'ehb vs. Henry Watson Webb, Angli..i
'. I lit. lt rni.d W fllUni (, .Mulki-y -liill loi-lilioicc.di-
JDrill.lCnuticett hereby giti-ii Ilia I In -i-u
. aiii-eorailtTiie made In said i-iuirl In tin-ulniVL-eiilllleiliau.e,
at ll.t-Sliiy trim A.l. 1-7 :,
l,.iohii l. Hamuli, Master In I ham cry, ol
hild county, will, ,i triday the x-th day or .lame
. A- II. IS7-I. atllu-hoiiior -.'oM.H k p. m.,
ol kuldilay, at the trout ilnorof tin-curt liou.e
III tl.c city of I aim, in said eotiiily and ntale,
sellal liul.llc vendue lo thi-hlghed bidder fur
null in hand, Ihe rtilb.wingilesi rill nal estate
to-ltlt .uleen(i.) fn-loiror the . ,iilhl.,-r
lot tumly-sU f-.ii), and lots No lm iiiy--,-tr
:-7j, Ivteuty-elgltl f-jajr, tveiiy.,ne I tu, ,
bl k No, liii iity.sh li l, In the rill or ( a.ro,
ri.niity of Alexander and ialei,i lllliioi., i,,.
iruiti ,?,iii ,.ie i.i..irii-iuiiir,st iiieielliilt, -
sold subject loth,.- Iiuinedeail rltfhl In Ilie i.rii.i
si-of ll.e urori-Mid .lanc Wi-1,1.. ji... ...i-
tiioiuiK oriii.iM iiaiiiinu:. i he
i.r,.,jlv til,
Jl-.'l to ll.e l-plll) oriedeoipllon.
lollS;. ItAI.'UAS,
, ... ,t, , Master in f htnerry.
I alro, III. . .l.-inuarj l.TH l-'-lw
I- l lir,,
If K Amv, t hh'tA
I. D, Akin c& Go.,
1 Saddles,
Collars. oStc.
lrtl Conniinrelnl AVt'iiun, OAMO rf.r.1
1 f-riinie Hit- ,i,lu, ,
l-.ll ll 11. 1 '..liipl,-!,. ,,.
it't.'.'l at nun. an ,, ,,.
iti iii.
I' M'.li.ill-U.1
. U III. Ii I ,
- i ei ,
Win irivh.ist Mnrljiit P,- e i,,id fa
I'H ritnld.it Slrt-.M.
.1 - ..im,.
f till .MID,
y WTjSz) J?
Hair Vigor
For ro3torltiK to Gray Hair ito
fiutural Vitnlity uud Color.
A (Irt'ssiiii;
which is ut
once nyi-eea.
I ilf, liealtliy,
nntl cfl'cct mil
for prcserv-
ling the linir.
j It SOHII '('
Vji'cs failed
or trni liulr
to .'. nri'iihiiil
Color, with the flints mid v.sikw.s of
youth. Tliin luii r is lliickeiieil, fall
ing hair clieclictl, nml lialtlne.M often,
tliotigli not ulwnvi", I'ltrcil Iiy its
use. Xotliiug full restore the Iiair
where tin folliole. uiv ilestinyeil, or
tlie glamls iitroiliicii ami decayed ;
luitHiich as reiiiaiii can he navcll hy
this ainilii'iitimi, uiul stimulated into
activity, so that :t new growth of
hair h ii'odiiced. Instead of fouling
the hair with n jianty M'lliiuciit, it
will keep it clean and vigorous, its
occasional use will pivsent the huh
from turning gray or falling oil',
and eoiieitiently prevent haldiiess.
The ietiiratinn nf vitality it give
to I In1 M'alp nrrest uud prevents
the foriimtioii of ihludrtitV, whiih U
often mi uncleanly uml oIleiiMve.
I'rei' from thoe deleterioiH fiih
htuiices which make some preparn
tit.ns d.'iiigeroii, mid injurious to the
hair, the Vigor can only benefit, hut
not hariii it. If wanted merely for
a MAN: niiHSSlXtJ.m.thingehe
i. in In- found mi desirable. Contain
ing neither oil nordve, it does not
while cambric, and yet last
on the hair, giving it n rich,
hi-tre, nml it grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C, Ayer & Co,,
t'r.it thill nml Analytical Clteml.t.,
i.mrt:i.i mass.
sil.ll IIV All. lillCOOIHT t.VKHTtVHKHK.
Is widely known
nsoncut theiuot
ctlectual rciue
die ever di-cov.
itreil for cleans-
i iti'' thu system
'ntul purifying the
'blood. 'It has
stood the test of
yenrswith a con
stantly uroiviti''
reputation, based on (ts intrinsic virtues,
and suitained by its remarkable cures.
So nilltl as to be safe and beneficial to
children, and vet to searching as to
utlecfiialiy pttrie out the ureat eorrtti
tiona of the blood, such as the scrof
ulous and syphilitic contamination.
Impurities' or diseases that have lurked
in the system for years soon vicld to
tin powerful antidote, and disappear.
Hence its wonderful cures, iiiany of
which arc publicly known, ol'Scrolitlii,
and nil scrofulous dUeascs, Ulcers,
Eruptions, and eruptive disorders of
the skin, Tumors, Jilotclics, Hoilx,
Pimples, I'nstules, Sores, St,
Anthony's Fire, Itoso or Kry
slpelrt's. Tetter. Halt Itlicimi,
Scald Kr-nil, Itingworin, and in
ternal Ulcerations of tlie Uterus,
Stomacli, ntnl Liver. It also cures
other complaints, to which it would not
rccin especially adapted, such as Drop
h.v. Dyspepsia, JFit, Neuralgln,
Heart lI.ease, Female Weak
ness Debility, and LeucoirlKva,
when they an; manifestations of the
fcrnfulotis jifiisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health
and strength in tho Spring. Hy renew,
ing the apctito and visor of tlie diges
tive orsan, it dissijiates tlie depn'seion
nnd listlcs languor of the season.
ICven where no di-order aipear.. jk-ojiIc
feel better, nud live longer, I'ureleau'ing
tlie blood. Tim system moves on with
lenevved vigor and' a new lease of life.
I'lWI'Al'.Eh H Y
Dr. J. C. AYER 6l CO., Lowell, Mass.,
l'raellcul nnd -Innlyllcu Ctiemtttt.
sni.ii nr ii.i. iiuurioiaTs t.vt.m iii:u.
"A complete IMrtorlitl History of lliti
Tliin'' "Tlie lieal, liritenl, unit
I1U-.I Miiee.-MMiiii titiiiiiy t-itiier
III Ilie I'lllou
The Weekly N the ablest anil un'st now
crlul illu-tratcd periodical published In
tills country. Its editorials aro scholarly
uud convincing, and carry much weight.
Its Illustrations nf current events nre lull
ami iresa, anil arc prepared by our best do
sluert. vVlth a circulation ot l.Vl,000. tho
weekly I read at least by half u million
persons, and it ihlluoiieo us an organ ol
opinion is Miupiy ircineiiuoil. Tho Wtuik
ly maintain n po'ldvn position, and ex
irises decided views on political and so
clal problniii. I,ulvlilo Courlcr-.Ionrial
It attlclei nre model of hleh.trnir.il .11..
Ulsilon, ami it pictorial Illustrations are
ouen i-orroiioraiiti: argument ofno snull
lone. .-s. 1 , r.xaininer and Chroiililo,
lis paper Upon existent qtie.linii itml It
Itiluiltahlo (.irtoon lielp to rnotilil the. en-thru-fits
ol tin. country - Pittsburg Coni
fn0rel.1l, TT.itMS :
i'ottogfi free t'i siibrrlbrr In tnolfnlted
Ilsrpsr' tVseklr. onn vcir .i m
Pour dollir hicluile prepayment of (j,
S, potage by the publisher.
Siiltcrlpllon to if.ifpr.r's .t.Mno,
Wkly, ami II uar, to one .iddi'rn torrno
ysar, I0 fs); or, tivo o' Harper's Perlodl
tifj, jo one aiblress for one ycir, 7 (V):
po-itsijn free, ' '
An evtr.ieopy ofllin Magalne. Weekly,
rv ..ir will bo upniei grit's for every
c.lu'i of live, subscriber At $1 fs ouch, iii
oiio reiiiitf.inco; or, slv copies for $20 Mi,
without ir.i copy; postagn free,
ivk-k nuiiiiivrs run nesuppundatiuiv time.
'I hfl .inim.il volumes of lUrrer's Weekly,
m nen cloth binding, will b,' sont by ex.
pv.i. fiMi of nxpene, for 7 Mi e.-uh. A
emnpleto set. iWoprMri;; eighteen vfilumrs,
s-nton roivlptof r.Htmtthn iu- off;, it
per volume, rreht at tho exptn e ol Iho
v'immo, rreirfot at tho expth e ol tin
jrT.VwparierH ire not to copy lids rub
!l'!!Vu w,"'""' l'"i etpies (.idi rsol
irper . iirotbsrs.
Ad Ires-
HAUPI'll n liiiQi HKIIM N V
T.ieutmt Verve ( i.it(iiriir, iiiich Piilleplle I'll,
C ir.iiliiu( Snnin, hi, Vlln lianie, nml nil
.Vri'Oii liM-aes) Ihe only l.imwii poilllve n in
(tWtiSr I.iIIiiiIii I'll, liiisbii-ii li-iled hi'
llio-iwiiiils nml h i never Iiii km.wii In lull Inn
sliuleciie Ti lul piirliiiKe I'n i- liiirliisc slump
for elreiil'irsftlv ia evlili in e of iue.
... M A- IIKdlMllNIi,
ll'i I ill li.ix 711, H,.lui.ph, Ao,
SulUlnclioti Uiinriiiilepil,
Baml E. WJtXSOlT,
Commissioii Merchant
Ooi-.HIhthSt. mid Commercial Ave.
W. I.'itlel.hou.p ft lllil II. VV Mlll. r
i" '.'.t'.V' A- MaikleA It,,.
-win I , lliiiii,
(!. It. W'txaliiiml,
Peter Cub',
Ayera Al',.,
lil.ru . W'i,il.
I. II. I'hllllt A Son,
.1. II. ItCMl,
il.....H u... '
ii. ,ii. iitneii,
'';! MeKinlif, P. M., Saln'i Wnllrit
i.l.liiiniil In the I'lilird
Mines, (.iiliadj, ami l.u-
ii. I ii-iius u low ut
those of any other relia
ble Ik. lite, l.ntri-! on-
ileltt-i. lilt lli.l In II... l-ta .
llsii and r. H ign laiigiiagra, lib InVititnrt, Al
tirney siil Uiu'.aml olltir Solicit, ir, ivpirially
vyllh tliti.e ih hate bad thrii i-asM rtj.i ,. In
lliehiuuls nl 'itlii-r illti.riii)s. Ill rti'tt'te.1 ra.e.
iiirliiuieira,ouiihle, nml no ,,nrge It lulilf
. . . - - -
If yi.il irnnta pal
- u ....ii
Ct or skeiclh nrul n
rt lull ili-M-rlptlou ol
lit) r Intuition
1 af it,, all
i siimiiiatiiiiint the palt nl i.rtt. e, and If lie think
II li.ilnilal.lt-, Mill si u.l you papers mid adtlie,
and prti-eciite tour eii-e. Our lie if ill l lu or
dlnnry ia -e, -.,
I I Oral nr irrlllen In nialliis le-
gill, l:-C.inniil., lonert.rl'altlil.,
I'lei i land, Ohiii I). II liellry. Ko.. Scc r
Satliinal llmtire. Iiiilstllle, lit t , i,ii,m,K ji,
IMU'I Amiurti, I S N'., W.,liiKt..n. II. ('
Ji eiittnmp f.iroiir "i.uide fiir tihtiln
iii Paleiils ' ii liitik or 'i itfi-
Vddiess 'l.illllK llHtfuee Sir I'll,, 'iilf.
lols of I'lltelils, W iishilltrloll, ll I
li T-ilAU-t'
Cincinnati Parchasinfi: Apncy.
HLJaV? I'lioi'itir.rnu-,
llSHfaiy w tl.-lti- tu . nil 1 1, .tit-nll ii
a of inrti IimiiIs Iii H.e iitisiitir I j
our ni.ili,. cf ritltiir oi.l.-ts r,.r ant kln.1 of lusirl.sM
lluior man ur,. Inml f.-.U l Imiiillu 1 1,1. nuistl.
. l.utKll.a nitty it sliuill r-iltiltil ii.lt, Ititi, rlisttiutrt-OUii
ll) tner l.aiiis,iii.iiiiil it ttiirrs. tiimrrs, iiil.ln.in.l.sll
ru.se., , , i r, ir lire slit allict. their ins, lieed, al IIh
li.t.r.1 (s.l, .t. f. villi. ,ul InrllllliK Ihe rll'ln.1 i f
C'.llilliK lu Ihe .li .Siiil.Hll.l. liee.l 1 elilsrlsll.frl I ,
lli.n. .eiUtiK ll.'ir ul-lersliilis l.llt Ihst ll.rr Kill U
lsill.riillraltrii.li.il., i;ut.uliiii.iiiiil.l,F,lonai.lit
lion. Munrs sii.l i.ttii-is r. rvar.liiiR.sin'lr.Mii(iiat
ll.tir t iln. iiv.iuiiM-.l. nni an etl.-riiis.le.ir .i
l.le ll.ir-.ltii-' III Hip , nllsnre I . Ilie p,rlisti. t.t
chaiifr. Su. !I'J Wrsl t'olirlli Mlreel. lal. II,
in in, lti.wl.ers al.-, .u.ls.ml, ,-1iir. fitfs us IL t.,t
vf liriliiie. f.ir esliilrtltti. anil4 uf Oiain ait.l
IMtiiuf.. luted Vlti-li-s win. li s.li.ii.is e en tj
iIhsm a. ..ii.. - .,ur .mi-- 11. .--e lir-ir-u
700 Chostnut Gt.f St. Louis, Mo:
(-t1ttjf7.f I T i-IALl-S CPECXALTBX1T
liLl.lMat uiUKiaT -i UUIHAUT Imaci.
llVjdrrrnitCjvSaMli4.il If otrt bttuf ftA
triknc- r r liW j m alpraAt9rTas.
bcaatut Jjowm. Ifcrrou DctUitj. atnlity.l2i-
p2tnC. t.'l ttlataalTlrt t7CU, kttrRilMfifil
I S,L4rt4iuij,tfi lef lut-e, rrluMUt7atifMUt,
liTilU6J C&li(Ma.ta1Irlt tHltf USMTtUt
Olect, (oj irftsczu, (St net ur t.i Bpiua u mi)
btcUai K0-1 j"-f il fluU'rrui,BMtl,UfML
TLmU cf ttktt titti ly tit. coli m tMUff, i)ir
c,i(4, till rPrrl iti tli.1 fcti tflavr. VtMa64
Jfllk1IrrtllAal M9.r(.lr ytiVlf 0 Mral fl
ft 4UU&' t TtJ-9. Wilfrriilt4tkxtfr. Piirtt
AIedisU 0uiiti4t u feso&iwl enrop t im.
ftr&uUlftf H9 (! 1 iikW tf tt ttmTU.fi.
I.ttr tM3fU H llllt, ittJ n;M.tl.J U.aM d(jtSls.4i'
Is(fttrrlM. lt'tllU-irr.f (! rttr. Bantu
f UrU Utif, ! vttAl&iM U tlrf ki4l
votBkistsovJ. ftctrvttt i! bU htftliar.lssauurl
CtU4'S. VtrtftYt ltw.1. l JrU 1 saar waJ uttj far.
trlAvftl tr IU liriUfUl f ri K.rrUi llf ftet,
t-rlr fwUsj. tfc iJ)t9 ftir tvir fcr M etu,
Ail'-n. Vi. J&cqiics, Ocntrftl Httiutl XaiUtat.
7QGCbaiauf xt i, Bt- Lcui. Igo, '
Dr. Whittier,
0I7 St. Charles street, St. Louli. Mo.
X ttciltr rrtsUU of t U4lt?il CHh. k Mr
trifMIatt.i;-xHl u.U4t,i f u Vurtl. 0zuftl
n4Clironia Vice uo r wkir rkruftsiabb
Leu, kt .it f p:r iM til ill t Unit ktsv.
Sypdiln, Qonorrhoa, OIl. Striclur. Or
chitit. Hf.mii, or Rupturt, !! Urinary Diitai3
and 3pVilitic or mtrcurul affection of th
throat tkin or bona, art uti4 vita mf.Xu4
Q Utflt KU&UC4 (flMtp'-M- tktJj, frtfUl;t
Spermitarrhaa, Saiual Debility and Impot
tncy, utttfrHiUcf fklT-absMta ?-tb, ml
torjtm jtAi,trfcOr i vtkh rx44
Cf Ibt ftIUlAC ffttl bTfvtltMI, mUil stOMlM.,
tJelllltr, itaartor ttfiU deftctira mnzy, no U
(u,bjikldK7,kttrsi.ii HJtAfUty.f (i.eawlo
if cr Mti fcofr, ti rttvlrttf taarriaca
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