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gltt instill.
IUMIm Mailer o EmT 'V'-
JONX. OBBBI.Y, Bdltor.
' floir; JtMui WA.nmuns, of VJI
a4 couniyy been clwteil to tho
poiltlin W Vloc-Willit ol tlu Stall!
Board of Ajrricullurc, t0 n" ,,,u vacancy
occasioned by tlic doatli o( Mr. Iy.n T.
Til election for corporation nfflenrs
took place In tli iii'lKtihortiitf vllhiK"
Charleston, Inst Tuesday. Sir. V. A.
Itamlal wm elected mayor, lu-atiii?
Ills competitor, Sir. O. 11. Hriilon, nine
11k. JiNtKi-H ilKim.i. i bow In Wash
ington, primarily to load down tin1 trio
graph with mrtlnti reports about nm
nc.Uy matter?. In liU second aim, wliloli
wm to wcure Uu Itepnbllcnu Katlonul
contention Jo Chicago, he was defeated.
Cteiiii(ll will uwno tlio candidate, and
tlio Democracy will Ix-nt lilm.
A skw dally paper lias made Its ap
pearance In thctown ofOlney. Small a
tbc dicct l, tins town will be found too
email to niKrt it. Tins wrecks of dally
paptram.iy he found In neurly every
town, the size of Olney. In the country ;
but nobody xei-iiH to Wraw any proiltable
lesson Iroavtlicm.
Tub Murphysboro Urn of lnt week
bolitrd tlio name of .loliu A. f.oan as
Its candidate for President of the United
State. The week beore, the editor of
t'arll'rettei'it fiiun paper did the fame
thln. 'And.it U thus that the purpose
of the people to make Mr. Logan their
president manifests luelf !
Hon. It. A. Hatchkk, who represents
Southeait Missouri hi tlic lower house of
Congress, has introduced u bill tor the
relief of tobacco grower. Should hl.i
bill bocone iaw, ofir planters wlil en
oy theWxht of telling their leal tobacco
without payings heavy tax thereon. The
bcllvt U cutertaincd that the bill will
Ks-SkN'Itou Hkndkksos llxes his too
for serrlcei in tbo whisky rlnjr cases, at
$30,000. It U highly desirable; that tle-
irauuers at me revenue stiouhl be mm.
liked ; but the reflection that tho money
mint go. into tba pocket of tho jrreedy
proaecutor, man f ijq's zeal In the matter
very considerably. '
W see it stated that thp best edito
rials tliat appear in thoLouUvlilb'Con
Jtumal are written by Watcnou while
abed. U mm very much th iamb ' With
Tom MarsbaU. Ills best speeches were
made whn he was so druuk that he had
to support himself by n'rtrong grip upon
the desk of theroatrum.
Ir Cortina, who was recently released
from prison, re-commences his predatory
warfare ob. Uio residents of tlio Ameri
can side of the Rio Grande, tho govern
ment shonid eater luto an arrauuemuut
with u uadlspoud ot members of
the Williamson county veudotta to get
aiier mm. uac Hundred aud forty dol
lars and traveling expenses, is; the sum
mat would have to be paid to them.
Tmk effort to secure a pardon
htokes has resulted In failure. The gov
ernor cannot accept as n sulllclent expla
nation of Flik's death, that ho fell down
stairs aud was fatally injured by the ex
plosion ol a box oi peppermint drops;
"or can he believe the other plea set up
that the Fisks all dlo in an absurd man
ner, and in unnatural place. From the
Stokes standpoint, (lie governor fcciiis
Onk ot the Jackson county kuklux,
Oum Stephens, by name, was tried last
week, for highway robliery; found guilty
and sentenced to fourteen years in the
penitentiary. Jackson aud Williamson
counties are rapidly ridding themselves
of their thieves, and murderers. It
would have been better for tho reputa
tion of both counties had this good work
been Inaiignrated two or three years
A Southern correspondent of u North
ern paper says that the weight of South
ern lavor gravitates in a marked manner
towards (J over nor Tllden ns the Demo
cratic candidate for the I'reiUlency. Ite
plylng to thli a Georgia pnH.r says :
"If, as he asserts, this corresK)iident has
been studying the political situation in
the South, for a year or more carefully,
aud has arrived at the conclusion that the
people favorithe nomination of Tildeu,
he Is one ot two things, u lunatic or u
T hk editor of the Sun wants to know
"how much taxes are paid upon the
ground lying between the leveu mid the
Mississippi nveri" it would lie a bless
ing to the public and a great relief to ns
If tho Sun would occasionally tlhd out
owMi'fiy on its own uccoant, but It is
not given, it seems, to tricks ol that kind.
The amount paid, every year, upon the
land outside the levee, exceeds as four to
one, the total sum of taxes paid by the
editor of the. S'ut during; tho entire term
of his residence in Alexander county.
Thai's tho nuiwcr.
It Is reporUd that a ietltlon h in cir
culation iu Williamson aud Jacksou
counties, praying Governor Iteverldge to
commute Marshall C rain's sentence from
death to imprisonment In the peniten
tlary for lire. The governor caunot, cer
tainly dare not.grant the prayer of such a
petition. Of all the murderers and assas-
sins ever sentenced to death in this
BUte, Marshall Cralu takes rauk among
the most ieudish and cold-blooded. Tho
law ami public sentiment demand his
execution', and the governor ni m!,ko
a (rave nUUtcfcifiie acts upon any other
howifljr or aupposition. The execution
lixMfWU! nest, and, isiso&ru
w. brtitMtabto to. tbservej there I.
but bfW)tUiM(aa0af tMiople,raut
Cincinnati's Southern railroad pro
ject H prmlng llelf one of the greatest
eah-nhorhers ever dev Ned In this coun
try. It has already swallowed up ten
millions of dollars ; but It Is a hungry ns
ever. The Ohio legislature lias just en
acted a law authorizing the city of Cin
cinnati to suh'erlbe six millions more, and
to save the original subscription this six
millions must bu ral-cd, and that nt once.
If there ln't a big steal In that railroad
scheme, lliero nru a great many shrewd
people most wonderfully mistaken.
In a special message to the legislature,
Governor Kmery, ol I'tnli, takes strong
ground In favor of exterminating polyg
amy. lie claims that It Is not a religious
creed that he U assailing ; but a vile, de
basing, sensual habit, that our elylllw
ion has so far outgrown that It
stands stigmatized as a relic ol bnibariim.
It outrages enlightened FentliWnt; Is full
of evil, and should, since public, opinion
Is unequal to the work of wiping It out
ho exterminated by tho strong arm of
the law. '1 he message created n profound
sensation In Utnh. as well among the gen
tiles, who cordially ciidon-o It, in among
the saints who condemn it. ,
Tiikhi! Is nn ellort on foot in certain
localities In this congressional
district to Induce Col. Itenj
I,. Wiley, of Makaudit, to mi
iiounco himself as the Itepubllcau caudl
date for congress. Col. Wiley is a irood.
substantial clllen; mixes no bigotry or
lanatacism with his politico, and Is. mob
ably, the strongest man his party could
put In the Held. liut the Colonel, we
take It, Is not ready lor the sacrifice. No
fact that remains for future deineustrii-
Hon Is mora certain than tho fact that
Hon. William Harwell will be his own
Hiicces-or, II ho lives, and remains true
to his JM-Inclple. It Wiley does not
loresee sticli n result, he's blinder than
we take him to be.
Our fruit-growers have, nt the end of
twenty years, and after paying out many
thousands ot dollars tor the knowledge,
learned that fruit trees transplanted from'
the nurseries of Michigan and New York,
languish and die belorc completing the
process of accllmltization. Had these
trees succeeded as well ns the home grown
ones, eyery county in Southern Illinois
would now he heavy shippers of fruit,
instead or buyers, as many of them nre
known to be. Within the last lew years,
nowi'ver, quite a change has been effected.
Homo nurseries are now supplying the
demand for young trees, aud liundrcdsol
orchards nro coming luto "bearing" In
ho very localities where "foreign trees"
were planted and failed.
Thk genuine forty-rod, dead-shot
Whisky has been fouud In the town of
I.awrenccvlllc. One day last week three
young country chaps purchased a quart
ot the stull'lroiu one of the saloon keep
ers of the place, and drank it. In less
than two hours two of the young men
were attacked with severe pains nud
cramps In the stomach, violent vomiting.
etc., which coutluued until eight o'clock
In the evening, when both of the siillercrs
died. The third young man, who in
dulged but lightly, was very sick, but re
covered. It Is not believed that the sa
loon keeper poisoued the whisky, and
nobody else had an opportunity to do so.
It was simply that kind of whisky. Law
rencevillc drinkers drank It with Impu
nity because their fctomachs arc copper
Wk have, In the person of a llandolph
county school teacher, a fair representa
tive of the "good old l'urltau time" that
is the subject of so much undeserved lau
latum. On Tnueday, of last week, this
leacticr, wuo is In charge of the Steele's
Mills school, fell upon a lad named Bax
ter, and beat him most unmercifully.
The lad was so badly Injured that it be
came necessary to carry him home and
call iu a physician. When asked why ho
had Inflicted such brutal punishment
upon tho child, the teacher replied,
"The word of God thall be read In my
school ; 1 don't care what the conse
quences are ; and that hoy didn't bring n
testament:'' ixgul proceedings have
been taken by the boy's guardian, mid
the probability exists that the teacher
will be lined S'J.
Whkn Captain Sisuey was shot down,
oil his own door Mcp, Iu the town of
Carbondale, by certain cold-blooded
devils connected with the Williamson
county vendetta, Mr. D. II. Hrusli, of that
place, came forward and offered $.VXI
lor the arreit of his murderer. The
guilty party Is now paying the penalty
of his crime, and one Countable Lowe,
who arrested him, comes torsvnrd aud
claims the reward. "No," replies Col.
ltrusli, "1 do not know that you are the
penoti that Is entitled to It, I will sub
mit the matter mr determination to
Judgo Crawford." And now we have It
that Judge Crawlord refuses to give the
extra-judicial opinion asked for, and
llrukh still refuses to decide lor himself.
Hence the matter remains to be settled
by proceedings at law, which were Insti
tuted last week.
Tub Kvenlug&'ui munis ama.od. The
IIum.kt in and ilaiettt publUhvd a brace
ol paragraphs Identical In their tacts and
similar In language. The Sun detected
the similarity, and parading the articles,
kldo by side, before hi readers, ho ex
claims: "Fellow cltlens, look nttlils!
Here are two articles that carry iutarual
evidence that they originated in the siimu
brain! Traco the Mniilarity, ami tell this
people, who yet have ot rights, If one
man didn't write theiii both! And who
wrote them? The Cairo public U not
made up of noodles ! It has among Its
rights, the right to know all about this
matter! Gentlemen of the Jury, the
case is now with you ! What is your ver
dlctf" Tho verdict of the lurv. hanov.l
lf late yesterday evenlor, I to tlw effect
uuu doiii articles emanated from tho
tame source, and that Davis Is a consura
Us ass for making such a hullabaloo
about nothing,
Tin upper house of the California leg
islature will perform Its work, hereafter.
unblessed by prayer. ' A resolution abof.
l-lilngthelllce ofVlmplalii wag' passed,
by the casting vote of the president, after
the ino-t acrimonious debate that ever oe-.
eurrcd iu that branch or the legislature.
I'he resolution set forth, what can
"carcely be denied, that the appointment
of n chaplain involved the expression of a
preference as to tho religious creeds ;
posted a spirit of rivalry and contention
among them, bred animosities and heart
burnings; lowered the dignity of the
ministry down to the arena of party pol
itic ; destroyed the solemnity of prayer
by reducing It to a mere formula; made
Invidious distinctions between tho dlller
ent departments of the government, by
giving a chaplain to fome and denying It
to others, and llnally that such an nlliee
Is iu no reuse essential to the public
tiii; iii.iii: anii Tin: uk.iy.
Itepubllcau editors are sorely grieved
over the accumulating evidence that tin
government Is rapidly passing In the con
trol of the rascally rebels. "In the sub
ordinate positions tilled by nppolutiueu
In nud about the House of Congress
Union soldiers, (no say thn patrotie. edit
ors aforesaid) stand no chaucu nt all
The positions am given to tho-'c, who,
Icssthaiiadoztii years ago, wet light
lug against the government, nud doing
all within their puwur to disrupt nud l
st toy the Union." These doloroiM com
plaints are made In the very face ol the
tact that while the lat House, which was
overwhelmingly Itadtcal, had only
Union koIiMcis among the 1ST under
strappers of tiu Door Keeper, the present
Houp, which Is overwhelmingly Deino
eratlcle, has, iu the Door Keeper's lorec,
which lias been reduced to till, twenty,
eight Union soldiers. Hence, If the sta
bility ol our government depends upon
the presence of I'lilou soldiers In and
nbout the House of Congress, never he
fere In the history ot our country was It
so secure ns at tho present time. Of SO
appointments made by n Democratic
Door Keeper, twenty-eight of the ap
pointees are Union soldiers. Ol 187
made by tho last l'adlcal Door Kccpvr,
Union soldiers received but twenty-one.
Chew I tut cud awhile.
Wlillp iml Xei(r I.y iieliers.
Mkmi'UIS, Teitu., .Ian. 17. The Apptal
says : Last Thursday night a body ol
disguised men took four negroes from
the jail at Krlar's l'olnt, Miss., and shot
them to death. The mob reached the
town soon alter dark and compelled the
Jailor, Major Alcor, to surrender the jail
keys, which were in me court house sate
The mob then entered the ail and un
locked the cells iu which were coutlned
four desperate negroes. Jiui Stokes, liob
Vouuir. Carey Irwin and Tom 1'iil'Ii.
The prisoners were ipilckly tied and
then taken n mile from town
and riddled with bullets. There
were llfty or sixty men in ths
mob, halt of them being negroes. The
men were quite busty, yet sure in their
work, and as soon as they had tied the
prisoners uiey nurricu litem out on
Sheriffs Hidge, where they were riddled
wiiu tnmcifl. .11111 sioKcs, one 01 me ne
groes murdered, burned a glu which hc
iouged to Mr. Krauch, iu Coahoma
county, on the nlclit ot January 7..hav
lug six weeks belorc robbed a man on
tbo road. Hob Voting was thought to
hnve beuti engaged with Stokes iu n 1111111-
berof robberies and stabbed a man in an
utTiwt in L-tll lilm 'IVmi I'llfrli wnj ..nlll..
niwo ... ....... "in " iw 1111 1 J
of nreon nud robbery, anil had burned
Capt. Howard Stovalrs gin and Mnblcs,
tlilrteen Horses :uiu mules being burned
iu tlic stables.
The Kuroii'(ui Urnlri JlniUcls-
London. Jan. 17. Tho Mart La,u
hr)rts weekly review of the grain trade
says: winter returnee last week with
greatly Increased sevcrltv. but no chaniro
from the mild nud damp weather lias
been serviceable to the newly threshed
uuini..i, .11111.11 iiiiu euiutuij lutlllll
uuyers 111 cousequcneu ol their miser
able condition, and to tills wo attrib
ute me moderate) decline in av
erages rather than to any actual
reduction. Hut wo am hardly rely
upon a full recovery in condition until
March sets in. So wn hnvn sly wcnk-A
before we can expect much benefit,
inougii uie lauu lias uceu gelling nomc-
wnat uraincu ot supcrtluoiis moisture In
preparation lor snrinir nlnntinir. We
note, by the weekly sales, that now wo
iiiivo exactly rcacnuu me average ot last
year, when tho crop was a good one.
Unless imports continue to lie overdone.
whlchiWltli tho Northern ports closed aud
New York quotations itilly live HhlillnL's
per ipi'irter dearer, seems quite Improli-
hinc, mere must eventually no a recovery
in ineeh :ii our wants uecoutn conspicu
ous. Moru tlriimess Is evinced lu Purls
and in some of tlio provincial markets,
also In Itelgitnn ; but tho Dutch and Ger
man markets have ruled dull ; tho roads
mm uaiiais ueitig oustrucied ny ice and
snow. Tho latter seems to have been
more in omer parts ot Knropo than iu
The liriilut Ity Nemilurlili.
Ci.M'iNNATi, U.,.lan. 17,-lu the Ken
ttick v lei'Watuio on the Hi . t ii-iin.t
tl,e .V'1381".0!1 : ,c(;k' Williams, IU
Leslie, 29; Wndswortli, M. Alter tills
ballot Leslie withdrew.
l.orisviu.K. .lau. 17. The name of ex
noveruor Leslie wa.s withdrawn from
the senatorial contest this niornliigat
rrailkinri. leaving two eaml ilntea linn
jniues u. hcck aud lieneral Jud. S. Wil
Hants. ' ho Democratic caucus will
bo held to-night.
Dispatches to tlio Courier-Journal from
L.. ..1. A. ... . . .1 .1 .1 1, 1 1
r iiiiihiuri io-iiuv si lie lilt neck mine
coming man.
Slats Roofers,
jAJVNA., XXjiXi.
BooflnKanU Guttering n Specialty
Slate Roofiing a Specialty iu
any pan 01 aouiuorn
Lightning Bods, Pumps, Stoves
uuu xinwuro.
Jobfclag ProaiPtly Done.
rho Pcoplo's Itcmody.
Tho Universal PuinExt actor.
Moto: Ak for Pond's Extract.
Tuho no other.
llriu! fnr I will sneak of rxrrllciit Ititnirn.
1 11 1 iirlej to Mini i.r llniM?,
.11 . ... ..1
ruin, iHiiisi'.-,
Hliiillis, Hpiiiliin, C'otihl-
SlIIIlK, IlllOUItlllllS.
I'riic lure. Oils, Ijimii-
lltl III IhdlHll Wl1lllill
llleeilliiu l.iinux. or
Xoxe llleeil.iiiiil lllmt-
liu (mm nr IitUi
VlllilH lute ill llliitiiliunl
lllorxly I l-ctiii rK"
I'lllH lllmlltiL' Plli'H.
Illlnil flics, (liih.llll.lc )
roigia,nwiiii run
Klicmiiiillxiu, Itlicinnn
lie. Swfllliu' Di'Siii-i'iivrn,
Hlllrilexx or SnUMicm,
l.llllilinKil, limit- I lurk
Sure Tliruitt urUulii.y
InlliiiniHi loiislU.
nilillierln. Ilranrlil
lit. AsIIiiiiii.
iNurp or jntl iiikiI Kycn or
fiilnrrli, Irf'iicorilie:!,
II iarr 'a. llvuviitcrir.
Sure .iiili M, liiil.uni.il
I'nltirtil ur loo rrirui-
Milk 1.4-z. tlrurlun HI.
ML'tf mill 'I'linitirn
Kidney I'oimilnliit,
llrnvi'l nnil Hlrniiifiirv.
t'linllMKM uml Kvoirlii-
lions or Intuiiti, ur
tiirleoo). Veliix. Iji
t.irtriil or IiiiIhiihiI Whm
DleerN. Olil .Sori'S, li.ltr
nil Uli'tTMloiH.
nollx, (iirlninilrs, Tu
mors, Hot ?rtl I llik-x -ririiN
atnl II1111I011.H, L'lial
eil or Sniv Kirt.
.I'linlliiUN.Itimii'jiior Sml-
I Vtuii or Whitlow, Krost-
(ll l.hnlijl nr IhiU.
.Moiiilii) llltrx. liHert
sunn', uiiuinil II1U1U1.
I'O.Ml'N RXTRACr U tomnlotiy,,!! r'lrM.
iiiMi iiriiKKixi". mm liieoiiiiiH'.iiliiiny
nil uruKK'1". 1 i nu liinn, unil 'vrj
Imily who lum ever lucil It.
I'niiilililet cuntiiltilnir Ili.lorv unit Utm null
wl tree 011 niillejilUiii, If not lotiml lit ) our
riiKKiBl n
JSvw York uml I.oikIoii.
Coal Coal,
MT. OARBON(Big Muddy)
Ordors for Coal by tho oar-lond.
ion, or in bogshoads, for shipment,
"To larso aonsuniors and nil
sanufaoturors, we nro prepared
io Biipply any quantity, by tho
jiuuiu or year, ai umiorin rates.
tlrltttlllday nro.'aoniw, No 70 OliioLvric
t"IIiriilny Ilro.'n uliiirfbout,
r-At l.Vyiitiiin .Mills, or
tAt tbc Coul Dumii, foot of Tauty-Klslit
OTost Office DrawiT, 300.
KTew-York Store
Goods Sold Vory Clone.
Corner 10th St. unit Commnrolnl Av,
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
-C.VXI X.VV3JI. Ltollty fi)r KRllk
UiiUii'n X. wiiirit mul Mamilma, tlic ol.leit
MtablMinl llliKlmltil l' iloilln.li In America,
cliey are now llrt oflVuil to r.inraiA-N, lu
will, If they dcciiu- an ncciicy ami cc1ihw It r
rltory, lie enuljl.tl o liitioilucc H'enliru Brt-
claij illustrate.! lVilu.llerU, nnlnl loim many
tll-linet taitinor ivuntu, ami, ullli iho choice
friiiiu'lvht now mul beautiful ehromoit, kIviii
free of col4 to r.uli annual eubtcrlU'r, I hi
alil.il tf secure 11110 or mom subcrlitloiiH In
ury family in their ilUtrlct. To tkilMil c.111
Va.eri Dili will Miiirepeiiiunvnt I'lnplnymi'iit,
mul tho iincwiils ..nil jmi will be u unurvv o
truilyiiiul mauiiil rim'inic. MkcIiiicii iiapen
ami mint IiIhtjI 11 ins acul to all iiiiicauts ho
iiumo the territory they itvslru to rauvius Ail-
itrfis, Ak'ency lirimrtiiuiit, I'muk l-cslU-'a
I'liblUliliiK House, M7 Pearl Strirt, .Vow Voik.
ISTGreat Medical Book
ami t'it'H for IjiiIics ami liint, m-u rrt-v fur
,n u .Ul.llil. atniirn,,
T. .llJSKril JIKIIICAl.lNhllTU.'I'i:
10-15-itly, Mi 'IumtI'Ii Ho,
lflfi4lt VKUI4 nin inn A.f.1 ...
VK Cento, in. I K vervbo" V rnokeVl tKm
ii niin.n ui.ni "".?.VV.'KC1 '11!'m!
thiilr own Wl I. iliul i 1 "'''i uoul
La Ficcadura,
- on
3 Cent Cigrar,
(Tti.'iiuii.ir.irtiiiirliytliiiM,fialrnl.-.l Mm lili.i ry iiieeiii.1il.it to in-ike tlieul.v.TcWiriite.l
(JK..nilii ioil.if Hu;i y-MHin wr n nl Imm l!i ... Mlii-r Ali.niir.rtmi is e.111 ,r...l.uva ClK.rof
e.iia.iMlllj, . Hon J?t MKtli.'lrni;niMlli,,,lliy , wnppiy mml. m ullli 11 mik.-i1ov IO rein
WAmnisD mm mi Havana filled cm roa five csk
.i',!',T.,.'r',,',1'.l, rHI'',;''l!!'l'i1''.?111': ' t l'l ll' iiiiJorll.vi.rtii..U. r.-i.r. I. rt.il.ny tli. lrClKrs
Ii.ij 11 11 l,. i( . lm,.ii,l,,i,l., I,,. .,:m f.u..rliiK ll.e iiu.l.irlly. n..n,. ofll.e inli.nrltr (.. I.m
I., mi lie-1. I. , In M llliijr i. nnv K Vari.l Hie n un.- rule im liw, mi, liny, nr 11 Ih.v
lly nt.i.iliiliiii:i. , Inle ni;..i.;y In a .Ity, I In y .utmte llulr ImhImcm. ..-.Iiiii- llu-lr ls ami
uy nipiiiiiiiiii: 1. iiiie m;i'iiry n, !(
iAi.ii-i , ami l.i i i 1 1 iheipi .Illy nf
in.- . ,4i,
n.inii in, iiiii. .n.'.r 1.. e.
CivQ thQsn a Trial and b Convinced
, Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Importer and Wholosalo Dealer In
Wines and Liquors.
Koops a lill stock of
H.outuoIs,y Bourbon,
Monongahela,Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Insurance Agent
OXXXO XjIl"V7"U33t
Orer Matliun Uhl'i.
"ONKbut Klrt-ClMS Companlc ripre
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Building, up.itatri,
The Oldaot KotubllshBtl Aconcy In Rout
am IHIuoIh, ropreaentlntr over
UlKim-Ntlminhly, the lieil Niililneil
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Subscription to llarpor'n JlaRarl.ie,
Weekly, , or Huzar, to one addrc for 0110
cal, to 0110 address for one year! 87 00s
post(,'olrce. ' '
rV,ra..t',lpy 0,,.?'tlier tlio Macnilno,
V eolily or Itazar will be Mippllud irratt-i for
every club of ilvo milmerlbari at 4 00 each'
will out extra copy; p0t JBo free. V ' ,
tlnie. ,Mmli'u l'u HIl'Ilcd at any
A conipUto f.ct of liarpcr'-i MaRazIno,
u .C0,"I1,r, '.l"fc'-,,J voluuien, In neft cloth
blndtti',', will bo sent by exprcsn, frelcht at
tho expense nf pnrcliansr, for 2 ffii prr
oi nine, sinsio volumes, by mail, postpaid,
tJ 00. Cloth caMH, forblndtiiK, 68 euutB,
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yortiocincut without tho express ordtn ot
Harnor Itrotlicra.
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JOHN B. PHttiis
(Sncccaeors to John II. rtilllla)
Commission Merchants
And Dvultrs In
Agent! for LAFLIN jTbAITD CO
CCornof Tenth "fitraat ad Okie
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
N'ifOOlilo Lnec,
K. .1. Ayna. fi. u. Aim,
Ami Kpnral
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Commission Merchant
Ami .l.ahr In
Forolim and Domestic Frulta and Nut
Dealer m Fresh Meats
Betweon Waihlnirton md Commercial
KKKPS for sale tlio belt Ikef, fork. Mutton
Veal, Lumb, (iatisaire. Ac. anil Ii pre
prod U t rve rsmlllni In o wwiiUIiIk nmitiu r
F()ll the iely euro of Scmliul Wrsknena,
lt alanlioo.1 and all .llnleri broughl
on by Imllion tlons or cxus, Any UnutKikt
has tin-liigrfdlmU,
bincmnau, u
Loading Journal of Southern
. v . . . ai!-ii r 11
The Biilleiin
Wlllntcadtastly oppose the policies ol thg
Republican party, and rcfunn to be tram
melled 1. tho dlctatlouol any clique in thr
Democratic organization.
H be.tevei that the Itepubilean patty tia
fulfilled Ita minion, and that the Demo
cratic party as now orKanlze.l .houlu I e re
stored to power. . ,
It believes the itadtcal tyranny that ba
for moral years opprenscil tbc South
should be orertbrown and tho people cl Ibe
Mouth em State pennltUM to control then
own attalni.
It believes that railroad corporation
abotild be prohibited by lrtfiilatlve enarti
menu from extortmc and unjttniy dsscrira.
inatlugln their buelnem trannaetloni with
the public.
It rccogn!7cn the erjualit j- ol all men bo
foro tho law.
It advocate freo couiinereo tarltl fo:
tevetiuo only.
It adTocater resumption of ipeeie pay
ment, and huntiit piyment ol tbc public
It advocate' economy in the edmi'iMra
tlon ol public atlalrs
The lltillelln will puhli-.ii all tholocalncwa
ol Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, Po
litical, Korclcu and lieneral Ner, and en
deavor to please, all tustci ami intutcst alt
T 11 K
U a thirty-two column papor, lurni'hcil to
submrlhori- tor tho low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'nstaje prepaid. It Ih tho cheapest paper
in tha Went, ami la a pleating Klrcyj.ie
Visitor and Family Companion,
Canuot tail to leo tho r 'valed Indutc
raentu offered by Tho Bulletin in tho way
ol cheap anil prollUlile advertisement?.
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