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Tmbrk I'nileJ SUtrs Senator were
tlecUd o Tuesday . Ut, it. : lel,
licmoorWfrow Ktntikky ;T.inar, lm
crat, (from Ml.ilppl, ".ml Klrkwooil,
ifrpublteaii, from Iowa. The elwllon of
Lamar, to cuccccil Alcorn, Is a Demo
cratic gala.
Miss I'hokhk Coiizin, tlio St. I.onN
lady lawyer, ilolivrretl a lecture tu Cur
bonilalc tnc other day, In which the took
trong ground In favor of lemalfsnffraii',
ami warmly ileprrcntwl the partlWatlon
ot female Miflrasl-lx Centennial work.
The Carbowlalo p;icr, ieal: of the lec
ture a a jrruceful afliilr, but utterly de
void of anything new or Mrlklng.
"Wk ajralti ask tliu Ifei.LKrix how
much taxes are (wid upon the land lying
outside the lerei !'&( Sun.
You don't know, eli V We do ; and It
wouldn't Inconvenience ne In the least to
Impart the Information; but wc, don't
Intend to do o. Wu are moved to thl
refusal by a desire perhaps n vain one
to sec tomtthinj lu the Sun that Is not oh
talned from the Huli.ktix.
Tiik stun ol $350,000 In available treas
ure was nl.iced lu the "tronir-box" of
our new State houe, on Monday hut.
The depoMt was thus limited. lccaue
the State authorities arc not certain yet
thatthu vault 1 burxlar-proof. .lust
enough of money was toreil away In it,
therefore, to excite n trial ot burglarious
Ingenuity. If the vault stands the test
the whole amount of our public treasure
will be placed therein without any doubts
about lu safety.
Tut: Cairo special correspondent of the
State Rtguter says that the people o'
Cairo are, almost unanimously, opposed
to the acceptance ot the proposition
made by the Narrow-gauaijc company,
for the right ol way over our new levee.
The correspondent correctly states the
sentiment of our people. The offer
should bare been rejected at once. Had
It been, the matter would be tar ad
vanced, now, toward a satisfactory solu
tion Mt:. K. S. IitKt.AM), the chief operator
in the Pckin uhtky ring, was brought
to hlprlnglleld, Wednesday evening lu
cliarpc ot an ofllur. Jfe ImJ, by shrewd
dodging, evaded the otUern of the reve
nue service during a period of two
mouths; but dually becoming omcwhal
lax in his lookout, was Incontinently
gobbled. Ills arrest Is regarded by the
.Springfield Remitter as one of the inot
Important yet made, as he U believed to
be In postesMou ot facts that will, If
drawn out, blow the l'ekln whisky ring
Into atoms, and bring about the convic
tion of everybody concerned therln. l'e
kln, 'though not u large town, will com-1
pare favorably, In the magnitude of her
crooked bnslnetn, with Chicago and Mil
waukee. It Is not believed that there U any
foundation for the rumor that an attempt
will be made, to-day, to re-cue Marshall
(."rain trom the gallows. The peeple
gencrall" have Mitt led down In the con
viction that In the miserable man de
nerves the fate that awaits him. There Is
not the shadow ot a doubt existing any
where as to his guilt ; and we cannot be
lieve, therefore, that any man or pet of
men are dcipenttc enough to seriously
contemplate a vio.au t inlerJVreuee with
the courte of Out Uw. 'L'Uu ilutria hUnuU,
however, take all needful precautious.
Indeed, cognizant as lie must be of the
minors atloat, it would be a neglect al
tost criminal lu its kind, should he tall
to summon a jmut that would be equal
to any possible emergency.
Skxatou Wkut, ot Louisiana, has do
Utted a hleal in the Union and Central
Pacific railroads, and has called the at
tention of congress thereto. For foine
rea'on, which remains to be explained,
the government Kened to thom compa
nies $53,300,000 In bonds, whereas tho
Uw authorized the luue of $50,000,000
only. Add to the over-hMie the ten
years' interest that has accrued, and wc
have, In the hands of the I'nlon and Cen
tral I'aeltTc companies, the sum of Jive
millions of dollars, upon which they
have no valid claim. Senator West de-
luuuuia rciunioi mis sum, and nu ex-
r.lanatlon as to the wherefores ol" the
over-Usue. Tin reckl.;,,n':ii mid vil
lainy that have characterized the admin
istration of public affairs Mace the Ucpub
llcau party came Into power are (Imply
attouiidlng. Kvery day unearth" evi
t'ence of frauds upon, and conspiracies
against the govetnmeiit that goes far to
weaken one's faith lu the possibility of
uu honest admlnlitratloii, at ail.
It doesn't argue well for Mr. U. W.
Miinu that hi caw; presents a conspicuous
ubMrtii-eof voluntary bondsmen. In St.
I.oulsand MllnauWhis bondsmen are
not men of utaudlug ami wealth, who
ure well assured of his Irmwcncu ; lu
weltlier city were party or personal
friends quick to stand for his appearand.
un uie contrary, m uotli caws, II. m.
Alunu, uu brother, aud I. II, Tope, his
law partner, rathe only parties named
us standing between hlui and a legal de
tention ol uu person. There may have
been a whole regiment of millionarles
clamortBg for a chance to
atand u r)is bondsmen ; but no mention
ofsucli a friendly demonstration Is made
'by either the prcsa or the telegraph , On
the contrary, when the names of his
brother and partner were pronounced in
uMoIaut lw bit Mllwaukoo bond, not
one of tho tweuty-llvo thousand Inliabl
tantiof that city tentfaml his friendly
Mom. For the third uamc, Mr. Munn,
aa a laalUrffBleajuri of uoccsslty, iw
don't knoW Vdobf repair., to Chltalrt.
TkUi look liWaNfUl, mj couiitrjwfq ;
Kvrn since the cloe of the war the en
tire stock lu trndo of the Kcpublleaii
party has confuted ol prejudice and pas
sion. Its orators anil newspaper, Ignor
ing the more important questions that
were Intimately connected with our peace
and proserlly us a nation, havu striven
with might and main, to keep alive the
prejudice und bllternes'c engendered
by the war. With these weapons the
party fought, and, although they have
lost their effectiveness, the spokesmen of
the party Still cling to them u if lu their
u-e they saw the only hope of sitcce".
With the advent of this Centennial year of
our existence a a republic, good men or
both partir desiied that the bloody
hllidgi-oii of the past ,-IionKI lie lu it 1
nM and the political battle ot lSTii lie
fought ou the Hue pointed out by the
pressing needs of the times .mil the coun
try ; but scarcely had the glad clamor
that uhered lu the centennial year died
away, before the chief Itepuhlican aspi
rant lor Presidential honors, takes In
hand the political wcapoils ol the war
time, and brandlthe them over the heads
of the people with the same savage ma
lignity that marked their tl-e while the
incmotles ol the war were yet freh and
every home furnished e iilenee of the hor
rors that had characteiicd it. Uut these
resuireclers ofburied iiiilmoiltles these
revivors of latent hatreds, greatly mis
take the present temper of the peopie.
Tlierc aro not now, us there u-ed to he,
shouts of approval to follow the hate
inspired utterances of nepubllcan de
cluimcrs. The names of "rebel" and
"copper-head'' have lost their sting; and
the most evenomed denunciation of those
who lately fought us In the open Held,
fulls toarousethe slumbering animosities
of our people. And we see in this con
dition of the public mind n most
hopeful sign. We read tho
assurance that thepcople, long ago sick
ened by the oft-repeated horror of the
war, are willing and anxious to bring
about an era of concord and good fellow
ship auxioiii to regain the .strength that
lies In a perfect union ot heart as well as
ot lauds; and determined that the Illaiiies
and the Mortons who would defeat these
ends, shall be stripped of their power to
do barm. Good has come out of Xazer-
eth : sweet from tho bitter.
ZKLI.'N t:.Yt l.ei'FDfA
Is the only one describing all the cities,
towns uud villages in the world ; defin
ing all words in use lu the English lan
guage; giving-the pronotinclation of all
common and -proper names; treating on
so many m 150,000 subec(s ; rendering
accessible information on every conceiva
ble topic ; and the only one to be obtained
ou small monthly payments.
It is now coming from the press, to be
complete Im 01 numbers of 40 page each.
thornuvlile rpvicnl. vvllti '.tt! naires ci'
beautifully colored maps, Miowlug nil
parts of the world.
n-- - j - - - ...... . - -
One tt) cent part or more can be mailed
regularly to subscribers.
Sample number cut for 25 cents.
.1. W. Marh, C10 North KiftlJ reef.
St. ),oui, I (lie Western manager.
It Is pronounced by the newspaper
press of America and England as better
apapted to the wants of the masses, than
any other work ol reference In existence.
It Is sold only by subscription, and
agents are wanted.
It is well for the Democratic party that
the tactics, ol Morton, Ulalue uud other
Radical congressmen, are understood.
They have no higher purpose, in their
hostility to unexceptional amnesty, and
lu their violent and vindictive a-aiilts
upon prominent Southern men, tliau to
provoke the Southern representatives Into
exprelon of re'rntiiiciit, anil a defense
of their rebellious deeds. Willi this ob
ject lu view, Blaine aud his abettors find
no term of reproach too severe; no
taunts too savage or derislou too insult
ing to employ on any and every occaslou
that offers. Hut so tar they have failed
most signally, J he representatives of
the South have endured their insults lu
silence, laughing at their exasperation ;
and maintaining a general bearing that
it winning for them tho sympathy aud
applause of the people, lllaluu mid com
pany may call down upon themselves
pewmal chastisement, nt the hands of
some Southerner, but they will fall to
reap the crop of disloyal expressions
which they cr m so anxious to garner.
XOTB7 TfTriCTil a
Mention of the fact that $7 77 Is the
Ier cent, levied upon Cairo real property,
Is calculated, without explanation, to
mislead the public mind. The levy of
seven dollars and seventy-seven cents is
made upon eu-ry onu hundred dollars
of the equalized, and not the full value of
the real proierty. The Shite Hoard of
Equalization reduced tliu valuation of our
town loth thlrly.seven K.r cent. ThW
reduction reduces the levy to $1 28 on
ou the full value. On personal property
there was a reduction of twentv-three
per cent. This reduces the levy to about
$5 tt) on the full valuation. Ou lands
the Statu Hoard made a reduction of eigh
teen per cent.; hut a hut little of this
kind of taxable property Is embraced
within the city limits, the per cent, of
levy is a matter that has but little effect
upon the sum of city taxes. The laud
owner Is not charged with corporation
iuxcs or taxes 10 provmo interest uuon
corporation bonds, hence, although the
the reduction lu the value is much less
than thai upou the value of town iotp,
the taxes charged to It are much less.
The expunging of all nrereuci! folds mil
lUry career from Hou. W. M. Morrison's
biographical sketch in the congreslonal
records, lias set the whole pack or Had
leal editor howling at the gentleman's
heeU ; uud It was only a dav or two ajto
that a sufllcieut explanation ot the matter
was made to enable hi friends to rally to
hit defense. The paragraph that made
mention of Mr. M's. military services was
stricken uut, because the printer objected
to the sketch us over-reaching the space
'allotted to such matters ; aud becausu the
the tame Individual Insisted that lu ir.s
refercnci!totlmolllclalpultlou ho had
held, he should conllne himsell to ihll
olllces. Mr. Morrison I proud ot
military record, and ha occasion to be.
Had Ids own wishes controlled lu the
'.natter, not u line ot Ids biography would
hare Ixvh erased, i ielillng, However,
to the suggestions ot the public pijuter,
liofiirulihed a pretext lor '-loyal" news
paper men to Indulge In a vast amount
of venom, personal nbue and defama
tion ; and how readily and industriously
tho-o "loyal" scribblers availed them
selves of the pretext, even the most or
dinary observer of pacing event has not
filled to tuillee.
Vli l He Sin) AIi.iiiI I lie VhIiIiik tmi
Aulliitrlllf iiml llio Vtliliik) King.
tl'roiu IlieXew Votk Stun, Jan. H 1
Ex-Senator John II. Henderson, whoe
iiaini! has been uiado lamoii by reasons
of hl- manly and Independent enur-e lu
pro-eeiitlng the whisky ring in St. I.oiiN,
was found lu the Westmini-tcr hotel
yesterday, having arrived lu New York
on Sunday last on u bii-luess mis
lion. The ex--t.ii.itor thought that
he occupied a rather delicate position.
Ho feared that some persons lu or out of
Washington might iuleoustrtic anything
he might say ou the subject ot his recent
trouble with the president In reference
to his removal Irom the post he ocetipied
in prosecuting the whisky cacs, the ex
senator said: "I have no iloitbt, what
ever, that lu the end the president mid
Mr. l'ierrepont will see mil acknowledge
that 1 was right and they were in the
wrong. As 1 said in St. Louts, I say
now. I lime nothing to retract. In the
trial In which 1 made the six-ch
said to have reflected upon Hie
president, 1 mentioned that the
president had no legal right to violate
the revenue laws. (.. JM violate them
In a certain case, uud I aid so. I ay o
now. Hut the question lias about nar
rowed down to tills. One of the presl
dent'acabinet ollloers, with whom I con
versed, admit that 1 was right, and
asked me If I did not In my .pe'eeh say
Grant had no right to do so ami so, and
then he charged me with a violation of
etiquette. This oltlcer said 1 should have
referred to the president iithe president
ot the United Stated. It scorns to have
given ofleiicc because I did not."
Ex-Senator Henderson adds that the
trial when reported covered over 200
octavo" paggs. Mr. I'errepont and the
president aw only a few paragraphs of
Ids speech, and on this I hey based their I
action in ortiermg ins removal.
In answer to I lie qiie-tlon wheller h'
thought the prosecution of the whisky
cae would lie Injuriously aflectecl liy
his removal, Mr." Ihnderson replied In
the negative. Ho thought they would
be prosecuted a vigorously as ever. He
had full coutldeiice in the ability and In
tegrity ol his successor.
In Washington Friday and Satuiday
the cx-seuator had n long interview with
Mr. Pierrepont, and called nlo upon
Secretaries Hrlstow and Chandler. HI1
interview with Mr. Pierrepont related
partly to his connection with the pio-e-cution
of the ring. It was eoidial. So
was his Interview with Mr. ihl-tow,
but he had no conversation with the
latter relative to till- business.
"I .see that some ol tho Western news
paper havu spoken of you lu connection
with the prc.-ldency, Mr. Henderson,"
aid the reporter.
Mr. Jeiiderson I have paid no atten
tion to tlm rcport. I have had cnou'di
of olllce, for I urn always getting into
irounie. t got lu trouijlu ilniini' t tie im
peachment trial ol President Johnson ou
account of my vote. I looked upon the
trial trom illegal, um milnm stand
point. I did not agrco with my party as
sociates thsre. A tor olllce I may say.
I have no ambition. The last oflicc I
held 1 should have given up about the
llrt ot February next, after I had dis
charged my duties, I was not soiry to bo
relieved. Seven mouth 1 labored lu the
prosecution of tlie-esuits very arduously.
Speaking of the president's chances lor
a third term, Mr. Henderson said that
he looked upon the opposition to a third
term as a part of the unwritten law or
the country. lie thought that tho West
ern people did not favor a third term,
aud he could hardly reconcile hluiclf to
the belief that the president actually ex
pected It. Washington, Jcffeoon, and
JbcWftou declined n third term, and no
succeeding president ever vet had occa
sion to do so. The action of tliesc preM-
dent looked like n settlement of the
Mr. Henderson said that there seemed
to be an Impression abroad that he was
hostile to, or In other words, a persecu
tor of the Administration. He was sorrv
tat any one should look upon hint lu that
iigni. ne simpiy um nis uutv wlien
was remilred to lie done, without fear or
tavor, or nope ol reward. He had the
kindest feellnir for those who hail hei.n
Instrumental hi his removal, and thought
iney woiiiu see uiui ins comma hi nt
i.uis was rignt, nun mat tney were
wrong, in due time.
lluwrii anil Breeder.
M:w oiik, Jan. 19. Henry C, Howen
yesterday received a note Irom the ex
ainluiug committee ol Plymouth church,
asking him to meet S. V. White, tho
Wall street broker, before the committee
mis evening.
comjiiitw: i'i!0(.ir.niw.
At a meeting ot the examining com
mittee ol Plymouth church to-nfirht. S,
. V lute, one of the members, stuted hN
grievances agai.'.st II. ( iJoweu, which,
ho far as can be ascertained to-night
from Mr. Itowen, for reporter were
Not admitted, consisted In the fart that
White willed ou Howcn lu November and
asKeil lilm to teJI uli he knew about
needier, and that Howcn refused to talk
on the scindal. How en charged that
some, oi tiiu members ot the committee
uau given inioriuatinn to the press,
which several of them denied ; but Shear
man admitted ho had spoken about tin
matter, nowen then called for the ad
vice they Intended to give him, but they
replied they wanted ilrst to hear Irom
lilm. 'Ihe committee finally agreed to
give mm a wriueu copy or l lie grievances
in u lew nays, out lie will not attend any
iih.ii: mri.-u:is unless allowed a SieilOg.
raphcr, which was refused to-night.
Teleruilile llrrtllleii
lien. Hoyd and his wife, the notorious
lOHiiieneiiors, arc on trial lu Chicago,
L. b. DavU. the well known exhibitor
oi iramcti uogs, men hunuenly lu Curve
iuiiu si eiinesuuy,
J lie examination ol l.appln, thn ilc
lauiiing ex-treasurer of Kan-as, has been
posipuiiru oy mutual consent until Feb
ruary i.
, .. . . . . . .
.. tnc anniversary oi the bllthday of
ItOberl ,ce was celehlaleil
In nearly every city of importance in the
nouiu. in iiicuinomi a public mcutlng
...i linn uu uiiiiiuu ueiiycrcj.
.Senator-elect Heck U'eduesday received
an ovation Irom the citizens ol Lexing
ton, Ky., wlilcli has been his home for
iniriy years, who Hundred guns wen
lircd and Mr. Heck made a short speech
ana legislature, has offered a resolution
declaring vacant tho seat ol any senator
who absents himself ten days without 1
permUilon. Th'i li aimed at Jumef H. I
hustls, elected to tlio United States an-1
ate, and now on hi way to Washington. J
'. u ,7, . 1(1 lilt I .11 .1.
The I'rogre r Ihr m"l Jury In.
VcMlicnilon The llnrier llmbviilo.
nviil 'e l.lkely la " CitHiirn
tvi'il to Illicit. IrfinsHliiei.)
SlUiNdiiKl.tt, Jan. lil.-Tho United
State grand Jury leturncl two Indict
ments to day against llirdlst IS. foi
lrlgb, it reotliler of l'ekln, tnc for remov
ing lllly barrels of dMIIIel spirits with
out cancelling the stamps, ud lor proem
lug :i ganger named Camlcll to tepoit
falsely to the goveruui'Ut that tlu
stamps were canceled ; us one tor de
stroying his books,
!C. S. Ireland, the Pekln ma rested
in St. I.oois Monday eveiing, Is still lu
the hand of llio olilccrs, lot being ad
mitted to li all for the reaou that he Is
still held as a witness hcI'M the grand
Jury. Several ol the IN mi distiller,
who stem fearful ot v'cvelnpuicuts
by lilm, have been here n .J hehl inter
lcus, 'l liey claim that h tas not given
away nnybo'dy, uud that lis testimony
so far before the grand jir." amounts to
nothing. Tile Juiv "1I catvehle
him again, but' It' is lot. thought
very much can be got frim him. He
has strong Inducements wt to squeal,
ami ns it K known that le could (level
oie ti mountain of eroo dness, every
effort will be made liy the "ring" to
stiHeil Ids backbone.
It is reported am . ng '(i-' lawyers that
an iiltiiiii'tum has l.e-i' iiiinoimced by
the treasury ilepatltuet in the embez
zlement eases ngaiiut ex-Collector Har
per and his cashier. le rt Sui.lt li. to lids
effect: That on.imviietit of jfiiio.WHi all
the prosecutions, cin uud erlmlnal, shall
be abandoned.
Torn I'liihliiir ritfiirts.
Cixci.v.vati, Jai. 10. the I'riet Cttrrtn!
has revi-ed the re urns from a large num
ber ot pork pf king point?, received
within the lat days, whicli do not
materially ciiaiii the apparent falling oil'
In the number wdicatcd In the report
published on !. eiutier DO. The interior
point' show a vobablc lalllnir off for the
entire season Amounting to S.ViOd.OiH).
The ix lead'ig ltle are now :i70,(KXi be
hind the sane date last y.iar. Cincin
nati weight -re about the same as last
year, Chicago about IS pounds heavier,
Louisville 7 pounds heavier, and St. Lout
25 pounds heavier. Interior points west
of Indiana show a large increa-o lu
weight. Hogs continue to be of supe
rior qualltv at a.'I points. The estimated
packing nt all points. Including the 1.
cities indicates n possible fulling off In
numbcri for the entire season amounting
to three quarter of a million.
- .
.t Ilruvli iith I lie Ainrliv.
Camp Oit.sxr. A. T.. via San Francisco.
Jan. 10. A letter from Major Harper of
the Sixth Cavalry, at Camp' Apache, says
that the Indians broke out at Camp
Apache ou the 10th at :i:'M p.m. Major
Harper, with his company, was ordered
out fust lu time to save tho lives ot Ma
jor Ogliby. Eighth Infantry, and l.leu
tcnant Ilailey. The troop'- charged the
Indian-, killing Diablo' brother. The
Indians then alt teked the liarri-ou, but
were driven hack to the hills. All wa
quiet la-t night.
A letter trom Indian Agent Club, dated
San Carlos, dun. IS, says that DiaMos is
there and all quiet.
Coal Coal.
MT. OARBON(Blg Muddy)
Orders for Coal by tho car-load.
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
srompuy auunuou 10.
0To lurno conHumors and all
oianufaoturers, wo aro prepared
to supply any quantity, by the
aaonth or year, at uniform rates.
t3IUlllilay llro office, No 70 Ohh I.eve.
n-llulriiluy Hro.'s wliarfboiit.
t4-At KifvMIun Mills, or
CJ-At Hie Iji.ul l)unii, foot of Tdlity.KlKht
Cfrot Offlci Drawer.
.n:w aivi:iitisi:mi:.ts.
TmsviAtsnn CiinAAnn I1"! new
iixuuouoo kJLtsvVvuao. M.Wrllx-r.s
fiiry uU trtlfy to the popularity orihe")no
pIi's'iht," UicStRr -i,:tn?t.,i llam.cr. Htli
jiiir.alareBSlMKr 10 r.luiiiiiii4r, Uliiatrn'ist,
aim iiiiisi w uu nmriiiiiijr fioni's, iuici, jkiciim,
"Hoxiie l.'nriit-r. " or I'vno'e or Wwlmllifrs.
jiuiii'ir. mm uirti: l uiiiiiiui lit voihi 10 lis
(juaclvl, uml Jliimliiixs. It I, liy nil mdU tlii
M aiiimi most linrmiiu or nu itic nicmrj pur
ltla'l livlM-HOiilfllulitisI Hiilisdlli,rH.)-,iiililh
til Inn, utnl iicit sutix nil r Irtll lo ui pitir on
iiiiif' It Ua'Taiuliy lilnul," uml n ronipli-te
lulllllr Iiiimt If U'lll l.l. volt frrttn lltir i.
illcl anil kIio yuu most ililiKlitlul iwIImx l'ur u
uuie j i',ir run iioi in fiiiisrriiH nit
TTrtlTr" 'lirnilii(f Kivnch i liromos mt'iilvrii
X UU1 fti;K ircry out- l lor Hie liuiinir
lor i"ii iiifM- urn woim ti linn, uml nir
iH-amit-s, uu niounieii rtiiuy 10 nuii urnnmi
lirailcr, joii wiuil Hie lluiiner, you imi.ttrylt
llcoklstriv lltl i'. nnlv 7, imiiI u vrar lor na.
r, orl lor par ami fo'ir Isniitll'iu fxlllrliro-
inos, nu onu prepalil. M-nt I In if niontlu for
only luanls. 'I iivii at unci:, .sinil for mnnpU's,
or iM-iiur, iwrvni hum rrrrnn n i mo ah
lre, HAN.NIll! CO , lllii'ilale, N, II
''ol!u;. ' llronuifi'l n., lionon
Masii.. Iti ilullv uhliiiihiL iiiitiilrfilt of Iwim-u m,.
pacLaBrHOMoliwhle soil nil mer tho I', si
lOi.OKiworthofliohl .li-welry, ltln, l'lus.
,, wiin, riiarim, Ac., , .'oll-l MUer
iiuo niini nini-, i uih-rv, Insswali'. rancv
liooils, (lisinriir(.B) uii.rnlhli'i'i rlitloii, Klne
'It-... I'i,tl....u lir,...UPI... I,... II. .i.:.. II.
i in j, leiniio.ij. ii hii ..it,,
no.ips, Ac., ,c, Asou.,iuiiool.aoliillkliii'.s1
Uni)MMI I IA 1 11)1 P 'lhiMiiroo.1, utt
I1WI11.II inl'lllll'i. uorth ' l.i
.l !i mch ami m-l ut ittv prlrcs h cry whirr,
ill wr nrr tlllu (MryililiiK t Hie popuhir
pile.) or only ONI. Ixii.nii. .7,is) Jillxlitnl
pHlroua leillly to the h(ni.(itol our Klrat ault.
ami in our paper hiiinliii orltlli.ru niiiprlnli'il
Iioiii oiirmtruim lu lhi'p,wt Ihriv )iain. Ituuil
;r, yoiir.iii .ii'iuoiii-j you can uuku tlilL'n m
ri iif."JiIiii'tthrii-, If on ih-ul with us. Wi
"am iikuim I'li iyuiiiii wu iiiiy iini'ii coin-
IllUflullfl Nil r .In. nr.. Il .1 . (....,!. ...ml I .
!.' ,,',wl.l',l"",ll.,', "rseelnu l'liu u Inir.
li'l for lull ciituloL'iie ,1,1.. lire, Mini now
Aihlrels. II. (IIIMISIl)S' ft CO , X. K OI.-
,'up;vV(r,0",","M st
kstablishcd in laao.
MAML'IAemulu Ol
llion.lilll lio ,,0AT ,KIN,
T',', ,'l,t.,.,Wfi ,v t0 Clnennill,Uii AgnuU
tel'lS-d. Willi
Fin AMI una,, b i. ...... ....li . .. .
r i i t r. 2 T"t'-vMin it r-1 iiluuur biKnr n yuu wuiuii wish tu iiudib ia
Yi.l'"Bti Olid Kvxryiiutly ulnokea thflil. Ullliui? th war uolil went uutolKKJ
unil Llliaill Wrlit lit, .lfroi.llUl.-lv. Udhl
,n...f!X.J; Wihy,!..t,,.,".r. ' owlii. to a certlnU,ul,toth..HlVMiioBilcot of
r I'll .u5,V.r"'".,,,l"Ut'i,. ,,4.biir 'tUl' sJivii.iiint tax, hill ton still Kiastar extent, to
aru.ll.ulouu fanhlonof lellm.'HHliitmf.l to call for u live cent CIkht.
La Ficcadura,
tlheiiuiiilfjcliiiim l.y tlivu fp.il.jil.sl MarMurry nu- miiiMhI in nnlsi- ttir ut.irf rrlil.i atp.1
CiKnrmin-.i.tor Ihii ly mrn fr f.nl l.-sn than otlni MauiiUiliiii r. ran tiiiMliirra Clicornf
siulipiilit,lliilKlvliiplla-liii. nts mi opportunity 1 1 iipl) ino.i rs Uli a snpvrloi to nut
tlKar r '.li nt.) up pliui1 lu'inirour p.itiun, u
The iiiiitinrartiiiTrairrnyiiliiiK tl.; Urt lint llMiui)urity of.nol.mprilVr to l.uy llirlr Cixarana
l..iy iimsI Uu in. ui;inloptisl thr hbu or laMitlni? Ilir ninloiltv, in.fiwl of tlic iiilnoiltr (. lu,
Iujmi tlicilil.', liy M lUiiiru linrlM lirurnt llic Mini- late in llw, iVn. filly, or n U.v
liy appointing u sIiikU; u)!iiicy Inncliy, thry i onrrntruli- llirir l.o.ln.-s. ristun ilirir lo.tm
fVviin-, ninl k.iip,ripulltyor the litar, hir Ihe mutual k.v,ioIhc ol tl Iyp, thuot,.
(iiincrs, ami llii-ir njo-i'l..
Givo thorn a Trial and bo Convinced.
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
F. M
Importer and Wholesale Doaler in
i?oiLEiax ,,3an somzibtio
Wines and Liquors,
Keeps a full stock of
Koz3.lru.ols.3r Botirbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
I'lKIUCHllotiHlilT, I lie lirst mmliiluti
work tir llie klnil lu llie 1rlil."
.NOTICK8 OP 11IK l"lti:S!).
The ever lncreaslnx circulation ot thin
rxcellfnt monthly prove lu continued
adaption to popular Uunlrm and need. In
dued, when wo think into how many homos
It iienmrntc oery month, wo nnifct con
liler It as one of the cilucatorx as well aa
entertaltu-rc of the puliiic uilml, forllH vat
popularity ua neeu won liy no n; peal to
ituplil f rejndleeii or depraved tutte-.Uos.
ton Olohe.
The chuiactcr which this Mairuzluo nos-
BChsca for varlely.euterprlhe.arll.tlc wenltli,
anil literary culturo thr.t hn Kept pace Ith, '
if it Inn not led the times Miould eniite U.h
conductors to n TJ'd It with liistltlabie com
placeni y. It lo entitles them to u great
claim upon th puhlic irratliude. The
Jlaifazlue hs done t;ood nnd not evil all
the dayii ot Its life. liiooklyn Kale.
TK11MH : I
rostac frco to stiltscrihern In tbo United
llurptr'n Mn'azinc, onu year ...tl IK)
$4 (X) ItieludcH prepayment ol (I. ,S. tost-
au by tho pill)llheiH,
miliHcripuon 10 iiarperi Naunzlue,
Weekly, or llazar, to one uddrefri tor one '
year, lu U); or two of llurper'ri pcrlodU 1
calH, to ono uddreM fur onu year, J7 00;
An rxtra copy ot either the Jlan'idiie,
Weekly or llazar will ho mpplled cralU lor I
ove ry cum 01 nvo puiifcrnierit at m uii eaeii,
In onu remittincc; or nix copies kr 00,
without extra copy; posta'u free.
Hack numliern can he .supplied ut any
A complete et of Harper's MaKaInc,
now compririDK 4U volumes, In neat cloth
MndlnK, will he sent liy expreim, freight ut
the expente of purehiK r, for $2 pi r
volume. SIiikI" voluuiec, hy mall, postpaid,
1,1 00. Cloth raen, for hlndlnt:, M ceiitu,
by mall, postpaid.
tSTNewapaticM are not to copy thl d
vertlHHnent without the express ordti's of
Harrier A llrotbcn.
. m . 1 . .
Mil I
HHHHIIH aai m aa
Will innat positively cure any rafe orrhiuinu
ll'iu or rh luniitic koiiI. no inattir how Iomk
Muri'lliiK, on thel'uevof llmi'iulli. lleliiKnn In
wunl upplieidlon It iIoi-h the work quickly, llior
oujtlilv and permanently, leaving Ihr ) ulcin
alionx nnd hiiillhy Wnlc to any proinliicnt
iHToiiln Washlnzlon City, ninlyou will learn
lliat llirnlioreatatriiirnt ia true in eery panic-
condkxskii cKitrinc.Ti:s.
.Valionnl Until,
WnrliliiKloii, li. I.'. I leceiiilH r i, lfc'l.
M-m Hi-lphemtlitcA Hiiillcyi
(Hutu 1 M i v i hcerllillv .tale (lint I imeil tin.
ranx'a Hheumuilu Itemoly lth dirMed hemill,
Mcmlcrof CoicieHs of (ia,
Wuklilnlnn, I), I ., Auill 21, IbVS.
Mi'4911 llelpliiiiKlliio .1 lleulleyi
UeiiU: lor thepitst eeen j earn my wile lias
hti ll a Kiciit Miller finlll llieiiiimtlsm, lierdoi'lora
liillllio' lo flc lr lelief, tihciiHil lliuu hollleH
IMiruiiK'M llheiiiu.itic liemislv, und a pcrin incut
euie mh llie li-.iil. YVM. II, ntiloK,
"KveciitlM-Cliik In rresMei.,liiaut."
Wu.hliiKluii, li, c , M ii i i-ti :J , li;.,
In IheBpuieof ltvilu hour my iheiinintUm
va (tone, IiiivIiik tuktn lliuedn.-n ol liiinin'i
Ithiiiinutielieiiitily, Jly hiollu r .1. II. Usinu,
ol'lkilloid, I'a , wuaciiifil liy 11 niiiilluruitioiiiit.
Mi'IiiIkt nl t ouL'le.rt ol I'll.
I'lUeoiie iloilai a Imtlle, oraix lioltlei, lor Hie
dollars. Auk your ilniKil lor Diiiiintn Klnil
luulli: Ui iiiedv iniiniilui'liiieil liv
lll.l.l'llK.NHI INi: A llliM I.I1V,
1 i'll)iK ial.s mul CheiirlHi,
, , , Washington, I). C.
Ili.'r'I'or bale ill CIiImko. liy Van .-chaaek,
Kiimiiviii ft Iti Id, und Lord isiulllift Co.,
', r,l ..... 1.1 i -1. . , .
hm uulii. Limb. I,t niua,. mum In ImM
john BPHiis
isuccrtiora to John II I'tilllla)
Commission Merchants
And Drnlera in
HEAL, BRAlf, etc.
Aganti for LAFL1N BAND P0W1KR CO
ICornar Tenth Street and Ohio
Tenth Street
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No Ml Ohio l.etw,
E. .1. Ayrra.
a, U. Ayrra.
And Keneinl
Oommission Merchants
No. 78
Commission Merchant
And dealer in
ForeiKn and Domeatlo Fruits and Nut
ItKStm'.XCK: No, .1 Thlrteenlh alrret, be
tween WuablnKton avenue und Walnut street,
OFFIUKt .North aide of Klxhlh alrut be
tween Commercial ami WuthlnaTtou avenue,
UKSIDKNCK: Comer Ninth uml Wat u 11
OKHCKi Coruer Sixth atieet and Ohio Usvee.
OfriCK fioms: rromCa.iu. 12m,,anil
mini! to H p.m.
Fashionable Barber
DUBS Minn,
Between Waiuinictou and Commercial
Subscribe, for
iTHE bullbtn
Lending Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
Wlllatcadfantlr oppoie the pollclei ol ttl
Kipuhlli'.iti party, and rcfutft to be tram
tuellcd .. Iho dictation of any cllquo In the
i lleniuiTitle oraulratloii.
It he. levei tin, the Itepuhlican party um
fulfilled tt lulnlun. end that the Demo-
j cratlc, parly a now organized aboulu 1 era-
1 1
tored to power.
It believe the Hudlckl trratni) that ha
fer kcvcral yeata opprrs.ej Uir .otitt
ahould be ovcrlliruwii and the people (.'. 1111
Southern St ites per mltf lo control thn;
own alfalrx.
It hi'llevi' that railroad corporallou
ibould he piohlhlteil by llslkllve etsi ti
mtLt.s from extoitmc and iiiiiilly di-rlim-llittllit;
In thtlr hlltlue.s tiaufacllorit vllfc
the pul.llc.
It rceojjtilrt the cquallt) ol uli mtu to
lore tliu law
It advocite. free com
crrt tttia tu
levtuuc only.
ll advoeatet rratlluptlou ol apuile: pay.
inent, uud hotitit pi)uiont ol tbo puMIc
It advornttit ceonoiti) in the .dini'iUlrt-
tlnu ot pilblle altilr
The Hull' tin will puhlhli uil llie loeauewi
nt t'alro, and a variety ol Coinmen la!, po
litical, 1'orelKU and General Nenv, ufj cn
deavor to pleii?!' ll tnsta and Ititf reel uli
-T 11 K-
Is a thirty-two eoiuiun picr, nn ni-licii to
milihcrihvrn for the, low prlee of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'oatiiKC prepaid. It la lh eheupest pa, el
in tho West, ami la a pleasing Kltoiuuo
Visitor and Family Couipanlnn.
Cannot tail to ire tho rt 'valed lnduir
mentHodered hy Tlio Ilulletln in tbo way
of elii'iip ninl tiroMlnliln ndverllnemen'r.
Subscribe for
a. -iM r j

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