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hf uildin.
taUMHsnr MalUr Kv.rj
, 70 H. OMOLT, Bdltor.
ikfdCM'S trial will nnt'tnba rJ
- j " - au Ull
UwMtlntt4 Mw proceedings la the trial
or KH,wm cover that date.
auuu Indiana editorial excursion,
tmborlng some three hundred pirsons,
inciuiwa on hundred and llftv-ilvc ft
sale and three editors.
Tbk Impeachment of the governor,
the lieutenant-governor and the siiperln
Undent of education In Mississippi are
the chief subjects of discussion In time
state now.
Tiir aanouDocmciit that Rubcnstlcu,
onooftho greatest of living pianists and
cotapoacrs, is threatened with blindness,
will be received by the musical world
as Wtllas the'ireucral public with pro
found regret.
IWv. Hk.nhv Waiid Heeciibh, lu lils
last Friday night's .discourse, declared
that Uiough the people say he Is a fullen
creature, he never was better than he
now Is. ThU Is an amblgnous state
ment, but doubtless Mr. Hcochcr came it 9
near the truth as he has for a long time.
Paris, Kentucky, Is passing through a
financial crisis. A number of linns havu
been compelled to Mispend business, and
It Is thought that at least llftcen or twenty
prominent business houses in the town
and county will bo Implicated In the
berlaln says of Moses and gives ?pcclllc
reasons to substantiate the nortlou :
"Unless the universal bellci among all
classes ot people In this State Is mistaken,
he Is as Inlamons a character as ever lu
any nge disgraced and prostttut
And ol Whlppcr :
''It can be said that ho seems to have
lacfceu oniy opportunity to prove him
self the equal ofMoes in Infamy. Ig
norant of law, Ignorant of morals, a train
uler by open practice, an embezzler of
puuue iunu. lie is as unlit lor judicial no
sltlon as nny man whom by possibility
uii i-uuiu name."
Uoveruor Chamberlain has refused to
sanction the election of these men. For
this, and tor his attempt to give the
people ol hU State an hones
administration, he has become
the object of tho hatred and
Vilification of Itepubllcans lu rjtiartcrd
wncro it would seem that a decent respect
lor public opinion would enjoin silence It
it did not call forth praise. Contcmplat
lug the pltlablo attitude of the ltcpub-
ncan party lu and toward South Carolina
It ceases to bo a matter of surprise that
corruptions liko (lie whisky fraud
could grow to such enormous proper
tlonsunder the wing of a Republican ad
An Imllffiiniit Allure JIhii Kppllen to
- umnrn til vmrn imKflllC
It appears that Van Uorstan, L'nltcd
BUtes district Attorney, charged with
unumng so ireciy as to be unable to at
tend to Uic business of the olllce, will rc-
lorm instead ot resigning, as It was ex
pected be would dp. The candidates who
stood ready to step Into the expected va
cancy, are not prepared to commend this
proceeding on the part of Van Dorstan.
His selfishness makes them indignant,
jhkkk Kentucky statesmen stand
ready to not refuse the nomination for
the Tlcc-prcsldcncy on the Democratic
ticket If It should bo offered them. The
Anna, January 21, 187G,
I am uot limit most noble Vcshu, I am not
Kn. JluuxTiN : Voiir cotcmpornry of
the Cairo Oatctte seems to be "mad"
about the Southern Illinois Insane Asy
lum, but there Is neither the eloquence ol
I'aul, tlic truth of tieorgo W. nor the
method of Hamlet, lu his madness. A
few weeks ago he suspended matters of
Interest to make room for the story of a
pair of suspenders. He claimed that "a
lunatic In the asylum at .Jonesboro (there
are no "lunatic asylums" lu Jonesboro
except private ones) had been supplied
with "a dollar pall of suspenders" and
straightway read n homily on extrava
gance. He went upon tho rampage and
stripped coats and vests from his promi
nent acquaintances and pointed to the
marks on their susiicnders '33c.
10c, DOe," with true llenublicau
priuc and even took off his own straight
sheen of pure while Mont! china and
clean table-cloth. There are 200 patient
In the asylum, showing every phase of
insanity, from mild mono-mania and si
lent melancholy to raving, dangerous
fearful mania, yet, dm In my vllt It
happened that all were under the chloral
influence of the sprlng-llkc weather, that
has made a Florida ol F.gypt (his winter,
and were very quiet. The doctor say
that they aro as sensitive to disturbances
of the barometer as leeches or old bach
elors. On sombre, gloomy days wllh
falling barometer," they get th
blues like sane folks and be
conio restless and iioly. Klndnes
Is the supreme law of the Institution, and
the manner In which the doclor was re
ceived In each ward showed the kindly
relations existing between physician and
patient. The most stolid countenances
lighted up with pleasure at Ills approach
the attendants and employes all treated
him with rcspecllul friendliness, and lie
had a word of cheer for nil, In the chapel,
which is a beautiful room, with lofty,
arched ceiling and nice furniture, there Is
n lino organ, not for the "luxurious doc
tors," but for tho benefit of patients
On each Sabbath, such of the patient
whose minds arc not too far aglee, listen
to preaching In the chapel, anil on Frl
day evenings they enjoy an hour or two
In dancing ; In no place did I see any
sign of lavish expenditure or extrava
gaiico cropping out. . Or. Karnes, super
Intcndent, Is no Sybarite, Or. Mercer U
no disclplo ol Kplcuius, and everybody
knowus that Mr. Fulton Is no Ik-au
'1 ho asylum Is in excellent hands, and
Is conducted lu n manner that meets w ith
the approbation of the govcrucr, the trus
tecs and very generally, the people. Wo
wish that Mr. Harrell would come to
Anna and visit the nsvltiui. V. II
names of these accommodating gentle- jacket to show lhat he "held up his Jeans"
men are Cssslus 31. Clay. Lieutenant-1 nith.hlckory bark In the primitive style
Governor Underwood and Hon. Thomas of 01,r fn.iii,i.r,.ii ,.f Ji.t..... '...?..
tt. arnon, who has once bclore been
mentioned lu Kentucky circles lu con'
nectlon with the vlce-presldcncy
er railroad.
o nc nave asserteu more tiiau once
In these columns within tho near past,
uie prospects oi the early completion ol
this line of railroad is becoming almost a
certainty. The people all along the lino
m me roau are roused to ua active,
working cuthusiosm lu its behali m.,i
have made up their mind that the road
must and shall be built. St. Louis lias
naaeueu to an appreciation of
tuo advantage Iho road will
uc io me ousincas Interests of
we city in opeulng up to thorn, by means
i lis connection with the Cairo and
at. Louis .Narrow (Jaucc. n dl
rect ilue to some of tho rich-1 and nothing that bears the semblance of
est portions oi tno Southern country. cw?ancc.
The Times and the Republican both call ost or t"e4c sl'Icdors exist only in
the attention of the merchants of St t,,c P001'0"1 Imagination of tho dinette.
of our forefathers-all of which accounted
lor extravagance In the Insane asvlum
ai least negatively. Tho article was un
caiieuiorand not founded upon truth,
tno oniy tiling mat can make such para
graphs respectable. And now the Oa:eite
man conies to the front again, with eves
In tide frenzy rolling, and brain excited
by recent perusal ol a rather bombastic
article In the Anna Union, llcarhlin :
And W'hv thoso snlimilnrsf U'liv urn
vide sott, yielding Brussels carpets ; and
magnificent French plate mirrors? For
too comiort auu enjoyment ol tho crazed
Inmate, are these thine lirmnriif in.
gether? Docs the babbling lunatic, clad
In tough ticking or osnaburg that he
mar not tear his tlih nr ,.vnn.,. hu
nakedness, remilre iho massive Lrllt
framed nictwro. Iho xllvornlntiMl nnn.
the marble inautels all the eh-gant lur
nUUlngs for Ai ciijoymput V "Xot a bit
of it." Bit apartment presents barn
wnng,unearpeicu;ioors : coarse bedding,
I.OU1S to the Importance of the road to
tlicm, and urges them to recognize Its
value by giving to it substantial aid and
encouragement. The citizens ot Cairo,
we are sorry to say, exhibit a singular
apathy In regard to this road tin indiffer
ence which will probably continue until
the noise of Its engines are heard on the
opposite side of the river. For the road
will be built and the city will reap a largo
advantage from au enterprise upou which
Know neither frowns nor smiles, but
tunis me cold shoulder of absolute lu-
t'AJSS!!5tl!.!L'".CB,-,II! AAijiir
Gov. Chamberlain, or South Carolina,
who was elected as a "refortu' candi
date by the Democrats and a small num
ber of Republicans, lu spite ot the deter
mined opposition ot the Kcpubllsaii party
ot tue atatc. ltnds tho straight road of of.
aciai integrity which he Is desirous of
pursuing lu hU administration, as difil-
cuit to travel as Is tho proverbial hard
roau designated Jordan. Uoy. Chamber
lain was nomluatcd and elected
as the candidate ot the Itepubllcan
party, though he was opposed by
many more Kepublicaus than supported
mm. lie linas hlinsclf the object of the
persistent denunciation ot a majority ol
Ws party in his State, and of many prom
lueut Ucpublican loaders in Washington.
Araang theso Is Senator Morton, who
sya that he looks on Chamber
lain's attitude as a practical Identification
with the Democrats .and predicts that the
State will be carried by the Democrats at
the uext election. What Is Gov.
Chamberlain's fault ? What has he done
to make hlunclf so unpopular among the
Republicans at home and abroad? The
story Is soon told. He lias endeav
ored to gtre to Ute people au honest ad
ministration ; bo has frowned on the cor
ruption he found in the state government
when he took hold of It; ho has Interfered
with the ring schemes which were to en
rich a few at the expense of tho many.
In his own words, he has "lu,istedoii
reasonable Uxcs,competeut;omcr,hou.
est expenditures, fair legislation, and no
atil!tlr on.1 Id TV,. i ...
f "c iscuiuuruui praiseu mm
writ j" mis Is what the Kepublicaus
denominate "practical Identification with
the Democracy," and hold It up as
apostasy to the Kepublican party.
T5 ue,tUcr Gv. Chamberlain
or the Democracy have occasion to bo
asuawea or uie accusation.
The latest crime Gov. Chamberlain is
f P 1tta!nst the Itepubllcan party
UhU eppeelUon to Moses and Whinner
whe jrtre elects hut December circuit
eourt Judges by the State legislature. in a
letter te Bewtor lUrton, called out by
hie eharge that Gov. Cliamberlaln
MfMtOTtrlo tbcDeaiocracy, Cham-
Tho offices at the asylum are large, hand
some, well finished rooms for tho ele
gance of finish and ornamentation of
which, the oilclals arc In no way respon
sible, and they aro furnished in a plain,
substantial, tasteful manner j neat but
not gaud', rich as tho meager appropria
tion could buy, but no belter than thev
should be. What would our economist
have, "bare walls mid tmcarpotea iloorn"
in tint i un en and reception rooms? These
rooms are for thu use or the pcopbof tho
State or Illinois, when business or curl
osity lead thetu hither, aud not merely
for the "luxury loving official." His In
timation that tho natlcntb' room t
have becu 1 stinted to furnish
forth this ideal splendor ol office
auu nan nas no loundatlon In fact. Evi
dently the editor has never visited the
asylum at Anna, since ho persistent)- lo
cates It In Jonesboro. A visit and per-
, , ...
Kuiim inspection would soothe some of
his rampant notions about oriental splen
dors, that throw a glamour over "coarse
ooddlng and nothlng-that-bears-the-sein-bldiice-of-elcganco
lu the luuatlci'
A few days since I hail the pleasure
(It Is a pleasure, in spite of the presence
oi crazy ioikr) ol visltlug every part of
mo southern Illinois lusaiice Asylum,
and I enjoyed the prlvllagc of having as
cicerone, not "the elegant doctor so and
so" butji quiet and polito gentleman, Or.
Mercer, assistant superintendent, whose
principal luxury consists of hard work
and constant attention to his onerous du
ties, and whose "suspenders onlv costs
llfty cents."
I cannot Indulge hero in anvthlii" an.
proachhig a description ol the masslvu
and splendid structure. I cun milt
speak ot what 1 saw Inside of tho differ
ent wards. It was my Hrst visit ' to n..
insane asylum, and, feeling nervous In
the presence of bcut-mluded nconle. I
anticipated unpleasant sights and sound,
but was soon relieved of such tears. In
every hall aud In every ward perfect
quiet and ord,cr reigned. One could sco
lhat in every part of tho bulldiii" clean-
niicss, wnicn is next and pretty close to
godliness, was considered one or the lux
uries to which tho lunatlu Is enilil..i!.
The Doors wcro whlto and clean, thu beds
were all tidily made up and clad In clean
linncn. and there was an entire r.U.nco
ol Instruments ot restraint or punish
ment. In the dining rooms the tables
were laid In a stylo to salt the mental
status or tho patient in the "worst
wards" with bright tin platters, tin cups
and other things unbreakable, and In the
best ward wllh tablo gear that made It
look like a cozy dlulng room in some
comrortable private house. "In tho grand
banquet hall of the "luxurious officials."
I aw no silver plate or Bohemian gob
lets, nor gold nnpklu rings only the I
KDITOIIIAI, .ori:.s.
Cincinnati will Murdl Gras this vcar.
Joshua Montgomery Sears,of llostou,
Is twenty one years of age and is the htir
to nine millions ot dollars.
Anna Dickinson will go on the stage
too, nnd has spent ten thousand dollars
preparing her wardrobe.
Our Egyptian exchanges report
much sickness aud frcqticutdcaths among
the people of the lower counties.
lhe legislature of Kentucky has
amended the general statutes regarding
legal holidays to include the 1st or Jan
uary. A singular nechlent occured.it Owcns
boro, Ky., on the 'JDth Inst. A little son
ofDr.C. E. CotlrclJ, trhllu playing with
a tin w hlstfe. fell to thu pavement, strik
ing hfs lace upon the mouthpiece of the
whistle, which crushed through the left
cheek Just below the eye, and pene
trated to the brain, causing instant death.
A remarkable feature of the occurrcnco
was that not one drop of blood Issued
from the wound.
Chicago Tribune's St. Louis dis
patch : "The defeiwohnvc long Intended
to bring forth Uen. McDonald Irom Ids
confinement to testify lu behalf of Mc
h'ee, but it is stated that McDonald has
changed his mind upon the subject, and
will now retuso to testify, lie Is now
eontlncd under a conviction, but lias not
been sentenced, and is still n competent
witness. It Is said that he can testily to
a number ot things that will go very far
In exculpating McKee.andatone time he
promised to give evidence of these things
but has become indignant at what he
considers the desertion of hlsold friends,
and particularly MeKee, upon whom
he formerly doted, and now says that ev,
erybody can go to the devil so far as he
Is concerned. McDonald, along with
Joyce, Is doubtless willing to have as
ranch company as ho can get at Jefferson
City, and docs not now feel lu the humor
to deprive himself of the propcct ot
good company in thu future."
Tlin I'reMilunt mill liabi-ork'N Trial
SI. I-oula .-pctliil to tlic Clnulunatl Coinmtr
clal, Juiuurj 31.)
The attitude ol tho president respecting
uiu mai oi iiaueocK is understood here,
111. tltA.-.. .....-. It. ..... . .
j i"su niusi iiitfiy io speuK aiiviseuiy.
loucus toiiows: General liabcoek has
uetu mo couiiueiiiiai lriciid ot General
uram, noui in military and civil life, lor
ui.wuiu in iiiieeu years. The iVosi
dent's coiilidenec in him has been tin
uouiided. On his Indictment, Maheock
gave thu president an explanation ot thu
pynj i" telegram, which was at least
piausiuie, aim suso explained thu mean
ing of certain other acts and documents
upon which thu grand Jury has lelt lu
uuiv uonmi io nase an indictment, liab
coek a statements were accepted bv the
president as satlsiUctnrp. umi lu. i..,u.,....i
mid still coiitiuues tobclievoln Dabeoek'i
luiiueeiier. .u oi this, ol course, is a
personal matter between the president
ami in. private secretary. lint
wiieuier uiu iiresKlenl will allow his
privutu sympathlrs to iuterferu with
the course of legal Justice Is it que-tlon
which concerns the whole country. It Is
uot heiieved here that ho will. The pro
secutlon, us a matter of eoinn. reiiAvn
itsgreateit support from the secretary of
...u itiuiii . , .inn us moral support limn
public beiitlment, but wiillu It is satlslictl
that the president will u-u all legitimate
measures to secure the upnnlttni .r it.ii,.
cock, yet It docs not appichend any or-
iciai act on his part calculated to impede
tho couru ofjusllce.
meef ln mini Uinta, (alarrti, Hron. I
ItticiiKSTKii, N. Y., Jnn, i;i. 1S7I .
It. V. Felrce. M. P.. Uiitinln . V
DKsnSut 1 tin I Mlflfarml
in an aggravated form for nbout twclvo
ye ini nnu mr scicr.ii years rroin hron
chlal trouble. Tiled liianv ilfi.,tntu n...i
things wllh no la-tlng benefit. In Mav,
'72, becoming nearly worn out with ex
cessive eilitoti.il laoors on a paper in
?uw l orK city, i was attacked with
urouciuiis in n st'Tcro lorm, suiicrlng ol
most a total loss of voice. I returned
homo here, but lial been home only two
Weeks when I wacompleteIy prostrated
with hemorrhage rout thu lungs, having
juur wmt i( ,r i .it iipeiia rit,i
iwo iceek, um. Jtnt three insult
oj mnc days In tho Scp-
iciiioerioiiowing, unproved sulllcientlv
to be able to be abut, tlioneli lu n verv
feeble state. My bronchial troublo iv-
inaineii aud the cainrrit was tenfold
worse tnan ueiore. i-vcry ellort for re
liel seemed frullli s. I seemed to be
losing ground dull;. I continued hi this
iceino state, raiMn; mood nlmost dally
iiiiui iioum uiu nrs. wi .March i.i. when
I bucamu so bad ,v to bo entirely con-
iincii io uie iiousc. iricmi suggested
your remedies. Int I was extremely
skeptical that they would do mu good, as
1 had lost all bear; In remidlus, and be
gan io iook upon iiMiicino and doctors
with disgust. However. I obtained
one of yo.ir circulars, and
reau n carciuiiy, irom w inch I canio to
tno conclusion tint you understood your
uitsiiiess, ni iciiM. i iinaiiy outniued it
inonufnntiirA in i . i. . 1 1 2.' ".!.. . 1 " J ??Q.a to a certain extent, to th2 ,ii-.'?V? "?'a-
a rodl.ulou, hri''. jut tori , KateY ex'tin,: to
La Piccadura,
Subaoribe far
irht inaniiraiitiirpr hv IIm. tur fir..ni..i..i i.-..t ....
ClmrutHi-o.it of twi-rlv-wwii i-V V,VV . "'"") r"." "" UieliiiSiTcWrUil
ciunl riiuilltv. thiiA irli liur llitlriivit, .V...J.... i.MI . r """""""M inn iirinliicen t'ltfurnf
CIkm lol " mil. -wV Z"u Tow mi'ra Sr. '" Mll'l'l' -mkw Willi a uKrlnr if. i-rnt
mmm genuine clear Havana nuso cisar for five cem
flllntllltl lr I r :ll'l' u I 'uf.ll rli If.
your (Jolden JVI col OUeovery and l'ell ...Kmu'SuT'IC
1CIS. 1111(1 comnriiccu IllCir V "Oroils tun Ikiii llirrulf. Iiv se iil'u ili,.i.i. . " ." v.": iiiihu l
aceor.ll.iir to directions. To my ,..rprle. . ".'H'f "W. av"'lY. '. i'tf. th 7"m WiZSli
severe cnpiion, which continued for
several wci'"' i icit much hetter, my a)
iiimiii! iiiinr.cu. itiiii irniiinii in &rwim.iii
and licsh. In three moiilhs every vcsil'i
oi cainrrn Kue, the uroncnitis had
neai ly dUippcared, had no cough what
ever nii'i i naa entirely ceased I
lolmy Hii'lr Cigars ,
ini-minium , .,
i Imi
lure dielrliitai.. n.i
tlKiiiHlris, Hi run.
In r.il un
blood : ani, contrary to iho i-xnectntinii
oi some rn"i ineitiis, tuo cure has re
mained vrinancnt. 1 have had no more
beiiiorniaves from the linirra. nml
t r It filial frltlt Mll.i...1. ...t.l. t. I I 1
mv.j - vsiitii III II UNJ II It'll 1 II.'IU
fiillt'ixu j-o much and so lonif. Tint ilobt
oi r.iuuuw i owe lor the blwlti I have i
rocvlvcil i.t your hniulu. k'nnu'C tin
uoiintis. i am thoroiiuldysati'lled. from
my expciitnee, that your mcillclnns will
master the w orst forms of that odlu di-
ae 1 ntanii, as well as throat and luii!r
llseases. I have recommended them to
L'lTV lllIlIIV lit 1(1 alinll nl'ni. e.i.i.11.. I.. .1...I-
praise. uratciuiiv yours,
I'. O. Ilnx B07. Itoehfcstcr, X. Y.
Tho Fcoplo's Homody.
Tho Universal Pain Ext notor.
v-iivo xnoxn a Trial and ha rr.4 j
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors.
ox ujiiu ljJiiVJUJU, - - . CAIRO, ILL.
Kocps a full stock of
SELoxxIru.ols.sr Bourbon,
Monongahela,Bye and Kobinson County
Leading Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
Koto :
Aik for
Take no o
Pond's Extract.
"llwrs for I will 8Dik of xeellt-ut thlini.'
Ilowi'ii'n ll.'lltciirit.
Nujv VoiiK. Jan. 'Jj. 'i'liu clerk of 1'ly
moutli church liaf furnUheil Henry 0.
Hmyen with a written copy of V, H.
Mi tu s ttateinent of tho L-rievahco
against lilm. Mr. Whlto fays lielntended
to ulliiH- IJowen a rcasoahlo time to re
ply, II lie would contlnuo til lit nr rjtfncfa
to toll nl U 1 ll.u ilnnim.ltur l.i
ileeclier. or admit that b.mi. n,..i.t..
against his paslcr, then ho (White) would
appeal to tho church anil ascertain
Whether or not It would not conshlcr u
ecesry both to Its peace and purity
that all its member, Including Uonry C.
llowen, shoulil bo faithful to their coc
nant obligations to the church,
Mviounly Inuilciiinle,
mm 'froni the Chicago Tliuj)
ous y economioal coiiKreHinen will keri
ouslv Impair tho elllcfcncy ol the army.
1 heir latest scheme is to reduce Slier
man's pay to Sia.000 a year and Shcrl
dan's to $11,000. Tor tho arduous aud
ilaiiKcrous duty of keeping lorelgn ene
mies and domestic Modocs out of (heir
headipiartors at St. Louis and Chicago,
thoso salaries nro obviously an luailcl
quatc recompoiue,
for Hie Weekly Bullrllu.
I'crsons wishing advertisements or In
cai notices Inserted in tho Weekly Uulli
ti.v, should; hand In tho copy by Tttei
day noon, of each week.
Injnrlin to Uitn or Ilrama,
. m.f. i.iuisva.
.St nil hi, Spnilni, Contu-
ion, uiMucationn.
FmrtiirvM, fulu, Ijimto-
IL1 urmr MY , r.llntla
SwellliiKn.Iiurns, Senilis,
Blpeillnic I.uiikh,
!oe Blonl, anil lltrett-
mit tiiinui or Ticili.
iiiiiinKor iiiouii unil
iiiooiiy DH-clwrci-x.
, ii", iiiiiiuiinie.i
Too I Imr lli, r.arnche.Ntrti-
raldU, Hwcllwl Kate.
Itlii-iiiiiiuiH,,,, Minima-
.tililiifHs or horcnem,
iirr llirinil ,ir
InUai!ii-.l Tons
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
irimi iirQutnty,
Ilitlicrln, llronclil-
in, AMlunii.
Sore or JnAamul Kyes or
.Culiirrli, luiflrrlira,
Diarrhea, nvunim.
Soro NliiHrn, lnUiimta
,.. . . iinn.it.
ins i-iiiiirul or too Profate
. . .llOIHIIIICil.
PEOPLE S lM,,k '.- Ovarian DU
L. ani Ttimnn.
HJJ!!'.or :.iiiiiiin.
uuim oi mianli, or
tiirlrime V,-lna. i:n-
iarKi orinnamul Vrlrni
Vlff-rn, OM Mju-s, Inter-
mil IMwrnU....
HoIIk, Carbuuclca.' Tu
Innr.. lln, w.r..iii..u
t'oriix onil lluiilons, C'tiut-
Pll nr lnri. l.'...
,'h'iUuita,liarneiMor SuJ-
. UIP (iklld. .
lelon or Whitlow, Froit-
n iiiinru ni I'uru
Mosquito liitrw. Insect
oiinB9, l,nii,lM( iiumu.
I'OMII'N KXTItAtlT U lor dale by all J'lmt.
t'lnaa wriiKKiNia,atiam.'onniicailwltiy
boily who Iiim t-vrr used It.
I'liiunlili't containing HUinrv till, I ITaaat tnntl-
rtl Ire on aiillcutiou, If not iuitnJ Ht j our
Insurance Agent
Over Matanu It VU'i.
NONK but
l'lrit-CUu Comj.auii-a rejiro
Insurance Agents
City National Btak Bnlldlng, up-iUln.
Th Oldaat jUbllhad Anoy In Sout
ra IlUOOle, rapreaaatltiH' OTir
165 000 000
Ii widely known
a oncofthoinoft
ell'ecttial reine
dies eer discoy.
itrcd for clean
Un" the PvHem
f and purifviny the
'blood. Jt lias
' stood the tc.t of
rtantle nowm
reputation, liafcd on its iitriiuie irltie?)
and sustained by its remarkable cures.
.So mild as to be rnfo and beneficial to
children, anil yet fo careldn as to
ellectiially pinye out tins great cornip
tions of the liloml. ?iiv!i hi tho fcrof
uIoim and syphilitic contamination.
Impurities or ilircaes timt 1 t:lt'i. Iiir1:,,il
in thu svstem for war trum ilM in
lliij lioncrful antiilote. ami ills alinonr.
Hence its wonderful eiue.i. nuiiv of
wldch are publicly known, ol'.ScroiUlti,
and ail scrofulous diseases UIcitn,
I'l liptioiiM, nntl criintho diiorders of
tlio fkin, Tuiiitirs JlluU-hcs, UoJls,
Plrnnles. Pustules. Hnron. fit.
Anthony's Fire, Jtoso or Erv
sipwlns, Totter, Salt ltlicnni,
bcultl llenil, Itiiifrvvorm, and in
ternal Ulcerations oftlio Utcriis.
.Stomach, nnd Liver. It al?o cures
oilier complaints, to which it would not
teem especially adapted, mcliai Drop
sy, Dyspepsia, Fits, Neuralgia,
llcnrt Disease, Female Weak
ness, Debility, and Leiieorrlirra,
when they aro manifestations of tlic
tcrofulous poisons.
It U an excellent restorer of health
and strength in tlic Smiir'. Hv renew.
In1.' thu appetito and l'ov of the tliires-
live organs, il dissipates, the depression
nnd litlcs Iancuor of tlio season.
I'.en whore no disorder appears', people
1'cel U'ttcr, nnd lio loner, foi-cliianiin
the lilood. Tlio system moves on wilh
renewed vi'-or anil a new lea of lile.
I'lllll'AJir.l) 11 Y
Dr. J. C. AYER h CO., Lowell, Mass.,
l'rnrttcal iim Aitnlytlrttl ClinnUlf.
hoi ii nr m. nTtiTnotsT.s rvKiiTwnrnK.
olilaincit In Hie Unileil
Slutrn, Camilla, nml Kli-
i nil i u run uh low m
uiofoni uuy ntiicr itiiii-
un, iiimii. loriTi'iion
Mence liulteil in the IJnir
Hell nml forclKii luiiciinges, w llli iiivrntors, M
trney ut Ijiw, ami otlitr Solicitor, cnclully
Willi iIiomv who luivc huil their cjireii n-Jerlnl In
thu Iiumu of oilier Httnini'VH. In ri-lexteil ciike
our lees arc rrasoimhle, and no chiirtfe I j made
xuivcn c IIIV Illl'Ct'lllIlll,
If you wuntn ul-cnfendiHuiniiiU'l
SKeicin nnu n
lescrlpllon of
r intention
rill nuke un
examlnntinnut the iut lit ofllce, nnd II r think
It putentuble, will send you micr undudrlcv,
nnd prosecute your cu. Our lee will lie hi or.
ulnury cubes, $.'3,
M Onil or written In matters m-
8(1.. 6i-o'v
Inn. II. t).
, Ef-.-end btninii for our "titihle lor obtain
liiKlWntii," n book of 60 patte.
AddreiK l.oulii IPikkit A Co., Solid
tors of Patents, Waihlngton, I). C.
Cii(liirtlonHM.T, IK Iip .nalnliir
uurk or I he klnil lu the Wiirlil."
vTS.n.veL,n?fta'lD,? elultIon ol thl.
excellent monthly proves It- continued
adaption to popular desires and needs. In-
.ii-,-.,, nnuu wo uiinKinio now mstiy homes
I It ricnetratci every month, wo must con
slderll ai one oftho educator as well it
entertainer of the pulillu mind, for in vast
i'ln'JS f J,,,yi.V n '";c" vo' '' 110 nI'PeBl
ton ulooe.
The chaiactor which tlilS Mai-aztne pos-
an 1 litorarv Riiltiirn ih, i,.,in.
, If It has not led the timet, shoul,! raiiso lu
conductors to rc;aiil It with Justltlablu com
placcncy. It entitles them to u creat
, claim upon tho public grutltudc. Thn
f.'"""11 Kooa ami not evil al
the days ol It llre.-Hrooklyn Kgle.
TKItilS :
l oatajo Itce to subscribers In the United
Ilurpcr s Ma;azlno, ono year . ..$4 00
,OTS.CSnl1'- i,0'-
' uv.'l'S,p,, 1?" Xa. Uirper1. Mai!e,
. i cekly. or Jtazar. to nnn .,i,ir.. ., '
, year, $10 00; or two of Harper's period!-
.ft!n. In nnn ttfl.lv.iu ' -
Z. ; u.v.j ,ui uuv year, f uu:
postage tree. ' ' 1
An OXtrA rnnr nl nllli I. n . ...
V, cekly or Har.ar will bo supplied eratU for
i every club of five suhscriberi nt W 00 each,
""ii.iiim;, ui rii copies lor IJU W,
without extra copy; postage free.
Hack numbers can ho supplied at any
time. '
A complete set of Harpci's Maailnc,
I now comprising 4J volumes, In neat cloth
binding, will be sent by expross. frelL'ht at
uo oxpenie of purchaser, for fl 20 prr
ii An Ai pm """" y man, posipaiu,
13 00. Cloth cases, for binding, 08 cents
by mall, postpaid. '
I 33TNewspapers aro not to copy this ad
yurtisemcnt without tho oxprcss ordtr, ol
- uuii.ci iiroinuni.
I L...
1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I II 1714 or
I 1 1 1 Ii M III 1 1 '
Hoofing and Q uttorin g a Specialty
Slate Roofiing a Specialty in
any part of Southorn
Lightning Bods, Pumps, Stovos
and Tinware
Jobbing Promptly Done.
CST'Greai Medical Book
and Secret for IaiIIh and Units. Sent frte for
two stamps. Address,
ld-15-dly, Kt. Joseph Mu.
Wholctalu aud Itelall Uesltrs la
Foreign and Domostio
No. 60 Ohio Levee,
MK390?.. SMYTH A CO. haro constantly
a large stock of the best goods In Uiu mar
kt, and giic especial attention to the Hholwult
raucli of the bneiucss.
Wlllsteadla-tlf nppotQ the policies ol an
Hcpulillcan patty, and refuse to bt tram.
mtllcil . lhe dictation ot any clique In the
j Democratic ori;wilzstlon.
It bedeves lhat the itepubllcan party bai
fulfilled Its mlnton. aud that the Dttco
crattc party as now organized should be re
stored to power.
It believes the Kadlcal tyranny that &
for several ysais oppressed the South
should be overthrown and the people ct lb
Southern States perrulttrd to control their
own affairs.
It bellcvts that railroad corporation
should b prohibited by legislative ecaeti
ments from extortiuj: and unjustly discrim
inating lu 'their business transactions with
the public.
It rccotfules the equality ot all men b
fore the law.
Irre contserre tarlfl fot
It adtocalea
revenue only.
It advocates resumption ot specie pay
ment, and honest payment of the public
It advocates economy la tlia administra
tion ot public aflslrs
The Dulletlu will publish ull the local nows
ol Cairo, and a variety o( Commercial, 'o-
lltlcal, h'ortlgn and Ocneral Nows, and en
deavor to please all tastes and Interest alt
-T II K-
WJ T-l
In a thirty-two cdliiuiu paper, lurnlsued to
subscribers lor tkn low prlco ot
$1 25 PER YEAE,
Postage prepaid. It Is lhe cheapest paper
In th West, and la a ploaslng FIresioo
Visitor and Family Companion.
Cannot (all to ico the ut "Waled Induce
menta otTered by Tho Uulletln In the way
ol cheap and profitable advertisements.
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