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ght iullittitt.
limMUiMc Htt tr .
JOKW H. OBHU.T, Editor.
('rfMU(M U outspoki-n In It uppnsl
t4M to n third term.
FfiBMiDCKT Ur.isr is named nuiouif
th witBOJW.?. tor (lie dKfeDtlant
lu the of the Unllcl Hlules
" ft. lUbock. 'rierjo will lw trl"d nt'Xt
Ho.. I. W. Mvss claim, itiat tlie
CMcairo Trl&nut has damuU lilm Id his
protestton.il ami soclnl ttwtUng $W,00Q,
tad that m sooii.n "prior eitjpismcnts"
'ureiUtfndedto, b proxc to tct the
7W4-hV ability Mirt Ualdltty tn pnv lilm
that sum.
Is tin: cstlnnte for the consular ami
diplomatic (service, of tlie current yeir,
the Democratic committee on appropria
tion Imvc rctrencliid tn tin- amount of
$441,337 SO. In other vvonK the com
mittee Is ot tlje opinion that the hit Itatl
ie.il control absolutely vriHcil th.it
mneli money lu tbitt branch ot the public
Tnu price of n nllroatl llekK irom St.
Lout to Sau Kraiicisw, i SlU). Of 1 11
tltii, live dollars I pet nsldo lor the road
that couvey the passeujjer from St. Lou!
to Oninhi, or om-tlllh ot the entire ills
unce. From thU It U seen that the IV
ctQc railroad exact twenty-eight dollar
for the mibc service that tlio Missouri
roads perform lor Are dollars.
Ox Monday lost Mr. Scott WlUiycon
greaatnan from the Klcvruth UlitiuU dis
trict, introduced n bill lor the approprla
tion of money wlwrowltli to repair the
levee silonjr the Mississippi river, in Illi
nois. Tho exact scope oftliu bill wo do
not uiderattuid. If Ir U broad enough to
cover tho Cairo levees, Mr. Wike is n ftcn
tleiaan of largo liberality nnd comprehen
aire flews. Othrnviic, tho matter Is ono
for Mr. HartzcU's attention.
Tuk editor of the Commerce DityUch
u not an enthusiastic advocate ot a South'
east-Missouri pre convention, because,
e says the rrcater demand Is for an cell
wriai opening school litre are -crnp
orjtue evidence by which he lurttile hU
. portion: The IVrryvlUe Union 'peak
of a man In that county who wa-i arretted
lor nufciujr "elicit wliisl v." Tho Bluff
Cttistn saya tlut a certain growr In Top.
lar Bluff, keeps "Habaoua t-ifar. and
fuiltedxv tobacco ;' while another cotem
pory declare that the ball was one that
mill ''lonjr bo held In lasting remember
nee," a- "verylody enjoyed them
selves and was treated clever and cour
tlooi." The Diipxtth tnun hai rendered
tilt position impregnable, by a majority,
as be says, of not h-i than M-ventecn
millions. The return yet to come In
will, moit likely, double tho morltv.
Tut city council of Metropolis refmed
towiYllcCartnejtweiitT-nvs dollar, or
auy oUier aum, for proiecutlni- Parker
aud tlostetter torhrccuy. Several dy
frrM -r...l, .. Mvi.w.uiu ini w-
ee was burglarized and seven dollars In
money aud Mampt carrW away. Itefer
rinr to the burglary McCartuey say: "It
i a little tlugular tliat this larceny'chould
o aon follow the councHV relusai to pay
our bill for prosecuting Parker and Hos
totter." It is .liiguh.r Indeed. That
tnybltt could commit a burglary In the
lace ot the fact that McCartney was not
paid for coniuetiug a criminal prosecu
tion, excite our fpecUl wonder. 'I he
reflection that Mae. Mltd to get his
om-y ought to hare Itiiur.'d Mctropo
li against the operation of burglars lor
all tlni to come ; Uut litro svn liavu lU-a
hurcUry within a week of tho. tailure.
Tlia depravity of mankind ! tlekenlng tn
Tub Indepeadant Hefaraier. of Illinois.
contemplate the uauination of :i full state
ticket uJ tho apptiutmeut of delegates
Utlie Independent National convention
tkat li to act In luiiauapolla on the 17th
of May next. The Stato convention, for
tali purpose, will be held In Decatur,
on tbe 10th of February. Willi the evi
dence the leader of this movemet must
have, that Its bold upon popular f.ivor
UaUn to weakened at to destroy all
bopM of anecesa, except In unimpor
tant local couUsts ; with the fact staring
them In the face that hundreds and thous
ands of voters, who, one year ago gave
countenance and support to the move
aent, .have again becu absorbed by
tke party from which they tern
psvrarily ssparated-with such a condl
tion ot things apparent, tba general pur
P04 the manipulator have iu vlf w
very Illy defined. Th only principle,
upon which the ludcpendcnts theniKlves
agree, form a conspicuous plank In the
platlorm of the nomocracy. The prin
ciplea upon which they dUagrce, torrn tlii
turblngelementa in the other parties 'aUo.
ThU being true, what power ol coh'eMoil
reusalmlu the Independent moveuirnt,
If you rob It f the dulre for olllce and
spalts, that actuates IU leailew 't VYo had
an UlastraUou of the Mrenath ol this no.
Uealon Id the election of 71. The Uem.
ocratlc party accepted and supported oue
of the luaeptuOent nominees; but b.
cause It Uecllutd to tne Iudi.rfn.l,.,.f.i..
eaiM Incensed, nnd voti i a lnner mt
brought about the defeat ct their own
candidate as well as the candidal of the
Democtacy, for the same otllcc. u
wan uoi ins uemocrutlc platlorm
that excited this ho.Ullty to the Demo-
nic ucKcr, uut the refusal of tho Dem
ocratlc convention to eonreii. in m. i..
dPudeuts all the ofllces to which they
laid claim. If the ptrly was Influenced
y ul w"Wfoii, then, what
T Z " m lh PProachlog cam.
"J1:!" Wgh(r or better pur-
rLj!!t" f.0.11 1" wl'tew, let lb
.ww wywt ! imv vwj cement, now
tHoMstheparty togttbir. ' w'
lMOREftlfM4l. Urfllll.tS.
t'nrler llarilon, Domocmtle member
of rongreii from fool. county. :ind
l)lond-rclntlou or the Iaslcli-rU llsrrlton
family. 1 Immense In spvcchri of the
prcd-en;rlMiit. D Munn U nowhere.
In his dlculnn of tho Centennial ap
propriation. Mr. lCatrlon indicated the
vnMmMS ol our country In llils way:
"To-day I lie proudest monnrch of the
forest, lllllnir himself Irom the Atlantic
and logins to the aettlnz un,eer In
tent lu sftlllni: onward, day, aye weeks,
will hate pacil before he Khali be uhle
to civil hi wearied pinion in the spray
of the Paclne.' And here, according to
Harrhou, l a forecast ot the mauner lu
which our Centennial Fourth will bo
celebrated "tVhcn the Miu-hall rise on
the Fourth ot .Inly next and (hall slid
the hill-top; on the St. .tolirn, and the
bom of tho cannon h he-.ird aunouticln
the one huudredtb birth-day of our ex
istence, as the sun shall roll on hU murcli
of a thousand tnllca an hour, and run af
ter gun Miuil catch up the dtouattoti ol
the lat iM, the national autlicm will
swell, nnd, a? It jfca westward until it
reachc' n line strotchins trom the far!
North to tho extreme South on the Oult
ot Mexico, one ji rand peal 'hill be hi-ard,
the peal of a thousand aui;. rocking the
very foundation of the eaith, echoed to
the blun vault ot litaven, mlnjrlliij: Itis
tone with the i-oiis ol the sihia as I hey
roll lu their luusicat spheivf." It was
such sophomorlcat outgusiic. m thl
ttial pulled the Centennial appropriation
measure through the IIoue.
ihoji:ct or vital itixar,
! ; :: i u ho.
There is an evident purpose on the part
of tho people ot Kentucky anil Tennessee
to build the Cairo anil Tennessee river
narrow gaii";e railroad, (.ol. Neal has
ntvnr pcrmlttcl his 7.eal In the work to
diminish or Ids energies to rulnv, and as
a result of his well directed effort', tho
project i taking good shape, and winning
largely upon thu favor of the people.
The road will run from a poiul In Ken
tucky opposite Cairo, through Ballard
and (jiravcj county, Kentucky, and
Henry county, Tennessee, to Paris. At
Paris It will divide, one branch going di
rect to John.sonvlllc, In Benton county,
where It will form connection with tho
Duck lllver Valley railroad, running
through Humphrey?, Ulckmaa, Maury,
Marshall and Lincoln counties, Tcnne-
ic. lu the direction of HnuUvlllr. Ala
bama, whlcli 1 the point to which the
company hopes to bo able to extend It.
Tho other branch, leading from Paris,
wlI pass through Corrall. Henderson
aud Dccalur counties to Clifton, nu tlie
Tennessee riser, where, it will form a con
nection with the Knoxvlllc and Memphis
road thus traversing a reg'0M uf i ouu.
trj" already well jiopulated aud ot hound
lees natural resources. The value of the
farm. in Ballard and Graves
counties. Kentucky, and Henry
county, Tennessee, a determined lor
purposes of taxation, for the year 1ST5,
is $7,:tjl,4PS; aud the valno of the pro
ducts of thwe farm.-, during lh sanm
year, Is set down at $1, '::,, 3K. The to-
baceo rroj of Graves county, uloue,
awoimtt, to eight ttioussiid hngjhcadi,
svorth at kavt one million of dollars.
The tu'xvK' ciuji n uauara county can
oearccfy lc 6touJ .-it Jess; and these
i,000,000 worth of farm product?, or
the great bulk of them, would ncccsw-
lly tlnd their way to market over tills
rocd. In fact, take the entire country
traveled by this road, and sssven
eighths of It will be tound susceptible of
tbe highest state ot cultivation, yielding
IoImcco, wheat a.iil cotton quite abun
dantly as the ruoit favored region of
couutry iu the cHirc .Southwest.
Th (listaBce trom Cairo to Paris Is lete
than ses-cnty uulrs, and we liavo the au
thority of an approximate estimate tor
saying tht the cost ol the road between
the-io two points wauld not oxoeed
$1,100,000. At this place, connection
wostld be formed with the Cairo and St.
Loulf Narrow-Gangs-, thus giving to St.
Louis, as well u, Cairo, direct aud cheap
access to the richest und most productive
portions of lower Kentucky mid IVet
Tennessee. Corporation aid Cairo can
not extend, being debarred therefrom by
the constitution or Illinois; but In
dividual aid and encouragement
should he given, when our mer
chants and business men nre assured thai
their aid will insure the 6ttccess ol thu
project and thu completion vf this road.
As to what St. Louis will do, we choo
to Indulge In no prediction. She U. or
ought to be deeply Interested ; but tho
ways of that city a well as of her cap.
Itailsts, are exceedingly mysterious al.
though too much so to udmit of -ale
speculation in to what thev will do.
or what they will not do.
ova. tlx m m;tti:u.
Titx.siiKANA, .Inn. 22, )s70.
This town, or prh!in I thonld v
city, Is uliuated on the State line between
Texas and Arkansas, halt being hi either
oiaie. u H a most uutorttinnti: situation,
for whenever any of the numerous law-
ies character commits a crluio lu one
part ol the town ho has but to cross the
line und he U afc, at least he uud to be,
but tbe marshals and police have become
eo.ua! to thu dltUultles ot the tioi-ltloii.nn.l
If their victim caunot be decoyed across
the line by some ruse, he U snatched
acrosse.1 hy lorce cf arms, ir tho erlmo
commitu-d Is of sufficient Important In
iiKir eyes to Justify such a summary pro
eeedlng, and the cclcbratdl return rn-
dorl oil a writ by a Ocornia .herin.
mix cumntiiut U nvatttjmm tip itumjium,h
uucu iuau uy tu enterprising olll-
's acre, jwo years uo. when
psciums place hi a sUge on my way
-i. "m 10 nhieveport, the situ of
mis ! i i. , "owll"f "lldernets,
andtUrlly tkt(JuUblB.f nniJ ,
the American cltlu t H,.
eucli vast Improvejiitnt completed lu o
ahortatlme. The hotel t which this
Is written, svas built bjii.0iW, W,JU.
Uln railroad company, and uauicil the
Marqtiajtl house, In honor of their vice
president. It Is an elegant three story
bnlkUni ol tlw gothlc style, srlth hot and
cold water In every room, and is kept In
a stvle cnual to mnur hotels m outer cit
i.o.I.Ioj this one there arc three
other very goint hotels mid any number
nr ho-mHnir houses. The icsWcnt popu
lation Is about 1.000, besides n floating
nounlatlon f railroad men) oftlvehundrtHl
mors'. Most nl lhee latter lire in the ho
tel', which gives them quite a mctropoll
tan air In the evenings. The town Is rcg
ularlv laid out with stone street cross
Ing?, and as tho soil li sandy the l reels
are never muddy. A number of large
building nre In process nfcrcetlon.nmong
which may Im; mentioned a music linn, oy
Mr. OeorgoN l.'obblns, who is recog
nized as one ol the most enterprising
citizens. Tho hall will l an ornament
to tho placfl when completed, A new
Jail Is nlo being creoted on the Arkatia
aula under! the supem-lon ot
Judge W. .). Watson, county
clerk. The trout elevation of the build
lug Is of snnd ouc and resemble
tho private resident of smile wealthy
gentleman, having nothing about It sug
getlve of the u.-es to which It Is to be
put ; the cells are lined with '.boiler Iron,
aud I reckon thev might as well wilte
above them tlm lncriptlou D,i!!!. -aw
der tin' gate ot hell, "All hope abandon
ye who. enter hereYI have Ju-t rituincd
from a very plcajf two week visit to
.Iiidcc .IVaUoiPhkintatloii at Pecan
Point, twenty inllo-WIum here. It Is. sit
uuted In the famous Bed river bottoms
and contains 010 acre?, there Is a fence
surrounding the plantation nnd along
this uro built the negro cabin, there mo
no dividing fences which are o ruinous
totholund.-capein the North, aud when
this liiimeuo Held Is thickly cos-cred with
the onto boles ot cotton It is a -ight
worth seeing, although It N not as largo
as some of tin- neighboring plantations,
(that ofCapt. Wadloigh. containing 1I0O
acre? Joins ill it Is under a very high state
of cultivation and produced a bam nr -five
hundred pounds ol lint cotton to the
acre, wiucn i aunve tne average, i no
cotton fiom the Bed liver country l
graded lu the market next to Sva l.-l.iud
and always comuniids a good price.
I am indebted to thu .lodge for many
facts as to working his plantation, which
may Interest your readers. Thu gitat
trouble hi the South now is a lack of re
liable labor. Thu blacks have u-l yet,
and probably never will, ns-over trom
the eflects of tholr emancipation, and
will, wlu-n tho whim -cles them, forfeit
thu good results to li d rhed Horn a
wholo season of hard labor. Just for u lew
weeks of idcness at the ciltleal time of
plcMig tlic cotton they have ral-ed.
The manner of workiug this plaiitiition
Is the one usually nduptid, and 1 as lol.
lows: It i divldetl Into plats containing
from ilso to tsventy acres and faimed out
to tho negro tenant; according to num
btr of workers there arc in n family.
0'hey are furnished a mule, plow, hoe
and other IrupIcmcnLs for working tlie
crop, and itceivc half Tor their labor.
As soon as the crop i planted, it is mort
gaged to the owner ol the land, who also
furnulies them supplies while the crop is
being raijed. Undir thu hum of "Hip
piles" Is included clothing, bacon, corn
meal and tobacco, widen are lucd every
Saturday evening, at the rate ot Innr
...... ...I. o I.-..- u-i. - ecK or com
meal fin- each one, and clothing aa it is
needed. This is charged to them and Is
taken out of their portion of
the crop at the end of tins
scaeon. This ration Is to la?t a week. It
does not look inviting tu an educated
palate, yet tlm negroes thrive upon It nnd
are seldom eick. The only fresh meat
they oyer seo is an occasional coon or
'possum, at hunting or which they are
adepts. The crop leing plantod It Is the
overtc rV duly to co that It is properly
cultivated, and his ta.sk Is by no means
an easy ono ; he U on ldr horse from day.
llxhttll! sinrk, riding around beeiug that
the workers aiu on deck, as It Is consti
tutional tor a acgro to rhirk, and they in
vent all sorts of excuses for not going to
work. Judge Watson' plan U In case a
man shirks to hire a man to work the
crop, nun ciiartru tho w to the shirker.
This sort of moral tuason usually brings;
tlieui to a realizing senn' ol tholr duty,
and Is very effective. It will easily bo
teen that this system can be made very
oppressive ir the planter l not disposed
to ileal fitlrly with his tenant". The nc
Kioe.s have no forethought whatever, and
wflllf they are permitted, buy nil sorts
ol uselest. article from the planter, who
generally runs a Mon; In con
nection with his plantation and
charge whatever pi Ice- ho H.cs ut.
They cannot a,, cUcwhcri! to
purchase as he holds u mortgage on tholr
growing crop, and that Is tho only col
Intend they have upon which to obtain
credit, and many of tlini nt the end of
the season will bo Indebted to thy planter
after giving up their entire Interest in the
crop; there are exceptions of course, one
out negio aim wir on this plantation
mado a thousand dollars clear, as tho re.
suit of a steady application to work and
no economical administration of their
household ailalr.s. The plantation negro
I wholly different .from his steamboat
brother, the kind ho common on your
levees, one ol the most striking points of
their re-emblunoe It t,0 knowledge they
have In common ol the use or the razor
a n deadly weapon. They are deeply
religious, and It matter little to tlicm
whether It ;is oudool,m or Christianity
they embrace, Mi long us they can howl
at their meetings. Them Is a lino Held
for rals'lonary labor nil oyer the South
nu uciu.-r ctmuc.-s or.ucces than lu In-
i wonm iiku to fee some some o-
y i) ,ur ,ue propagation ol the (Joce
In lorelgn ports take this Held over a lit
tle.lt would result In good. They were
holding a tcr.'c. of revival meetings on
the plantation while wo were there, and
sve attended one evening, prompted by
curiosity ; there h something wclnl and
fascinating iu their singing and the effect
is heightened when It Id ll.tened to In the
midst oradenso pine forest, with the
soughing ot the pine to a well the chorus
ami only a dim lire lu tho llrcphice, aud a
lew pcnny-dlp. hung uryiiud which
ui,i.i"g,,0?,,Jr -'jwlow through the
Interior o? tbe rude .log wbn, Ttw
preacher, on th occasion of our Ull,
was not wholly illltcrato nnd, as hnhaa
the reputation being u reti,, M;, m
addition of his clcricar nttalnments, he
has remarkable power over his Ignorant
followers. He vlt called upon to".prcnd
himself oratorlrilly, which he did to our
intense amu?eni'nt:;.nlter singing two or
three tuues u.h ns th0 "Chariot of
Klre," "Boll. .ijrdao.Boll" etc., by tho
congregation heiroso with all thn dignity
aud nssuranci'O. f)r. Talniiign nuil read
out of tho bible l-ipparently) the truly
sensatlonal text 'nil do tilegrapb aw n
pushln hlni," npn which ho proci-oiled
to dilate, howln; considerable knowl
edge of the bible but never onco referring
to "de telegraph" During the cvrnlng
mc of the Mster got "de power" and
fell down In a tmco which would last n
day or two i upoi hor return to conscious
ness (-tin till tell wonderful
Stories ol tho beauties of
heaven, where he will claim to have
been in the spirt, and tell, with minute
details, tho Intrivlcw.s she had with the
uugut person0 she met there, and
will be looked if t M "tie especially la
vored from on Hjh. Alter the meeting,
which laded rM near midnight, the
reverend proa -cr wended his way liome-
wurd, steallL.' enough talis as ho went tu
cook his in'-" tor the nt few days,
lie lias serr-tl one term In tho peniten
tiary for p;!' pllfeilng. but is still una
ble "to dls-hnliiutu betwlMhisown.iiid
his nelglwr's property. Jssrisi!.
Illeetlliir rroiu I.iines, Colnriti, Ill-mi-flllll.
lisuillillul. A SVnililrrllll
j:ciiKTKn, N. Y.. Jan. 1.1. 157 1.
It. V. Mrco, M. 1)., Buffalo, X. V. :
Dr..u Sin I had suffered Irom Catarrh
lu an j.'srruvateii form lor about twelve
veitrs and for several years irom broil
cilia; irotiM.s Tried many duciors and
thlr.'S v.-ith no lasting bcncllt. In May,
7-2. Ikc imlng nearly worn out '.villi ex
eelve editorial labors on n paper hi
N'ew York city, 1 was attacked with
bronchitis In u severe foi in, sullerlng al
most h total loss or voice. I returned
home bore, but had been home only two
weel; wnen i was completely nrosirateil
with hemorrhago from tho lungs, bating
'Cc vice 11.717 aurus iririiTi
lien "tki, awl hint thru tntuir
of nine rfoy. In the Sell
lember lolloss loss. 1 Improved stilllclentlv
to lie able to Im about, though in a very
feeble tate. My bronchial tnmlili. r..
nialncd and the catarrh wits tenfold
worse than bctoro. Kvery eilort for re
llcfseemed triiitlcss, 1 t.iincil to t.o
losing ground dally. I continued In this
leeble state, rnUlng blood almost daily
until about tho llr-t ol' March 70. when
I became so bad as to ho entirely con
lined to the lioufc. A friend suL"crted
your leniullcj. But I was extreiniiy
r-keptieal that they would do inu good. a"s
I had lost all heart iu re midies. and be
gan to huk upon medicine and doctor
with disgust. However. I obtained
one of your circulars, and
rend it carefully, from which I came to
the conclusion that you understood your
business, ut least. I finally obtained a
quantity of Dr. Safe's Catarrh lieim-dy,
your Golden .Medical Discovery and Pel
lets, nnd commenced their vigorous ue
according to directions. Tn my jiirpri-e,
1 soon began to Inipiovo. The" Discovers
and Pt llils, lu u short time, brought out
a fcveie eruption, which continued lor
several weeks. I felt much U-ttcr, my a
pellto xmprotttl, and I gained in strengtli
and ilcsh. In three months eveiy vestisre
or catarrh was gone, the bronchitis had
nearly disappeared, had no cough what
ever and I had entirely tvused to raise
Mood : and. contrary io ili vocctaiion
hi mjiiiu c,i iiij irieniif, inc cure lias re
mained permanent. I liavo liud no more
iiciiiuiuues irom uie lungs, and am en-
urciy ireeirom catarin, irom which I bud
suffered o much and i-o long. The debt
of gratitude I owe for tho blessing I have
reeelsed at jour hands, knows no
bounds. I am thoroughly satisfied, from
my experience, that your medicines will
master the worst lorms or that odius (Un
ease Catarrh, as well as throat and lung
diseases. I have recommended them to
very many and thill ever apeak In their
praise. Crateiullv vours,
Wjl. H. SI F..NCKK.
P. O. Box .-.07. Itorhcster, X. Y.
Insurance Agent
oxxxo xjiaxnBXi,
Over Katbuss A Ukl's.
t'lnt-Clus Compalrs rtfr
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Building, up.staln.
Tha Oldajt EubUhed Arenoy In Bout
m IIUhoIk, rapreaeatlnv ovir
nr nnn ono
Biake& Go.
(successors to)
1 -i;taiffBa
faints.. Oils, Varnishes,
Null Paper, Window aUan, Win
dovv Bbadof, fto.
AlVfuys ou ui,ji u,. cclcbratdl llluuilnstllif
Oorssr KITntn fitrt nd
Iholrown. VTbr Im thJiir it tm ToL'i.. H lM back hut Cl-r mui to hold
La Piooadura,
CIiSSuwKmwV lheMeeil.brMcd
wmm mm clsa?, havaka filled m m rivs m
Civo tliom a Trial and bo Ooavlacad
Sole Agents, Cairo. Ills.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
tz ujtiiu Jutavuh, - - CAIRO, ILL.
Koopa a ftill stock of
SCo2a1ru.ols.y Bourbon,
Monongahela,Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Is wldclv known
crTcctual remr
dics ever dhcov.
ured for cleans
bj,' the system
anil purifying the
blooil. 'It has
Btotxl the test of
yearn, with a con-
alnnlli- rrrrvix! n rt
reputation, based on Its iHtrinaic"virtucs"
ami i.Maincii tjy its remarkable eurcs.
So mild as to ho. falls und bs'ncficial to
children, and yet i Marching as to
oflcctually purj;c out thu great corrup
tions of the blood, Mich as. the tcrof
ulou.s and sypliilitic contaniiiiation.
Impurities or dWascs tltnt base lurked
in tho sylem for vcjh soon yield to
this fovrerlul antidote, and disapjKtar.
Hence its wonderful cures, many of
which nu publ'n-ly hnown, of Scrofula,
und nil horolulous dl-.L-asun, Ulccrts,
Kriiptlun.s, and eruptlio d'uordcrs of
the skin, Tumors, JMotclien, IIoilN,
PlmiileH, PustulcH, BorcH, St.
Antliony'A Fire, Iloso or Erv
8lpelns, Tetter, Suit ltlieiitn,
Hctilil llcad, Rlnfrvvorni, nud in
ternal Ulcerations of tlio UtcriiN,
Ktoinuiili, niitl J Avar. It ulso cures
otlicr complaint, to which it vrould not
room especially adapted, such n Drop
I.v)epsla, Fits, Neurnlft:li,
Henri Disease, T'cinalo Weak
ness, Debility, nnd Lcuconiiwn,
when they nre rnnnircstntions of lliu
kvrolhlous poisons.
It i.s an excellent restorer of health
nnd Mrijnyth in thu Spring. Hy renew
tho appctito nnd vigor of tile ili05
tlvf: oruan., it dissipates lliu depression
and HsllcM lnnyuoi- of the H-nsoii.
Kvcn where no disorder appears, people
frel Ixitter, and live longer, for riuanMiig
tlio blood. Tlio srsteiu moves on wit If
reiiowed vigor anif n new lease of life.
I'llKl'AltKl) uy
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
fruclltul ii mi Annlytirnl Chrtnlnlt.
JOMiars.jm"f"'Ts rvKHTwtiHun.
WlIOI.CNAI.l: Ultllt'ERN,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Levee.
Wholesale Grocer
littler In
Commission Merchant,
The Gamble Wagon
MAN UKA c r L'ft K D 11V
Near Thtrth-Fourth 8 treat
Wagon Maker.
A T7tlM,TTa
is xjxs u a-
Nanufacturui. hU own nor Ohoonnnd
can Aiauro uooa Work.
Wew-York Store
Goods Sold Very Close.
Comer 10th St. And CommeroUl Ay,
G. 0. PATIER & CO.
Samaritan Nervine,
1 'in Brrut NVrse Coniiirnr, cures Enllciillo Fits,
C iiivulifoun, bjwMiH, m. Villi. Duiiec, and nil
NTfou IJI.wwk tlie only known polll rm
rjlv lor Kiillfutlo Klt8. It Iim bten UalnX by
thotiMtiil. U'I litt uevvr btu known to full Ins
single rase. Trial lockage frit-. Kiiclow sluiuu
for clrculyr. glv.ng ktIUvucu ofctircn.
AillrtvM, Hit. H.'A. ItlC'IIMOND.
to.ir.-Uly Uus T4I, Ht. JotapU, Mo.
' ATT1
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mill ri. :
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Leading Journal of Southern
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The Bulletin
Will sWdfiMlj oppose tli policies ol
nnputjllcsn psny, anil refutn to b Usa
melleil . tbe illctstlonol uirsrlque la th
Uemocrstlc orsuUstloa.
i tt bvilcvts tbit the Itepubtluo party baa
ruiailJ iu mUion, sad tliat the Demo
cratic party as now organlfetl should ter.
ttortil to power.
It tielicvts tbe JlatlleeJ trraiiBr that be
for several year, oppressed the Soutfe
UoulJ be overthrown and tbe people cl lb
outhru Sute pcrtaltfel to control then
onu atTaJr.
It Ulleves that railroad corporatloa
rhouM be prohibited by legislative fcactt
mrnts from extorting and unjustly itisrrlrjv
In itltijHn Hiplr IniklDeu transactions with
tli- pnlillc.
It rcoonleii tlic eiualliy ol all saea b
fore the Uw,
It Kdvocatee fre commerce tariff tor
ri-vt uue only.
It vlToeMf. rtnitaptlon or spstiti pay.
mtnt, and boni-st piynicat of tbo public
It advocates economy la the admiDlstra
tlmi ol public afl'alrs
Tha Ilullutlii will publish all the Iocki news
o! Cairo, and a varletr of Comturcla!, lo
lltlctl, Foreign and General News, and en.
deavor to plt-afo all t.stei and lnlret all
Is a tblrty.iwo column papur, luruihen te
(ulmcrltierN lor the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'ostngr prepaid. It In Hip cheapest pnper
In tbe Went, and Is a plouslng Firesiue
VlMtorand Family Companion.
Caunot fall to seo the f. 'Waled Induce
ments offered by The Uullctln In the way
ol flirni) and prnliulile ailYcrllmntf.
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8"uiiryfr0,tlm tOWn'1nIiMft,oJ '

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