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$hr Snilttin.
H Iter Kvarjr
jonr x. oBKmiiT, xaitor.
HMATOR SHIMIAM, 6f Ohio, tldfl Writ
teaft.tyftbrMUrlri which ho advise
UievlMufeilcMi Tt4y to nomlnMo Gov.
n$$mmiMm loriprwiWciit.
Hon. Wm. Brown, chairman, lm wiled
an Informal meeting of the HllnoM Demi
oemttatitate central committee for con
sultation at the Sherman Houtolti Chi.
caf o on February 8th.
Tnit next "Union Republican" con
rentloii, for the nomlnntlon ofeimlMntw
r" " and rloo-uiv'Jeat, l an
nounced to meof hi Cincinnati on the
14th of Juno 1870.
Tee Republican lenders In Nuiliing.
ton at not in favor of purifying the pnrty
in the South. In South Carolina, tlio
corrupt wing ol the pnrty has the conn
tenanco and eupport ol intlncntlnt lie
publicans, who lout; with Mbplelon on
Got. Chamberlain and denounce hlui ni
a "Democrat." In Mltnioslppl Gov.
Ames and his coadjutor? arts defended by
Senator Morton. In Louisiana, Presi
dent Grant liai jiht appointed and thu
aenatclias contlrmrd Well, the elikf ol
the fraudulent returning board, to one or
the moat Important federal olllecs In New
Orleans, (u Alabama, Senator Spencer'
influence 'js potent and leforni In the
party In that Stale 1j among the liupo.l
Ullitle. i'bo local corruptions In all tlm
Southern StatM arc upheld and supported
by tun .strength of the parly at U'aOi
lngton. Tin: rr..vrr..nixiAi. iiii.i..
The Centennial appropriation Mil
granting $l,o00,000 of United .Slates
treasury luuds to the Centennial exhibi
tion purpose, pawd the honw on Tuck
Cay by a majority of sixteen. The bill
was passed with two anieudinent; one 1
to the effect that the money to be appro
priated shall not be paid to the trcas-
urer of the Centennial board of finance.
until he and the president of the board
has executed a bond in the sum
of $500,000 to the L'nlled States
with sufficient security, to be approved
by Mm secretary of the treasury, lor
the safe keeping and laith.
ful distribution of the amount nppiopri
Tha other, oflered by Jlr. Springer ol
Illinois, requires the payment In lull to
tbe treasury of any balance that may be
left In the hands of the finance commit
tee before any dividend or percentage of
profits be paid to tho Hock holders.
These two amendments contributed ma
terially to the strength of the bill, and it
la doubtful If It would have pa"ed with
out them.
Passenger rates on railroads will lie
largely reduced next summer, tho reduc
tion to begin on May 10th and continue
till October 31st. At n meeting ot the
special committee appointed by thu Gen
eral Ticket Agent's Association of the
United States to arrange and recommend
a schedule of Centennial passenger rates,
recently held at Philadelphia, It was de
cided to recommend a reduction of twenty-Are
per cent, on present rates for the
round trip from all points of the country
ait of Omaha to Philadelphia or New
For the accommodation of European
and Eastern travelers, it was also decided
to recommend a similar reduction of
twenty-five per wnt on round trips from
New York and Philadelphia to all parts
ef tha West. Kouud tickets from the
West wU tlo "be made good
utward over one route and reurn
ing over another. 'Die dlQerencc in fare
between Philadelphia and New York on
round trip tickets will be one dollar.
The fare from Chicago to Philadel
phia and return will be thirty-two dol
lars, while from Chicago to New York
and return by way of Philadelphia, It
will Be tbirty-tiirec dollars. All promi
nent railroad lines are building additional
passenger cars. The Eric road ha:
fifty coaches building beside a large num
ber of sleeping and drawing room cars.
Mrs- Henry Ward Beecber has not
tailed for mouths.
James Gordon Dennett of the New
York HocH and Mist Ida May of tVah
fngtoc, will soon be married.
In Virginia, as wi-H as In 'J'ciiiic-iee,
fVre U a slow, quiet, aliuo t uncotiMoiu
niorrment, t rtTivc the old Whig party.
The grand Jury at Chicago hayc is
sued Uirt indictment' ngalu't Hei-lug.
nd tme against Munn U looked for.
The Republican State tnnvrntloii of
Indiana, meet on the 2M of February,
and will nominate Morton for pr-'.-'lent.
The Itauocr.dk national executive
committee has becu cal!-d to meet it
Watulr.gton on the 22d ot February, to
name the Utne and place for Ihc nat'loinl
The St. luU tlrpullK-in -ay that
uotless than 1.700 jiivn and women lu
the United States, at the present time,
prafrailanaUy- pnetieu Hiutku termed
the arts of astrology as a tuvaiu ol live
lihood. Senator Sluiron't constituents au
telling him flatly thtt he had letter re
sign at oneeand make room for n succes
sor, who will pay aomo attention to the
Interests of Nevada by appearing in Ids
Mt In the Senate occasionally.
Davenport Vomeral: A Moruinu
youth who "bad removed from Iowa- to
Utah, and jrhom a travels found tend
ing abeep, said : "1 com from loway
twtjratra Pap told us all along tUo
nm JM syert coplu.' to ZIon. Well
Ihidkip ciWaedlit old ZIon I ever want
tW km. l'cle rather have one foot of
taJ kl way, than all t hate lie re mount
lags of (ko Lord, an' I guess the Lord
wokI4, too, H Itf'd tyer seen loway."
Mflelr (Inaaln-
Hull nml litrll rii
Ihii Mlnlatrr Aicnlti
H'Klr TUB KliaalMt jiimiimr aen
Blr Ertwnrit Thorn Inn Bntu. Knit
(tail not Nbol Afler all-VUII o In
I In tin Kdltorn-Tbr 'niirflunnl
MoBya TbrrK l,le l.onU III
H'aahlnglnn-A 1'ori-lKii Mliiller In
n Nrtr Molr. nlr., .
(from our lirfulnr Correspondent) .
Wasiiiniito.v, I). ('., Jan. 21, 1P70.
Tho centennial bill, (not "Wild (till of
the Mountains," hut tho bill now pend
ing In the house of representative.), the
llandall hoax, Indiana editor, the con
gressional bouquet. Oliver V. .Morton's
chances for'tlic presidency, nml Ihc usual
soclety-go.lp, have formed the main
topic." of e.vellomunt and conversation
during tho week Jut passed. Our beaux
and bcllo Iinvc. it I? true, ghxn but lit
tle attention to anything mvu the last
sublect mentioned, for the week ha" In en
one constant whirl of social etij" mnit.
and tlili week promises to bo even worse.
No wonder, -therefore, that the chiefs of
bureaux complain that their young men
are late at their ile.-k", for one cannot
dance and play tlw gallant all night long
every night In the week, without extend
ing the morhing u ip rather longer than
Id unite conformable to the exigencies of
L'nelc Sam . M-mec 5 ami if wur depart
mental young bloods do not take cue.
vu shall probably soon have another con
gressional Inrcnlipalloii as to the why
nud wlitrtloics theyiuv Into In (lie morn
lug;), and iiorlorni their wutk languidly
and in a half-somnolent Mate!
SOCIKTY (lO'-ill-.
But a long as the chiefs of bureau
theinelves will sd the example, they
lme little right to complain, for "like
master, like man." The innt brilliant
entertainment are these given bv the
members of the rabluel, who niellie
lieadsot the government dt partmcnt,
and they alwny last till I'.w Into th
small hoursof the inornlug. Card have
lf'n Usued by the Secretary of the Inte
rior and Mrs. ('handler for a grand re
ception on Friday next. l'o-t-.Mater
General and Mrs. .Jewell will give a grand
ball on the evening ot tlicl'Mr Inst. ; and
Admiral and Mrs. Porter will give
their great ball on or nbout the ICth of
February. Mrs. Senator llayard has Is
sued cards tor an evening reception at
her residence, ltryant Place, on Felnu-
ary the 17th ; and six hundred Invitation
have been issued by ex-Governor nml
Mrs. Shepard for a ball ou the evening ot
the 31st hiM., the nnniver?arv of their
wedding. The.-e, with the reception;
shortly to be given by .Mrs. Fish, Sir Kd
ward Thornton and the Russian mlniiltr.
are looked forward to, by our young
society folks with considerable ple.v-
ure, and Invitations are in great demand
by the cranr dt la crime ol upper tendom.
Talking of the Russian minister re
minds me that he has not yet shaken oil
tho mystery that seems to surround his
presence among u. Unlike the other
diplomats, he does not go much in so
ciety, but, with his wile, keeps himself
pretty much at home, makiuy Inn lew
acquaintances ami fewer friend-. Won
derful stories are afloat ot the oriental
splendor of his mansion and the beauty
of his wife, tho Countes Czlckizne (how-
do you pronounce that?) ; but very little
ot his domestic establishment is ever seen
by the vulgar outside world except hU
Chaseiir, who certainly Is one of the
finest specimens (physically) ol human
ity that ever cooled 111 heels in an ante
chamber. That Chasseur Is the talk (and
envy) of the town, and hU photograph
may be had at the bookstore-, (Washing
ton l too aristocratic to have "ships'' of
any kind; everything Is a "store," down
to the peanut "store" on a wheelbarrow
round the corner). As for thu minister
himsell, whenever he docs make his ap-
V-iT-.n-c,'w)ta1i Is seldom, he is enveloped
iu half a dozen huge fur coats, :uui is ac
companied by a pack ol vlslth g cards,
some eight by twelve liicfei-, in
size, on whlcli are engraved in i op per
plate the legend ."The llusshu Minis
nit liiiiTint Mi.M-n:i:.
Diametrically oppo-lto to him iu hab
its and manners Is the Hritl-h Minister,
Sir Edward Thornton. If you were to
meet Sir Edward in the street, you
would, lu all probability, take him to be
a collector of rents or insurance agent,
always in very much of a huny. He is a
great pedestrian, drcsteb very iuln ahd
always in black, and Is generally accom.
panled by one or both of his young
daughters, who can scarcely kcq up
with him, he walks so fait. He is, how
ever, vry mticli liked, and deservedly so,
being always allableand pleasant both in
ofllcialand social Intercourse, which Is
more than atn be said of some of the
other members of the curpi diplomaUyui,
who are In the habit of tutting their
noses a if they smelt something bad
when they have to do with plfblans.
I referred In the beginning of this let
ter to the Randall hoax, which was one
ot these Inexplicable caunrJ, that comes,
no one know? from where. I was walk
hiL' down Pennsylvania avenue late Fri
day even, when a man came nulling out
j of the MetreiKjlitan hotel, shouting at the
top of iii, volci!, "bam Randall Is shot '."
Having tho pleasure ol Mr. Randall's
(K-rsonal acquaintance, I was horrified,
mm went imo mo louty or tlie hotel, to
a-cvrtaln the truth or falsitv of the n.
port. There everything was Incoufii'lon
' and a dozen tongues were crying out at
me nine time, detuning nil the particu
lars. With ditlicultv I lenrneil llinr Vr
Kanaaii lnni u.,, ,,nt and daugeromly
woundeil by Lemtor Rruce, of Mis-Is-slppl,
and had been carried to his house
on Capitol Hill In an unconscious condi
tion. I and two other gentlemen Jumped
into a carriage and drove to Mr. Ran
tlalPa house; on Inlo Place as fast as the
horses conld carry us. Upon our arrival
there, we Informed quite a number of
gentlemen, friends ol the member from
Philadelphia, who had come on the same
errand ti wu did, and, what was better,
found Mr. Randall himself, who looked
smilingly and nappy, and soon nssured
his anxious and Inquiring friends that
there was absolutely no truth In the.
The visit ol the Indiana editors to our
city was n great success, and 'seemed to
bo thoroughly enjoyed by them. They
were accompanied by their wives, and the
question naturally suggested Itself, did
they bring their spoti'cs because they
loved them, or because they were afraid
of them; or was It the editors who
brought their wives, or the wives who
brought their editors? He this as It may,
they were cordially received, and had n
reception at Wlllard hall last Friday
night, at which Senator McDonald pre
sided, and spi eches were made by Sena
tor Morton, Speaker Kerr, Mr. Pratt, and
other dlsIlngiiiMicil Indlaiilans. They
will return to their homes to-morrow
morning, bringing with them, 1 trust,
pleasant recoiled loir from the national
The nosegay business, by which I
mean the temporary excitement caused
by the discovery that bouquets were fur
nished to senators and members of the
house Irom the botanical gardens, has
about blown over. Thee gardens. Inci
ted liniuedl itely west of Hid e.ipltol, are
the tluest ami largest in the country, and
capable' ot supplying ten or twelve large
bouquets a day. These have been uni
formly dL-trlhutcd mining the senators
mil members ; but recently applications
for the lloral favors have been rather
more numerous than the conservatory
ould supply, and it became necessary to
deviie some means by which tho favors
could be equally ami lalrly distributed.
Under the new order ol (lungs, the house
is entitled to seven and the senate to
three bouquets a clay, which iiiiist be ap
plied lor belorehand by those who desire
them. This nosegay hnIncvi has been
the eaue of much eommenr, hut as long
a- the conservatory Is there, in lintaiucd
at public expense, the Mowers may as
well be utllfcd as permitted to fade and
rot on the -tcms; ami who would In- bet
ter entitled to them than the representa
tives ot the people, in eongn'-i!'
Among tho distinguished vl-ltors at.
present In Washington are it.iron Roths
child, youngest partner In the hanking
limine of Rothschild A Co., and a grand
sonot of Ausclm Ruth-child ; and ",1J
real nirllh lords. Sir Robert ,Aerconi-
lfr nml Hip linn. Win. llnnc. U SOU Of
Lord Rere.-tord Hope. i'he-e three
slnin of nobility attended tli.- reception
given by Mr.-. Dahlgrcen, widow ol
Admiral DjhVrroen, lat Saturday evm
Ing, nml were, of course, tho Hons of the
occasion. A "live" English lord is nl-
ways a source of immense satisfaction
and gratification to us Wa.-hliigtoniaus ;
although, since we were so badly taken
In bv the bo-iiis 'Lord" Masey, some
two years ago, we have become more
careful and -keptlcid. These, however,
are leal ones, for Sir Thornton his
vouched for tin-in and. as it were, put
Ids seal upon thcin.
Yesterday (Sunday) evening, Madame
ffugeriuan.l.lndencooie, (wife of the
Danish minister) better known as the
late Mrs. Monlton. who-e sweet voice
gained for her so many admirers, both
on this and on the other side of the
water, gave a Musifnlr Invited guests
of the diplomatic corps. Her voice is as
charming ns ever, and she, as well as her
husband, Is a great favorite and much
sought In society. A Hotou paper n
short time ago, made the assertion that
His Excellency, Mr. Ilagermnu, enjoyed
connubial life highly, and might be seen
every morning regularly vending hi- way
home from the green-grocers with a
pound ot butter and a bar ol soap, lo1
tho Use of his domestic establishment ;
much to the disgust and envy of his
former biehclor chums. Meeting the
minister at the Stevenson gallery on
Saturday. I rhnwed him the paragraph,
which has been going the rounds ol the
paper;, and asked hlui If it was true?
but he llatly denied the soft Impeach
ment as ar a. tho butter and soap story
I goes, i promi-ed to make his denial
public, and, roi'n, 1 have kept my prom
ise! Cxi.
Illrt-iliiii; limn I.iiiii;,
i-lilllo. nniiiiiin.ii.
I'lilnrrli, Ilrou
A Woiiilt-rlnl
RoaiKMr.u. ,N, ., .Ian. III. lt-71.
R. V. l'olrcc, M. D., llullalo, N. V. :
Dk.u: Sin I had suffered from fatanh
In an aggravated form lor about twehe
years and lor several vear from bron
chial trouble. Tried many doctors and
lliings with no lasting benelit. lu May,
'7'.', becoming manly worn out with ex
ces,ive editorial labor- on u paper in
New ork city, I whs attacked with
brnnthiiW In a revere lorm, tiifl'ering al
moet a total los of voice. I icturued
home here, but had been home only two
weeks when I was completely prostrated
with hemorrhage from the lungs, taxing
fwr Mtrt bltelmii titll) within
tiro fV;, nml juat thru intiJc
uj mur. uayi. in uio -p.
t'-mljer follow ing, I Impiou-d sufllelently
to Ik; able to l about, though In a very
It-eble state. My bronchial troiiblo r.
inalned and the ciitnrrh win tenfold
worM." than beioic. Kvery eflort for re
lief seemed fruitless. 1 seuned to be
losing ground dally. I continued In this
feeble state, raising blood nhiio-t dally
until nbout ihu ilrst of March '7:i. when
1 became fco bail as to bo entirely eon
HiihI to the house. A ftli.-nd sugirested
your rcin.-dles. Rut I was extremely
-keptlcal that they would do mo good, us
1 had lost all heart lu reuiMles, and be
gan to look upon medlelno and doctors
with disrupt. Iloweer. 1 obtained
one of your circulars, ami
read It can fully, Irom which I eaino to
me conclusion urn you limit-rtooi vour
business,, at lea-.t. I ilnally obtained a
quantity of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy,
voiirfiolden Medical Discovery and Pel
let', nml commenced Ihelr vlyoroiw I..-
accordlnir to directions. To mv surpilc
1 soon bewail to Improve, The' Discovery
ami Pellets, lu a shoit time, brought out
a Miw-ie. r.iuinn. wuicii continued lor
several wi-vks. 1 felt much better, my ap-petlti-
vnprotui. and I gained In strength
and llesh. In three months every vpttlgo
of catarrh was gone, the bronehltU had
nearly disappeared, had no rough what
ever nud 1 liad entirely reinil i, ric.
blood ; and, contrary to the expectation
of oine of my friends, the cure has re
maned permanent. 1 havo Imd lift mim
hemorrhages from tho lungs, and am en-
ureij- irru irom cnmrrii, irom winch I had
sullerwl so much and so loinr. Thn ili i.i
ofgrHtltude I owe for tho bleslng I liave
lecciven at your nanus, knows no
bounds. I am thoroughly satl'tled. from
rny experience, that vour medlelni- u-ni
maiter the wont form? of that odlus dlt.
ease Catarrh, a wo I as throat and lung
diseases. I have r coininendeil them to
very many and shut ever speak lu their
praise. Oajdullv yours,
, Vm.H.Wnckii.
P. O. Uox :n7. It'chister, N. v.
Indictment of Ex-Assistant
No New Pulilo Buildings
to be Erected nt
Pre ent.
Arrangements for Completing
tho Domo ratio Con
gressioial Com
mUoe. Tho West Poi.it Appropriation
Again Before tho House.
A Woman Stfrage Convention in
.Wasiiixot'v J""-'-'" R I said that
lu addition t'Uidieiiueuts ulivaiiy ciun
melieed iu t.i' Purkinaii-Hrci.)-, e.iumi
claim case tliat ol Win. 11, ILu-ihik.
of the ConMihnieri.i Cu-u ' nilh.,
who llppcili I" have hteli (lie Ct- lU nu
examined S"d P'ised ll- e,i-e. ami whu
tieknowleJ.es in nave r- eciu-il a pn-M-ur
ol a gold v.itcn as ,i coi-xiit-rattoii. Ex
Uoiniiis,ii'cr Halm-.' hull li.i- lieeii llxed
nt ili.OH'. hlcli. not being ulilu to il
tiilu hi--. H" I' ende.nori'.ig lo get in
lVnu' ' 'a
MZ iii.MuciunccoM.MiTrKi:.
Th Deir 'eratic seiiatoM held u caucus
to-day com.-ruing their rcpri seniallon on
the proposal rceldciilKxiciitlvui ommit
tee. Ttie pieviih-nt opiulnu expref-ed
was that iioiles than l iiuior..i-huuid
bo meuibers so n to equalize thchuii-u
i'epre?eiitaiion. As ihi; roiilt ol' ulong
discussion, -,;eiiatoi &t-vc.io i. (Jordoii
and Wallsic were Mpp -liiled h coiiiinutie
tjconfi-r wilh Mr. Lamar, chairman, nud
report lo an mijouinul meeting.
woman's co.vi;.nov.
The elgnih immial coiiveiitlon of the
Xatbnal Woman's Suflrugu Asioeiatiou
convened to-day. Mr. Uage pu-slUid.
The proceedings were opened with
prayer by Rev. Olytniila liro-vn. Frede
rick Douglas made n speech In favor of
woman s simrugf.
Cilli:r.Nll.tCK IN CIKCt LATIoN.
The -. cretarv of the trea-ury to-day
dlrectfil the distribution of J.VW.usO in
greenbacks, that amount being SO per
cent, of the National bank currency Is
sued during the present month. 'This
will leave the outstanding greenback cir
culation $371,273,1-10.
ri'uuc BUi.niNfiS).
The hoii'e committee ou public build
ings will make no recommendation or
expenditures on buildings except such
as may be aitunllv ntciosary iortbepub
llelnuitst. 'jlt. construction ol build
ings iilrcuily couiiiieuced will be contin
ued, but i:o new oues beiruu. The sum
necersary to keep bulldhig hi repair
will not be wlthtield.
Washlnotom, .fun. 27. Flvu bills of
Indictments have been found, by the
grand jury, ugniiitr tho following
,-er-ous: F. A. Sanger. William
'i'. Haines, Frank W. Rrooks, Pblmns
D. ;Roddy and William Rarstow, for
con-plraey lo defraud aud.that they did
defraud iho Government ol thu t'nlfwl
.S'ati-s. of the following sun..- of money :
l.iooMH ijj.207. Ilrooks mid Roddy.
piostcutiiig lal-e claims ; Sawyer, aiding
ns AssJ. taut Secretary of the Treasury
in ia"sinx a v'overinneiii eieim ami n;
ecivlug therefor $1,000; H ir-towa gov
ernment ofllcer, receiving ifl.OOO and a
watch and chain ; llayues, also a gov
ernment ofllcer, S 1.000.
Blake & Go.
(siircmou to)
Dcatwi In
iPaints, Oils, Varnishes,
13X1 XT 13 XT 33 S3.
vVnll Paper, Window Glass, Win
dow Shades, &c,
Abrys on lmn-1, tlie ct-IthrolKl lllumlniiling
Garner Elvnth Stmot and
V Mfcit ir
ton Avenui
Insurance Agent
oxacio Xuxa-xr-Esxi.
Over Kith'nn Ual'.
I lrit-Clu Cooiuul(v ityit
VTO.NK but
Insurance Agents
City National Bmk Ballding, up-italn,
Th Oldest EaUUlnhed Aanoy In Sout
m llUuoU, rurreintlHK ovir
IG5 000 000
BBrt Cliraro w..nt lin oc?or,tliiw A?,m!,?V.ril?Kitho, wlr,,J?.,a wontuntonOO
tlielrown. Why ! thiP MU owinS i2 5lV?.0.,i.0. ,,02k' J1!1 'irarji oom to hold
inanufuoturo In kllleU labor nntiao5l,i20.r.taln.BX.t,5nt' to tha "vncml cost of
i i(Jf.l!?.i".l'V'!1.C1r,.P,.V' "' of fuKntiil Mmliincry ui.-, mil.tnl to imiLi- lhclpiflrlir.il.l
hmf , n'..-1 VimVL'.' L'hT lfeniK'slliaii olliir Miuiiit.ctiuvr- rail ,rcliirt-n i.lKjn.f
i:iSrV"r au"; '-is'; a"nl, ,o Mwly "n"k" ri wM" "u""",r '" w
liny iii nl Hum lmi-ii!...lH th,- lUuof rmerlni? Ihi- iie.i-riiy. In. ri-l -l lliv iintioiliv U- ln
bren III- Milt-. I.y M-IUnf i. ,li,k-.c in-r l II.,- , im , ,f.. ,.' (if y. i'r "
Civo th.o-i-n.
B CI AT Bit, :
Sole .Agents. C airo, Ills
Impoptor and Wholosalo Dealor in
ForiEixa-ixr .ajntd xjozisIisjsijxo
Wines a'Kid Iiiquors.
Ki'opb n full st clt of
BCoi3Lt,i.xolty- Bom'bon,
Monongahela, Rye and Kobinson County
OMLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Is widely known
a" one of the most
c-tll-ctual rt'tne-ilic-s
i-vtT iliscov
ercil for t-luans-
mi; the tvfttm
and purifying tho
'blood. 'It has
rtood the test of
yuan, with a con
flantlv LTowin''
reputation, bacd on its iatrinric virtue?,
and sustained by its remarkable cures.
So mild as to be hafij and beneficial to
children, and set so R-arching us to
clU-ctually pur-c cut the great corrup
tions of the blood, twli as tho ?crof
ulous and svphiliiio contamination.
Impurities or (li.eacs th.it have lurked
in tho system for vc-ar.s toon yield to
this powerful antidote, and disappear.
Heme its wonderful -ur;f, many of
which vrv publicly known, of Scrofula,
and all 1-crofuloin ili-eate, Ulcers,
Kruptlons, and eruptive disorders of
the skin, Tumors ISlotchcs, Boils,
Pimples, Pustules, Sores, St.
Aiitliony'H Fire, Itoso or Ery
sipelas, Tetter, Salt Itliciim,
Scald Henri, Jtiiitfworni, and in
ternal Ulcerations of the Uterus,
Stomach, and Liver. It alo cures
other complaints, to which it would not
seem especially adapted, fucu as Irp
sy, D.vKpepsIn, Fits, Xcurnlcin,
Heart Disease, Female Weak
ness, Debility, and Lcucorrliren,
when they are manifestations of the
t-crofhlotis jKiifoii'.
It i an c.xccllen' ro'toror of lie-i'th
and streii'.'ili in the SprhiT. By renew
wz the npnn'Pn an-1 vijor of tlio ili es
tie or.'rtn.. i- ili'ip:itrs- tho ''c-prt'fion
nud lii!i's lot' .".or- of th-? n-non.
Kvcn where no ii'M-iVr npprnrs. (( do
fi-el better, nnd live l-.-'.er. forcleiuisiii'i
tin' blood. Tho fyitt n mows on lth
n-neived vigor and" n new ltase of lifu
I'llUl'AUEU Hi
Dr. J.'C. AYER L CO., Lowell, Mass..
I'raclirm nml unlillrnl lirtnlilt.
vviitiri v -to itK.
Wew-York Store
Goods Sold Very Clone.
Cornor 19th St. and OommarcUl Av,
0. 0 PATIER & CO.
and bo Coaviacad.
The Gamble Wagon
OAino, luijirjoio
Near Thirth-Fourth Stroot
Wagon Maker,
Miinuracturt.j bU own Uurua Sliorn unit
oh.. A-uuioOooa Work.
H ijoi.i.s ii, i: i.itiii i.kh,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Lovoo.
Wholesale Grocer
IKkIit Id
Commission Merchant,
No, 76 OHIO LEVEE. 1
Sl'KClAI. alttotlon iclvru tocmaljiunu'iita (in I
lllllnr ntitrw
Samaritan Nervine
The (rn-at .Vi-rvo IJouquror, curon Kill .tlr I'lU,
ConvuUlona, Sjiaimi, t Vluit Llaiira. anil nil
Srrroix lllMiini llii-uuly known iolilenni
nly Mr Kpllirptlo Kit. It bua brtu tNlnl liy
thonaamliiauilliiuinvvcrljwin knowuto I'hII Inn
ilnlccnte. Trlnl iwcknKcfti. Knclo utamp
lor cluulara kIv.uk iTlilvnce (if cunt.
Aailrrm, 1U. 8. A. Illt'KMONTi.
l'i-13 illr I'uK Tit, St .Ioii, Mo.
Subscribe for
L":uH'ij J.Mirtml of Sottthftm
Tii Bulletin
Wll t-nllii.ll iioe the policies ot tie
ItcpuMicui pitty, hdiI reruk" to be tram
millnl iho dlcUtlonol anyi-tl'iue la tbo
Dcliiuiratlc ik:"iUHod.
It tii-ilms that the Itrjiulillcan party ou
, rultillei lu nibilon. tnd thit the Oimo
' rratlc party now oiniieil bouk t-e re-tori-il
tn power.
I It tfllcu-i tt,e Itidlckl tyrauny that iia
fir sovcral yar opprrMcU the .outh
stiniiM bf overthrown anil tbe people cl th
, .Soutlii-rn .states permitted to control then
! nwu tllr.
It believe that mllroAd corporatlo
xlioulil bo prohltiltril by hfrla!attve f CMti
I imnih from ctortin: and unjuuly lfcrim-
lu.iilni;ln tbdr burines trantactlona wlU
the pulillr.
1 It rccOi'uUcs the c'lUtJIty ol all men b
' lore the law.
! It advocator tre comuerce tarlfl 1W
! ienuc only.
It advocate ri'suniptlon ot pctle pay
' rncnt, anil Iionrt payment of tbo public
j ilvbt.
It vltnfstcp i-cononi) in tbe ailmlnlitra-
' lion dl public sllulr
Tlio lliillclin will publlnh Ul tlin local new
ol Cairo, anil a variety l Commercial, i'o
lltlcal, Fori-lCT and General Nesrii, and en
ilcivnr in plaasn u.te and Interest alt
.it, vi iiiniti p,ip r, luriu.iieti Ir
' I... -in-i jl lk-i- lnu tirii-i- nt
$1 'ih PER YEAR,
j I'ii-I il.Hli!. Ill-III- clicnpit )Hper
j iii tli- Wi-t, iinJ l u pii-ai-lng Klrnfiue
Vl--- r xn-i l-'mnlh l oiiipamiiti.
ii ikiI till t" nc tint i" "'vjK-iI Imluirs
lui-uix oUen il bv 'I'bu llilllctln In the way
ol i'lii-i nml iri(llble o-lvi-rtl-f itifii'r
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