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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 29, 1876, Image 3

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A8UAI.0N LOllOK, NO. 61.
KnlahM or fTthlas, nwti every Fri
day nlfht t half-paM atren, in Odd
rrllowV 1UI1. - Howie.
Chancellor Commander.
lndeiieinlent Ordur of Odd-Pel-
mjHF Lt hlff-TSt In I lElr.T.m
jinmrcUt are line, Iictween nixth nt farentti
Ireeta. CHAD. I.AHK, H. 11. "
I AUK) KNOAMl'MKNT, I. O. O. P.. meets
Olii Odd-fellows' Hall on the first and third
luesilnyliievcry month, a ttavtn.
A CA.yfVil! ,' ilKi.?X'5ll.!S:.A -JJ:
llobt rrimlitr coiumuii cations In MA
, sonic Hall, turner Commercial avenue
anil I. ifhlll (drift, on the Hurmml nml
wiri.i sionosT or men innnin.
I tleuii
Fifty wnts t Winter's Gallery.
For wile A $12 .) order on city of
Carbondalc. Knittlrent fluLi.i;ii.voilicc.
VJMf K. A. Bcisnkh.
Allnntlan! Heaters.
Wo havu four down Imitation Kbony
sjiraguo Cau-Opencrs, taken for adver
tiling, which wu w III sell at tw o dollars
per dozen. Inquire nt Bulletin office,
llnraeat lliirnntl lloreea!
I have Just received a lot ol work
horse which 1 will dlspom of nt public
tale very low. Dan Haiuma.v.
Corner Sixth and Commeiclul avenue,
for Snr.
Choice Minnesota potatoes nt CO cents
-r buthcl; and a large supply
31 fresh groceries always on bund
it low price. Choice buMer it specialty
12-30-lf L. II. Mtlks.
Vnt I Co m l
I wish to Inform the citlcns of Cairo
that I keep ou hiitid u lariro supply of
coal of illltlrclit kinds, which I will icll
as follows, dellveted 111 any part of the
city : $2 MjtoJI per ton. cah. and full
weight guaranteed. .1 a i r.s Ko-h.
1 14-lui
All Owr Kurnpr
And all the beer drinkers and lunch
eaters can get a big glass of line beer and
a good lunch by calling around to Our
Saloon, and all thU for the crnK. ('onir
eviTyhi.dy, and ce me.
1-2.1-lw. Fncu 11oiii:in-!.
.Vol !.
We will pay no bllU contracted by any
i-niploye of Tltr. Huli.etin. uiileH the
Mine U mud'- ou it written order ilyncd
by the pienldeiil or ncrt'tary of the com
pany, ami we will acoept no orders ylvt-n
by un employe of tin- company, lor nny
purpose whatOfver.
XowmUr 10. 117.. tt
Nnllr of Krin.
('. Koch has removed hU boot and
fhiK' 'hop from the old tand to hU
now brick building (one block In-low),
No. W) Coinnu'rclal avenue, lietween
Filth and Sixth Hn-tf, where he will
keep the hot home made and St. I.oul
cutoni made boots and shoe, made of
the iK;t material ; 'ood workmanship
and In the latest Myle-. All orders
promptly attended to. SMM-tl.
Wuoil ii nil 'mil.
On and niter till d ito the ). rice-of
wood and cod at my yard, adjoining the
( 'airo and St. I.oul. Narrow Gauge depot,
will be a follow-:
Four foot wood per cord, S'.i "o ; four
foot wood i r half cord. 52 ; four foot
wood, eawed, per cord, J I W) ; four foot
wood, sawed and split, iht cord, $5 ; Illy
Muddy coal perMngle ton, $1; 'ami- per
two ton?, $'! "."; fame i.t four ton; and
upwards, S3 50.
All j?ood delivered.
ImOiu iIai. K. I,si:, I'rop'r.
M.iNii:.itAni; n vi.i. :
Tlie Delta Cily Cornet Hand will give n
Grand Maio,uerad- Hall on February
loth, 1S70, attlio Now Turner Hall, rot
iter Tenth street and Washington avenue.
There will be two ptlc, awarded, a
gold headed cane for the gentleman, and
a flue musical album to the lady for the
best reprceuted character in attendance,
the deeUlon to be tnude by dliutcrc.ted
New continue from St. LouU will be
for rent at Fhll sjanp'o store.
Cffi-liekel for Mile at P.O. Schuh'c
J. BurgerV, K. Si W. Under' and Mc
Gauiey's drujr store. 1-"- td.
Owing to a oontemplntod chango
in our businoBS, on or about the
llrat of March, wo shall offer from
h otlato our cutiro htock of dry
goods, notions, tind shoos nt first
cost 'Ibis is a raro opportunity
for thosowho dwsiro buying frosh
and soasonnblo goods at lower
prices than thoy liavo evor boon
offered for. Conio early and avoid
the rush. From this dato no goods
will bo soid oxcept for cash.
Friends will plcaso mako a noto of
Oyster, Fish
wi.'i-i:h'n III.OCK.
We will sell, hereidter, our goods at
the following pi Ices, and solicit the pat
ronage of the public:
Family brands, per can 3.. cents-.
Btandards, per can 15 rrntrf.
8lect, per can ll MIMIIMMIIII i"0 CCIlti.
Select, extra, per can iifi cents
Tub oysters, icr 100 $1 00
Chicago Trout and White... 11 ets. per lb.
Gnmc, Pun Flh. ... 10 and 12 cts per lb.
Of nil description constantly on hand,
cnnl8llng of wild turkey, sipilrreM and
Family groceries very cheap lor cash,
Mode n spccnlty. Given a trial.
Cheaper than the chennest.
12-3-tf. W M. WlNTtB, .In., : Co
EJ-AU bill for advertising, are due mut iv-
able in advance,
Trwistait tt.lvfrtM.iK will te Inserted at lb.
rate of It Ml per square for llio Anil Ini-ertlon
and fjHnts forearh sulie,iitnt one". A lllxrnl
discount will be made on stsndltiK nnd display
, chureh, ..,el, ty, Festlral and Supper noil...
I onlr oe Inserted a udmttM-n.rnt
f" Inserting- -uneral notlm 1 .... Notk, of
mctllnif of aix-lftlrn nr tcrct i.nlc i cents lor
r.irb Insertion.
No tt'hTillsfinciit will bf rrrciveil nt li thun
'J CAlli.
Locl Bualncaa Notices, of
ten line or more, inaerleu
Iti thn Bulletin m rollowa !
Ono InaMrilon nnr Una .1 Genta
Two lnerttonapr line... .. 7 Cnta.
Thrne Inanrtiona Der llnu 10 Centa.
Six lnanrtlona per lino 10 Cents.
Two weeks per line Mo Cents
Onn month tier Una ....... 35 Ctnts.
No Beduotton will lx curio in above
l.ornl hl.i;liiit.
Mr. D. Axtel ha gone to her home
hi Little Itni-k, Arkaixai.
-Mr. It. T. Miller, of Cincinnati, was
at the St. Charlei yesterday.
.Judge D. .M. Ilrowiiiiig ol 1'niiiklln
county, was In attendance at court ye-
-I'. 11. Wlgfall and wife, of Chicago.
were gui'l at' tnc ht. i;iiaric yester-
T. F. Garrett and A. T. Ilo.ier. t.oili
ol bt. Loui, were at tin: St. Charles yc
terJuy. The clrl bad a tough lime getting
their partners to the ball last night, but
they got 'cm then-, and had a jolly lime
for their trouble.
-The Cniro ditWloti of tiie Ht. Louis,
Iron Mountain and Southern railroad, I
partly under water, but there Is no in.
tcrruptloii of through travel.
Mr. II. C. Slaughter, ol the .lackou.
fciines'i-.' Diiputch, was In tin.- city is-
terd.iy. He was a gtu-t at tin- ?t.
Chillies hotel.
-The little daughter of Mr. Cherry,
re'Idlng on Ninth itreet. back of Vnliiut
dlwl of carkt fever at eleeu o clock on
I'hurMlay night.
Mr. George Mackie, who has been
iifl'erlng for tin- pat two years with con'
-umpliou, was lying at the point of death
last evening, and was not expected to
live through the night.
Mr. Ward, an old coal dealer, has es
tablished a new coal olllce. and Invites
tlie patronage of nil hi old friends and
everybody eUe to give him a trial llg
ures are low and terms eah. See Notice.
1-2.1-1 w
Li-'-souh given in I'cuinaunhip, line
Ynmauthlp, Steamboat ilook-keejilng.
Card wrlgbtlng, Posting up accounts
Copying, etc., at the rooms ol C. .1.
Howe. Nos 15 and 10, Winter's lllock.
corner Sou-nth ftreet and Commercial
avenue. Ladl.-s el.i every afternoon
from -I to 5 o'clock, and Siturdays fioni
1 to I o'clock. 1-20 Im.
An uutortuuati- wniidertr who had
!iiiblb-d too freely of the ardent, w idle
the rain was coining down in torrent-
jut alter dinner yeMerd.iy, mled til-
footing on the sidewalk on Wahlngton
avenue between Kleveiith and Twelfth
streets and went headlong In the
mud and water, lie was-extricated Irom
his unpleasant position by something les
than a thousand school hoys, when he
planked himself on n wheelbarrow near
the se-ne of hU mishap, where he was
till at a late hour hi-t night.
I'hc Amateur band party, to ho given
January 27th, Is po-tpmied until 1-Vbru-
aiy fill. l-2?-lt
H5.ou llfniin;.
The above reward will be paid lor the
delivery of a silver hnntlng-easn watch,
it the llCLi.iiriN olllce. Tlie watch wiw
loot in Cairo on yeterd.iy or tlio night
before. Ht
Of scarlet fever ou Thursday, January
Mth.atlltlW o'eloek, p.m., Mcli.-i Is.:-
bel. age live yc.irs. youngest dauu'htcr of
F. W. and M. I. Cherry. Funeral service-!
nt the re-ideiice of tin-patents to
day al 11 o'clock, .i.iu.. and IricmN of the
I. unity are invited to attend.
Always on" hand at the Uuteher'i anil
Drover's Exchange on Eighth street,
1'iUnerN Cincinnati ami Fh. Ilest's Mil
waukee Hrcr. Grand lunch every morn
ing mid evening lit 0:1(0 o'clock. Come
on--! fount nil! Louis Ili,.u r.u".
noil nuil Ciinl.
lit. wood by the cord. S3 75; I ft
wood by thu half cord, S2 00 ) I ft ?n wed.
per cord, $-1 50; l It wood saw.-i . el
pllt per cord, S5 00. Coal, per miijjIo
ton. 1 00; coal, two tons, $H 7.r. ; ro.tl,
1 or tuoro tons, SM 50.
l-'J-liii, C. W. WiiKn.r.u X- Co.
Xeu Coal Olliee,
F. M. Ward has opened a cnal-olllei- on
south sldu of Eighth Street, between
Comuierclul and W.iehlugtou avenues In
Sargent'.s shoe t ton-. He will sell llnr
risburg eo.d delivered In any part of tin'
city at 3 25 per singleton, or $II per
ton 'n four-ton lots ; Itlg Muddy coal at
SI per single Ion, or s7 00 for two tons,
all delivered. These are rock bottom
prices, and mean cash and rath only.
1-211-1 in
To I ho I'nlicul 1'iililie mill 1113' Sv
rowing rrlenili.
I have Just received n fresh supply of
the most desirable delicacies, such as
Caviar, Lamprey, (Ncunaiigcn) Sour
Eel, genuine Swiss cheese, genuine Llm
burger, and many other Leap Year
dishes too numerous to mention.
Govnmnnds, come and Fee, taste, eat and
ho tinppy nt, the 'f liallun wdoon of A
Jaeckle, opposite the Bulletin olllce.
Ho also 1ms on hand a fresh supply of
the cf lebrntc d Pilsener beer.
j Nftlll Mlivll'lii llie At-Cililllrr lit llin
('ruin i.u I In- Willie Nfniiil.
H Tdls the Story of the Murder ef Spjnce,
sad Who Did it.
T tin I U'lll I'rol. nl.lv l-uiilliiiii-I
en llity or T u Weel..
The Crnln murder case was continued
In th- eh cult court yoterduy morning.
On the aeinbllng of court, .fudge Ha
kcrauuouneed that one ol the jtuors, Mr.
S. 1. Ilennett, having been taken ill Hie
night previous, would ho unable to sit
on thcjury.and asked the atlnrncy.s what
they propo-cd to do in tlie mutter .
.Mr. Liuegar, for the dek-use, said that
lie knew Mr.Jieiiuett so well that he felt
sure he would not put in an exctiec to
avoid serving 011 the Jury unless the same
was well-founded ; anil moved th.it .Mr.
lieutiett he dUclurged, and some one
else selected to terve hi Ids place.
The work of M.-lectiu another Juror
was then commenced, and after the i-x-iiinltiatLn
ol ten or :t dozen persons Mr.
Geo. Van liroekl iu w.ti accepted and
s. wot ii to ,-exve. The following
for tlio pro-ecuttou were then called
und .swot u :
Sauiu-I Mu-ie, Julio Ditiilure, V. II.
Ferrell, J. V. I.unilruiii, .Maiy C. Tippy,
Win, lleudriek-oii, Martin D.tvls, ICeo-n.ir-J
Fuller, Norci-da Waggo.ier, New
man Grimes. H. W. .IoIiii-uii, Monroe
itolmiil, Ann liiiieeu, John Craig, l.
II.iiii Itollau, Thomas Duncan, Umes
II inj.toil iilin-i Josepli Hoitetter.
tor the pro-eeutloii then nddn-sed tin-
jury lor about thirty inhiutes marking
out th -. line the pru.-eentlou wolllil fol
io. r. Al he conclutlon of Judge Allen's
rennitk-, court adjourned until IM0
o'clock, ji.iii.
ArrKiixoo.v .si:sio.v.
On tlie opening of court alter dinner,
Mr. W. W. Cleiili lis lor the defendants.
IMe.'elilr-l tin- eue for the. ilcl'eii'e, occu
pying tho time ot the court for nearly
ud hours.
The prl-oners ate really lino looking
iiieli.uud have none of the iippearauee
ot men who would be guilty Ol the ter
rible crime.' witli which theyatveharged.
Ji:r chain
is a man probably thirty-live years ol
ige, and stand -lx feet one hi height. He
ha a full round face, light blue eye.
light complexion, light brown hair, ami
chin whl-kers mid mou-tache. He i
neatly dres'ed in gray clothe-., and docs
not look like a bad man.
iii.aci; hill en us-
is a very tall man, standing six feet three
inches in height. Ill- complexion is
dark, and his ll-atuies hnrp. lie has
ray eye', black hair and whiskers nud
luoit'tache. Like Jetl'Crain, lie Is neat
and cleanly dreetl tu a -nit ot dark
llotli ol tho men on trial seem to feel
deeply the uncertainty of the position In
which they are placed, but uiii not de
monstrative in their manner-. They
It quietly, but watcli with Interest
every incident of tlie trial. They have
placed thcirhte in the hands ol their at
torneys, and item content to allow them
work It out as best they can.
The llrst willies called was Dr. II. V.
Ferrell, of CartervHl.-, who testified a fol
low? :
I know the defendants. I have known
Jep Crain lor about tour year-", and It
will ue six years in .Mareti since 1 nccume
iicfiualutetl Willi llliain 1 nun l peak-
of him a- "Black Bill." I knew William
Spenee lor about two year-, becoming ac
quainted with him in the year Is73. On I
Saturday morning, tlie llrt day ol Au
gust la-t, Mr. Dowel! told me that Mr.
hpenco wa muriiereii in tils More. 1 was
on my way over Crab Orchard. On my
way home 1 wwit by and saw .Mr, Spenee,
mill saw ho w.iule.id. It appeared as If
there had been a chair near the door, and
as If lie mid sat down in it and thin fallen
out of It. There wusa number of wound,
on Ids person. Shortly alter I wa- .um-
11101111 ty tiiecoroiitr 10 maKe tue exam
iiiiitlou. and found unite 11 number of
wound hi the region of the .-tomaeli and
bowels one Miol entered thu light eye
and c.ii.ie out near the ear. if 1 iv-mei'n-
her right lie was Jayiur ngalut the door
when 1 llri-l saw mm in Ills store. 'Hie
wound-1 thought weie produced by tshot
gun. Judging Irom oilier wound- I had
eeii prouiiciii oy 11 sunuar wea.ou. 1
probed the wounds hut did not extract
uy Mint, 1 .11 ele 11 written report ut l 1-
exainiualloli Jiel liiriii-l.eil a 10 die Co.-
oner, i'h.re weie 110 won. il.- In hl-
hiiuils. I think Mr. spemv ill. il Irom tin-
H'eet-ofthe wounds. The Killing occurred
in .1 11 1 v liipt. In tViUiam-ou county, State
of lllliHii". My aiteiitioii w.is eaded to a
brills-! that appeared to have been made
by the mn.ft of a shot gun. 1 do not
remember how many shot entered the
body, (al this point the doctor -poke in
tieli a low voice that the reporter lo.-t a
part 01 tin- Kitiuion loiittuumg nr.
Fertell said : The trout doors to the
store arc glass above the locks, and the
ehns was kuocktil nut. 1 ho house 11:1s
what Is called it ghi-s front, tlie gin's
coming down lower than tint punm-ls ol
the 1 oors. I mil. I. there was one pan.. 01
gla-s In the flout broken out. I think
mere was a counter on encu
ide ol the store room. Tho
liou-u fronts to tlm North,
but tho counters do not come
nil the way up to the trnnt of the build
ing Illete H loom to pas neiwien tliu
window and the end of the counter. Me.
speiiee had fallen down und his left leg
wa-thrown aeries the chair; his head
was to the N01 ih. It seems to uie lint
oine ono sjdd there was a box between
the end of tho counter and tho window,
but I don't remember if lids was the
ease. 1 Hunk Mr. Sii uce had one slip
nt.r on. The houVo Is n two store build
ing, with the stairs In thu hack end of llio
tore room. .Mr. Spruce s lied was in
'he Muili end ol the building. I can t
say how ninny windows them are In the
bulldlngubnvo the door. Mr. Speuco
intii 1110 ue was 11 aeoteumau. iiei.au
no family there, and roomed nlono: he
took bis meals nt Call. Waggoner's,
some 111 -lance norm 01 ins store.
On cross examination Dr. Ferrell
stated that In his opinion Spenee was
shot with some .small shot, ?omo largo
shot and some slugs, lodging from the
clmraeter of (ho wounds, which were
similar to wounds ho hnd seen ou lllnch
olid, Dltniore, and othdi The doctor
also lestiilcd that to the het ol his rcco
lectlon tlictij wnssome fifty odd wounds
on Spcnee'.s pcr.scu.
The cross cxarrlnallon dieted nothing
new from the doc or, nt-.d hence we otnli
HA .MlSl(.'K
was Ihenext witiL-ss called. .Mustek is an
ordinary looking individual, nbout five
feet seven Incite high, and heavy set.
lie Is thlrty-thrcJ years ofnge, and his
eounteiieucu lulll'atcs that lie It by no
ino'ins a UctotaV, and would not make
n good member f Father Lame's tem
perance society. Ho has rndy complex.
Ion, light gray r blue eyes, long curly
hair 'aiid light nousUiche, While his
clothing I by" 10 means expensive, he
was neally and .leanly dressed. So far
ho has given Ins testimony In a clear,
tralghtlorwitrd nanner, and without tlie
least apparent e:elteincut. He detailed
the elrcuuiitanceattendiug the
MlllllKlt t' wm. mt.nci:
as follows :
My name. U Sttnu-;! Mudek : 1 am
thirty three yeas of age; 1 lived at
Craluville, in Wllliiniioii eounty I, lit
suuiuier I lived liete about 12 months
I was living at V'rboudale and Mur-phy.-boro
bvlore Mint. I was working
lor Mr. Laiiilrum alCraluville,u-id drove
a team tor linn. I Jiluk I went there 111
August, and null hi. services in ls7o
piooably It. July. '. worked for Mr.
Hodges about two y-ars, and drove u
team. I wa- ut Carhoulalu and Mophyr
boro for about 7 or 8 Jcars. 1 uin mar
ried; was married In Missouri. I know
the (hiuidmls. 1 havu known Jep Cram
for live or lx years, nmll have known
Black Bill for pictty neata year. I got
aujiuiliited with Jet. In Murphysboro.
Mr. LaudrumS mill U rult In t nvu in
Craluville, and thu hou'cl lived iu I
riglit elo'u to tlie null. .Mirshall Cr.ilu
1 veil clo-e the mid, and atom 5J vutd
irom inc. I have no chlldre-i ; M ir.-hall
Crulu had no chlldreu. .
km.w Mr. Spenee about one year.
Marshall Cralu lived about t'.vo huudied
yaids northeast ot Mr. pence's store. 1
lived south of Marshall Craln?. Mr.
Landrail, lived llfty yarda east of uie.
One of the defendant is 11 brother and
the other n cousin of Marshall fialn
Jep being is brother. He is kuowu a5
111;; Jep-' and lived at Craluville. He is
not uuiiTied. lilaek Bill lived about tour
miles couth of f r.ilnville. Ho U not mar
ried. I think I quit vjrk lor Mr. Lau--iruiu
in July l.i-t, we weru not'jloiug
iimeh. teainu.g not .lull, and 1 slopped
work. 1 did not, g diri-tnn not, ,L.
to Landruni ; I think I quit n.iK. in
the winter, and went to Landruni-, iK
next Anii'i-t. I wa living nt Craluville
ihe last u.iv ot la-t July, and Mar.-hall
Crain lived there then, lie moved a pan
or Ids things sometime In .luiv. towai-.U
the lust of Uie month, and 110 one occu
pied Ihe house alter lie ten it. l here was
a bedstead and some oilier things Mi u,
it.e house. There was no fuinilj that I
know 01 llvidln the hoii-ealler helelt It;
1 have sc, n men In the hou-e alt" Un mov
ed. It was a box houe, nud sto I about
iweiuy ste. lioni ihe load; the road
was only a country road running north
.Hid rouih called tho Marlon and Car
Ooudale road. The funeral of Capt. Si--ney
was oil a Friday, towards thu last ol
me uioiilh. They said they burled him
.it milliner's. The remains were brought
to Craluville, and 1 saw some of the pro
cession in town 011 Friday. Me and
.Mar.-hall and Jep met in town that even
ing and went to Marshall's house, ami
Jep said Siience was tho jiext man he
wanted killed, and wanted me to go to
John liulllner's and get a gun. I told
Ii I tat I did not want to do thai, fori wou.d
Imseen; Uut. I raid I would go to Dil-mor'snudgl-l
ht-sand liu salt) that would
do. We .weru to meet back of Mr.
Hampton'- Held 011 Saturday morning,
and If we got there tirst .ve were to break
uit: weeds and bushes to let them
know wu weie there, and go on tlie hill
and -hoot. The place where we broke
tlm weeds there wa a pilh that
turned out of the road. There
was two paths at this place,
one turned norm auu me omer
oilier South : tlie road wa not a public
one, and there was no hou-e In sight. I
had been along me roan uui not oacx 01
the Held belore that. Where we met was
2s or 3 miles South of Craluville. anil
about one mile Irom Black Bill's house.
We got there about S or 'J o'clock und
waited until they coiee. They etiiue
about 10 o'clock 1 reckon. W. had some
whisky, and talked It over and agreed to
Me and Black Bill and .Marshall Craln
were to do it. Marshall and uie look
thu whi-key out, we had three pints ; we
got It at Cartel Ville. I took two pints and
Mar-hull one it was hi pint bottle.
.Marshall and 1 -tarted pretty early, nud
waiked to the place together. M e got
together In thu woods close 10 "Vallar''
But'-, and there was two men overtook
us Al ltoblu-on and Jou Bollard; they
were walking and we went to thu cud of
the lane together, and thoy
went one way and we went the
other. We broke the weeds and weut on
the hill and waited. I don't remember
what kind of weeds they were ; we broke
bttshe-. too ; Mime ol the wieds we broke
clear oil' mid put them In thu patii, and
wu tired a pistol two or three tlines. We
didn't have a watch, and 1 don't know
what lime It was I am only gui-sMng at
ihe time. 1 don't leinember 11 it was
cloiii y or not. Wu both broke
. - - , ... .1 .1....... 1..
seiiis nun inrov' iiiiiu uun m
the path; theie is only one path
ilnre mid that is fllticn or
twenty feet Irom tliu fence. The road Is
a dim country road on tlie edjo ot the
hill. We went just on top 01 the hill
when we llred ihe pistol it was In the
roads and two or three shots were llred
lieloro the other bov came. 1 don't re
member how near they came Itefore wo
-aw llieui. We drank someofilie whisky
while they wetu there, it whs agreed
ili it 1 vena to home, get SOine Whisky.
and meet them iu llio woods hack of
Valler" Bill s ; I duin Know wuo selec
ted Ihe place ivhere fu were to meet, but
were to meet ut d,irl There Is a thicket
wheni we were to neet. We had din
ner that day at Wea Craln's Jep told 11
wo had better go ii there and get dinner.
Wes. Craln Is a btvlierto Jep. It is one
qiiailer of a idle or more from
where the mcitng win to Wes
Cralu'-". Wo went up and lounil 110 one
at home, but we vent In nud cat a cold
snack, and weut b.ck to where we met.
.inn met ninek BUIsUirlcd to Black Blll ,
hut I don't knowtthal they went there
tor. I h it MitMiaii at , anuweii
home, and then to Craluville and g"l
s me whl-ky, and 'Mine buk and net
U 111 wlieio I had agreed to, I
oou't ivn-embcr what kind of
clothing tho otlieis wore, only Black
Hill's. lie had on" sharp-topped cap,
and socks over bis shoen or was in his
atnnfclntr I llOll't L'llOW If fl 11 V t ll 1 1 1 L'
was said about hi' cap. Wo staid there
till It was dark and then went to Mar
shall's where the jfuns were. t o had
no guns when we were in tlie woods.
Marshall had a phlol. There was two
shot "uns In the house Marshall took
one and I look the other-1 took Itt
more's, 1 weut idler It Friday night und
Dltniore did not want his gun to Lo
away from Ihe liousu at night, and I
went In the inornlns.', got It and put It in
Maishiill's hniiJe. 1 was talking to
Mntshall about tho gun, and ho
gave me (lie key Hint nlgVit,o If ho didn't
"et Ihere 1 could put It In tho house, nud
kept the key nil idglit. I aaw hlui tho
next morning beforo I put the gnu In tho
house, and then I went In nnd nut fin
ffun on the bcadstead. I think there w. A
somcui ngon tliu beiisiead, wlne.i stoou
In the northeast corner of the house. The
other gun was put In the house after
da.k t.iu night before by Marshall. W,
got It out of n hollow tree out
iu the wood. It was John liulllner's
gun. Ho had no light in the house, and
staid there until nlnu or ten o'cloek : both
me doors stmt nnd wc talked very low.
I don't remember what we talked nbout.
He had tho gum but I don't remember
I' anything was said about what u-, wen.
going to do. When wo left
I got from Dnmore, and Marshall took
the other one. It was 0 or in nVln.-l.-.
and wo had been wu.tlng for It to get
iiu nun quiet ocioru wo went out. H e
went out ho gate and ncross the road,
east, till we cot to tho store. W lien we
got there, Marshall called to Mr.
oiiem-i-, aim saiu : "ir. hpt-nce, '
(he ca ed twlcl nml
Slsncy wautcu to get some shrouding.
i r it eiiiin, .nr. opuuee sain no would
come as soon as he got his shoes. Black
Bid and I was back about ten steps out
east of the door, while Marshall was In
Irontol the door. When Spenee came
down Marshall shot him with tliu shot
gun. and after he shot him with the shot
gun he reached In and shot with his pis
tol. Speuco made a nole n groan,
which was tlie only noise I heurd. When
Marshall shot we stepped up to tho cor
ner of tliu house, nnd just nbout that lime
Marshall .lobbed a light out of thn win-
dow on the cast sldu of the
house nnd went in. Ho broke
the light out with the muz
muzzle of his gun 1 think. He was not
In the store more than two or three min
utes, though I did not see lihu in the
toie; he took his gun in through the
w indow. When we came out we started
inst, and he had n pocket-book and
ropped 11, and said them was nothing In
It. 1 his was ou the railroad track. We
weut east till we cause to Terry Grain's
l ine, nnd I weut to Lundrttm's and then
home. Marshall and Bill cat J
rled the guns. 1 said to them.
What shall t do It 1 im
arrested, when Bill said havu us siio-
poetiied and we will swear you clear.
V hen we were hi the woods b:ick of
Mrs. Hampton's Held Black Bill said ho
belonged to the Ku-Klux, nud Jep aked
him If he couldn't Initiate us, and he
-aid he could. Jep named that day that
tf any on.-of us got lu jail and remained
In one month or three mouths, we
needn't be uneasy for we would be taken
out. Some onu said something nbout
getting the Keys iro.n "Uid I luriey,"
Jep said, "never mind the keys, uush
tin- door In;"' Old Charley was the Jailor
at Marlon : this was at the lleld Jep
Used lids language; I don't
know- If It was Bill or Marshall talked
about the keys; don't remember Jep
eas ing wiierc no was going to stay tnai
ght ; I don't know which one said It,
but the reason they wanted Spenee killed
wnbecauso they thottgt he was a spy
tor tt: sjlsneys ilavc not seen the gun
tnce thu iglt ; nuicU BUI had it last I
knowed anrUmig about It; Ditmoro
lived two hundred and lllty yards from
where I lived, In the same village; we
met on the evening Slsncy was killed iu
Craluville. about thirty yards from tlm
drug store: don't know who mentioned
about meeting at the house; I remcmb-r
btloru we got there Marhall Craln vol
unteered to shoot Spenee himself; I don't
re neinbur If Black Bill Had the socks on
hi- fiet when ho went up to kill Spenee;
It was not a very light night;
but was not ndiilnj; I did
nut sou any lights on the way up to the
store. When we went from' the .tun. I
didn't think it was over a quarter of n
nine tin i parted irom inei.i ami went to
bed; did not i-e them any more that
night; I don't remember seeing any
light im stairs before Siience eamu
down ; I saw- a light at the door belore he
whs shot ; 'did not hear any alarm, as II
any one was coming. While Marshall was
lu thu bouse Black 'Bill called
and said to him Mar-hall
'come ou they are coming." Bill
changed Ids voice ; Marshall eaino out
right away.
At 0 o'clock court adiourued. until
S:30 o'cloek this evening, when Stm
Mu-lck will continue Ids evidence.
Letter List.
Lt-t of letters remaining uncalled for
In the I'o-t Olllce ut Cairo. Alexander
county, Illinois, Saturday. Jan. 22nd,
1670 :
Anson Mary, Baker Mrs. James, Ce
mauts Maltle, Der Emma, Li'inbert
Clary, Martin Lizzie, Montgomery I'ena,
Parson Caty, I'urcell Laura, Simpson,
Delia, Westlliinuia.
(ir.NTI.KMLN'rt LIS I.
Ball Chat.. Bell Edward, Brown Gus,
B.irmett G Baker J. C, Brown Jack,
Hemes James, Caldwell Ira, Chase T. U.
Daly Gariett. Ellis S. B Henderson
T. 1L. llarc Win.. Krelholm C,
Klzer John, Kline Peter, ICamght K. J.,
Kelly Sip, Kcaf Thomas, Luggin Win.,
Lillswlth Sam, McNall H. W.. Neil
Scott, Nolcn S., Oliver U.K., l'ortor O
E., Bichardson J., Standi J., Sanders J'
F., S tanfeclel W., Toby John, Znnone,
A. T.
Persons calling for tho above named
letters pic:ie say advertise.
All ( hronle nixon-scs Cured
nv int. iii:lt.
He is located In Cairo, Illinois, nnd Is
still calling on you to bu healed. Why
will you die ol old chronic diseases, when
you can be cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give it up yet, for there
l still n b-ilui iu Gll.-ard. Cairo Is the
place to come to he cured of all your
uehrs nuil paln.
I am now prepared at my olllce lo give
medicated halhs. and persons wl-hliig to
receive Midi, will call at my olllco on
Eighth strict. No. 22, from tliu hours of
2 p.m. till b p.m. AUo plane baths, hot
baths, warm bulbs, cold balh, or vapor
baths. Also persons having Ih" eon
sumption or weak lungs, and wishing to
receive medicines by inhalation, can re
ceive the treatment at my olllce, this be
ing the only true way of getting nicdl.
cine direct lo the lungs. AUo I treat dis
eases of Ihe eyes of years i-tandlng, ami
tho blind lias been made to bee by my
treatment. Alt di'eascs of tho f-kin I
cure. Fistula cured by in i wJhu U ihu
iiseot thokulte. If yon have n cancer
come and bo cured. All prtvato dlsc-Hcs,
In tlm shortest limp, cured by inc. In
short, for all chronic diseases of tho hu
man system, go to Dr. Hull. If you wish
to be cured. I compound nml prepare, all
my medicines at my olllce. It U said
that praetlco makes perfect, I have been
thirty years n practicing physician.
All letters and communications shall
be confidential and promptly attended to
by me. Direct, Dit. Hvtn,
No. 2 J Eighth street, Cairo, Illinois.
MD.dliu -
Wau Du-AvniEirr Itnr nErowr, l
Jsn ), .tr;oj (
(tow WATIR.
IT. I.
XI f
m a
X !
At 2
2 f
- 1
st, 1,4111 1.
Kntmltlo .....
Mcniptiis .,
Vlrkalmnt .....
New Orlf ins
Sergeant. Slitnul frrvlcf, X.
Steamer J. W. Mills. 1'aduc.ih.
" T.T. H.ihnan. Nnslnille.
" Grand Tower, St. l.nul.
" Lilly, South.
" John Met ns and tow.St. Louis
" City ol Helena, St. Louis.
Lark, Ohio river.
" Commonwealth, New Orleans.
Steamer J. W. Mill-, Paducab.
" T.T.HIIIman.NaslnlUe.
" Future City, hirges, St. Louis,
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
Lilly, Ohio river.
" John Means, Cliiclniiall.
City of Helena, Vlek-biirg.
" CotnmonwcallhtClnclnmitl.
Tho J. W. Mills Is tho packet for li
diiculi ut 5 o'clock this evening.
Mr. Albert Gnziey, freight clerk or
the Andy Ihiini, i llm proud and happy
father ol a bouncing girl.
The Commonwealth, liom New Or
leans for Cincinnati, arrived at 3 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. She put off u small
lot of freight here nud went on.
The Future City and barges arriu-d
from New Orleans at 10 o'clock Thurs
day night with a big trip. She went to
St. Louis yp.steiday morning.
The Belle of Shreveport passed up
from New Orleans for St. Louis on
Thursday ulglit, with a good trip of
freight and people.
The John A. Wood, ou heraraiv.il at
New Orleans last Saturday, had 21
barges nud boats, containing PW.OOO
bushels ot Pittsburg coal.
Captain Leo Cranu's Mary Miller w ill
come oil' the ways ut Mound City in a
day or two, when -he will go to St.
Louis and losd for New Orleans.
The T. T. Hcllnian came In from
Nashville, on Thursday night, with a
cargo uf Iron ore and miscellaneous
freight. She returned yesterday at noou
with a light trip.
The City of Helena, Captain I-aac
McKce, arrived here yesterday ut noon
from St, Louis. She had a big trip ot
freight and was lull ol stock. She added
a small amount of Irelglit here and weut
on to Vieksburg.
The Grand Tower, Captain George
Lennox, got here from St. Louis nt 8
o'clock yceteitlay morning. She had a
good trip. She took a part of the Height
from St. Louis of llio Helena, w hich the
Helena will again take on Ii.t arrlv.il l
The Robt. Mitchell, Captain James
Paul, Clerk Frank Stein, Is coming down
with a Hue trip fer New Orleans. Shu will
return to Cincinnati in time to leave for
the Maid I Grns excursion trip on the 17th
of Februaiy. John flay and Charhs
Nichols are her pilots.
The United States Light Hou-e ten
der Lilly. In command ol Captain Hod,
after getting through her work of look
ing after the lights on llio lower river as
nr south as Natchez.rcturncdand passed
up thu Ohio for Pittsburg early yester
day morning.
Tlie John Mean", with a big tow of
iron ore, arrived from St. Louis tor Cin
cinnati yesterday morning at 10 o'clock;
Joslah Jacobs came down Irom Cincin
nati by rail on Thursday, and will pilot
the Mcms to her destlnatlou
Try '1 linn.
Hall dime, half dime, cigar, Havana
tiller, at Cowperlhwaite & Phillips.
Plllabiirv Air.
It. Smyth it Co. have lust received a
large supply ot Spencer, McKay it Cos.'
celebrated Pittsburg stock ale, which
may he found on draught or tor sale by
tho half-barrel at their store on Ohio
levee. For family use this ale has no
superior, as It may ho kept on hand for
six months without souring, l-'.'l-lw
A. No. l l.uuudry.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, lie
tween Washington and Commercial ave
nues, has one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments In tho dty, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houes will
find It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows : Hotel
and boarding-house washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
dozon, SOe; oeks, 5o; two collars. 5c;
two handkerchiefs, Cc; tests, 20c; and
all gentlemen's wear, AV. per do.en.
Ladles nlatii calico dresses, 2jc; calico
dresses with oxtra trimmings, 50e; whltn
dresses, SI 25c; ladies' underware, line
and course, SI 00 per dozen. 1-21-tf.
l or Knuwis nml Ciilorndii,
Tho Atchison, Topck-t and Santa Fe
railroad from Kansas City and Atchison
on the Mlsioun river, via Topeka, the
c.ipltol ol Kuusns, and the beautitiil Ar
kansas valley to llm lloiky Mountain-.
Thu Mio: te-t rule to I'uobd" ihe Grand
Canon, Colorado tilings, Maullou,
Pikes Speak, and all places of note in the
mountain regions. Tho favorite route
to Denver nud all points In Noi them
r.Oor.'iih.. liu, be.L route lo Southern
I Coloiado, New Mexico ami Arizona. Tho
only direct route to the famous ls.ni
Juan mines, 'lite track and equipment
is unequaled, trains urn through from
' the Missouri rher to the Koeky Moun
tains, making connection,- In wnion ue
' pots and uvbldlug doluyt. and trans
; Hera. " For lull ileserlptlvo circulars
lulilea. i.te.. nddrCsS'
Goji'lPMf. Agent, Toix-kKmi.
MO-'iHw-ly. '
Real Estate Column
Lot 2, block o, city, oh Ofcio lrree,
above lwdfth strret, outside Art halts.
Price $1,250; $500 cash, and bsOaace la
one year, without Interest.
-Good dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-sccond and Twnty-thlrd
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar streets.
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stlhvell.
Winter's Block- suitable for llotcl
Olllces or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 8 and 9, In
Winter's Bow, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (eorncr), $12 307 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue I rooms $10 a month.
Storo room in "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Hallcy.
--A good farm with good homes, oppo
site Cairo Haws farm cheap.
A smalt House west of Twenty
second strcet,uear Pine, $1 per month.
I' welling house on TweUtd, near
Walnut, 0 rooms.
Store room on Levee, above Eighth
street 20 per month.
Dwelling house on Sixth street and
JelVerson avenue.
Booms lu various parts ol Ihe cliy.
Lands, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
For Sale.
A sliver plated No. 9 WlUon. Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) flhHh,
valued at SS3. Will be sold at $20 dis
count, ou good terms, and ordered dlreet
from the factory.
Colored and mounted Maps of tlie
city ol Cairo at $2 50 each (halt price.)
A No. 9 Wilson Shuttle Sewing Ma
chine valued nt $75. Will be sold at 115
discount, and ordered direct from the
A ftW) Benilngton Sewing Machine
$;I0 oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot and shoe manufacturer.
a style "E," "dough, Warren A
Co.V Parlor Organ, right from tho fac
tory at Detroit. List price, $300. Will
be sold for S200.
1000 sheets of brlstol board Jnst re
ceived nt the Bi'Lleii.v ofllce, and tor
sale to tlie trade.
I'llj l' Cairo,
colored and varnished, for sale at half
price ($2.50) at the Bi-llktin office.
20,000 uotw heads, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads Carll-lc paper just
received and for sale at the Bl-llkti.n
For any of the above articles, apply a
ho Bum.k n.v olllce. E. A. BiiiNurr
tr Minted
Kvorybody to kno that the plsco to Kt
A Miinoth shave,
A good li.inipoo.
A t.i'hlonaldo h.ilr-cut,
Or tinytliliiK In that line,
nop, corner Eighth and Commercial.
For Ilir Weekly nnllrlln.
Persons wishing advertisements or lo
eal notices inserted in tho Weekly Bulletin-,
should hand In the copy by Tues
day noon, of each week.
ll.mr.iHinui, UU , Jan. IS, 1S7S.
WKuiv now mlniBif iry iuiwrlor article
ol coal free from all impurities, especially
ml.'iiitiil furprntm nnd honsrhutil me (reurratlj-,
whfi'li wr will ilrllvrr In Cairo, on Ihe Cairo aud
Vlncennes truck br the car load of w buthela
nt nine (') rents per liiishel, or two dollars aa J
twenty-ltve etui (SI -J5) iwr ton.
W ouli-o lisle a Tvry nirior article of Mut
Coal lilch wo will (frllvrr on track at lUteen
()) ilnllnrn ier er'M liualieU. J'arllea net
wlMiIiitf u enr loml will cill upon K. M, Ward on
Klfditli tree!, between Commercial and WmIi
lucton aTi'iiue,, ami be supplied at leiuomble
tn iiii. Sir. Wenl will also dellvsr this coal lo
an part of tlie city at ai W per car load, niak
IIiUcosI cnttalrautai W) per ton. All Ihe coal
used br Ihe C. and V It. it.- Is supplied from
iiirmlne,and II luis no sU.erlor In tb mariet.
Address all oitlcrs formal to
Jas. A. Vinll die Co.,
rJ-K .M. Wan), LV , ban teams and will da
In r till, i-nsl .it 8 1 .V. per ear L-jltL
Fashlonabl Barbr
xzjsvxxi. x?n.xi mmm.,
Between Waahlngton u( Oeassmaroiftl
ur TerttBf
At 7fBS
Centennial History
T. .7.1 MHivati aTlTla.
lt..lirA. v.luM, ftf
Vm ims Uif.1 tk.
1 .Ktoriic' at IsAWa
Ol'KIL'Ki At rtsldaoee on Mittth BMSt.!):
twitu WukhbVaton aranaa ana IS slant a. S
( 1JAA
UKSIIIKNCK: No. 81 Tbtrtewta
tween Wuhlnt TNM aM W
orriCKiXerttt sMa of
iwhb CoamttcUl aaJ Wiiiaiatnaii

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