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A90AI.OM Ml)OK, NO. M.
KnlaMs of lyllli, mt errry Ft
Fellow' Hall. Howe,
Cliaitctllor ConiiiMudrr.
lmlnnant Onlcr of IMit-Kfl
.1 lifr.iiul fften. In their lull on
'oiumeickl itnui btttttn sixth ai.4 HvvcutU
rttU. - riu. I.amk, N. O.
1AIHO KSCAMI'MKNT, I. (). (). F., mwls
iin Uild-Kcllows' Hall Mil Hit Ami and tlilnl
mmlM iu nvcry monin, 01 imu-paii ninn,
' .Imp. II Uqsshah, U. I'.
ft HAIKU I.OIM1K. NO. 237.A.K. AA.M
IIMil rvirtilur critiitiiiihlrntlutiii In Ma
TJTuuulc Hull, conirr I'otiiinircial Btrtitie
' ami Klirlilli nlnrt, um lit secvwi arm
nrui mowihv ill rn mniiin.
I Utm
Kilty cents, at Winter Onllery.
Tor sale A $12 W) order on. city of
Carbonilulc. Kiujulia at llri.Lin in office
1-T3f.tr K. A. Ill knt.ii.
Attention i llrnlrm.
.We have four dozen Imitation F.bony
r vi A'amin i 'iinj llu.tw.ra liiVdti fnt fiitt-f.r.
'. Ut.-Mlltf. Wlllcll VL' U'lll Sell lit tWO (loll KM
'..(Vcr dozen. Inquire at Hnllctln olllru.
Tar Nnlc,
Choice Minnesota potatoes nt if) cents
er bushel; und a )nit;e supply
M frch irroecrleS nlways on hand
it low price. Choice butter a spcciulty
12-30-tf I.. 11. Mveim.
Uonl I Coal !
I wldi to Inform the citizens of C'ulro
that I keep on hand a largo supply of
coal of different kind, which I will sell
at follows, delivered In any part of the
city: $3 SOtofl er ton, cash, and full
weight Kuaranttcil. Jambs Rosh.
Wc will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tnu Bui.i.mi.v, unless the
ame is made on a written order stned
by the president or secretary of the com
pany, and we will accept no orders jlven
by an employe of the company, lor any
purpose whatsoever.
UilllO Bl'I.t.r.TI.V UWIMNV.
November 19. le?.. II
Mollce of HfltltiVHI
C Koch ha removed his boot and
slioy shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (one block below),
No. 00 Commercial avenue, lietwren
Fifth and Sixth streets, wlieio lie will
keep the best home mailt; and .St. I.oul
custom made boon and allocs, made of
the best material ; jfool workmanhlp
and In the latest style. All orders
promptly attended to. O-'iMt.
Wood mm S'sinl.
On and alter this date the prices of
wood and coal at my yard, adjoining the
Cairo and St. I.ouls Narrow Gauge depot,
will lie as follows :
Four foot wood per cord, $3 75 ; four
foot wood XT hull cord, S2; four foot
wood, sawed, per cord, IW; four foot
wood, sawed and split, per cord, $5 ; ltlg
Muddy coal per i-iugle ton, $1 ; same kt
two ton, $3 75; same per four tons mid
upwards, i'S .pO.
All goods delivered.
1-7-lm . K. I.AVH, rrnp'r.
MAsitri iiadi: iii 1. 1.:
The Delta City Cornet Hand will give a
(rami Musquenide li.tll on February
Kith, 1S70, nt the New Turner Hall, cor
ner Tenth street and Washington avenue.
There will Iw two prizes awarded, n
gold headed eane fur the gentleman, and
u line musical album to the lady for the
best represented character iu attendance,
the decision to be made by ili-iutcrctcd
New costumes from M. Louis will be
for rent nt I'liil SnupV store.
iiTTIckcts for sale at l G. St-huh's
.1. Burger's, K. A W. Iluder's and ile
Gaulcy's drug store. , l-'JJ-td.
For Sale.
A sliver plated No. tl Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) llnUh,
Tallied at ?S0. Will be sold ut $L'Odl
tount, on good tenm, and ordortil dliect
from llui factory.
Colored mid mounted Maps ot the
city of Cairo nt $2 00 each (halt price.)
A No. 0 WIIou Shuttle evlng Ma
chine valued nt $.'. Will be sold ut $15
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $00 Hemlngton Sewing Machine
$:i0 oft for cash. Suitablo (or tailor or
boot and shoe manufacturer.
a stylo "K," "Clough, Warren &
Co.'s" l'arlor Organ, rlglit from tins fac
tory nt Detroit. Mst price, $300. Will
bo sold for $200.
1000 sheets of brietol board
reived at tho Uui.lp.tin ofllce,
lor sale to the trade.
ok Tin:
t'lly or Cairo,
colored and varnished, for snlu nt half
price ($2.00) nt tho Uullktin olllcc.
20,000 note heads, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads Carllslu paper Just
received and for salu at the Hullktin
For any of the above articles, apply n
ho Bulletin olllce. K. A . Duiixktt
Oystor, Fish
We will sell, hereafter, our goods nt
tho following prices, and solicit the pat
ronage of the public:
Family brands, per can.
Standards, per can
Select, per can
Select, extra, per cau
Tub oysters, per 100
.. 35 cents.
.. -IS cents,
.. 00 cent.
.. OS cents,
..$1 00
Chicago Trout and Whlto,..ll cts. per lb.
Onme, Pan Fish. . 10 and 13 cts. per lb.
Of all descriptions eonstantly on hand,
consisting of wild turkey, squirrels and
Family groceries very cheap for emh.
Made n specalty. Give us n trial,
, , Choapurttuin theohoapest.
' RecpeotfUlly,
' l-MJ-lf, Wt. Wktfii, Jli., & Co.
ante iulttitin.
9AI1 bills rurrMlTcrtUInK, n: ilur uri'l pit)-.
able IX AliVAKiB,
Trsnsluit tvlverllliij( Hill lie Intrtlct itttlie
rale of II CJ riU4tre far the 11 rut iDnillon
ii'l Wctnttfur icliulwiuciitono, A lll.cnl
discount wllltx irisilv otisUnJIn nnl dl'jilay
For IniertliiK I'untrnl iimIIck tl "i. Notice 'il 1
mutlnn of wUII'ii ur tirrct nitln ') ni fur
mcb lottrllon.
Looat Bualnem Notices, of
ten lines or more, Inserted
in the Bulletin as follows !
On insertion per line ft Cents.
Two Insertions per Una 7 Onts.
Three insertions per Una 10 Cents.
Hlx insertions per line 10 Cents.
Two weeks per line UB Cents.
One monln per line 36 Cunts.
Mo Reduotlon will be made in above
TUESDAY, FJ'Um'AKV 1, l&7fi.
I.nrnl Wriithrr Itvpurt.
CAino.'lLL., iliiii, .11, Il7'i.
I Wcaiii.
1 m.m
U "
2 P. m,
i 'nu'ly
C ouiir
fieritwnl. Sljliul Mrvlcr, IT A
Tlio Fire this MorninK.
At! o'clock this morning the fire alarm
was soun'Jcd, nnd It was discovered that
the Grand Central hotel was Iu a blaze.
The engines were all promptly on ilie
ground, anil under command of Major
Winter, did very cfl'cctlvc s- rvice. The
wind was high, nnd for n time n great
conflagration wa Imminent, but luckily
the firemen got the upper-hand of the fire
and confined it to the hotel nnd the build
Ing adjoining.
The tnutc of the tiro wn n defective
The houses were owned by Mr. I.. D.
I'lioins, and weroinured for$3,000. The
hotel furniture, owned by Mr. Wetzel,
wni In'unil for 51,000.
A woman to cook and help
wash ;
nt this
wages fl'i a inoutli. Apply
I.im iiI lill.ulinl.
Some Interertlng reading matter, on
the subject of the Cairo nnd S:. Louis
railroad company, will be found on our
editorial page this morning.
Mr. Ward, nn old coal dealer, has es
tablished n new coal olllce. nnd Invites
the patronage of all his old friends nnd
everybody else to give him a trial fig
ures are low and terms ca-li. See Notice.
1-23.1 w
.Messrs. Cauda and Seails of the
Cairo and St. Louis rallrofid company,
are In the city. They came down to at-
end the nn-etlng of the City Council to
night. They have businc" "mlt (he
-Mr. I.lnegnr, laboring toearn hl flc,
savs the talro anil M. j.ouis railroad
too poor to - wttct the river bank.
This may be true, auiMherel'ore. oui
heart's desire and prayer Is that the com
pany may sell out to somebody that
The attention of .Messr.-. Cumin nnd
SrnrM. and their triends, the Mayor and
Mr. Llnegar, Is called to the list of tax-
layers who arc anxious to prevent the
appropriation of the new levee, etc.,
by the Cairo and St. Louis railroad
-Lessons given Iu Penmanship, tine
Yntnanthlp, Steamboat Book-keeping,
Card writing, Porting up iiecouuis,
Copying, etc., at the rooms ol C. .1,
Howe.Nos.lO and 10, Winter's Block,
corner Seventh street and Commercial
avenue. Ladles class every afternoon
from 4 to 0 o'clock, and Saturday from
to 1 o'clock. l-'iO-lni.
The Sun, Instigated thereto by mal
ice and "another fellow," has been abus
ing Mr. Oberly by Inucndo became he
has been requested to go to ahlnglon
and work to secure an appropi latlon to
mprovo tho river ut this place. Tho
.Vim has a right to do thN, mid -Mr.
O. don't care. He cannot understand
that there Is much honor or prolit In la-
loringfor nothing and being abused for
his labor, and he will not go to
Washington at the expense of the city.
The .S'mii may now bring out its business
man, Its lawyer, lu fellow who has no
x to grind, etc.
Slltiiiitloii Wnuleil
by a young woman to do housu work.
chamber work, or ns waiter Iu a hotel.
Apply next door to Kough mid Heady
ngluu house on Washington aveuu..
Always on hand at the Butcher' and
Drover's Exchange on Eighth finer.
Ilsner's Cincinnati and I'll. Best's .Mil
waukee Beer. Grand lunch every inoi n-
and evening at 0:30 o'clock. Coiuo
one! Come all! Loi'H Blattai'.
l-2.Vtf. '
Looking After I lie "lUslsilpiil.
L. II. Clark, chief engineer of the Illi
nois Central railroad, Is Iu tliu city for
the purpose of examining the ubrasioiis
of tliu Mississippi river lu the direction ol
the Central road. It Is said tliu Ceutial
will aid tliu city lu securing tho parage
through congress of tliu appropriation to
protect the river bank.
for Hnnsnn null Colorado,
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa l'o
railroad from Kunsas City and Atchison
on tho Missouri river, via Toprka, tliu
capltol ot Kansas, and tho hcaiitllul Ar
kansas valley lo tho ltocky Mountains.
The shortest rnntoto Puebelo tliu Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs, Mnnltou,
Pikes Speak, and nil places of note In the
mountain regions. Tliu favorite route
to Denver aud nil points lu Northern
Colorado, Tlib4uf route to Southern
JIaii. j Til a W'Ticii. j Vtu
M.S'i I aj S S
.H.owiJ II i N li
VI. ill I i 4JI H 10
f).S77 1 rAI - h IS
Colorado, Now Mexico and Arizona. Tho
only direct rmitu to, the famous ."un
.hint! mliici, The truck and equipment
is uiic'iualed, trains run through fiom
tho Missouri liver to tho lioeky Moun
tain, making couni'Cthius In Union dc
pots and nvoidlug delays and trans
fers. For full descriptive clteulars
maps, (line table, etc., address
T. J. A.viimtso.v,
Gen'l Pass. Acnt, Topeku, Kim .
The l.xlillilllon lo-Mulil
The entertainment lo bt given f.t the
Pieibyteilau ehureli to-iilght,fortliebcii-
elit of tho Presbyterian and -Methodist
Sunday schools, promts to bo one of the
most Interesting nnd hi'tiuttlvo our peo
ple have enjoyed fur some time. Tho
"beauties null wonders of the world,'' In
cluding views ot Chlcairo and vicinity.
Union Pucille railway, Salt Lake City,
Great Mormon Tabernacle, Sierra Ne
vada mountains, tliu "Vo'cnilte,"
iu all its sublimity mid grand
cur, mammoth trees of Ciilhbrnla,
view of St. Louis bridge, show
ing the completion, beautiful leo scenery
In the straits of Maehhiuc. and Niagara
Tails. The views of lorelgn countries In
clude tho vmiulc rs ami charms of the
ItrllMi Iidf. uur, of the continent. In ad
dition to lli'.'e a number of bc-futllul dis
solving views will be given, nnd nt the
close of i In exhibition, the Iirummoud
Llrbl will he displayed, and i-xperiliicnt"
made which tvlll proiiucu ilfecm entirely
new to ii Cairo iiudleiici'. The objict of
the exhibition Is entirely pral-e worthy
aud tho church will no doubt be
tilled. Price of admission adult", 00
cents; children 'J5 cents.
Mpt Mr, Kouli-IlelVnili Mr. C I'. I'.ir
iiii. Editoh Caiiio Bi-'li.ktin: A recent
number of your paper contains an article
on "I'lio Whipping Post in Schools," in
which 1 1 1 j 1 1 -1 1 co is done Mr, Parsons,
formerly of your city, now n teacher nnd
superintendent ot public chooh of
Evaiiiville. The urilcle says ".Mr. Par
sons llogged one ot his puplM so severely
that paralysis ensued, and It .is doubt
ful If the boy ever regained the tio of
'J'hc truth of the mater Ktho boy wa
crippled before tho whipping, which ban
uolhlii to do with hU parulysl. The
only marks visible were on his ear, which
was somewhat swollen and black and
blue, nnd a scratch on the crippled hand,
neither ot which seemed to bs very se
vere. While them are some who blame Mr.
Par-oii- for his severity, the majority ol
our people fully Ju-tlfy him In all he did.
'llie.-chool board examined the whole
matter carefully and iin inlmou-ly sus
tained him in tbeexercNe of uei-di'd m.d
wholesome discipline. The jury before
whom the matter was tried lor two days',
acquitted him. to the 'atl-factlou of every
one who took tho trouble to become ac
quainted with the facts.
This explanation I due to Mr. Par-
on. as welt as to the the excellent
school board of this city. Yours truly,
C. II. Footu.
F.vanivllle, .lanuary 20. 18r.
The T.l'iijpr Wlm Wish III" N'nr
nil)' li:m,'i It. mil lo Ileioitlii on Hi..
Olllkltlc of Ilie I.vm o.
C uiio, I i.i. ,Jitn, 23, 1S70.
The undersigned, tax-payer- of the
city of Cairo, for the purpose of prevent
ing the appioprlatloii ol New Levee
street, and part of Washington avenue
and Mulberry street and cros levee, lu
the city of Cairo, to the uo ot the Cairo
and -t. Louis rallioad company, or other
roillroad company, do hereby einplby
S imuel P. Wheeler a our attorney, and
authorize him to institute such Mill or
suits as In his Judgment may b' neces
sary fur this purpo-e, iu our names or
otlienvie nt may be expedient and
proper; and wu agree to bear such rea
sonable expene as may be Inclined pro
portionally :
K. II. Cunningham, C. D. Williamson,
P. W. Barclay. W. P. Halllday,
.1. W. McKlnney, C. W. Dunning,
A. B. Sallord,
I. B. IluiK-on.
W. Mrattou.
John II. Oberly,
W. P. Wright.
I). I.. Davis
.1. B. Phillls.
Charles Gallgh-r,
.1. T. Iteunle,
J. II. Mctcalf,
Thus. W. Halllday,
Peter NelT,
lsaae Walder,
C. Pink,
Daniel Ilartmau,
O. llayihoin,
Jacob Walter,
0, 11. Woodward,
It. W. Miller.
II. Warduer,
F. Bross,
K. C. Pace,
John Antihn,
A. Mackie it Co.,
Green it Wood,
S ill'ord, Morris &
Saintii'l Wallers,
Paul O. Schuh,
Win. Luncrgau,
Cumilnghaiu d:
Louis llerbtit,
Jos. B. Iteed,
Wood itlttenhoiise. N. B. TliMlcwood,
Lynch it llowley, Peter Cuhl,
S. D. Ayers,
Leo Ivleb,
Stuart it liholsou,
John Tuber,
Blake & Co.,
(5. W, llendorson,
Go!dtinc it
i , Uorsmeyer,
White & Gieer,
J. Burger & Co.,
C. lfaiiuy,
It. F. Paikcr.
S. WUvjii,
A. .Murk.
II. .Meyers,
I. Furuhaker & Son.
All oioiilc IHitiu.p.it (liireit
nv nn. iifi.i,
He Is located lu Cairo, Illinois, mid ts
still calling on you to lu healed. Why
will you illy ol old clnoiilii dl'oH-os, when
you cm lie eunil with so Ilitln cost or
money. Do not give it 141 yet, lor tlieru
isHtllla halm In Glleard. Cairo N (he
plnen 10 co mo to be cured of all your
itches nud pains.
1 inn now inquired at my ofllce to give
medicated liatln. and persons wishing to
lecelvu siiili, will call 111 my olllco 011
Flglilh street. No. 33, from tho hours ol
! p.m. till U p.m. Alio plane baths, hot
hullw, wnrin biitli, cold bath, or VHpor
baths. Also persons having the con
sumption or v,"ak lungs, ami wishing to
receive medicines by lnhalstloii, eiiu re
ceive the treatment nt my ofllce, this be
ing the only truu vny of getting medi
cine direct to the lungs. Also I treat dis
eases of the eyes of yciM stsndlng, and
thg blind hat bevn nnd') to m by nay
treatment. All dlea of the iMn
cure, l lstulii cured by inn. without tliv
U'ool tlm knife. Jf you have a cancer
come and be curtd. All private disease
In the shortest lime, cured by ins. In
short, for nil chronic diseases of the liu
mini system, go to Dr. Ilultz If you w ish
to be cured. 1 compound and prepare nil
my medicines at my oftlcc. It Is said
that practice makes perfect, I hnvo been
thirty years a practicing physician.
All letters nnd communications -linll
bo conllduntlal and promptly attended to
by me. Direct, Dn. IIi i.i,
No. 21 Eighth stieet, Cairo, Illinois,
So for Mailers Look Gloomy for
tijc rnsoncrs.
Threats by the Prisoners Jep Craln Al
leged to litre ssld'Hs Would "Shoot
Snenct and Laugh to ice
Him Kick."
Tile i;liiirit fur Die Prosecution
ITohllily nil In,
Tho takln;' of evltonco lu trial of Big
Jep and Black Bill Craln was continued
lu the circuit court jWerday. A Hum
ber of witnesses wert examined, nud
some damaging eviJono- against the pris
oners was brought out. One of tho wit-
iieses, a Mrs. Woiier, who keeps a
boirdmg house nt t'ralnvllle, and with
whom Big Jep Craln an 1 Spcnce. the
murdered man, boarded, tt-tllled that Jep
once requested le r t delay stipiier so
that he could "citch Spiiice" lu the dark
between his ntore and the bowling house,
adding that ho "would hootSpencu and
iheu laugh toseeliiiukick." Infnctmuch
of the evidence brought out yedenlay was
Hard against the pii-nners.aud It will re
quire strong testimony on the side ol the
defense lo counteract Its Influence.
But lhli ihf pro-icutlon, und it may
liethatthijdefen-i hive some fust a"
stroog testimony on wi,. ,iu , j,rove
that the prisoners are not , t,;l,i IH t.y
havo been painted. It is to behopul so,
ut ullcvsmts.
Mesirs. Clemens. Calvert and J.lnegar,
for thu defense, put the wltncsres to
their wits ends on rrosi examination, nnd
there vyas occasionally some sharp spar
ing between coun-el.
l'hree witnesses were examlncil yes
terday wnosc eviuenco uoes not appear
hi this morning's Bulli:ti.v. owing to
press ol other matter. It will appear In
full to-morrow, hmvever.
Jiist ijeiore tne aiijouruinent 01 court
last night, Judge Allen announced that
there was one inoa-wltnes the pro-ecu
Hon desired to put 011 the stand, but that
he had not yet arrUed iu the tit viand
that if he did not arrive In time to be
pre.-ent at the opening of court this
morning, the prosecution would mi
nouuee the case for tho people closed,
and the evidence for the defense would
be heard.
11. W. Johnson testliled as follow,:
My mums is II. W. Johnson; 1 reside
iu Du ijiioin, which nas Deen my iiome
lor 17 jcar-; lam 11 inlll-u rlglit : I wu.,
at Crnmville. Williamson county, lu July
lasi ; 1 Mien 11 111. on:iiuu; 1 ueiu 10
C r.unvlllc thu irt of .luue,.aml was put
ting iu mill machinery lor -Mr. l.an
driiin: tlie milt was 3U0 vanls oruioie
Iroiu speiiee" tore , I leiucmber Sjpcucu'a
Ueatii: 1 tuiiiK mjoui uarw, aner eiipper.
(1 boarded with Mr. Laudruiui 1 went to
.1... , -.1....1U.. .I..., ..nt,... M...I ... 1 t 1....
lliu Valium nil l'uai "line, uiiu is 1 1 It'll
the pot olllce It was dark ; I Ictt the rail
road west ot .'pence s htoro to
-linn a mud hole; when 1 got west
ot the rtoru I heard some
thing that attract my attention, someone
said 1 want to get some article, of goods ;
1 heard a reply that they liould be
waited on ; the calling seemed to be by
Sptnee's drtigatore or in that direction ;
ulieu l got near my boarding house 1
heard the ill-charge of a double barrelled
gnu, and I went about leu steps further
and heard a single report ; the first shot
a undoubtedly a double-barreled gun,
the barrel oil' pulled simultaneously ; I
should think It was between 0 and 10
o cluck ; it was a pretty dark, eoudy
night; what, attracted my atten
tion when 1 stopped I don't
leiuember, but when 1 had
stopped I heard 11 voice "we want to get,"
and gathered from the reply they would
be waited on ; 1 suppOie 1 was three linn
dixit yards uway when I heard tho re
port ; 1 don't think there wn any light
tiiirniui: when tliu shots were 11 led ; it -nearly
north from my boarding luii.u to
tin tore. in going go up and down rail
road track ; 1 saw the remains the next
day before they were removed nud alter
they were laid out; Speiicu's was a store
linilso with a counter 011 eacii ide; he
was ) lug 011 the ca?t fide, ot the lioti-e
apparently us if liu had fallen out of a
chair; 1 wouldn't bepo-itlveif his head
was against the end ol the building ; he
had hi- pains on nud his vest was iintiuc
toned; I think there was one shoo on
one foot mid a hoc laying in
Um middle of thu four; Die
glass In the door, 011 the side where
he was laying, 0110 light was brokon
out; tlio glass In tliu dour are ten luclie
w Ido by fourteen inches long; oik;- side
light east ot the dour was broken out;
Crtiluvllle Mu Willamson enmity, Illi
nois. John Dltmoro ttstilled :
I ll cone half or luce-quarters ofauillu
from tartervllle; latl July I lived iu
Ciutiivlilu and vurkial ut Laiidniiu'a
mill ; 1 know SaiuMu-ick ; 1 have known
liiin iireiiy near a year ; 1 knew Mr.
spuiico; 1 hea id u 1 1 1 c death next moru
ig. bijt I can't lei nt exactly what hour,
luoaiiiv ut 5 or C o'clock : I owned a
lieaw double handled bhot gnu ut tliu
tiiiiu'had hud il asoiil u j'ear; thu gun
wu not nt m Iiojso the night Spuucu
was killed ; i'hu mglit beloio Speliee
wa killed, 011 Finlay evening, Just be
loio dark, Sam .Mulck eamu Iheio and
wauled tin: gun. but 1 didn't let hllll
have her; I loldlmu that 1 never loaiided
her ut night, hut would Jul him hayo Iter
iu the morning; It v'iisju,t good day
light when I let Inm havu her; liu said
he was going tuikey hunlliig; there was
a" young 1111111 at my houo that used the
gun, ami my hoy would go with him ; I
was at litmus the night Speiieu was
killed ; I heard thu icpoiu of two
gnus that night; I supple I lived
nearly one liiiutliid ynrdj irom the store
north of wet ol thu store; I lived
houili of Hie railroad; as wiu well as I re
iiieinher a low minutes bel'oro or 11 few
minutes idler 1) the shots were tired;
them wn a lady at our houe that night,
mid lust us I was g citing icndy to go to
bed thu shots wi ie Itred ; 1 was not up to
tliu sloro till- Klrl Brown camo up ami
told me Spenco was killed ; hu was lay
ing clo-c to thu door, a double door with
panneli fiuit top ylrni; thg paniieU citmo
down tven with tho lock ; tho dlitnnro
from the Moor to the lock Is about threo
icei;ineiiooris nuotit a loot from Iho
natural elevation of tho ground; I wns
not on the Inquest but was present part
sou nine; imi ooor nan not ncen
opened when 1 got there; I wns nut in
mo sioro 1111 alter ilie uouy nnd been
oun'ii, 1 oiuiii noiico any
imng about the lights ho
nan in me store; I was tho third or
fourth one to get there ; we Just went to
mu uuor mm looked 111 uiiu coiiiu see his
leer, ami oy putting our heads In eon Id
fee the body ; tlieru was a light 011 the
left ot the door, broken out ; I got my
Kim uaeii on 3iuuruiiy morning, eignt
days inter thu murder; found It in Jen
C ruin's old grocery house; nobody told
me It was there. I llrst stumbleil nn 11
Jep owncs, or did own, thu property : I
uniu 1 go lusiiio then, but could sec
wirougu the windows ; I don't know how
ne gun came there; both barrels were
loaded ami wiped ; I drawed tlm loads ;
It was loaded with shot Inrger than bird
shot, I call them rabbit shot ; the shot
were an tliu same rlze.
Thos. Duncan tcstlllcd as follows :
I have livid in Williamson countv all
my II
Hie; I live lour miles from Cinln-
1 havo known the defendants us
long as 1 nave Known anvijodv: 1 wan
ncqiialiited W illi Mr. Sjieiice, and heard
01 1119 iieatn. 1 iiearn Jen Ural 11 snv In
I'chlllarv last that he and Snenee kid
had a quarrel, and sumo onu ukcd why
he did not hit him. Jen said (hat hu did
not want to hit him ; that if ever lie did
mirt mm no wouni kih mm. nils con
versation was on a Sunday In February
Inst, nt Call Wagoner's house. 1 never
heard him snv niivlhlm; else. Ho snld
Spcnce had ordered him out of his store.
Mrs. Call. Waggoner testified as fol
lows :
I live in Crain City, Williamson
county, Illinois, ; I was born and raised
in that county, I nm tliu wilu of Call
Waggoner; 1 will have lived iu Cralnville
three years in Mnrcii next ; wc went there
to keep 11 hording hoiite, and arc tlll hi
that bulness. I was acquainted with
W IIII11111 snenee ; he boarded with us lor
about two years. He was boarding with
mu at thu time onus death. Mr.Mit-ncu's
store was about 31 0 yards from the house.
Mr. Spcnce never slep at the store until
about two weeks before he was killed ; he
said what was to be would be, ami went
thereto sleentl know the defendents
I went to school with Black Bill. George
Duncan Is my father. Big Jep Cram
boarded with us about two veurs. 1
know the day Jep ami Spcnce had a dif
ficulty ut the table In my house, It was on
the 4th Sunday In February last. They
were (luarrelhig a good many times from
October to February. I was not nreelit
at too dllllciiliy hi the stole, but 1 heard
'en say atthu breaktast table that lie In
tended to go Into the -tore and "naturally
massacre" Snenee; If he did not lake
back what hu had said. I don't
know what the trouble wns. Sam.
ellow Bill und Jen Craln pa tun
to Mm house, nml Sam and Yellow Bill
Were UlvUllllf Jell ntinllt Sm.luv .mil .1..,.
said they mlgUt laugh ubo'tit It 'now, but
he intended to Will Summit tvium
ho onl I get a Vutlu dark be
tween him aud Spcnce, ami ttmt lie
would klllUlm for live dollars. Jep mid
I won't take his slurs any longer. This
conversation was on tho fourth Sunday
hi February last. Jep left my hoti-o on
tho 23d of April last. Af.er that Jep
made some remarks at my table, and
wanted, me to turn ."-.pence nwav. und 1
told him I could not do It. 'He then
wanted me to nut off gunner late so that
he could catch Spenee between the house
ami too store, lie sum ne would shoot
him nud
I told him I could not nut oil' supper,
and he then said he would not come In
until 10 o'clock; I told him to let Spcnce
alone, mat no was not irouoiingauy one.
Jep said Spenee felt hlm-rlf belter than
lie was.- t told Jep I was going
lo tell my husband what he had said, and
lie replied there was no use In it, hu
didn't mean any Imrm, and theiu was 110
use to tell about it. After leaving my
house Jep never camo about It again, and
I have never had any conversation with
him since. Mr. Spenee went In hi More
to sleep only the Thursday night before
the Saturday night 011 which ho was
killed. I saw Big Jep on Tuesday morn
ing of Hint week. Spencu told mu on
Wednesday morning that he was going
back to the store to lodge. .
Worlh Tippy testified :
I was bom and raised In Williamson
county. 1 knew Win. Spenee; I knew
ilie ilJl'endunl since I have known any
body. In February or March, mu Mid
Wash Slsney and Black Bill weie coming
Irom Marlon, and some one said lets go
by Cralnville ami get some whisky, when
Black Bill said lets go by, "I want to
whip Speneu;" I think ho was owing
Snenix! some and he was cutting un about
it. Bill said hu would knock his d d old
Scotch head off his shoulders. 1 wus a
w ttie3 iK'I'ore the coroner s imiiiet mid
sail I had never heard any threats. These
aro the only threats 1 ever iicnrii. 1
never heard Jep sny any thing.
Washington SUney tcstlllcd :
I am a son of Cnpt. Slsney, who was
killed at Carhondale ; I know . J.
Craln, "Black Bill;" I knew Mr. Spenee;
l Heart! liiaeK mil say, as we were com
ing 'from Mai ion, that he owvd bpciicr
siimt! and lie was making a fuss about it,
aiid.il lie imiilemucli more, fuss about it lie
would knock Ids head oil his shoulders ;
this wni in l elniiarv. near Baiubridge.
on tho way Irom .Marlon, and was eon-
deruiilv out 01 my way 10 go 10 vniin-
villtt froui where I was then living. I
never heard any otnertnreais.
Martin Davis tetilicd:
I have lived iu Williamson county, lu
this State, for twenty years, und was
there last August: I was not personally
acquainted wllh Mr. Spenco ; I heard ol
his death about 0 o'clock tho next morn
in" alter the Uilllmr : I know thu dc lend
auis have been acquainted with Jep a
'ood many years, und iiuvu seen iiiiick
Hill hut um not well acquainted with
him. I was In .Marlon thu morning Mil-
Ick wa nut In Jail there, but can't tell
the exact date. 1 think il was sometime
about liu llrst of September. Shortly
after, probable the 13ih, Mr. Hnrtwell.
Mr. i-uiicr, ami .nr. .MCKcrson ami 1
went out some ten miles west ot town to
thu widow Hamptons' farm. To t lie
west of the farm we found a lane, but it
was so small wu did not drlvu tho team
through It. Mr. Hartwell, Hendrlcksoii
and Mr. Fuller went down thu lane.
nnd shortly Mr. Hnrtwell cnllul
and I went down. Wu loiind a
lot of weeds broken oil', nnd other bent
uyer; I picked up goino hazle bushes,
ami went and compared with the stumps
nud they lit exactly. From their appear
ance 1 wolliujnugoiue weens nun ounies
had been broken oil a month. From the
description given us tho place was not
hard to find ; It was a deolatc looking
place, and there was no, inwdi travel h '
wn ; 1 foi.11 1 on 1 liiiucii, ubou I a hand
fill,' consisting ol weeds and hazlu
brush, thrown on tho ground In thu road.
1 vns along when Black Bill was arrested,
downs nrrcsUd beforu wu mado the trip
lo the plain where tho weeds were bro
ken. Sheriff Norrl', Mr. Glider, Mr.
Calvert and niyseir mndo the urrest. It
was nt night, about 11 o'clock, and about
2 miles Irom tho place wheru the weeds
wcro broken: Bill wns arrcsud at his
house In bed, by SlierllV Norrls and Mr.
Calvert. Bill said lu a Jesting und laugh
lug way that lie nnd Big Jep would
make 11 lall full thuiuselm. hen
Bill got his clothe on, we went
to Craluvllle and then to Cartervllle, but
did not co to Marlon itiat night. We
stntd at Crulnvllle Mi nluht. 1 j,.,i
double-barreled shotgun; I don't know
anything about his Haying ho would 2
aw ay If I didn't have i shot gun ; ho sai,
In alniigblng manner that when we trot
to tho hollow liu had a good horse, und
10 was going to leave 11s; I told him I
had a good shot gun with sixteen slugs
In each barrel, and they wonld lollow
him. This was tho evening ntter Mu.lck
was put in lall at Marlon.
At live o'clock, court adjourned until
S;30 this morning.
Caiiio, III., .Mommy Cviinino, 1
January 31, 137G.
Another change lins taken place In tho
weather. Saturday was clear, with a
biting noitli wind which prevailed from
morning till night. Sunday was clear
and pleasant, and to-day plennrit,tluuigh
Tho markets are quiet, with no mater-
laljchangt! from our lat reported. There
are full supplies of all gradcs'of Hour and
It Is very quiet. Hay Is extremely dull,
und sales have been unusually smalt grid
few. Corulsquct. Tho demand is scrv
light, nnd about lliu only Inquiries are
at the mills. There Isjouly a limited su
ply hi market, with n moderately active
demand. Meal and bran arc extremely
dull. The supply of choice butter Is
moderate, and Is equal to tho demand ; it
Is idling at 222lc; strictly choice will
bring 25 cents. Fresh eggs will bring 13
li cents. The market was cleaned out
on Saturday by parties who bought them
for shipping purpose. Poultry Is In
gotid demand. Live turkeys will bring
from i'J to S12 ; drcs'cd, UQ12 cents per
pound ; large, live hens arc wanted at
$3 W dressed chickens wll bring $2.
CO per doz; ducks will bring from
$2 no to 3 t0. Choice apples are wanted,
aud will bring from $1 to .i; common
won't sell. There li a good demand for
all dressed meats, nt good prices.
46?Our friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given are usually
for sales from llrst hands hi round lots.
In tilling orders and for broken lots it Is
ne;essury lo charge an advance over
these llgures.fM
Stocks arc full and tho maiket Is very
quiet. Wu note the sate ol 103 barrels
XXX, $t 23; 100 barrels, $0 " ; 200 bar
rels various grades, "3; 400 bar-
rils various grades, $1 507 ; 100 bar
rels, $3 ; 200 barrels various grades, $1
0 30; 330 barrels, $3 737; 200 barreN
various gratlcs, $10 75 ; 200 barrels va
rious grades, $ lJ77 W).
There arc large lots of every kind uf
bay here except choice, and very Utile of
this grade coming In. The market is
very dull. The only sales noted were 1
car mixed, $10; 1 car mixed, $11.
Corn U very quiet, and but little has
been handled .since our lust report.
There Is not much here, ami a small
amount yrlll Und ready sale at tlm mill".
Skies noted were 1 car white fn sacks,
-!5c ; 3 cars white lu bulk 011 track, 4 to.
There Is a limited supply of oats iu the
market. They aro moderately active at
present, hut it Is believed they will bu
much livelier In a day or two. Wc note
tho sale of 100 sacks mixed, fPI0c;30
sacks black, C3c; 2 cirs Southern Illinois
In sacks. 3'Jc; 1 car whllu iu ael;s, 15s ; 1
car Southern Illinois sicked nnd deliv
ered, 33c.
The market remains very quiet, and
transactions have been limited. We note
sales of 300 barrels city steam dried,
$2 13; 30 barrels moulded country, $2 .
100 barrels country, $2.
Bran Is yet extremely dull, nonu Is be
ing bundled ami no sales were reported.
'flic re Is a moderate supply of choice
iu market, which is equal to thu de.
maud. Strictly choice will bring 21c.
Sales noted were 100 pounds Northern
roll, 2lo; 3 tubs Northern packed, 22c;
20J pounds country store roll, 15(a)17u;
3 tubs choice Nofthern packed, 21c;
G tubs choicu Northern packed, 22c
13 tubs medium packed, 20c ; 100 pounds
couutry store roll, 19u; 5 packages
Southern Illinois roll, ?2 00; 1 package
common, 12c; 2 packages common, 15c.
The market was cleared out on Satur
day, and eggs arc In fair demand. We
note the sale of 100 dozen 15c ; 100 dozen
Mo: 100 dozen 14c; 100 dozen 124c: 300
dozen 13c ; 300 dozeu 131 1c ; 150 daen
All kluds ot poultry is lu good demand.
Tho weather has assumed a more favor
11 bio temperature for handling It and fair
prices will be paid. Wc nolo sales ot 150
pouuds ot dressed turkeys, lljc ; 3 dozen
live geese, $3 50 p;r dozen ; 3 co-ps live
turkeys, $5ll ; 2 coops choke hens,
$3 30(33 73; 3 dozen llvu culchcns,
$3 50.
Common apples arc not wanted ; choice
to stilctly cholco are very scarce, nnd
will llnd ready sale at good prices. We
note the sale of 30 barrels or common,
$1 23 ; 10 barrels common, $1 60 ; 25 bar
rels Winesnps.$2; 25 b-rrcls Wluesapi,
$1 232 ; 10 barrels, $12 W.
Potatoes and onions aro dull. No sales
were reported.
Tlio itccntchiiugu of iho weather has
hid tho rued of hilngfug dressed mcata
01 uii kinds into goon uemnnu. uoou.
hogs will bring 77ie, fat sheep 7c, and
good beef 4J5c.
Wo note the sale of 10 boxes, ta,
10 boxes ot lemons were sold at iO 30
per box.
We note Hie sale of 10 barrels, f l
per bushel.
Wo onnte Pnrldlse nnd Mt. Carbon on
inuk lumn. S3: nut. S3: delivered car
load per ton lump, f 3 W t nut, U 75 5 d-
Uvettdpcr alnfle ton lump,
94; nut,
S1 23; J7um or Harrlsbiif.
per car load lump, $37 s nuLSlfl "1i.11.
loads on track. M30
per ton; slnjrlt
ion, delivered, o.
., HIDES AND FUflfj.
init.il 1 r? "rfe,,,,,l I"' fair da
nwiid fur furs, nt quotations :
oiVr.'." """ iiMo. dry sailed.
Skunk-Black. Hkf&Jtl ; half striped, W
!afi& 0c' 2. Musk-
DkV.UKkIS'M OlliJlo
fall. 33&.33c.
winter, 2330c ;
Try Tnon.
Half dime, half dime, elgar, Havana
filler, at Cowperlhwaltn & rhllltpt.
n.M wnr.
The above reward will be paid for Ihe
delivery of a sllrcr huntlmj-ciue wateh,
at the Bci.i.ktik ofllce. The watch was
lost In Cairo on yestwdny er the night
before. 3
Wood mm Coal.
4 ft wood by tlio cord, 3 73 ; I ft
wood by the.half cord, $2 00 ; 4 ft sawed,
per cord, U 30; 4 ft wood sawed and
split per cord, $3 00. Coal, per single
ton,$l 00; coal, two tons, $3 73; 'coal,
4 or more tons, $3 SO.
l-tMni. C. W. WBKtLP.it A Co.
K.vtrybody to knon that the ptare to ft
A mootli shave,
A goad shampoo,
A fashionable hair-cut,
Or anything In tbat line,
U at the (Jiund C'bhthal Diaam
uo; corner Kighth and Commercial.
9 -8-tf J. GtOROB STinilOCSW.
Jf aw coal Ofllr.
F. M. Ward has opened a coal ofllce on
south side'of Eighth atrcet,No.34,between
Commercial ami Washington avenues, In
Sargent's shoe store. He tvM sell Har-
rlsburg coal delivered lu any part of the
city nt $3 23 per singleton, or 3 per
ton hi four-ton lots ; Big Muddy coal at
$1 per single ton, or $7 50 for two tons,
all delivered. These are rock bottom
prices, nud mean cash and cash only.
1-23-1 ni
Real Estate Column
Lot 2, block 0, city, on Ohio ltTee,
above Twelfth strict, outside lire limits.
Price $1,230; ?500 cash, and balaare In
onu year, w lihout Interest.
Good dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth nil
Poplar streets.
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham AStilwell.
Winter's Block- suitable for Hotel
Olllces or Business rooms cheap,
Tencni'-nts numbered 4, 8andt, iu
Winter's Row, 5 rooms each, for f 10 per
No. 10 (comer), $12 fiO 7 rooms.
Cottage 011 Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 4 rooms $10 a month.
Store room in "Pilot House," lately
occupied fey A. Hallcy.
A good farm with good hotnts,oppo
site Cairo Haws farm cheap. .
.i kinnii jiouso west or 1 wcwy-
owu nireet,near Pine, $4 per month.
Dwelling house on Twelfth, near
aluut, 0 rooms.
Store room on Levee, above Eighth
street $20 per month.
Dwelling house on Sixth Itrcet and
lell'ersou avenue.
Rooms hi various part of the city.
Lnnds, In tract to a tilt, near Calre.
Wholesale Grocers
Oommission Merchant
57 Ohio Leree.
Wholesale Grocer
Ilultt In
Oommission Merchant,
RPKCI AI, ntl-nllon (Ivta toiwulf noMata aa-l
flllltiir nnlr
our Territory
At one tor
Centenary History
OP., I ) STATE TftllT, Otil HI.
tl .
Attraiejr At uiw.
orriCKi At rtiliUsc on Kill rtJ,---jwtn
Wiabl Wonjsmaa4JgjjrtW;
S3siM-urD-LjutlMrdsA Omtt. tMlfMafe:
wii'iiuf,u: lyri'i'ii tin 11...
Funs W eiUlllllM West... iu... VI
1 IW; No. 4, 25c. MTnk So 1 Jl75
123; No 2,"4 No. 3, asA'?"?
10c. Itaccoon-No 1, Wi-'no' a
40c; No. 3,20c; No. '.'Hx-oV;
000c;No, 3, 2.:; No. 4. loi; Ri
No. 1 p-iil 41 r.11. v.. 1 v.

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