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uoiur sooxmss
"""aicaLoV "mjdo1c""no 61.
Knlabta of I'r fbtaa, mti w. .'
dar r.ftht.at.bair-ijaat MTtft. iu Ql'
riliT' 1111 . Ho a,
aatBBBBBBBia. aitln nf I ftilil Bl
jSB Iowa, moHfl ry 1 bandar nlKtit
BBBBBBBBBBBP - .,.-. tivn. In lliffiv hall nn
.V)iurikrrctftl avtue, hotwrrn Mxlh m) Mcrrnlb
1.,ln Md-'ollow' Hall on Hi (Inland llilnt
I iiMila) in every inomn, ai iu-iui ".
.I.VO, II OoftllMAX, J. 1"
0,tlltlI.OUUK.NO.iH7,A.r AA.M
Until i-fttriildr riitiimiiiilrnllntiA In lift
nnli-. (In 11. riiTipr Conimprclal rtmiuo
If rrhtli iltul i.n tl.a MWiifill Rill
V.nrth .Mf.mUv nfnirli month.
" C'arbundnle.
Tor ale A $12 f0 order on city of
Carbomlale. Knqulru at Hillkmn'oIIkc
1-24-ir K. A. Ht'ltNKTT.
Atlrntlou ! neater.
Wo have four dozen Imitation Kbony
Spranc Can-OiH'iiiT?, tnKcn fur wlwr
thing", which wu will wll ut two tloHnrn
per ilor.cn. Inquire nt lliilktlii otllcc.
onl ! t'anl I
I wlli to inform thu citizens of Cairo
that I keep on hand a Inrn fiijiply of
coal of different klmlK, which I w ill R'll
m follow, tkllwiil in any part of the
city: $2 50to$l im- ton, cnh, nml mil
weight guaranteed. .Iamks I!oi.
Wt will pay no WIN contracted by any
employe of Til k Itii.i.r.n.v, unless the
hume Is made on a written order Mpticd
by tho prcoldunl or ccretnry of .the com
puny, and we will accept no order given
by an employe of tho company, for any
purpoc whatsoever.
Cauio Ucmxtin Company.
November 10. 187.. tl
Jiow foul nnir.
V. M. Ward ha- opeiwl a coal ollluc on
outhlde"orr.lghth strit,N'o.3i,totwt'fii
Commercial and Wachlngton avenue, In
Sargent's shoe ktore. llu will fell Har
ritburg coal delivered hi any part of the
city at $3 2." per singleton, or S3 per
ton hi four-ton lot ; lllg -Muddy coal at
ft per clnglo ton, or $7 50 for two ton,
all delivered. TIicm! arc rock bottom
prlrc, and mean rah .unlc.ih only.
Sollrr of Itrmoval.
C Koch lm removed hU loot and
hoe ,hoi from the old .-land to lilt
new brick building (one block below).
No. PO Commercial avenue, between
Filth and Sixth .troet, where he will
'keep tho best home made and St. l.oul
custom made boot1 and shoe, made of
the belt material ; good workmanhIp
and in tho latet Myle. All order
promptly attended to. H-'J-tt.
WOOll KlHl l'l.
On and alter thU dale the prices of
wood and coal at my yard, adjoining the
Cairo and St. I.ouN Narrow Gauge dejot,
will be m follows:
Four foot wood per eord, Sst 75 ; four
foot wood per hall cord, f 2; four foot
wool, -awed, per eord. H 50 : four foot
wood, fcawed Hnil Hllt, 1'cr ,,"d, $' ; l"i:
Muddy co-il pT -lnu'le ton, SI ; same per
two tons, Is! 75; nne per four frn and
upward", $3 .Vi.
All iooU dellventl.
1-7-lm .I.ih. K. I.axi:, frop'r.
f At.qri.RAOl: HAM.!
The IMta Chj Cornet Itand will give a
Oraiid Jlaxiuemilc Ball on Pebiuary
15tli, 1S7C, at the New Turner Hall, cor
n r Tenth Hnvt and Wa'hlugton avenue.
There will be two prizes awarded, a
gold headed cine for the gentleman, and
h line nun-leal album to the lady for the
best represented character In attendance,
the decision to be made by disinterested
New costume liom St. l.ouls will be
for rent at I'liHSaupV toro.
fiSTTieketa for sale at P. G. ScluihV
.1. liurgcr'8, K. ,t V. Iluder's and .Me
fJauley'.H druir .lore. , l-22-td.
For Sale.
A .-liver platf il No. U Wllcon Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) linl-h,
valued at $85. Will bo i-old at $-.'0 dis
count, on good teruif, and ordered direct
from the factory,
Colored and mounted Maps ot the
eltyol Cairo at $2 50 each (hall price.)
A No. ii WlUon Shuttle Sewing Ma
ohlno valuel at 75. Vlll lie fold at $15
dlncount, and ordered direct from tho
A $00 Jiemiugton Sewing Machine
fltO oil for cash. Suitable tor tailor or
boot and Mum mauufacttitcr.
A style "E," "dough, Warren &
Co.'s" Parlor Organ, right from thu fac
tory at Detroit. I.hl price, jm Will
Ik) sold for J-KK).
1000 sheets of brlitol board jut re
ceived at the Hcu.iiTiN ollice, and lor
falc to the trade.
of tiii;
illy or Cairo,
colored and varnished, for sale at hall
price ($2.50) at the Bui.ixrix ollice.
20,000 note hcadj, IW.OOO envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper just
received and for halo at the 11um.kti.n
ollice. . .
For any of Hut above articles, apply a
he 1tut,u:m oflico. E. A. Huuxei i
Oyster, Fish
We will sell, hercaller, our goods at
tho following prices, and solicit the pat
roiiago of tho public:
Famllv brands, iter can 35 rente
Standards, per can 15 cents.
Select, tier cull 50 centa
Sf lect. extra, per can 55 cents.
Tub oysters, per 100 l 00
Chicago Trout and Vhlto...l1 cts. per lb,
Onine, Pan Fish. ... 10 and 12 cts. per lb
Of all dcserlptlous constantly on hand
eonM'tlng of wild titrkov, stjulrrel" nni!
Family groci'rles very cheap tor cah.
TKA A.4H IM lit;
Made spccjilty. Ulvo us a trial.
,'ChHf thim the cheapest.
-i- Recictfnllr.
& i9.3.lf. Wm. wi.vrrrt, .mi., a co.
CJAI1 bills for Urrrllln, rt tliif una jy
tile IN AtVA."l
Transient siltrtllng will lif lnifrte-1 Htlliu
rate of II 10 rKiuro fur the llrnt InM-rllon
and to cent for iwii aubrUtDt uno. A liberal
ilUcount will I m.i!e on ntnnJIriK nti't illijilay
Kor Intcrtlnit 1'm.trttl not leu tl 'O, Notice o(
inwlliis of soclctii-s or ! onlfru V) criM fur
wh Inicrllon.
Clmrrli, Moclfiy, Kfntivil ami Supptr ii'itlcm
will oulr bcluwrtiil a ailrrrtlitiu'iil
So Rilrtrll't nirit will Ik? rrctlvdl at ln tlian
IocaJ Bualneaa Notloa, of
ten Unas or more, inerna
in tna nuueuu aa roiiowa :
One Insertion per Une....-.. a Cent.
Two lnxirtlona per line 7 Centa.
Three lneortlona per line 10 Centa.
Six Insertions per line ID Cents.
Two weoks per line 26 Cents.
One month per line 36 Cnts.
No Reduction will be marto in above
l.ornl Wrnther Heport.
Caiho, ILL., lib. I, IrfTfl.
Ilia. Tux
n.w I t.i
m ;;i '-'7i
ti.'jjt l.tt
3'.1IR K
Vkl. I Wkatii.
7 a.m.
II '
ci. lulu
iumr.il a n.nu. JAMMWAWOJf
Strjiant. alKiul fettvlce, V. . A.
Ixiciil lill.l'linl.
Mr. Ward, on old coal dealer, has et-
tnblthed a new coal ollice. and Invites
the patronage of all his old friends and
everybody else to give him a trial tig
lire s are low and terms cub. See Notkc.
Lessons ulven In Pemnan'blp, flue
Penman'hlp, Steamboat llooU-keeplng.
Card writing. Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., at tho rooin3 ol C. J,
llowe.Nos.15 and 10, Winter's Hlock,
corner Seventh street and Commercial
av n le. Ladies cla's every afternoon
from 4 to 5 o'clock, and Saturdays from
2 to 1 o'clock. l-VJ-lm.
Nltunllau VMUtnl
by a young woman to do houn work,
chamber work, or as waiter In a hotel.
Apply next door to Hough and Heady
engine hoii'c on Washington avenue.
Hiiaonlr Nollrr.
a. A special communication of
Cairo Lodge No. ffiW A. F. and
V A. M. will Ik-held this (Wednes
day) evening at 7:30 o'clock, foi the pur
pose of installing olllcers and for work
In the E. A. itegree. 11. F. Hi.akc,
The .Inr row Uhiik.
Trains are not riming on this end ot
the narrow gauge now, owing to the tact
that tho road Is In many places under
water. An engine and several ear bav
been caught abuse the break above lbe
croi levi e, anil have been there exposed
to the weather tor fcvcral dny.
Always on hand at the Butcher's and
Drover's Exchange on Eighth "-treet,
Pilsner's Clurlnuatl and Ph. IWh Mil-
wankc' Ileer. Grand lunch every morn
ing and evening at 9:30 o'clock. Come
one! Come all! Loch Ui. at r.M'.
Jmlice Urren'n I.pctiire.
A notice of Judge (ireen's lecture at
the MelhodM church on Monday even
ing, was crowded out of ycitenlayV
Hui.i.KTiN on account ot a prcs ot otiitr
matter. We learn that there was a large
audience in attendance, and that tin. lec
ture was well received.
An A ill tu the Uiio.l Ilt-iirli-il
Mrs. Martin. lilng oif Washington
avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth
streets, stands In urgent need of help to
nurio her sick children. Sho has waited
nnon them for davs and nights, with the
aid of a few kind-hearted pirsons, until
she and they are exhausted. This appeal
Is made with trio nope mat a response
may be made by the chrUtlan people of
this city.
Aflvr While.
We are nearly out of workmen, and
therefore our columns are well about as
they have been for a lew months par.
Presently we will get nurforco out of tho
job room, woo back to the tripod our
wayward publlc-ervlug editor, induce
tho Adonis of the river and commercial
department to brighten up, coax ourloeal
to l,be about" and write out Ids notes,
employ a proof-reader, and then make the
Hi'i.u.nv howl racily lor a month or
two at leatt.
Ili'lllirnn V Well.
Mcasri. Hcllbron Well have returned
from Springlleld, their ball having been
reduced Irom SIO.000 to $:i,ooo.
Messrs. 11. & W. assert thilr ability to
show that they have done nothing lor
which they have reason to feel nibauied,
and that when their uflalrs have- been
fully investigated it will be found that
thov were dealing honorable ami
lalrly with their creditors. We hope
this will prove to he tho cae, and are
satisfied to lake thu word of Mecsrf. II.
&,W. that It will. These gentlemen are
well-known In Calio and were always
considered strictly honorable In all their
dealing That they have been iinfoitu
nate they admit, that they have been
dishonest they deny, emphatically.
A No, 1 1.iiuiiilry,
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Colcniau
the laundress, No, 12 Fourth street, be
tv.een Washington and Commercial live
lilies, has one of the best conducted hum
dry establishment" In the :lty, and land'
lords of hotels nud boarding houses will
find It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as tollows : Hotel
and boardhig-housp washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
dozen, 60o; socks, 5c; two collars. 5c;
twohaudkorchlefs.Oe; vests, 20o; and
all gentlemen's wear, 80c. per doyen.
Ladle plain calico dresses 'Ifr; calico
drc-saei with extra trIi"tnlngi,COc; white
drescs, $1 25c; ladies' utidcrware, Alio
and coarse, $1 00 per down. 1.2'Mf.
is fcntcil Aunln.
Messrs. Cauda and Seal Is. ot thu Cairo
and St. Louis railroad company, entered
the council chamber lat night with null
lug countenances, and after Mayor Win
ter had called the alderman to order,
took chairs and bteame lntetested pec
tators ol tho proceedings. Jtls Honor
read a paper nbout the-railroad ordinance
In which he did not explain how he ena
bled Ibignell to get out of his
Icwo contract. nod then Al
derman Satip ollercd a i (-solution in
structing the city attorney to permit the
Canda-Scarls combination to do what
It pleaed without hlnderaiice. This was
deleated by a vote of seven to three
when Mr. Scarls nro-e, wiped hl
wceiilnir cus, left the chamber
and proceeded to hang his harp on the
nlllow. Mr. Cauda remained until the
The Crain Murder Trial Hearino
Evidence for the Dofenso.
Efforts to Establish an Alibi-Mora
Twenty Wltneises Swear
to That Eud.
The t'rnf rntlon liivtl Ihclr 'ne
Y'IitIii' MiiruliiK.
The evidence for the prosecution In the
Crain Jiurder trial, was eloed on Mon
day csenlng. The defence brought up
their witnesses yestird.iy, and upwards
of twenty of them were examined.
His the plan of the dilcnseto makcout
an alibi, as will be seen from the drill
of the testimony given by their wit
nesses. The evidence ot three of the witnesses
for the prosecution was not pubiMicd
yesterday, but will be found In tills inorii-
Win. Ilcudrickson te-titied as follows:
I II; c In Marion. Williamson county;
I was born and ruisid lla-ie; win I here
last August and September; was nol
juttoiMiiy ucipialuteil v liti Sleiice; 1
knew hull wlieu 1 aw lilm ; I think It
wua about I llu lOIti of beplemlmr wtivii
iliitle was brought ihere; 1 was onool
u p.irty that ni.ute a search lor the broken
weed tun! bushes; .Mr. Ilaaell. coiiuiy
atloruey, Mr. Fuheraud ilr. D.ivis weic
with me; we went to the iiortliuesl
comer of Mrs. Hampton's Held; we
enl along Ihe xutilh rkle ot the l.inn
till we struck n lane, and went down l hat
lane oiie-lounh of a mile till we struck
the curutr "I Mrs. llanipttin's Held ; il
was a dark, out of the Way place; Ihuie
may 1mvu been some wagons went
down the lane, but It wa- not
liueled much; there was a kind ol a
lull to the right and then to the left was
another Mile knoll; it U a (piarierota
mile Irom any lioii-c; we louuil some
hiii'el hll-hcn and some wteds biokeli oil
unit Ij'iiI along the rojtl ; Millie of the
weed- were broken over, but not clear
oil ; some of the hael bu-hes were
ljrul.rn oil' and laid on lde of the
nud ; licie a lot of the Weeds and bii-hes
were produced by Mr. lleudrickon
Thete were loilnil in dilh-rent place-;
this was the bunch producing mmuc
lu.el bilshc-j I li.it was luillid on llle eal
of tlie road; tlie-e are the weeds tli.it
were broken over producing another
bunch of weed-; the broken Weeds thai
were In-iit over wire ou the eat side ol
the ro.id ; 1 was raited on a lann in Wil
liamson county, and 1 think Irom the
!tjc;ininr.i ul the weeki lliey were broke
two mouths; the sun would shine on
them a part of the time; I had never
h-anl any statement bclore about iIihm
ililug." ; going to the place, along the lane
we touuil some weeds broken oil, but
were nut satisfied until wo got where
these weeds were found; I think thu
was Moud.iv atieruoon. September 13th,
Leonard C. Fuller testified as fol
lows :
I lie lu Marlon, Williamson county ;
lam the city marshal ; was tlieie last
Si'iiiciiilirr. and remember Mllslck being
brought there and pill in jail ; I think il
was rrlday, the luiu oi sciuemuer; ine
and Mr. llartwelt Went to a place the
Widow llaiuiitun's. At the south end
ot the Held we got out of the hack and
went ou to the northwcjt corner ot ine
lane; it did not look like a public nud,
or was much traveled ; we found some
weeds broken ; right at the corner ot
tlie Held, there was u lane at the north
of the lleld, though cast; (witness made a
diagram explaining tlie locality where
the Weeds were louutij ; inu wecus
were broken oil and laid down at
the side of the road; there wa
koiuo hu-hes with them, and some weeds
were bent over: the haiidlull was right
at the side of the road; we took up the
tops of tlie huhes and compared them
with the sunups. .MoiKcou.ti uoi nave
broken thc-e weed. I would not
say lor certain but would think tliu
weeds and hushes might have been
broken tor a mouth. We lound some
near the fence and others eight or ten
steps from the fence ou the wei side of
the road. Thlsfcarcli was made I think
on the Mondav after Musick was mil in
Jail. I heard no .statement where there
weeds would oc louuu ouiv irom jii
Hartwell. 1 think the nearest house to
this place w-as between a quarter and a
half mile away.
James W. Laudrum lettitled as follows :
1 have resided in Craiiisvlllc, William
son couuiv. since ltJUtj. nud am acquainted
wi h thodtfciulaiUs; I became acquainted
with lllacl; is i in isu'j. iiltiui's, and
have kuuwu Jel) bllice the veal' lsOU. 1
was well acnuaintcd with William
Snciice. and know when lilstis-assliiatluu
occound : as I remeiubcr ou tin: uighl
oftheaistof July between I) and lu
o'clock, 1 heard thu report of a gnu and
L'oLoiu ot beil and went to thu door l
see It 1 could hcur any excitement, but I
could hear none. '1 lie report seemed to
be a very heavy, dull repot t. .My house
was about tw.o huuiln-ii and liny or
three hundred yards Irom Spciicu s store,
lu a nearly due norm direction, i naw
Mr. Sncnci! earlv III the molfliiig, aboul
sun ui. He was laying cho to the iluor
ot his store room, as I rciuciuner nacK
against thu counter or a box, with one
slimier on and thu oilier oil'; 1 saw a
bloody spot mid a hole as il thu b ill had
gone in the right eye, and came out near
thu ear i did not make an examluatloii
ol the body ; examined t lit) front part
ol the house nud through the store, and
found ((ultc a tumbling of v.dl-cs, U links
and paper cases. All thesu things
seemed to have been opened as If tlieie
had been a search. 1 did not Hud
unv other wounds on the
body, only those made by
the shot. Tlie stoic win what might
be called a gln-s front ; the llM pane of
glass nearest where Mr. Spence lay was
entlrclr mil. Thoglasln thu door were
smaller than on thoshlcof tho house;
where thu large pane was knocked out
theie was evidence of some one having
crawled through Into the Moro; lhat
was the condition of the otoro early In
the morning! I did not examine the
stomach and breast ol Mr. Speuco after
he was 'hot; Spence had a store and
done a general neighborhood furnishing
busiues ; I was hi thu saw mill business
nud putil ig up a flowering mill; I was
told ot tlie death or Stence early In thu
morning bv Mr. Wlllum Crain. "Yellow
Hill ;" I wetit ou up as soon as I could
gel on my boots ; the doois ol thu store
were not oH-ned ; tlieie were somo pco.
pie lliere; ihcic was no other business
relations between in man mis: i ue
posited hiy money with Mr. Spence. and
when I bought a load of cotton I would
glvu an order and he would pay It; t ant
patty well satUlled he had only a small
amount of money at that time; there was
no expectation of Ids rceelvelng money
Just at that time; 1 deposited my money
with Mr. Spwice nud paid mv hands
through lilm ; I was expecting j.j.OOO at
lhat time, and told my hands that fact ;
1 had put oil some that I was owning
and told litem about It ; Juitgu Lemma,
ofCarbondale. was to get the money for
me, and came down on the Friday previ
ous and Mn) F.I at my hotie, and then
went to Spciiee's store and stayed till
the train conic, and went home ; that Is
a very Independent railroad, and not
very regular; Its time was about i o'clock,
but' It varied sometime three-fourths
of un hour; the Saturday lu the fore
noon 1 was at home and after break last
went our to my farm, nbottt I miles;
from my place Mrs. Hampton's Is near
due east ; i have several hundred acres
of laud ; I passed within about of a
mile of tin: plaot spoken ol, where the
meeting wa to bu held; I would sup
pose It was 8 or 0 o'clock when 1 passed
this place : I was riding, when 1 was
passing, going to my farm, at the end of
the lane, i was iiiiu norm to tliu place;
before I got to this pla"e 1 heard a gun.
and before J got to my farm 1 heard
another; thu sounds were hi the direc
tion of the Widow Homptou's from
me. but It wuss u llsiiiielouiHl : I 'aw n
pocki't-book in the hands of ouellill.nni'
examined It; knew It was Spciiee's
baud wri'lug in It; I saw it
as they time Into the crowd
arouu d the store; 1 knew Jcjs
siald Willi Ills brother Marshall, within
2W yard of my hoii'c; .Marshall lived
tu twceti 50 and I'M yards from Musick; I
don't know what he followed; 1 don't
known how long he staid about
there ; when he cimo back Irom the
north 1 saw him once or twice passing
back and forth ; don't remember of see
ing him lhat Sunday or the next diy.
Moml.iy ; don't remember tbeday Spence
was buried, but it was Tuesday or Wed-
nesd.iy ; on Saturday 1 staid ou my farm
I pretty late to thecveiilug ; persons had
Id mu my cattle breaking Into
mile's lli'lds and tlmtlsww niimri..i
my atteinlun when I heard the shunting ;
saw UlacK inn mat etei.wg as i wm
going around my farm ; was going aw.
gliug south, and met him coming up th
111 1 1 ; thought lie was a little excited; hf
said lie wasgoiugdown to WurienCridns
to get his nag: lie was walking;
this was something mar one o'clock.
At thu conclusion of Mr. Linilrmn's
teMlmony, the prosecution closed thler
ease; and tliu evidence for the defense
was beard. Something over twenty wit
nesses were examined during the day,
and it is probable as many more will be
called befoie the case 13 cl'jsc,
for the defen-e was Henry Howies, who
te, tilled :
1 heard of the killing of Mr. Spence.
and suppose he was killed on Satuidiiy
night, ihe last of thu month; 1 was in
.Minion llle Friday before the Saturday
un which Spciicu was hilled ; I knew Jep
lor twenty or twenty-live yejrs. I saw
him in Matron ou that Friday. The Mm
was probably an hour high when 1 saw
him. 1 did not sec him on Thursday. I
don't know anything about the trains on
thai day. Old man Ward was in town
ui'd we went out together. I was de
tained while Ward was tiulshlug up a
game of cards with Grain and other-. 1
bad no watch and am only guessing at
the time.
James Samuels testified :
I have known Jep Crain since lS.Vi ;
heard of the death of Spence on Sunday
alter be was killed; saiV Jep Crain ou
Thiireduy b' fore that at tlie depot. Saw
lilm gel oil ine tram ; usucu .icp u uu
knew the particulars of the killing of
Sisiiev. Ou Friday morning 1 caw Eke
Norris and Jep together, saw htm
again about 10 o'clock, but can't say
with any certainty that I saw him alter
mat. l lie train irom .Million 10 uir-
boud.de leaves about 0 o'clock, a. in.,
and 1 saw Jep idler thu train had lett.
This was ou the Friday before tlie Satur
day on which Spence was killed. Think
the second tram irom .Mamm in taruon-
l.du leaes about three n. in. but can t
say whether the train was late that day.
vw-siey cram, n broiueroi r.ig ,iep,
I). H. Ward and James llainptoii.all tws-
tlllcd that they had seen Jep lu Marion
on the Fiidav afternoon before tlie Satur
day on which Spence was killed. This
evidence was Introduced to refute thu
statement made by Musick that he (Mu
sick), Jep and Marshall Grain had had a
nu-eling nt Marshall's house in Cralnville
on lhat same Friday afternoon.
Columbus Waggoner untitled:
1 live at Cralnville: am in the dry
goods business; have known Jep Grain
lor three or lour years ; know the time
ul' the lime of the Carboudule and Silaw
ueetowu railroad ; tliu train goes down
ulmiit 111 in the morning and 1 li.m
Cralnville is west ot .Marlon ; 1 heard of
thu death ot Spence; was at trainviiie
the Frid iv before thu killing, also ou
I Imr-ihiv ; iliiu't lenieuiber ot scclll
Jep the Thursday before tin' killing ; hu
made his home at Craiuville. but had
been awav: doit t think liu had b en
back but a few days before tlie killing of
Snt.net.: saw him the rriday al
ternoou befoiu the killing, coming
I'm in ihe train: begot oil the tiaintl
don't reinein bcr II the train was Into
timt evi'iilug : I tliluk (Ids was the day
SNuey was buried ; there was a number
of persons cauiu uaen in urnin v mu to gei
on the train to pi home. I saw Jep alter
hu got oil" the train two or three times at
thu drug store, and outsldu near thu
door; The thins wcro not far apart that
I saw him; I think lie was nut there
moru than lial; an hour or an hour; I
don't rcineuibtr thu latest tlmu I saw
him ; the times I saw him was notjunro
than ten orllftrcu minute.' apart. I think
there were soinu parlies going uw.iy and
he said to tlu'in to hold on. that hu would
go Willi them; 1 don't think 1 saw lliem
start oil; 1 think It wn some of the Craig
bovrthu went wlili ; 1 don't know that 1
know Hr.iutnu. 1 think Jim Craig was
one ot the piriles ; Jep cauiu lu the store
altera coat; 1 don't ihlul: It va over
hull' an hour alter he got oil' thu train
lyat he came alter the coat ; 1 think 1 saw
dim nimiii KiMilimtus. mavbHa longer, af
ter thu; I think ho wine-after ihuioit be
foiu ho balled the parlies; 1 don't re
member the lime that el iped between
tho time. The tegular tlmu fnr tho train
to go down at that time wa 1 o'cloce.
L. D. Grain testified :
I live one-half mllu east of Cralnville ;
I know the defendants since wo went
boys; we are soinewhero from out'' third
to oni-lllih cousins; I heard of tho death
of Spence about 8 o'clock, tho morning
niter he was killed; went to Cralnville ou
Frltl iv. the day beforo mid staid there
tin 'n cum" ot Slsner came ill), then
went to the burying, and cams back , find
staid still sun down ; saw Jep (jet off the
traln;-the time of the train then wan 4
o'clock, 1 think tho train was latu that
day ; took out ray watch and It was 10
minutes after 4 o'clock ; saw Jep for a
lew minutes utter ho got off the train ;
don't think he was out of my sight till ho
left town.only w lien he went Into the back
room of the drug store; 1 think the drug
store Is 40 or 50 lect north of SitciiceV
store ; Jep spoke nbout going at riss Crab
Orchard creek thut,cvenlng. It Is time
miles to tho creek ; when I saw him last
lie was going off with James Craig and
some one else. Ifc has two brothers liv
ing over tho creek Warren nud Weslev
Grain ; l.e would havo to cross the creek
going to Warrens ; don't tblnk Jep was
out of in y night live minutes from thu
Hint) begot offtlic train till he left town ;
1 am sure this was on Friday afternoon,
the day before Spri ice was killed ; 1 know
wbpro Marsh Grain's house l, right
s uth the drug store, perhaps 150 yards.
tlmiK Yellow Hill was there that even
ing: don't remember their going off to
gether; Yellow Hill was around there nil
evening. Tho nick-names "Yellow 11111,'
Hlg Hill" mid "Hlg Jep" originated be
cause thero aru so many of us of thu
same name; the evening Jen was there
I was hi the drug store: 1 did not see
Sain Musick. Marshall Grain and Jep to
gether; Sam Mustek was nt the depot
drunk, and was most ol the time In the
House; i naw Marshall there; did not
see Musick, Marshall nnd Jep Crain to
gether that day; their nick-names were
given to them by other parties for the
ptirpoo ot designating them; Jep
may have lived In Murphysboro for a
year or so; Dlack Bill was In
the army, but 1 can't say how long, per
haps two or thrre years; think he was
In theSlst regiment. During harvest
times Jep would go north to harvest he
went north during this season.
8.VOO Kewnril.
The above reward will be paid lor the
delivery of a silver hitntlng-ciso watch,
nt the Hui.lktiv office. Tho watch was
lost In Cairo on ye'terdayor the night
belore. 3t
Wnotl null Conl.
fit wood by tho cord, S3 75; 4 ft
wood by the half cord, $2 00; 4 ft sawed,
per cord, $4 50 ; 4 ft wood sawed and
split per cord, $5 00. Coal, per single
ton, SI 00; coal, two tons, $3 75; coal,
4 or more tons, S.I 50.
1.0-lm. C. W. Wnr.F.i.r.K & Co.
ror Unukoa nud Colorado,
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fc
railroad from Kansas City and Atchison
on the Missouri river, via Topeka. the
capltol ot Kansas, and the beautiful Ar
kansas valley to the Hotky Mountains.
The shortest rutte to Puelielo the (iraud
Canon, Colorado Springs, Maultou,
rikes Speak, and all places of note hi the
mountain regions. The favorite route
to Denver nud all points In Northern
Colorado. Thebc.t route to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico mnl Arizona. The
only direct route to the famous San
Juan mines. The track and equipment
is imeqitaicd, trains run through from
tlie Missouri river to the Kocky Moun
tains, making connections lu Union de
pots utul avoiding delays and trans
fers. For full descriptive ciiculars
map', time table", etc., address
Gen'l Pass. Agmt. Topeka. Kan.
All Clironle lllen. Onred
nv n n. ii ru 7.
He Is located lu Cairo, Illinois, and Is
still calling on you to be healed. Why
will you die ot old chronic discuses, when
you kiii be cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, for thero
is still n balm lu Clleard. Cairo Is the
place to come to be cured of all your
aches and pains.
t am now prepared at my oiiico to give
medicated baths, and persons wishing to
receive such, will call at my ollice ou
Eighth street. No. '!.', from the hours of
'.' p.m. till b p.m. -Also plane baths, hot
balhs, warm baths, cold baths, or vapor
bath'. Alo persons having the con
sumption or weak lungs, and wishing to
receive medicine, by Inhalation, can re
ceive t';:c treatment at my ollice, this, be
ing the only true way of getting medi
cine direct to the lungs. Al-o I treat ills
eases of the eyes of jears standing, and
the blind ha been made to sec by my
treatment. All diseases of the skin I
cure. Fistula cured by mo without the
use of the knife. If you have a cancer
come and be cured. All private diseases,
lu the shorte-t time, cured by me. In
short, for all chronic dl-eases of thu hu
man systi ni, go to Dr. Hull if you wish
to be cured. I compound and prepare all
my medicines at my ollice. It Is raid
that practice makes perfect, I have been
thirty year a practicing physician.
All letters and communications shall
be confidential nnd promptly attended to
by me. Direct, Du. llt'M.,
' No. -22 Eighth street, Cairo, Illinois,
MH.dlm .
Real Estate Column
rot: sale.
Lot 2, block 0, city, on Ohio levee,
above Twelfth strict, mitsldu tire limits.
Price 1.250; S500 cash, and balance In
one year, without Interest.
Good dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar streets,
Hnslttcss house ou Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham A Siltwell.
Winter's Hlock-suitable for Hotel
Olllces or Husliicss rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 1, 8 and 0, in
Winter's How, 5 rooms each, for $10 jer
No. 10 (comer), $12 50-7 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth slrcct, near Wash
ington avenue 1 rooms $10 a month.
Store room In "Pilot Hnnsn," lately
occtiplt'l by A. llallcy.
A good farm with good houses, oppo
silo Cairo Haws farm-cheap.
A small Housii west of Twenty
second street.near Pine, SI nor month.
Dwelling house ou Twelfth, near
Walnut, 8 rooms.
Store room on Levee, above Eighth
street $20 per month.
Dwelling house on Sixth street nnd
Jefferson avenue.
Hooun Injurious parts ot the city.
Ladt, Ml.trMtl t
tT.MH )mw s' t
W'An Dwartxkxt, nivti, limn.
lw water,
til !!,
rr. is
Nash t llle
HI. Louis
KranMlllc ....
New Orlnins .
i ami:.h Watson,
fetTKfant, Signal ."rrrlr, U.S. A.
Port I.UI,
.Steamer J. W. Mills, Padurah.
" Charles Morgan, Cincinnati
Strainer .1. W.Mill, Paducah.
" Charles Morgan, New Orleans.
mvr.li, wnATiiKR and husixess.
The river roe 0 3-5 Inches yesterday.
Tho thermometer dropped twenty
four degrees In two hours at this point
yesterday morning.
A wind, rain and snow stormthe
heaviest thai has visited this region for
years prevailed from 0 o'clock yester
day morning until 2 o'clock yesterday
afternoon. The only antral at the wharf
during the entire morning was the
Charles Morgan, she making her appear
ance before the storm set In.
The river showed 21 feet 10 Inches at
.Marietta, a fall of 2 feet. 5 Inches yrstcr
tcrday. At Evansvllle there was 1.1 feet,
3 Inches, a decline of 1 Inch. At Padu
cah, i:i feet, 0 Inches, a rise ot 1 Toot
.1 Inches. At Chattanooga there was 13
feet 8 Inches, a decline ol 10 Inches. The
Wabash fell 2 Inches at Vlnecnncs Mon
day night, nnd rose 5 Inches In 17 hours
ending at 8 o'clock yesterday morning.
nr.Nr.nAt. m:.i.
The Arlington arrived at New Or
leans on Monday.
The E. 11. btirfoe arrived r.t Pitts
burg on Monday.
The E.' M. Norton nnd tow posted
Cincinnati on Monday, for the South.
The John L. Rhode, from Cincin
nati to St. Louis, will be here to-morrow.
The Helln Memphis and Iron Moun
tain, Jno. A. Wood for the Ohio, nnd
Susie Silver for Cincinnati, are all due up
The Minnie Avery, a small steamer,
while on her way from New Orleans to
Atlakapas, sunk near Grand Lake on
Thursday. -Tho boat and cargo are a
total loss.
I'hu Robert Mitchell was due last
evening from Cincinnati for New Or
leans. She ran Into a bank at Lockharts
Point, but was got ,ofl by the Charles
Morgan ond Hotspur.
The Charles Morgan arrived from
Cincinnati early yesterday morning ; she
had a good trip of freight and people, and
added considerable here. She took
l.v passengers Irom the Illinois Central
train In the afternoon and went on
Tho Charles Morgan, Captain Alt.
Stein, Clerk Harry Stein, will carry pas
sengers from Cairo to New Orleans on
her Mardl Gras excursion trip tor $30 for
(lie round trip, and S-10 for the trip nnd
board during her stay in port at the later
place. They will remain in New Orleans
four days, giving her people amplu time
to sec all that Is to lie seen, and also wit
ness the great Mardl Gras celebration.
I Memo
at Winter's Gallery.
Kilty cents,
SXmniStKHI MlilU'llAK'IN.
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No W Ohio leve,
Ii. .1, Ayrrs,
b. U, A;rt.
And Riaicral
Commission Merchants
No. 78
-Dealer in J
Allklmls lianl and sort,)
Mill aid Yard,
3ornor Thirty-Fourth Stroot and
Ohio Loroo.
rTsmyth & CO.,
Wholeaalc and Html I UrsUra la
Foroisn and Dosmefltio
No. t0 Ohio Lve,
a CO. aav coaManHi
Baas "fj"
ranctiof lheMl'
Enterprise Savings
. .. . OfTIWM!
A'M'J,AF.roR,, ftfAnt
W. IIYSUip. Is'y U( Tnwti.r.
It. 11. UnrffiKanAM. II I,, Uaujdat.
iNTERKST paid onjxnlu it dnm of ill
K-.rcnt jr annum, MarrJi lt anil SapUn.
It 1st. Interest not withdrawn la ldnl Imru.
:llalfly tolht principal of the dtpoaltt, Ibtnbr
(max tlifm emstiouad InUreit. '
Harried Women and Children may
Dopoait JfotMT And no on
elae can draw it.
0n ewy baaiBta.day front 9a.m. to 8 p.m.
' !,l1u,J4r nlns for minis itrneslla oulr
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - 1100,000
W. IV IIAI.U11AY, frMld.nl.
IIK.MIY I,. 1IA1J.1UAY. Vlcafr.lt.
A. II. .SAFt'OHU, Cuhlrr,
WAl.Tr.U HVM.Q1', AM'tCa.hltr.
H, Htaatk TATi.on, II. If Ccnntnu,
1. IUlmhay, W I' II tU-IDAY,
(1 I) Wiluajimix, SrtrHix rap,
A II Sattord
Exohango, Coin and United States
Bonds Bought and old.
DEPOSITS wtlvcl and a gaatral banking
tinsluma don.
11mm, Prliltnt.
.N.ff, Vice I'm' U
It Wrlla. Cathl.r.
T. J. Kertb, Ami. Ciwli'r
mi mum,
Corner ComLiarclal Ave. and 8th Btraat,
K. llroi, Cairo Wm. Kline, Talro,
I'. Nir. Colro. Wm Wolie, Calni.
A.Suanka,Catrt.. tl.U llllllnmley, Vt lah.
K llntrr, l ain,. II. Writs, Cairn.
F II. llrlnktnan.M. l,oU.
A Urneml Himklnff Unalnma Done.
t9"F.xchaiif aol.I and twught Intn.f t paid
in tbr Saving ttepartmr nt. l.'ollMtloat madr,
and nil hulmn pnimiitly attyndfd tn
Insurance Agent
Ovw lUUttaa VU'l.
NO.VB but
I'int-Claas CompaalM reprt!
Insurance Agents
City Rational Buk BaUdlAg, up-iUlri.
Tha Oldaat EaUbllahad Acaney is Bout )
am Illinois, rpra nynaT Vftt
Iiialtr In
Th-'bfet mtlirmarkrt. AIo all kisd or
four foot
Orders Delivered to any part
of tho City Promptly.
Leave Orders at Crystal Saloon,
or at the Company's Oflico, at Nar
row Gaugo Depot.
TERMS Nott Cash on Dolivery
of Goods.
O. A St. I.. Traaafer Oo.
Fashionable Brbr
Betwoaa WaaUnirtoa u OaawaroUl
nKSIPKNCKt Jo. TMrUrata tntt.U
Iw.tn W'.tilnstoii tTM and Wataot (treat .
OtKICU: KotUi alAe ot EUfbta atraal
intra Commarclai and WaaMutOBtTaaiM,
Centenary History

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