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"as oa Ion "i'w'g'k , NO. M.
day nrKlit.it,UlM'tt't s
finlcr uf Oud-lrl-
lowr. mt Wy Thnrsilny nlelit
omiiii-rrlAl avenue, btwr-n Math ami Jrriut.
i vto KNCAMI'MKST, !. O. O. ,, ints
i m ililrrlliW4' llAll on the first and llilrtl
l nol) In vcry month, at Imir-tuMt ',"..
.Inn, II OoMAM, 0. 1.
" n tVIOl.OIlK.NO,237,A,r. A.M
ItTnofilc Commercial amine
' 'mid Klutilli sum, mi tue emona anu
iiiinn Mnrmavm ram iimnm
Tor sale A $1!! &0 order on city of
Cnrbondale. I.tiqitirent F.i'i.Lr.iiNolhce
1-21-tf l' A. Bt'ltNKTT.
Allrntloii t llenler.
We have four doon imitation F.honv
.spnigue Cnii-()pcncr., taken for ndver-
iUlnjf, which wc will sell nt two dollar
lor ilo7.cn. Inquire at Bulletin olllre.
;nl! onl!
I wish to Inform tin; tltl.i ns of Cairo
that I keep on linnil a liirfjis supply of
coal oniliiereni kinu', winch i win hen
as follows, delivered In any part of tliu
city : $2 7Mo$l per ton. cudi, and full
weight guaranteed. d.nii; I'ns.s.
1-1 Mm '
Wo will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of 'I'm: Bii.i.rniN, unless tlm
same I uiado nn a written order Mgnod
by the ircl(!cnt or secretary of.tluj com
pany, and we will accept no orderi given
by an etnployu of the company, lor any
purpose whatsoever.
'aiiio Uri.i.:nx Company.
November 10. 1875. tl
,M a'oal Olllrr.
1. M. Ward lias opened a coal olllce on
south slde'of Eighth strcct.Xo.:! I, between
Commercial anil Wri'litiiKton avenue, In
Sargent's shoo store. Ilo will dell llnr
rlburg coal delivered In any part of tbc
city 'at S3 M per single ton, or $.'1 tier
ton in four-ton lot; Big Muddy coal at
$1 per single ton, or $7 50 for two ton-,
all delivered. These arc rock bottom
pi Ice, and mean cuOi and cash only.
.-(oiler or Itiiiiut nl.
C. ICocli has removed Itls boot and
alirj shop from the old Maud to hi
new brick building (mm block below),
Xo. 00 Commercial avenue, between
Kit tli and Sixth Hwt', where be will
keep tbc best tiouic made and Ht. I.oui
custom made boots anil shoes, made of
the liest material ; good workmanship
Hnd In the latest style. All orderi
proinjitly attended to. 0-23-tl.
M'ooil null 4'itnl.
On and alter this d.ito the price; of
worn! and coal at my yard, adjoining the
Cairo and St. Louis Narrow Online depot,
will be as follows:
Four foot wood per cord, $3 75 ; four
foot wood per hall cord, $2; four foot
wood, 'awed, jk-t cord, $ J 50 ; four foot
wood, sawed and split. ier conl, $5 ; Illy
.Muddy coal per singju ton, $1; Mine per
two tons, S3 75: 'aiiin per four tons and
upward, !fl ,'-0.
All snoiU delivered.
1-7-1 tn IC. I.ani:. 1'iop'r.
MAMIH'Mt.t : HAM.!
The loltn lly form t Maud will give a
Grand Masquerade I'.all on February
lulb, 187(1, at the New Turner Hall, cor
ner Tenth Mrcet and Va-hln;;lon avenue.
There will bo two prize awarded, a
;o!d beaded cane for the gentleman, and
u Hue musical album to the lady for the
bc5t represented character In attendance,
the decision to b made by dl'intcrc?tcd
New co-tuinco from .St. I.ouU will bo
for rent at I'lillssiup' -tore.
larTickct for ale at I'. G. ScIiuIi'j
.1. Utuxer's.J-:. iV W. Uiiilcr's and Mc
Ganley'i din-; tore. 1-22-td.
For Sale.
-A diver plated No. tl Wllnon Shuttle
?uwlnj Machine, bard (pluiio) HnMi,
valued at S85. Will bo .-old at $20 dis
count, on good term-, and ordered direct
Irom the factory.
Colored and mounted Maps ot the
city ol Cairo at $2 W) each (halt price.)
A No. ! Wilson Shuttle Sow lug Ma
chine valued at $75. Will be sold at $V
discount, anil ordered direct from thfl
A S'JO llemlngtoii Sewing Machine
30 oil for wish. Suitable lor tailor or
boot and .ihoo maiiiifaeturcr,
A style "IC," "Clougli, Warren A
('o,V l'arlor Organ, right Irom the fac
tory at Detroit, l.l-t pike, S300. Will
be sold tot $200.
1000 ilieet of brlstol board Ju-t re
ceived at the IH'M.uii.v olllce, and lor
sale to the trade.
or nn;
I'Hy of t'nJro,
colored and varuUhed, fur xilc at hull
prlco (2.o0) at the Bl'm.uiix olllce.
20,000 note head, 30,000 envelope,
20,000 letter headi, 10 reams statement,
20 reams bill beads Carlisle paper Just
received and for Mile at the. Uum.k.iin
For any of the above article?, apply a
he UUM.HTIN OlllfP. K. A. llUII.NIiTl
Oyster, Fish
GAMi: DEl'OT !
wi.N'rr.u'N ni.ocu.
Wu will ail, hcrcalter, our goods at
the following piiccc, and solicit tliu pat
ronago of the public:
Family brands, per can.,
Stiindurds, iter can
Select, per can
Select, extra, per can,...
Tub oyrterf, per 100
. 3i cent?
. -IS cents
. f0 centt
. Tij cent.
.$1 00
Chicago Trout and Whlte...l 1 cU. per lb.
Game, Fan Fish. ... 10 and 12 ctx. per Hi.
Of all descriptions constantly on hand.
consMIng of wild turkey, acpilrrcU and
Family ciocorles very cheap lor cash,
Mttdo n upocalty. Give u n trial.
Cheaper than tho cheapest.
12-'J.f. Wm. Wjstvh, J.i & Co.
mate, ir auvi:ktini.j.
t"5AIl bllti fur ntltrrtlnltiK, air due anl pay
able i:l AliVANCt
Tranli-at nduitltlnK will be Inirrtcvl Atth
tatr or II i "J r tquarc for the lint Inmtlon
aml&icrnUfurnu'lKUbiirqucntone. A llbfrul
tllvMuiit will Ik-tuailc on ataixllntc nrvl 'lliuy
Kur llniTtinK Fiiui'ikl notlic II to. Nutlrent
miftln oraurirliis or weret rdr rrnli for
each IriMTtlun.
Lliurcli, ."oclrlr, I'ntlval ami .-iipwr notlrri
will cnlybc IukiK.I at admtlteiutrilt
No A'hull'f nient will ttt cIvk! at n tbau
Local Bualneia Notion, of
ten uneaor more, inaorxoa
in ths Bulletin as roiiowa :
OnA Inar4lnn Bur Una !i OentM
Two Inanrtlona Dr Una 7 Oenta.
Three lnaartlona per line 10 Conta.
Btx Inaurtlona per line ........10 Conta
Two weeka per line 26 Conta
nn month ner line UB Canta
No Reduction will be mailo In nbovn
Tlll'ltSDAV, FKlim AKV 3, 1S7U.
f.ornl Wrnllirr Krporl.
Caiho, III., I'iU. v, iflft,
ilMK "llAK. 'I II K WlNtl, Vl.L. W'EATH,
7 a.m. ati.m ?0 NW Clear
II " 30 AM 17 i v "
I p.m. .ni.411 ili NW "
3iir," .mail '..'lis h I j Flr
.S'lTKcant, Slyiml fcn ten, U. S. A,
Thanks. The Secretary of lbi Ii-
dies' Centennial Association of till; city,
returns thank; through our coIiiiiiih this
morulnt; to certain person.
Tin: Chain Tiuai.. Tiio ovldenco lor
tbc dercnie in nearly all In. Mustek, who
ought to 1m; in the air, Is cttinj( a bad
name. He l beliitf painted a) black as
the devil.
Coi.D. The weather continues to be as
cold m Greenland's Icy mountains. The
water mi the pond under the romantic
window ol our composition room I', at
the moment ot thN writing, jiettln Into
an Iry condition preparing It'ell to be
skated upon.
Time, My l.onos. City Treasurer
Wake, one of the most sprightly as well
as the best looklnir ot our city olHelals
(always, of courre, cxceptln-r 111 Honor,
In not ready to report. He asked the
House of Lords for more time, last Tues
day nlelit, and got it.
The Injunction. The city injunction
ca' was heard lau nljrlit by Judge U.i
ker. I.Incxar it Lau'dcn and Scarl-'. at
torneys of the Cairo &,St. Louis railroad
company, appeared for the city lor the
Mayor, rather and Wheeler, Mulkey aud
Green it Gilbert for the citizen.
Tin: Scn's Si n:, A correspondent
of the Sun intimates that Alderman Saup,
by his late resolution, wished to instruct
the city attorney to do an act In direct
iolatIou of his oath ot olllce. This Is
not so ; but tho resolution was very ob
jectionable, aud tie; council wiely voted
It down.
Giunti'.!). Ily a unanimous vote of
the city council, as we learn Irom the
proceedings of that body published else
where, Mr. Coleman wa granted the
prayer of his petition, but the procced
uii do not Mato vhat Mr. Coleman
prayed for. and therctore we must con
tinue to live In Ignorance of what Cole
man wanted and got.
lNiiruioi'. Mr. Scail, tho attor
ney of the Cairo and St. Louis railroad,
is very industrious in Ids efl'ort to obtain
from Cairo greatci favors than have been
already extended to that company. He
has apparently become a fixture hi Cairo,
Probably bo has concluded to go to
church with our people as he did with
the people of "allttlu aectarlan road on
our line" until hu has "fixed thing'."
He Is a gentleman who believes and says
that 00!) of eyery 1000 of tho people along
the Cairo and St. I.ouU road arc marked
and la'clled like a stock of good, and
he may lie trying to read the "marks"
on .-ouie ot our folk1-.
No Ac iion. "In the ca5e of the Cairo
and St. Louis railroad company vs. the
city of Cairo' tills Is what Alderman
Saup would have the council say "In
the proceeding tor condemnation of right
ot way over and across our streets, you
will please, Mr. City Attorney Black, to
hu careful and take no action, and not
make any appearance on bchalt of .-aid
city. Stay away, and let the old thing
rip." Tliu council, very properly, re
fused to say this, aud Its refusal to do so,
Is an order, at least by implication, to the
city attorney to take action and put in
uu appearance for tho city when the con
demnation matter comes up in the cir
cuit court.
Caustic. A notu to tho editor bljfned
by "Mr. Ceuteiiulal" in her proper
name. Uu are iiuablu to determine
whether it was Intended for publication,
and therefore give Its substance without
giving the signature of the writer. She
eays: "So far as tliu Centennial S. J. S.
is concerned, I fdlly agree with your
triune correspondent, 'Wretch,' 'D. 1. S.
Gust' and Fatigue.' lie, or ulie, takes n
ceiislblo view of It, so far us the tedious
iioss of tho thing Is concerned. 'Jus
tice,' who belongs to the S..1. S. fraction,
hopes to force me Into it again, but us
S. . I. S. has not replied to my last, and
by having her letter re-published hat
proven what I averted, thero Is nothing
tor mo to do. Until courtesy and decency
prevent mo from explaining that letter,
and Indeed to Cairo renders It is unnecessary,"
At the Bah. OuroUcntlon has bten
called to the fact that "Mrs. 8. J. 3."
was at the Centennial toll mid lmj not
tald a word about It in the Qatttit, aud
that, therefore, she U "orry for what
.she said about the Centennial women.
We don't accept tnc statement that "Mrs.
S. J. S."wai at the ball, and wc know
the "therefore" Is not Kood logic. We
understand that ''Mrs. S. J. S." was not
at the ball ; but, .since "Mrs. Centennial"
lias told us Oiu was, wc are not Inclined
to bo stubborn about the matter. We
are, however, sure that even If Mie was
one ot the Leap-Year female patriots
that danced on that occasion, she Isuot
sorry tor what bc bin said so well. Hut
It she Is, and Intends to lall In with our
patiiotmcs wc shall rejoice.
Hts CojiJtr.NiOATio.v. Mayor Winter
made a written cominunlcitlon to the
city council on Tuesday night. About
what? A communication of the mayor
to the city council should find a place in
the teport of the proceedings of the meet
ing at whtch the communication was
made. What the mayor say hi refer
ence to city matter, tho people should
have an opportunity to hear or read. We
am therefore surprised to find that the
only reference that Is made to the mayor's
menage of Tuesday night last, Is that "a
coviuiunlcatlon from the mayor was pre
sented and read ; aud, on motion of Al
derman Nellis, was received and ordered
llled." Why was It not ordered to be
printed? Why was it not referred to a
committee ? Why were Its e uggestlons
not acted
upon ? What wan It about,
I'hintinu Heviuki) Ouuinancls. It
will be observed by the public, when It
eagerly peruses tho proceedings of thu
meeting of tliu City Council, held last
Tuesday night, that the Ordinance com
mittee reported that two bids were re
ceived for printing and binding the re
vised ordinances, but who the bidders or
what the bids were is not stated, except
that it Is casually remarked by the com
mittee that the Cairo IIllluti.v Com
pany proposes to do a certain thing for
S23.J. We therefore lake the occasion to
say that the C.uno Hullktin Company
was one of the two tint blders, and w
lower than tho other bidder thu
Arffui-Journnl people -some $30, and
that the CaUio Bulletin Company was
one of the bidders the second time, and
was under the other bidder, the A.J.
folks, about half u hundred again. Aud
the fact Is, wc are the best and cheapest
printers In the Mississippi valley. We
do not say tbU In a bo infill plrlt. or for
the purpose ot harrowing the feelings of
our printer friends ot this city, but as an
expression our merits as a competent and
low-prl?cd printer demands.
Ducks in Hap.u Watei:. Cairo ducks
are warm water oirus. in tneir veins
runs the blood ol the South and they pad
dle with web that never walked on con
gealed water. They are not a big thing
on ice. Yesterday morning two playful
web-foots betook themselves to the pleas
ant pool of water that lie between our
olllce and Fellb's coffin stcre. They en
joyed themselves until In the afternoon.
Then some thlng.beirau to puzzle them.
The water began to become hard. They
couldn't swim through it. They looked
amazed, and one said :
This Is .-trangc. I can't make it out.
What do vou think Is the matter with
this fluid?"
I don't know," replied the otticr;
"all this Is a mystery to inc."
The coversatlon proceeded, when the
second said :
"Let us lly."
"We can't," said the other.
Anil they could't, for they wcro frozen
In. They flapped their wings, but neither
could move. About dark we sent two
valiant boys to relieve them. The ducks
were rescued from their Icy ImprUon
ment, and told to go home.
'Thank you, we will," said one of the
blrd. "Hut Fm amazed, and I'm sure
my Iriend here, who has paddled with me
uu many a stream and pond, will agree
with me when I fay that that is the
d deat hardest water In the Mississ
ippi valley. I would advise you boys to
not go Into it."
liic Ainaluru Hand party, February
4th. 'J-3-2t.
The ladles of the Centennial Associa
tion dcslro to return their hearty thanks
to the following persons for recent kind
ness: To Mr. J. II. Oberly, for a multitude
of editorial favors ; to the National string
band, for extra mibic furnished at tho
Leap-Year party ; to Mr. Chandler ltob
bliii, tor selling tickets for same ; to Mr.
Jewett Wilcox, for tho uso of tl) a St.
Charles hall ; to Mr. U. L. Davis, for la
vors received; to tho Amateur string
baud, for their sweet music, aud to
Messw. Frank Hobblus, Samuel Foster
and James Fhlllls, for decorations,
L. .1. iiiTTEMiousE, Seu'y.
i.oiui iui.r;bit.
Lemons given hi Penmanship, line
I'eumaiishlp, .Steamboat Dook-kceplng,
Card writing, Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., at tho rooms of C. J,
llowe.Nos. 10 and 10, Winter's Dlock,
corner eveutti street ami commercial
avenue. Ladies class every afternoon
from l toO o'clock, and Saturdays from
2 to I o'clock. l-'JO-lm
Wootl mill Coal.
I It wood by tho cord, $3 75; 4 a
wood by the half cord, S2 00 ; 1 ft sawed,
per cord, $ I 00; 1 ft wood sawed and
epllt per cord, $5 00. Coal, per slnglo
ton, $1 00; coal, two tons, 3 75; rooal,
I or more tons, 3 00.
1-0-1 m. C. W. WHMar.it &, Co,
Always on hand nt tho Ilutcher'3 and
Drover's F.Nchanse on Eighth street,
Pilsner's Cincinnati and Ph. Best's Mil
waukce Deer. Grand lunch every morn
ing and ovenlng at 0:30 o'clock. Come
one I Comoall! Louts Dlattav,
Council CiuMnr.it,
Cuno, III., Feb. 1, 187C.
Preictit-HU Honor, Mayor Winter,
and Aldermen Halllday, Lancaster, Nel
111, Parker, Patler, itlttenhotie, Saup,
Tlustlewood, Wright and ocum 10.
On motion, the reading ot the minutes
of the lat regular and Intervening meet
lugs were dlpcued with and the minutes
A communication from the mayor was
presented and read, and, on motion oi
Alderman Nellis, received and ordered
Alderman Wright moved that iuas
much as the council had been enjoined
from taking any action In thu matter of
the Cairo and St. Louis railroad, that the
w hole subject matter be Indefinitely post
poned. Carried.
Aldermau Saup offered the following
resolution and moved Its adoption
Be It KmoUkI liy lhi ( lly Council of llic Clly of
That the cltv attorney ol the said city
be and he is hereby Instructed and direct
ed to take no action, nor to make any
appearance, on behalf ot said city of Cairo
lu tho proceedings for condemnation of a
right ot way now punding in the Alex
ander Circuit Court, wherein the Cairo &
St. Louis railroad company Is plaintiff
and hainuel Staats Taylar. the City ol
Cairo and others arc defendants. Injunc
tions have been crved unon the cltv in
oilier proceedings connected with these
matters, and hciiec the city does not de
sire to take any action whatever In the
Lost, by tho following vote ;
Ayes Nellis, Sjup, Yocum, 3.
Nays Halllday .Lancaster, Parker, Pa
tter, Hittenhottsc, Thl'tlcwood, Wright, 7.
communication from II. F. Wake,
j city treasurer, asking for further time In
which to make his report was pretenteu
and read, and on motion further time al
lowed. The following report of city ofllcers
were presented and read, and on motion
approved and ordered filed :
Iteport ot F. Bros?, pollen magistrate,
lor December ; Joseph Bross, wclghmas
ter, from October 17th, 1070, to January
21st, 1S7C; John Clancy, city jailer, for
January. 1870.
Heportof 11. II. Black, city attorney,
upon the petition ot A. C. Colcnuui, was
presented and read, and ou motion ap
proves.. Alderman Thlstlevrood moved the
prayer of the petitioner bo granted, and
that the mayor, city clerk and treasurer
be Instructed to grant him license In ac
cordance with the petition, Motion car
ried by the following vote :
Ayes-JIalllday, Lancaster, Nellis,
Parker, Patier, Klttenhouse, Saup, This
tleweod, Wright and l'oeum 10.
The Ordlnaucc Committee submitted
the following report in relation to the
printing of the revised ordinances.
Mayor and City Council, Gentlemen:
Your Ordinance coinmltteebavlng bceu
authorized by resolution to contract for
revising, printing aud binding the re
vised ordinances of the city, would re
spectfully submit the following report:
We caused advertisement to be Inserted
in the otllcial paper of the city, for print
ing aud biudlug one hundred and fifty
copies, titty oi which were to be Inter
leaved with a good quality of writing pa
per, suitably ruled, and bound in law
i-heep, and the remaining one hundred to
be buund as the otd vol., and for which
we received tho following nlds, which we
here submitted as part ol Ills report :
lloth bids belmr In excels ol amount
authorized by said resolution, we a$ked
tor additional mils, reducing tliu uumncr
oi copies to one hundred, fifty of which
to be Interleaved with good quality of
writing paper, and the one hun
dred copies to be bound as
the old volume; and for which
we received tw o bid', which we here sub
mitted, The Caiho Bulletin Com
pany proposes to print aud bind the ono
hundred copies for the sum of two hun
dred and thlrty-tlve dollars, and which
bid wc would recommend that we be
uuthoilzcd to accept, and that the proper
otllccrs be requested to draw up contract
tnconiorm tiicrewitn.
N. 15. ThistLEWOOI), 1 ordinate
Thos. W. Haluiuy, f Ur r"?',c
Chan. F. Nellis. J Lom
Alderman Wright moved the report bo
concurred in, and the proper olllcer.s b
Instructed to sign contract. Carried
by the following vote : Ayes Halllday,
Lancaster, Nellis, Parker. Patler, Itttten
house, Saup. Thistle.wood, Wrtght, 9.
Navs Yocum 1.
The Ordinance committee reported tho
following ordlnaucc recommending its
AN OUUlN ANCr. In re'iml to Hie publication
of tlieUrctiiiHiiri' of the city:
He It ordained by tho city council of the clly of
section 1. Ttmt the Ordinance und law gov
erning the city of Cairo, as compiled and ar
ranged hy John M. t-ansden, be and th anmc
arr lirreny oruercil prinieii ami puumiiw m
book form, to be entitled I "Law, anil (trill-U.incei!OM-rnlns
the clly nl'Calro "
mc 'J. 'I Ilia ordinance rlmll be in force fiom
and after lUl'akja'.-e.
On motion ol Alderman Halllday, tuo
rules were suspended and the oi dluauco
placed upon Its second reading.
On motion of Alderman llalliuay, tuo
ordinance was adopted by the following
yotc :
iVyes Halllday, Lancaster, Nellis, Par
ker. Patler, Klttouhouso, Saup, 'llilstlc-
wood, Wright aud Yociini 10.
Tho Flnancu Committee, to whom was
referred tho petition of Mrs. T. N. Gail-
ney, repot ted the samo back recommend
ing that tho prayer of tho petitioner be
not granted.
On motion said report was received
and concurred in.
Tho Finance Committee reported a
memorial to be signed by tho mayor and
city council, and addressed to J. H.
Simpson, colonel of engineers, U. S. A.,
St. Louis, Mo., which was read ami con
curred In and tho proper ofllcers in
structed to elgn the same.
Tho followltig bills were presented and
read, and on uiotiun referred to tho Com
mltteo ou Claims :
Henry Winter, mayor x salary ror
January $
Wni. French Axlcy, clerk, aalary
for January
B. F. Blake, treasurer, salary for
Joint 11. Gossiuau, marshal!, al
itry lor January.......
J. C. Lallue. A. Cain, W. Wotton,
Henry Sargent, n ni Brown and
Martin O'Maly, pollco consta
bles, each -
V. Bross, police magistrate, salary
for December
II 0
"5 00
00 00
75 00
00 00
23 00
J, S. Bhd. rollce maehtrate. '.al
ary for January 6 00
II, II. Black, city attorney, one
quarter, salary to Feb. 1st 100 00
II. II. Black, commissions oh lines
collected !i 73
It. llagncll, for water buckets and
cuds :r.
1,. If, Myers, Tor plow. II 00
H. F. I.lvlngMon, lor plow 23 00
N Rice, lumber 10!) 60
ti. m. JlcUaliey, lumber. iVi 44
C. It. Woodward, shovels 10 60
C. (;. Gas Co., gas In street lamps 333 40
it. ii.uunningnam, rent oi coun
cil chamber
John Clancy, dieting prisoners
1 11 days at 00c per day
John Clancy, cxtnt meals fur
nished prisoner
13 00
70 50
3 2 33
Devorc s Fitzgerald, building
12S 32
St. Mary's Infirmary, 0 days cam
patient at tuu per dozen
Cairo Bulletin Co., 1 ballot book,
council Drocecdlncs. &c
5 00
23 00
James Pcttle, burying dead dogs.
Peter Conlcy, 17 day work ou
urainageati w pcrttay
Jerry Murphy, 10J days work on
drainage at $1 M per day
James Farrcll, hauling 10 loads nt
30 cents
John Ftirgcsou, hauling 7 loads at
00 cents
Dan McCarthy, 3 days with chain
Dan McCarthy, 2 days work deali
ng. sewers
James Keating, J day work clean
ing sewers
Timothy Gorman Sup't of .streets
in January
23 00
21 37
I 20
3 30
II 00
J 00
00 00
New Levee pay roll 3,130 18
Thlstlewood & Co.. work on levee 11 10
Carl Pcteri1, repairs on scrapers
and plow- 0) 00
Tho lollowiti" State and city liquor
bonds were presented aud read, and on
motion approved :
Tim O'Callahan, 1'. Clancy, David
Barry, P. Burke, James I. Lane, L.
Blatteati and Win. Klugc.
The bond of Sol. A. Silver, steamboat
runner, was read, and on motlonap
proved. The following ordinance wus presented
and read, and referred to the ordinance
ANOItDI.VANCK irinlttiiiK the use of part of
Lrtec Unfit
lie it ordained by Uik clly council of the city of
That lltvni- and iierminloti U herebv irrunted
to the llllnolt Central railroad romiMny to main
tain the Elerator and the Yellow Warehouse on
rn much of lteo street a it now occupied by
those bulldlnfr, until otherwise ordered by the
city. Carried.
Ou motion ot Alderman Paticr the
council adjourned.
Clly Clerk.
YMterdiy't Ptoeaadingi-Evidence for the
uaianaa many an in.
Hill I he Prnareutlon Haw- 11 Little
.Inrrfo lntrnitnrr lu Ihf Whj
of Ucbullfil.
Tlie Craln murder trial draws its slow
length along In the circuit eonrt. Yes.
terday the detensn Introduced a great deal
ol evidence, the greater part of it for the
purpose of convincing the jury that tho
prisoners were not nt Craluvlllc on the
night on which Spcnce was murdered.
But here U the evidence :
N. J. Craln testified:
1 have known Jen Craln .since he was a
child; he is my brother; I have heard of
hid ucatu oi spcnce; in. urowu anu i
lottnu mm; i went to ur, uruw ii ti cany
in the morning to get some whisky for
Sam Mustek, and as I came back my cow
was across the track and I said to the
Doctor I would drive her up; when I
went bv the store I saw the lights broken
out, and I went up mid looked In aud kiw
Spencc dead; I told Dltmore, Mr. Land
rum mid others; 1 was In Crainvfllu on
the Friday before from S or ! o clock In
tho tnornini': 1 went to Siucys funeral.
aud when f got back 1 was In Cralnvlllo
all the balance- oi tna evening; isaw.icp
Craln that evening get oil' the down train
down irom Marlon; 1 think the train
was on time ; I aw .let) get oil, and after
he was off ho stopped and shook- hands
with a good many of tho boys, probably
. f .......... 1... linllr.tt.,.1 t n nn
about my mule; he spoke to Braiisen.
anil saiu wait tut no got a coat , n went
to Cal Wagoner's, got his coat and came
back and stood around the drug store ;
Jep, Brameii and Craig went with mo
to get the mule ; I might have seen
Miulck, but don't remember; I don't
remember that I saw Mulck about the
depot; my house; Is south ot tlie drug
store about 300 yards; me and Jep
started from the store together, and met
Brausen and Craig at tno macK-
sinith shop, and we went Irom there to
the stable and got thu mule; 1 tola uraig
tn t ill,-1 lie mule and let Jen ride his horse;
the Marshall Cralu house Is ovcrlOOyards
north from my liou.se, and wu passed it
going down; tho houso is about 00 feet
west of tliu road and wo were in company
when wu passed the house; I did not see
Marshall Craln or Sam MitsieK or any one
else at tliu house; Jep said he was going
to Warren Cram's aim siariou sown; it is
something near three tulles to tbc Crab
Orchard; I don't thluk Jep was out of my
eight exceeding ten minutes after ho got
oil tho train: when he went to my house
he onlv staid long enough tor mo to catcu
tho mule; it had been raining: 1 was at
homo Friday night; theso nick-names
were applied to us uy oilier persons ,
when wc went Into the war there was
three BUI Cratns in the ono company,
and tliev nlck-uained lis; theso nauiea
wcro applied to us tn tue army ; i was m
ibo nrniv with Black Bill pretty ucar two
years when I was captured ; we wcro in
tho Slst regiment Black Bill was never
absent Irom Williamson county long at
any other tltno;.icp was away just be
fore Snenco was killed; had been gone
het ter than six lUOtltllS. and COU10 back
ou Tuesday before the night Spcnce was
killed, and stain till 1 nuisuay morning ;
said he was going to Marion ; did not $eo
him any moie Thursday ; I don't remem
ber anything iiooui unoaiug uuyuinix
nt Marshall tho mornlnir ot tho Satur
day Snenco was killed ; I uou't
r.Hiiniiuier ii 1I1IIUH115 lu nun iiiui. .iiiisiuit.
." . , . i.l !...- l. .l..l.
imii .'.Hie Jen hadi'clatlvcs ill tliu direc
tion Tio was going that l rlday evening
before Spenco was killed ; Jen and Black
Bill are cousins; Black Bill and his
two sisters keep house anu larm ; t uoiri
remember date ot his father's death ;
mud.- mil rim the farm utter Ids father's
death ; Mr. Craig would cross the ureek
going homo; I don't know exactly
whoro urauseii itveti.
J. U. Craln testified :
I tc'ldo in Williamson county; lived
there about sixty-one years; lived on
tho samo farm forty years; I know de
fendants ever since they sucked; Jep
lived ut Cralnvlllo, and the. other onp
lived over on Grassy ; I heard ol tho death
of Spcnce tho evening after ho was killed;
I was In Cralnvlllo on Friday before tho
killing;! was to the burying ot Captain
Sisuey ; tho body camu on tho cars to
Craliivllle I saw Jep Craln get oil ot tlm
trill, I staid at Souther's tltt after sun-
rlmvn. mul this dav I staid tiretty late ;
tliAr nrn two stores at Craliivllle. one a
drug store tind thu other n dry goods
atora: thu buildings arc about
eighty feet sport, with no buildings
t,A, .I-., ,M tl.AM . . ,
Branscii ; Pdon't recollect the time, but
i nenru mm can to uraig to hold on,
uu would go with them ; I saw him about
mere an tno tunc ; i couuirt ttt any
particular tlmt that he was out nf m
sight : 1 don't think there was n hall hour
uiai no was out or my sight; I heard
him say hold on ho was going to get
spmcthliiif ; I did not sec Jep, Marshall
Craln and Sain Muick together nt all;
I don't think they could have cot
together and been out of sight half an
hour. The train Is sometimes thero a
little after and sometimes a little before
4 o'clock; I know tho Marsh Craig
hotmc ; it Is Koine 200 yards from tho
drug store; don't know whether Mil-
Sick WA4 flllrp lliuf lnv nt t.nf . nll.t
Itayc seen hltn, nut don't remember; saw
tici uecuuv: i khuw hu nau gone to .Ma
rlon. James Craig testlllcd
1 know Jep Craln ; I heard or the death
'Snence:h was killed on Katnnim-
of Spcnce ;
night ; 1 was In Cralnvlllo the Friday be-
lore; I went thero between 2 and 3
o clock, and was thero 2 or 3 hours; I
saw Jep, the defendant, there that day : I
saw him coming rroin the train ; I did
not sec him get ofl"; be came tip to where
the crowd wa, ami wc wcro around
there, and when I got ready to go he
said wait he would L'o with tuo : bo irot a
mule, and I rode It, and he rodo thu nag
i nan ; tho initio was very small, and I
rodo It and ho rodo my liorno ; wc had
Dcen about the store there together ; 1
saw him between the tlmo 1 .ar him
coining from thu train and when we left,
nround among the crowd; don t think I
mibseii nun over i. or ao minutes ntnny
time ; he said hn was going to get Ids
coat, mil think he went back to the
drug store; I don't know If the train
was late that afternoon ; from tho first I
saw of Jep till westarted was some time,
mavbe an hour and uiaybo two hours ; I
had no watch; .Mr. Craln and myself,
Yellow Bill and Billy Branson went
to Yellow Bill's stable and got tho mule;
Braiisen aud myself went home, and Jep
went to Warren's: we bad some
dlfllculty in crossing, the creek was very
inn ; i swam tuo stock over ami the other
two went across on a foot-loir. I am
sure this was the Friday night before
Sncncc was killed : I did not ten .fen nml
Marshall and Mutlck In consultation that
atteruoou; when wo went by tho Mar
shall Craln home wc did not go lu nor
did not sec any one : tho Marsh Craln
home Is in sight of the drug store, in an
old Held, with no woods between them.
Mary A. Craln testlllcd :
I know Jen Craln: I heard ot the death
of Spencc on Sunday; 1 saw Jep on Fri
day n I "lit at our house, and he left there
Saturday morning; It was dusky-dark
wucn tie got mere ami he.stam an night;
It was about 7 o clock In the morning and
tv arrcn anu .iep sam they were going to
Black Bill's, and they went in that direc
tion; it's a mile anda halfTsoiith of wctt
from our house to Black Bill's: my hus
band cot back sometime between 12 and 1
o'clock; 1 am sure this wag on Friday
night before tbc Saturday on which Mr.
Spenco was killed; my sister told mn Jep
nau got back, anil tuts wag the llrstl nail
seen him. 1 livo threcor lour miles from
CralnvVUe, In Williamson county.
Mrs. Anna Craln testlllcd:
I live about ten miles from Marlon ; I
know both thu defendants; I live about
a quarter of a mile from Black 1UU ; I
remember the death of Mr. Spcnce; 1
remember where I was the day be was
killed; I was at borne: Jep and Bill came
io my nouip, i siioiiiu think between u
ami 12 o'clock; they did not stop long;
1 had not seen JepJor foiuu time ; when
they lclt Jep went to Black Bill's, and
Bill went to get some cattle out
of my Held; wc went right
west ; ho never camo in ; J did not see
them come ; he went In that direction ; I
am step-mother of Black BUI, and am
aunt by marriage to Jep ; the Held whero
the cattle were in was dose to the house. ;
the bouse was right lu the corner of the
Held, only divided by a fence
about the house.; Martha Cr.ilu, sister ol
Bill, left with Jep ; 1 can't tell, but took
It to bo between 11 and 12 o'clock when
they camo; this was the Saturday before
Spenco was kill ; it is called 4, or M or 3
miles from our home to Crainvllle.
Martha Grain testlllcd as follows :
I know the. defendant; lifack JIIII h my
brother: I live with him: there are three
In tho family; Bill and inyfolf and Mater;
ray nrotner men last winter; urn is a
farmer and follow-. It tor a livid?; I have
known Jep all my life ; 1 heard of the death
ot Spsnce the ncxtday , on Sunday evening ;
I was at home, and at step-mother's twtut
the day before; I law Jep and Bill that
day; Jep camo to our house that day;
Warren Craln was with him ; Bill waa at
home, but not at the home when Jep caino :
he camo in in a little whilu; they staid
thero about an hour, and then went to look
over Kill and Warren C'raln's corn; iaw
them again nt step-mother's -, about 12)
w hon mo and Jep got home ; wc went from
etcp-uiollier's; Hill went around the Held ;
there was ionic breeding cattle there of Mr.
Ltndrum'a ; was qu trier of an Hour when
Hill camo; wc were still at tho table when
tho clock struck 2 ; 111,1 and Jep were both
thero; Jeplelt our houo at nearly three
o'clock to go to Hill Smith's, in 'outh-west
direction; IUII was still at home when Jep
lclt; Hill said wucu he went away that hu
wus gotug to catch a hoi'ao and see if ho
couldn't tell blrn ; ill. I not see Jep any more
that day; I tald at Widow Craig's that
night till between 11 and l'i o'clock, sitting
up with a kick child; went home mm
niorulhg about nliio o'clock; Hill wus thero
when 1 KOt homo ; he wai not at homo ou
.Saturday evening when 1 left.
Sarah Hampton testlllcd as follows :
Mv mother's nimu ! Louba Hamilton: 1
know the defend ints; Black Bill don't Mvu
fiirtroui us; 1 board of tho death of Mr,
SpeUca on Sunday ; I ssw lllack Kill, Jep
and Warrcu Craln thj day bol'oro tho mur
der; they cumo up ami luoktd at the cattle:
I wus out In the pasture wllh Csrolluu
l'a v no and Benny ruyius ; when 1 camo
tuck I found Wacron, ltlsck Ulll and Jep
there; they asked which ouo had been ihot,
and I ihuwed them; tuli wai ab.iit ten
Phillip T. Smith tostllUd as follows :
I know the defendants I live w-t of
Crainvllle ; I heard ol tho death ol Mr.
Spenco on the Sunday eventni: after he was
killed; 1 was at Forney 'muster, baullng
hay; It Is southwest of lllack Hill's about a
mlldt I saw Jep Craln that ov.mrg, and he
said lie was going to Phil Smith's ; I was
unloading hay ; 1 wauttd a drink uud him
and 1 went to tuo vell and sat down on
soma rocks and tstked awldlo ; It was be
tween tw elve and three o'el ick ; ho was
afoot; in going trom lllack Bill's to Phil
Uinith's that would bs tho way to gj j it
was about two miles Irom where I was at
work to Phil Mmlth's ; Phil Smith's wile
passes for his sister; It was about u ml.'u
Irom where I was unloading liiy to Ulaek
Bill's: It was on Saturday, thu lit day ot
John .Smith testllled us follows :
I i n , .v t.io ilclcinl ints; 1 live ut home
w.tUmy father, about 0 uitUs from Crain
vllle, a Utile unit ot north; 1 heard ot the
dimiliof Spenco on Huiulty: I saw Jep nt
night on Saturday lust about good dark;
1 had been at joint aim nave luaer s
threshing wheat ; when I got homo found
.Inn there: ho staid at our home till Wfd-
nesuay morning, uuwvui iu cuunu ;.
day at now nope meeting nou.e; i mean
the Wednesday alter Spenco'. death; this
euurcuis sumniiiusi ii'i ii'"
Philip D. Smith te'tllicd as follow i:
I live about 8 or 0 miles souUi of Craln-
villa; X know the defendants; I board ol
the death ot Mr. Snenco en Mmd-.6.'"0"
..... km.. c HiiirJav : Law len
by a nelghbot's house to tny hou., and 1
lound kf n tntre when I got how ; l think
iiiviu, une uoor oceni to
tho cast, and the other to the north I
saw Jep around after he got offthe train
I heard Jep call to Jim Craig to hold oil
he would go with him; there was
another man with Cralcr. th
ha at all I than ml f .-j .
went to church the li.it day at th. Te'roM
meeting oouit, about threi .marten ot 2
mile frora tny house i Mo wa aoim hntS
three hour. ; I think It wa7T?n "ftX
by sun when I Mret aw blrn ; he wa aroof
I ",WI ,n C'arbomlalr going horn, h,
hJt.?m ",0 not,h ""era tie had be n
Tue.dain.g V1! 'I iMtlk WM on Mnil7 o?
train 7w,!.,,i,iJ,.not ,,lm " !"
train , wanted htm to g.i out Tiome with
Samiisl Crjlu Ictillsd at lollows :
. I live hear Cralnvlllo. Wtium.- .
I."".iw,L,!4fllMil! Pwai not
at the
Ninilm I - ,i i. ""'ion neiore
nuuire liejimldi, and only a tirt of the
time before Judgo Craw font-, 1 expect tliat
I was present on tlin ilnv m ".V
iireiiiiiinne ..... i...:
Here, but 1 don't remember whether it wai
in ttle morning nr nltrennnt, . 1 . .
store when. Iep andflpeiicoliad.ome words;
fi, WaWn? 1 '' tell, for the fact
. 1 wf ,vero 1 Joking and rlsetnir .Ten
about Id and 8pcncc'. ouarrcl; i don't be
lieve I ciu tell what was aald, for we
i 1,11 , Iwuglilnjf and Joking
and I rould not have told in
m1.iUIa.'ler,w,,".t w:" "Wi I ln't e
member heating .lep ,,y nthlng about
inaMacrelntr or killing Spence; I think It
anything of that kind nadhc.nMid Iwoulit
hare remembered It; I did not hear it; we
wm VoklnK Jcl' .ab0l,t hwlng quarrel
with spencc and abusing eneh other o and
nu flgutlog; Itwaa In the morning and In
tuo cmiiiIdl' we were talklDgaboutltncaln:
.ICO Waft !l Iftltr intrrv ,r I. I I
just conic, out ol n quarrel, anu we were
ttaslnR him about It; ldon't remember that
!l?i,".llll.e.jy lnerous threat, and Ir he
did I did bear them. I d dn'tnothnvc aay
knuwlolge thatthero Wat jjolng to be a ail
tlculty between hpjncc and Jep: they got
to talking about the affairs ot WllllaniMm
county, and .Spenec afd the people were
not capable ot electing their officer, they
ouxht to be appointed.
X. 1'.. Xorrln, Sheriff of Williamson coun
ty, tcitlQcd asfollowe:
J. k,,0.w. 11)0 defendant; I arrested Bluek
Hill, and It waa a part of my )omc that ar
rested Ulg Jep at Crainvllle; we made tho
arrest at night; thero wa Mart Davis, Jim
(irlder, Mr. Calvert and myself in the party
that arrested lllauk UllfcuoineMorOO yards
from tho house we divided, Mr. Orider and
Davis going around on the wetalde ol tbe
hotio, and Mr. culvert and I went in the
front way; it wa further for Davis and
(irlder to go around; Bill wae lu bed, and
Crider and Davis came uu In live or ten
minutes after; I did not right immediately
make known my butlnc; tieforo going In
I hal'oaed at the gatu and one of the girl,
came out ond caught one of the iiogn: Bill
said It was mo and told them to take off the
dogx; r think Iliad told Hill what niy buil
ncs was, and named tho partlra we had
lot and cnt on: I romember meiilionlmr
Jcp's name before Davit came up: 11111
ant "it me anu Jep gnl in the tame cell we
will about flli;it up;" I wai present at the
trials belore Sipilrt Reynold and Judge
Crawford, but dou't think X was present
when Mr. Waggoner gave her evidence; I
think fhe was nearly through when I got
there; Judges Allen and Dull and Mr. Hurt
well were there; I don't know that I paid
much attention and could not be positive
what aim said. After arresting Itlack Bill vt e
went to CraliiTlJle and then to Carterville,
where we s'ald all night; the next morning
Dill went to Dock McCarty's bouse, 50 or
d) steps away, and presently eame back by
klmself; be was only gone a fcwmlniit.-;
I don't know that 1 heard any of Mrs.
WxL-snner'ii testimony before Judice Craw
Port List.
Steamer J. W. Mills, I'aducah.
Susie Silver, Xew Orleans.
llobort Mitchell, Cincinnati.
" City of Chester, St. Louts.
" James I). Parker, Cincinnati.
" Iron Mountain and tow, X. O.
" Sain Brown and to w.Ohlo river,
" Ikilo Memphis, Memphis.
Steamer J. W. Mills, Paducah.
" Suie Silver, Cincinnati.
' City of Chester, Memphis.
Ilobert Mitchell, Xew Orleans.
Future City and barges, X.O.
" .lames I). Parker, Memphis.
Iron Mountain and barges, X. O.
Belle Memphis, St. Louis.
Tlio weather Is clear and colli.
The river roe 10 inches.
UuslueM U unusually quiet.
Real Estate Column
Lot 2, block 0, city, on Ohio levee,
above Twelfth strret, outside fire limits.
Price $1,250; 500 cash, and balance in
one year, without Interest.
Good dwelling houso on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar streets.
Business house ou Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stilwcll.
Winter's Block-suitable for Hotel
Olllccs or Business rooms cheap.
Tenement J numbered 1, 8 and 0, iu
Winter's How, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
Xo. 10 (corner), S12 507 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue I rooms $10 a mouth.
Store room lu "Pilot House,1' lately
occupied by A. Halley.
A goou larm wiingoou nouses, oppo
situ Cairo Haws farm cheap.
A small House west or Twenty-
second street, near Pine, fi per month.
Dwelling houso on Twellth, near
Walnut, 0 rooms.
Store room on Levee, abovo Eighth
street $20 per month.
Dwelling house ou Sixth street and
Jell'ernou avenue.
Booms lu various parts ot the city.
Lauds, lu tracts to suit, near Cairo.
I (Jem
Fllty ccuts, at Winter's Gallery.
Fashionable Barbor
Between WaMjurtt ua Oew.raUl
can't fix the dsy or date ;'l wii there whin
Jep and Spencc had a fuss, but don",
remember tha ,lt- Ti.m,... n..J....

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