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Ur nbltit at Jiir-iut aavrju in Odd
ii.itttNliKH I.ODUK. NO. 221
.Hb in,lM.intnt llnlcr of IkM-l'tl
low., inrcu every TburwUy nltctit
innicrciat avi-nur, IrftWMii MitliuiiJ Hcreiith
t yiii O.M-l't-IItiwn' Hall un the first unit tliinl
liui'U) lu nitty inontli, at hair-taut aeTrn.
.I a. II Gomman, C. 1'.
i'MKii UiliiiK. No. en.A.K. A A M
k llnlil tvmilHr cuninitinlmtlonii In Ma
jCJT rule Hull, lointT Commercial atiUf
' aml Kitrritti clrret. uu the tecona tod
ntih voi.oav nl ertrh mnnrri
For Mle-A $12 60 order on city of
Carboudale. Enqulrcnt Bcllcum office
l-24-tf K. A. UCJLNETT
AtUutiout llrnlera.
Wo hare lour tlozeu Imitation Ebony
dprugue Cau-Opcners, taken for adver
tiling, which we will iclluttwo dollars
per dozen. Inquire nt Bulletin olllcc.
Uoalt Conll
1 wish to Inform the citizens of Cairo
that I keep on hand rt large "iipply of
coal of different kind, which I will cell
is follow', delivered lu any part of the
city: $2 50 to $4 per ton. cash, and full
weight guaranteed. .Iamks ltoss
We will piiy no bill contracted by any
employe of Tut Bulletin, unless the
same is made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary of thu com
puny, nnd we will accept no orders given
bv an employe of the company, lor nny
purpose whatsoever.
Cairo Bulletin Company.
November 1J. IS".'. tt
ew foal Olllrr.
1'. M. Ward has oiieiicd a coal oll'icc on
ouih sldejor Eighth strcet.No.lU.bctttccn
Commercial and Washington avenues, in
Sargent's shoe store. Ilo will sell liar
rlburg co.il delivered in any part of the
city at $:t 2."i per singleton, or S3 per
ton hi four-ton lot ; Big Muddy coal at
$4 per single ton. or $7 50 for two ton-,
all delivered. These are rock bottom
prices, and mean cnh nml ci-h only.
"litllee of Kentntnl.
C. Koch ha.s removed his boot and
"hoe shop from the old Maud to his
new brick building (one. block below),
No. IK) Ootiimcrchl avenue, between
Fifth anil Sixth streets-, where he will
keep thn best noine made and St. I.oul
custom made boots and shoc, made of
thu best uutcriiil ; good workmanship
and in thu latent style. All order
promptly attended to. 0-23-tt.
Wo ml nnd 4'unl.
On and alter this datu thu prices of
wood and coal at my yard, adjoining the
Cairn and St. Louis Narrow Gauge depot,
Will be no follow :
Four foot wood per cord, 75; four
foot wood jut hall cord. S2; four foot
wood, vawed, per cord. $1 Sj) ; four foot
wood. awed and split, per cord, $5 ; 111
Muddy co.il per single ton, $-1; same per
two tons, S3 75; ume per four ton and
upwards ..J .V).
All goods delivered.
1-7-lm .Ias. K. Lank, l'rnp'r.
MAk.ti'i.itAiir. iii i.i. :
The Delta f Ity Cornel Hand will give a
Grand Masquerade Ball on February
15th, 1670, at thu New Turner Hull, cor
ner Tenth Mrcet and Washington avenue.
There will bo two prlz.es awarded, a
gold headed nine for the gentleman, and
a tlue musical allium to the lady for the
best represented character lu attendance,
tliv decision to he made by disinterested
New coitume! Irom .St. I.oiili will Ik;
for rent nl l'hll S.iupN store.
tST I'lekets for ale nt l O. Schuh'i
J. Hurler', K. A . Huder's and Me
GauleyN drujr store. l-'J'.' td.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) llnMi,
Valued ut SS.-I. Will bo xnld lit $21) dls
count, uu good terms and ordered direct
irom the factory.
Colored and mounttd Map? ot the
i Ity of Cairo at 52 M each (halt price.)
A No. 0 Wilson Shuttle S hi.' Ma
chine valued nt $75. Will be hold at SI.'
discount, nnd ordered direct from the
A $00 Ueuiln'jton Setting Machine
$'M oil for cash, Suitable lor tailor or
hoot uud Miou manufacturer.
, Mylu "K," "Clongh, Warren it
Co.'s" I'arlor Organ, right from the fac
tory at Detroit. IM prlee f 1100. Will
he sold foi $200.
10(10 t-hectn of hrlstol hoard Just re
ceived at the. Ill'i.t.r.iiN olllee, nnd lor
fale to the trade.
v Tin:
t'lty nl i'Klro,
colorcil and vanished, for fth! nt hall
price (?2.M)) at the Ht'M.v.TiN olllee.
20,000 noto heads, 110,000 envelope,
'20,000 letter heads 10 reams ctateinents
20 reams bill heads CurlUle paper-Just
received nnd for tale at thn Hfi.i.mi.N
For any of the above articles', apply a
he Bullktiv ntllee. K. A. Hun.Nirrr
Oyster, Fish
WINTKB'N ni.Otli.
Wc will rail, hereafter, our goodn at
the following prices, and tolldt the pat
ronage of tho public:
Family brands, pur inn 35 cents,
Ktandurdi, per can 4.1 cents
Select, per can , 50 cents.
Select, ejetra, per can 53 rents
Tub oysters, per 100 $1 00
Chicago Trout nnd Whlte...l1 cts. per lb.
Game, Fan Fish. ... 10 nml 12 cts per lb.
, (UMK
Orall descriptions constantly on hand,
counting of wild turkey, sipiirrels and
Family groceries very chenp lor ench.
Mado a speculty. Give tu n trial.
Cheaper than thoctioanoat;
J23(f. Wh. Wistiii. Jji., ft t'o.
he nllin.
katrn or AIVF.RriSI.U.
Cr"All IjIIIi for iwlrertltltiK, are due nnd pay
Transient fchcttlflnp will hv hirrtel at Hi
ate of II I'l eriuare fur Hie Unit Inserllun
andCOccnlafurHwhiuliiequvntone. A lilierul
discount will lie made on Mawllng and dl'i'luj-
Kor lnfrtlni Vunt nit notice l fv. Notice of
meellnx of soclttlo or MTret ordem V renin for
uicb liiHrtlon.
Clmrdi, Society, Kealital and SuiKr notlcea
will otilj be Inicrttd an alfcrtiteiiietit.
No aiUtrtbeinrat will be rtcelel at leai than
Mcenta, and noailrertltenunt will It luttrted
tn Imi ttian thne dollars ier month
Xocat Bualnoaa Notlcea, of
tan uneaor laoio, inaonou
in tna Buiiotiu rouowa:
One InMrttou Pr Una ............ A Centa
Two Inaerllonaper Una ... 7 Centa.
ThiM lnunrtlona oar line.... 10 Cents
flla lnaaitlona Dr Una... 16 Centa.
Two waeka par line ............ .itn Centa.
On month our line ... ...... fta CHnta.
No Reduction will ba mado In above
Fill DAY, FKBltUAllV , 1870.
I.oeal Weather Report.
OaIiio, Ut., leb 3, laT'..
Hah. I Tur.
W'ivd I Vr.L.
a. Ill
30.14" .1 i
I iCl i M c
j.e- .lis
. i
1 IttSnow
32 Inctin
rj(niiit. Sluiul er Ire, (.'. H A.
Okttino Hkahv. The Taylor Lite
rary Society is preparing for another pub
lie pcrlormaticc.
Tin: Wkatiiek. The weather yester-
tenlay was as dlagreeable as it could
be Miowy, rainy, blustery, cold and
gloomy. We very much fear that, it It
was of like character above us on the
river, we will have poured down upon us
high waters and many ol them.
In Town. Mr. A. J. Alden, of the
Anna Union, was lu the city yesterday.
We had the pleasure of meeting him.
Mr. Alden publMn-s one of the lici pa
pers of Southern Illinois. The marks ot
is able pen may be seen lu everv issue
ol It.
Liki: Tiikm. Whatever Mesfrf. Searls
and Cauda do has about it tho flavor of
sharpness. The characteristic ot the
men cropped out in thu little bill thev
had circulated, cullhi' the meeting that
wa held last night. They announced
the purpose ol the meeting to lie "lo dl-
c.u-s the issuci ol the New f.evec against
the Narrow Gauge railroad." when the
purpoe was to permit the narrow gauge
road to make a ktirceful assault upon
the new levre.
Wr..B. Tlir, Han nrT, r did nlund up In
manly way and light upnn thu npure.
u all Us atUicks upon the Cairo and St.
oui railroad company upon the men
who were attempting to have it complet-
d it was little and mean. It never wu
candid. It never spoke out with a clear.
ouc't voice never, l.'pon us it made
little attacks, in a mean manner. Hut we
ol cure to open up the old qucMlou.
,et alt that go.
Mn.-. Dn. Waiiusuii. This estimable
lady has been very active In the Centen
nial work of Southern Illinois. She lr.it
lately lectured at several of the tottns of
tils congressional district, mid has made
good impression wherever she ha nil
lresed the public. The Johnson County
IVomun. commenting upon Mrs. W'.
lecture ut Vienna says, "it waa beauti
ful and impressive address tur which Mrs.
Wnrduer deserves a great degree of
Bkst and Cnu.n:sT. We are do ng
the best and cheapest Job printing In the
West. e don't except any of the big
Itles from tills assertion. We have the
bestol type, the best printer and the best
I presses manufactured anywhere, and
we are determined to work at starvation
prices. The (act Is, we like to do HiN.
because starving Is our idrong point.
The challenge having been made, we
have come slowly to the conclusion Hint
we will work for tho people of Cairo,
If they will permit us, and pay our own.
board while doing so.
"Oit Acj.wn." Messrs. Searls am'
Cauda were again dUcnmlltted on Wed
nesday night before Judge Haker. Mr.
Scarl' motion tn overule a disclaimer ot
.some of the tenants ot thu tru-tees living
along thu llu of thu routu proposed to
be condemned by the Cairo and St. I. mils
Kallroad Company hisid" thu new luee.
having been decided by thu Judge aga nst
them. Hut Monsieur Tonson will come
gain. In what shape? A questionable
one, may be, searching for bomu of his
'marked and labelled O'JO men In every
1000 along the line of our road."
1Ii:i.v Oit. There ought to b fomo
xplauntion. lu u quiet way, Mr. Ilely,
who was in charge of tho new levee work,
was dl-cliarged Ihu other day, and the
work put lu chargu of William Bagnell.
a brother of the contractor who, by tho
mayor s kindly Interference, got out of
hU contract. W ililatn is n good man and
a good workman, but so is John, and It
wasn't right In Wright to say to him,
without notice: Yon are oil'; get out."
Wo don't moan to grumble, hut, by Jupi
ter, we aro anxious tu have the levee con
structed hi an unobjectionable manner
put up so that It will stay, and wo would
prcter an engineer, who Is a citizen, in
charge of the work, to a gentleman, good
mini though ho may he, who has no In
terest In tho city. We know John Ilely
Is n good levcp-bnllder, and prefer him tn
William Bagnell ; but If there Is any good
reaion why we should not have Italy, let
us have Charley Tlmipp.
lit: Did. Tho Sun wlihei to know If
the Bulletin man, as vlce-preslduut of
tno s.uiro nnu at. i.ouis rHiiroau com- , wol)(t ni;i.PcUlly gtnlo to your hon
pany. didn't sign the contract between ( ora)la bo,y ,Ht 0I1 ,t.e 29th day of
the cinupany and tho Cairo trustees. In jallll.lrj.( 1Wfli i WM snrvt.d wllh no.
which the company agreed to protect Ihu ,(,.,. fl)r H) 11)p(Sl,ll t0 lhis ,ol)i ,)!1V,(,
levee from thu river, lie did, nnd did o ,akl.r( iUujll ot CrcU Colrt 0,
with much pleasure. Ilu believed, nhen Alexander county, to Imj made on the 1st
h.j was doing mi. Ihat he uasdoiiigroine- ,., p,.iirll:irv. 1S70. hv tlm neonl.. of
thing Cairo would have reason to be
thankful for; but thu men now lu control
of the road, having repudiated the con
tract and denied upon oath that Ihey knew
there was such u contract in exlsietice. he
Is lu a high slate of dlgut, and knows
there is crooked swearing lu thu world.
Tun Uios. The bids for printing and
binding the revl'ed ordinances were as
follows :
H. F. Howcn &Co. "For binding nnd
bib-rlcaChig 100 copies ordinance, $03;
printing same per page, uing brevier
type, leaded, S! 40 per page, 'The work
tobedonuns goinl as the present ordi
nances In binding, paper and printing."
Uullctln Company." Wo will print
and hind the ievled ordinances and other
matters lu a volume as follows:
"lt. Pages lu size and number, the
same as the pages of the book of ordi
nances now in ue by thu city, and same
quality of paper.
'2d. Type to bo n?cd, small pica.
'3d. Binding to Ix'tle: samu us lln bind
ing ot Ihu volume of ordinances now be
ing ucd by Hie city; lllry (f0) copies to
be Interleaved with rilled writing paper.
"lib. Number of copies to be printed
and bound, one hundred (100).
I Ins work to be done lor the sum ol
two hundred and :lilrl3--lle dollars."
i he .viTnorniATio.N. in otitalu an
appropriation from congress to Improve
thu Mississippi river at Cairo ought to be
tlie great oblectof this cltv: but Is It?
We cannot believe that It l. It seem to
ii our people uru criminally Indifferent
in iX'ferenre to this matter. Hut few of
veil our property holders lve to the
matter even a pa'Iug thought. Each
man says: "Oh ! it will bu done. Tay
lor will do It or Hallid.iy ; and, lu any
event, we are secure. Let mu alone. '
mere is not, we u-nlurc lo assert, an
other city In the world, threiiteiieil with
so great a po-siblu danger as that con-
routing In which the people would
not buve ntembtcd lor the purpose of
consultation; but we have remained
apart each man to lumelt Miylug: "It
ttlllbc all right. 7Vv will tlx thing-',
and If they don't we will know thu rea
son why." Thty tlx thing ! Thu citi
zen wlio says : "I will do nothing ; my
neighbor will do It lor me,' Is u man ol
no use to any community. The: tlx
things 1 Is this a pap.i g verumeui city ?
Do thu people aire so llulu for tliein-el ves
hat they can cooly s.iy. "We will do
nothing; they will dolt?" if they are. the
ity should be put up nl public outcry ami
sold out as a uele piece of furniture
old for a ulekle. Uur people rliould no
longer say, "Thry." and should la-gin to
ay, "We." It Cairo is to be belielitled
by Iter present misfortune If hu Is to
pluck from this ueltle, danger, the (lower
of safety -If what Is to-day to bu regret-
teU IS to Oa in ulu n blajcliitf lor the III
ture. our people must say: "HV will
work for our city; ire will ward offhs
present danger; u'c xv ill build It up." It
is time this fact were Inipres-ed upon the
iiIiiU-s of our citl.eus. for they imi-tdo
something for thein-elves. Th:y can
help theni-elves clh-etiially no lunger.
Ttry must give way to HV.
Tin: Mkliinu. Vesterd.iy nfternooti
little handbills m thu following etUel
were circulated through thu city :
iniKXusor cairo
and Its best Interests, will hold a
citizen's Mi:cn.o
at the
Council Chamber, To Night ! Thurs
day, Feb. 3, ut 7 o'clock. 'To dis
cuss the is-uc-i of I he
New I.eveo vs. Narrow Gauge It. It.
Speeches will bu in ulu and rcohilinus
will he passed expre-slve of the feelings
ut the Musses ot ihu un-. ling.
In response to this call. n large number
of cilleiis assembled at the council
chamber, ami during an hour or two
looked at each oilier. Nobody knew
why the meeting was called; but pres
ently Mr. F. M. Ward, developed Into an
organizer, and called Mr. I.Iiiigton
to the chair. Mr. I., soon made, it ap
parent that he had been "cut and dried "
hy proceeding to makuun elaborate argu
ment hi favor of permitting the Cairo nml
St. Louis Railroad company to
use the new levee. After ho got
through It was suggestid Unit Mr. I.liu
gar should state thu object ol (helmet-
lug, and Mr. Oherly moved that lie bu
luvlied to do so, lie made a very strong
speech hi favor of ills clients, and in
very severe terms denoui ced I lie Cairo
Trustee., and the Illinois Central. He
was listened to witli much Interest, dur
ing an hour and three-quarters. When
hu hud concluded Mr. Oherly was hi
vitt-d to address the meeting. Heforcro
eecdlng, lie yielded to thu chairman, who
was at onto orator and member ol the
meeting, to Introduce n resolution that
ihu Cairo and Si. I.ouls railroad company
be permitted lo il-o the new levee upon
its paying to the city an amount equ d to
tho amount that has been uxpended by
thu city lu Its construction, and agreeing
to c nupleto it within n reasonable- tlmo
and maintain it fur all time to come, Mr.
Oberly then proceeded and made a speech
of about hall uu hour In length. Alter
hu had finished tho meeting adjourned
without taking notion upon Livingston's
rcsoluilon. And thus Mr. rVjiiV effort
to Induce the people ol Cairo to muku
lhemselvuirldlculou failed.
..lie i- (lie rire.
J. George Siemhouse may bo found
since Ihu lite nt his new shop, on Eighth
street in ihu Alexander Couuly Hank
building, where hu will welcome nil hU
customers, and serve ihem in as arlNtlo u
maimer as ever before, with smooth
haves, faslilonsblo hair cutting mid
thorough ehampoos,
1IH Commanscatiori. x
To tha Cltr Council of tha Cltr of CaUa
the Suite ol Illinois, tor an Injunction to
restrain your honorable body irom pass
ing an ordinance granting the right of
way to tin- Ciilroaml St. I.otiU I!. R, Co.,
over certain streets In said city, and that
on the said 1 at day of I ebru.iry thu bill
for said Injunction was tiled hi said court
nnd a restralnlulng order was Issued by
said court ; al.'O notice of Injunction by
the U. S. Circuit Court Tor the
Southern district of Illinois, all ol which
papers nre herewith submitted for the
action ol your honorable body.
Allot which is respectfully submttttd.
Ili:.iiv Wisrr.i:, Mayor.
AtvutiicMt le Commence Tlila
Ths Cas wilt Probably be Olvsn to the Jury
ocnmima natural?.
it l not necessary to give all the evl
cieiico in i no rain uiunicr trial, now go
. . .! -! . ..
ing on in the circuit court ; and even it
disposed to publish the testimony
of all thu witussses. ns takun bv
the reporter for the Hulixtin, we could
not do It. Would Like a sheet larger than
the Chlcuo Timet, and would till an
edition of the Now York UtraUl. We
shall give such portions of thu evidence
as, In our opinion, will gle our readers
thu clearest under-landing of tho case.
We closed our report in yesterday's
paper wllh Ihu evidence of N. E. Norrls,
sheriff ol Williamson county. Several
other wlines-es wL-re called and examin
ed, and though their testimony was Im
portant a to the ls. the trial, would
bu of no Interest to our re.uivr8i ai,j Wc
omit It.
musick's) ciiAr.Acre.tt.
A number ol witnesses were called tu
testily as to Musick's character among
them ihu .somewhat notorious Dock Me
Carty, who lias been several tunes men
tioned in connection with the Williamson
couuiy irouuies. com mini 3 wagoner,
L. U. Cr tin, L. D. Craiu and Samu-.-l
Craln all testified they would not believe
M thick on oath.
what MU-iiCK was riioMisr.D.
Mr. Chas. 11. Deunison, circuit clerk ot
William-on county, was called uud testl-
led tu what occurred at the time Mustek
made Ills tirst written statement con
cerning thu murder of Captain Sisuey
tud Mr. Spcuce. Mr. Dcunison is an in
telligent gentleman, nml gave Ills evidence
m u ele.ir uud comprehensive uiauuer.
tie tcslt.led us follow :
1 kit w about thu time, but not thu
exact date that Miiiick was put hi Jail at
.Marion, anil I was ut die J ill sliurily ut
ler lu company Willi Mr. L-milruiii uud
aherill' Norris; .Mr. LaiiUruiu cane to
inuaiid ttiiuted mu to get somu one else
to vo lo the Jail with til in ; he said Mu
eick' was going to make u statement.
iVu nlaiteii to Mr. Hart well's olllee. and
on Ihu way met Sherill Norris. and asked
nun lo go wllh u-,. We then went to Ids
cell, unit I. milium said: "Now Sun,
su hau comu and waul you to iiiakua
taleiueut." Latidriuu remarked that
Mu-iek was not a murderer, but tint he
ha I been drawn Into the affair through
bad company and whisky, llu said
lie had bei u acquainted with Mu!ck u
long time; thai hu was a good friend ot
Mn-k'k's uud would put Ids hand lu his
pocket ami let liiiu have Ids last dollar.
I.aiidruin s.ud lie wanted Mu-ick to tell
the truth, and not to Implicate uu inno
cent man lu thu murders. Mulck said
it hu told all he knew he would have. to
impliciie some of Njrris' relatives. Nor
ris said go on, don't shield anybody ;
let thu truth come out. Mn-ii'k then Maid
if he told Hie truth ilu-y would kill lit in
or mob liiiu. Laudruiu replied that Mu
Ick should never see the parties, thai he
should have money enough to take hhn
out of their reach. 1 think Liudruin
had just come from thu Jul when
hu come lo me. Mustek usk'.-d
mu lo comu back, and 1 went
back lu the evening, mid thu Jailer
brought in a light. Muslch asked mu If
"they hail gouu alter the boys," nnd
asked me If ihey werj going to "bring
them in here."I told hhn 1 guessed they
would, when he said "l can't see them;
I want the money promised me, I want
to leave belore they come in." I replied,
S un. vou will have to stay. They will
imi put Hi.' hoys in with you; but you
will have to go befor.' the court, and
before the grand Jury and tell what you
know about this m itter." lie said, "Hv
God, I can't dn that ; I want to leave."
I replied that lie couldn't think of leaving,
I tint hu would have to stay, that he
would not hu harmed.
Is an open question. Mr. William Coin-
mliig. ol Eldorado. Saline county, sworo
he once arrested Mustek on that charge.
Coinmings was put on the stand and tes
tified that In ISC I ho received orders from
theprovoit marshal nt Caseyvllle, Ken
tucky, to nrre-t Mtislck; that Mttslck was
charged with Mug u "guarllla;" that
he went altir Mtislck and got on
his track at the house of a man
named Weaver, at Spring Garden, Jeffer
son county. Cummliigs was not smart
enough to keep his business to himself
mid told Weaver what hu wanted. Wea
ver was a Irtetid of Musick's anil "bam
boozled" Cutumlugs till Sam got away,
and got us far ns Salem before Csmml.igs
overtook lilin. On his way buck with
Mustek, Conunlugs arrested Weaver, not
that he had auv clmrgo against hhn, but
bec.msM thu old man had "lied to him."
Mustek was taken back to Kentucky, and
then tukuu toLoiilsvllliuind Camp Chase,
Ohio, where ho was held ns a prisoner of
war. Thu old man Weaver, was re
leased after lite valiant home-guard Com
miugs had "put lilu1 to some trouble."
Coinmings must have been n "loll" man
during the war. He ought to have a
post olllee.
Sheriff Nun Is was put on thu stand
again, and testilled as to what occurred
In tlm Jail when Laiidriim, Deiinlson and
Norris went to hear Musick's itatemetit.
Snerlfl Norris' version of what took plnce
at that Interview h (ubiiantlally the lame
ai sworn to by Mr. Dcnnhon.
Mr. John Dowcll, a worthy citizen of
Williamson county, and n member of the
last grand Jury bf that county, was put
on Hie stand, but nothing of Interest was
made known through him.
UltDAY NtflllT?
John llollcn was thu next witness, and
was Introduced to swear that Hlack
Hill was seven or tight miles from Craln
vlllo the night that Speneo was killed.
Kollcn saw Hlack Hill and spoke to him
one hall hour In-fore sundown on that
Saturday night. i
Calvin Craig testllledas lollows
I knew Mr. Spetice: I heard of his
aeuth on Sunday utter It occurred ; Sun-
unj mu iai oi ugusi; m tne morn
ing or the day before wo loaded up the
threshing machine and went to l'lillllp
Turiiuges and threshed some wheat : we
left there Just at dusk, I had a couple ot
horses going home, and Mun Jack had
a yoke of oxen, and come up behind tne;
it was probably 8 o'clock when wc got
to John Jack's, and we stopped there;
John Jack was there, and so was Win.
Craln (Hlack UU!) there. Mtiuroe Jack
came up while I was there and passed
hy; I was sitting on my
horse and John Jack was In
the yard; I think Hlack Hill was In the
act of getting on his horse ; when 1 got
ready to go, I uked Mr. Craln to go home
with me and stay all night, uud he said
he would go, that he wanted to swap
horses with me, anyhow; he went oil
with me to my house : may wife was not
at home, she was nt High Cralgs to set
tin. Hlack Hill staid all utulit with me.
and left about sun up the next morning.
noiu. uraig eame to my noun-jim niniiit
the time he left. I cot breakfast myself:
It must have been 0 o'clock lu thu even
ing, probably a little later, when we Went
to tied. 1 think It must have been c'o-e to
nine or ten mlle from my house to Craln
vllle. the direction being a little west ol
north. 1 have known Hlack Hill since
we were boys.
Koncrt uraig uepnscu mat lie cat
breakfast at Calvin Craig's on Sunday
morning, and that Hlack Hill cat at the
table with them; also that he had seen
him at.lolm Jack's the night previous.
Miinroc Jack sworo that he saw Black
Bill at his brother John Jack's gate
on Saturday evening an hour alter dark.
Other witnesses coroberuted the above
Mr. William ,J. 'Mackado. (that's a
tough old name) was next called. Mr.
Mackado has lived In Jefferson county
since 1810, and was well acquainted with
him Miislck when that individual lived
at Spring Garden. After telling all about
Mti'lck, from bis boyhood up to the thne
ho went Into, tlm rebel nrmy. Mr.
Mackado wound up by saying be would
not bcllevo him under oath.
Sam Mnlck was brought Irom his cell
and put on the stand again, llu was
asked w hether he had ever been In jail
in Marion county. Sam said he was, and
told what got him Into prison. Hu went
out walking with another man's .'wife
and shu forgot to go home that night,
and the next day her husband had hhn
arresicd and they put hhn tn Jail and
kept him there three weeks. He was
asked whether he was ever under arrest
and made ids escape by Jumping off a
train of cars. Hu said he was not.
David Crawford, an old man In soldier
clothes, testified tint he knew Sam Mu
stek when lie lived at Spring Garden, and
from his reputation in that community
hu would not believe him on oath.
JACK, 1 11 1: SOS OI 9AMLT.L.
John Jack said that he had lived hi
Williamson comity all his lite, and that
Ids lather's name was Samuel. Mr. Jack-
swore that on the night ot the .'tl-t of
July last the night on which Spcnce was
killed he was in ills stable yard unhitch
ing his horses when Hlack Hill Cralu
rode up nnd spoke to him. Jack totd
Craln to goto the house, and when he got
done hu woul J come. Mr. Jack nlso tes
tified that Hlack Hill staid and eat supper
with him; nt about 8 o'clock left his
house hi company with Calvin Craig,
who had asked Hill to go home and stay
all night with him.
With tills witness tlm defense closed
their case, when thu prosecution Intro
duced omu
It would be a tedious task to go over
all the evidence, and we shall not under
take It. The main points are all we shall
uttempt to give.
Mr. County Attorney Hart well, of Wll
llamsoii county, was called to the stand.
and testified that on thu preliminary ex
amination of the prisoners mid Yellow
Hill Cralu, Hlaok Hill testified that hu had
taken u curtain route in going from Cralu
villi! to John Jack's ou that fatal Satur
day night.
Several witnesses, among them Mrs.
Mary Ann Tippy and Mrs. Ann Impson,
t'etlllcd that they saw Hlack Hill ou the
afternoon or evening of thu night ou
which Speucu was killed, going towards
Craluvllle. One witness said It was about
3 or t o'clock shu saw him pass her house,
unit thu other said It was as latn as 5.
These witnesses lived apart, and saw Hill
at different points on tho road.
Mr. James L. Landrum was recalled
mid testified us follows, -concerning the
interview with Mustek when hu was
about to make Ills statement concerning
tho mutter. Mr. Landrum said :
I can only statu what took place at tlfu
Interview with Mustek when Mr, Dentil
son and Mr. Norris wero present. Their
statements aru in thu main correct. I
went to Mustek uud appealed to him in
this wuv, that hu had been hi my em
ploy ; that hu had had my confidence, and
tuat i um iioi otutuvo nun a nan man, i
salt) tn him for dud's -al:i dun t impli
cate any innocent man. Ho said it he
told nil hu would huvo to Im pi I cite soma
ot Norrls' friends. Mr. Norris said if
that is so let It come out ; do not shield
any ol my lelallvr; if they are
guilty let It comu out. Mu
stek said that ho was afraid that they
would kill him or mob him that
thev wero 100 strong. I told liltn not to
iKi'afiad; that if ho came clear, lie
should have money to go awav.
I know Sam Mustek, but I can't tell
Just how long I have knuwn him. lie
came tome In 1871, and worked for mo
until the next July. 1 was acquainted
with hi character for truth and veracity:
1 think It Isgocd, aud If he was sober I
would believe liiiu on oath.
IS3W1 WHO WftffT, inns.
Laban Carter, a Justice of peavi nt
Cartervllllo; Mr. J. C. Hodges ami
Paul W. Willis, of Murphysboro; Mr.
Burton, of Carbondalc; Mr. Wm. A.
Weaver, ol Grand Tower; Mr. A. It.
Warders, of Williamson county; Mr. E.
H. Brush, of Carbondalc, all testified
that they would believe Mustek on oath,
anu sanienl's character was mado whole
Tutt Hampton nnd John Crnlc test 1 11
cd that they went lo Black Bill's house
on the Sunday morning after the Satur
day night on which Spence was killed,
ami fouml Black Bill laying on the bd
and that he got up and cat brenkfast with
them. Tills was sometime between C
and 9 o'clock
The prosecution then closed their cafe,
'The defense presented severnl witnesses
lu rebuttal, but the evidence would bo of
no Importance to thu reader.
THE AllfllMr.XT
will be opened this morning by County
Attorney Mulkcy lor the prosecution. In
all six speeches will be made, but wc are
not ablu to state the order In whlcti the
attorneys will speak. 'The argument will
occupy nt least a day and a half.
Caiuo, III., .Monday Evnxtxn,
February '1, 1WG.
'The weather to-day Is cloudy, stormy
nnd cold. Snow has (alien continuously
since S o'clock lids morning, and tho
ground Is covered to it depth of two
Inches. On Monday one of the heaviest
wind and snow storms that has been ex
perienced lor years vi'lted this region.
The rivers are swollen to a great height,
and nre rising slowly.
There lias been no change In Hour since
our last reporr. No Improvement in the
demand or prices have shown themsolycs,
but the weather Is favorable lor n reduc
tion of stocks, when It is believed times
will bu better. There has been no sales
of any consequence ol hay, nnd there Is
still a great stock on hand. 'There is a
good demand lor corn, at 4oc ; there Is'
but little In market. Oats are dull; there
are but few coming into market, but the
supply on hand Is fully equal to the de
mand. Meal Is wry dull. Bran Is dull;
no sales have been reported this issue,
but It Is being offered lu sacks delivered at
$13 00. The receipts of butter have been
equal to the wants; good to atrlctly
choice Is selling at 223'J3c. Fresli eggs
ure selling at lll.'e, the market having
Improved somewhat since thuforo part of
the week. Common apples are very poor
sale, ami aru not wanted ; choice ure in
good demand, and good prices will be
paid for them. Poultry of all kinds arc
In good demand ; choice hens will bring
$3 7S4; mixed chickens, $33 50. Tho
weather Is cold and dressed meats well
butchered will find ready sale at good
liofOur friends should bear In mind
that the prices here given aru Usually
for sales from first bands In round lots.
In filling orders and for broken lots It Is
ne:essary lo charge an advancu over
these ll-'iircs.-Tiit
Klour is unchanged, the. demand Is
Very light and prices remain about as
last quoted. Wc note the sales of 100
barrels various grades. SI 7o(5 00; 300
barrels various grades, $1 007 2.V, 100
barrels XX, S4 .".0; 100 barrels choice,
$0 75; 'JOO barrels various grades, $1 00
7 00 ; 30O barrels various grades, $1 f0
7 00 ; 200 barrels various grades, $1 00
0 75; 100 barrels low grade ou order,
SI 25; 100 barrels medium, S5 00;100
barrels XXX. SO 7C; 100 barrels choice
family, $7 00.
There is very little hay coining Into
this market, hut there is an abundance
here and the demand Is very light. The
only sale noted since our last issue Is 1
car good mixed, $11 00.
While corn Is in good demand at -lu
cents lu sacks, there Is but little here.
Sales noted .vere : 150 sacks white, 15c ;
5 cars white lu sacks, -I3u ;
There nre not many oats coming Into
market, but there is plenty here to sup
ply the demand, which Is very light. Wo
note sales of 1 car whlto In sacks, -lie;
1 car black mixed lu sacks, 13c ; 2 ears
Northern lu bulk, 30e ; I car whlto in
sacks delivered, 15c.
Meal is very dull. The only sale noted
was 50 bbls green, S2.
No talcs of bran weru reported. It Is
awlully dull, and offering at $13 in sacks,
The receipts of butter have bcoti equal
to thu demand. Good to strictly choice
will bring 2223u. Sales noted were 20
tubs Northern, 2i22c; 4 buckets South
ern Illinois, 2022c; 600 lbs Northern
packed, 20c; 100 lbs good Northern roll,
2221c; 100 lbs Southern Illlnos, M
13o; 10 tubs choice Northern packed,
21 u ; 1 pails .Southern Illinois, 18c; 2
pkgs Southern Illinois roll, 17c ; I tubs
common Northern, lPQIOc
KGGS Tho market l.s somewhat better to-day
than it was during the first part of ihu
week, and Iresh aro now going at 11(3)15
cents. Wo noto the salesof 100 do. 12 J Ci
ne; 500 doz. fresh sold early in the week,
lle;100do., 15 cts; 100 doz., 12J.
Apple nro unchanged, Common ure
dull uud not wanted. Choleu ar very
scarco und will bring n good price. The
only salo noted was that of 25 barrels
Wlticsaps, $1 3.VJ3.
Poultry ol all kinds Is In good denial d.
Tho weather Is cold mid favorablo for
handling, nnd good prices are being paid.
Sales noted were -t doz dressed geese,
$50; 200 lbs dressed, drawn turkeyi,
12Jc ; 1 roop mixed chickens, S3 60 ; 100
live ducks, $3.
Wo noto tho sale ot 3,000 lbi pork at
nctsc. Choice drwws wtt ot nil
kind ire in iron,l ,iam.V' .? a
We noto the sale ot 15 boxes, So
Tour boxes ol lemons were sold at $0.
Onions are very dull and plenty. Wc
uote the sale of 1 car In good order, 40c
per bushel.
Potatoes are dull. There Is plenty in
market to supply the domand. We note
the sale of 25 bushels, eoc.
Wo quote Pnrldlso and Mt. Carbon on
track lump, S3; nut. $2; delivered car
pad per ton lump, $3 50 : nut, i2 75; da
l'c"?d er single ton lump, 4; nut,
93 2j; Itauin or Harrtabtirg coal on track
tips l-iir Irtfwl lilms aITt mii, Aid ..1.11-
tired per ton, $3 tiOi Pituburgh coalcr
load on track. $i.10 per ton; Mnnle
Hides are dull, but there Is a lair de
mand for furs, at quotations :
HftlS I)rV flltlt. I9ll11lr. ,1rt. ..ti..i
I0jlljc; green salted, Gtf&)a damaged,'
j price.
Fens Wo ritiore : Wfirii nttor. v.
1, SCtfitf 50 ; No 2, $33 50 : No. 3, lf4
1 m No. 4, 25c. MTnk-No. 1, $1(5
. 1 -f arua A'ailira ! a p (lay
I 25; No 2. 5073c; No. 3, 35c; No. 4,
10c. Itaccoon No. 1, COfSCSc ; No. 2.
1 open, 75o; No. a.
5ue; No, 3. 25c; No.
No. 1 cased, $1 DO; No. I
ill I. -' rut a a
s, luc; tieu,
Skunk Black. SOcM-Sl ; half striped. CO
COc: narrow. 33c; klilem. l.V. ftnm.
sum H2)IOc. Beaver $1 502. Musk
rat K.V. Honr Vn. 1. IS -V 'I
No.'J, $2a3:No. I, 50c.
DKF.uSKi.vs-Quote: Whiter, 2-'i-30.:
fall. 33(S35cJ
W'xn liKi-AHTXiXT, Itiruf Rtroirr, I
rt, I i.v. i-r. ix.
Cairo l.t I 2 " T
I'lltsbiirR 0 j c t I
Cincinnati 42 I It -2
Loulvrllle i" 3 Ki
Xislivllle -.'I 2 S
St. Lou l 10 .' 4
.Mrniihii - .12 7 X .1
Vlck.iliurx 3!) t
Vow Orlfitm .1 2 1
SriKCttUt. Signal service. I'. s. A.
Port Mat.
Steamer J. W. Mills, Padticah.
" Mary Houston, New Orleans.
41 Bermuda, Nashville.
" Andy Baum, Memphis.
" dohn A. Wood, New Orleans.
Steamer J. W. Mills, Padticah.
" Bermuda. Nashville.
' Sam Brown, St. Louis.
" Iron Mountain, St. Louis.
Andy Baum, Cincinnati.
" dohn A. Wood, Pittsburg.
The rivers commenced falling about
noon yesterday, nnd will be falling rap
idly, it Is believed In a day or two.
The weather was cold and stormy,
snow having began falling early in the
morning and continuing through the en
tire day.
Business very quiet.
The Mary Houston passed up from
New Orleans for Cincinnati about 1
o'clock yesterday morning.
A telegram from St. Louis yesterday
afternoon says: "ltlver falling slowly
ami snowing bard since daylight. Con
siderable slush ice in the river. Wind in
The Charles Morgan leaves this port
on her Mardl-Gras excursion trip on
Tuesday, the 22d Inst.
The Bermuda brought down a light
trip from Nashville yesterday morning.
She took back with her In thu afternoon
150 hluls sugar, 51 bbls and 53 halt bbls
The Andy Baum, from Memphis for
Cincinnati, arrived at 9 o'clock yesterday
morning. Sho had a fair trip, nud took
her departure at 10J o'clock.
Captain James McDonald of the
steamer Ironsides, now lying at Pitts
burg, who has been in this city for sev
eral days, was n passenger on tho Iron
Mountain yesterday morning.
The Irou Mountain and barges did
not get away froui this port uulll ten
o'clock yesterday mernhig. She goes to
St. Louis, where she will load for Pitts
burg. The Ilobert Mitchell arrived In port
Thursday mornlug at 10 o'cloek. She
did not sustain any severe Injury Irom
her mishap at Lockhart's Point, though
sho was at oue. time thought to be in a
a critical condition. Sho ran Into thu
corn Held where she grounded, at two
o'clock Tuesday morning. Several boats
went to her aid but failed to got her off.
Charley Nlcholes, one of her pilots went
to Evansvllle, where he procured a tug
and two barges, with which the Mitchell
was lightened when she swung off thu
ground and proceeded on her journey.
The damage to her will probably ba
'the Amaturo Band party, February
4th. 2-3-21.
l.oval S'tllt-GkM.
Lessons given hi Penmanship, tine
Penmanship, Steamboat Book-keeping,
Card writing, Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., ut thu rooms ol C. J.
llowe.Nos.13 and 10. Winter's Block,
corner Seventh atreet and Commercial
avenue. Ladles class every afternoon
from 1 to 5 o'clock, and Saturdays from
2 to 1 o'clock. l2lMm.
Wood uud Coal.
lit wood by the cord, $3 75; 4 It
wood by the half conl, $3 00; 4 ft sawed,
per cord, SI 50 ; 4 It wood sawed and
pill per cord, $5 00, Coal, per single
Km, 1 00; coal, two tons, $3 75; fcoal,
1 or more tons, S3 50.
1-0-lm. C. W. Wheeler & Co.
Always ou hand at tho Butcher's and
Drover's Exchange on Eighth street,
Pilsner's Cincinnati and Ph. Best' Mil
waukee Beer. Grand lunch every morn.
Ing and evening at 0:30 o'clock. Come
onol Comoalll Lon Ulattac.

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