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A.SKA1.0N LODUK, NO. 61.
Knight of I'ythlaa, mccta eery FrJ'
day n ant at nUMi innii raw
Ctiancvllor Commander.
AI.KXANDKIl miuuk. no, mi.
.iBeaMBk imlfurailMil UnU-r of Odd-Fet
temelBBB lowi, umfta erery Thursday night
VMP at naif-pant aeten. In their nail on
Jorunii relal aveniw, lictwwn Mxlli urn) Peri-nth
1AIIIO KNCAMI'MENT, I. O. O. F..incete
cJn Oild-rrllows' IUII on the Dratand third
l uradrtt In t'Tcrr month, at liair-pMt acven.
.Ixn.lt Owpuah, 0. r
ACAIKI)l.0l)UE.NO.237,A.K. A A.M.
Hold iiriilar rstiLmuiilretlons In Ma-
jKXannlc IUII, t)rnT loinmcrclal evwitii"
' 'Mul F.lrlilli "lirt-t, on to mvorid and
..utin iinnruv i.rinrri month.
For wl: A $12 H) onler on illy of
(.'urUiiKliilc. Ktiqttlront lU i.i.r.riNolIico.
1.31-tr K. A. lluuxr.Tr.
Attention I llmler.
We lmvo four ilcm-n Imltntlon Kbony
priguc Can-OpeuiTf, tukcti for ailvir
'.IttnK, which wo will evil at two dollnn
por down. Inquire at Bulletin ollltv.
tVOMlt i'OHll
I wish to inform thu citizens of Cairo
that I kei- on band a larife supply of
coal of illlTmiit klnth. which I will kdl
ni followi, tlollvprcd in any part of the
city: $2 CO to 4 per ton. cuoh. and full
weljtht guaranteed. .fiMr.s 1!ohb.
Wo will My no bills contractu! by tny
employe of Titc IIcllhi.v, uiiKsk the
some in mode on a wriltt-u order Alppi-d
by the president or iKxrctury of the com
puny, and wis will aept no orders jjlwn
by bu vnploya of the company, lor any
purpoao whalsoevtT.
Cairo Buixum Company.
XoTcmber 1, 1S75. tt
Slew Coal OHic.
F. il. Ward has opened a coal oilier on
Commercial and Washington uv-mi". In
Sargent's iboe store, llu will evil liar-
rlaburjf coal delivered In any part of the
city at $3 35 per rlnglo ton, or $3 per
ton n four-ton tots ; Klir Muddy coal at
$1 per ilnfde ton, or $7 50 for two tons
nil deltViied. Tliest are rock bottom
price?, and mean cmli and eah only.
police of Kciuotnl
O. Koch has rcinovitl his boot and
hoo hop from ttie old Hund to
new brick bulldin (otic block btlow).
o. CO Commercial avenue, Ixitwi-i-n
Kllth and Sixth atrttits, when; he will
keep the lu-st nome made nnd St. I.nul
custom mane boot" and Mint-, mailt- of
tho bj!t material ; (rood workmanship
and in the latet styles. All orderc
promptly attended to. U-tSMt.
Wood mill 'onl.
On and alter thl.t ilatu the prices of
wood and coal at my yard, adjoining the
Cairo and St. Louis Narrow Gauge depot,
will bu as follows :
Four foot wood per cord, $3 75 ; four
loot wood per hall cord, $2; four foot
wood, Mwed, per cord, $1 SO ; four foot
wood, lawtil and split, per cord, $5 ; lllj;
Muddy coal per single ton, l; sainu per
two tons, S3 75; amc! per four tons and
npwardi!, $3 50.
All 00'U delivered.
1-7-1 in J t5. K. I.avu. I'rop'r.
.Sf AK(t'LK.K HAM. !
The Delta City Comet Hand will jrlvo
Grand Mu-nicrado Ball on February
15tb, 187(1, at the New Turner Hall, cor
ner Tenth rtrvet and Washington avenue.
There will bo two prizes awarded, n
gold headed cane for tlte jentletuan, and
a tine mtlMcal albuui to the lady for the
best represented character In attendance,
the decision to lo made by di'intereMed
New costumes trotn St. Louis will bu
for rent at FhllJiaup's More.
a&-Tickct for ta!e at 1'. u. .SshtihV
.1. Hurler's, K. & W. Iluder'.s and Mo
Pauley's dnii' ston. l-'.'Mil.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. l WIIon .Shuttle
tawing Machine, hard (piano) llnMi,
valued at S5. Will be sold nt 520 die
count, on good tcrm, and ordered direct
from the factory.
Colored and mounted Maps ot the
elty oi Cairo at ?'i 50 each (hall price.)
A No. 0 Wilson Shuttle Sowing Ma
chine valued nt $75. Will be o!d at $15
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $00 llcmlnjrton tawlnjr Machine
WO oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
hoot and shoe manufacturer.
a atylu "K," "dough, Warren &
Co.'s" Parlor Organ, right from thu fac
tory nt Detroit. List price, $:W0. Will
be sold fot $200.
1000 sheet or btistol board Jttf-t re
ceived at the nuLLciiN otllcc, and lor
.a!e to Uie trade.
I lly or Cnlro,
colored and varnished, for cido ut half
price ($2.50) at the Bulletin ollice.
20,000 note head, 30,000 wwelopcs,
20,000 letter head?, 10 reams xtatemunts,
20 ream bill heads Carlisle paper just
received and for sale at tho IIui.li:tin
For nny of tho above articles, apply a
ho Bulletin nftlw. K. A. Hubsktt
Oyster, Fish
Wo will sell, hereafter, our goods at
tho following prices, uud solicit thu pat
ronage of tho public:
Family brands, per can .HA cents.
ritandards, per can I5 cents.
Uelecf, per can ' M cents.
Select, extra, per can 55 cuts,
Tub oysters, per 100 $1 00
Chicago Trout and Whlte...n cts. per lb.
Onmp, Pan Fish. ... 10 mid 13 cts. jkt lb.
or all descriptions rnnstnntly on hand,
consisting or wild turkey, squirrels and
Family groceries very cheap lor cash.
Mndo a specalty. Ulve us n trial.
ChsstpeT tb&n tb90ll0,J0tfuj,
iSfrtfs ViiL Wjsieb. J,, A Co, j
hati:m or Anvi:Ri iNi.j.
0AII lillls for mlrertlMiiff, atp line BnJ ij
able im aiivai( c
Truntknt ailvfrtlItiK will v ImIk atlh
rate of 1 10 .cr square for tin; tint Iticilion
anil C) centa Ut rach (ubMiiuciit onr. A lllwral
illtcount Will L nwl- nnaUti-IInK oiid(liiiliy
forlncrtlnl-"untrnl tctlt l M. Notice ol
mectfuK of aoUUet or i7kt orlcrs W ci-uM for
ivli Inwj-tlon.
lliurcb, Socl-lr, a'ratlfal una Buf ptt notlcs
will only 1 luiTttJ m alurtl(.iiituti
No ndvtrtlMnirnt will h rtco IvmI at lwa tijn
WuntJ, nnj no luirrrtKnvnt ttril Ir liiicrl
for UnMlhAti UirKMlollat Kr month
-u .
Local Bualnois Notlooa. of
ten unea or more, inaertea
in the Bulletin an rollown
CommeccsCountliiff at ten Line.
Onn Inaertlon pnr line n Cents,
Two Inaertlonsper line 7 Onta,
TbroB lnsrtlona per line 10 Cent
Six lnanitlona iAr lino 1A nnin.
Two week per lino lib Oonte
One month nnr line :tA f!.nt
Mo Heductlon will be ma do In above
SUN DA V. FEIHIL'A 1 1 V C, 1 670.
Irfirnl WeMllier Stepurs.
Caiho, Ut,., I'tb 5, Is:
IJa. I Tita I Wind I VtL.
7 a.m.
JO, CIO I 21
M.')t( .lit
) 47i , lilt
3J us) it:
.cf rgfaiit. Klcunl StrvItT, U. a A
Fallino. -The rivers are fulling slowly
Dj.n r forget the German school ball
to-tnoirow night.
I i'Liski CinctliT Cot:iiT. The Feb
ruary term of the Pulaski court will com.
malice one week Irom to-morrow.
' J.ssrtR. A very IntcrcMlng Iett-r
from oiirenrre'potid'iut, J.t4p !r.l printed
on our llr.t pie. ft U written from 11. it
Springs, Arkansas, and tells all abuut
that fituous watering place.
ep.y Sick. Mr. Ueurge Mackle, who
has Ui il onllned to nU bed fiir tli- l.i-i
six tnouths, wa riMturlcd to l;u ni.icli
worse List night, au l it was thollhl II
would live lull a few hour.
I'OLtCK uoi;rt. Joim .Mcksou was
hitore 'Squire Bird yetenlay lor lieitiy
drunk, liu was lined two dollar and
the trimmings, mul In ut-ratilt went to
the city J.ill i'r three dnjv.
Thk Ball. The ball fur the benefit of
the Get man school will come oil at
Turner hall to-morrow itlirht. The price
of admission has la-en llxed at otn dol
lar. The Invitation to attend Is L'eneral.
Thk I.lvi:. A few teams are con
stantly at work on thu new Usee, and It
is in a shape to reslt any stage ol water
that Is likely to coine out of the MU-ls-slppi.
r.viinit Watus. The sidewalk from
vt alnut ftr.--t to the colou-d .Mt lhodUt
church was under water yesu-rday; hut
a number ol the members of the church
went to work and raised It "abovo IiIl-Ii
water mark."
Tnr. L. L. Ass-ociation. -There was a
meeting of the Ladles' Library .Wocia-
tlon held yesterday uflernoon at the n-l-
denccof Mrs. Dr. Smith. Thu ineethik'
was held for tho transaction of bu-IiiesM
connected with the association, but of no
Interest to the general public.
Mr.vN. It Is hard for Dan MunnN
friends In this city to believe that gen
tleman guilty of any complicity in the
whl key ring frauds. They believe, or
pretend to beliuv., hlm'ro liifotd itino-
eenso boiled ilowu," anil lnu.in.ible ol
Tui'.sday. We Mi II tike oecaIon,
on Tuesday, to reply to some ol the Nar
row Gaugu remark ot our far and yet o
near contemporary of thu Afgut Journal.
Our friend, Williams, is very zealous In
defense of Mr. Canda's causf, uud In his
zeal doe ti and those who believo as wo
do manifest Injustice.
P.ELiuioua. Theru will be regular
services nt the M.-iiio0ict church to-day
at the regular hours of the service. Hev.
B. Y. George will conduct services ut
thu Preibyterlau chinch morning and
evening. Rector Gilbert, nt. the church
of the Hedeemer, will preuch ut thu tieual
Duir'o AitdUMKNr. Judgo Dull's nr.
gttuiciit, in the Cralu case, w-us lung and
able. It was ten hours long and remark
able for Its subtle force. The able veil-
tlemen reviewed thu wholo case, inking
up eah event, tllscu.slugltcurefullx.and
displaying, with coitsumniatu skill lilt-
weak places in the defense.
L. & II. Messrs. Lynch & How ley,
real estate ngents, etc., have homes lor
R-nt and salu in nil purls or tho city.
They have reliable tracts of land which
they will dispose ol at prlc3 In keeping
with the tlme, and on thu must favorable
terms. Their office Is in thu county clerk's
ollice at the courthouse.
Skating. Tho skaters ol tho city
wero out in f..rce yesterday, and tor a
fow hours in the morning Imiud the Ice
smooth and in good condition, though
later In day, when Iho sun shonn warmly,
it become suit and tdoshy, and broke In
many places, heveral boys mid young
men broke through and wcru thoroughly
DuNtr.s It. Several dayn previous to
his execution Marshall Craln wrote a
letter to Allen Baker, now In thu peni
tentiary, acknowledging tint lie had
sworn falsely against Baker and begging
his forgiveness. It Baker uiailu any re
ply to the letter we have not seen it, hut
those familiar with thu history of tin;
Williamson county troubles, say this let
ter of Craln's may he tha menus of pro-
curing Baker n uew trial,
Can't He sea It. It Is not? certain that
the civil docket cannot be reached ut this
term of thu Alexander county circuit
court. Judgi! Baker will have to bu In
Mound City on next Monday, nt
which time Ihu Pulaki county court
convenes. Parties who havo trials pend
ing hi the Alexander circuit court, mid
anxious to get them on" their hands, will
have to maku the tnostof this fict and ho
cou'.i lit.
Thk SrAfir.. I ho river fit this place
yesterday wa -15 ft. 1 in. abovo low
water mark. Ths fall during tho 21
hours ending 3 p. in. yesterday, was 2
Inches, At Davenport. Iowa, tho Mis
sissippi r ue 2 Indies, but at Diibukuwas
railing. The fall nt St. Louis was 1 foot
0 Inches. A rleo of 1 Inch Is reporied
at Padueah. These isets will be found In
Watou'a report published at the head
of our river column. Kvery day wo pub
lish this report.
Had (Its Li.ns llitum:. A sad acci
dent occurred at the. tr.imrer of thu Mis
sUlppl Central rallrord. oppocltu ihu
city, on Friday hut. While unloading a
load ol old railroad Iron Trout a flat car,
several bars accldently rolled off thu car
on a colored man named Van Terry,
crushing tits legs rf fearfully a to render
thu amputation of one of them ueces-ary.
Van Terry was otherwl-e IiiJiiihI about
IiN IihuiU and body. Dr. Wnrdner Is at
tending Van Terry, who llvtsonTwentj
tlfiy street li this illy.
A Wau.vi.vo. Mr. Isaac Flanery. ol'
Di-LasMis. &t. Francis county. Missouri.
sends us the following, with reqin-nt Unit
we publish It :
Look oil' lor the swlnill nnp.Simon a
Chicago sharper who l uboui 25 year old
Lqult tall and balleil tiifaded u ihiiugb
he Imd spent the lat ft-w yarr In prison
ha blnk hre bluk eys who taiitfht u 4
months hIiooI In St. Franclos Co Mo ub-
squandering without palng hU bold and
some other Bills thu police Is woined to
look out lor Mich Mr editor pleas obligi
ng and puhli-h thi lo miv them oilnr.-
from the same. Isaac Flanery.
Lickasks. V iiiider.taiKl s'niie ol
Ihe uloon keepers w ho have paid their
liceiiM- object lo allowing ihoiM who have
not paid lo continue lo tell liquor Ihu
A iiit- as If tliey bail inilil. They ilim'i
kelt, and we itiid r..laiiil will bring thu
matter to the uttelllloll of the c'ty coun
cil nt It liext llleelhl-'. Till, rutilect
h.i. bei-li di-eil-sed time mul again in the
council, and several re-olulioti-, instruct
ing HI- Honor lo force Ihe c-jllecilon of
licenses, have been pa.fed ; but Ihe
majur seems lo be linliflrrwn u lolhu
uisiier, mid if he ha uia.'o any elliirls
to force Ihu payim-nt of llci-iite., no one
st-uts to be aware ol It.
Cmct'iT Couitr. 1'he argument In thu
Cra'ti ease i-lill goes on. Judge Dull con
cluded hU argument at about 4 o'clock
ycMcrilay alternooii. Inning coii.tiuu-d
nearly ten hours in his remark". Mr.
iM-uven, tor inu oi i.-nse. nad not con
cluded hi- Argument m 1 1 1. 1 niljiiurilineiit
of court lat evening. Mr. Lluegar will
rollovv Mr. Culvert, and Judge Allenwill
make the clo.-ing jweeh lor the pro-ecu-
tlon. It Is now alum. t sure that all dav
Monday and apart of Tuesday will be
taken up by Ihe arguments ol Mr. Line
gar anil Judge Allen. The case will
probably be given to the jury sometime
How ik Tins? ihe ordinance under
which the new leee I liehig built pro-
viile' the work shall he-dune under the Im
mediate directum of the supervl-liig en
gineer. Mr. Hely was hired by tin-coun
cil, upon the adoption of the report of a
committee, fort 150 it inoiiih.be to sur
vey the levee, nitku plan, ami sptclllra
tlon'. Ac. How could a eommittee dl-
hare him alter he had commenced
work In thi month? We have our
oubts whether thu committee could ill.-
charge Ihu engineer before the work was
llid-hed. and nrcnliuo.t sure the commit
tee should not have cut llely's head oil
w ith a dull cleaver.;! lu should hne lei-n
disposed of gently.
Lkai-Yuaii I'Anrv. One of thu most
plea.ant eveuti that has ever taken place
In this cliy during the entire season came
oH at the residence of Mr. and .Mrs John
Holmes. In the upper part ot tile city, on
1 ImtMlay niglit. It was n Leap-Year
party. Ihu ladies did the Inviting and
'porting. A baud of mii-lc was present
itndji merry dance wa enjoyed by the rev-
lers. ihu supper which wa announced
at twelve o'clock ;is said to have been
one of the Uuu.t ever spread In this city,
the table being laden with everv dell-
icy Jiiiinglnable. Thu ladles and gen
tlemen pic-cnt ut the event cannot Hud
words to express i heir appreciation of the
great plea.ure uftorded them by Mr. nnd
.Mrs. iloln.es.
Personal. II thicker Is In on the litrv.
I'hu Masonic lecturer, Pricket, ol
Carbuudjle, lias been hi the cliy.
Unnnlo G'Miil M titer i.omisbui'y
returned houiu yesterday.
Colonel t'.iy lor Is sulu trustee now.
So w arc luforuied by thu Arguf-Journul
uud others.
Mr. Stevo Schwartz of the Cairo City
brewery who h.i. been sulf-rlng with
rheuuialUui tor suvcr.il mouths, wn are
pleased to say, Is abln to nc out again.
Judge Allen will -naku his argument
In thu Craln casu to-morrow. '1 he Judge
Is one ot thu bust talkers at thu b.ir of
Illinois, and will, wo believe, maku in
this casu one of thu great spocchw ol his
Mount Ciitmel ItcgvtUr; "Decora
tion day (May HOth). will be observed In
ihls city this year by thu dedli-alton of
Rnu Hill cemetery. Hon. Joint II.
Oberly w ill deliver ihu address."
An Unvortunate Family. Llllia
G.iiievra Mat tin, aged tlttccn years and
seven days, died January 2Sih, ls;0;
Ellle Fivderlca Marliu, aged twelve
years mul suven days, tiled February 5th,
l7rt.at 7 n'ulook, a, m. Miss 0
Murtln, sister to the above, Is very sick,
filirt tr.. . ..I ...ttiir1 l.t i.nr...t t - .... !
mi.v. Miiuvuinii'. .1'.. iiwyiu JB tUll-
sldi red very doubtful. Mrs. Martin Is a
widow lady, and was dependant on her
own mid daughters' labor for the support
or her family. Her children lay sick for
I n loni lime. being among thellrst totako
thef;ver. Her scanty means weio soon
I exh.iii.tid, nnd hy eoiinant watching,
by day and by night, she was utterly
worn nut, mil' compelled to accept nil
twice from the kindly dlpo'ed. Onod
IrlemU came forward and relieved her
Immediate wants ; but she Is not yet out
of trouble nnd will need still further help.
Mrs. Marllu Is deserving lady, and the
good people of Cairo will n-e that hu
does not stiller.
Tin; .Skwkiw We have an especial In
terest In thu sewers and therefore de
sire to make t the mayor and elty coun
cil n few remarks In reference to them.
Mayor Winter keeps hl eyes wide open
and sees many things; and what he sees
needing attention to that he straightway
ulve attention. Consequently, wuconll
denlly appeal lo bltn lor relief, tt Is a
well-known fact that Ihu sewer wen;
Intended tnglw to the slpe watt r that nc.
cumulates In the low places of our city,
w hen thi-OUlo Is high, mi outlet when it
I low. It was nut. ns o understand
the nutter, Intended to h ive water Irom
the river run Into the city through the
sewer ; but that Is precisely
what happens win-never thu water
In thu Ohio rue to a
level above the level of the Inside month.
or iho HW,-rs. Water will run through
brlcki. The sewers are or brick., ce-iiii-ut
having been put upon the lu.ldes ir
thein. This Ci-lll"iit his craeked mid
dropped oil. we hvlluve, Jiiid as the
! cement of our cliern crack, imd falls oil'.
I he consequence i till-: Wht-n the
river rite- to a level above Ihe. reweis
that are sunk Into thu ground through
out the city, water flphig into the
grnuud runs through the bricks compos
ing the seweri. tlllx them, and whenever
the I I of the river rUes above the In.
side mouths or tie-M-wi r.., beglm to run
out or them and continues to run out
until tin; Ji-vel of the water thus dl
i harged Into the cil.vn, Willi the Water ol
Ihe rulntidl that :wr, 1. on a level with
the water li thu river. other wvrd.
the fewer' are openings thiouih which,
lu nine- of blub water in the rler, water
runs Into the city. Thu rewilt U, iut
year after year. a more of the cviiii nt
drop tiom the sewers. as they becuuw
more cracked w hat we cull -lpe water In
creates in votiuuu rises higher and di
co iinuides a greater nuinber ol citizens.
What i" to be done? One of two thing..
lhucit mu.t el'her r--ceiiiei,t ihu sew
er or il like at the lli'lde liinulh ol each
ol thu a-.-wers water-tight g ites-Ju-t a.
the out-ide mouths of tho M-wers are
llxed. In 1 1I -s way tho great accumula
tion ot wa'er In the city miy b.j pre
veiitwd. Wl I 111- Honor, the .Mayor, and
thu Honorable, the City Council, and so
forth, give attention to tliu.u ugg.-5tloii3
of our? It they d, urging Irom the
lpu wa'er th it wd! sunn iniiku an Island
or our ca-i'-.tauds and pres-"!S, we will
call them blessed.
I S.'rm
nt Winter's Gallery.
Fllty cents.
Allenliun, K r Kllliclllt
."'x 1 here will be a regular con
(f -i elave of Cairo Coiiiinanilery,
yy No. 14. K. T.. Mom ay even
X?J ring. Fibruarv7ili 1 67U. ut 7:30
y"i eloek. Sojourning Sir
-jiT Knight are enrdially Invited.
MJ-lt '' "MKV,:'t. lb.-co'r.
SVuoil mul l oul.
I ft wood by the cord. S3 75: I ft
wood by the half cord, S- 00; 4 ft sawed,
per cord. $1 50; 4 It wood sawed and
.pill per cord, $5 00. Coal, per single
hin.. I 00; coal, two tou, 5U 75; coal,
I or more tons, $M 50.
1-d-lm. C. W. Wniii.i.r.K A- Co.
Nolle ..
Always on hand at tho Butcher's and
Drover's Exchange on Eighth street,
I'll.ner's Cincinnati and Ph. Ilest'.i Mil
waukee Beer. Grand lunch every morn
ing and evening at 0:110 o'clock. Cotno
one! Come all I I.ot'ts Ui.attau.
Alter the Tire.
J. Georgu Stciuhoitxu may ho found
since Ihu fire nt his new i-hop, on Eighth
Mrcct in thu Alexander County Bank
building, where he will welcome all Ids
eu-tomers, and senothem In as arii-tlu a
manner a eer belore. with smooth
Miavcs, la-hlouablu hair cutting urn!
tlioiougb shampotii-.
All flironli- nisoaies Onrril
UY DM. Iltn.T.
HelslncHted lu Cairo, Illinois nnd is
sllll calling on ynu to bu healed. Why
will you die ol old eliroulc divines when
you can bu cured with so littlu co-t or
money. Do imt give It up yet. for there
1. Mill a balm In Gilo, ml. Cairo U Ihe
place lo come lo bu cured of all your
aches uud pains.
I am now pu pared at my ollice to trlve
medicated baths, and etvons wl.hlug to
ecelvu stiih, will call at my otllco on
Eighth street. No. 22, front thu hours ol
2 p.m. till U p.m. AImi plane baths, hot
baths, warm baths, cold baths, or vapor
baths, ANo perous having thu con
sumption or weak lungs, and wishing to
receive medicines by inhalation, can re
ceive thu treatment at my ofllc this be
ing thu only true way of getting medi
cine direct to the lungs. Also I treat dis
ease of thu eye3 of years standing, and
the blind has been made t'i see by my
treatment. All d I. -eases of the skin 1
cure. Fistula enrrd hy mo without the
iK' ol the knife If yon have- a cancer
come and bo cured. All private discuses,
lu Hid shortest time, cured by me. In
short, for all chronic diseases of the hu
man sytein, go to Dr. Hull7. If you wMi
lo bo cured. 1 compound and prepare all
my medicines at my ollice. It is said
that practice makes peril ct, I have been
thirty years a practicing physician.
All letters and communications ahull
he contldcntlid and ptomplly alleudud to
by me. Direct, Du. Multz,
No. 32 Eighth ilrtwt, Cairo, lllluoli,
river News.
Nral)ar.snrisr, ttivtr rtsront.
ru ft .o
j rr. tx. rr. t.
i ""a"
d .iti
.in n t n
is in 4
n a i to
7 S I I
ill I Xft 4
' .X'l I
.i.jn:s wnixi.s,
Slgnnl .-civlr', I', a. A .
I Julio-
ItiMvIllu .....
xt l.nm
Kvm.vllle ..,
New Urlr.un
1'oit Mai.
Bloamcr J. W. .Mills, Padueah.
" City of Chester, Memphis.
" Bismarck, New Orleans.
' John Ollmoti!, tow, Pittsburg.
" U. P. Schcnck, New Orleans.
" Florcnco Lee, Kvanvllle.
" Cons Millar, ('inclnnatl.
Belle Memphis, St. Loul.
Steamer .1. W. Mills. Padueah.
Cliy or Chester, St. Louis.
" LllK-rty No.l, tow, Mlddleport.
" Blsinurk, St. Louis.
U. P. Si lienck Cluclunali.
" Flnreiieu Lee, Evausvllle.
" John F. Telle, New Orleans.
" John Ullmqre, tow, Si. Louis.
" Cons Millar. Memphis.
" Belle Memphis, Memphis.
ittvt'.n. weather and nnstxr.ss.
The river declined ouu and two-tlfths
The weathi r was clear and cold,
Businvf slight.
The.?. W. Mill bad :t fair trip.
The City vt Helena, from Vlcksburg
for t. LonK l diti! to-dav.
The James D. Parker, from Mem.
phis for Cincinnati, Mine to-day.
The Jehu Glhnore nnd tow left for
St. Lmd lat evenluir.
The Bell,; MemphN had n fair trip of
freight and paengers.
The II C. YaegerlsilueforSt.LoulB
from the Smith to-day. '
The Carrie V. Counts Is due from
New Orleati" f..r St. Loul to-day.
TheC. B Church due from Clncin-
nail for New Oileima lo-morrow.
The Eddyvlllc, from Nashville, will
be here to day.
-The Ch v of Qulncy left New Orleans
lnr St. Louis yesterday.
-The Capitol city, frtim St. Louis for
Ickfhnrg. Is due thU evening.
-The E. If. Dnrlre lea PUt.burg for
bt. Louis yenerday.
--The great tow-boat Jiwm. Il vn.
Hams leaves Pitt-burg for Louisville to.
-1 ne uoerty No. 4 llnlMied repairing
her hollers, and left with her tow for
Mlddleport ye.terday mnniln".
The BUmarck hail a good tr'p up
yenerdayinornlng. She jiut ofl ISOhhds
'UL'ar here.
The U. P. Schtnck. from New Or
leansforrinclnnatl. put olT 110 bbl mnlaa
ex and .15 lih.N -ugar lor Nashville. She
had a good trip.
I nu t loretice Lee, Capt. Did: Fow.
ler. came down very ijjht ye.terday. She
discharged what she had and returned
without getting anything heie.
The Cons. Millar, from Cincinnati
for Memphis, arrived at 2 o'clock jester-
u.iy uiiernoou. Shn put olf 25 U?z of
ueer and a small amount of other freight,
made some ndditloiis and went her way,
The John F. Tolle was still taking
freight at llalliday A Phillip,' wharf
boat at dailc last evening. Shu will get
about six hundred tons, nnd will leave
with about 1.500 ton..
The I'rin'ly of Captain Koitnt. are
pa.scnger- on thu Tolle to New Orleans.
Capt. Ivoiinu was to arrive in iho city
Irom ht. Louis via Ihe Illinol, Central
train la-t night, and w ll accompany them
10 thu t. resent City.
The Memphis Apptil ay3 :
A number of gentlemen were enter
tained by Cant Hubert W. Wln. on tho
steamer Parker. Ia-t night, with a mill-
sirel performance ot no little merit. Cap.
Wi.e lia.a regular baud besides a troupe
of colored nrtiM and clog-dancers, who
give etitertalnmeutM ot a verv interesiloi'
character. The orchestra N under charge
of Judge Kelso, who Is insisted by Prof.
r .... . .1 .. - .
i.ou ncurugg". 00111 geutiemeu oeing
vlolliiht.- of rare accompli. hinents.
The St. Louis Urpublitnn of jester.
day saj-s: "The Belle ol Shrevcport
for New Orleans hacked out at diyllght
from (.arnmlolet, ami when making n
crossing towards t lie Mls-ourl slioreat
lloetail, she ran aground. Being ui n
hie to get her oil' her tnatercame up and
got ill's Alf Stevens to tow to her Con
rail's barge Anna, to which tho Belle's
c.iigou will bu removed. Under Ihe cir.
cuiiitiiuei-s with the icu lucrea-lng last
night, her eoudlllon may become crit
ical." I'ur K'iiimiw Mini 4!o I or lido.
The Aichi-ou, Topcka and Santa Fc
railroad from Ivau-as Cliy and Atchison
on thu Ml-souri river, via Topeka. the
capltol ot Kansas, and thu bcauillul Ar-
kautax valley to the ilocky Mouutulus.
The shortest rute to Puehclo the Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs, Manitou,
Pikes Speak, nnd ull places of note lu tho
mountain regions. The favorite route
to Denver mid nil points In Northern
Colorado. Thu best route lo Southern
Colorado, New. Mexico and Arizona, Thu
only dlr.-ct routu to thu famous San
Juan mines. The track und equipment
Is ituequalcd, trains run through from
thu Missouri river to the Hocky Moun
tain.1, making connections in Union de
pots and avoiding delays and trans
fers. For full descrjntlvo tiruilat's
iiuipj, ..turn tables, ulo., address
Gen'l Pass. Agent, TopeUa. ICati.
l.ui-nl I'lilt-Ulinl.
Lessous fiiveti lu Penmanship, flue
Penmanship, Steamboat Book-keeping,
Card willing, Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., ut thu rooms ot C. J,
Howe, Nos. 15 uud 10, Winter's Block,
corner Seventh street uud CommercUl
avenue. Ladles class every .afternoon
from 4 tu 5 o'clock, and iaturdays from
i to 4 'o'clock. ' 1-ifWia.
A So. s J.Miindrr,
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, be.
tweeu Washington and Commercial ave
nues, lias 0110 of 1 lie beat conducted laun
dry establishment" In the :!ty,antl land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
Und It to their advantage, to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows: Hotel
and boarding-house washing 75 cents
iier uoeii. t or piece work prices are as
rollows: Single shirt nnd collar. lOo; per
dozen, 80c; socks, Co,; two collars, 6c;
twoliaudkcrchlcrs, 5e; vests, 20c; nud
all gentlemen's wear, bOc. per dozen.
Ladles plain calico dres.es, 25e; calico
tlres-es with extra trimmings 60c; while
dresses. $1 25c t ladles'
and coarse, $1 00 per dozen. l-2S-tr.
Tnx re.
Notlco is listuby glrcn that the tsx book
for thu year 15J hive been placed In my
hands and Unit I will bo ut the following
places In Uctudci; county, on the dy be
low rt lorth fortlio purps of collecting
aid txc, vli
In Clear Creok pre Inct, at the toro of
E. Culloy A Co., Clear deck Landing,
Fciruar 20th, 1671..
In Timlin prcelnc , at thu sti'e of C. A.
.Marclill.lon, T.iolirs Mara 1st. lsTfl.
In Santa Fo precinct, a' tho atoro or W.
r.-Un L.SsntA Kc, March 2 I. ISTil.
IiiOojsc si up; pro (net. at 'he 'to-o of
u. u eenly. Omxe Isla 1.1, .Mircti Id, Wei,
In Dig T-oth t recite, at lha house of
.N linns ckei Ksfi., Ma ch Stli, 1676.
In Hailertoot iircelnct, ut tie offlco ol
sum Urllcy E'en, March 7th. 1370
In Unit) p'eclnet. Ht the st.rc of W. il.
Atheit. n, Ui by, Mir. h $i!i, s;c.
In S nith C I o at Hm ofllcu of John Q.
ilsrinan. i aim, March lOt'i, 13 0.
In North Cairo tucclnct. at tto court
h 'Us , Ca ro, March 11th, 1678.
I lie cud clor hcicby ca Is the special at
tention ol mx payer- to Section 137 of the
Caap cr ua m revenue, rev sed M.tuten,
In which be la required to make distraint
upon the personal proper y of nil tsx p y-
is in de ault tor peonl tixc, fier
Mnrch U th. Till- pr- V a on ot law Will be
vl'omu ly enforced. Tho to luiercttd wil
tiierofore b arihe fct In mlnj and sava
Bring your 'ast jvars tax rcse'ptu and do
nut tru.t t. the tax ie.uk. for Uls.-rlptlon or
your laud. ALEX. II. 1HV1N
Ci'ro IP., February lt, 1876.
Real Estate Column
1011 SALK.
Lot 2, block C, city, on Ohio levee,
atiove 'I'weirth strret, outside lire limits.
Verv cheap. Terms liberal.
Uoud dwelling houso on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second nnd Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar streets.-
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by C utinfngliam A Stlhwll.
Wlnter'R Block-suitable for Hotxl
Ofllces or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered f, 8 and 0. In
Winter's liow C rooms each, for 310 im.t
No. 10 (corner), $12 607 rooms.
Cottago on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 1 rooms.
Storo room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Hulley.
A Htnall House wc! of Twenty
sccoud street, near Pine, !l per monlli.
Storo room on Levee, above Hlghth
street $20 per inontli.
Dwelling house on Sixth street and
Jefferson avenue.
Orphan Af.ylutn building and'prcml
ses. Kent low, to a good tetnnt.
Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washiiitoii iiveiiiut, $12 a month.
Itooius In various parts ot the city.
Lands, lu tracts to suit, near Cairo.
Wliokulu tnt Ktall Dulirs Ib
Foroign and ,'Domsitlo
No. 00 Ohio Ltvee,
ifKSSU! . SMYTH a CO. have constantly
IV L a lurg sUx-k of the beat got lu me mar
ket, anil Klvet-)-cUl atuatlon tolbe ttlioleeaU
ranrli nf lh lnixin-a
Tbo Highest Market Price Paid for
L.L. & W.N.MILLS, Exporters
lisj IViiukliu Hlrcel, i'llICAOU
1 1104 TAUriCO IIOlT IXi,
T.T. ttnoVN4 CO., Clmlunatl.O., AffiiU
frW-H ilAw-lin.
Siffliritin tin
T ie gritit NrT Conauror, nuv Bplhplto'ltfi
O mvaUlona, 8paami, at. Vllui Dane, and all
M rvouj OImiuc Ibe only known positive ma
e4 ror ICiiHrutta flu II tMt two IMtM J
tho iniN ana liai nf vtr ln knwn to Ml In
tomphU riMlliiuL,or,h'.,i JSvf d aotX
nrinary and rpnllltie oififiK.' J
Ihe throat, kfo or bon45 tlJdSiS"
HArxllr ril n.-a. 'rTal'u. ''th on-
Ihrec to flVt di7 sVnhii l""" 3 ft?"
totfailays, Orrr 17,frcurrt. SJX
MJ mm. rmAZi
nMbtiMi . Nmwi.IamI.. W ""(Mil
uel txctntn In mature r jmnrn I ill Imiin!
. . ' r. '"insnii union, rstlent
ii.,V..w.. J uuiinnwn who imvc DfCome the
1 im.i ?1.,.'rb':!, ?wraHr ssreepii to a ua
tlmlr aTT th(in'.iinl of vbun ftwn nr tZ.
2ifi?,ini5'..L,5iT 7ns ILWrnlBg bbsu
ataec. whtiliy tlut.jfounf nu, ihM
of his couBtrr , Uit.dirllB of hlpemt?MoSt
mtntsofllft by the conesqeeneca ordiTUuiat
from lh rmth pf nifureamilnfhifitlo In ob
... mni iuiiii. eucu pcrtoai aosf, before
"n'i'liln marrtaiw. rtflert tket 1 1 itmd
mina mi bwly era the moM Btcrtserr requTs Its
to promote Connubial tunninj.. If.lirf-T.K.Tl
n ii:'".v:-' ."
Ih.W lh. Inn...... ...... ;L1iT:' V-
r""ui luutTn wi
1 jT.'. ; rS m.lnrt l'n ihadowen with doiaUr
and dlltd with mtlanthollyraBectlona iSit1;
I"Ji!!,lng youn mn would mt, ilo sot
i:rp tnla teereet to yoiirirncl your Owl null
It haa capped the vital, and Irft you a wm-k of
hunianlty. a earw to youmll and a Burden to
-nflptr. If vnuan ntnfrip.i in ik.......
tt .T. "'" IT"' or mony nrundfd.
Cf" 4)1 female dlfllcultiea and impetllnunt to
Auurn, si. jowpn Meiiicai iniiuute. maeu
Jtrt, between Second aud Third, St. Jetena,
. . rz-n'rwu'i,,
Insurance Agent
Ortr Matbtui VTU't.
Ner?tedbat Ftrrt'CUM Cc"f- reTe
MMiHimro llll,
Insurance Agents
City Kit lot at Baak Buildlaf, apHtain.
Tho Oldeet EeUblUhed Amey la Sratb
n IlUnoU, repiMMtUeT crrer
cuiiximioN lucRim
- Kv1utv
Flour lHorcliant
Millers' Agent.
.VotO Ohio Levee,
. T. Ayrej. , D. Ayw.
Aa4 gtMUl
Oommisiion Merchant
Wo. 78
Dealer la J I
UllklmU hard! and ton.)
Mill m. Tr.,
Corner Thlrty-Tourth StrMt ui
OhlO IjwT .
Dealer in Fref h Meatt
Between Waeilnetoo ud OtmmmUi
TOIlttM, awOoiUBC MVtn'ty
KKY.V tin Ml Ute beat Beef, Perk, Ku Mob
, Veal. Uiob. Iiueaie, e.. Male pte
nrvad U rs ahitllH In all awptal.U meatier
Centenary History,
s " eee rwev j aim BfUVS.-al
EfA treat medical bookaaJ aeeieu for ladle
and ijuu. cent fire for two taaopa.

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