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BtaMU Mall" Kvery Pnge.
JOXff K. 01HU.T, Xdltor.
Biiooc, whoM trial bean in St.
Louhytnlajr,t;aBio wcitfroin Washing
tn With a hodV smartl of tlilrtv friend.
It wenis (o bo the Intention to IniprcM
the prowcution with a sense orthepirfo
nal Importance ot the dlatlnirulscil In
dieted. The trial will last niioiit n week
II convicted, llabcock can lio HiiimI not
lean than ono thousand nml not more
than ten thousnml dollar uml Imprison-
cil for not les than two years. The
prosecution well be conducted by Dis
trict Attorney DyernndiMr. Ilroadhead.
The counsel for ttio dcTeue iiuinlicrs
night lawyers.
The Argnt'Juurnal .fays : ' 'The lli'i.
lktix.Js Informed Mint Alderinnn Satip
kuw?Jurt what lie was talking about,
warn he wished to prevent me city tutor
ney from appearing to oppose the C. and
bt. L. It. It. Co. in proceeding to obtain
right of way, and was correct In liH po4
tlou." This is Information that we are
glad to obtain. Wc ttiought Alderman
Saup did not know just what he was do
ing; and, indeed, wc did not believe Al
Urrmati Saup had much to do with the
resolution. It was written by Mr. Soarls,
and was In his handwriting when Alder
man Saup .presented It. When an alder
man offers a resolution, written by the
lawyer ol a railroad company, Instruct'
ing the city attorney to not object to that
railroad company taking from the city
what It U teeklng In the courts, the Tact
Is at least a prima fueu evidence tli.it the
railroad lawyer knows more about the
resolution than the alderman. That Is
the way we look at the matter.
Gen. Sharmau says he never has been
and never will be a candidate for the
presidency. Gen. X. 1. Jianks declares
the same thing. The Xew York Sun
would like to sec P.oscoc Conkllng the
candidate of the llepubllcan party and
the New York Herald is apparently
strongly in faror ot him. Conkllng him
self says that he has never slgullicd that
he Is a candidate and has discouraged his
friends from making any demonstrations
in his iavor. He however is not us em
phatic on tho subject as General Sherman
and Bauks. He says that he has never
said that he wants to be president, but
he does not, on the other hand, M.r that
ho docs not want to be.
The Concord Patriot, one of the oldest
Democratic papers In New England, be
lieves that the name of General Wintlcld
Scott Ilaneock as a Democratic candi
date would carry terror iuto the ltepubll
can ranks, and that he would euny the
States ot Pennsylvania and New York
with an equal chance for Olito against nny
Republican, not excepting General
Hayes; that he could carry every South
ern State -, that If Trumbcll were placed
on the ticket with him, he would carry
Illinois, and that II the Republicans re
ject Blaine, he would receive the
electoral vote or Maine and Connecti
Every prominent dally newspaper has
Its story of a "late Interview at tho
White House." The Cincinnati Commer-
cuu's correspondent relates one "vouched
Tor by men worthy oi all belief." Grant
Bristow and Plerrcpont were'iu conver
satlon regarding Babcock's trial. The
president declared that he would no to
Ht. Louis and give his testimony in favor
of his secretary, and informed Bristow
that Uo did not approvu ot ytocc.u.
tlon ot the whiskey ring that ho un
derstood the plan of building up Bristow
at tho expense of Grant. Bristow was
astonished and dismayed. Pierrepont
mildly suggested that the president was
possibly hasty aud severe in his judg
ments, and was informed by Grant that
when he wished advice from members or
the cabinet as to his personal affairs, he
would inform them.
"The atory," says the correspondent,
"has some marks of Improbability, but It
Is so excellently vouched for that It seems
unwise to entirely discredit It."
These late rumors of unpleasantness
call for the repetition, for the hundredth
time, of the asmrance iu admlulstratlon
newspapers, that the relations between
Bristow aud Grant are perfectly liarruo
A revival of public interest in the
Btcvher business has been caused by the
publication of a letter written by Mr. H.
C. Bowcn to the examining committee of
Plymouth church. Mr. S. V. White, a
member of Plymouth church, laid It as a
grievance betore a committee of the church
that Mr. Bowcn had not acted In a Chris
tlin spirit by telling all he kuew about
Mr. Beechnr. Mr. Bowen's letter
li a reply to Mr. White's statement
of his grievance, and U of such
nature that herealter no member of
Mr. Uetcher's church can complain or
Mr. Bowen's silence. The letter Is not a
abort one, but the pith and point of It Is
coitained lu tus concluding paragraph :
Uy,0Y!l 6u,"mo,1l hero to rak
Lu. hYVlu ltY nothing
nut the truth, 1 solemnly ub it u m
unwavering opinion, in vPw or a" "he
facta and evidences presented t i. . ',
Itev. Henry Ward Uecchcr, wlthow wi!
the shadow or a doubt iu my mind, u
guilty of the awful crimes of adultery.
Iwrlurr nml )ivrwrle 'I'l.l. I .. ,?
. i mro 1,18 bar 01 tuls committee, W
wueraie opinion, nnu i may be per.
"fat I give it calmly,
. . T IT"' Bnu " oiuer man a
wortd" ' ciiureu uuii to tuo
n.12. ?mlUlUB wmiiulttco ol tho
2 5. U tUU lc"cr. have
notified Mr. Bowcn to meet them on
this (To,) .renin and pioil lit
be says. Tula wiU reopen the uota
mm beftra tie church, and judgUJt fro
tha tanor ot Bowen's .letter, luttrcsttiiit
nrttattttti y now bo looked rur.
The Aryui'Jounwl says that "the man
behind Davis endeavors to amine tho
people with the Idea that tho C. and St.
L. railroad company cannot get right or
way ItiMilc the new levee, but will have
to build n levee of their own outside."
The A-J. then proceeds to say that If the
Narrow Gauge Is pushed nslde and has
the means to build n leveo outside, It will
be suited. Of course It has the means to
build such n levee, since the Irlendo ol
Mr. Cauda and Searls nre proposing that
the road managed 0 miserably by those
gentlemen shall pay the cot of the rltv
levee, and for that con-liliratlon be per
mitted to run on top of It. SI nee. then,
Ihe.l-.. and Its friends aort that the
little road has enough money to
build a levee outside the city levee, and
that they wish the road to build such n
levee, what Is all the fuss about? We
want the railroad between the now lever
aud the river, and so say we all of it..
But, says the A. -J., (lie road will get
the right oi way inside, and the Cairo
Property Trustee will get the money
that would go to tho city provided light
of way Was allowed on tho new levee. The
Trustee might now give to thu road the
right of way Inside, and the company
would bo willing to pay his price It Is at
tempting to compel the Trustee to sell It
the right of way by condemnation pro
ccedlngs which ho Is resisting. Aud now
the A.'J. says the Trustee Is noxious to
do what the company is anxious to com
pel him to do, and which hu Is stub
bornly refusing to do. This is peculiar
Why is the Trustee refusing to permit
me company to have tho right of way
through his lands inside the levee f He-
cause he Is anxious to liavo the road run
outside. This is evident from tho fact
that his lawyers proposed in open court
to withdraw all proceedings and give the
company all Its old rights unquestioned
If it would agree upon a compromise line
between the new levee and the river mid
agree again to protect the river bank It
own embankment against the river
The road refused. Why? Because It
had been assured that the city council of
Cairo did not want tho road to light
tue river, hut would take that contract
upon Its own shoulders. The A,-J.
knows this, and knows that by permit
ting the railroad company to get upon
the new levee, tho city will, by that per
mission, relieve the road from all obllga
Hons to resist tho assaults of tlie river
upon.the levee, and will tako upon itself
that duty.
A torrc.-nondnnt ol'lliof:lilc.i"n Timm.
wrltllic from Snriii.'llol.l. Iii.1ii1.i In
some speculations concerning State poll-
tics and next lairs campaign. It Is al
ready settled that tli2ie will be three
tickets lu the Held ; tho ltcimblk-nii.
Democratic and Independent. The prom
inent candidates for tho governorship of
the llepubllcan. party arc Bevcridgc,
bhclby M. Culloin, of baiisainoii county,
ami Medill ot tlie Chicago 1
wie. Medill's name J" (o be the fec-
oiid oil litis ticket, with CoiiL'resniuti
Fort or Hon. Milton Hay to head it. lu
case ot success, the head ol tlie ticket
will be made United States senator and
Medill will succeed as iroveruor. Mc-
amn uesiro to be governor, says this re
doubtable correspondent, explains the an
imus of the attack made In the Tribune ou
various administration acts of Bevcridgc ;
Cullum be charges with being Inter
ested In tho Peklu whisky ring,
which If proved, will matcriallv In-
iure his elliglbllity as n candidate.
For lieutenant governor, Santordof
Knox county ; Sheldon of Champaign,
Bldgeway of Gallatin, Ferrell ot Hardin.
Jones of Jo Daviess, and Shumanof the
Chicago Evening Journal, nrc probable
candidates. For secretary of State, the
present incumbent, llsrlow, and Scroggs,
eauor, oi unampalgn, are talked of,
with the chances iu tavor of t!u
former. Statu Auditor Llnnlnc-ntt win
be weakly opposed by Gardner of Cham
paign and Needles of Washington. The
two Republican candidates for state
treasurer are Hutz aud Hamhurirnr.
Canlleld of Kane, Callahan of Vermillion
and Steele of Coles, would each like to
step Into Attorney Gcnerd Edsall'a
place, who will retain It it ho can.
'Iho candidates of tho Democracy for
governor are soon counted hv tli r;,
correspondent: Morrison, member of
congress irom the Seventeenth district,
Win, Brown of Jacksonville and Judge
Allen of Carbondale. Casey of Jeffer
son, T.cc of Peoria and Kchoo of Conk
arespokeu ot lit connection with the lieu
tenant governorship. E. L. Merrltt of
the .State Ilcgitter "I001113 into proml-
uence when tho stato secretaryship U
'J ho Independents have two candidates
forgo vcrnor, Stewart of IVoodfort county,
an old-line Democrat, aud Flagg or
Madison county.
JU. Smith. Ot Kewauni.i. n.ul
Springer, ol Yorkvlllo ara mentioned for
Bccreiary 01 state, with tho preponder
anee ot chances In favor of Smith. U'niir
of the Uloomlngton Appeal, Is also men-
uoneu 111 mis connection. l or treasurer
but two names are entertained : tlms.. ni
Hon. J. H. Pkkcrell. or Dewltt
and K, HhacklcforO. of iiloointrnrtAn'
Pinchback Is getting tolerably cio?o
to being a United States cciiator.
The Pilnccss Bfjatrice, Queen Vic
toria's only remaining unmarried daugli
tcr, Is engaged to be married to Prince
1jopold of Germany.
The house appropriations committee
or u Democratic congress have voted to
reduce the president's salary alter tho 1th
of March, 1M7, to $23,000.
-The Jury tht. Eandli-Carruth
shooting case, which has been on tilal at
Vlneland, New Jersey, acquitted l.andU
on the grounds of Insanity.
-Ono or the ways taken to get rid or
children lu London Is to smother them iu
bed. It is reported that in tlie dUtrlct ol
.Middlesex alone 300 children nr.. ,.
pually smothered In bed by their parent.
Tho cattle of Champaign county ;are
dying of nn unknown dUean1. They arc
found dead In the inorniiig ullrr reeding
11s usual tho day before. Xo remedy Is
known. Cattlo dealcre arc considerably
anxious over the matter.
A dreadful panic occurred in a Cin
cinnati theater on Saturday nftoriiooit,
caused by 11 false alarm of lire. Eleven
persons, women nml chlldrcu.wcn! killed
and seven Injured. MUs Annie lilcnzl,
ot Alton, Illinois, who was visiting
Irlcnds hi Cincinnati, was killed.
Wendell Phillips Is lecturing lu the
East on "The relations of thu Govern-
ment to the lmlljn." Phillips an aliens
the government tor not having kept lallh
with thu Indians for having made bar
gains time nml again with them and sys
temallcally broken every piomi'o made
to them. He said "there is 110 law ot na.
lions that did not Justify Modoc Jack in
his treatment of General Canby, and yet
wc captured and hung him."
Preparations for His Trial
Arrival of Gon. Porter
in St. Louis.
Will tho President bo Called
rt3 a Witness.
The Luckev Messaaes A Witness
to Rend the Cypher.
St. Ijiils Times, y'tb, '.
TI10 rrculdoiiln 11 Wllnrw.
In conversation, yesterday, with nn
eminent attorney ot this city, who has
taken great Interest in tho whisky trials
and watched tho proceedings closely, a
Times reporter asked Jlus opinion ol the
president appearing a a witness for Bab
cock. The attorney replied: "It's the
very worst thing fur llabcock that could
possibly be ilonc. As I understand the
purpoe. from all thu papers, It Is to
iirovi- bv the president that Bahcock
never interfered with him ludils appolnt
incuts and removal from ollkv ; that ho
refrained altogether Irom taking any part
or prompting Iu action in thu manage
ment of thu various departments of the
Cnveriiini nt over which thot)reldcntlia,
of course, supreme control. Now, If tho
urosldeiit takes the stand he voliiJ"ly
subiccts himself to the samiMV''r pur
sued by anv other willies. -ven tho hum
iiW pfiioi'i in Hi,, laml. film prosecution
fulllll their whole duty and crosy-cxain-luc
him as rigidly as they would any
other wltiics-and thN ihey should ccr-tni.,i.-
,ii. u 111 maintain luhischnr-
neterlstlopo'fllvc ii-anner, thesUitcinents
n his evamhiatlon-In-elilef. then
in'reimitnl thu nrosccutlou will put Kx-
Commissioner ol Internal Revenue Doug
lass on the stand nml lie must suck 10
thu evidence he gave in tue A very trial.
which wax tnut in oueiucnco to a rcriiiei
from llabcock ho (Douglass) visited the
White House, where hu met llabcock iu
one of thu halls oranto-rooiiH ; that Bab-
coek spoko to hhn about lliu order, ic
ccntly Itsued, changing supcrvNors from
one district t another, and advised him
It. stathiL' that he (Bah-
cockj had juM. come from tho president,
w ho directed him to say that ho (the
tircfldenO would lesciud thu older if
Douglass did not. Douglas retired to
rescind, Miylug It was the only coursu he
could pursue to stop frauds hero and If
the order was revoked It would bo with
out hU consent. Within a short time
the order was revoked by the president
and now you sec iu what an unfortunate,
position the president's testimony will
place liitn. .. .
--ity Douglass' testimony it will ap
pear that llabcock ued the president's
imine without authority to accomplish
his purpose. That Is not the worst of
It; as tho president did rescind the order
within a day or two alter Babcoek told
Douglass he would, thinklur people will
ask how llabcock became, possessed of
the president's Intentions iu rcgird to
tills matter; he could not have read thu
president s mind anil nave lorctoui what
ho would do."
Judge I'orter'H Arrival.
Jiulire John K. Porter, one or the coun
sel tor Beeeher during his memorable
trial, ami at present counsel lor uoneiai
llabcock, arrived from New York yes
terday uiorulni: and took rooms at the
i.imicii. lie lemaincii al tlie Hotel ilur
lug thu day, and a short tliuo alter hi:
arrival was visited iu his room by Hon
K. A. Storrs, Judge Kriimand others In
terested. Alter: this visit all thu coiin-
sul spent thu balance of the day lu their
own rooms, no doubt lortlfylng them
selves against a hard week's labor by a
good rest. Later In thu ntternoon Judge
Porter lett thu hotel with a friend, hut re
turned lu time for an evening consulta
tion with Mr. Storrs and Judge Chester
General Babeock took breakfast In the
large ordinary yesterday, and dinner at
six o'clock in the ladles' ordinary w ith
his father-in-law, Colonel Cauibcll. Hu
appeared lu excellent spirits and chatted
with tho-e around him lu an easy man
ner. Tlie l.uekvy Mcimico.
The clerks ol tho LIudcll Hotel have
been Hiibpiened as witnesses in the llab
cock case to testify to tho receipt and de
livery of certain telegrams received hv
Colonel I.uckey during tho Avery trlul
last full. It Is alleged that n regular tele
graphic correspondence was kept up dur
ing that trial between Babcoek iu Wash
ington and I.uckey iu St. I.ouls ; that
Colonel I.uckey was sent here to keep
General llabcock posted, Thcso tele
grams aru all lu thu hands ol thu prose
cution, but are written In cypher. That
dllllculty has beun obviated, however, by
Colonel Dyer's having subpmncd u wit
ness from Washington who understands
and readily reads the cypher.
Altinipl lul'iiur Crkcit'l'riirtiN.
Nr.w Uiu.r.ANs, Feb. C U Is reported
on the best authority that certain parlies
mixed up In ciooked whisky have dis
patched an emissary to Mobllo lor thu
purpose, It is surmised, cither to destioy
certain records deposited there, or to ad
vise dealers who may have had business
with thu parties hero of tho best tactics to
he pursued iu the event ot an Investiga
tion there. The l.'nlted States district
attorney took steps to guard against
uch a contingency, by telegraphing to
the ofllclals theiu to keep a strict survell
lancn over the movements of thu rcctlilers
and liquor dealers or that city.
A I'ew Word lu I rnble uml ID Hint,,
By R. . Pierce, M. D or tho World
f) Ispciisary, tullalo, N. Y Author of
J ho People s Common Heme Medical
Adviiir," etc.,
Knowing that you arc subject to a
great umouiit or kiillerlng, that delicacy
on your part luu u strong tendency to
prolong ft, ami the longer It Is neglected
Iho more you have to endure and tho
more dllllciilt ot cure your ca-o Incomes,
I, as 11 phyolclun, who am dally consulted
by scores of your sex, desire to say to
you, that I am constantly meeting with
thoeo who have been tratul
lor their ailments for months um,.
out being bcntllted lu the kst, until
they have Ixvomi' perfectly discouraged
nml have nlimxt Hindu up their mind
nurt(i lake another dose or medicine,
or bo torturei by any Inrtlier treatment.
They had rather die and have their suf
ferings cndeil than to live nml miller 11a
they have. I hey say they nro worn
out by sulliilng. nml nro only madu
worse by H Unent. Of any thing more
dl?coura','lne, wo eertainly cannot eon
eclvo, ami Wir'' nieru no moru ;uecessful
mode of tn ling filch illlllciillles than
that, the principles or which tench the
reducing niul'li'ph'tlngnt the vital forces
of the systcn. when u, imllerdlous dic
tate a trcaliieiit, directly (he ruvei'M! ol
the one adopt1' I lor them.tlieii'ciue would
bu deplorablt Indeed. Hut, lady siillcrers.
there N a hefr and far more sueccssrul
Plan ortivaim nl lor you; ono inure 111
linruiony will thehtWRnml reiulieinenls
of your syst ni. A lnrh, Irrllallng
caustic Irealiiinl and strong medicines
will never ens' you. If you would 110
rational ini'.oJ, such us commou-sen'i'
should dielati lo every Intelligent ladv,
take such indlelnes as embody Hie very
best lnlgoiillng tonics and nervine,
compounded with social ix'lcrcneu lo
your delicate system. Such a happy
eotnbInatIon)oii will llnd lu my Favor
ite Prcscrlplun, which has received the
highest pnd-c Irom thouauds ol your
sex, Tho-olinguld, tiresome sensation1,
causing you teel scarcely able to bo 011
your leot or I'eeiul n lllght ot stairs ; that
continual drilu that Is sapping Irom your
KVstein all tour lormer elasticity, mid
(Irlvlng thf bloom Irom your cheeks;
tint cont'iiual strain upon your vital
forces thi renders you irritable and Iret
lul, mar all bu uvercome ami sub
dued !' n persevering use of that
marvekii remedy. Irregularities nml
obsrucfoiis to Iho proper working of
vonrsvrtcm nro relieved by this inlhlniitl
Into ik-1""' while periodical pains, the
e.xl.dfM't' of which Is n sure Indication ol
serloi' disease that should not bu no
glcctoil. readily yield to It. and If Its use
be kept up for 11 reasonable length o
tliii'.1. the special caue of these pains Is
permanently removed. Further light
outline subjects may bo obtained from
'IV People's Common Seno Medical
Ailii'cr," lu which I have devoted n
lnrjii space to thu consideration of all
urm ot diseases peculiar to your sex.
''Ids work will he post-paid to nnv ad-
ilres on receipt of SI ".0. My favorite pre
scription is sold by druggists.
A ."'. 1 f.iiuiiilrj'.
It lJ now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
tho laundress, No. VJi Fourth street, be
tween Washington nnd Commercial ave
nue0, has one of the best conducted laun
dry MfablLshmcnts lu the ;ltv, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
llnd It to their advantage lo call upon
her. Her price? nru as follows: Hotel
and boardhig-houso washing 75 cents
per (i07.cn. 1 or pieco work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
dozen, SOo; socks, oc; two collars, 5c;
two haudkcrcmcW, iic; vests, i!0c; and
all gentlemen's wear, M)c. per dozen.
Ladles plain calico dresses, 2."o; calico
drc.-ses with extra trimmings, &0o; white
dresses, SI 2.-.c; ladles' underwnre, llnu
nnd coare, $1 00 per dozen. l-U.'l-tf.
St Jo. Medical
"Eitablisisi auMgi- froa Quackery.
rpili: only place wlicit u nite cure civn he ie
.L Hut linon I.ittlo li imiunil In tliouuv .if
mlttrtUliii;, in tli rciiutalion oftln-lustltiitlou
Is-well known tliruu'liout Hie Wrst. Callunil
InsivDnvtm-ul that tliU It the lawst nml ,nt
complete Institution nfllip html in Aliierlculiir
tho mirei'SbUil lieiii.- 01 all Cliiunio .Txual.
l-il...... ...1 i-.ui.-K-.il lllsirjusorhotli M.li,6liell
a-t .-) phlli-i, O.inorin.LM, (iloit, htricturu, itiii "
tmu, arm-L-rins, On-liltU, Jiulm, Ac. All
urinary anil Hy,l.llltic oilim-rciulal affecllons ol
thft iio.U, hkiu orbonn r.n- In-uted Willi tin-
liarilllclCll rUClTSil. tiolllitlliirn 1,, IV...
Ililif to live il.iv. Sviihllis curwllii lioliillte
tn tt-n tiny . Oti-r 17,'JTU com-s ciiimI. m.ii.i.,,.1
imi-curyoranyiilliir mineral iwlnon. Iatlentn
at a ilUtanic treated hy Irttt-r. Meillclnei fcent
eurywherc. )uuiiff wen who liac Income the
lcllinei one Itary Ucf-lhat I re-a. 1 t'u I ami Ue
; ru.;tlc linhit which uiiiuuiymvce.s to an uu
llmelVKnue thu-nncl or uiwx men ol li e
moat exalted talent, , hnlliant Intellect, who
",u,!,lt''f "r 'Hiiemv. or wak.il to
deuce, WhatiiiiilytlmtaiouiiKman. the lion
he miatchpl Horn all i.ru.cis uml enjoy
iientH ot life by thu roiiMiiuenci- or.l laiini:
rom the path of iialuru mil ImlulKliiK In a cer
tain secret habit, hucli prions unlit, U-I'oie
contemiilatliiK iiiarrhiKe, rut.t-t that n sound
mind mid liody are tho iuot ii.censurv nfiiiUllrv
o iiroino lecxiniiiihial hamiino s Indwl without
llii-ee thejourney throiiKh III,- ;lromCj u Wety
. l(!rlmaKe, the iiro9-et liouily darken lo lh
v't,i,n,l'f "'i1.'."1 fiadowed w itli tU-pulr
and I lied with liielaiiclmlIyreil,clloiH that the
liiilUilneM olaiiothtriij hllKhted with our own.
lo all errlni; youiiB men we would fay, do not
Lren lis Hccicetlo rni-Ki lr.,.i n
It him HipHiI the- Italian.! Ult you u wmk or
liumanlty, a riiftetoyourull and a burden to
goclcty. II yoiiaiu entaiiKled in the hiiiiiu of
V, i ' "r ny private Uisuihp, flee Irom
IU ilNtnictlon, ami apply at St. .losepli Slclical
liiBtitiite lor lieatment, aud Li-comeoneo more u
human beiiiK.
CCiire Kuarimtifd or money refunded.
mJIJ u, ? ,ll!",i:""l nd iiiullinents lo
Marriage tivated w ith Kiil.tyaiul succcw.
S3-A (treat miilieal booluind kecieU lor ladled
nml ifenH. M-nt ir.v lor t ,tamiis.
oi, "r?,.,'.' u'1'11 M!''Ucal Inmltule. Kiancl
filrect, betwmn fcu-oiulaii.rililnl.Sf.JM.wi.il,
MlMOiul. Hi-U.y.dAw-ly.
t?.V.1li".Tt l'06'1,11'11)' "ue nny rae oriheuina
tlmi nr ili.uinnlli! koui, no nuitter how loin
Btaiidlnif, on Iht-tici-orilieenilli. Ileluitun Jt
wanl aiipllcallou It does lliwworkmilekly. ih
otiKhlv and neniu-uently, lt.ivln Hie Vynli- u
StroiiKMiiM hlui,y M'ritu to nny roiulue lit
rnlWiKlilnKtt.i City, and y5 wll "ain
tilar 'JU' ",tc""t " tnt" '" tury 1'iutlo-
co.iu:.vsr.(i cuitrincviKs.
.Vutiiiiul Hotel,
. , ,Ivr"',,llK0,i' ' I'fctinbci l!, 1871.
)I ivs llilil,uutlnu& lientleyi
dentil I uiyclmrfiillyi-latetlintl iu-e.1 Du
ninx'ii llluuijutlo Itemmly with ilecldid beiallt.
Minibi r ol' Coni'iei of ( ,u ,
l'rel1cutlal Mansion,
,r V'luhlnBton. I), ('., Audi 2J, le7a.
Messrs HiliAviutlin A jlenlley i
oentsi 1 tr the liobt neuu years iny wife liai
. ,Vi' u """''tiller irom ilieiiin.ilUin, hei iloelov
Ijillnif lo tthv .r rcluf, .lucl tlneu hollle
iHininx'rt tl.mmutlo l!une.ly, and n iiorinniient
cure wi'H tlieri-,iit. W'M. II. CltOOK,
uthc Clerk to I'leil.leu.lJrant."
, W.ihliiston, I), f , .Marclitl, 1873.
In lhei.aii,r twelve houis my rheuiimllmn
wan cone, litinK taken Ihreodo.e oniiimnir'd
Itheuiiiutfc IL nicVly. Mv brother.' J. II. Omiih,
ol lltillord, I'.i wnscuredliyii.lmllaviiinounl.
Member ot'Coimreoa or 1'a.
Trice one Oollar a boltle, or lx lioltle for five
uolljira. ,uk .,urilniKKl.t lor Dunins'n lttuii
limllo ll;;ni.ly manufacmred by
"l-1-l'lll..NhTIKK A IIB.NTI.KV,
I'riiKh'Ut nnd Ciiemlsla,
, .l- . 1 WahliiL-ton, U. C,
I Hl3-ror e:,I,. chlcaKO, by Van S-chaaeW
f'1;";11"'" Held, ami Lord fcmltli A Co.
10 iV'wl ""W"-
ual licbillty anil linjiotcucy, l.o r hV.Miul
r.iwur, us then-.tiltori-ir-HLaei-ln yontli.Mx
ual excici hi iiiMiurer jmrs, 11ml all Iniutll
ininttito 111.1rri.1xt. iicriiuiitntK mir,.i , nl..,,.
PrVKc"lVtH LnflVvJ ' 1K"l1 nP0' o Climr nn you would wUh to .moko fo
ami dlHu n CVit u. i 'j :Vyi?.,.'.'ihu',A''VV'i D"r""r '', wnr nol.l w..nt uutollOO
th. Ir own W J v U Vhhl p ii'i". " ,mM "."I" h,xt k hHi eni to liol.l
La Ficcadura,
hSl o ! lUv. VhuVnM l.lllun
Ihc rule, by KUtm , hI. g ". b,'a"u tlwVii i ,Vi.V ?'.r,,f ' 1 "f ll,l,K" l,v l"
miuieni, and Iheiriixtiita. -r, lorine mutunl n tvaliljiKf ol Ihem.eheii, llir.ou.
Givo tlaona. a Trial and bo Convinced
Sole Agents, Cairo. Ills.
Importer and Wholosalo Doaler in
jporuaxcHjar aktd domestic
Wines and Liquor s,
Koops a full stock of
XSLoiatrxolty Bourbon,
Monongahela,Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $..25 A YEAR.
Tho Pcoplo's Romcdy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor.
Note: Ak for Ponjl' Extrnot.
Take no other.
Mirer for I will aueak of exrelKnt llilics,'
Injiirl-M to linn or lt.i:au,
L'..ll ll..-.. '
t(,a, ... it i.e. .
Strolii, Sprain, Coiitu-
eloua, l)HI(atlniii.
l'riM-lnr-, Cuti, Ijuern-
te.1 or IneUeil Wollli'li
Illi-eilliiur I.iintN, or
'(. Illet-il, unit llletil-
liiK uuiiih or I tvlh
Vomit I ni; of IIIii.mI uiul
llloo.lv lllncharueH.
Vitvn - lllrwIliiK I'ilM.
Ill li.l I'll.n. (lulu Ihle 1
Tool lincliisl.araehf, Neu-
ruiKia, hweiie.1 rf,
ItlieilllllllUllI, Itlieiuilll
tlRSwellimrorMorviieiiii. Mllll'iii'.i or Soreneim,
I.umlmKii, Ijiiul-lluck.
Mtirf Tliroitl orOulnsy,
Inllame.l TounlU,
lllilli-rlii, llroiiilil
tlx, Aslliiiin.
Hitrv or lnllumel Kyea or
Ciilurrli, U-ucorrhea,
I Illanhea, Itjffentery.
Sow .Mil-n, Iniliiiiu.t
Painful or loo Trofute
Milk l.'ir. (Ivarian 1I-
eaw uml Tumom.
Itliliicy 4iiiliilii(,
(illlVfl llllll .Slnil.iniri-.
CliitlliiKH nnil i;xcorla-
llona ol Inlantii, or
urirHi. Vi'Iiin. Iln-
larKcl or Inllameil Velni,
I li en., Ohl hori-K, Inter-
nal Ulcerations,
lluIN, Carhuncles, Tu
mors. Hilt MVI-!liL'rt-
i'nriiH ami lluulons, Chat-
e.l fr f.re Feet,
CliiilliiKN.IIarnesdor Sa'l-
tile (ialls.
I'tlnii or Whitlow, Krost
ii I I.lmlis or I'urtfl.
.tIiliifo IlllrN. Insect
ftimgd, ciiappeil llau.U,
I'ONIVN Il.VTKAirrislorBalol.yall I'lrnl
'Iish lrilKKiHlii,An.l recommenilnlliy
all DriiKKiKts, rhjslelans, uml 'rrj
biiily who lins t--r iiseil 11.
I'liiniilili t eoiitiiliihiK lll.tory anil Ufesmall
r.1 li. von uiillculioi,, It nut luuml utjour
4ia-r.-i3-.ny WoM V,r,t """
i.iui'oit icai.:hs.
Wholesale uu.l P.ttall DcaUrs In
Foroign nnd IDomnstio
No. 60 Ohio Lovoo,
MUSSltP. SMVTIC A CO. have constantly
a Unto stock of tho best kooiIs In I lie mar
ket, ami Klvoesnecial attention to the holusal
ranrh or the. InnlnwK
imuI naitio f..r n'lill'li'nil.M ilmilur, il itTeat tuliie.
ir, 11, (1 ,1'AaU. g Vi'u.li, Ki, JndiiuiilvUs JnJ.
otiier Mi rlinvni ean ,i..duceu Cluaror
The Gamble Wagon
(TFACTDKED i iHiuPAcroRy, onio levee
I Near Thirth-Fourth Btrot
Wagon Maker,
SIXTH STREET, liotwoon OniO
Jff,'iiiufiicti!roHhlu own Homo Shout unrt.
can Assure Uooil Work.
VAitiin y sioiti:.
Wew-York Store
Goodo Sold Very CIobo,
Oornor 10th St. nnd Commercial AvJ
Fashionable Barbor
Datween Whlnirton nnd lOomiacrclnl
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Leading Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
Will ntcajfai-tly uiiiou the iiollclm ol IU
Itt'puhllfsn parly, ami r fu-- to tic turn-mellt-.l
,,llirt iltctitlouol any cll(iin In the
Uuiuncratlc nrinlatlori.
It lieiteMs that th IIe.tihllcnn pally liu
fiiltlllc.l Its inltston, ami Uml the iHmo
cr.itlc party ai now organized t-huttlu I'cro.
ktorcil to power.
It believes the Itaillcal trrauiiy that bu
for cviril yi-.in opprcke.l the SotlUi
liotiM be overthrown anil the people ci ill
Southern .State prnuttlcl to control then
own stlalr-.
It bellovn ttiat railroad corporatloa
tihouM be prubibll.l by lexUUtlve fMctt
uients froui (ixtorlme ami uuju.tly dstcritn
liutltit' in their btflnrss transactions ti Ufa
tin; ptll.llr.
It recount 1 tie equality ot all turn t
lore the law.
It advocates tree romraorre laiitl lo!
revenue only.
II advocate? resumption of specie pay
ment, nml liunekt payment ol tbo public
It advocate economy in Uio admlnlstr.
tlon nl public atMIr
The llulletln will publish all tho local no wa
ol Cairo, nnd a variety ol Commercial, Po
litical, ForclKii un.l (Icucrul News, and en
deavor to ploa-so all tate am! Inlcrcet uli
Is a thirty-two column pnper, turnUlicil to
Hiib.urlbers for tbo low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
Postage prepaid. It Is Ibo cbeapest paper
iu tbo West, and is a pleasing Flresido
Visitor nml Kamlly Companion,
Cannot fall to sco tbo uu'lvalcd InducO'
niotitsoircred by Tho Jtullclln In tbo '"ay
ol chpap and profitable- advertisement.
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