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"ahoaun"i.oi)Ok, no" tA.'
Knlalifa of I'ytlilM, meeUenry rrl
(lur tificlit t hall-taut Mvro, in Odd-
iv1l,iw' IUII. Iluwt.
Chancellor Commander.
ind'iwnnrni wrurr 01 mju.rr .
Flow, iiiivla I'tvry 'Jnuraday night
Joiururrrlal atenue, bi t wo n Mlh anil rletrnth
ai iiuiiuani prim, ill liirir nan fin
UtH. t IU, I.AMK, .N. Ui
1AIIHI i'.NCAMI'MKNT, I. O. O. V., tun-It
KJlu oiii-riiiuw' iuii on tii nmlauil third
I mwK) in i-trry mount, ui tiair.paai acvt n.
Jnii II Uuwkmam, U. V
Hold rivtilar coliimutilralloiie In Ma
liM toulr Hull, lorniT Commercial attune
' " "l IK I l.lglitli attirl, nu the ercolld and
'nun ainniiitv in mi ii mmiili.
Attention! llrnlrm.
u have lour dozen Imitation Kliony
sprnjjui! Ciiii-0m'ihth, taken for udver-
thing, wlilrli we will tell at two dollar
per doin. Inquire at Bulletin olllce.
Ucml! 'wnl I
I wldi to Inform the Itl.cn of Cairo
that I keep on linnd n largo supply of
com ofillll.-rent kinds, which I will stll
as follow.", delivered in any part of the
city: $2 50 to $1 ih.t ton, oa.h, and full
weight jjuaraiitfttl. .Jamkh Joh.
Nam Coal oiHrr,
F. M. Ward hat opened ncoal ofllce on
fouth ldc of Eighth at rcct.No.ai .between
Commercial and Wuliliigton avenue, In
Sargcut's shoe itore. Ho will sell Har-
rhburg coal delivered In any part of the
city at $:i 25 per Mnglo ton, or $3 per
ton In four-ton lots; lllg Muddy coal at
$1 per Kirigle ton, or $7 CO for two ton,
all delivered. These are rock bottom
prices, and mean cash and cash only.
' 1-23-1 in
The Delta City Cornet Hand will give n
Orarul Jlaftiuerado Hall on February
IStli, ISTfl, at tho New Turner Hall, cor
ner '1 enth street and asblngton avenue.
There will Ikj two prizes awarded, a
gold headed cino for the gentleman, and
n line musical album to the lady for the
beit represented character in attendance,
tho decision to be inado by dltlutervstcd
New costumes Irom .St. I.ouls will be
tor rent at PhllHaup'n store.
arTlckets for sale at P.O. Schulfa
.1. llurgcrV, K. it V. Huiler's nnd Mc-
Oauley's drug Btore. l-Md.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) linlMi,
valued at $. Will he Mild at $20 dis
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
Irom tin; factor'.
Colored mid mounted Maps ol the
city ol Cairo at $2 CO each (halt price.)
A No. Wilson Shuttle Sewm Ma.
chine valued at $75. Will be sold at S15
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $00 llemliigton Sewing Machine
$30 oil for cash. Suitable tor tailor or
boot and Mioe manufacturer.
A etylo "E," "Clough, Warren &
Co.'s" l'arlor Organ, right from the fac
tory at Detroit. I.Ut price, $300. Will
I .old for !).
1000 sheets of britol Iwartl just re
ceived at tho Ilt".i -nv olllce, and lor
rale to the trade.
of Cairo,
colored and varnished, fur talc at half
price (S2.WJ) at the Hui.lkti.n otllec.
20,000 note hcad'i, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads!, 10 reams ttatements,
20 reams bill heads CarlMe paper JuM
received and for sale at the Huli.ktin
For any of (lie above article)", apply a
he Hui.lkti.n olllce. E. A. IIuiinkit
Oyster, Fish
We will nell, hereafter, our goods at
tliu following price, ami .solicit the pat
ronage of thu public:
Family brands, per ran 3. cents.
Stundard, er can I.'i ci'iits.
Select, )ereaii M cents.
Select, extra, pvr can fin cents.
Tub oysterx, per 100 $1 00
Chicago Trout and Wlilte...ll cts. crlb.
iamc, I 'an Fish. ... 10 and 12 cts, ier lb.
Of all lU'serlptloiis constantly on hand,
consisting of wild turkey, squirrels mid
o noc Kit IKS.
Family groceries very cheap lor cash.
tka ankcoffkk
Made a speealty. Give us n trial.
Cheaper than die cheapest.
12-3-lf. W.M. Wl.NTl.ll, .lit., & Co.
Real Estate Column
Lot2, block C, city, on Ohio levee,
nhovo Twelfth strret, outsldo tire limits.
Very cheap. Terms liberal.
Good dwelling liouso on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room eornor Twentieth and
Poplar streets.
Business houso on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stll well.
Winter's lllock-suitable for Hotel
Oillces or Uuslncss rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 8 and 0, in
Winter's How, 0 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (comer), $12 DO 7 rooniB.
Cottago on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 1 rooms.
Storo room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Hallcy.
A small House west of Twenty
second strcct,ncar Pine, $1 per month.
Store room on Lcvcc, above Eighth
street $20 per month.
Dwelling house on Slxtli street and
ilcfl'erson avenue.
Orphan Asylum building nndjpreml
scs. Kent low, to a good tenant.
Store room, corner Twentieth and
Washington nvcuue, $12 a month.
Rooms ui various parts ot the city.
Lands, la tract to suit, near Cairo.
EfAll MIL for admllamg, ate due nnd tmr
Iraimlenl admtlalnir will belmettol at tlx
rale iifll 10 rw,uure fur the lint liivrllun
and So wntj for wli eubMuurnt one. A liberal
dl-tcount will hr made on atmidiou auJ dliplay
ror Inatrtliia ' mitral botlrc $1 Hi. Notice of
lin-Uhi? ofuwlt-tli-a or aeciat milrra S)r.il ft.
ram UiM-itlon.
Church, Society, reillral and Suiuier nolle!
win only l Intertill aa advcrllM-meuta
Jo ailvrrtlMinptil will 1 rrceitnl at In than
w'raiita,HndHoaiimtlaemnitwill ln-rrtnl
fiir Ipulhui thm.il(illarr month.
Local Bualnaaa Motloa. of
in m Bulletin follow :
. . i. wm ui ujmcit. iiiwruiii
Uomtnnnca Counting at ten I.tn.
One lnasrtlon per line A Oanta
Two lnaertlona oer Una... 7 Oanta.
Three lnaertlona par line 10 Oenta
Six lnaertlona per Una IB Oenta,
Two wooka per line a 6 Centa,
One month iwr Una :ib ania
Ho Reduction will be tnaile in above
Iral Wealbrr Keport.
duo, III., I'iIi. 7, IrfTC.
7 a.m.
II '
?tr-fnt, Hljcnal atrvlc, U.S.A.
City Couxcil. Tho city council will
tneot in regular seslon to-night.
Thk ICiiuuciiES. The churches were
all well attended on Sunday last.
Try Tnr.it I Try Tnr.Ml-IIalt dime.
halt dime cigar, Havana tiller, at
2-8-tf COWI'ERWAITK & rilIf.LIl-8.
Falm.no. The rlrcrs arc both falling.
The Mississippi is going down very rap
Heoclar. Trains on tho Mississippi
Central railroad are running regular
A Leak. A leak m the gas main In the
vicinity of Tenth and Walnut streets was
being stopped yesterday.
Gorman. Street Inipccter Gorman
was at work laying plank over the cross
lugs on Walnut street yesterday.
Hand Party. Don't forget the Ama
teur Band party, Friday, February 11th,
at Kluge's hall. No gent admitted with
out an Invitation, and must bring a lady.
Ice. Messrs. Huso. Loomls fc Co.,
have contracted with parties at Dubuque,
Iowa, for one thousand car loads of
At rtiCK's.-Iler. Nelson Kick's
church was crowded on Sunday night, at
least one-fourth the congregation being
white people.
Kf.N.Nisa. Ice in the Mississippi was
running so hrarlly yesterday that It was
considered dangerous for boats to at
tempt to start for St. Louis.
Cavkk is. The ecwer leading Irom
Dlvlsou street along Washington avenue
to the vicinity of Twenty-second street,
has caved in, and no water passes
through it.
Muii. Mud Is, plenty every Jwhere.
Levee street is one grand mud hole, and
Commercial avenue Is not much better.
Washington avenue Is dry, compared to
the other streets of the city.
Enc smi'jie.nt, I. O. O. F. The mem
bers of Cairo Encampment are hereby no-
tilled that an adjourned meeting of the
Lodge will take place this (Tuesday)
evening, for work in all the degrees.
C. K. Slack, Scribe.
Last I'i'I.i.. The people will have a
last and lliilshiiig deal at Thorn's gro
ceries to-day. Be around at 2 o'clock
p. m., aud buy nt your own prices. See
assignees' notice in another column.
A Itow. Old Archy' Chambers and
his wife Indulged In one ot their period
ical rows last night. Archy got whipped,
of course, but he got even w ith his wife
by swearing nt her. He Is undoubtedly
the most accomplished swearer in Cairo.
Licenses. It is said by those who
1 ought to know that there Is not a saloon
in thu city running without license. A
few men who sold liquor last year have
refused to tako out license and closed up
their places.
' '
Fou SrisiKfiriELi). Deputy Sherlll
John Sheehan and Police Constables
Wootcu and Sargent liavo been summoned
to appear before the United States court
at Springfield on the tenth inn., to tes
tify in the case ol the two men recently
arrested In this city for passing counter-
felt money.
Out at thk Lkykk. On Sunday after
noon Aldermen Wright, liitteiaiiouso,
Nellls and Lancaster, of tho Levee Com
mittee, mui Alderman B. F. Parker,
went out to look at the new levee. 1 hoy
went oyer the work from one end to the
other, nnd expressed themselves well sat-
isllcd with the condition ot the levee so
far as completed.
Ukdkr Watku. The Cairo and Vln-
cenncs railroad Is having some trouble
with tho water In the vicinity ol Twenty
fifth street. Tho track Is partially cov
ered, but not enough to stop the passngo
of trains. All trains nro running icgu
larly, and arrive at aud depart from their
depot at tho corner of Fourth street and
Commercial avenue.
Major & Tessieh. Messrs. Major
Tcsslcr are getting tho machinery for
their plow factory Into shape. They
havo purchased tho engine nnd boiler
lately used at Ward & Lono's wood yard,
and had It removed to their shop on
Tenth street yesterday. Thoy expect to
be ready to begin opo rations In n slior
Hah. ,Tna. Wind. Vkl.
WJ.S3I 42 Sv' T
3y..lw 40 e NK .'
.").. Ill 'ic N 4
Deadly Wkapo.n -Ollleer Sargent
ruptured a drunken white man on Satur
day nlijlit, nnd sviiichlng for weapons
found mi old razor hi one ol hU pockets.
It was ascertained that the fellow, whou
name li Steven", had threatened to liter
ally chop up some parties. The ra?or
was taken Irom him and Stevens sent to
the ciilalmoic, where he belong.
Bankrupt Sale, I will on this; day
(Tuesday, February 8th.) at the hour or
two o'clock p. in., at the store lately oc
cupied by i. Thorns, now bankrupt. I
sell m public anli', lor cash in hand, yo
much ol the stock ot ald bankrupt as re
mains on hand. A full attendance l
dvlrel. Gkoikie Fimikr,
I'roflslonal Assignee.
Cairo, February 8, 1870. It
DKin Wood. "It's an III wind that
uiows nooouy any good." or words to
that effect. The recent high water has
brought Immense qnantltUs of drill wood
down the rivers, and much ol It has
lodged along tho levee banks, and us the
riven decline It Is left hh-li and drr.
i rstcrday a score or more ot colored
men were engaged In gathering it up
and hauling It homo to Ik- ticd as
fire wood.
J-on You.no and Old. The fancy
dress parly, to be given at the St.
Charles hotel, St. Valentine's night, the
14th, m supposed by some to be cntlrelv
a children's party. This Is not tho case.
It Is Intended for young and old, and all
who have Invitations are expected to be on
hand, ami thofe desiring Invitations can
get them by calling at Kobbln's Musical
Bazaar. Everything will be done by the
managers to make It a pleasant affair.
Vou.no Folks' Party. Arrange
ments aro being made lor the Young
Folks' Fancy Dress ball, at the St.
Charles hotel. Monday cvcnlm? St.
aiontlne's day, February llth. We
gave the names a few days ago of the
young ladies and gentlemen who com
pose the committees. The nllalr prom
ises to bo a grand success. The floor
managers will be Mrs. Charles Galllg her,
31rs. Charles Thrupp, Mrs. Win. II.
Schuttr, Mrs. Phil K. Howard and Mrs.
Charles Pink.
Till-Taitino. At about S o'clock last
night two negroes went Into Cain's gro
cery store, nnd while one of thcin engaged
air. v. s aucnuon in examining some
lamps In the rear ol the store, the other
robbed the money drawer of some
live or six dollars In change and
disappeared. Mr. Cain discovering
the theft beforo the second negro got out,
called a policeman nnd had hlm arrested
and locked up. The other one had
Been captured at ten o'clock.
Burglary. Sometime during Sunday
night or Monday morning, burglars broke
Into tho store-room at the St. Charles
hotel, and carried off a small quantity of
provisions ol different kinds. Tho
thlel got into the room by removing
the lock from the door, in doing which he
mutt have cut his hand severely, as
bloody marks were left on the door.
Passing from the store-room to the laun
dry the thief picked up a sheet, on which
he left' considerable blood stains, show
lug the marks of three fingers. The thief
or thieves made their escape without be
lug discovered.
Drowned. Old mau John Roach, for
twenty years a resident of this city, was
drowned in the Ohio river, opposite
Cairo, on Sunday last. Mr. Roach had
rented a piece ot ground on tlie river
bank In Kentucky opposlto this city,
and was intending to make a crop upon
it. The Held is now under water, and on
Sunday the old man went out to sec If
the fences were all right. He had to
make his way on tho fence, and losing
his balance fell Into thu water and was
drowned. HU remains were brought to
Cairo, and were yesterday taken to Villa
Ridge for interment. Mr. Roacli was a
member of St. Patrick's Catholic church,
and esteemed by those who knew him.
The funeral took place Irom the Hiber
nian engine house at three o'clock yes
terday atternoon. '
Personal. Judge Green lett lor
Sprhiiiilleld on Sunday night to attend
supreme court.
-H. F. Chllson, ot Chicago, regis
tered a the St. Charles yesterday.
Capt. J. Yost, ct Sictropolfs, wn
i-as a
guest nt the St. Charles yesterday.
-F. W. Cooper, of Los Angelos, Cal
ifornia, was lu the city yesterday, and
quartered at the St. Charles hotel.
-.nr. uart itexiord, urotner ol Mr. II.
S. Rcxford of tho Planters' House, Is In
the city visiting.
-Wo understand Judge Mulkoy will
start for Springlleld to-morrow, where
ho goes to attend an important law suit
before I lie supreme court.
-Mr. Hartwcll, states attorney for
Williamson county, is still In the city.
and will remain until a verdict In the
Craiu murder trial has been rendered.
Circuit Court. The argument In the
Crain murder trial still goes on. Mr.
Calvert tor the defense concluded his ar
gument at noon yesterday. At tho as
sembling of court at 1:30 o'clock, Mr. Lin
egar also for.thc defense, took the lloor
and occupied the 'balance of tho after
noon, and had not finished at tho ad
journment of court at 0:30 o'clock. A
night session was held, and 'at 0:30
o'clock, when our reporter left tho court
house, Mr. Llnegar was still talking.
Judgo Allen will mako tho closing argu
ment In the case this morning, and It Is
anticipated that on this occasion he will
make ono of the great speeches of Ills life.
The court houso will undoubtedly be
crowded to hear hlm. The case will
probably ho uIvpu to tho Jury this oven
Ing. Polici: Court. Charles Brown, a col
ored man, was beforo his honor Bird yes
tcrduy on a charge of having been drunk.
He wits lined two dollars and the appen
U.igoK, nnd cnt to the calaboose for thrco
days. Brown and O'Maley mado (he ar
rest. George Stevens for being drunk
and disorderly, and for carrying cou
cealed weapons, was before Judge Bros;
him to the ralalmnH for
seven days. Stevens was arrested hv Po
llrc Dlllcer Sargent, .lohn llrltton mid
Henry Stevens were arrested by Chief
Go'siiiaitonaeharge of peddling with
out llcensf. They had In their
pose.loii n quantity of the
wort kinder snyde Jewelry, and were
peddling It cut to whoever would htiv.
Judge Brosl lined them ten dollars nnd
tofts each, In default of which they were
sent to tttf caiooooe for six davs
John Willians tor being drunk, was ar
rested by tde same olllecr. Williams'
was no ordinary drunk, and a fine of ten
dollars aud the uual trimmings were
charged to li account, lie could not
liquidate, anl was sent to board with
McCarthy fot tho space of lxjhiy.
I Utmn
Kilty cents, at Wlntei's Gallery.
Cairo, III., Monday Evening, 1
February 7, 1870.
1 he weather las been clear and cold
since our last lsu. On Friday and Sat
urduy the Ice was sufllclcntly heavy
for akating; but on Sunday and
to day the sun shovn brightly and the
Ice Is about gone.
Our Hour dealers feel much bet
ter than for many days past. Yesterday
morning the market opened up rather
lively, and they are of the opinion that
better times are near at hand. Hay re
mains very dull ; there Is no demand, aud
the market Is full. Corn is wanted at
45c in sacks ; there Is very little In mar
ket. Oats have been active, and sales
have been rather brisk. The supply Is
moderate, and there Is a lair demaud.
Meal Is a little firmer. Bran very dull.
The market Is bare of choice butter, and
the demand is good. A few lots were
sold to parties who were compelled to
buy at fancy prices on Saturday, and it
Is said prices will advance. Manv old
lots have been closed out, leaving the
market In a better condition, though it
has been fair forionth. There l
overstock of eggs, but the mat Vet Is very
quiet. Choice apples are In demand ;
common are not wanted. Poultry of all
kinds are in good demand, and there U
someluqulry tor dressed meats. Pro
visions arc quiet.
BSTOUT friends should bear In mind
that the prices hero given are usually
for sales from first hands In round lots.
In filling orders and for broken lots It is
necessary to charge an advance over
these figurcs.fM
The flour trade opened rather active
yesterday morning, and thero is a better
fetllng among merchants than for some
time past. Choice flour Is scarce in the
hands of commission men. Sales noted
were 100 barrels choice, $C 70 j 100 bar
rels, $5 ; COO barrels to arrive, $5 ; 100
barrels, $3; 200 barrels, $3 60; 200 bar
rels, $10 60; 650 barrels, $4 607 25;
400 barrels varlousjgrades, $4n 75.
The market remains overstocked, and
the demand Is very light. Sales noted
ware 1 car common mixed, $10 ; 1 car
common mixed, $11 ; 1 car mixed, $11.
There Is a good demaud for corn in
sacks at 45 cents. There is very little in
market. The only sale noted was 0 cars
white In sacks, 49c.
The oat market Is pretty actirt.
There is a fair suply on hand. Sales
noted were 1 car Southern Illinois lu
sacks, 37c ; 1 car 3Sc ; 100 bags on orders,
43c; 60 sacks seed oats, 48c ; 4 cars black
mixed, in bulk, 37c ; 2 cars mixed, In
bulk, 3Gc; 1 car Northern mixed, in bulk
on track, 3Cc '. lcr.r dark mixed, in bulk
on track, 37ic ; 1 car white, 43c ; 1 car
good Southern Illinois, 39c.
Bran remalued at last reports, very
dull. No sales were reported.
Meal Is somewhat firmer though quiet
at quotations last reported. No sales
were reported.
The demand isgood. The market Is
bare of choice, and It Is thougkt that
prices will advance. Sales reported were
8 firkins Western, 18c; 0 firkins Westem,
ICc; 10 tubs Northern, 2022c; 10 tubs
Northern, 25c ; 10 tubs Southern, 20c ;
5 tubs old lot, 15c; 200 pounds coun
try store roll, 161Sc; 200 pounds
good roll, 22c; 200 pounds packed
Northern, 23c.
The market Is quiet. Sales were 600
dozen, lie; 100 dozen, 14c; 200 dozen,
Common apples plenty and not wanted.
There are no choice In market and they
will bring big rrlces- W"e note the sale
of 25 barrels Winesnps, $1 253 25.
The demand for all kinds ot poultry,
dressed and aire, Is good. Sales noted
were 2 coops mixed chickens, $3 CO ; 2
barrels dressed turkeys, 12c per pound;
200 pounds dressed turkeys, 12Jc ; 200
pounds dresstd turkoys, 13c.
There 1ms been some Inquiry for dress
cd meats, but no sales were reported.
Quiet. Wo note tho sale of 15 barrels
moss pork $21 00.
We note the salo of 10 boxes $5 00
8 00.
We noto the sale of fi boxes $C.
Onions arc dull. The only sale noted
was that of 150 bushels choice lOo.
Wo noto the sale of 5 tierces, 12Jc.
Thero Is a fair demaud for good pota
toes. We note tho sale of 100 bushels
Northern Peach Blows, GOc.
We note the sale of 0 carcasses ot doer
. i
,at 7J3 per pound.
i rVl i',uo,e L'3rldlso. n,", M trnrbon on
rack ,n, j;J; mlt $2. ,pMu.n , r
lOJid tier Inn Inmti C I fji i ..... a It V. V"
iiv..r.: i i..'.'"1' v; "v
A ""'ii'f "imp, i s nur.
io Baum or Harrisburg coal on track
per car load lump, $27 ; nut, $10;dcllv
cre( per ton, $3 60; Pittsburgh coal car
,li0.!1 tro,. S$W per ton; single
"J i.i3iayw,
iimes aretiun, liut there Is n lair de
ait ....
lu iui nira, ai qiioiAimus :
mi'MV?rDry ,,lnt' '2113o. dry malted
10illjc; green salteii; r.J(,0e damaged
eei-'-lTrV. " 'A"0ie Wesh;nt-)tler, No,
akutik-Black. Wc$l ; halfitrlped.60
w., I..IIUW, ,wc KIIICI1S, IDC. Odos-
.......,vj,w, muitr ji (aaa.j, MUSK
dK"SiN-Quote: Whiter, 2330c;
. , Ftb T, .(CO!
S?! 5- ,4'- Mink-No. I,'$g
2; No 2, ca76c; No. X 28o;No. T,
10c. Raccoon-No. 1, COgyiac; No. 2
40c; No. 3.20c; No. 4,'eFox-Urav
No, . 2.Tc; No. 4. 10c; Red,
0. I t'JlfUMl. SI nil Kn I M.wa.. Vl A'
FT. FT. in,
Tt T T"
7 XI 2
2S II 3 a
II HI -3
17 6-7
a o 3
XI 7 0 0
41 0 X 1
6 O I X 1
Cairo ....
rittibunr .
St. Loun
New Orlraoa
Snyfant. Signal Swvlcr, U. S. A.
Port Mat.
Steamer J. W. Mills, Paducah.
" Orand Tower, Memphis.
" Alf Stevens, St. Louis.
" Eddyville, Nashville.
" E. M. Norton and tow.St. Louis,
" John N. MaComb.
Steamer J. W. Mills, Paducah.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
11 Alf Stevens, Memphis.
. " Eddyville, Nashville.
" John N. McCorab.l
Klvcr 44 feet 5 Inches. The fall
terday being 4 4-6 Inches.
Weather warm and pleasant.
Business qulot.
The Chariot Morgan leaves New Or
leans to-day for Cincinnati.
fhe James D. Parker nut off iwi
bales of cotton on her way up Sunday.
llio Carondalct will he alone soon
for the south.
Tho E. M. Norton and tow arrived
from St. Louis yesterday morning.
ilicbam Brown and tow from Sr.
Louis, arrived Sundav mornlno.
Tho Smoky City and tow. nnd thu
Gray Hound and tow, passed up the
Ohio Sunday morirlng.
The Capitol City for Vicksburg,
passed down from St. Louis Sunday af
The Alf. Stevens passed down from
St. Louis obout 0 o'clock yesterday
fhe James D. Parker, Capt. Robt.
Wise, passed up at noon Sunday, from
Memphis for Cincinnati.
The Arkansas Belle caino In from
Evansvllle Sunday. She put off 80 coop3
poultry, 150 sheep, 22 calves and a lot of
miscellaneous freight.
The John F. Tolls lett for New Or
leans at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. She
got over COO tons of freight here, and left
with a cargo of nearly 1,000 tons.
The Eddyville, from Nashville, ar
rived at 5 o'clock yesterday morning.
She had 160 hogsheads tobacco and GO
tons ot Iron. She took back with her CO
packages of sugar and molasses.
The Henry C. Taeger came Into port
Sunday night about 10 o'clock towing
the Carrie V. Countz anil two fuel
barges. She put ofl a few packages of
freight and went to St. Louis.
The C. B. Church, from Cincinnati
for New Orleans, passed down Sunday
evening. She got 61 coops poultry, 100
barrels flour, 24 boxes axo handles, for
New Orleans, and 10 barrels of flour for
The Grand Tower, from Memphis,
passed up for St. Louis ytsterday morn
ing. She brought up 450 bales of cotton
for the cast, and a little miscellaneous
Tho City of Vicksburg, Captain Bob
Riley, camo up from Memphis for St.
Louis yesterday atternoou. She put off
1,600 bales of cotton for Liverpool via
New York, at the Cairo & VInccnnes
railroad company's wharf-boat,
For Hnnana aud Colorado.
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fo
railroad from Kansas City and Atchison
ou the Missouri river, via Topckn, the
capltol ot Kansas, aud tho beautiful Ar
kansas valley to the Itocky Mountains,
The shortest route to l'uebelo the Grand
Cation, Colorado Springs, Manltou,
Pikes Speak, and nil places of note in the
mountain regions. Tho favorite route
to Denver aud all points lu Northern
Colorado. The best route to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico anil Arizona. The
only direct routo to the famous San
Juau mines. Tho track aud equipment
Is uucqualcd, trains run through from
tho. Missouri river, to tho Itocky Mouu
tains, making connections lu Union do
pots and avoiding delays and trans
fers. For lull descriptive circulars
maps, time tables, etc., address
1. u, iV.NUKHUON,
Gmi'l Pass. Agent, Topeka, Kan.
For sale A $12 SO order on city of
Carbondalc. Enoulro nt Bulletin olhec.
1-21-tf K. A. I1UII.NKTT.
Loral ('tllt.Utint.
Lessons given lu Penmanship, tine
Penmanship, Steamboat Dook-koeping,
Card wrltiug, Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., at the rooms of C. J,
Howe.Nos.lD and 10, Winter's Block,
corner Seventh street and Commercial
avenue. Ladles class every afternoon
from 4 to 6 o'clock, aud Saturday! from
2 to i o'clock. 1 -30.1m,
v .. 1 1 i- ... .
.luii.u u ii jreDy gif en that tde u v lin.,1.
for the year 187,., havo been placed In my
hands and that I will bo at tho followlmr
: - uniy, on mn day ,0
yiwim ror me pttrpc-e of collective
-v, ;
uucan'rcok precinct, at the ftoro of
r.. iimey lo Clear Creek Landing,
h IMiflMPV lltl. il,.
alll. lOtli,
In Thebes preelni t, at the More of C,
Marrlilldon, Tliobc March 1st, 17(S.
. . rv iirii inct, ai mo storo of V
ciaiiu,n.inia re, .March 2d, ls7.
In Uoom; Islam) iireclnel. at
O. (Ireenley, (looe Maud, .March :i,l, 1870,
In Dog Tooth tirarlnct. ii. i . -
NJ . ' " IIHI Dl
... r.., jiarcli 4tb, lBTfl,
ii nazicwooti precinct, at tde
Sam Brlley Elco. March 7ih. in?
office ol
t .
in unity precinct, at the store nf w
Atherton, Unity, March 8th. l:n.
luhoutli Cairo, at tho nffl r u,.
Harm... """" V
..,iv, iiiaiuil iuiu, 1M7U,
In North Cairo precinct, at the
houss, Cairo, March llth. lKTfl.
ine collector hereby calls the .mm ...
tentlon ol tax payer to Section 137, of tho
soapier upon revenue, reviaoil n.im..
... .....v.. uc is iL-iiiurcd in make distraint
I.. ...i.i.. i. i. i . i . . . ..
upou mo personal properly of all tax pay,
in uemuii ior pctaonai uxoa, after
Jiarcu mm. thu provision ol law will bo
igorou(iy enforced. Thoao ftilcrpaf.! wli
toereiore bear th fact In mind and
Bring your last years tax resclnts and do
nottruit to the tax hooka fordl acrltitlnn nf
your lanu. Al.i;.. II, 1KVIN,
Dlatrlct Collector.
Cairo, l February 1st, 1876.
All Chronic Blarnae Ourca
liy DR. HULT.
He Is located In Cairo, Illinois, and it
still calling on you to be healed. Why
will you die ot old chronic diseases, when
you can be cured with to little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, for there
is still a balm In Ulleard. Cairo Is the
place to come to tw cured of all vout
aches and palm.
i nm now prepared nt myofllco to irlve
medicated baths, and persons wishing to
receive such, will call at my office on
Eighth street, No. 22, from tho hours of
p.m. till p.m. Also planu baths, hot
batlu, warm baths, cold baths, or vapor
baths. Also persons having tho con
sumption or weak lungs, and wishing to
receive medicines by Initiation, can re
ceive tho treatment at my olllco, this be
ing the only true way of getting medi
cine direct to the lungs. Also I treat dis
eases of the eyes or years standing, aud
the blind lias been made to soo by my
treatment. All diseases of tho skin f
cure. Fistula cured by me without the
usu ol tho knife. If you have a cancer
come und be cured. All private diseases,
In the shortest time, cured by mc. In
short, for all chronic diseases of tho hu
man system, go to Dr. Hulti If you wish
to be cured. 1 compound and prepare all
my medicines at my ofllce. It Is said
that practice makes perfect, I have been
thirty years a practicing physician.
All letters ant commtuifcatlona shall
bo confidential and promptly attended to
by me. Direct, Dit. Hultz,
No. 22 Eighth street, Cairo, Illinois,
Notlre Removal.
C. Koch has removed his boot and
shoe shop from tho old stand to his
new brick building (ono block below),
No. 00 Commercial avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth streets, where he will
keep the best homo made and St. Loul
custom made boots and shoes, mado of
the best material ; good workmanship
aud in the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. D-2.'MX.
We will pay no bills contracted by any I
employe of The Bulletiv, unless th
same Is made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary ofthc com'
pany, nnd we will aeoopt no orders given
by an employe of the company, for any
purpose whatsoever.
Cairo Bullktin Company.
November 10, 1875. tt
After the Fire.
I. George Stcinhouso may tie found
stnee the tire at his now shop, on Eighth
street in the Alexander County Bank
building, where he will welcome all his
customers, and strve them In as artistic a
inanuer as ever before, with smooth
shaves, fashionable hair cutting and.
thorough shampoos.
Ortlluanre No. 117.
AN OKDIN'ANCK in wcanl to the imblicatluu
nf the Ordinance! of the cltv -.
lie It onlalned by the city council ot the city of
cairo i
Section 1. That theUnllnanreaanitUw env-
irulnir the cltv nf Cairo, aa roiuilletl an J ar
ranged bjr John M. Lunadeu, be unl the aanw
arenereuy nriereu iirmteu anil iuuiianni m
lxok form, to be entitled t "Ijiws anil Unli-
nnncea voTerninc tb city of Calm."
Sec Thia ordinance ahull be In force from
aud after ita paaaage.
Aliprored Feb.7 ,1870. HKNliY WISTKII,
Attest : Mayor.
WM. mt-NCH A.M.KV, City Clerk.
Blake A Go.
(Snccmori to)
Dealer. In
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Wall Paper, Window OUss, Win
dow ShadOB, Stc.
Always on band, the celabratad Ulnmlnattni
BroM' 3r3u.lXcS.lxaaxi
Ooraar KUvantb Btraat tmd Waahlaa
ton Avenua
uANiTAirrcitina or
ruoit TAatrico ooat astx,
FoaronwTavALiTT onion,
T.T. BROWN ft CO., Cincinnati, O., Agtat!
Insurance Agent
Ovar Vatama ft IW,,
ONK bat
firibClaiia Compaolcn
-Gtaral '
Insurance Agents
City aTatioaal Mk Blldiaf, ,MMtli
tes ooo ooo
coHHiMtoa Mkiciuim,
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
o SO Ohio Lvtc,
K. J. Arrw, a. D. Arm.
And gcniral
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Tlealorla f
All klmla bard and aofl.)
Mill auid Tmt,
Corner Thirty-Fourth StrMt Mid
Ohio Tuavfto.
"A cooanlcta VtetoHal Sllatory r tfe
Timm';"tbt, lint, cheapA', And
la (be Unto p
The Weekly U the ableat and most pow
erful llluatrated periodical publlabed la
this country. Its editorials aro scholarly
und convincing, und carry much weight.
Its Illustrations of current events are full
and Iresb, and are prepared by mtr boat do
algnora. With a clrcuUtlon oi 150,000, the
persona, and Us Intluenca aa an oruan of
weekly u roan at leant by balf a mllllo
uviuiuu ia aiiupiy vbiiicuuoub. iuo week
ly luaiuiaina a ioauivo position, and ex-
praaies decided views on political and so
cial problems. Loulivllle Courier-Jouroal.
It articles are models of high-toned tlU
cusiou, and its pictorial Illustrations are
often corroboratlvo argument! of no small
force. N. Y. Examiner and C'bronlcla.
Its papera uvon ovuiani qu.atlona aad ill
inimitable cartoons help to mould the sen
timents of tho country. Pittsburg Com
mercial. TEUU3;
Postage free to lubtcrlliara la uaUalttd
Harper's WaeVly, one year....f4 00
Four dollars Include prepayment of U.
S. poatage by the publlabers.
Subscriptlona to Uarpor'a Magaslne,
Weekly, and Baxar, to one address for one
year, I0 00; or, two of Harper1! PtriodU
call, to one address for oue year, 97 0-,
postage free.
An extra copy of the Magazine, Weekly,
or Bazar will be supplied gratia for every
club of flvo subtc fibers at 94 00 each, In
one remittance; or, fix coplei for 9) 00,
without exira;cop);pitage (tee.
Back number can be luppUod at any time.
Tbe annual volumes of Harper'! Weekly,
In neat cloth binding, will be seal by ex
press, free of expense, for 97 00 each. A
complete act, compmlng eighteen volumea,
on ton receipt of cash at the rate of 5 K
per volume, freight at the expenio of the.
OrNowapap'ra are aol ta copy this ad
vertlac ment without tba axpreaa orders of
UarperA Hrotliera.
ouuiunt nt tn United
suitea, cunuda, andKu
ruM terrna aa low aa
iiiom oi any oiuar rtna
hi houaa. Corntanon
deuc Invltad In tba Kag(
llab and foraign anicuagca, witn tnvtntora. At
torney! at mw, and other Solicitors, tapacially
with thoae who have had their casta rejected la
the hands or other attorney!. In reject! caaaa
our feei are renaonaule, and no charge Untadt
unlraa we are eucreeaful.
or aeti
Hill Ue
ii joa wn v:
aancui ami
description ot
i r Invention .
wilt make an
examinational the nalcnt office, and II we think
It patcuuiile, will aenu juu m" syvTL"
anduroaccute ruir caae. Our fea will tat In or
dinary cate!, . ... ln m.m.
tar m
.. L..rMrmluioaarctf I'atanta.
Gin land, Ohio i O. II. Kallty. Kw
... r.-C,irmiiaioneror raiania
Glen laud. Ohio tO. II. Kallty
National (Srange. Loulajlllj, Ky.
Dan'l Aminen, V. S. N., Waahli
i uommouora
Inrtnn. 11. C.
Tt-.-tO'l Stamp for our "uuiut ior onwia-
lux l'alenw," a oooa orw pagea
XiMma : Loula Bairacr a v
toraof 1'atenta, Waahln"i '
ara Tfrfa)ey
Centenary History

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