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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, February 12, 1876, Image 3

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KnlahM of I'ylhlm, inrrli rury
iliynlKlit nt lmlf-.t uvi in Odd-
Chancellor Comnuiidcr.
AI.K.KA.NDKll !.OI)(ii:, NO. j.
, ludi undent Onlir of Odd-fil-hown,
meets every lliursdiiy iiMit
ntluilf-iw'tMslviii In their ball on
Jommerdiil bvmiwi IwtW"" h11 '-','',"lh
rci-tJ" . lj"xf l'i",N. O.
unto r.NAMritK.vr, i o. o. r.,inw:ii
Uiit O'U-lVthiws' Hall on the UrMaml tlilril
liim.lnj liicwny month, nl half-paM M-trn
lliiMuaulnr ciiinmii&lrattonl In .Ma
7 ""'Ic IIbiI, ronicr Oniiiiienlid memo
v uii.t Klglitli itntt, on Iho (Komi and
ninth Mmiifiiv ofmi h itinnlh.
Af trillion I IKulfri.
V linvo lour (Inon tmllntloii I:honj
tipniiH' (Mn-Oiiriicif, taken lor nilvor
tMiUf, vlil li wo will si'll nt two dollars
mt itoyi'ii. Inquire,1 at Itiillflln olllcv.
Html ! 4'unl !
I w lli tu inform tlic I'Uli.'in f if I'nlio
jliat. I k'f i on hind n Iiiriro -m)ly of
cn;il i.l'tllll'crrnt klml, which I will n-H
a-- follow, ildivrid In any pari of the
ilty! S'2.VJloSJ per imi. caMi, niul full
uidjriit (,'ii.inuili'i 0. ,I.mih
Now l iml oilier.
F. M. Wnnl has opened nconl filll on
rotilli lclii of Kljluli trfC'l,Sn.:H,ljct i en
Commercial iiml Wellington nwuno, In
Snrtfolit" tlioe ton I h? will fell lliir
iUbnrifcn.il (lullvvruil In'nny pnrt of tin
city ut ?:i 2." pur slnjjli! ton, or $.1 per
ton In four-ton lots ; ill' .Miiildy coal at
$1 pur lnglf ton, or $7 GO for two ton,
nil delivered. TIicm arc rock bottom
price, niul mean isuli and rcnli only.
i.ixiii iii(.;iiut.
Lemony given In I'oiimnnsliip, line
IVinnanMilp, Steamboat Itook-kerpln,
Curd writing, I'oftlny up iiccottntf,
Copying, etc., at tin; room ol (,'. .1,
Howe, Sot. 15 and II, Winter's Hloek,
corner Seventh street and Commercial
avenue. Ladle claw every afternoon
from I to 5 o'clock', nnd Satinduys Irom
'J to I o'clock. l-lKMm.
Noiiic or neiuuini .
C. Koch liai amoved his boot and
Miou Miop from the old etntid to Ids
new brick building (one block below),
No. W) Commercial avenue, between
Filth and Sixth Meets, where he will
keep tlio beet home made and St. l.onl
cti'torii made boot mid shoes, mado of
the licit materi.il ; good workmanblp
ami In the latet tylw. All orders
promptly attended to. 0-23-lt.
For Sale.
A iUcr plated No. 0 WlUon Shuttle
Sewing .Machine, Imnl (piano) IlinMi,
valued at .??:. Will be fold at .'JO ill
count, on good term, and ordered direct
from the li.eiory.
Colored and inoiinted Maps ot the
ellyol Cairo at $2 W each (halt price.)
- A No.!) WIUou ShultluSewiiitf Mu
chlnc valued at $7."i. Will l Mild at $15
til-count, scud ordered cllroet from the
-A $00 liemititon Sewing Maclilne
$30 oil for c.i'.h. iSuitidilo lor tailor or
boot and 'hoc nianiifnctiner.
A ttylu "1".," "Cloujjli, Warren A
Co.V l'ailor Ornn. rilit from the fac
tory at Detroit. Llt price, $3(K. Will
be sold for ji'KI.
1000 thceU of InUtUboatd ju.t rc-eehedattlK-
llu.i.KiiN ollke, and lor
pa!'' to tin- trade.
iif nul
lity ol (Mlr,
rolored ami viirnUlied, for Mile at ball
price (jf2.M) at tlic Ilri.MTiS olllee.
.-20,no()note licailt, ".0,000 envelope,
CO.tyjO letter heailj, 10 ler.ms rtatemetil",
0 reams bill hctuh-CailMe paper Jiitt
rev ived and for sale at the Ui i.i.r.Ti.N
For any of lhuaboo ariklci', apply a
he lit i.lktix ollke. V.. A. Ituns-KiT
A AH. I l.nuitilry.
It is now conceded that .Mrs. Coleman
tlic lauiuliv", No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween WaOiin'ton anil Commercial nvc
imc, ha? one of the bet comtiieted lnim
drv Cflabll-iimrnts in the Ity.and land-
lord of hote ls and boardlnj,' hmt'c will
ilnd It to tbclr advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are n follows : Hotel
and boardliix-houie washing "." cents
per dozen. For piece work prices ate as
follow: Hluide dilrt unci collar, 10e; per
dozen, SOe ; ioek. . ; two collar?, .c
two haiidkci chiefs .e; ve.-ts, 2HC; and
nil jjcutlemen' wear, iOe. per doen.
Ladle iilalu calico dre.-'e. 2."o; calico
circles wltli e.Miu triiimliiK,u0c;; white
drc'if es, &1 2,'ie ; ladles' uudcnvnre, tine
and coar.-e, SI 00 per dozen. 1-2IHI.
Real Estate Column
. FOlt sali:.
Lot 2. block 0. city, on Ohio levee
nliove Twelfth Mrret, outside lire limits
Yen" cheap. Terms liberal.
Hood dwelling lioitm on Walnut, be
twecu Tweuty-iceond ami Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twenlleth and
Fojilar Rtrcct. . , , .
iltijiucfs liniini 011 Lnvee, lately
cunled by 'Cunniiigliam & Stllwell.
Wlutei' Illock-suitable for Hotel
Olllces or llitslne.-s rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered I, 8 and 0, In
Winter's How, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
I"011"1, ,
No, 10 (corner), $12 f07 rooms.
Cottago on Sixth street, near Wn
h clon nvciiuc 1 rooms.
Store room In "Fllol House," lately
ni.Kimli'il I. v A. IliilleV.
A feinall llousu west of Twenty
tecoml Mieet.near Fine, $1 per month.
Store room on Levee, nbovo F.lghth
ctreet $20 nermontli.
Dwelling bonne on Sixth Mreet and
JelVerMin avenue.
Oi pliau Asylum building aud.'pieml
ro. Itelit low, to a good teinnt
Store room, coiner Twentieth and
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
Itoouts in vailoua parts ol the city.
-Laiul, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
J3"AU liltln for iiavcrtlHUK, "c 'lac nn-1 w
dblo lf( ADVAMCK
Trnnafrnt mhcttlsinK will tn-Inifrtot nt tli
rule ol' 11 W ir e.nur furlhc llrtt Insertion
Bn.l.Viinlsf.ir('Aflmi1no.iurnion, A lllicral
0tw.untwlllhema.te oimtan.lInK mei nipwj-
KfirinvrtliiK KiiiiirAI notice i iv. nuci-ni
inwllnc of noclctln nr f. crft onlcrs W rfnta for
enrli luicrtlnn.
Climcli, .or.lnr. K(tlrnl unit urpfr r.oiio"
Hill onl) ticluliin.il m aihirliLriiCi.W
No n'lvtrtl',fmfnt will 1n tecivnl ntlcu than
M cenU, un.l in) niltrrllHinnit Will be liucrlnl
ii'Ik llifin llirrtiiliilliriinrrninnlh. ,
Local luminous Notlceu, of
m linen or more, Inyortod
Coinmtir.ooCountlnK nt ten Linen
Ono innnrtlon por lino - Cents.
Twolnortloniiperlliie 7 Cenlt,
Thteo lnertloii per lino 10 Contn.
HU Inaertlonn por lluo 15 Cent".
Two wookpar llni - Bis
Onnrnonth por lino ... .....)& Cjnts.
No lteUuctlou wllllitf mad i in above
SA'I'FP.DAV, FFHIll'AHV 12, 170.
Tnv TiibmI Tnv Tiir.M! Hall dune,
ball dime ck'ar, Havana llllcr, at
2-9-tf CoivrmiWAitr. iV Fun.ui-s.
Tun Ilivr.ii. The Ohio river marked
12 ft. 2 In. on the, Kiugc at six o clock
last evening, Indlcatlmi a full ol il Inuhwi
in the previous 21 hours.
A Fioiit in Jaii.. On Thursday
moinInr a ll"lit occurred between two
rNoiiew in the county jail, and hefoie
jailer Fitzgerald could get to the cell to
parato them, one of them was pretty
badly hurt.
Distil u;oki. A week or ten day
o, County Coinml.rtoner Saminoiu,
ho has upcrvl"lon of the poor farm,
discharged ome tlftecn of the lnmate.,
and tent them out to do for themselves.
Noun:. All peri-ons holding "time
ieck-8" for labor on the new levee during
ie month of .lanuarv will nlea'-e nnmit
ia Mime at my oiuce iinuieciiinci' lor
paymenl. I(. F, Hi.au i:,
.1.ji city Treasurer.
LuionniH WAsn:!..-I illy laborers to
ork on railroad. Apply at the olllee of
ie iron Mouniain naiiwuy "'i'."'.'-
n. r,., u 1 o evee. io-uav ai - u iui;i
.111. ll.il-MCHi
i!-12-3t Division Sup t.
Polici: Cot-icT. Ocort'e Lyons, a col
ored man, stoker 011 the transfer boat .1.
.Morgan, was before .ludgo Hro.s yc
nlav 011 a cliargo of lighting. He was
lined live and cot, which he paid, and
as dl-eharged.
Tin; N'iav Dkntht. Dr. IL N.
aiiinc, who take.-, the placo of the late
Dr. F. L. Williams, wa iu the city yo-
IitiI ie iiinl;Iii''arran"ementr- to onen hi
ollicc In Cairo on the 11 rat of .March.
lie doetoris a nrepowdug gentleman,
robably ihlrty-tlve yc;ars old, and brings
Ith him the lilirhest lec onicndatlons ol
110r.1l, 'octal and profeIoual standing.
Wc believe wo can congratulate our peo-
li. on this new addition to Cairo, and
iko pleasure In recoiiiendlng Doctor
f.'unlue to all who need lil nroteloiial
Vai.i.oi'KI Aciain. The unfortunate
Mr. Searls, Ksij., who boasted that he
could "get away" with any of the law-
ers ol Cairo, has been whipped In every
ucountcr. The la-t walloping lie got
wu on Thursday, lie objected iu the
Ircuit court to tho renewal ol Taylor j
ictltloii lot removal ol tho narrow
iaugo cae to the Fulled States court, at
Sprlnglleld. Tho case was presented, ny
ureenicnt, upon written argumeni'
Si.nrk for the road and (illbert lor tlio
I'ru'.tee. The court deehled against
SearK Tlio cao will be heard at prnig.
liehi. at thu Juno term.
lti:.iii Tuts. nan ilarlman Is fllhiy
irnltMt. This I no dodge to induce
neonloto buy, but -Mr. llartman means
ulmt In. guvs. He desires to ''o out of
the ilrvL'ond? trade and will ouit that
br.uifih of his bu.-1ne a soon as his pre
cut stock can ho dWpo-ed of. In lids
connection It may bo well to state that
bis stock Is not old or shelf worn, but on
the contrary is frcth ami seasonable, and
nt tho latest stylo, consisting of Mich
goods ns are usually to bo found In a
llrst-class clrv goods store, ins sioen 01
notions and gent's furnishing goods Is
also largo and select, and will bo sold for
one-third less than tlio same can do pur
clum-d eUewliere. All .Mr. llartman,
..I.' i v i.,n,, la .mnilo ,iiifl:
" -i
ill! u.auiiiiiiv,'i, ."...w .
....i. ..... .......... n,,.. tli.il In,
inn va i w.,,,...w w....
, vni.kj.. ...u ... ...... ...
I"!'!. --I1-U
...... i... i nmi cr.r
T.nnir. Hui:vini:s. Nothiuir ot special
interest transpired lu circuit court yes-
I'liu slpo water Is on a siauci miii.
Trains on tlio Xiurow-Gatigc will bu
I'liiiiilin' l'pi'ii ar v niralii In n clay or two.
i ..i,n,.vsVan Mud euiiilovmeiit by
nnnlvlii" to 1). Axte II. Ilt.t 10 OlIlCO Ol llie
Iron .Mountain railroad, -No. &. umo
" ' .
Tho Joliuson county contested elec
tlon caso is set lor argument before .iiiiliro
linker on next Tuesday.
Tho man who borrowed a wheelbar
row from tho llL'Li.nrix olllco on, Tluirs-
clay iilglil li.'i'l liL'tlcr return it, otlierwlFo
wn will sl'ihI soinu ono for It: ami wu'll "ct
It. toot A word of warning is fciilllclcnt.
it U i-alil that a iiv.ui, lately employed
on thu Uvco and jiald oil' on Tliiu t'ilny,
wi.s knocked down and robbed some time
nfler dink on tho same nllit near the
corner ol Twentieth and I'oplar Etreets.
Wu do not jjlvo thu report ni lliu truth,
nnlv a-i a rumor.
A drunken wltlto man. carryiuj,' u
huj;u erosscnt raw and an leu hook, fell
ciiii.u-nii; iiitu tho slno waler on
roiutecnth btreot yesterday. After Ket-
ihiff out of tho water onto Washington
nveiiuo, ho fell down and f,trlklntf ills head
titrahist a ivilr of Men, cut lilimfii ec-
l'nnsoN.u.iH.--Cppl. IL W. Dugan was
In tliu city yesteidny on his way to Cov
ington, Kentucky, where hi father lies
seriously ill,
-S. F. Waterbtiry, ol Connecticut, was
a guest at tlic St. Charles yesterday.
-Col. H. H. Tnylor lelt by the nltrr-
noon train yesterday lor New York.
WarclL. Smith, ISoston, .Masoachu-
Bnii .niul ,1. I' rhaxe. of Fhlladtltillla.
.... r . ri u 1 0 rr,, i ..,,. st. Charles hotel
C. A. Utek and family, of Ccntrall.i,
were leglstcred at the St. Charles yester
day, iir. IJcck is division Eiiptrlntcntl
c tit of tlic Illinois Central railroad.
Undo .lohn Ilain ol Vienna, Johnson
county, was in the cily yesterday at-
tending Iho tobacco ralo nt thn Flanter .
. .,,,,
.Mr. John 11. Oberly is on tils way to
Wii'lilnu'ton, haying lelt by Iho afternoon
train yeMerday. Ho experts to be ab
sent about one month.
Tnu Toiiacco Sam:. The ale at the
Flanler'K wareboue yeterday com
prised Ihlrly-nne hogdieads of tobacco
:u rollo'vs: II IiImM. nigs 41, 1, 1 iu,
1 (0, I 55, I n:., 5 05, 5 HO, 5 (X), 5 05.
(1 15 ; 7 hhcK low leal, $0 :I5, 0 75, (i K,
C 85, 7 SO, 8 ; 7 lihds. medium leaf, $S 05,
S 05, 0 10, 0 20, 0 15, II 55, 0 75; 0 hhds.
good leaf, $10 35, 10 M), 11, II 05, II HO;
1 bhd. piebald. Jl I 25. The attendance
was larger than usual, tho .bidding
was brisk, and the prices obtained gener
ally satisfactory. In their circular lisurd
yesterday the proprietors of the Planter's
warehouse My: ''We can now fafely
say that our market is fully open and all
grades are making their appearance on
the breaks with the exception of ftrictly
bright wrapper. The general order U
improving, and our advice In thu last
circular fr'"1 Mi offlcc ' ",,n regarded
very generally by shippers. As tho fu
ture market Is governed entirely by cir
cumstances and probabilities, as to
price, we can only say to plant
ers that wu believe the prices realized In
our market are as high as they will be,
lor the elas-es already ollercd tblsma'on,
and certainly the llgures are lemunera
tive. Our experience has taught us the
be.U pollcv h to cll when a price H of-
fered that will nay. In thU country of
iin - 's ami iiionoiiomv, wiieru -eurueri!,
and not muipiy aim neninnu me ruio. ji
i Hazardous to anticipate rceuus. u
will ay this to our friend however, we
. . .. KOUllIulncatot, witli all the
l(.al, t()L.,CC0 limrI0H in the Fnlted
.,,,,1 ,,u.. ,. j,..,, ,.,,, Ku.
rope, nnd will give such information to
our friends wc arc In receipt of from time
to time: and will be pleased to answer
any linjulrles on application."
Go Gr.T Thum. The following is a list
ot letters remaining uncalled for in t
poitoltlce at Cairo, Alexander county,
ill., on Saturday, I ehrnary l.tlh, lb0.
LsdlC'! llouchet, Jennie ; llenOrd, Sn-
f-an; Irans, Jlary A.; iionum, r.iia ;
Harris Annie; Hubbard, Mary ; Magee,
Jiary; Myers, Adelaide; Meyers, .Mary;
Shannon, Hrldget; Storall, Lettle;
Smttb, Li..Ie; VickcD, Mary; WeUh,
Ml-s Ira.
Gents Ale.vandor, .Mr. ; Ale.vander,
L. ; Ilell, Fdward; -Urady, Win. II.
Itrookshire, Vm. '1'. ; Itergdoll, F. (5. :
Curtice, I). V.; Carter. Cha-. L.; Cur
tls, John 2; Dye, A. F.. ; Diirbln, Ld
ward: Doltou, Ilinry; Davis, Henry;
Kekenberg, J.C: l'ranco, Henry C;
Fox, John F. ; 1-V.iffr, L. D. ;
Gloom .V son ; Goodrich, C. II. ; Gaud,
James; Gill, I'.U ; Grave-, Tho-. C. ;
Gibson, Win.; Giilnn, W. A.; Iladley,
Frot. 1).; High, F..;Hcii-tU Naac C;
Hamilton, J. 1. ; llogau, J. U.; Harp
manu, S. A. ; Jaeknon, John II. ; .lames,
L. ; Joluisoii, Thadeu.s ; .Mckcu.lc,
Archie; Lincli, Hen.; Ma-ey, J. II. ;
.Merryinan, John ; .Martin, John ;
Ma-ely, Feler; Morgan, Will; Masely,
Wm.; Kali, KIMia'.t; XcIsoh, N. F.;
Naugliton, Tho?,; Fowers Ja. II.; F.iy-
ton, .Martin; Roper Geo.; Ralston,
Frank 2; Reed, W. S.; Small Chas, T.;
Steele, F. L.; Smith, Frank 2; Sliau-
nessy, F.d.; Stelir, Geo.; Smith, Uicliard;
Smith, Fcter ; Sammoiis, Fat ; Small,
IV, Smith, Thos.; Taylor, Alfred;
i'lionias, Carl L. ; WaUton, II. C; Wells,
Junius I'.; Warren, Tho. .; WIKon,
Win.; Wiggins, Win.
Fersons calling for the above named
letters please say advertised.
All Clirutilr DlM'Msc. CJiiriMi
tiv mi. hum.
Ho is located lu Cairo, Illinois, and U
Mill calling on you to Iki healed. Why
will you die ot old chronic diseases, when
you can be cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, tor there
i .in 1 .. fl 1 i !.... I- II,.,
IS Sllll a Ilium ill uiicaru. illio la UIU
niaco 10 eoiiio iu uu rami m no iiiui
acnes niui 11 I t
, nm I10,v prepared at myolllce to give
11.,..,..,! I..,, l.. ,! i, .vlolillWf in
I II. U, 11,111... IIIUI I" rwt,w w
leeelve such, will call at my olllco on
KIljIiIIi street, No. 22, from tho hours of
2 p.iu. lllli) p.m. Alfo plane Datiis, not
tiatlis, warm natns, com uauis, or vapor
baths. A ho persons having tho con
sumption or weau nmg, aim wisiiiiik hj
I . i.t i ...l.t.t
receive mtilleiues uy iiiiiuiation, can re-
CClvo lliu iii'.iui.u.ii ..i ... um', u.i- uv.-
I, ....I.. -.... )!.... 11
uug me mj " " n
clue direct to the lungs. Also I treat ills
ease3 of the eyes of years standing, and
tlio blind has been mado to seo by my
treatment. All diseases of tho cklu I
euro. Fistula cured by nie without tho
uuot tho knife. If you have a cancer
cdiiio niul liu uurccl. All jirlvnto ilUeafes,
In tho fliortct tliiR'. cured liy mi;. In
tliort, 1'or all dnoiiio diseases of tlio liu
man system, ro to Dr. Unit. If you wish
to bu cured. I compound and jircpiiro all
my medicines at my olllco. It Is wild
that iiiaelleo makes poiieet, I liavu been
thirty yeans a practicing pnyMci.iii.
All letters ami eoiiimuuleutlou fcliall
bu coiilldentlal and promptly altendetl to
by me. Direct, I) it. llm.i,
" No. 22 Hhjlilli street, Cairo, Illinois,
For Palo-A $ia fiO order on city of
(,'tii'bonilalu. l'nrjiilroat Ht'M.r.n.N ollicc.
l-'Jl-lf K. A, HlllSIMT.
I'ort Mil.
; Aiinivmi.
Stcnincr .1. V'. -Mills, Paducah.
" T. T. Hlllman, Na'hvllle.
" Colorado, St. LcniW.
" Oarrelt and liargc, N. O.
.Sleamer ,L W. Mills, Fadiieah.
t. T Hillman, Nasliville.
" Colo'ado, Vlcksburg.
" Oarrittand barges, Cincinnati,
" Caroidelet. New Oilcans.
riVr.11, WIATHKK AMI IU nsr.S3,
Tho rivers fell 8 inches jciterday.
The weatlcr was clear and pleasant.
fineness very quiet.
csn.T.iiAi. m:t,
The Hlllnnu brought from Nash
ville for St. lAiU, a lot ol pig and bar
Iron. Slie had fair trip back.
The Caroniolct arrived here Tliur
day, and rcinaitid until yesterday morn
ing taking 011 freight. She added before
tearing, morn thmJIOO tons.
The Colorailo arrived yesterday af
ternoon, Irom St. Louis. She had only a
moderate trip, and got but 20 tons here.
The transfer boat, Junius S. Morgan,
is a stunner, and feels her oats awfully.
She challenge? ewry boat she happens
to meet In the river for n race to her
landing place, and alwiys holds her own
with them all. estcrday afternoon the
Colorado and the Morgan came out of the
Mississippi alino-t together, and a lively
brush ensued between them until the
Morgan's stopping place was reached,
when she ran In ahead of tlic Colorado
snarling and blowing as if elio had per
formed an uticqualed feat.
The levee was very quiet throughout
tho thy yesterday, tho arrivals and de
partures being few, and business there
fore being rather dull.
A l.lltl).
Relieving that the new Turner hall, se
lected ns tlio iiinco for the holding of our
masquerade nail, wouvi rove Inadc-
iiiato to accommodate the Iimm-uso num
ber of our friends who prombe to he in
ntU'iicinnce, mo nave cieciucii to ni.'iKo a
change, trusting that it will bo accepta
bly received by nil, viz : To meet our
friends at the
Where, lu the spacious dlnlntr hall, on
tho evening of February lCth, with tbel
aid we expect to give the grandest ma
querade ball of the season. N"o effort or
cxpen-o ulll be spared by us to make it
a highly enjoyable allair, and wc hope
to receive tlio support of the public.
Tin: Di:i.ta City Coicxkt Rank.
February 11, 1S70.
Xotlec li lureby cjiTtn that the tax books
for tlio year 1S7S, have been placed lu my
bands and that I will be at the following
places tn Alexuder county, on the day be
law fct torth for the iiurpt-e of collecting
taid taxes, viz :
In Clear Creek precinct, at the htore of
E. Cullcy A Co., Clear Creek Landing,
Mji-cIi 7lh, lsTH.
lit Thebci prcclnc', at the store of C. A.
MarchlMon, Thobes March Sth, 1-sTO.
In Siata Fo precinct, at thu More of W.
livland, Santa Fc, .March 0, IsTiJ.
In Goose Island pre jiuct, at the Hero o
O. Gtccnley, Goose Island, March 10, 1870.
In 1)0' Tooth precinct, at the house of
N. lltllisacker, Iq., March 11, 1.S7H.
Ill Ila.lewooil precinct, at the office ol
5am Urlley F.'cj, March II, 1570.
In Unity precinct, at the noro of W. M.
Atherton, L'olty, March IS, 1S70.
In South Cairo, nt tho olllco of John t.
llurni'.tn, Cairo, .March Ulth, 1S70.
Iu .North Cairo precinct, at the court
hoiu , Ca'ro, March 17th, 1S7C.
The collector hereby calls the (.pedal at
tention ot tax payers to Section 137, ol the
Chapter upon revenue, revled statutes,
Iu watch ho Is required to make dUtralnt
upon tho pcioual properly of all tax piy-
cr In clemuit lor personal taxe", ncr
March 10th. This provision ol law v. ill be
Igoruiiily enforced. Those interested wll
therefore bear the fact la mind ami savo
Ilrlis' your last years tax receipts and do
not trust to the tax books fordl-criptlnn of
your laud. ALFA". II. IIIVIN.
District Collector.
Oa'ro, II!., February !)th, lbTil.
I'm- llansas niul Colormlo.
The Atehiiou, Topeka and Santa Fo
railroad from Kansas City and Atchison
on the .Missonn river, via Topeka, the
capitol ol Kansas, and tho beautltul Ar
kansas valley to tlio Rocky .Mountains.
The shortest mile- to Fuebelo tin' Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs. Maultoii,
Flkes Speak, nmi all places of note In thu
mountain regions. Tlio favorite route
to Denver mid all points hi Northern
Colorado. The best route to Southern
Colorado. N'ew Mexico and Arizona. Tho
only direct routo to thu famous San
Juan mines. The track and equipment
is iiueqnaled, trains run through from
tho Missouri river fo tho Rocky .Mouu
tains, making connections hi Union ilc-
pots mid avoiding delays mid trans
lei-". For lull discrlptlvo circulars'
maps, time tables, etc., address
T. .1. Andkiwon,
Gen'l Fass. Agent, Topeka. Kan.
Aftev llic I'lvi-.
.1. Oeoi'tjo .Stelnhoutc may ho found
bluco Iho lire at ills new ltop, on Kljrhth
street iu tlio Alexander County Hank
bulldhiif, where liu will weluomo till Ids
cii-toniers, nnd tcrve then in as artistic a
manner as ever nciore, wun sinooin
Hliaves. I'ash'.onablu hair Qiittln' mid
thorouli ahainpoo''.
Wu will pay no bills contracted by any
employo of Tirr. IIiu.i.ktin-, iiuIcks tlio
kiiiiio Is tiuulu on a written order sdiiued
by tho pre.-ldeut or tecretary of thu com
puny, and wo will accept no orders tflven
by an employe ol the company, lor any
purposu whatsoever.
November 11). 167r. tl
I tiriiiH '
Fllty eenti, at Wiuter'n Gullery.
,M' !. I'llJ Hull.
Alliiersons having claims ngaliKlho
city of Cairo for work dono on the new
levee during the month of January, 1S70,
are hereby notified that such claims will
be paid at my olllee, Uros building,
Thursday February 10th, between the
hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
II. F. III. art, City Treasury.
Wednesday asd ftuihy, Ftl 10 ind 17,
Hibernian Gems
Jerry Cohen'a
fflfiit I'irtorlttl. tiilcal niul .Vllnn.i1 Kxhl
l.llloii. ripii'si iillriK i" lour In Irtlnnil neconi
IKinli'il liy Voral nnil InnlnuiiPiilnl .Miiplr. 'Jhi.
iniulcal iiml Nmlnnal tlliiliatloiia liy ll.c ful
loMinRntli.li: IIIKCJUKAT
ami tiik -
Banty Boy and Dublin Dan,
Ml- AlicpCilrnwn, Mis Norn O'lltlnn,
Jlr. rii:n. (Ilcii-nn, ()rn Dillon,
luim (irnliiilii, Frank Cnrr,
lutin -Muck. Mr. John K. Ilralv,
Director hii1 Utliiirr.
Making unrudhr llnuit cxtiltiillom now Iruv
cllni; Ilescruil trnbi fic
AilinUiion ac
ClilMri-ii M 'jjc
Cj-tiran-l Mallmc Thursday for school chll-
ilitn. AildmUalon 10c, mliill io.
ffTltf'trvfil fntt fur mtr nt llarlruan's.
The Gamble Wagon
Near Thirth-Fonrth Streot
Wa go Maker,
Mauufactureu his own Hora Shoes and
can Assuro uood work.
J-1 in
Coal Goal,
MT. OARBON(Blg Mudrly)
OrdnrB for Coal bv tho car-load.
ion, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
sronipuv uiionuuu vu.
ftjyTo largo consumors and all
manufacturers, wo nro prepared
to supply any quantity, by tho
month or year, at uniform rates.
rjiiiiiil'iy iiro 'sonicc, No.700utol.evce.
rj-llniriilay llrn.'HWliiirtbout,
a-.M tliu toiil Dump, foot of Tntlty-Elglit
j3-rost Onlcc Dniwcr. sno.
I., 1). Akis. Culm. II, K, Akin CIiIcmso
D. Alsiu & Co.,
DeiiUlB 1
Harness 1 Saddles,
Whips, Collars, Etc.
nAnitnai-Mal AvAnua. . CAIRO. ILLS.
rjHii mvorliiB in Willi wieir HiirnnuK
reiiTflml romiilcle line of itooila from wlilrli to
Iwll VWMMwwa , . . , '
wlect, ut uolioin iinces
Fashionable Barber
Between Waahlnnton andlOomm erclal
ouOrflat Medioal Book
mid Pecifts for Ijulies ami Ututs. Kent free fur
,wo ..VosEriiSt
lOOMlly, St, Jnaaph Mo.
, I
Insurance Agent;
0vr lUlhuii tftl'i,
NO.VK l.ul t int Clau Ccmviulu
irnlfd r
Insurance Agents
City Rational Bank Building, up-italri.
The OldaatEatabllahed Aitenoy In Sout
rn Illinois, repraaantlnir ovr
li, J. Ayttr.
s, I). Asm.
And Krntrat
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Plour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No HI Ohio rvcf,
'. Dealer in J
All klmts bard anil son,)
Kill ud Yard,
corner Tliirty-Pourth Btroot nnd
Ohio Lovoo.
CouKlviiiiictilM Nuilrilril.
NatlilikclKiii tlmirnnlci'.l
Saml X. WZZiSOlT,
Commission Merchant
Cor. EltchthtSt. and Commercial Avo.
W. ltlltrnlmiiFc .V Ilro. It. W. Milter,
C). M. Howe A. Ilro., A. Mui'kii' ,t Co.,
;nni'i iiiimiii, .-I'., uueu .v wuoa,
1;. 11, n oiMiMnrii, !. 11. i"iiiiii jv. Mn,
1'eter O1I1I, Cunnltighuni.tmilwe 1,
Ayi rn fi Co., II. M, lliilin,
,1. II. Heel. Ilenrr Snvers.
Col. .MelCrjIc, 1'. il., Snui'I W'ulleu.
ij-u-ii .
llnniie(IoiinlilT, tlic IichI nuhIhIiic
work ortliekliid lu IlioWorlil
notices nr tiik niK.aa.
The over incrcusliie circulation ot tbia
excellent monthly proves IU continued
mtutitlon to numilur deblri'H and noeda. In
deed, when we think Into how many bomun
it penetrates oery month, wo niUHt con
bldor It um ono oftlio cdilcatori ns well aa
niitertu ners of tho nil ) c miuu, lorita van
popularity lm been won by no appoul to
BUipicI rejumccB or ueyraveuiiisice, cos.
ton (Ilobu,
The cliainctor which this JIiiRazine po
ao!fC!S for vaTloty.enterprl'e.artlitlc wealth,
and literary culture mm im kcjh puce wim,
If It Imi not led the times, tdinuld cauno ita
condiictora to regard It with luMltlablo com
ptneuncy. It Mao entitles them to a rest
claim upon tho public gnUItudo. jno
Mugazloo ban douo Rood ami not evil all
the day ol lullfe. Urooklyn BurIc.
Postage lroe to bUbf.orlneni in tho United
Ilurpor'a Slaxazlno, ono ycar....4 00
H on includes prop.iyracut or U. B. post
ago by tho publMiera.
Bubucnptions to Harper's Slacailnc,
WocKly, or lluzar, to ono addrem for one
year, 10 00; or two of llarpcr'i periodi
cals, to ono address for one year, f" 00;
An extra copy ol cither the Marline,
Weekly or Huzar will be auppllod gratis for
overy club of live subscribers at 14 00 each,
In ono remittance; or lx copies lor f 20 00,
without extra copy; pontago free.
Hack numbers can bo mipplied at any
time, ...
A completo set of Harpoi-'s Magazine,
now comprlMnK 4U volumes, in neat cloth
binding will bo sent by express, freight at
tho expcnuo of purchaser, for $3 '.'. Pr
volume. Slncle volumes, by mall, postpaid,
83 00, Cloth canes, lor binding, 68 cenw,
by mall, postpaid. ,
'rvki,i.iuiN urn not to eonv this ad
vertisement without the uxpreaa ordbra ot
llamer A iirotncra.
Audraaa ItAKl'KH HUOTnKlW.N.
i i n i.tpL'nl sluvU of C'hnlfi' Mutio nrrani.'iil
lurtlie I'luiio I'oriewiH lienrnv ujr nniiou it
ci'liit oriiim dollar, (post (ulil) or lnle copies
ulMA I'l'lltri I'lLPll.
'i lmv I'm, nl hii 1m, nhliml throiiffh biiV news
ile.clerln the Uulteil Statei,
Happier ilaya Instruments
Why can I not Forget
Toni nrown
,.. .ciaribi
rurti'eruie nir-
Illicit Ufe-Wultf..
Dowu wh-reihe Violet Crow..
When Old Jrckson had hit Usr
The (iraiul larm
The College Quickstep.
'1 here' a Mtur in ine
UoToulUally 'IblukhoDia?
Aitiliw a order to ln) . w ...II Itchcook, Pub
lUbtrs, 5 Third ATr"11''''
Subscribe for
Leading Journal of Southern
1 9 f. V- a r.
The Bulletin
Wllliteacuaaur oppose th ptUoltt of U
Republics purty, and refUM to b trta
melloit bytht dlcUtlonof anycflcjtt to th
Democratic organization.
It bdlevei tiiat the Bepublioaa part fcw
fulfllled IU mliiloi, and that tbt De0
cratlc party aa now orjanlxed ibould bun
utored to power.
It bellovoa tha Hadlcal tnauy Hut
tor MTeral ytara oppraaied Uw Boon
hould be OTOrthrow aid the people ot the
Southern Statei penoltUd to oontroltbtlr
own affalra.
It bellevaa that rauioad oorporattoa
should b prohlbtua by leglUUT ncU
menu from extortinf and unjuitly daterio
lnatlngln their buglnew trasMetlOM with
the pnliUo.
It recogntzei the equality of all sen b
fore the taw.
It adrocatea free eoBtaerce tariff for
revenue enly.
It adrocatea reaumptlon of ipeete pay
ment, and faoneat payment of the pubKe
It advocatea economy in the admlniitra
tlon ol public aflalrf
The Uullotln will publish all the local newa
ol Cairo, and a variety or Commercial, Fo
lltlcal, ForelKn and General Newa, and en
deavor to ploase all taste a and Interest ah
JVeekly ulletin
Is a thirty-two column paper, furnished to
aubecrlbors (or tho low price of
$1 25 FEB YEAE,
rontige prepaid. It la tho cheapest paper
iu tho West, and la pleasing Fireside
Visitor ami Kamlty Companion.
Cannot fall to ice the kveled Induce
menu offered by The Bulletin to the way
ol cheap ami proBtabU JTertUe-aajU
Subioribe for
w bulle
S'4..i U '

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