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TrbcUtoI QolncyhM .nearly made
uttlsJsU4at It wiita aUlc 11'
ry. f . , , f
II Aots Independents meet In cotv
vUm t-Deetnr to-day, an the Imll
a Independent meet at Indianapo
lis. A most active and unremitting foarch
for Wlmlow, the Boston forger, has tecn
kept up In all parts of the European con
tinent, but no trace of htm can be found.
He hat gone to meet Tweed.
Eads, the Jetty man, will ask for an ad
tawee gfthe rtrat tntiaHraent of money lie
was to receive lroi the government
when he has succeeded In getting sixteen
feet ot water at the South Pass. He has
thlrteM feet owfaul i financially em
barked frofij thelarge sums lie lias had
10 wnm ok UK wms so lar.
The business of the post otllce depart
raent Is considered a good criterion of
the general business of the country, in
the month ot January the demand for
postage stamps, postal cards, and stamp
ed envelops reached the unprecedented
amount of three and a half million dollars
But as yet tnero Is no preceptlble bright
ening oi business prospects and the wall
of "Jull times" Is still heard in the land
BkstKTcRMMi is now fairly In the
"lecture field." Her first cflort in this
line Is called Thc Kcason Why," and is
"a ''plea iWlMraesty and baser in busl-
ncss amtfrrhaswtholaV' Oa Miss Tur
ner's first afsjls wee before a New York
audieaee she wore a Majenta silk dress
with black lace overdress and sleeves
diamond ear rings, and her hair dressed
high and Jauntily on the top of her head.
Bessie s ship must have come in lately,
llox. Thomas S. JIuxnvAY, present
Jtepubllcau State treasurer of Illinois,
will not be a candidate for re-nomina
tion or re-election. Under the constitu
tion of 1S70 Mr. Ridgway is Ineligible
Section Second of Article Fifth of the
constitution reads: "The treasurer
shall hold his office for the term ot two
years and until his successor is elected
and qualified, and shall be ineligible -to
said office for two years next alter the
term for which he was elected."
Thb senators and members who will
comprise the committee appointed by the
Democratic caucus of the two
houses of congress will be, of the
senate, Uessn. Bayard, (Del.),
Th Urmia, (O.), Gordon, (Ga.), anil Bogy,
(Mo). The representatives will be Messrs.
Bright, (Term.), Morrison, (III.), Hol
man, (Ind.), Barnum, (Conn.), Payne,
(O.). Walker, (S. Y.j and Gibson, (La.)
and two others who have not been de
termined npon. Mr. Bright will proba
bly be the chairman of the committee.
The CourUr-J aunta t t Washington spe
cial says a repeal of the resumption act
will be recommended, and that
it is suggested by prominent
Democrats that, to this should
be added a recommendation for revenue
refornjjslmllar to the tariff bill Introduced
by Mr. Morrison, and for a reduction of
the public expenditures.
A late number of Prof. Swing's paper,
the Allianet, published in Chicago, takes
ground against universal suffrage. Mr.
Swing believes that "the essential idea of
Republicanism is not universal suflrage,
but the possibility of suffrage Its near
ness, like the kingdom of Heaven, to
those who. properly seek. It." Uc argues
that the privilege of the ballot-box should
be based on fitness and not on simple ex
istence that our fathers made a dread
ful blunder when they instituted unre
stricted suffrage and that the blunder
must be repaired, not by .widening the
circle ol voters until It Includes' women
at the polls, but by restricting It to voters
who can read and write and who possess
a property qualification of not less than
one thousand dollars. Mr. Swing Is not
certain that this Is the way out ol "the
wilderness," but is certain that "a reform
must begin at the ballot-box and that
the crisis Is at hand and is of deep lui
A;Virglnia gentlemen w ho was "a rebel
lu 1805, but isapatriot In 1870," wants to
see the national dobt paid. Tho national
debt amounts to $2,214,420,801.25. By
some process ot figuring which he docs
not explain, this patriot of lbTC has found
out that his suaro'of. the national debt Is
twenty-live cents and has sent that sum
to the secretary of ttie treasury. He cays
on othe? "patriots" to figure out their
shares and pay up also. This Is one way ol
paying the national debt. An unknown
person in Ohio has another one. Mrs.
President Uraat recently received u let
ter from Cincinnati Inclosing a dollar,
"which," the writer says, "you will
please see that the secretary of the
United States treasury gets tor Uie pur
pose ot forming what shall be known as
the voluntary sinking fund for tho liqui
dation of the debt ol the United States,"
He or hjuestJ(i-ipptfbutlons ttttm.
one cent upward,aiid thinks that in u few
years tho sum would bo a power not to
be despised. The letter Is headed, "De
spise not the day of small things." It
has no punctuation marks, and Is simply
slgued "A Buckeye."
The consular tervlcc appears to bo a
Very expensive one to the government.
Mr. Springer's committee on Expendit
ures In the State Apartment asked Mr
Bristow for a list of the consuls who had
not settle d Willi' the tovtmaient. wi
tor the ret)c&wVwuiU dwti bj each. .
The list Isjenjcriwit jte study.!
sue toiai awouui owcu the gov
ernment U" !aO,6W.23. Adam Ba
dean, author of a Ufa of Orant
U short twenty-live, hundred dol
lars ; George Bancroft Is short over ilvo
thousand dollars; Cramer, the Presi
dent's brothcr-ln-law, owes some Ilvo
Hundred dollars, which has been standing
against his name lor lour years; Sickles,
ex-minister to Spain, was removed two
years ago, and It will take seven thous
and, eight hundred dollars to square his
account with the United States. The
list Includes many other names, some of
them obscure and some well known, and
the sums owed by their owners vary
from a few hundred to many thousands
of dollars. It will he remembered that
these consular agents ol the government
arc jill Republicans, and nearly If not
quite all of tlicm arc appointees of Presi
dent Grant.
Cabinet Mvtepslaaai Wnlnnili " A
rhatotrts smlsjr rlr-"A
Dream mt Fair Wo ."
( I' torn our rffiilar CormpomUut)
WAsmsnTox, Feb. 10, 1870.
Every Wednesday, if the sun shines,
feminine Washington arrayeth ltselt In
purple and fine linen to make the cabinet
calls, for the ladles ol that distinguished
circle arc among the regular sights to
be seen by all visitors. The hours are
from S till 5, so, if the entire round is to
be made a carriage is requisite. ThW
luxury is expensive, costing at most sta
bles two dollars per hour, but, lfyoit are
a regular customer, your elegance may
be indulged at a dollar and a half for the
same time. It ia funny to watch the
coachmen when ranged round some man
sion waiting for the egress of their fair
freightage; mind! 1 didn't say "bag
gage." The respectable private coach-
mau feels his' consequence quite as thor
oughly as the lady be serves. He is as
careful of his dignified pol-c upon his
box, his manner of holding his whip, and
the number of his buttons as If he owned
the entire establishment, and he gazes
with suprcmcst disdain upon the horses
he knows to be hired, and the sham liv
eries woru by the drivers of ordinary
coaches. "Caste" everywhere, my dear !
Just note it yourself the next time you
sec aline of Jehus.
Yesterday the whole city was scied
with a
mama roi: CALLS,
so cxtenslrc, the whole population
seemed on wheels, for the streets were
full, and one caught fascluatiug glimpses
ol rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and dalntv
hats, so plumed with nodding feathers
tliat we wondered if the statelj- birds ol
the desert had any of their beauty re
We do not take the ladies in the order
of their precedence at all, but direct our
coarse so as to economize the precious
time, and therefore Mrs. Robeson is the
first whom we shall greet. Up the steps
and Into the ball ; the lady stands near
the mantel. She turns, flashes a look as
bright as her diamonds, gives you her
gloved band for a second, and then un
less you are somebody she is politic
enough to cultivate, you are left entirely
to your own devices. That's very well
If yo happen to know any one present ;
If you don't, it's extremely awkward,
but madame has done her duty, you arc
quite at liberty to look at Iter as much as
you please, and she does make a picture,
for Mrs. Robeson is a strikingly hand
some woman ; her figure is juperb, her
dress faultless, and the masses of her sil
ver hair over her still youthful face arc a
crown extremely becoming. Very dif
ferent Is the welcome you meet at Mrs.
Bristow'e. She is simply exquisite every
way, never a bit haughty, but geni
ally graceful, she greets you warmly, ut
ters some bright bit ot thought, and thcu
if her attention Is claimed by entering
guests, she at once introduces you to
some one who bhall make your call
agreeable. Yesterday it was pretty Miss
Dcnlson of Ohio, who assisted, and very
charmingly she talked, fascinating my
escort till I ordered him away.
ias. biustow's ricicuu
Is not easily given she is tall and slight,
her toilettes are always rich, but her
whole charms lies lu the expression of
mouth and eyes; such great, soft brown
eyes looking straight Into your own w ith
an earnest, questioning glance, while
round the mouth there Is always u smile
so winning that were I a man 1 should
envy the secretary his right to bask in
such radiance. Tills isn't gushing. I
know Mrs. Bristow and 1 love her.
Our next visit was upon tho wife of the
Secretary of War, Mrs. Belknap. The
fame of her beauty needs no help from
my ien, she Is remarkably lovely ; but
oh I Miss Belknap is far uioro attractive
than her mamma. ou will find her
throned on tho piano; the sweetest
inori-el ol babyhood that ever came to
gladden a household. She is dtliciwt;
you want to bite her Just u little, you
know, and you staud worshiping tho
year old darling, wondering If all her
life shall be as rose-hued as now, hoping
most devoutly that horrow shall never
bow that rare golden head. The child
is the god daughter ot Mrs. Fish, and
to her house I will take you next. Usu
ally every nook is tilled with eager vis
itors, but Hometlmes your hostess has a
minute's respite. How many years she
has stood within her gates receiving all
who chose to come; Her wonderful
memory retains every name and every
face, a dignified statelluess murks her
manner, but ti'ids ever ro slight a rea
son for getllug over that first formality,
ami heboid the truest womanly heart
that ever beat; so true, that when Mrs.
Fish shall utter any sentence you may
know that she mean it, and so unselfish
that weariness and tare are counted for
naught If she may accomplish any good.
Well has she won the title : "the first lady
In America."
At tho
roar wasikii oenkiul's
It.la always pleasant to linger, Mrs. dew
ell Wto cordial and Florence (absurd to
pall tier Miss Jewell) such a tiny rose
bid of a girl, that welcome seems warm
er there than anywhere elc. Young
people uie always to be found there; the
tables of refreshments arc very tempting,
and there are picture that will pay you
for looking.
Mr. Plerrcpont, tho new Attorney
General, lives In the houo built by Gen.
Meigs. Its construction Is peculiar, but
never mind the house for the hostess Is
well worth your attention. It Is easy to
sec what her life long associations have
been ; the high-bred lace with Its delicate
features, the graceful manner, nnd low
sweet voice, nil mark the lady, born to
that name. Mrs. Plerrcpont l winning
love nnd admiration from every one she
meets, tribute freely given, and accepted
so charmingly, that one wlhes there
were even more to bctow.
Now to Mrs. Chandler's ; wc know ex
actly how Mrs. Chandler will stand and
how warmly she will clasp our oll'ered
hand, but we have not quite recovered
from our suprisc when wp first saw her ;
you can hardly believe her a grand
mother! that fair queenly woman with
no wrinkles lu her face, no trace of age
anywhere; if n'tl pspauiblt yet Mrs.
Hale, her daughter, has two lovely chil
dren. Mrs. Chandler receives with per-
tect composure ami grace, she is never
flurried, never nt a loss for a word or
phrase, and you are quite at liberty to
wander about the splendid parlors at will.
Xo party of the season has been more
brilliant than the card reception given
there two weeks ago. Our circuit wa
couttilete at lat : reviewing it, 1 call It
"A dream offalr women." 1 have not
exaggerated they are all fair In
one way or auothcr, and when on
some State occasion, they assemble at
the White Hou?o, you will bollevo more
Implicitly than now, that American wo
men like American productions gen
erally are but I have exhausted all my
surperlatlves. Cai.
Plum trees are In full bloom lu Cald
well county, Texas.
Mott. the Memphis Mo., medium,
Is coming to the trout again.
A Centennial boat crew, made up of
the Wards and BIgllus, Is talked ot.
Charles Hale the actor, died at Mor
tlsonla on Friday, aged 07 years.
Gabriel Andral, the distinguished
physician of Paris, Is dead.
Active search is being made lu Hol
land for Wlnslow, the Boston forger.
Chicago will have two race meetings
at Dexter park during tho montli ot
iicnry Uews ims ik-cii unanimousiy
rc-admlttcd to the membership ol the
Stocks and Gold Exchange of New York.
Louis Marceln, Comptc do Caroc,
the eminent publicist and member of the
French academy, is dead.
The rifle shooting mania has reached
Springfield, and n club Is to be formed
Beecher preached to a congregation
at Plymouth church onSimday morning,
bis subject being "Attaining High Moral
Paul Bo yn ton, the famous swimmer,
is in Sew Or Jeaus, and will soon give tue
people of that city an exhibition of his
Henry Watterson, of the Louisville
Couritr-Joumnl, who was reported con
valescent sometime ago, Is still lylngvcry
low at his re-Idence In Louisville.
And now It Is said there arc reasons
for believing that Indictments have been
found against James F. Casey and J.
Hale Sypher, at New Orleans, for con
nection with the whisky ring.
An explosion occurred In the Kxeter
mines belonging to the Lehigh Valley
Coal company, located at West Pittson,
Pa., on Saturday afternoon, killing four
men and terribly mangling and burning
eight others.
General Gld. J. Pillow has filed a
petition in bankruptcy, assigning among
other causes in his petition, that he is
held responsible, iwrsonally, for acU as a
Major General during the late war.
Prince Bismarck has thanked the
United States cabinet and the American
minister at Peking, for supporting the
German claims for punishing Chinese pi
rates who plundered and destroyed the
German schooner Hannah.
The latest files or the London sport
ing journals contain the letter of accept
ance of Daniel O'Leary, tho great Chi
cago jK;destrian, to tho challenge of Per
kins, the Knglish walker of London.
An attempt was made to rob a train
oh the Pan Handle road, at a place called
Brush Water station, sixteen miles from
Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday ulgnt, but
the thieves failed 'to accomplish their
ends they being barely allowed to es
cape with their lives.
The students of Amherst college
have concluded not to send n crew to
Saratoga the coming summer. Tho col
lego cannot raise sulllcient money to sup
port u boat crew and base hall club both,
ami It has decided to give its entire sup
port to bas'e hall.
Newton llllemaii.ayoiith seventeen
years old, nnd Frank Kecf'cr.ngod twelve
years, became mixed up in n quarrel n
short distance from Bloomtngtoii last
Saturday, when Hllcman struck Keelcr
between the eyes with n club and killed
The remains of llevcrdy Johnson
were Interred at Green Mountain Ceme
tery, Baltimore, ou Monday afternoon.
Seven thousand peoplu were assembled
in the ccmetety to pay the la-t tributes of
respect to thu deceased. The bells
throughout thu city was tolled from 1 to
5 o'clock p. in., and Hags were displayed
at half-mast.
Olio hundred and forty-one churches
of the 172 invited by Plymouth church's
udvlsory council have sent replies, nnd
117 ol this number have accepted. About
twelve churches urged us their reason for
declining that thu statu ol religious Inter
ests iu thu church forbade the ubsenco
of tho pastor. Nine assigned no reason,
and three declined because, ol thu unsat
isfactory character of the council. Dr.
Leonard Bacon has accepted, and there
Is an exudation that he will be the mod
erator of the council, Dr. Noah Porter
has not yet resKuded to his Invitation.
The majority of twenty minister with
out churches have, It Is said, accepted
the Invitation, Thero will probably bo
uot over 270 all told.
Orvlllo (ft-nitt ,lio'l Tell Wlmt lie
Known Aiiwiii tut tthUkyHinjr.
(Special dispatch la Hi iTmlng Journal.)
SnitNOFiELit, It.!-. Feb. 14. A few
days since, asubpuiia was Issued citing
Orvlllu Grant In nimear lll'fim. tlin in-,,,, I
Jury here. Thl morning It was re
turned by the eicrk of the
Northern Dlstrkt court "not
served," for the rea-on that Urant Is now
lu Washington, audi not expected to
return to Chicago soon. U Is under
stood that he Is wanted to give his testi
mony In regard to a letter which he
wrote to the president w hen Bloomtlehl
was supervisor of Internal revenue, ask
ing for that officer's removal, nnd charg
ing him with being mixed up with the
whisky ring, and aU Intimating that If
he could have a private conversation
with his brother, tli president, he would
tell htm more than U' cared to put ou
paper. Thcsubpum will le sent to
Washington lor sertlco.
The ArEiuiiriit Asnl Tlournni n
i:tl!rnrr l 1'onrl.
Sr. Lofts, Feb. 11. Judge Porter, in
concluding his Argument agalnt the ad
mission ot the telegram In the Babcock
trial, occupied nearly all the morning
session to-dav. Hl conclusions were
that thev were nrllings, nnd whether
proven 'to l "hat they purported
in their origin and destination. It was
still a question of law whether
they could be admitted ns evidence.
He did not by any means admit, however,
that this .'proof and the Identification
of the telegrams have been shown. To
the great m.ijorty ot these telegram,
there were produced, no answers nt all.
Such were merely hearsay, merely let
ters relating t facts, nnd making In
quiries which did not convey the slight
est hint of a conspiracy, but none of
these, wliatcuT might be shown of them
or whatever construction should lie put
upon tlietn. were admissible as testimony
until, by .intrinsic evidence, it has been
establ.-lrtd that General Babcock had n
knowleilgetl of the existence of a con
splrarv. Tltl must first lie proven, and
It had'not been proven.
A itrhrmc la Illrrtl.
(I'uiutheSt. I.oul Tinut.'
As an evidence of thu blackmailing and
hlec.iln-' to which both thu prosecution
and tin-' defense in Babcock's case are sub
jected by un-crupulous scoundrels who
Claim 10 00 auje iu j;ivu iiiiiHinam ii-su-in
on v. the tollowlus facts will be appro
priate to the present time:
A few days ago two men well known
rascals left New York for Washington,
having "put up a jot' that was to pay
their expenses to ht. Louis, eirable them
to live luxuriously here, and probably at
ford them opportunities for tho exercise
of their peculiar faculties.all at the expense
of Geueral Babcock. At ashington tiiey
called ou W. C. Cook, the lawyer who is
said to have been employed by Grant to
attend to BabcoeVs Interests iu that lo
ealitv. ahd said that they were lu posse,
slon of unimpeachable evidence, by which
they would bo able to prove tnb exls
taiice of one of the foulest conspiracies
ever Invented against thu liberty of Gen
eral Babcock. When Cook nrcssedthem
tor particulars, they said that they had
eIdcnce to prove that Bluford Wilson
had given to Llmira Washburn, chief of
the detective service, the sum of $5,000
to Induce him to go to St. Louis and find,
invent, manufacture or suborn any and
every kind ot testimony to convict Bab
cock of conspiracy with the w hisky ring
aters. Mr. Cook at once procured a sub
po na for the mcu, and sent them here to
vindicate Babcock.
At St. Louis this precious pair took
rooms at the Llndcll. and proceeded to
splurge In grand style at thu expense of
the defendant. But they could not keep
quiet. Prosperity was too much for
them. They promenaded tho streets
bragging of the manner iu which they
would make It red-hot lor the prosecu
tion, and swearing that they would ex
plode the case of the government as with
a charge of dynamite. Their talk at
tracted the attention of officers of the
secret service, who were well acquainted
with the fellows, and were astonished
at thu style they were put
ting on. Perceiving that they
were rooming nt the Llndcll, and know
ing their propensity to enter rooms nnd
pick up little things Iu the shape of valu
ables and letters, the officers watched
them, and soon deemed it their duty to
notify the Washington men who were
stopping at tho Llndell to look out tor
them and take care of their private papers
and other property. Among thoso who
were thus notified wcru Deputy Com
missioner Kogers and Supervisor
Tiitton who were very much aston
ished and hastened to inform
General Babcock of tho Imposition
that bad been practiced unon him. Hull.
cock declared that he knew nothing about
the men or their reputation, that they
had been sent on from Washington by
his counsel, and that they had repre
sented themselves as being able to give
highly Important testimony for the de
fense. When ho was informed of their
true character, he was very Indignant,
nnd directed that they should ut once bo
paid ofTand discharged. This was done,
and one ol them left the city last Friday
night. Tho other Is still hanging around
St. Louis, waiting to make a strike In
some other direction.
Tin: huge, drastic, griping, sickening
pllla, constructed ot crude, coanto and
bulky Ingredients, are fast being super
seded by Dr. licrce's lleaant l'urgatlvo
1'cllets, or Sugar-Coated, Concentrated
Hoot and Herbal Juice, Antl-Iiilllou. (Iran-ulcs-tlie
"Little CJIant" Cathartic or .Mul
turn In 1'arvo phyIe, Modern chemical
micneo enubtes Dr. Plcrco to c.Ntrnct Iroui
tho juices of the most valuable roots anil
bcrhs their active mculclnal principle),
which, when worked Into llttlo pollets or
granules, scarcely larger than mustard
seed, renders, c:icli llttlo pellot us netlvo ami
powetful as a large pill, while they arc
much more palatable and plcaiant iu
l)n. lit a A.-Til vim, ol Hneoiikburg,
Ohio, writes : "1 regard your Pellets as the
best remedy for the conditions for which
you prescribe tliein of any thing 1 have over
used, ho mild and certain in effect, and
Raving tho bowels lu an excellent condit
ion. It serins to tno they must tukc- thu
place of nil other cathartic pills and med
icines." Lvo.N & Macomiieii, druggists, Ver
million, D. T., say s 'Vo thluk they arc
going to sell like hot cukes as soon as tho
people gut acquainted with them and will
poll tho pill trade, us thoso that I avo
used them like thcin much bolter thin largo
pills." (2)-'M0-diVwiw.
shjlit nit-luK. Kim, unit W mkfiilino mi
roeil CoNTlSltNIs ami M4NV tiKAH,
Myskrloa ut lh Orient, 220 KNdluVINds,
Urielit, witty, cnU-rtutnlriK the most uttnictlie
liook out. in tmy rteiKit llrsl-iule. II k-IIs
rapidly, !)' iiU'mIIll I AOKNTH WANTKH,
W rlu kIiiih'c lor dccrIiiUu-diciilarsaiHl linns,
to ANXilOU I'UUf.blllNy cy. , WiJ I'lnaMrret,
Ht, l.oltH, Jlo, '.MS-il&Wlm,
vTvii years nuo you ecu lit got an koocI n Climr na you would wliih to amoko to
T...Xv.iUt,an" Everybody nmokcil tlu-m. Surlim thn war irolil wmit uutoUOO
iKnTa Xi"l. "P. ccoiilliiKly. Quid linn koiio buck, but Olttftrn iieein to hold
::.J.PJ!"ll .hy ..thin P It Is owlmr. to n certain nxtrnt. to the advanced coat or
lnnnunictnrn in Hklllr.l labor ami Oovornmnnt tax, but ton atlll Kroater extent, to
n redleiiloiiB runhionor rvnliiitrHiihiiiiird to rail for a Ilvo cunt ClKr.
La Ficcadura,
( 1 he ltianilCnrtiiivi!) x Hip litr nf imlrnlnt M i.
Clmrnt n ro-l of Iw ri Ij -t-n ht cent U lliuu
is imxpuui-, inuaKiwiiK iinirnc. iiis un ipiorliinUy to miiii.li' riiuiki-is Willi a iirlor lumu
I Urar lur s rent) lie jJiur HTnrvoiir :itiun n
Hie nuintinirtiirrrrr-o;iillrii: the furl that tin- mnjorllv uraninkri nrrfi-r In buv lln lr CIkum
limy linsl thrm, lmr ndo)itsl tin- plittu.r fuvorinic tlir majority, itnlrad orilie inlnorllv tin Ims
U-rn tlirnilr. by wlllnjr n Mnfilr t lirarat (lit Mnirruli-m ihr, ini, filly, or it lxi
lly Ki'i-oliillui; it Mrutlr ariii'V In city, they riuirr ntnilc tlitlr luislursi. miner llnir lows nnd
rxjK-ruM, ami keep up the .piallty or the Uirur, for tlir iiiiiliml nJimiUKi- ol ll-ini Itm, the con.
junitrs, nnd their juri-ls.
Civ thexa a Trial and hm Convinced.
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Importer and Wholesale Doaler in
Wines and Liquors.
Koopn a full stock of
Kox1.-tu.ols.3r Bovirbon,
Monongahela.Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
The Gamble Wagon
Near Thirth-Fourth Street
Wago Maker,
Manufactures hta own Horsa Shoes and
cun Assure Good Work.
Coal Coal.
MT. CARBON(Blg Muddy)(
Ordora for Coal by tho oar-load,
ton, or in hoRsbcadu, for Bhipmont,
promptly attondod to,
if-To largo oonBumors and all
nanufaoturora, wo are prepared
to supply any quantity, by the
atonth or your, at uniform rates.
O-IlullliUy Hro.Uomco, No. 70 Oliloleveo.
ErllttltUluy Hro.'M wlwrfUout.
rJ-At Kgyiitluii MlllD, or
Cr-At thu Lcml Duwp, foot of Tnlity-Klglit
a-l'oit Office Dmvror. 300.
Mnri - v nn. i.l.1.-1 1,1 i.v.l.. II,.- nluiir r. I. lnuliil
otlirr Miiniuwtiili'M run iiodiiru l-'lr or
New-York Store
Goods Sold Vory Close.
Comer 10th St. and Commercial At
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Levee.
Wholesale Grocer
Dialer In
Commission Merchant,
SPECIAL utkutlttQ g I veil toconiigumenta
Ullliik' onlfm
A laaltto rilUI
IDikiUu kirilk MCnliitii. lg
iTiraui 4 co, HiDMiuitBu, ct,uf.
Barclay Bro's.,
Wholesale Druggists
CAIRO, ills.
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niii milium 1 u
Loading Journal of Southern
a 2 v it mBj
WlllntcailUntlr oppoe the pollclen Ot 111
Kepuljllcan party, and refund to b tram,
melted utbe illctatlouof my cll(Uo In tbe
Democratic organization.
It bcilcve that tbe Itejmbllcan party bai
fullllled Itn mittlon, aud tbat tho Demo
cratic party ai now organized aboulii t't re
stored to power.
It beifevea tbo Kadlcal tyranny tbat ht
for aevcr.il ycara opprrued tbe folitb
bould be ovcrtbrownand tbe people ct ina
Southern Statva permitted to control then
own atfalr.-.
It bcllevai tbat railroad corporation
nbould jbe prohibited by leglilatlre f cacti
menu from extorting and unjuitly daacrim
Inatlng In their bualneta traotactloni wit a
tbe pulillc.
It rceonlo the cjualtty of alt men b
foro the law.
It advocate! free coinuierre larld fo:
revenue only.
It advocated resumption of apecltr pay
incut, ami boneat payment of Ibe pu'jllc
di lit.
It advocatci economy in the ailmlnlntta.
tlon of public adalrr
Tbe liulletlu will publish all the locai newi
of Cairo, and a variety of Commorcia!, Po
litical, foreign and (Jeneral Newt, and en
deavor to plene all tastea and lntret ab
In a thirty-two column paper, fumtxbeit tc
nuliKrlticri for tbe low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
Pontage prepaid. It la tbe cheapest paper
in tbe Wot, and 1 a pleating Fireside
VMtoraud Family Companion.
Cannot fall to ico tbo ut "Waled Induce
ments offered by Tbo Iiulletln In tbe way
of cheap and profitable advertisements.
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