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MmIub, NO. 51,
Knight ofl-ythlaa, meet every Krl
day night at hair-past seven, m Odd'
tllows' 1111. Howie.
Chancellor Commander.
. Independent Onlerof Odd-Kel-how,
mU every Thurtdav nlghl
ih r.Mitmg. in ineir nan on
3oinmcTclal aveuue, between Blxthani Seventh
-reef, viiiwi n. M
1AIKO KNCAM I'M t NT, I. O. O. .. meet
Olu Odd-reHo' Hall on the Hrt ami third
lucaday lu every month, at bair-paat ev:n.
Jno. U. UonmiAw, C. I.
CA1KOI.UDUK. NO.zn.A.r. A A.M.
-Jr Hold regular communication. In Ma
Jtlsoulc Mull, cornrr Commercial aveuue
' 'ami Klghtn street, on the second ami
"ourtli Monilar of earn month.
After the Ttre.
J. George Hti'lnlioiiso may lie (omul
Mm the fire at Ms new rtiop, on Klj,'lilli
street in the AlexundiT County Hank
btilldliiff, where lie will wclroino nil hi
customers, ami serve tlicm in ns nrllitlo a
manner as ever Won, with Miiimlh
nlmvi'H. IumIiIoimMu Imir culling ami
thorough nliAinpooH.
flaotl Art Ire I
Parents Miotilil alwnys watch tlielr
children' AealthUx cold and raw weather,
and kttp them In sound tomtitlon Iy us
ing Wlihnrt'. I'lne Tree Tar Cordial, a
Very jHitatatte remedy that purities the
blood and nertr faih to speedily cure
coukIii ,coldn,croup, soro throat and diph
theria. 217vlt.(l'J)
Notice or Beaaaval.
C. Koch has removed hU boot and
xhoe Miop from the old stand to hU
new brick building (oiih block below),
No. HO Commercial avenue, between
Filth and Sixth streets, where he will
keep the best home made and St. I.oul
cuitom made boots and ihoei, made of
the best material ; good workmanohip
and in the latent styles. All orders
promptly attended to. IMKMl.
We will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tim Hullktin, uiiIcm the
came is made on a written order signed
by the president or pcerctnry of Jlie com
pany, and we will accept no orders' given
by an employe of the company, for any
piirpoe whatsoever.
Caiiio Bullktin Company.
November 10. 1875. tt
.lew coal umrr.
V. M. Ward has opened a coal ofllce on
south side of Kljjlith strect,Ko..1I.U't ween
Commercial and Washington avenues, In
Sargent's shoe store. Ho will sell Har
rlfburj; coal delivered In any part of the
city at $.'1 25 per elnglo ton, or per
ton In four-ton lot ; Hlg Muddy coal at
$J per bIiikIc (on, or i" fiQ for two tons,
all delivered. Thce are rock bottom
prices, and mean cash and cash only.
1-23-1 m
The Net ere Winter,
followed by the rainy, dubious tpring
and iiimmcr of this year, has had effect.
Consumption threatens to regain Its old
dreaded significance. From Its llrst faint
symptoms, through Its harassing later
stages, hall's lialsam for the lungs must
be called the consumptive's friend. Us
blessed relief gives night1 of peace in
stead of hacking cough, subdues dreaded
night sweat and changes the weak, irri
tated feeling through the chest to serene
strength. For sale uy all druggist. Price
$1 per bottle. 2-17-w-lt-(2l)
For Sale.
A sliver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) llni-li,
valued at $Sj. Will be sold at $20 dis
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
from the factor.
Colored and mounted Maps ot the
eltyol Cairo at S2 CO each (halt price.)
A No. Wilson Shuttle Sewing Ma
chine valued at $75. Will be sold at $15
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $1)0 Itemlngton Sewing Machine
$30 oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot and shoe manufacturer.
A style "E," "dough, Warren &
Co.V Parlor Organ, right from the fac
tory nt Detroit. 1.1st price, $300. Will
be sold for $200.
1000 sheets of brlstol board Just re
ceived at the Bt'Li.KTiK olllce, and lor
sale to the trade.
of tiii:
City or Cairo,
colored and varnished, for salu at hull
price ($2.50) at the Bui.i.ktix olllve.
20,000 note heads, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter head", 10 reams statement?,
20 reams hill heads Carlisle paper Just
received and for sale at the Hui.lkti.n
For any of the above articles, apply n
he Bulletin otllcc. E. A. Buh.nktt
Real Estate Column
I.ot2, block 0, city, on Ohio levee,
above Twelfth strrct, outside lire limits.
Very cheap. Terms liberal.
Cottage neat Nineteenth and Poplar
Meets. $8 per month.
Uood dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar streets,
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Sill well.
Winter's Block-suitable for Hotel
Olllccs or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 8 audi), in
Winter's How, f rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 507 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 1 rooms.
Storo room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. II alley.
A small House west of Twenty
second struet,uear Pine, $4 per month.
Dwelling houso on Sixth street and
Jefferson avenue.
Orphan Asylum building andjprcinl
pes. Kent low, to a good tenant.
Storo room, corner Twentieth and
Washington nvenuo, $12 n month.
Rooms la various part ot the city.
-Lauidi, la tracU to Ut, near Cairo."'
KtAll lillla fur advertising, arc ilue nml pay
able IN AiiVAma,
Transient advertising will be Inserted at the
rule of It Ml per square for Hie llrt Inrt-rlion
ami fi cents for each snb-couriit one. A lllieral
discount wilt he made on standing ami display
Kor Inserting l-'unrrul notice $1 tu. Notice of
Meeting ofsoclellcs or secret orders SO cents for
inrli insertion.
Church, Moclely, Kcslhaland Hupper iiotlwa
will oaly be inserted aa uihf rtlncmniU.
No advertisement will lie received at leas than
U cent, and no nilvcrlUcincnt will lie Inserted
fur less than Dini-dollars iht month
Local Bualnnna Nolle, of
ton line or more. maertea
in the Bulletin a follow
Commence Counting at ten Line.
One lnaertlon oer tin "1 Cent.
Twolnaertlonaper Una 7 Cent.
Thru Insertion ter line 10 Cent.
Six lnaertlon per Una IB Oent.
Two week per line o Uenta
On month Dor lino ......US Cent
No Heductlon will be made In abovo
luteal Weather Report.
Oaiiio.'Ul., I'll). 15, ltd.
TIMK lUH. Til a WlHU. j VaX, Wkatii.
a.m. ei.mo W I Oar.
II " I'AKIS ..lis W I lu "
p.m WW .TJ W 12 "
3ill" t?a W Vt "
SeUtuit, SlKual Service, U. ti, A.
Police Coukt. There was no;bulnes
In the police courts yesterday.
Tin: Ohio. There was a slight de
cline lu the Ohio yesterday.
Tnv Tiikm! Tuv Tiidi! Hall dime,
hull dime cigar, Havana tiller, at
2-8-tf CoWIT.KW.UTK it PlIILLII'i.
Ku.N.M.N'a. Trains are runing regularly
on thu Cairo and St. Louis railroad.
Trackmen are placing the track lu re
pair again.
KooMrt to Kent. Four rooms, and a
neat cottage on Third Street, free from
slpe water, and in good condition. En
quire of Win. Mcilalc, at the Delta
House. 2-10-tf.
DisocsTixa. A drunken couple a
white man and woman went reeling
along Washington avenue yesterday
evening, and were the observed of all
Wanted Immediately, a tlrst-clas
whcclrlght and wa;on repairer; al.o, a
a harness maker and repairer. None but
llrst-class, sober men need apply.
It Jame.s DKMOrTK, Arlington hotel.
Caiiiiaok, Onions. K. J. CudlU' has
Just received a car load of choice north
ern onions, and ri car load of choice
northern cabbage all for sale cheap, No.
17. Eighth street. 2-15-2L
To in: Sold. On Thursday, 17th,
Inst., at 10 o'clock, a. in., John Hogau
will oiler lor sale a large lot ot family
groceries, consisting ot teas, molasses.
vinegar, soda, wash tubs, and other ar
ticles usually louud in a grocery stoie.
V Scccesiul Woukeii. Mr. Dr.
Wardner, who lias been engaged lu lec
turing on "Centennial Work"' in many
of tiie towns of this congressional dis
trict, Is winning golden opinions from
everybody, and has met with gratifying
success lu all her effort lor the cause to
which she Is now devoting her atten
Anotmkii Floater. A telegram from
P. P. Barlow, father In-law of Frank
Gllmaii, the drowned engineer, was re
ceived by John Holmes lu this city yes
terday, stating that tho body of a
drowned man had been tound In the river
a short distance above Columbus, and
asking that eflorts be made to ascertain
If it was not Gllman. Arrangements
were being made last ulght to 'end some
one to Investigate the matter.
Death or Jack Hodge' Paiidneii.
Tho following was received at the Bri.-
letin olllce last evening:
Unity, Feb. 12, 1S70.
Old Uncle Jesse, colored, who lu days
past waited on General Jackson, and was
at the battle of New Orleans, aged
103 years, 7 months and 23 days, died
here this day, leaving two wives and one
child. Before death he mado a will be
queathing his (arm to the two wives in
equal shares, and appointing John
Hodges executor of said will. Mr,
Hodges Is hunting up witnesses to pro
bate tho will.
I'l'iiAT Floater. Tho body of the
lloater found at Bird's Point on Monday
evening, and to which we referred In yes
terday morning's Bulletin, was exam
ined yesterday. On the body of the dead
man was loiuui two prescriptions, di
rected to ,lF. Pauley, apothecary and
druggist, N. W. corner Benton and Six
teenth streets, St. Louis, Mo." Across the
end ol one ot tho prescriptions the name
Kraft," was written, which is supposed
to bo the name of tho drowned man. No
other papers of any inscription by which
tho deceased could be Idcntilled were
found on tho body. The body was
burled by Mr. Thompson Bird nt Bird's
Keaii Tun, Dan liiirlman Is stltin
off at coat. This is no dodge to induce
people to buy, but Mr. ilnrtman means
what ho says. Ho desires to go out of
the dry goods trade and will quit that
branch of his business as soon as his pres
ent stock can bo disposed of. In this
connection It may be well to state that
his stock is not old or shelf worn, hut on
tho contrary Is fresh and seasouahlo, nnd
ot tho latest styles, consisting of such
icoods as are usually to be found lu a
first-class dry goods store. HU stock ot
notions and gent's InnilsliUiK goods Is
-also largo and select, nnd will bo sold for
ouc-tuird lees tliiiu thu same can no pur-
eliased vUnw heie. All Mr. Huffman
nks it nn e.auiluatlou nl his goods and
Drlecfl to coiivlnci) every one that hi
means Jut What hu says. Call and tee.
Mm. 2-ll-tf
Peiisovai. Notes. -The familiar phiz
of Mr. T. Lewis was vlslhleln attcudaneo
at circuit court yesterday morning.
Capt. (i. D. Williamson Is quite
111, but improving.
W. I'. Tucker and family, Chicago,
were nt the St. Charles yesterday.
Capt. John W. Trover, ex-mayor ot
Catro, was lu town yesterday.
Watson, the "weather man," was
taken sick on Monday or Tuesday, but
will bo outnguln In n day or two.
.loo Itoharts, editor of the Jackson
County A'k, ptiblllied at Murphysboro,
was in the city yesterday.
Jacob Woodrull of Itaclne, Wiscon
sin, and II. M. Ilueanip of Pudiieah, Mere
among the guests at the St. Charles yes
terday. Judge Allen of Cnrhoudale, and Mr.
W. W. Clemens, and Mr. Calvert, all at
torneys in the Craln cae, were in the
city yesterday, and took part In the ar
gument on the motion for a new trial
for the prisoners.
CntcriT CofitT. Tho rate of tho Peo
ple vs. Itev. Itobert Caldwell, lor per
jury, .vas silll on Irial yetcrday morn
ing, and wa? not given to the Jury until
near 12 o'clock. After the Jury retired,
the argument on the motion for n new
trial for the Crains was taken up. The
causes assigned why a now trial
should be granted nre, Improper
rulings of the court, Improper
statements of counsel in ndilrcsrlug the
Jury, and hisulllclcut evidence to war
rant the verdict rendered by tho Jury.
Mr. Clemens opened the argument In fa
vor of the motion, citing numerous an.
thorltles in support ot his argument.
Judge Allen, lor the prosecution, lollow-
cd by Mr. Clemens, lu an able anil
lengthy argument, nt thu conclusion of
which court adjourned. Mr. Llncgar
will conclude the argument In support
of the motion this morning. The Jury
in the Caldwell case had not returned a
verdlqt nt 8 o'clock last night.
Five .men Dhownkd. During the
storm on last Sunday afternoon II. I. l-
Median, .Ia. Sheridan, Win. Laura,
August Fctthouscr nnd William Fail
bush were drowned while out skiff
riding In the Ohio river oppo
site Uolconda, Pope county. The
wind blew a terrible gale, and the skill
was swamped and sunk. Median was
an Odd-Fellow, and Uolconda Lodge,
No. 202, 1. O. O. F. oilers a reward of
fifty dollars for the recovery of his re
mains. The lollowlng Is a full and per
fect description ot Median : Forty-four
years old, about live feet tx Inches high,
rather dark complected, black hair and
beard ; he had on a gray suit of clothes,
had a pin on his vest in the shape of a
shield, nnd had engraved on it a heart
nnd hand nnd three links , on his right
to ream lie lias thu mark of a flag, nnd
had in his pocket a silver Walthatn
Wutch, hunting cac. Should any one
llnd Median's body, they should notiry
N. Barber, N. (J., or J. M. Boicourt, ecc
relary of the lodge at Golconda.
Tin: Ball Lam Nkiht. The masque
ball given by the Delta City Cornet band
at the St. Charles hotel last evening, fully
came up to the expectation of the com
mittee who had the same in charge.
About 1) o'clock the inasqueradcrs, to
an almost unlimited number, literally
took possession ot the hall, and such a
motley gathering and variety of cos
tumes we have seldom seen, several of
which were gotten up with great taste.
It was our intention to publish the
names ol tuu persons assuming me
different characters, but we found that
a task not easily accomplished. Sutlleo
It to say the' ball was a success, and the
committee is entitled to credit for the
same. We lett the hall when unmasking
time arrived. Of course there was the
usual shaking of hands nnd recognition
ot Iriends. The parly then adjourned to
participate in n repast already prepared
for them, to which we have no doubt
they did ample justice. The ball was
kept up afterwards till an early hour tills
morning, when we have no doubt many
regretted that there was an end to all
enjoyment, espeu tally In dancing.
Death or Gr.oitoi: Winieu, the An-
Tisr. troni I no i.aiayctte, (Indiana)
Daily Journal of a late date, we clip the
following :
It is with unfelirned sorrow wo chron
icle the sudden death of our valued friend
nnd most estimable citizen, George
Winter, caused by an nppoplexy. Mr.
Winter had but u few uays sliico re
turned troni n long visit lu California,
and was greeted on every sldu with a
heart) welcome home. Alter din
ner yesterday ho said to his fam
ily lie believed he would attend
the railroad meeting at tho Opera
house, and in company with a tricud
walked up .Main street Just beforo 2
o'clock, and went to the meeting, lie
had hardly b'.'cn seated before It was no
ticed by those near him that something
was wrong, nnd nt once he was removed
to the outer entrance of tho building,
near the ticket olllce, nud expired without
a groan in a few moments. He ivas Im
mediately Jreyioved ,to tho dwelling of
Ills daugiiter, Airs, u onion nan. on
Third street, near thu Journal olllce,
where ho had been staying since his re
turn from California. The sad nows had
been conveyed In tho meantime by friends
to tho family.
Mr. Winter was born nt Portsea, hug
land, nnd camu to this country when
about t wcnty-llvo years of age. Ho mar
ried in 1810, at Mechanloiburg, Ohio, and
removed to Logauspoit, where, alter u
residence of twelvo years, ho camu to
LaFavettc. and has been hero uver since.
Ho was tho youngest of fourteen chil
dren, nmi ouiy one, a muiiieu sister, now
reslilliiL at Cincinnati, survives him.
He leaves a widow nnd two children,
one n son. Georm. In California, tho
other a daughter, Mrs, Gordon Ball of
our city, to mourn his sudden demise.
Cultured and kind hearted, of liberal
mind and soul, possessing every Instinct
of a ccntlcmaii. nud ot u cordial and
cheertul disposition, he was ever tho
welcome uuest at tho homes and tlresldes
ol nil who knew him, nud wo doubt If
thero bo another hi our midst who was
moro generally beloved by all classes of
society, Thu sympathy ofour entlro
community goes forth to thu loved oucs
anil tho shadowed houeholi who sur
vive liliu, in Hit- their sudden mid sad
Several years ngo the Jiilijecf of tho
abovo notice visited his relatives, our
present mayor and his brothers William
and Thomas Wilder, lu this city, and
will bo remembered by many ofour citi
zens with whom ho became acquainted.
Waii Dai'AiiTMkMr. Itu ti lurowr, I
leti 15, .ten-
XI m
M 7
.VI !l
- I
.V I
- 1
.SI. lium
K'AIIS lilt- ....
.Mt'liiilns ,
New Orleans .
.lAMKi Wa i.niin.
SitKinnt. Mtrjnatfrrlw-. I'.S. A.
lort l.laf.
Steamer Jim FisK, Padueali.
. " Bella of Shreveport, St Louis.
" l!ee nnd barges, St. Louis
" Henry C. Vneger, St. Louis.
" Sam Brown and tow, St. Louis.
" Capitol Clly, Vlekshnrg.
" Iron Mountain nnd tow, St. L.
" City of Chester, St. Louis.
Steamer Jim l'hk, Padueali.
" Belle of Shreveport, N. O.
" II. C. Yaeger, New Orleans.
" Haven and tow, St. Louis.
" Bee and barges, New Orleaus.
" Capitol City, St. Loui.
" Bismarck, Xew Orleans.
" Iron Mountain andbargcs.Pitts.
" Eddyville, Nashville.
" City or Chester, Memphis.
The gauge marked 3D 1-5 feet last
night- The decline lu 21 hours being
3 4-5 Inches,
Business was moderatoly active.
The weather was clear and cool.
The Jim Fisk, in her tires?, looks as
neat as a new pin.
The neat and pretty ji,u Fisk is tho
Padueali packet this evening.
Tho Sam Brown nnd tow arrived
from St. Louis.
The Haven and tow went hack to St.
Louis yesterday morning.
The Iron Mountain arrived at three
o'clock yesterday nttcrnoon with a tow
of Iron ore, from St. Louis for Pittsburg.
The Belle of Shrevenort passed down
about ten o'clock Monday night. She
ndded 00 tons of freight here.
The J. W. Garrett and barges, Cap
tain Booth, will probably begin loading
here for New Orleans this week.
The Eddyville took back to Nash
ville with her, 300 sacks of salt and a lot
of miscellaneous freight.
Tho Bee nnd barges arrived from' St.
Louis on Monday night. They got noth
ing here and went on South yesterday
Thu "Henry O. Yager arrived at
twelve o'clock Monday night. Sho re
mained here until last evening, adding
275 tons of freight In the meantime.
The Capitol City from Vlcksburg,
passed up for St. Louis yesterday. She
got 10 tons iron nnd about 10 tons mis
cellaneous height here.
-Thu Bismarck remained hero until
yesterday morning. She got about 200
tons freight, including 10 hdds. tobacco
The City of Chester passed down
from St. Louis for Memphis about 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon. She had a
good trip ot passengers and Ireight. Sho
added 120 sacks of oats nnd some miscel
laneous freight here.
The Jim Fisk made her first trip to
this port since coming oil tho ways, yes
terday. She has been overhauled from
stem to stern, and is n model of beauty
and comfort. Her guards have been
widened eight inches on either side,
which gives her an altogether different
appearance, nnd udds greatly to her
staunch look. Her cabin has been taste
fully nud beautifully painted and car
peted, and with Captain Matt Williams
and Cliff Arnaut to look after her pat
rons, she is one ol the best boats to trave
on that comes to this wharf.
Notice is hereby given that thctav books
for tlio rear 187. havo been placed In my
hands and that I will bo at the following
places lu Alexuilcr county, nn the day be
low set forth for the purpc-e of collecting.
said taxcH, vi:
In Clear Creek precinct, at the storo of
K. t'ulley & Co., Clear Creek Landing,
March 7th, 1870.
In Tliobes precinct, at tho store of C. A.
Marehtldon, Thebes March Nth, U70,
In Santa Fe precinct, at the store of W.
Ireland, Santa Fe, March !, 1370.
Iu Gooio Island product, at the (tore o
O. Urccnloy, Goose Island, March 10, 1870.
In Dog Tooth precinct, nt the Ijouse of
N. llunsaeker, Ksq., March 11, ifi;(i.
In Hazlowood precinct, at the olUeo ol
Sam llriluy K'co, M ircli 14, 1870.
In Unity precinct, at tho store of W, .M.
Atherton, Unltr, M irch IS, 1870.
Iu South- Cairo, at tho ollleo or John t,
llannan, Cairo, .March Hith, 1870.
Iu North Cairo precinct, nt the court
house, Cairo, .March 17th, 1870.
Tho collector hereby calls the special at
tention ot tax pajers to Section KIT, ol the
Chapter upon revenue, revised statutes,
In which hu In required to make, distraint
upon tho personal property of all tax py
em In default lor pcrsoual taxe-, after
March 10th. This provision ot law will ho
vigorouily enforced. Tuoso interested wll
therefore, hear the tact hi inliul ami tsavo
Bring your last years tax receipts and do
not trust to tho tax nooks for discretion of
your land. AI.BX. H. 1UVIN
District Collector.
Cairo, III.
Fcbriury :li, 1870.
Local t'lilMlint.
Lessons given lu Penmanship, fine
Penmanship, Steamboat Book-keeping,
Card writing, Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., ut tho rooms ol C. J,
Howe.Nos.15 and 10, Winter's Block,
corner Seventh street nud Commercial
nvenue. Lntllc class every afternoon
from 1 to 5 o'clock, and Saturdays from
3 to-l o'clock. l-20.ini.
All t liroiilr macule Onreil
He Is located In Cairo, Illinois, nnd Is
still calling on you to be healed. Why
will you die nl old ehronlodlsl'nes, w hen
you can be cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, for there
Is still a halm In Olleard. Cairo is the
place to come to bu cured of all your
nehes nud pains.
I am now prepared nt my otllcc to give
medicated baths, nnd persons wishing to
receive such, will call at my olllce oil
Eighth street, No. 22, from the hours of
2 p.m. till 0 p.m. Also plane halh, hot
bath, wnrm baths, cold baths, or vapor
baths. Also persons having the con
sumption or weak lungs, and wMilng to
receive medicines by Inhalation, can re
ceive thu treatment nt my ofllce, this be
ing the only true wnvof in-Hhic in dt.
cine direct to the lungs. AIo I treat dis
eases of the eyes or years standing, nnd
the blind has been made to see by my
treatment. All diseases or the siiln I
cure. Fistula cured by me without the
IISU ot the knife. If von have n raneer
come and be cured. All private diseases,
in tno snortest time, cured by me. In
short, for nil chronic dlsenses or the hu
man system, go to Dr. Hull, if yon wish
to be cured. I compound and prepare nil
my medicines at my ntllce. It Is said
that practice makes perfect, I have lieen
thirty years a practicing physician.
All letters nud communications shall
be confidential nud promptly attended to
brine. Direct. Dn. IIi'i.t.
) No. '11 F.li'lilh stl-not. t'ntrn llll.mlu
- - o " , ' ,
far Hhiiiiin nnil Colorado.
The Atchison, Topekn and Santa Fe
railroad from Kansas City nnd Atchlon
on the Missouri river, via Topeka, the
capitol ol Kansas, and tho lieautilut Ar
kansas valley to the Hotky Mountains.
Tho shortest route to Puebelo thu Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs, Manltou,
Pikes Speak, and nil places of note iu thp
mountain regions. The favorite route
to Denver and all points lu Northern
Colorado. Thu best route to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. The
only direct route to thu famous San
Juan mines. The track and equipment
Is uncqualcd, trains run through from
tho Missouri river' to the Itocky Moun
tains, making connections In Union de
pots and nvohllng delays and trans.
lers. l or lull descrlptlvo circulars
maps, time tables, etc., address
Gen'l Pass. Agent, Topeka, Kan.
A No. 1 ljtnmlry.
It Is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, bo
tween Washington and Commercial ave
nues, has one of the bet cniuliirtpillmm.
dry establishments In the :lty, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
find it to tlielr ndvnntairn to r.-ill
her. Her prices nre as follows: Hotel
ond boardhig-liousc washing 75 cents
tier dozen. For niece work nrUu-
follows: Single shirt and collar, 10c; per
dozen, SOe; seeks, 5c; two collars, 5e;
two haudkcrchlefs. 5e: vests. 20c: and
all gentlemen's wear, bOc. per dozen.
f .niltiw lilnltl n'llti.t ,1mec., )L. n.ilt..n
...... ..j .a,...i v.i.i.u .(.voVi?, ,
dresses with extra trimmings, 50c; white
dresses, 51 2. c ; ladles' underware, line
and coarse, SI 00 per dozen. 1-23-tf.
Attention: Itenlerq.
Wo have four dozen Imitation Ebony
Sprngue Cnu-Opencrs, taken for adver
tising, which wo will sell at two dollars
per dozen. Inquire at Bulletin olllce.
Filtv cents, at Winter's Gallerr.
Wednesdiy and TbmsJiy, FeV 16 acd 17,
Hibernian Gems,
Jerry Cohen's
liieat Tictorlal. Musical nml National KxUI-
tlllou, rriirrsentiniru tour In Ireland accom
(uinleit ly Vocal nml Immune ntul Mink-. 'I lie
nuiilcat unit National Illustrations by the following-urtUU:
Banty Boy and Dublin Dan,
Mla Alice (ileusnn,
Mr. f'hn4. CleiiAmi.
Owen Ulllon,
Mr. JonnE. Ilealv,.
Director anil leturer.
lumen lirnhaiii,
.limit Mack.
MuLlntrnm- of tho Illicit exlilllllonsnmv tniv-
llcarrved toots-,
Ailmlolon ac
UilMmi '-5c
rWf!m.iit l..tli.n Tliu,..lni' f.,f tti'linnl Mill.
ilirn. AiUlmUslan 10c, mlult.i Z'io.
fC7"nescrveil ecatu for sale nt llartmini'a.
Blake & Go.
(Successors to)
Uculcru In
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Wall Paper, Window Glaus, Win
dow Shades, fto.
AUrnya mi ttuu.1, lie n leWiitwi llliunhiatlnf
Corner EUvanth Street and
ton Arenue
, -' i p. n
sTOreat Medioal Book
undSecreUrortailliMauil Gent. Sent rrea fur
,W 8ElVaKblCALlN8Tll-U.TK
10-lJ-dly, HI, JotepuMo,
Insurance Agent
Out ktataau OHl'i .
20NKt.ut riril-Claia Cotnpaalea reura
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Building, np-ttaln.
The Ohteat EatiMIahed AKency In Sout
arn Illinois, representing ovr
K. .1. Ayref. . s. U. Ayrea.
Anil general
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No SO Olilo Levee,
HaSSZaaaC Dealer in
All kln'la banl anil soft,)
Mill aad Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Street and
Ohio Levoo.
i'OIMiKUiiif nt Noumea.
NiMiafiielioii Unnrnulrcil
Sam'l 2. WILSOU,
Commission Merchant
Cor. ElghtbSt. and Commercial Avo.
IV. lliltenlioii-.l llro. It. W. .Miller,
'. M. llnwe.V III'..., A. Mm'lJe.t Co.,
.vuni'l Wlliiui, Mr,, tin en .1 Wmnl,
l!. It. WiMMlwunl, .1. II. I'lilllla ,V Son,
1'clcr (,'ulil, CiinnluKlmm.VHtilwi' I,
AyrM A. Co., II. M. Mulch,
.1. II. Knit, Henry Snyers,
Col. McKeatK.l. M., Simi'I Wullem.
Vuquoatlonalily, the) brat aualalnr)
work or tbe klud la the World."
The ever loerculDK ilrctilatlon ol tliii
oxcellent moutlily provca lu continued
adaption to popular doalros and need. In
deed, when wo think Into bow many howea
it penetrates every uioutli, wa must cou:
aider It uh one ofiuo educator at well
entertulueni of t lie public mind, fortu vat
popularity tins been won ly no uppeul to
atuplil rreJiullcoH or deuravedtuitos. lion
ton Globe.
The cuaucter wblcb this M(!iizlnu poa
acNci forvarlety,eiittTprlse,arlltlcweaUb,
and literary culture thnt baa kept pace Willi,
If It Imi not led tbe tlnion. abnubl catmo Ita
condtictora to regard It with lunlllablo com
placency. It alao entitles tlicm to a great
claim upon tbo public gratitude. Tbe
Jlunzlne baa donu good and not evil all
tbe days ol lt life. Brooklyn Kagle.
TEltMS :
l'ottage free to atibbcrlbera In tbo United
Harper' Magazine, one year ...14 00
4 00 includea prepayment of U, S. post
age by tbo publlabcu.
HuWtcriptioni to Harper' Magazine,
Weekly, or llazar, to one addrcH for one
yoar, 110 00; or two ot llarper'a periodi
cal, to one addrem for ono year, tl 00;
An extra copy ot cither the Magazine,
Weekly or Uuzar will be tupplled uratl for
every club of five subnerlber at 4 00 each,
in one remittance; or lx coplu lor 20 00,
without extra copy; poatago frco.
Hack numbers can bo upplled at any
t',no .. ...
A complete net or Harper' Magazine,
now comprlilng 40 volume, in neat cloth
binding, will bo aent by expreu, freight ut
thu expeiue of purchaser, for 2 i pr
volume. Single volume, by mall, postpaid,
ta oo. Cloth caac. for binding, M ccuti,
by mall, poatpuld.
MTNewipapcra are not to copy tbli ad
vertisement without tbe expreia ordtr ol
Harper urotner.
IficSs-Allfor 1 OO.
'I en elegant shrcta of Clioice aiualo arrniiKcl
rtt... IU ...Ill l. I... ....II .... . ...
jen eii'ifum .iievis oi t.iiuice nuiio unnuK1
for the I'liino Km lc will be Kent by null nn it
celiitofoncitullnr, (post pul'l) or single coiile
lf A c'titu earli.
'Iliev can uiaii tv omrreii inroiiau any
ilei&ler hi the Unlteil htutea.
Happier day Instrumental
Why can 1 not Forget
far O 'rr Uie WnM'a-.,
High Ufa Q'atU
Tom llrown
, Clurlblc
...... Nlniiiaa
Iiown wiirre ine v loieia ,ro w...
UOWU white inn Yioicm.run vvl.,..
Whan Old JrckaoB had hi Uay - "ffHf,"
me uiaon uw r arm .
The ColleM OaUskstep-......;; taii
lliera'a aXetler In the Cunjl -le
Itibtr, a4 Thlnl Avenue, h . . i-.-dm.
"'f?' E.S1,TK AK1T.
Real Estate
BurltaRton and Qulnoy R, X,
North Oar. SUtk ud Okie Lava.
Tho Pooplo'n Rorncdy.
Tho Universal Fain Ext aotor.
Note: Aak for Poad'a Estrmet.
Taho no other. "
"llenr: for I will sneak of excellent ttittiKs.
liijitrlmto HanorlleMt,
I'all, Utilise.
Ntrnlna, Sprains, Contu-
sinus, Dislocation,
ft'rnrtnrot, Oula, larera-
tul nr lncl.nl Wound.
Illrnllnsr I.iina;, or
.Vane Hlr.-.l, and llleeil-
IngtliuiMor Teeth.
Vomltlaa;i)rBla4 and
llloody liinrliargea.
lei -lllenllnir I
llllml l'lle. (InfalllMe.)
...... i ' . ... '
ralKla. Hwelleil Kaet.
RlieiimntUni, Itlicuma
ticSwflllniror.Soreneaa. EXTRACT
Uliru or Soreness.
I.nmlnjri), line Hark.
Now Throat or Oulnay.
Dlptlirrla, Bronrhl
lla, Aathma.
More or Inflamed Kret nr
C'ntArrli, Uucorrlita,
Dlarrnea, liysvnlery.
Horc JIIIm, In Hamad
I'nlurul or too Profuse
Milk iir. Ovarian i)la
easa anil Tiimur..
Klilner 'omplalial,
u ravel anu straiixury.
1'linHiiBM ami Excoria
tions or inranta, or
Vnrlrnap VMna. Kn-
larced or Inflamed Veins.
I'lreni. Old More, Inter
nal Illrerallons.
Boll. Carbuncle', Tu
mor, Hot Hwelllnua.
Coma and Bunion, Cnai-
en or sore reel.
i'haHiia-N.llarness or Sad
dle tialla.
Felon or Whitlow, Krost
eil I.lmb. nr lvartji.
Moaqnlto Bite. Iniect
aung, t.nipeu liaoua.
I'OMI't EXTRACT Is for sale by all rirat-
m tm urnRi"i"i mim muiuuiwiwuj
all UriiKKists, l'hyalclana, and every-
t.nrf. V. S.MM mvmm It
I'ltaiplilrt coutalnlng History and Uses mall
ei ireeon application, u noi louuuaijuur
Mew York IaUJ.
A rorapiet Pictorial Hlatory t tk
Tliaca" --Tfce beat, ckeaea(, aad
moat anrreaafal family Paper
Is tbo Psaloa
The WccLlv in tho ablest and most now
crful Illustrated periodical published in
tutu couutry. ita editorial are icnoiariy
ami convincing, anu carry mucu weignt.
Its Illustrations of current event are lull
and Ircsb, and nre prepared by our best de
signers. With a circulation ol 150,000. the
Weekly la read at least by half a million
poraona, and its Influence aa an organ of
opinion Is simply tromcudou. The Week
ly maintain a positive position, and ex
presses decided view on political and o
clul problem. Louisville Courier-Journal.
IU article are models of high-toned dis
cussion, and It pictorial Illustration are
oltcn corroborative argument of no small
force. N. V. Kxamlncraiid Chronicle.
It naiier iiuoti existent iiliest'nii audit
inimitable cunoous heln lo mould the sen
timent ot tho country. 1'ltUburg Com
I'oktage frco to subscriber In the United
Harper' WseVly, ono yetr....f4 00
Four dollar Include prepayment of U.
S. postage by tho publisher.
Subscriptions to Harper' Magazine,
Weekly, and llazar, to one addres tor one
rear. t!0 00: or. two of Harper's l'eriodl
cala, to ono address for ona year, 97 00;
postage tree.
An extra copy of tho Magazine, Weekly,
or llazar will be supplied gratis for every
club of live subscriber at H 00 each, in
ono remittance; or, tlx copies for 30 00,
witnoui exira copy; postage tree.
Hack number can bo supplied at any time.
The annual volume of Harner's Weekly.
in neat cloth binding, will be sent by ex
press, Ircc or cxpenne. for 97 00 each. A
complete set. comprising eighteen volume,
scut on receipt of cash at the rata of $6 Ho
por volume, freight nt tho expense of tho
jtfTi'iOWspnnerH are not to copy iuis bu
verttscmciit without the express order of
Harper it Hrother.
Will nmil iimllUflv cure .nr ciisc ofrheuma-
tlam or rheiiiuutlc Kout, no matter how long
standing. " thelueeof Ihecarth. Btlnganln
wunl applicutlon It does Hie work quickly, tnor-out-Ill
v nud lierinanently, leaving tne system
strong ami healthy Write to any prominent
Iieraouin u nimuKiou u( juw am wmm
but Hie above stuteiiieiit fs true lu every aartle
'ilar. .. .
tl)Mlt..vstli i;r.uiiriuAir.a.
Nutional Hotel,
Waaliliiftton, D. C. December 2, H74.
Messrs llelnlieiiatin& Ventleyt . ,
(ients r very cheerfully Ute thai I uud HtJ
rang's Ittieiimallc Itemetly with derhljil beneM.
A. ll.STEl'HENS.
Memlier ofContres of (It.
rrvsiaeotlal Mansion,
Waablnalon. I). C, April M, 1W-
Messr Helplienallne A lleutley :
uenta ! ror Hie luiai seen !.
teu a great suffer from iheumalUni. Jwilwota
ti'ec.ir.Ve'c.e.k JVl"
Waahlngton, I). C, March, 17.
In ihetparcof twelve hour my rheumatism
wii ione. hating taken three dose ofDurani'a
ltn?umS"l n lie mV. Mv brother. J. B. Ueaaa.
Jr'lfiltoM. 1'- w"cu"!dJ'IlS5aAl
Member ur Comma of nu
l-rlif one dollar a bottle, or six bottle for Bv
.1..11.M. A.k vur ilruwi.t fur Duraaa'a Haeu-
utlo k-m'; iiwnufc v
iibi.riir.niinr. a .

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