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lt ttUjfiir.
KMllK Jlnllor Ktrry Pw
jOHJT J. OBB&XjY, Kditor.
Thk Chicago Tribune call llic Chicago
Jnttr-Ottan tho H'AMy JViiVrr' Oio;i.
Tiik Jackou county, Teiinc.scp, De
mocracy, In convention n!embpl, have
declared tliat Hendricks of lnillan.1, I?
tliclr choice for president.
Mas. .Ton Yotwo Hnow.v, member
of ConjreM lrom the Second Kentucky
district, declines a ro-nomlnatlon on tic
count of private business.
Oiiaxt and llrlstow had it lonj: prlvntu
interview the other day, and orders were
Riven that tliey were not to lo disturbed
while it lasted. Vfn It n love fent or n
quarrel, Is now tho question.
Kx-SBcur.T.nv of the navy, Horie, will
go to St. T.ouls to testify to Hancock'!
Ijooil character, llorle Is nu eminently
respectable person. Many respectable
persons In St. I. culs testified toMcKee's
Rood character, but somehow their opln
Ions didn't have much weight with thu
Tice's weather prophecies for tho re
tnaindcr ol February nie as follows :
Feb. IS to 20, falling barometer, iilnj
temperature, uircatenuiR anil lulling
Feb. 20 to 21. clear and colder.
Feb. 21 to 2ft, jailing barometer, iMug
temperature, heavy rains and storm In
Feb. 20 to 2S, generally clear and fair
weather, but eoul.
Tiik Austin, Texas, Statesman Is will
ing to stand on it hard or soft money
platform provided tho Democratic party
clve3 it "tho greatest of American states
man as a candidate tor tho presidency."
Who is he? Massachusetts thinks lie
lives there. New York thinks ho lives
there. Ohio has two or three greatet
living statesman. Indiana has one at
least. Whero docs tho Statesman'
greatest thing statesman live?
Mr. Jkitkuson Davis has accepted
the ortlcc of president of the American
department of the International chamber
of commerce and Mississippi valley so
ciety, ol London, Knglaud. The objects
ot the society, briefly stated, arc to direct
trado between the ttatcs and tenltories
of the valley of the Mississippi, and tlio.-o
of Europe and of Central and Southern
America; to.induco and facilitate immi
gration, to collect and transmit Informa
tion in regard to the Mississippi valley,
by co-operation with the International
chamber of commerce and MhsisJnpl
valley society of London, Kngland. ' Mr.
Davis's otllcc will be In New Orleans.
A Mi'KCtAi. dispatch to the Chicago
Timet from Washington says that an ad
ditional vault Is to be constructed nt
New York for the last accumulating sil
ver coin. In all parts of the country
there is on liana about U,ouo,UUU In sub
sldary coins, of which $1,000,000 U hi
Boston ; $500,000 In New York ; and
SiOO.OOO in the mints, the balance being
at the different sub-treasuries. The sec
retary of tho treasury is now maturing a
plan for tho redemption of fractional
eurrrency, the amount of which now out
standing Is $50,000,000, of which amount
SH.OOO.OOO has either been lost or des
troyed. On this supposition it is esti
mated that the substitution of ;ifUKX,-
000 will be about 712,000,000 in excess of
the actual demand. As last as the sub-
treasuries pay It out lit Ihc'.rcdcmpUon of
currency, the latter will bo destroyed.
The State Register calls on Gen. '.1. .1,
Itlnaker, newly appointed district attor
ney In place of Van Dorstan, to turn his
attention to several cases ot long stand
ing which ought to be disposed ol. These
are the cases of John T. Harper and At
bert Smith, charged with embezzling
more than $100,000 from the United States
collector's office in Springfield. "The In
dictments in these cases were found years
ago, the evidence against the accused 1
all In thu hands ot the government, but
the trial seems to have been delayed be
cause it would involve some of the polit
leal secrets of the campaigns of 1670 and
1672. Whether this bo true or not, It is
quite certain there Is no good reason for
longer delay with these cases, and it there
Is any proper reason for the delay of the
past, It is not known to the public."
Tin Regiiter Is right. Theo cases have
U-cu on hand toolong.and since the party
In power Is engaged in the wholesale
punishment of Us thieve and rascals, It
should not be partial to Harper and
Mr. Frcllughuyscn, of the tciiate, has
had his heart moved by the suffering
stock often endures while being trans
ported from one point to auother on
railway trains, lie has Introduced a
bill Into the senate wnkU U Is supposed
will meet with Immediate concurrence in
the house and become u law. Tho pro
visions of the bill are of interest to stock
dealers and shippers. "No railroad
Within the United States whoau road
forms any part of a line over which cat
tle, sheep, swine and other animals mu
conveyed from State to State, shall con
lino tho same lit vehicles, railroad cars,
boats, or vessels of any description lor it
longer period than twenty-lour consecu
tive hours without unloading the samu
for rest, water and food lor a peilod of
at least seven hours, unless prccutcd
from so unloading by storm or othur in
cidental causes ; or sltall carry such ma.
mall in a cruel or Inhuman manner."
The penalty of a violation of this law
li a fine ol not Jeis than one hundred or
more than five hundred dollars, or Im
prisonment for not more than one year,
or both,
Nor it'.x. niiT t ot,. tiAiii;nf'K.
The Uabeoclc whose name figured In
tho papers recently Inund nt the
Wctcrman distillery, at l'eklu wa
not (Jen. Ilabcock, private secretary
to the president, but Col. Ilabcock,
n lohbvlst for the I'ekln and Peo
ria whiskey ring. Col. Ilabcock. lives
In Canton, Fulton county, has liecu
a prominent ltcpublle.ni nnd was lor-
mcrly a distiller. Tho "papers'' in
question am telegraphic dispatches lrom
Washington signed "Ilabcock." Col.
Ilabcock had licen sent to Washington
to lobby for an Increase of the tax
on whiskey, his cflbrts being in tho Inter
est of certain distillers In l'eorla
and I'ckiu who were then holding heavy
stocks In anticipation of the Increase.
The cx-supervlsor referred to as being
Implicated In tho l'ckln crookedness, Is
Gen. IritT. lllootnlleld, Mutiu's produces-
sor. In this connection the Sprlnglleld
Journal myn : "It Isolated that n tub-
pojiila has been Issued for Orvillo Grant,
who in IS70, wrote to his brother, the
president, asking tho removal of Gen.
Bloomilcld and In thu same letter lull'
mated that ho was possessed of Impor
tant Information regarding .vlill;y mat'
tcrs. Tho grand jury would like to
draw upon this stock of Information at
this juncture and to that end desire the
evidence ol Mr. Orvlllc Grunt."
The llhigo of Padueali I dreaming
dreams und seeing vi?lon-; bright
dreams and roseate visions, in which a
railroad, a narrow gauge railroad,
running North and South will
a terminus at I'aditcaii, Is tho central
object. So vivid do these dreams and
visions m'uiii, that the deluded I'aducah
lies Imagine the exercise uf a little
unwonted energy on their part will make
them real that If they talk "and
keep thu thing moving," the road
will run straight ;into l'adii
cab omc day, without informing
tho people of its immediate intentions.
The press ot the city falls In with these
railroad expectations founded on not
much of anything. The News has- a
cheerful conlldcnee that by a repetition
ol promises as liberal as they are vacuo
and llowcry, the Cairo and Tennessee
l.'ivcr railroad can be coaxed out of Its
route Induced to desert Its expected
union with tho Cairo and St. Louis Nar-
ow-Giuigc and madu to throw Itself Into
tho arms of I'aducah. The Xeics of n
ate date says :
"Tim most favorable lciiorlx coiiiu
hi from along the proposed lino of
the narrow-gauge railroad. Kvery
gentleman with whom we have talked
lor the past week says "Go to work mid
keep tho thing moving." Uaeh one said
he would take all the stock ho could
carry In the road. Onu gentleman lrom
Calloway said he would give half his
land toisret thu road ; Indeed this Is the
feeling of a great many farmers In that
county and Marshall."
This is encouraging, but that which
follows Is more so:
There Is) no earthly reason that this
road may not be built and at once. We
learn, to-day, that n charter has already
been granted for It, and nothing now re
mains but to organize mid put thu ball
in motion, us, Willi out muc semi-oil, it
would of Its own accord almo.-t roll
through In l'nris 'l'lu -ii,lu nil tlan
the route want tlicroad nnd are willing to
pay for It, so that they may own and
run It themselves. They want
n thorough, energetic man In whose bus
iness capacity and Integrity they have
conlldcnee, with n few good lieutenants
to assist him In arranging and pushing
the work through to completion at the
earliest possible day. Some such man ns
Tom. Allen, of Missouri, would htilld
and equip this road hi .six mouths out of
the prospects which are now just ahead
of thu enterprise. Who shall It be?
Look around, gentlemen, you that arc
most Interested, nnd let tho work begin.
There Is no good reason that the project
shall not go right through, and at once.
Somo pcoplu may think there is a good
deal of wind work In this way of build
ing a railroad ; but this U n mistake
the I'aducahltes know it Is. They know
how to build railroads. Start thu ball,
look around, get a live man to push the
work through and havu your three or
lour hundred miles of railroad finished
in six mouths. Those who are Interested
In railroad projects, should learn of the
I'aducahltes, Hut what do lhoc rush
ing and determined I'.iducah railroad
builders want to divert tho ; little
Cairo and Tennessee ltlver road out of
Its way for? It Is the child ol Cairo's
adoption. Shu will bring It up and has
promised It In marriage to tho Cairo and
St. Louis road. Let tho live Padueali-
ites lay out and build a half-docii or so
new roads and let ours alone.
1:011011111. xon:s.
i nu people ot New 1 oil; city are
becoming Moody and Sankylled.
Felix Fudge, living near Na-hllle,
was stabbed and instantly killed by his
step-son, on Monday alternoon.
An cllort Is to be made on Saturday, to
organize a greenback club hi Humboldt
Tho Kngllsh University boat race, It
Is thought, will ha set for tho Mh of
A pi 11.
James O'llrleu, who was arreted hi
Cincinnati a few days ago for burglary,
died in jail hi that city on Monday, in u
lit of delirium tremens.
Frellnghuyscn'rt bill, hi regard to
thu transportation of animals passed the
senate by a voto of thirty ayes to twenty
four nays.
No inconsiderable number of itcpiibll
can papers are willing that Ileverldgu
shall be his own successor. Thu gover
nor appears to bo "getting In his work"
without any uiiuccosary bluster.
The Vienna journals report that nu
Lngllsh vessel lauded at Gruvoi-n, with
fourteen thousand breeeh-Ioading rllles
and two Held pieces for llercgovliia.
A revival Is in progress nmong tho
Methodists of Ann Harbor, Michigan,
conducted by a lady preacher named Mrs.
Lathross. Sho preaches to crowded
houses, and many are becoming "enquir
ers In religion,"
One hundred gold seekers left Chey
enne for tho Black J I 111- on Tuesday, and
another party of two hundred will start
from there sometime during lliU week.
A messenger arrived at that place from
the lllllt on Tuesday, nnd irportcil Hint
during the eliht days of his ttlp from
Culer, ho had counted one hundred nnd
eighty-live wagons on the way out.
A party of Chicago and New ork
capitalists have gained control ot a largo
portion of thu bonds of the Missouri Pa-
clllc railroad, nnd proposo to commence
foreclosure proceedings.
Association articles of the Memphis
and International llallroad Company
were tiled hi the secretary of States, olllcc
at l.lttlo Bock, on Tuesday. The road h
to run from Memphis to a point In South
western Arkansas, Its length being three
hundred miles.
Bowen don't exactly understand tho
charges preferred against him by Ply
juoiith church, and he nsks the examin
ing committee that they bo given more
definitely ; and he intimates that If they
refuse, something may turn up that they
Mr. Combs, jr., was sentenced to lif
ted! years In the jieultcfitlary at Mem
phis last Tuesday, for defrauding the gov
ernment in county claims, nnd II. C.
Brewer, who was convicted as an accom
plice, was sentenced to the Nashville pcir
Itcuttary for two and it half j'cars.
The late I'cverdy Johnson leaves a
family of twelve children, about lllly
grandchildren nnd several great grand
children. Ilo was married In 1810 to
Miss Mary Ma:kall Bowie, daughter of
Hubert Bow h,n former governor ol Mary
land. Ilev. D. J. Cogan, a Catholic priest
ot Mason City, Illinois, Is having trouble
He has been healing thu alllicted ol ids
district for months past, and now, In or
der to get his pay, lie has been obliged
to leave ills accounts with thu squiru for
collection. The Maon Cityltes -urely
have no thought, of the hereafter,
The IIoiio Mississippi Levee Coin
mtttce, headed by Mr. Kills, willl leave
Washington on tho -Mill Inst., to pay a
visit to the lower .Mississippi river, with
n view of examining thu crevasses In the
levees, mui maturing somo practicable
scheme whereby thu system may bo Im
proved and permanent relief obtained.
A dispatch lrom Berlin says tho Jour
nals there havu published the, following
as a warning against emigration: "The
German minister at Washington wis
recently asked to interfere in behalf of
Germnns living in Louisiana, who, it wits
alleged, were annoyed by ICu-KIux. Tho
minister could do nothing."
Thu lady pedestrians of Chicago,
Mrs. Mary Marshall and Mlsa Bertha
Von Hlllcrn, will begin n walking con-
tost of tlvc hundred miles, for live hun
dred dollars u side, on tho 23th Inst. Mrs.
Marshall defeated Miss Von Hlllcrn Inn
like contest recently, and Miss Von II II-
lern has challenged her for another race,
lu tho belief that better success awaits
her next time.
A telegram from thu Hague states
that Winslow, the Boston forger, has
certainly arrived in Holland, llu ha?
not been arrested because no extradition
treaty exists with the United States. It
appears, however, that an order has
been given for tho delivery to the Amer
ican consul at I'ottcrdam of all valuables
found hi Wlnslow's possession.
A young desperado who has made
n lioi-o ofLlnicclruu unit Ul IWO OCCllSlOUS
by breaking up the schools hi the vicinity
of Wnyland, Michigan, came to grief at
the bauds of n teacher named Owen ;
fuw days since. Hook attempted to re
peat tho school-breaking, when Owen
lit on him with the leg of a table, nnd
now Hook is lying terribly bruised, and
it is probable will turn his toes up to the
Chicago Time: Antiquarians will
be deeply Interested lu a discovery which
has Just been madu in tho environs of
Marseilles. In tho valley of St. Clair
they have found a settlement of the pre
historic age. It Is a cave which opens
Into a cleft of calcerous rock, with thu
places of habitation and of burial dis
tluctly'markcd. J f At the bottom there Is
a heap of bones nt men mid women, and
a number of stones dressed to be used as
tools and arms, together with a quantity
of rough pottery. Sonic of tho relics, In
cluding a peculiarly shaped okull, nrc on
their way to Paris, and selentllic men
who have seen them are of the opinion
that thcro Is sulllcleiit evidence to show
that the race to which thu remains be
longed was an Interior one.
On .Monday evening, between 7 and
8 o'clock, two men named Wll-on nnd
Holland, made a bold attempt to murder
n negro woman by throwing her lrom
the St. Louis bridge into tho river. The
woman was rescued, mid upon being in
terviewed tald that Wilson and Holland
were the men who robbed thu United
Suites express ear on the St. Louis, Kan
sas City and Northern railroad a few
miles from St. Louis about six week ngo.
The negro woman had attended to their
room, and when she went there on .Mon
day morning, found tliuin looking over
some of thu stolen nrtioles and papers.
They seized and chloroformed her,
dressed her hi men's clothes, and tried to
murder her, In thu belief that they ucru
In danger while shu lived.
An r.iiiir-HH queen.
(t'rum the 1'lillwlcli.luu l'u-os )
What is thu now tltlu which uecu
Victoria is going to iissuuiu ? In her
Miceeh at thu opening of parliament, on
Tuesday, this announcement was made:
"At thu time that thu direct government
of my Indian empire was transferred to
the crown, no formal addition was madu
... tl... Ll.-lj. Mllll tltll.U tf'lllil flf.....!....
iu iiiu ntt ij tinvi tiitia ui tin; eis , i ,
I havu deemed tnu present a lit ting
opportunity for supplying this omis
sion, and it bill upon thu subject will bu
presented to you." On tho first day
uf September, ItSM, thu power and prop
erly of thu Last India Company entirely
ceased (by thu act 21 and 22 Victoria, e.
100, which received the royal assent on
the 2d day of August next preceding),
and, on November 1, 1S5S, Mctoriu was
proclaimed as queen ot Great Britain and
the colonics, etc., hi the principal places
lu India, und, at tho samo time, Vis
count Canning, who was governor
general under thu (Cast India Company,
was sworn in ami proclaimed
ns viceroy of India. Instead of resent
ing a great commercial organiza
tion, which hud obtained lmmenso terri
torial nosesslons, with concomitant mi
mical power. Lord Canning became tho
deputy of his sovereign ; hence tho nuw
title of Viceroy, which, more correctly,
perhaps, might huyo been designated
Vice rtlnt. Lver since, when India Is of
ficially spokrn of, it Is "tho llmmre (
India." If this bu ci'iiect, Its (sovereign,
when n female, would be nu Kniiness,
We suspect that the Intention Is that Vic
toria Khali bu so entitled hereafter.
rvlilenrp r.trllio rreriillon All In.
Fromllic SI. l-l 'I'lmtn, to. J
The seventh dav t tho Baboock trial
opened In tho usual manner and with no
diminution of nttcndime.
The subject of the admissibility of dis
patches was still under consideration,
much to the regret ot those who long for
startling developments. These dispatches
have been it bono of contention lor several
days. When the pre-ecutlnn began to In
troduce them the delcii-o oll'cred Immedi
ato obje:tlons to each telegram that had
any tendency to implicate the defendant.
To iacllltate matters It was arranged py
tho court nnd eoiiael for the govern
ment that the dispatches should be taken
Inn body, thus cnnMIng tlm defense to
present all their objections nt once.
Lengthy argument', pro. and con., were
delivered, and the Kim t, after taking the
question under eomMcrutloii, ruled that
tho dispatches with perhaps two cxceit
tions were ndml-'lMc these two Itcing
reserved for further coulderntloii. But
this discus-don and ruling failed of the de
sired end. Thu defense had nnother sup
ply of objections In every conceivable
shape, anil they ucd Ihent in the most
extravagant maimer. This comprehen
sive ruling "i tho ciiiut no
eompllshed very llttlo toward
thu progress of tho calico becauso
of iboi-n (subsequent objections. Inch
by Inch the defend has fought
every onu of llieso dispatches from the
llrst and the wo has been protracted by
it. Just piir to the opening of the ease,
counsel for the defense declared that they
scarcely lon-lder these dispatches us an
clement In the casu; that they were
worthless so far ns their ell'ect was calcu
lated to prove nnythlng against tho de
fendant, but they are now making a des
perate light to exclude these samu dis
patches. Tho Introduction ot letters In
Hoge's handwriting nnd the strong ef
forts made by tho defense hi cross-examination
to provo that thu ring here re
ceived Information regularly from til i u
lu regard to thu movements of revenue
ngents, plainly Indicates that they
will endeavor to clear General Ilabcock".
of tho accusation of furnishing such In
formation bv laying It nil at Hogu's door.
To nceompll-h this, they will have to
surmount one very great obstacle which
exists In the fact that lloge was not
linmrht bv the ring Until December. 1S7I.
or January, 187." (that Is as near as the
witnesses can nx the time), while the
ring received Its information Just ns
swiftly and regularly before that time ns
afterwards It will bo remembered that
John T. llogo was n revenue agent, sent
here Willi HrooKs to investigate anil make
seizures, but $10,000 transferred
his services from thu gov
ernment to thu ring. This Idea
of making lloge the scape-goat for the
sin ol thosowliQ did not keep the ring
Informed of contemplated expeditions of
investigation, no doubt, belongs to Hon.
Chester Krum, ns ho attempted thu same
thing In tho Avery case. Late hi the
winter of IS" I and in the snrhig ot 1S75.
Hogudld scud information to the ring, as
tue testimony mis suowu, out it also
shows that ho did not, prior to that thnu ;
and even subsequent to It, Information
wa also received lrom other sources.
The President's deposition was placed
In the hands of tho clerk at the opening
of court, and tho prosecution expressed
their willingness for it to be published,
but the defen-n objected and Judi?o Dil
lon directed the clerk not to permit It to
be seen until after it is Introduced lu evi
Mr. UoiiCl M. Slinrni-ili. u-lincf liulltL1
has llgured to somu extent among thu
"personals" in the city papers ns United
States district attorney hi New York
City, lias become worthy or mention hi
another connection. He Is a sleek look
ing young gentleman, of the "tony"
ciass ; no assume.-, very consequential airs
nnd took great care to Impress the re
porters soon after his arrival with his im
portance to the united btates govern
mcnt lu New York, lie possesses a pat
ronlzlng air and with a pure Havana be
tween his lins expresses legal oninlons
that would do credit to a learned judge
(ho thinks).
He visited St. Louis about two months
ago and was then reported as an hon
ored (?) member of the defunct banking
IIOIISU Ul lyilllWilll, Olll'l IIIUIl iv o. ins
next appearance was just prior to the
liaococK trial wucu no camu as a repre
sentative of tho United States, employed
In its legal department of New York,
ills lopplsh manner, Important airs and
assumed wisdom create thu Impression
that timber for the United States attor
neys in New York was scarce, but as he
came to take a part in the Ilabcock trial
It was generally supposed his presence
was required, as all sorts of men aro used
in trials ol criminal cases. Immediately
after his arrival ho sought Col. Dyer nnd
presented him with a letter of introduc
tion from Attorney-General l'lerrepont,
recommending him ns a competent,
and Important young gentleman. Col
Dyer received him as Mich and per
mitted him tho freedom of his ollleo.
Ifelleving, ns a representative of the legal
department of the government, and as
recnmmcnucii uy tnu Attorney-General
that Sherman was sincere In his profess
lie was permitted to learn souiu of thu
secrets of tho prosecution. Hacked by
Col. Dyer, Sherman succeeded in ob
taining possession of eleven letters writ
ten by J no. T. lloge, formerly United
States KuVCIlllo Agent, to lllncrlinni
Brothers, then distillers. He rcprescnt-
cii mat incsoieiturs were ior ine usu ol
thu government ami essential to Its use.
Having obtained them, hunt once "shou-.
cd his hand ho proceeded promptly to
the counsel lor imncocK ami delivered
them up. together with whatever secrets
he had succeeded in discovering from tho
prosecution, inn, owing to voionci
Dyer's ciiulloii-nos, the latter were lew.
Sherman Imagined he had accomplished
a great lout. What inducement was of.
fcrcd lilm to pursiiu this course Is not
positively known, ;but as ho was sent
nero iroin wusiiingioii, waring tlic
strongest eiidor.eineiit from l'lerrepont,
it will naturally be inferred, in tho light
oi niucr recent actions oi tue attorney
general, that liu scut him here to perform
thu service hu lias rendered. As n conse
quence of tills net .Sherman does not oc
cupy a verv hieli liosltlon lu the estlmn.
lion ol thu counsel for the government,
but this is perhaps compensated by thu
eouiiiiuiicu no uas nispircu among ine de
fendant's party.
A 'llliliHllll NKli'j MCI III I ho Hull.
While the UVif'j Is sorelv distressed be.
cause Hon. Win. Ii. Morrison refused to
pattern alter the inaorlty of Ucpubllcans
who attained shoulder straps during thu
war, ami wrote inciiisoives up as neroos
of thu conflict, another itepitbllcan paper,
the Nashville Journal, linn employed Its
Inventive faculty in getting up n blogra-
pur jur ioi. itorriou to meet tno neces
sities of Its party. We submit an extract :
"While the gallant Col. Morrison was
leading tho memorable chargo, on
Wednesday, (tho honor of leading which
was Justly claimed by ttio late Gen. 1. X.
llaynlo of Cairo,) hu was wounded In thu
charge, tho wound Mug too near the
saddle to ride. Hu was carried to tho
hospital tent. On being Informed tlia.
fIvjB cSiSb 11,1 .,!ooA Olirar n you would wish to itnokn fo
Ami OlYmJ 'wJV.t ,Yril,0,v,?mol"',Ullf V'L Dufh'W the war koI.I went iiptollOO
their own. Whv N 'ilH-T ii'il'U&i-00 ,l hnH ,;.'J" b,l?k' but 0l"ar lo ho'
.. . .ii...,, . ro '", labor and aovnrnmrtnt tux, but ton mill Kit-tlti-r oxtont. to
a ri.dietilouH farihlon or Icdliiir anhnmrnl to tnll for ii tlvo cent Clear. ox,OIU' 10
La Ficcadura,
Cl lie niaiiiif.irliiicrs by llu- iih- nf i.nkMliil Jlnrlilm rv nririinlilnt In iiiiiLi- llu- nlmvi- n lclirali-il
ClRarnt a cod nf livrtty-M-wn per rem li-s llmu
"liiai ilium , Mini M urn llieiruKi-iim nil ii)hii inilliy IK Ulllilil) ( lllnkel Willi Ill'Crltir in mil
I Ijriirlnr leiil-) we pliue In loicoui-iwlioniii
..The Ni.iniif.ietmTrsnrninilliii.' llu- fart Hint llu- malorll v i.f "tiif.l.ci i t.nr r.-r lo buy lln lr Cijnrna
limy need tlieiii, liuu-ii.l....-l ti.n r.lnir ,.r rinrlnir the miijorlty. null-ad ortln- minority (us tins
Invn lire nile, liy H-llilii; u -liiuliM liiiir ul Ilia miiiu mli-no ll,r, fen. liny, nrn lr.ir
lly ii..olnlliiL'ii ulnjdfl iiK-eiu-y In nelly, Ihey ,-oiieenlnile llnlr ImhIih-ki,. redm-n llrelr In.wr, ,MI
i-reiw, mui kiepiip tlicipnlllyor Hie ( Ijpir, lirr lire iiniliuil U'hiinta:ri-ciltlieiiiluH, llrce.ni.
siuiirri", and tlmr np-nl.
Give thorn, a Trial and bo Convinced.
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Importor and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Koopa a full stock of
EC0zxlru.0ls.3r Boiu'taon,
Mouongahela, Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
his wound v!i?nt ilnii('roii?.holirc'iiorlcil
to have turned nnd nnxlouly usknl
whollifr tho hull hud not (.'iiteml deep
enough to heat tlmt d d l'hll. Foukc for
Hero Is nmmtinitlnti Hint would l.-tst
tho I17.ii through thii-nmiulun. '"it. nn
lortimatt'ly lor our conti'inponirv mid
the author of tho cowardly lllid.'thcre
happens to ho In (itlncy 11 number ot
olllccrs nnd soldiers and Keptihllcnus at
that who wero In tho oiiajjeinent nt
DonneUon, and .attest tho brav
ery ot .Morriion and tho Im
probability ot tho conduct nbovo attrib
uted to him. Hut then, if tho lirpub
llcan party of Illinois. In Its dire extrem
ity demands that the well-earned tamo
of a gallant soldier mun ho tarnished be
cause of his Democratic procllvitic, then
commend us to the vigorous sipiare
shouhlered assaults or thu Juurmtl hi
preference to fine-spun insinuations aimed
in tho same direction.
l'ho Pcoplo'a Bomcdy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor.
AbU for Pond'" Extract.
Take no other.
"Hear! for J will uixuli ol cxri-tlcnt tilings.'
InJurlpH to Mnn or llnut,
Full, llrulnui.
Slrnliis, MiraliH, Contti-
Hom, DI-IikiiUiiii-).
rriicliiri-N, t'nu, lacera
ted or Incised Wounds.
Illeeilliiir l.tiiiKM, or
N'ot.o Illectl, unit lllciil-
Inir Ciiuiin or Teclli.
Voinltliiifol iiiihiiI anJ
DloDily DlscliiirL-t..
1MH-I4 - IllcwlliiL- 1'in-i,
Illlnil I'llt-i, (Infiillll.li-,)
iuIkIu, Swelled Kace.
Illiciiiuiillsui, Itlicunm-tlo.-iwclliniMirSoreiieii.
Sliiriii-SH or hoicnets.
I.uinliazo. Ijiiiiu lluek.
Sorii Tlii-imt or iJulnny.
llllitlirrlii, llroiulil-
lit, AHllllllll.
Sure or Inflamed Kyr or
iiiiurrii, lAiicoriliwi,
Illurrliea, Dysentery.
Sore MiI-h, Iiiiluiiml
1'kIiiIiiI or too Profuse
UIIU i.vK. Orurlan lU-
tiu mui TiimorH,
REMEDV t...Hmv ""'1 Slrnnifury. '
ntl"cu,i CliiiUliKN ami Kxeiila-
uuns 01 iiimnts, or
tnrieoNK Vein, Kn-
Inrircd or liillaineil Veliin.
Ult-erN, Ohl holes, Inter-
, iiul Ulcrralloiin,
Hiilli, CurbuuclcM, 'I'll-
mora, Hot (jwellliiirs.
I'oriiM ami lluuioua, that-
. nt or Soru Keti.
lllll liiillu.
IVI011 orU'lilllow, Fiost-
II I I, hubs or I'nrU.
noNiillo IIHoN, Inaecl
biiiik, Uuipiri Jlumla.
I'ONU'M KXTItAtrr la foraluyalll'lri.
(iiiau ItriiirKUlN.aml recoiniiie.iileilby
all UrUKKUK, l'liysicliina, and eery
liiMly wliu Iiiih tir u.std it.
Pniiiilili-l rontalnliiK lll.toi y and Vm tnall
til l'rivoiiaiillciillon, If not found at your
.w York mill London.
h'it4 ptuu.it for rjiiillili'iitlil virmUr, at im-at vutiif,
other Miiiiiilii-hiierii i-mi jimiliiren ClKr of
"A 'illfl Pirlorlnl HUloryor me
iniisi Niii-.riii riuiiiif i',t-r
lii llio Union "
Iliilritlil. 1
Tim W....L1.- I- , l, .1.1,... -. .
. . ... " . ""i"-i- iiu iii'j'i pow
er III illu.trated pcrlodl-al puMrtlicd in
thli country. ltn editorial. ro ncholarly
and eonvineliis, nnd carry much wclitlit.
IU illUitratloii of current event nro lull
and Ire-ib, und arc prepared by our beulUe
hUncrx. with a circulation in I.V1.O0O. tbo
i-fklv 13 r.- i.l -1, I.. HI 1.,. h.ir .. . 1 1 1 .
j , . , J U1111IUU
penon, nml Its tnlliicnco as an orean ot
"i "-"'"i"j ii Miwutiuuc. me ;CK
Iv liinitif tilnt. n ttA.IiK-A r,r..tnn.. 1
'J iv-.iiiiU j'usuiuij, nut) cJt-
lirtflSCrtOcciiii'd !uw8on political and o-
II nvt teli urn turn I ,A nf l.t..i. 1 it .
ciihjIoii, nnd Ui pictorial illuitratlon aro
....v.. --;;"".inu bikuuiciiik oi no ) 111 nil
-' ....-......v. uiiu VUrOUJlJl.
ItH papcrx upon cxUtcutfiuentloiiHandlts
iiiuiiii.uiu taiiuuil!) ot'ip 10 inOUM 1140 H60-
tlinenn ot tho countrj-. l'litsburu Coin-
iotagc frco to Mibflcrtbcrs In We United
Uarpcr'H AVekly, ono ycjr....l 00
I-oiir dollar- tncltiilm prepayment of U.
S. postnue by tho publishers.
Slllik.-.rlnl Invia in If ......,.. u. ru.
Vvockly, nnd Bazar, to eric addrcos tor one
a.i Bill M. ...... . . .. . ...
,v.u w, ui, mu o: jiarpcr n J erioui
calg, to ono address for ono year, 7 00:
nrwtnr'ft rrn ' '
An extra copy oPJic Magazine, AVeckly.
n, ltflfn ,-lll I... .......II-. ..... .. . '
. ""iM'i'uu KrauH lor every
club of live sulncrlbcre at $4 00 each, In
one remittance; or, tlx copies for $20 00,
without ex ra cop) ; postage (rcc.
Hack numbers can bo nupiillcd at any tlmo.
TI10 annual volumes of Uarpcr'i Weekly,
In neat cloth binding, will he i-ent by ex
prChH, frto ol expense, for 17 00 each. A
eoinpiuto set. eompriMng clKhtecnvoliitneii,
fcent on receipt of caidi at the rsto of $b aft
per volume, JrclgM at the expenko ol the
jaTNowRpntiPH are not to copy this ad
ycrtUcment without tho express orders ot
Harper & Hrotlierr".
Ad from IIAIII'KIt X liltOTnKUS. N. Y
Coal Goal.
MT. OARBON(Big Muddy)
Ordorfl for Coal by tho oar-load,
ton, or in lioRHhoudH, for shipraont,
sroinptlv attondnd to.
t"Fo largo oonsumora and all
rnanufuoturorfl, wo aro proparod
So supply any quantity, by tho
nontu or year, at uniform ratos.
tV-Hnlllilay llro.U odlce, No. 70 Ohio J.eyee,
I llliitnlay llni 'a Hlmrlbout,
rr-t dtypiluti Mill, or .
tr.l tin- l.'oul Dump, loot of Tnntf-Klght
rj-l'ont OlUce Dinwi-r, 300.
iff.' .
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Leading Journal of Southern
r. j. a Jil uJ- "j
The Bullefin
Will teailfastly oppote the policies ol th
Itepubllcan party, and re f nun to b tram
melled ujf tho dictation ol any clique lo the
Democratic iirKaiiUatioD.
It beitcvcn that the Republican party bu
fulllllcd IU minion, and that the Demo
cratic party us now organized ubotilu here
otortd to power.
It he'ilcvcj the Itadlcal tyraonx that b
for tevcral year opproMeil th tkiutb
bould be overthrown and the people cl ibe
Southern State permitted to control then
own affair?.
It belluv.fi that railroad corporation
nhould be prohibited by Irgltlatlve fcarti
mcnt from cxtortinr and unjuitly diicriB
tnathig In their builneo traneactloni wttk
the public.
It rcro-mlrei the equality ol all men b
loro the law.
It advocate tree comiiierre tarttt lor
icveniie only.
It adrocateir rcaumptlon of ipecle pay
mcnt, and honciit payment ot tbe public
It advocate! economy m the administra
tion ol public attatrr
The Hulletln will publl-th ull tbe loeanewa
ol Cairo, and a variety ol Commercial, .
Iltlcal, Korcin and General Newa, and tn
dunvor tn ploae all tantcs and loteront tl,
Is a thirty-two coititnn paper, lurnisheit to
, - - -r .
fubscrlbcn for tbe low, price of
- -
$1 U VSi TEAR,
1'ohtiKe propalil. It la Ibe cheapen paper
in tho West, and la a pleuvlng Klreriue
VMtor and Kamlly Companion.
Cannot (all to ice tho v.1 'Waled Indutc
menu offered by The Hulletln In tbe way
ol eheap and profitable advertisement.
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the warn

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