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Knight of .'vlliles, meet every rt
deynfaht l hir-t vn, in Odd
Fellowe' 1111. Hows,
Chancellor Commander.
. Independent Onleror Odd-Fel-Iowa,
meets every TkmrwUjr night
k.lr.nui arren. In their limll on
Jommerclsl avenue, between sixth and Hevcntb
Uhah. J.amic, N. II.
1AIKO KNCAMl'MKNT, I. O. O. ., meet
UluOdd-rellows' IUII on the flnt awl third
I ucdy In every month, at half-put seven
' JKO. II. OOHSMAM, C. 1'.
Hold regular communication in Ma
ILyC sonic Hall, corner (Ximmrrclal avenue
I 'ami Highlit street, on the second ami
mirth Monday of each tnonlli.
After the Tire.
.1. George Stelnlioue may Ih; round
Mnce tin: lire nt tils nuw shop, on Eighth
street In thn Alexander County Hank
bulldlnjr, where lie will welcome nil hU
ciHtoincrs. nml serve tliem In n nrtltlc a
manner as over liefore, with sincotli
Rlmve. fashionable Imlr euttin;; and
thorough hatnpoon.
Notice mt aMa.
C. Koch has removed lils boot and
yhoe "hop from the old Maud to hU
newlirlek building (oiks Mock lclov),
No. IX) Commercial avenue, between
Filth and Sixth street, where he will
keep the heat homo made and St. T.oul
custom made boots and shoe, made of
the best material ; good workmanship
and In the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. IKKMl.
Wo will pay no MIU contracted by any
eaaploye of Tiik IIulmstix, unless the
MBit! U mode on n written order signed
bjr the prcsldenl or secretary of.tlic com
pany, and we will acocpt no orders Riven
by an cmployo of tho company, tor any
itirpoo whatsoever.
Caiuo iluLi.inis Comi'anv.
.November 1U. 1W75. tl
Jlew Conl OMrr,
K. M. Ward has opened a coal ofllce on
south side of Khjhth strcet.Xo.Sl.betwcen
Commercial and Washington avenues, In
SarKent's shoe store. He will sell Har
risburifcoal delivered In any part of the
city at 1 23 per Mniflo ton, or $1 ikt
ton In four-ton Iota ; Hltf Muddy coal at
St per single ton, or $7 GO for two ton-,
all delivered. These are rock bottom
prices, and mean cash and cash only.
lor Knaa and C'olnrmlv.
The Atehlon,Topeka and Santa Fc
railroad from Kansas ,C'lty and Atchl-on
on tho Missouri river, via Topckn, the
cnpltol ot Kansas, and the beautiful Ar
kansas valley to tho Itocky Mountains.
The shortest route to l'uebclo th- Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs, ManUou,
Tike Scak, and all places of note In the
mountain region. The favorite route
to Denver aud all points In Northern
Colorado. The best route to .Southern
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. The
only direct route to the famous San
Juan mines. The track aud equipment
Is unequalcd, trains run through from
tho Missouri river; to the Itocky Moun
tains, making connections in Union ile-
tvoU aud avoiding delays anil trans
fen. For lull descriptive cireulais
maps lime tables, etc, address
T. .1. Anukiiio.v.
(ien'l I'as.-. Agent, Toixka, Kan.
For Sale.
A .liver plated No. 9 Wilson Shuttle
Sowing Machine, hard (ptnuo) IliuMi,
valued at $85. Will lie sold at SvK) dis
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
from Hie factory.
Colored a,nd mounted Maps ol the
cityot Catro at $2 50 each (halt price.)
A No. 9 Wilson Shuttle Sew lug Ma-
cliinc valued at $75. Will be sold at $15
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $00 ltcmlnjrton Sewing Machine
$30 oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
hoot mid shoo manufacturer.
A style " "Clough, Warren &
Co.'" l'arlor Oriran. rlirht from the fac
tory at Detroit. I.lst price, $:W). Will
le sold for $200.
1000 sheets of bristol board itit re
ceived at the Ilui.LKTi.v- ofllce, and lor
sale to the trade.
oc Tim
City or Cnlro,
colored and varnished, for sale at half
price ($2.50) at the IIl'i.lkti.v otllce.
20,000 uote heads, 30,000 envelopes,
.20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statements,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper Just
received and for sale at tho Uui.li:tin
For any of tho above articles, apply a
i - ii .: .11 u A II.... v i-i-r
llv Dul.l.l&W?' uuiut;. n. 41. uumaii
Real Estate Column
Lot 2. block 0, city, on Ohio levee
abovo Twelfth tttrrct, outside lire limits.
Very cheap. Terms liberal.
Cottago near Nineteenth and Poplar
stcots. $8 per month.
Uood dwelling house on Waluut, be
twecn Twenty-second and Twenty-third
Store-room comer Twentieth and
l'oitlar strecbJ. . . .
Business houso on J.ovco, lately oc-
enuled by Cunningham & Stllwell.
Winter' Illock- suitable for Hotel
Olllces or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 8 and 0, In
Winter's Itow, C rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $13 507 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue i rooms.
Store room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Ilalley.
A small House west of Twenty
second street, neur Pine, $1 per mouth.
Dwelling house on Sixth street and
lellerson avenue.
Orphan Asylum building nndjpieinl
pch. Kent low, to a good teuiut.
Store room, comer Twentieth ami
Washington avenue, $T2 a month.
Rooms lu various parts ol the city.
-Lauds, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
RATEH UP AnVKRriaillllJ.
KfAll bills fur advertising, are due and ay
able in AUVAxca.
Transient adve rllilng will tic Inserted at the
rate of tl uj iriuiunrc fur the lint Inftrllon
and So rtnU for nw.li iilifciiurnt on. A liberal
dlMotuit will lie madi" on slatidlnK amldlcjilay
Kor InwrtlnK Knncrut notice tl . Notice ol
imtllnK of notUtki! or urcnt onlrrs 0 cuts for
rarli inwrtlon.
Church, Koricly, Kinllval ami Hiiir notices
Will oily be limerteil aa lulmtiwiuvnts.
No advcrllnrmint will be received aliens than
to cents, find no mlvertlfenicnt will I Inierl"!
for Iciitllinii three ilolUrs nor monlli.
Iyocal Bualneaa Noticea, of
ten line or more, Inaerted
In the Bulletin aa follows :
Commence Counting at ten Line.
One Inaertlon per Una . Cnt
Two lnaertlonaper Una 7 0nt.
Three Insertions per line 10 Cents.
Six Insertions per Una 16 Cents.
'iml weeks per line 25 Cents.
nn.inniith tMrlinB 3o Cents.
No Reduction will be made in abovo
TIH'ItSDAY, FKIHtrAllV 17, 1S70.
Iral Weather Kefiort.
Caiiio.'Ill., IVb. I, lirtC
Wwu. I Vkl.
I'. in.
Si K."
SerKrant. Slsual bervlce, U. . A.
Dn:ii. Tuesday, February 15th, at -1
o'clock, p. in., (Jcorgc I, son ol Mr. 1.
Howie, ageil seven years.
Titv Tiu-.m! Tiiv Tiikm! Hall dime,
hall dime cigar, Havana llllcr, at
2-8-tf CoWPK.UWAITi: & I'llll.MI'S.
IEooms to Hk.vt. Four rooms, and a
neat cottage on Third Street, free from
slpe water, and In good condition. Ku-
(julrc of Win. Mcllale, at the Delta
House. '.'-15-tf.
Tin: Ohio. The Ohio river was re
ported stationary nt 5 o'clock, p. m., yes
terday. It is thought the rie here will
not amount to much.
Monday. The Alexander county pro
bate court, F. Bross, Judge, will open
next Monday morning. Thn Pulaski
county circuit court, D. J.Uaker, .lodge,
will convene on the same day.
Nkw Fikm. Mr. .1. Harden and E. S.
Dewey, under the firm name ol Harden &
Dewey, succeed Messrs. Malhuss & Uhl
In the commission business In this city.
We understand Messrs. Mathuss & Uhl
are about to establish themselves In the
commls'lon business In Chicago.
$1,000 ICkwakii. The friends of Mr.
Langstall'of Paducli, who was drowned
near that place during the gale on Iat
Sunday afternoon, ofTer one thousand
dollars reward for the recovery of Ins
Coming. Edwin Adams, celebrated
actor, supported by an excellent
coiiitiany. will viit i airo sometime in
March, probably about the 13th. Mr.
Adams stands among the leading actors
of the day, and will bo sure to meet
with a hearty welcome at t lie hands of
our people.
(iKi:i:n Jto Disaoiikk. The Jury in
the cae ot tho People vs. Itev. Uobert
Caldwell, Indicted for perjury, was dis
charged at hair-pat 10 o'clock Tuesday
night, having agreed to disagree. On tho
llrst ballot the jury stood six for convic
Hon to six for acquittal, ami as neither
side would give way, they were dis
To iik Solk. On Thursday, 17th,
lust., at 10 o'clock, a. in., John Hogan
will oiler lor sale a large lot ot family
groceries, consisting ot teas, molasses,
vineirar. soda, wash tubs, nnd other ar
ticles usually found in n grocery store
The sale will take place In Cunningham's
building. Commercial avenue, between
Eleventh and Twelfth street. tit,
Poi.ick Conn. Minerva Uiriey, a
white woman, aud William Harris, a
white man, were before Squire Bird yes
tcrday on a charge of drunkenness. On
Tuc.-day afternoon this pair filled up on
bad whisky, and then started out to prom
luadu, but the sidewalk was not
wide enough for them, aud they took to
the middle of the street. Oflicers Wootcn
and Sargent arrested and locked them li
tho calaboose lor the night. csterday
'Squire Bird sent them to the calaboose.
Miss Curlev for ulght days, and Harris
for three days.
ltK.M) Tins. Dan ilartuian Is stUimj
off at cost. This Is no dodge to induce
people to buy, but Mr. Hartman means
what ho says. He desires to go out of
tho dry goods trade and will quit' that
branch of his business as soon as his pres
ent stock can bo disposed of. In this
connection It may be well to state that
his stock Is not old or shelf worn, but on
tho contrary Is fresh aud seasonable, and
ot the latest styles, consisting of such
goods as are usually to bo found In
llrst-class dry goods store. HU stock ot
notions and gent's furnishing goods is
also large and select, aud will bo sold for
one-third less than tho same can he pur
chased elsewhere. All Mr. Hartman
asks is an examination of his goods and
nrlees to convince every ono that he
means Jiut what he says.
and see
HKAixv'a HuiKUNiAN. Henley's HI
bernlau Gem troupe met with a well tilled
house at tho Atheneum last night, aud
when we say tho exhibition was the best
ot Its kind ever witnessed lu Cairo, w
kCep within tho truth. Tho scenery, rep-
rcscntlmr tho leading cities, lakes aud
rivers ot Ireland, In nil soventy-flvo
pictures, are replete with novel, median
leal and prlsumtlocll'ects-eaeh and every
picture n work of urt. lu conjunction
with tho panorama, Mr. Cohan's famous
Irish comedy and speciality company
Hah. Tiik
consisting of ten artists selected
csicclally for their excellence
as general porlrayers or orig
inal Irish character, gave one ol tho
best entertainments the peoplo of
this city have had an opportunity or wit
nessing this season. All lu all, the en
tertainment Is an excellent one, and must
be seen to be appreciated. Tho company
will give their lastjexhlbitlon here this
evening. That they will have a full
house Is a foregone conclusion.
Diiitv Wouk. Tho Bui.i.KTi.v Is get
ting down to dirty work as If used to It.
How much further It will go remains to
be seen ; It has already got to the point
ot Intimating that some of our council
men have been bribed by the C. & St.
L.ILft. Co. The only case of attempt
at bribery we have heard of, is that the
Mayor tells of. He says he was offered
by n party representing those fighting
tho Narrow Gauge road $100, to perform
n little Job for them, which offer was re
sented as It deserved to be. The big
bosses or tho IIui.lkti.v should bo easy
with It, and not exact enough dirty work
to humiliate the aspiring chief editor,
though we reckon hu can stand a heap.
Will the editor or the Argui-Joumnl
please state the occasion, time, place and
the clrcumstanco under which this party
"representing those lighting the narrow
gauge" offered his honor "one hundred
dollars to "perfoim;a little Job for them?"
and In what manner the "oiler was re
sented?" lithe Argun-Journal will com
ply with this request It will enlighten the
public about a matter in w hich It Is In
terested, and has a right to know about.
Should the Argut-Jvurnal full to give the
facts, there arc those who can and will
give them.
Caniuhatks iok tiik Pknitkntiakv.
During the present term of the Alexan
der county circuit court, the following
persons have been tried on criminal
charges, and sentenced tothcienltentJary
as follows :
Ambrose Wallace, forgery, penitentiary
one year and six months.
Samuel Stoll, larceny, one year.
llenrv Green, horse stealing, three
.lack Itlley. burglary and larceny, one
Henry McKlnney, robbery, one year.
Dr. Geo. D. Haseall, rape, two years.
W. J. Crain alios Big Jep Craln, W..I.
Cralu nlias Black Bill Craln, muruer,
twenty year each.
Thos. O'Ku-fe, assault to roo, one year.
Jerry Myers, one yenr In the peniten
The following persons were tried and
sentenced to the county jail, us follows :
John Sullivan, petty larceny, sentenced
, nrteen davs imprisonment in the
county lall aud to pay a fine of $25.
Albert Stains, larceny, was rounu
guilty and sentenced to two years In the
penitentiary ; motion in arrest oi juug
inent on nccount of defendant being un
der age ; verdict set aside and prisoner
sentenced to the county jail tor twcuty-
llvc days, and to pay a tine ors50.
(race Winsor, indicted for keeping a
house of Ill-fame, plead guilty, and was
lined $25 and costs of court.
PKiisoNAi..-Maj. It. D. Lewis,, gen
eral agent of the Iron Mountain railway,
Little Rock, U in the city.
Judge Alles left tor home on Tuesday
Mr. Isaac Moss, proprietor of the
(miction hotel at Mnceiines, Indiana,
was iu tho city yesterdy.
Mr. Oliver Dewey and wife of Sand
wicli, Illinois, arc in the city visiting the
family ol their son, Mr. E. S. Dewey.
Mrs. Al. Html and child, who
have been visiting at Centralla, returned
Maj. Morrill, superintendent of the
Cairo and Vlucennes railroad, went
north by the three o'clock train on the
Illinois Central yesterday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Chit Bradly left for
Evansvlllc by tho Cairo and in-
cenncs railroad yesterday morning, to be
with Mrs. Bradly's mother, who Is seri
ously III.
Mr. Clemens aud Mr. Calvert, ot
Marlon, who were In the city on
Tuesday on buslut'ss connected with
motion lor a new trial in the Craln case,
lelt tor home Wednesday morning.
Prominent among the guests at the
St. Charles yesterday were : H. F. Hor-
ton, Louisville ; L. Bentley and lady,
Portsmouth, Ohio ; It. Solomon, Mil
waukcetH. It. Sterling, St. Louis: Ed
ward Duff. Philadelphia; W. .1. B,
Launsdale, Memphis ; and W."L. Chad
well, London, England.
Phil. S. lllsey, of Grceulleld's land
Ing will be married this morning, at Pa
ducah, to Miss Laura A. Hand. Phil
has kept out of the gauie for a long time,
but has at last concluded to take A. Hand
We hope ho may win, aud together with
Ids Hand, live long nnd enjoy all the
pleasures ot married life, nnd experience
none of Its sonows.
Ciucuit Couiir. Circuit court, Judge
Baker presiding, opened at the usual
hour yesterday morning. '1 here was a
very slim attendance, aud not much In
tcrest was taken In tho proceedings
Probably the parties most concerned was
the two Cralus, Black Bill nnd Big Jep,
who were brought Into court aud took
scats lu the prisoner's box, to listen to
Mr. Llnegar's argument on the
motion for a new trial of
their ease. Mr. Llnegar occupied the en
tire forenoon aud until one o'clock, in
discussing tho causes assigned why
new hearing of the casu should be
crrantcd. Mr. Llncgcr's discussion ot
tho subject was not only lengthy, but
able, as was expressed by several
nromlncut attorneys present. When
court convened after dinner, Judge Ka
kcr announced that lie was not prepare
to give his decision on tho motion for
now trial, as several points had Ikt
raised which he desired to Investigate
but would give his decisions this morn
There Is yet several Important criminal
cases on tho docket, among them the
Hudson murder case and the DeGrnth
ease, but ns none ot the parties were
ready lor trial, their witness being
absent, they were continued to tho next
term of court. The Jury was dls
charged, and court adjourned until this
morning, when a sl'ort session will be
held, after which court will adjourn un
til court lu course.
It has been observed by Judge nnd law
yers that the criminal docket at this term
of our circuit court was the most remark
able In the history of Alexander county,
and. ill hope they may never "see Its like
again." The elas or cases tried at this
term of court haro been or an entirely
dlflereut 'character from any other term
ever known. Occasionally there Is a
murder or manslaughter cae on the,
docket, but as a rule nine out or every
ten persons brought belore the court are
charged with comparatively trilling of
fenses, and their cases arc soon dlposcd
of. At this time, however, very few such
eases hao been tried murder, man
slaughter nnd perjury trials taking their
place. Tho trial or the llulU perjury
case, the Vllllainon county case, the
Lane manslaughter case, nnd the trial or
Hev. Hobt. Caldwell, icrjury, and one
or two other cases of Importance, have
occupied at least live out of thn seven
weeks of llio court. The civil docket was
not reached at nil at this term.
Vkh 10, .STii.
' IT. IX. IT. IS.
Cairo IN 9 0 0
l'ltlabuiy 13 -VI 1
Cincinnati 11 11 A :i
Uiilivlllc 17 H M i
Naahvllle 21 A3 S
St. Ixium li c U
J-.vinnlIlc i X 11
Memphis .- .tl c 1
VIckahurK II 7 X 1
New Orlnin II CO 0
jamks Watson,
ytrgcant, Sl.-nal Service. V. tf. A.
Port Mat.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Padueali.
" E. H. Durfee, Pittsburg.
" Mary Houston, Cincinnati.
" Belle Memphis, Memphis.
.1. D. Parker, Cincinnati.
" Hickory and tow, St. Louis.
Steamer Jim Fisk, lvaucah.
" E. H. Durfee, St. l.ouW.
" Mary Houston, New Orlians.
' Belle Memphis, St. Louis.
" J. D. Parker, Memphis.
" Hickory and barges, Faducah.
The rivers arc on a stand, and will
probably be rising to-day.
The weather was clear and pleasant.
Yesterday was a dull day on the
The Andy Batim Is due up, to-day.
The Jim Fisk is the Padueali packet
this evening.
Business was quiet along the levee
The Cons Millar left Cincinnati yes
The Golden Rule Is due from Cincin
nati to-morrow.
The II. S. Turner Is due up from
New Orleans.
The Atlantic leaves St. Louis to day
with a tow ol barges.
The Julia, Captain Blake, leaves St.
.ouis for Vleksburg on Saturday.
Tho John A. Scudder leaves St.
ouis for New Orleans and Mnrdi Gras
on Saturday.
Tho Charles Morgan leaves Cincin
nati with her Mardl Gras excursion party
on Saturday, and will be here on Tues
day. The E. H. Durfee, from Pittsburg for
St. Louis passed this port nbout ten
o'clock Tuesday night. She got noth
Ing here.
Tho Mary Houston passed down
from Cincinnati for IScw Urleans yes
terday morning with all the freight she
could carry.
The licet and elegant Anchor Line
steamer Bello of Memphis, Capt. Crain,
Clerk O. Hcwctt, will carry all passen
srers from St. Louis and way points, to
the great carnival at Memphis, for one
fare for the round trip.
The James D. Parker, Captain Bob
Wise, passed down for Memphis early
yesterday morning with a big trip ot pas
sengers and considerable freight. Capt
Wise Is maklnir blir nreparations for his
Mardi Gras trip.
Tho Belle Memphis passed up yes
terday morning with a lair trip. She
put off SCO bales cotton at the Cairo &
Vlucennes railroad company's wharf
boat, added a small amount of freight
here nnd went on her way.
rho Hickory and tow arrived yes
terday afternoon at four o'clock from St
Louis. She dropped two uarges ncre
aud went on to Pud Utah with the other
one, which she will load with lumber at
that point. The Wild Boy will get the
other two as she passes up this lnornln
k. n. k. c
Attention, everybody I Mardi
Gras in Cairo! The Mystic
sVAy ilKrcw of Comus propose eel
rbrathur Mardl Gras. Look
esrsfei out tor tho Invitations that
will soon be Issued by them to everybody
to Join them In celebrating tliat (lay.
A So. I LnnaUvy.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
tho laundreis, No. 12 Fourth street, lie
twecn Washington ud Commercial avc
nucs, has one of the best conducted lauu
dry establishments In the rlly, and laud
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
llud It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows: Hotel
and boarding-house washing 75 cents
per dozen. For pleco work prices nro as
follows : Single shirt mid collar, 10c ; per
dozen. 80c ; socks, 5o two collars, 5o
Kvn liaudkcrehlefs. Be: vests. 20o; and
all gentlemen's wear, 80e. per dozen
l.n.tl.x iilulii rallco dresses. 25o: calico
dresses with extra trimmings, B0o; white
ib-esses. $1 25 ; ladles' underware, fine
mid coarse, $1 00 per dozen. 1-2:1-1 f.
Alleiitluii) liralrrs.
Wo Imvo four tlozcu Iniltiitlon Kbony
Siirafc'Uii Coii-Oiu'iibm, taken for mlm
tialnf, which wo will sell nt two ilollurs
pt-r Uocn. Inquire Ht Uullctiu oftlcu.
All lironlr IHnenaea Uiircil
BV lll. IIVT.T7.
He Is located In Cairo, Illinois, nnd is
still calling on you to bo healed. Why
will you die ol old ehronlc diseases, when
you can lie cured with so little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, for there
is still a balm In Gllenrd. Cairo Is the
place to come to he cured of nil your
aches and pains.
I am now prepared at my olllce to give
medicated baths, and persons wlhlng to
receive such, will call at my odlcc on
Eighth street, No. 22, from tho hours of
2 p.m. till 0 p.m. Also plane baths, hot
bathx, warm bath', cold baths, or vapor
baths. AIo persons having the con
sumption or weak lungs, and wl-hlng to
receive medicines by Inhalation, can re
ceive the treatment at my olllce, this be
ing the only true way of getting medi
cine direct to tho lungs. Also I treat dis
eases of the eye or years standing, and
the blind has been made to sec by my
treatment. All diseases or tho skin I
cure. Fistula cured by me without the
u;c of the knife. If you have a cancer
come and be cured. All private diseases,
in the shortest time, cured by me. In
short, for all chronic diseases of the hu
man system, go to Dr. Hultz ir you wish
to be cured. I compound nnd prepare all
my medicines at my otllce. It is said
that practice makes perfect, t have been
thirty years n practicing physician.
All letters and communications shall
be confidential nnd promptly attended to
by me. Direct, Du. Hci.tz,
) No. 22 Eighth street, Cairo, Illinois,
Notice Is liMcby giren tliat the tax books
for the car IST.'i, have, been placed In my
liaiidi and that I will be at the following
places In Alexntler county, on tins day be
low (et forth for the purpoo or collecting
said taxes, viz :
In Clear Creek prut met, at the store of
K. Cullcy & Co., Clear Creek Landlnir,
March ?Ui, 1870.
In Tbut)c precinct, at tliu store of (.'. A.
Marohlldon, Tlicbcs March btli, ISTti.
In Santa h a precinct, at the store of W.
Ireland, Santa Fe, Mareli !), ttJTli.
In Goo-e Island precinct, at tho itorc o
O. Orccnley, Oooo Island, March 10, 1871!.
In Dog Tooth precinct, at the lioiue of
N. Hunsackcr. Eo.. March tl. ISTii.
In Hazlewood precinct, at the ofllce ol
Sam llrllcy Kleo, March 14, 18T0.
In Unity precinct, at the .tore of W. M
Athciton, Unity, March 15, 1870.
In South Cairo, at the olllce of John Q.
HarruanjCalro, March liltli, 1870.
iu .ortu Cairo precinct, nt the court
house, CalrojMarch 17th. tsTO.
The collector hereby calls the special at
tention ot tax payers to Section 1!17, e,l the
Chapter upon revenue, revUed stilulc,
In which he Is rcimlrcd to make distraint
upon tho personal properly of all tux piy.
ers lu default tor pctsoiiul tnxc, rflcr
March Kith., This provision ol law will be
ligorously enforced. Those Interested wil
therefore bsar the fact In mind and sate
Ill Ing your last years tax receipts and do
not trust to the tux hooks for dl-crlpllon of
yourl.iml. AI.LX. II. lltVIX
nmrici collector.
Qalro, III., February OHi, 170.
l.ornl Clill.tHiiit.
Lessons given In Penmanship, Hue
Penmanship, Steamboat Book-keeping,
Card writing, Posting up account,
Copying, etc., at the rooms ol C. J,
Howe, Nos. 15 and ID, winter's Block,
corner Seventh street nnd Commercial'
avenue. Ladles class every nfieruoon
rroiii -I to 5 o'clock, mid Saturdays from
o tn .1 n'eloelr. 1-S) till.
4 ileum
Kilty cents, at Winter's Oallery.
Wednesday ui Ifcwliy, Teb- IS and 17.
Hibernian Gems,
Jerry Cohen's
Great l'lctorial. .Mimical nnd National Exlii-
bitinn.rrim-!rmliir tour In Ireland iiccom
pnnittl by Vuful nnd I nl riuiif ntul MnMi 1 lie
muslnil uiul Nationul illuMratioiid by tin' ln
towing urtist : 'IHBUltKAT
Banty Boy and Dublin Dan,
Mlsa Alice r.lcumii,
Mr. L'luis. tiloiUDii,
Jaiiu'i (Indium,
John .Mack.
Miss Nora O'llrine,
Owen Dillon,
Frank Chit.
Mr. John K. Ilcilv,
Director and Urturer.
MaLiujroiiuut'tlic tluest vxtilbltioiiinow tniv
cliui,'. Hewveil st'at-...M - 'V"
Admission K'
Children -
EJ-Ciund Miillnec Tlmrwlay for achool chil
dren. AddmUalon HV, ndtllts
Cftlesenfil scats fur sate nt Hnilliiaii'H.
Crew-York Store
Qood.i Bold Vary Close.
Vomer 10th St. and Commercial Av,
0. 0. PATTER ft CO.
day fssraatses oer w.
jatsTr & Drilla. alllal a snoaTB
Insurance Agent
oxxxo xsxrvraaxi,
Orar Mathuii Uhl'l.
rint-Cluts Companies rfj.re
Insurance Agents
City Katleatl Bank Bulldina;, np-itsiri.
The Oldest Established Atrency in Boat
srn Illinois, representing ortr
K, .1. Arrca.
8. 1). Avrea.
And general
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No ft) Ohio Itiv,
C"-SJ -Dealer in I
All Linda hard and aod.)
Mill aoad Tarsi,
Hornor Thirty-Fourth Street end
Ohio Levee.
tnnlKiiiiienls Holteiteil.
NutUriielinii (litnraiilreil.
Commission Merchant
Cor. ElKUthlSt. and Commercial Ave.
Itittenhmise A llro. II. M'. Miller,
C. M. Ilmre.t llro..
A. Aluckle ft Co.,
inni'l WlUnn, .Sr.,
U. U. WiHHlwnnl,
l'eter Culil,
Avers A l.'o.,
J. II. ltml,
Col. MrKcuiK. 1. M.,
tlnen Wood,
.1.11. I'lillll A Sou,
Ciinnlnt-Mmni.t Slilwe I,
II. M. Ilulen,
Henry Sayera,
Hani'l Wallera.
llliqiiPNllonnblr, the best aiistalne
work of the kind lu the World."
The ever Increasing circulation ot this
nvonllnnt mnnthlv nrnves its coatlDUed
adnpllon to popular desires and needs. In
deed, when we think Into bow many homes
It iienAtrntna nvnrv month, we must COD-
tlder It as ono of tho educators aa well as
entertuiners of the public mind, for Its vast
popularity nan been won uy no appeal to
stupid rrcjtuilcoH or uepravea tastes. dob
ton Globe
Tlie chuacter which this Magazrae pos-
ncssci forvaricty.enternnse.arusticweaitD,
and literary culture thni has kept pace with,
If It has not leu mo iiiuen, suuuiu causo it
r.niiitinlnra tn ri-L'irn li wiui iiiiiiuaois com-
plucuncy. It also entitles tnem to a great
claim upon the public grntltuilo. llio
Mairiizlno has donu (rood and not evil all
the days ol it life llrooklyn taglo.
Postage frco to siilitcrtberi In the United
Harper's Macazlno, ouo year,... 14 00
zl uo Includes uropayniciit of U. b. post-
sgo by the publishcis.
subicnpuont to Uarper's Haeazlue,
Weekly, orltazar, to one address for one
year. $10 00: or two of Harper's pertodl-
Ail extra copy oi tuiici mo .i
iunui.itr nr itmar will Iim kinitillcd irratis for
every club of llvo subscribers at 4 00 each,
In one remittance; or six copies tir f JO 00,
without extra copy; postage free.
Hack numbers iau bo supplied at any
Incomplete set of Harper's Magazine,
now comprising 4(1 volumes, in neat cloth
Idlog, will lie sent y express, iiuitiii
3 exiiunte of purchaser, for f3 2ft prr
voiumo. Single voliimos, by mall, nosipatu,
9a 00. Cloth cases, for binding, db cents,
by mall, postpaid. ....
ta-ilewtpaper aro not to copy Hits id
vertiseuentwittiout the express orders ot
Harper llrotners.
. . . ......... iniiimiiinia u
AildleMi UAIli Ji.lt nuns liana, i' .
'I I'll elegant shift of Choice Music arranged
fft.. n, I'litiw. w,,it.ttvin Im. K..nt i,v iimll un re
ceipt of one ibllur, (hiI puld) or single mule
lit Mi-rmsracii,
'1'liey ran sl lw ordernl through a")- '
dealer In Ihe United Mates.
Ilamiierdays-lnsluimeulal .''"' J.'"?!',"
Why can I not Forget
Far O 'er the Wave
High l.lle-Wall
Down where. Ihe Violets liru .
When OldJrckton had hi
... btrauss
The timmt win rarm..
I he ldlese Qnk'klri.T!;-
'I here' nllter In lli" "
llo you lleally Thinn" u,.kk .
Address oilier; lo lienj . w . llttehcock, lb.
slwrs, SM Th id Aveuue i-f-dss .
R. SMYTH 4c CO.,
Wholesale sad Retail bealtrt u
Torelgsi am .'DoBftaatie
No. 00 Ohio Lvm,
MRSflRf. 8MTT1I CO. hate enu Untie
a laras atoek of the beat ood. lu iti nt.
act, and rItc especial attention to I be wbolenle
ranch of the lnulnrw
Wholesale Grocers
Oommigsion Merchant
57 Ohio
Wholesale Grocer
Dealer In
Commission Merchant,
Sl'KCIALattsntten siren toconalfnatenU sad
fUllna onlera
THE only place where s auie cure esn be is
lied upon. Little It reuuiml In the wax of
adrertiilnff, aa the reputation of the Institution
U well known throughout the West. Call and
be convinced that thia lathe Urgcat sod aaoal
complete Inttltntlon of the kind In America, for
IIIC HUCCC..1HI uniiiurm ui mil uiiwiiw ovaum,
l'rlvate and Venereal lilaeaaea of both eene.snck
an Syphilis, unnorrnu. uieei, nmeuie, cap
ture, Varicose Velna, Urchltla, Bubo. Jkc. All
urinary and arphllltlc oitmercuruU aAotlona ot
llieinroai, earn oruonea ara urmiou wiui uu
paralleled auceeaa.
Uonorrtusa cured In rroot
uree to live ilavi. Svphllla cured la from Ova
totendava. Over 17.WJO esses cured, Seminal
Weakneita, Snermatorrhuai, Night Losses, Sex
ual lability and Iinpotency, Loas or Sexual
Tower, u the reaultofaelf-abuae In youth, eex-
menu to nuu-ruuee, permanently cured without
mercury or any other mineral poison. Patients
at s distance treated by letter. Medicines sent
everywhere. Younitmen who have become the
v Ictltnea or solitary vice inai areaarui sn de
structive hublt which annually I weeps to sa un
timely Rrave thousand or younjr nsa or tn
most exalted talents and brilliant Intellect, who
niUht otherwise have entranced llstenln Senses
with the thunders of eloquence, or waked to
rcnuicy the living lyre-may call witb full conn
denoi . What a pity that a young man. the nop
ol his country, Ihe darling of his parents, snould
be snaU'liHl Iroin all prowct and enjoy
meuUoriiri'by the conseuueuoe ofdevlaung
from Ihe puUi or nature and Indulging la s cer
tain secret habit. Such ierson must, before
contemplating marriage, reflect that a aouad
mind ami tiody ure the most necessary requisites
to promote connubial happiness, Indeed without
these. Hie Journey through life becomes aweary
pilgrimage, the prosiect hourly darkens to ths
view, the mind become shallowed with despair
and Ulled with melanchollyrellectlous that Hal'
happiness nfunollitr Is blighted with our own.
To all erring -oiing men we would say, do not
Itm... thia Mwrawf ti vniirtflf anil Tour IKMl until
It has samied the riUls and lull you a wreck ot
humanity, n curse to yourself and a Borden to
society. If you are entangled In the suars or
selt pollulinn, or any private disease, flee from
Its instruction, anil apply al i..iosepa Meuicai
Institute tor treatment, and become once more a
human being.
Eft'iire Kuaranteeil or money refunded.
CfAll female dlnlcultles and impediments to
Marriage treated with safety and succe.
rf-A great medical book aud secret for ladies
aniTireiits. tfenlllrerurlwoatamu.
Adilress St. Joseph Medical Institute. Francis
Street, betwexn second and Thlnl, 8t. Jeseph,
Missouri. VD-U-ulAw-ly.
idilained in the United
States, Canada, and Eu
rope terms as low ss
nose oi sny oiner reita
drnce Invted In the I. as
MIC IIUHK. wvminm
lish andfrreign auguages, witn inventors, Al
tonirys at im, and other Sollclllors, especlaly
with those who have had their ease rejected In
Ihe hands orother attorneys. In rejected cases
our feet are reasonable, and no charge I made
unless we arc successful.
or skeb
full ds
11 you wan, a Ntt
ent,oduamodel sseteta ana a
ascription or
r isveaiioD.
Ill make sa
examinational Ihe patent ofllce, end It we think
it iNilentable, will send )ou psiiers and advlos,
and prosecute your case. Our fes will b iu or
dinary cases, ti3.
is Oral or written lu matters rc-
gelt, KX-lommiMiuacT "i iwaui
UleVI'iailll, Wllio 1 u, u. aiin;
K., Sec'v
VufinMitl Ifranrtt. luiulsville. KV.l
Dun'l .iuineu, u. a, n.. uiuuiuiii,
rj-Siiiil stsnni fur our "tiulde for obtala-
lugl'atents," a"hookor60paa.
Address :-Loula BaBer C., Solid
tors id Patents, Washington, O. I.
W-7-dwtf. .
r. a.
Bulletin BuUdln;. Oor. TwsdfU Mt4
and Waahini
Bartoa Atssus,
KTCounly and Italliosd Wsefca SssaUltT
al-k. ...Lav SSm amlSl ajMBlaM
Of UM UrWtlt, UD WW'"1!?'
rlrltW. will, -'--ftr J-I 'iTSii
booout. I every. trt.&2&.l7
rapidly, pays sptesaHst;
Writ at once lor dcvl
st, Loult. Mo,
. . IS
itv jn . '(.u i-H.rv'-ijr. , . tf ii fttt. si

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