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ante IttllitHn.
AJ.TJiben 'feirUiv.l nd llio
A PMTATiMer flnow Washington
jays "Mr. Ilartzelllsn gontlctu.ni who
leave buncombe to oilier members nml
labors with all his might nnd main for
hl constituents."
Thk Scientific American proposes Cop
tain Jnmcs R. Ends, the St. Loiil hrMgo
builder and Mississippi Jetty man, for
president, and the St. Louis papers
tP(uHy.acqulcicc, lM.
Oex. Ira J BteoiirtEi.pr Ip Jrate. lie
wants to be. Invc'stlgntell and says that It
Is his opinion that the citation of .Orvlllc
Orantefo Jpfid Jliry if ti featp
why Onllli vvftto letter In lri'nsklug'
tho president o rewbvv-Bloomflcldf aiid'
explains the motive of Orvllle's letter as
being his anger at Illoomlletd'a removal
of Lamphcar, n ganger, and a relative of
the Grant tnmlly.
Ir the rumor that Collector Casny,
President Grant's brotlicr-ln-law, Is con
nected with the whisky ring of Xew Or
leans should prove true, It will .stand In
the way of that gentleman's possible pre
ferment as United Status senator from
J.ouislaniult Is said that, It U ttie de
termination of Gov. Kellogg. to appoint
wy to 'the .petition. If tile vote on
INnchbacjiteMksc is"deferrtvuntll after
Uim GoobkLrrJauesviUe, Wlscon
sin, who has been studying law, recently
made application to practice In UiccoiirU
of that State. Her prayer has been de
nied by.yhlef Justice yan, who declares
that there'ls iib'WIspon'slii statute which
authorizes the admission of females to
the bar. He seems to hold some old
fashioned Ideas ou the tmbject of "wo
man's sphere" and to think that the at
mosphere of States1 courts is not, mor
ally, a healthy ono for Iter to breathe.
Miss Goodcll should move to Chicago.
Mr. ltobcrt Price ot Zanesvlllc, Ohio.
was h s Tnember ot the city council of
that town, has practical ideas on lhcul
Ject ot the resumption of sjicelo payments.
He is a disciple of Horace Greeley and
believes that the sage of Cliatauqua was
the prophet as well as the priest of re
sumption when he said "the way to re
sume is "to resume." Last week Mr.
Price started' lire ball of resumption or
believe that he did, Ho procured a silver
half-dollar by depositing Its equivalent
In currency In a bank pcrhaps-and going
to a gun shop he had the words: 'The way
to resume" stamped on It. Ho then,
Wise Mr. Trice carried thu cccd Irom
which lie believes will spring the flour
ishing tree of resumption, to a printing
office in UU town an J paid an ndvancu
payment of three mouths on his weekly
newspaper. He thus not only "started
the ball of resumption." but sccuri-d n
tlrst-claas advertisement of his own pat
riotic attempt at a practical solution of
the great national problem of the day.
Mr. Price paid the sliver half-dollar
with tho stipulation that the edi
tor should not block its mis
slon at the start by taking it
home and locking it up with
tke plate, jewels and other valuables
usually concealed somewhere In an edit
or's family mansion ; he was to pay it
out at tho first opportunity and make tho
same stipulation with the person who
received It that had been made with him.
"A rolling stone gathers no moss," but
Mr. Price believes that a circulating sil
ver half-dollar, by some special magne
tism of its own, will nltract from long
hiding places, from secret drawers, from
old stockuuri. from well-worn wallets
reglmenti.orKilvcr companions In arms
dtmcsciulf-dlines, quarters and half-dol-lars
jWhlch may do yeoman ser
vice in tlie battle for resumption.
Mr. Price's avant coaricr of specie
resumption Is ot filled States coinage,
dated 1800, "bears thirteen States,
the head ot the Goddess or Lltcrty
and the proud bird of America, tho bald
headed eagle," and the words, "The way
tore6urae." It started on its mission
about a week ago.
The agricultural report for.thc months
of January and February compiled from
statistics received at the department In
Washington says that late returns pre
sent a fresh illustration of the depend
enec of tho prico of corn upou tlie homo
.!. 1 . M.-1. ' -V
ui-uiuuu. aiho tnno wiiniu itio last
- tweivo years lias our foreign export
equaled 0 per cent, of the crop, while it
has ranged below 1 per cent. It will not
ocar transportation abroad to an extent
sufficient to uflect our home markets'
The Inereaa-d yield of 1875 has had lb,
natural tnect In depicting prices
both ou the rami and In the market-
A decline. J, noted in all
the States except South Carolina, where
It average? tltc i,aum at u,t year, and
Florida, Texaa and California, In which
the price lias Increased, in Texas,
though there luui been an increawj in
yield, tfiolnflui offromfgibn has ere
atcd a temporary home market fur the
surplus. In the other three States the
i .. . . .
jviu uecnneu, una ims in come.
quenoe euhauccd thu local demand. In
all tbe other States the farmer gets lim
for his product, partly on account oftlm
abundant yield and partly on account of
uiecouunucu striugeney tl the money
Buirlfct.Tbe,Ircatc.t decline Is found In
tbetraflipHlniJilrc'gldns. Iowa falls
iron 43 eenu par Imslwl.tq w 5 Mlwtiri
trems 74 to M; Kansas from
ioMU jiy in0
if 3f74 by 'Uie
. aml'by the
abtM3ftt cMMOf 1876. in New Kiig
ISBdit h sitQMf)) tbat the decline. It
least near the commercial renter and
greatest In tho agricultural dlstrlcls.
IMiodc Island, nlniost overshadowed by
Its lnduMrla! metropolis, l'rovldcnee,
falls on huts cents per bubel from last
year; Mas'nchuett, with a greater
proportion orfariulng-liind, declines 15
cents; while In Maine, more exclusively
agricultural, the fall amounts to 27
cents. Tills Is ohservnhlu to n small ex
tent in the .Middle States, but In
the South Atlantic States thu
eve Is reversed. Maryland, with
Its small area around llnltlmore, falls on"
is cents, while Georgia declines nut 0
cents, nnd South Carolina holds her own.
In tho Gulf Stales, Mississippi, which lm
made the greatest Incrcaso of yield, ex
hibits tho greatest decline. 18 cents. In
Arkansas there U n great decline, -15
cents, as "also In Tennessee, 27 cents. Ken
tucky falls ofT 14 cents, while West Vlr
glnln loses only 5. Xorth of tho Ohio
river the fall Is greatest In tho Southern
sections, tho average decllno In Michigan
being but i cents, while In Illinois It was
22 cents. On the Pacific coast, Oregon
has fallen oil a cents, while California has
gained 0 cents.
A few weeks before tho trial of Gen.
Ilabcock began In St. Louis, Attorney
General Plcrrepont Issued to tho district
attorneys engaged In tho prosecution of
tho whiskey trials the following circular
Dkimiitiikxt or Jueiu-i:,
" ; Washington, Jan. 8, 1875. j
lo Mr.- -Dallc.1 Stales Ulstrlct Attorney :
DKAnSnc My attention to-day has
been called to luany newspiper reports
stating that: In St: Louis, Chicago, and
Milwaukee large numbers of !gullty wen
who enures their guilt are let oirirom
prosecution.- I cannot suppose that this
s true, but'iny attention being called to
it, I have directed a letter to each of these
places that tho district attorney niiy
know that suggestions havu been made
that nulla too many guilty are to go un
punished. 1 am aware that In the ex
citement many rumors will gain cre
dence and I repose in your good Judg
ment to drive away any possible scandal
Irom anything that will even look like
favoritism toward thoso who have de
frauded the goverment. it is the Presi
dent's reiterutcd desire that, "no guilty
nun Bii.ui escape." i no not Know that
thero is any Intention on the n.irt of unv
ono charged with tho administration of
me laws to favor any person, and the up-
iiuanuico oi any Mien lavoruiMii sfioiild
uocareiuiiy avoided. I write this by
way of caution, for f have determined so
far as lies In my power to have these
prosecutions so conducted that when
they are over, the honest Judgement of
uiu nuiicsi men in me country, which Is
sure, in tho main, to bo lust. will mi v tli.it
no ono has been proeented from thu inal-
ico unci mat no guilty one lias been Jet oil
through favoritism, and that no gullly
one that has been nroved L'lilllv. or lias
confessed himself irulltv. Ii:is Kith snf.
fcrcd to escape punishment.
lours very re.spcciiuiiy,
. Kivai:i PiKni:i:ro.vr Att'y Gen.
Overlooking the fact that Mr.
Plcrrepont overstepped tho bounds
of an authority not his
own and encroached on the province
of the secretary ot the treasury when he
announced his Intentions in regard to the
prosecution of tho whisky thieves, the
Republican papers were loud In praise
of Gen. Grant's determination to let no
guilty man escape. From lata develop
ment It appears that tho order to the dis
trict attorney lias a secret history and
that It meant uioiu ami 1WS than It said.
While Issued for the obvious purpo-o of
directing that the guilty should expect
no immunity from punishment, iM effect
was to seal the mouths of
the only competent wltuessucss in
the whisky cases their more prominent j
nnd more guilty confederates. This is tho
only Inference that can ho drawn from
the circumstances .surrounding the Issu
ing of the order. The criticisms which
have been made on It have elicited tho
following account of Its Inception and
promulgation, In a well-authenticated
dispatch from Washington City, under
datcot Uthlusl:
"The interpretation which has been
put upon the letter ot Mr. Plcrrepont to
District Attorney Dyer in regard to iu-
uriiicrs n.-is seriously annoyed me altor.
ncy general, partlculaily a.s many of his
legal friends have expressed great sur
prise thereat. To some of these he has
made an explanation which only adds to
tlie significance or the situation. He
says that the idea of the letter did
not originate with him, but with the
president, who sent for him and told him
he did not think the testimony of Inform
crs should Ihj given such prominence by
the pro.-eculion, ami that lie wanted u
letter written giving j.ccific orders to
district attorneys In regard to the whole
matter. Acting uuder directlon.'ol the
jire-ident, he wrote the letter which lias
itceu so generally criticized. Ho think
men-mi ui uviu inirsniy juugmi on ac
count of it terms, he should really Ikj
commended, since ho succeeded in fram
ing one mat was much milder than tho
president wanted, as is Instanced by the
fact that when the president saw It he ex
pressed ids dlsjatl-faetlon because It was
not stronger.
KUITMUl.tl. oii:n.
Peter Cooj-er was elghty-live years
oiu last rutin nay.
liaron Segular, tlie eminent o!ciill't
or Paris, is dead.
It Is believed that Kctibciibllcn, tlie
muriicrtr, will die belore tho day of hi,
execution arrives.
Arousing meeting of thu advocate
of liockford, Hock island and St. Louis
railroad, waj held at ltockford last Tues
'i'ho illack Hills levcrls raging rather
extensively at I.eaveiiworth, Kansas. A
large party is now forming there, and
will start hi a few days.
iiisiow was arreted in i.omiou ou
Tuesday, ami the American consul tule-
graped that all in Wluslow's jiocsjIoii
would Imj seized ami turned over to him.
A woman named Klleu Stuart, at
tempted to take a pan of burning greaso
from the stove, at her homo In Clinton,
Iowa, on Tuesday, m,d was terribly
burned about thu hands, rtk umj
Tho hoiuhuian of ' William nii.i.
clly treasurer of Stillwater, Michigan,
Who Stepped out with a consldcrahhi
amount of the city' money wmo davs
ago, oflcrs a reward of live hundred dol-
ars;ior him.
-General Terry Is Indignant at Geuenil
Cutter, for stating that he (Custerj. in
vuiuuueiioii witn ucneral Crooks, was
about to make a uiuialgii again. t the
Sioux Indians under Sitllng Hull. Ocn.
oral Ferry emphatically declares that
nothing has been decided upon yet, and
has become .letlled that General ('uster,
n subordinate In hi department, should
be talking about hl plans for an Indian
Tho Plymouth Church advisory
council has assembled. It docs not In
tend to tako up tlie question of Mr.
Iteeclicr's guilt, hut merely to decide
whether or not Mrs. Moulton's ejection
was a truly Just one.
A little child four years of age,
named Wagoner, had her tongue cut off
lit flirneflitrr tl tlltn llin nsnnt- Mfn . I ,w. -
' 'j ...v. viitvn ti ii iiiiiii,
nt l.yonsport, Indiana, on Tuesday.
Jlireo Italians named (:aslno Ca
rona, Denla Domlnco and Colalona An
thony, arc to be hung in St. Louis to
day tor tho murder ol Francisco Paler
mo, last spring.
Iho Ohio Stato Grange of the Pat
rons of Husbandry, Is now in session at
Cleveland. A large number of delegate.
nrc present. There nro 1,2-17 subordinate
granges In the State, with a mcmbcrshli
of over 00,000.
llliam Lcltch, u well-known and
highly respected citizen of .Montreal, and
a member of tho flrmofLelth & McLean
wholesale of chemicals, Iron, etc., com
milted sulcldo on Tuesday by Julnphi,
Into the river.
A servant girl aged seventeen years,
named hmma J. Lee, started from the
house when she lived In Holland, Mich.
to attend church, and has not since been
heard of. It Is thought she has met with
foul play.
William Walker, n well known cltl
zen of Peru, while crossing a portion of
the bottom lands near LaSallc, on Tues
day, with a team of valuable horses and
a wagon, was caught by the current
caused by the overflow, nnd carried dow n
stream n quarter of a mile. Tho horses
were drowned, but Walker was rescued
by a man in a skill'.
At llelvideiv, X. J.,on Tuesday, Pat
rick Word, who murdcied Peter Mlers
in Phllllpstowu lat .May, was sentenced
to he hanged on the 21th of .March. John
Hitter, who murdered his two children
in Haekcttstowu In October last, was
sentenced to States prison, at hard labor,
for twenty years, on each of two Indcf
mcnts. A dispatch from Home, dated the
15th, ays the pope has granted a dispen
sation for tho marihigc of the daughter
of the scnlptor.JStory, a Protestant, with
tho eoiiimenil.itore Peruzzl, a Catholic,
and a brother of the syndic of Florence.
The grant Is mentioned ns a remarkable
exception to tfie rule, never before broken
during the pontlllcate ot Plus IX. Some
of the extreme ultramontanlsUare highly
Kdward ltosowater, editor of the
Oinaho Jltc, was assaulted and brutally
beaten by a negro In Omaha ou Tuesday.
Kosewater made referenco to a negro
den of that city, in the rite, nnd the ne-
Vro, Curry, who Is the keeper ot a sa
loon there, supposing that his was the es
tablishment referred to, waylaid the edi
tor with a view to getting satlslled. Cur
ry was arrested anil Is now In Jnll under
bonds of $5,000.
i no l oiorauo constitutional conven
tion in session ntUnnviT, lifter much con
sideration adopted a chapter ou the elect
Ivcfranchlse.whlch requires the first State
legislature to provide, by enactment, for
the suhniN-lon of the woman suflrage
question to a vote of the people. This
Is regarded ai favorable by the advocates
of the measure, who claim a powerful
constituency In Colorado, while the ex
periment in Wyoming on the north has
justified the privilege. In Kansas wo
man suffrage exists as to all school of
fices. Tho LouUville CuitrUr-Journal :
"Kccly's moter has been enveloped In a
mysterious obscurity for some time, and
people arc generally beginning to believe
that the all'alr was a failure. Last Fri
day evening, however, in Philadelphia, a
tcrrlllc explosion took place In a brick
building, and one ot the walls was
knocked to piece". I'ikju investigation
It was discovered that Kcely occupied the
structure, and his iron box, where he
chained Ills moter, had blown up. There
.v.-cius to be something in Kccly's ma
chine alter all, but the people who live in
the neighborhood have very earnestly
requested him to move elsew here."
;ov. kiji.i.occn a.i tiii:
ini.iiui. l unflirrci;.
In the I.ouMaua legislature the com
initio appointed to examine the book' of
the Statu treasurer, found S10?,( ot the
Interest fund had been divcited and af
lerward restored. In their rci-ort they
charged that the responsibility for the
diversion of the fund rested with Gov.
Kellogg and declared that for the viola
tion of law he deserves luipnchiucut.
The complaint Is made in the following
terms :
The majority oi your l omuilltcearo
eatielliil that U m. Pitt Kellogg, gover
nor of Loul.laiia, lia, grossly' violated
the law and should bo hutn-ached, be-cau-e
by threat, promUc, and otherwise
he induced Antoinelmbuclet.State treas
urer, to dlvcjt from the Interest fund hi
October, 187 1, Die sum or j.v,UXi. and in
January, JS7.1, the sum of S5n OW, with
out proficr warranU trout tin: auditor. In
violation or section 7, olact.Vo, fol IS71,
known us the liindlng bill, and section
R70 oftho revUed slatutey. Tlie major
ity of your committee are satlslled that
JJlbb o liiii L'ro--lv violated
mo law, iiecaiise, while acting an
uttorney general of tho State In
the ab;eneo of lion. A. P. Field, attornce
general, ho fid vl ted Slate Treasurer An-
tolue Ullhuclct. tot vert (mm the Intere.l
fund ol Louisiana without proper war
rants in October. 1H7I. tin sum of t't.v.
OOdand In January, Ihif.. the sum rS50,
000, In violation or section -even or act
.No,. I ol lb,!, known as thu liiiidlii" hill.
and section h70 of thu revUedslatutes.
and your coinmlttce would suggest that
articles of Impeachment bo immediately
drawn up as the law require agahut
Win, Pitt Kellogg, governor of Louis
iana, and Autoliiu Dubuclet, statu treas
urer ; thatthoy by Joint resolution llemy
V. Dlble, assi.taut attorney general of
tho State, bo addrcstcd jut of oltlee;
that Hon. A, P. Field, the aUorucy gen
eral, Ixi Instructed to institute criniin.l
iiroceedlngs against Albert Shaw and J.
IL.O'MCibV for U Violation Ut unvlUrm
eWoififj of tcetion seven ofoetXo. 3 or
J8ii, known as thu funding bill, and
mat means be devised to oouinell J. Jl.
vgicsny to restore lo tjw mctropolltau
board of nol en the sum of sa.r.wi iu.
gully charged by hlni as commission jiiiiI
interest on n loan of ,"U0 made by
tho treasurer out of the interest fluid of
uiostnin to the im-lmpontnii board ol
Gov. Kellogg explains to an iwoctntrd
press agent his part In the affair as fol
lows :
Gov. Kellogg give? to tho associated
press US his oxnlntmlLni of the n-imrl nt
tho Ahlrldgu committee, Iho following
statement : After the Wbuo League riot
oi .scpr. ii, im,.i, mccomiiiion oi allalrs
was such that the collection of State nnd
city taxes was virtually suspended. The
nonce orficw Orleans ucrosomo months
in arrears with their mv. and threatened
to disband ollogelher,.i'nd leave the prop-
eny oi me cuy to me mercy oi mo law
less elements then In ascendant. Tho
llsenl ngerft ol the State was also Hie
liscal agent of the police, nnd had a
very large amount ef State fundi in
his hands, which could not, In any
event, be called lor for several mouths.
To meet the nrestlncpublio cmerirencv.
the governor and State treasurer author
ized htm tcmporarllyto transfer to tho
police account sulllriont Stato funds to
nay n portion ot the arrears due the po
lice, so as to retain tlieiu ou their bents.
Tho liscal agent took as security a lien
upon all the uncollected taxes for police
purposes, nnd nlso warrants Issued by the
Stnto for services which tho nollco had
rendered to the Slate as militia. Tho
Stato was never jeopardized to the ex
tent of una dollar bv this transfer, and as
a matter of fact. a shown by tho Investi
gation of tho very committee who made
me report, every uoiiar advanced ny mo
State was promptly repaid outof the llr.t
taxes collected for police purposes.
i:-Alliirnr.v IJeiier.ll Wlllliuiin I'.k
liluliis Hie HeliilliiiiH or llnhrnrk
Hllli Ju.M'i- .vii'Uuniilil auil the lreM
lilenl. Sr. l.oi ts, l'eb. 10. Immediately upon
the oneuinir of Iho United States circuit
court, this morning ex-Attorney General
vv iinis roe ami nuurcssca mo urv.
opening the iltfeusc or General Ilabcock.
The eourt-rnom was thronircd. tho
greater portion of the audience being at
torneys. Very few of the government
witnesses were present, the most or those
rrom Washington having been discharged
from .service and allowed to leave the
ueiierai vv imams ucvoicu considerable
time to an arsilmeut of thu nrohahllltlea
lu the case, and to a criticism ol the evi
dence for the government, nssunilug that
vviiat inc government nan presented was
competent evidence, which was bv
menus admitted, ucneral vv imams .said
tuc case migiit present some suspicion
circumstances, but by no means the
ground on which to base n conviction
lie men proceeded wait some expianu
lions which would throw it different
light uioti thu communications be
tween Ilabcock and the rlnjr. At
that time, ho said Joyce and Mc-.
juiiu.u wciu irusicu oilieil s. nieii
ol lutlucncc, and tiossesslii
conllcnce with good people. Hancock
on the other hand, was n warm-hearted
eniilidlliir. lrcncrolia mm. whn iliil nn
give up u Irieiidship once cemented tor
mc vviuspers oi calumny. Krervthlng
mat nan ueen pre-eiucd nv me i eiensu
was Incomplete and could not but leave a
paiuiui uncertainty in every mind ns to
whetlici It was to convey a proper sus
plclon, or to Imply Indicate a weakness
ot judgement to which every ouu Is lia
ble. The quantity ot this kind of evi
deuce, said General Williams, avails
nothing. a house Is made of
bricks, but a million of bricks
scattered over an acre of ''round does
not makuii liou-c, anv more than two
nncKS no. ucneral vv liuanis then traced
uaococK S military career, from Wes
Point, which ho eulogized as a place
miciu nuuoi .urn nuiicsiy were incul
cated, and where thieves and robbers
wcro not euuciiicd. lie told of the dc
lend.mt's service In the late war. nnd
how he rose to be the chief of engineers In
thenluth army corp.s,aud afterwards to bo
an aid to Lieutenant ucneral Grant, wit I
the rank of brevet brigadier general. .
good deal of attention was given to Gen
eral Habeock's relations to the president
anu me commence rejio-cd In him as the
private secretary to the president. In
ono sense. General vv illhui. said, he be
came a part ot tno executive. li s mil
eial dcllniiucncics would more or less rn.
fleet upon and degrade the clilef execu
tive oi mc nation, anu no Ingratitude
wouici no so oiacw as ms ll ho would
bring dishonor on one who had put such
commence in nun.
Heetluir of Ike Imlopriiileiit Hrecu
hum Contention or IiiiIIiiuh,
(Kioni tboSt. LoiiU llejmUIcan.)
Indiana roi.is. I.vd.. Feb. Hi Tim in.
dependent movement, as developed by
me suite convention held here to-day,
proves to have more streiiL'th tlnn was
generally supposed. Well-informed He
puuucaiis concede mat tliu ticket noinl-
hated and platform adotited will draw
oil many voters Irom their party, und
that it renders the success ot
the Hcpublleau party in the State
next iau doutniui. Throughout the
eoiivenuo u mere was limn es ed mi
entiiiisiaillo ultra leeling in favor of more
grecubackH, and the feeling lu this direc
tion was shown by prolonged applause
whenever anything favoring inllatlon was
iiieimuneu. i.auucr, mo noiulueo ror
governor, at this time rcnre.enu dm In.
illuuapolis district in congress and was
me omy ucmocrai vvno relu-ed to voti
inr herr as sfieakcr. There ate well
founded doubts as to his acceptance of
tho nomination us Ik; will nlso lm n
randidato before the Democratic Statu
convention lor mu same oniee. Woleott,
'I'emiilcton. Iliiudv and i
InaUjd for the other leading olllces on tliu
ticket, am large laud-holders and farm
er, wmcii give, a considerable strength
among me Granger, rrom which ele
ment a large voU Is existctcd. The ex
ecutlvu uouimltteo lias onrunized hviln.
selection ol (i. W. Huss, Indianapolis, as
chairman, and 1!. P. Klley of Hiazll, as
ii.uxoi, iMiKn.,i:.yi co.vvii.niion.
Dl.CATril. I I.I... I-'eli. Ill Tl in IiliIo.
Iieudent Iteform fuite convention met
hell) Us-day ami clli cled tierinaueiit nr.
iilzatlon bv the selection of Hon. W. C.
ngi; of Morn. Iireslilenl ''I'hn muni
coininlttees wcieai)olntcd, a Stato ecu
tral comiiiltto cIiom.u mid other routine
bmiiiess transacted.
Two ijelegat. s wire chosen from each
eoiigrcsrioual dUtri. t to attend the na
lioiiul Indeiiendthl convention at ludl
amipoll May 17.
, Thu platform duuunib civil service re
form und purity In public olllelaU. Tliu
currency resolution ,as follows :
Jleioltttl, That wu demand tlie repeal
ofthospeclo rciifiiniloii ami national
haul; U"ts und Iho substitution of legal
tender paper uioneyfor national bank
circulation ; thu perfecting of a monetary
spstem based upon the lallh and re
sources ot the nation and adopted to the
demauds ol legitimate business, which
money shall be a legal-tender lu pay.
men to all debts, public and private du
ties on Imports included, nml, this money
to ho Interchangeable at the option ofthu
hohlei. with registered government
bonds hearing a rate of Interest not ex
cccdlng y.OO per cent, pcrunnuui. I
In VV'lilrli ii rnl'lliiiilcr Hociiiim s In.
Illnled lulu Hie .VI j merli-M ut inu.
(Paul fjRie, In I iimim' Juurnnl )
I am n pot-hunter.
I never shot over n pointer or n setter
lu my life; am not a member of any
gamo protective society ; shoot my game
sitting if! can; ami shoot as much lor
tliu pot as ror the spoit ; therefore, lam
u iiou-prorewlonal sport sinan -a vagrant
gunner a pot-hunter -and ought lo bo
despised by every Iruc-hlooded sports
man. This Is my jH-dlgrej (Pot-hunter
No. !Wfl). nnd I submit to the leader
the following adventures, which are sur
prising, considering that thev happened
to n pot-hunter:
Distinctly do I remember Iho llrst ol
my gunning exploits. I wa a bnv PJ
years ol age nnd lived vvltli my parents
ou a rami in tho southern part of New
.lersoy. over the old-fashioned llro-plaeo.
on hooks, hung nn old musket which had
seen service lu the devolution. My
grandfather carried it ou his shoulder
when ho hid In the swamps nil hearlii"
that the British landed near Philadelphia.
During my boyish days it was the am
bition or my lite to go gunning with that
musket. 1 asked my father several times
ror the coveted gun. but ho always an
swered, "Why, child, It will kick Mice
over;" ho nl ways used the Quaker Ian
gunge, though he was n eainp-golug
I coveted the gun each day more nad
more. The warning about tho gun kick
ing made no Impression on me at all ; I
considered It "moonshine," Invented to
frighten mo. One day. when nil tho fam
ily but myself had gone to camp-mi-ellng,
f trot a chair ami reached down tin- old
musket, nnd then buckling around me
the powder llak of cow's horn nml thn
leather liot-pnucli. sallied forth Into the
orchard In search organic. Tho gun was
already capped and loaded, nnd soon I
espied n juvenile robin sitting on the
lower branch or an ancient apple
tree, unable to ily because or the feather
less condition of Its wings. I put the
old musket to my shudder, el-mmd
along tliu barrel, drew n "bead" on the
fatted bird, and pulled the trigger day
changed Into night, stars twinkled lit
the black sky and shot Intospuce, cornels
rushed across, fourteen moons revolved
rapidly on their n.ic.s. aurora Imre-iiUi-i
and rainbows became mixed, ami I
picked myself slowly up from oil" the
damn "round, wonderlni! what :i str-mitro
coincidence It wu3 that I should he struck
by lightning Immediately on pulling the
trigger. Hut what cared I lor all this,
and n bruised shoulder which nalned
me Air weeks niter 1 Had I not killed my
bird? I hunted around for It. nml. liter
oilite a search, found a tall leather and a
bit of the bill of tlie fipor bird. Then my
shoulder began lo pain me. and I grew
mini-. a wickcii iiiougui entered my
head, nnd according to Its dictation, 1
put all the powder that was lu the horn
(about six dracluiHl into the
nun mc same amount oi suol, and the
limped pamtuiiy to the house and hull
the musket in its accustomed place.
A week or so afterwards I ventured I
tell my father thu circumstances of in
llrs: shooting, keeping back nbout the
over-loading ol the musket. He luughe
Heartily at thu story nnd said "Why
lad, tlie old gun was loaded for deer,
witn uucivsnot. and me load had nistc
in me oarrcii."
1 hat same dav n hawk- en me ili-lm-
about the farm, and father took down the
gun to snoot it.
"lloy," lie said, "doe? thee think thee
put in enough powder and shot to kill
me iiawh."
un : yes." i replied. "I guess I put
ciiuuxii in , ami i laugucd in luv steev
to think what a tremendous kicking tin
out gentleman would get.
mo nawK came uying within easy
range, and father put up the gun and
1 1 red.
He killed llif hawk !
I S.1U' tlm nlll rrnitl...imi .rtllti r ll...
.... v..... ...i, un mu
grass, ami i coiiki keep in my laughtc
no longer ; anu i made iho orchard rln
with the merry sound.
-i y lamer "roai "vsiowiv :irni! nut
icit ol his .shoulder, and moved hi
nrui to nuti iro.io nnil ii the lormer was
dislocated or the latter biokeu. On Und
inr that he was not ser ous v n hired, be
suomuii uuriiy: ".vugniy i tioy.imt I will
warm nice lorims;" and taking tlie ram
rod from out the musket laid violent
nanus on inc. elevated' my roundabout,
and administered such warming as I had
never experienced lieloru or since.
redness be a sign of heat, I was red
Tliu Cipher ItMiiilflip.
Clccll dispatcli to tlie Clilrago Tribune,)
l,. . - . . . .
t .VSHI.NtlTON . 1J. J.. I-I'll. I.i V cl."
did from St. Louis to tlie IfrrulU of
mis morning gives a portion ortlte ciphe
leiearaius wuicii passed leiween lien
Habcoek' in Washington nnd Private See..
retnrj- Liickcy In St. Louis during the
.Mcuonald trial, which were oflered to
day in court nnd ruled out. These dis
patches, as translated, nrc as follows :
Washington, D. 0., Nov. 17,1875,
To I.eyt 1'. I.nckrr, I.lnarfl llotel, St. I.ouU,
Tell him to employ us-Istaticu It he
wants, and means, but to prevent my ''fl
ing there now nt all hazards. Kxereisu
your uest judgment now. Osc.iu.
Washington, I). o N'ov. 17, 1S7.".
To Levi I'. I.nclisy, Mnili-U Hotel , .St. I,ouI,
.iu i
See John M. Krum on receipt or this
whatever hour. Ketu u h in to protect
nun, ami comer iiiuy wiiu nun and an
swer at earlle-t moiueiit. To go thero
now would be very unfortunate, irhu can
possibly prevent It. Heport fully and
promptly to my hoii-o hero.
V.isiiiN(iio.v, I). C. Xov. IS, 1875.
U'rl l. I.uokvy, I.Iinlsll Hotel, fct. Willi
I-ricnds atlviso not to l'O. A friend
leaves lo-nlght. I can uiiikii iilllilavit If
needed, v ours received. Will atteiiil
to Hoiidtigc Hamlet. All well.
Si. l.ot'H, Mo-, Nov, 18, 1S7.".
(isii, O. K. Ilnlicnck, VViiJliiiigtoii, I), (Ji
l. says no nutriment, no twiiL'tr. per'
houal, political or otherwise, should vou
come, uiuy nun oiucrs, upon whom
Muck's caso reflects, nro itoIiil' to testify.
and friends think It would be well If you
eoiiiti niso. ah would snow nothing re
ceiveu, nut u rests with you it you
choose. IC. urues It, but they can not
force tinvtliliiLr. Hois retained for vour
iiiieresi, a siiuu no uiu uesi i can.
Levi P. Lt ci.cv.
Sr. Louis. Mil, Nov. 18. 1S7.".
(JiiiiriJl). U. Ililicook, VV'imliiiiifloii, II. i; i
After coiisiiltatiou, Iv, says you will
nol bo asked to come, lingers rung lu
to-day. Did you get my dispatch about
tipndiigo llamlet? Li:vv P. Li'ckiiv.
Ill these illsiiatchcH Oscar Is n ulcm-i.
lure for Cen. Ilabcock. and Hond.K'O
llamlet has been uxplalned by tliu tie-
fellO III menu "two llliudreil" -tlmf Is
$'J0O. Thu comiiients upon thesu ills
patches are Lreuerallv unfavnrnhlu to tin-
defense, It is noticed Unit Iho dates of
those from Gen. Habcoek. nrotestlnir
against going to St: Louis II it could
posniuy ou avoided, are neany two
weeks before the one ulven to the pics
op Xov. TO, alter telegrams had come
out In tho Avery trial, lu which ho de
manded to imj eaiieti aim uearii, The
telegram expressing ii strong dedrj to
have hlni there to go on the stand with
'filTA" V" nno you could uni an
. " uiuiuiriv. ii
u re
La Ficcadura,
( I he nunufirlii vri. by Hie n,o of iMti-nlnl .Vhirlihiery urn f iml.lrd lo nmtr ll.r rfWirsle.1
; i? i il ; V.r . " ;r y?.?''i" lr '"'"'-M Ihnn tilhir Mnnnrirliin-rs ran bnslnir ClKiruf
L '.' i? y ' 1 f " "'''f'W"' ''I'l'firtiiiilly lo siii.)y ,iiiol.sr Willi a nirlor lu rent
I Iwr lor til-J i- plan- l'i Tulcnnr pidriiiisii
mmm mm clear uun filled :i:a?, m five cen
limy neiil lliiin hate in
.i . . . . . r"--.":r7 . -
up iiiani ini'lim rimenirnmnis the fid Unit
imj m-i-, int-ni, inueiiiinine-i he i.lati ol l.ivorlnR tin- iimjcirily. lnti-.i,l of the liiluorilr ( hu
ln-i-n the lulu, hy m-IHiie u si
m,!,'!!0,1.1,',!!"?.!.'.,'.1,1 ,."K,i!ii,i." ?
Iiun?rNiui"l iln-ii -ug -ills. 1 ' ""
Civ tlioni. o. Trial
rt. . .s"i i n'
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
F. M
Importor und Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors.
Keeps a full stock of
Koxxt-u.ols.ar Boui'bon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
.MclvYe, Avery, nml ilnaulrc, In onler
Unit nil inllit show Unit tliey received
notliine;, itfld hero lo bt a strong iioinl
a'alnsb Ilulicoek, slnco all these nieii
tinned as piln to te.-ify have since
either been convicted, ora In the cue or
Mamilrc, iilead pullty. Privntu tek
umiiH Irom St. l.ouN to-night fctnto that
all the above illipatches were ruleil out
on the ground that they were conll
dentlal t'oininunlc.itloiH between conn-M-I
nml client. It Is not known hero
whether they were read In court.
Tho PcojiIo'h Itomody.
Tho Universal Pain Ext notor.
Noto : Auk
for Pnnil1
Take no othi
'Hear: for I will BiHntk of rvcrllcnt llilne.
liiJiirleHti)I.in iirlicuM,
KalU, llruUcs.
Stritlim, Hiirnlni, Count-
sloiis, Ulslocalloiu.
I riielllreii, tilt.l, ljurvra-
till or IncUeil VVotiuJ.
Illceilliii; I.iiiikh, or
.VoMt llleeil.miil lllrtij.
Ini? Uiuiis or 'I'li-ili.
oiiiitiiiKr iiiiimi umi
lllootly llieluirges,
VIUh - HIcwIIiik IMlM,
IlIllKl l'lll'., (IllElllll.ll!.)
l'nilliiielie,i:nruclir,.Sia- 1
lulclii, Swi'llul I'uce.
lllieillliilllMll. JClieiim i.
Slliriieo-, or Wori'iieis.
liro. I.mne IliisL-
Mire iiiroiit or
- in
ImluiKctl TonitlU
I)iillierlii, llroui'lil
Un, AHlliiun.
'Sore or Iuflameil l'.ya or
t'nliirrli, Ixiicorrliia,
, Diarrhea, DysuiiU'ry. '
LSoio Jliilen, Iniliiniv! '
TIIK ll'lllllflll ttr I, m l,',.r,..a i
38 . I . MonlhlU"). ' I
PEOPLE'S r '""-i
Klllnev '.lilli.t. 1
r- w a v . ..I '
ntMLUY 1 ,., 1 1 1 ""MiKiiry
IiiiIIiiku uml Kxrarlii
lloim or inrunlB, or
Viirleone Velim. Un.
lurKril orliilluiniil Vclim,
UleerN, Olil Korea, Inti-r-
uul Utcerutloim.
lion, Curbiniclm, Tu
mors', lint Hu'illliiL-u.
CairiiN uml Hiinloni, Cliul-
eil nr. Son- Kill.
ille (iulls.
lelnn ur Whitlow, Kro.t
eil l.lmliii in- Phi-Im
.WiiNiliiilii lllli'H. Iiiseel
oiniK", Umiiiit iii,n.
OMt'st i:X'l'IIAri h fur smeliy Ml Flrwls
.!"?! ""KlflNKi.miil iicoiiimi'niliilhy
n urunKiiw, riijbli'laiiH, nml eery
IMMI.V who Iiiiu riiv i ... 1 II.
'itiimlilet loiituliiliii? Ill.lory uml Usm mall-
in .. .m. ii iiiihiiiiii, ii mu iiiuiii i in vour
New Yurie mill I.oiiiIoii,
Fnslilonablo Barber
T;TA.l XI DIllilHIBEn,
Between Waabinirton and'Comm erolal
cootl a CI
IJllt-ftlls lliu ...i.i . .... ,v tinst
in iiiiu
uiu koiih back, but Clirar. eetu to hold
tlie niajniily t sinuLs m iirefi-r In buy thrlr Clxint.
j"i ji sinuhnn iiirti i mi imii turn v,iki
p.iiue niie im Mi', ten. un v. or ll Imiv
'urs-mtnl' H-'lr Inisliit-.. rr.liK- lliclrloispn nJ
"" "" J ol thrtiiM lm, the con.
and hm Ooaviacd.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
. 57 Ohio Ivee.
Wholesale Grocer
Dmltr III
Commission Merchant,
SHCCIAI, attention glvm toromlKhmsiiU .n I
llll I nt' orilrr
VAitir.rv si roii i:.
N"ew-York Store
Goods Sold Vory Close,
llornnr 10th St. and Oommerolal Av,
C. 0. PATIER ft CO.
Ti n elwaiit shiriD orcholin Hu.lo arraiiKfit
fur llie I'iitnii Kiirlewlll Ihim-iU hy million rt
l einj ol one di'llnr. (ion imlil) or single toplM
nt I.iiiiitHimh. !
'I'liey run iilnu liu onlrieil IIiihukIi anv iiewi)
iliulirln lh I'nlU'il Slatt-s.
IlKPiilir iliiyii-Instriiini'iitiil .Toin lirowii
VI i)' can I mil Koil.,.. ,i:irlhln
Kiir ()'erl. Waves: "Z utilKrt
IliKli Life-Wall. Mra3
lliiwii wheic Ihu Violets llmw ' vVciictlio
When Olil Jrcksoii lia.l hU Hay " .. . VV V. llVi it
'I lie (ininil oli) Farm.....". ..... ' if.ffi
I he Colliw Oulrkht,.,, . , ;'' M0 .i
'I hw' a JrtiT In the Cni.lle Z .. . . SSi
llo you Ilea y Think he 1),? WK,e
i.Alfa'r, KIW. kw-y:i",''""-MARRIED

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