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h Ml and Mr.
4 Mr.Cohai
psjrMtlDBeMUiei inni Minister
,Sdicfick,rclgDtloii will bo accepted nt
nn early date.
"KiuJK, confldliifr. nrllcss Habcock",
.nys 0n. Williams. The president'
private secretary seems to bo Just fiicli
nnothrr innocent ns Iteecber.
Tuk Mll8lppl house of representa
tive on Wednesday last adopted articles
ol Impeachment against Llcntenant-Gov-cTutiJMMlthy
-etjrhty-lx nycs
to seven noa r f .. : ,
Pan Mum hu tone to Washington to
look up evidence relation to his coin
Inglrfai l dHfr.ot. Jnnn 'lias papers
by mfth c cpccli toirove his liihp
whee So had atl tlm other Indicted
member of the ring.
tiir other can't get It niut both :iro
happy. That is, Dr. I.lndermnn says
tlw if ho stcc'ttity. Jbr the cilnbllslimcnt
of a new tnlnt In Ilia Wcit, and Chicago
ind St, Louis will cease to worry over
that Itoiie of contention.
Tin legislative, executive, and Judicial
appropriation bills will jirobably be re
ported lh house of representatives on
TueodayrT'iliey follow the general prin
ciple ofreflueittic ,fjho force' twenty per
cent., aftftMMirieaten per cent.
The iMeMuifW Orleans Is jubilant
over theptwyeetsof the success of the
Jetties, Looking Into the"1uture, the
Times sees "ships ol the largct draft
paislux the bar with ease within twelve
months, and the New Orleans harbor
without a (ifallniba Wofld."
Uk.v. vn.t.UMK In his opening argu
meat In defense of Babcooksald the de
fendant was born )u Vermont, a State
wlibli did not add largely to the criminal
classes of this country, and that ho was
educated at West Point, which Is not a
scaool where public robber are educa
ted. nt Lucifer fell ; there Is a popular
tradition that Williams himself got a lan
daulet in a crooked way and even Hab
cock may have succumbed to the temp
tations or crooked whisky, in gpltu of the
tact that ho was born iu Vermont and ed
ucated at West Point.
A Naw Yokk letter writer says that
Darnel' Drew, who, has whipped every
thing that ever stood before liltu.will Hnd
his match in grim Death, which Is about
10 seize and carry him over the rtver,
Drew has been a tolerably good christian
of late. He gave last year a hundred
thousand dollars to Methodist churches
ana seminaries. This was good, but
the craMdcn think that Drew
neutralize -his philanthropy when)
he gave all the bar privileges ou all his
boats to Ids son. Ho Is wortii Ifteen
millions of dollar.-
hie "scnooi oook question " Is one
which will enter Into the politics of
Cciitrallaat Its next election. Many of
Its citizens announce that they will vote
for no mail who does not lavor a law
providing tor a series of text book,
printed under contract given out bv the
State to the loncst bidder. The frequent
changes made In the text-books used In
the public; schools and the extravagant
prices at which they are sold, make
someuch move a? that' proposed by the
dllzeas of Centralis a matter oi self-pro-tectloa
ou the part of parents and
guardians whose children arc educated
in the public frchool. As matter now
are, tl.e coa of school hooka makes their
purchase a heavy burden to many iniople.
The county Ueauerol. Wayne, one oi
the ridsM'wuntlM In life State of bhlo.
absconded some two weeks ago
leaving an unsettled nocount with the
county of abont sixty thousand dollars.
During auexamliutldi of the books and
vaults of tlic.'olllcc, as ordered bylaw, and
the cooking of the monies the treasurer
was observed to be In an anx
ious and nervous state, but no special
importance was attached to the circum
stance. Sixty-three thousand dollars
were louud In the safe and the counting
was discontinued until the next day-Sat-urday.
On thb morning of that day, the
treasurer did not make his appearance,
and on Jnqulry It was fgiiud that he had
disappeared during the night, having
Arst made an entrance iuto the treasur
er's oUlce through the window and ab
stracted three Oiouwml dollar.- of the
xty-turee thai had been counted, Fur
tuer examination ol the funds and books
d w.lbalancobykonic sixty thoiuaud
dollars. The defaultlm. ,,,. ....
llelman, was a Itepnbllcan, who rode' Into"
oHlce in a Democratic countv nn ti.r. i.,..
bear that the Democrats were iu fav&r of
a uiywion oi Uus u.UqoX (mid ,rie , ,
schoo fund of U county was. deported
u the treasurer-., Taltj d
jor mo present wt
nOSilllllltV nt Kf.lllf .11.1.1..,
-" mr ay
purpose.- 'The people of the Mumktui
couniy rovugmteu with their "model
iiepuwwBirweasttrer."" "
Two attempts haye been made within
tho pat week, near Panu. to throw
mail train trout the track on 1 ho Indian
apous, uuclnnatl and St. Louis railroad
out uom nave failed.
-A man namca lilminel was nrrctcd
In a German MtUeuwut In WooJIord
,u: 'y PSIto' c,'M.wltl, tho
murder of two women, Mrs. Kcksuin
nd I.lzie MlUer; onUho Uth hut. At
tet. eowwItUng the deed, which was dom,
fr Um mpff ffvrobMnjr. .Hloimll ii
ald to tUS, Wtfiiu;d tiie cloOiea'of his
victims MfctfoiMe'oli; iu'd set them
o Arc, btuki chtlrrly off, and
twrlbly wUItlUtfUu bodies of both.
What tho Great Enyinoor Says
About tho Mississippi River.
Ho Can Sot Cairo on a Hill
and Raiso tho' Mississippi
Volley Above High
Tho Jetty Man Would Scour Out
the Channel and Drop
tho Flood Line.
(LMItorLilComtpoiiitrnccnrtlirCnlro llnllet in.)
Wasiiinotox, 1). C, Feb. 10, 1870.
Capt. Kads, tho Jetty man, was on the
cars. 1 was Introduced to mm.
'01 Cairo' ho said; "I mn very fa
miliar with your llttlo city. Years ago,
when t was n member of tho HrinofKnds
& Nelson, I spent much time there, and
some ol the pleasautcst days ot my life
You know, Hallcy llarrcll, of cour.eP
01 course I knew Itallcy.
And tlicn the Captain told several anec
dotes about Cairo of the otden time and
the old Calroltcs, and wound up by
laughingly commending our friend M.
I)., of the Qaittte, for the good sense dis
played by him in seconding the nomina
tion of one Cnpt. .lames II. Kads, lor the
Well, there may bo n much less worthy
man than thflconimon-scnscd,gray-beard-
ed,bald-hcaded and genial Eads elected to
the presidency In November next: but. If
i am not mistaken In this man, there will
be few nifii Iu our history who will die
with a moro enviable reputation. He is
now ilfty-tlvc years old, nnd Is just
bloominjr Into marked usefulness. The
great bridge-builder, the successful jetty
man, no is, I venture to predict, the mail
who, by suggestion If not by actual la
bor, will make tlie .Mississippi river out
most obedient servant by prohibiting It
Hoods from carrying destruction to airrl-
culturo In their bank-overllowliur and
now apparently irresistible currents.
"Your jetties, then, are all that you
expected they would her"
"something more. Hut I was sure of
success when we undertook the work.
Before a year has elapsed alter the time
ol driving tlw ilrst pile, wc will have
double thj; amount of depth over the jet
tied Pass and more water than there Is on
cither of the other Passes.
A very conlidcut gentleman, this bald
headed engineer, but not boastful.
What he says to you ho says lu a modest,
mattcr-of-lact way, and you Immediately
assent to all he asserts. So, when he
made tlds assertion, it did not occur to
me that thu gentleman speaking was
telling mu he was about to prove hlmscll
the greatest of living civil engineers, and
I replied to him, with not a shade of
doubt In the lone of my voice : "Of
Then he proceeded to talk "river" In
such a plain way that I became learned
on the subject without my consent, and
before wc arrived at Washington I was a
convert to the belief that Cairo, and in
deed all (he country below on the Missis
sippi, might be in tireet lilted nbovc high
water-mark that, without the construc
tion of a levee, tho whole of the Missis
sippi valley might be redeemed from
overflow and the channel supplied with
au average depth of twenty feet of water
from the Passes to CaIro,.and fifteen feet
from Cairo to St. Louts.
n astonishing assertion!" you ex
claim. ,
True.; but Capt. Kails has made It,
anil las said he will stake his reputation
upon It.
"J am',' f aid he, "absolutely conlldent
could produce this result at
about half the cost to the government of
the estimated cost of the proposed
Shall I endeavor to tell you by what
arguments ho convinced me that he can
do what ho said! To do so, life Is not
to Miort, but this letter can not be
made long enough.
UUItl'LY, iiowkvkii:
If I understood the Captain, he cl.iiins
that there are two theories of MlnUslppI
river improvement one based upon the
hilosophy of liumpluey and Abbot's
great work: "The Physics and Ilydraul
llcs of the Mississippi rlvr," and tho
other on common senso In science.
that the real bed of the Mississippi river,
upon which rest the (drifting sand-bars
mil muibbauks made by local causes is
a structure of hard blue clay, miltc un
like the present deposits of the river, and
which resist the action of the strong
current almost like marble; that, thcre-
toro the bed of the river cannot yield,
auu It the vulbdlyot the river-current be
ncrcated sulllcleiitly to uom pel an en
largement of tho channel it must bo en
larged by an increased caving of the
banks ; that, consequently, the closing
up of outlets by levees or otherwise has
tendency to raise the Hood-line, and
that the making ot outlets ha a tendency
to loner tho ilnod-llne. Hut, from the
outlet system, according to the Hum-
phrcyltcs, "no assistance In reclaiming
the alluvial region from ovcrllow can Iu-
dlclously be anticipated." Though cor-
reel in theory, no advantageous sites for
artltutat outlets exl.t.
Thus timi tim Huinplircylles claim
ing that the current cannot scour out the
uiarl, c-hard blue clay of tho river-bed.
and hat the Mlr,mw wn,w mnm
carried off by ouileti. 'n.,.i
la II.. . r .. "
Mbmfore.thatto redeem the Missis
slppl from overflow high levies mu.t be
built from , ,o mouth of the Ohio to the
Passes. 'Hie climated cost or this work
will bo $10,000,000; and after It , Z
tho expense of keeping It rcimIl. m
amount annually to a very considerable
TIIK KAb.1 lllliOUV !
that the river Mows iu u bed composed ol
Us dtpiMiu, with dimensions regulated
according to lu owu uceds; thai this bed
Is deepened as the volume of water In it
is Increased, nnd elevated, or 'illicit up ns
the volumri Is decreased ; 'Ihereloro, by
reducing thu high-water channel of the
river to nu approximate uniformity of
width, thus throwing down Us slope to
tho Unit n greater volume of water with
a swifter current, tho shoals which In
terrupt Its navigation might be removed,
uniformity bo given to Its slope and
current, the caving of Us banks bo
almost entirely prevented, nnd Us high
water line bo reduced hi such degree that
levees would not be needed.
This result, the Kathtes claim, hacking
their assertion by argument that, In my
opinion, cannot be controverted, may be
obtained by a Judicious system of cut-oils
and dikes.
said Capt. Kails, with great cmphash,
"the flood-slope can be safely and perma
nently lowered above each cut-off, the
entire alluvial balu Irom Vlcksburg
to Cairo bo lifted, as It were, nbove nil
ovcrllow, and levees in that part of the
river rendered useless. The llood-lliio at
Cairo Is tirtj'-ono or fifty-two feet nbove
the low-water line. It can bo reduced,
at not great expense, to forty feet, and
thus leave Cairo and all the rich country
nrouud It, on 'high ground.' There can
be no question of this fact, and It would
bo well for those most deeply Interested
iu the matter to ponder upon my confi
dent assertion before rejecting It, lor the
increased value that would bo given to
the territory that would he thus secured
to the uses of man can scarcely bo esti
mated." I might, with prollt to tho readers of
the Hcm.eti.v, give the Ingenious argu
ments used by the Captain to enlorce his
theory, hut the limits of this piper and
the time 1 have to spare, will not" permit
me to do so. .1. H. O.
And now It Is said that Hrlstow will
leave the cabinet within a week at ( rant's
request, and Senator Morgan will fake
his place.
Tho Nebraska legislature was opened
at Fredrlcktown at three o'clock Thurs
day afternoon by Lieutenant Governor
Tllley. I
Mlnl.-ter Schenck having resigned,
Attorney General Plerrepont, who It Is
said has always had a great desire to go
abroad, will succeed him as minister at
the court of St. Jaine.
The friends of Speaker Kerr arc op-
prehcnIvo that owing to the ill health of
that gentleman ho will not bo able to re
sume tils duties.
Kellogg denies that he telegraphed
to Washington for troops, but the popu-
ular opinion at Now Orleans is that he
made an cflorl to have troops scut there,
and fulled.
A Wa-hliigton' correspondent ot the
Chicago Times says Postmaster General
lewell has heretofore escaped, as one of
the reforming class In General Grant's
companionship, but late developments
show that lie Is up to the tricks of trade
to the extent of any olllcer thus far
brought to Investigation. Ills reaches
Into the public treasury may not be so
extensive us tlio-o of Oulatio mid
Civswell, but they are equally as dis
graceful. Kverybody takes It the peo
ple's money when they can get It, and
Jewell had a chance to get It, and took It.
'iu u heiiogg impeachment pro
gramme hangs lire. A delegation from
the Southern J'cpubllcuu club, said to
number 1,000 voters, called at Kcllogg's
house in Now Orleans on Thursday nighti
and pledged him the united assistance of
the club In ms of serious trouble or vio
lence. There Is a growing belief there that
Kellogg, It will not be by open warfare,
but through the Individual eflorts of the
secret society referred to above. It will
not be lighting In the stree ts, but sudden
and mysterious death by the hand of
iin.--cen foes.
-The trial of Charles llecd. for the
murder of his wife and paramour, at
Marengo. Iowa, was concluded ou Wed
nesday, by the acquittal ol the defendant.
-John, alias "Doc" Ityau, one ofn
very bad set of thieves and cut throats,
was sentenced to lifteen years In the
penitentiary, at Detroit on Wednesday.
the Chicago, Milwaukee anil St.
Paul railroad comprany Is making
things lively for the conductors in Its
employ, who failed to turn over all
money received from passengers.
The grand Jury of Aurora, is devot
ing a good deal of attention to Ihe liquor
dealers of that place, and a number ol in
dictments lor .elllng liquor 011 Sunday
have already been found.
-Detcctlvo Dearborn, of Hotou, has
secured extradition papers for Winslow,
and left that port 011 the steamer Atlas
for Loudon, to bring him back to Amrr
Ica. Canadian exhibitor at the Centennial
exhibition are preparing lor n inagnlll
cent uiplay of the products ol Canada.
Kvery Inch ot the space idloted to this
country will be illlcri. Nova Scotia alone
has made HI entries.
The State Grange of Husbandry of
Ohio, piopoto by means of a stock com
pany to secure a desirable location ou
the Centennial grounds mid provide for
the proper comfort and entertainment of
members attending thu Centennial at eco
nomical rates.
An attempt was iniido 011 TliiiMtl.iy
night to murder a well known German
of Kankakee, named ilorrlty Look,
while asleep at Ids house lu that town.
Look was shot lu thu back of Ihe head
and will die. lie had 11 large amount
ot money In the hou-e at the time ol the
1 1 Watson Foi-ter, a elll.en of Louisi
ana, MNsouil, has made uflldavlt before a
notary public of that place, to thu effect
that Hugh F. Summers, a Juror lu the
McKco case, stated to him eight days be
fore thu trial that ho "believed McKeo
guilty beyond n doubt, and that hu should
be convicted."
;tn attorney of Dubuqe, II. K. Jllshop
by name, who has been working assidu
ously lor some mouths prosecuting sr-
loou-kecpers'iuul liquor dealers, under Ihe
Slate law, was attacked by u rulllaii
Wednesday evening while 011'hU way to
Ids o'lrtcd and beaten terribly. It It
thought tho would-be aasslnjwns hired
to ilo tho deed.
Michael Murphy, convicted of thu
murder of Mulllda 'll:'gu. In Kockland
county, Now York, In l" nnd who was
twice sentenced to death for the crime,
hut whoso execution was stayed off both
times by legal Intirpo-ltlon, was on
Thursday morning sentenced lor the
third nnd last time lu the supreme court
hi Hrooklyn, to bu himrf nt lloekhud on
Friday, the 7th of April.
Two gentlemen Now Orleans,
whoso name are Myc and Duprce,
went out on Weihif'day morning to
slaughter eneh oilier, but when they
arrived nt the ground selected for the
duel, and beheld "inture In all Ju r beau
ty," probably for the last time, they
come to the ronclii'iuu that life was
sweet, and that It wa much better to
stand n slight Insult, Ihaii it Is to have
ones head shot oil, mi they shook hands
across the bloody rha'in and went home
to breakfast.
The Evidence in the Case Closed.
Judge Porter, tho Counsel for the Accused,
Asks for His Acquittal.
Tin- FMllMK t Wiinhiiiicfon Thai llif
the ruM'i-iitlon II at I n 1 1 eil.
Sr. I.011-. Mo., Feb. IS. L'pon the
conclii'lon of tho session of the court last
evening, the district attorney auuuuui-ctl
that he would have some rebuttal evi
dence to otter this morning.
Upon the opening to-day, George
Gavin, thu secretary of the board of
police commis'Ioners, was culled, for the
piirpce of showing the record ofMuglll,
the letter-carrier, whotestllled to return
ing two letters to Joyce. The witness
did not answer, and the district attorney
Immediately announced that the govern
ment would put in no rebuttal testimony.
The case was then declared closed, so
far as thu evidence was concerned,
.mice Dilllon Hiked If the couicel had
arranged In what manner the closing ar
guments should be made.
.inugc 1. oner arose ami smi mat tlie
defense Intended to raise a question of
law, looking to mu uircction 01 11 verdict,
and asked permission to address the
court, and It was granted.
Judge Porter spoke at considerable
length, giving the grounds on which he
asked the court to direct at this stage of
tnc trial, a verdict 01 acquittal. 1 no
right of trial by Jury he held to be a
right guaranteed by the constitution,
nnd one to be upheld Willi all its force
and all its sanction.," "In this easo,"
said Judge Porter, "upon tho undisputed
tact", we submit, there Is no question but
for the court to acquit thu defendant."
The evidence was then pascd In review',
very carefully and slowly, and, alter the
review, Judge Porter said: "Wc now
ask for the acquittal of the defendant at
the hands ot the court.''
After a brief pause, the court asked the
defense it they were prepared to present
Judge Porter replied lu the affirmative,
and proceeded to read from the books
various cases which ho claimed were par
allel In this point of law to the one under
Ilu l I'crfei lly halNllnl nlih l:il.'i
1:.yiIhiihIIoii, Inn Don't Itcmciiibrr
VVIml It IViin,
(Iecliil to the N'cw Vork HtmU )
Your correspondent has been allowed
the privilege of glancing over the presi
dent's deposition, which arrived this
evening. Us main points, not previously
communicated to any newspaper, are as
follows: When asked In regard to the
susH.'iislon of the Douglass order,
whether Habcock had ever influenced
him, ho replied that Hancock had never
taken .enough Interest in the matter. to
make him icmcinber, and although he
could not recollect that Uabcock snoku to
him on thu subject ol the suspension of
mat orucr, uu president saiu 011 cro-a-examination
that he did not know
whether Habcock had spoken to Doug
lass or not. Douglas testified that Hab
cock did. The president has never seen
anything to shake his confidence In Hab
cock. Habcock had satisfactorily ex
plained the telegrams tojthe president, af
ter his Indictment, but lie could not re
member the explanation of any particu
lar telegram, nor could he undertake to
say whut the general's explanation was.
He had forgotten It. On cross-examination
It appeared that thu president
had never seen any of the crooked tele
grams until after Kabcock'.s indictment,
though he thought he had said enough to
Habcock to warrant his telegraphing to
Joyce that he should get Ford's bonds
men to recommend hhn. Kvery one ot
the telegrams wero read to the nresident.
and he said hu had never seen or heard
of them before Habcock's Indictment, so
iii.u tie could never nayo reau tuo re
ports of the Avery trial. Tho president's
testimony on thl'' point was particularly
slgnlllcant as regards the dispatch
meaning the dispatch recommending
"Wis mean It. Mum."
For this telegram ho never saw. The
president. It anncared ou croes-exiimlna-
tlon, had never received the two protests
signed by Carl Schurz, D. P. Dyi r, Con
gressman Flukleubiirg and others, and
U. V. Ford, Chester it. Krum, the pres
ent counsel of the whisky ring, the
then 1. nlted Stated marshal, and C. A.
Newcomb, against the appointment of
McDonald; nor the protest signed by
Hubert Camnbell. a wealthv merchant
mid old friend ol tho president ; James
1.. icaunaii una oilier prominent ami
highly resnectahlo citizens ol St. Loulx.
against thu aiiiioliitiiicnt of Magulru.
which tho prosecution will claim shows
that Habcock, who opened all the corres
pondence, had them kept Irom thu
President anil simply sent them
to the department, where they were put
on file. The president did not know that
Habcock had bieu In secret correspond
ence with McDonald under cover to Ma-
Jor Grlmcn alter McDonald's Indictment,
nor inn iiu miow mat i.ucKcy ami nan
cock hud been lu telegraphic communica
tion by cipher during tho Avery trial. At
the conclusion ol thu examination tho
counsel for thu government put this
question : "Now. general, tho sum and
substance ofall you know Is this, that ll
General Habcock ha been guilty ol any
misconduct yon luivn't discovered It."
And tho pieMilciil replied with a nod :
"That's so." 1
Tho prosecution argue that thu presl
dent's deposition. Instead of bcnulltlng
the defendant, will severely damage lils
ciise, and they will urge that the fact ol
Geneiul Grant's never having seen any
of thu crooked telegrams until after Hah
cock's Indictment itablUlies tho signifi
cant circumstance Utt Uabcock carried
on this telegraphic correspondence iu
secret and studiously concealed It from
the president. TJ10 prosecution will
also dwell strongly 01 tltp alleged sup-
prcssloii of the protcsli against
.MouoiiaiU'is ami .singuiic d appointment
by Habcock, as tending to show thill (he
defendant was an active friend ol theli s
iilld even ouppressed thu preMrient'H cor
respondence 10 serve llicin. A remark
able featuio of the president' testi
mony Is his forgetfulnesss In not
remembering what explanation 01
tlu1 dispatches Habcock gave, although
that explanation, a ho remember', was
satbliictory to trim: but this Is a feature
ol the deposition which the government
counsel will probably, from respect fur
executive and loveot their own official
heads, not comment upon.
Insurance Agent
01x10 XiXiXTjaxa,
Over Mathnti ft Uhl'.
NOS'K lmt I'lrtt-Ctata Companies rtjitc
f!f nrral
Insurance Agents
City National Bank Building, up-stalri.
Tlie OlilCHtVaUblUhetl Aitcncy In Sout 1
era Illinois, reprouentlmr ovor
305 000 000
t'OHMiNsio m:iu-n.tM.
K. .1. Ayrea. 8. 1). Ayrrs
Ami Rcncial
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Fiour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
Ko 10 Olilo tf,
-Dealer in-J
t.Vtl klDils hard ami ion,)
Mill and Yard,
-ornor Thirty-Fourth Stroot and
Ohio Lovoo.
C-onslKiuiirnlN Mollrilril.
KnflMf net lull (.uuraiileei
Saml E. WIIiSOlT,
Commission Merchant
Oor. Elifhth'St. and Comtaorclul Ave.
W. llllfrnliniiiu. Urn If. W" Mill,.,.
IJ. M. IIowb ft Urn., A. IIwMh .t Co.,
Fain'l WIU011, .r.,
(rfMi A Wilful.
u. 11, t txxiHunl,
.1. It. hlllh.VXon,
CiiiiiiliiKluniA. hliltvo I,
.1. II. I (hi I, Ifriiry Fu)th',
Col. McKealf-, 1 J!,, fram'I Walters
11, .l. Milieu,
DnqiKxitloiHtlily, llm tx-Ht niikIhIiw
work ol'lln- Mm! in llio H'irM."
The ever lncreiifcln; circulation ol thin
excellent monthly proven lu continued
adaption to popular duhlren ami iicciIm. In
deed, wlien wo think Into how many home
It penetrates every month, wo must con
bluer It nx one, ofliio ndiicatorn as well an
entertainers oftlio public mind, lor Km vat
popularity linn been won Ay no appeal to
Htupid rreJudlcoH or ilpr.m'd taste. llo.i-
tun uiuiii.,
The chniactor which thtd Sliistizinc no-
optica for variety, enterprise, irtltlc wealth,
ana incrary cuiiura inni 11 :t v Kepi pace wun,
If It has not led the tlmen, ithould cause Uh
conductor)! to regard It with liuttllalilo com
pluccncy. It iilso entitles them to a great
claim upon tho public gratitude. Tho
Mngn.luu !ia done Kood and not evil nil
the days ol it life, Hrooldyn Eagle.
rostago frco to bub&crlijcM In tho United
Ilurpcr'H Magazine, ono year, .,,91 00
81 00 IneliiilfH nreiiavmeiit (if U. 8. iiont-
ago by llio publlnhciH,
HUHncripticint to llnrpor'n Magazine,
Weekly, or llarar, to one addrrHM for one
year, 110 00j or two of Harper' porlodl
calH, to ono address for ono year. 97 00:
po.tago free.
An extra copy ol either tho Magatlnc,
Woolily or lla.ar Will bo minified m-aiU for
every club of thu mibfcrlberx at $4 00 each,
In ono remittance; or Mx copies lor f.'O 00,
without extra copy; pontage free.
Hack inimberH can bo supplied at any
X comnlcto set of Harncr'n Mauazlnc.
now comprUIng 40 volumes, In neat cloth
blndliiL'. will bo neut by ixiiron. froluht ut
the eipeme of purchaser, for 1 per
volume. ninKie voiiiuieB, ny iiriu, poHipaio,
$;t 00. Cloth cuen, for binding, 69 cento,
by mall, postpaid.
("NowtpapoN are not to copy thU ad
vertlnemeiit without the cxprcm ordtri ot
Harper & llrother.
Auureaa uaiu'aii nuu iur.ua
n-rWfflL'.Xi!:" Uf?. you cotil.t Ret KOa.t
La Piccadura,
33 O
(Hir inannficliin in by Hie ire nfpnli-nli-il Miirliltmr nroriiabtnl to male IlieaU.
' f" ."I'.'fS'Vf.."'.. r".T.T l"-,'itl.lliaii olf,.r Manurrcluivn rim .roU.i
V 1 "L','"?1'' '"' f'v ""-Ii K-iit nn oii.rlunlly to mipply jmoLtn lib a iiii
( iKiir lor A lint!) w i.ki-In inicuiir pntruim 11
Giva tlaona. a Trial
luy i.,-il lli, iii, l,npuiloiU.I ihciilmior laorliiK (he iimlorll) , mu-a. of ibr udaorltr 1M hu
Ti - 1 .i ,'"rlnlr lrrnt 11,0 mu,,, PH, ,f,r, t.n, liny, or bu
lly imlnt hit a MnKir um noy In n , liy, (M y iv.iirriilmle llu-lr l.i .Iih-m, miIiiw llilr loi- and
Sole Agents, Cairo, Ills.
Importor and Wholosalo Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Koops a full stock Of
3SLoxi.-tTULols.3r Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
Tha Pcoplo's Hcmody.
Tho Univorsal Fain Ext actor.
Note: Ak for Pond'a Extract.
Tuko 110 othnr.
'Ilinr; fur 1 will Mnk if rxciflcnt llilnti.'
1 11J nrl u ll:m or Hetuiti,
Kull. llruUi-a,
Slr.iiiiH, hi.rulin, Contu-
liua, ltulucallona,
i'mi lllD-., i;im, I.iirra-
ttil ur Incl.ol Wotimli
III.'i-iIIiik 1.iiiik, or
.Vofcii lll-'il, unit llloil-
inz (iuiu, or 'I'cctli.
Vimil I line of lllooil ou J
llloody llclurKin.
- UlMllllKf 1-ll.s,
Illlndl'lli, (Infallible )
ralKlil, .Swelled Khcu.
KluilllliltUllI, Ithviiuiii
tk'. .iwclllliif ur.Sorenoa.
Nlliriu-HH or .Sortntu.
1-umlairo. limc llucL.
or Tliroiit orOulny,
.UllUfllV. 4UI,Bia,
niiillifrlii, llrouelil
lit, AnIIiiiiii.
Son or Iiifl.irncil Kya or
C'aliirrli, Iucorrlira,
imirriira, iiysviucry.
iNorit -Mpiilcx, IiiUuincd
I llrcut.
'i'nlnful or loo rrofusv
. Molltlllil'4
M1IU l.vn Ovarian Oh
miu unci Tiimnnt.
liiiliipy :iiiiluliil,
RFMFnV1 Onivcl und Struiiirury.
ntnic.ui,c,111(hl((, an(, ,raru.
nuns ui iniunis, or
ViirlriiHi Vi'Iiih, Kn
luruHl or Inflamed Veins,
lllrcrt. Old Wore, Inter
im! Ulwrulloiu,
llnila, CHrbuiiclm, Tn
mora. Hot Hwelllniri.
CuriiN und llunliiiu, dial-
-d or Sore Vi c t .
CliiilliiirH,Iluniianr Sad-
(II.- (lulls,
rrfim or Whitlow, Frot
ul Lliiilm or 1'iirtH.
MoniIu IIHrN. Insect
biiiikd, Linippeii jiiiimi.
I'O.MI'N IIXTJIACr In lor naif by ult Flrt
4'Iiihn IriiKKlNlM,uiiil rt-coiiiinrndiilby
nil DruKKli I'liyalcliiiia, mid every
body who Iiiih ever need it.
I'luupblet containing HUtriry nnd lists mall
tni free 011 iipi'llrallon, If not foiiinl utjour
New Vork mid London.
Mtlifoit ii:.i.i:u.
Wliolefalc and Kctall Diulrrs In
Foroign and Boinostio
No. CO Ohio Lovoo,
MKSRHT. PMYTII A CO. luvo constantly
a lur,to nlock of the best good in llm mar
ket, und Klvot'iiH.-cial attention to llio "lioksiils
much of llm business.
- oiu-n,. 1.1 ...1.1. . 1...
S3 S
e clbrall
rudiieca ClKarof
ixrrior iu 1 tni
and b Ooavlacsd.
"A.nlle Plelrtl Hlatryor turn
'iliiiV--"llie l,e, rbraBeat, sui
moat auereMiral Pnnilly rMr
1 bu cekly Is tbe ablest and most pow
crlul Illustrated periodical published In
till" country. Its editorials are scholarly
und couvincinK, and carry much weight.
Its Illustrations of current events are lull
and IresS, and are prepared by our liestdc
kiKiierN. With a circulation 01 150,000, tho
Weekly In read at least by half a million
persons, and Its Influence as an orir'n ol
opinion Is ilmply tremendous. Tho week
ly maintains u positive position, and ex
presses decided lewaou political and so
cial problems. Ixiulsvlllo Courier-Journal.
Its articles aro models of high-toned dls
eus'lon, and itt pictorial Illustrations are
often corroborative argument of no small
force. N. V. Kxamincr and Chronic!.
Its papers upon existent questions and its
Inimitable cartoons help to mould the sen
tlmeuts ol tho country l'lttsburi; Com
mercial, TKHMS :
Postal,') free to subscribers -In tho United
Harper's Wsckly, ono yeir....f4 00
four ilollurs lticlude prepayment of U.
el. po-itajie by the publishers.
bubfirlp Irm to Harper's SUfjazlne,
WcoKly, and ilazar, U oue address lor one
year, 910 00; or, two of Harper's Periodi
cals, Id one address for ono year, 17 OOl
postage free.
An extra copy of 1I10 Magazine, Weekly,
or Ilazar wlli be supid'ed (,'rat's Tor every
club of live subscribers at (4 00 each, In
one remittance; or, tlx copies for 920 00,
without ex la copy; postage tree. 1
Hack numbers can be supplied nt any time.
The annual volumes or Harper's Weekly,
In neat cloth binding, will be sent by ex
press, tree of expense, for $7 00 each. A
complete set. comprising eighteen volumes,
sent on receipt of rash at the rule of t& 86
per volume, freight at the expense of the
tarNewspiiiisrs are uot to copy this ad
vertisement without the express order ol
Harper & Ilrothcrs.
Adiress HAHl'KIt It llltOTHKIU. N. Y
Coal Coal
Ordors for Coal by tho oar-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
aromptly attended to.
tSTTo largo consumers and U
xanufaoturors, wo are prepared
to supply any quantity, by the
month or year, at uniform rates.
Hairiday Bro. wUrfboat.
fcW,foot ofToUty-Ilgbt
tfrosl oacc Dmcr 300.

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