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jffgnn. OSBStiT, 141 tor.
LogahH scr1otily
m'atf tlie
CMtKsO'Coxoii lias recovered en
tlrelvfrom his IMe UIdom and; lrcldl
on Wednwday ctciIii) at a public mert-
InK In Sew York city,
Tjii trials of lifting, Rhcni nnd
will take place early next month
Jury hn been called to assemble
Cth of March.
on the
IW'TnSftlTKWfflmcairina'lIi.nit It
as long as theawrtUlhy. .FiSUifiil K".
publicans who expect to work for thct ue
nnn nf tlic ticket In that State wilt not ilml
tlmeife.fittftfyrtctji thi tScdtoit
"This Innocent young man,' wa n f;
vorlUi term with ttalieock's counsel
This Innocent young man" I ovt
forty years ot age, only a few year
Younger than Grant was when he was
elected prwIuVht the first time.
Tiik members of tlic Kentibllcan .State
On tnl committee which met in Chicago,
on Tuesday, showed a decided leaning to
ward Blaine for the next candidate of
their party for President. Ono man was
found who Would like to rote for Colfax
for J'resldeaU This solitary Colfax man
Is Judge Porter of Warren count-.
Some mtmmtkr:Mexrcre arc nn
nounced U, wile' shortly, relative to
the District of Columbia and Frecdinaii's
bank affairs, which will show up
"an official of the bank in a career of sin
gular baseness, carried on in tlic name ot
philanthropy." , 'Jlils ortlclil is that
tiogulihed pblloiiihropie humbug and
plom fraud, Gen. O. O. Howard.
Kx-ScrcuvuoB McDo.vami thluki that
truth cnislid to earth will rise again, or
words to that effect, nnd that after aivhllo'
when the public excitement in regard to
the whisky fraudi has subsided, his In
nocence will become apparent, the ieo
ple will sec that hu lia. been the victim
of aa unju.t prosecution and is moru
finned against than sinning. It Is hard
for McDonald, but ab-tract statements
like Uieie do not weigh worth a copicr
against thu kind ot evidence which con
victed him. The probabilities arc that
In the cae of Joyce, McDonald, it ut.,
if the truth has been ennhed to earth.
It will stay cruched.
A srovfx uemTbra rix. I
The celebration or the birthday of the
Fattier of his Country, In Paducali, was
confined cxcluiivcly to tlic young people
not the pleaiurc-Ioving, dancing, woo
ing and marrying young America, but
Tery young Aracrlca-thc babies in fact.
Forty InUntlle I'aducahanj arniycd, in
purple and fluo Jlncn, were placed In as
many baby buggies, and this procession,
headed by the Paducah cor
net band and marshaled by
a competent officer, took, up Its
line of march through the principal
street of the city. The babies behaved
with great propriety and patriothm, and
nothing occuned to mar the pleasure ot
the display. Our admiration of the
character ot George Washington nnd
like him, our inability to even curtail the
truth, alike compels us to record that this
nciiel celebration of his birth day in Pa
ducah was the concert ot a patrlothbut
ptli-umng dealer lu baby's perambulators
who took this prlntcr-dcfraudlng method
of advertising his goods.
DauMunn was present at the meeting
01 ine Jiepuwican hUtc central committee
inuiieago. He Is not a member of the
t ouHulttee, but Is, as he always has been, I
a faithful member of the Republican
rty, and he w as named by good He
publican authority the Chicago Tribune
of Wednesday-is one ot the Chicago rep
resentatives of the parly at the meeting
of the committee. Jib presence and fel
lowshlp with the representatives ot Illi
nois JfepubllcatiUm who "unanimously
adopted" the following resolution show
how sincere It was :
tcfr, That the ItenubllcaiH of 1111
noU cordially Indorse the policy of the
administration In vlSorouly and Impar
tially prosecuting ail perotis revonably
su es, that we dm wort hy of esnecl.il
pra c the lldtllty with whlcl. the orUceri
ofthefovemment linvi -ir.i,..i ..... .i"
Instructions of President Urant, to let no
guilty man escape.
This resolution was prepared lu the of-
lice of the Evening Jvumal and originally
read, "Secretary JJristow and Solicitor
Alison" Instead of "government olll-
ctri." Tlie change was made to make It
less pointed and while expressing the
muic general meaning, save as much as
possible the feelings or any dl-tlngul.hed
(Indicted) member of the party who
might happen to be present.
uen. at. M. Uanc of Adams county,
nU na., utu oi iihj "uiiauiiiorlA?l dele
gaics- at ine ia'4i niectlng of tho nil,,,,!.
Ib'publlcan Sutu committee ami whou
name vvlll boyrescnted tQ.tlm.atatc cou.
eiiuon as a cauuiaatu for governor,
mado a ipeoch nt the inceUng of the com
wltteo In. which, alter cuIogl.lng the
HiwHuwk uouar, approitriatiug some
ot Morton's platitudes on the "iwucs of
thorelelllon'ete.,etc.. he said:
aioWUrilJff81,1''11)'" "as
him. I dUluH Uww. Jjut what i.
vntH.r tniJtr"'r-'.'m?ni " was
r ; ul iy irieiuis n.i
ttlm docs attempt, tod,, It vtu hivuVoti
IlUk) wan sitting' In U,e Pre.ldemha
chair who never makes u inlstiike. II.
will HHd Iff t,M4 tell hta,', ,f
It woukf ie InbirciUng'to k,qr who
the frlcHr Arolhat (!(. Hiuo Ut lilraia
oocrcuiry BrtstovV way Imrt. Rtlslow is
engaged hijltt, exposure and puui.him nt
nfor.inl7.rtl liatiiNorrmlillrroMicrj. lie
lia. liurl ami 1 In tlaiigernriiitrllngiioniio
fltc. Tlie.c nrc tlic"friftul" that llano
Warns Hrltov not to puli too hard tm-
tier tlie penalty ol Uic iliti1cnuru or tlic
man In tlic White Home who never,
makes a mistake the inltnkc of pimlli
injr KcpMlcan rascality. TliU outgo
ing ofTjeii, IUtie wa Erected rtthi"lm
mcne cheering" eiJt the Clilcapo TH
bune by the men who a few moments
before liailj"unanimouly resolved, amid
cheering and loud applause" rW alo
the Oilfto Tribnnt that they "dYeined
worthy ut Hpeclil pral. the tldelity with
which the government oflicvrs hate car
ried out the Instruction of PrvMdent
Gmnt, 'Let bo guilty in jn cscaw' "
riir. isr.rr.Nir.Tn 'akiiat:
I .ewlt Stewart, the candidate of the
Independent party of lllinoi for Gover
nor, Is not a silent man. A few days ago
he unlKHonutl hlmelt to n Chicago
T5irt reporter in the fullest, freest.
frankest manner. He talked of lilm
sell, disclosed hU views on nit
tho ctirrciit political qncMlon', with
n nrtle'ne that look utv much
like art. Personally. Mr. Stewart is
plain blunt man about iilty-tive years
ol ago: he U rich the owner of
twenty thousand acres of laud lu Kon
dall eonnty, a tannery, n eheesc fae
tory, a mill and other v.ilinM
proiMTt;. and M the president ol a model
railway company, which propoes to
build n railroad that shall be run purely
in the interest of the tieople by the jeo
ple ; he does not plead guilty to the as
sertion of the Chicago Journal that he is
"a vain old fool," and does not propos
to "clo his Inoutli or suppress his opln
Ions because he has been nominated on a
party platform ;" he believes that "swear
lug it the best thing a man can do some
times," ami that on these occasions a
good, inouth-llllliig oath will be blotted
out by the recording angel : he believes
the Chinese arc the only people who
have successfully solved the problem ol
life, and dates his auce-lry to John
Ilojrcrs, the martyr.
Politically, Mr. Stewart's stntus Is about
as follows: He used to be a Democrat
but was "cood cnoiiith tor old Dick
Vntcs to appoint m draft commissioner;"
u dou;ii't mcdillo much with politics
lately has lost Interest In the old par
tics and had conic to think with tlic
Dutchman that "politics was a d d
fool since the Independents have nom
inated him, they may run him through,
and If elected ho will serve to the best of
his ability mid If not, will luc
no sleep over It; he "sees
no harm" lu the Jndciieiideiit
platform, and endoives the lluuucial
plank; hu thinks the national
hanks ought lu bu wiped out, and that
the country should have a simple and
uniform circulating medium ciuul to the
wants ol Us business ; he thinks all the
resolutions "sound good," but some of
them might have been left out without
hurling the platform ; he will not stump
the Statu during the cauvass because lie
U ol the opinion that "gab1 lias been the
bane of politics long enough, and that
the people have had too much of it "jco
pic know where he stands and If they
wish to vote for him, they can, and if
they don't, It won't break his heart."
Governor Hardin of Mluouri docs
not want a second term.
The Republlciii State convention of
New York will bo held at Syraciwc, on
the22d of. March.
Sm-iKKK Ki:nn has returned to Wash
ington and resumed the speaker's
Nearly all the Republican papers or
Kansas have declared in favor of Senator
lngails for vice-president.
William It. Morrison has appointed
Harvey Talbot, Jr., of Waterloo, III.,
cien. or tne committee on ways mid
means, vice Hamblcton, removed.
Nearly all the Republican ncwsiia
per in Kansa", have declared themselves
In favor ot the nomination ofSenator In
galls for vice-president.
A greenback convention was held on
iuesday at New Haven', Connecticut.
nesoiutiom were adopted and an execu
live committee appointed to take action
Independent ol both parties.
K.T. Roe. Ksrp, of Sprlnglleld, has
oeen appointed temporarily, as I'nited
.states attorney for the Southern district
ot tins jjtate to till the vacant place or
Maj. an Dorfton.
The Republican StaUt ( onvenllon ol
Illinois will lie held at Sprlnglleld on the
ami or May, when presidential electors
and delegates to the National convention
will be chosen.
-Hon. S. A. Hurlbut, Republican
member or congress from the Fourth Illi
nois district, thinks that tho resumption
aei mould bu regaled and Is n Rlalno
man. lie was present at the Chicago
meeting oi itopubllcaiu.
the Wisconsin Republicans declared
uncmilvocally for bard money, and tlie
inuiana licpubllcans ask in their platform
lor me rcjieal or the resumption act. So
much lor the "financial policy ol the Re
puuucan party."
At a greenback convent on be d at
New Haven, Connecticut, on Tuesday,
resolutions were passed demanding the
unconditional repeal or lliekieclo rcsuuip
tlon act, favor free bankhij;. and an elas
tie national currency an.! that national
bunk notes be withdrawn from clrcula
m 1 1 . . ....
-:iiipiii .ippjitar. incru was u
iiotitblu ciisc oi luter-Stato iraternlftitlon
at i. nnriMtfin, South Carolina, yesterday,
when the following pained gentlemun
iioiii .evv l or wcru received and feted
ny inu vv asiiiiigtou Light Guard : Lieu
tenant O. A. Fuller, coniinaudcr; Com
mlssary Cnplnlu F. F. Healcs, Lieutenant
U. U. I'rice, ruyumsler Lieutenant Jo-
seph Torrey, 1 iret Sergeant John Man
tin nnd Privates Molyneaux Rell, CO,
vviisoii vviisou, .i. i;. iia.cly,j. . Whit
sis . i . ii ....
iir'u uiki i(iiiic r. Aoinu. These gun
ueincu: vvcro a uclegutlon lepiescntln,
tne Old Guard of New Voik. niitluo
nht to havo been 'idong to have real
now iur his MjctfoniilHin has liad (
lUtltORIll. XTM.
CnrlSdiurx will deliver , Font Ih ol
Julv oration at Council lUutf.'Iowa.
. -rPntKlentGrantattemk DnKcwmatt's
ctwreli nearly even- unomy Mwompanmi
,by Slr.Grant,and by CoU Frail; and wife.
Tha National ivmocratte conven
tion w 111 tic held in St. Louis OH tlic iTlh
day of June next.
A woman at Norrls City, on the
Cairo and Vlnoonnes railroad, ha been
artvstod for burning a hous Mongingto
lJolwrt Yates of that place.
Milwaukee burglars stent overcoats
and wrap them around tlie police, who
lay around on doorlep.snorlng, on cold
winter nlchts.
Anew Italian Hamlet, looked upon
a a loruiidable rival to ltosl, lias arlon
at Milan In tho poison of tilovaniilKman-
uele. .
Mr. George Galie, one of the best
known of Glagow publUners, died re
eenllv at the ace ol St. He Is ttiougbt to
have been tlie oldest Uwksdler In Scot-
Foster wa the winner of the big
four mile running race and the thirty
thousand dolbr. nt San Fnuioloo on
Tuesday afternoon. Twenty thousand
people witnesed the scene.
Tliey have got thing'' down to a line
point hi New York now-a-days. A well
to-do man goo out on a Jamboree. I ar
rested, runs nway, and hires somebody
clso to lH'rsoiiate the prisoner and stand
his trial.
A tw o days' race mooting look place
at Cairo. Kjryt't, on January 19 and 20.
There were 'even races on the second
dav, commencing at 1 p.m., for prDcs
ranging from siWO to $1 ,200. The racing
was under the patronage ot Ills High
ness the Khedive of Egypt. The distance
ran varied Irom a one to a six-mile dash.
The tlrst race ol the second day was be
tween dromedaries.
St. Louis JirpublUanr "J. R. Haset-
tine and another Bostonlan, meeting a
band of Warm Spring Indians at Wash
ington not long ago, got a promise from
the captor of Capt. Jack, the famous
Modoc, that, on their return to the wilds
ol Oregon, he would send them a scalp,
but while he wits endeavoring recently to
lilt the hair of n Snnke Indian he was
killed, and his scalp was peeled off, cars
and all. Tho Snake Indian who pcr
lormcd tho surgery was, however, soon
captured by the Warm Spring party, and
the scalp was recovered and forwarded to
Mr. Hiiselthic.
Nearly two years ago a man named
Joseph Wall, was hung hi Catskill, New
York, for tho murder of nn Albany scis
sors grimier, and tne remains were
burled on Waltz's farm. The friends ol
Walt.'s family have asked that the ahes
ol Jo;pli may be removed to tho Catho
lic cemetery nt Catskill; the priest
having given his consent, the members ol
his fold, who, wo presume, arc fearful
that to lie hurled near where Joseph lay
might ellect their condition when they
cross tho river, have "kicked up a row
about It, and the bishop has been called
on to bcltlc the matter.
I'lillolNlulc DlHlrlet Allorney Ier
SinkliiB e LlonliiK ArKiiliieni lor
I lie Irorntlou.
Sr. Louis. Feb. 23. District Attorney
Dyer commenced tho closing argument
in ine jiaococKcaseaiuaii-past iuo ciock
this morning, before a crowded court
room. At tlie outset, lie reterreu to ins
conduct of the ollicc since he assumed It,
nine months ago, and entered upon tho
discharge of Ins duties us the prosecutor
ol the whisky ring, lie disclaimed tlie
idea that he had been led Into the prose
cution of any innocent man, nnd
told tho Jury that he appcqred without
malice or other intention than as the rep
resentative of the people to prosecute
great wrongs. 1 lie case he characterized
!.,.. ,
as a inosi rciuarKauic one, aim me course
ol defense as still more remarkable. He
accused Judge Porter of trying to drag
tlie president into me case needlessly
mid groundless), nnd said the presi
dent's deposition is before this jury. He
lias been cxainineu, aim i snail comment
on his testimony as 1 would on any other
witness, but wnen tue gentleman, lor a
purpose or Ids own, represents the presl
dent as on trial, I don't Intend that the
red-Mag which he has thus Haunted In my
face shall be followed to battle.
As well mlirht he have said the
president was on trial when John
McDonald was being tried, or as
well when any others of these conspire
tors were licforc the court. At some
leiiirth Colonel Dyer attempted to show
that this point was llod by the defense to
Inlluence the Republicans on the Jury.
anil then continued : "I don't intend that
the adroitness of the L'ciitloinen shall put
me in tne attitude or assailing me admin
istration. I Intend to brintr this defend
nut from behind the back ot the president.
wbere tliey bavu tried to place mm, and
I Intend that he shall stand on his own
merit lu this cac, and that they shall
not wring a verdict irom this jury by
protending the president is on trial.
When or by whom of Re
prosecution has the president been
assailed? colonel itroaiiiicad lias not
done It In his arguments. I did not do It
In my opening, and yet for an hour yes-
icruay ouugo I'oricr sioou nero nnd do-
fended the president- Sensible and wise
us tliey say General Grant Is, he will not
niaiiK tne gentleman lor dragging him
into tins case in this manner. hat mo
live should nctuate mo In attacking the
president V 'there Is not n man on that
jury, or witiiin uio Found or my voice.
who does not know mat I am a Renuhll
can. Why should I Insult General
Grant? I voted hi both national conven
tions iur nit nomination for the
presidency, and at the polls I
voieu ior uu election, -mho months ago
he signed tlie commission which enti
tles me to speak hero to-day ; but I don't
Intend General llabcock, the private sec
retary to the president, shall cscapo be
cause hu Is tliu private becretary. I would
try hint ns I would try Uassett, or Me
Fall, or MuDouald, or Joyce. The gen
tleman knows there Is no mallco In me
toward the defendant. I never spoke to
lilm before last October. Hut when I
knvv tho evidence against him, was 1 to
smugglo It, to smother It, because he was
a Republican and I wns a Republican,
and tho president and the secretary were
Republicans i
Col, Dyer then drew a comparison be
tween the manner in which the defense
seemed to assail the gangers and under
llngw, and the manner In which those in
whose hands lay the removing power
were protected. Noticing Judge Porter's
tcmarks on tho press and public opinion,
thu speaker said: They are terribly
utruldof tho public clamor, hut what
have you to do with thntY They abuse
thu newspapers from one end of thu laud
to thu other, but what Is that to you,
who nic hciv In try this wu on ihecvl-
donee which ha Nvn presents! to
v Proceeding to bU next IKdnt, the dl
trtrt attriv ii.l "It H M ninshif
isrtsiJudgo Porter uiakw. ;ijo start
w iiepiauus hi i iur mi
hour, a! then enlo.-l AndjHIehHson.
wlio Is lesul and t" applauds
GrncMl Grant, tlihttlntf to.atj-ike soino
ot you who aro llep;Ml,,'!,. and tlien he
turns round and pnix Andy Johnson,
thinking to please m'' you W ho didn't
believe Johnou stniM tw liii)oacliod.
Now, 1 don't know twm tho speech of
tho gtiitlemau froui NVw wk. whether
lie was for Grant r Johnson, It re
minds ne ol tho old rii) nic I have heard
all my life, He wlrH '' Wlrcl out,'
leaving tlic Jurv ili.t hi doubt whether
the Taw who tWl'c the track
was going North or coining back. Now
I don't know w'at tho gentleman
lhink, but when tao president readi
wtiat Colonel llroailMd has said, nnd
when he reads what 1 said In my oven
Ing, and ttnallv whttb gentlemen lor
tllCMCIentO Mid, HO m ov mans uie
jn-ntleiuan lor brlnpn? to the tront
in this prosecution nd putting General
Italtooek twhlud, utuM'' to meet Uio evi
dence he start out to itVlend General
Grant, when no wvrd ha tnn said
against him. Pnmidng tint I In
tended no dlsro'ivot. to the presi
dent lor some f his friends
seem to think he uint tw taken care of,
while I think ho l able to take uv of
himself, I wlllsav tlitdefene reminds
me of an eminent doctor, who, having
been called to attend a lady In conllne
ment, met a mUrl'bor next day, and was
.vked tiow tho jutlcnt was doing. "The
child Is dead." the doctor replied, "tho
mother will die. but with the aid ol tho
Lord, t think I can save the old man."
The wholedefriiso ha been to Impress
you with the Met that the president was
on trial. . . .
Colonel Pyor then dwelt on other mat
ters which ho claimed had lieon dragged
Into the c.1'0 In the argument Tor the de
tente, but which wa wholly foreign to
It. The jury had nothing to do with the
nnlnlnnt of COUIlSel nt to the rnr nf
Joyce, .Mcltonald, Avery or McKee. He
asscrtoii i"-"- c w-as ncuug wan tne
Republican party In attempting to crush
out wrongs and frauds, and quoted the
president's language to show that he
was acting in harmony w ith the adminis
tration. "Let no guilty man escape."
Colonel Dver then nassed to nn exami
nation of the evidence In rcnlv to Mr.
Storrs' argument.
.Worn Money I.lknly to b Nprnt to
Mrrp iiim wx innn unit iiim
Bohton. Feb. 21. It Is becoming a se
riously considered mic-tlon hero In Bos
ton now whether the saintly W inslow Is,
after nil, the terrible tinner that public
opinion held him to be before h! arrest
in i.oniion. lie nas, ni least, nccn n
cheeky deceiver, nnd by his rare
faculties doubtless succeeded In rais
ing handsome sums or money from
tlic unopnisilcateii ; nut me suspicion is
gradually dawning upon the community
that he has not been such a wholesale
former as was represented. That he lias
committed crimes of this description nnd
is likclv to co to prison for them is un
questionably true ; but it is ipute likely
to turn out mar no unii accomplices wiio
may tw obliged to share ignominy and
punishment with him.
While It was believed that Wiuslovv
would reach Rotterdam, nnd thus be se
cured from apprehension by Ameri
can authorities, there was apparently
great regret among financiers and his al
leged victims. Now that he has been
captured and Is likely to be brought here
for trial these same men appear more dis
turbed than ever, and Irom their move
ments It would seem that Wlnslow's ab
sence was necessary to cover up some
queer transactions lu other quarters.
The rumors that many or the notes, nt
tlrst pronounced forgeries, have been ad
mitted to be genuine since v inslow's
arrest, arc not contradicted. Four
of them have already been paid up. the
aggregate amount ol them being not less
man ?w.uw. now mucii more ot ins
paper, alleged to bear fraudulent indorse
ments, will be found backed bv ironulne
signatures remains to be seen ; but there
is a general impression mat mere win be
sufficient discovered to materially re
duco the the number and magnitude
of the Methodist parson's crimes. The
reported astonishment of Wlnslow when
informed that he had been Indicted by
the grand Jury lor forgery, when taken
in connection with his apparent anxiety
to be brought to Boston at once, arc tacts
sucirestlvc of an Impression that lie can
inaKe a prciiv goou ueieuse ngunisi ine
multitude or crimes vvuicii nave been
charged against him. Indeed, It Is not
impossible tiiai ms arrival ami trial Here
will be productive or even a L'rcater sen
sation than was the first announcement
of his crooked transactions.
Mr. A. I. Kenyon, president of the
hxchanire bank, has resigned suddenly
by Invitation ol the directors; and the
fact that the institution over which ho
ireslded was a heavy loser by Wlnslow
or said to be) would seem to Indicate a
possible difficulty on that account. The
ex-prcsldcnt, however, may be able to
ueiemi nimscii ngainst inesu current
rumors and. suspicious or the street.
Wholesale Grocers
-And H
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Levee.
Wholesale Grocer
Di aler .In
Commission Merchant,
SI'KCIAI.attentiun ulven tocontlKuiuenti an I
dllins orders
Fven!J.?aL?.?'t? V" co"ld Ret am pood a Olirar aa you would wish to amok to
'dltuloua fashion of fteliuv aahumo,! to call for r five cant OIKar. Ktnt '
La Piccadura,
(tlie intntlhrtiiiTrs hy tlie iim nf putnilid .Mnclilnirr nrrrniiMfd to nuke tlie nlxivi- clrLrtl
CItr(n rotor twrrljr-M-Trn r rrnl less llian ulhrr Maniinrtiirtrs run iirwlurca Cigar of
e.mal .iiullty, thus ul line llirlruirriiH .in uiiinrtiiiiitr I idy iniikrr Willi a miiwrlor lu rmt
llirar for r,-iit) we iJaiv Uforiur iwlrom n
wmAKTCD mwi mi Havana
Tlic iiuuiifarliuvra nv.nltltiK Uio fact tliat II ujnrll) of niiiAkrra prtfrr to l.ny tlwlr Clears a
tliay niwl tlinn. liavr luill Jin- iitnn ..f fav.irlhK tin- matorltr, UMirud oflhe mlnorllv (aa ha
Ihvii llirmlit, livrllliii;KlM(;lt-i linir at tlw aaiiu- mli- a (hi. Illly, ra Imix
lly aiHilnllnj; a nhiRlr acnioy in n city, Utvy num-iilniti- tlwlr luiiima. rt-diirc llwlrluwa tod
r-iiM-,, aim r-i u. iik-ijuxmi) tn inr mmr,
lliinrn), and IhnrnK'Hl-
Givm thm a Trial
Sole Agents, Cairo. Ills.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer In
Wines and Liquors.
Koops a full stock of
SLGXvtuLolur Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Iho People's. Bomody.
The Universal Fain Ext actor.
Koto: Aak for Pood's Extract.
Take no other.
"Hear: for I will lHk of excellent UiloiM.'
InJ tiri to Itan or lleiutt,
r ails. jlui8.-.
SlrnliiH, Sprains, Coiitu-
lone, uiaiocunon.
Fracture, Cuta, ljirira
teil or IncUol W omnia
HlerilliiB; I.uiikn, or
HnltltriK "Illlooil.
Nun Hli-vd.anil lllwl-
Ins Uuiiu or Ticlb.
Vumlllnajor Blooil anl
lllooilr Dlacliarifva.
I'IIch - Bleollng l'flia,
Ulloil I'llea. (Iiifalliulcl
niRia, awn in i raw.
KbvaiuMllani, HHeuina
tic SvrellliiK or Horcneta,
Nlinrnt-NN or ("orcuoaa,
Lumlxuro. Ijunt lluek.
Horn Tiiriwi orOulny,
jnuaiiii'.i tonsua.
Dlptliprln, Ilronclil
IIh, AHtliBin.
iMurr or InOamul Eye a or
( r.ye-iiu.,
CalHrrli, l-uuirrlu-s,
uiarrm-a, iijravnlery.
Noro Nlpiilex, Imlaiiun
I'M ii fill or too rrofiuc
Milk 1.1-ir. Ovarian I)f.
Mbui ami Turner.
UlUurv t'oinulnlm.
(Jravelaml SlraiiKury.
t'hnllnir ami Kxcorla-
tlona or Inruuta, or
Varlrone Vrlna, Kn
larKKl or Inllamcil Vrlna.
Illcrrx, Olil Horca, Inter
nal tllM-ratlona,
Holla, CarliiincJea, Tu
mors, Hot Hwellluif.
Corimainl llunlnna, Cliul-
nt or Sore Keel.
'linlliiKH,llarnenor Sail-
uiv uaiia.
IVIoti or Whitlow, Kroat
1 l.iraba or 1'nrt.
MoniiiiIIo Bllra, Insect
BlinKt, uuihxi llanila.
ril.MIH KXTIlACr la for aalelivall riral.
VIhhu IriiKBlalN, anil recoinroemlul by
all DruKgiaU, l'liyalclaiu, anil every
body who una ever uneil it.
fnmptilet conUlnlnir Hlitory ami Uaea mall
1 free on application, if nut found at your
New York nnil London.
413-S-IJ-dly '
NTew-York Storo
Goods Sold Very Close.
Comer 19th St. sutd Commercial At,
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
filled cigar roa fits cex
iur inp lunula! nHVlllHK! ol llirliniirm, Uiecon
and hm Oonvlacad
The Gamble Wagon
Near Thirth-Fourth BtrMt
Wagon Maker,
Manufacture! hi own Horse Shoes and
vau Assure Oood Work.
Coal Coal.
MT. CARBON(B!g Mudrly)
Orders for Coal hv the oar-load
ton, or in hoKsheada. for shipment,
sromptly attended to.
J9To largo oonaumera and all
aanufaoturers, we are prepared
to supply any Quantity, by the
month or year, at uniform ratea.
ItullMay Bio, office. No. 70 Obis Ititt
-llairiday lira. 'a wliarfboat.
At Ksvnllan alllla. or
A tbo Coal Uuiup, foot of Touty-Elght
Cfl'oet ontce IHawrr, Son,
Subscribe for
Leadinf Journal of liithrn
The Bulletin
Will iteadfaatly oppose the pellcUt ot ih
Kepubllcan party, and rafute to traai
mellid btba (Ilctatlonot anycllqu lo tte
Uemooratlc organ Lxatlsa.
H beiteTcs that the KepuUlcaa putf hat
fulfilled lu mlMioa, and Uiat tae Dtao-
cratlo party ai now org aalted tkeuld ber
stored to power.
It believes the Radical tyrea that km
for Mvcral ytari oppraaacd Ue Boutk
should b orertbrowa aad Ue pee ale cl ike
SouUiern Slates permitted to eeatrol tatu
own affairs.
It bcllevta that railroad eorporaUea
should be prohlblUd by legblstlTf rcactt
menu from cxtortinx and unjustly deacriat
InallnK In their business rrasactloa with
the public.
It rccosnlei the equality el all men
fore the law.
It advocates fret eomatrre tariff for
revenue only.
It advocaUi rcsumpUM of speele ;ay.
meat, and honest paymeat of tbo pubs
It advocates econom) in tho admlnlstia
tlon ot public affairs
The Bulletin will publish all tho local sows
ol Cairo, and a variety ot Commercial, I'
luteal, Vorclxu and General Nawt, and an
deavor to please all tastes and Interest ah
-.TIIK- ,
Ih a thirty-two column paper, lurnlsbed to
sulis crlbari lor the low price of
$1 25 PER TEAS,
l'osUgf prepaid. It U tho cheapest paper
in the West, and Is a pleasing fireside
VUltorand Family Companion.
Cannot fail to see the u VraUd induct'
menu offered by. The Bulletla ia the way
of cheap and proitable adverthHsMnU.
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