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Kaktat of Fytola. aaeet wr,!".'!
fevsdcfct at half-peat e.Trp, mUdd
rallawa' Mn. 1
Cataeellor CoeaaUr.
iivtivhu Tjinna. mo. m
lilnnl i T Order of Odd-rel-
torn, mm every "J".
Sno. M . Utmuc, 0. P.
aoatix HA.
4 naalar naamualcatloa in Mm
tun. career Uosaraerclal avenae
Ml Mfhifc rtreet, ob the second kuI
(HOARS three for
26 ioMti, at 9. Talohman'a, 102
Coiammeroiallmvenoe. 2-20-im
- -AT-
WmC, 99. I ft?).
comk onk com: all.
A good Mid tunny (line is anticipated.
Different feature nnd character will be
brought, hi during the evening by Die
entire force or the Turner.
John Hornier, William. Under,
'jl. 3chwannltz.
Omftwler, J. Klre.
.' II. AppcJ.
P. M. Stockleth, Clwa. Uuder.
AdinlHloD OenU $1. I-vlle 00c.
No Improper characters admitted.
By order ol Committc on Arrange-
tncBts. 2-20-td.
i ' :
W will tell 1,006 to 5,000 tons bent
Ice, delivered on can at Chicago.
Delivered months of April and May.
Johnson it Barker.
No. 302, Water street Chicago.
Wmr luw mm Calaraala.
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
railroai Jrom Kaniaa City and Atchison
on the Mbwoun river, via Topeka, the
capltol of Kansas, and the beautllul i
kaBMi valley to the Itocky Mountains.
The ahorteat route to i'uebelo the Grand
Canon, Colorado Springs. Maultou,
lfkee Bpemk, and all places of note in the
mountain regions. The favorite route
to Denver and all points In Northern
Colorado. The best route to Southern
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. The
only (Mrect route to the famous San
Juan mil. The track and equipment
Is UBeqaled, trains run through from
the Missouri river; to the Itocky Moun
tain!, making connections In "Union de
pots and avoiding delays and trans,
fers. For lull descriptive circulars
maps, time tables, etc., address
Geu'l Pass. Agent, Topeka, K:in.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle
Hewing Machine, hard (piano) fiuish,
valued at $85. Will be sold at ,$20 dis
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
from tlie factory.
-Colored and mounted Maps ol the
city of Cairo at $2 GO each (halt price.)
A No. 9 Wilson Shuttle Sewing Ma
chine valued at $75. Will be Fold at $10
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $90 Remington Sewing Machine
$30 oft for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot and shoe manufacturer.
style "K," "Cloujrh, Warren A.
Co.'s" Parlor Organ, right from tlte fac
tory at Detroit. List 'price, 100'. Will
be sold for $.
1000 sheets of bristol (ward Just re
ceived at the Bullbvik otttce, and lor
sale to the trade.
OV Tilt
City or Cairo,
colored and varnlshetl, for sale nt hall
price ($2.00) at the Bullktin offlee.
20,000 note heads, 30,000 envelopes,
20,000 letter heads, 10 reams statement,
20 reams bill heads Carlisle paper just
received and for sale at the Uui.i.kti.n
For any of the above articles, apply a
he Bullktin otilcc. K. A. BunxnTf
Real Estate Column
Lot 2, block 0, city, on Ohio levee,
above Twelfth strrct, outside tire limits.
Very cheap. Terras liberal.
Cottage near Nineteenth and Poplar
steets. $3 per month.
Good dwelling house on Walnut, be
tween Twenty-second and Twenty-third
streets. , .
Store-room corner Twentieth and
Poplar streets.'
Business house on Levee, lately oc
cupied by Cunningham & Stllwell.
Winter's Block-suitable for Hotel
Ottces or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4. 8 and 0, In
Winter'! Row, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
So. 10 (corner), 912 007 rooms.
Cottage on Sixth street, near Wash
ington avenue 4 rooms.
Srore room In "Pilot House," lately
oCCUBled kv A. Hallev.
A small House west of Twenty
second street.ncar Pine, $4 per month.
Dwelling house on Sixth street and
Jefferson avenue.
Orphan Asylum building and'prcmt
ms. Rent low, to-'a good tenant
Store room, corner Twentieth und
Washington avenue, $12 a month.
T Boom In various parts of the city.
-Lands, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
hates er AVKnriiiNu.
Kf"AH bills foradrrrliaing, are due and pay.
side in AtiVAKxa.
Transient advertising will be Inserted at thtt
rate of l H) per square for the drat insertion
and 60 cent for each anlwequent one. A liberal
discount wilt be made on standing ami display
for Inserting Funeral notice ft Wt. Notice ol
meeting of societies or secret orders Ui tenia for
nrh Innertion.
Church, Hoclety, festival and Supr notices
Will oily be inserted h advertisement.
No advertisement will be received at lets than
to cants, anil no advertisement will be Inaertrd
for Ien limn three iloltars er month.
Local Bualnaaa Hotlc, of
tan llaaoor mora, inaertea
In the Bulletin aa followa :
CoumenoaOoautlna at ten Unas.
Onn InaartloB Bar llBa-....-.-.... 5 Oaata.
Two Inaertlosa par line 7 OenU.
Tarao Inaartloma par Una 10 OenU.
U Insert tona par Una 15 OenU.
Two weakaparlina .......86 OenU.
ona moniD par una .no uenia.
Ifo Reduction will ba made In above
Iral Weather IReitars.
CAtao,'lLL.,;i'v1i. tl, Ie70.
IIAR. l"Ha. WlSD. VtL. WkATII.
MAU " 5T' Oer.
SO 61 SJ N 1 "
no bit 31 N "
7 a.m.
7 ii.iii
Eereeant. Slxnal Service, U. 8. A.
KEY WEST CIOAB8 threo for
25 cents, at PcTeichman'a, 102
Commercial avenue. 2-20-1 m
For Salk. A line horse, and buggy.
Enquire ol . I). Mathus nt CI Ohio
Tevee, up stairs. 2-23-5t
Shoks. Just received a full assort
ment of West Brothers' line shoes lor
children. O. Havthok.v & Co.
I)nv Gooih. Buy your Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes nt the ew ork
store. -i-wat.
Notick. We have on hand a large lot
of Strihly & Co's line custom shoes at
cost. 2-23-Ut O. Haytiioux & Co.
Tkv ThkmI Tnv Them! Hall dime,
halt dime cigar, Havana tiller, at
2-8-tf CowranwAiTE & PiiiLLtrs.
Buy Thbm. Buy your line shoes of O.
Hay thorn ACo's. We acknowledge no
competition. O. Haythorn & Co.
Foil Rbnt. The store room now oc
cupied by Farnbaker & Son, on Ohio
levee, will be lor rent on the first of
March. Apply to Robert Smith, Ohio
levee. --'-!2-tr
Notick.. Mr. F. Tclchman desires to
notify his friends and thu public genera
ally, that he lias removed his tobacco and
cigar store from Eighth street to 102
Commercial avenue. 2-20-lm .
Rooms to Rk.vt. Four rooms, and a
neat cottage on Third Street, free from
slpe water, and In good condition, bu
(julre of Wm. Mcllale, at the Delta
House. z-ju-ii.
Potatoks. New York Early Rose
seed potatoes lor sale at New York store.
We garrnntee our seed potatoes to be
straight, and brought from the Kat.
A. Hallky. A ;tlnelot of ;table and
pocket cutlery, also spades, shovels,
toes, rakes, fokf, axes nnd a general line
of hardware just received by A. Ilallej
113 Commercial avenue. 'J-lS-Om.
To nir. Farmer. Fresh garden and
Held seeds at the New York store; also
seed oats, onion tops, etc. .lust In a large,
lotol plows and plow harness, for sale
low. C. O. I'atikk & Co.
Sekk Potatoes! CAiinAtn:! It. J.
Cundlll' has just received one ear load ol
Northern Early Rose, Russett and Peer,
lei's seed potatoes ; also a car load of
Northern cabbage, all of which Is lor
sale at his store, north sldo of Eighth
street. 2-22-21
Jt!ST Rkckiveii. A. Halley has Just
received a line lot of canary and mock
ing bird cages, (lower stands, llower
trainers, baskets, archer, hearts and
wreathes, which ho has marked very low,
at 115 Commercial avenue. 2-18-:im.
SoMKTinxn Nk Thu llghtnng, rc-i
ciprocatlng, tin churn nnd egg boater,
thu latest and the best ever made, at A.
Hallcy's, who Is now selling his large
stock ol stoves, tin nnd urittAiin ware a
greatly reduced price. Give him a cal
belore you purchase, 113 Commercial av
enue, a-io-jui.
Read This. From the New York
store Commercial Advertl.er: Matches,
4 boxes 25 cents ; starch, 4 pounds 23
cents ; soda, 4 pounds 25 cents ; soap, 0
bars 23 cents; lye, 2 boxes 2o cents;
rice, a pounds 25 cents. A few prices of
goods sold nt tho New i ork store at re-
tall. Z-ZO-1UC
Pknmansiiii. Ia'ssous given lu Pen
uianshlp, fine Penmanship, Steamboat
and Book-keeping, In all Its forms,
Card writing, Posting up accounts,
Copying, etc., ut tho rooms of C. J,
Howe, Nos.io and 10, Winter's lllock,
corner Seventh street and Commercial
avenue. Ladles class every afternoon
from 4 to Co! clock, and Saturdays from
2 to 4 o'clock. 1-28-lin.
lunch ! Lunch ! I Lunch ! ! ! At
Fred Hofhclnz. Tho 'proprietor of Our
Saloon will spread u grand lunch from 9
toll o'clock every nlghtTbe bllljol faro
Is roast beef, mutton, veal, turkey, sour
tongue, sour rabbit, pigs feet ami o. i
ovster souu : nnd every Sunday morning
a No. 1 lunch at 10 o'clock, and a big
glass of Cincinnati beer; all this for 6
cents. Come one, come ull.
2-20-Ct Frki Hokheinz
Want to Settle I'r. Having sold
out olir business in Cairo, we vlh all In
debted to its to call nt our old place of
business, 01 Ohio Levee, and settle at
once. All who have cluing against us
will ptcase present them for settlement,
as tve wish to close up our business Imme
diately. Mathiism & vut,
Skk Koch. 0. Koc h, at his shop and
store room, No. J0 Commercial avenue,
has for sale a stock of boots and shoes of
hh own make ; also a large stock of St.
Louis custom made boots and shoes. He
keeps the best material nnd is up In nil
the latest styles. Ills tits nre twrfect, and
satisfaction Is guarantee:!. Give him a
call- !(2J-tf
Notice. Buy where goods arc the
sold the cheapest. Just received, New
Maple Sugar, Choice Sweet Potatoes,
New Sugar Cured Hams, Choice North'
ern Butter, New Breakfast Bacon, Choice1
New York F. Cheese, Buckwheat Flour,
Choice Prunes, Michigan Cider, Mince
Meat, etc. Only house selling you four
pounds choice Rio coffee for $1. Our
raotto from this out Is to sell goods as
low as can be bought in any western city.
Call and obtain price at New ork store.
Rp.ao Tins. ian tlartmatt Is idling
ofatcott. This is no dodge to induce
jieoplc to buy, but Mr. Hartman means
what he says. He desires to go out of
the dry goods trade and will quit that
b, ranch of his business as soon as his pres
ent stock can be disposed of. In this
connection It may be well to stAtc that
his stock is not old or shelf worn, but on
the contrary Is fresh nud seasonable, and
ol the latest styles, consisting of such
goods ns are usually to lie found In a
first-class dry goods store. His stock of
notions and gent's furnishing goods is
also large nnd select, and will be sold for
one-third less than the same can be pur
chased elsewhere. All Mr. Hartman
asks Is an examination of his goods and
prices to convince every ono that he
means lust what he says. Call and see
him. 2-11-tf
The Centennial Leap Year Club give
their first ball to-nlgnt at Schcel's hall.
Judge Green returned from New
York on Thursday mornlnir.
John Prucss wants to sell his hunt
ing dog. Who wants to buy ?
There was a fair attendance at the
Presbyterian sociable at the parsonage
last evening.
Wm. E. Qulnby, of the Detroit,
Michigan, Free Preu, was in the city
yesterday on his way to New Orleans.
The regular weekly sale of tobacco
will taCe place at the Planters' warehouse
this morning.
At six o'clock last evening, the Ohio
river marked 41 ft. 0 in. on the gauge, a
fall of 5 In. In the previous 24 hours.
A Chicago firm has the contract for
lowering Winter's block, and are ex
pected to complete the job in a few dayr.
"St. Patrick's day In the morning,"
will soon be here, and in what manner
shall.it be celebrated In Cairo Is a question
with our Irish citizens.
The Uarker vs. Kuykendall contest
ed election case will be argued after all,
the "bier talk" to come off lu the Pu
laski county circuit court to-day.
Judge Bross is pushing business in
probate court. The Judge believes In
the motto : "Business" belore pleasure,''
and conducts his court on that principle.
A further decline ol two feet will be
sufficient to allow the sewers to bo
opened, and then, ndlett slpe water-
Let us pray.
,1. S. Hinckley, superintendent; J.
F. Hlnckley.-englnecr, and J. W. Wentz,
general passenger and freight agent of
the Cairo and St. Louis narrow gauge
railroad, were in tho city yesterday.
O. W. Andrews and Geo. W. Smith,
of Murphysboro, were In the city last
evening. Mr. Andrews lelt by the Mis
sslppl Central train this morning for
New Orleans, to attend Manll Gras.
A good tune at the Turner ball, on
the 29th Inst. Costumes and masks of
cverv description can be had nt 11 ill
"Oh, say, are you going to the mas
querade sociable?" Is uowthellrst ques
tion asked when two young ladies meet,
aud the reply, In nine cases out of ten,
you bet."
The man DeGrath Is a vocalist of no
mean ability, and sings of his "darling
little wile" with n tenderness and pathos
truly touching. The question Is, which
one ol his wives does he consider his
Railroad facilities between Mound
City and Cairo are so complete that at
torneys having business lu the Pulaski
circuit court, now lu session, can mako
the trip on, foot. W. B. Gilbert, Esq
walked to and trom Mound City on Wed!
-Have you seen Tom, Collins? Ho
was before ills Honor Jtiuge uiru yester
day on a chargo of drunkenness, plead
guilty and was sent to the Hotel Do Mc
Carthy, where he may bo Interviewed for
tho next two days, bhechan made tho
At a late hour lost night a report
was prevalent to the effect that the jury
lu the Babcock trial had rendered a ver
dict of "not guilty." The report Is said
to have been received by telegraph to
this city, but to whom tho dispatch was
sent we could not leant.
Remember tho Turner's raasquerado
ball to bo given on Tuesday evening,
29th Inst. Come and seo tho fun. Tickets
can be obtained at P. O. Schuh's drug
store; Louis Herber's saloon on the
Lovco ; E. & W. Budcr's, and at Henry
Schick's, on Commercial avenue between
Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets.
For sometiaM past a uumbor of boys
aged from sixteen upward, hava
been in the habit of congregating In a sa
loon on the levee near the comer of Sixth
street, where thoy were allowed to en
gage In all kinds of games at cards. This
fact coming to the cars of officers Brown
andO'Maley, they notified the proprietor
to discontinue tho practice, or they would
havo to enforce the law on him. The
notlep stems to have had Hie deslied ef
Reports Irom Ihe fruit prodiicln re
glons of Illinois are anything hut encour
aging. Fruit growers generally agree
that there will be a very meagre peach
crop, as nearly all the buds have Ijcen
killed. A correspondent of the Jones-
boro Oaielte pi a veck ago, says that af
ter careful examination of a number of
orchards, he finds that at lesst two-thirds
of the buds arc dead.
tfall those who now express a de
termination to attend the Democratic na
tional convention, to be held In St. Louis
on the 2-llh of June, to nominate candi
dates for president nnd vice-president,
when the time comes go, there will not
be men enough left In Cairo to take care
ot the town. Two out of every three we
have heard speak ot the subject say they
"will bo there."
A man named Anderson, a runner
for the II rm ot Evans A Howard, whole
sale dealers In gas fixtures, put up at the
St. Charles hotel a few days ago, and by
bravado and snoobcry made himself
very obnoxious to the proprietor nnd
clerks of the house. Lcaviuir the i?t.
Charles he went to the Planters' House,
where he is said to have conducted him
self In a like manner. Anderson might
be taught a few lessons In knowing how
to conduct himself towards stramrers.
with profit to himself and the lirm he
Mr. James Norton, a large cattlespec-
ulator of Shawncctown, returning from a
business trip to New Orleans on tho
steamer Commonwealth, was violently
attacked with typhoid pneumonia at
Natches. The fact was telegraphed his
relatives at Shawnectown,aud Dr. Jones,
his uncle, met the Commonwealth at
this city, but was horritlcd to find that
the disease had mode such progress tlia1
bis nephew, for whom he entertained
feelings of more than ordinary riflectlon,
was entirely unconscious. He was re
moved to the residence of ex-Mayor Wil
son, also a relative, In this city, where he
expired In the course of a lew hours.
Tho remains will be taken home to-day.
Dr. Jones and friends have the sympa
thy of many friends and acquaintances In
this city.
KEY WEST GIOAB8 three for
28 centa, at 7. Teichman'a, 102
Commercial avenue. 2-20-lm
All Ckranle Dlacaaaa Onred
He Is located In Cairo, Illinois, and 1
still calling on you to be healed. Why
will you die ol old chronic diseases, when
you can be cured wit so little cost or
money. Do not give It up yet, for there
Is still a balm In Glleard. Cairo is the
place to come to bo cured of all your
aches and pains.
i am now prepareu at my oinec to give
medicated baths, and irsons wishing to
recelvo such, will call at my office on
Eighth street, No. 22, from the hours of
2 p.m. till it p.m. Also plane baths, hot
baths, warm baths, cold baths, or vapor
baths. Also persons having the con
sumption or weak lungs, and wishing to
receive medicines by Inhalation, can re
ceive tlie treatment at my oQlco, this be
ing the only true way of getting medi
cine direct to the lungs. Also I treat dis
eases of the eyes of years standing, and
the blind has been made to see by my
treatment. All diseases of tho skin I
cure. Fistula cured by mo without tho
use of the knife. If you have a cancer
come and be cured. All private diseases,
In the shortest time, cured by nic. In
short, for all chronic diseases of the hu
man system, go to Dr. Hultz if you wish
to be cured. 1 compound and prepare all
my medicines at my office. It is said
Uiat practice makes perfect, 1 have been
thirty years a practicing physician.
All letters and communications shall
be conlldential and promptly attended to
by me. Direct, Dr. Hultz,
No. 22 Eighth street, Cairo, Illinois,
Notice Is hsreby given that the tax hooks
for the year 1ST.'), have hecn placed In my
band' and that 1 will he at tho followluK
places lu Alcxuder county, on the day be
low set forth for the purnc-e of collecting
said taxes, viz :
In Clear Creek precinct, at tbc store of
E. Culley & .'o., Clear Creek Lauding,
March Tth, 1670.
In Thebes precinct, at the store of C. A.
Msrchlldon, Tbebcs March Mil, 1670.
In Santa Fe precinct, ut the store of W.
Ireland, Santa Fe, March !, laid.
In Gooo Island precinct, at tho store o
O. (irecnley, Goose Island, March 10, 1870.
In Dog Tooth precinct, at the house of
N. Hunsacker, Es., March 11, 1S7U.
In llazlewood precinct, at the ofllce ol
Sam Hrlley Elco, March 14, 1870.
In Unity precinct, at tho storo of W. M.
Athcrton,, Unity, March 15, 1870.
In South Cairo, at tho ofllce of John Q.
llarman, Cairo, March ICtti, 1370.
In North Cairo precinct, at tho court
house, Cairo, March 17th, 1870.
The collector hereby calls the special at
tention ol tax payers to Section 137, ol the
Chapter upon revenue, revised statutes,
In which he Is required to make distraint
upon the personal property of all tax pay
ers In default for personal taxes, after
March 10th. This provision of law will be
vigorously enforced. Those interested wil
therefore bear the fact lu mind and save
Bring your last years tax receipts and do
not trust to the tax books for inscription of
your land. AI.KX. II. lltVIN.
District Collector,
Cairo, III., February 0th, 1870.
A No. 1 1-aundry.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween Washington and Commercial nvef,
nucs, has one of tho best conducted latin
dry establishments in tho sity, and land
lords of hotels and boarding houses will
Ilnd It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows : Hotel
and boarding-house washing 70 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices are as
follows: Single shirt and collar, lOo; per
dozen, 80c t socks, 6c; two collars, 6c;
two haudkcrchlefs, 6c: vests, 20o: aud
all gentlemen's wear, 80c. per dozen.
Ladlha nlaln calico dresses. 25u: calico
dresses with extra trimmings, 60o; white
dresses. 21 35c i ladles' underware, fine
and course, $1 00 per dozen. 1-23-tf.
Cairo, III., Thuiishav F-vknixo, l
February 24. 1870.
There has been but slight change In the
market generally, since our last report,
nnd what changes have taken place, are
for the better, for which wo presume, our
merchants nnd business men generally
nre duly thankful.
Flour Is unchanged ; choice Is In good
demand, while tho stock ol other
grades is ample. There Is still an nbund
ance of common hay In market, and there
Is no demand for It ; choice Is scarce aud In
good demand. Corn Is scarce nnd prices
arc lirm, with a good demand. Bulk
corn is quoted at 40CiH3c. Oats are
plenty and dull. Meal Is reported
weaker at New Orleans but stronger at
St. Louis, and It Is also tinner here. City
meal is held nt $2 2.V$2 .10, and country
nt $2 152 25, with n demand In excess
of the supply. Bran continues In very
light demand. The demand for butter is
light, whlth a supply ample. Eggs are
In good demand ; all that arrive nre taken
at quotations below. The market has
been cleaned out ol poultry, nnd there Is
a good demand for It. The weather Is
also favorable for dressed meats. There
is a good supply of -Pcachblow potatoes
In market ; seed potatoes arc scarce, but
the demand Is very light. No sales of
apples have been reported lor the reason
that there is none in market to sell, nud
there arc an excellent demand.
The weather Is clear and cold. The
rivers are falling slowly.
j&'Our friends should bear lu mind
that the prices here, given arc usually
for sales from first hands In round lots,
fn tilling orders and for broken lots It Is
necessary to charge an advance over
thcae figures
Flour remains about as last reported.
Choice grades are In good demand, while
the stock on hand of medium and low
grades is good. We noto the sale of 500
barrels, $4 25G 75; 100 barrels choice
family, $0 70 ; 400 barrels on orders,
$4 507 50 ; 500 barrels city, $1007 50;
400 barrels various grades, $4 250 70 ;
800 barrels various grades, $4 G0G 25 ;
There lias no choice hay made its ap
pearance in tills market yet, and the de
mand Is irood. Poor hay continues
in abundance, nnd it is dull. We note
the sale of 1 car prairie delivered, $10 00 ;
l car mixed common, $9 00 ; 1 car com
mon, $10.
Corn is vciy scarce, and firm, and there
Is a good demand. Hulk corn Is quoted
at 4043c. Sales noted were 1 car white
In sacks, delivered 4Sc; I car choice yel
low, In sacks delivered, 4Sc.
The receipts ol oats havo been liberal,
and the supply is large, with n light dc
maud. Sales reported were 2 cars light,
In sacks, delivered, 39c; 1 car choice
white, in sacks delivered, tic; 1 car
choice, mixed, in sacks, delivered, 41c;
5 cars choice white, in sacks delivered,
43c; 1 car black mixed, In sacks deliver
ed, 43c.
There Is not enough in market to sup
ply the demand, and country nud
city meal havo advauccd in price. We
note the sale of 100 barrels country steam
dried delivered. $2 15 ; 100 barrels city
steam dried delivered, $2 23.
Bran remains very dull, and there Is
very little demand. We note the sale of
1 car lu sacks delivered, $13 ; 150 sacks
delivered. $13.
The demand lor butter Is rather light,
and the supply on hand Is adequate to
satisfy all wants. We noto the sale of 2
tubs choice roll, 2Cc; 4 tubs choice roll,
2325c; 10 tubs choice packed, 2520c ;
0 palls Southern Illinois, 20c ; 2 packages
medium. 20Q22e.
The demand for eggs has Improved,
and all arc taken on arrival at quotations.
Sales noted were 400 dozen, lie; 400
dozen, 14c.
Tho supply of poultry on hand at our
last Issue has all been disposed of, nud
there Is a good demand for all kinds.
Sales reported were I coops mixed $3 50;
2 coops hens, $4 00; 1 coop mixed, $4 00;
2 coops hens, $1 25 ; 2 coops mixed $3 75;
50 dozen hens, $1 00; 10 dozen mixed,
$3 503 75.
Fit U IT.
Lemons arc slow sale. Oranges arc lu
good demand. We note the salo of 10
boxes oranges, $5 00 ; 200 cocoanuts, $0.
There Is an ample supply of Peach-
blows In market; choice seed potatoes
arc scarce, but tho demand Is light. Wo
note tho salo of 00 bushels Northern
Peachblows in bulk, 00c.
In car load lots wo quoto at $1 GO ; less
than car load lots, $1 75. Wo noto tho
salo of 225 barrels at quotations.
We nuoto Paradise and Mt. Carbon on
track, lump, $3 ; nut, $2 ; delivered car
load per ton, lump, $3 50 ; nut, $2 75 ;
delivered per single ton, lump, $1 ; nut,
$3 25 ; ltnuin or llarrlsburg coal on
trac-K per car ioau, lump, w ; nui, viu -.
delivered per ton, $3 50 ; Pittsburgh coal
car loads on track, $5 50 per ton ; single
ton, delivered, $0.
Hides nre dull, but there is a fair do
maud for nirs, at quotations:
Hum) Dry flint, !2Jl3Je , dry salted,
10JU Jc ; greeu salted, 5J0o damaged,
40c ; No, 3, 20o ; No. 4, 8c. Fox-Gray,
No. 1 cased, $1; No. 1 mien, 75o ? No. 3,
50GOc; No, 3, 25o; No. 4, 10o; Kcd,
NoT leased, $1 50; No. 1 open, $1 23.
Skunk-Wack; 80c$l ; hair striped, 50
00c; narrow, 35c; kittens, 15o. Opoa
anin 10c. Iteavcr $1 601512. Musk-
ra-10ffi25o. Hear-No. 1, $8 j No. 9, $5;
No. 3, $iiaa:o. ow.
as coat, at T. TflUaVMa'-, 10t
Commercial avenue. 3-20-lm
Funs Wo quote: Western-niter. No.
1, $'?, co ; No 2, 5:i:i a ; No. a, i
150; No. 4, 25c. Mink-No. 1, $1
1 25 s No 2, G075e; No. 3, 25o; No. 4,
l(V lliiccooui-No. 1. 75Ci80o : No. 2,
Fort Mat.
Sleatuer Jim FIsk, Paducah.
" Commonwealth, New Orleans.
" Hickory, Tennessee river.
" Bermuda, Nashville.
" Cons Millar, Memphis.
" Ida Stockton, Memphis,
" Capitol City, St. Louis.
Tow boat, Lioness Louisville.
Steamer Jim FIsk, Paducah.
" Commonwealth, St, Louis,
" Hickory, St. Louis.
" Bermuda, Nashville.'
Cons Millar, Cincinnati.
Ida Stockton, St. Louts.
Capitol City, Vlcksburg.
The rivor last evening was 40 feet 3 3-5
incites on the gauge, having fallen 4 4-0
inches during the past 24 hours.
Tlie weather continues clear and cool.
Business fair.
Capt. W. S. Edson arrived from St,
Louis by rail yesterday.
The Cons Millar had a good trip for
The J. W. Garrett and barges, Capt
Booth, will get nway this morning with a
(airload, .
The to(WRryiopard is towing two
monitors from New Orleans to St. Louis.
The John L. Rhodes has laid up nt
Pittsburg for n lew days for lack of
The big Jim Howard will he heic to
day en route to New Orleans, and will
have room for all the freight offered.
Our readers will please excuso haste
and a bad pen, as our river editor Is
"off" on account of sickness, which we
hope wilt prove slight.
The Fearless took two barges of rail
road iron to Johnstouvlllc, on the Ten
nessee river. She brought down 18
barges of coal.
Wc are pained to learn of the death of
a married sister of Pilot George Clark,
which 'occurred nt Ironton day before
yesterday. She was tho first out of a
family of nine children to be called away.
Capt. Thorwcgcn'a new Grand Repub
lic will be ready to sail from St. Louis on
or about March 18th. The machinery Is
all In place, and the entire boat Is being
finished up, says thej RtpublUan of yester
day. The Bermuda brought out 101 tons pig
Iron, 50 hogsheads tobacco, 15 coops poul
try, 00 sacks wheat from the Columbia
river, nnd received In return 57 hogs
heads sugar, 52 barrels rice, 02 barrels
molasses, which were brought hero by
the C. B. Church, and destined to Nash
ville. A letter from Capt. Kobt. W. Wise to
MessrsHalllday & Phillips, received yes
terday, states that tho James D. Parker
will leave Cincinnati on her grand Mardl
Gras excursion to Memphis on Friday
the 25th, and will leave this port on Mon
day the 28th at 8 o'clock, a. m.
I'oall Coal!
I wish to Inform thu citizens of Cairo
that I keep on hand n largo supply o
coal of different kinds, which I will sell
as lollows, delivered In any part of the
city : $2 50 to $1 per ton, cash, and full
weight guaranteed. James Ross.
Wo will pay no bills contracted by any
employe of Tiik Uiili.kti.v, unless the
same Is made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary ofjhe com
pany, nud wo will accept no orders given
by an employe of the company, for any
purpose whatsoever.
Caiiio Uui.i.KTiN Company.
.November 10. 1875. tl
4 Jem,
Fifty cents, at Winter's Gallery.
AttruSiaul Dealer.
We have four dozen Imitation Kbony
fiprague Can-Openers, taken for adver
tising, which we will sell at two dollars
per dozen. Inquire nt Bulletin ofllce.
Tan Holler.
To all persons concerned notlco Is hereby
Jiven that at a sale of lands and city lots
or the delinquent estate, county, district
school and other taxes ot tho year 1873, and
costs, held at the court house door in Cairo,
Alexander county, Illinois, on tlieSOIh day
of .lime, 1874. the undersigned purchased
lot 27, in block 40, in the tint addition to the
city of Cairo, in said county and State;
ami that said Malessa I.. Clark has sluco
assigned her ccrtlllcate of purchase to the
undersigned. Said lot having been taxtd
and sold lu the name or Phillip Heaug,
that tho tliiio given by law for tao redemp
tion of said lot will expire on tho Mill day
of June, 1S70. Andhxw Cain.
CAIRO, Il.r... Feb. 25th, 1870. 2-25 St
Tax Notice.
TO all persons concerned, notice la hereby
given that at a aale of landa and city lota, for
tbe delinqueuS U-, county, dlatrirt.ichool and
oiner uxeaonne year inn, aim cum, uriuai
the court hooae, frontdoor, in tbecity of Cairo,
county of Alexander and Stat of llllnol , on th
third day of June, 1 074, the undersigned beram
tbepiirchaseraoftbe following deirrlbed lta.
altuated in aald city, county and State, taxed
and eold aa below aet farth, to-will
f li fr V t:
Lilian is
o a o eo a o o
SKsE si
t'9 ii
Anil that tha lima for th 1 li mutton of aald
lot from atld late wlllesplreoa the third, day
of Juue. 1S70. .AC11AUAII.O.MATHUS.
Cairo, IllluoU, -b.2, 1;.
aa a1 '
rsrarmmt MfatliflaU Itik
aad BecrrU for Ltdlw and tieut. SaMlrasfcr
10-lMly, at. aorka1o.
to m,
You are Hereby aotlHs.i uYat uTmu, ol
" delinquent 8tate"ce4wrr, dla!
ininoil,oor m .. Alexaedw "oSa "I,
ihenorft !k.Tfmo)h O'Coaaell purchased
mal? h.ri iif..cr..Uc wulewaW quarter,
atTC; Wn,,lhi ' le iVl WMhJsratefldlan;
ani mo north half ot the sotitheaat nuariar
2.22.3t!MOT"Y 'Cm'1iU Purchaatr.
Tax Jfatlee.
To 1l pereoo Maccrwil, notice Is hereby
Off for th llallruilttit, a-.s
irk ksirchaaid tb
i.witwr nencriued oM. taafM Hi at it cllr.
EE?.!?' -TV1 ta,."f "lipoid In Ihe naini
Lot. Block. In whciaa name tatad and solil!
?! 7, H.kt.llataa
, J A. I), Whltaker
That Mill MtHiu 1.. Clark ku I
cer Hcate or jmrekaat . far the above Oe
rrltied lot to the umlerrWrnail, lort that the time
or redenjplhm from Mid tali i auowed.bjr law.
Will 1 A . t. I. I -. a . Aa - -
.1 . F. 1 um imrw 7 "I .HC.INI, jo-
r .. al, '""-by fflrcn that at the Mine sat anil
1 i J. . '? imm. neiu ai ine same place, oa the
twelfth day or .tune, 1S7I, aakllUllaaal.. Clark
nuRlMteil the followlnic other property, itaate.l
in tel. I County or Alexander, taxnl and sold In
the noriie btlewtet forth, to-wlt:
Part Sec. T, R'ni No. la whole name taxed
see. w'il. Aere biuIbaM.
SI 15 S so John U.ett. Ir.
e e zri IS -J in John U.ett.
H 2 o John Lore... Jr.
ifow w le so W. II. 1'imu.
elite l.i IS 2 M AlnoanoB WorUiimton
wm -a IS 2 so Jluxhl. Cralc,
ae ew .1 IS f in lln.h rVC.
neawAe '
pt nw nw.1 IS J9S CO-1M L. Manrter.
e 31 IS 1 124 tltinii V ll.wlln
enwA. '
w.tnw it i iw Joiia James.
That aald Ualliaa T.. IV.rt k.. .ia
her ccrlldcate of pn rebate for lb above de-
criueii uu.t.aio.ne.nnueriuniea. aaa taai ine
time of rademptltn from said tale allowed by
law will expire on lb twellMi day of June, 187C.
nam auuma i. viarK,atun ame mil, tat in
name taxes, held at the tarn plare on the twen
tieth ilae of June. 1ST, tmrehaaail the fhtlnwiaa-
otber loU, altuated In the foarth addition to aald
City of Cairo, in Mid comity and Bute, taxed
ami (old a twlow aet forth, to-wlt i
Lota. Illock. la whoa nam taxed andaold.
I A 2 W. I). Murphy.
That aald Mallna L. Clark hai alao aaalracl
ber certificate of Durcbaae for the alia re deaerib-
ed lot to the under laned, aad that the tiasa a f
redemption from aald aai. allowed by law, will
Uim UAIB9,
Aealnee ofpiuxhaeer.
Cairo, Ilia., february , 187. 2-2J-d.it
Stair late.
Br virtue of a special execution tome di
rected by the clerk of the circuit court at
Alexander county, In the State ol Illinois,
in favor of Frederick Palrthora and Theo-
doroitacd, Ann orFalrthorn It Hand, and
against Sarah L. Kline, I will sell the fol
lowing dcscr.bed property, to-wlt; I-ot
numbered seven (7) and eight (8), in block
numbered thtrty-elittit (a). In tho city of
Cairo, county of Alexander and State of
Illinois, as theproaortv of tbosaid Sarah L.
Kline at nubile sale at the south-wet door
of the court bouse In the city of Cairo, In
. . v . - r. . . ....
ine county oi Aiexsuut-r auu ciaio ui Illi
nois, on t e Seventeenth (17th) day of March,
o'clock, A.M., for cash, to satisfy said exe
cution. AllI, H. 1RVIH,
Sberitt ot A'cxamier county, Illinois.
CAino, Ills , February Mta, 1H76. S-4S-td.
By virtue ot a special execution to me
directed by the clerk or tbc circuit court or
Alexander counlv. In the Slate of Illinois.
In favor of OonrKO uochmer, and against
Keinhold V. Ilelzner and Settle Belzoer, I
will sell the tallowing deaeribad property,
to-wlt: The houses situated upon lots
numbered six (u) and seven (7), In block
numbered twenty-leven (tl), In the city of
Cairo, county of Alexander, la the SUU or
Illinois; and alio the leasehold estate or
Itclnbold V. uelzncr and Settle Uelzncr, In
and to aald lot six nnd noven, aa the prop
erty ol said ltelnhold V. ItcUner and Set
tle llelzoer, at public sale at the southwest
door of tho court house la tbd city or Cairo,
In the county of Alexander and State of
Illinois, on the Seventeenth (17tb) day or
March, A. 1)., 1S70, at the hour of eleven
(II) o'clock, a. tu., for cash to satisfy said
oxectttion. ALEX.UIUVIN,
Blicrlff or Alexander Co., Illlnel.
Cairo, 111., Feb. 34, 187. 2-23-td
Insurance Agent
jN(acnted"t r'nt'aMa CtMPaal rPrr3
Insurance Agents
City VaUsaal laak MlaVag, aitairs.;
The Oldsot atallaMaaiyey irn saasitaM
To whom Pensions are
"p, n r i auaaahWi
ryeawtaia 4v
IWHu Viniit,
Taa great Nenrt Coaqiwor, eun Kpl)fUrlai
Convulsion, Spaarn, St. VIUis muK.adall
Marvoaa Illawani Um oalr ka wa ootimrtrtm- .
Mvvoa4 Dlwaaea
My rw l
dua mm
lo li-iHy Boa Tat. . Iisaa, Ma.
lioute. In the Cllr of Cairo, timely f Alezan
.lime, UBI, Hull,, I,. Clark ksirchaasd ihe rbl-

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