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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, February 27, 1876, Image 3

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AHOAI.ON I,(M1(IK, NO. f,l.
. mount 01 j""""! ' , iii
itiyrtlRlil l liulf-iiKt frn, i ill-
t'l'llKWrt" Hull, liunii
aittnci'lliir C'oinlimii'lnr.
iiuviviiui l iltKIl!. NO. a! I.
IIMHIM nilrni "nur .11 y...i-r.i-ii
id i.rnpi' 'I hiii-mlity iiIlm.I
.1 iiair.iuutM'trn. hi lliilr hall on
Join nu trim nunuc, wmii n nijumn. r;
CilAS. IiAMK, N. (I.
1.UUO r&C'AMI'itKNT, I. O. O. K.,immU
J.ii OiM-riliw' Itull on the first uiul third
iiKVlny In every mnntii, m nnir-wi tovcii.
JHO. II (loitr'MAM. U. I'.
imitoi.oiiaKrNo.icrT.A.r. A A. m
Until ri'Kiilnr commuiilmtlons lultu-
Tkyifinlu linn, comer uimmcreiai avenue
nnl Highlit strut, on the wcuml nml
TMirui .iinhcinr in crwii iiuuiin.
KElt WEST CiaAUS thrco for
2r,'uontn, ftt F. TcicUmtin'u, 102
CommorcinUnvonue. th-JO-lm
4ltAM.AKUlJl:lt Vllfc HAM.
111 UK IIIVBN 11V Till!
ivi. an, is7i.
caw; oxi: comi: m,i
A goodntid Iniiny time Is nnllelpaliil.
Dillcrent feature anil chaini tern wll tie
lroiif1it In dlirlng Hit' liy Hi''
entire fori col the Turper;
oNiiin-'i-nn. ,
John Knehlcr, William. Huhr,
;S. -'e.hwnhtiliz.
o.v i:.vi'!.m;h.
Cits IIihIit, '. h"h.
II. Appel.
n.ooi: juxAOMts.
If.M.SIoeklleth, Clef. Under.
AdmMon iciit $1, Ladles tte.
luiroor( liarni'trni nilinlllril.
tty orilcit ol Commute mi Arrange
ment,. . ' 2-)-KI.
- ; ICE !
We will nil 1,000 to .7,000 Inns best
Ire, delivered on -nnt at Chicago,
hcliveied month of A pill and .May.
Xo.'iO.', Watr-I rr;t Chicago.
lor Uiiiihi nml '.ilurmlo.
TlioAttlilJoii,''iitka ami Santa IV
railroad from Kaus.-i City ami Atchison
on the MUsourt rivrr, via TotM.-ka. tl.u
l apltol ol Kamas. ami lliu beautiful r-l.aii'a-valley
In the 1'otky .Mountain".
The shot teH mite to I'mUlo Hi'! Grand
'anon, Colorado Springs. -Manltou,
1'ike Speak, anil nl places (if note In tin'
mountain region". The favorilo route
to,leiivcr ami all point In Northern
olorudo. Tlit' lie-t route lo Southern
Colorado, .Yew Mexico ami Arizona. The
only direct route to the fainoin Han
.lliaii iiilne.. The track and equipment
H iniMiualed, traim run through from
tho Miourl river, to the Kocky .Moun
tain, making connections in Union de
pots anil .ivolilln delays ami tran
fer'. Tor tull deseriplivc clrcularr
map', time table?, etc, ndilrcM
T. .1. ANiime-o.v.
Cen'l I' ah. A jiii t. Topcka. Kan.
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 0 WlUon Shuttle
.Sewing Machine, hard (piano) finish,
valued at $8.'.. Will ho wld at $20 dl
count, on koimI ternie, and ordered direct
from tlie factory.
Colored mid , mounted Maps ot thr
city of Cairo at $1 50 each (half price.)
A No. l Wilcnn .shuttlo Jrewiic Ma
chlno valued at $"'. Will he udd at $15
ill-count, and ordered direct from the
A $00 Kcmltigtcm Sowing Machine
oil for cash. .Suitable lor tailor or
boot and .-hoc niamifactuicr.
A ktvlo "K," "Clmih, Warren ,t
Co.'h" I'arlor Oratt, ri'hlfnuit tho fae1
tory at Detroit. I.l-t price, S'AVi Will
Im) sold for 200.
1000 sheets of hii-tol board JlWt re
ceived at thu Hci.i.ini.v olllee, and lor
(ale to tlio trade.
l lty ol Cairo,
colored and varuhhed, for sale at hall
prire (?2..i0)at the Ui'M.inix ollice.
'.'0,000 note hegtl, IIO.OOO envelope?,
::o,000 letter head", 10 reanw 5tatcmeut.s
Jt) reams 1)111 heads CailWe paper Jut
iceclved and for salo at the llii.i.i:ii.
For any of tin ahovu arllelef, apply a
he Ittfi,i.r.ri.v olllee. K. A. Ilunxi:rt
Real Estate Column
I'Olt SAI.K.
Lot 'i, hloekO, city, on Ohio levee,
above Twelfth Mrrcl, out-lde llrelimlls.
VlTV cheap. Tenu" llheRil,
m 1-OU IfKNT.
Cotlairo neai Nineteenth and I'opiar
Kteet.. per mouth.
Cood ilwi'lllur honsn on Walnut, be
tween Twcnty'fceoud and Twenty-third
.Storeroom corner Tweulielh ami
Poplar fitreetH.
Iliilues houxii nu I.evee, lately oe.
euplcd by Cnmihijrliam A Stllwell.
Wfnft'r'H lllock-''fuitahlii for Hotel
Ollice or IhiuIueM roouiK cheap,
Tenement numbered I, 8 and!), in
Winter's; l.'ow, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
No. 10 (corner), $12 r.(l 7 rooms.
Cotlatro on Slxlli street, near Wash
ington aveiiuii I room-.
Sloiu room In "Pilot House," lately
..coupled by A. Ilalley.
A Finall IIoiko went of Twenty
cecond ctrcet.near Pine, $1 per month.
Dwcllhi'r Iuium on Hixtli Btrect and
.Icll'crnon avenue.
Orphan Ayliim hulldlii',' amllpienil
fcs. Ih nl low, to a rood leinnt.
ytoto room, corher Twenilcth ami
Vrashli)xtou avenue, $12 a month.
Ilobms In varloim parfs ol tho eliy.
Lands, Iii tracts to stilt, near Cairo.
m il!(!tin.
it.iTr.s or Aivt:itt isi.vu.
ryAII I'llla furmturtliiinK, nrviliir anil i-ajr-nl'lu
IN ahvani K.
'lr.iiMl. nl mln illslnj; will In tnnntnl nllliv
rule iii" J I J riti.iif lurlliii Hut liiMrllun
uii't .'in trnU fur null iiliinii nl diip. A HlxTuI
liKCMiiiillll Imj nuilv on otniiilliiK nml il!l-iy
fhlTllM im nl.
Knr lnrlliij f'uiirnil nollrc l en. Nnllrrnf
milling nfMicli tli'i or oecn t unli ri ' cent fur
each bifcrlliin.
C'liunli, Kuril tr, Kithnl and fupM r nnltr4
will only In- Inn rl(i M :i. rll'i mriiIi
No .'ilrrll'iiii'iit will lie rwckoil fit Icon llian
Enrvlit, lili'l liinicrlilii lit Will l' Inrrtlcil
fiir lc - th.iii lliin-ilolliiiii ikt inniilli.
tTifT-ZM Local Bunlnmn Notlrcn. of
t&IZ xj Ion line or more, itixnriGii
tSJJ.V.a t), thoBiillBtlnimroUowB:
Commence Countlnir at ten Linen.
Onn inanition jor lino Cnntn.
Two inaortloimpor lino 7 Unts.
Threo lnerttonii per lino 10 Cento.
Six insortlona por lino lt Cents.
Two weeks per lino - o Cantn.
Onn month per lino .IIS ConU.
No Uoductlou will ba mmlo In ubovo
SI NDAV, I'i:itKI'Ai:V 27, J.s7.
KEY WEST CIOAKS tlirco for
'in oontH, nt 1'. Tclchman'H, 101!
Commercial nvonuo. 2-20lm
Omoii.- Stuait.1: OhoNou oiler fptclal
bai"Hln in bleached cotton Ihi week.
l.i ii iK Oil.-Look out for hnmieal
karacture, kalkulated to l,onuli; tint
kurloiM on Mardl Cra. .
Pint Sam:. A line hor?e and hilirtry.
Pnipiirc ol 'A. 1). Mulling at 01 Ohio
I.evee, up Main. ---I-'" t
Tuv TiiiimI Tuv Tiii:m! Hall dime,
hall dime ei-'ar, Hasina llller, at
2-y-lf I'owi iuiw.un: it I'll t i.i.i iv.
To As-tr.uiu.i:. All Turner'. and
filends aiu rcipiusted In aeuible at 'J
o'clock In Turner' hall I'ortliuproccHiloii
on Tuesday iiinrnltl?. 2f.
Ill isikii. .lames Cochran, who died on
I'liday Irom a Kiiddeu attack ol paralysd
wn burb-d at Villa Uid'e yesterday at
teruooii, On -loMit'iriif. Several of our citi
zen left fur MemphN yesterday, to wlt
ncx the "mud Mardl (!ra i'lebratlon on
Ni:w Piii.ms. New fprln' prhiH at
.Stuart : lihnlson'rf .Monday morning.
Our pilot stock will always he tumid the
mot attractive In the city.
1'ook Noitii:. Costumes for the
Tuesday morning procclon from .7)
cents t if 1; also for thu ma-ipie ball,
very cheap. .Masks ol all description at
PhllSaup'. H
ToTfitx Ofr. Mr. I.amont, the gen
tloinulllv inanayer of Uollni bll.U it Cu's
clrctif will turn out part of their manag
crio with the K. M. IC. C'. on Mardl
(J ra.
Don't forget tho Tumors' mas-
citicrado ball next Ttiosclny night.
Don't forget tho Tumors' mas-
quorudo ball next Tuesday night.
Pott Ki-vt. One of tho new cottages
on thu north -ido of Tenth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut street.
,pply at the cottago
2-20-tt Mm. A. 15. Pim.i).
Si'Ani.r.T Fkvkii. Tho scarlet fever has
not yet let go Its terrlbla hold upon the
ihlldren ol this city. Several eae$ ct III
cxl-t here, and several deatli- have occur
red within the pa't week.
Took Xotusi: Cotumes tor the
Tuesday morning procession Irom .7)
cent' to $1 ; also for the tna-ipic ball,
very cheap. Masks ol all descriptions at
Phil Saup'n. n
l'ou Kr.NT. The store room now oe.
ctipied by Parnliakcr Ik .Son, on Ohio
levee, will bo lr rent on the llMt of
March. Apply to liobert .Smith, Ohio
levee. 2.22.11-
.Ii st Itixr.ivr.n. Ilarelay l!ro. have
ii't received a new lot of ihoo justly
celebrated "I.a Pleeadiirn" or llos"
clirarj. and are now ready to supply all
demands. It
Fai.i.ino It.n'iiu.v. The rivers are
falling very rapidly ; at the rate they
are now going down, they will soon be
below the mouth ol the sewers, when
the latter will lie opened ami wo will be
once, more lid of'tlpo water.
Wr.iinisn. At tile Church of the l!c-
deemer, to-night at nine o'clock, .Mr.
Frank Kousvllle and Miss Agnes, daugh
ter of Dr. .1. II. Ilryautol Columbus, Ky.,
will lie married ; the ceiciuony will be
pcrlormcd by Hector (iilbert.
Xoiirt:. Mr. P. Teiclimaii desires to
nolllV his friends and tho public genera-
ally, that he lias removeil his tobacco and
cigar store from Klghlh street to 102
Cnuimcicial avenue. 2-20-lm
llooMs hi Ifr.vr. Four rooms, and a
neat collage on Thhd Street, flee fiom
Kipe water, and In good condition. I.n
iiilro of Win. Mcllale, at the Delia
lloll-e. 2-iri-lf.
Po iatok.s. New York Harly Kose
seed potatoes lor sale at New York' .store.
We gairauleo our Feed potatoes to be
(t might, and hrought from thu Ka't.
2-20. lilt
A. Il.vi.i.f.v. A Jluelot of liable ami
pocket cutlery, alo spades, sliovels,
hoeSj rake., forkc, axes and a general line
u!' hardware just leeched by A. Ilalley,
11i Couimeivlal avenue. 2-lS-:im.
SosiriiiiNii N'kw, The llglitung, re
ciprocallng, tin churn and egg beater,
the latest and the best ever made, at A.
Halley's, who Is now selling his large
stock ol Moves, tin and Inlttana ware at
greatly reduced prlce. tilvo hhu a call
Mom you purdia'C, 1 lo Commercial av
enue. 2-ls-'tiu.
Took Noiismh. -Cottumes lor the
Tueiday inonilng pi'Ori'iinn from 50
cents to $1 ; tiNo for the uia'qiic ball very
cheap. Masks of all ile'cilplloiin at Phil
Saups. It
Toiiir. F.vitMr.ns. Freh gjrdcn nu
Held pi (dJ at Hie New Yolk store; alo
fired oat, onion top', etc. .lust hi a large
lol ol plows and plow harue, for ale
low. C. O. P.wir.i: A Co.
I.kap Yr.Aii Ci.i u P.urv. The party
given by the Centennial Leap Yc:fr Club,
atSchccl's hall on Friday night, drew
out (piltc a large nutnber of the fi lends
of Its niembcri", and the event was a very
pleasant one hi every way.
Noiici:. Cairo I.odge, No. A. P.
and A. M., will hold a tegular coinimuil
cation at Ma'oiile hall to-morrow (Mon
day) evening at 7::J0 o'clock. Member
and vlltor.s are Irateriially Invited lo at
tend. W. A. St.oo. Secretary.
PlKl: l m. Tho'i! ile'irlng tickets for
the masipier.ide sociable on Tuesday, can
procure them by calling at liohblus'
.Music .m N'iiik' will be Fold
llckels iinlcis they present llirlr invita
tion to Mr. liobbius, who luiMs a lit of
all who liavo them.
Tho Tumor ball, noxt Tuesday
eveninu, proniisoo to bo n Brand
.Ii sr l!r.cr.ivi:n. A. Ilalley has just
leeelvcda line lol of canary and mock
ing bird eagea, tldwcr stand?, llower
traiiicrs, bakclf, atelier, hearts and
wreathe, which he has marked very low.
at 1 1.1 Connncreial avenue. 2-ls-:iiu.
Took N'o'MS'K. C'ostume.s lor the
Tuesday morning proceinn from SO
cents to ;l ; also for the iiiaxpie ball. very
cheap. Mask ot all description3 at Phbj
.Saup's. It
.Si:i:i Pivaioi:I Caiiiiaoi'.! It. .1.
Cundlll' has Just received one car load of
Northern Parly Pose, 1,'ussott and Peer
less Feed potatoes; alo a car load of
Northern cabbage, all of which Is for
sale at his store, north side of Klghth
sheet. 2-22-I0t
A P.itNf.rtr. hall at Selieel's Hall on
Monday evening, February 2-Sb, lb7G,
for the benefit or the Widow Collins and
her live ehlldieu, all of whom have been
Mek the pat mouth. Tiekels, 2"i cent".
Managers, .lame? .Manning and Patscy
Carmady. 2-2lt"
Want ToSKrn.i: Pe. Having sold
out our bu-Ine'Ss In Cairo, wo wish all In
debted to us to call at our old place ol
business, 01 Ohio I.evee, and settle at
one. All who have cfalms against us
will plea'e present them for settlement,
as no w I'll to close upour business Imme
diately. M.tnirss A I'm..
gnAKiii! Cirv riiiiitrs. Stuart A (iold-
son, ajrents for Hie (ju.tker .ity line
white shirts, are now in receipt of new-
spring styles. Si our two dollar fshlrti
guaranteed to be the best shirt at the
price manufactured in tho Putted Stales.
Sole agents in this city for the "Century"
paper collar; best in tho market.
I'li.vt) Tin. From the New York
store Commercial Advertizer: Matches,
I boxes 2."' cents; starch, I pounds 2."
cents ; soda, I pounds 2." cents ; soap, C
bars 2.1 cents; lye, 2 boxes 23 cents;
rice, .'1 pounds 2." cents. A few prices of
"oods sold at the New York storo at ro
tail. 2-20-I0t
l.fCKV. On Friday night about twelve
o'clock, engine No. 27, while passing
along the track near the Stone Depot,
jumped the rails and ran along on the
ties, and did not stop until alio got to
within ten feet ol" the river's edge. Had
she went this ten feet further, engine,
engencer, tlreman and all would have
went into the river.
Pi:xiiNSinr. ht'sson given hi Pen
manship, line Peiuuansblp, Steamboat
and Honk-keeping, In all Its form,
Card willing, l'othig up accounts,
Copying, etc., at the rooms of O. .1,
Howe, Nos. l.i and 10, Winter's lllock,
comer Seventh street and Commercial
avenue. Lailles class every allernnon
from I to ft o'clock, ami Saturdays from
2 to I o'clock. 1-2'J-lui.
No i in:-Parlies indebted either by
note or book for tho year 1$7.", must cal'
and settle their accounts at once. All
accounts not settled by March lfi, 1870,
will be placed for collection. Wo mean
busine. s and are determined to sell goods
low, lint only to prompt paying custom
ers or for ready cash.
Cn s. O. P.vi ii:ii.
2-27-10t Xew Yoik Store.
Tin: Tu:sr.its. heineniber the Turn
er's imu'ipierado ball to lie given onTues
day evening, 20th uist. Come and see
tlie fun. Tickets can be obtained at P.
15. SchuliV drug btore; honis Herberts
saloon on tho I.evee; P.. A W. Iluder's,
and at Henry Schick's, on Commercial
avenue, between Kightceulh and Nine
teenth streets. 2-27-2t
Sim If i mi. t.'. Koch, nt his pimp and
stole mom. Xo. IK) Commercial avenue.
has for sale a slock of boots and shoes of
his own make ; also a large stock of St.
I.ouls custom made boots ami shoes. He
keeps the best material ami is up In nil
the latest slyles. Ills Ills me perfect, and
sail-faction "is guaranteed, tilve hhu it
call- H-2:i-lf
l.i'. vni ! I.r.scii ! ! huxni ! ! !- -At
Fred llolliclnz. The pinpiletor of Our
Saloon will spread a grand lunch from i
lo II (.'clock eveiy nlght'I'lin hlli;o faro
Ik roast beef, million, veal, tin key, (-our
tongue, sour rabbit, pigs tcct and Xo. I
ovsler soup ; and every Sunday morning
a No. I lunch at 10 o'clock, ami a big
glass of Cincinnati beer; all this for 5
cents. ( 'nine one, come all.
2-20-Ot Fur.it lloriim.s.
Tho Turner ball, noxt Tuosday
ovonluc, promisoH to bo u rji-and
Tin: CouiNd Pvi'.Nr.-lt. is said that
sceral codume, the Hues! and
most co lly ever worn at a similar
cent In .Southern lltlnol , have been
orileictl irom Chicago by parties ol this
elly, to lie wnrnnt Kfhejniiptern'de so
ciable, lo ImT glvcn'hy the IwhWol' the
Ppl-eopal .Sew lug Society. This will no
doiibl be the hlgKflst and nin-l brilliant
masked gatlierrrtgej'cr wen in this sec
liouol lhu.Staljgj(.;
Tun AI.soui"aiiu:.-Tho mas
(picrade sociable tO'Ue"jlvcu at thu St.
Charles hotel on the; evening of Febru
ary 2'Jth, nexf. Tuesday, will bo given
by the Ladles' Sewing "oclety of the
F.pl'copal ehurrh, and not by the F.plco
pal Church society, as heretofore an
nounced. Kverythlng Indicates that the
attendance will be large, and a good
time Is sure. Tfco-e w ho desire to do o,
can attend without masking.
To l.i.trnn:. Kev. Dr. K. 15. M.
P.iownc, a.lewlsli Itahblof renown, will
visit Cairo durliiL' the coming week, and
will deliver a lecture on "The F.thns of
the Tallinn." Ilev. Mr. Urowne Is
.pokeii orery highly by the prc. and
Is a gentleman of knowledgeaud culture.
It will be a rare, treat to our elllcn to
h.arhliu. The time and place of the de
livery of thu lecture will lie made known
on Tuesday.
Kvi'.ltMioKV Comimi. The .louesboro
OtKrlte Informs us that a large number
ol people from that portion ol the coun
try are getting ready to come to Cairo to
the great Mardi Cras celebration on
Tuesday. "King l oinus" Is a bully old
fellow we know him ; we talked lo him
yesterday inornliig.and ho assures every
body the best of tun and frolic, if they
will honor hhu with a vidt. At night a
grand ball will lie given, to which every
body is Invited.
Sn Minu Parly yesterday morn
ing, a? Mr. KiiMiihigcr, wharl collector,
familiarly known to steamboalineit as
Duke Knsnibigcr, while coming down
stairs from the olllee of Nalliday &
Phillip's wharf boat tripped and fell on
the hard planks below, Indicting severe
injuries In dlllcrcnt pam of the body, i
Though Ids wounds are painful, tbey are
not considered dangerous, and we hope
Mr. F.iisminger will be all right In due
SrcAUT .v (Jiioi.sox. -Stuart & Ohol
son are the sole agents hi this city for
Strlbly's Cincinnati custom s-hoc3 for
ladles ami children. Wo propose mak
Ingnurslioe department an attractive
Icature of our business, and will keep
only the above named make of shoes
every pair of which u guaranteed not to
rip or tear. We have established a spe
cial order department, and will make to
order, any stylo of ladies' or lui'ScV sIiimh
lit guaranteed. We arc the only bouu
and confidently recommend litem as be
ing superior to anv other shoes otlered
for sale In tills market
Tin: ;Tavi.oiis O.nck Mom:. The
members ot the Taylor Literary Society
have concluded after much consideration
ami numerous debates on tho subject, to
give another entertainment. The man
agement of the atlalr Is to be placed In
the hands of that most competent ot over
seers, Mr. W. H. Morri, who will no
doubt carry tho boys through all right,
and croyvn both himself and them with
glory. The people ot this city, from
what they have seen of the talent dis
played by the members of the society,
aro fully aware that there Is material In
Its ranks for a lino performance, and
they will therefore be sure to give them
a hearty welcome on tljclr next appear
ance. All who wish to oolcbrato tho
tho 29th. of February, will find a
ploasant timo at tho Tumor ball
Sco advertisomont first column.
CoxsrAiii.ns axk .Ioucks or -nn:
Pkaci:. In county court on Wcihiday
.ludge liross inadoan order to the ell'it't
that all county constables and justices of
the peace, who have failed lo comply with
notice heretofore given by the county
clerk to lllo new bonds, be summoned to
111! such bonds belore Hie llrst day ol the
next term of the probate court, to be held
on the third Monday hi March. A fail
ure to comply with this order wlllsubject
tlui-e neglecting It to the penalties ol the
law' in such cases provided. Tim clerk
was Instructed to give delinquent consta
bles and Justices of the peace proper no
tice. All who wish to colobrato tho
20th. of Fobruary, will find u
pleasant timo at tho Tumor ball.
Boo advortisomont first column.
I!i:ti Tins. Dan iiarlnian is ntUimj
ojl' ill mat. TliN is no dodge to induce
people to buy, but Mr. Jlartuian means
what he says, lie desires to go out of
the dry goods trade and will ipilt that
branch of ids business as soon as his pres
ent stock can be dl-posed of. In this
counccllon it may be well to slate that
Ids stock Is not old or shelf worn, but on
the contrary Is fresh mid seasonable, and
ot tho latest tlylcs, consisting of such
goods as are usually to be found hi a
llrst-ela.'S dry goods store. Ills stock ol
notions and gent's, furnishing goods Is
also large and select, ami will lie sold for
one-llilid less than the same can be pur
chased elsewheie. All Mr. iluitmim
asks Is an examination ot his goods and
prices lo convince every one licit he
means lust nlial he sayn. Call and see
him. 2-IMf
Pr.i.tniotiri. There will he .11 ip kiitiuii
services at the .Methodist church this
morning anil evening, conducted by the
Itev.Mr, flllliaiu. Thu subject of tho
inornln''8 sermon will be Tim Desir
ableness of Dwelling In the House of
the Lord." The subject of the evening's
ilNeussion will be, Tho Importance of
Harly Piety," The publhs are cordially
Invited. Sunday school tit three o'clock.
--I!ev. Charles A. (iilbert will conduct
the si 'l-vices at the Church of the Itc
ileemer, Fourteenth street, this morning
'and evening, as usual. The subject of
the sermon at the evening service will be
"Sunday Llle In Cairo." Sunday school
at three o'clock p.m. All ate Invited to
nlteiiii, "
Dkath ok Miti. James S. Monntd,
The death of this estimable lady a'ccitrrcd
nt I'lllu yesterday morning. The news
ol her decease, was a .schock to many peo
ple In this city when.' Phe has n large
number ;of friends and acquaintances.
She was taken sick on Monday last with
pneumonia, hut her friends anticipated
no fatal coii-cquenees and her death was
very sudden and unexpected.
Mrs. .Morris was born hi Mt. Pu
laski, Logan county, HllnoN, hi 1811.
Her home In early youth was In the i
chilly of Spriiiullrld and Decatur, ami
before her marriage she pa'sed a few
years In Ihh city. In May, 1?(!J, she wa
married at Decatur, ami Irom that time
she resided In this city with her hnband,
until 1S7II, when they removed to Pllln.
The luncral ceremonies will lake place
on Monday nml the remalnt, will be taken
to Villa Itldge for interment.
.Mrs. Morris leaves a husband, three
children and two sisters, to all of w hom
her death has brought a crushing weight
of grief. Slit was a kind and Indulgent
mother, a devoted wife and an allcctlon.
ate and faithful friend. Her loss Is an Ir.
icparablo one to her family and is felt
by n largo circle of friend
as a personal sorrow. In this sudden
and terrible bereavement, her alllicted
huslmml, children ami relatives hae the
heartlelt sympathy of the entire commit,
M 'inn (ii!AS-rf.itiiiTt or nn: Mvs
tic Ifi!i:w. The society of the "Knlghtrt
of the Mystic Ifrew," aided by a large
numlierof eitlens, ,vlll celebrate tho 2!)lh
of February In an appropriate manner.
A grand street procession and parade in
which the If nights of the Mystic Ifrew,
and other societies, with a largo number
ol'eitlens, will participate. The proces-
slon will bo the grandest ever fcn in
Cairo. The grand carnival will take up
tho line ot march from Ifluge's
building, corner of Sixth street
and Commercial avenue, at 11
o'clock a.m., and march through the
piluclpal streets of the city. At the
above named hour King Comus ami his
guards will enter the city, ami receive
the keys of the city from the hands of
our worthy mayor. All those desiring
to participate, in the festivities of the oc
casion, and pay homage to his I Soya I
Mlnhness, the King, will assemble at the
corner of sixth street Sud Commercial
avenue at ten o'clock, and bo ready to
start on march at the designated hour.
The Knight, of the Mystic Ifrew extend
a cordial Invitation to all gocietics and in
dividuals to join In the celebration. The
festivities will wind up in tjio. evening
with a grand ball at If lug.-'sliall.
V a-ao-at
PkrsoxsJ NoriJ-Vyirs. Fred llof-
.helnzaud child havejfonu to Memphis to
attend .Mardi uras.
Mrs. Minnie Cull, daughter of Young
(lamer of Thebes, died on yesterday at
Mr. Walter llyslop has gone to l'.v-
n'lsvillr. lie will return to-morrow
ltoswell Miller, of the Cairo and Vln
cennes railroad company, who has been
absent from the city for several week,
has returned.
Mrs. .lames lllggs and daughter leave
for Hot Springs, Arkansas, this titter
noon, where they go for tho benefit of
MNs Itl-'-'s health
Among the arrivals at the St. Cha'tlcs
yesterday were Joseph Kcollng of Chi
cago, and It. L. lllllliigaly, of St. Louis.
lSlchard Slater and 15. I). Slocum,
Chicago; Geo. T. Hays, Fvansville ami
F. 11. Miller, Jonestown, Pa., were at
the Planters' house yesterday.
Mrs. John Itecve and daughter, vtho
have been hi St. Louis for several week',
visiting the parent of that lady, returned
yesterday afternoon.
.Judge llross and wife, and Mrs. John
II. Oberly will go lo L'ilen tills afternoon
to attend the funeral ot Mr. Morris, to
morrow morning.
.Mr. ana Mrs. II. 11. ( amice aiu
spending a few days with Maj. Morrill
mid family at Kvonsllic. 'I hey will re
turn nu Monday.
Mrs. Fred lforiineyer, ol this city,
yoterday joined a party of fi lends from
(lolconda and Kvausvillc, and thu
steamer Andy llaiiui, and went to Mem
phis to attend Mardl (iras.
Will Smith, sou of Dr. W. II. Smith,
went to .Memphis on the Andy liaum
yesterday, where lie will be Joined on
Monday by a number ol his comrades
front this city, who will do tim llluu"
City in style. They swear they'll "take
it all in, It they never lay up a cent."
Mrs. James S. Morris, who died on
Saturday morning, ot pneumonia, was a
lady highly onteenied and respcetcd by
many In this city. She had a large cir
cle of friends here who greatly morn her
bus. a number of whom will go to Pllen
this afternoon, to attend her funeral,
which lakes tilace to-morrow.
A llll.
To W 1". .liyi
We, the undersigned citizens, respecl-
t ill ly request you to become a candidate
for City Clerk, knowing you have tilled
tho olllee with great care and ability.
Wo promise that in the event of your
compliance with the request herein made,
we will give to you our support in the
canvass and our votes at thu election In
April next :
Henry Whiter
A. Comings
Win. Mcllale
Peter Waller
W. Stratum
W. 15. Pettis
Win. Lonergan
Win. Klugi)
(!eo. Yncum
il. H.Stnvall
llcrin. Sander
N. A. Devout
D. W. Hamlin
John Clancy
Denis Deviue
M. S. Letleavllch
M. Culllvau
Kd. J. F.sqUI!
A, Swoboda
Jus. Cheney
.las. Illglcn
Joseph llross
II. .Meyers
ti. T. Whltlock
J. Ilurgcr
John MoXulty
Harry Schuh
('harlot Frank
I, M. Kliiue.ir
D: T. Llncgar
Paul II. Sellllll
JiniM. Phillips
Michael Mahoney
W. A. Itedinau
Perrv Power
N. It Ice
Win. Wolf
S S. French
. P.. Powell
11. F. Wlllioui u
II. Schulz.e
F. Ilrdlger
W. Trigg
Phil ll.iSaiip
John Hurst.
ti. h. JUaison
2-27-1 t
Klnic I'oiimk In Arrive Tni-tij- Morn
In IC lr Mprclnl summer.
The Knights ot the Mystic Ifrew of
Comus hao lieeii working with nnlhinir
energy the past three weeks, making
preparations lor tim celebration ot Mardl
Oras day In this city, and from
iur-iii iniiieaiioiis! wicre is no
doubt but the day will be celebrated on
a larger ami much grander
scale than ever before wit
nessed hi this city. Tho k'nlghls of
the Mystic hrew yesterday received adls
paleh Irom their Itoyal Sovereign, King
Couius, that he would arrive hi this city
by speei.it steamer at 10 o'clock Tuesday
morning. He will be received at the
finding, foot ol hixtli street, by the
Knight w here Ihu keys of the city will be
delivered to him by his honor .Mayor
Winter, to Iks held by the King for 21
hours, during which timo Ihu freedom ol
the city Is given to all good and loyal
subjects devoted lo mirth and revelry.
Tlie Ifrew have Invited all the dllferent
soelclies to turn out with them In tho
parade, ami also each and every eltljn.
Let every one turn out hi costume, and
Inafewyears Hie celebration of Mardl
(ratio Cairo will have the same at
tractions for strangers that the day has
lu our Soul hern cities. i
Kilty cents, at Winter's (iall. rv.
Tort Mil.
Steamer Jim 'Uk, Paducah.
" Future City, barges, St. Louis
" Ciloiicoe, St. Louis.
" T.T. Hlllman, Nashville.
" Sam llrowu, St. Louis.
" City of Chester, Memphis.
" Pat Clebiirni', Kvansvllie.
Steamer Jim Flsk, Paducah.
" (ileneoe, New Orleans.
" Sam llrowu, St. Louis.
" City ot Chester, St. Louis.
" Pat Cleburne, Kvaiisvlllt.
" Future City and barges, N. O.
The river declined 15 Inclivs in the 21
hours ending ut 5 o'clock last evening.
rim- weather was warm and cloudy,
with Indications ot rain last evening,
lltlslucss at the wharf was quiet.
Tlie Andy lJautn. from Cincinnati, and
tho James Howard ami Hello Memphis,
from St. Louis, weroall due last evening,
but had not arrived at dark.
The Jim Flsk had a fair trip from Pa
ducah and return.
The Oicucoc arrived from St. Louis
about eight o'clock Friday night wllh a
good trip. She added 2:15 Ions here, In
eluding 103 coops of poultry, and forty
head of stock. She went below where
she w 111 get a lot of corn.
Captain .Tamos Yare was in command
of the Glcncoe, Captain Calhoun having
gono to Pcnsylvanla on a visit to Ids
Mr. Hopkins, president of the Cairo
ami Kvansvllie Packet company, In com
pany with his son, and llllly Cohlwell,
stockholders In the company, arrived from
Kvansvllie on tuo Pat Clebitrn yesterday
afternoon, on their way to Memphis,
where they go to "take hi" Mardl Uras.
After 30 years of steady life as a com
mander in the St. Louis and Alton trade
Captain John llruner has retired from
the river, and is now agent of the pack
ets on shore at Alton. The obi man was
master of ttio tioverner Itrlggs its long
ago as M7 hi the St. Louis and Alton
To-morrow morning, at eight o'clock
sharp, is I be time set apart tor the depar
ture from our wharf, of the James D,
Parker, wllh her Memphis Mardl (Iras
The Future Cily and barges came. In
from St. Louis on Friday night, and left
early yesterday morning for the corn re
gion Mow.
Cairo will add a number of passenges
to Captain Hob. Wise's list on the
James D. Parker to-morrow morning.
The Chester left at 1. o'clock yester
day altcruoou. She added about lOOtnus,
including 70 tons of pig Iron.
The Pat Cleburne came down very
light, and went back lighter. She takes
a party from Paducah to Kvausvillc to
witness the Mardl Urns celebration there
on Tuesday.
The Arkansas Itelle will he here to
day to take passengers from this city to
Kvausvillc and return for live dollars
a head, giving an opportunity to see
Mardl (iras there.
The Andy llauiu was to get u number
of people here for Memphis.
25 conta, at F. Toichman'u, 102
Commercial avontto. 2-20-lm
A No. I l.iinnilry.
It is now conceded that Mrs. Coleman
the laundress, No. 12 Fourth street, lie
twecu Wellington and Commercial avc'
lines, bus one of the best conducted laun
dry establishments hi the :lty,and land
lords of hotels and hoarding houses will
tlud It to their advantage to call upon
her. Her prices are as follows: Hotel
and hoarding-house washing 75 cents
per dozen. For piece work prices tiro as
follows: Singh) uhlrt and collar; 10c; per
dozen, 80e; socks, fk; two collars, .V;
two handkerchiefs, Skr, vests, 20c; and
nil gentlemen's wear, t0e. per doen.
Ladles plain calico dresses, a.Vs; calico
dresses with extra trimmings, o; white
dresses, $1 2.1e ; ladles' underware, Hm
ami coarse, $1 00 per dozen. l-2J-lf.
Allciilloii limlrr.
Wo havu four dozen Imitation Kbony
tspraguo Can-Openers, taken for adver
tising, which wo will it'll at two dollars
per dozen. Inquire at Bulletin office.
IP.T WSST mninD t .
- vnna imciior
25 centB, at F. TolchmWn, 102
fin .V. n..t.1 ...... .. L J
uuiuiuuiuiii nvvmio. J-JO-lm
Notlrt It hsreby lr that the tax booki
tor th.yar 187., bVe been, pl.ced In my
bands and tl, wm ,,e i tie (0towDg
places In Alexnder county, oh the dy lie
low in forth roP the pn.h.0 of collecting
tald Uxti-, tig- (
In Clear Creek pro'-lncl, at 'o store of
u (.,":?,y t-Co" Clclr L'rtk .
Mareh 7th, 187U.
In Thebes precinct, at tlie store of C. A.
Mrehlldon, Thebes March 8th, ls;o.
lu Hnta Fe precinct at the More of W.
Ireland, sJnnta Ke, March tl, 1870.
In (loose IsUnd preefnet, nt the More o
O. (freenley, Goose Jtland, JUr. lu, Wit.
In Dog Tooth prei-lacf, at the lioutc of
N. Iliinsarker, Ksj., .Marrh II, isftt.
In llaU'wood preclnrt, at the office ot
Sam llrlley Km, .M jr. h I l.'ISM.- ' '
lu I'ully pti ilm.i, at the utore of W. M.
Athelton, Unity, Mirch 15, 1S7C.
In South Cilro, t the offlee or John Q.
tl.irinaii, Cairo, ilroh K'.th, ia;o.
In North Cairo precinct, at, the court
Iioiko, Ca'ro, March 17th, 1870.
'1 Im rolleotor hereby culls the tpeelal st
tenllon of lax payers to Section i!fi, oi the
Chapter upon revenue, revised utituies,
In which he Is required to uuko iliatraiut
upon the por-nnal property of all ux pjy
irs in ile'fuiitl for peitonal taxc, after
.March loth. TaU provision ot law will ho
t Igoromly ciiforccd. Those Interested wit
therefore brar tho (act In mind and mvo
ltiln;: your last years tax receipts and do
not (run to the Inx hooks for dlerfptlon ot
your land. AI.K.V. It. IHVLV.
District Collector.
Calm, III., Fehliiary Dili, W0.
Wo will my no bills contracted by any
employe of Thk IIiii.i.ktin, unless the
same it made on a written order signed
by the president or secretary ofjhe com;
pany, and we will accept no orders given
by an employe of the company, for any
purpose w hatsoever.
Caiiio Bi'm.ktin Cojii-anv.
Novemljcr lit. 187.".. II
After tun firr,
J. George Sieinhouse may be found
lnee the lire at hW new shop, on Klghth
street lu the Alexander County ltank
building, where he will welcome nil his
customer', and serve them In a, artistic a
manner at ever before, with smooth
shaves, fashionable hair cutting and
thorough shampoos.
foal I CoM t
I wish to inform the citizens ol Ctiro
that I keep on hand a large supply ot
coal of different kinds, willed I will sell
as follows, delivered in any part of the
city : $2 00 to $1 per ton, cash, and full
weight guaranteed. Jambs Ross.
Tux Natlr.
To alt perions concerned notice Is hereby
given that at a salo of lands and city lota
for the dolini'UeQt state, county, dutrlct
choil anil other taxes ol the year 1873, and
costs, held at the court Jioue door In Cairo,
A If. winder county, Illinois, on thettith day
it .tune, 1S74, the uuderiigncd purchased
lot 27, lu block 4il, In the Urtt addition, to the
city of Calm, tn said county and
SUte. Said lot havlint bu taxed
and sold lu the iiiino of Phillip lieaux,
that the timo given by law for tie redimp
Hon of Mild lot will expire on the 20th day
ot June, 1870. Andhbw Cain.
C'AtKQ, In. . Feb. 27th. 1876. 2-15 at
Trx Kale Notice.
C.MItO, Il.l... February 22nd, 1370.
ToM. L). (imileraiidall others interested'
You are hereby notitled that at a lale ot.
lands fur the dclliiiuent State, county, dis
trict school, personal and other taxes of
the year 187:1 and cols, hel l at the court
house door lu Cairo. Alexander county,
Illinois, on tho 27th and 'istta days of
.May, 1871, Timothy O'Conncll purchased
the north half of the southwest quarter,
main share in taction :u), townthfp ft), south
rail t-o '.', west ol Hie ;trd principal meridian;
and the north ball of tho nouthe .it iniartar
ol tho tame ccllon, townthlp and ramte,
situated in aald eouuty and Ktate, ami that
thu timo given by law for tlie redemption
ol i-alil haili will expire on the 27lh and
i-flli days ol May, 1870.
Timotii v O'C'o.nnrll, Purchaser.
BherifTa Salt.
liy virtue of a pedal execution tome di
rected by tho clerk of the circuit court ol
Alexander eouuty, In tho. Stste ot Illinois,
in favor oi Frederick Kali thorn aud Theo
dore Hand, llrm of Falrthorn ,t itauii, and
agalliat tiarali I.. Kline, twill sell the lot
lowing drscr.bcd property, to-wlt: Lot
numbered seven (Tlaudelyni (S), in block
inimlicrcil llility-cllit (is), In the city of
Cairo, eouuty or Alexander uud Stato ot
Illinois, as thepioperty ot thonaid Sir ah L.
Kline at piibllu sale at the south-we t door
of tho court bou) In tho city of Cairo, in
tho county of Alexander anil State ol Illi
nois, on t"o Hevt iiteenth (17lh)dy of March,
A.I),. 1S70, at tho hour of Eleven (II)
o'clock, A. M., forca-li, lo satisfy said exe
cution. Al.ax. U.lltviN,
Slicriil of Alexander county, Illinois.
CAtito, Ills , February ittth, I.S7U. 3-11-td.
SherilTi Salt.
lly virtue ol a special execution to me
directed by the clerk ot the circuit court or
Alexander county, In Ihu .Stats ol Illinois,
In favor or Ueorgo lloehmer, and against
Helnhold V. llclueran.l Settle ltelzuer, I
will sell tho following described property,
to-wlt: llio Iioiiic aliuated upon lots
nunilii'ted six (Ii) ami seven (7), In bljck
nmnlitrjd twenty-six (36), and lot
imuiliered three (')) In block
twenty-ievru (J7), In the cily of
Cairo, eouuty of Alexander. In the SUte of
Illinois t anil alo tho lesseholJ estate of
Iteiuhold V. Ilcl.ucr and Settle lUUaer, In
nnd to ald lots six, seven, and Hire,
as tho property ol aald Itein.
hold V. Ilcl'itor and Set
tle llel.'ler, at public sale at the oti,hwet
door of the court house In tho city of Cairo,
In Hit county of Alcxauder and Slate of
Illinois, on the Sovtnteeuth (I7ti) day of
March, A. !., IS7U, at Uio hour of eleen
(III o'clock, a. m., for cash to satisfy aald
execution. ALKX, II IKVIN, ,
Shurltr of Alcxauder Co., Illinois.
Cairo, 111., Keb. So. IfW 2-23-ld
Fashlombl Barlwe
Bttwwn Waaklawtra aad.OoamaBaraU 1
SwriUi Imtt,
mumomv tvnwiViMll
uanTuiaioni, Biaanw, oi. him ikxaeasai
Norvoa IXwam I IIm only tUMW Boalliw
ntrror EpiMinio ma.
inouaanua ami oaa aarar
alnxle rase. Trial lawtaaalraa.
for circulars gtv.Bf tvMMiea of
1)1. S.A.JUCUtOl,
to ii .lly
Hex T4i, vt. Jaaajft, late.
StVftlVAVmt VeSlL.

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